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Help: Cookies in my browser have been disabled...Need to enable to get cashback...

Question: Help: Cookies in my browser have been disabled...Need to enable to get cashback...

I made a significant purchase through bing from and didn't receive my CashBack because my cookies were disabled.

In addition, I tried to go to and order takeout but also couldn't order because my cookies have been disabled.

I am running Windows XP, Firefox 3.5.3, Norton Internet Security 2010 and Malwarebyte Anti-Malware

I went to Firefox Tools, Options, Privacy, and it is selected to REMEMBER HISTORY.
I have tried to change it to USE CUSTOM SETTINGS but everytime I go back to Privacy, it says "REMEMBER HISTORY"
Is this the source of the problem?

What else could be causing this problem?

Thanks in advance....

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Preferred Solution: Help: Cookies in my browser have been disabled...Need to enable to get cashback...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Help: Cookies in my browser have been disabled...Need to enable to get cashback...

Above in FF "Tools, Options, Privacy then check the appropriate cookies box.

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Help. Flight information pending and Airline Site keeps telling me to "enable cookies" to continue using site. I've done it in both explorer and in mozilla firefox. Explorer i dropped the privacy setting to low or none, and enabled cookies. ditto with Mozilla. What am I missing. Can't get my e-ticket. Anyone know what i'm doin wrong? Thanks. Am desparate

Answer:enable cookies in browser

Will if you have No Script installed you may have to give that site the rights to run the java script first and then make sure you let it set a a cookie.
Look in your cookie manager Exceptions and make sure your not blocking the site but allow the site to set a cookie.
If the site is not listed then add it at the top and and click the allow button.

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Hello all!
It seems I have been hijacked by the Cashback Puppy Dog. Ad-Aware couldn't get it, so I just downloaded HijackThis and scanned. Here is my log and I will be waiting for someone to tell me what should be deleted. Thanks for the help!
Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2
Scan saved at 10:34:26 AM, on 9/2/04
Platform: Windows 98 SE (Win9x 4.10.2222A)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

Answer:CashBack Puppy Browser Hijack

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i have downloaded x-cart demo version from the website and installed it on my localhost. but when I try to get into the website by providing credentials, I'm getting an error message from the browser saying "Your browser doesn't accept cookies. Cookies are required to use this site".

I have set the Internet options -> privacy settings to low. but still I'm unable to get into the website. whenever i select any item and click on "add to cart" button, I'm facing this error dialog!!!!!

Anyone got an idea what it could be, or how to solve it?

Any suggestions are welcomed....[]


Answer:Your browser doesn't accept cookies. Cookies are required to use this site

you failed to state what browser you're using. Some websites are not HTML compliant and insist on using IE as a browser. Even then, newer versions of IE don't always work.

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i went to internet options/ security/ custom level.....there is no enable cookie option.hep me plezz

Answer:i can't enable cookies


Try going to the same place but not into security but privacy and choose advanced.

See if that is what you are looking for

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iI alwayes got this messeage and i don,t know how can i solve it plz heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

Your Web browser options are currently set to disable cookies. To use .NET Passport, you must enable cookies.
.NET Passport stores cookies (small text files) on your computer that let you sign in to .NET Passport participating sites. For information about how to enable cookies, see the online help for your Web browser.

Answer:How can I Enable my cookies plz

If you have no proxies or cookie blockers, go to Internet Options, Privacy tab. Clicking the Advanced button will give you more options.

People may disagree, but I allow all 1st party cookies (I have another control in CookieCop), disable 3rd party cookies, and allow all session cookies (erased after you leave the page).

This seems to allow functionality for pages that sometimes won't even load if a cookie is not accepted, but prevents me being loaded down by advertizing and tracking cookies.

Generally speaking, cookies are harmless and help web sites determine what content users want to see. It is feedback for them. They also, as you know, help a web site identify return visitors.

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Question: Enable cookies

windows xp Internet explorer 7.0 I ran spybot and now many websites are telling me cookies are not enabled and javascript is blocked in my Internet security settings it shows cookies are enabled

Answer:Enable cookies

Make sure all security updates and patches are installed for Internet Explorer and update Java.


Windows Update

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Question: Enable cookies

Hi Everyone, Merry Christmas, Please could some one tell me how to Enable cookies as the site says that I have not Enabled Cookies, all answers will be appreciated, thanking you all in advance........... Bill

Answer:Enable cookies

Forgot to say my OS XP Home edition

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I cant log on to any secured sites using Internet Explorer 6 because it says that cookies are disabled and that they need to be enabled. However, when i check my security options it says that cookies are enabled.

Answer:IE 6 Enable cookies won't do it

Internet Explorer Cannot Connect to Secure Sites

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Hi I just reinstalled windows xp pro but for some reason i cant enable cookies, ive gone into internet options & reset all the settings to default, but i still have the problem, not sure what to try now?Hope someone can helpThanx

Answer:cant enable cookies

Have you tried internet ioptions, then privacy, then advance and check that the boxes allowing cookies are checked

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I am trying to get into my MSN passport but it won't let me until I Enable cookies on my browser.I have tried to reduce my privacy setting to the lowest so that it would accept all cookies but that still won't let me into MSNWhere is the box to enable/disable cookiesAnyone help???

Answer:How Do I Enable Cookies

Depends on your browser. If IE 5 :try tools_internet options_advanced and then restore defaults.Otherwise tell us your browser.

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I was recently infected with SpyShredder and Antivirus 2008. I got them removed by following the procedures in this site.
Spyshredder was removed with Smitfraudfix and the other with MBAM.

However, it would appear that when i try and access some sites there are problems that my browser is not set to accept cookies.

Now i have checked my browsers security settings and "allowed all cookies" but still no use. why does it say that my browser is not accepting cookies when it is set to do so ?

also, the red pop-up blocker icon at the bottom bar of the screen has a "black eye" behind it. Does anyone know what this is ?

i have tried other things like accepting session cookies and putting the name of the website in the trusted sites etc ....but still no use.

i have double checked the date and time and zone settings on my pc

i am using IE7 and have full mcafee suite of security.

can anyone advise why it is still not accepting cookies

thanks in advance

Answer:Cant Enable Cookies

Hello paisleypattern and welcome,

Have you tried using a different browser to see if its a browser problem or a system problem?

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Question: enable cookies

hi im trying to view a web page where i need to log on but it wont let me it says i need to enable cookies can some one please tell me how i do this im useing xp home and i am hope less with pc so could you please explain in easy terms thanks in advance

Answer:enable cookies

Go to Tolls -> Internet Options -> Privacy. You should see a page about cookies. Click as appropriate to enable cookies.Brian

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Just recently I have been receiving a message to enable my cookies when going to my online banking site. I went to internet options/security/custom and there was no option to enable or disable cookies where I thought it would be. Its like the option has been deleted. HELP ME!! Also does it hurt to delete cookies every once and awhile? or does it matter. Thanks for any advice.Tanner

Answer:cant enable cookies

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I have a problem w/ not being able to turn cookies on. I go to options and it does not matter what settings I put in place, it cannot accept cookies. says set cookies to accept, amazon gives me the same thing and I have privacy currently to accept all cookies....


Answer:Cannot enable cookies

Internet options, privacy tab, advanced...make sure 'override cookie handling' is not checked, or if it is, set to accept the ones you want.


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im trying to 'enable' cookies in Internet Explorer 5.0 and Internet Explorer 5.5:1. Click on Start, Settings and Control Panel.2. Double-click on Internet Options.2. Click the Security tab.3. Click Custom Level, scroll down to 'Cookies' and select Disable. 4. Click OK and then OK again. the above is the instructions i have to do this but in the custom level i cant find'cookies' is it under a differnet name?? please help

Answer:cant enable cookies

cookies are found under privacy tab next to the security tab.

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i have internet explorer 5 and windows 98.. i had help earlier but it didn't help windows 98.. thanks for any help in this matter!!

Answer:i need to enable cookies on ie

Go to Tools on the IE menu bar
Cliick Internet Options
Click the Security tab
Select the Custom Level tab
Under "Allow Cookies that are stored on your computer" click "Enable"
Under "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)" click "Enable"
Select OK, Yes you want to save the settings

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Question: Enable Cookies

I need to enable cookies on my web browser to I can have a .net passport. How do I do this please.

Answer:Enable Cookies

If it is Internet Explorer then, at the top of internet explorer go to Tools and then Internet Options, then on the next window that appears, click Privacy at the top and move it down to Medium or low.

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Distant end computers sense that cookies are not enabled on my computer even though though the two radio buttons in the Options/Security menu of my IE5.5 program say they are enabled. This happens on multiple sites. I'm running Win98ver2.

I've tried MSN help; I've tried to run that check that detects and corrects damaged files, and still nothing happens. The only advice I got from MSN was to reformat my hard drive and start over: pretty drastic approach, isn't it? Isn't there some files I can just reload?

Answer:Can't Enable Cookies

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How do i enable cookies please?

Answer:How do i enable cookies please?

click here

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how do i enable cookies i have tried to do this with the instructions i have been given but it still wont do it, i have tried many times but with no luck plz someone help as i am giong out of my head ...

Answer:how do i enable cookies

Tools, options,privacy,advanced in IE6 should do it , or security hightlight internet and click default level.Regards.

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Hello experts !Whenever I want to log in to my account at click here it appears a message "Cookies must be enabled"). How can I enable cookies ? Kindly indicate me the steps I should follow to do it.Thanks in advance, best,Antonio.

Answer:How can I enable cookies ?

See:click here

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Question: enable cookies

when trying to sign into an error message appears saying i need enable cookies to sign in. checking on my system it shows that cookies are enabled so i don't understand the message

Answer:enable cookies

If you look in the help, contents/index go to index tab and type in enabling cookies it will tell you how to allow all cookies for individual web sites.

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when i try to sign in to my account in hotmail i got this message

Your Web browser options are currently set to disable cookies. To use .NET Passport, you must enable cookies

please help

Answer:you must enable cookies?

What version of IE do you have? If it's 6 go to tools, internet options, privacy, edit and remove the cookies for hotmail and .net passport and any other M$ you have blocked. When you go back to the web site allow the cookie.

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Question: no cookies enable

I'm trying to log into on one of my bookmarks, but it will give me an error that my browser does not have cookies enable. I've been using this site for quite a while and never had any problems till now. I tried enabling the cookies with tools, internet options, privacy, advanced,overide automatic cookie handling, always allow session cookies, ok. It will still give me the same error when I try to log in. Is there anything else I can do to enable cookies when using this site. By the way this a desktop with windows xp ie6.

Answer:no cookies enable

Assuming your trusted sites are on low settings, try making it a trusted, allowed and exemped site.

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when i go to facebook sign in page it says i need to enable cookies,How do i do this??thanks

Answer:how to enable cookies

In Firefox it's done from Tools>Options>Privacy tab>Allow cookies and Third Party Cookies (latter until browser closed down).Internet Explorer is Tools>Internet Options>Privacy tab>use Default settings and, from the Advance button, Accept First Party Cookies>Prompt re Third Party Cookies and tick the Always Allow Sessions Cookies box.

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I've transferred to another computer at work and for some reason a couple of websites tell me I need to turn cookies on to go any further. As far as I can see they are turned on and any changes I make will not remain. There are cookies in my cookie folder too.There is some security on the network but the other computers seem to work ok, it just seems to be this workstation. Is there any way around this. Maybe in the registry or something?

Answer:Cant enable cookies

Your IT people would probably need to make any necessary changes. Most workstations are limited to what changes can be made.

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Question: enable cookies

Hi. I have been told i need to enable cookies by a website in order to register. How do i do it? Many thanks.

(sorry this is such a simple question!)

Answer:enable cookies

Hi check here

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Question: Enable Cookies

Can somebody please tell me how to enable cookies using 2000 Pro? Thank you in advance. I can't sign into my account, as keeps telling me the cookies are disabled. I can't find where to enable. I thought they'd be in IE internet options, but can't find.

Answer:Enable Cookies

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Question: enable cookies

 Hi I need help to enable my cookies. Ive believe i have done it but some of the sights are not opening up for me. Can you help? Thanks

Answer:enable cookies

@jellybean4, welcome to the forum. If you are using Microsoft Edge in Win 10, you can go into More Settings (...) in the upper right corner.  Once there go into Settings / View advanced settings / go to Section titled Cookies / set it to Don't block cookies.  This should solve your problem if this is what is causing it. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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Question: Enable cookies.

Can you help please. I have done a search and have tried various solutions without sucess. I am using IE7.I want to enable cookies so that I do not have to log-in every time I visit this site and also other sites. for instance,I use BBC as my home page and get the weather for London. I have tried changing this to "where you live",but every time I go back,it has reverted to London. It says I need to enable cookies. How can I do this please? Thanks J

Answer:Enable cookies.

In IE7, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab and click the default button or manually move the slider to "Medium".

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Question: Enable cookies

I was told by to make sure my cookies was enabled in my browser. This is on my Toshiba laptop which is 40days old and is running WinXP, but will not let me access the wowway portal for Michigan. How do I check to make sure my cookies are enabled? I went to tools,internet options, and the dropdown menu lists cookies but only asks if I want to clear my cookies, doesn't say anything about enabling.
Greg & Grimm

Answer:Enable cookies

Nearly there, what u need to do is goto:-

Tools > Internet Options, then click on the Privacy tab. Here u can set different security levels, which will enable cookies. However the slider enables level for all websites. Best way to resolve this is to set cookies only for the wowway website, you can do this by clicking the edit in bottom Website group.

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My email uses cookies and every time I try to login it gives me this message: "You are not logged in, your session has expired, or your browser does not accept cookies." I'm pretty sure that I'm getting this message because my cookies are not enabled but I enabled cookies on my browser (IE 6.0) and I still get this message. It is extremeley important that I get into my email ASAP, thanks.

Answer:Can't enable cookies in XP

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Question: enable cookies

I'm trying to create a gamercard gor XBOX 360. When I go through the wizard it asks me to sign into my windows account, then a warning comes up saying my browser needs to allow cookies. How do I allow cookies on the browser? It's IE 7. Never had this problem with anything else beforeCheers

Answer:enable cookies

Tools - options - Privicy Tab Change the slidebar to a lower setting (medium is good enough) or Avanced - tick Overide utomatic cookie handling.

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Question: Enable cookies

I am trying to download AIM and it keeps telling me I have to enable cookies.

How do you do that? I have looked under Internet Options under Tools and I can't find anything.


Answer:Enable cookies

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I have blocked cookies for a web site by mistake. How can i re enable them?Thanks

Answer:How can i re enable cookies on my pc

Open control panel > Internet Options. Go to the privacy tab and move the slider. Ive got mine on medium-high setting.

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Question: Enable Cookies


I went to go into my email via and as i entered my pass word and pressed enter, it comes up with the message that my cookies are disabled, i can't seem to enable them even when i accept all cookies, could this be a virus?


Answer:Enable Cookies

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I' have been having trouble trying to somehow make the cookies work since on a certain website it says that you have to have the cookies on to have to always logged in. I have tried to override automatic cookie handling and accepted firist and third part cookies but that still didn't make me stayed logged in. Is there something else I need to do to enable full cookies on any sites?


Answer:Enable full cookies

I guess no one knows what else I can do to make sure all cookies are turned on.

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My Firefox cookies somehow got disabled and I'm now trying to enable them. I asked this question someplace (possibly on this forum) and was told to go to menu bar then "Preferences". The problem is, there is no "Preferences" option on the drop down menu. I tried "Options" thinking that might lead me to "Preferences" but no luck. Can someone who is familiar with Firefox tell me how to get to preferences and enable my cookies. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Answer:How do I enable cookies in Firefox.

Fred22 said:

My Firefox cookies somehow got disabled and I'm now trying to enable them. I asked this question someplace (possibly on this forum) and was told to go to menu bar then "Preferences". The problem is, there is no "Preferences" option on the drop down menu. I tried "Options" thinking that might lead me to "Preferences" but no luck. Can someone who is familiar with Firefox tell me how to get to preferences and enable my cookies. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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Hello Friends,

I want to enable checkbox in IE properties for cookies. I want to achieve this by using GPO. Please suggest.

Ram Kudva P

Answer:How to enable checkbox for cookies in IE by GPO

Hi Ram Kudva, welcome to 7F!

Here's a few ways:

How to use Group Policy to configure Internet Explorer security zone sites

Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookie Filtering | Security content from Windows IT Pro

How to apply “The content of IE Settings” in GPO

You're not showing any system specs so I'm working with a disadvantage, it would of been nice to know what version of IE, and don't forget, Group Policy is only available to users in the Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterpise editions.

You didn't even have the version of Windows that you're running listed.

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Your Web browser options are currently set to disable cookies. To use .NET Passport, you must enable cookies.

How do i fix this so i can check my email...sometimes the message isnt there but most of the time it shows up and i cant check my email.

thanks for your help

Answer:to use .net passport, you must enable cookies

What web browser are you using? If it's IE, then try the following, click on the tools menu, then "internet options", then click on the privacy tab, and make sure the slider on this tab is set at medium. Let me know if this helps.

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Usally when i come to this site i arrive already logged in i was messing with my security settings but now it TSG has me login everytime I have checked and my cookies are enabled can someone help

Answer:IE 5.5 wont enable cookies

nevermind its working now

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When trying to open certain web sites,I get either a javascript void or an enable cookies message.I went in internet options,security,and everything looks ok.What should I be looking for? Windows XP.

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I've just applied the XP SP2 update without any problems, BUT now when I try to access my mail through I'm told that my browser (Internet Explorer 6.0)has blocked cookies.I have tried Tools-Internet Options-Privacy-Advanced-Overide automatic handiling etc.Does anyone else have any ideas.

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the ONLY websites this happens with is myspace and hotmail, i have firefox 2 (the new one) and the second best IE (not IE 7, the older one) Its not a really big deal because i have ie and i can just go on there to access those websites, and i also have the firefox extension for switching browsers between firefox and ie, while still in firefox. Its just annoying, and i hate being told things that arent true on the computer, it irritates me :P

Thanks in advance,

Answer:im being told that i need to enable cookies. . .but they are enabled

Hi Helen

Did you recently download Firefox? Has this been happening ever since a new Firefox download or update? Has myspace/hotmail ever worked with this browser version?

Which firewall do you have? There is also a feature in firewalls to enable cookies as they block them too. But since its OK in IE, maybe it just a Firefox corruption.

Also which version of Firefox do you have? (there is 2.0 and too)
Check this in Help>About.

Lastly, do you have any extensions or themes manually installed?

In Tools>Options>Privacy check the box for "accept cookies from sites" and type in the myspace address in the "exceptions" list to allow.
Restart Firefox and see if it now works.

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I have Windows xp. I suddenly get the message when i click my desktop shortcut to go to Windows Live to "Please enable Cookies" which have always been enabled in the recommended way. When i ask Microsoft support about this they come back with instructions on how to enable cookies (already enabled) and repeat the instructions with the same result. I,m wondering if anyone else has run into this annoyance (I can get into hotmail thru typing or repeating the address in the address bar) but can,t go there with the shortcut without getting the message above. Any suggestions. Once again I have enabled cookies in internet options blah blah

Answer:windows live enable cookies

What shortcut? If you made the shortcut yourself, it may go to a page after where the cookies normally load.

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Third party cookies seem to be enabled by default in Firefox, can I have peoples thoughts about whether or not they should be disabled?

Answer:Enable or disable 3rd party cookies

Some sites will not work at all if cookies are disable
personally I just clean them all out at the end of each session with ccleaner ( you can set it to leave certain ones to save you having to log in every time)

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Im tryin to log into chats and must browsers keeps saying that my IE6 isnt java enabled and I have cookies shut off. But when I go to internet settings, it is. I tried everything. Im using XP and IE6.

Answer:How to enable Java applets and cookies in XP

You may have to d/load sun java.
Go here

Also if your running Norton IS you may have to configure the settings to enable cookies from trusted sites.

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Question: cookies disabled

Had to get help getting rid of Content Advisor (which is someone's idea of humor when they should have said Parental Control). Got the info at PCHell on my friend's search engine. Now that the password is gone, my computer refuses to let me on the internet by telling me cookies are disabled and javascript is disabled. Have tried the Tools/security/med-med.low/ and it still refuses to let me onto Any ideas other than throwing the machine in the ditch behind my house???

Answer:cookies disabled

The only thing i can think of ...... wat os are you running? can always just reformat.....depend on os...

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Question: cookies disabled?

i am running win xp on this box and when i go to this site to login and play chess it says u have cookies disable would u please enable them. but they are enabled "automatically"... in the tools option.... would thisbe a firewall issue?

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Cookies totally disappeared from [internet options --> advanced]. We were unable to reactivate cookies.

We are unable to use all search engines such as google and yahoo. However, all other functions of the browser work properly.

If a site requires cookies, then the site does not work.

If you have any suggestion to fix this please let us know.

Thanks for your help!

Answer:cookies are disabled

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there are some sites I use which require a login that are saying "cookies disabled", and they must be enabled, which they are, but still won't let me in.....any reason why?

Answer:cookies disabled....but they are not

Try enabling cookies for those sites specifically:
-In Internet Explorer, click 'Tools' then 'Internet Options'
-Click the 'Privacy' tab and then click 'Sites' button
-Look through the list to make sure the site you are trying to visit is not set to 'Always Block'
-If that website is not listed, type it in the provided text box and click 'Allow'

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Why, after using hotmail successfully for years has it all of a sudden yesterday and today told me my cookies are disabled and I can't access NET passport? I've tried internet options - privacy - accept all cookies - but it still doesn't let me on...unless I have to shut down and restart? Strange - happened on both laptop and pc separately. Haven't done anything different or new to network.

Answer:why are my cookies disabled?

I don't know if this will help but i've had trouble logging into hotmail today too. I emptied all my temp internet files and cookies and up to now everything's been ok.

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I m getting pissed off with mozilla firefox.
When i try to change the preferences in Google, it shows this message...
i have already enabled cookies but still it shows that i have cookies disabled.

Answer:cookies disabled???

Hi Dinesh,

I don't use FireFox, but have you tried this? Uncheck those options, save changes and restart FF. Repeat, but enable the options. You could also check to see if Google is listed in your Exceptions...

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I don't know how to enable cookies on ie6. When I go to custom level and scroll down, cookies is not there...

How do I enable them?

Answer:Solved: Internet Explorer 6: Enable Cookies


Take a look at my answer here:

And please don't post the same question twice. It makes it very hard for people to know where exactly to react and will just generally end up confusing everybody, including yourself...


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My computer (and hotmail) was OK but suddenly since a couple of weeks ago, I could not access Hotmail and got a message saying that I had to enable cookies in order to access hotmail. I tried the normal procedure (Tools, Options, Privacy, Low security, eneble cookies) but it does not work.
The only way I can access hotmail is to delete all Temporary Internet files every time I want to access hotmail before entering The Internet Explorer (it's a nuisance!)
Does anybody know why this happens and how to get the IE to work normally?

Answer:Hotmail access - enable cookies issues

Has your computer date/time altered recently? Check that it has the correct date and time.

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When I try to log on to certain sites, I am getting a message on screen saying that my computer has not enabled cookies. I have set the security level to medium as they suggest, but I still can't access them. If any one can help, I would appretiate really simple answers as I don't really understand computers.

Answer:Solved: 'Enable Cookies" problem.

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I tried to access my favorite web sites today and have found that I have to login again to all of them because for some unknown reason my cookies have all been reset.

I did not accidently disable cookies in internet explorer options, Windows has just done it on its own. Anyone know of a likely reason for this to happen?

Answer:Cookies Mysteriously Disabled

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Hi...I have a simple question. Although there should be a simple answer to this, so far I can't get it solved.

For about 3 weeks, I've been unable to log in to a certain site. The site is Netscape, AOL, and Compuserve screenname service (a screenname from any of those ISP's can usually log-in to any one of their associated services on the web-Netscape webmail, AOL Calendar, etc).

I'm able to get to my netscape email, by using the Netscape Mail & News client, that's included with the Netscape browser, but suddenly I can't get in to the webpage of Netscape mail, which I sometimes need to.

BUT, my main problem is, that I can't get to my AOL Calender on the web (I am registered with a Netscape screenname, not AOL screenname, and I've always been able to get in till now). I use Netscape 7 browser, on a Macintosh OS 9.2.

The message I've been getting is: "We are sorry, but you will need to enable cookies and Javascript to use your Screen Name with this site".

I have preferences set to accept all cookies & cookies enabled, and have tried repeatedly deleting cookies & clearing cache (closing & restarting browser, in between). As far as I can tell, I do have java-script enabled. I've always been able to get in there previously, nothing had changed with any of my settings when this problem started.

I am on AOL internet service, but I access the calendar on the web, with a Netscape screenname, as I menti... Read more

Answer:Getting message that my cookies are disabled

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Hi.I can't get the or site to load in my browser.It defaults to this URL: click here And it says: **"Cookies must be allowedYour browser is currently set to block cookies. Your browser must allow cookies before you can use the Passport Network.Cookies are small text files stored on your computer that tell Passport Network sites and services when you're signed in. To learn how to allow cookies, see online help in your web browser."**I HAVE cookies enabled and wondered if it's virus activity.Any ideas anyone?Cheees.

Answer:Hotmail - can't get in. Says cookies disabled.

Although this is of no help to you it seems like a few others are having the same problem. (see the threads).I have just logged in to my Hotmail account no problem.Could it be a geographical problem, I wonder?eg. do you access Hotmail through different servers to me? I am in Norfolk.

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I'm running XP and just recently upgraded to Explorer 7. It's working fine except cookies have been disabled. I'm thinking there might be another culprit; however, since I have changed my security settings to override cookie settings and to accept all cookies. I uninstalled Spy Sweeper and a few other security programs in an attempt to find the culprit with no luck. I've uninstalled and reinstalled IE completely and still have the same issue.

FireFox works fine. Any ideas on what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Answer:Explorer 7 Disabled Cookies

I'd take inventory of all your security and tweaking programs. When you disable/uninstall them, they don't always uninstall all of the settings that you've set.

Because of this, you may have to wade through all the settings on all the security programs that you have installed in order to find the culprit.

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I noticed a problem yesterday after AVG updated and I have the most current files but it alwyas says they are out of date. I also noticed that the cookies no longer will enable in Internet Explorer. I updated to the latest version but it had no effect. I am posting a hijack this log.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 2:13:10 PM, on 9/23/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0011)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTTask.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Logitech\Desktop Messenger\8876480\Program\LogitechDesktopMessenger.exe
C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPoint\KEM.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Works Shared\wkcalrem.exe
C:\Program Files\Xfire\xfire.exe
C:\Program Files\ 2.0\program\soffice.exe
C:\Program... Read more

Answer:AVG Anti Virus no longer works and cookies will not enable even if set to low

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One of my credit card sites has suddenly started telling me that cookies have been disabled...but this is the only site that has changed like this. All other sites that I access have no problem and no setting has been changed. I need internet access to this credit card website, but I can't even re-register because of the phantom "cookie" problem. Any ideas? I already double-checked to make sure cookies are enabled & they are.

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I cannot access Hotmail as signing in claims 'cookies are disabled'. This is not true, settings have not been altered since I last used the account, further I can access all other sites. Any suggestions?

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I just upgraded from version 1.2 to 1.4 and ran the spybot program. It seems to have changed my browser settings because now when I open IE I get the message below:

Right now, your browser's settings are configured to disable cookies and/or javascript. In order to access your account, you must change your browser's settings to accept both cookies AND javascript.

How do I change my browser settings?
This depends on the browser you're using. If you are getting a message asking if you want to accept cookies, choose Yes. Otherwise, we recommend that you click the "Help" button at the top of your browser in order to learn how to properly accept cookies and javascript. (You'll most likely be able to enable these settings by locating the Security and/or Privacy tabs found within "Internet Options" in your browser's "Tools" pull-down window.)

I've tried changing my cookies setting (moved it from medium to low) but it did not help and I don't see anything for the javascript setting. Tried to go back into spybot and undo but that doesn't seem to be an option.

Answer:Solved: Spybot - disabled cookies & javascript

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I cannot get into my Hotmail account.

My computer is a Dell Dimension 4600. I have Windows XP Home Edition on it. I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer, latest version.

The error message is as follows:
Your Web browser options are currently set to disable cookies.

I have gone to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Advanced
and clicked on the boxes to accept all first and third parties cookies and to keep cookies after the sessions end.

I have also typed in Hotmail as an approved site.

You help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Tonfa (Steve in Knoxville, TN)

Answer:UI Cookies Disabled *suggest spyware scan* BMan

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Wanted to try out my PhysX card on an old game and disabled GTX 570 thru devices. The 9800 GT is a formidable card. Assumed enabling would be as straight forward as the disabling. I'm not seeing it...

Can't figure it out. :-o

Answer:Disabled gpu - now can't enable

Have you tried looking in device manager? It should be listed in there but just and I think you should just be able to right click on it and chose enable. Just a guess though.

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I installed Windows 8 on my PC works excellent I recently came across a website that stated to disable all the services on the PC and reboot which I did but things weren't working and I would like to get the services back. I went under services to start/automatic but some I get dependency or group failed to start. ANy help greatly appreciated.

Answer:Services disabled? Can't enable what to do?

Hello NoName, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you have a restore point dated before doing this, then you could do a system restore at boot using that restore point to undo this.

Hope this helps,

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Hi, I recently tried to connect to my wireless broadband and the icon had disappeared. I went into control panel and wlan assistant and tried to enable the wireless.

A message comes up saying it is trying to install software for Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN. I run through the process but then when I try and get on to network controller I get the message there was a problem installing this hardware. It says This Device is disabled (code 22)

I have a compaq netbook and am running Windows XP, Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3
HP CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz.

I have tried downloading and installing software for Broadcom 802.11b/g but nothing seems to work. Desperate to get my wireless sorted.

Many thanks


Answer:wlan disabled can't enable

if you goto device manager and network adapter - right click on the device can you enable it ?

On the note book is there an on/off switch on the machine anywhere - or it may be a combination of FN + F key - often the F2 key is used

would you post an xirrus and device manager screen shot
Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.
Direct link to the program is here

{If the above link does not work heres another link,77196-order,4/download.html}

Then run and install the program - on a wireless enabled PC/Laptop
if you get an error - You need NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.

Run the program

A user guide is available here

post a screen shot of the program running - if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information, and also post which network "Adapter Name"... Read more

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Need help in achieving the following:I have integrated the "BeforePrint" to disable the print event for the workbook but what I am looking for is some of the worksheets within the workbook needs to be printed and the remainder worksheets have to be disabled for printing. How can we manage that? P.S.: I am using Excel 2003.Thank you in advance!

Answer:Enable the Print Even after having Disabled i

Have the BeforePrint macro check the sheet names and only allow it to print the ones you want.If you are unable to do that without our help, make sure you post your code so that we are not guessing about what you already have.Post the code between the <pre> tags so that it maintains its format and makes it easier for us to follow.

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yeh as i stated above, my computor is telling me to enable it through windows device manager but there is no option for enabling it?? anyone got any ideas??????

Answer:my wireless LAN is disabled and i cannot enable it. HELP?!

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Microsoft Windows XP
Media Center Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Manufactured and supported by:
Genuine Intel® CPU
T2050 @ 1.60GHz
798 MHz, 0.99 GB of RAM
Here's my problem- when I try to run Sonic RecordNow! to burn a DVD or CD, I get this message:

"All your drives are set to disabled. On this operating system, in order to start RecordNow! you must either physically remove your drive(s) or enable at least one drive."

I was burning CD's no problem 3 days ago, and now I get that message. Here is a brief description/history of this computer. Several months ago my ex gf downloaded some god awful virus while watching some tv shows on my computer and completely crippled it, I couldn't even run anti-viral software to try to clean it up. A few days ago a friend of mine did a System Restore, and since then, I have done the following:

* I have updated and ran Malwarebytes and AVG.
* I Installed Spy Doctor 6.0 but I have not ran it.
* I have ran the Disk Cleanup utility.
* Using Sonic RecordNow! I burned one CD (a few days ago) with no problems.
* I watched some avi files with Windows Media Player, but couldn't get some of them to play, so I downloaded VLC and it worked.
* I installed VLC media player and watched some avi files with it.
* I installed AxCrypt, but I haven't used it.
* I have deleted some old avi files.
* I have transferred files to and from, using a jump drive and an SD card. I didn'... Read more

Answer:How do I enable a "disabled" drive?

What model Satellite? Some have matsubleepa dvd drives and use the ramasst driver to enable writing dvd. There is a message on boot (or until you remove it from startup) asking if you want to disable the xp cd writing so you can write dvd.

Do you remember seeing that at some point?

The rest of your post rambles a bit but indicate there are some things going on that you don't understand.

some xboxs use wireless gaming adapters which your wireless network can detect. If you have a neighbor with one of these adapters it might show up.

Also, did your friend use the disks that came with your computer? Some satellites of the same base model number come in xp home OR xp media center editions. I have a set of each for the m110/m115 series. The disks look exactly the same except for a different part number. I used the xp home set on the mediacenter edition once and there were a lot of drivers missing and error messages.

Lets take your issues one at a time and get some info. To start with what is the whole model number of the laptop.

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i opened a limited account non administrator the other day and when i did something happened to my administrator account it says it is disabled and i cant get back logged onto it i have a dell windows xp

Answer:how to i enable a disabled admininstrator acc

Try these ways first.How to log on to Windows XP if you forget your password or your password expires

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Hi all

i did write a massive detailed topic but my connection went and i lost it...

so here goes again

cut a long story short,my pc was slow and i followed instructions on disabling certain services.

now its up the spout.

can i enable these services again or is there an easy way out?

I have a dell dimension 3100 running xp service pack3, ie8
talktalk internet provider,wireless connection,f-secure av (which at the moment is called TEST VERSION OF AV-IS)?
i have the use of a laptop connected to the router here for downloading/transferring/to the pc

system restore will not work? is unable to protect my computer

no internet connection? i try to open or launch ie but nothing happens.

i cannot enable the services menu at all, in the services window (local) when the expand tab is clicked there is a blue patch at the top left with a couple of cogs in it,but no list of the standard tab the list is there but in properties i cannot get the original options of (enable,automatic,disable,manual)

the task bar is now grey rather than blue and looks old,

when windows is starting up it stays on the blue screen for a looong time.

any help with this would be greatly appreciated i have more info and error messages for those who can help,just ask away,i have already tried safe mode,restore,prompts to the best of my knowledge (but then look what i did in the first place )

Many thanks , Graham

Answer:Disabled services and can't enable them again :(

Hi - Do you have your XP CD , or recovery CD - If you do please type sfc /scannow into Start > Run box > Click OK . Then insert your CD -This can replace your missing items and repair many faults - Then cut and paste this code into the Run box after the sfc scan finishes -CMD /C ECHO Y|CHKDSK C: /R | SHUTDOWN /R /T 30Thank You -

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I downloaded and installed the AVG antivirus free for Android on my impression i10 Android Tablet. The app is compatable with my tablet. It shows that it was installed and I have an ICON on my tablet, but when I try to open it, I get "This App has been disabled." I have reinstalled it but still get the same problem.

Answer:How do I enable AVG antivirus app disabled

Does it need enabling in the Android settings? What version of Android are you using?

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I installed Windows 8 on my PC works excellent I recently came across a website that stated to disable all the services on the PC and reboot which I did but things weren't working and I would like to get the services back. I went under services to start/automatic but some I get dependency or group failed to start. ANy help greatly appreciated.

Answer:Services disabled? Can't enable what to do?

Hello NoName, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you have a restore point dated before doing this, then you could do a system restore at boot using that restore point to undo this.

Hope this helps,

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I cannot do anything on the computer, but I will start with when I click on properties (from the administrative tools, services or MMC console) nothing happens. I can't even view the services window in the extended view, only the standard.. When I go to the set up new account area, the window opens, but it remains blank. so I can not change, view or create any accounts. Oh, and I don't show any internet connections, but when I try to create a new one, it says it is already there.. I can not copy anything, if it accepts the copy command, it will not let me paste it. Drag and drop is not working either.. (as I was going to just move all my important things to another drive, preferable my usb drive so I can put the stuff on this computer..
Oh, it is not this computer I am talking about, it is my primary computer, it will not get on line, as I do not show any internet connection except a remote access.. I uninstalled and reinstalled the network card.. that did not help. the operating system is Windows XP HOME edition. I am very frustrated about this entire situation. I am way ahead of myself, I apologize, please bear with me. Let me explain the situation in brief.
I have two computers in my office. I have a cable modem and a broadband router, connected to the router is a hard wire thru the attic to 2 more computers. So, there are 4 computers on our NETWORK. One of the other computers was always in my audit and security logs. I learned they were remoting into my comput... Read more

Answer:how do I enable a disabled service??

Whew. Ok first to turn that service back on:

Click start, click run, type "services.msc" without the quotes.

Find "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" double click on it.

Change the startup type to Automatic and click the start button, then apply.
More importantly, you keep mentioning "He." The guy upstairs I'm assuming? If he is messing with your computer and it's YOUR network, unplug him. End of story.

Let me know how you make out.


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enable addons

Answer:addons disabled cant enable them

Internet Explorer 8 running with add-ons disabled

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I'll preface this post by saying I have very limited knowledge of pc's. That being said, my Acer desktop started not booting into Windows, so I went into BIOS and disabled all the internal drivers.....dumb, yes I know. I removed the CMOS battery hoping this would allow me to enable the drivers once restarted. They are still disabled. Is there a way I can enable them? I'm using my tablet to communicate so I am unable to give you specs on my pc.
Using Windows Vista.

Answer:How to enable accidentally disabled HDD

You should be able to go back into the Bios and enable them again. Have you tried that ?

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Checked for viruses with stinger and housecall - clean. Checked for odd processes - none. Checked for spyware - clean. This is on a corporate network - had to manually remove (removed registry keys too). Reinstalled - same thing. You can enable it but it instantly goes back to disabled (the little red circle with a slash through it). I'm clueless as to the fix short of reimaging. Any ideas?


Answer:Mcafee Disabled - can't enable

try reinstalling it to a non-default directory
instead of C:/McAfee (or whateber) try C:/ScRewYoUhAxOr

Online virus scans are not infallible
you could easily have a Trojan
trial TDS-3 and install per the instructions in the help.txt to a nondefault directory, and manually update the definitions (links regarding that in the link above)

then > Configuration Button > Startup Tab > Check all in intialization and Startup Scanning > Save
Scan Control Button > Scan Options Tab > Check all except the 2 ADS options > then Available Scans > Select all move to right pane > Start Scanning

will peg you resources, and you wont be able to do anything till its done,
f there is a Remote Administration Trojan that was missed
it should find it

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Okay, here's the deal from the beginning... 6 to 10 months ago I got some help on here trying to set up my network card. I finally got it to work but it screwed up my modem and sound cards. We figured out (I use "we" loosely ) that it was caused by an IRQ conflict. I can't remember why, but I was told to try disabling my USB ports (To free up an IRQ channel?) and I did and it worked out fine, blah blah blah, happily ever after.

Now, the deal is, I just purchased a USB game controller which I wouldn't mind using and tried to install it. It said it couldn't detect the controller which is what jogged my memory about the USB disabling. I'm in BIOS mode and I changed "USB legacy support" to enabled in the "advanced" pull down menu. This didn't work. What should I change? And will I go back to having an IRQ problem? Any help would be appreciated. BrianF, you were the one who helped me out last time... Any of this ring a bell?

Answer:USB ports disabled? Need to enable them...

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My wireless internet connection has been working great for over a year on my Dell Inspiron E1505. Earlier today, I disabled my wireless radio by right click on the shell icon on the system tray and clicking "disable radio". Usually this is not a problem...I simply repeat this step and click "enable radio".

However, this time all of my options are grayed out when I right click over the shell icon. When I hover over the icon, it reads "No supported wireless adapters available in this system". When I double click the icon, the prompt reads "Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software was unable to detect a supported wireless adapter. Please install a supported adapter".

My wireless connection on this machine has been working great for a long it possible that a simply mis-click has thrown my system out of wack, or there a simple fix that I am overlooking? (The Function-F2 command is non-responsive).

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Disabled Radio...Can't Re-enable

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The keyboard on my HP desktop was inadvertently disabled. Diagnostic test say it is operating normally. How do I enable the keyboard again?

Answer:how to enable a disabled keyboard

how did you determine it was disabled?how did you test that the keyboard is good?Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question:

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hi folks,

i could use some help here.

i have an ASUS U30J. i unintentionally disabled my Microphone under the "Recording" tab under the "Sound" control of the control panel.

since that was my only recording device coming from my integrated mircophone, i want to enable it again, but it is nowhere to be found. the "Recording" tab iust empty.

techie guys, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:SOS: Microphone disabled, want to enable.

Right click on the Recording Tab to Show Disabled Devices.
Highlight Microphone, select Properties to enable the device.

If the Microphone has a red icon by it, unplug it.
If you have installed the software from Realtek, VIA, etc, then plugging in the device should cause a
detection pop-up to appear. Click OK to confirm the device. It should be ready to use.

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I disabled Cortana and Telemetry a couple weeks ago, but now I want to reverse my actions.
Here's what I did initially:

In regedit -
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > Windows Search
I created a new DWORD and named it AllowCortana, and set the value to 0.

I also went to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > DataCollection
I create a new DWORD and named it AllowTelemetry and set it to 0.

Lastly, in the Services tab of Task Manager, I disabled dmwappushsvc, and Connected User Experiences and Telemetry.

In an attempt to reverse my actions last night, I re-enabled the two things in Services, and I changed my two registry keys to a value of '1', and then rebooted. No change. Also tried deleting my DWORDs and rebooting. No change.
I have run sfc /scannow, no problems detected.
I have run Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth, no problems.
Ran /RestoreHealth anyway, no change.
I checked gpedit Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search > Allow Cortana, and she's enabled.
Cortana is still replaced by a magnifying glass called "Search", and no mention of Cortana is in the right-click menu of the taskbar.

If I click on Search, then click the Settings icon, it takes me to the Settings home.

If I type "Cortana" into the search field of Settings, there is an entry called "Cortana & Search Settings&... Read more

Answer:Disabled Cortana, now cannot re-enable her.

If Cortana is now enabled, you should just need to sign into her: Sign in or Sign out of Cortana in Windows 10 Apps Features Tutorials

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As the title says i disabled the Administrator account with the net user administrator /active:no command in CMD.

Now i can't seem to re enable it.

Please advice.

Answer:Administrator Disabled, can't Re-enable.

Here's a couple of things that may be of use to you.
Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable
Built-in Administrator - Enable from WinRE

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format gone wrong. trying o load multimedia devices. get message cannot load drivers cause of midi playback disabled i cant find anywhere to enable it. its for a ensoniq audio pci legacy device??????????????? no disk for it dowloaded a driver for the sound card and ended up with that error. any help greatly appreciated

Answer:midi disabled went looking to enable it

i cant get any sound from anything what so ever just in case that helps

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I started with what might or might not have been a malware problem described in this thread:

At this point, I have no reason to believe that the problem is malware. However, what had been happening was that after I logged in, my various startup items would not start up, and I would get an hourglass whenever I visited the Windows toolbar with my mouse.

So I decided I would try turning off startup items to see which ones might be causing the problem. I did so by running msconfig and disabling startup items as I went along.

Along the way, msconfig started giving the following message:

"An Access Denied error was returned while attempting to change a service. You may need to log on using an Administrator account to make the specified changes."

As I was already logged in with administrative privileges, I do not think this should have happened.

Now, I can't do much of anything, because almost all Windows services are disabled, and each time I try to enable one, it says that it needs another service before I can do anything.

At the moment, I am logged in as Administrator, and the Services program shows that only the following services are running:

DCOM Service
FlexNet Licensing Service
IPS Core Service
Norton Security Suite
Remote Procedure Call (but not RPC Locator)
Terminal Services

Is there any way to figu... Read more

Answer:Almost all services disabled, can't enable them.

While waiting for a reply, I tried the experiment of going through the overall list of services and setting them to be enabled in pretty much the same way as they are on my other machine, which works normally.

The result is that I'm now back to the state I was in before: I log in, and get an hourglass every time I move the mouse over the taskbar.

I am thinking, therefore that one of my startup items is still hanging, so I'm not getting fully logged in.

Is there any way of finding out which item or items it might be?

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My boyfriend disabled his display on his computer how does he enable it?

Answer:disabled the display xp how do you enable it

It depends how he disabled it so please explain how he did it.

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