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Why hello there

Today I felt like playing a cheeky bit of PUBG but every game I got connected to I was stuck in the loading screen and then timed out... I assumed it was something wrong with the game and so started to reinstall it.
Later someone asked me for help on Dark Souls III but every time they tried to summon me the connection timed out. After this happening I restarted my router and tried again to no avail and so I tried connecting to both TF2 and BL2 servers and just timed out. I'm not someone who is very good with this sort of stuff so any help would be appreciated.

Basically I just time out every time I try and connect to something and nothing I've seen on Google has been any help
Hello everyone, I got a Lumia 650 recently and I've noticed that the Wi-Fi is really slow while connected to home network. It really takes time to download anything, just updating the 40 apps took more than 4 hours. Mobile network is working just fine, fast and fluid. Thought it could be my router causing the problem but all of my other phones, PCs are fast on Wi-Fi. I've updated 650 to .14393 via cellular data, but the issue with slow WiFi is still present. Anyone had this problem? I've seen on other forums that this happens to some Windows Phones but didn't find any fix. Please help.
Thinkcentre M800- Geforce 210 HDMI (no post display,display returns when OS loads ddriver)- Geforce 210 DVI (post OK, OS display OK) - GeForce GTX 750Ti middle HDMI (post OK, OS display OK)- GeForce GTX 750Ti first HDMI/DP (no post display, OS display OK) That is mad! If I use these cards in any other machine (ie M73), I get post display from ANY output! Already on latest BIOS fwjy79usa Seb
My ideapad 700 has a very warm (orange/yellow tint) display, at first I thought it was just bad luck, getting a poor lcd, so i fixed the problem by calibrating the display from control panel. Then I notice something strange, I connect my laptop to my tv via HDMI (extended mode) and the colour on that tv is warm as my uncalibrated lcd and my tv shouldn't have this problem because when I connect it to my other leptop, the tv's colour is normal. That means the problem is not on my lcd, its in the software, so I reinstall windows and the warm colour even occur during the installation of windows via usb, even on the bios logo (I notice it by the slight yellow tint on the lenovo logo that should be white).Both fresh instal without driver and with driver have this warm display. So, my hypothesis is something when wrong between the Windows and Lcd/TV/every display output. It could be the bios itself, i don't know. Anybody having this problem? As a graphic designer colour accuracy means a big deal to me.
Hi all, Per the tested Lenovo devices list here: the IdeaPad z580 is NOT on the list as an official tested device -- has anyone here had any personal experience updating Windows 10 to the Creators Update (1703)? Did everything go smoothly? Thank you!
I'm planning on getting the 15 inch 720, with 16gb ram 512gb on Best Buy, and I know you can connect displays to the 720 via USB C display port, but what if I want to use it for an extra display for my desktop when I'm at home? How'd I do this? Would I still be able to use the touch screen and the pen pressure as a display? This is the most important part. I would love to use it to draw on there! So far I can't find info on this strangely!Would be cool if I could draw on it with my more capable desktop when I want to! ovo
I received a BenQ PD3200U monitor today, and since the P50 HDMI is not 2.0, I wanted to connect the monitor to the mini Displayport. Anytime I try to switch the monitor to use the Displayport I receive no signal detected, even though the P50 said that a new monitor was there, and it also let me update the driver to the one supplied by BenQ. If I connect with HDMI the monitor works just fine, but the resolution isn't great. Since the P50 says it supports DP 1.2 and the monitor is set to DP 1.2 I thought it should be as simple as plug and play. Not so much by the look of it. Is there a way to see if the mini display port on the P50 is somehow disabled? I know the supplied cable could be bad, but figured I'd see if there was another common reason.  Jason 
So I have xp for the longest finally decided to upgrade. Bought an SSD and i put windows 10 on it. Worked well for awhile then my PC began getting really slow. I had been meaning to upgrade my PC forever and finally was able to do it. I got a new motherboard, CPU, and memory. I went to do the OS install like I always did w XP, (Win 10 was still on the SSD I was using.) I got to the install screen and it gave me the custom option or regular install. Then told me to remove the Win 10 CD and restart. It booted into Windows just like it looked before. Is that all I need to do. I have never done this with Windows 10 so I wasn't sure if I should erase my SSD and do a fresh install. Thanks
HitMan Pro.Alert -- I fear this is posted incorrectly & in the wrong place, if so I am sorry - I've been using HitmanPro.Alert for a few months but having issues with it blocking O&O SafeErase I use for deleting some semi-confidential files, but which really could do with overwriting. I have added O&O to 'Exploit Mitigations/Exclude yet still at a time HitMan feels inclined O&O is blocked & the delete fails. I have tried adding each & every file in the O&O folder to no avail. I did try using a free program 'Eraser' yet I have the same results. Anyone else had a similar issue? All other programs added to exclude have worked fine.
I am running windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11.

I am running Java 8. When I go to this page ( that requires Java

It gives me this error below.

Any suggestions?

When I go to this page
I have an issue with my taskbar. (win 10pro 64bit)
When you click on the browser icon in the taskbar it opens up a submenu with each individual browser window shown.
Once you get more than 21 you get scroll arrows at top and bottom of column.
My problem is that at the top of the display it's cutting of half of the top window and therefore the top scroll arrow as well.
So I can scroll down the column but not back up.
Multiple browsers do this so it's a taskbar issue, not a browser issue.

One thing is that I have my display set to 1360 x 768 instead of the recommended 1600 x 900.
It might not be recalculating everything correctly.
thanks in advance for all attempts at help!
Hello. I had previously asked a couple questions. I have worked through those requirements but they seemed to have changed a bit- and am having trouble reverse engineering the formula. In Cell D5 of the current sheet: 'Status' I may or may not have a field called 'Local'. 1) If Cell D5 contains 'Local' on the 'Status' sheet only:Can I get the formula to reference sheet: 'Variance'. We need:a - A value of EQUAL only if ALL cells from A136 through A167 are marked 'EQUAL'.b - If ANY of the cells from A136 through K167 are marked 'VARIANCE'; AND (If the number on the on the 'Variance' sheet, cell A136 is EITHER greater than the value in cell B3 on the 'Status' sheet OR is lesser than the negative of the value in cell B3 on the 'Status' sheet ONLY), We need: A value of VARIANCE. Otherwise EQUAL. c - A value of NEEDS REVIEW if NONE of the above criteria are met 2) If Cell D5 does NOT contain 'Local' on sheet: 'Status':Can I get the formula to reference sheet: 'Variance'. We need:a - A value of EQUAL only if ALL cells from A136 through A167 are marked 'EQUAL'.b - A value of VARIANCE if ANY of the cells from A136 through K167 are marked 'VARIANCE'.c - A value of NEEDS REVIEW if NONE of the above criteria are met
Laptop has gone into Configuring Windows updates and is stuck on 74%
Tried to run Win x and Win R but nothing happens.. just the blue screen with the above message.
Rebooting just starts the cycle again.
I have a laptop which I only use for one piece of software. Today when I switched it on the screen is black with s message about not being able to start due to a file missing or corrupt.
I'm sure it's win xp but can you advise how do I start to fix this.
I tried a reboot but same screen appeared.

I need to do a new windows install shortly, as am getting BSODs, so i'm guessing my 2 year old SSD with my OS is about to give up (as did the last one that was between 1-2 yrs).
I have win7 disc and licence and auto ugraded free to win10 a while back.
Will I be able to repeat this?
Or can I use the licence no from somewhere?
Or what is the simplest and quickest way to back this OS, to re-install clean on a new SSD?
Can I do it on a USB (And does it need to free of all other data)?
Just finished with the malware forums and my system seems to be running fine now.

I ran RougeKiller today and it keeps flagging my VPN "hola" and it also found something with my web browser homepage.

It says the "session.startup_urls" is set to "||"

My homepage is and I only use Google search.
I have not seen the AVG search pages anywhere so I don't know what that means or if I should be worried about it.
Any ideas?

Thanks for helping everyone.
I have a Carbon X1 with a cellular card - it says:Manufacturer:       Sierra Wireless 
Model:                    Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm
Network Type:      GSM
Data Class:            UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE
I put in a Three (UK) prepaid data SIM, and.... nothing.
It asks for APN settings.  I've put in what the Three site suggests; nothing.  Network settings persists in telling me that Cellular is "switched off", without any obvious way to switch it on.
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Windows 10 has been trying to automatically for the past couple of days. It doesn't complete. I've tried to manually update, and that doesn't work either. What's the next step?
209 password guess attempts were made on Administrator from
 2 computers ???? 
What is this and how can i deal with this alert ?
Not sure what happened but I used to be able to categorize events with colors. The option came up by right clicking but now when I right click I only get the options Show As and Delete. Older items that I categorized are still showing in their respective colors. This issue started yesterday.
Thanks for any assistance.
As my updates to Win 10 Ver 1703 failed a number of times for various reasons I thought it best to turn back the clock with a Macrium backup, and then watch the update process more carefully as it proceeded. Last night I got to the Windows Update settings page, which showed several to be downloaded, one of which is the Cumulative Update for Ver 1607. which failed for error 0x800700002, and Feature Update for error 0xc1900107, which I have seen before. And it also says "We can't install others as other updates are in progress..." and suggest a restart. I've been through this drill before with no total completion of updates. Feel like I am going in a circle. My desktop did the 1703 update without a hitch or bobble so I am not rushed to get the laptop 'fixed'. I would be happy to format the HD and install my original Win 10 from my ISO and proceed from there as long as I had some assurance that that would work. Your suggestions and direction will be most welcome. The simplest way to fix the thing would be the best. My thanks in advance. PS: I just restarted and got back to the Update page and it says the Cumulative update is available and it is attempting to download it. Sorry for the length, but the story is long.
My PC suddenly stop working.Then when I tried to restart it (by reset button) it didn't give any Display. (CPU fan & other fans started)Then again I tried to restart it now this time even CPU fans wont start( but green light on motherboard lights up ).Than I tried,Disassemble and reassemble... didn't workChanging the RAM... didn't workChanging PSU... didn't workReseting BIOS (By removing battery)... didn't workReseting BIOS (By removing jumper)... didn't workI have notice extreme heating on 2 chipset of motherboard (for which I have attached a picture of by highlighting it)And those chipset start heating even if dont press the power button on cabinet... As soon as I switch on the power supply (power line from switch board to PSU) it starts heating up...config....ASUS M5A78L-M LX V2AMD FX 4100CROSAIR 4GB RAMWD 500GB
when i pin a partition, library, or anything else to the quick access, it doesn't pin. then it shows this error:


Unspecified error"

any solutions?
Since flash will be leaving according to the article I read, what is going to take its place as most of the stuff that I know of on my computer uses flash at some point, internet games, etc. Will you have a choice of what to use instead of flash when it leaves?
My Grandparents in St. Louis, MO have Charter Spectrum Internet, TV and phone service and I live in Minneapolis and have Mediacom internet. I don't know if any of you use the Charter Spectrum app, but, outside of the Spectrum internet modem/network, you CAN'T WATCH ANYTHING INCLUDING CNN, etc!!!!! Spectrum doesn't let you watch ANYTHING outside of home NOT EVEN ON DEMAND SHOWS on the Spectrum app. I would like to be able to connect my home internet to their home internet via a VPN configured on my home router so I can use my Roku and be able to watch their Spectrum programming so it would be like I'm on their home network as well as my phone (when hooked up to wifi on my home network), tablet, computer, etc. I've heard about OpenVPN you can do it BUT I have no idea how to configure it. I have remote access to my Grandparent's Netgear Router so I can get everything put in if possible by the home router. I've talked to them about this and they're completely fine with me doing this so I just need help figuring out how to get this to work. I also have TeamViewer installed on my Grandparents computer so I can get anything installed myself software wise.
how to recover only photos from deleted unallocated partition ?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3535 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 45 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1), 1543 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 148 GB (133 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0H635N
Antivirus: None

Actually, portable I have antivirus on a usb stick that is not connected for now.

Up-to-date Clam run on C: all showed "access denied" on all listings.
SpyBot showed only low level threats
However previous scan with Hirens (done off line) showed possible root kits--suspicious kernel mods.
Help! Prob russians wanting a free ride on internet (this is Library internet)
I had an old canon printer a couple years ago that I long discarded. I also went through the process of uninstalling the printer driver through the printer section of windows 10 setup as well as uninstalling it through the Canon installed software in the all apps section of windows. I did the best I could to make sure all parts were removed before donating it to a friend. My friend still gets a windows update message indicating that the Microsoft still no longer has an updated version of this canon driver available. To this day, Windows Update still attempts to try to update this ghostly installed driver. Does anyone know where to find this ghostly driver and remove it once in for all? Other than poking around the registry is the only place I haven't tried. I appreciate any advice.
The DC power jack no longer makes good contact with the charging cord.  Tried a new charger but I stil have poor contact.  Looks like I need Acer Aspire R7-371t Laptop DC Jack Cable 45w 50.mqpn7.001 Can't find one in stock on line.  Where can I purchase a new one?
I bought the Legion Y520 back in March or April and now the USB ports are constantly disconnecting and reconnecting intermittently. This happens both with my phone as well as my external periphreals such as my mouse. Windows says the USB is unrecognized and to verify USB ports are working properly. According to my Device Manager, all are up to date and no issues. Hoping there isn't a malfunction with the motherboard.
I plugged a power charger to my Yoga 900 and I think it fried my system mother board.Here's the charge I used that was advertised as comapatible.Xavengar 20V 2A 40W Lenovo Yoga 3 11 14 Pro, Yoga 4 Pro, Yoga 700 710 11 14, IdeaPad Miix 700, Yoga 4 Pro, Yoga 900 Laptop AC Adapter Charger Power Cord Replacement for compatible modelsLink: It immediately shut the computer down.The charging light did not light up as it normally does when plugged in with a good OEM charger.I then tried to used my OEM charger and now the charging light still doesn't turn on. I have tired everything from the post: Yoga 900 -- won't turn on issues is different. Most people on that topic still has the charging light on. I also posted on there but I didnt really get direct response that solved my issue. I also consulted the repair manual and it said the system board needs to be replaced? I am really hoping i dont have to do that. It's very expensive. Can anyone tell me if this can be fixed any other way?
Hi.I'm using my X1 Yoga with a Onelink+ docking station and 2 external monitors on Display Port. The description of the docking station states that there can be up to 3 monitors including the system display. My X1 Yoga is always closed when I'm at home so that I'm just using the external monitors whereas 1 of them acts as the system display.In this case, could I attach a third external monitor to the VGA port of the docking station? Many thanks in advance.
I need to be able to scale down my snips what can i do?
Cory Forsythe
Business Development
 I didn't know which category to pick, here is my awful issue,  I take a lot of screenshots,  ALOT, I went to do it today and just would not work. I really rely on these for my pay. I can't figure out, why, out of no where it just don't work
no more. I take them by pressing the fn+win+prt, always worked up until today, I would really appreciate help, and be so greatful for a solution to this issue. PLease Help asap be so greatful!  oooh my it says at the bottom that it must be
so many characters I just don't understand why everything has to be so "picky" my goodness, woow am I at 600 cgaracters yet.  no wonder people get frustrated when trying to seek help.....
Now I need help with
How do I select a forum from here? What is a thread? how do I know what forum to select when I don't even understand what a thread is. Everyone does not have a computer degree, I wouldn't be here if I understood all this all I know is my screenshots
will not take no more my god can someone help me
Please just help me with this issue
I've been getting the Notification for Privacy Settings for Creators Update for a while now in the Action Center on one of my PCs. And I've been clicking on "Remind Me Later" for a while now.

Today I wanted to get that PC updated to CU, but the notification is no longer in the Action Center/Notification area.
That step is needed to get the upgrade through WU.

How can I get to it manually?
hello all,

i want to recover data from my "unallocated space" partition deleted drive, and i have seen that i do have unallocated space situated in my "diskpart"..
how can i unlock it and recover the data from there...?
Hello I thought id try my luck on here. I was given an Lenovo Ideapad 110S with an EMMC drive with the partitions deleted. Ive been trying to install Windows 7 and or 10 with no luck. I'm constantly getting hit with a "windows cannot be installed on this disk" error when I delete or create a new partition. the "next" button is highlighted but whenever I try to click it I get hit with the following message:

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. this computers hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure that the disks controller is enabled in the computers BIOS menu"

The BIOS that I have does not give me the option to change the disks controllers settings. the best I can do is change my UEFI/Legacy support settings and that doesnt seem to help with the situation. I tried looking for a recovery disk/files on the website but its still under maintainces and doesnt look like it'll be finished anytime soon since it was supposed to be live and ready from Noon today EST. Is there a fix for this? A way to updated my BIOS to get these features I need to change it? HELP> ME> PLZ>
I have a projector that I use to project things from my computer, but I have no way to show a drawing process.
Windows 10 Creators 1703: Will drivers ever be made available for M3985 Desktop (tower) PC's?Currently M3985 desktops (towers) are no included in Acer's website lists of machines that have such drivers available for Creators 1703.  Acer does not indicate when, if ever, machines not listed will have 1703 drivers. Microsoft keeps downloading and trying to install 1703 on my M3985, even though I've 'successfully' run their Hide/Unhide program to prevent installation.  This is quite frustrating as it takes hours to go throught the download/install process before bombing due to lack of required Acer driver(s).  I'm concerned that if Acer does not provide drivers, I will continue to have to deal with failed download/installs, and my otherwise fine Acer will rapidly become antiquated and require replacement. 
Can yens scan my PC to see if I'm infected or not please?
I found an old CD-RW I made back in the Windows Me times, with some programming on it. I used Nero InCD to write to the disk to be able to overwrite new files when my programming went forward.
But now I can't find any version of Nero InCD that can run in Windows 10, or at least I can't get it to run.

Can anyone help? I (of course) don't have a Windows Me PC anymore
HI guys

Ive got an issue with KODI and windows 10.

Everything was A ok until a couple weeks ago when i started getting Invalid Argument VIA smb and a shared folder.

Basically, everytime i try to access the shared folder i get the error from any device.

So far ive tried :

Running windows 7 (worked)
Re-formatting and installing win 10, worked until yesterday when updates were installed. Updates were :
& some driver updates.

Can anyone help me out as this is my main media server.

One small niggle I have is the 6 external HDDs I have, which are connected to docks, constantly take about 5 seconds to come to life when needed, I suddenly hear them whir up when I click on them or save to them. I have turned off "sleep" in Power settings, but this doesn't seem to help. I saw some software that can keep drives alive by writing a small text file to them every few minutes. Can someone tell me if there are any negatives to keeping them awake 24/7 ? My PC is left on all the time. Will they overheat, or is that only when they are having a lot of use ? Is it no different to my internal drives being on "0" in the power settings ?

Thanks !
A square between hours and minutes, anyone seen this and how to remove it?
when I open a story on yahoo and it is a short version of story it says read more at bottom of page . when I click on it it takes me back to a completely different day and it is old newes and nothing about the story I was reading message edited by gh1953
windows 7 x64bit home premium sp1
intel core i3
4gig ddr3 ram
Toshiba satellite l745-s4310
Graphics driver is an Intel(R)HD Graphics Family
Current version
Driver date is 4/4/2011

Im trying to update my graphics driver.I can not seem to find the latest driver.I have looked on the toshiba website for a driver.I tried installing the latest graphics driver from there but it said that i have a newer version installed and asked if i wanted to replace it with an older version.However,my version dates back to 2011.Maybe i got the wrong one? I just can not seem to find the correct driver.I know there must be a newer version then this out there.Could someone point me to the correct driver please?..thankyou
First I must apologise if this has been posted in the wrong forum.

Hi all,

I have an Acer Aspire V3 772G which has been running extremely slowly for years. One ongoing issue that I've never been able to fix is the 100% disk usage.

When searching online yesterday night I found a suggestion to run "ChkDsk /f /r" to help with speeding up the system.

Unfortunately, chkdsk seemed to stop at 11% completion, and I rebooted the laptop. I realise now that this was probably the worst choice of action, but here I am; lesson learned.

When I booted up my laptop I saw this screen:

My immediate reaction was to use a USB drive with Windows 10 (which I used to set up my new PC (the one I am using to write this post)) to boot the laptop, however I can't get anywhere other than to this page after I hit "Repair your computer" on the setup window.:

After trying the obvious options and being unsuccessful:

(neither resetting with or without saving data works)

I have followed many different instructions using the Command Prompt (eg changing settings in diskpart), including updating BIOS settings including UEFI firmware/NVRAM but the /f ALL command isn't recognised by the system and fails every time.

I am at a loss so any and all advice will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
My PC suddenly stop working.
Then when I tried to restart it (by reset button) it didn't give any Display. (CPU fan & other fans started)
Then again I tried to restart it now this time even CPU fans wont start( but green light on motherboard lights up ).
Than I tried,
Disassemble and reassemble... didn't work
Changing the RAM... didn't work
Changing PSU... didn't work
Reseting BIOS (By removing battery)... didn't work
Reseting BIOS (By removing jumper)... didn't work

I don't know what else should I do

I have notice extreme heating on 2 chipset of motherboard (for which I have attached a picture of by highlighting it)

Is the motherboard dead or there is something that can be done
AMD FX 4100
WD 500GB
Hi I Was Just Wondering Would My Pc Run Infinite Warfare And At What Settings ?
My Specs :
CPU : AMD Phenom II X6 , Overclocked To 3.5 ghz , 6 clocks

MotherBoard : GIGABYTE GA-970-DS3P memory max. 32GB

Memory : 14Gb DDR3 Ram

Graphics Card : NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 680 2GB , Gpu Boost , physX, TXAA, NVIDIA G-SYNC READY , GDDR 5 , Direct X 11

Storage : 1TB WB Caviar Black

PSU : 650W Corsair VS650 80 Plus Certificated

Optical Drive : None

OS : Win 10 Pro 64bit FRESH
Hi i just want to make sure did i do it right this is what i read in a other thread just want to make sure and if not can you help me PLS thnx in advance