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The Intel discovery tool for ME vulnerabilities says the Surface laptop is vurnable for:

When will an update be available?

There is an exploit in the wild and parts of it will be presented at blackhat 06-12-17:

More info:
The scroll bar does not appear on the loading of the sharepoint site. It appears only after refreshing 2 or 3 refreshes. We have found that SP.Ribbon.js does not load on page load it gets delayed as it appears after the refreshing.
 We have tried various CSS work around but could manage to get the scroller in browsers but the ribbon will not still appear. from CSS we are able to bring scroller but its a Page scroller but ribbon wont work, somehow we need to load sp.ribbon.js
after all webpart loads at one server request by the browser.
if any more information  required please get back to me.
we tried.

Guruprasad Marathe
I have shared files between 2 laptops on my homenetwork (1 subnet) without password.
I have read netbios can also share across subnets if you place a hostfile with the mapping hostname-ipnr on the client.
My question is, if bios can share across subnets, isn't it dangerous to share without password because someone can share your files from the internet?
When I try to pin something to the start menu, the first item generally works. But when I try to pin a second one, the start menu freezes and after pressing the window key a couple times, it goes back to how it originally was.

After pinning the first item, I tried naming the tile group and again, the start menu froze and after pressing the window key a few times, the start menu goes back to how it looked before I started editing it.

I tried renaming one of the tile groups that existed right after I started Windows 10, and it seemed to work, but after trying to add some more items, it goes back to how it originally looked.
HAVING PROBLEMS WITH SEARCHING ON THE INTERNET ON A TOSHIBA LAPTOP!! Internet home page is accessible and WiFi allows the information such as news etc to be loaded by whenever I open a new tab or search in the homepage for ?Facebook? for example. It will not load and it says internet explorer is not working. Can someone please help me
If I have a UPS already, do I need to get an another surge protector? Or I can just get a normal power strip. I need 12-outlet power strip or surge protector for home theater and other devices.

In short: how simple would it be (and what is the process) to switch from remote desktop, which is maintained by an IT service provider, to G suite professional?

The account is already linked to a Gmail address (though I'm confused about how to see it..) and I'm the only user/employee.

I don't use their database anymore and the annual cost is around 1450 inc VAT so G suite at $100 p/a sounds much more appealing!

Thanks in advance

I've been using a displayport to HDMI adaptor with my M92p for the last year to output to my TV with no issues until a few days ago. When I noticed the resolution had changed and wasn't filling the TV, I went to change the rsolution and when I clicked on the drop down list the screen went to black and now I can't get a signal from either displayport when logged into windows only VGA. I've tried booting up with low resolution but as soon as I sign in the display drops out again. The multiple monitors option has also dissapeared from the BIOS which is weird as I used to use a 2 monitor setup  when this was my primary PC, I've dug out the display port to DVI adaptor that I used to use and that also doesn't work.
Hi,i'm looking for 2 weeks a method of recovering my laptop,I made the BIOS update and updated windows,after rebooting it appeared that I have no bootable environmentand at the second start, the black screen remained,I checked the memory chip, the SSD, on another laptop and it works smoothlywhat can I do? 
I'm trying to install "Lenovo Touch Fingerprint Software" in a brand new T470 with Win7 x64, with the package downloaded from Lenovo Support page after choosing "Detect My Device" option.  It seems the device driver is properly installed but when installing "Lenovo Touch Fingerprint Software" I receive the following error message: "Lenovo Machines: Lenovo Touch Fingerprint Software cannot be installed in this machine. Setup will terminate now". Additionally, the biometric device is not detected neither by BIOS nor by Device Manager. Tips?
Hello and good morning,

I'm desparately searching an inverter for the dual-lamp-screen
of my Qosmio G50-12E

The inverter in my Qosmio is labelled
HBL-0355 PCB2

In the web they offfer some Inverters for
Qosmio G50-12G, but I don't know
if the 12E and 12G are compatible with
respect to the inverter,

Thank you very much for any ideas or help

My Satellite L670D-13F has just developed a fault where it doesn't power up. The CD motor starts for a few seconds. Only power lights are lit. I changed the battery. Then I used the method of removing the battery and disconnecting mains power, followed by holding down the power button for 60 seconds. This worked once. Now nothing works.
Good Morning.
I managed to have a bootable USB stick running WinPE with storage support.
I run the get-disk, get-partition and any "reading" cmdlet with no problems.
When I try to "write" on the disk, let's say, when I want to create a new partition, the cmdlet simply does nothing.
I run the new-partition cmdlet after having double checked the parameteres and the powershell runs for about 1 second and returns to the prompt.
No error messages. Simply it returns to the prompt.
When I check for the new partition, the powershell simply has done nothing.
The unused space is still there an no partintion has been created.
I see the same behaviour with all the other "writing" cmdlets, such as resize-partition.
Could you please help me to figure out what am I missing?
Many thanks for your kind help
Is edge compatible?
I updated to 1709 (FCU) and my fonts have become small. How do i fix this?
Hi!  I do have trouble with a Lenovo Flex 2-14 (Model 20404).The Lenovo turns on, shows the Levono Boot screen and finishes with a black screen.  - I am able to enter the Bios (working screen)- I am able to run the internal recovery with a working screen - after recovery and a new boot up - the screens gets black again  How is that possible? I am not able to boot from a usb-stick (with working Linux or Windows installation - tested on other systems) cause I get a black screen (the USB is being recognized).  So... what are the next steps? This seems wierd, since the screen itself seems to work. I found some forum-topics saying it is a GPU-failure. Maybe thats the case?  I would appreciate any support! 
i clean installed my t520 with win7 64bit, for some reason my bluetooth, which worked fine previously is gone now, i have tried all options proposed here, i am assuming that there must be an underlying driver (not the bluetooth driver itself) which actives bluetooth. At BIOS start the bluetooth visual ICON under the display is flashing, meaning that BIOS is recognizing bluetooth. thanks in advance for further thoughts. 
Hi folks.

Nothing wrong in virtualising servers these days.

anybody tried this one yet on a VM -- looks quite good for things like NAS servers --small and very fast.
You just run it from a webui so it works 100% headless - normally that's what you want a NAS server to do.

Clearos :

Might be interesting to play with this on a VM.

Any negative impacts. So have a go at gobbling up it in the wake of examining the underneath audit all things considered. slim foria fixings The real component settling utilized as a bit of this slim foria supplement is slim foria with a social affair of ..
Shred FX
My pc:
*Asus Z170-P with 6700K cpu

*Corsair 750 RM

*Gtx 1080 Ti Founder Edition

*Monitor Red Eagle IIyama 24' 1080p 144hz plugged by display port cable to GFX.

Few days ago i get power outage.

Pc was running in fire strike benchmark.
At the same time my mother was powering on electric oven in kitchen.
And then power went out in house.
Then she go to shop and buy new fuse.
Later a friend replaced fuse and power back on in house.

When power back. I booted pc first time and all was fine, refresh 144hz . But then i turn off pc . Go rest to bed. After 30 minutes i turn pc on again. And then windows 10 booted with lower refresh than 144hz. To revert 144hz i turn off monitor and turn back on.

So conclusion: It happened not just after ( not on pc first power on ) power outage.
But on second time ( second turn ) when i boot to Windows 10. On my second turning on pc, second boot to windows. So not immediately after power outage.

Just on my second turning ON pc after power outage, it happened. Thats all.

And i am not able to reproduce. Turning off pc few times and booting again,and nothing,still 144hz. Even i cut power 3 times to check,but still 144hz on boot. So maybe that was glitch or something but not related to that power outage?

My drivers: 388.13
Could I charge my IdeaPad 320-15IKB notebook through its USB Type-C input (from a power bank for example)?
Hi, I understand we can't boot a CD with UEFI but why USB is also not bootable? There is no USB option appear in the UEFI boot menu, only internal HDD appear on the boot menu. FYI, my USB is bootable, there is no problem booting the USB after I have changed the boot priority to Legacy. The reason I hope to get it done using UEFI because I heard UEFI boot faster when system startup, although I am not sure what is the main difference between UEFI and Legacy. Please assist further. Thanks PS: Secure boot is off and USB boot is Enabled with UEFI. Bios already upgraded to the latest version, A8CN54WW(V3.07).
i clean installed my t520 with win7 64bit, for some reason my bluetooth, which worked fine previously is gone now, i have tried all options proposed here, i am assuming that there must be an underlying driver (not the bluetooth driver itself) which actives bluetooth. At BIOS start the bluetooth visual ICON under the display is flashing, meaning that BIOS is recognizing bluetooth. thanks in advance for further thoughts. 
I am using Edge E540 ThinkPad laptop, After Windows 10 update Enter key and Full Stop key is not working in Keyboard. But working fine in screen display keyboard. I even tried to reset my computer but no luck. What are the suggestions to fix this issue?
 Hello There, i have my brand new Thinkpad e470 H1 laptop. I am not happy with my thinkpad's sound quality. I tried a lot of things but not fixed my problem. The sound enhancements tab is look like this. I have conexant smart audio. when i try to update it to choose high defination audio, the enhancements tab showing the bass and the other options. but windows update start update conexant audio and this tab dissappeared again. Sound quality is quite bad. but when enhancements is available its ok. also dolby options not help to fix it.


Go to Solution.
Why is there no more battery counting? Lenovo Settings no longer works and within lenovo companion program there is no longer this function !!!How do you check your battery cycles in windows 10?CMD > BatteryReport is generic and does not have this reliable count.
Dear Forum,
i am looking for download tool for convert outlook PST file OST file, could forum send like download this tool?
Before I mention the current issue I am having, I would like to state a few things that have happened recently.
- Windows updates are failing to download and install
- My NVIDIA drivers weren't reinstalling.
- Random freezes
It all started yesterday when I got home, I turned on my laptop to find that it was all laggy and that games and programs were freezing from time to time. The first thing I decided to do was to uninstall my graphics card driver, so I went ahead and did that although when my laptop booted up again, it wasn't installed. So I manually installed the drivers. Yeah, that went fine. Then the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app stopped work and wouldn't open.
Basically after that, I've been able to boot up once, and ever since that boot up I've been getting BSOD's such as "KERNAL INPAGE ERROR" "CRITICAL PROCESS DIED" <- Process was during windows updates. After that it was "UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME".
After receiving those BSODs, I've been unable to boot into windows. Sometimes seeing "No Bootable device".
As I'm writing this, I am downloading a windows 10 installation file which I'll use a USB to boot windows up on.
Laptop Specs:
Windows 10 Home
8gb ram
nvidia GeForce 940mx 2gb dedicated vram
intel core i5-7200U 2.5GHz
Edit: Managed to somehow managed to get to the "Advanced Startup options" although System restore and some others don't work. cmd works however I can't chkdsk /f c: as I get the error &quo... Read more
Scanning the hard disk drivers can be done from windows, but I'm curious about bizarre responses to trying to check disk from cmd windows (just for info, not fix).
chkdsk yields:
Access Denied as you do not have sufficient privileges.
You have to invoke this utility running in elevated mode.
and chkntfs yields:
Cannot query state of drive X:
can anyone explain?
thank you
Hi,I have a lenovo ideapad 100-15ibdWhen I turn on the computer, nothing appears on the screen and the screen is blank.The AC power adapter is connected and The computer power is on and F9 has been turned off.but the screen remains blank.Can anybody help? Thanks and best regards.
I am aware of the guide to change the lock screen background image, in fact I have a customized image.
But is there a way to cycle through a folder images and change the lock screen image automatically?
Perhaps using a batch file at every startup so it simply picks the next image in the folder?
But how to do this from cmd? Or maybe there is an app ?
Hello TenForums,newly system built last week, keep getting BSOD after a few seconds into windows login. After the restart everything works normal (games, videos, browsing the internet). Like the title says only happens after the cold boot when i turn the PC next day in the morning.

Checked with WhoCrashed and saw i8042prt.sys beloning to i think a PS/2 port driver (both connected keyboard and mouse are USB) don't know if it is the cause of the BSOD.

Drivers are up to date, bios is the latest from gigabyte webpage.

Thank you in advance.
After the 1709 update for Windows 10, we have experienced that all new deploments get the error: Some settings are managed by your system administrator in the update menuWe use a clean image from Microsoft without any changes and we did not experienced this error before.
What am I missing?

[Settings]Priority=DefaultProperties=MyCustomProperty[Default]OSInstall=YESDeploymentType=NEWCOMPUTERSkipBDDWelcome=YES SkipCapture=YESSkipComputerBackup=YESSkipBitLocker=YESSkipProductKey=YESSkipAdminPassword=YESAdminPa ssword=1234SkipLocaleSelection=YESKeyboardLocale = ";0406:00000406"UILanguage = "da-dk"UserLocale = "da-dk"SkipTimeZone=YESTimeZone = 105TimeZoneName = Romance Standard TimeSkipUserData=YESSkipComputerName=YESOSDComputerName=PC_#trim(Right("%SerialNumber%",8))#SkipDoma inMembership=YESApplyGPOPack=NOJoinWorkgroup=WorkgroupUserID=AdministratorUserDomain= Password=1234SkipSummary=NOSkipFinalSummary=NoEventService=http://vMDT:9800

[Settings]Priority=DefaultProperties=MyCustomProperty[Default]OSInstall=YESDeploymentType=NEWCOMPUTERSkipBDDWelcome=YES SkipCapture=YESSkipComputerBackup=YESSkipBitLocker=YESSkipProductKey=YESSkipAdminPassword=YESAdminPa ssword=Kode1234SkipLocaleSelection=YESKeyboardLocale = ";0406:00000406"UILanguage = "da-dk"UserLocale = "da-dk"SkipTimeZone=YESTimeZone = 105TimeZoneName = Romance Standard TimeSkipUserData=YESSkipComputerName=YESOS... Read more
How do I tailor the screendaver?

The instructions I've found say things like: "type screen saver in the taskbar search and click on the Change screen saver result which appears." but on my Windows 10 there seems to be no "Change Screen Saver".
Having typed "screen saver" into the taskbar, my only choice is to fiddle with the slideshow...

My system is reasonably up to date, bar the recent big update which won't install.
Is this possible > Can I isolate certain of our computers from the internet while they remain accessible to the home network ?

If this is possible, how difficult is the feature to switch back and forth ?

Thanks for reading.
I was on my computer i got a bright flash and now my comp wont turn on is this just my power supply or worse
Hello All!I just bought a T470 notebook with 8GB of RAM. Turns out that I'm going to need more RAM so I would like to upgrade to 32GB. Would installing 2 units of "16GB DDR4 2133MHz SoDIMM" work? Thank you! 
I keep getting BSOD issues randomly. When it is starting up it might bsod or when I set the laptop down it just bsods
Please let me know if you can diagnose this.
I had set the password on my internal harddisk few months back. Now I want to remove it but could not do so. When I enter the bios, the following parameters are seen under Security, Password:-
1 Administrator Password - Set
2 User Passord - Set
3 HDD Password - Set

Set User Passord
Set Hard Disk Password
Change Master Password
Change User Password

I know my password and it accepts it. I can only select two parameters: 1 Set User Password and 2 Change User Password.
All other parameters are not selectable.
When I boot my laptop it asks for HDD password. I have the password and it takes the password . I can use my laptop but when I want to remove it from Bios- Security - Password - it does not get removed.
Please help me remove the hard disk password.
Ashok Kumar Bagaria
Hi, I can?t launch my only game downloaded on Windows play store (Forza Horizon 3) because it crashes immediately after being launched...I really don?t know what to do...please help !!!
Thanks !
After shutting down my Yoga 260 it doesn't shut down completely. The FN-Key LEDs indicators are still on, same with the power LED. The fan is still turning when the laptop was hot before the power down.Only way of turning it off is by pressing the power button for multiple seconds.The phone support means its a battery/system board problem and thus a hardware problem. I'm getting a replacement, but i'm not enterely sure its not a driver/software problem.The BIOS logo takes forever to show after boot/reboot, I think this has something to do with the problem too.
Earlier this week my Satellite HD got fully packed after a windows update (several Gb added). I decided to connect a USB external drive to move files so as to free space, several Gb. But, this had happened before, my external drive was not recognized (did not show up in windows, not even in administration tools). I could no longer find the fix that I previously used, searched on forums, ended up with a registry edit.

Here comes the issue: I made a backup copy of the registry, edited, then rebooted, to find that my laptop does no longer boot.

The Windows repair tool could not fix the trouble, I was able to launch a command tool, launch regedit, but the import of the backup did not work: the file turns out to be corrupted. I tried to create a recovery DVD from our second satellite: This did not provide anything more.
I did not find any Windows CD in the laptop original box (as far as I remember this laptop came pre-installed with no System CD)

I know for sure that the issue is a registry key which is damaged (unfortunately I did not write the details, I can only tell that this key is under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Class), and that this key likely controls the HD which hosts windows.

Is there any option else than to purchase a new Windows, install it, hence erase all my files?
Hi Everyone

I have just installed a new copy of Windows 7 x64
All the drivers have been installed successfully except the Wireless Lan Adapter driver which remains as Network Controller in Other Devices (Device Manager)

I have tried all the Wireless Lan Drivers from the Download page but none of them is working

Help would be appreciated

The screen is black and all power is on. I have tried to adjust the display priority and to shut down and take out the batteri and all that.
How can I make a recovery, no CD or USB was included in the delivery. And to get in touch with Toshiba support is impossible.
Anyone who can help???
Hello, my Toshiba c55 refuse to boot and to solve the problem i changed boot mode to csm but each time it restart the but restant, the boot mode come back to uefi. I tried changing different settings but the changes aren't saved. However hour is not resetted on each start. Any help would be great, thanks
Hi good morning all my first time here hope to get some help.

i have a Toshiba Satellite C660-1j2 it was running Windows 10 and has been for some time great, then last night it turned its self of because I forgot to charge it charged it turned it on and now it won't do anything, it is blue screen saying that this is missing 0xc000007b.

it came with no software and I have no idea how to boot it up for recovery.

can anybody help or is it the bin.

Hi all,

I have a C670-19K for a while now ( Greek web site for info about the laptop )

Have upgrade it a bit : 8gb ram and new ssd things are running little bit faster now, bought a cooling pad 17 inch ( 2x160mm fans spin at 1000rpm ) that doesn't do much work on Toshiba armor, have clean and change the thermal paste over time at CPU and GPU, have clean as well the fan + the thermal metal body part , battery have died over time haven't replace that !

I recently made a format ( yesterday ) and today decide to have a further look in my gaming section to see if everything is alright, i have a application to counts the temperature to make sure i`m running good without issues when gaming or multitasking
Before the format i have seen numbers up to 99c with out making the laptop BBQ, but for safety reasons it was turning off which fine for me
After format when it reach 84~85c computer is turning off for safety reasons !!

Am i missing a specific driver that i didn't add ? And which is that ? Can u provide a link for this ?

Did have a look at the web
Bios doesn't have adjustment for temperature
Have formatted the laptop sometime ago and it worked fine afterwards
Have installed the drivers from Toshiba web-site in order to run the laptop

Thanks for your time !!
Any way to change the background color of Notepad from white to black and text to white?