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email support needed

Question: email support needed

i need email support for my small courier company, can any one recommend me any firm who has been in this business for sometime and can provide support at a reasonable cost. Urgent plz???

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Preferred Solution: email support needed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: email support needed

Where in the world are you? That might make a difference to what's available if you want on-site support.


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Hi Dell
My PC Dell Aurora R4 won't update properly due to it not being on the list of windows 10  creator supported drivers PC from dell. Does anyone one know if dell is going to correct this matter.
This is urgent as this leaves me as a customer vulnerable, due to the W10 System of queuing downloads and there is a security one that is waiting.
I have checked directly with Microsoft Technicians and they confirm this is the issue "No Driver support for Aurora R4 Listed, W10  Creators edition. Can dell Update an then inform us a the machines cost a pretty penny and are meant to be future proofed with drivers even without a warranty. Thank you. The link to the support statement on dell site is below.

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i bought a lenovo thinkpad edge which is missing the model sticker from the bottom left of screen
all i need is a link to the most recent windows 7 drivers including bios update
and i would like to know a list of processors i could upgrade to current cpu is i3 m370 @2.40ghz
this website does not recognise serial number or product so i will post all th details i can below .... please help !!
TYPE 0319 - 2AG
S/N LR - xxxxx     11/10
Mod edit: S/N removed

Answer:Unknown thinkpad bios support and processor upgrade support needed

Welcome to the forum!
Your model is a ThinkPad Edge 15
ThinkPad Edge 15 0319-2AG
i3-370M(2.4GHz), 4GB RAM, 500GB 5400rpm HD, 15.6in 1366x768 LCD, Intel HD Graphics, CDRW/DVDRW, 802.11bgn wireless, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Camera, 6c Li-Ion, Win7 Pro 64
You can get the drivers from the EOL page: 

Since you have an Intel model, you can upgrade to any of these CPU's:

Intel Core i3 370M, 2x 2,26 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 450M, 2x 2,40 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 460M, 2x 2,40 GHz, 3MB Cache
Intel Core i5 480M, 2x 2,66 Ghz, 3MB Cache


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Comcast email customer service is one of the leading service providers within the fields of email service providers. Comcast email support team does not solely resolve your issues however conjointly they enhance your accounts’ settings in order that you'll use your account with optimum ease. they assist you in backing up your important emails, login issues, and security from malicious software problems, clearing junk or spammed emails, lost or forgotten passwords. Slightly you need to take care chunks is therefore always. 24/7 client support is offered by Comcast email help for any of Microsoft email services or the other. problems like Hotmail account not performing on iPhone 6, Hotmail not sending on iPhone, Hotmail not receiving emails from my server, how to reset Comcast password on iPad etc are mounted by us in less amount of your time. Tools of on-line troubleshooting, remote access, email recovery and #password #reset are employed by comcast email support number to deliver solutions. you'll avail Comcast customer services anytime from anywhere. call the e-mail recovery engineers now on Comcast email customer support (Comcast Email Help).

Answer:Comcast Technical Support By Email Support Number

You can also contact roadrunner because now a day’s roadrunner email is one of the finest web email service providers. Roadrunner email is used by the customers worldwide. Users are facing issues like password reset, account setup issue, account hacking issue, receiving and sending emails issue and many problems, to please contact roadrunner.

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Question: Support needed!

Guys, I've post a suggestion here: Individual apps should also have live folders. ? Feature Suggestions for Windows Phone
Can you plz go and vote for this feature. Thanks.

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Question: Support needed!

I have a Lenovo N200 3000 Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit laptop. My computer was infected with a tube virus (a virus that cannot be removed by any anti-malware or anti-virus program) and could not start, so I wiped the hard drive with the Rescue and Recovery Software (i think its called). I am requesting a Windows Vista Installation Disk. Please help, can I know the price? I am not under any warrenty or anything.

Answer:Support needed!

Call customer service and ask them for a recovery dvd set.

IPnaSh First Spanish Community Guru - Colaborador ad honorem

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Question: Support needed

Hi All, I am New to this, I have a IBM Think Pad R51 1830 with XP loaded. Recently it started behaving erratic. After power on the CD writer LED comes up power on LED also comes on Even I can feel the CPU fan running but no display. It continues to be in the same state till powered off. But sometime it boots up and works normal for some time then the system hangs ( Cursor not moves key board not working) Replaced both RAMS also LCD display Changed the fan also Applied the Thermal paste. Any support & help Suresh

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Question: OS Support Needed

I am hoping to transfer an SSD drive from one computer to the other, but the desired drive still has Windows 7 OS installed. If I put it into a PC with an SSD that already has Windows 8 on it, will there be a clash between the Windows 7 and Windows 8?

Answer:OS Support Needed

Thanks Musksnipe, you're a real help!
I do not plan on launching the OS from the old SSD, I just need access to the files located on it, as the computer it came from doesn't work any longer.

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I am working on a PC at a jobsite, and I am having issues removing spyware.
I believe it is a vundo virus. I ran symantec in safemode, as well as spybot and adaware. Symantec found numerous virus's and removed them, but the problem still persists. The PC is getting an outrageous number of popups.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
Log file attached
Thank you

Answer:Malware support needed

new log file attached, I forgot to close all windows before hand.

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when a media sound file is played it comes out distorted and blurry. i have no idea how to render this problem and i would very much appreciate some help as this problem means i cannot listen to any music that isnt on a cd.

Answer:sound support needed

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Hi Everyone,

I use Eudora for email and when I check mail Norton detects the [email protected] virus and posts the following messages.

The 1st alert says Unable to repair file.
The 2nd alert says Access to file denied.

The problem is that Eudora disconnects from the mail server and doesn't download the waiting email messages. When I click check mail it opens the server and goes through the same routine again without downloading the mail. I've run the fix from Norton for this virus and it says I don't have the virus on the computer.

I get the message: Error reading from Network Connection closed by foreign host.

Eudora shows that the amount of email awaiting download is increasing each day, so it must be getting to some point.

Can someone please tell me how I can correct this problem and download mail.

Thanks for your help.



Answer:[email protected] Email Help Needed

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Hi guys!

Since it is impossible to contact Toshiba Bulgaria in any possible way I am forced to use this forum. Can someone tell me how to solve an issue with the Intel Management Engine Interface Upon starting the computer I am prompted by the TEMPRO to download a new driver, I unzip the package, I execute the file but I get a "Can not find support device" message all the time.

Any ideas how to contact Toshiba or how to solve this issue would be appreciated!

Answer:Support needed for my Satellite U840W-107

According notebook specification your machine was delivered with preinstalled Win7. With other words your machine is preinstalled with recovery image. This recovery image is software package that contains all necessary drivers, tools and utilities. All hardware components are properly installed and configured so, generally speaking, there is no need for some updates.
Tempro is tool that informs you about updates but you must NOT install them, especially if system runs well and stabile.

I have 5 years old machine and still use original drivers and BIOS version as well.
I don't have this notebook model and cannot check this but believe me here is no reason for panic.
This is definitely not some important issue. Just ignore this message and continue to use your machine.

Important thing for you is to create recovery media (USB or DVD). More about that you can read in user?s manuals document.

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Dear Friends,

Note screenshot.

Are these two Broadcom USH and PCI Serial Support required or are they incorporated in something else?
I can't find an downloads for these from DELL or on my computer.

Please Help!

Thanks again,

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3983 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1767 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 232 GB (185 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0U692R
Antivirus: Avira Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

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Hi All, just had a new Hard rive arrive this morning and have started to load all progs onto it. installing BOTH Norton Internet Security AND Systemworks and lo, I have reached the max number of activations.I am given a telphone number to call to reach a Customer Service advisor but as soon as I dial the number the line is cut off.Does anyone have any ideas as to how to reach Symantec without emailing them? I am told that they anticipate responding to me within two business days but that due to demand this may be longer. Considering that BOTH products are now disabled this leaves my PC fairly vunerable to say the least and a disgrace that Symantec leaves a customer in the lurch like this without warning.Any help....?

Answer:Symantec Support Urgent help needed...

Even tried the telephone helpline in the states which is at least polite enough to tell me the offices are closed.Question - If internet security is as much of an issue that Symantec tells us it is and when a customer buys THREE of its products (Systemworks Pro 2004, AV 2004 Pro (so as to install on 2xlaptops) and also Internet Security for firewall) and then pulls the plug without the slightest hint (the product activated at first and then after windows update cancelled itself) stops working then surely Symantec are telling us that internet security is only an issue during the week and that Virri only operate at that time!

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I'll try to make this as short as possible.

I have an older computer (specs are below) with a video problem. For some strange reason it doesn't like to have a video driver installed. When there is a video driver installed, it will : freeze randomly, monitor will turn off, computer will restart on its own, and sometimes I even get horizontal lines rolling down the screen. Needless to say, the computer is pretty much in-operable. However, when there is no VGA driver installed, the computer runs just fine. No problems at all. I have tried all the drivers ATI has to offer and i still get the same result.

I have tried 2 different AGP cards in this computer (9200SE and a 9550), all with the same result. I then tried these two cards in my main computer and they work fine with the the video cards are what gives ? Is the motherboard defective maybe? The computer had no problem before running the 9200SE. Now, since we formatted the hard drive,(because of nasty virus), it doesn't want to have a video driver installed. I've never run into this problem before... Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated, as there is almost no information out there regarding this problem.

I can't see it being a BIOS issue because I haven't changed anything in it recently. My only guess is there's something wacky with the mobo... or some bizzare software problem. Please help.


950 Mhz AMD Athlon (Slot A) Processor ... Read more

Answer:Experienced tech support needed here... please.

You probably didn't install your motherboard's chipet drivers after you reinstalled windows. That would be my first guess.

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Our company bought 14 Acer TFT monitors late last year. We had to send one back for repair due to missing pixels. They received it on 11th November - we still haven't had this repaired or replaced. The status on their system has just changed from 'awaiting parts' to 'awaiting replacement', but the helpdesk guy told me he would expect it to be another 4 weeks before we had a replacement.

That's a turnaround time of approx a quarter of a year!

I documented the full story of this (so far) at

Their 'helpline' seems to be no help at all. Is there anything else I can do to speed this up at all? Do we have any legal comeback or do we just have to lump it?


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My computer is going in circles, trying to locate files on a CD-ROM for Nuance Paper Port 12. I don;t remember receiving a CD. I may have asked for a Backup; CD, buat can't find itlHow do I get a copy of the CD-ROM or how do I solve this problem. I believe an error message said something about error 1706. but it visable for only a short period.

Answer:nuance PaperPort 12 CD-ROM support needed

Go to Nuance PaperPort support here:

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Ok so the other day this showed up, and ive tried everything i can think of to get rid but no joy . . im sure there must be a way

Any help is very much appreciated


Answer:Tech support needed with picture

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when opening start button I can open all buttons except help and support. New user and need lots of help and support. LOl! thanks

Answer:Help and Support xp option Needed badly

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About 2 hours ago my laptop was infected by the banker.a virus. I cant click on anything or run anything really. I tried to use my McAfee to scan while in safe mode and it got rid of a lot of things but not the banker.a...HELP PLEASE

Answer:BANKER.A Virus Support Needed!!!

Welcome to TSF!

Click this link: First steps and follow the instructions there and post the requested info in the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help Forum, not here.
If you are unable to complete any of the steps, proceed to the next one, but be sure to note which step you were unable to complete, and include any error messages you received while trying to do that step.

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Question: email support

i sent an email 2 a freind and he said he carnt stop receiveing it he is running xp and e mail claint is outlook so i sent the same email to some one else and they said they received it no worries i use norton to check for viruses because this bloke said it was my computer and i sent him a virus but that carnt be i check all emails i use incredi mail as email client and norton checks everything i send can someone help me and my freind out as he dosent want any more emails from me then i heard today it is doing it to all of his emails that get sent to him from different people

Answer:email support

It more then likely is a virus. Norton, sadly, does not pick everything, infact you'd be lucky if it did pick up anything.

Try AVG or AVAST (they are free anti-virus programs but are a lot more efficient)

You might also find help in the highjack section. The link on the top right of any page (one that reads "Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps") will help you with that.

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Question: Email support?

I've been having way too much trouble navigating the Lenovo support pages.  Like most companies, it seems they try to hide their contact info within all of the troubleshooting guides written for first time computer users.  Anyway, could anyone direct me to Lenovo email support?  I'm abroad right now and cannot call their phone support line without paying long distance.  The only email support that I could find was IBM Electronic Service Call, which seems geared towards IT professionals and businesses.  Any usefull referals are greatly appreciated.Austin

Answer:Email support?

Austin, welcome to the forum,
this site offers you the possibility to submit a request online.
If you are experiencing problems with your ThinkPad, you might like to explain them here to see if forum members are able to offer you a solution??

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I'm having a problem with the Bios.
Aflash.exe didn't work.
Apparently, Bios is gone.
The manual says use the "support CD" and it will automatically fix the problem.
I know I could replace the bios chip, but if I had the support CD, I would try that.
Difficult to boot. Ghost Boot disk seems to work.
"W98 Startup" works some times.
Installed OS is Win2000Pro.

Answer:ASUS Motherboard P4XP-X Support CD needed

Don't have a cd but have you tried to download the latest bios?
Does your pc boot? How can you tell your bios is gone?

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i have the HP support assistant icon placed in my notification area on my screen, but recently the yellow triangle with a exclamation mark (which means 'recommended action needed) has appeared but when opening 'support assistant' there is no 'action' to be taken, i do have some updates that have this yellow triangle by it but it also states that they were all installed with the date they were installed any ideas why this is and is there any way to remove this 'yellow triangle' that is places over the 'blue qestion mark' in my 'notification area' thanks...

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I have searched without success to find a definitive answer to this question.

With the ending of Microsoft support for Win 98, 98SE and Win ME on 11th. July 2005 will the catalog here continue to be available for the downloading of updates for these three O/Ss?

I quote from this MS page here:

"Support for Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Millennium Edition (Me) ends on July 11, 2006. Microsoft will end public and technical support by this date. This also includes security updates. Microsoft is providing final notifications to customers to end the extended security update support for these products."
And further:

"Paid incident support and critical security updates for Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Me will end on July 11, 2006. No other security updates will follow after this date.
Online self-help support will be available at the Microsoft Support Web site until at least July 11, 2007.
The Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition Extended Support end date was moved from January 16, 2004 to July 11, 2006."

It is not clear to me whether the catalog will or will not remain available in terms of these operating systems.



Answer:Solved: Definitive Answer Needed re End of Support.

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Hi! I am from India and my pc's specs are as follows:

AMD FX 4100 quad core processor @4.2 GHz
Kingston 4GB DDR3 memory
Gigabyte 880GM D2H mobo
Corsair VS550 550 W PSU
and lastly, an XFX geforce GT520 2GB

I know that I am running a really outdated GPU :( and it really sucks and I will buy a new one next year, march. So, please suggest me a good GPU in the tight budget of within 10,000 INR which is about $160. I want the very best bang for buck.;)
The GPU I have in mind is the Sapphire HD 7770 1Ghz 1GB GDDR5 card. Please suggest if I should go with this or maybe there's a better option in the price range. Also, suggest if I should go with nvidia or AMD Radeon to get the ultimate output with my AMD cpu.;)

Answer:Support/ advice needed in choosing the correct GPU please help

You can compare your GT520 against a number of other cards Click Here

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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I could not find another place that seemed more suitable. Recently, my y560 stopped charging and recognizing when the ac adapter was plugged in.  I had this problem before, which was that the dc jack became unsoldered from the connection to the motherboard.  Anyways, I am having the same exact problem again, and have sent in my laptop yet again, but this time the repair has been put on hold. Upon calling technical support, they claim that the whole bottom part of the case needs to be replaced, however, this is not the case. They're claiming it needs to be replaced because the small plastic vents on the left side of the y560 (that covers a small part of the heatsink and is a completely non functional part, just a part of the plastic case), broke off through regular use (no abuse, high heats from gaming eventually caused it to weaken and I just took the rest of it off because the looseness of it was annoying me). This would not be a problem if they werent denying me repair due to this. All I need is the dc jack to be resoldered to the board (a simple fix), but theyre claiming that this non functional part needs to be replaced, or nothing at all will be fixed, which is not covered under my current warranty which I renewed. They say that I need to pay around $180 for a completely unnecessary repair. If there are any Lenovo mods, or support who could help me with this, it'd be greatly appreciated. Faulty manufact... Read more

Answer:Ideapad Y560 support needed - DC Jack

Hi MauryPovich,
I'm sorry to hear about the situation. Let me try to escalate the issue for a review.
I need some addition information and I've sent you a request via private messaging.
Please let me know.

WW Social Media Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!

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Hi, i have only noticed this problem in the past week or so, but i think its been around for a few months now due to finding it in an old file.

I am computer savvy but not very clued up about malware etc, my problem is Backdoor.IRCBot

I create software as a hobby which i use on my computer and my laptop, i use Click Teams install creator to make the installation files. I have noticed recently that some of my installation files are infected with Backdoor.IRCBot.

I used this website - Virus Total which only 5 of 43 AV shows as an issue. This is annoying because i cant remove it

Symantec says its not a bad virus - Click Me But its a virus nonetheless, and i want to distribute my software virus free

Please Help, i have no idea how to remove it, ive scanned my PC with AVG, MS SE, Avast, Kaspersky, Trend Micro and COMODO But they cannot remove it, (only kaspersky finds the viruses in my installation files but not the root of the problem)

On many occasions i delete the installation files and recreate new ones, but straight away they are infected. I dont think Install Creator is the issue, i removed it totally, and its a very reputable piece of software. I need to find this virus at its source and kill it; but how?

PS: I do not have more than one AV installed at any given time, i default with MS SE, but needed to use others to scan temporarily
PPS: My computer is something i really look after, nothing is installed i dont know of, i use CCleaner regularly also
PPPS: To try an... Read more

Answer:Support Needed for Removal of Backdoor.IRCBot

I have attached my hijack this log, the problem im trying to remove is Backdoor.IRCBot

Please Help! Thanks

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I am about to buy a notebook ( I heard Santa picks up the presents from the Toshiba warehouse, too ) to try to achieve the following:
I want to run a 64bit guest ( Win Server 2008 ) on VMWare probably ESXi. This is to install a Sharepoint 2010beta test farm, which require a 64bit environment
I suppose, and that' s where you guys come into this, I need not just the CPU to provide the 64bit support, but also VT technology support in CPU and BIOS but also the chipset to support 64bit , drivers and whatnot.
I know I should be reasonable and install the lot on a small physical server but I am not and I need to be as mobile as possible in this scenario, so my question is this: Which of the current Toshiba notebooks -any model would realise this for me as the best to your knowledge? As it is next to impossible to ask a dealer to hand over some machines for testing I need your experience.

Any idea?Or questions to the above ?
Thanks a mil for all your input

Answer:Presales: most possible complete 64bit support needed


Do you want to buy a Satellite Pro S or why you have posted here in this forum?

I think this question isn?t easy to answer. First of all it?s depending on the price I think. For example for Satellite L series you don?t have to pay so much money as for fast Qosmio X500?

I think you should check the Toshiba page a little bit. Have a look on the different models what design you like, etc.
After this you can check the specification if they support Virtualization for example and on the driver download page you can check if you get all drivers for this model.

On my Satellite U400 I have installed Vista 64bit Business. Full 64bit support and all is working pretty well.
But there is already the successor on the market: Satellite U500.

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Does anyon have a contact number or email for support? i have a unit in for repair for overtwo months and when i look up the support ticket it simply says "On Hold'.  When i get in touch with customer suppport they say call 800 474-6836 which no one answers but a chatbot and will not pass you through to any human or give you a email to get answers. 

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Hi, may i know the support email of Switzerland ?Thankyou .

Answer:Switzerland support Email

Click on Switzerland in the following Hp web document to find the contact options, including email.

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Is there a google support email to contact them? I went to google help section there is no email to contact them at all.

Answer:Google support email

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Does any one know the HP support /complaints emal address?  I have been sending emails to these addresses but have never recieved a reply.  Failing that does anyone know the email address of the CEO of HP, I'll write to him to escalate the issue.
{Content Removed}
Thank you.

Answer:Hp support email address


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Just call us on our toll-free AOL EMAIL SUPPORT NUMBER - 1-844-205-0712 and get instant support from our AOL Experts, they will resolve all your problem within 5 to 10 minutes just give us chance, You can visit our website Aol Email Support |1-844-205-0712 | AOL Email Support Phone Number | where you can drop your message on our contact us form.

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I need help, service, I ruined my Inspiron and now he wants me to what I paid,, please help, Zden?k Jan?ík Prague Czech Republic

Answer:Email Order Support

I need help, service, I ruined my Inspiron and now he wants me to what I paid,, please help, Zden?k Jan?ík Prague Czech Republic

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Okay bit of a riddler i think....

I am trying to add my mothers old NTL World email account onto her new Outlook (Hotmail), now im abit mythed with how to go about filling the server information for outbound and incoming. To be fair its something i know very little about, there are sections for port number as well. Can anyone assist in what i need to fill out on the Outlook add an account section and the correct settings to get all her old emails to bleed into this new Outlook email?

Would be great! Virgin Media took over NTL World some years ago now....

Answer:Support on NTL World Email

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When I look at warrenty status it says:This product has a three year limited warranty and is entitled to mail-in or carry-in repair service. But I cannot find any support email!Living in Amsterdam, I cannot use the (USonly) webforms for support requests. Furthermore I payed for on-site-support ??? If I phone technical suppport the cannot put me through to contract administration and they cannot see my warrenty status. Anybody having the same problems? 

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Ok. So I logged on this morning. Go to start Google Chrome up, I get 'The SubSytem needed to support the image type is not present.' I then reboot, Same thing, I've tried using Chkdsk, Nothing there, I've also tryed using SFC /SCANNOW which found errors but couldn't fix them... Anyone have any ideas? As I am limited to IE and Paint right now.

Answer:The SubSytem needed to support the image type is not present.

Follow the 'Resolution' section here-

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I keep wondering why I keep getting a message after I close a windows internet page, it says ''Internet has stopped working'' and it also says '' A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.'' I keep getting this message not all the time but like 6 of the times I open an close a webpage from the internet. If any one has a solution for this let me knoe.

Answer:Windows 8 Internet Explorer Tech Support Needed

Did you have any luck resolving your IE problem yet?

If not:
1) Check in Event Viewer to see details about the IE errors. There should be some details in the Applications log.
2) If you are behind in your Windows Updates, manually visit Windows Updates & install any important, recommended, or critical updates. IE tends to get patched a lot.
3) Run some malware scans.

If the problem occurred suddenly after IE had worked fine for a long time, you can also consider using System Restore, choosing a restore point from before the IE errors. Programs added since the restore point might need to be reinstalled afterwards.

. . . Gary

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I just installed the Ulead Video Studio 9 on my windows 8 pc I get to the part where I can record but when I click on record it gives me an error message saying that the device isn't detected what can I do to fix this problem, if anyone knoes let me knoe.

Answer:Ulead Video Studio 9 Tech Support Needed

I don't see it as a listed os for this version System Requirements

Platform: Windows 2000 / 98 / NT / Me / XP

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I am running Windows 7 64 bit, and I am getting "The Subsystem needed to support this image type is not available" every time I try to run any programs. I can open pictures though.

Please help.

Answer:The Subsystem needed to support this image type is not avalible

Follow this:

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Hello guys,

I quickly searched the forum but did not yet find the anwser I am looking for.

I have an issue with my Atheros network adapter and it's driver in Win10. I am getting blue screens all over when connected to my home WiFi network because of the issue between Atheros and Win10 system.

Everytime I want to update the Atheros driver I instantly get a blue screen and system restarts.

Offline the comp is working OK, so I presume that the problem lies in Atheros adapter and/or driver and Win10 compatibility. Or lack of it t be precise.

So, I need a solution, either:
- Toshiba experts tell me how to fix this
- Toshiba expert guides me through getting my Win7 system back as Microsoft support directed me to Toshiba support when I wanted to go back to Win7 (Laptop had pre-installed Win7 system when bought)

My system:
Satellite L775D-10L

Thank you in advance for the support!


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I have tried 1. Second Copy 2. Backup to CD-RW and 3. Data Replicator three backup software but, none of them support file's or folder's name other than English like I tried file's name in Japanese, Chinese and Thai and these 3 software are all read them as error file name and will not backup the files.

Anyone can suggest one software for me to solve this problem ?! Thanks !!

Answer:Back-Up software which support multi-language needed

Hiya and welcome

Are you wanting software that is multi-language, as in usage?

if so, take a look at this:

Right at the bottom:

TapeWare for Windows



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I need to know if anyone knows what is going on with Yahoo email or if they know a better way of getting hold of their support. I've already sent 3 support forms in and NO RESPONSE. I have tried to open my Yahoo email since 11:30 yesterday and I get the message that I have copied following my message here. I haven't changed any settings on my browsers or computer. I have tried it on different browsers (FlashPeak Slimbrowser and IE) and I tried rebooting and nothing has worked. I don't have any trouble accessing other web pages on the same laptop. I can go to MY Yahoo page without any trouble and it shows that I do have 24 messages in my inbox but I can't open the link to get to them. I even tried clicking on Sign Out, but I get the same message. It is sooooo frustrating! My opsys is WinXP. I haven't done anything unusual in the last day or two that I can remember. I really need to get into that email account! My backup email is [email protected].


The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.


Please try the following:

Click the Refresh button, or try again later.

If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

To check your conne... Read more

Answer:Yahoo email --can't get in and no support response

Delete any Yahoo cookies

then get to mail from the Main Yahoo screen and establish a new bookmakr

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My ideapad z580's hard drive completely failed after a random Windows update ravaged my computer with its awfulness. I need support and repairs, but I live in Tokyo now and don't want to be charged a million yen trying to call a u.s. support number. I can't even find my computer on the support page drop down menu; it goes from z575 to z585 and completely skipped over z580. I've had a million problems with this machine's performance from day 1 and really I just want to go out and buy an axe and chop it to oblivion but it's the only computer I'm going to get so I NEED to get it repaired! How can I get this hard drive repaired/replaced from Tokyo? I am within warranty, and I got the super duper kind.I only have a smartphone now, and using lenovos website is incredibly rage-inducing so I'd really like it if support could help me through email to create a service request.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity

Answer:z580 - Need email customer support.

hi Kimhartley24,
Welcome to the forums and sorry to hear about your trouble.
Looking at the International Warranty Services (IWS) lookup page, the Z580 has warranty coverage in Japan but it's thru phone support only. I would recommend you contact the helpdesk on how to go about getting the HDD replaced and the OS reloaded.
Country/Region: Japan
Phone Number: 0120-994-244
Supported Language: Japanese / English
Hours of operation: 9AM - 6PM
In addition, if a Windows Update corrupted the OS (causing it to not boot into Windows) then there maybe a chance to recover it.
Things that you can try:
Option 1:
Shutdown the machine, press the OneKey Recovery (Novo) Button then select System Recovery. 
  - Link to picture
If successful, the System Recovery page should appear and just follow the prompts to restore the system to factory settings.
Video Guide:
How to RUN OneKey Recovery on LENOVO Laptop
Option 2:
1. If the Z580 came preloaded with Windows 8/8,1, using a different PC, follow this guide on how to download a Windows 8.1 ISO. When finished, follow this guide to create a bootable UEFI flashdrive.
If successful, you can then use Automatic Repair or one of the System Recovery options to restore/reset Windows.
How Run "Automatic Repair" to Fix Startup Issues in Windows 8 and 8.1
How to Boot to "System Recovery Options" in Windows 8 and 8.1 (see Option Seven)
Alternativel... Read more

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There used to be a well-hidden location on the Symantec Web site where SOME assistance with their software could be handled by email--anyone know if that still exists--I could not locate it.

I need their help to determine how to solve the inability of the latest LiveUpdater to successfully update the Norton 2005 AntiSpam Components and Norton 2006 Norton AntiVirus Norton Program Update (English).

Although I have been a loyal Norton user since Peter Norton started the company, I will NEVER use their products again.

It is also amazing that with updated antivirus definitions, one or two of the new Zlob Trojans got into my computer and Norton could not find them or keep them out, although Panda and Ewido's online scans found these Trojans once my computer was infected.


Answer:Symantec tech support via email--where?

could this be what you are looking for? like you said it is hard to find. it is the closest i could come.

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Submitted question but am told: ERRORS
The following errors occurred with your submission
This post has been automatically been marked as spam. Please revise your comment by removing links and any questionable material. If you are still having problems, please e-mail site support and include a copy of the comment.

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I looked through the different forums but I didn't find one that focused on software issues.

Of course it may not be a software issue. I am new to trying to fix problems with my computers. Wife use to take care of it all but she has chronic health problems so it falls to me -- I'm not too computer savy.

I recently had my son, (PhD. student at Duke) who has better knowledge of computers than do I, upgrade my e-machine system (366id) that had Windows 98 to Windows Home XP pack 2. It stated that my Nero 5 software with InCD was not compatible at time of update and that it needed to be reloaded. So I reloaded it. I am not surprised when this older system freezes up on me or shuts down and gives me an error message. But it booted back up and installed Nero 5. Well I took the Nero 5 and installed it on newer e-machine (T2692) that had aready had XP on it. My son did all the needed updates to it also from microsoft. Well when installing Nero 5, it shut down on me and gave me an error message which I did not send the error report to Microsoft. It booted itself back up automatically and Nero was installed.

I also had to reinstall Nortons on the older system that I just updated to XP but I couldn't get any new or older version of Norton to install. When I would look in Windows Explorer it not not identify in either my D drive or E drive that I had a disc in there. I went to add program and when clicking on that it stated that it couldn't find installation instructi... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Software Support needed (Moved from Comments and Announcements)

Hi and welcome to TSF.
I've moved your post to Windows XP as it seems the most appropriate.

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I just bought this Toshiba Canvio hard drive and when I pluged it in the pc for the first time a message popped up saying if I want to install this device but to speed up my pc or to use it to back up my files, I would like to do both but I need some help on wich one to choose first and how to set it up the right way. I opened the hard drives files to see what files are inside and I clicked the install file icon but when it opened the file I don't see any install button to click on its just says to click on the warranty button and a movie editing software trial button. But when I first plugged in the hard drive it looked like it installed something because a green bar came up on the task bar and it loaded something up. If anyone knoes how to do this right let me knoe. On the box it says its for windows 7/xp/and vista and I have a windows 8 pc, could it work on this pc or not.

Answer:Toshiba Canvio Hard Drive Tech Support Needed

The software that installed was probably Toshiba's "Canvio Personal Cloud" software. They recommend that you update it right after you install it for the best user experience. In the following link, look at the Support Bulletin & the user manual (If your model is different, search the site for your exact model). The Toshiba site shows updates for the software that are compatible with Windows 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit.
Model Content Page

I would imagine that you would answer no to both options that Windows-8 gave you: you do not want to use the drive as a flash-memory "Ready Boost" drive, and you might want to use the Toshiba Canvio Personal Cloud to handle the drive's use as a backup. If you answered Yes to Windows 8's question "use this drive for backup?", it will select that drive as the first choice when making backups through the Windows 8 Backup programs...(now called "File History").

Your answer to the backup question boils down to which program you want to use the drive for: Windows 8 Backup, Toshiba Canvio Personal Cloud software, any other third-party backup software, or no backup software at all.

Let us know if you have any other questions.
. . . Gary

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I just bought a SX Series Gateway PC and I had it for about two months, and Im getting a lot of blue screens that says that the PC ran into a problem and it restarts the computer, I don't know what is going wrong with it or what to do about it. Should I go to the store and get a replacement one or is there anything I can do to fix it, it does this mostly when I have a couple of programs opened at once.

Answer:Windows 8 PC Tech Support Needed/Blue screens popping up

If it is only a couple of months old, Yes, I would take it back or at least call the company you bought it from for support. It should have at least a 1 year warranty

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I am trying to record gameplay from my xbox 360 to my windows 8 pc with the program ulead video studio 9 and my easycap dc60, I have installed everything and opened the program but when I click on capture a message comes up saying no video was captured please check if there is any input signal there maybe no device selected. What can be wrong if anyone knoes what I can do to fix this let me knoe.

Answer:Ulead Video Studio 9 And Xbox 360 Tech Support Needed

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been looking around the website for an email and havent really found one, all i found was phone numbers and this forum which neither have worked for me to get help with my Lenovo Y650. I posted on here over a week ago about my problem and no one has answered me and called Lenovo UK yesterday and talked to a guy that put me on hold 2 times and kept me on the line for 30 min and all he suggested was to re install over and over, hold the power key while no power is connected to refresh, then turn off my firewall and antivirus, then blamed that it was a software issue while it ran perfectly on my HP laptop.  so now i want to know a third method so i can hopely be satisfied with the laptop i bought. so anyone know an email to any good technical support person?Thank You.

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Hello,will win 7 support my old OutlookEmail-Client.apreciate your advicePatrick

Answer:Does Win7 support old Outlook Email Client?

"Fire up Outlook Express on the new machine" Outlook Express in Windows 7 - is that even possible? I tried Outlook 2000 on Windows 7 and whilst all the other Office 2000 apllications worked, Outlook 2000 didn't. Outlook 2003 works fine.

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I took the free update to windows 10 and it did not carry forward the licence for the pre installed  Windows Office. This means that I have an option to purchase a replacement licence from Microsoft. I have spent over an hour today with windows support and they say that HP can reset the licence - does anyone know how I can contact HP Support as I cannot use any of the MS Office unless I pay Microsoft.

Answer:Does anyone have a contact email or chat link to HP Support

Hi, Which version of Microsoft Office you are running ? Is it Office 2010 Starter ? Rewgards.

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Norton discovered a virus on my computer yesterday named W32.HLLW.Gaobot.gen

I could not repair, so I tried to download 'fix' file and I couldn't get on the Symantec website. I can't run liveupdate, and no matter what site I go to to get to Symantec it says not found.

I went to my neigbors and downloaded the fix, did the fix, reformated my hard drive and loaded XP home, (needed to do this and thought might as well now) got everything reloaded, installed, no problem, except the Norton, still can't live update or even get on their site

This morning I woke up to find my Norton open, saying I had the same virus again, I again, did the fix, says it is fixed but still cannot get on Nortons site?

I don't know if settings are wrong, I messed with everything under the internet security, added norton/symantec as trusted sites. I would like to just email symantec tech support, but I can't find their email address anywhere, I have even tried to guess at what it is but they came back

HELP...please someone, tell me how to fix my problem or let me know the tech support addy.

Kindest regards,

Answer:Need help or Norton tech support email addy

Closing duplicate, please post only once.

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I've been on their site for a half hour now and can't find how to contact them about the problem I am having with AOL. All I can find is useless "knowledge bases" and non-technical support. UGH!!!


Answer:What's Symantec's technical support email addy?

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Nevermind the details, but Skype people insist that my Skype ID doesn't exist, even though I use it once or twice every week. Now they have changed the website to remove links to email.

And it's not like I've been a freeloader. I have probably spent $100 over the years on Skype doing calls from overseas to landlines.

Any suggestion will be received gratefully, I know that this is an OS forum, but Skype is now owned by an OS company and also there are a lot of sharp techs on this forum.

Answer:OT: How do I reach someone in Skype support by email or chat


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We have recently had Windows 7 installed at our small business, we are having a problem with printing specific emails, when we reply to an email that has an image in the signature and we quote using £ symbols on reply, when we print the email out the £ symbol turns into a square.
We have changed it to plain text formatting which allows us to have the £ symbol but we loose our signature (as this is htm attachement) and email formatting (lots of double line spacing)
We are printing through a network using infotec MP201 which has latest drivers and Windows 7 64 Professional

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I was requested via email, by customer support at Bleeping to submit my CF log. There are two, because the first time, the Windwows Recovery Console would not install, but instructions said to let the log finish, so I did. The second log is different, obviously with the installation of the Windows Recovery Console, the results changed. Both completed, as expected; however, the first run actually 'rebooted' the system, and when that happened, Kaspersky automatically turned on, and I noticed several files or processes were blocked. (Files blocked by Kaspersky were pv.cfexe and fi.cfexe - have no idea what they are, but thought I'd let you know.)

The second log installed the Windows Recovery Console and did not 'reboot'; therefore, Kaspersky was turned off the entire time, which probably accounts for some of the discrepancy between the two logs, but since 'YOU GUYS' are the gurus, I thought it best to submit both, with a detailed exlanation as to why there are two logs and what happened.


Answer:CF Logs as per request by email by cust support

Thanks. I will review these.

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Norton discovered a virus on my computer yesterday named W32.HLLW.Gaobot.gen

I could not repair, so I tried to download 'fix' file and I couldn't get on the Symantec website. I can't run liveupdate, and no matter what site I go to to get to Symantec it says not found.

I went to my neigbors and downloaded the fix, did the fix, reformated my hard drive and loaded XP home, (needed to do this and thought might as well now) got everything reloaded, installed, no problem, except the Norton, still can't live update or even get on their site

This morning I woke up to find my Norton open, saying I had the same virus again, I again, did the fix, says it is fixed but still cannot get on Nortons site?

I don't know if settings are wrong, I messed with everything under the internet security, added norton/symantec as trusted sites. I would like to just email symantec tech support, but I can't find their email address anywhere, I have even tried to guess at what it is but they came back

HELP...please someone, tell me how to fix my problem or let me know the tech support addy.

Kindest regards,

Answer:Need help or Norton tech support email addy

Closing triplicate, please post only once.

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im thinking of buying a logitec c920 webcam for skyping my son in aus. my upload speed is .6mgb download is 3.9mgb. is this sufficient to support this web cam?

Answer:upload/download speed needed to support logitec c920 webcam

Yes, more than sufficient!

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Hello there if any one could help me out of this i will be so thankful to him or her anyway.i have lenovo thinkcentre m70z All-In-One desktop and its power supply burnt yesterday.i need one fresh brand new SMPS / Power suppy for it.from where i got that???Thanking youContact  +919421472324

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Hello, I need some help finding a decent video card for my old Optiplex 755 Mini Tower. Not sure why they call it a mini as it certainly a medium size tower. Anyway I know these are pretty old computers so a new video card would be crazy. I would rather pull the trigger for something used on eBay if possible.
I need to be able to plug this 755 MT into my TV via HDMI and watch Movies/Videos with it. I would mostly be using Videolan or Plex to pull this off. Can anyone recommend a video card for this? If i get to play some older games with it this video card great!
The important part of this equation is sound over the HDMI connector. As i have a video card now working but it's hooked up with a Display Port on the video card to a Dell HDMI adaptor cable which supports no sound whatsoever.
Thanks in advance for your time.

Answer:Dell Optiplex 755 MT - Needed Video Card w/Sound Support Over HDMI

There is a specific card that works fine with the 755 all sizes EXCEPT USFF.Works with XP VISTA 7 8 or 10.
Its not expensive and works fine.

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I have recorded some videos on my EasyCap DC60 from my Xbox 360 gameplays, but when I upload the video into the movie maker for editing I don't get any images, I just get the sound, I don't knoe whats wrong. If theres help out there let me kno.

Answer:EasyCap DC60/Windows Movie Maker Tech Support Needed

If I had to guess, I'd think that it's a codec issue. Windows 8 doesn't support DVD playback in Windows Media Player ("out of the box" -- it has to be added), and likely some support is lacking for full Windows Movie Maker functionality as well. Microsoft did not include the codec support in Windows 8 at least partly because for each license of Windows 8, it had to pay a fee to include the codecs.

You can probably solve your issue either by installing a third-party DVD player (like the free VLC, or like a CyberLink program like PowerDVD), or a package of codecs. If you've purchased a DVD drive in the last year or two, it should have come with a third party optical recording program that should have all the necessary codecs included.

I find that cnet's is my most trusted site for downloads, so that if you want to try the codec method, here's a link that might do --- Windows 8 Codecs - CNET
--- and if you want to try installing the free VLC player, here's a link for that --- VLC Media Player - CNET

Best of luck
. . . Gary

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I am hoping to find some kind of ONLINE communication with Lenovo about warranty work on the IdeaPad.  I do not want to be forced to call.  Unfortunately my experience so far with Lenovo and my first computer purchase from them has not been satisfactory, and now that I am having new issue with the laptop, I am hoping to at least cut out the extreme inconvenience of needing to deal with the issue via phone. Is there an email address or form submission page available for US customers?  I found one for storage and accessories, but cannot find one for computers.

Answer:technical support email address for United States?

Go to click on almost any link then "Submit a request".

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What do you guys use for a Linux mail server that also has built in web mail support? I need something that...

a) Will run on Fedora Core 4
b) Is Free
c) Is not a huge pain in the ass to set up and maintain.

I found Open Exchange but don't know if it's any good...

Answer:Linux Mail Server (Web based Email Support)

What exactly are you wanting to do?
A full Exchange type setup, with shared calendars, and etc?

There is no 'single' package (with the exception of maybe openexchange heh) that will do all of this. If you need to have the full features of something like Exchange, be prepared to do some legwork, as you will have to install and configure many pieces of software.

For a basic mail server, the system is made up of various components and softwares that you will have to setup:

A good MTA (mail transfer agent -- IE mail server) I recommend looking into is Postfix
If you want users to be able to check mail via a webmail system, then you are going to need two things:
A webmail client, for which, I suggest Squirrelmail

In order for squirrelmail to work, you need to have it backended with an IMAP server. I personally use Courier-IMAP

Now all of this might not make much sense, so here are some links to mail server tutorials that you can read through (all are for linux, the setup should be similar on Fedora for you)

Also, look at the postfix webpage, , and look under the section labeled "POP/IMAP and the kitchen sink" for links to many more good how-tos

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I had a reset password link image not showing in my email. The company said to contact yahoo support. I gave him remote access and he pointed out a lot of microsoft services that had been stopped. Support tech said I have a trojan  and wanted 150.00 to remove.  My virus protection is not detecting anything. I have also ran malware bytes and super anti spyware. I have a windows 10 computer that is only 2 months old. It came with Mcafee virus software which I just removed because I don't like it. I installed AVG antivirus which I have used for years with no problems. Thank you for your help!

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does any one know the email address for google mail tech support.

I have poured over their site and cannot find any way to actually contact them. It always ends up joining the forum.

My wife has a spam mail problem and after some testing I can isolate the problem to the google mail site. The problem as been reported on the google user forum but as these posts are over a month old and there as been no comment on the furum from google themselves I need to draw their attension to it.

Answer:google mail tech support email address

Good luck.
I too could not find a way to contact them via email.
They used to be friendly once upon a time.

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Norton discovered a virus on my computer yesterday named W32.HLLW.Gaobot.gen

I could not repair, so I tried to download 'fix' file and I couldn't get on the Symantec website. I can't run liveupdate, and no matter what site I go to to get to Symantec it says not found.

I went to my neigbors and downloaded the fix, did the fix, reformated my hard drive and loaded XP home, (needed to do this and thought might as well now) got everything reloaded, installed, no problem, except the Norton, still can't live update or even get on their site

This morning I woke up to find my Norton open, saying I had the same virus again, I again, did the fix, says it is fixed but still cannot get on Nortons site?

I don't know if settings are wrong, I messed with everything under the internet security, added norton/symantec as trusted sites. I would like to just email symantec tech support, but I can't find their email address anywhere, I have even tried to guess at what it is but they came back

HELP...please someone, tell me how to fix my problem or let me know the tech support addy.

Kindest regards,

Answer:need norton/symantec tech support email addy

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Does anyone have an email address that will put me in contact with someone in Canada? I spent three hours trying to get help that wasn't through the telephone, telling half a dozen people that I couldn't use the phone to get help. Technical support won't chat with people in Canada and I just jumped through a dozen hoops, only to end up in the same place. If anyone could please offer any kind of advice that would be greatly appreicated. Thank you.

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I have been trying to find drivers to inject into my MDT 2013 to create the boot media needed for deployment. The  ONLY file that is offered in the support area is a README file about setting up WAKE ON LAN.  This is unhelpful, is there another place to find the drivers necessary?  Must be an ethernet driver, not a wireless driver, as an image can not be deployed over wireless.   

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Good Morning Community. My P400 Keyboard works on and off sometimes, mainly if I disappear sometimes and stop using the computer and I come to the computer to turn on. Every so often, maybe like once or twice every other week for about 2 or 3 months now, It just stops typing or no buttons work at all, and then I just have to restart the computer to get the keyboard to work again. At least its not hard to get it back working again.. I know this should not be a problem I should be having, I have look everywhere online for help and no luck yet. I just wanna get this fix before it just stops working all together. Anyone with solutions? I already check hardware and bios updates for my laptop, everything is updated.. So if anyone @ Lenovo or the community can help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Answer:Ideapad P400 Keyboard Not working Periodically!! Lenovo Expert Support Needed

So no one @ Lenovo Support can help me out? 

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Question: Email Help Needed

I ahve a list of about eighty email addresses in Excel. Is there a way of importing them into an email prog so that they appear under one name/title rather than type them individually? I am currently using Windows Live Mail

Answer:Email Help Needed

Try this - click here

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Question: Email Help Needed

Unable to connect to my Email list. I'm on XP, Sp3, IE8, dialup. For some reason my Email homepage list stopped coming up on the screen. It won't come up on any other ways tried either. Please help me on this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks alot in advance. B1.

Answer:Email Help Needed

Are you able to get to other web pages?   If so, I would check with your e-mail service provider.  Many sites, particularly those that are concerned about security, have begun to block access using non-supported browsers like IE8.
Another option would be to try using another browser supported on XP, and I don't have any to recommend as I recommend anyone who has XP dump it.

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I just got this new Toshiba and when I turned it on the first thing that popped out was a black screen with a blue square in the middle asking me for a password, and the person that I got it from said she doesn't knoe the password that goes in there, that she used the laptop for like 4 times and this screen showed up and doesn't knoe how to unlock it so im trying to help her unlock it but I need help I don't knoe what to do either if anyone has any ides how to unlock it let me knoe.

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Model L735D S3102 Bios Password Tech Support Needed

Sorry, we cant really help with Circumventing passwords.

Your best bet would be to get a hold of Toshiba Support

Official Toshiba Support | Toshiba

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As the title says, the youtube vids my friends send cannot be clicked on and played in youtube due to a device error. You tube thinks my Win 7 home computer is a device? What is up with that?
I have run virus, malware, spyware and AVG scans to no avail, nothing harmful found. Have cleared cache using Ccleaner and internet options.

I'm using IE 11 , Gigabyte MB Athlon APU 8g Ram 1tb hard drive
win 7 home

Answer:youtube vids in outlook email have device support error

Are you receiving via web-mail or via a client like Outlook? Is the link a hyperlink? Word for word, what's the actual message including error code if any?

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Our email has a queue system that splits email as 1 (priority), 5 (medium), 10 (bulk). Problem is, a lot of clients put down fake emails/names that have no destination. We set it up as after 24 hours, the email should be deleted. Problem is, it stops trying to send the emails after 24 hours but they still remain in the queue, overflowing the damn thing with tens/hundreds of gigs. After scouring the internet for more info (and failing), I figured that either two things can happen:

- I post on forums asking for more help
- I post on forums asking for the Microsoft Support Incident and how the process works (can this be part of the technet package?)


EDIT: We are using MS SMTP Server on Server 03 and 08

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We cannot live without email services and most of our financial transactions depend on it. Sometimes we encounter some trouble with our emails and the SBCGlobal Email Account Support(+1.855.856.6451) provides complete online Email Technical Support
for emails accounts. If someone gets stuck with any sort of email issues, we are here to support remotely by 24/7.

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Searching for Roadrunner Support phone number 1-855-490-2999 toll free number. Roadrunner email support phone number, Roadrunner customer support, Roadrunner email help number, Roadrunner email support number, Roadrunner email phone number, Roadrunner email helpline number, Roadrunner customer tech support number.

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Hi there,
A friend was having problems uninstalling Norton. I sent the link to the uninstall program.
For some reason they couldn't download it.
So i thought, i'd download it and send it to them in an email as an attachment.
Both 'Hotmail' and 'Gmail' give me the same warning.....
For security reasons you cannot send an excutable file.
Is there a way i can send this file???

Answer:Help Needed Sending Email.

Hi Starbuck, you got my curiosity stirred so I went looking and did find this on one site:

Executable files that have been placed in an archive file will not be blocked. An archive file contains one or more files that have been "compressed" into one file. After the archive file is delivered via email to the recipient, the executable file(s) are extracted from the archive. Common archive formats are WinZip (.zip) files for Windows, and StuffIt (.sit) for Macintosh.
An archiving utility is required for compressing and extracting archive files - you must ensure that both you and your recipient have the required utility.

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User has left so I renamed that account for a new user and everything is fine but I have 1 problem with email. The user can send/receive emails internally and can send emails externally but cannot receive emails externally, I have checked the SMTP setting and changed a few things but no success, and ideas on why?

Below is the NDR:
Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Subject: Re: test11
Sent: 03/06/2008 18:30

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

[email protected] on 03/06/2008 18:26
There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server. Please contact your system administrator.
< #5.5.0 smtp;550 Invalid recipient <[email protected]> (#5.1.1)>

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I have just got a new laptop with windows 10 installed I am not getting emails in the mail centre or the action centre despite that option turned on how do I get my emails to appear in action centre ?????

Answer:email setting help needed

Welcome to the forum

Have a read of this, many of us have them set to notify, but it doesn't work, no solution found yet
Mail Notification Question

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can someone help me too. i was stupid to install this thingy. now my computer is infested with viruses. everytime i click on internet explorer, i keep going in this topsecuritesite. apparently, i got hijacked by that site. i really don't know what to do except run norton antivirus and ad-aware. currently they're running right now, but still seeing stupid infected messages every 10 seconds. well i used the hijackthis to make log of my processes and registery.

here it is:
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 2:07:09 AM, on 5/25/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\ISSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Security Center\SymWSC.exe
C:\WI... Read more

Answer:help needed with [email protected] also

Please save or print these instructions before beginning

Extract SmitfraudFix to your Desktop

Download and install Ewido Anti-Malware
During the installation, uncheck the following under Additional Options:

Install background guard
Install scan via context menu
​Run Ewido and click OK when prompted to update the program
On the left side of the screen, click update>>Start
When the update is finished, exit Ewido

Start your computer in Safe Mode

Run Ewido Anti-Malware
Click scanner>>Complete System Scan
Click OK when prompted to clean the problems found
When the scan is finished, click Save Report and save a copy of this log to your Desktop
Exit Ewido

From the SmitfraudFix folder on your Desktop, run smitfraudfix.cmd
Select Option #2 - Clean by typing the number 2 then pressing Enter
Type Y and press Enter when asked if you would like to clean the registry
Type Y and press Enter if you are asked if you would like to replace wininet.dll

Restart your computer and post the the contents of the SmitfraudFix log that pops up
If the log does not appear, you can find it at C:\rapport.txt

Post the contents of the Ewido Anti-Malware report that you saved to your Desktop earlier

Run HijackThis and click Do a system scan and save a log file
Your HijackThis log will open in Notepad. Post the contents of the log here

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Hi, I have a talktalk address I wish to keep. My broadband is supplied by EE. How do i set up the EE broadband to send/recieve the talktalk emails through the server and then use Outlook as my email client?
When thats sorted out how do I then do the same thing to my iphone?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there,

I'm running Avast antivirus, Spy Doctor antispyware and Spy Doctor Firewall but am having major problems with a couple of viruses and wondered if you could advise me please.

I have pop up boxes coming up saying I have all of the following:
[email protected]
a "black door trojan"
"system performance monitor:Warning"
and I also have Security Toolbar 7.1 on Windows Explorer that i can't budge.

It's all driving me nuts!!! please help.

HijackThis log below.

Many thanks!!!!!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:20:43, on 16/11/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\PC Tools Firewall Plus\FWService.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerCinema\Kernel\TV\CLCapSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Cy... Read more

Answer:Help needed with [email protected] and others


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Many of today's anti-virus programs, both paid and free, have active (resident) protection and some within that group also have an option for scanning emails through the AV program.

I guess it's a matter of comfort level (peace-of-mind), but I'm interested to hear what the MajorGeeks universe has to say on the 'necessity' of scanning emails (attachments and email message itself) during Send / Receive for the various email programs (Outlook, OE, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc...). To scan or not... why or why not?

Thanks for your response(s).

P.S. - I prefer to use an external program rather than webmail.

P.P.S. - While I'm at it, what about the necessity of scanning archives (such as .zip files)?

Answer:Is Email Scanning Needed?

the 'necessity' of scanning emails (attachments and email message itself) during Send / Receive for the various email programs (Outlook, OE, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc...). To scan or not... why or why not?Click to expand...

Personally I believe email scanning is sometimes over hyped in the marketing by some vendors. Basically, a file is a file. When you open an attachment, click on a download or click on a link either in an email or on the internet a good antivirus is going so scan it. Here is a pretty good read on the subject. Why You Don't Need Your Anti-Virus Program to Scan Your E-Mail

Now that's not to say you shouldn't be careful in what you click. If it's suspicious then leave it alone either in an email, on the internet or in an instant messenger. Some malware is designed to trick your antivirus and if you click it there may be no way of stopping the payload.

P.P.S. - While I'm at it, what about the necessity of scanning archives (such as .zip files)?Click to expand...

Again it depends on where the file came from. Use a good trusted antivirus and more important trust what it is telling you. This is a great page to bookmark. It lists the best of the best freeware. Top Freeware Picks

Also remember that an email and it's contents are stored on your hard drive. Antivirus protects your hard drive so a good antivirus should find anything malicious or suspicious automatically without you having to adjust the... Read more

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Occasionally I receive undeliverable emails. It looks as if I had sent something (which I did not) and was undeliverable. This week I have received emails that say "delivery reports about your email." The last one was all in symbols. The sender address looks authentic - although I don't know the sender. What can I do? I run Norton Anti virus and am a dial-up user.


Answer:Email (virus?) Help Needed!

if you're using norton antivirus and your definitions are up-to-date (live update) then I shouldn't worry too much, it's just spam you're receiving. If that's the only junk you get you can consider yourself lucky.

There are some (shareware) apps out there to bounce the mail back which often helps to remove the problem as many spam operations are designed to remove your email address if a bounced-back, undeliverable message is received, to reduce traffic. Mailwasher's pretty good for this.

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So this problem should really be easy for me but i am getting stuck on it anyways.

Verizon has now shut down the last of its authentication free outgoing SMTP servers. I am not talking about open relays but servers that allow for people inside their network to send outgoing email.

So my problem is such, I want to be able to send email with the return ADDR of [email protected] however verizons servers are only allowing for outgoing email with the return addr of [email protected]
I know i can just have it setup with a reply-to addr but i run into issues because some of the people i comunicate with have blocked the entire domain because of spam issues

I have confirmed that verizon does NOT block port 25 on my service

what i would like to do is setup a mini SMTP server on here on my windows XP box that is directly connected to the net (not going trough a router). and have it setup such that only email comming from localhost (aka within the machine) is allowed to be transmitted

I have no idea where to find such software, so i'm looking for some ideas

My GF also had the far more painfull idea that i could setup a permanent VPN connection to my co-located server and send emails out trough it.... but i really dont want to have the smtp server installed on it for security reasons

thanx for the help everyone

Answer:Email Server help needed is a great open source windows solution.

Personally I use sendmail on a linux box.

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Hi, first time poster here, but long time PC user.
I avoid all MS programs I can, and use Eudora for my own email from 2 Domains as well as my ISP email.
I need to set up email for work. Bless em, I am my firm's IT specialist...

I got the 2 main PCs made by a friend, and I set em up for me and the Office manager, then I networked them, then just a week ago I set em up on DSL. Now I need to set up the email so that I can get mail sent only to me and another member of staff on my machine, and the business manager gets the mail sent to the Firm - ie our main email address - and personal email for our boss.

We're a small Orchid and other exotic indoor plant and plant maintenance firm, with only 3 PC users all told - bookkeeper whose machine is not networked, and our 2.

The only way I know to set up our email through Eudora seems to need me logging into the main email account then adding as Personalities the sub accounts. But that leaves me getting all the mail which is not what I want.

I tried to log onto only a sub account the first time, but I couldn't get logged in. I uninstalled Eudora and reinstalled it with the main account addy to login first, then to pick up my email sub-account, and that worked.

So can anyone help me with this, please? We don't have a server pc cos we are too small to need that. We really only use a word processor most of the time, and I use art packages to edit the pix I take of the plants or decorative containers... Read more

Answer:Advice needed on email

Welcome to Major Geeks Kitts not a Eudora user so cannot respond to that part, but others here might. I do know that Mozilla's(the folks who gave us FireFox) Thunderbird Email program can do what you want. You set-up a "Master" account, then as many sub accounts as you want with seperate account pick-ups sites. You can then "Password" protect each account so only that person can access their own mail. You will still see their accounts in your account folder, but will not be able to download their mail. Hope that Helps

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