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PC shipments continue freefall ahead of Windows 10's arrival

Question: PC shipments continue freefall ahead of Windows 10's arrival

The second quarter of 2015 saw the sharpest decline in global PC shipments in close to two years and once again serves as a reminder that last year's brief resurgence was little more than a fluke.

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Preferred Solution: PC shipments continue freefall ahead of Windows 10's arrival

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: PC shipments continue freefall ahead of Windows 10's arrival

Nobody needs to upgrade every three years now. You can easily hold your hardware for up to 10 years if you really want to.

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Ugh oh! I finally just set up my brand new computer, and now, I put in my windows install disk, I get into the screen, where the licensce agreement is shown, and it says;
"f8 -- i agree esc - I do not Agree..."
and then another option that doesn't matter.

Well, the keyboard, up until there worked fine, and I can pg up and pg down ont he agreement. But when I press f8, nothing happens!

I am using a wired usb keyboard (Not wireless), but do i need one of those older keyboard attachments thingy's? Or is that unrelated?

Answer:Windows xp Home wont continue w/ install - f8 to continue!!!

Press the "F Lock" button on the keyboard.

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I am trying to get system recovery disks and it states they can only be shipped to Canada.  How do I get these disks to USA?

Answer:system recovery disk shipments

sounds a bit strange....have you tried here?

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Question: PC In Freefall

I have been through the mill recently trying to correct a problem on my PC.Have now decided that a complete rebuild is the answer.So:-1. I will copy entire contents over to my Maxtor external Drive.2. I need to know how best to wipe the PC and start again using XP Pro.Suggestions please

Answer:PC In Freefall

For starters and I'm afraid I'm stating the obvious:-If you put a fresh installation of XP on your internal HD, be prepared to use the copied data only for returning your personal files.The applications and any tweaks you have done, must be loaded separately or else you run the risk of restoring the faults as well

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So my Dell laptop Battery runs fromm 100% to about 68% and then suddenly drops to just 7%.It's a few months over a year old. On full I originally get 4.5hrs but now only about 3 and then after that sudden drop it goes to about 7 minutes. Are the battery cells dead? I'm trying to pin point if its dead when it happened, it was working perfectly three months ago. But I haven't used it on battery for the last three months. I just a few days ago went through the airport where you have to put your laptop through those x-ray scanners, could that have something to do with it?

Answer:Battery power in freefall

Yes. The battery has seen it's days. X-rays won't hurt a battery.

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Hello ,My dad has a lap top with a touchpad and is in dispair because he says the arrow keeps constantly dropping down the screen in freefall and he has no control over it.He tries to click on stuff but it is a moving target thing.Im only a novice so cant help him,,,,hope someone canThanksChris

Answer:touchpad mouse cursor is in freefall !!!!

Why won't your dad post here, so we can get more info?

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10 out of 70 of the W7 x64 Pro NVR recorders I am maintaining keep setting their time to 1 hour ahead. I have set this to sync internet time with and have set it to manual time as well. They were all initially set to sync time with and they all went to the wrong time sometime Wednesday night. I set one to manual time on some last and it still jumps 1 hour ahead.

This is a major problem as it stops people from viewing footage as the recorder is 1 hour ahead of the viewing platform so it cannot view current footage.

They are all set to the correct time zone. I rarely have to reset the time normally usually 1 or 2  machines per month.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Windows 7 is right on track to becoming the no. 1 operating system worldwide by the end of 2011, and the platform just reached a new milestone on its way there.

At the end of August 2011, Windows 7?s usage share exploded to 30.60%, up from 29.66% the previous month, according to statistics shared by Net Applications.

Microsoft revealed earlier this summer that it had sold in excess of 400 million licenses of Windows Vista?s successor since the OS launched in late 2009.Click to expand...

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Answer:Just Ahead of First Windows 8 Event, Windows 7 Breaks the 30% Worldwide Usage Share M

not surprising, this is the most well concepted OS of Microsoft.

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I ran the upgrade assistant and it showed me a list of what is and is not compatible w/the new OS. I proceeded to the next screen and it suggests the upgrade to windows 8 pro. My issue is that the current version of windows 7 is not genuine. Does the upgrade assistant not look to see if my OS is genuine or not? If I buy the upgrade version and try to install it, will it fail due to the current license not being genuine? I built this system myself, but I cannot find a system builder disc w/o going through to get it and I'd really like to avoid them if I can.

Answer:Upgrade assistant is giving me the go ahead to buy Windows 8 pro but..

will it fail due to the current license not being genuine?

Yes, it will.

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I have managed to avoid installing Vista and have not missed it one bit. However, I am hearing that Windows 7 will be better and I guess I will need to upgrade when it comes out officially. Does anyone know if I will be able to go directly from XP to 7? Somewhere I heard that I may need to go to Vista first and then to 7, which would seem to be a waste of effort and money. Anyone know the answer to this? Thanks.


Answer:Solved: Thinking Ahead: Converting from XP to Windows 7

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Here's this one.

Clean Install Windows 7 : Ahead of Vista


Here's the other half of this concept.

Clean Install Windows 7 : Ahead of XP

Answer:How to Clean Install Windows 7 Ahead of Vista

Just wanted to bring this around for others to see.

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Here's a good one, I hope some will find useful.

Clean Install Windows 7 : Ahead of XP


Here's the other half of this concept.

Clean Install Windows 7 : Ahead of Vista

Answer:Clean Install Windows 7 Ahead of XP : Tutorial

Very good tut again BFK , Thank you

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Microsoft gave its privacy policy and service agreement a facelift Thursday, and offered users a new central clearinghouse to manage privacy settings for all the data the company keeps about them.

The newly-minted privacy dashboard (included in the Security and Privacy section of Microsoft?s account administration page) gives users links to control data stored for personalizing their experience on Bing, what apps and services use their information, whether Microsoft personalizes ads for them and whether the company can market to them via email. It?s part of a move by the company to unify and simplify most of its service agreements and privacy policies for various products under one document.

Microsoft provides privacy dashboard ahead of Windows 10 launch | Network World

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Hello Windows Insiders!

Today we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16353 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring who have opted in to Skip Ahead only. As we mentioned in last week, Insiders who joined Skip Ahead will continue to receive builds from the RS_PRERELEASE branch which has transitioned to RS4 which is the release that will come after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (RS3). Insiders will notice that the build numbers have jumped ahead to 1635x. Previously, we jumped ahead with build numbers at the beginning of development for RS3. Because we are just beginning development for RS4, Insiders shouldn?t expect to see a lot of big changes or new features just yet. Our focus remains getting the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ready for release!

More on Skip Ahead
We have had some Insiders ask us some questions about Skip Ahead and to clarify what it is. Back in July, we announced Windows Insiders in the Fast ring could opt-in and ?skip ahead? to builds that would be part of the next feature update for Windows 10. There was a limit on how many Insiders in the Fast ring we would allow to skip ahead and that limit had been reached several weeks ago. Insiders can no longer opt-in their PCs to Skip Ahead.

Up until last week, we had been releasing identical builds to Insiders who didn?t opt in to Skip Ahead and to those who did. As of today, the builds are no longer the same as mentioned above.

The following graphic breaks down the essentials of... Read more

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Hello Windows Insiders!

Today we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16362 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring who have opted in to Skip Ahead only. Insiders who joined Skip Ahead will continue to receive builds from the RS_PRERELEASE branch which has transitioned to RS4 which is the release that will come after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (RS3). Because we are just beginning development for RS4, Insiders shouldn?t expect to see a lot of big changes or new features just yet. Our focus remains getting the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ready for release!

What?s new in Build 16362

Improved Boot Experience
Use sign-in info to apply settings after a restart or update: Building on our work seen in Build 16251, if you stay on the lock screen for a few seconds before signing in, you will now see your lock screen personalization (such as Windows Spotlight, and/or status information from Cortana, Calendar, Mail, and more). As always, you can customize your lock screen experience using the settings listed under Settings > Personalization > Lock screen.

Opt-out: Under the Privacy section of the Sign-in options page of your Settings, you can disable and re-enable using the option show below:

Note: The feature is only available on PCs that are not managed by enterprises. This includes home PCs that are sync?d to enterprise (work, school, etc.) email.

Narrator Improvements:
You can now select the desired audio channel for Narrator speech ... Read more

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Hello Windows Insiders!

Today we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17004 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring who have opted in to Skip Ahead only. Insiders who joined Skip Ahead will continue to receive builds from the RS_PRERELEASE branch which has transitioned to RS4 which is the release that will come after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (RS3). Because we are just beginning development for RS4, Insiders shouldn?t expect to see a lot of big changes or new features just yet. Our focus remains getting the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ready for release!

Insiders will notice that the build numbers have jumped ahead again but this time to 17xxx. This is what we do normally at the beginning of development of a new feature update for Windows 10.

Also ? you may notice that the Windows Insider Preview branding has disappeared from the build (shown via the desktop watermark at the lower right hand corner). This should be back with the next build.

What?s new in Build 17004
Fluent Design: As we progress into the next feature update, you?ll begin to see more and more elements of Fluent Design light up. We love the enthusiasm we?ve seen for Fluent Design, and with today?s build you?ll notice that Reveal is now visible on Start in All apps.

Microsoft Edge Improvements:
We fixed an issue where typing a web address into the address bar from the New Tab and Start Page and would sometimes clear the text and not result in any page navigatio... Read more

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It's only been four days since the Windows 10 Technical Preview was released to the public, however that doesn't mean the build that was issued with the Technical Preview is new. Windows 10 build 9841 was compiled on September 12, which was around three weeks ago. That's ancient in development time, so it's no surprise that build 9855 was recently compiled.

Thanks to the "preview builds" ability (which doesn't currently work) in the Windows 10 Technical Preview, users who are using the Technical Preview have managed to see some more recent builds of Windows 10. According to logs that appear when the operating system is attempting to connect to the update server, the operating system is seeing builds as new as a few days ago. Build 9855 was compiled on October 2nd, just two days ago.

Microsoft steams ahead with Windows 10 development, build 9855 recently compiled

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This is odd. I got the notification to update my virus definitions early this morning and noticed it said the definitions were last created on 12/3, which is impossible. I checked my calendar and sure enough my date had strangely updated to 12/3 (not shown). I had to manually reset it back to 11/25 and then re-enable "set time automatically" to get it to stick. Should I be worried? I'm basically locked out of updates for a week because of this.
This is on a recently purchased Spectre x360 btw.

Answer:Calendar somehow skipped ahead a full week. Windows Defender assumes my definitions to be outdated. What can I do?

I suppose the first thing I would check is the time/date in the BIOS. If that's normal, there's not much else to do/check unless it happens again.

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I have Windows 7 and the latest version of Windows Media Player. When I drag the slider to any point of a large, high quality video file, it takes a long time for the video to play at that spot. I understand that it may take a second or two because of the video quality but it may take up to a minute or more. Keep it mind that these are files on my laptop, not a stream or anything connected to the internet.

I have an AMD Athlon Neo x2 Dual Core Processor on a HP dm3z laptop if that helps. The card isn't really top of the line but I don't think it should take this long to skip through videos, regardless.

Is there a way to tweak the settings or have any necessary codecs to avoid these long waits?

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Question: New Arrival

Well I took delivery of my new Rig yesterday see specs for details, I am so so impressed with it so far, lighting fast and so quiet and cool, amazingly enough the slowest component is the SSD but I still got a 7.1 WEI all the rest are about 7.5. So if anybody has any tips on speeding up my SSD I wouls be grateful.

A Very happy Steve

Answer:New Arrival

Steve, dont get hung up on your WEI score, its just a number, not a benchmark! However if your not 100% happy with your rig, you can always send it to me....mine just died!

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After almost a month waiting, I finally received my T61 yesterday only to discover that the screen had been severly damaged during shipping.  Technical support is having me send the machine back for repairs on Monday.  For anyone who has had to send their ThinkPad in, approximatly how long did it take for Lenovo to complete the repairs and send it back?  Thanks. 

Answer:T61 Dead On Arrival

It takes a weeks time at the most I think. My thinkpad had been to the depot and they repaired it the same day i think.

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Maybe, just maybe he will be the one who stops the daily drivel filling my mailbox.
See here
My pleas to Matt Egan having been totally ignored I would like a response from the new incumbent, if that is not too much to ask!

Answer:I welcome the arrival of Jim Martin

As suggested to you before, go to "My Preferences", uncheck all the boxes and click "Update", it's not difficult.

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Hi, I purchased a new SL 510 (without OS) yesterday for a friend. It seems like the display is defect.It worked for around 30 minutes, while I installed Windows 7, then I rebooted, and after that I can't see anything on the display, not even the ThinkPad sign at startup.I plugged in an external monitor, and this works fine, the system is running smoothly, but the internal display just doesn't work anymore. The backlight is working, though, because the display is not completely dark... it seems like it is just not getting a signal.This is the worst time for such thing, shortly before christmas and new year. Could anyone tell me what the "DOA"-policy of Lenovo is?I hope I don't have to wait until mid January or February until it is getting repaired, I hope I could just get a brand new unit. It is very unpleasant for me, since I recommended this notebook for my friend and bought it for him.

Answer:SL 510 Dead On Arrival

Hi Reflex,
Don't sound good
Could you try using the Fn + F7 key combination to swap display selection.
can't remember the exact number of days you need to be inside to
qualify for a DOA, it's so seldom, so I wont post a figure at the moment.
You're definitely within that period of time.
I would suggest calling support on Monday, 43-810-100654. Have the type, model and serial numbers of the SL510 at the ready. When you speak to the agent be sure to state at the start that you have an DOA system and then they'll ask for the systems details, owners details and what's wrong with the system. Your explanation above should suffice with the addition of mentioning the Fn + F7 key combination result, should it not have brought a positive result.
Once finished with the Q&A session the agent will issue you with a 7 digit call number, make sure you write it down, and then inform you of the returns process; you'll need to pack the system with all the original contents into the box and they'll arrange for someone to contact you about having it collected.
Possible considerations based on personal experience;
Receiving an DOA system isn't a nice experience and obviously upsetting, I've had to deal with only four cases for my customers in the space of 10 years, so it is rare.
What you may like to think about is that replacement systems aren't taken from "normal" stock; they are ordered separately so there may be a two to thre... Read more

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Well I finally got the RIGHT motherboard this time today. I installed it and all that good stuff, but unfortunately my luck ran out today I guess. The last 3 times I've pieced a computer together it booted up just fine. This time it doesn't =/ The power comes on, but there are no beeps, no signal, no nothing. No d-link bracket with lights on this board to notify me of problems. Usually this is a sign of the CPU because I KNOW everything else works fine, it was just running in the other motherboard today.

The CPU should be fine, but I suppose I could reseat it again. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions to first check. Think the board is grounding out? I have never had a problem with that before.

So powers up but sits there, no video signal, no beeps, no nothin, fans spinnin. Thanks all

Answer:New NEW Hardware Arrival

Make sure your master and slave settings are correct, and if your IDE cables are in the correct spots on the MB. Make sure the HD is on IDE1.

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See click hereStill perusing this one - so far had no conversation from the other end sinse initial 'No got' response so don't know quite what is happening - but sill think perhaps the 'Dumped to Junk' suggestion is likely cause.So I tried once more - this time with the reciept activated.And sure enough got the response :-This is a receipt for the mail you sent to [email protected]> at 24/07/2008 10:57This receipt verifies that the message has been displayed on the recipient's computer at 24/07/2008 14:28So the question is - displayed where?

Answer:Non arrival of E-mail #2

Probably in a spam box- normally tho' you only get a read receipt if the receipient has clicked to agree to it, so he/she should know where it is!

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Whilst sending mai to my daught - therefore a well established- address in my system - she has reportef that they are not turning up at her end. I one sends a mail with an incorrect/corrupted address- they are returned as udeliverable.What is the situation then when they seemingly dissappear- i.e- you send 'em they [presumabley] have an active mail box.Where do they go?

Answer:E-Mails non arrival

Prob'ly just bouncing about from server to server?..... sometimes I believe it takes 4-5 days before they get returned to you as undeliverableIs it all the emails you send to her or just some that are not arriving?Try re-entering her email addy (type it in full) and see if she gets that one

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Question: dEAD ON aRRIVAL

I have an ATX mobo with a 300w power supply. I get no juice whatsoever. I switched power supplies with a 250 that I have in another box, ( and works ), still nothing. All components are brand new. Abit KT7A with 256 Mushkin mem. and AMD Thunderbird 1GHz.
Tried benching just the mobo and power supply, no luck. Any ideas??


Is the Memory properly seated? Is the mobo in working order?

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what does it mean

Answer:what does dead on arrival mean?

The term normally refers to people who arrive at hospital deceased, dead on arrival at the hospital. But it is now, also, used to refer to something that does not work from the moment of delivery. If you buy a PC and when it is plugged in nothing happens it is dead on arrival

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Getting a new PC with XP PRO in about 10 days and would like to do a bit of reading up in advance.Done the usaul searches but maybe their is a site that can prepare me for the pitfalls as I will be a complete novice to XP?Any advice/help greatly appreciated. The hassle I had with my 1st pc a few years back has never left me!!Thankssanap


This is a good site for XP, especially the Services guide, which this link will take you toclick here

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Question: Dead on Arrival

Just returned from hols, went to switch on my PC and as I turned on mains power I heard a short "buzz" and then no power to the PC at all !!! Monitor, Printer etc are all fine but nothing from the main unit. Have done the obvious and checked fuse, tried different power lead etc but to no avail.Does anyone have any other suggestions or remedies? Could it be serious / terminal ??TIA

Answer:Dead on Arrival

Fairly serious. It's almost certainly the power supply that has failed. Fortunately this is almost the easiest part to replace. Check your old one to see what the power rating is. New ones cost from about 5 upwards. If you can, then aim to spend about 20 for reasonable quality. click here

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Finally received my configured T510 this morning with an order date of 1/30.  After installing the battery and plugging in the ac adaptor, it wouldn't even beep for me.  Nothing happens when I press the power button. No AC light...nothing. Tech support took me through removing battery/power and pressing power 11 times, then holding the power button down for 30 seconds.  Nada. Now I must go through the process of returning and re-ordering.  Well at least there won't be a Chinese New Year to slow things up. Soooo very very disappointed.  

Answer:T510 Dead on Arrival

Bummer.  Is Lenovo going to expidite it for you, which it seems they should?

______________________Latitude 14

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Just received my z570, but it won't turn on, and Lenovo recovery won't work, it won't even launch BIOS. Tech support was friendly but no help at all, and I don't want to wait another 2~3 weeks to send this back and get another one. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm this close to just asking for an immediate refund or launching a credit dispute with my credit card company.

Answer:z570 dead on arrival

hi maize,if you tried to turn on the computer on battery, battery may be empty so i suggest you to plug the ac-power first.if you plugged in the ac power already, try this trick: remove the battery, un-plug the ac power, press power button for 30-40 seconds, replace the battery and try again.please, post back the results.

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I ordered a Lenovo Ideapad Y460p through Lenovo USA on July 23rd, sent to a US address (I live in Canada). The package shipped on July 25h and was delivered by UPS on July 27th (yesterday).  All is well, you would say. No. My contact who recieved the laptop noticed a big dent on the package, and after opening it, observed that there was also a dent at the same place on the top of the laptop. Inside, the LCD screen is damaged. As if someone had dropped something small and heavy on the package. I have pictures to support this and will provide upon demand. I tried calling customer service yesterday through 1866-428-4465 and after a long sequence of redirects, I got a CSR who asked me to send the pictures of said laptop to his email and that he would reply right after. After doing so, I never received an answer. I called again today, to see another CSR ask me to send the pictures and that he would reply right after. I never got a reply.  Is this standard procedure? I didn't even turn on my laptop yet, nor do I plan too. I really need a replacement ASAP. Wouldn't it just be simpler for them to send me something somehow that I can use to return the damaged laptop to them and then for them to send me a new one?  Can anyone help me? I have order number, reference number and pictures within my reach.  Thanks.

Answer:Damaged laptop upon arrival

i'll bring this issue to lenovo staffs. ( may take couple of days to respond )

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Hi, First time ordering from Lenovo. Got my laptop yesterday and found that it would only boot up until the Windows start screen or a little later. The fan in the upper right corner would run very fast during startup, which leads me to believe that the cause of the shutdowns is overheating from a defective design (It's an i7 with discrete graphics). I've aleady called this morning for a replacement after calling tech support yesterday. Both were very attentive and clear. I must admit though, to say I'm not a bit disappointed would be a lie; but every company has its share of lemons, oh well. I wonder though what might be the real cause of the defect and if anyone else has experienced the same. I also wonder if picking the i7 option with discrete graphics was the best idea in terms of thermal design. Thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:T410 Dead on Arrival

the i7 dual core with the nvidia gpu should not be a problem for the heatsink/fan. Thinkpad has  one of the best thermal design of any laptop in its class. 
You just need to contact the correct department and sort out the problem. 

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I correspond frequently with someone who uses yahoo mail. Usually there is no issue. There are days, however, that my receipt of those messages is delayed by a few hours. I can check my email multiple times and not find anything. Then suddenly I'll get a message that says it was delivered a couple hours ago. When I look at the list of conversations on my gmail account it shows the time that I last received a message - this time is correct and will show the delay. When I look at the email itself the header says it was sent hours before.

I've never noticed this before.

Is it normal?



Answer:Gmail delayed arrival

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I just put together a new computer, with Gigabyte GA-7VRXP motherboard, Athlon XP 2000+, 512 MB PC3000 DDR, LeadTek WinFast GeForce4Ti4400, and a 80 GB IBM Deskstar hard drive.

The first time I turned on the computer, with a Windows XP disk in the DVD drive, WinXP gave the error that the BIOS was out of date or something, restart and press F7 to skip this message. So I restarted and pressed F7, and installed Windows XP flawlessly.

Upon entering Windows, I started to install drivers for everything: motherboard, soundcard, videocard, etc. I noticed that there was no "My Computer" icon on the desktop, so I tried to create a "My Computer" shortcut on the desktop... and suddenly, the computer restarted itself for no reason.

The next few restarts, the computer gave all sorts of long "system file is missing or corrupted" errors. The lethal problem is, I can no longer boot from my Win XP CD. I went into my BIOS and set it to boot from CD before hard drive, but every time the computer starts it gives the message "Press any key to boot from CD...". No matter what keys I press, it refues to boot from CD, and after a few seconds it spits out the message "System file is missing, press CTRL-ALT-DELETE to restart". Now the really annoying thing is, CTRL-ALT-DELETE does nothing. In fact, at this point my keyboard seems totally dead. Yet, if I restart the computer manually, I can still use my keyboard to enter the BIOS normally. There'... Read more

Answer:New computer Dead On Arrival!

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Ok my IBM T-21 Thinkpad Laptop was starting to lose time so I assumed it was going to need a new battery (the little yellow one on the bottom) but of course I let it go completely dead and now the thing will not boot. I can get to the bios setup page but the thing acts totally brain dead - inability to recognize the floppy and hard drive.
So now my question is this: If I have wiped out the information stored on the motherboard by carlessly letting the battery go totally dead, what will happen when I replace it with a new one?
How do I get a new set of instructions on the motherboard if it won't recognize anything? Out of warranty and otherwise in excellent condition for a paperweight.

385k Ram
32 gig Travelstar HD
What else do I need to supply or do to get it working again?

Answer:CMOS Dead on Arrival

Unless I'm mistaken, replacing the battery should get you the bios defaults that were installed and shipped from the factory. The bios ROM is a read only chip, except when being flashed, and should contain your original bios.

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Last mail in my inbox dated 14th Oct opened settings but nothing happens when i click on the email address

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Hi all,firstly I'm running Win XP Home,SP2,with all current updates........ I know there's got to be an easy way to fix this annoyance,but I cant find it.It really gets in my way.... Ok here's the deal.....On my desktop .....on the right hand side.When I move the mouse to the extreme right,I have a new popup tool bar,that appears to be some sort of a shortcut to my programs.Simular as you'd get from going to start/programs.It has been put there by what Im going to say was one of the Win XP updates.... Back probably around Dec or so.I think it came in with the Internet Explorer update,around that time.It pops up,and runs the full length of my monitor screen vertically,and is about 2" wide.I'm using an old Sony 21" tube monitor,which Im happy with.A bit of digressing.....Any way..........this tool bar shortcut (as I'm calling it) has come in from someplace ............. I dont know how it got there.I do know I want it removed........ Any one got any help ........Thanks in advance ....

Answer:annoying update arrival

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DEAD ON ARRIVAL: 4 out of 7 purchases arrived DOA or failed in 1st month. Following is
more details: I have purchased 7 new mother boards in the last 4 months, however only the two Intel boards and a Zotec are working. 2 Asus mother boards arrived DOA. 1 Gigabyte board arrived DOA. and 2 Gigabyte boards arrived and failed in first month of service. Any one out there got any suggestions: Could i just be in the nth percentile, as they say in "quality control" ? Do i try a different brand manufacturer? Or just assume that some mother boards will be DOA out of each production run, and reorder the same brand; hoping on a different lot number? Cowpatty

Answer:Dead On Arrival:bad motherboards

I have never got a bad motherboard (maybe I have been lucky). I am not sure where you are buying your boards, but I would find another source to purchase my boards.

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I've discovered a programme on my machine under the dubious title of "JS2E Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6" and it's taking up 193 very valuable megabites on my hard drive.Can some enlighten me as to what it is & if I need it OR can I delete it?

Answer:Mysterious arrival of JS2E

Java - not needed as such but might be required by something.Control Panel, Add / Remove Programs - to remove it.

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I have a bad habit.

I sometimes see a 'good buy' on a computer and buy it ahead of time. I mean 'to use at a later date'.
I figure the older computer is going obsolete first so.....

I seem to end up with surplus obsolete computers but....(like 2 Windows ME never used)

My problem of recent discovery is it seems every computer I bought and never even opened the box is DEAD.
I have just been dealing with my XP units now. Open one up and it's DOA. (DOO--dead on opening?)
I am not a wizard and getting so old my brain is dead so excuse me.

When I mead 'dead' you can't even boot into the 'desktop'. Can't run a restore disk or anything. (unless such can be done with some unknown DOS? command?)

I just opened #3 yesterday. Third one new out of the box. (thats been sitting around)

grrrrr won't even go to desktop...just hangs....
Got into SAFE MODE once but then it started giving whacky error messages.
I am not experienced enough to de-bug something that won't even get to the desktop.
I've taken 2 to a small computer repair shop. Told 2 times so far hard-drive is dead. With a new hard-drive they work wonderful.
They re-load WINDOWS. I don't know where they get Windows from because they don't use my disks. (or partition on hard-drive)

What's my problem ? Do hard-drives go bad that fast ?? i.e. sitting in a box never used 2-3 years,etc.

I've never h... Read more

Answer:dead on arrival ? or opening...

When you buy theses PC's do you ask if they work first? Is there any warranty on them and why do you let them sit around so long before trying them? Bad habit.

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Received my X1 Carbon this morning.  Plugged in AC, push the power button, nother happended.  The power button lit up, waited 5 minutes nother happed.  Hold the button 10 seconds, powered off the laptop.  Push the power button again, nother happened, then came to my mind what is going on?????  Paying close attention, I can see the boot up screen, but the Display backlight is dead.  Called tech support, and got an anwser, oh yeah your LED backlight is dead, send your machine in for repaire.  What, I bought the machine new, and now I need to send in for repair, give me a new one!!! Call customer service trying to get an answer for return, waited 45 mintues on the phone, automated machine " Please be patient, next customer servcice represative will be with you", the the call disconnect at 50 minutes 36 seconds.  Call back same thing happened after 25 minutes.  Call and choose the option to Order a new machine, instant pick up by a sales reprentative.  Told him I just got my machine and its Dead on Arrivial (DOA).  The rep said "ok, ok, I will transfer you to post sales", then on hold for 40 minutes, nothing happened, the the phone disconnected. Come on Lenovo!!!! What is going on, I will share this story with everyone I know.

Answer:X1 Carbon Dead on Arrival

I called Post Sales the other day just to check the status on mine. After being on hold for 40 minutes, was disconnected right after telling the REP my order number. Ironically was transfered into the survey. 0 out of 10 Lenovo!

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I have Window XP : and broadband.Is there a setting I can change in OE which will enable Emails arriving to be opened automatically for me to see, eg when I return from the loo ?I have Norton plus the windows firewall , so security should be OK.CheersLilliput

Answer:E Mail posted on arrival

There is but its not wise to use this as you are open to threats from the S**M who write & send virusesIts fully documented in the help files

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This was an "Opened and resealed" deal from I knew the unit wouldn't last for too long as-is but I did at least expect it to work on arrival. Out of the box it would turn on for about half a second and then it would die. After I got it opened, I reseated RAM and GPU and all of the other motherboard connections and then it would start.When I connect it to a monitor, though, the monitor  just sits there in a dormant state. BIOS doesn't even try to run. Neither the motherboard's connection nor the graphic card's will work. I know the motherboard is at least partially functional because the CPU and GPU fans are running.The tech told me it was either the motherboard or the PSU, but given that the stock PSU that they use on Amazon is only $25, I'm betting that it's the PSU, but I'm not an expert. I had the tech trace the serial number and it turns out that this website nobetterdeal bought the unit from amazon. com after a customer returned it. I have about 24 days to decide on getting a refund or keeping the parts. What do you think? Does it sound like the PSU? Or is it more likely the motherboard?Thanks!Specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte Ultra Durable GA-78LMT-USB3PSU: ALLIED ATX12V Model #:  SL-8320BTXOther Specs:     AMD FX-4130 (3.8GHz)    8GB DDR3, Power Supply: 300 WATT    1000 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive    AMD Radeon 6670 1GB    Windows 8

Answer:iBuyPower Dead On Arrival

Update: I've tried starting the computer with 1 stick of RAM installed and no RAM installed. Didn't make a difference. I've also tried starting it without the graphics card. \Also, the CD-ROM drive will not open. I've confirmed that it's connected to the PSU and the motherboard, but no love. I'm not really sure what that implies.If it sounds like the PSU I think I'll take the plunge and buy another one for $25. If it might be the motherboard too..idk.

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I need help guys, my notebook is displaying imminent failure message it is stuck at 10% on the self test, I tried to install a fresh copy of windows but it is also stuck in "setup is starting" screen. Is it a hardware failure? or maybe some of you know a work around about this issue. thanks in advance guys.

Answer:My notebook won't continue to windows

Hi, It sounds like a harddrive failure, but you can check this as follows. Shutdown the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  Select the Diagnostic Menu option ( f2 ) and run the tests on the Hard Drive. Post back with the results, including any error codes that may be generated. Can you also post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your notebook - see Here for a guide on locating this information - and the current version of Windows. Regards, DP-K

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Today I wanted to install Windows 7 on my pc. On my pc I had Windows Vista. I placed an iso file of Windows 7 on my pc. I mounted the iso file as a virtual drive. From that drive I started the executable to install Windows 7.

The install started and I could see the progress bar. The install got to a point that it warned me that the current Windows folder would be renamed to Windows.old and I could still reach the files in that folder. I clicked OK to let it continue. Then the install restarted the pc. from there on the Windows install never continued and I keep seeing a black screen forever.

I think that my mistake was to start the installation from a virtual drive on my pc. This virtual drive is not available when the machine restarts itself.

I tried several things to solve this.
- I tried starting the pc in safe mode. But then I get a windows message saying that I cannot continue opening the pc in safe mode untill the windows 7 install is finished.

- Then i tried to solve this issue by creating a dvd that has the Windows 7 install files on it. I changed the boot option on the pc to the dvd drive. But onfurtunately the setup on the drive is not started.

it looks like my pc is still waiting to continue the Windows 7 install, but the files on the virtual drive are not there anymore. What else can I do to stop the Windows 7 install and start all over again?

Jerry M.

Answer:My Windows 7 instal cannot continue

Quote: Originally Posted by Jerry Manner

- Then i tried to solve this issue by creating a dvd that has the Windows 7 install files on it. I changed the boot option on the pc to the dvd drive. But unfortunately the setup on the drive is not started.

Did you burn the ISO file to the dvd as you would burn pictures or documents? Or did you burn it as an image? You can just browse the DVD in another computer and if you see the ISO file, it wasn't burned correctly, and we'll get back to you on how to do that correctly by burning it as an image, rather than a file or other document.

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I want to chage my current HDD 40GB to higher one with 320GB, but I dont know how to migrate the licensed Windows to the new HDD. Please help.

Answer:How to continue use my licensed Windows

which thinkpad model do you have? T4x? use acronis trueimage to transfer the windows from the old hdd to the new hdd.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this site and i was very interested about the topics that i found in here though i never found the solution to my problem.

I've been fixing some computers for quite awhile now and its my first time to encounter with this kind of problem. I reformatted a computer but when the reformat was done and windows was being installed it just hanged and never continued. So in short i couldn't finish reformatting the computer. I tried reformatting the hard drive on a different cpu and all went well, next i tried changing the power supply of the computer and reformat again but it still stalled when windows was being installed, same with changing the memory or the disc drive.

That's the problem that's bugging my mind up to know. I hope someone could help me with this I'll be very very thank full for it and if i have any ideas for a problem to be solved I'll be glad to share my thoughts with it. Oh by the way I'm installing windows xp sp3 on the computer.

That's all and thanks in advance for the help

Answer:Windows won't continue formating

If you have formatted the disk already, you don't have to Format it again. When it comes to install the OS, choose Leave File System As is. You should download the ISO Image Hitachi Drive Fitness test burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn and boot off of the newly created CD and do the short and extended tests on it to test the HDD's integrity.

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Dear all,I thought I'd started a new thread as a continuation of my previous one of yesterday.Well, I went home last night and tried all the different solution kindly suggested by lozzy, leo49, JoeC, spikeychris, powerless and New Zealander ... but to no avail !!!I have followed the instruction given on the site suggested by spikeychris, but I haven't found any "notepad" key in my registry.I have also tried what suggested in the Symantec site for the backdoor.asylum trojan, but again I have found out that they didn't strictly apply to my case.I have tried deleting form my registry anything related to winupd.exe (something that I had already tried before writing here yesterday), then I have re-started my computer in Safe mode and cancelled winupd.exe (yes, in Safe mode it let me cancel it), but as soon as I re-started the PC, the bastard was still there !It looked more and more like a chess game !To be honest, I am quite disappointed with Symantec not aving anything about this trojan.Or is it a trojan ? I have just read the new suggestion from bvw in bristol: I must say that I had a look in the Add/Remove programs in the first place, but I didn't look in the Windows section. I'll try that tonight. It would be laughable if it wasn't a trojan but just a Windows update application !Anyway, I am also thinking about writing to Symantec about it, just to trigger their imagination a bit.By the way, for the time being I have decided to keep my PC disconnected from the telephone line: ... Read more

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Hi! good day to you all, I'm dino from Philippines. I just wanna ask a hand from you all guys here. My problem is, when I installing Windows XP using a CD it can't continue to the GUI part during the installation. It back to the 'blue background' on the very first part of installation.I've tried to boot up first my HDD, and it doesn't work. Instead of, it continues automatically to the GUI part. Please give some advice....Best Regards,Dino R. Cuyag

Answer:Can't Continue Installing Windows XP

Blue screen usually contains information about the error that is causing this problem.  If there is no writing at all I would question the condition of your cd disk or drive, if not the health of your hard drive

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hi please help memy computer cannot continue formatting, after i finished formatting windows cannot start to copying only black screen is display..pls help me tnx..

Answer:windows cannot continue formating

You will need to describe the steps you used to perform the format.You cannot format whilst Windows is running... you are effectively asking the system to commit suicide which it will not do.More information is required.Home Page

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Because the version of Windows you have installed is a newer one.

This error occurs when I try to setup XP Pro over XP Home. What should I do?


Answer:Windows cannot continue setup...

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Okay, here its how it all started.
i wanted to uninstall a program, but it didnt let me because it said that i didnt have the administrator rights.
so i googled how can i have the rights and i got a page telling me to use 'control userspasswords2' and make myself the main one.
so the computer restarted and then i tried to delete the program and now it says 'Windows needs your permision to continue ' and asks me for an administrator password that i dontt have. i am the main user of this computer and i guess i was the standard user. now when i try to run certain programs, the permission is denied. how can i get the permission from windows back. please help me enable the permission. keep in mind that i am not allowed to click on the " continue" when that window appears.! i cant even download programs!

Answer:Windows needs your permision to continue

Hello Onuemano, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You will need to be logged on to a administrator account instead of a standard account to be able to grant UAC permission. This is the default account that you setup during the installation of Vista.

Hope this helps for now,

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I just loaded MS OFFICE PRO for a WIN2K PRO PC , when i went to search a file a windows installer ran then gave me this error :

ERROR1706. No valid source could be found for product Microsoft Office 2000 Professional. The windows installer cannot continue.


Answer:windows installer cannot continue

After I opened Word then go to search , it works fine now.
any idea why this is?

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So my brand new X1 Touch arrived this evening staight from China (it was ordered through Lenovo). Thrilled I plug it in and go to power it up. Power button turns green, keyboard lights up and then nothing. Strange. I try again, nothing. Then finally I see the white Lenovo logo (with a few artifacts), then nothing. Once I got it to all the way to a screen that said Windows was corrupt and would have to be reinstalled. Now it?s back to either the white Lenovo logo or more commonly nothing. The brand new machine can't even post/boot!My current Laptop (T61) has been a trooper for over 6 years at this point. I?ve been so happy that I was willing to drop $2k on a flagship Lenovo product. Now this! There is bad quality control and then there is whatever went down here. Does Lenovo even bother to boot the machine before sending it out to customers?Another point of annoyance, albeit less, is that a bunch of the stickers are crooked. Lenovo, if you are going to put them on, at the very least align them.I?m going to submit an RMA tomorrow (the hotline [855-253-6686] was closed) and hopefully they?ll send me back a laptop that at the very least boots.This has been an embarrassing start to an ownership experience and does not speak highly for Lenovo, which before today I sung nothing but praise for. If you?re sending out brand new Laptops that don?t even boot, things are going downhill, fast!

Answer:Brand New X1 Touch - Dead on Arrival

Hi whubbard, It's disappointing to see something like this happen. Hopefully this is an isolated case, and keep in mind that many of the problems that people post on these kinds of forums are a tiny fraction compared to the whole. People usually post on forums when they have a problem, but not when they have a good product. Also, I would try to request a full refund and reorder the computer from Lenovo's website, and try not to let them convince you into a repair. Usually with defective laptops there are multiple problems, and you don't want to have to get your laptop sent back and forth (you may even get a refurbished one), and risk getting a tech that is careless with your $2,000 machine. Hope this helps. -Brian

My Thinkpads: T42 (GPU failure), T60, W530W530: Windows 7 Pro | i7-3720qm | FHD screen | 256gb Samsung 840 Pro SSD | 500GB Ultrabay HDD | 16gb Crucial RAM | Nvidia K1000m

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Hello, I ordered another ThinkPad W520 Sunday and received it this morning.  Unfortunately it was dead on arrival.  It would display a "Fan Error." message and immediately shutdown.  It's as if no quality assurance was performed at the line in Shanghai before shipment. I am returning it for a credit and it's the last W520 I will ever own. Thor

Answer:ThinkPad W520 Dead On Arrival (DOA)

Not a good situation.   I've not been following your total situation, but I think you were dealing with some of the random shutdowns and I gather, had ordered a replacement W520 with high hopes.
I can see how having it fail to start up out of the box with a fan error could be the "last straw" for most people and I can understand your sentiment.
But, I really hate to lose you on this one.  
Best regards,

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With Brink's help I have recently recreated all my personal user folders after some incorrect deletions... However a mystery My Stationery folder with files like Art Deco has appeared in My Docs. Where has this come from and how is it normally used? I don't have Live Mail or anything like that.


Answer:My Stationery File - Mystery Arrival

Hello Windsorain,

Do you have a Office suite or Outlook installed? If so, then they add the "My Stationery" folder in your "My Documents" user folder by default for usage by the program. Same thing with the other "Art Deco" folder being added by some program that you have installed.

Hope this helps,

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Hi ThereI've just got a new laptop and have lost the envelope icon that appears in my taskbar to tell me I have a new outlook message. Can anyone tell me how to switch it on? I've gone to properties and I don't have the envelope icon in the customize notifications pop up.Thanks!

Answer:Outlook Message Arrival Icon

Tools-Options-Preferences-Email Options-Advanced Email Options should get you there.

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Dear Viewers
Seems like I can just get the device history,
I had tried the Registry:
The date/time will change after update drivers, system service pack, system restore

Then I tried the WMI:
But it won't get the date/time when I plug in a USB device
Finally, I can find the Last Arrival/Delete Date of USB Device in the Device manager, But, how can I export all these values ? Maybe using a Script?

Thank you very much!

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I am in the market for a new laptop, and loving my T-series machines at work, am considering getting a W-series for home.  Seems there will a number of good things coming from the new Sandy Bridge-based Intel processors, including a marginal speed increase, but superior power management and the inclusion of the Intel on-die GPU for the quad-cores allowing Optimus. Is there any current speculation on when Lenovo will introduce the i7-2630QM or other new Sandy Bridge processors in the W-series (W510, or a new W520) ?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Arrival of Sandy Bridge processors ?

They're expected in March or April.

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Several small xml files have started appearing repeatedly in My Docs folder. They have file names such as Jump List,Chapter info, Disc info server, Language list, Selection list and Disc info list. Most are 2-5 kb in size some are up to 500kb.
What are they?, where have they come from?
How can I stop them appearing?

Answer:strange arrival of xml files in my Docs

Have you been making some video dvd .iso files? They would seem to be related to that program's activity (they are the instructions for the choices you made). By the way you can open and read .xml files in Notepad (select an .xml file and rightclick and choose Open with)

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I bought myself a new Y700 and it arrived today, opened the box, read the instruction manual and booted the device like the manuel said: Connect the charger so the battery comes out of the transport mode, and then press the power button. But as soon as I connected the charger the speakers started making a weird noice, like an fence that has an electrical pulse. Every second it made that sound. So I go through the setup and it keeps making the sound. I disconnected the charger and the sound stopped after a while. I thought it was fixed but when I wanted to play some music the speakers didn't work, the ticking just started again while only the woofer made a little sound.  I already called the retailer that sent it, and they have arranged a replacemen but I wanted to now of anyone has had similar problems? And if it's common whit lenovo devices to have hardware malfunctions out of the box? 

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Today i just received the laptop. The box was damaged upon arrival. There is no brown box for extra protection. The box get dented/ damaged/ teared. Laptop is scratched and look like used! So horrible !!  Can't attach file , since it's too big. Anyone have the same experience to share and what to do now ?

Answer:damaged box + y500 laptop upon arrival

This happened to me too.... No extra box.. Just the laptop box. Y500 was damaged when I got it last week. Pathetic Lenovo...  I have a dent on the lid of my laptop but it still works. The sad thing is it's not worth wasting my time with terrible Lenovo support. Since you seem to have more extensive damage get ahold of post sales support and make them replace it for another new one. Or you can return it for a refund and spend your money elsewhere.

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I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. My PC is 5 years old.

This is what I have done so far. I wanted your suggestions on how to continue.

So I bought a new hard disk and loaded Win 7. Then I downloaded all the patches and such. My PC frozen and unusable. Not even the mose worked. The only option left was pulling the cord. It was that bad. So then I tried again. Wiped the hard disk clean. Loaded Win 7. This time I did not download the latest patches. My PC worked for several days. Then one day when I turned off the PC, I saw a message on the screen that said "Don't shut off the PC, downloading patches." Then the following day when I started my computer, again. Same problem. My PC was froozen and unusable. Nothing worked. I couldn't get to tash manager. So I pulled the plug. Again.

I don't know how to proceed. At this moment, I feel like giving up on Win 7. It seems that if get the latest patches my PC will die. But if I don't patch my PC, then malware will get in. The reaon I wanted Win 7 was to protect myself from malware. But a fully pached Win 7 kills my PC. At this point I feel like Win 7 is not for me. So I considered going back to XP.

Opinoins wanted. So what do you all think. I am not sure how to continue. At this point I feel like screw it back to XP.

Answer:General question on how to continue with Windows 7

what patches are you referring to ,I have installed win7 maybe a 100 times or more on different computer and have never install patches ,just drivers and software ,so when you install win7 are you doing it from a dvdd or from a oem recovery partition on the computers harddrive

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i just got a new graphics card and im trying to install the nvidia drivers for it but it gives me an error and says not compatible with windows version. even though i downloaded the right drivers for my windows and card.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4043 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1797 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 460412 MB, Free - 364193 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corp., Base Board Product Name
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled
I have restricted three web sites that appear in my restricted sites list. Neither will open but a blank pop-up occurs repeatedly.
Here are the URL's
Obviously I am missing some step or procedure to restrict these sites.

Answer:Restricted sites continue to appear windows 7 IE 11

Hiya and welcome to Tech Support Guy

I've moved you to the Malware forum and edited the links you posted, in case otehrs click on them

If you're still having this problem, can you do the following for me:
Download Security Check from here.
Save it to your Desktop.
Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.


Download OTL to your Desktop
(Vista or Win 7 => right click and Run As Administrator)
Double click on the icon to run it. Make sure all other windows are closed and to let it run uninterrupted.
When the window appears, underneath Output at the top change it to Standard Output.
At the top, check the box entitled Scan All Users
Toward the bottom, check:
All Users
LOP Check
Purity Check
Under the Standard Registry box change it to All
Do not change any settings unless otherwise told to do so.
Please copy the text in the code box below and paste it in the Custom Scans/Fixes box in OTL:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\*.exe
%windir%\system32\tasks\*.* /64
%systemroot%\*. /mp /s
pnrpns... Read more

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Last topic (for referance, most is covered here): click hereMy original problem was the numerous errors appearing during windows installation. I fixed this by getting a SATA HDD rather than putting my optical and HDD on the same IDE cable (there's only one plug on the mobo).My problems now continue - but in different ways. I got my floppy drive working to install the SATA drivers during Windows installation (thanks to those who helped here: click here), and of course began to install. The drivers install perfectly. I've tried a couple different ones, noth of which I know are supposed to be compatible. The problems arrive when it comes to copying files. Either the process will fail early in the copying with one of numerous errors (there doesn't seem to be a pattern), or files will begin to fail to copy, one by one until it crashes with another error. All errors are terminal (STOPs). I'm installing Win XP Pro. I've also tried Win XP Home OEM and Vista RC1. All fail in the same general ways.So what I'm trying to figure out is whether the hardware is compatible with windows, which I really do not doubt it is. The hardware:MSI P965 Neo MoboCorsair XMS2 1GB dual channel 5400 667MHz DDR2 RAM3D-Fuzion GeForce MX4000 128MB Graphics Card (PCI)Maxtor 160GB SATA HDD (150mb/s)Intel Core 2 Duo E6400I've looked at the Windows Compatibility list. Nothing from Corsair is listed, nothing from Intel's Core 2 Duo series is listed, nothing from 3D-Fuzion is listed, nothing even from Kingston or C... Read more

Answer:Windows Installation Errors Continue..

click here for a compatability check.

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Today 11-17-15 I restarted my computer to install the latest version of Window 10. (Not an Insider Build) The installation was going fine until now. It is stuck at 54%. The "breathe" animation on the percentage ring is still moving so it is not frozen. Anyone have some ideas?

Answer:Why is Windows 10 Stuck at 54 % and won't continue updating?

Updating takes a lot... and I mean... A LOT of time. Just don't panic. Sometimes the percentage stucks then suddenly jumps. Like mine, I thought I got stuck in 24% and then a little while, it jumped to 60%. Just be patient, it will be worth the wait. :) Keep us posted.

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I'm not sure if this is the place for it, and I have posted this in the Windows 7 forum as well, but I am attempting to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. Iv'e had a few problems with the process but I have gotten as far as the computer rebooting in order to start the installation, but it just reboots to Windows 7, no errors or other messages, not even any time added to the boot process.

I'm using 64bit, turned off all antivirus etc, unplugged USB devices and the like.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Answer:Windows 10 won't continue install after reboot

What method are you using to attempt to upgrade with? Windows update, mounted ISO file, USB flash drive, DVD? If it is Windows 10 that you downloaded, where did you download it from?

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I've been having this problem...
I need this to play alot of games but I don't know what to do.
I have a 64 bit windows 7.

This is what it looks like when I try to download it.
If anyone is familiar with this program anything will help. I'm desperate.

This happens when I try to install....

If anyone knows PLEASE add my msn.
MSN: [email protected]
(Willing to pay if you fix the problem)

Answer:Nvidia installer cannot continue (Windows 7)

I'd guess you need to pick the right driver.

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hello i am trying to upgrade my computer from vista 32 bit to windows 7 ultimate i did a windows advisor got everything installed but it keeps showing my cd rom driver as being outdated i have done the upgrade that windows 7 called for (cyberlink 8.2)oh i am on a dell inspiron 530s with 3gig mem and 140gig hd i have copied windows 7 to a flash drive (8gb) when i run setup form usb drive setup comes back saying: (windows could not retrieve information the disks on this computer) then it stops..... i am wondering if my recovery disk has something to do with this........????? when my computer starts there are 2 copies of vista 1 is corrupt which is called (recovery) the other one takes me to vista..... i would really like to do this if possible.....also usb drive is bootable.... but i think my computer does not support it start windows 7.... hope i explained this enough for you to understand.....plez help!!!!! thank you

Answer:can't continue windows 7 setup installation

Welcome to SevenForums.

Backup all data dear to your heart to a usb stick or to a usb drive.

Next step is to make a 100% clean install.

After the clean install, you will only have a fresh copy of Win 7 on the drive.

here's the tutorial:

You will notice that end of the tutorial are links to other tutorials. There is a tutorial for just about every imaginable situation.

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The PC connected to my TV is running an AMD x2 on an Asrock MB, and an ATI 2400HD. I had WinXP Pro installed, and the screen where Windows was loading with the logo and the status bar below it would hang while it was fading in (the windows logo screen would be very faint). After about 2 or 3 minutes, it would continue as if nothing happened, load normally and everything would be fine.

I've now installed Windows 7 Pro x64 and it hangs right as 'starting windows' appears, but before the "shining" logo comes on. Again, it hangs for 2 or 3 minutes, then resumes normally.

I haven't made any hardware changes since I bought the computer about 3+ years ago. What can I do to stop it from hanging?

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I'm not sure if this is the place for it but I am attempting to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. Iv'e had a few problems with the process but I have gotten as far as the computer rebooting in order to start the installation, but it just reboots to Windows 7, no errors or other messages, not even any time added to the boot process.

I'm using 64bit, turned off all antivirus etc, unplugged USB devices and the like.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Windows 10 won't continue install after reboot.

Antivirus should be completely uninstalled not just turned off.
Did you refer to the asus website to see if this machine is compatible or not ?

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HP Pavilion, 3 years old, running Windows 7-SP1 Professional
up to date on patches
I'm still getting errors from MGADIAG.exe, which I'll append below.

The MS validation tool doesn't seem to complete download
and run.

I've done a lot of the fixes/reboots/shut off anti-virus recs
that have been recommended, & this is where we're at.
I haven't seen any "not genuine windows" popups yet today,
but they appear at seemingly random times.
KB3024777 to fix an issue with KB3004394 patch - done, w/ multiple reboots
I did not do the intel drivers re-install - it looked like the ones I had
installed were newer than the downloads, this is also what the system told
me, so I stayed away from this change.
sfc /scannow
C:\Windows\system32>sfc /scannow

Beginning system scan. This process will take some time.

Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 100% complete.

Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.
system shows
"Windows is activated" & OEM code in the validation section
Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0x8004FE21
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-788W3-H689G-6P6GT
Windows Product Key Hash: yr8OHoeXhbT4dc6MxGYjdAStSPY=
Windows Product ID: 00371-OEM-8992671-00008
Windows Product ID Type: 2
Windows License Type: OEM SLP
Windows OS version: 6.... Read more

Answer:Windows validation problems continue

watweb is part of the WAT update - while not essential, it does help protect your system.

Close all open windows.
Open an Elevated Command Prompt window, and type the following command

wusa /uninstall /kb:971033

and hit the Enter key
Accept the warnings/confirmations, and wait for it to complete

copy and paste the output (if any) from the command prompt window to a reply here,

reinstall the update from

run another MGADiag report, and post it.

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hello...i really need some help on this issue.....i have a laptop wid windws 10 is being if i want to pause this update and resume can i do it...plzz tell me....i ll b very very thankful...plzz...

Answer:How do I pause the Windows 10 download..and continue it again?

Easy solution, unplug/disconnect from the internet?
Or you can let it download and wish to not install it.

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I'm not sure if this is the place for it, and I have posted this in the Windows 7 forum as well, but I am attempting to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10. Iv'e had a few problems with the process but I have gotten as far as the computer rebooting in order to start the installation, but it just reboots to Windows 7, no errors or other messages, not even any time added to the boot process.

I'm using 64bit, turned off all antivirus etc, unplugged USB devices and the like.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Answer:Windows 10 won't continue install after reboot

What method are you using to attempt to upgrade with? Windows update, mounted ISO file, USB flash drive, DVD? If it is Windows 10 that you downloaded, where did you download it from?

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This morning, I seemed to have visited an unsavory site, or something, as it put a virus on my computer.  I thought my anti-virus was running, but apparently not/it wasn't updated.  (I'm using ETrust Antivirus, by the way)  But anyways.   First it gave me a ton of spyware, which I tried to get rid of with adaware and spybot, which got rid of some, but my start page in internet explorer would change to the same thing everytime, and also I would be doing something in a window and it would just randomly close, or switch to some ad, and then immediately close.   I ran AdAware, Spybot, and Etrust antivirus.   Got rid of all the spyware, Etrust came up with a virus named "" which I got rid of.  I left for a while, came back, restarted my computer and it wouldn't go.  It would get to the Welcome screen, and then load the desktop picture, and wouldn't do anything else.   It will work when I put it into safe mode, which is what I'm in now (safe mode with networking) and I have ran my antivirus program, and there are no viruses present, just a bunch of files with "Open Error".  I did an internet search on this, and it didn't seem to be like a big deal, but maybe it is.  This is the only cause I can see why it wouldnt' be working, but maybe you guys can help me out.So basically, my computer wont start in normal mode, it will load the desktop picture and wont do anything else, but I can run it in Safe m... Read more

Answer:Windows wont continue startup normally

Hi,Try this first, if you don't already have RegClean, go to to download it, it's free. Once you downloaded it and install it, run RegClean to clean up the register. What RegClean does is to sort out all junks and wipe it out. K.

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For the longest time I have had a problem with my custom build Windows 7 machine staying in Sleep Mode. I would set it and a little time forward and the machine would be started again. I Googled every answer I could find. Nothing seemed to work. Today I was reading some additional suggestions and one came up that stuck in my head. It said it may be a slide show. I don't have any slide shows set up but after some thinking I decided to turn off the Windows Personalization desktop theme that I had on my computer. I chose to have them rotate some beautiful desktop themes every 10 seconds. Once I turned off all but one of the themes, I have not had any additional problems with my computer staying in sleep mode.

I hope this helps someone else who has had the same kind of trouble.

I like the various desktop background changing but I also like the ability to use sleep mode.

Any comments or thoughts??

Answer:Windows 7 Won't Continue To Sleep! SOLVED

Hi Jazzman,

This sounds like a problem I had years ago - I think I was running either Win 3.x or 95 at the time - when I tried to de-frag a hard drive and de-frag kept restarting. I even left it running all night once, for the same result. It turned out that I had a screen saver running and every time the image changed, it reset de-frag to zero. Switch off all screen savers, and de-frag ran as it was meant to. Sounds like every time the image changed in your desktop, it woke your computer up !

Sounds like you have a choice - a pretty background or a computer that goes to sleep !

Chris Cosgrove

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I ordered a Lenovo IdeaPad Z500, model number 20202 from The laptop was well packed and the box had no signs of damage. However when I opened the foam protection and removed the laptop from the plastic bag there were a number of marks on the lid and base of the laptop as shown: Lid: Close up: Base: Obviously these marks are unacceptable on arrival of a new product. Unfortunetly Amazon are out of stock on this particular model so I am unable to send this back for a replacement.  If you would like the serial, mo, po or line numbers for this product, get in touch as I would hope you would like to investigate this so poor quality products do not get sent to customers again?

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Over the years, I've used a wav file from SNL ("Candy Gram") to announce the receipt of e-mails, in Win-98, Win2K, and XP. Now, when I substitute this file for use as my mail notification in Win-7, it works fine, once, and then stops. It then defaults to the original sound. Anyone else use something similar?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E6500 @ 2.93GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4060 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset, 1806 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 434581 MB; D: Total - 599999 MB, Free - 599890 MB; E: Total - 353865 MB, Free - 353763 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., G41M-ES2L, ,
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled


Answer:e-mail arrival notification sound substitution?

Are you saving the new sound scheme?

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So I got my second Y410p today, after the first one had hardware issues on arrival, and I opened it, picked it up, heard that the laptop was making cricky and cracky noises as I picked it up, and so I turned on the laptop, and the screen was cracked. Can I ask for a replacement for the whole laptop?

Answer:Can I replace my laptop? The screen was cracked on arrival.

BTW, I am not able to call them right now, their call center is closed right now.

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I am having a problem with receiving emails in Outlook Express. It starts off alright and I receive some emails, then suddenly it stops inputting emails although it says in the box 'reciving emails'. This has happened several times before, and I'd like to sort it now, as it is beginning to do my head in. Any suggestions please?Donald.

Answer:Outlook Express delayed emails arrival.

Hi Donald,It some times can be your security,Like if you have AVG setup to scan your emails but also say have Spy sweeper also setup to check your emails they will conflict with each other and so you receive no mail,mfletch

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i need a freeware to keep record of the above. in our country we do things a bit differnetly.
we need to track total average, highest/ lowest mark, position, individual grapphs.
all pprograms i find have Sd, and standardisation.

Answer:Grading, Attendance, late arrival monitoring.

Is it for a school? or work environment?

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Greetings,I recevently received a Thinkpad 13 intended for small office use.  However, when I inspected the hardware, I discovered a problem at the bottom left corner of the keyboard (pictures below).As you can see, the corner of the keyboard base is bulging upward.  It very clearly should not be this way, as the other corner is flush with the edge of the chassis (picture below). So, I tried to wiggle the corner down into place, but it did no good.  I don't want to have to send it back (I just got it, and need to use it), but I certainly don't want damage or poor quality control to be ignored.Does anyone know if I can fix this myself?  If not, what is the best way to inform Lenovo of this problem?Cheers,

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I have a brand new Aspire E15 which becomes unresponsive after the process svchost gradually uses 99% of the CPU and the system heats up.  Absolutely no software has been installed on the machine and I have performed a factory reset on it but the problem persists. If killed, the process eventually comes back before building to 99% CPU again. My initial assumption was that it was Windows update hanging but sfc /scannow reports problems that it can't fix too.   I tried a fix for hanging Windows update but would gladly try another if somebody has a suggestion. I'm chatting with Tech Support now and was just told, "The only troubleshoot we can perform is a factory reset, and you already did it."  I expected him to start a remote session and figure out what was happening, and fix it...  while we spoke.   I'm really surprised their only recourse is "factory reset". They are sending me Recovery Media but I fail to see how it will fix anything seeing as the machine was entirely undadulterated to begin with.   He also offered to have me send it in for repair and I have a feeling I'm going to wish I took that option.   So, I have come here in hopes that the community has some thoughts on the problem.

Answer:Aspire E5-575G-57D4 Unusable On Arrival

Guessing a memory leak. Try reseating the ram. Next test if condition occurs when internet not connected, i.e. No Ethernet or wifi.  Svchost is designed to hog CPU when a memory issue happens. Something is corrupted. Either the install itself or a driver that updated when windows detected internet connection. A clean install could correct condition only if the source install is ok. Overall the issue is not easy to trouble shoot due to svchost operating under all the system services. You literally would have to run command lines to put each service in its own instance of svchost which by doing may correct the issue without telling what the source was.

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Hi, I am looking for links that cover the vairous messesges from the point of switch on until post arrival

I am fed up with posters posting that 'x or y message has appeared on the screen' and me having to google it for them, so it not just the usual bsod errors, but anything that would fall under this then, for example 'press F1 to continue', 'no system found, etc., also for the moment it is just BIOS and XP that that I am covering, later I can expand from there.

imput and links welcome
Sin., flea

Answer:messesges from switch until post arrival, any links please

I think you're dreaming the impossible dream, there is no one place where all the possible solutions to every issue is posted.

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Hey there, So I got a factory refurbished (still under warranty) Ideapad U530 Touch (Win 8.1) in the mail today, and I've spent 5 hours trying to get the Touch Screen to be recognized.  The system screen still shows that there is no Touch or Pen Device available.  I noticed there are a few people who had a similar problem in this thread, but I thought I'd start a new one since that other thread seems closed: Here's some of the steps I've already taken, based on what I was able to gleam from the rest of the internet.  Nothing has made any progress so far.  Initially,  System page says there?s no touch or pen interface detected.  The monitor was only a ?Generic PnP Monitor? in device managerFollowed Troubleshooting procedure (in thread linked above), and it just told me that there might be undetected hardware.  Detecting new hardware in Device Manager yields no resultsInstalled Intel Video drivers from Lenovo support page for the U530Install newest video drivers via Intel Driver Update Utility and restartMonitor Device was recognized as ?Thinkpad Display 1920x1080?Installed Lenovo Drivers and restartDisable Geforce Card and restartCheck regedit Hardware devicemap for Touch screen driver (didn?t find anything)Checked Human Interface Devices in Device Manager, but the only thing in there is a ?HID Compliant w... Read more

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Last week i bought a Satellite C855-21V with Windows 8 installed.
Now i want to insstall Windows 7 becauso of Windows 8 is not good for me.

When i insert the Windows 7 CD and boot from CD the Installation hangs on the Screen where "Starting Windows" is showing.

Where is the Problem?

Answer:Satellite C885 - Windows 7 installation does not continue


It?s necessary to change some settings in BIOS.
Access the BIOS (F2) and disable the secure boot.
Additionaly go to Advanced tab ->System Configuration and change the Boot mode from UEFI to CSM mode.


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I am running Windows 7 64bit. I have 15 updates that continue to fail. YES, I KNOW THE IMAGE SHOWS "1" - that's because I wanted to see if could actually perform one SMALL update. They're just a bunch of Security Updates for MS Office programs. DO NOT tell me to download these updates manually. THAT IS NOT A SOLUTION to a problem that will continue on forever.
I clicked "Get help with this error" which brought me to the window's help as seen in the second half of the image. These errors have NOTHING to do with the problem I am having. I have searched google and NO solution helps me.
YES, I have disabled my antivirus program already and they still fail.
YES, I am logged in as the administrator and I have all the necessary privileges.
YES, I have used Windows' crappy troubleshooter.
YES, I used Window's crappy automatic "fixer" or whatever that junk is called.
About a week ago my computer was running EXTREMELY slowly and opening just about any program that was part of office was EXTREMELY laggy. I ran disk defrag, disk clean up, and I went through a bunch of services and start up programs that I didn't need and disabled them. This increased my computer's performance and MS Office no longer lags. Could the laggyness I experienced related?

Answer:Windows update installations continue to fail

Sometimes the inability to install updates could be malware related. I'd run a full scan with the free Malwarebytes. It seems to find things other programs miss. This link compares the free version to the paid version with downloads to each.

Malwarebytes : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO removes malware including viruses, spyware, worms and trojans, plus it protects your computer

Another reason for failed updates could be due to damaged or corrupt system files. You could run the System File Checker scan from an elevated command prompt (Option Two this tutorial.) If any problems are noted run the scan 3 times rebooting in between each scan. More than one scan is usually required due to system file dependencies.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If these two suggestions don't solve your update issue, you might want to troubleshoot using a Clean Startup (also called a Clean Boot.)

Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

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