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Accidentally cut wire between 2 pins in motherboard

Question: Accidentally cut wire between 2 pins in motherboard

As the title says , I accidentally cut a wire between 2 pins (or whatever they are called) and now my PC starts slowing down after 20-25 minutes when I open it. After I restart everything is back to normal but after 20-25 mins its the same again. Is there a way to fix the wire between them or I have to buy a new motherboard? (sry , my english isnt very good. I hope you understood what is my problem) the image is what im talking about ,(the red is the wire) ,I got the motherboard picture from google , so its not mine.

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Preferred Solution: Accidentally cut wire between 2 pins in motherboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I accidentally pulled out my CPU chip when I was cleaning my heatsink from dust. I didn't notice the chip was still stuck to the heatsink, so when I tried putting it back in I bent some pins.

I've been working for hours now straightening them with a pair of tweezers and a credit card. I tried it once already but it was a no go. My biggest problem is I get a no signal on my screen (TV). (Note, I am using a HDMI connection and I do NOT have a HDMI port straight to my motherboard, only my ATI Graphics Card)

So should I be able to get it to work again, other then the no signal I notice I can not turn off my computer by holding the power button so that doesnt work either. I also broke off a couple pins but managed to save them, will I be able to get those back in?

Thanks a bunch! I really need help!

Answer:Accidentally bent some CPU pins

Bluebarry said:

I also broke off a couple pins but managed to save them, will I be able to get those back in?Click to expand...

Please clarify this statement.

If you broke a few pins from the CPU, you will not be able to fix them.

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Im a lil worried and i did a search on the forums.

Is 3-4 pins near the edge of the cpu at the tip with the triangle icon. Is this something to worry about?

I straightened them out with my fingernail tips and they look prety strong and arent about to break off.

I put it into the holster and it seems to fit well.

Should I be worried and return it for a brand new one?

Or forget about it and it will work fine?

Answer:I accidentally bent 2-4 pins on AMD- 3500+ 64bit

As long as no circuitry on the chip was damaged, you'll be fine.

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I have fitted a Cardreader in one of my floppy disk positions. It needs a connection to the USB pins on M/Brd. There are 2 sets but these are used by my 2 front USB ports on the PC case. Do I have to sacrifice one, or is there a lead splitter like you find on power units or some means of duplicating these pins? By the way, the unit appears to need to be connected to the floppy socket via the usual flat cable as well as the USB con. The manual says both.

Answer:USB Pins on Motherboard

You can insert a usb card, that will save sacrificing one of your usb sockets.

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i may have used too much force in puttin in my cpu, how would i be able to tell if any, if i damaged one of the pins on the motherboard. Would my computer even boot up, or would i get an error message...

Answer:cpu and motherboard pins

If the pin is broken, the PC won't boot.

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Just put an older and somewhat obscure motherboard in a new case I bought from In-Win.

The Mobo in question came with a "Beon Li-800" that CompUsa sold to my mother in law in 2000.

Its an ECS motherboard and the documentation that accompanied the PC upon purchase is for a "6IWP-Fe" (Intel 810 Chip set) but that motherboard is not listed on their support pages and I'm not even sure that this is the precise name of the board I have.

So anyway, now I'm trying to figure out how to identify the various pins on the internal USB header so I don't fry something.

The markings on the board itself don't seem to be of much help.

I imagine, though I'm not certain, that if I can just determine which pins provide power, the rest should fall into place.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to how I can work through this bit of confusion and get those pins identified.


Answer:The mysterious USB pins on my motherboard

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...but the power supply connector only has 20.

I just put together a new 64 system, but the power supply from the XionII case only has 20 pins, and the board has 24. Is there an adapter available, or should I buy a power supply with 24 pin connector? At newegg, they don't mention much in the way of pin numbers, so I'm a bit stumped.

Here's the case I bought

And here's the Motherboard


Answer:Motherboard connector has 24 pins...

Hmmmm, there are power supplies with the option to add on the extra 4 pins, like one I've just bought actually, but I've seen adaptors around the place that stepup the 20pin to 24pin, so I guess you just got to look around.

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Hi , I have been assembling a computer , all the parts are here and I have assembled everything but I am left stumped as to where the pins are to be attached too the motherboard ( I'll add description of the pins in a sec .... If anyone can help I'll be very much appreciated ...AMD 1200+40GB onboard sound/graphics512MB PC2700 (2x256 stix)CDRWDVD rom drivefloppythe pdf manual is click here and instructions can be found on page 32there are 7 cables most of them have around 4 coloured plugs ... anyway here goes ...--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------POWER SW ... has white and blue twisted cables--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SPEAKER ...has red and black twisted cables--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HDD LED .. has white and red cablesPOWER LED + ... has a green cablePOWER LED - ... has a white cableRESET SW ... has white and blue cables--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MIC IN .. has an orange cableGND ... has a black cableLOUT ... has a red cableLIN .., has a blue cable--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RIN .. has a purple cableROUT ... has a yellow cableGND ... has a black cableMIC IN ... has a green cable----------------------------... Read more

Answer:what pins go where from pc case to motherboard ?

Get a magnifying glass and you will see the SW1 connector bottom left of the mobo. They're pretty straightforward, e.g. HD LED pos and neg. If you get the polarity wrong on some of them they will not work.The USB2 is left of middle and is numbered in the same way as the SW1.

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I was using a DG41Wv Motherboard and recently upgraded to B250g. I was not able to use the SMPS from the old one. What can I do to use my motherboard?

Pictures attached.
The first image shows the connector with 4 pins from my SMPS.
The second image shows the connector on my motherboard with 8 pins. What can I do to solve this?

Please help.

Answer:SMPS pins are different for a new motherboard.

Did u try contracting the local hardware vendor before u post ?
Because I believed they can offer more logical advises than any of the users here, don't u agree ?

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a friend ended up messing with my computer and cleaned it out but got the pins wrong hooking up the front panel usb's. i don't know what the colors are for each pin so could someone send me a picture of what pins go where by the colors say pin 1 is red etc.?

thank you,
southern belle

Answer:K7s5a motherboard usb pins need help

Where they hook up on the motherboard will be different for different systems.. What is the make and model of your computer??

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I bought a new case about a week ago and tried it's USB ports..
All worked but one of the USB3 headers didn't..
So I checked the cables, checked everything.. Decided to remove the USB3 plug from the MOBO and what do I see?
2 Pins are missing!

I have no idea how or when.. I tried to search for them, maybe they snaped when I unpluged the cable, but I didn't find anything..
The missing are pins 1 and 2 in the picture..
I think that pin 19 is missing too.. The image kind of faded off my mind right now..

Are those pins the reason why one of the USB3 ports won't work?
What do they mean? What do they do?
Is it safe to even keep the cable connected to the MOBO without those pins?


Answer:Broken USB Motherboard pins

Pin 1 is power, pin 19 is power and pin 2 is the USB 3 RX- signal, so yeah that's the reason the ports won't work. I can't see any harm in leaving it plugged in.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 which at this point can only be described as an old war horse. Bought in 2002 It got my wife through law school, and is now still holding up in our second year living in the developing world. Understandably, it's starting to have some issues, but I'm hoping with a litte help it can get us through the end of our time overseas in May. I think these issues are related to loose pins/connections on the motherboard, but I don't know exactly where and my internet access is spotty at best so I could really use some guidance about where to check. Ok, to the symptoms:
Recently, the machine would not boot up. It seemed to start, but then shut itself down almost immediately. When I took it apart and put it back together, it gave me a message that it had shut down to avoid overheating. But this couldn't be right since it had been off all night and was not hot at all. The fan is working fine so I think the problem may be related to the sensor or auto-shutoff mechanism.
Once I had the machine back together, a diagonal row of keys stopped working. The '8', 'i', 'k', qnd ',' key would not respond.

Can anyone point me towards what could be causing these issues? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Loose Pins on Motherboard?

Really would appreciate any guidance anyone can give on this. The machine continues to auto-shut down even when started for the first time in days, and sometimes will boot up but with the fan running full speed and constantly, so I think a temperature sensor is a likely culprit, but I don't know where it is located or if it is possible to repair easily.

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I have an Asrock K7VT4A+ motherboard to which I'm trying to connect the front speaker (lime green) and microphone (pink).The connections on the motherboard are :GND+5VABackout R-Backout L-MicMic PowerAud Out -RAud Out -LThe wires I want to connect to these pins are labelled :GNDSpkout RSpkout LReturn RReturn LMic InMic BiasThe GND connects to GND (that's the easiest) but I'm not sure of the others. Can anyone help?Thanks.

Answer:Motherboard pins settings

Any Help click here

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Hi, I just got my new parts for my build yesterday and today while putting everything together I couldn't get the heatsink on the CPU properly so I took it off to reseat it only to find that there was some thermal paste on the motherboard socket.
So I was trying to clean it and in the process it got smudged on some of the motherboard pins where the CPU is placed.

I don't know if I am lucky or not but the thermal paste is non conductive so i left it as it is in case I bent any pins making it even worse. So right now I have been using the system for over 2 hours without any problems and its is working flawlessly. However I am worried if there may be future problems but the reason i bought non conductive thermal paste was for incidents such as this. So if any you guys can give your opinion on this matter I would really appreciate it.

Answer:Thermal paste on motherboard pins!!!!

Get some alcohol and an old tooth brush, wet the brush and start brushing softly till the paste is gone.

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Hi all,Recently I bought a new power supply of 550W.When I tried to connect the 20 pins cord from the Power Supply to the motherboard,I saw there was an additional 4-pin head going together with the 20-pin head, and I noticed the warning message: only for 24-pin Socket.I do not know what this mean.Still, I chose not to plug it (the additional 4-pin socket), turned my PC on,and saw the windows run steadily without problem.I saw my Motherboard can support the additional 4 pins.I am not sure if I shall plug it to the motherboard or not.Please help if you could.Thank you.Kitty

Answer:should I plug the additional 4 pins to the Motherboard

You say:Quoteonly for 24-pin Socket.I do not know what this mean.And then you say: QuoteI saw my Motherboard can support the additional 4 pins.Seems like you contradicted yourself.  What make and model is your motherboard?

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how to connect this pins in those ports

Answer:how to connect audio pins to motherboard

Hello and welcome siwa nice to see someone include the system specs for change now mate this is the manual for that board go to page 43 & 44 for info if this link does not take you straight to them.
I have included a couple of snips anyway. Post back if there are any problems.

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As title says i have emailed the company Scan Computers.... I have never had a motherboard delivered with bent pins as well as the whole bent pins policy i'm worried i will be blamed...

Answer:Motherboard delivered with bent pins

Good luck mate, keep us informed

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i just received my new motherboard, asus a8n, and i;m trying to connect my case's front usb panel with the motherboard.
The motherboard's pins are labelled:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
| +5v P6- P6+ GND NC |
| +5v P5- P5+ GND |
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you can see, the first row has 5 pins, while the bottom one only 4.

My case's front panel has 8 pins, labelled

As you can understand, the pins of the panel are not grouped together.
Where must each usb panel pin go on the motherboard?

Answer:motherboard to usb front panel pins

My guess is that the matches are:

+5v ----> power
+5v ----> power
p5- ----> d2-
p5+ ----> d2+
p6- ----> d3-
p6+ ----> d3+
gnd ----> ground
gnd ----> ground
NC ----> unmatched

note that the p5+-,p6+- pins on the two other usb ports on the motherboard, have other one has p7-,p7+,p8-,p8+ and the other has p9-,p9+,p10-,p10+

Is my assumption correct? if yes, why is NC alone?

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Dear All,
I am doing a new self-build and wonder if anyone can help the clear cmos pins on the motherboard are not very clear in the manual can anyone tell me which side do you view pin from one is from left to right or vice-versa the motherboard is a GS7610 ULTRA made by ECS it is a micro ATX board any assistance would be grateful


Answer:clear cmos pins on motherboard.

Normal convension is pin 1 on left as you look at the three pins

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I have put my motherboard into a new case and have no clue how to connect the power switch/led's ect. I have looked all over the internet for about 2 hours and have found no info on this board's front panel pin layout.  Any information would be greatly appriciated,Thanks!

Answer:Internal IO pins for IPM17-OD motherboard

@TheyCallMeTibbs,Ponderous with the numbers.  That is an HP Odense motherboard.Would this help? 

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I recently removed an Intel Q6600 quad core processor from a Socket 775 Gigabyte motherboard and found all kinds of bent pins on the motherboard after removal. Don't understand how they got bent. The computer has worked OK with that processor in that motherboard until my CPU fan died and killed my CPU. I removed the CPU to replace it and found a mass of bent pins on the motherboard. Don't understand how this happened. It could not have been this way before the Processor fried so I must have did it while removing the CPU. It has the two tabs there, so have a difficult time understanding how you bend pins pulling that processor out of the socket. Just a matter of releasing the latch and pulling the processor out. Would appreciate any advice on what I did wrong, because the mistake cost me $120 for another motherboard. The pins are mangled and cannot be straightened. Thanks for your advice.


Answer:Bent pins on Socket 775 motherboard

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Hello. Recently i took apart an old computer with AT motherboard (manufactured by Intel), and i found a strange slot, named PBSCON and five pins with label IR1 near. I guess IR pins are for infrared connection, but i couldn't find any information about this. Can someone explain what are they used for? Photos of them are attached

Answer:Strange card slot in motherboard and IR pins

Appears to be a "Cache on a Stick" slot:

Ir port on computers:

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Having had my h520s for a year now night decided to upgrade it and stupidly did not check the pin connections before buying a new case, power supply and graphics card. The case I have now uses the font panel pins (power switch, reset switch etc.), but the h520s manual does not tell you what goes where, most likely as they don't want me upgrading too easily. Firstly does anyone know what pins account for what, and whether I can buy an adapter for hd audio - f audio, as there is no hd audio connection on the motherboard. I screwed up big time, sorry. Thanks in advance.

Answer:h520s front panel pins motherboard

Hi CallumRenton,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear about your situation and this information is not mentioned in the HMM (Hardware Maintenance Manual. I would Strongly Suggest Calling Technical Support for Assistance to get the details of nearest Authorized Service Center to get the issue analyzed.
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure they will be a great help.
Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Hi everyone, I have a problem.
I pinmodded an LGA771 Xeon to work with my LGA775 motherboard. I decided to do it the hard way and use aluminum foil and tape to pin mod it. I think it worked out fine but anyway, on to the problem.

When I cut off the LGA775 alignment pieces, I accidentally bent 2 pins out of shape a little. Initially, I didn't notice, so I put in the Xeon to try it out, didn't work.
Then I tried my old processor, also didn't work (worked fine previously).

So then I noticed the pins and bent them back into shape, AFAIK it is perfect and you can't even tell that anything happened.
Tried both CPUs, nothing, no beeps, no signal to the monitor.

Is it possible to damage my motherboard if I didn't do the pinmod correctly?
Is it possible that I damaged my processor or motherboard by trying to run it with those 2 pins out of place?

Help please

Answer:Bent motherboard pins, fixed but now will not boot

I am not really sure, but my guess is you did not do the pinmod correctly since both CPUs do not work. I hope someone else can provide some insight on this issue. Good luck!

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Just to clarify that I'm not being silly. Bought a brand new Gigabyte SKT-1155 Z77X-UD5H Motherboard off of amazon. Was from a company selling through amazon. Product arrived with antistatic bag open which confused me a little. Contacted seller and was told its because the I/O shield is missing which is why it was cheaper than the others sold there.

Come to put a CPU in it and after removing protective cover some pins seem to be bent. Its an lga1155 socket and from images on google ( the pins look like that however a few look bent straight upwards. Is it suppose to be like this or is it broken?

Answer:bent pins brand new motherboard socket?

None of the pins should be bent upwards. An I/O shield is one thing (presuming that it was advertised, or you knew it was missing when it was purchased), but I would return it if it has bent pins.

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hi evryone,
i have an out of date hp pavilion here that i'm trying to get back up.
i'm busy changing the ram, cpu and motherboard.
(4gb ddr3, amd phenom II x4, Asus M4A88T-M/USB3)
I'm almost done but there are a few problems that i've run into.
the pront panel pins are combined in one big plugin for the ac410-m motherboard. so i need to get them out of there and plug them in into smaller pins. but i can't find a pinout diagram for the old ac410-m motherboard so the wires are unknown to me.
another problem is that i can't find a aux_in plugin on th motherboard so i guess it's if i just leave it as it is in the case.
last but not least. the motherboard says it has integrated video and audio. So do i still have to put in my graphics card or can i just leave it out of there?


Answer:motherboard front panel pins problem

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The Dell 7010 desktop motherboard has a front panel connection with a total of 19 pins and a separate power switch connection. Anyone know if it's just a matter of finding the 2 power pins to short and start this up, or is there more to it? I've tried shorting every 2 pin setup in the front panel and power switch no luck, although I suppose it could mean a bad motherboard, However; without knowing what 2 pins are for power how am I suppose to know for sure. Also is it possible that more then 2 pins have to be shorted or touching to start this bleeping dell motherboard.
I'm guessing the power pins that I would have to short are in the power switch connections and therefore I don't have to do anything to the pins in the front panel connections. I'm hoping there are no other pins that need to be connected besides 2 power pins to get this to start. I'm not concerned with any other pins (except maybe restart).


Answer:What 2 Pins Do I Short On A Dell 7010 Motherboard To Test Run It?

Hopefully the manual will help.
I would download the first one.

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Where are the CMOS pins on the 0Y5CWX motherboard?

Answer:Motherboard Dell Inc. Model 0Y5CWX (XPS 12 9250) Need manual or help locating CMOS pins

There are no "CMOS pins".  If what you're trying to do is reset to defaults, simply disconnect the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.
If you're trying to reset a password, note that it's not stored in CMOS - it's stored in EEPROM.  The only way to do that is obtain an unlock code by calling Dell, verifying your ownership of the system, and entering the password they generate for you.

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Hey guy could a scratch like this obstruct the signal? or do u have to be able to see copper?

Answer:Motherboard Wire Trace Damage

should be fine. have you tried it?

its just the top that has been scratched off. it isn't like the traces are now connected or anything.

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im not sure if this topic is meant to go here but ah well.

Anyways, my power button on the wire broke today, is there any place where i can get these from just a new complete wire and a button to turn it on. as long as it connects to the motherboard and can just click the button to turn it on. ill show you a picture of what wire i mean

Mobile Phone Camera sucks, but gets my point across of what i need lol

Answer:Power Button Wire to Motherboard.. ?

Is the button broken or the wire broken? If it is the wire cant you just put it back together with a little solder? sorry I cannot quite tell from your picture.

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simple as, have i got all my wires in and correct coz we've gone over that in the other that thread doesn't ask that question direct in the title i thought i'd start a new to get the answer.does my motherboard Asrock K7V88, a fairly recent motherboard require the white cable which seems to be removed from a lot of modern psu's as it's old and outdated.i have a working psu, i have a working pc, put the two together, no worky.common ground is the white cable, or lack of it.thanks, tearing my hair out now..

Answer:does the Asrock K7V88 motherboard require -5v wire


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I accidentally broke off a capacitor on the motherboard of my Lenovo S540 Thinkpad (model 20B3CTO1WW). I've attached a pic of the capacitor. It had C2434 written next to it on the board, and 3D5 VLPS on the actual capacitor itself. It it located to the bottom left of the CPU fan and above the Wireless card. The laptop has booted fine and I've not noticed any problems, but should I be worried? How can I fix this? Can I just glue it? It kind looks like it was only held on my glue keeping it metal negative and positive connectors with those of the board.... 

zoom_cap.JPG ?299 KB

Answer:Accidentally broke capacitor from motherboard

It was not glued, but surface mount soldered.  If it is intact, it might be resoldered, but you would need a rework station to do it correctly.  Without a circuit diagram it is hard to know the function.  It looks like it is sitting next to the fan.  It might be a starting capacitor.  (just a guess)  Without it, power circuitry may fail eventually, or the fan might spin up slowly, triggering an error.

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I have a computer with an Asus MZN68-LA mobo in it. My friend wanted to add a graph card to his computer. His factory PSU did not have PCI-E plugs to power the graph card so he bought a PSU as well to solve that problem. The new PSU in question is here:

The new PSU fit fine and I began plugging everything up, until I got to the 4 pin ATX12V socket on the motherboard. I realized the new PSU seemingly does not have a single 4 pin ATX12V. There is, however, a black wire/yellow wire (which I take to mean PCI express?) connection that breaks apart from an 8 pin to a 4 pin that would fit fine and, in theory work. What I'm afraid of is having some power supply problem with this massive 650 watt PSU and frying the mobo.

Before I even attempt this, will someone clarify whether or not that's fair game and will work fine?

Answer:PSU Problem, Can black wire/yellow wire 8 pin plugin work for 4 pin ATX 12v socket?

Re: PSU Problem, Can black wire/yellow wire 8 pin plugin work for 4 pin ATX 12v socke

fifthmanstanding said:


I have a computer with an Asus MZN68-LA mobo in it. My friend wanted to add a graph card to his computer. His factory PSU did not have PCI-E plugs to power the graph card so he bought a PSU as well to solve that problem. The new PSU in question is here:

The new PSU fit fine and I began plugging everything up, until I got to the 4 pin ATX12V socket on the motherboard. I realized the new PSU seemingly does not have a single 4 pin ATX12V. There is, however, a black wire/yellow wire (which I take to mean PCI express?) connection that breaks apart from an 8 pin to a 4 pin that would fit fine and, in theory work. What I'm afraid of is having some power supply problem with this massive 650 watt PSU and frying the mobo.

Before I even attempt this, will someone clarify whether or not that's fair game and will work fine?Click to expand...

That 4+4 connector is made expressly for boards that only have a 4-pin 12V ATX connector, these are not PCI-Express graphics card connectors as those are the 6+2 types. You can't blow a mobo with a high-powered PSU as the board will only take what it needs and the rest will be wasted as heat from the PSU. Sounds like a heavy graphics card was installed, enjoy the gaming!

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Hi all,I need to run a cable from my main BT box outside, to the upper floor of my house. When it is there, I would like it to return to a secondary BT Box.However, I do not want to intrude on any wiring that BT themselves have done in the main box, and as such, I wish the extension to begin with a normal telephone plug.This would then run up the wire, and end in the secondary BT box.The hole that will be put through the wall will only just be wide enough for the cable, without the attachments on the end, which means that I must manufacture the cable myself.Obviously I will need the bt telephone style plug, the extension cable, bt telephone secondary socket, and a pair of crimpers.Could anyone please advise me on where in the UK I could buy these items, and how to go about connecting them?I failed to mention earlier in my post that this line will be used primarily for my ADSL conection, but telephone connectivity being retained is desirable. Therefore, I think I need at least a CAT5 standard cable?Thanks in advance,Rastaman25

Answer:Making telephone wire / adsl wire.

CAT5 cable is for the ethernet connection - ordinary telephone cable will be suitable for this extension. Maplins a good source for plugs and cable click here

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which wire to wire encryption does Onedrive uses on desktop app ?

Answer:which wire to wire encryption does Onedrive uses on desktop app ?


Advancing our encryption and transparency efforts - Microsoft on the Issues

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which wire to wire encryption does Onedrive uses on desktop app ?

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I got a USP (universal surge protector) thats had a 3-pin connector. One of the pins broke off so its got 2 pins. Will it be ok to use to connect to many devices including a gaming PC without any power issues?

Answer:USP Had 3 Pins, Now Its Got 2 Pins... Is it Still Good for a PC?

The 3rd pin is a Ground. There will be no power issue, but if there is a power surge, it could burn up any computer devices hooked up to it.

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what makes cat5 cable cat5 cable? as i understand it, it is just 8 normal wires that are jacked in a certain order to allow data transfer. so would it be possible to jack one rj45 jack onto the end of two clipped and stripped rj11 sized phone cables?
logically it seems like it should work...but when i attempted it, it was extremely slow. I was using very very old phone wire so maybe the quality of the wires had something to do with the slowness.
any thoughts on the subject?

Answer:phone wire as network wire

There are a number of twists that have to be done to each pair in order for it to pass good signal. Phone cords are not held to the same standards thus what probably resulted in the slowness.

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i have the usb single user modem that came with bulldog. the thing is that i own a belkin ethernet modem and the wire from the microfilter that currently goes into the usb modem doesnt fit in the belkin router. i know i need ethernet from the phoneline but don't know how to get it.

1) is there a different microfilter that contains an ethernet plug??
2)will i have to buy a different modem that allows me to put in the ADSL line one end and then get ethernet out the other?
3)if i do have to buy a new modem can anyone recommend one???

thanks, sorry if i didnt explain the problem very well!!!

Answer:i want ethernet on the end of a wire instead of ADSL wire....

What kind of plug does your Belkin modem accept?

If the one coming out of your microfilter is a narrow one (RJ11) then you can plug it into the wide (RJ45) socket no problem - the wires used by telephones match across these plugs. If things are the other way around then you can just go buy a cable with proper plugs or an adapter. You can also run the thing without a microfilter just fine.

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Hi Hope someone can help.

I have board SOYO K7VTA PRO motherboard. It has a four pins on the board where you can put a four-pin speaker. I have a two-pin speaker. Is there anything I can do to convert the two-pin to four-pin.

And what's the difference between the two anyway?


Answer:PC speaker 2 wire / 4 wire

If you are talking about hooking up the case speaker to the motherboard then there is no difference. The regular (four pin plug) just uses two of the pins anyway. You can try cutting your plug in two and just connecting the two pins where they need to go on the system board connections.

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I am currently building a new machine, with P4 3.2ghz. I've read several times that Prescott core cpus like the Intel 640 run very hot, and that the OEM heat sink stinks . I have decided that the 3D rocket cooler from GigaByte, which got rave reviews everywhere for effectiveness and quiet, would be the best solution.

My board is the newest mean machine from Foxconn, the 925XE7AA-8EKRS2, and uses a 4 pin cpu fan header, as the OEM fan from Intel uses a 4 pin plug. The 4th pin is PWM (pulse width modulation signal to the fan for variable speed control) The GigaByte fan does NOT have the 4th pin. Will Intel's on chip thermoster still operate the fan in a variable speed mode normally without the use of the PWM pin? Is there something in BIOS I need to set to ensure this?

Just don't want to waste my money on a turbo performing cooler, if it's stuck running on only one speed...

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Question: cpu pins need help

ok i got a 3 ghz cpu from ebay but 3 pins were bent so i carefully put them back into place and it fits perfectly into the slot i just wanna know will i have any probs with it or is it a gonner? cant test it yet need to buy a heatsink 1st

Answer:cpu pins need help

I dont see why it shouldnt work, As long as they are still attached and straight down. But there is always a risk that it wouldnt.

The best way to tell is to boot it asap.


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Question: CPU Pins

i bought a motherboard off of newegg that was LGA 775 (, so obviously i bought a cpu that was LGA 775. (

when i got the motherboard the part where the cpu goes already has pins in it? Should i have gotten a cpu that said pinless, or am i ok?

Answer:CPU Pins

The LGA 775 processors are pinless and fit onto the pinned mobo CPU connection.
See here:

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Question: pins on HD

looking for a map of pins on the back of HD. as to witch pin dose wich operation.

Answer:pins on HD

Check the hdd mfg's website for your drive.

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Question: cpu pins

is there a way to bend them back cause my cpu pins are bent.

it is an intel p4 2.8GHz socket 478.

Answer:cpu pins

Use a tweezer but be very very very careful.

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How many pins do i have on my RAM stick? This ram stick came with my computer and was already installed. SO how can i tell how many pins there are on it? Also,if i buy another stick from Corsair(first one wasnt corsair, anonymous brand actually), will it work? My RAM stick is DDR too. Do i have to have the exact pins? For example, can i have one stick with like 200 pins and another one with 300. Will it work on my mobo.?

Sorry noobie here

Answer:How many pins do i have?

you have to get one with the same amount of pins or it won't fit. First of all what computer do you have then we could research and see what kind is in it now. also look to see if your computer manufacture has upgrades on their website and it should say how many pins.

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Question: cpu pins

Hey all i just had the scariest moment of my life
i took out my heatsink to clean it and my amd athlon 64 3000+ s939,got ripped out of the socket stuck onto the heatsink,then i took the cpu of the heatsink and turned it over and looked at the pins a whole row of pins were bent,so i tried bending them back with my finger and credit card after a hour or so of stress i finally got it to fit back into the zif socket i turned pc on and everything seems to work ok.
my questions are will my cpu cause problems later on in future like
freezes/reboots/ect.. anything at all?
is my cpu still in perfect shape does it still have all its performance ect..

sorry for all the miss typed errors heh english isn't my native language.

Answer:cpu pins

it should be fine as long as the pins don't snap in the future because they would have been weakened by being bent or as long as it wasn't static damaged when you bent them back into place

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I'm trying to install a 2nd hd but bios is not recognizing it at all and when i try to restart the comp it tries to boot from this hdd that bios wont even recognize. I know this subject has been exhausted in this forum and ive read 30 posts about this but they all have the same answers and these arent working for me no matter what i try. I keep seeing people say to jump the pins on the back of the HDD that say mastet, slave, cable select but i dont know or where to plug these pins in. I have nothing plugged into those on my master hdd that is working now. Can someone walk me through this. i would like to trying setting the slave pins to see if bios will recognize it.

Thanks for any help
Joe M.

Answer:How do you set the pins on a HDD

Check if the settings are printed on you harddisk or check the manufacturers website.

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Question: Pins

Just received an E-Mail from Major Geeks saying that Twitter states "IRS kills PINs.
I panicked, because PINs is my password manager of choice. Good News. It is still fine.
OK It has not been updated since 2003, but it has not been killed.

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Question: CPU Pins

This may be a dumb question but im in desperate need of help: 2 of my socket 478 pent 4 pins broke off and i was wondering if there is any home remedy for this?? If so i would be incredibily happy

Answer:CPU Pins

No help. Better get a new piece of very expensive and delicate equipment.
You could also ignore/remove the broken pins and beg that through some miracle the pins you bent are not critical for the CPU's operation..

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Does anyone know what the middle pins on the batteries do? I'm referring to pins 3,4,5, - 1 and 2 are connected, and 6 and 7 are connected. 

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Question: Power-up pins

How do you identify the power-up pins on the motherboard and what to do to short it? I have extracted some advice from the internet from someone who had the same computer problem as me and he fixed it with this method. Just wanted to ask some of the experts here how to do that since i'm not an electrician and are pretty much oblivious when it comes to these kind of tasks.

Here's the original paragraph from him which i didn't understand much of:

"Try this once..take the CPU out from the motherboard...then short the power-up pins on the motherboard(that is...the pins to which your power-on switch of CPU is connected) with the help of screwdriver.

I learned this just pc was giving trouble and then it stopped booting..nothing on the running.I took it to the vendor...and he did this procedure...and the pc started booting again.Told that the BIOS hangs due to which this problem happens.

So you can also try this and see i if it works for of luck."

Answer:Power-up pins

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Dumb question, but I am having a problem getting the right info... I have an A61E.  Looking to upgrade the RAM but I can not determine if I need a 240pin or 200pin module. I want to add 2GB to the existing config. I went to the Kingston site and entered my system type & it kicked out  Lenovo 4OY7735, but I think this is for a notebook, not a desktop. Looked at the Lenovo hardware specs for A61e and got 43C6489, but no pin count. Looked at the shop guide for my systems accessories, no pin count, but got  this p/n 43R1756 for 2GB RAM. I assume I need 1.8v 200 pin DDR2, SDRAM (667 MHz, SODIMM, PC2-5300).  Though I would like some help on this. My system:  6418-12U, 1GB RAM installed   

T23: 2647-8RU, Ubuntu 12.04 LTSA61E: 6418-12U, W7/Pro 64X200: 7454-CTO, W7/Pro 32


Go to Solution.

Answer:A61E RAM , how many pins

I have found the answer to my own question, though it was a total pain. Hope this will help anybody else trying to get hold of this info... It is definitely 200pin, not 240  and it is a desktop/notebook module. Go figure!

T23: 2647-8RU, Ubuntu 12.04 LTSA61E: 6418-12U, W7/Pro 64X200: 7454-CTO, W7/Pro 32

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Question: Bent CPU pins

Could you straighten them out and the CPU still work or not?

Answer:Bent CPU pins

You can use a mechanical pencil to straighten them.

How to Fix Bent Pins on a CPU: 6 steps - wikiHow

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Question: CPU pins bent....

is it ok to bend CPU pins back?

Answer:CPU pins bent....

yes but GENTLY. I have done it several times, and make sure they are properly aligned

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Question: Pins in edge

When I saw how you could pin a website in Edge, I was absolutely thrilled. It worked for an entire session, but as soon as I closed edge, the pins were gone. Undaunted, I pinned them again, I really want this to work!! But sadly...
I haven't seen this as a known problem. Am I the only one? Is there a cure?
Also, I have really enjoyed using Edge with the ad blocker. I think it is fast and very clear. I think MS did a fine job...but I would love to have pins

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Question: PSU Bent Pins

Hi,Ive just dicovered I have had some bent pins in my P5K Premium WiFi motherboard do I need to replace the fan every time just to check I have correted the problem ,Also Im thinking of putting a Intel E2200 Dual Core prosser in it do you think it is man enough for it.

Answer:PSU Bent Pins

Bent pins where exactly?

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Question: Bent CPU pins :(

hi,i have recently purchased a new cooler for my CPU, however when i removed my old one, i found the CPU had been soldered into place and was glued onto the heatsink, so when i removed the heatsink some of the pins on the CPU bent, does anyone know if i bend the pins back to there origianl shape and place the CPU back into its socket whether it will run ok or whether the thing is knackered.any thoughts would be appreciated.cheersDave

Answer:Bent CPU pins :(

They can be bent back CAREFULLY - just take care not to break them off...

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hi there,

Has anyone ever come across a P4 with bent pins straight from the box?

I just have, and as expected, the retailer is rather sceptical!

Took it back for replacement but first, it is being sent to Intel for "investigation".

Is this really un-heard of?


Answer:P4C 2.8/800 - bent pins out of the box!

normally would have but the one pin that was really bent was bent so far high chance it would break i think.

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I'm going to be adding some RAM to my Dad's Compaq Presario 2500 notebook PC.

I've researched the PC and know the required memory type is PC2100 DDR-266 SDRAM.

The problem is that nowhere in the Compaq Manuals (I've looked at them online at their site) does it tell me the amount of pins.

I've seen DDR-266 with many different pin configurations. How can I tell (without opening the notebook itself and looking at the installed memory card, since my Dad is 45 minutes away by car) what the correct pin amount is?

Thanks for any help.

Answer:RAM Help Needed (How Many Pins is Right?)

Try going to and use the
Crucial Memory Advisor tool

It will recommend the exact RAM you need.

Oh! you would need to use your dad's notebook to do this however.

Also, here's an image I got when I did an Image Search for
PC2100 DDR-266 SDRAM.

I believe the "266" is the number of pins, but don't quote me on that.


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Hello i received a new Geforce 8600GTS (EVGA) card - i brought it from ebay from a international seller - When i received the 'New' product i noticed it didnt come in an original box - and the CD was a copy - That's not the issue really so i will get on with it lol i noticed the pins (contact pins) on the board below and the small pins on top (i think its the SLI pins not sure) are very discoloured - any advice on what to do now or how to clean them - Thanks for all your help. Damion.

Answer:PCI-E Contact Pins...

Use a pencil eraser to clean the Card contact. A new pencil preferably. After you get the debris off use a dry cloth to wipe it clean. Sounds like you got shammed on the "newness" of the card

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I have just been given a all in one internal card reader, the card reader has a 9 usb pin header on it but when i looked at my motherboard i can only find a 10 pin header.
Can anyone tell me if there is anyway to connect this to my motherboard or if there is a converter to turn a 9 pin to 10 pin.

Thanks in advance

Answer:help with usb pins and header

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Question: bent pins

i inadvertently bent the pins on a DVD player data plug (sata) is there a tool or something to straighten them back up don't want to buy a new one

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Which years and which model CPU's had real gold pins on them? Can you please help me compile a list? Maybe someone already knows of a list that is on the internet somewhere they can share.

I'll start the list. I have two AMD Duron 600 processors with the year 2001 stamped on them both. Both processors appear to have gold plated pins on them. I seriously doubt the pins are solid gold though. Does anyone know for sure?

Also, it is my understanding that some computer parts also have platinum in them or on them. Does anyone know which parts and which years or which makes and models?


Answer:Which CPU's have gold pins?

you can check each one here:

but since the 8008 cpu(1973 timeframe) most are gold plated...

Good Luck

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Has anyone got a diagram i could use to connect firewire pins from a card reader as it has firewire, to a firewire PCI card.

I have the pins and i know where they are meant to end up but i do not know where each pin belongs.


Answer:Where do these firewire pins go?

just google firewire pinout

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Question: Bent pins on fan

some pins on my fan on my desktop got bent as I tried to re-seat it, and now it won't power up. will straightening the pins be enough, or so I need to get a new fan

Answer:Bent pins on fan


Fans don't have pins. Maybe you should elaborate.

If you are referring to your processor, so long as none of the pins are broken, and you can carefully bend them back into position, you'll likely be ok. I've rescued hundreds of CPUs this way.

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Question: Bent Cpu Pins

hello i recently dropped my friends cpu and bent the pins (luckily it was on carpet) none of them are snapped but most of them are bent a good 45 degrees. whats the safest way to bend them back into working order

Answer:Bent Cpu Pins

I never dropped an CPU or bent any cpu pins, but here are some people suggestions to try from some internet sources.

The You tube clip is from a computer part supplier

disclaimer: use any of these instructions at your own risk.

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Question: bent cpu pins

can i fix or can supplyer repair this they came bent and ive had someone i know at hp test this board and it turns out several pins have been bent its that asus p6p78 pro board just wanted some info i get this rmad if it can be fixed or i they send me a new one but i think theyll just say its my thought or something like that ?

Answer:bent cpu pins

The pins are bent on the CPU itself or on the Motherboard?

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Question: Bent pins

Hi, just bought a mobo and duel core cpu bundle off ebay, the seller may have been upset because I got it really cheap and didnt bother the package it proberly, the mobo is wrecked and the CPU has got bent pins down one side, is there any chance these pins can be straightened to make it useable??

Answer:Bent pins

Get your money back as you have little chance of using the CPU.

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I m trying connect a psu to a mobo.
But mobo has 24 pins while psu's cable has 20 pins! Can I do the connection? Is there any danger?
If yes, which 4 pins should I let free?

Answer:PSU pins: May I connect 20 to 24 ?

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I have this fan controller (says to connect 3 pin)
NZXT Sentry LX LCD Fan Controller at

my fans that come with this case are 4 pin
Apevia Black/Black X-Plorer ATX Mid-Tower Case with Clear Side, Fan Controller, Front USB and Firewire Port at

No clue if it's male or female connections (you'll hafta figure that out)

I found this 4pin to 3pin Wire Adapter: CrazyPC Computers not sure if it's what I'm looking for to solve the issue.

Answer:Need to convert fan pins

That is exactly what you need. Your fans are molex cabled. Fan cables are always female. On the motherboard or PCB, it is male.

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I've downloaded System Information for Windows, and it tells me the speed, capacity, etc., but it doesn't tell me how many pins it has.

I do have some info if it helps.

Manufacturer: Infineon
Part Number: 64D64320GU5C

Thank you very much!

Answer:How can I found out how many pins my RAM has?

Here use this it should tell you exactly.

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Hello,I've got a plotter (well, it's a vinyl cutter), which is serial and according to the manual the pin-outs are as follow.It looks to be as if they put '1' for RTS when really they meant '7'. However, that aside, is this a standard straight through cable because TX/RX are not crossed but I thought if it were straight through then 4/6 and 7/8 wouldn't be linked?I'd rather just buy a cable, but this layout is confusing me Thanks for any help in letting me know about this layout.

Answer:Help with 9 pin RS232 pins.

Early serial connector layouts  were defined by the computer maker.  If that was they way they did it, that was the way it worked. Standard layouts became standard later.The layout you show in the picture is not exceptional at all.Here is another almost the same. with photos like this one:

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Hi All, Hope you had a nice Christmas. What seems like a very long time ago I fitted a Nvidia Riva TNT2 model 64 AGP card. Yesterday when I was coupling up a front USB socket to the header pins on a USB 2 PCI card I noticed 2 rows of 13 header pins on the Nvidia AGP card making a block of 26 header pins. Curiosity getting the better of me now. What connects to these header pins? Cheers, Bill

Answer:What are these 'Header Pins' for?

I tried in vain to find the original manual of your card on the web[presumably you've mislaid yours] - a friend has suggested could it possibly be some sort of digital output connector for an LCD? Just speculation but otherwise we're stumped

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Some pins in all type of ports and connectors are not in use. So why its is there????

Answer:Not used pins in ports

So people that have needs different from yours can use them.

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Question: Processor pins.

Okay. One of my processors is missing a pin, and I was wondering if it will still work with my PC. I haven't tried starting the PC with it yet, for fear of the worst. If anyone could tell me the function of the pin in question, or direct me to a chart, naming the pins of my processor. It is an Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz processor.

Answer:Processor pins.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say no. I don't think it'll work.

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Question: DIMM and PINS

Can anyone tell me what a DIMM and a PIN is...?? for a RAM Memory. the RAM i'm lookin at says it has 256mb PC133 168-pin SDRAM DIMM... Thanks for everyone's help

Answer:DIMM and PINS

DIMM stands for Dual In-line Memory Module which is the small circuit board that holds chips. DIMM uses a 64-bit path where as SIMM only used 32-bit

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Question: 3 bent pins supply/turbine power/turbinePSU-2.jpg

On the right hand side of the picture you can see 3 black things jutting out. I removed the black plastic cover and their are 3 pins which where kinda bent. But i bent them back into the right place. Will this cause a prob?

Answer:3 bent pins

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Question: pins on firewire

I have a firewire cable with that came with my 2T external hard drive.
I know nothing about firewire.
What shoud I look for in the new pc I am about to order from Dell?
It came with a usb cable too but I assume using firewire is the better choice?

Answer:pins on firewire

USB 2.0 maxes out at 480 Mbit/sec. USB 3.0 gives you a minimum of 3.2GBit/sec. Firewire 400 does up to 400Mbit/sec and Firewire 800 does up to 3.2Gbit/sec. Numbers out of the way, firewire generally performs better than USB just because the technology is newer and has a lot less interfaces to work with. Bottom line, firewire most is likley going to be faster.

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Question: Monitor Pins

Ok i have a monitor and the two pins or whatever they are called came out? what can i stick in replacement for them because it seems as if the color red and a little green has gone from my pc?

thanks in advance for replies

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Question: MOBO Pins

Here's the old "well trained technician" with another question. I have an old amptron PM-8600 MOBO and I can't determine which pins I connect he on/off switch. The pins look as follows with the appropriate notation (from the manual) next to it.

PIN # Description

1. LED Output
2. N.C
3. Ground
4. Keylock
5. Ground.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Answer:MOBO Pins

keylock is also indicated as power led, guess that would be my best guess

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Question: Solved: PSU pins

I have a coolermaster 750 watt PSU (power supply unit). I have read this both ways so I'l collect a few opinion here. I have no 8 pin connectors. I don't know who's brilliant idea it was to put no 8 pins in a 750 watt psu, but they didn't.

Is it ok if i hook up a 6 pin and 2 pin, or a twp 4 pins to a 8 pin connector? or will it not deliver as much power or short circuit the graphics card?

Answer:Solved: PSU pins

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Does anyone know, what the voltage is likly to be across the pins that the power switch connect to on a MSI 865P Neo2.

I know itll be in the manual, but i dont have it handy and MSI's website doesnt seem to be working at the mo.. well not for me anyway.


Answer:voltage across pins

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Ok guys, I don't know if this is an obvious question but here goes. I recently tried to boot back up an old system of mine which I had stored in seperate pieces for awhile. I started to put everything back together. When I got to the CPU, I placed it on the motherboard socket but it wouldn't fall into place like usual, so I took it off and looked at the pins. A couple of them appeared to be a bit bent... not like 90 degrees or anything but enough that you could tell they weren't straight. So I got out some tweezers and re-aligned them to the point that it would go back into the motherboard socket without any force at all.

I put everything back together and boot up the PC. I can hear that power is in the PSU but nothing else happens. So.... my question is, is the CPU screwed? Mind you, all of the pins are still on the chip, none of them broke off, just some of them got bent. Would this render the CPU unusable? I've had bent pins on alot of HD's and stuff and after straightening them, it worked again just like before.

Another question while I'm at it. I no longer have the PSU that came with the AMD K6-2 system... but I do have my 350W for my P4 system. Can I use this PSU in the old system or is it too much power? Would it matter that the PSU from the P4 is ATX and the AMD motherboard and case is MiniATX (?) ?

Thank you for taking the time to read my questions.

Answer:AMD K6-2 CPU with bent pins...

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Question: jumper pins

hiwill 2.54mm jumper pins fit into seagate sata ll hdd??ty

Answer:jumper pins

What are you trying to jumper on a SATA hard drive? Each drive has its own cable so there are no Master/Slave jumpers required. Or do you mean something else?

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Question: videocard pins

Can a loose pin on a monster 2 video card be
reset or is it a futal effort to try? After moving to a new place, I plugged in the cpu. and got no 3dfx profile for games. I pulled the pin back out, (it was pushed in) butt am not sure about how much more damage there is cause it's on the very bottom of the fitting.(of course!)It's the fitting the pass-tru cable plugs-in on then connects to the primary card. Has anyone ever had this problem or know a fix. Thanks, Mark

Answer:videocard pins

do you mean its on the cable or the card, cause both are reperable, though i'm not exactly sure of to whht degree it would be (read: signature). But basically its a matter of getting some needle-nose pliers and pulling on the thing to make it straight as possible

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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Hello, i have ThinkCentre E32, yesterday i replaced my front and back fans, i plugged it on the same slots/plugs which they was before, sysfan_1. The new fans which i bought i also 4 pin PWM fans from arctic. The problem is that, both of them is working on full speed 100% of time. So there is much noisily aroud. I suspose the problem is with the cable placement of pins, but there i no way to put it wrong.Is there any configuration from BIOS which i can slow down the fans? Or i'm doing something wrong on hardware level.Thanks.

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Question: Firewire pins

Hi! I just bought a CD burner. The firewire that came with it has 6 pins. It doesn't fit in any of my USB ports on my Dell Dimension 4500S computer. When I looked at 4 to 6 pin converters, the 4 part looks too small! How do I know how many pins my computer USB port has? The booklet that came with it doesn't say.

I appreciate ANY help! New CD burner, but no fun.

Answer:Firewire pins

Well, USB and Firewire are two completely different things, well, sort of. The plugs are totally different, and the speeds are different. Most computers have standard USB ports built in. Not so much for firewire. What you need is a $30 firewire card, or a burner that is USB compatible. Another option would be to install the drive on the internal IDE.

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Excuse my ignorance, but am I right in saying that some firewire sockets are 4 pin, some are 6, and that the extra 2 carry power?Are all firewire plugs able to fit any firewire socket, like DIN plugs? or are there really two sorts of firewire plugs which are incompatible?Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Firewire pins 4 or 6?

Yes there are two types that are not inter- exchangeable.You can buy adapters.It tends to be the case that the PC end is 6 pin and the appliance is 4 pin or 6 pin. It is therefore important to ensure you have the correct lead.

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can i pull/snip the extra pins from a dvi-i cable to use it as a dvi-d cable. or will that just plain not work?

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