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Toshiba Notebook infection & Toshiba Registration issue

Question: Toshiba Notebook infection & Toshiba Registration issue

Notebook information: Toshiba Satellite L505-S5990, Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit

About a month ago I was on my notebook browsing clipart on when a window popped up in the lower right corner (taskbar). The only anti-virus I was using was Windows Defender and running IOBit360.

I will tell you what I remember. The window borders in the pop up were red, it presented itself as a Microsoft Windows product and it stated I was infected with a virus. There were 2 or 3 buttons to click and I clicked one of them which prompted me to buy the product, I did not do this. I closed the window, again and again, and downloaded several anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware free programs in addition to system optimization software. Several threats were found and removed (unfortunately I do not have the logs for these events) but the startup was getting slower and slower and I believe my settings were being hijacked. Over the last several weeks, I did a little amateur investigation to see what was running in the task manager. I came across a process that I was not familiar with and that I had not seen previously, taisregistpinger.exe. I performed about a half dozen factory restores which only seemed to make things worse until on 3/12/2011 after the last factory restore on the original factory hard drive, the desktop was now a blue screen with big bold red font that read: WARNING, your computer is now infected with malware/spyware (I can't remember). It had a couple more paragraphs that I did not read. After weeks of headaches and frustration I purchased a new hard rive.

On 3/8/11 I installed the new hard drive and ran the recovery media DVD's. All went well and I proceeded to download Avir Anti-Virus, SuperAntispyware, Advanced System Care, IOBit360, Malwarebytes, and CCleaner. Then I moved on to download the 67 Windows Updates. The first set downloaded and installed fine with a prompt to restart which I did. Then I went back to Windows Updates to check for additional updates which there was a single download. It was downloaded, installed and restarted with no problems. I went back to Windows Update again to check for more updates again and there was another individual update. I downloaded and installed it. This download did not have a restart prompt but I did anyway. Upon start up, an Internet Explorer Toshiba Registration window popped up indicating that it could connect to the internet.

Here's the problem with this window. This window is not the same as the real/original Toshiba Registration window as when I opened the brand new laptop and registered it for the first time in 2009. I located this "file" in Start; All Programs; My Toshiba; Toshiba Registration. When I open it, I see 3 Icons that do not seem to fit with the other legit Toshiba icons. I will get to the outcome of this in a minute.

After that window popped up, I left it there (didn't click anywhere on it), I ran a scan with IOBit360 which detected and removed: Trojan.Win32/BHO, Registry Key, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\kt_bho.KettleBho, 4-19974. I was still not comfortable that either of these issues were taken care of. So, last night I contacted Microsoft to get assistance with the window and the Trojan. At the beginning of the call I could not log into our home network to access the internet. He directed me to go Internet Properties, Connection, click LAN Settings, uncheck Automatic Detection settings, check Use Proxy server, Click OK, then to Advanced tab and Reset. I was then able to access the network and get the internet. The Microsoft representative did his thing with remote access, ran a scan which did not detect any viruses, spyware or malware but fixed 2 registry issues. Then he scanned my notebook again which came up clean. He confirmed that my system was free of viruses but I voiced my concern regarding the window. He had me work on the system while he watched remotely to see if the incidence would occur again. I proceeded to go to Start, All Programs, My Toshiba, and Toshiba Registration. When I clicked on Toshiba Registration nothing would happen. After several attempts I pointed this out to the Microsoft rep. He then took over my system and after a couple minutes he informed me that he would need to put me on hold for 2-3 minutes. When he returned he informed me that there is in fact an issue with the Toshiba Registration and instructed me to contact Toshiba Technical Support.

I called Tech. Support and spoke with a woman who informed me that the only way to fix this problem is to perform a Factory Restore. I expressed my concern with this and why (as stated above). She then told me she could refer me to Norton or McAffee. I declined the referral and again expressed my concern about the restore and the call ended. Needless to say, I doubt Toshiba will be helping me much.

Anyway, I performed the restore with the recovery DVD's. My system started up fine. I first downloaded AVG then continued to locate the Toshiba Registration issue which is still present. Then I proceeded to download the 69 or so Windows Updates. Not all were installed, some had failed and I had to recheck for updates and reinstall the rest. All updates were eventually installed with no incidence along with the Windows 7 SP1.

When this was all finished I downloaded AdvancedSystem Care and IOBit360. I ran IOBit360 which detected and removed:
Trojan.Win32/BHO, Registry Key, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\kt_bho.KettleBho, 4-19974.

I have cleaned my system with the IOBit PC Tuneup, CCleaner, and defragged with Windows. My system is running ok but I do not feel secure using it for anything sensitive. I want to make sure that all viruses are removed and get rid of this Toshiba Registration issue once and for all. I hope this information is useful and not overkill. There may be some details that I have not remembered but please keep in mind that I have been struggling with this for about 4 weeks now. I have logs from the scans performed on the new hard drive on 3/8/11 and 3/9/11.

Please let me know if you need anything else and I will answer any questions quickly.\
Thank you so much for your help!!

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Preferred Solution: Toshiba Notebook infection & Toshiba Registration issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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everytime I open my laptop it shows "Toshiba notebook registration reminder has stopped working"

How can I fix that?

Answer:Toshiba notebook registration reminder has stopped working


Do you need the registration reminder? I don?t think so if you have already registered your notebook?

Easiest way is you disable the program from start up? Navigate to start > run > msconfig and select start up tab. Then search for registration reminder and uncheck the box.

Afte restarting the computer it shouldn?t appear anymore. Can you confirm this?

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Hi everybody,

the registration software starts in autostart modus after launching the computer.
But it fails everytime. I could'nt find an uninstall programm or the software by itself to change the autostart settings.
Does anybody has a tip what I have to do to switch of this constant program?

Thx in advance

Answer:Toshiba Notebook Registration software doesn't work

Run msconfig to view what is starting up, you should be able to disable it in the Boot Items.

Be careful what you disable though, you should do a System Restore backup first.

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I am getting above error when starting a session. related to toshibareminder.exe which is not present in the tasks manager.

Windows 7

Answer:Qosmio X500-10Q - Toshiba Notebook Registration Reminder stopped working


I presume you have already registered your notebook. Are you?
So this reminder is not so important and I recommend you to remove it from the system.
I have done the same on my Qosmio x300.

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The TsuRuWin.exe tool that we use to configure BIOS passwods on our R940's and Z40-A laptops doesn't seem to work on the Z40-C. When we run it on the Z40-C we just get the error 'Could not get System Information!' Has this tool been superceded by something else?

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I follow the procedure for Toshiba registration and done all the necesary steps to register my notebook.
After sucessful registration Toshiba notification is stil in "trey" bar (taskbar). How do i remove it?

If i click rigt mouse button disable registration reminder is grey (no function) and i can't click it.

Answer:How to remove Toshiba registration from taskbar after sucessful registration

What you can do is to disable the Toshiba registration tool using the ?MSCONFIG?.
Choose the last tab called ?Startup? and uncheck the service which starts and loads the Toshiba registration tool at the beginning.
Then you have to reboot the unit to refresh the settings.

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My Toshiba Satellite 1900-303 notebook shuts itself down after a few minutes of running and then won't start up again for another few minutes, and the fan is much quieter than usual. There is no fan setting in the bios menu, and I have set the cooling method in the Toshiba Power Management tool to maximum performance (at the opposite end of the scale to minimum noise.)

Can anyone suggest why this problem is occuring and how to solve it??

Answer:Overheating issue with Toshiba notebook

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I registered my laptop when I first got it, but since then I still get a message from toshiba about registering my laptop- how do I remove this little pre-installed program?


Answer:How to remove Toshiba registration application?

Remove it like every other preinstalled application ? Control Panel ? Programs and Features. There you should find it. Mark it and go to Uninstall.

By the way: I hope you have registered your notebook.

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I write in french because it's more easy for me Excuse me !

Here I try a translation but many mistakes I think !

When I put my computer Qosmio F60-10J on the way, I have recently an indicating message " Toshiba Notebook Registration Reminder stopped working "

On a forum to I was told that I could uninstall without risk the program toshibareminder.exe
But this one does not appears in the list of the programs which displays into the trap of configuration Windows 7.

I find this program by the explorer Windows with indication Programmes Files/Toshiba/Registration but no visible file(case) Registration!

What do I have to make to avoid having this message in every putting into service of my Qosmio?

Please write to me by mail

+Message was edited - non English content has been removed+

Answer:Toshiba Registration Reminder on Qosmio F60-10J


I guess the toshibareminder.exe is placed in AutoStart folder or in Startup tab of msconfig.

To check this type msconfig in RUN
Then MSCONFIG window would appear and here you have to choose StartUp tab
There you will find different application which would be started while booting up the system.
Search for toshibareminder.exe and uncheck this file.
Apply the changes and reboot the notebook.

This should disable the Toshiba Registration Reminder

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I have registered my notebook warranty. Subsequently, I have done a full system recovery so the Toshiba Registration Icon/program is back.

How do I uninstall this program? It won't let me register twice. Normally I find what I need in add/remove programs, but not this time.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:How to uninstall Toshiba warranty registration


I have also removed the warranty register reminder and it?s definitively listed in Add/remove programs of Windows.

Please check this again. It should be start with ?TOSHIBA?? or ?Warranty ??.

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After I completely reinstalled my notebook with the recovery CD the Toshiba notifications program (icon in right lower corner) dont work anymore cause it asks me to register and when I do it says I already registerd BUT I cant use it again and it keeps showing after every start up.

What can I do in order to work for it again?

Answer:Need help with Toshiba registration after recovery install

I have the same problem! So help us please.<br />
<br />
I suspect that this is reason that my TEMPO messages are not working. See this thread <a href="" target="_newWindow" class="jive-link-external"></a>

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daughter gave me Toshiba tablet,How do I go about changing the registration on it?

Answer:Transfer registration to new owner on Toshiba tablet

Call Toshiba support...

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I registered my Portege laptop some time ago. Nevertheless the toshiba registration reminder keeps popping up at each startup of the computer and trying to find a solution.

How can I switch off this reminder?

The registration reminder program is not in the program startup list so I don't know where to find it.

many thanks!

Answer:Toshiba registration reminder keeps popping up at startup


You can disable the Toshiba registration tool using msconfig. Just navigate to start > run > msconfig. Choose the last tab called ?startup? and check the listed services. You should find a service that starts Toshiba registration tool after Windows started. Just uncheck this and restart your unit.

Now the Toshiba registration shouldn?t start anymore. :)

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I have totally reinstalled my notebook.

Now in the "begruesungscenter" ,sorry I don't know the right English expression and the Toshiba notifications program says I?ve to register my notebook on the Toshiba site.

But I have already registered my notebook, is it possible to do this again? Or to change an entry in the registry, that the notebook is registered?

Answer:Problem with Toshiba Product Registration after reinstall

Hello Stephan

Sorry but described issue is not problem and the subject of this thread is really wrong. What you use is recovery image. This recovery image is actually ?factory settings?. It is logic that every time after clean operating installation the same procedure will starts.

What you must do is to interrupt this registrations procedure and finish OS setup. If your notebook is already registered you must not do this again and again. I recommend you to disable this registration from automatic startup (msconfig) or check if you can remove it from the system.


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Hi all

In my laptop the Toshiba vista registration component config.exe program doesn't work.

Please help me? How can I make it Work?

Answer:Question about Toshiba vista registration - Satellite A200-1CR


You have received the Toshiba recovery CD with your nice Sat A200.
I would recommend setting the notebook back to the factory settings and after the new OS installation check if the Toshiba vista registration tool will run correctly.

In other case you can visit the Toshiba Europe site and could register your notebook on the Toshiba website!

Good luck

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Every once in a while, upon booting up my Windows 8 laptop or waking it from sleep mode, I get this annoying "Register Now For Farmville 2" pop-up notice. How do I turn off this notification in Windows 8 so that I never see it again?


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Apologies had connection drop-out
Ref. installing XP on 7 to dual boot.
After having read most of the relevant info on various forums, sites and
magazines, I feel I have a rough idea what to do so set about trying,
"trying" becoming the operative.
I have a new Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 notebook pre-installed with 7 Pro
and would like to instal XP Pro.
The attempt to instal by booting from the disc failed after loading the
files, drivers and controllers with an error reporting loading "setup" was
stopped to prevent damage to computer.
After trying this a number of times with same result, I tried installing in
7 which resulted in an incompatability error that XP could not be loaded
because it was older than 7.
Error - It appears that Microsoft, or something, has installed a blocker to prevent earlier versions being installed.
Problem event name - ApphelpHardBlock
Problem signature 01 - (8of 1s-4of 1s-4of 1s-4of 1s-12of 1s)
Problem signature 02 - (29971a54-0501-40ed-b688-d44a8e74d92)
O.S. version - 6.1.7600.
Locale - 3081
These two errors appear to be linked.
Anyone any thoughts how to get around this block?
Thanks and cheers,
Stuart M.

Answer:XP on 7 on Toshiba notebook

From what I can see that problem is related to
Norton Symantec antivirus and a heuristics driver I think.
(ie: compatability issue between a version of Windows and the AV)

Try completely removing the Norton Antivirus using Norton removal tool
and then try again.

Good luck

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Question: Toshiba Notebook

Toshiba a good brand for laptops? This one looks pretty nice. Has 2 H.D.'s, 2 gig of ram.

Laptop Computers - Satellite X205-S9349

Answer:Toshiba Notebook

its Good however, why to run after BRAND, while internal components are same everywhere

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I bought my toshiba notebook satellite M45 around january of last year. So its been about a year and a half. My warranty was only a year. After the year has passed by, lots of problems started occurring to my notebook. The side of the screen show colors that seem to be faded. So the middle of the screen and the sides would show different shades of that color.

The other problem that suddenly occurred very frequently is starting up. During start up, it would show the toshiba logo (with the side of the screens being light black), then after that....the screen would become all black (seems like the notebook is still on, but the screen has turned off)...after a few tries of turning it off and on but pushing the on/off would actually startup. When it does startup...after the logo screen...the side of the screen would stay a light black color. That is how i know it would continue to start up to the windows screen....But it takes a lot of tries of turning off/on for it to actually start up!!

This is very frustrating, and i dont know what to do with this problem. Hopefully someone here knows what to do, i dont want to lose everything on my computer.

thanks for the help guys...

Answer:help with my toshiba notebook

sounds like a video issue try replacing the graphics card? however does it startup every time on AC power or no ?

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Question: Toshiba Notebook

My daughter - acting against my advise - went and bought a notebook computer from a large store yesterday.I wanted her to think of all the options first but.. you know what daShe paid quite a bit for itAnyone conversant with TOSHIBA SATELLITE NOTEBOOK P10 124 PM 725?

Answer:Toshiba Notebook

Decent machine - probably as good value in PCWorld as anywhere...

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My grandson has just clicked on the XP pro 2010 virus as it was asking him to update (he didn't realise it was a virus)anyway we have done system restore and took it back a week but it won't load the home page and just freezes.

Its a notebook with no external drive and so cannot put a recovery disc in even if i had one. it wont let me do anything
because i cannot get on to the internet to download any programmes to fix it.

Anyone with any help or suggestions please.

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A week ago my Toshiba A-15 laptop (Windows XP Home) suddenly stopped working. When I turn it on it looks like it going to load (showing the windows xp logo) but then it goes black and starts up again. It never fully boots up. I tried running the recovery disc that came with my computer but there was no change. The disc attempted to reformat the computer but then restarted as before.

Do you have any help or suggestions? TIA

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i recently upgraded a toshiba lap/notebook and i cant get sound out the of the onboard speakers, i know my way round vista and i fix and repair pc's/laptops but this one has got me puzzeled im sure it is a setting i have overlooked because i had the same problem when i reinstalled xp on the same lap/notebook last year and i did solve the problem but i cant remeber how it was fixed

i would apreciate any advice on resolving this issue all views are welcome

thanks in advance ,

Answer:toshiba lap/notebook no sound

Welcome to TSF . Can you tell us what upgrades you made and the system specs? Since you fix computers I'm sure your checked that nothing is muted. Do you have any external speakers you can hook up and see if the sound card is putting out?

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My girlfriend's been having some troubles with her notebook's dvd-rom detecting newer dvds, and I think updating the drivers might help out a bit.

I've looked all over and can't find anything. Even didn't have what I'm looking for, so I'm thinking that the savvy folks here at MG might be able to assist in my quest.

I'm looking for drivers for the Toshiba SD-R2412 DVD/CDRW combo that are as recent as possible, and at least date after July 1st 2001.

Any help would be highly appreciated because I like to watch dvds on her laptop while I'm falling asleep.

P.S. This is Gottheit.

Answer:Toshiba notebook DVD-ROM/CD-RW drivers

Lucy said:

My girlfriend's been having some troubles with her notebook's dvd-rom detecting newer dvds, and I think updating the drivers might help out a bit.

I've looked all over and can't find anything. Even didn't have what I'm looking for, so I'm thinking that the savvy folks here at MG might be able to assist in my quest.

I'm looking for drivers for the Toshiba SD-R2412 DVD/CDRW combo that are as recent as possible, and at least date after July 1st 2001.

Any help would be highly appreciated because I like to watch dvds on her laptop while I'm falling asleep.

P.S. This is Gottheit. Click to expand...

What OS are you running? For 2K&XP you should not need any drivers. Perhaps you problem is really with the software you are using to play back DVDs.

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Greetings Fellow Geeks,

I am not sure WHERE this should be posted, but I "suspect" it's in this forum...

My brother is visiting me and brought his Compaq Presario laptop to see if I could fix the DVD-ROM. (I can clean it with my CyberClean CD, the computer can see it, but when I attempt to open it & use it, I get an error telling me that drive E is not accessible; the device is not ready.") He HAS used it before, it is a legacy drive, and I tried removing it from the device manager. It was re-installed upon reboot, but will not read any other medium. (I've tried several.) My only chance would be to find the correct driver, download to floppy, and install on his laptop, right? I have searched everywhere, including this forum and Kodo's suggested driver page, but I could have overlooked something.

Any ideas? The specs follow.

My heart felt thank you,


Specs on laptop:
Compaq Presario 12XL125
Lucent 56K V.90 PCI DF modem
Windows 98 SE
AMD-K6(tm)- Pentium 3 Processor
Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-C2302

Answer:Toshiba DVD-ROM in Presario Notebook?

You might look for a firmware update, too.

What's firmware? It's what the drivers talk to:
Application <--> Driver <--> Firmware <--> Media

It also might be a dead drive, as sad as that is. Most mechanical products have a 10,000 hour mean time before failure. So if the drive is more than two years old in a machine that is mostly always on, it might have worn out through use. --- Although a quick Google says it has a 60,000 hr MTBF.

Do you have the most updated chipset drivers installed?
Have you tried enabling/disabling DMA on that drive?
Are you trying to use media burned with a UDF packet writed (InCD or DirectCD)?

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I have an older Toshiba T4200 that I use occassionally. Although the USB port is only 1.1 I use the USB port to connect a USB mouse and it works well.

I recently started using an external USB 2.5" hard drive that is powered via the USB port and it works well with my other (newer) PCs. However when I connected this external USB h.d. to the T4200 it looks like it blew the power to the USB port.

Now the USB mouse won't light up or work when it is connected. The USB drive still works OK on my other PCs. Other than the USB port not getting power the T4200 works fine.

So what happened to the T4200 and how can I fix it. I'm hoping there is a fuse or fusable link I can repair that powers the USB port.

Answer:Toshiba Notebook USB Power

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My son's toshiba notebook won't boot up..the page where it ask you if u want windows in safe mode, promt  mode , or start nrmally comes up.  you can move up and down to select but when u hit enter. the same page comes back on again.  please help, all his school is in the hardrive.

Answer:my toshiba notebook won't boot up

Is it a recent problem? Any recent hardware/software changes?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Notebook model #P15-S479 that I've had for less than 2 years (purchased on 02/06/04) that I bought at Circuit City. Luckily I got the 2 year service agreement with it. Since then, I've had to send it in to be repaired twice: once to get the HD replaced because it crashed, and the second time to get the CD/DVD rom replaced because it stopped working. Just yesterday, the hard drive failed again so I am facing another 10 without the computer (I use it for work). I have a feeling they are just going to replace the HD again, and my service agreement is up in Feb of 06. Could there be something about the notebook that keeps making the HD fail? After Feb, if it fails again... I'm SOL. Any ideas? Should I push for a replacement notebook?

Thanks for your input.

Answer:toshiba notebook hd crash (again!)

nickflac said:

I have a Toshiba Satellite Notebook model #P15-S479 that I've had for less than 2 years (purchased on 02/06/04) that I bought at Circuit City. Luckily I got the 2 year service agreement with it. Since then, I've had to send it in to be repaired twice: once to get the HD replaced because it crashed, and the second time to get the CD/DVD rom replaced because it stopped working. Just yesterday, the hard drive failed again so I am facing another 10 without the computer (I use it for work). I have a feeling they are just going to replace the HD again, and my service agreement is up in Feb of 06. Could there be something about the notebook that keeps making the HD fail? After Feb, if it fails again... I'm SOL. Any ideas? Should I push for a replacement notebook?

Thanks for your input.Click to expand...

i doubt if they will replace it....can u buy another extended service agreement

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hey everyone,
I have a Toshiba Portege laptop with windows vista enterprise on it. it was designed for xp but had vista on it when i got it. the problem is that vista is now past its activation period i guess. i do not want to buy a new cd key for vista because it makes my computer run slow anyways, i want to install xp that i have on it. the laptop itself does not have a cd or dvd drive. i have an external sony drx-720ul drive but i cant install because i cannot get the computer to boot from disk or even get into its bios.. and i can only acces the internet and nothing else.. cant go to mycomputer and get the setup to run.. any ideas? ask any other questions that you might have.

thanks alot,

Answer:XP instal help on Toshiba notebook

ok, i figured out a way to get the cd to boot while the comp is on but it doesnt let me install xp because the vista copy on it is obviously newer. what can i do to let it install?

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Hello someone, help!
I received an Ipod 20MG and we are trying to install on hubbies notebook. The notebook keeps shutting off in the middle of an operation, sometimes right at boot up. I thought that I had installed the orangelink product fine, apparently not! In the start up instructions for the orangelink, it mentions to confirm that the PC Card slot is 32 bit CardBus compliant. (He had a 16 bit card in the PC card slot so that his INTERNET connection worked in the field.) In the Toshiba manual it talks about removing the PC card and directs us to go to Control Panel and dble click the PC Card Properties... there isn't one on his notebook. So we just took it out, unfortunately we read that after it said not to do that! So up until that we thought we knew what we were doing (before it started to shut down by itself), we got as far as importing a track from a CD till it was almost at 3 seconds left to go then it would just shut down! Could someone please help me, this is my husbands computer (mine isn't powerful enough) and it is needed for work, I would hate to see it crash on him in the middle of a sentence! thanks in advance for any help

Answer:Toshiba notebook and OrangeLink

i'm sure you've already probably though about this, but does the battery have plenty of life? and what are the stats on your hubbies laptop? cpu, ram, os, etc...

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Hi, this question is for my grandson - he has a Toshiba notebook XP and everytime he logs on to his account it freezes when loading icons etc. the guest account works reasonably well.

This started when his cousin downloaded the new windows msn 8 and thats when the freezing happened, tried to delete the new program from the add and remove but it says it cannot do this (no idea why)

We have tried to disable his own account but it wont accept his administrators password. which makes it impossible to change anything as it tells us we need the permission of the adminstrator

His father did a system restore taking it back to before the installation of the new msn and that just made things worse.

This is a notebook through his school and we are still paying for it.

Answer:XP Toshiba notebook - HELP needed please.

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Am using win vista on my Toshiba notebook. When my computer is about to booth to desktop. I get a black screen and a pop up which says: autoit unable to open script. What can l do, since l cant access desktop even in safe mode?

Answer:Am using win vista on my Toshiba notebook. Wh

"autoit unable to open script"are you sure that that is the EXACT message?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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My mothers notebook stopped working while she was away for a week. When she returned it would not boot up. A tech guy said it was her hard drive so I replaced it and it still is not booting up. When I turn it on I hear a low sound for a few seconds and then nothing. I put the Toshiba recovery disk in the Dvd drive and it powers up, but nothing happens. Thanks for your help. Here are the specs:

Operating System
• Genuine Windows Vista™ Home Premium(32-bit version)
Processor and Chipset3
• Intel® Pentium® dual-core processor T2130
o 1.83GHz, 1MB L2, 533MHz FSB
• Mobile Intel® 943GML Express Chipset

Answer:Toshiba Notebook not booting up

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Hi guys

I have SP6000 Toshiba Notebook and in the tools CD of notebook has the software for bluetooth which I did install . But when I click after I open manager tools for start , it says (The bluetooth is not turn on ) and in the left side of notebook I did check and is on .
what is the problem , do I have internal bluetooth ? if not why there is software and instruction from Manual .

please inform me .


Answer:Looking for bluetooth in notebook toshiba

Sometimes Toshibas (and other brands) put together a CD for more than one type of PC and in fact your exact make and model may be able to support bluetooth but just not have the bluetooth chip installed. The easiest way to find out is to look in your device manager and see if you have an icon that looks like a blue oval with white lines in it ( see the icon on the top right of this page - ) usually if you have bluetooth installed from the factory there will be a button with the same symbol on it somewhere and usually has an obnoxious blue LED as well.

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My Toshiba Notebook is not responding. I cut it on and all I get is a black screen with a blinking cursor. I want to know if i can reboot it manually or must I get professional help.
Thank you in advance

Answer:My Toshiba notebook is not coming on, HELP PLEASE!!

hold power button for 5 seconds to force shutdown, take batary and power cable out then put back in and turn on.

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Hi, can anyone please tell me where i can find the drivers for a Toshiba Satellite Pro Notebook?Windows 2k is not auto detecting the drivers, and i do not have the driver disk for the Notebook.Any help appreciatedThanks

Answer:Toshiba Notebook Drivers - Win 2K

click herethis may help...

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The old Hdd is crashed. I have buy a new Hdd ( identically with the original ). I I have replaced. The problen is that in BIOS apperas the following option which can not be modified : Hard Disk Mode = Not Used. Also if I put the old Hdd again it will be detected.When I replaced the Hdd I have get out the batery, also the power cord and waiting for 45-60 minutes, maybe the Bios is will be resetted, but nothing happend. Also I have look if I have near the battery conector some jupers for reset the Bios but there is nothing like this.Please help me! What I have to do to detect the new Hdd ?

Answer:Not detect the new Hdd on Notebook Toshiba...

The drive should be detected automatically,"I have buy a new Hdd ( identically with the original )"Is the drive the same make and size (Mb)? if you have fitted a larger size drive the old BIOS may not recognise it,

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As anyone got Toshibas notebook insurance, if anyone as would they please give a full description of what it covers. My main concern is theft/mugging.Thanks

Answer:Toshiba Notebook Insurance

click here

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How can I know if my toshiba is brand new or used?

Answer:Is my Toshiba Satellite L notebook new or used?

by checking if it came in the box sealed?
if not then its probably been used once there is no other way of checking rly.

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I have got Toshiba Notebook Satellite A10 Pro with Windows XP Pro and Service Pack1. From Control Panel's Device Manager, it shows the drive as Toshiab DVD-ROM SD-R2412. It writes fine to CD-R media. When I try to wirte to CD-RW media through Drag&Drop CD+DVD software/program, it gives the following error message, "The RW Disc was not erased. Code:011-02-1043." From Windows Explorer, it does not offers any option to Format or Erase the drive/media. I shall greatly appreciate any help in solving this problem.

Answer:Problems with my DVD-ROM drive in Toshiba Notebook.

hmmm... no clue.. try using inCD.. i use it and it rocks

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I am running Windows XP Home edition on my desktop. I have installed a D-Link 604+ DSL/router., connected by Ethernet to the desktop. All works fine and Internet access is good. When I try to connect my Tosh via wireless I have the following problem (which D-Link themselves cannot solve):

The IP address of the D-Link is

If I set the Tosh to automatically pick up an IP address it picks one up one starting 169, and no connection can be made.

I can force the Tosh to connect by giving an address of This allows me to connect to the desktop, share files etc. BUT I cannot access the internet from the Tosh, but I can ping external sites successfully from the Tosh.

Something sems to be not translating web adresses into IP adresses. I have tried to tell the Tosh to use some DNS servers but still won't work. Have downloaded latest drivers for DLink and my Tosh wireless software is current.

There was something similar to this earlier this year, but I have tried everything suggested to no avail. Could I have a corrupt version of Interent Explorer?

Answer:Toshiba Notebook and wireless network

I had the same problem with my turned out my cable modem wasn't plugged into my router might want to check that. Sometimes my modem spontaneusly turns itself off.

You also might want to try Net Stumbler...there might be more than one WLAN network in your area. If there is, double click on the WLAN icon on your taskbar (when the connection is closed) and it will come up with a mist of available networks, but since you can connect to your desktop, this doesn't appear to be the problem.

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Hi guys,

is it ok to use my win 7 disc of my tosh, and put it in my other Vista notebook?

Answer:Can I use Toshiba Win7 disc with other notebook?

Original Win7 recovery disc is designed for certain notebook model and contains drivers for certain hardware platform so it cannot be used on another notebook model.

Try it, you cannot damage anything. Just to see what will happen.

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Well Vista was running, but i had to format due to so many problems and viruses and spyware , interest wouldnt work, ect ect.So i Formatted, Kept getting a BOOTMGR file is missing error.Finally, got my Flash Drive bootable, with a Vista ISO image on it.Now i can boot off the Flash Drive, load up the setup and installation.When choosing which partition to install to, theres like a 214 gig free partition and a smaller 10 gig or so partition.I have tried installing the Vista on both Partitions, but it seems to just always hang on the Completely Installation final phase.I don't get whats wrong or what to do...I can get into Command Prompt so maybe i have to REFORMAT the drive that way? and maybe play around with Disk Part.But can anyone here help me with some of the popular basic commands So i can Try wiping all partitions, and just CREATE ONE main partition, and then format that, then reboot, boot off flash drive and reinstall Vista on the One main partition that i create?Thats what i think the problem is...This computer had like multiple partitions and i dont thikn i wiped or formatted them properly to begin with.So MY NEXT problem is.... Sometimes the installation will progress, and the computer will just REBOOT... well when it reboots it just loads back up and boots off the flash drive and goes right back to the installation setup screen.. so im forced to just continually keep re looping everything over and over getting no where.....And once in a While it will reboot and just... Read more

Answer:I can't install Vista on a Toshiba notebook

The easiest way may have been to use the recovery partition that you are intent on deleting.

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Hello everybody.
I need some tips or some answers, if you will be so kind.
First of all English is not my 1st language, so here goes nothing.
I just replaced a HDD for my Toshiba Tecra A3.
I installed Windows XP Home Edition.
Good. All worked fine. The next day i started my laptop, passed the XP logo, antivirus, wireless network all fine. Then it shuts down. I start it again. Same thing. After 5 times it works. And every day i must make so. I start the laptop, it shuts down, i start it again....5 times the ON button and then the laptop works.

Can you give me some advice ? i searched google but it always said it is the cooler. The cooler is clean, no dust..
Thank You

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cleaned dust from an overheating Satellite 1905-S301 and
removedthe heatsink to do it. Now, I find the CPU or part of it (I'm no whiz)is attached very well (glued or something) to the CPU - it has an array of pins on it.
Will the heatsink/cpu just slide back down into the pin receivers if positioned correctly OR does the locking screw on the bottom socket need to be opened first - and then locked again. I hate to experiment with a cpu and all those bendable pins.

Answer:help reinstalling heatsink/cpu-toshiba notebook

I'm sad to say, you MUST take the processor off the HS, clean off all the thermal compound and replace it, and then mount them separately.

One trick I used on my P4 was to heat the HS/CPU combination with a hair dryer until it was pretty hot to the touch. The heat will soften the thermal compound. I could then pry the processor off the HS with a plastic tuning blade, DON'T use anything metallic, because you'll probably damage or destroy the processor.

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When it arrived, the hard drive was dead. Replaced the hard drive, re-loaded the operating system and it seemed fine. Within a day, the blue "on" light would come on but it would not start up. Just a black screen. Turning it off by holding down the button, and turning it back on again, would work sometimes. Once it had started once, it was easy to start up again. Leave it for an hour or so and the same problem starting it up. Sometimes two turn on attempts, sometimes many more. It eventually starts up, but it is annoying to have to go through that process, sometimes, many times. Anyone have any answers? You can e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks. JT

Answer:Toshiba Satelite Notebook Won't Start

From your post I assume this was a new laptop. I would return it under warranty.

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My toshiba satellite has a built in wireless card. It recently stopped working. It has an external switch to turn it on and off. When i turn it on, the light that used to come on to tell me it is on doesnt. I dont know what is going on, and how this could suddenly stop working. can anyone help? Thank you.

Answer:Toshiba notebook wireless trouble

I got it fixed. If anyone else has the same problem, i just pressed fn+f8. Apparently the antenna was disabled.

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I've got an DVD for an Toshiba notebook.
But I don't know for witch?I t has an productnumber: PMR400461GR1.
Can someone tell me for witch notebook it is?

I bought it for the installation of MS OneNote.
Can I install it separately from DVD? I own a Toshiba Satellite A10.


Answer:Satellite A10 - Recovery DVD from a Toshiba notebook


I think this is recovery disk for Tecra S3... it's an oldie...

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I have a Toshiba 2545 CDS (notebook), I love the old thing and it seems to be a workhorse.

I heard a cracking sound one day when opening my notebook.
Then the Lid just flip all the way back 180 degrees.
When I tried to put it back to a 45 degree angle,
it fell forward 45 more to the closed position.

How can I fix this?
What parts do I need?
I like working on computers, but this is my first attempt with a notebook or laptop.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this, by either pointing me to a site or sites for parts and step by step repairs? I like the DIY part of repair, since the shop would cost as much as a new low end model.

My workhorse has a few other problems, that I will post to the group.
But it still plugs along, until I finally cut the cord and get another.

Thanks in advance!

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Using a Toshiba Equium A110 notebook. Want to do a slide show with an Epsom 821 digital projector, but having problems getting signal source - blue screen.Tried a few things, but think it is a case of setting up the notebook. Any suggestions how to do this.

Answer:Toshiba notebook & digital projector

Can you explain more about problem? Should just be a matter of connecting Toshiba using external monitor port and Epson Video input. Both are 15-pin D-Sub. Then use Function F5 to switch display from laptop to projector. May need to adjust display settings of laptop to match projector. (1024 X 768)When does blue screen appear? Any error code given?

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I'm trying to install a new OS into the notebook (Toshiba NB505-508GN). It doesn't help that I forgot the password to log in. (I tried booting in Safe Mode, it doesn't do that either. The only 2 modes are "Fast" and "Normal." It is set for Normal.)
I formatted a USB with a reset software, Ophrac or something. The thumb drive, even though it showed up in the port, and I chose it, then saved and exited, at boot-up it went right into the normal sequence of booting.
Same exact thing with the installed OS thumb drive. I tried all 3 ports, it made no difference. It's like having XP cemented into it, it's crazy.
Any ideas what else I can try, or what I might be doing wrong?
Could all 3 ports be malfunctioning? Do they need drivers installed? That's too bad because I can't get into it the machine to do that.
Also, in the Set-up I was able to create new passwords, for User, Superuser, and HDD/SDD. None of these passwords I created have any bearing on my login which is still a mystery. I tried all 3 passwords, none of them worked.
So, just to recap, the farthest I ever got in terms of changing anything is the Set-up menu. I am not really familiar with any of this and tried to figure it out the best I could, including that FDD is connected somehow to USB, but I am truly stumped now.

Answer:Old Toshiba notebook refused to boot from USB

Boot normally into Windows.
At the Welcome screen, press CTRL-ALT-DELETE and select Log On to Windows.
Enter Administrator for the User Name and leave the Password blank.
Once you're logged in as Administrator, you can reset passwords for any user on the system.
Ophrac is a password cracker...doesn't reset anything.

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My Toshiba satellite notebook won't boot for some reason. It lights up, but I get no screen and no hard drive activity. It won't boot even with the recovery disc in, however it will still play c.d.s'. I'm running xp with a p4. This just happened with no warning. Anyone have similar experience and resolution?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite notebook won't boot up

Can you enter the bios and see if your hard drive is recognized and that your cd is set as first boot device?

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Been getting so many BSOD's on laptop in the past 2 days that it's a miracle I'm even able to type on Safe mode at the moment. I tried System Restore.. problem persists. I tried Last Known Good configuration.

After creating this thread, I'll do the chldsk thing but I remember doing it yesteday and it prompted me to do a system restore, which doesn't work. Anyway,

OS - Windows Vista 64-bit
? What was original installed OS on system? Win Vista 64 bit
? Age of system - 2 years old
? Age of OS installation - never reinstalled
? CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 at 2 GHz
? Video Card - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470

Answer:BSOD help on Toshiba Satellite notebook

Hi -

Remove Daemon Tools/ Alcohol 120. Common driver sptd.sys named probable cause.

Remove Kaspersky Internet Security - also name probable cause.

KIS Removal -

You are running Vista SP1 and need to install all outstanding Windows Updates, including Vista SP2.

If BSODs persist, run the Driver Verifier --

Windbg Logs

Regards. . .





Built by: 6001.18145.amd64fre.vistasp1_gdr.080917-1612
Debug session time: Sun Dec 26 18:05:03.989 2010 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:01:57.614
BugCheck D1, {fffffa6004051720, 2, 0, fffffa6000d0dd6b}
*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for PCIIDEX.SYS -
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for sptd.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for sptd.sys
Probably caused by : ataport.SYS ( ataport!IdeLogCrbActive+a3 )
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0xD1_ataport!IdeLogCrbActive+a3
Bugcheck code 000000D1
Arguments fffffa60`04051720 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000000 fffffa60`00d0dd6b
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????... Read more

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after devirussing a toshiba notebook for a friend the machine is only showing 192 mb of memory. any ideas on the best way to up the memory

Answer:toshiba notebook memory probs

Chec if there is an empty ram slot and add another 256Mb Check make and modle No. for ram compataility

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Inherited a Toshiba Satellite P10 Notebook. Successfully rebuilt and working fine.

However, two shortcut buttons to the right of the keyboard are inactive and i can't see anything in the manual that tells me how to activate them.

The buttons are one to connect to web and the other opens the Toshiba Console.

Any ides chaps??

Answer:Solved: Toshiba Satellite Notebook P10

These kinds of buttons usually have drivers that are downloadable from the manufacturer.

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screen goes black after boot up then i hit fn5 and it comes back for a minute or so. whats happening?

Answer:toshiba notebook black screen

Well, I have changed a few Toshiba Notebook LCD's, and some of them where not even broken, just misconnected or someother causes. But I would recommend sitting down, and removing the screws on the sides of the screen panel and poppin it out and taking a quick look in the back and bottom of the screen to make sure everything is in order.

If you see picture when you boot. I would recommend checking the bios settings. Try looking for video related options.

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I've been received BSOD's and freezing during start-up or even during boot mode for the past two days on my toshiba laptop. It's a miracle that I'm even able to use Safe mode at the moment -- it took me like 10 tries -- so I'm trying to type this up quickly before I encounter another problem.
Here are the dumps.

Answer:BSODs on Toshiba Satellite notebook

The most defitive minidump error is 0x000000D3: DRIVER_PORTION_MUST_BE_NONPAGED
Basically a driver is attempting to access a higher IRQ Level as paged when it actually should be non-paged. This results in system crashes.

The driver in question is kl1.sys which belongs to your Kaspersky antivirus. Try uninstalling it via Safe Mode and reboot. Then reinstall and see if that helps.

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Answer:Free Toshiba Notebook Computer!

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If so - naughty you for posting it here violating the rules of this site.

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My step daughter has formatted the hard disk and couldn't re install windows 98.I have loaded an old copy of mine and then upgraded to Windows 98 SE. It doesn't appear to be finding the modem though. If I use add new hardware it doesn't pick up a modem.Do I have open up the laptop disconnect the modem and then reconnect it for it to be recognised?Any help you can suggest would be great. I have been on the Toshiba website and downloaded appropriate driver files without any success.Thanks

Answer:Modem Problem Toshiba Notebook

no need physically open it upread Toshiba manaul about how to get into bios, it is called "system untility" or something similar

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Hello folks,
I've got a toshiba satellite that won't start up. after pressing the power on button the computer turns on and gets to the bios message "press f2 ...etc" and then just hangs there. It was working perfectly up until then with no problems whatsoever. no flickering screen or error messages at all prior to this. the unit won't proceed past the bios message.

Any thoughts on what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance


Toshiba satellite a105-2061
celeron m 390 1.7g
win xp
1 g ram

Answer:Toshiba notebook start up problem?

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I own a Toshiba Equium A100-331 Notebook with the original XP OS installed. Several weeks ago I have noticed while booting the BIOS password (I have enabled that) could not be typed in the available box. I had to restart the machine and it worked then.

But lately now I have noticed even before the password box is displayed the computer hangs for several minutes and the DVD/CD player will not work at all at any time. Which is a big problem because in the event I need to reinstall something or would like to put Win7 on that machine.

I had never had a problem with that laptop, nor did I abuse or drop it.

Was anybody in a simular situation and has some advice for me?



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i downloaded the toshiba diskmanger and i dont see the zerofill option. I need to do the zero fill cause the computer had viruses and i did format it but it showed up again a few weeks later.
i tried the alt + T in the disk manager but it didnt have it in there either.

Does anyone know of any Toshiba Diskmanger that has the zerofill option on it or what i should do to wipe the harddrive out?

Thank you

Answer:Toshiba notebook Harddrive- Need to zerofill

Welcome to TSG!

you may want to try an application that comes with Gateway PC's on the restoration CD.

The program is called "GWSCAN". you can zero just about any type of IDE drive.

Download it here: GWSCAN

Good Luck!

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My notebook appears to be stuck in a loop - it has a black page with the options of start windows normally or in safe mode and then the windows microsoft xp page comes up with the bar running and then it reverts back to the black page - please help

Answer:my toshiba notebook will not start windows xp

Have you selected any of the options from the menu?

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System: Toshiba A300D (PSAKCC - 01300Y)
OS: Vista 64bit, SP2
(All hardware is factory)

Hi, I got home Wednesday night from work and my computer has been REALLY slow. It also hangs for no foreseeable reason ever since and I've also noticed I/O errors when attempting to back up certain audio files on my external.
Example: "Error 0x8007045D: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error." (when attempting to move one specific .wav file)
Also, a new symptom that has recently and currently been making itself aware to me is: while typing this thread the prompt randomly moves around at unpredictable times, usually resulting in finishing or starting a word in a random undesired location within the post. Hard to explain really, but i thought i would include it, because it extremely annoying and thus seems virus-ey. - Sounds to me like some program is stealing priority, my friend thinks it's Windows Update.
About 8 hours prior to this slow/hanging activity (before i left for work), it was working fine, though i did notice similar hanging-like activity localized solely in google maps.

What i've done so far:
- backed up important files on my external
- ran process explorer and checked the CPU, RAM, and I/O usage to find nothing out of the ordinary (low cpu, normal RAM usage, low i/o usage)
- ran a virus scan using Microsoft Security Essentials

I'm at a loss as to what i can do at this point; it's unbearably slow...i can't use the internet unless... Read more

Answer:Toshiba notebook very slow for no reason

Run HDD diags -
- Drive diagnostic utilities compendium - TechSpot OpenBoards

Start w/ Seatools for DOS - 2nd link.

Run on both internal & external HDDs.

Regards. . .



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I need to replace a harddisk on a Toshiba Satellite 1625CDT notebook computer. Unlike my Tecra 8000, there is no visable door or panel to the harddisk. Where is it located and how do I get to it?? This is URGENT as it needs to be returned to the owner by Tuesday morning. If you know of any books or websites that help in hardware, please let me know of them. SAMS used to be a good source but I cannot find them anymore.

Answer:Locating HD on Toshiba 1625CDT Notebook

I don't know alot about it but Drawings in the user guide show access to battery and ram but not hard drive. good luck

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My Toshiba notebook( version a65-s1064) won't boot up. It was working fine, until the battery went low so it put itself in hibernate mode, when I tried to wake it back up it froze up, and all it showed was my wallpaper, no icons. So I shut it down. now when I try to boot it back up nothing happens. I even tried booting from the recovery cd and still nothing. I can't see the thoshiba boot up screen or nothing. Anybody have any advice.

Answer:toshiba notebook moniter problem

when you say, "nothing happens" ... does it power on at all? does the laptop get ANY power? is it recharging while it's off?

i'd take out the battery and reseat it just to be sure.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 1900-303 notebook which has recently been delivered after being repaired (due to bios problems.) The first time I started it up, everything worked just fine. After a while I shut it down again, but now when I start it up I experience two problems. Firstly, the fan doesn't appear to be working so the computer shuts itself down after around 5 minutes, presumably to stop it from overheating. Secondly, after the windows loading screen appears during startup, the screen goes blank (as if it's not switched on, not just black.) This is at the stage where the welcome screen should come up.

I have booted from a Windows 98 boot disk and run scandisk, which fixed a couple of problems where registry files were being reported as the wrong size, but this hasn't helped either of the issues described above. I'd rather not format the hard drive as I have data I can't afford to lose, so does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Problems starting up my Toshiba notebook

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System: Toshiba A300D (PSAKCC - 01300Y)
OS: Vista 64bit, SP2
(All hardware is factory)

Hi, I got home Wednesday night from work and my computer has been REALLY slow. It also hangs for no foreseeable reason ever since and I've also noticed I/O errors when attempting to back up certain audio files on my external.
Example: "Error 0x8007045D: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error." (when attempting to move one specific .wav file)

Also, a new symptom that has recently and currently been making itself aware to me is: while typing this thread the prompt randomly moves around at unpredictable times, usually resulting in finishing or starting a word in a random undesired location within the post. Hard to explain really, but i thought i would include it, because it is extremely annoying and thus seems virus-ey. Sounds to me like some program is stealing priority, my friend thinks it's Windows Update.

About 8 hours prior to this slow/hanging activity (before i left for work), it was working fine, though i did notice similar hanging-like activity localized solely in Google maps.

What i've done so far:
- backed up important files on my external
- ran process explorer and checked the CPU, RAM, and I/O usage to find nothing out of the ordinary (low cpu, normal RAM usage, low i/o usage)
- ran a virus scan using Microsoft Security Essentials

I'm at a loss as to what i can do at this point; it's unbearably slow...i can't ... Read more

Answer:Toshiba notebook very slow for no reason


Your case is a little strange.
How about the notebook run if you disconnect your external disk?

If possible, try diagnostic startup mode:
Click Start > Run, enter "msconfig" and click OK. The System Configuration will be displayed.
On the "General" tab, you will see 3 startup options and select "Diagnostic startup" and click OK. Your system will be restarted in diagnostic startup mode to see if it runs faster.

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Hi All

I have a Toshiba NB200 it’s a tiny notebook used about four times before been stored away, for 3+ years, it has Windows 7 starter 32 bit on it, presuming this is a light version of Windows 7, it has 2 gig of ram, it was given to me.

I have given it a clean out, but the computer still is as slow as watching grass grow, for example, when I open windows explorer, the page opens, then along the path line a green line comes up and it moves across and I cannot access that page till it’s finished, it does not take forever or anything but a lot slower then I have seen any notebook take

The processor is a Intel Atom NB280 1.6GHz 1.67GHZ
It has service pack 1 loaded on to it.

I was wondering if I loaded Windows 7 Pro on to it, (just going to be used for email and surfing the net) would that slow it down even further? It has, apart from an anti virus and Office 2007 I have not loaded anything else on it.

I was thinking of deleting some of the office programs and just installing some of the more common ones there e.g. Email, Excel, Word.

I know 32 bit can see up to 3. Something of ram, but found out the mother board can only take up to its current ram

Any tips and ideas to speed it up enough to just open pages strait away would be appreciated
Or would I have to get another motherboard in there for it to be faster?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Slow tiny Toshiba notebook

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Hi Everybody,

I have the next problem with my notebook: Toshiba A200, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600, W7 Ultimate 32 bit).

After the installation of the Definition Update for Windows Defender KB915597 (Definition 1.111.490.0) and W7 restarting the screen went black (but the system running in the background). Using an external LCD and the ATI driver re-installation has restored to original state.

Since then, if the non-factory battery (6600 mAh) power below 70%, the hibernation is not working well: after the POST, the W7 will start to boot, and then the system suddenly shuts down as if the battery would be completely discharged.

The factory battery (4400 mAh) or AC power adaptor working successfully, and the W7 restart with the non-factory battery also works without problems.

System restore, battery and virus tests, power management configuration and optimization in W7 and other simply methods was not successfully.

Thanks for your ideas (e.g. powercfg, battery replacement, W7 reinstall, other solution, etc?).

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I have a TOSHIBA notebook Satellite P10, Windows XP.

It is a new computer, not second hand!
The problem is that it shuts down itself when I connect it to the AC adapter.

The only way I can work is charging it while it is off and then using it while on battery.

The problem appeared after 20 days I bought it.
I sent it to the TOSHIBA service, they updated the BIOS, it worked perfectly for 5 hours (connected to the AC adapter) and then the same problem appeared.

Do you have any suggestions?
I am looking forward to your replies!


Answer:Notebook Toshiba Satellite P10 problem!!!!

Hi Christina,

Does your notebook powwer itself down suddenly or does it do a controlled shutdown ? What happens when you try to power on your notebook when the AC adapter is connected ?

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My Toshiba laptop was attacked by a Trojan three weeks ago. After trying everything I knew to do and everything anyone I knew suggested, it still wasn't back to normal. I used the recovery CD that came with the computer to reformat the drive and re-install Windows. When I reformatted, I un-partitioned the drive. Then I updated Windows. Afterward, I installed my security software, updated it, ran it, then installed Norton System works; on the reboot after installation, Windows would not boot up and I had to start all over with the reformat. After the second reformat, I re-installed my security software, updated it, ran it, then installed Norton System works; then began installing other software. At one point, the dreaded "Blue Screen" appeared and did that dumping thing. The computer is still running slowly and it can't go on standby because it says there is a drive conflict with "Toshiba Software Modem Driver" - - I have tried unsuccessfully to get assistance from Toshiba; neither can I find an updated driver that seems to fit the error message, and of course, the device manager claims the device is 'working properly'. Oh, well. Also, I can't get CDs to autorun, although that function is turned on. One last question, what do you think is the best spyware/virus program. I have Norton, SpySweeper, and Adaware Plus and I still got a Trojan. Thanks for any input.

Answer:Toshiba Notebook Reformat Problems

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Hey guys--first post here, but I've always been around for a couple of years now...vast improvements along the way! Anyway, quick question here; as I'm sure similiar ones were asked before...but I'm having trouble nipping this one.

I have a Toshiba Laptop ( older model), and it works great etc....until now. I decided to restore, as I haven't done so for quite some time....but (as I suspected from the scratches all over the cd) my configuration/restore disk was corrupted. As a result 'something' didn't re-install correctly, which created two problems.

1) My CD/DVD drive cannot be read. (specifically, it's the Toscdrom.sys file that's missing/won't work) The computer promped something along the lines of 'CD001', or something along those lines, missing.

I thought that was my only problem,

2) But after the brief prompts of startup (Windows screen,Loading Norton, 1998 Toshiba etc.), the screen turns white...and thats it (The next screen SHOULD be the part where I enter in the registration # of my computer, etc.)

I've only been able to start the computer in safe mode. Without half of the default programs installed. (No MYie, Norton, etc.)

What should I do? Should I toss the computer, and just get a new one...or is there somewhere I can find a boot disk of some at least get the damn thing running, again.

Answer:Boot Disk for Toshiba Notebook?

Do you have any windows disk BESIDES the restore disks that came with the notebook?

If you do, Ideally Windows 2000 or XP, try just using that to reformat the hard drive. All of your devices should easily be recognized as you said you have an older model notebook. Not only should it work just fine, you will avpid having any junk be installed that toshiba put on the recovery disks

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The cursor freezes without rhyme or reason while using the touchpad. Sometimes it freezes and right beneath the frozen cursor there's a tiny rectangular box with an arrow at each end - sometimes there's just a frozen cursor with no small box. The keyboard continues to work while the cursor is frozen. The notebook is running Vista Home Premium with 1 Gig of RAM. Thanks.

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I need a Toshiba laptop with this features:

Display: 15.6 full hd ips anti glarefor programming with visual studio 2015 and photoshop cc and dreamweaver cc


Answer:What Toshiba notebook supports this features?


I think you should check the Toshiba Product Selector page

On this page you can search for different Toshiba notebook and you can find your ideal Toshiba notebook.

But in my opinion you should firstly make a decision how much money you are able to spend.
Toshiba provides different notebook series; you can purchase a built for business notebook like a Portege or Tecra series or you can choose one device belonging to Satellite series. Satellite series is a notebook for everyday and home & more usage…

However, the Satellite P50-B, Satellite S50-B, Satellite L50-B, Satellite C50-B and many others supports the required 15.6” display.
So maybe you could check one of the mentioned notebook series to find the ideal unit.

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I have Toshiba Satellite A210-16F notebook and it doesn't want to turn off sometimes.
It gets to the "Shutting down" window, but it wont shut down and stays like that until I shut it down manually by holding the POWER button.
What could be a reason of this problem?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite notebook won't turn off

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Please Help!!!!!
I have been trying to fix my mums laptop for weeks. Everytime i turn the computer on a message comes up saying " The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows, click ok to restart the computer and then restart the installation."
I have tried everything,pressed f2 and f10 but not got a clue what to do. Even tried windows memory diagnostic tool and there seems to be no problem with the memory. The laptop was working great then all of a sudden it has started to do this. The computer software was all set up in store with Windows Vista, therefore i have no recovery disks.

Answer:Toshiba notebook with Windows Vista

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Toshiba Satellite C660-A253HDD 640GbRAM 4gb

Answer:My Toshiba notebook cannot install and boot from hdd

Enter BIOS setup Utility and see if Optic Disk Drive(DVD drive) and HDD is found. If yes then set the boot order from ODD to HDD to be 1 and 2 then insert bootable windows installation media into ROM.Thanks.

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- Toshiba Satellite A100 notebaook, Core 2 T5500 @1.66ghz, 1 GB RAM
- Vista Home Premium SP1, 32bit OEM . Original install 3 years old.

Doesn't ever completely finish boot before blue-screening with error:

STOP: 0x0000007F (0x00000008, 0x8013F000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Runs fine in Safe Mode without issue.

I have:
- tested memory
- run CHKDSK
- re-installed display driver
- tried the only system restore points available
- run malware scans
- used AV Vendors software removal tool to remove traces of former installations
- used MSCONFIG to progressively turn on all services
- and a whole heap of other stuff that I can;t remember now (but didn't work )

I have attached jcgriff2 files.

perfmon /report gives an error ("An error occured while attempting to generate the report. The system cannot find the path specified.") Maybe can't run in Safe Mode?

Unable to get anywhere with Driver Verifier because I am stuck in Safe Mode.

Here's hoping you can help!

Answer:BSOD Toshiba A100 Notebook

Hi -

You need to remove Authentium AntiVirus5 - it is listed as the probable cause of the most recent dump.

Use Revo if necessary -->

Both Intel Ethernet and Intel wifi have 2007 timestamps on them - update the drivers -

You are running Vista SP1 and need to update with Vista SP2.

Vista SP2 prep-work -->

Windbg Logs

Also, you have 1 GB RAM. Vista needs at least 2 GB RAM to run efficiently. I would suggest RAM upgrade.

Regards. . .




Built by: 6001.18377.x86fre.vistasp1_gdr.091208-0542
Debug session time: Tue Jul 6 07:04:03.183 2010 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:03:59.948
BugCheck 1000007F, {8, 8013f000, 0, 0}
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ampse.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ampse.sys
Probably caused by : ampse.sys ( ampse+d430e )
PROCESS_NAME: explorer.exe
Built by: 6001.18377.x86fre.vistasp1_gdr.091208-0542
Debug session time: Sat Apr 17 09:02:10.858 2010 (GMT-4)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:01:23.623
BugCheck 1000007F, {8, 806d3130, 0, 0}... Read more

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My Toshiba Satellite R10 suddenly stopped working. It's just past its warranty period, so no help from Tech-Support. I can get no response from the battery (which was working fine earlier). I plugged it in to a NEW DC adapter and was not able to power it up. When I plug in the AC adapter the single AC LED light is green. When I try to turn on the computer the led changes to a flashing amber (yellow-orange) pattern. It gives four short blinks, one long blink, three short blinks. I understand that this may be a binary code (00001000) which may be converted to some hex code (h8). I can do the work myself, but I cannot find out ANYWHERE what this code means. Please help!!!

Answer:Toshiba Notebook -- Flashing LED Code

What happened before this started?Can you get any info on the code form the Toshiba site?

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We have a Toshiba Satallite A35 series notebook computer. Recently after operating for some time, it just turns off, even while plugged in. I uninstalled the Toshiba Power Management tool and set the power management settings to never turn off while plugged in. Hybernate is not enabled. What could be making this happen? How can I fix it?

Answer:Solved: Toshiba notebook turning off

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I have a toshiba satellite notebook with pentium III 1.2 Ghz.

It now randomly powers down. it is now happening more than once day.

Any thoughts on whats causing it?


Answer:My Toshiba notebook randomly powers off

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My Toshiba notebook is saying can not find operating system. The only thing i can do is go in Phoenix SecureCore (tm) setup utility. I do not have a cd drive on my computer and I really need it fixed. Can some one please help me?

Answer:Toshiba notebook is saying no operating system

Hi and welcome to TSF please post the full model number of the laptop,please look at the user manual and see what instructions are available for using the recovery partition and keep in mind it will recover to a factory state so you will lose any data etc

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I have a Toshiba sattelite l755 64bit and the hard drive went out not fell out damn geek squad anyways i have always wanted to make a ggaming laptop so im wanti g to know the best drive for atleast dx11 capabilities

Answer:Toshiba sattelite l755 64 bit notebook

I'm sorry, but I don't really understand what you want.
Here's what I got from your post so far.
- You have a Toshiba Sattelite l755 Laptop
- The Hard Drive is fell out? I'm not sure about that one.
- You want a new hard drive that supports DirectX 11 Capabilities?

A hard drive doesn't determine whether or not your laptop supports DirectX, it's your GPU.
If you have a dedicated GPU (NVidia Geforce Graphics or AMD Radeon Graphics), it will most likely support it by default.
Some newer integrated graphics can also do too.

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Dear All,
My Toshiba Satellite Notebook cannot put on power but when the AC Adater is inserted to it the follwing indicatations are shown.

AC LED is glowing.
Battery LED is Glowing
FDD/CDdrive LED is glowing.

Rest nothing is happenning to this Laptop whatever the bottons are pressed.

Can anyone through some light on this topic.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite Notebook problem

Do you get a beep code at all?

It could be your motherboard,



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Can Toshiba laptop C660-1LD be used to help reboot another Toshiba model L70D-4R?

Since upgrading to W10 from W7, laptop cuts out and no windows screen.
Get Toshiba screen,says press F2/F12 then password. Enter this and can only get F2 but it won't allow reboot. Will allow date change but if change this will it restore settings to an earlier date? Also tried 0 and on switch, also other F buttons but no luck just black screen, white dash at top left, long beep and nothing.

Could problem be hard drive? Any help,much appreciated. Thanks

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I can't get a computer to load Vista (Equium l300 I think).
Ubuntu loads just fine (I have an 8GB linux partition, with GRUB installed in a separate partition), but when I try to load vista I get "Starting..." and nothing happens.

I tried HDDRecovery pressing '0' or 'F8', but that gave me a disk check for errors and nothing more.
I still have a backup from HDD recovery in another partition, but I don't know where to place it, can you tell me where?

Then I found out I have a toshiba recovery disc from my wife's Satellite.

Can I use it to recover the Equium or will it erase it's genuine Vista installation putting a new 'pirated' copy in it's place?
If I can't, can somebody tell me where to place the backed up HDDRecovery image folder?

Answer:Equium L300 - Can I use Recovery CD from a other Toshiba notebook?

Generally speaking, Toshiba create recovery medias and recovery images for each notebook model separately.
Every notebook model has different hardware components and the recovery images are not the same.
Before recovery starts it will be checked if the recovery image belongs to certain notebook. If the identification is not right recovery installation will be aborted.

One more thing. If you have changed partitions structure or installed some other OS you will not be able to use recovery image saved on HDD.
It is pretty bad you have ignored recovery reminder with clear instruction about recovery DVD creation.

Here the original message:

your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. If you need to repair
your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly
from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"
and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.

Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator"
to ensure that you are able to restore your computer to the original factory installed state,
even if your computer gets seriously damaged.

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Toshiba Corp. will start producing a 320G-byte hard-disk drive for laptop computers before the end of this year.

It is the first 2.5-inch drive to be announced at that capacity, with production to begin in the fourth quarter, according to Toshiba. Pricing was not announced.

The drive is one of a series of five that make up Toshiba's new MKxx52SX family of hard-disk drives. The 320G-byte model will contain two platters -- the circular disks on which data is recorded. Other drives in the range will offer between 80G bytes and 250G bytes of storage space. They will connect via a 3G bps (bits per second) serial ATA (SATA) interface.

Download Junkie

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I recently downloaded Windows8 Pro on my Toshiba notebook. A Satellite C665D. It lloks like my cd/dvd drive is now inoperable and I cant seem to download an updated driver from Toshiba. I get this error message:

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration
information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

Can anybody help?

Answer:Windows 8 Pro lost my cd/dvd drive on my Toshiba notebook

Try this:
How to show up DVD/CD ROM in windows 8 if not detected ~ Full Windows 8 Tutorials

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Gave up on Vista and went to Downgrade to Win XP Pro SP2. Took lots of effort to get the drivers (XP) for the hardware... it is all suppose to be "in there" in XP according to Toshiba!

It's a new Toshiba 17" Satellite P105-S6147 and according to the restore disk that came with the computer it's using a conexant audio driver (for Vista).

Any help to get a driver that works would be great - 'cause the BIOS beep is getting REALLY annoying. THANKS!

Answer:XP Downgrade Toshiba Notebook Sound Driver

I would think you could go to Toshiba's web site, navigate to the downloads/drivers page and download any drivers you need for that model. I'll check it out too, and if I find what you need, I'll post a link....


Edit: I did some research at I had to use a backward way to find these drivers. They're both Conexant audio drivers for WinXP, but I think the second link is your best bet... 0 4356847 0 4356847


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