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Excel worksheet page length

Question: Excel worksheet page length

I have 2 Excel files that I create for my company, a list of items we sell, one with prices and one without.  I use 2 columns on a page for both of them.  Other than the prices, they are exactly the same.  However, when I print them out, the one with prices breaks one row lower than the other, even though the margins, row height, and other page setup settings are exactly the same, as well as the printer.  I would like to make them the same, as it makes it easier to copy and paste new data between them.  Any help would be most appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Excel worksheet page length

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Excel worksheet page length

A suggestion for a quick and dirty fix !  You say it is the list with the prices that is breaking one row lower. Go into 'Print preview' and 'Setup . . .' and increase the bottom margin very slightly, say by 0.1 cm. this should make it break a row earlier to match the other.
Apart from the elegance aspect, does it make a difference that it is the printed version that is showing this behaviour ?  Surely, any copying and pasting you are doing is done on screen and you imply that any misalignment is only showing up in the printed version.
Chris Cosgrove

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Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix this problem.  I have excel open and it seems that the actual worksheet has been minimised (even though the main excel window is maximised) and the first two columns of the worksheet (e.g columns A & B) are off the page.  Would appreciate any suggestions!  Thanks, ljc.

Answer:Excel worksheet half off page??

This is what I understand your problem is - Excel is maximized, but you have a small window inside Excel, which is your worksheet.You want the worksheet maximized.Right?If so, the small window will have close, minimize and maximize buttons, same as the main window.Press maximize, and it will go back to its full size.Does that help?

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RE: Excel 2007
Worksheet page numbers are no longer at the bottom of the page.
What can I do to view them?

Answer:Excel 2007, Worksheet Page Numbers Disappeared

Hi there, welcome to the board!

What do you mean "Worksheet page numbers"? Can you describe for us what exactly which you are looking at and what view type you are in?

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I have a conundrum and I hope somebody out there can understand what I am talking about. I have a spreadsheet I am developing where the first worksheet is a table of contents and summary, and I have over twenty worksheets that all contain data for different items.

I would like to be able to click on a cell within my table of contents worksheet and have the relevant worksheet open so I don't have to keep scrolling through endless sheets. I have to log a bunch of defective items and keep notes & tallies on them so if there was such a function as this it would really help me out! (I really don't want to have to do this on Word) My searches on Excel's help page have all been in vain - seems like nobody has ever asked this question (or nobody has in a way that I understand). As you can probably tell, I don't know a whole lot of technical jargon. I am a beginner at this, so please keep it simple! Thank you!!!!!

Answer:Solved: how to link an excel worksheet to a tabel of contents page?

CTRL+K is the hotkey combo for "Insert Hyperlink".

Then choose "Place in this document"; from there, it's self-explanatory.

Welcome to the board.

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I need help with a formula. I need the formula to calculate totals from 10 worksheet.

Totals to come from C164 from each sheet to total in the summary worksheet D20. I can't seem to get it past the first worksheet. This is the formula that I have. The work sheet are named xx1-xx10

=Sum(xx1!c164,xx2!c164,xx3!c164,xx4!c164,xx5!c164,xx6!c164,xx7!c164,xx8!c164,xx9!c164,xx10!c164) IIs this possible?
Please and thank you!

Answer:Excel Formula using multiple worksheet to calculate into a summary worksheet.

Moving thread to the Office Forum for better results

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I have one worksheet with 3 colums and rows.
I need to create a new dinamic worksheet from the data on the 1st sheet.
Columns in the 1st sheet are:

Material Plant Quantity
AAA 1 100
AAA 2 50
AAA 3 20
BBB 1 30
BBB 3 10

I know descriptions for the Plants: 1 - "East", 2 - "West", 3 - "South".
I have to create macros or formulas to build a new worksheet from information on this one. It is basically take a Material group by, then Plant and sum of Quantity for that specific Material and specific Plant , and build a column for that specific Plant, with provided description. So if its Plant =1 , then column is "East", and so on.
So, essentially the new worksheet shooud look like this.
Quantity for Materials based on Plant.

Material East West South
AAA 100 50 20
BBB 30
BBB 10

Can someone give me tips on how to build that new worksheet and how should i build macro?

Thank you,

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Hi Wayne, I have another one...

I have two Excel Sheets. One is a list I call database with all of the information in a list. The second sheet is ?prettied up? into a the looks of a nice form (but not a form, just formatted to look nice).

I have the same column names in both locations. The list layout is landscape and the ?form? is portrait. The data in each row of the list/database is what I would like to have prepopulate into the ?form? below to print a single record, but I can?t figure out how to make this work. The data in the list will change continue to have data added at the bottom.

Answer:Excel - Prepopulating a worksheet from a worksheet list

would you change the image to an actual spreadsheet with a sample
also the image is a screen shot of the other post

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I have a spreadsheet that I put on a group drive for another region of the state to use. This spreadsheet was done in Excel 2007. It was working fine until the other region updated their Excel to 2013. Now the other region is having trouble with the spreadsheet; namely the drop-down boxes are showing that there are no values, but there should be a list of people in the list. When I open the spreadsheet it works fine. Because the other region is four hours away, I can't just go and look at it on their computer. Is there something that the other region (or that I) need to do to make the spreadsheet compatible with Excel 2013?

Answer:How do I make an Excel 2007 worksheet work in Excel 2013?

Take a look here:

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With due respect and credit to DerbyDad03 whose earlier post gave me the code below; is there any way to have the new worksheets created from a variable length field e.g. a persons name in a list or a field of fixed length other than a date as the script below uses?Sub CreateMonthlySheets()Dim lastRow, mMonth, tstDate1, tstDate2, shtName, nxtRowOn Error Resume Next'Turn off ScreenUpdatingApplication.ScreenUpdating = False'Make a copy of the data sheet and sort by date Sheets("Sheet1").Copy After:=Sheets(1) Sheets(2).Name = "SortTemp" With Sheets("SortTemp") lastRow = .Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row Rows("2:" & lastRow).Sort Key1:=Range("A2"), Order1:=xlAscending 'Using SortTemp Sheet, create monthly sheets by'testing Month and Year values in Column A'Loop through dates For Each mMonth In .Range("A2:A" & lastRow) tstDate1 = Month(mMonth) & Year(mMonth) tstDate2 = Month(mMonth.Offset(-1, 0)) & Year(mMonth.Offset(-1, 0)) 'If Month and Year are different than cell above, create new sheet If tstDate1 <> tstDate2 Then ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Add After:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count) 'Name the sheet based on the Month and Year ActiveSheet.Name = MonthName(Month(mMonth)) & " " & Year(mMonth)'Copy Column Widths and Header Row .Rows(1).Copy ActiveSheet.Rows(1).PasteSpecial Paste:=8 'ColumnWidth ActiveSheet.Rows(1).PasteSpecial 'Data... Read more

Answer:Excel Macro to create new worksheet in Excel 2010

I created a quick macro to help you out. This macro creates a new sheet and names it using the contents of cell "A1".Sub CreateNewSheet()
Dim NewSheet
Dim SheetName As String

SheetName = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(1, "A").Value
Set NewSheet = Sheets.Add(After:=Sheets(Worksheets.Count), Count:=1, Type:=xlWorksheet)
NewSheet.Name = SheetName

End Sub
Law if Logical Argument: Anything is possible if you don't know what you're talking about.

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I am looking to create some code to move a sheet from one file to a new excel file. SO the code needs to open a new excel workbook and place the required sheet in the resultant new file.

I have managed to do this with an existing file "Moved Pivot" per the code below. This is ok but other people will be using my sheet so the location needs to be chosen by them. A new file seems to be the only solution?

Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:\desktop\Optegra Installer\Moved Pivot.xls"

Dim oTargetSheet As Worksheet
Set oTargetSheet = Workbooks("Moved Pivot.xls").Worksheets(1)
Call ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("PIVOT_TB").Copy(oTargetSheet)
Set oTargetSheet = Nothing

Any help much appreciated. Thanks


Answer:Solved: Excel VBA to move worksheet to new excel file

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Question: page length

Not for default but for a single page, I want to extend the printing below the point at which the print begins a new page.

Answer:page length


In what program do you wish to accomplish this? (Excel, Word ... etc)?

Have you tried setting a custom paper size, specifying it as longer?

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So im using Excel 2010, and i making a timetable.

Right now the row going across saying period 1 2 3 they are all different sizes, some will be bigger and some would be smaller. I was wondering if there is a way to make them all the same size.

If you dont know what im talking about ask for a screenshot.

Im to busy to upload one now

Answer:Row Length in Excel

do you want the rows to all be the same height?

click on the first row number on the left - shift-click on the last one to select all the rows.

then right-click on the row numbers >> row height >> type in a number...

you can do a similar thing with the columns too.

is this what you meant?

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I recently downloaded a pdf doc from the Intel support site. When I open the doc it says it is 14 pages long. When I try to print the pages all I get are very small (and I mean small )thumbprints of other pages
On closer inspection I find each of the 14 pages is not the usual A4 size page. The pages can be as long as 25 x A4 size long. In total the whole doc is about 200 normal A4 size pages.

Is there any way I can insert page breaks into the numerous pages on each page.

I suppose I could always set my printer for banner printing but I would end up with individual pages feet long.

Answer:Solved: pdf docs page length

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Not very fluent in Excel. I am setting up a positive pay format for my company to transfer check information from my PC to a bank via an ASCII Flat-File. Question is, I have so many columns that need to be set at 10 characters fixed length.

Is there way for this to be done? Example if I key in a check for $1.95

I want it to automatically put it as 0000000195.

Can this be done?


Answer:Fixed Length in Excel

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I am new to Excel and can't find out how to limit my "book" to 2 pages. I know how to print only 2 pages (the other 424 are blank and will remain so) for my own purposes. However, I am e-mailing the file to others, so I want to simplify their work by eliminating the blank pages.

Still looking for a way to convert this to Word....

Thanks in advance for your help!

Answer:Excel - document length ???

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I have an excel spreadsheet which is 3 columns wide by about 100 rows long. When I print it out, it squashes the columns over to the left hand side of the A4 landscape page leaving a big blank space on the right hand side of the page. Because of the number of rows, it prints it out onto 2 pages.

I would prefer if it could have the first 50 rows on the left hand side of the page and then the second 50 rows on the right hand side of the same page.

I have chosen to fit 1 page wide by 1 page tall but all this does, is squash all the rows over on the left hand side of the page, still leaving the right side of the page blank.

I just cannot seem to make it do this at all.

Any ideas?

Answer:Printing a worksheet on one page

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I scan every piece of paper in our house into my "virtual filing cabinet." Most things work nice. But when I get a really long document, it usually cuts off the end of it when I feed it through the feeder. It's because it's configured to scan in 8.5x14 papers. I wish I had a program that would allow me to scan in 8.5 x infinity papers. It would just keep scanning until the paper finishes feeding and make the virtual page in the computer that length. Any ideas or suggestions?

Answer:scanning software with unlimited page length

Can't be done because the vertical travel of the scanning head/lamp is limited to 14-inches. It has nothing to do with the sheet feeder.

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A while ago I installed Vista, then installed Word 2003 and then updated to sp3. Ever since then, my word 2003 doesn't format like every other word 2003 in the world. I see slightly less lines per page than other people.

For example, I just got a document with a table of contents that lists the last page as 29, but it's 35 pages when I view it. This screws up formating something awful. I have to take it to a campus computer for the final formatting so it looks fine.

Anyone know what might cause this? Thanks

Answer:Word 2003 incorrect page length

Make sure your stylesheets and templates are squared away.

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Question: excel worksheet

may be a dumb question but can i assemble a series of "loose" worksheets into a workbook? someone sends me a monthly report as an excel WS I want to put them all in one book from the folder they download to so I can analyse the data across all the sheets.
Regards Bloodaxe

Answer:excel worksheet

See if this helps click here

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Question: Excel Worksheet

I was told if changes are save on current excel worksheet that you can recover the original worksheet or that it no longer exist on the hard drive is this true?

I need to find old worksheets. I created a worksheet to keep track of proceeds and updated it almost daily for 9 months. Is it possible for all of these worksheet to still exist on the hard drive?

Sorry with my pea brain I don't even know if this is a dumb question.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Excel Worksheet

To the best of my knowledge, unless you saved each worksheet separately before making changes to it and then saved THAT worksheet, then you have overwritten the same file with new data. There would be no different files to retrieve practically.

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I have a folder with .csv and .txt files in it that I get every month from clients. 1. I need to get them into one Excel spreadsheet to do analysis with the information. I know I need to create a macro or a series of macros to be able to do this, but I really don't know how to begin. The information consists of three parts, I ultimately would like the macro to be able to seperate these individual parts and drop it on a seperate sheet within this workbook.... OR 2. I would like to be able to eliminate this first step and create an append query in Access to import the information into a table.

I ultimately need to have the information in Access and would much rather be able to do the entire process from an append query in Access.
thanks again.

Answer:.csv to Excel worksheet

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Question: Excel Worksheet

I have a large Excel Spreadsheet that lists equipment (unit#, make, model, serial-no, branch location (1 to 5), status of equipment codes (0=avail, 1=on rent, 2=sold, 3=used for rent, 4=repair, 5=to be scrapped) and my assignment is to summarize how may pieces of equipment are in each of these categories at each location. Would I use a "countif" or a "vlookup" formula? I am using Excel 97.

Thank you

Answer:Excel Worksheet

None of them! I think you should use sumif or even sumproduct!
But also it can be done even easier using pivot tables!

If you wanna us assist you with that post a sample with some dummy date, bu with the real structure of the worksheet!

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For years I did something on my w98, using Word97, with my Epson LQ-570+ dot matrix printer.

I have tried the same thing on my wxp, using Word97, with my new Epson LQ-590. It won't work. Epson says it is a problem with Word97, of course.

I got the LQ-590 because my 570+ was old and probably not doing well, and because my w98 had failed and I was trying to get everything taken over by my newer wxp.

This is the problem:

I print out progress notes on transcription paper that is on a large roll, with tractor feed holes and with no perforations (i.e., the sheet is continuous).

The progress notes are of varying length. I don't want to have the end of the page split a progress note into two parts. But I also don't want to waste large amounts of transcription paper by printing a page that has a lot of space on it, as would be true if the last PN ended fairly high on the last page, or as would be true if I had to insert a lot of space in order to start the next note at the top of a page (to prevent it being split).

So how had I been doing it?

I would go through the long document of many progress notes and put in page breaks, making each page a "section." Then I would change (reduce) the page length (through Page Layout) so that the space after the last PN on that page would be eliminated. My Epson LQ-570+ would print each page with the appropriate (assigned) page length. Of course, my 570+ was obeying what Word97 was sending it with regard to page lengt... Read more

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Windows 7
Office 2007
Computer is approx 1.5 years old as well as the printer also.
Ram is a train load (gigs)

Having trouble with my Excel spreadsheets printing.
In any given Workbook, some worksheets print, some won't.
The ones that won't, I get a dialog box stating a few things, eg, not enough memory, drivers, etc., generally a generic dialog.
I have checked these avenues out, update Windows daily, as well as uninstalled my printer (HP C309a), reinstalled printer, I've had a computer technician out here a couple of times and he's done the same things I have done, but to no avail.
It may print, it may not. Depending on mood swing I guess.
Any suggestions?????????
Please help,
Thank you.

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I need to print a worksheet (to make an order form) that contains 5 columns, but split into 2 so that one sheet looks like 2 sheets of A5 (A4 landscape, but wit two pages like a book - does this make any sense to anyone, !!!!!!!!!

Answer:Format Excel Worksheet

VoG's territory!!!

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I am trying to build a shop schedule to keep track of work being performed in 14 different bays. I have started the work sheet but run into difficulties with keeping the customer names below each other in the next cell. I end up with gaps in the work sheet where the formula does not find a value. Can someone assist me with completeing this worksheet? Please have a look.

Answer:Solved: Need Help with an excel worksheet

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I have created an invoice using Office Excel.

As a test I sent it to own e-mail address.

The problem I have is when I received it, it was sent directly to my deleted folder.

I have both Norton Anti Virus and Internet Security installed on my PC.

Could these two programs have anything to do with it???


Answer:Sending Excel Worksheet

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In my excell, whenever I open an workbook, the colour or the cells and chart colours changes to different (randomly) than I originally set. Any information/help what's causing the problem and how to resolve this?Regards!

Answer:Excel worksheet problem

closing without any resolution.

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writing a program in Excel... would like to have a "information page" where user info is collected then used to name tabs of worksheets in the program...
anyone have a solution?

Answer:Macro to name worksheet Tab in Excel?

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tab scrolling buttons will not advance the worksheetI've turned them off and don't know how

Answer:worksheet won't advance in Excel

tab scrolling buttonsNot sure what you mean.What version of Excel are you running?MIKE

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I have a code that runs when an Excel workbook is opened. The code runs on all the worksheets within the workbook. When the code stops running the worksheet selected is always the last worksheet. There are 12 worksheets (named by each month).

How can I get the code to select the current month worksheet when the code reaches the end?

Answer:Solved: Excel -> Worksheet Name

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Please can anyone remind me how to type in the formula for accessing data from worksheet 1 and using the data on worksheet 2 for instance all in the same work book. I used to do it but forgot how . I am using XP.

Answer:Excel - using data from other worksheet

Something like='First Sheet'!A1 + 'Second Sheet'!C3The ' are only necessary if there are spaces in the sheet name.

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I have created an Excel spreadsheet but cannot limit its size. In 'Print Preview' it fits nicely onto one A4 page, but when trying to email it spreads to 26 pages! How do I get rid of the thousands of extra rows and columns? I have Office XP.

Answer:Excel worksheet size

Try selecting the area that you want to print then File > Print Area > Set Print Area.

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i applied allinternalpasswords.xls to unprotect a worksheet. it has done it job. i opened the xls. when enabled macro i got a addin on the toolbar of excel. then i opened the problematic excel worksheet on the same window. i clicked on the addin and i got the link to remove password. it has done its job. now i still have the addin on the excel which i want to remove. how to remove it?
winxp-sp3-amd-asus-1 gb ram-

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Could someone please tell me the shortcut to enlarge the worksheet in Excel.


Answer:Enlarging Excel Worksheet

Timeferret, depends what you mean by "enlarge".

From the Help file:

"If you use the Microsoft IntelliMouse pointing device to zoom more often than you use it to scroll on a sheet, you can set the wheel button to zoom instead of scroll. On the Tools menu, click Options, click the General tab, and then select the Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse check box."

This works with my non-M$ mouses too.


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I am sure this is going to be something simple?
When entering a number in a cell (i.e mobile) and clicking away from the cell
the zero is not saving? i.e 7766.
I did go into the format options and play about with the numbering and general options but was unable to solve?

Answer:Zero not saving in Excel worksheet?

First select the column and format as text.
Or enter with an apostrophe in front of the value.
Or you could format, for instance, a 7-digit number with a custom format of 0000000

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I did something to make a worksheet that I had prepared in Excel to go to my external drive G. Now each time I need to get the worksheet for some reason it tells me that it is not there, but I can see it in the external drive. I want to it on drive C.

Answer:Excel Worksheet in Drive G

Why not copy & paste or move the worksheet from the G: drive to the C: drive if that's what you want. What's stopping you?

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Is there a way of only displaying the columns which I am working with, on my Worksheet.

I am only using the columns A-K, but if I use the horizontal scroll button at the bottom of the screen I keep scrolling to unused columns to the right.

Answer:Viewing worksheet on Excel

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I know this may be an obvious question, but I have a number of Worksheets in my Excel Workbook.

How do I send just a single Worksheet via e-mail?

Answer:Sending Excel Worksheet

It's not obvious at all. Questions:

1. Always emailing to the same person?
2. Email as an attachment? Or as part of the message body in Outlook?
3. Want a button on the worksheet?

You can check here:

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I have a file in Excel. I recently added information to the file but when I tried to save it, a message said I cannot save it because it is a read only file. I check the Help information and it showed how to change the properties but when I tried that and went to remove the check mark from the 'read only' box there was no check mark in the 'read only box'. No matter what I tried I could not get the file to save the changes I made. Then it said to save with a different name but when I tried that it said I couldn't because the file was 'read only. I have run into a brick wall. Does anyone have an answer for this?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476387 MB, Free - 409840 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-MA74GM-S2
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Answer:Cannot save Excel worksheet

try saving with a different name
and closing the spreadsheet
Now using file explorer , goto the original file and rename that to somethink like OLD
now you should be able to rename the new file, back to its original name

have you emailed or shared the file at all
Anyone else on the PC - different user - open it
Does it contain any Macros at all?

I find this problem , when using dropbox or onedrive to save a copy into
often I have to save a copy , as dropbox/onedrive will be syncing the old file and locked it out

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I have 250+sheets, summary sheet in excel. I did a formula an IF THEN statement it works ex; IF(sheet1'!$B$1<=5,sheet1'!$B$2,sheet1'!$B$3) but now have to repeat that formula 249 more time on my summary sheet.

Answer:Excel Worksheet Problem

Hi,If you are trying to do the same as before then the initial 'formula' looks like this:="XXXIF(Sheet" & G3 & "!$B$1<=5,Sheet" & G3 & "!$B$2,Sheet" & G3 &"!$B$3)"The formula you posted has an extra ' in it, sheet1'or a missing ' depends on how you look at it.The worksheet name can be used without single quotes if there are no spaces in the name, so =Sheet1!B1 is OKbut with a space it has to be ='Sheet 1'!B1Regards

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I have 4 work sheets:worksheet one has pending ordersone ordered confirmed i have a column confirmed i have a row that says YesI want the information in that row to go to the next worksheet#2 which is on route to delivery. Once delievered I have a row that saids YesThat row would go to the next Worksheet that states Delivered row with Yes to next work sheet for billing.What is a formula to activate a whole row to move?

Answer:Excel Moving a row to another worksheet

There is no formula that can "move" a row. A formula/function can only return a result in the cell in which it resides.You'll probably need to use VBA to accomplish your "one ordered confirmed i have a column confirmed i have a row that says Yes"I don't understand this. Please try to explain it differently and we'll see if we can help.Posting Tip: Before posting Data or VBA Code, read this How-To.

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i need a formula for my excel workbook

Answer:i trying to complete my excel worksheet

Here, use this one:=IF(IF(INDEX(temp.xls!A:F,SUM(MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0),MATCH("BF304",OFFSET(temp.xls!A1,MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0)-1,0,MATCH("FCLI",temp.xls!A:A,0)-MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0)+1,1),0))-1,5)<>0,5,6)=5,INDEX(temp.xls!A:F,SUM(MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0),MATCH("BF304",OFFSET(temp.xls!A1,EQUIV("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0)-1,0,MATCH("FCLI",temp.xls!A:A,0)-MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0)+1,1),0))-1,IF(INDEX(temp.xls!A:F,SUM(MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0),MATCH("BF304",OFFSET(temp.xls!A1,MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0)-1,0,MATCH("FCLI",temp.xls!A:A,0)-MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0)+1,1),0))-1,5<>0,5,6)),-INDEX(temp.xls!A:F,SUM(MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0),MATCH("BF304",OFFSET(temp.xls!A1,MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0)-1,0,MATCH("FCLI",temp.xls!A:A,0)-MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0)+1,1),0))-1,IF(INDEX(temp.xls!A:F,SUM(MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0),MATCH("BF304",OFFSET(temp.xls!A1,MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0)-1,0,MATCH("FCLI",temp.xls!A:A,0)-MATCH("EENU",temp.xls!A:A,0)+1,1),0))-1,5)<>0,5,6)))Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Can not remove Worksheet menu bar from Excel 2002

Answer:Excel worksheet menu bar

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Hi, I am new to Excel and I just need help with linking to another worksheet. So if the user clicks on a cell, they will be taken to another worksheet with more detailed information. I realize this is very basic to most people but, as I said, I am new to Excel and I could not find information on this in the help files. Thanks for your help.

Answer:Excel - need help linking to another worksheet

ac11 said:

Hi, I am new to Excel and I just need help with linking to another worksheet. So if the user clicks on a cell, they will be taken to another worksheet with more detailed information. I realize this is very basic to most people but, as I said, I am new to Excel and I could not find information on this in the help files. Thanks for your help.Click to expand...

See the Help file for Hyperlinking

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How can I restrict the use of an Excel worksheet to one computer? I believe that macros can be used to ID the serial number of a PC's hard drive and that an algorithm can be used to generate an activation code which would prevent migration.If it is possible (by any method), I would appreciate advice on how to achieve this.

Answer:Excel Worksheet Security

That is actually incredibly difficult to do.Would validation using the user's Windows logon name be an option?If you are trying to create a secure environment in Excel then forget it - Excel security is pants. Anubvody can crack it.

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Hi All

I am trying to create a grading template on Excel. I have included hyperlinks, dropdown boxes and comments with no problem, but what I am trying to do is this.

I have the first 10 rows for static information - they don't change. I want to be able to change to next 10 rows without affecting the rows above. I want to be able to change column width, for example, without affecting what I have written above. Any ideas?

PS: If you know any sites that have intermediate tutors for excel, I'd love to know their addresses - especially any for info on creating grading templates.

Answer:Splitting an Excel Worksheet

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Hi ,

I had an excel sheet having 26 worksheet of 6mb size and that too file is sharing, now the actual problem is whenever i save a file or save as, without doing anything in the file one of the sheet randomly get disappeared, sometime the file size get decrease without doing anything.

Does any one have face any such problem, because what i think that there is no limit on file size and number of worksheet.

Ashish Sharma

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I made an Excel worksheet and I want to set limits to where a user is able to tab to. Ie...The user starts in A2 and presses tab to get to B2, when the user presses the tab key again I want them to be taken to tab A3. Any Ideals? Thank you in advance for your help.

Answer:Excel worksheet tab order

Do you only want them to have access to the columns A and B only?? If so, try this.. Select the range of cells that you wan them to have access cells (EX: A2:B20). Right click on one of the selected cells and Select FORMAT CELLS. Then find the "Protection Tab" and UNCHECK the box next to" Locked". Close the FORMAT CELLS box. Then we are going to protect the worksheet and/or workbook depending on whichever you wish. This method will vary depending on which version of Excel you have. If it is the 03 version, go to Tools, Protect. If it is 07+, go to the Review Tab. Once you select Protect Sheet, you should see some options or "permissions" with check boxes next to them. Here we want to DESELECT "Select Locked Cells" so that they will only be able to select the cells that we previously "unlocked".BEST OF LUCK!

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Printer shows "Printing 1 of 1862" how do I get rid of this number

Answer:How to print a worksheet in Excel

It should be somewhere in your Printer Setup or Page Setup.MIKE

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A couple of months ago my Excel worksheets became immobile - unable to be reduced in size or repositioned on my monitor. The minus button works, and the X button works, but the middle button works the same as the minus button. As a result, I see the sheet covering the entire screen or not at all. When I try to Restore from the bottom bar I only get the maximum screen again. The individual windows within the overall workbook can be repositioned within the maximum screen. I am using XP Home and Office 97 on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop, with a 19" CTX auxiliary monitor. Unable to find out what I did to cause this, or to find any help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. IREBob

Answer:Excel Worksheet Resizing

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I have a question on adding a hyperlink from my intranet website to an excel worksheet:
The actual complete workbook is located on a LAN folder on our computer system... I want them to be directed to a specific worksheet w/in a workbook in excel. Is there a way to do this? Thanks so much!

Answer:hyperlink to an excel worksheet

I think all you need to do is something like this:

"C:\\My Documents\\MyExcelFile.xls#MySheet!A1"

If your sheet name contains a space, then you need to enclose it in single quote marks, like this:

"C:\\My Documents\\MyExcelFile.xls#'My Sheet'!A1"


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I have a document that is read only suggested...not password protected. I have been adding worksheets as necessary. I only have 6 worksheets at this time. Today when I tried to add a worksheet the worksheet option is inactive.

Any ideas?

Thanks so very much!

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Have a project from work to fill in worksheets for phone calls received each week. Column headers are Phone Line 1,2,3,4,5. Rows are days of the week - with totals at the end of each column/row. Is it possible for me to have a separate worksheet which will add each of the weekly sheets up as a running total. I know I can do it as an autosum for existing sheets, but is there a way for it to auto-update to include each new weekly worksheet I make?

Answer:excel help - totals worksheet

Other than using a macro, this isn't easily possible. However, if you enter the names of the sheets - Sheet1, Sheet2 etc - in Column A of your summary sheet then the formula=INDIRECT("'"&A4&"'!M4")and copied down will retrieve the value of M4 from each sheet. You could adapt this to sum them.

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In one workbook I have a number of worksheets that I wish to summarise.From the summary sheet is possible for excel to supply the worksheet name in a cell ?If so how ? I have tried '=sheetname!' but it does not work.

Answer:MS excel worksheet linking

except that you haven't defined the cell to be linked after the exclamation mark

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If a2 is less than $65000, 0, but if a2 is $65000 to $70000, $100, but if a2 is $70001 to $74999, $200, but if a2 is $75000 to $79999, $300, but if a2 is $80000 to $84999, $400, but if a2 is $85000 to $89999, $500, but if a2 is $90000 to $94999, $600, but if a2 is $95000 to $99999, $700, and if over $100000, $800 . I will manually enter the amount in 'a2'. How do I do this calculation in my excel worksheet?

Answer:Excel Worksheet Calculation Help!

Why did you start a whole new thread?You could have just answered my query in the last one.Try this:=IF(A2<65000,0,IF(A2<=70000,100,IF(A2<=74999,200,IF(A2<=79999,300,IF(A2<=84999,400,IF(A2<=89999,500,IF(A2<=94999,600,IF(A2<=99999,700,800))))))))MIKE

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I am looking to setup a simple worksheet, but I am having problems with tabing from one cell to the next. Is there anyway that I can assign a tab order to the cells, instead of the tab going where it wants to? This is after I have unlocked the cells that I need to type into.

Answer:Excel Worksheet Setup

Hi,If you are referring to how the selected cell changes after entering data, there is a setting in Options to set Up, Down, Left, Right or No move.I can't remember the exact location of this setting in Excel 2007, as I don't have that version on this PC.It's likely - Office Button - Excel Options (at the bottom of the pane), then select the Customize or Advanced tab from the tabs on the Left and look for Move Selection after Enter (or similar wording).Not sure if that helps you in your specific situation.Regards

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I have been given the job of merging around 2,000 workbooks, each having around 12 worksheets. So I expect to have 24,000 worksheets in total. I am looking for a utility that will merge these onto one continuous worksheet, or if this is too big, I will initially group them into smaller worksheets. My problem is, I need to audit which workbook each row of data is taken from, so the utility must insert a column with the workbook name inserted against each row.

This is a nightmare, but I have to do it. Can anyone suggest any utility, at any price, that might carry out this function ?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Excel worksheet merge

A friend of mine goes here for help,try it

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Hello guys, this is my first post here.I have a work laptop that is on a domain. When I try to open any colored document in Excel 2002, I am not able to see any color in cells at all. Others can see them but not on my laptop. I tried the Detect and Repair option but it did not work. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks in advance and glad to be here.

Answer:Excel 2002 worksheet

Welcome to ComputerHope.What happens if you save a file in Excel 2000 with colored cells and open it?

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Is there a way to remove or dim(so they can't be accessed) the functions on the worksheet menu bar, i know i can go into tools>customise and turn it off but i would like to do this using vba for a particular workbook/worksheets so that when the workbook is closed the menu bar returns, i think you can cover the worksheet menu bar with a custom menu bar but i am not sure how to do this either.

any help please

Answer:Excel worksheet menu bar

Yes, you should check the link I sent you (Pearson) you have to look a bit but there are many options like disactivation copy and paste, delete sheets, you name it.
It will take some thinking and doing but it's all there

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I have checked the threads and can't quite find an answer.

I have a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets (16), but one, lets call it worksheet 4, is very slow to be selected. The workbook itself opens quickly, and all the other worksheets select quickly enough.

This particular worksheet, when selected, displays whatever worksheet info I was on before, I get the old egg timer, and often get that the sheet is not responding. As long as I sit there long enough, it eventually displays. The formulas & formatting on this sheet are the same as on 8 or 9 of the others, and I am not having this problem with any other worksheets.

It isn't a small sheet - 2.7MB, and it is formula heavy.

Operating on Windows 7, running Excel 2007

Any ideas? I have checked for objects and hidden code and can't find anyhting.

Answer:Slow Excel Worksheet

What type of formulas do you have on that particular sheet? Are they referring to other cells on the same sheet, to cells on another sheet, to cells in another workbook...?
Even if it wasn't confidential (which I suspect it is) your workbook would be too large to upload, possibly even if you zipped it.
But unless we can compare the bad sheet with one that behaves normally or have a lot more info, I can't think of a lot to suggest.

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My lady wife is having a small problem with a formula she is trying to use in an Excel spreadsheet.

She is trying to make a formula that she can copy and paste into various spreadsheets she utilises to organise her staff's workflow.
The five staff deal with about 30 suppliers and she wishes to be able to associate each supplier with a particular member of staff, so, for example, if column A is 'Suppliers'and column B is 'Staff Member', a formula using the IF function is placed in column B using the following syntax:
=IF($A1="aaaa","Rashmi",IF($A1="bbbb","Laura",IF($A1="cccc","Linda",IF($A1="dddd","Denise",IF($A1="eeee","Mark","")))))Click to expand...

This works just fine with only a few suppliers, but if the string is lengthened to more than about 9 suppliers, as here:
=IF($A1="aaaa","Rashmi",IF($A1="bbbb","Laura",IF($A1="cccc","Linda",IF($A1="dddd","Denise",IF($A1="eeee","Mark",IF($A1="ffff","Rashmi",IF($A1="gggg","Laura",IF($A1="hhhh","Linda",IF($A1="iiii","Denise",IF($A1="jjjj","Mark",IF($A1="kkkk","Rashmi",IF($A1="llll","Laura",IF($A1="mmmm","Linda",IF($A1="nnnn",&quo... Read more

Answer:Solved: Excel formula length problem

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Hi all,
I am wondering how to overcome the problem of Excel chopping off data.Is there a way to set a large limit or possibly keep the record length unlimited.This data is the results retreived from Access queries. The data after querying is exported to the Excel sheet via the following do command:

DoCmd.OutputTo acQuery, "queryName", "MicrosoftExcel(*.xls)", "Report" & ".xls", False, ""

Answer:Exporting from Access to Excel-length limits?

If you are trying to put the entire string as one line it will never work. I believe the charachter length is 255. You can however create a new cell in Excel for each record like a line break.

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Hi i am Jo

would need help in finding the length of the third side of a triangle in excel

I have three points number: AB- 235 BC- 156 need to find length AC - it's not a right angle triangle,

Answer:Find length of side of triangle in Excel

Welcome to the forums Jo.

Having the length of two sides of a triangle isn't enough to calculate the length of the 3rd side, for a non right-angle triangle. You'll also need to know one of the angles.

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Excel has a limitation of 240 characters when saving a file as .PRN. I need to create an ASCII file of greater record length with multiple records.How can I do this? Is there an Excel workaround or will I have to use another program? Will Access allow me to do this?Thanks for any assistance in advance.Squeals

Answer:ASCII fixed length files in Excel

You MIGHT be able to do this using a macro click here

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the answer to this might of been found with a search but hey i'm lazy today and wanted to see who the excel masters are

using excel 2007, cell a1 contains an array formula (CSE) like so - {=MAX(LEN(A2:A470000))}
cells a2 through a470000 contain dates such as
etc, you get the idea, i need the formula or something else entirely to return 10 not 5

thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: excel length of date field

i'll answer if myself thanks to another web site, Mike these guys are slackin' 'round here it looks like


exit celll with ctrl, shift, enter

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Is it possible to open a specific worksheet in Excel by default ?Thanks

Answer:Open specific worksheet in Excel

Yes, you could save it as a .xlt (template) file, to have it open by default it would have to be called, Normal.xlt and replace the existing Normal.xlt file. There might be a better way, so hang around until VoG gets here, he'll tell you the definitive answer.

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I am using Excel 97 with two worksheets. On one worksheet I have a query pulling info from an Access database query. On the other worksheet I have a report that uses formulas and the information pulled. However, say the query fills up rows 1-10, and after updating the query it fills rows 1-14, the report worksheet does not look to the cells refernced in the formulas, it seems to look for the information within the cell it had before the update. It ignores any new data that has been added to the bottom and gives ref errors for any new data rows within the original 1-10 rows. The absolute and relative cell reference does not seem to make a difference.
What is up with this?
I was thinking maybe making the pulled infomation a linked object but I can't paste the querry as a link. I am not even sure that would make a difference if it is an issue between the two worksheets rather than between excel and access.

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Hi I need help!
I have a mani worksheet called "Main"
then i have other workseets called "1,2,3,4,5"

In main sheet i have cells A2,A3 and a4 listing values "orange", "1", "date"

I need a macro code that will copy the cells A2 to A4 into another worksheet that will match A3 value, and then go back to "Main" sheet and delete it there

in other sheets, "1", or "2" or "3" and so on it would form the data that you can keep entering in the main sheet, but it would go into appropriate worksheet after and be deleted from the main sheet so you can keep entering it...

So every time you enter say "orange" "1" "5/5/20012" it'll go into worksheet "1" and paste that data into table, and go back to main sheet...


Answer:EXCEL HELP! Need to copy cell into the same worksheet name

Whaaa can anybody help me pleeaaaasseee

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Can anyone tell me how to navigate between workseet tabs
in MS Excel without using the mouse(shortcut keys)?


Answer:Excel: How to Navigate Worksheet Tabs

Hi Bugos
Welcome to TSG

Hold down the Ctrl key and hit the Page Down key to move left and Page Up key to move right.

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I have a problem when I try to open excel worksheet. When I click on the filename, I get "File cannot be found. Check the spelling of the file name and verify that the file location is correct. If you are trying to open the file from your list of most recently used files on the file menu, make sure that the file has not been renamed, moved, or deleted."

But when I open the microsoft excel program and then open the worksheet from file - open, it opens just fine. The file is still there, not renamed or moved or deleted and opens fine through the file - open menu. But when I click on the file name, it gives me the above dialog box. Can somebody suggest a solution for this?

Thank you,

Answer:Solved: Excel worksheet problems

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I'm working on a Macbook Pro with Mac OS X, version 10.6.7.  Recently, when opening a new excel worksheet or existing file, the toolbars do not appear at the top of the sheet.  I open View>Toolbars and both Standard and Formatting are checked.  I have to uncheck one, reopen View>toolbars, recheck the one I unchecked and then the space for the toolbars appears without the toolbars.  Finally, when I place the cursor in that space and click, they will appear.  Each time I close and reopen a file, I have to go through the same process.  This annoyance started recently, but I can't link it to anything that may have caused it.  Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:toolbars do not appear when excel worksheet is opened

I would try repairing the permissions using disk utility that can help resolve little glitches like the one you are having

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only one of my workbooks has missing arows on the sides/corners and load with grey borders within the window frame. How did I lose them and how to get them back, please

Answer:how do i get arrows on the sides of excel worksheet

Do you mean the scroll bars, and what version of Excel do you have?

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I would like to create a procedure that imports a CSV file into an excel worksheet. I can see how to do this with a normal text file but I am having trouble with CSV or other objects. I would also like all new imports of the same file to automatically be entered in the first blank cell/row. I am new to VBA and need some help with the code.

Answer:Importng CSV file into excel worksheet

try posting this question in the developer forum, they would be more better at answering your question.

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Has done since I first tried it.

Answer:When Excel worksheet is saved anywhere other than Word, it t...

@Al80 Welcome to HP Support Forum. Sorry I can't work out your question. Do you have Microsoft Office on your computer ? What is it (Home, Pro ...) ? Please note: MS Office which has Word, Excel and few more applications (depending on version/edition) ia not a product from HP therefore to get more support, please use Microsoft forum(s) or    Regards.

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For reasons unknown, there is a black gridline in one of my worksheets. Even if I opt to view the worksheet without gridlines, it is still there. How can I make it a normal blue gridline? "HELP" was no help on this question.

Answer:Solved: MS Excel worksheet gridlines

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 ::)I am not new to Excel but am having a mind glitch.  I have created a worksheet in Excel 2000.  I do not want the form to print.  I want to set it as a background, type in my information but only have the information print on a pre-printed form.  I do not want the form to print.  Also with the form protected can I hit the "all clear" and only have the information deleted not the form?  I have tried to set it as background and to stop the background from printing but it will not allow me to do this.  Maybe I am telling it to do the wrong thing.  Boy do I need help.  It is driving me nuts.  Thank you for your help.NanetteI created the form as a spreadsheet and saved as a template.   I believe when you save it as a template it saves it as a workbook.  My problem is that  I am unable to set it as an on-screen form only.  I have used the help on the windows program but it does not tell me how to do it.  Is it possible in Windows Excel 2000 to save it as an on-screen form only?Thank youNanette

Answer:Worksheet Printing in Excel 2007

How did create the form?  Is it a "data form" or a "worksheet form"?

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I have several excel files. In each of these excel files, I have one worksheet that contains important data. I want to create a batch file that can copy this worksheet from each of the excel files and save each one of them in a separate file. (The extracted worksheet can be saved in any format) Thank you in advance for your assistance

Answer:Extracting an excel worksheet into a file

re: "I want to create a batch file that can copy this worksheet from each of the excel files and save each one of them in a separate file."As opposed to copying the sheet, I think it would be easier to delete all the other sheets and then save the remaining sheet as it's own file. The original file wouldn't be impacted because it wouldn't get saved.Is it always the same sheet in each workbook? Perhaps the same name or same location (Sheet1, Sheet2, etc.)?Somehow we'd have to tell the code which sheet in each file we're interested.You'll need to provide some more detail before we can offer any assistance.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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When working with a spreadsheet with lots of worksheets, I believe that it may be possible to view the worksheet name tabs as a drop-down list, instead of having to scroll backwards and forwards through them at the bottom of the window.Can anyone help please?

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I'm working on a sales journal and need to have the total for a certain set of repeated values. I have over one hundred entries per month. How do I get away from entering cell names and numbers repeatedly. For example, I need to have all the 'gas' totals add up automatically without having to type in all the cell names. See attachment - it's much easier to explain using it.

Plz HELP!!!

Answer:Solved: Excel Worksheet Dilemma

Take a look at the SUMIF function.


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Hi there

I know that it is very easy to copy and paste an Excel worksheet into a notepad. However, my boss wants me to write a macro in Excel that can do that automatically, since we have staff that is not comfortable in using Excel. I tried to record a macro to get me started but that did not work. Any ideas??


Answer:Exporting an Excel worksheet into Notepad

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Hi all,

Can anybody help to solve my problem. In Excel (MS office XP), when I open an excel file i.e. abcd.xls, a particular worksheet say - Index should open by default. Even though I go to any sheet, modify it and save it when I open this xls file next time, my default worksheet i.e. Index should open - not the one which I modified last time.

Answer:Default worksheet to open in Excel

I'm not sure why this is happening but one thing you can try is this.

Open your w/book. Press Alt+F11 to open the vb editor.

Go to View->Project Explorer. A list should appear, one of the entries will possibly say something like VBAProject followed by the name of your spreadsheet.

In the Microsoft Excel objects folder under this, double click the 'ThisWorkbook' icon.

A new pane should open on the right-hand side.
Copy and paste the following

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
End Sub
(change yoursheetname to the name of the sheet you want excel to open automatically each time).

Close the vb window and then save and close your excel spreadsheet

Hope this helps.

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Please can someone write me a macro to create a new worksheet in Excel based on a trigger.Basically I have a master worksheet which is the first tab in the series containing some data. Column F has a drop down list containing two options "Completed" and "Pending". I want excel to create a new worksheet whenever a user selects "Completed" from the drop down list. The trigger will always be "Completed" and in case the selection is "Pending" then nothing should happen.I don't know if its possible or not but I would also like the new worksheet created to be renamed automatically to data input in other cells. E.g. - If I user "Completed" in Cell F1 then the new worksheet created should be renamed to the data in Cell A1, B1 and C1.Values and result for e.g :Cell A1 = Jan 2011Cell B1 = BACSCell C1 = Pre FlightResult required = A new worksheet named "Jan 2011-BACS-Pre Flight"

Answer:Excel formula to create new worksheet

Right click the sheet tab for the "master" worksheet, choose View Code and paste this code into the pane that opens:
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column = 6 And Target = "Completed" Then
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Add after:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count)
Sheets(Sheets.Count).Name = _
Range("A" & Target.Row) & "- " & _
Range("B" & Target.Row) & "- " & _
Range("C" & Target.Row)
End If
End SubClick Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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I budget with Excel and was wondering if it was possible to send an email to a specified email address and upon receiving the mail, Outlook executing a rule or something similar and it editing an Excel worksheet for me. My main goal is to, after purchasing an item, sending an email or text to a specified email address and then that info going straight into an Excel worksheet. Yes, I know I can do this manually but just out of curiosity I'd like to know if this is remotely possible. Thanks.

Answer:Is it possible to email data to an Excel worksheet?

You could do that with a Powershell or VB script that checks periodically for new mail to a specific account and then parses the mail message for particularly formatted message data.

The machine running it would need to have Outlook or another email client that supports COM object automation installed.

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i have a worksheet containing names in cells and they are grouped by time starts. I want to keep a running total daily of the names and if i remove a name i do not want that cell to be included in the total.

Answer:on excel worksheet, how do you convert a text

Your question is not very clear.You subject line says "how do you convert a text", yet your question mentions nothing about "converting" anything.You post says the names are "grouped by time starts". What's a "time start" and how does the grouping enter in your question?By "keeping a running total daily of the names" do you mean that you want to count them every day?Perhaps if you posted an example of your data and the desired output based on the example data, we could be of some assistance.Please read the How To referenced in my signature line before posting your example data.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Hi there,Sorry for the nebulous title question but there are only so many words available in the title! I've trawled your site for an hour or 2 already today, but couldn't find anything exactly relevant (or close enough), so thought I'd ask directly.I'm trying to run a fairly simple Excel spreadsheet showing a summary of all the previous worksheets results.The 'Summary' sheet format is that A6:A17 are accounting status names (eg. Not started yet, Not Due Yet, Completed etc), range B6:B17 is the number (count) of applicable clients that fall into this category.I've imported the data from Access into new worksheets within the same workbook and want the summary sheet to autopopulate based on these Sheet1 is 'Summary', sheet 2 is '2003-count' (I will be repeating this exercise ad infinitum for each year).Row 1 in '2003-Count' shows accounting status from an Access query, and only returns those statuses that are applicable in that year - <> (for blank - which we need to amend on our systems!), Annual return filed, and Completed - Row 2 shows the count - 2, 1 and 38.What formula or macro will I need to populate fields B6:B17 with the relevant amounts from row 2 based on the 'title' in row 1, and populate the ones that have no corresponding 'title' with 0? (Column C is a percentage field, so needs to be a 0 to work).I used the LOOKUP formula originally and added the IF funtion and the ISBLANK to the mix and still cannot get it to return what I need... and now am so co... Read more

Answer:Excel-Grab a specific value from a worksheet

I'm Confused!Perhaps it would help if you posted an example of the sheet layouts so we can better understand what you are trying to do.Post an example of some of the inputs and the corresponding desired output.Please read the How To referenced in the following line before you post your examples. Click on "How To"Posting Tip: Before posting Data or VBA Code, read this How-To.

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I am setting up 5 different buttons on a single worksheet to carry out 5 tasks in code. Each routine is quite long. One of my tasks incorporates almost the first task in its entirety, and then goes on to do a little more. Is it possible to write code to perform the task on the first button, just like you could call a sub-routine in a module?
Many thanks

Answer:Private Sub Routines in Excel Worksheet

You should ask this on a MS Excel specific forum.

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My difficulty is in Excel, writing a formula to calculate a variable commission. e.g.

Sale of a widget
$0.00 to $12,500.00 = 6%
If it is sold for:
$12,501.00 to $20,000
Comm is 6% on the first $12,500.00 and the balance of $7,500.00
is at 2%
If it is sold for $20,001 to infinity:
Commission is 6% on the first $12,500.00
and 2% on the next $7,500.00
and 1% on the amount exceeding $20,000.00

Answer:Solved: Excel Commission Worksheet

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Can anyone please help. I protected an excel worsheet and now I've forgot the password.Does anyone know how to recover the password or maybe some workaround?This an important worksheet and I really do need to make some alterations on it. Any help will be appreciatedDougie 2003

Answer:Excel worksheet forgotten pasword

We cannot provide methods for breaking passwords for obvious reasons click here

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