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Headphone audio on laptop

Question: Headphone audio on laptop

Hello, I have a brand new ASUS laptop with REAltek and WINdows 8.1. The frustrating issue I have is that my headphone audio sounds as if there is an echo-like sound to it. More like a sewer-pipe. I have restarted the audio programs under computer management. set the default in REALTEK to 16 bit 48000, and all devices seem to be operating fine. I even uninstalled SKYPE as suggested.The test in REALTEK is also okay. Please, any assistace would be more than appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Headphone audio on laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Headphone audio on laptop

It sounds hollow with no bass or clarity. I have adjusted the equalizer to no avail.

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My audio jack is definitely worn out and I need to get it replaced, as a temporary solution can I use my working phone's headjack as audio for my PC in any way, if I connect the phone and laptop together?
I use an android phone and windows PC laptop. Just so I'm clear I'll make sure I'm being understood ... I get that it's a bit complicated. Can I use my phone's headphone jack, with the phone connected to the laptop (via USB), and have my laptop audio streamed onto my phone's sound, and therefore through the headphones?

Answer:Laptop headphone jack broken, can I use my phone for laptop audio?

Don't think you can do what you want with the phone
but you could use one of these

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I bought headphones to hook into the headphone (mint green) output on my laptop running Windows XP SP3, but it dosent work. In the past when ever I'd plug headphones into the mint green on the laptop the audio playing would cease outputing via the imbedded laptop speakers and begin to play exclusively through the headphones. Now, however, the headphones don't receive audio when they're plugged in to the headphones jack and the laptop speakers continue to have the audio output as if no headphones were plugged in at all, when for example, I am playing an MP3 via Windows Media Player.

What's wrong here? What settings or hardware will I need to look at?
Thanks for the help

Answer:No headphone audio output in laptop, XP

It doesn't sound like a settings problem since the internal speakers are disconnected mechanically inside the jack when something is plugged in. Carefully compare the jacks that work on the speakers to the one that doesn't. Is it shorter at all, or are the insulators on the jack perfectly aligned?

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my issue is that when I download a movie then try to watch it using a splitter for the headphones, only one set of headphones will hear the audio

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I can see that it registers that there is audio playing but I don't hear anything. It is set as default also.

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Hello Eight Forums.

My trouble is the audio output through headphones - background is louder than foreground (especially in music - I often cannot hear the vocals at all; movies however are mostly fine, for reasons unknown to me; but generally, the sound is always different in some way).

I only have one pair of headphones to test it with. However these always worked fine with previous machines, and still do work fine with my iPhone 4. Although they are surely not the case, I cannot with confidence say that if it were a loudspeaker instead things wouldn't have been different.

So this is either a software or a hardware issue.


My computer (details at the bottom) came with a SoundBlaster X-Fi MB3 equalizer program and RealTek High Def Audio drivers. I've uninstalled SoundBlaster hoping it would fix the issue (I didn't need an extra program like that anyway) but alas to no avail. Updating the RealTek drivers did no good still.

The only thing I haven't touched is the ghostly NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (can it be the source of my trouble?) - I only first noticed it now when copy/pasting the Belarc data. I'll try and find out about it in the meanwhile.


I wonder if it perhaps has something to do with my audio jack (laptop's brand new, but you can never know). I have what appears to be mic, headphone, S/PDIF and line in jacks... Is there a way to use the microphone or the line-in to test the headphones? To see if the headphone out is broken.

Any help appreci... Read more

Answer:Messed up headphone audio; want to check headphone jack

First, the "My System Specs" is where you fill in what you have.

Does the internal speakers on the laptop work? Is the audio OK on the internal speakers?

The SoundBlaster program(s) is a software enhancement to the basic audio chip (ReaklTek). Many PC's now come with some type of enhancement such as the SoundBlaster or in the case of HP PC's its "Beats Audio".

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Hello Guys, had this problem while,tried many of the solutions to resolve and failed,finally reset the system to factory settings thinking things will be back to normal,but still it exists!!

*Asus g74sx- windows 7 ultimate,Realtek Hd audio.

Just saw the new Realtek Hd audio driver release ,not updated yet,awaiting for your kind advise and suggestion.thanks.

Answer:Audio coming from both Headphone and Speakers when headphone used!!

thought here; have you checked all the settings to make sure the proper headphone/speaker settings are checked/unchecked?. i would consider updating to that newest driver. If it does not solve the issue you should be able to restore it back to the previous restore point which should undo the driver update.

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hi !
ASUS X42F, laptop with combined microphone in / headphone out jack,
how can i connect both a microphone & a headphone ?

Answer:Laptop with combined mic/headphone jack, how to connect both mic & headphone ?

I haven't used one that had the port as a combined unit but I would assume you would need a headphone set with mic that has combined wiring, such as sets used for cell phones and such. You can also purchase an adapter that will split the port into 2 ports for mic and headphones.
Hope that gives you an idea

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How can I uninstall Dell Audio and only have the legacy Realtek Driver and Software in my XPS 14 (L421x)?
I installed some time age the default audio driver that I got from "Dell Drivers", this installed the "Dell Audio" + "MAXX AUDIO 4". I already uninstalled this thing, run CCleaner, deleted the folders, and downloaded and installed the legacy Realtek R 2.73 driver, but this thing (Dell Audio) is always installing with the driver.  
My system audio is ridiculously loud. I need to put my system audio in somewhat 5~15 / 100% to get "normal audio", the only way I get realistic "normal audio range" is using my SteelSeries Wireless Headset with USB, this way the system audio goes to 100% automatically and I control the audio with the scroll located in the headset, even in 100% max audio, I get a "normal 100%", it's loud, but not EXTREME like the notebook audio!
Another problem, when I plugin my Apple Earpods, they simple doesn't work, I already tested them with tons of devices at home, and they are working great. The system doesn't even recognize them.
I think that everything would be resolved if I could install the Leagacy Realtek drivers & software, not this *** loaded with bloatware from Dell, I don't care about "MAXX Audio", "MaxxSense" and all this BS. If you look with attention, all the settings located in this "Dell Audio" menu are the same in the Real... Read more

Answer:Dell Audio + Headphone Jack + Loud notebook audio

I forgot to mention in the main post, and I can't edit it, so here it goes:
First, Sometimes I need to run LiveUSB Linux distros in this notebook, and the audio in them is all great, realistic audio range, 100% loud but not extreme, everything OK.
Second, I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro up-to-date.

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omg, I was switched to a different pc at my job and the person there previously downloaded realtek to the pc and im having a problem with the headphones, when i put the headphones in i get a pop up confirming the action but im still hearing music from the speaker...its really annoying because im use to just pluging in the headphones and everything being not even sure why she downloaded this program, anyhow if you can please help, i need my music to keep me sane at work, its sooo ver depressing. the operating system is microsoft windows xp

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(Not sure if I am posting in the right place, move me if necessary)
Hello BleepingComputer
I just upgraded my computer a few days ago, and I am having problems with the Front Jack Audio/Headphone.
Normally, I set my Headphone to run simultaneous with my Speaker with Realtek HD audi/Stereo Nix (Disable Front Jack Detection and vice versa), and I could change the volume on both devices separately.
But since I changed the motherboard, when I have realtek installed, it doesn't have the Headphone setting in Sound/Playback.
The headphone work perfectly, but its linked to the Speaker's volume, which is really annoying.
Also, the Realtek layout changed from the last one I got, and doesn't have the "Disable Front Jack Detection" option.
So far, I have tired..
Installing an older version of Realtek driver;
Changing the audio setting in the BIOs (HD or AC97)
Changing the audio connector on the MOBO (Hd or AC97)
Tried multiple compinations with Realtek HD audio manager settings.
Cleaned every plugs/jacks related on that.
So far, I couldn't been able to get the Headphone tag at all when Realtek is installed.
Thanks !
Here's my spec:
Audio: Realtek ALC887 (MOBO default)
CPU: Intel Core i&-3770k 3.50Hz
RAM: 2x 8 GB DDR3 Corsair
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512 MB
OS : Windows 7 Ultimate 64x
Current Audio Driver... Read more

Answer:Headphone/Front Jack Audio w/ Realtek HD Audio

could try ....
Control Pane>View by category>Hardware and Sound>Manage Audio Devices>(select device)>configure
It's  a long shot, I know. Just putting it out there.

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My internal speakers seem to work fine but I can't get the sound to go into my headphones when I plug in my headphones. Is there a way how to fix this?

Answer:Problem with the Headphone Audio Jack with realtek HD audio

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HP 200-5120IS
Intel Pentium E5400 / 2.7 GHz
Dual-Core 64-bit
Chipset Type Intel G45S Express
Data Bus Speed 800.0 MHz
HD - 500.0 GB - Standard - Serial ATA-150 - 7200.0 rpm
Sound card - Integrated

My wife has a dual boot operation using Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04.

Here is the situation:
There is no audio in Windows 7 through the speakers.
The audio is okay in Windows 7 through the headset.
The audio is okay in Ubuntu speakers and headset.

I can't determine what happened to the audio through the speakers, in Windows 7. Troubleshooting has led nowhere.
Any possible suggestions woiuld be appreciated.
Thank you

Answer:No Speaker audio - Headphone audio okay

Does the HP PC have the correct sound driver for Windows 7? or is it only using the generic, basic function "HD Audio Codec" that Windows will install?

Here is the HP listing and the RealTek audio driver.

Software & driver downloads HP All-in-One 200-5120is Desktop PC | HP? Support

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Hi all, I just installed new bios on my P5GC-MX motherboard and that went ok I guess, only thing my headphones won?t work in the front panel any more after reboot?
I need to unplug my speakers from the back and replug them before the headphone work?
Anyone got an answer to what?s happening here? I tried reinstalling the realtek drivers for the onboard audio.
Any help in sorting the mystery out would be greatly appreciated!
Cheers Q_C

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So i got this laptop at christmas and ive had no problems but this moring i was planning on playing Rimworld (steam) and listen to music(spotify) Through headphones but the sound is very distorted. The system sounds are also distorted i have tried different headphones which all work fine on my phone but the sound is still distorted.there are no new audio updates. i dont know how to fix this please help.

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The headphone/microphone jack on my laptop doesn't work. I have tried multiple headphones with it and i get the same result each time. I have tried looking for solutions but nothing has worked.

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This has happened for a while now but when I listen to music through my headphones, the sound comes through the laptop speakers for a second and goes straight to the headphones.Now, this happen's every so often and no software is conflicting with the audio. I have disabled all the third-party audio manager's you get with the laptop (HP) so its running off the Windows audio manager only.I thought it may be a dodgy wiring on my headphones but it does it not every headphones I try. So maybe a hardware problem?

Answer:Audio to headphone's delay

Given this statement " but it does it not every headphones I try. " it sounds more like the problem is with the male connector (the one going into the computer's headphone jack) is the likely issue. I would only use the one(s) that do not cause this issue.truenorth

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Last Night was formatting my Y560 and when i got into the newly installed windows, the headphone jack was lit red and there was no sound. I reformatted and still no problem. All drivers are installed properly and no headphones were/are being used ever.
How do i correct this?
Problems with Lenovo Y560 so far.
1. Sound Problem (new)
2. NO E-SATA boot (confirmed most other brands have this even on $300 laptops)
3. NO Ultra bay Boot for HDD (confirmed most other brands have this even on $300 laptops)
4. Asia Pacific Support is not giving me an RMA/Return Authorization through support. Refuses to acknowledge problems.
5. Lenovo giving me useless answers, telling me it doesnt work, not supported yet i know if they put some 10 minutes of work into it. it can be done, researching BIOS MODDING to do it myself and prove Lenovo Wrong
Moderator edit: Employee name removed per the Community Rules.

Answer:No Audio/Headphone Jack is Lit up Red

That means Windows is trying to output to your SPDIF audio output, which is optical. Go into your Playback preferences, and change from Digital Out to Speakers.

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Hi Forum,I use my computer a fair amount for music editing and my amplifier has just died on me.The Amp I was using was very cheap and didn't need to do anything special.Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to find anything similar now.All I need to do is convert an Audio RCA input to a headphone jack output.The signal needs to be amplified as the input signal static so simply connecting straight to the RCA won't work.Anyone got any ideas of the cheapest way to do this? Or anyone know where I can get a cheap amp with a headphone jack output and RCA input?As always, any help appreciated.

Answer:Audio RCA to Headphone Jack?

I should imagine a trip to your local Maplins would sort you out. They have a wireless RF Headphone set (L 47 AA) which plugs into your source and Bobs your uncle ! Alternatively they have a cheap audio amp on a board which you can easily convert to your requirements with a couple of RCA plugs and sockets. OR, try EBay ???

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I can't find any way in the Win 10 screens. Is there a way?


Go to Solution.

Answer:How to get audio from the headphone port while ext...

If you install the Realtek Audio driver from Acer Support, you should be able to choose your audio output device.

If I solved your problem, please click "accept as solution." If you found my post helpful, please click Kudos. it only takes a second, and I would really appreciate it! Thanks!-PMiner

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I posted this on reddit as a possible fix for headphones, I use a turtle beach x12 and the front jack wasn't being detected, so I fiddled around and found this fix, I've tested it on another system and it seems to be working so I hope it helps someone as well.

Windows 10 and Audio problems from front jack Possible Fix : Windows10

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I can't find any way in the Win 10 screens. Is there a way?

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After powering on my PC today, I noticed a light high pitched ringing noise coming out of the left side of the headphones. I then tried to play some music, and had very low levels of sound coming out of the left side, while the right seemed seemed to be working fine. Does anyone have a general idea on what could be wrong?

Answer:Headphone audio problems.

Hello and welcome Ette just what do you have set up for audio - onboard / sound card adaptor etc?

Mate some specs on the system is always helpful tracking down faults.

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Hello,I am currently having an issue with my Lenovo Y50 laptop where the audio to the headphone jack will cut out randomly. This problem is particularly puzzling because if I remove my headphones from the audio jack when the sound cuts out, the audio output will imediately switch to the speakers on my laptop, and work normally. However, as soon as I plug my headphones back in, the audio will stop again. The computer also shows that it is emitting audio according to the sound levels, but it is not. Now, I can fix this problem by simply restarting my laptop. Every single time I restart my computer, the audio will output to my headphones completely fine, but then the audio will randomly stop again, and can only be fixed by restarting the computer. Disabling and reneabling my RealTek audio does nothing, and swtiching my default audio output from RealTek to another audio device and back also does nothing.These same headphones also work completely fine with my phone audio, so I know that it has nothing to do with the headphones themselves. Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.  EDIT:It is also worth nothing that even when this problem occurs, if I plugin or remove headphones from the audio jack, my laptop recognizes the headphones being plugged in or removed. 

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i just bought some new headphones that are USB to replace my old one that was also USB and i am having the same problem where they will not play audio. i looked in the playback and they are checked under
Default Communication

but when i try to change it to default device it dose nothing. also it says no audio device installed under mixer but it is installed

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Two quick questions.

I have a Xonar DG soundcard, which should have a headphone amp. I have an audio splitter (Y-Shaped) which allows me to have both my speakers and headset plugged in simultaneously. I was wondering if my headset still benefits from the headphone amp.

Also would there any deterration in audio quality? Does running it through the splitter make the soundcard work harder?

Thanks for any help in advance

Answer:Headphone Amp and Audio Splitter

I do not think audio quality would decrease nor would the card have to work harder with the splitter.

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I have a dell pricision t1700, and when I use a headphone to listen to music I have to set the volume to 2 or 3 out of 100 (on windows 10) and it is still too loud. If it goes beyond it is so loud and painfull when it happens.
I tried to update the realtek drivers but I had alread the latest version, 
I tried to download a 200mb driver file from realtek and install it and reboot my computer 2 times but none of this did change anything.
what can I do?

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I just got this laptop today and whenever I plug in a pair of headphones (I've tried multiple pairs) I get a hiss coming through even if the audio is muted. It sometimes goes away if audio hasn't played for awhile but once something plays it starts again. I plugged in a cheap USB to 3.5mm jack converter and plugged my headphones into that and I don't get any hiss. Is there any way I can fix this or is it a hardware issue I'll need to have sent out to fix?

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I am using Win7 on my Presario V3000. Its working fine, but there are still some problem with this laptop. I still can hear the audio come out from the speaker and the headphone when I plug in my headphone.

Answer:audio comes frm both speaker and headphone

Usually there is a physical connection that breaks when you plug in the headphones. Did this just start happening?

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So, just this morning I found a pair of Sylvania wireless headphones at Half Price Books. I unplugged my old speakers and replaced them with the new one, put batteries in everything, but when I tried to get it to connect to my computer sound, the only things it would connect to were some radio stations and static. So, for my first question, does anyone know what I should do for those?

Anyway, after I decided that they weren't going to work, I decided to switch back to my old speaker and earbud combo. So I plugged the speakers into the computer and the power strip. I tested out the sound with a the Nyan Cat video on Youtube (because I always use that one for trying out headphones), and I could hear like I usually do, but now there's a very loud buzzing sound in both of my headphones, and there was only very light static before. Was I supposed to do anything different when connecting them? They're Inland speakers.

I also had Realtek Audio manager pop up when I connected them, and I don't really know what I should do with that.


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Need help fixing the skipping audio that occurs when theres no audio (when things are silent), but when i do play audio it goes doesnt occur when i take the headphones out of the audio jack, speakers are fine(no skip). it seems to skip when i have the headphones plugged in, it skips constantly (silent skip)

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I have installed Realtek drivers, the speaker is working, but there is no Headphones in the option!?
Also I have reinstalled the drivers 5-6 tyms but still couldnt get Realtek audio manager.
Please see the attachments.

Also in Manage>Device Manager, I see only "High Audio Drivers", it suppose to be mentioned "Realtek Audio drivers" right?

Answer:No RealTek Audio Manager and Headphone

High Definition Audio Device says the Realtek is NOT installed. High Definition Audio is the generic, basic function, sound driver that Windows installs. This is also probably the reason your headset does not work.

Are you installing the driver from Gigabyte for your motherboard? If not, here is the link to the downloads
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 775 - GA-G41M-ES2L (rev. 1.3)

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I got Pavilion X2 three days ago. I installed needed drivers through HP assist. But whenever I listen to music with headphones, the audio quality becomes bad, lack of bass and clarity. I checked B&O play and the headphones setting is faded and it says device unplugged although I have plugged well. Is that audio driver problem? Or just the beo play software itself?

Answer:Headphone Audio Quality is Freakingly bad

Thank you for visiting the HP Forums!I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion x2 Notebook and the sound quality not the greatest. You could try:1. Right click the Speaker icon in the bottom right corner by your time.2. Click Playback Devices.3. Click Speakers.4. Click properties.5. Click the advanced tab on the Properties window.6. Change the Default Format drop-down to the highest quality.7. Apply the properties.8. Click OK to close the properties window. Restart your Notebook and try the sound. If that does not help.Here is troubleshooting for this issue with Windows 10. Restart your Notebook.  Please let me know how this goes. You can say thanks easily by clicking the Thumbs Up below Thanks. 

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Having a problem tonight with the audio for my L540. Worked fine yesterday. Built in speakers (speaker/hp) work normally. However when trying to use headphones, ear buds, etc in the 3.5mm headphone/mic jack on the side, no sound is played through the headset. The computer/driver recognizes that there is a device plugged into the jack (displays RealtekHD Audio 2nd Output in sound/volume button on the taskbar) however still no sound.  I've checked everywhere I can think (volume mixer, device properties, driver properties, apps)  and it isn't muted anywhere. In the properties, it say the device is enabled, is working, however when you "test " sound, nothing plays. While the built in speakers are selected, the "test" sound works.  I have updated the driver, rolled it back, unistalled and reinstalled the software (from lenovo website) and the problem persists.  Thinking it is a power or physical issue with the port, I tested the microphone feature in the same port. The microphone works, picks up sound and records. So there is power to and from the port. That has left me scratching my head and searching for any solutions. I have gone into all of the programs, apps and games i used and checked the audio settings, nothing is muted or off.  Has anyone experienced this issue? Better yet has anyone fixed or have any ideas how to resolve? My intuition tells me there is somewhere im not looking that holds the answer. Thanks in advance... Read more

Answer:L540: No audio from 3.5mm headphone output.

1. Open the Control Panel and look for Realtek HD Audio's control panel.2. At the right top of the window you should see one or more plugs. Then plug in and unplug your headphones, see if the headphones are detected there.

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Hello,Recently, right after I updated my Desktop to Windows 10 x64 edition, I noticed that the audio would come out of both the speakers and my headphones, and gradually start to only come out of the speakers. I've tried playing through several different headphones, but they did not work either, and tried both front and rear jacks. Even after restarting, I would fnd myself with the exact same problem a few seconds later. The audio is completely fine when only on speaker, though.

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XPS 9560 laptop, normal speakers seem to be working fine but with headphones plugged in the left channel is much quieter than the right. Manually adjusting the balance to increase the quiet channel means you can hear a bit of distortion.
Have tried a couple different pairs of headphones and same issue on both. Any software/driver suggested fixes for this or have I just been unlucky and received a laptop with a faulty audio jack?

Answer:Headphone audio much quieter on right channel

keiller84or have I just been unlucky and received a laptop with a faulty audio jack?
The hardware test is to install the Windows native audio driver. If the left channel is still lower when using that driver, then the odds are that the fault is in the hardware.
1. Open the Device Manager.2. Expand the "Sound, Video & Game Controllers" section.3. Right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio" and select to uninstall.4. Put a check mark in the option to delete the driver software, and then ok.5. Restart the laptop and go back to the Device Manager and check again for a Realtek driver. Keep uninstalling & restarting until Realtek no longer appears under Sound...Controllers and "High Definition Audio Device" appears in its place.
[The reason you might have to go through the process more than once is because the driver files for more than one Realtek driver could be on the hard drive. When a Realtek driver is removed, the next one gets installed if Windows can locate the files. Windows installs its generic driver only after all Realtek files have been removed.]
It is best to do this while offline, to prevent Windows Update from interfering. When you finish testing and get back online,  Windows might update to the wrong Realtek driver, so be prepared to have to download the correct Realtek driver.

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I've been watching the Playback devices in the sound control panel and I'm rather confused why this is happening. Essentially, if I am listening to music (or anything for that matter), and I plug in headphones, the computer acknowledges that headphones are plugged in, but keeps the sound going to the previous device. Once I stop the music, then restart it, the sound will go to the headphones. If I unplug the headphones, the sound does not go back to the speakers until whatever program outputting sound restarts.Any ideas on this one?Edit: I should specify. It seems to only route the audio to another device once the program itself is restarted.

Answer:Headphone jack not receiving audio

1- did your pc come with windows 7 or is it an uprade?2- why not list your specs so we can help you?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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R500 type CTO windows 7 home basic when i first got the laptop everything worked fine.then one day it didnt, and its been like this for ages.i have tried a lot of soloutions. checked all mutes including media buttonsupdated driversunistalled and reinstalled driversdisabled spdif i know this is a software/driver problem because sound comes out of the headphone socket after a restart (for a short period c30 seconds or so). sound also comes out when performing the speaker test in control pannel. sometimes if i mess about with things sound does come out but it sounds all scratchy and garbled, and you can't hear a channel. i see many people have the same problem but havent yet found a working soloution. can anyone help? i would just like to hear some music which sounds full and not tinny like through the speakers. thanks, jonah

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Speaker audio works fine. Headphones do not recieve any audio signal. Speakers do not play when headphones are plugged in, as they should.  I could not find an official troubleshooting page for this problem on Windows 10. 

View Solution.

Answer:No audio output from headphone jack

Tried some troubleshooting from another thread, and a hard reset seemed to have done the trick

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Hello. I recently purchased a ThinkPad Twist, and I'm having a problem:  When I have my headphones plugged into the headphone jack, I get audio from both the headphones and the computer speakers, defeating the purpose of using headphones.  Is there any way to fix this?  Thanks.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Thinkpad Twist Headphone Audio

OK, I found the solution, so I'll post it in case anyone else ends up with the same problem. 1.  Go to the Control Panel2.  Search for "Realtek HD Audio Manager"3.  Click Advanced Device Settings4.  Click multi-stream mode I'm not sure why it isn't set this way as default, but this worked!

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When I connect my headphone to my laptop the audio is coming from the both laptop speaker and headphone.

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2 major problems - the headphone jack will acknowledge that headphones are plugged in but will sometimes refuse to play any sound - the headphones work on other devices and usually work on the laptop too, so they're not broken.And I'm at wits end about what to do with the keyboard's lack of response when on the laptop's log in/lock screen. 

Answer:Lenovo y40 headphone audio problem

hi there, for the issue encountered with your laptop have you tried reinstalling the driver?, or performing a full factory reset?

Dont fake the funk............

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Hello, I am running windows 7 home premium 64 bit on a new Dell Inspiron 14z -5432 laptop with built-in skull candy speakers and Maxx audio. the Audio in the right speaker is much quieter than the left speaker. I checked the drivers and the L/R balance and all were OK. The problem continues when I plug in my headphones to the headphone jack. The audio balance doesn't help or fix the problem. My sound card is IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. When I open my IDT audio control panel and test the speakers or headphones, the sound is stronger on the left and gets some sound 'leaking' from the right speaker. But when I test the right speaker, It is quieter and gets no sound 'leakage' from the left speaker. I don't know how to fix this problem. Any help?

Answer:Help. Audio is much quieter in right speaker/headphone.

This sounds more like a hardware problem than something in the driver or applications software.

You can post on the Dell users form, Laptop section, and maybe someone can offer something there, but contacting Dell support is the best option.

Laptop Audio Forum - Laptop Audio Forum - Laptop - Dell Community

If this is a new PC, bought directly from Dell, you have 21 days from the date on the Dell invoice to call them and request a return if you are not happy with the PC. Many times they will offer to replace it with another new one rather than issue a refund.

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Every 2 seconds i get a notifacation that my headphones have been plugged in/unplugged.
i do have headphones, so this is REALLY annoying. i use realtek and many people have this problem but they're not on a laptop/have headphones. can anybody help me? do i need to provide more info? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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I have a windows 10 laptop and up until yesterday everything was fine , and suddenly it seems that my audio jack doesn;t detect my headphone. I connect my headphone to the audio jack, but the sounds just came out my laptop's speaker. I've tried to switch to my earphone and the result is the same. I've tried several solutions like uninstalling my driver or trying to get to the sounds properties , but the results are the same. Please give me your help , and btw I'm new here.

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Anyone else with the XPS 15 9550 have problems with headphones / internal speakers not working correctly?
On booting the PC without any headphones, the speakers work. However headphones do not work if inserted.  On removing the headphones, the speakers then cease to work.
However if booting the PC with headphones inserted, the headphones do work.  On removing them, the speakers do not work.  The headphones do not work if reinserted.
Both these scenarios are fixed by rebooting the PC.
Windows 10 and all drivers - including audio and BIOS - are up to date as of 17/11/5.
This issue seems similar to the one described in:
Does anyone else have the same problem?

Answer:XPS 9550 Headphone / audio issue

I have the same problem. Here's the steps I took to fix the issue on my computer (no guarantees this works for everyone!)
1. Updated audio drivers to latest (Audio_Driver_37Y88_WN32_6.0.1.7628_A03.EXE)
2. Updated BIOS to latest (XPS_9550_1.1.19.exe)
3. Restart
4. Open the startup manager(Esc+Shift+Ctrl, navigate to startup tab)
5. Disable "HD Audio Background Process" and "Waves MAXXaudio Service Application"
6. Enable "Realtek HD Audio Manager" if not already enabled
7. Restart 
After restarting plugging and unplugging headphones work correctly. Hope this helps!

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I have a Insignia bluetooth wireless headphones that I want to use to listen to my Viso VO37L flat screen TV. So I put a Soundblaster Audigy soundcard in my spare computer and connected the TV headphone jack to the input line of the soundcard. I can now have the TV audio playing through the computers speakers. The problem is that no matter what I try I can't get the signal to the headphones. I have WIDCOMM bluetooth software installed on the computer and it works fine ,I can hear all Window XP sounds as well as the media player and other software audio. I tried using a few recording software programs thinking I could use the monitoring feature to hear the in-line input, but even though I could record the input and hear the replay I couldn't hear the monitor. This whole Idea seemed so simply but not I am thinking that "you can't get there from here". If anyone knows what I am missing I would appreciate the help. Thanks.

Answer:Bluetooth Wireless Headphone and TV audio

in the volume control panel in windows, ensure the line in is unmuted, under both recording and playback.To open the volume control, click start > Run and type in sndvol32to get to the recording side, click options then properties, and you can select the recording tab.Hope this helpsKurtis

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I just recenlty bought a pair of CL harman kardon headphones and after plugging them into my W530 they are as flat as can be and sound horrible to tell the truth.  I plugged them into my Iphone5s and they sound amazing.  Anyone might know what would be causing this?

Go to Solution.

Answer:Poor audio from headphone jack

bad sound DAC chip. I use an external DAC and headphone amp when i listen to music on the ThinkPad.

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I just installed windows 7ultimate 32bits yesterday on my 4 computers.
but now i am facing a problem on all computers. when i plug the headphone stereo pin then the audio voice come from headphone and also from computer's built-In speakers
I check from font and back side of computer but result is same.
please help me how to fix this problem because i don't want to hear voice from speaker.

Answer:how to turn off audio from speakers while using headphone?

If your "My system specs" is the PC's you are referring to. You are apparently using a separate sound card (Creative 7.1), disable the on-board sound in the BIOS. Also, you have to move the front panel headphone connection from the on-board audio to the Creative sound card. In addition many sound cards have a control panel option to mute the speakers when a headphone is inserted (usually the default) or have both headphone and speaker on when headphone is plugged in.

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Like the title says,i am having problem with audio from the very first day.Upon inserting headphone in the 3.5mm jack,a pop up about  comes out  about headphone in,headphone with mic etc.....And audio mutes and don't come back.Even if i take the headphone out.No sound on speaker either.
Seems like its a problem with dell audio driver.Uninstalling Dell audio driver and using Microsoft stock audio Driver fixes the issue.Anyone with this same strange problem?

Answer:XPS 15 9550; No audio of headphone insert

I'm having the same issue, haven't tried the fix you mentioned yet, going to check it out. This should not be happenng, IMO, on a new laptop that costs the $$$ this one did.

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I have recently purchased a Lenovo S10-3 laptop. One of the features that I noticed is virtual headphone surround sound by Dolby.The problem that I have is that when I enable it, the volume becomes unbalanced. The left headphone speaker plays twice as loud as the right one. The sound quality is much better with it on and I really want to use it, but I cannot because of this problem. I tried individually adjusting speaker volume, but there is a significant loss of audio quality and surround effect if i do so, not to mention that the sound then becomes unbalanced again if I use the volume control. I am using Windows 7 and the Win7 Drivers supplied with the laptop. TL;DR: Left Speaker Louder than Right with Dolby Headphone Surround enabled.

Answer:HELP: S10-3 Audio Problem - Dolby Headphone

Hello mate, Does the problem appears with all the headphones you plug ?

__________________________________________________________________________________Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.ThinkPad T510 4313-CTO Windows 8 x64 - Intel Core i7-620M - NVIDIA NVS 3100M - 8GB RAM - 240GB SSD- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - Gobi 2000.ThinkPad Helix 3697-CTO Windows 8.1 x64 - Intel Core i7-3667U - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8GB RAM- 256GB SSD - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 - Ericsson C5621gw

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I'm not even sure if this is a Windows 10 problem, as it first appeared when I was installing some audio drivers, but it happens on Windows 10, so I'm putting it here.

Now, there are several problems, all audio related, that are occurring.

1. Both audio channels are coming out of my left headphone. For instance, when I watch the video below, all audio comes out of the left.

You Tube

2. Most of the audio is extremely quiet, but some is louder than others. This seemingly randomly changes.

3. Sometimes the audio is distorted, sometimes it is not. This is also pretty random.

4. Different audio files may distort differently, I have to experiment with this.

Answer:Both Audio Channels Come Out of Left Headphone

It definitely affects everything, not just Youtube. Seems like the distortion is affecting different tracks of the same file in different ways. For instance, the piano and vocals may be totally distorted, but the guitar part is fine.

Also, I've already tried updating drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling, and all the rest of that stuff. Nothing helps.

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Last night I was in a Skype call with my friends and it sounded funny but I didn't notice it.
(I had earbuds which I gave it away to my relative.)

I bought some headphones the other day by the way and it came today.
Before giving away the earbuds I was playing Team Fortress 2 and it sounded weird a little and it was bothering.

Yet I still continued, after a while I got the headphones and plugged it in the audio jack or what do you call it and its where you plug the headphones or whatever in. So I played TF2 again and the sound was messed up, I could barely hear people and when I watch certain youtube videos it is buzzing very loudly and some I can't hear and some are fine.

I continuously search for an answer, I found a post on here so I decided do the solution on that forum but it didn't work. I used the Minion's Banana song and if I can't hear the second left minion well and it's sound is distorted or messed up then it's still happening.

Post I found is here,
Messed up headphone audio; want to check headphone jack
I think it is the place where you plug it in, somethings wrong with it so any solutions?

Answer:Headphone Audio sounds distorted

Anyone? :9

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I have a relatively new ThinkPad W550s and the audiojack has stopped working.  It no longer works with my headphones or external speakers.  I have checked the devices in the "playback" tab of the Sound box in the Control Panel and the only thing listed is "Speakers".  It does not recognize when i plug in headphones.  What do I do to fix this? Thanks

Answer:Headphone/audio jack not working

Hi pwjaspe,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums!
All you have to do is either use windows update, it will detect many of the missing drivers or please find the link given below and try to download audio driver and install it and check for the issue.
Please let me know whether the above steps helped you.
Thank you, have a good day.
Did someone help you today? Click on the ?upper half star? at the left side of the post to thank them with a Kudo!

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I own a macbook pro and runs windows 7 by bootcamp. The headphone is JBL e40bt.
I tried to use my bluetooth headphone it had always failed and it said there was no driver for "bluetooth peripheral device."
I then downloaded the ASUS driver thing from here: Can't find drivers for bluetooth headset - Windows 7 Help Forums
And the problem was solved.

But now when I connect my headphone, it is only good immediately after I connect it. As long as I play something continuously the headphone won't switch off by itself and nothing's wrong. But if there's no audio input from the computer to the headphone for like a minute and then I start playing music, the audio is skipped. I have to reconnect the device for it to return normal.

Please help me. It is quite annoying. It's okay if I am playing games and stuff but I when I'm playing music I can't let it stop.

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Immediately whenever a headphone or earbud is plugged in, the audio is crackly, until I go to the realtek audio manager which doesn't have many options. once I change the Left-Right balance to being very one-sided, the cracks and pops don't occur anymore. However all of the balance is off, voices are not audible, and SFX or background music/tracks are output very bad.Testing the left-right balance, both play the same as if the headphones are mono audio. 

Answer:Poor audio from headphone jack y40-80

Hi there, Ray -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Did you check headphones with with different system?
Check your speaker and headphone connections for loose cables or the wrong jack.
Check your power and volume levels, and try turning all the volume controls up.
Also, try updating the BIOS
Update us how it goes.    
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I have this flat screen tv that I bought not too long ago. I would like to connect headphones to this tv to watch regular television but there is one big problem. It does not have a headphone jack nor audio rca(red/white) outputs. This pretty strange since this is a fairy new tv. Is there any way I can connect headphones to this tv? Would I need any adapters like somehow converting one of the audio rca inputs to an output so I can use this cable:
Any suggestions would much be appreciated

Answer:Tv with no Headphone And audio output jack

Y-shaped giszmo which has a male rca connectors
at one end, and a female audio jack at the other could really help the cause you are right

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Possible Solution:
Put Windows to Sleep, then wake it up. Headphone jack audio will be restored.

Headphone jack randomly stopped outputting audio.
volume control at 100% and appearing to work normally. Laptop internal speakers worked fine.
Windows detects headphones plugged in, but no sound in headphones.
Uninstall sound card and realtek drivers, reboot did not fix problem.

Tested Linux live CD and headphones worked in Linux.
So hardware was definitely not broken. Only Windows was broken.

(I had this issue recently, so I'm leaving this here for search engine results and anyone who has this problem in the future)

Answer:Possible fix when headphone jack has no audio, everything else normal

Holy crap i love you! I reinstalled Windows 7 recently to fix this problem after trying just about everything, but after a couple of Windows updates my headphone jack wasn't working again. Found your post after filtering search results to recent hits and this trick worked! This problem only creeped up a short while ago, so maybe it has to do with recent Windows updates.

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My external speakers work fine, are loud for a laptop, really.

When I plug my headphones into the headphone jack (and yes, it's the right jack), there's no change, the audio continues from the external speakers.

I had the motherboard replaced recently, as it went dead, by a Dell tech, so could he have put it back together incorrectly?

Thanks for your help.

Dell XPS (Gen 1)
XP Pro

- Anti

Answer:No audio output from headphone jack

It sounds like the headphone jack wasn't connected back to the motherboard, or perhaps the tech mixed up the mic/headphone jacks.

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Hi, Just bought a new Acer E15 (E5-571G). It works great, but in my daily life, I have to use headphones a lot (I don't use laptop speakers at all).But no matter how hard I try, sound is coming both from speakers and the headphones. I have the latest Realtek HD audio drivers. Realtek recognizes when a device is plugged in the audio jack, but still, under 'playback' devices, there is only one option - Speakers.  Running Windows 10, Build 10162. The headphones work great on another laptop with the same build. This is my last resort, Please help! I don't want to void the warranty, by manually opening and disabling the laptop speakers.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Can't separate Headphone and speaker audio

i would try to install the latest Realtek 2.79 from Realtek website: tick "i accept...." then choose 32 or 64 bit driver, uninstall your Realtek drivers then install the new one.  

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Hi guys,
I can't have sound in my headphone in the notebook anymore.

I don't know what to do more! I spent the last whole two days reading about it and doing testings. I've seen also that there are at least 6 threats about it here in the forum. I read them all, but until now I couldn't get this fixed. I think generally is the same problem with some slightly different details.

I'm using windows 7 ultimate, 64x, and the basic information about my notebook is:
HP Pavilion dv9670em
Here is the HP website page with the drivers:
Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion dv9670em Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

So, to start its not a problem in the headphone and I think neither with the hardware device, since I have been using it normally a week ago. And all the times I had to format the computer I never had this issue.

Now I have formated my notebook as usually and used the same drivers as usually. And there is this problem. I have even reformated the laptop again 2 times just to be sure there was something wrong with the drivers.

The situation just after formating is:
- Playback device with: Speakers, Headphone (as default) and Realtek Digital output.
- The computer is mute. When put the Speakers as default, then the speakers work. But in both case, theres no sign when plugin or unplugin the headphone, in neither of the 2 inputs (my laptop has 3 holes: left is mic, center and right is headphone).

Then, I have installed what I think is the most rec... Read more

Answer:No sound in Headphone/HD audio/HP pavilion

I have a similar issue with only USB headphones in my lappy! I have to go into control panel--> Sound and set the USB headphones as default each time I try to use them.

Are your headphones USB??? You didnt mention name or model of headphones...

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Hello, problem is when I plug in my Apple headphones into my laptop the left earbud doesn't work unless I pressure the jack upwards with my finger, if I let it go it stops working again. So only the right earbud works on its own. I have downloaded and reinstalled the latest audio driver for my computer and the same problem persists.  Driver I'm using: This only started to happen just recently when I let my younger cousins play on my laptop, before it was just fine. Maybe they damaged my audio port in some way? If so is there a DIY solution to this? My warranty is up and I don't want to pay probably $50 to fix a small audio issue. I did not download anything else that modified my audio as far as I know. Any help is appreciated. EDIT: This is not a problem with the earphones, they work perfectly fine with my phone and other devices.

Answer:Acer v5-571 Headphone Audio Issue

99% is an hardware problem on laptop headphone plug, check with a light if the leafs inside the plug hole are well aligned. you can try with a toothpick to move it a little and check if one is not moving or are blocked in the plug chassie.

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I have a windows 10 laptop and up until yesterday everything was fine , and suddenly it seems that my audio jack doesn;t detect my headphone. I connect my headphone to the audio jack, but the sounds just came out my laptop's speaker. I've tried to switch to my earphone and the result is the same. I've tried several solutions like uninstalling my driver or trying to get to the sounds properties , but the results are the same. Please give me your help , and btw I'm new here.

Answer:Audio jack seems not detect my headphone

With what you stated you've tried, it could be an internal connection problem. Many Laptops have a small I/O board that is connected via a cable to the main board. If yours is this type, it may require "reseating" (unplug then plug back in) the connector.

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I still can hear audio form internal speaker eventhough I use headset. I've try solution for beats audio, but my PC couldn't find the audio beats control panel. Plus there is no notification appear when I plug in the headset. Please help me. Product No: E9U84AA#UUF TQ

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I recently installed a Kinivo Bluetooth adapter (BTD-400) on my HP G71-340US laptop (Windows 7 64-bit OS).  Although the bluetooth adapter works as expected, my headphones don?t get any audio output when plugged into the laptop jack.  I checked the Manage Audio Devices / Sound / Playback panel and the ?Independent Headphones? (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) are in working order.  In fact, the Headphones can be seen changing status on the Playback panel when I plug in or remove the headphone connection.  So the hardware seems to be working fine just like before. I ran the Microsoft Troubleshooting tool and it did find an issue with the Independent Headphones but was unable to automatically fix it.  The problem was identified as: Audio device isn't set as default.  However, the "Independent Headphones" are listed as the "Default Communications Device" on the Playback tab. I?m not sure what I need to do next to resolve this issue.  Please advise. Thanks.Jeff

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I have a L3000 Y410 Notebook.  Whenever I try to use the headphones or line out, I only get sound out of the right ear, not the left.  The right ear volume adjusts fine, but the left ear is at an extremely low volume, almost nothing.  It results in me having mono - not stereo sound.  Sometimes I can't hear anything out of the left ear at all. The problem happens with every application - including just Windows, iTunes, Winamp,Internet Explorer It is an intermittent issue.  Sometimes the sound will come back into both ears after removing and reinserting the headphones several times or clicking the play button next to speaker configuration in the Realtek HD Audio Manager.  Sometimes I just have to restart the computer several times to get it working again. I've tried using the drivers off both Lenovo's site and the Realtek site which are more up to date.  Neither of these fix the problem. I've tried adjusting the balance in the control panel - and both left and right are set to the same volume.  I've tried doing a system restore, and the problem was still there after a few time of restarting the computer.  After about 2-3 restarts the sound in both ears started working ok.  Has anyone had a similar problem or found a resolution? Thanks!    

Answer:Audio Headphone & Line Out - Sound Only From Right Ear - L 3000 Y 410

That's really odd.   Some of your observations, like the plug / replug might suggest a bad solder connection on the board..
However, that doesn't match up with the observations that restarting the computer can randomly have things work properly, which could indicate something in the audio system just isn't initializing properly.
I would contact service.  

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Hey guys,So I was working on my HP Pavillion notebook and I accidentally tangled my earphone around my neck and broke them, leaving the headphone 3.5mm tip in the audio jack.        I tried everything to remove it, I soldered the end of the broken piece back onto it and tried to pull it out but couldn't, I tried super glue, and glue gun but everything failed. I even contacted and reached out the service centre in my city but they said they will charge me for the whole board coz they won't fix it and instead they will replace it (even though my laptop was only 2 months old). I have given up on getting rid of the broken piece and want any of you guys to help me changing my driver. I tried to uninstall the audio jack from device manager and enabled the speakers but it still won't work I tried several ways to contact HP support but they are out of reach and won't have a similar issue on its forums and guides. if you guys could help me out, that would be amazing.Thank you!.

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I just got a new XPS 8900. I've looked through all of the Windows 10, Dell Audio, and MaxxAudio settings, but I can't find what i'm looking for.
I want to be able to play audio through my headset and my speakers at the same time. Reason being, the "front jacks" are actually about 3/4 of the way back on the top of the case. My case sits under my desk. In order to plug in my headset to use voice comms and unplug it when I just want to listen to my speakers, i have to actually crawl under my desk to reach the stupid jack.
My previous PC had a simple checkbox in its audio configuration software: "Mute speakers when headphones are plugged in?" I made use of this checkbox about 4 times a day. I've had this new XPS for 2 days and I'm already sick of crawling under my desk.
Please tell me there's a way to play audio through my headset and speakers simultaneously.

Answer:XPS 8900 Headphone and Speaker Audio Simultaneously

The only way I know of to do this is =XPS 8900 rear green audio out jack --> Stereo Mini to Dual Stereo Mini 1/2 --> Dual Stereo Mini 1 --> Speakers, Dual Stereo Mini 2 --> 6ft cable --> Headphones

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Recently a part of my headphone jack got stuck in the plug and so I can't use that plug anymore. I am using the audio plug in the back of my computer now but it's definitely made for a different form of audio like speakers. I'm wondering if there's any way I can program this plug into outputting the same kind of audio the front plug would. Thanks.

Answer:Change audio output to headphone setting

It sounds like you're using the "line out" jack, and I don't know of anyway to use software to convert it to standard audio.

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Hi I have had audio issues with my Envy 15 for ages (possibly since W10 upgrade?) and they are now really irritating me. The output on the headphone jack is completely flat - no bass or treble, horrible to listen to. The internal speakers work fine. I have the "IDT High Definition Audio Codec" installed, version 6.10.6491.0. I have tried changing this to "High Definition Audio Device" - this makes the Headphone jack work perfectly, but the internal speakers tinny and horrible. I have searched the forum and can see plenty of people have this problem, but no clear solution. HELP!! Thanks 

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Hello, I recently bought a Flex 2-14 with Windows 8.1 installed and upgraded it to Windows 10 (Education Version). I haven't tried the sound on the 8.1 system - directly upgraded to Windows 10.Symptoms:When I plug in headphones, the notebook doesn't recognize them. When I unmute/mute using the F1 keys sound comes through the headphone - terrible quality, though. When I change the volume using the F2/F3 keys that switches it back to the loud speakers and so on.It seems to me that the laptop doesn't recognize the headphones at all. When I look into the sound devices in the taskbar, there aren't any headphones listed.Failed attempts to solve the problem:Updating the drivers from the Lenovo website.Updating drivers from Realtek directly.Sleeping/waking the notebook.Turning off the multichannel option with the Realtek HD Audio-Manager.I think that's pretty much all I've tried so far.Most of the times the problem just stayed the same. Sometimes it wouldn't switch back to the speaker when pressing the F1/F2/F3 keys, but that is all that my attempts changed so far.I'm thankful for any hints!

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So my sound completely stopped working the other day and im trying to figure out whats going on. Ive tried updating my drivers and deleting them and reinstalling them but nothing has worked. I have no idea what to do im thinking it may be a hardware problem any suggestions 

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I have a new XPS 27 Touch All in One Desktop, and the audio through headphones creates awful feekback. There is a fuzziness whenever there is an audio playing, and sometimes when there is no audio playing at all. I've used two different headphones and the issue persists (the headphones are clear as a bell in my other computers).
Are there any fixes to this issue, or is this just poor quality manufacturing?

Answer:XPS 27 Touch All in One: Headphone audio has horrible feedback

I have the same problem.  Has anyone come up with a solution?

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there is no headphone option on my ideapad 310 , only speakers option. i tried uninstalling the sound drivers and the re-installing them  but it proved to be  useless. now audio is being being played through headphones although my laptop has no headphone option on the "playback" tab ,,however after a while the headphone disconnects and then the sound comes out from the speakers again. I'm using windows 1064-bit. Hope anybody out there can help me out. thanks.

Answer:Speaker/headphone/audio jack problem

Hi, Omarattia  ?
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
You can also start by flushing out all static, remove battery and AC adaptor and hold down power button for about 15 seconds.
Check the Playback Devices under Sound Properties (by going to Control Panel > Sound > Playback Devices and see if the Headphone is being set as the default playback device. If not, click on it and set it as the default playback device, try to play a sample sound and observe.
-Link to picture
Update us how it goes.
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Hi, I just gave m laptop to be repaired in HP and when I got back, the audio jack (Headphone) was not working. The speaker is working fine but the audio jack is not working at all. I couldn't even find the headphone in playback devices. I tried to upgrade my Laptop from windows 8 to 10, but no luck there Laptop Model: HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 UltrabookOS: Windows 10 (Upgraded from windows 8). All updates are installedProduct Number: D2X03EA#ABD I tried all the options I could find on the internet. Please help. Thanks and Regards,Vivek

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Recently, I used my wireless headphones to listen while viewing a webcast on my laptop (Latitude 7470) and found sound was coming only from the right headphone.  I thought it was an audio problem with the webcast but after the webcast finished the issue persisted.  Using Windows 7 tests and tests found on the internet, I discovered that the left and right audio channels were being merged and delivered only to the right headphone --- no audio coming from the left headphone.  I played with all of the Windows controls I could find and then uninstalled and reinstalled the RealTek sound card driver and nothing changed.  I did a system restore to a date I knew the headphone audio was working properly.  The issue presents itself when plugging into the audio plug on my docking station or directly into the laptop, so I don’t think it could be a bad audio jack.  The issue is also the same when plugging in an Apple earbud set to either jack, all the sound going to the right earplug.  I downloaded and installed the latest updates from Dell for my motherboard and still no change.
I did a lot of searching on the internet and could not find any recommended fixes other than uninstalling and reinstalling the sound card driver and/or doing a system restore to a date when I knew the sound was working properly. As mentioned, neither of those activities eliminated the problem. I even opened up my laptop looking for loose or missing connections but f... Read more

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I was just listening to some music for the first time on my new Yoga and noticed that it sounded terrible.  Thinking that maybe my headphones were to blame I tried some others that I was more familiar with (etymotic hf3) and realized it still sounded terrible.  Basically it sounded like PC speakers (exaggerated high end, muted bass, and really boxy midrange).
Anyway I did fix it by going into Settings -> Manage Audio Devices -> Properties -> Enhancements and selecting "Disable All Enhancements" and hitting applly.  It's pretty weird that there weren't any enhancements selected, but that definitely fixed it.
Hope that helps someone.
Moderator Note: Edited subject to match content.

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At random times, the audio from my headphones stops working. The computer volume is up, the master volume is up, and in control panel under sound it says that the headphones are working fine. But I cannot hear any sound through any program--music, internet, etc. The sound from the speakers works fine. I tried restarting the computer and it still didn't work.

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How to use headphone and mic at the same time from Audio/Mic combojack pinout in lenovo 580? what is the device to use it? I mean one pine headpone and mic??? Atiq

Answer:How to use headphone and mic at the same from Audio/Mic combojack pinout in lenovo 580?

Welcome To Lenovo Community
You may have two options:

Get a new headset with combo jack or
Purchase an adapter that can connect your current headphone with mic and speaker back to the machine audio combo jack.

The good thing about the combo jack is that it works with the hundreds of 3.5mm phone headsets which a lot of people already carry. There is a wide range of choice at all cost and quality levels (newer Blackberry, iPhone, etc. headsets).
On the other hand, anyone with an existing separate mic and headphones will have a problem. A simple adapter solves this problem.
Hope This Helps

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I'm running Windows 10 Pro v.1607 build 14393.447 on an Asus Z170-A motherboard with Realtek HD Audio ALC892. I have speakers connected to the rear of the motherboard, and headphones via the front panel port.

A few weeks ago, the Realtek HD Audio Manager started behaving oddly. When I would plug in my Headphones, it wouldn't detect them, and would continue playing through the Speakers. Restarting seemed to fix that, but introduced a new issue.

Previously, when I would plug in my Headphones it would recognize them and switch to the Headphone settings and volume setting. It stopped doing that, and continued to display 5.1 Speakers in the Speaker Configuration and use the Speaker volume control. I keep my Speaker volume set to 50%, and my Headphone volume to 8%, but now it was always on the Speaker volume setting.

I tried updating to the latest ASUS driver, no difference. It would recognize the headphones when plugged in, but would stay on the Speaker settings and volume.

I uninstalled the driver, and Windows automatically replaced it with the default Microsoft driver, and it started working normally again. As soon as I plugged in my headphones it would switch the Playback device to Headphones and the headphone volume. Unplug, and it went back to Speakers and the speaker volume. Fine, I can live without the Realtek HD Audio Manager.

Yesterday I see that the volume icon on the Taskbar has a red X through it, and I have no sound. Clicking on it, Windows tries to correct the ... Read more

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Hi, i'm totally stunned by this and I wish to check if i'm not missing something obvious. when I plug a games console into the B540p, then the audio comes out the internal speakers along with volume control, which is fine, but when I plug external speakers or headphones in, although the speakers mute, the games console output doesn't come out the headphone socket at all. I run external speakers and sub full time from my computer, meaning I have to keep unplugging the speakers just to hear anything from the games console. is this fixable? I cant believe this is a design oversight on such an expensive computer!

Answer:B540P hdmi-in headphone audio not working

hi RR7,
Thanks for using Lenovo Community Forums!
Can you check this page
    Control Panel / Hardware and sound / Sound
It should be this page

Under the playback TAB.
    Try to use your console and plug in a headphone and see if the Headphone gets detected here and gets listed.
    The headphone should be the one that has the green check if not right click on it and select set as default.
Let me know you findings
Solid Cruver

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Greetings everyone,

I just received my new sound card and I'm excited to try it out. I've hooked it up and connected my headphones into the proper jack. I try out the audio and it's bloody awful, worse than on-board audio (which is not too bad). I don't know what's wrong, this (I hope) shouldn't be happening. I installed the latest drivers and through the Creative control panel and I've setup my audio output as headphones. When I test the audio the left and right outputs don't come out of left or right, it comes out the "middle". As if there is absolutely no directional sound. I've also tried out my music and it's as if there are large chunks of sound missing. Something is really wrong with my setup or the hardware. The headphones are fine as are the drivers.

My Astro A40 headphones connect to an Astro MixAmp (amp?) which used an optical connection to connect to my motherboard. As seen in the image, I'm using the Realtek Digital Output because it provides phenomenal sound that is infinitely better than the Astro drivers. For some reason, this output even provides me with 5.1 surround sound that I don't even have to configure (it's by default).

When I connect my headphones directly to my sound card I can only use the "Speaker" output which is provided by Sound Blaster Z. This is where the issue happens; quality is a nightmare.

I appreciate any assistance.

-- Update ---

Alright, I experimented a little bit and found out something interesting. If I... Read more

Answer:Creative Sound Blaster-Z Headphone Audio

To get an output in the headphone jack, I need to switch it using the SB control panel.

That doesn't work for you?

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I know I sound really dumb. But I have been listening to music on my PC for a couple of years and the speakers work, but I never tried headphones. Today I did .....and no sound is coming out..

I am using Windows Vista on an unmodified 4-year-old Dell.

The headphone connection is a simple jackplug socket, but it doesn't even give a "crackle" in my headphones when I connect it.

The sound software is Realtek HD Audio Manager. But I can find nothing in this that "enables" headphones.

There is nothing in Device Manager about headphones that I recognise.

What do I need to do to enable my headphone jackplug audio connection please?

Thanx Jonde

Answer:How do I enable headphone audio through a jackplug connection?

If you are using the front headphone jack, try the one in the back. Sometimes the one in the front is not wired properly.
Also, try the headphones elsewhere to be sure the headphones work.

Headphones are plug and play. When the jack is inserted, the sound comes out of the headphones instead of the speakers.

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I've recently been having a problem with my headphones. The computer recognizes that I've plugged them in but it still uses the external speakers and there's no sound coming through the headphones. I've tried more than one pair of headphones and it still doesn't work. Restarting the computer worked once but not anymore. 

Go to Solution.

Answer:Speaker/headphone/audio jack problem

There is usually a hardware switch in the socket, which is engaged when you put the plug in. Seems like it might be mechanically broken.

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I have a PC built from an Asus P5B-WiFi Delux motherboard running Windows 8 Pro with Classic Shell which has an Realtek HD audio on board sound device. I also have a Creative X-Fi Gamer sound card installed. All of these were installed and working correctly.

One time I unplugged my speakers and when I plugged them back in again the sound was being played back on the Realtek headphone device. I couldn't find anyway to get it to play back on the Realtek speakers so I disabled the headphone device. Now I can't find the headphone device anywhere. Since rebooting the sound is coming out of the speakers device so that is OK but I'm still wondering where my headphone device has gone.

I will try re-installing the Realtek drivers but I'd like to know what happened.


Answer:Realtek HD Audio headphone device missing

I had trouble with my headphones & fixed it with the method in the picture---

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I got my Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop at the start of the year all was working well until my old headset was destroyed so I bought a new one (Razer Kraken ProV2). I plugged it in, the laptop has only one plug but it seems it works as both an output and microphone jack this worked well because the Krakens initial plug is an exact fit. Anyway MaxxAudio Jack pops and lets me configure everything, I'm done everything is working fine. A week later I update the audio driver, suddenly my headset is being picked up but not my microphone instead realtek uses the internal microphone in the laptop. For a while whenever I plugged in my headset MaxxAudio would give me the option to configure it does not anymore is there anyway I can force it to pop up. Or would there be any other solution to this.Things I've tried:

Uninstalling and reinstalling Realtek drivers.
Opening MaxxAudio going to advanced and enabling the pop-up

Currently I'm using a USB adapter to get everything working but I'm getting complaints of audio quality(the adapter was cheap its to be expected) and I would also like to use the USB port its taking up for other devices. Any solutions would be helpful.

Answer:Realtek audio will pick up headset headphone but not mic.

When you look at the output devices from the Speaker icon on the Taskbar, does it say Speakers/Headphones?
I saw such a thing one time and that was when the incorrect Realtek was install from online and not the one I had downloaded.

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Hey, I have a flex 14 ideaPad and up until recently everything's been running smoothly audio-wise (when headphones were and were not plugged in), except for randomly a couple of days ago when I plugged headphones into the jack and no sound came through either the headphones or the speakers, although the headphones were detected by the laptop. When I unplugged them sound would come through the speakers again. I tried again with a different set of headphones but the problem reoccurred which lead me to believe the problem is with the laptop, after searching for solutions online I decided to delete and then reinstall the audio drive (Realtech HD Audio Manager). This fixed the problem for a couple of days but now the same problem has returned. I am confused as to whether this is a hardware/software based problem as when I reinstalled the driver it did solve the problem so it couldn't really be hardware related. Would anyone know what the problem is? Should I just keep on deleting and reinstalling the driver? Again the headphones are detected by the laptop, they do not appear as their own playback device though (is this always the case?) Thanks, Tiernan

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Answer:Flex 14 Headphone Jack/Audio Issue

The Realtek configuration on the Flex has Windows only show a single, common device for all the audio outputs.
Here's the latest Realtek driver. If the issue persists after, I would recommend a warranty call.

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I'm running the Satillite Pro L850 PSKG9A-009001, that is just over 3 months out of the box, and at first audio ran smoothly when headphones were plugged in. A few weeks ago that changed, and now when I plug in my headphones I only get audio through the R headphone. I have tried different pairs of headphones with the same result. When I use the headphones in other devices they work perfectly. Importantly audio plays in stereo through the laptop speakers when there are no headphones connected.

I have tried reinstalling the realtek audio drivers from the included cd, but am unable to find and driver updates on the toshiba website. I have also checked to make sure this isn't a settings issue, and am unable to find a cause. I really would like to be able to hear audio from both channels, and after trying everything I can think of and isolating the issue to just the audio jack; have a feeling there might be a dry solder issue on the audio out jack.

But I thought I would open up the issue to see if anyone else has any ideas I haven't thought of yet, that might quickly fix the issue, before I look the assumed long process of submitting a warranty claim.

Answer:Satellite Pro L850 plays audio through 1 headphone only

I agree with you. This issue can be related to audio out port, especially if there is no problem with internal speakers and if they are working properly.
Let?s see what other people will post about that but what you can do at the moment is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider, explain the situation and ask for help.

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Hi, I just gave m laptop to be repaired in HP and when I got back, the audio jack (Headphone) was not working. The speaker is working fine but the audio jack is not working at all. I couldn't even find the headphone in playback devices. I tried to upgrade my Laptop from windows 8 to 10, but no luck there Laptop Model: HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 UltrabookOS: Windows 10 (Upgraded from windows 8). All updates are installedProduct Number: D2X03EA#ABD I tried all the options I could find on the internet. Please help. Thanks and Regards,Vivek

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Firstly, I updated to Win 10 about 4 months ago and this problem only showed up yesterday.  Please! read this first (opens in new page and I pasted it just in case) Scroll down to where "RandShouse" writes:"1. Click the Start button.2. Type Beats Audio and select the Beats Audio Control Panel.3. Select Advanced Settings from the top menu.4. Under Jack Information uncheck the box that says Enable auto pop up dialog, when device has been plugged in." What's happening is that my laptop's audio is working with earbud, headphones (anything that works with the headphone jack). But the problem is that terrible Beats software. So if I watch a youtube video with the earbuds then remove them, the laptop audio works perfectly fine! Then Beats kicks in and recognizes that I just unplugged a device when it says "You just unplugged a device." Which makes pefect sense. Because I just removed the earbuds. And for a few seconds, the audio from my laptop (speakers) works perfectly fine. But then Beats audio malfunctions and says that "You just plugged a device...". WHICH IS WRONG. So I tried to follow the steps written by RandShouse but step 4 is not even there. For some reason, I don't have the checkbox and I could go to Control Panel > Sys and Security > Hardware and Sound > Realtek. But I don't have realtek (which has it's better way of dis... Read more

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How is the microphone jack on the front panel wired? I was told this jack works as Microphone and LINE IN. Is the jack a 3-pole stereo jack or 4-pole jack? If it is 4-pole, does it comply with CTIA standard wiring (Ring2 is common and Sleeve is microphone)?

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