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OCZ introduces TLC NAND in new budget Trion T100 SSD

Question: OCZ introduces TLC NAND in new budget Trion T100 SSD

Solid State Drives have long been the big "next thing" in storage technology, promising incredible leaps in performance, power consumption, and overall daily drive. Without any moving parts and advancements in technology, SSDs have largely delivered, becoming staples for many...

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Preferred Solution: OCZ introduces TLC NAND in new budget Trion T100 SSD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: OCZ introduces TLC NAND in new budget Trion T100 SSD

I've never had any problems with OCZ drives and I have 3 of them, one being an old 60 GB Agility 2 or 3 still in daily use. Maybe I've just been lucky thus far.

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Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1
AMD FX-8120 Zambezi 32nm Technology
MSI 760GM-P23(FX) (MS-7641) (CPU1)
10.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24)
Graphics Card(s)
1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 6670 (MSI)
Hard Drives
223GB OCZ-TRION100 ATA Device (SSD)
AntivirusEdit Value

Performed a fresh Windows install on a new OCZ-TRION100 (SSD). Now, when I go to run Windows Update it stalls on "Checking for updates" message and never progresses. Most processes that use windows update are also failing. I have tried several different methods to fix this with no success yet.

I've cleared the SSD and freshly reinstalled Windows 7 more times than I can count in the pursuit of a fix. Each time I reinstall, I delete all partitions using the windows install disk interface. I run BIOS once the SSD is entirely un-allocated space. I attempted most of these fixes in either IDE or AHCI mode with varying results. Yet ultimately the problem persists.

I would post the Windows update error code, but since it never proceeds past "checking" and never stops "checking" unless stopped through CMD; I receive no legitimate error code or error message.

Attempt A:
Ran SFC Scan successfully. It came up with no errors. Rebooted, yet problem persists...

Attempt B:
Ran the Update Readiness Tool. The first time I ran it; it installed the hotfix successfully. Rebooted, and it says "configuring upda... Read more

Answer:Clean OS install on OCZ Trion SSD Win update stalls while "Checking"

Used auto patcher to download the bulk of my initial updates. now with most of them downloaded, windows update does not take days to search. Thanks to these forums for finding that solution.

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Is NAND is going to be replaced with PCM in next gen ssd's?

Micron tests next-gen SSD | ZDNet

Answer:The end of NAND SSD's

Based on the article, it sounds like a commercially available PCM based ssd is still a long way off. PCM used in next gen ssds? I doubt it, especially since PCM cost is 4X NAND.

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Am I missing something? How do I use this ssd in addition to my Hard Drive and the SSD that came with the laptop? I want to move stuff to the SSD so my laptop will run smoother, please help. If that SSD isn't compatible am I able to migrate stuff from my Hard Drive to the Built in SSD and how do I do that? I appreciate any help I can get, Thank you!

Drives.png ?5 KB

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Maybe if I get a decent tax refund, I could see myself owning one of these:
Though expensive, the potential lifespan of the drive makes the low level of depreciation a solid deciding factor in favor. Maybe the price will drop a bit over time...

Answer:3D NAND: I need a bigger paycheck...

the mekanic said:

Maybe if I get a decent tax refund, I could see myself owning one of these:

Though expensive, the potential lifespan of the drive makes the low level of depreciation a solid deciding factor in favor. Maybe the price will drop a bit over time...Click to expand...

Crazy price. Nice warrantee. But, it only covers the drive, not the data on it. Once the price has dropped, it will be an ideal backup drive.

BTW My 80GB IDE HDD is almost 10 years old.

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Will this Crucial MX300 1TB M.2 2280 Solid State Drive (3D NAND) fit in my HP Pavilion 15-au062nr laptop.  See PIC Below PleaseSee Pic

Answer:will this 3d nand drive fit in my laptop

Hi, Your machine has single storage configuration with  1 TB 5400 rpm SATA HDD now. The Crucial MX300 1TB M.2 2280 SSD won't fit to that bay physically. Please try        Regards.

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i want to buy a laptop, but i want one with nand flash memory, so no moving parts, as in, no hard disc; and a physical qwerty keyboard to a lesser extent, i would like 1 gig of ram and preferably vista, but thats not essential i wouldnt mind also, if it had reasonably good specs, so that it might run some graphics software, albeit slowly, like photoshop, adobe premiere, or even a 3d modelling software like autodesk 3ds max. although maybe this isnt possible, because i would prefer to keep the cost down to around £700. i could go higher in price. do you know of a list of laptops, with flash memory, and qwerty keys, so i could compare them.? most humble regards tregg ps, i dont care about style, looks, or how heavy it is. also, it can be a ultra mobile pc, as long as it has a docking station, so i can hook it to a dvd drive.

Answer:which nand flash memory laptop should i buy.

Flash memory hard drives are very new to the market & will cost you alot, if you can find one to buy!

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HiI want to upgrade my laptop with an M.2 SSD. I have purchased a Samsung V-NAND SSD 960 pro 256GB M.2 NVM Express. I have installed the module but as soon as it's inserted the laptop will not power up. When I remove the module the laptop powers up and starts normally. Am I doing something wrong?Is the Samsung module compatible with my laptop?What do you think the problem is?Many thanks

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not found.

Friend has installed W7 on his Amilo Xi2428 but Device Manager shows 'PCI memory manager' driver missing - which I guess is the Nand Flash driver for Vista. Tried installing the Vista driver in Compatibility mode but still says operating system not supported.

Any ideas please?

Answer:Nand flash driver for Amilo Xi2428..

give us PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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anybody knows if it would work to replace the NAND chip from another U3? Does controller have ties to the NAND chip?
My problem is that the flash drive full of info is dead. The LED blinks few times and PC doesn't recognize it as a USB device. Seems the controller is broken. If I take a new drive and replace the NAND chip, hopefully I'll see my data (unless San Disk implemented some security features here).


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I'm hoping someone can tell me where I can buy an enclosure or suitable adapter cable with an M-Key slot so I can clone to this Samsung m.2 SSD. Thank you.

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First of all sorry for my bad english lang.The problem is about a lg r500 series laptop.I bought it with win vista but i wanted xp.Accidently with an old fdisc i erased all partitions.There were two of them one of 1gb and one other of about 151 gb.The disc that laptop has is 160 gb.The laptop has the ability of intel turbo memory.In the first partition of 1 gb were the drivers of raid card.After i erased it i cann't have the turbo memory ability.I found the drivers in intel site but they need flopy drive to install them (during the win installation by f6) and the laptop hasn't one.I have the same problem installing xp or vista.Please help

Answer:intel turbo memory NAND driver no floppy

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Hi, everyone:
I bought an Intel SSD 530 120G for my laptop several days ago. It worked well with the OS Win8.1 Pro x64.
When I paid attention to the NAND writes, something make me confused.

The situation is as follow:
The SSD with the OS is the first(primary) Disk, and the HDD is the second one. I have moved the cache of IE, chrome and Firefox to the Hard Drive using IE setting or mklink command, and verified it correctly. With the explorer working, the written data stream from cache is produced in the HDD partition theoretically, also I have got this conclusion through the System's Resource Monitor and the Diskmon from Microsoft website. When I cached several Movies embedded in any explorer without other operation separately, there are lots of written data traffic produced in the HDD partition, and just little data wrote in system disk(SSD), it?s no doubt. Finally, each test(using one kind of explorer) improved less than 200Mb in Total Host Writes which is normal for system operating, but this process also consumed about 3Gb SSD's Total NAND writes in total in the CrystalDiskInfo 6.0.1. Also I have got the same result with the newly Intel SSD Toolbox, AIDA64 3.20 and CrystalDiskInfo 6.0.1. In fact, this written data traffic produced by explorer's cache in HDD is calculated into the SSD's total NAND writes.

Actually I'm not care of the SSD's wear, and I'm sure it couldn't reach the limited lifespan with normal usage until next generation product arrives. This accidental ... Read more

Answer:Intel SSD 530 Total NAND Writes Problem in Win8.1 x64

Hi, guys,
There are some supplementary data.
I have tested the total NAND writes in OS win7 x64 newly installed with the all x64 drivers, the chrome cache is moved to HDD partition, and the result is same as the one in win8.1. When the Value of Host Writes improved just one, namely 1*32Mb total host writes, there are almost 2Gb added to the total NAND writes. Followed is the graph from which we could get the monitoring data and the disk activity.
Finally, I speculate that there is a bug in the Intel 530 SSD firmware, DC22, if nohing wrong is in the testing environment.
Fig. 1 The beginning test capture.

Fig. 2 The final capture. The host writes improved 1, and the total NAND write nearly 2Gb, compared with the first graph.

Thank you for helping.

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 Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible for my laptop to run the Seagate Hybrid Drive with 1TB and 32GB NAND? The mantinence guide only specifies the 8GB NAND, but they are both 9.5-mm, so I dont know why the 32GB NAND wouldn't work. I know the 32GB NAND version is quite new so maybe thats why its not on the list.Thanks!

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Hi there,

I've set the Bios on the Qosmio X770-107 laptop to use Fast Boot but I believe there are other settings for using the 4GB flash memory on HDD1.

How do I verify this is configured OK?


Answer:Qosmio X770-107 - verify that 4GB NAND flash is optimized OK for Win7?

What settings do you mean exactly?
I think you can change only these settings which are available in the BIOS directly.

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Samsung sounds awfully excited about its latest SSD, a 512GB drive utilzing "toggle-mode DDR NAND" memory. It's the first SSD to do so, and according to Samsung, this is a pretty major deal. As Samsung explains it, toggle-mode DDR allows for higher performance without a subsequent increase in power consumption.


A Guy

Answer:Samsung Touts 512GB SSD with Toggle-Mode DDR NAND Memory

No price has yet been set.

That's what will make it interesting...

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Question: Asus T100

Hello. I reinstalled windows on my laptop, and it seems as it wasn't installed/updated properly. It updated, installed the updates, but I still see SkyDrive instead of OneDrive and the bar at the top of the metro apps while using mouse/touchpad is not there. While it was there before reinstalling. Any ideas?

Answer:Asus T100

Can you go to Computer properties and see which version of windows is installed? And also, check for updates once again, both in windows update, and Store for Win 8.1.

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I want to install a new SSD Samsung V-nand 850 EVO in a Dell Precision M6500.
I clooned the hard drive. The bios is AHCI.
When i boot the SSD from the Dell Precision M6500 i got the message "inaccessible boot device"
When i boot the same SSD from other Dell (par exemple Inspriron R17) the disk is booting with no problems
The prosed repair didn't worked, the SSD is recognized in the BIOS and DOS-prompt accessible (letters X en E).
So i think it should be a BIOS problem or a driver issue.

Any idee how to solve the problem ?

Answer:Dell precision M6500 and new SSD Samsung V-nand 850 EVO - INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE

Was the drive cloned in AHCI mode?  Once the cloning was done, did you remove the original hard drive and install ONLY the cloned drive for the first bootup?

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Just installed W10 on this little convertible netbook as an upgrade. All went very well. Requires the 32-bit version as that is all this box can support.

For info, this has 2Gb RAM and 64Gb SSD. Not the fastest box in the world, but it does run very well.

W10 so far has performed better than W8.1 as I also noted when I did this on the Surface Pro 1st gen.

Downside is the small screen and using the standard desktop. Fat fingers and no really good stylus don't make that a joy to use. Screen seems a bit crisper which I also noted on the SP1.

Answer:Windows 10 on ASUS T100

lparsons21 said:

Fat fingers and no really good stylus don't make that a joy to use. Screen seems a bit crisper which I also noted on the SP1.

Wife has a T100 and uses a pencil with a soft eraser tip for a stylus. Works for her!


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Samsung has launched a trio of TCO-optimized solid state drives based on the company's three-dimensional (3D) Vertical NAND (V-NAND) flash technology.

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Answer:Samsung launches three high-speed NVMe solid state drives with 3D V-NAND

I want to see some benchmark tests.

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Intel and Micron held a joint press conference earlier today to announce a breakthrough memory technology called 3D Xpoint (pronounced 3D crosspoint) that's up to 1,000 times faster (read speeds) than today's NAND, features 1,000 times better endurance and is...

Read more

Answer:Intel and Micron announce 3D Xpoint, a new memory technology that's 1,000 times faster than NAND

I hope this really brings about the death of the hard drive. And it can't come soon enough.

Gimme a 1 TB Xpoint SSD that doesn't break the bank and I'm sold.

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I have this problem with my Asus Transformer T100. I've asked Asus, and they told me to go to Device Manager, Network Adapters, then uninstall the network adapter and restart the computer. That works...but only for a couple of days. So I'm not yet satisfied.

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I recently bought a Asus Tradnsformer t100. It has windows 8.1 32 bit. This takes up almost 18gigs of memory and not I can not download onto my computer, saying the disk is full. How can I add additional disk space. I contacted Asus and they were of no help. This is rendering my notebook/tablet useless. Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:asus transformer t100 no memory

If I recall correctly, that device utilizes a MicroSD card slot for storage. SO if you are running out of space see if you can get a bigger SD card. It likely would hold one around 64GB or larger But I don't know for sure.

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My wife has a T100 (Win8.1), and I was running Malwarebytes on it, when it froze up.
I tried to restart it, and it took me to an 'automatic repair', which took me to a 'restart' or 'advanced options" choice.
Selecting 'advanced options' or 'restart', both took me right back to the auto repair - a vicious circle.
I have not been able to wake up the folks at ASUS yet, so here I am.
What can I do to get out of the loop, and start her computer?

Answer:Solved: ASUS T100 Froze up

Do you still require help please or have you woken ASUS

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Hi guys!
My problem is - as stated in the topic - laptop replacement.
I thought it would be easy - right now I am using Asus T100 which I love, but I thought that this was time to upgrade, and I don't want to upgrade much.
I basically need regular laptop that is portable (13 inch is max, realy I prefer 11.6 or 12, 12.5), has good battery life (let's say min. 6-7 hours) and a good screen (it doesn't have to be really high resolution). The performance doesn't really matter to me much (I don't do anything graphically intensive) - I just want a smooth experience like on my T100, but maybe a bit more of RAM (let's say 4 GB).
I don't need the 2 in 1 combo, I don't even need touch on my laptop.
I thought that would be easy - I just want an average laptop, but it's not. I can't find and laptop that would suit my needs. The only thing I could find is the Dell XPS12, but it has touch, and the hinge, which as I said earlier - I don't need.
Do you know if there is a laptop that is something like Dell XPS12, but without the touch etc?
Regards :)

Answer:Replacing ASUS T100 with a laptop

Uhh the Dell xps 13?

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with this mobile i received a cd romto download ringtones & wallpaperi have installed ,connected the moby as instructedthe moby is recognised but when i try to downloadfrom the cd,i keep getting message saying please connect your mobile a try again ?????

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Hello Just need some desperate advice.... I got a data cable for my sgh t100 then learned that i needed software for it to work, so i download PClink gsm ver 1.2, not working still, it keeps tellin me that its not connecting to the phone....ive checked my COM ports 1 & 2 but its showing that i have nothing plugged into either of them,So if theres any1 out there that can suggest , advice me on whats my next move etc please reply soon.My windows is XP pro, 640 mb plenty of space left!anything else u wish to know don't hesitate to post...regards Fani

Answer:Pclink & data cable help with sgh t100

Hi, I know absolutely nothing about your mobile phone - but would hazard a guess that perhaps what you need is a Blue-tooth Adapter of some sort. Sorry I can'y help further. Cheers.

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This morning I turned on my brand new ASUS T100 Transformer Book with Windows 8.1 pre-installed for the first time, of course I got the 'normal' screen prompt's when setting up a brand new computer. Such as country/language, time zone, set up internet connection, do I have a microsoft account/then sign in, etc..Now I'm prompted at the next screen being asked " How should we set up your PC ? " , I'm already running windows 8.1 on a different pc, so on this screen I'm being asked the question: Copy your settings and Windows Store apps from another PC, or set this up as a new PC.
There are two option's showing: my current pc that has windows 8.1 installed on it & 2. Set this up as a new PC instead, and then on a line below that option there's a checkbox that offers to ' Sync my Start screen layout' . Which would be the best option for me, I'm sure other member's in here have ran into this..what did you choose ?
Thanks so much for your replies (hopefully) !

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HI I know i am of post but could someone tell me what system failure means and what to do, on a samsung t100 mobile it was running great on o2 up to an hour ago regards Pat

Answer:system failure samsung T100

System Failure Contact service provider -click hereSamsung t100 connection / system problem - Esato archiveclick hereSamsung t100 connection / system problem : Other manufactures : General discussions _______________________I know nothing about mobile phones but the above is from a google here

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I own a Thinkpad T61 (6457-E2G). Never set a power-on password. Used it for some time now with no problems what so ever. Recently accessed the BIOS looking to change a few settings when it asked me for a password. I pressed enter and was allowed to change most settings but not all. Judging by the icon ( when entering the password this should the power-on password (weird but ok). Using the same document and the hardware service manual I tried to remove the password by removing the batteries and booting up the machine. Instead of removing the password it now asks for a password when booting the machine. Reading the community posts the password asked when entering the BIOS should be the supervisor password to have all options available. A password I can't recall (my bet and my loss). The problem though is I can't use the laptop anymore since it asks now for a POP which I never set. How can I set the POP setting back to it's orinigal state (that is before executing the actions descriped in the Lenovo document)?
Thanks in advance.
Moderator Note; fixed link

Answer:Removing password introduces POP

Hi bozzy2k, welcome to the forum,
unfortunately the symbol for the supervisor password is today the same as that for the power on password, the document which you linked to isn't as up-to-date as it should be.  By removing the BIOS battery you have provoked the system to request the supervisor password as a change was made to the system.
The only options which can be suggested here are that you remember the password you don't recall setting, ask the prvious owner should you have purchased the system as used or exchange the mainboard.
Please accept that the forum rules prohibit the discussion on how to circumvent security provisions which passwords are;
No posts shall include instructions or directions intended to subvert security measures, including passwords, locking mechanisms, fingerprint scans, etc, or to subvert safety measures. Nor shall any posts provide descriptions to the location of, nor direct links to content related to these topics.

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You can?t say that the guys from the Pirate Bay are full of ideas and surprises. Their latest project is called Playble, a website that offers free music to the visitors while still paying the artists directly. This is the biggest difference to the dominating music portals such as iTunes that do not pay the artists but the record labels who in turn pay their artists. This concept eliminates the need for a man in the middle who collects the money and distributes it to the artists.
I?m not saying that the Music Industry will become obsolete, songs still have to be produced somehow but for this concept to work they are not necessary at all. You probably were thinking that this would surely mean an ad-driven service if users were able to download songs for free. This is apparently not the case and leads to a social experiment. Users pay a monthly subscription which is not a fixed price but a sum that the users can select themselves.
You pay the artists as much as you want. It remains to be seen if this idealistic system will be able to compete with the established music portals. It will be rather difficulty to find enough established musicians and bands who will support this project. I?m not an expert when it comes to contracts between artists and the Music Industry but I suppose the Music Industry will not allow their artists to upload songs to Playble.
So, it will have the usual selection of unknown and independent bands instead of major artists such as Madonna, Take That and ... Read more

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via eden cpu


CPU runs off 1 watt of electricity

VIA has developed a new fanless Eden ULV processor that chugs along at 500MHz, requiring just 1 watt of electricity to run. Whenever it is idle, the processor will sip a mere tenth of a watt - talk about efficiency! The low power requirements found in this new processor will target firms that design and engineer embedded systems which require low power consumption, while those looking for an eco-friendly design will definitely welcome this development. There will be 1GHz and 1.5GHz versions that consume 3.5 and 7.5 watts respectively as well in case you need more juice. When will such power saving measures reach the mass consumer market? Then we don't need those huge 600W monstrosities, unless you are running on a dual video card setup to meet Bioshock requirements.

Answer:VIA introduces ONE WATT processor!

holy cow....That's unheard of. They could probably go even lower, in the future.

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Apple showed off Safari 7 today at WWDC, which includes a cleaner design and performance improvements. Safari 7.0 also features better integration with Reading List and a sidebar for bookmarks. There?s also a ?shared links? tab for browsing links posted to social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Finally, Safari 7 uses much less processor power and memory than its predecessor and competitors.

Also included in Safari 7 is a new iCloud Keychain feature that generates and stores secure passwords across all of your devices, much like 1Password.

Safari 7 will be included in OS X Mavericks.

​source: 9to5mac​

Answer:Apple introduces Safari 7

No offense to the Apple users, but I can't see Safari going anywhere. (my opinion) I don't use, and no one I have met does. All they use is either Firefox or Chrome.

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Answer:iChat introduces first ever virus for Mac's OS X


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Apple just announced a brand new version of its Mac OS X operating system

The new version focuses on extending battery life and UI responsiveness. Part of that is moving to OpenGL 4 to optimize graphic drawing, but also other tricks like compressed memory and more. With optimizations Apple promises up to 72% lower CPU usage.

Click here for more pictures and Features

Answer:Apple introduces Mac OS X Mavericks

Very excited for this!

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Netguard is being touted by NTL as a good thing.... Does any body have any views on it??I already use Norton antivirus + Firewall, Spybot search and destroy, Adaware and spyware blaster...all updated and used at least every 3 days!Am i using them too much or should i ditch them and use this free download from NTL instead???Ideas from the floor please!thanks in advance.

Answer:NTL introduces NETGUARD.... is it any good?

Tried it for a little while every time that you log on it tells you that firewall could not configure and offers to sell you the pro version and I could not find a way to scan computer so I unistalled it today and went back to AVG. This is on Laptop have Mcaffee and main desk top best money spent for long time.

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i have searched the web high and low and cannot get this to work i am hoping you can help.  I started a new job and tasked with figuring out a way to create and deploy images for new tablets we got.  For all our other machines we used to use Ghost but can't use that now. In any case we have Asus T100 tablets running WIN8.1 Pro 32bit OS x64bit based processor, there are no legacy boot options in bios only EUFI i am trying to boot from a USB. I need help getting a way to image this machine so i can use images for deployment. Can you provide any help? ? I followed your instructions in the link below but that didn't work either i'm at my wits end...   Thank you so much in advance even if you can just point me in the right directions. I ideally i'd like to use Ghost if possible.

Answer:Imaging & Deployment Options Asus T100

Here is what worked for me to successfully capture and deploy an Image on an Asus T100TA Tablet:
To Capture the WIM:
• These instructions assume you have a basic understanding of OS Deployments and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT).
• The source (aka “reference”) computer you are capturing should be in a workgroup, not joined to your domain. Disjoin your domain before continuing if necessary.
• You must have the same OS you’re trying to capture on the “reference” computer loaded into MDT – if your source computer is running Windows 7 Enterprise with Service Pack 1 x64 then that DVD/OS must be loaded into MDT
• For these instructions the computer running MDT will be referred to as \\MDT1 and the deployment share will be \Deploymentshare$
• These instructions will not include hitting “Next”, etc. unless that is the only action on a screen
Prepare your “reference” computer by installing your Operating System and any other customizations you will want. Once you have completed your build process continue on.
Setup MDT to Capture your image
1. Open MDT, then expand Deployments, then expand your deployment share
2. Right click “Task Sequences” and select “New Task Sequence”
a. Task Sequence ID: Capture
b. Task Sequence name: Capture Image
3. Select the “Sysprep and Capture” Task Sequence template
4. Select your Operating System
5. Do not specify a ... Read more

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Anyone know how to solve the problem of "not enough hard disk space" when trying to put the Anniversary update on an Asus T100.
I have a 64Gb sdcard in as well but I assume the update must be ignoring that.
Tried clearing out as much as I could from the main ssd but still no joy.


Answer:Anniversary update on Asus T100 not enough space

Does the Asus T100 have a recovery partition? On devices with small ssds like yours, it's possible to move the recovery partition to an external drive, then reclaim the disk space used by the recovery partition. You can also make a system image to an external drive using software like Macrium Reflect and then the recovery partition isn't needed at all.

How much space does the installer say you need to free up?

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have a power edge t100 computer comes on but only internet works says on main computer auto detect (analog imput) can anyone help

Answer:why no power to Dell PowerEdge T100 server

The T100 is a server; what are you using it for? And what do you mean "only internet works"? If the monitor screen displays "auto detect (analog input)" & nothing else, it means the monitor isn't receiving a signal from the tower. Check the cables.T100 specs: edited by riider

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Hi, I have an Asus T100 Tablet/laptop hybrid and wanted a blue tooth mouse for it so I bought the Microsoft Sculpt touch mouse. For some reason when i use the mouse it jumps around and is not smooth at all. I have all the appropriate drivers installed and updated. I tested the mouse on another laptop and it worked fine.

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My laptop will connect to the wifi throught the Ethernet cable but when I take the Ethernet out there is a red circle with a white cross in it on the connection icon in the bottom right of the screen.

Answer:how do i turn the wifi on on my Advent Monza T100?

Have you set up your Wifi by searching for your network name and inputting your pass phrase (or pass key)?The red circle might be just indicating that the Ethernet is not available.EDIT:Also press Windows key + R key then input ncpa.cpl in the Run box that comes up - hit Enter key. Do you see both the Ethernet and Wifi icons and is Wifi enabled?[Better add that you don't connect to Wifi using the Ethernet cable. You use one or the other]Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek

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I'm trying to use an external Samsung TV/monitor (model LN-T2642H) through HDMI. The native resolution of the monitor/TV is 1360X768, which is also the native resolution of ASUS T100.
If I try to use the monitor/TV as the only display, the device selected is Generic PnP Monitor and the native resolution of 1360X768 is not available for selection. Intel HD Graphics Control Panel only shows 1280X720 (selected) and 1920X1080 (too high for my monitor).

Is there a way to set up the 1360X768 resolution with the existing driver (up to date)? Is there another driver that I can download and that will allow this resolution? Can I use a different version of the Generic PnP Monitor that allows 1360X768 resolution?
With the only resolution available i.e., 1280X720 the quality is bad.

Many thanks,

Answer:Low resolution on external TV/Monitor (ASUS T100 Win 8.1)

On the screen resolution window, click advanced settings. Then click "list all modes" under the adapter tab. Now see if what you want is listed.

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Anyone know how to solve the problem of "not enough hard disk space" when trying to put the Anniversary update on an Asus T100.
I have a 64Gb sdcard in as well but I assume the update must be ignoring that.
Tried clearing out as much as I could from the main ssd but still no joy.


Answer:Anniversary update on Asus T100 not enough space

Does the Asus T100 have a recovery partition? On devices with small ssds like yours, it's possible to move the recovery partition to an external drive, then reclaim the disk space used by the recovery partition. You can also make a system image to an external drive using software like Macrium Reflect and then the recovery partition isn't needed at all.

How much space does the installer say you need to free up?

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Im trying to use google chrome to do a video call through the browser, when i initiate the call my video is turned upside down. Is there anything i can do to fix that? why is it turned upside down? im on the anniversary update as well
also btw is there anyway to screenshot on this tablet when in tablet mode? it doesnt have a music physical windows button on the tablet

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My laptop keeps booting up but once it gets to the screen where (logo) "Advent" is displayed the screen goes dim and then restarts and keeps doing this loop? I had issues trying to start up windows last week, this is when when I booted up everything would be fine, login fine, but when I get to the desktop it would display a black screen, I tried fixing it but soon gave up after I tried booting up and it put me into a Automatic Repair boot loop and that's when I completely gave up! But this week I was determined to fix it but when I booted up it only displayed "advent" and then the screen goes dim and restarts and it keeps doing it!

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For a few weeks now the Internet and Internet related apps have displayed the 'not responding' message on our Asus transformer t100. It is not to do with our Internet as other devices work. We have taken it to the local computer specialist a few times now who fiddles with it and it works for a few uses but then it reverts back and so we take it back to him. Once it starts not responding, every time after that we reopen Internet /switch off the laptop, it says that same thing and so we can't use the Internet. Any solutions? Is it a virus? Thanks

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I have the following problem. My laptop is Satellite T110-10X with Windows 7 64bit.
When the computer enters sleep mode and after I wake it up with power button it turns on, I type my pasword and in less than a minute it freezes.

I try towait and wait for like 10 minutes but nothing happens. Strange thing is that this don't happen each time, but when it happens I had to turn it off by keeping power button pressed and restart it and sometimes the same problem during the restart.

Please can somebody help me with this. I have been reading a lot and can't fix it.


Answer:Satellite t100-10x freeze after sleep mode


I can remember that my old notebook froze sometimes only if the temperature increased to a higher level.
I don?t know if this could be the reason for your problems but it?s could be possible.

It could be also a software related issue. Maybe the new OS installation could help you but its not easy o say if it would help you?.

Anyway, the possible solutions should be checked in order to be sure what could be the reason for such OS blackouts?

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Hi everyone,
I've finally finished installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 on my Asus T100. First impressions are great. If I'm not mistaken, it doesn't use as much disk space as Windows 8.1. I have 20 gigs of memory free out of the 29 available. Which is great. Plus, the OS feels smoother and faster.

I have a question. I've noticed in the Task Manager that the OS when idle uses only 500-600 MB of ram. Is it possible? Win 8.1 used up to 1.2-1.3 GB when idle. Are 500MB final, or when the OS is released is it going to use more ram?

Answer:Windows 10 memory usage on Asus T100

"Idle" really doesn't tell you much. If you just booted up, then it won't have a lot of memory allocated. However, once you start using it, then it will start caching more things and use more memory. This memory is typically available to be reclaimed by applications running in the system though, so you typically don't have to worry about it.

The OS allocates its initial buffers and caches based on the size of available memory in your system, so a system with 2GB of free RAM will start with less memory "available' than one with 4GB or 8GB.

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i have recently upgraded my pc to a fully integrated T100 to save space. all went lovely until i tried to set up my power cinema. the pc has a built in web cam and this is the only thing that activates when i "scan for tv channels". i have now had two machines and pc world have been no help, please help or i will have to send my lovely pc back! is this s software or hardware problem?

Answer:Power cinema problem Advent T100

No, it's PowerCinema - it's not particularly good this type of application as I found out with my Twinhan Freeview DTB-ter D+A card.Its provision was obviously a stop gap on Twinhan's part and now Twinhan has its own familiar upgraded software interface and drivers available for my card, everything works as it should.You could try Showshifter or similar software with your card on a trial basis to see if it makes any difference.

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I picked up a refurb Surface Pro 64GB from eBay this week for $500 and have been using the tablet. But I'm thinking about returning it and getting an ASUS T100 instead.
The Surface Pro (talking first gen) is really nice. But the battery life is nearly a deal breaker. And I'm not in love with the 2 pounds of weight or the $130 keyboard either. But I do like the full HD display, fast processor and SSD, and digitizer (just wish I had a better place to stick the pen).
I played with the ASUS T100 at Best Buy. I like the lighter weight and much longer battery life. The Baytrail and eMMC will be enough performance. The keyboard concerns me. It's hard to really test a keyboard on a store display counter, but I'm sure it's not going to be as nice as this stupid $130 Type Cover 2. I worry about the plastic back getting slippery in my hands as well. But it's almost half the price ($380 for 64GB).
So I feel conflicted between do I want the better laptop like experience in the Surface Pro (which includes being tethered to a power cord) or saving some money and going with the better tablet experience in the T100 until the perfect tablet arrives?
It's a dang shame the Surface 2 doesn't have a Baytrail and Windows 8, that would be pretty close to perfect.
PS. Plan B is to just return the Type Cover 2 and waiting for the Power Cover next year to supplement my battery life.

Answer:Deciding between an ASUS T100 and a refurb Surface Pro

What about the Dell Venue 11 Pro? $499 for the tablet (Baytrail and 64gb) and $129 for a truly awesome KB with extra battery. The Asus T100 KB build quality is major weakness...

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Microsoft on Monday introduced the final version of a new security tool for locking down computers that operate in shared environments. The Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP enables administrators to restrict users from changing system settings and running unauthorized software.

The toolkit, which is specifically designed for Internet cafes, school computer labs and libraries, can also keep out viruses and spyware by resetting a hard drive to a "clean" state each day. By removing advanced features, the desktop is also simplified to improve the end-user experience, Microsoft says.

The three primary features of the program include: User Restrictions, Windows Disk Protection and Profile Manager.

A beta version of the toolkit went live in June, and over 60,000 customers have downloaded it since that time and provided extensive feedback, Microsoft told BetaNews. "Customer Involvement in our public newsgroup has been terrific."

Changes in the 1.0 release include new restrictions added to the User Restrictions tool, which has been renamed from "Windows Restrictions." Customers with Active Directory domains can also now apply the toolkit's user restrictions to domain accounts with a Group Policy template.

In addition, many international issues have been resolved and the user interface of the toolkit was improved based on usability feedback, Microsoft says.

Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP 1.0 has been released as a free dow... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Introduces New Security Tool

for people too lazy to learn GPOs

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Type print in to Bing and the visual results page offers the facility to print a boarding pass, or coupons. Type buy and a similar UI links to buying electronics, toys,movies, video games. Yusuf then shared some interesting stats on action following a search. On the PC, the task a person is looking to complete when performing a search gets completed in a 4 week period ? demonstrating that people are researching. On mobile it?s dramatically different as you may imagine. 80% of tasks completed in one day and with commerce related tasks, it?s 1 hour.
Read more at A glimpse of some new Bing features - Next at Microsoft - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

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While Autoruns may not be the most popular startup manager available for Windows, it is without the shadow of a doubt the one a complete package.

It enables you to go through all startup items of the system to assess and change them. Where most startup managers limit items to programs and sometimes services, Autoruns includes dynamic link libraries, drivers, network providers and a whole host of other items in its interface.

Autoruns 13 has just been released and with it comes integration of the online virus scanning service Virustotal.

If you follow Sysinternals tools updates you know that Autoruns is not the first program to get the integration. The process managerProcess Explorer supports it as well for example.

You need to enable the scanning before it becomes available. This is done with a click on Options > Scan Options, and the checking of "Check".

You are asked to read the Virustotal Terms of Service which are loaded in the default web browser automatically.

If left at that, only hashes of files found on the local system are submitted to Virustotal. While that ensures that no files get uploaded to the service, it means that you won't get results for some files.

To be precise, you won't get a rating for any file unknown to Virustotal.

You can change that behavior by enabling the submit unknown images option on the scan options.

Autoruns will submit the file hash first but if Virustotal returns an unknown, the file itself... Read more

Answer:Autoruns 13 introduces Virustotal integration

Interesting and useful tool. Thanks for the info.

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Mozilla has unveiled Webian Shell, a small, simple Web-based interface.
The idea of the Webian Shell project is to re-think your computer's interface as something much simpler which treats web applications as first class citizens and does away with all the un-necessary clutter. Webian Shell 0.1 takes the essential elements of your web browser, desktop environment and window manager and combines them into a single minimalist graphical shell dedicated to using web applications
Version 0.1 is a basic prototype that sits on top of your existing OS.

Answer:Mozilla introduces Webian Shell OS

Awesome concept. NOW ADD SUPPORT FOR GOOGLE (GMAIL, CALENDAR, ETC) or else it's worthless to the vast market you might reach.

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The popular memory test program MemTest86 has been updated to version 6.0 yesterday. The new version introduces several new features and many changes of which the most important one is support for DDR4 RAM.

Support includes DDR4 RAM hardware as well as retrieval and reporting of DDR4-specific details

The new version of MemTest86 works like the old in many regards. It is still provided as a standalone disk image that you need to copy to CD, DVD, USB Flash drive or other removable media that you can boot the computer from.

It displays an options screen during boot that you can use to run various memory related tests. All versions of Memtest86 5 and later support dual-booting which refers to booting a version of the program compatible with UEFI or BIOS.

If you have downloaded the latest ISO image of the memory test program and run it on a machine not supporting UEFI, you will notice that MemTest86 4.3.7 is offered as an option instead of the more recent MemTest86 4.0 that was released yesterday.

Both versions will run a test automatically on start automatically. You can open the start menu in version 6.0 which displays various information about the computer and test configuration options.

From here it is also possible to configure and run the new RAM Benchmark option with options to write the data to a file (only if writable space is available).

Another new feature is the so-called Hammer Test which you find listed in the test selection menu. It has been specifically de... Read more

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NEC Electronics today introduced the world's first Universal Serial Bus (USB) host controller (part number ?PD720200) for the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard. NEC Electronics expects rapid adoption of the device and standard as the need to transfer larger and larger amounts of information between PCs to external hard-drives, portable electronics devices, and flash-based thumb drives, continues to grow rapidly.
The ?PD720200 device is a host controller for PCs and other digital devices, and is based on the new version of the SuperSpeed USB standard. Supporting the world's fastest USB transfer speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second (Gbps) of data, which is 10 times faster than previous USB 2.0 transfer speeds. The NEC Electronics device, as well as the standard, is fully backward compatible with the USB 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0 versions of the USB standard.


Answer:NEC Introduces World's First USB 3.0 Host Controller


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Software giant goes after Google
For the full story>>>>>>>>>>>

Answer:Microsoft introduces new search engine

they've also changed the MS home page to add this search option to it as well as thr MSN home page

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Intel Corp. Tuesday posted a statement on its web-site for hardware designers claiming that this October the firm would roll-out new revisions of its dual-core Intel Pentium D and Intel Pentium Extreme Edition microprocessors. The chipmaker remained tight-lipped over changes in the chips.

Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 and Intel Pentium D processors 840, 830, 820, will undergo a number of changes for the A0 to the B0 core processor stepping change, including CPUID change from F44 to F47. The B0 stepping is pin compatible with A0, but new S-Specs will be introduced for converting products.

Intel does not note any changes it will perform to the processors originally code-named Smithfield, but advises its customers to refer to electrical, mechanical, and thermal specifications (EMTS) of the new processors for specifications update, which may indicate that electrical and thermal specifications of the B0 chips may be at least slightly different compared to A0 central processing units (CPUs).

Intel’s first family of dual-core chips for desktops originally code-named Smithfield consists of Intel Pentium D 800-series as well as Intel Pentium Extreme Edition central processing units. Initial Intel Pentium D 800-series central processing units use 800MHz Quad Pumped Bus, integrate 2MB (1MB per core) L2 cache and utilize LGA775 form-factor. The dual-core desktop processors are made using 90nm process technology, each ... Read more

Answer:Intel Introduces a new Revision of the Pentium D

well i here the x2 chips are extremely buggy but ill admit they kill the intel dual core chips in da benchies but intell will get there heads out there asses and make a good chip soon u guyz have my word on that one with these new revisions they should be comin close to something good

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AMD introduces new low-power AMD Embedded G-series APUPress release, June 26; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 26 June 2012]
AMD has introduced the latest entry to the AMD Embedded G-series processor family with the AMD Embedded G-T16R accelerated processing unit (APU). The AMD G-T16R is targeted at very low power, small form factor and cost-sensitive embedded designs that require a combination of x86 compatibility and graphics. The optimized design of the AMD Embedded G-T16R sips power, with power consumption of just 2.3 watts on average or 4.5 watts thermal design power (TDP).

Read more at... AMD introduces new low-power AMD Embedded G-series APU

Answer:AMD introduces new low-power AMD Embedded G-series APU

AMD dropped out of the high-end due to fierce competition and running out of steam... it's even /fiercer/ at the low end...

You have to wonder if they have what it takes to be able to thrive at any level.

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We had seen the demo but now here it is. Bing introduces the first video
HomePage.If you have a browser like IE9 supporting HTML5
then - ?you now get all the beauty and intrigue of the Bing homepage with a
little breath of life added? .
Yes the Bing HomePage has life , its alive and it breaths.
The Bing Blog says - While this first video is US-only, we?ll begin
rolling the video homepage out to international markets in the next few months ?
so stay tuned. So if your location is not set to US , please set it to enjoy this beautiful
Homepage. or click here -
Source: Bing introduces video HomePage

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me diagnose to see what is causing this.

Answer:Asus T100 tablet random BSOD Windiws 8.1 32-bit

If you use Windows 8, (or) 8.1, post this thread on EightForums.

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I clicked through from the following link,
& am given the following error; 'Sorry, this app isn't available for your PC'.
Any ideas? I love the app on my 1020 - but would like to try using it on my T100 (and its external 24" monitor)

Answer:Just wondering why Movie Creator Beta is not available for my Asus T100 (UK)?

Probably because of the following. System requirementsLumia tabletsSurface tablets

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I have just started seeing all of these Windows 8.1 tablets that are being released with just 16GB of storage....and am wondering why my T100 (with 32GB of storage) has a Windows partition size of more than 22GB's?
Is there a way to download/install the new version of Windows 8.1 that fits onto these latest tablets? (I have previously used DigitalRiver to download Windows 7 .iso's ... I can't seem to find an equivalent website with the latest compact Windows 8.1 .iso files)
I really like the T100 - but the limited space is really frustrating! So I'm hoping you knowledgeable people will have the answer :)
Thank you

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I have just started seeing all of these Windows 8.1 tablets that are being released with just 16GB of system storage....and am wondering why my T100 (with 32GB of storage) has a Windows partition size of more than 22GB's?
Is there a way to download/install the new version of Windows 8.1 that fits onto these latest tablets?
I really like the T100 - but the limited space is really frustrating!
Thank you

Answer:How do I reduce the system partition size on my Asus T100?

There is a WIMBoot method that reduces usage significantly, but the instructions I've seen are for the Dell Venue 8 Pro, not the T100, although I'm not sure how different the two are.
You can remove the recovery partition, which takes up several GBs (dont do if you intend to do the WIMBoot procedure, might be a bit too advanced though, if its possible, it was a PITA for me) so I would do that as a quick and easy way.

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i have tried to go on to Skype and found that i can not get the webcam to work

Answer:How do I get the webcam to work on a Asus t100 Notebook 16gb?

It should be easy, something could be wrong though.
Can you use it using the Camera app?

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A few months ago Google launched a graphing functionality right in search to help students and math lovers plot functions in an easy, simple way. You?ll be able to do even more with the graphing calculator, which now supports 3D plotting as well. Just type any real two variable function into Google to see a dynamic, interactive, three dimensional plot.
Read: Graphing on - Now in 3D - Inside Search

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That sure would be nice to have.

For those among us who aren?t suffering from the economic destitution, NEC has unveiled a new display with an estimated street price of $7,999. Setting the price aside for a moment, the monitor is pretty impressive. I imagine it?d make for an awesome viewing experience ? as one might expect from a 43? 32:10 (2880x900) display.


More pictures here...

Answer:NEC introduces the extraordinarily wide CRV43 display

Hey Airbot, looks like most of us all went over to the Seven forums for this.....
This looks so cool



EDIT: Duh, you already found it......... Ignore me....

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Today, Microsoft launched its Cloud Guide for IT Leaders, an online digital resource for information technology and business leaders interested in cloud computing.
Learn more by visiting the Cloud Guide at

Answer:Microsoft introduces Cloud Guide for IT Leaders

Microsoft's push into cloud computing with MS Office 365 demonstrates their ability to use the cloud.

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GoogleCL is a command-line utility that provides access to various Google services. It streamlines tasks such as posting to a Blogger blog, adding events to Calendar, or editing documents on Google Docs.
It support the following Google services:
Blogger, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Picasa & Youtube Details | Download.
GoogleCL is a pure Python application that uses the Python gdata libraries to make Google Data API calls from the command line.

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Today?s build introduces ?Easy Setup?, which supersedes the previous ?Customize Start Page?. It is not only a refreshed and redesigned view, but it also provides access to a handy, all-in-one setup panel for new or seasoned users to configure Opera?s features.

There are also switches that help customize the way Opera looks including themes, wallpapers, whether sidebar is pinned, etc. In addition, the most commonly accessed and modified settings are included. As in the previous version, at the very end, you will find a link to full settings.

It?s worth mentioning that some of the configurations from ?Customize Start Page? are moved into Settings (Preferences on macOS) -> Browser -> Start page section. Items in the sidebar can be altered with context menu.

O-menu history improvements
Recently, we reorganized the O-menu to make it cleaner and more contextual. We also added list of recently closed tabs and windows in History menu item. Today?s build improves the way that list works.

The most notable change is that it is global. No matter from which window you will access the menu, it will contain the same list of tabs. This is especially useful when you know that you have closed a tab but can?t remember from which window.

Closed windows are now easier to spot. Closing the entire window with multiple ? or even only one ? tabs open will place all tabs as a single entry in the recently closed tabs page. For example, if you terminate... Read more

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I'm late to the party, but not by much. Version 13 of Sysinternal's Autoruns program now has the ability to submit startup files to VirusTotal.
Imagine being able to scan the most probable infected files on a PC against 57 or more anti virus programs in just a few minutes. I've cured a few systems in the last week with this setup.

Answer:SysInternals Autoruns introduces VirusTotal integration

There's still a lot of FP on VirusTotal. When you upload a file to VirusTotal, you match it against all the FP in the databases of the Antiviruses it uses, so I would still be extremely careful when relying on that method.

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SingularLabs has updated its optimization tool System Ninjato version 3.0 with the addition of a paid-for Pro version.
Both the free and Pro versions benefit from faster and more efficient junk scanning. In addition, the Startup Manager now uses an internal blacklist to highlight startup programs which should be removed.

The new System Ninja Pro version has been further optimized to minimize hassles and improve performance. There are no "offers" or advertising in the installer; new one-click optimization makes the program even easier to use, while command line switches allow you to automate specific operations.

System Ninja Pro also supports custom branding, while a new System Notes app allows you to enter notes for a particular PC, then recalls them automatically when you return at a later date.

System Ninja Pro is available to members of the SingularLabs "Pro Club". This costs $14.95 a year, but will allow you to install premium editions of other SingularLabs titles, and includes other benefits (enhanced documentation, private help desk, email support).

Still too expensive? We would tend to agree, but fortunately the free System Ninja is still available (and in a portable build, too). Go take a look.

Answer:System Ninja Free introduces Pro version

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When it comes to getting organized, has you covered. Starting today, we are releasing Advanced Rules and three other features, all to help you keep your inbox in top shape and make it even easier to see the email that matters to you.

The average person has 184 emails in their inbox, and receives 28 emails each day.* This can be a lot to handle, so helping you get to the email you care about is one of our top priorities. already has a number of features to help you do this. For example, Sweep (one of our most popular) helps you quickly delete multiple unwanted emails.

The following new features, which are rolling out today, build on our commitment to give your inbox new and better ways to do the heavy lifting and help you save time. introduces the most sophisticated rules in webmail | Office Blogs

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Windows 10 Build 10036 introduces updating via P2P

P2P, or peer-to-peer networking, is usually associated with grabbing illicit copies of movies and albums using BitTorrent (or, of course, those endless Linux distros everyone is downloading).

In Windows 10 Build 10036, however, Microsoft is embracing the technology as an efficient means of delivering software updates to users.

For many years now, using Windows Update to download updates and patches for your operating system has meant downloading files directly from Microsoft's servers.
This new method takes the strain off Microsoft and makes it possible to download some or all of the available updates from other computers.

For businesses running large networks, this could dramatically reduce bandwidth usage. It means that updates could be downloaded on one computer/just a few - and others could grab the updates over the network rather than from the internet
It's a feature that will be of interest to home users with multiple computers, particularly when the time comes to download large updates; there will be no need to suck up bandwidth multiple times.

The feature goes further than this, though.As well as introducing the option to download updates from networked computers it also makes it possible to download from other computers online. This is something that will pay off when a service pack or other large update is released. It is at times like this that Microsoft's servers come in for a real hammering... Read more

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Microsoft today via its blog post announced the launch of developer-friendly Windows Phone developer portal- Windows Phone Dev Center. The new portal would let the app designers offer their apps and get paid in return via PayPal and other payment options. Other noteworthy features include: Support for in-app purchasesBetter analytics and reportingpubCenter integration.
The reworked interface now provides quick access to the Dashboard which looks simple and clean, SDK tools and app submission.
I guess Microsoft has started favoring app developers more these days and therefore offering them new opportunities and channels to sell their apps.
For more information visit windows team blog -

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For many searches, there may be ?hidden context? which would improve our understanding of what you?re trying to do. Whether it?s picking which movie to see or figuring out which bus to take, a more personalized search experience can help you make decisions faster. Earlier this year, we started to take on the challenges of personalized search by looking at two key scenarios ? the first was tailoring results based on your physical location, and the second was designed to ?re-find? websites you had previously visited. Today, we?re taking another step forward with the roll-out of a new feature: Adaptive Search.

Read more.

Answer:Bing introduces Adaptive Search feature

I don't use Bing much but from what I noticed with Google they look at your browsing history and they take into consideration your history. I think the concept is similar with what Bing is referred to adaptive searching. Though I know Google didn't make a big deal out of it.

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I would like to make a backup, but AOMEI Backupper can't find the system partition, so I went to different forum and it seems that its not a AOMEI related problem, even with acronis true image.

the system is installed on a 32GB ssd

anyone else have this problem, do you have a backup utility that would work ?

I just want to make an full system backup (partitions included)


Answer:Aomei Backupper can't find system partition on my Asus T100

new user. cant find the replies. have same problem. thanks in advance

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I use T100 as daily driver but mostly for taking notes at school and reading pdf books. Since W10 the mobile office apps were supposed to be for free for 10" displays which T100 is. But it requires Office365 subscription even though I have active 365 subscription I received from my university. Is there some workaround or should I wait for fix as well as for fix with automatic Tablet mode?

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windows cannot boot because it hang at password prompt. Please help me how to boot using usb thumb drive

Answer:My asus T100 corrupted wondows 10 cannot work due to attack by virus.

1) Download Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft's website.
2) Get a USB drive and create a bootable USB using Windows 7 USB Tool.
3) Boot to USB using the key combination listed here.

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This new hybrid drive brings the speed of an SSD to a convenient eSATA flash storage device. By combining both eSATA and mini USB 2.0 ports into the same device it offers compatibility with virtually any computer. Take advantage of the lightning fast read speeds up to 100MB/sec in an eSATA port, or make avail of the USB interface in computers that lack an eSATA port. Pack 16GB or 32GB of data onto this drive and slip it into your pocket to take with you anywhere.
- eSATA and Mini USB 2.0 ports
- USB cable included
- Eyehole for attaching to a keychain or lanyard
- Read speeds up to 100MB/sec
- Write speeds up to 55MB/sec
- Both eSATA and Mini USB 2.0 ports
- USB cable included
. (USB cable is required in eSATA port, for power source)
- Fully compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1; both Mac and PC
- Supports Windows? 7 / Vista / XP / 98, Linux
- Hot plug-and-play
- No driver required for most operating systems
- Data retention: 10 years
- Dimensions: 3.1 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches (80 x 29 x 11 mm)
- Capacities: 16GB - 32GB
Check it out eSATA SSD USB Flash Drive | Active Media Products KeyDrive

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New Opera 50, features anti-Bitcoin mining tool, improvements in your VPN, save PDF and other improvements: New year, new browser. Opera 50 introduces anti-Bitcoin mining tool - Opera Desktop

Answer:Opera 50 introduces anti-Bitcoin mining tool.

Or you can use this: GitHub - keraf/NoCoin: No Coin is a tiny browser extension aiming to block coin miners such as Coinhive. and you don't need to install a chinese software.

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Opera 11 Beta Introduces Tab Stacking for Customized Grouping.

-- Tom

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In today's world privacy has become a premium and companies and governments are the ones in the hotseat thanks to Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks and others. People are searching out ways to avoid being tracked, a difficult task in this current society. AVG is the latest to offer a solution.

The security firm is announcing Crumble, a new extension for Chrome that promises you can "surf without surveillance". The app comes from the Innovation Labs and is still in beta at the moment, but users can start testing it out now.

It won't protect you from the NSA, but it will prevent the tracking of cookies. AVG claims "While this is not the first solution of its kind, we do think that our implementation makes Crumble the best solution against online cookie tracking".

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Answer:AVG introduces Crumble for Chrome, claims you can surf without surveillance

we , the AVG hall of famers had the pleassure a couple of days ago , to have a sneak preview on this! privacyfix also has this , so it beats me why they develloped this. the extension seems to work good in my case and does not slowdown webbrowsing. thanks for the share @Petrovic


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I'm keeping a close eye on the development of the Vivaldi browser as it shows some promise especially when compared to other Chromium-based browsers.

Vivaldi Technologies releases snapshot builds of the technical preview of the browser regularly which introduce new features more often than not.

While it lacks certain features, the pace of development and the introduction of new features is refreshing.

The two most recent builds of the web browser are not exceptions to the rule as they introduce a whole batch of new or improved features.

Probably the biggest of them all is the automatic update feature on Windows. While limited to Windows currently, it get rids of the manual update process on the operating system. Not only did you have to install the update manually, you also had to visit a website regularly to find out about a new release in first place.

An option to check for new updates manually has been added to the help menu of the browser which you open with a click on the V-icon in the interface.

The browser's tab stacking feature, similar to the way classic Opera introduced it a long time ago, has received an improvement as well.

Tab stacking enables you to create a stack out of multiple open tabs by dragging them on top of each other. This stack uses the same space as a single tab which makes it ideal for situations where the tab bar overflows with open... Read more

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source ( Avira Introduces SafeThings to Protect your Network's IOT Devices

As electronics manufacturers rush to develop new connected gadgets, invariably there is always one thing that falls short; security. We have seen time and time again that connected devices, even though fun and helpful, can have very serious security issues.

These issues could allow attackers to enlist your devices into performing DDOS attacks like Mirai and IoT_reaper, invade your privacy by connecting to your WiFi cameras, or brick your devices using BrickerBot.

To help with this Avira has just launched a new solution called SafeThings, which is a software solution targeted at ISPs and router manufacturers to help protect consumers from poorly secured IoT devices.

Avira wants to take over IoT security
The Avira's SafeThings solution is a software component that ISPs and router manufacturers can add to their CPE, or Customer-Premises Equipment, in order to monitor for abnormal behavior in IoT devices and block them if detected. This software is called SafeThings Sentinel and quietly runs in the background in order to discover devices, analyze packet headers, and enforce protection rules on the router.

The Sentinel software on the router would then transmit the gathered data back to Avira's SafeThings Protection Cloud, which uses AI to learn the normal activity of the devices on the network. If it detects any anomalies, it will transmit back instructions on ho... Read more

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Starting today, Hotmail and select partners are introducing a new type of interactive and dynamic email that runs on the Hotmail Active Views platform.
Read more: Hotmail introduces interactive email using Active Views

Answer:Hotmail introduces interactive email using Active Views

Thanks for this news

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HP Introduces Wireless PC Accessories to Enhance the Computing Experience
Industry?s first Wi-Fi mouse provides reliable connectivity without wires or external receivers
PALO ALTO, Calif., May 12, 2011
HP today announced a new lineup of wireless accessories equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and HP Link-5 technology to promote mobility and ease of use.
Products such as the company?s exclusive HP Wi-Fi? Mobile Mouse allow users to do more without the hassle of wires and with the assurance of extended battery life.
?HP offers its customers a wide variety of accessories that are simple to use with connectivity options to meet their unique needs,? said Scott Pappan, director, Accessories, Personal Systems Group, HP. ?For consumers who desire PCs that are light and small but offer fewer USB ports, or for those who use their PCs in multiple settings, options like Wi-Fi and Link-5 allow users to keep USB ports free for other devices.? HP Introduces Wireless PC Accessories to Enhance the Computing Experience

Answer:HP Introduces Wireless PC Accessories to Enhance the Computing Experience

Sounds interesting japp! Thanks for the heads up

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Panda introduces cloud-based free antivirus and although it's beta right now, it's going to stay free once RTM version releases. - On-the-fly realtime antivirus for FREE... but is it better or going to be better than AVIRA or AVAST? After all, panda is a well known antivirus company and panda software seems to do well, but ....

Answer:Panda introduces cloud-based free antivirus

Now let me get this.If I have a cloud computer;1. I do not need applications, thee are in the cloud.2. I do not store date on my local machine, it is in the cloud.3. My OS could be just embedded XP.4. There is no place on my PC where a virus could live.5. So they will not charge me anything...          for scanning a machine  ...            that could not have anything!                       

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Toshiba America announced yesterday that it will be adding two models to its line of 2.5-inch, 5,400rpm hard drives for use in mobile PCs, all-in-ones, set-top boxes, and similar units.
The MK7559GSXP will have a capacity of 750GB, and is a standard 9.5mm, two-platter design. It has an areal density of 541.4Gb per square inch (GB/in2), which Toshiba says is the industry's highest; 8MB of buffer memory; and an estimated average seek time of 12ms. The MKxx59GSM series will also have an 8MB buffer, but its areal density of 482 GB/in2 will result in a slightly larger size (12.5mm) to accommodate its 750GB and 1TB storage capacities.
Both drives use Toshiba's "silent seek" technology and energy efficiency techniques to keep the drives both quiet and cheap to run. In addition, the two drives use the Advanced Sector Format technology that is rapidly being introduced into hard drives at all levels of manufacturer. The method uses 4KB per sector rather than the traditional size of only 512 bytes.
Toshiba expects the MKxx59GSM series and MK7559GSXP drives to ship to PC manufacturers and distributors within the next few months.
more info: Toshiba Breaks Terabyte Barrier with 2.5-inch Drive - Reviews by PC Magazine Toshiba introduces 1TB 12.5mm and 750GB 9.5mm 2.5-inch laptop hard drives | Laptops and Desktops |

Answer:Toshiba introduces 1TB 12.5mm and 750GB 9.5mm 2.5-inch laptop hard drives

This is an interesting information on Toshiba devices

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Available in both 13.3-inch and 15-inch, this powerful and versatile PC offers an embedded S Pen, a 360-degree touchscreen display, fast charging capabilities, an exceptional digital canvas for writing and drawing with Windows Ink, and the option to login quickly and securely with facial recognition using Windows Hello.

Built-in S Pen
The Notebook 9 Pro has a built-in S Pen to allow for a precise and natural experience. With a 0.7mm tip, it can detect more than 4,000 levels of pressure. The S Pen, combined with the touchscreen, allows you to draw in the Photos app or add notes to your map with Windows Ink, or highlight and markup webpages in Microsoft Edge,

Immersive display
With a 360-degree touchscreen display, this PC has incredible viewing angles and can be rotated to use in both notebook and tablet mode with ease; your apps will scale smoothly for easy navigation with Tablet Mode in Windows 10. The Notebook 9 Pro also has one of the most premium viewing experiences with a Full-HD touch screen equipped with RealView Display. It delivers professional grade color accuracy and brightness to enjoy immersive photography, movies and graphics at their best. The wide viewing angle on the Notebook 9 Pro provides viewing clarity for up to 178 degrees for clear pictures and text from any angle.

Powerful, ultra-fast performance
Driven by an ultra-fast 7th Generation Intel® Core i7 processor, the sleek Notebook 9 Pro makes it possible to work, create, and browse all at onc... Read more

Answer:Computex 2017: Samsung introduces the new Notebook 9 Pro powered by Windows 10

Not into buying pre-fab machines, but I have to admit this looks good

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