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Beta version 2 of Hijackthis-- (Updated)

Question: Beta version 2 of Hijackthis-- (Updated)

ATTENTION- anyone who is using Hijackthis--- As dvk01 has posted below, now we can use this newer version 2 of Hijackthis..... But- read this entire thread, about NOT using this new version when you are infected and your antivirus program alerts you when you try to open the new version....please, do NOT disable your antivirus program just so you can try out this new version, especially when you are working with an infected computer. There is not that much new that it shows.

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Preferred Solution: Beta version 2 of Hijackthis-- (Updated)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Beta version 2 of Hijackthis-- (Updated)

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What was fixed:

Uninstalling avast might hang at "stopping service: avast! antivirus"
Performance and stabilization fixes in Stream Filter - e.g blocking of ajax calls
Several firewall fixes - e.g. blocking of google earth
Stability improvements - several crashes fixed

Download links
Free AV:
Pro AV:

avast! cleaner:
It should be possible to install this version on top of your existing avast! installation (all settings should be preserved).

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Issued complex Vba32 version with recycled graphic interface also implements multithreading scanner. Unified installation package for the operating system (one package for all systems). Complex Vba32 version is designed to run under OS from Windows XP SP3. Correct work on earlier versions of the OS is not available.Click to expand...

Original Link

Translated Link

Screenshot are in that link

Answer:Released beta version of VBA32 Workstation c updated interface

I can just say "Wooohooo"! Finally some improvements!
It's still buggy beta, but whoa, I like it! Detection is amazing as always and GUI is pretty(I don't like polished GUI and stuff because I think that AV should protect, not entertain with glossy buttons and animation in tray).

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Trend Micro are proud to announce the release of HijackThis version 2.0.2. This is the first non-beta release of HijackThis since our first release back in March. We since have been working alongside many HijackThis support communities to ensure that our changes reflect their needs. New features and fixes are listed below.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with HijackThis, it is a free software utility that generates an in depth report of registry and system settings by scanning your Windows computer. The resulting log file can be examined by experienced users or web-forum helpers to determine what may have infected your PC. HijackThis makes no separation between safe and unsafe settings in its scan results. Expert users are provided the ability to selectively remove items from your PC, such as malicious or unwanted software. In addition to this scan and remove capability HijackThis comes with several tools useful in manually removing malware from a computer.

A common practice for novice users is to generate a HijackThis log file and submit it one of the many web-forums devoted to helping people fix their computers by using HijackThis. Experts at these forums provide information on which items are causing your problems and how to remove them safely from your computer.

New features include:
AnalyzeThis statistics
Windows Vista and IE 7.0 improved support
Improved whitelisting for non English o/s
Added capabilities to clean ActiveX Desktop Components
Installer version o... Read more

Answer:HijackThis version 2.0.2 ... non Beta

Thanks for the heads up Mucks, I'm yet to install this my Vista machine

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WhatsApp Beta 2.11.652
Nothing changed !! Nothing New! Only Bugs Fixed.

Answer:WhatsApp Beta!! What are developers doing? Beta Testers clarify for us! ( Updated )

Seriously? Oo

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Anyone had access yet can report back any improvements over RC1 / RC2 please.

Answer:business version versus beta version

and I'll let you know.

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Change Log
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localization: Tatar

Answer:7-zip beta updated 9.15

Thank you Nick.

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What version of Vista is Vista Beta RC1 a beta version of? Ultimate? This is the first beta of Vista that I have installed.


Answer:Vista beta is beta of what version?

Yes RC1 is Vista Ultimate. If you setup user accounts /w password and not automatically logging in then you see that right at the bottom of the logon screen. As well as under the system properties. Actually there quite a few places that displays it.

Have fun with it and give as much feedback to Microsoft as possible.

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Version 3.57.01 enhances the color border feature a bit:

- On Windows 7 when Aero is enabled, the Sandboxie border rectangle wraps around the Aero border rather than be on top of it.

- The border should hopefully follow the window more closely during a window resize/move operation.

- The border goes invisible if any part of it would be obscured by a window that is "always on top".

- Sandbox Settings > Appearance offers new option to display the border only when the mouse is in the window title area.

- When a new sandbox is created, the default is now to have a yellow border that appears when the mouse is in the title area.Click to expand...


Version 3.57.01 enhances the black window that appears when a program in the sandbox wants administrator privileges:

- Includes a note that explains that programs will continue to run under Sandboxie even with administrator privileges.

- Window can be moved or minimized.

- If you click cancel, the elevation attempt is aborted without a follow-up second (or even a third) elevation prompt that you would also have to cancel.

- When Drop Rights is in effect and message SBIE2219 is issued, you also see a new message SBIE2220 which offers an easy way to turn off the Drop Rights setting.Click to expand...


Answer:Sandboxie beta v3.61.03 (updated)


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you need to unistall present ie7 in add/remove programs in control panel. then download the new versionwhich is 7.0.5346.5

Answer:ie7 beta 2 updated today

i have just downloaded the ms updates today, but where did you get the new version ie7 7.0.5346.5

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"Nokia conference beta" just got update after ages, and the name has changed to "join conference beta."
Changes... Well, haven't checked it out yet. ;)
Has anyone checked out the difference? I dont even remember what was there in nokia conference beta. XD

Answer:Nokia conference beta updated.

Most likely it is just a name change. Microsoft is contractually obligated to phase out use of the Nokia brand from everything they bought with the Lumia phone division, both hardware and software.

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Answer:CCleaner updated beta now ver2 04 543

Thanks sunny staines.

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click herenot sure what has changed in this version

Answer:Iobit updated defrag beta to 3.1 out

Thanks sunny staines,will check it out now.Its been a good prog so far.

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Answer:CCleaner updated beta now ver2 00 491

Ta much so!

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Download New Updated ?Resource Hacker 3.5 Beta? with 64-bit and PNG File Support
For all you extreme tweaks,. Resource Hacker has finally been updated.

The possibilities are endliess with this prugram.

"Resource Hacker" is one of our favorite software which is used to edit various system files like dll, exe, cpl, etc. Most of the times its used to modify Windows look, for example you can change look of dialog boxes, menus, etc.
We have posted a detailed tutorial about resource Hacker at following link:

All About Resource Hacker

Now the good news is, our friend "Angus Johnson" has released an updated version of Resource Hacker which now supports 64-bit files as well as PNG files.
That's a major update and every Resource Hacker user should download the new version 3.5.
Changes List: Now decompiles/compiles 64-bit executables
Added PNG image support

As you can see in above screenshot, the older version can't show PNG files but the new version can show PNGs without any problem.
You can download the new version using following link:

Download Resource Hacker 3.5 Beta
Although its beta version but its a fully functional and bug free version and can be used without any problem.

Answer:Download New Updated Resource Hacker 3.5 Beta with 64

Good deal! Now if I could just find a numbered reference to aero.msstyles images.

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Download URL:

Update Log:
Engine Update
Add module which can detect Macro & Exploit offline

Settings Update
1.Add "Password Protection", avoid malicious modification!
2.Improve expression about "Action on threat detection"
[Don' t forget change the settings about "Action on threat detection"~]

Toolbox Update
1.Add "Permenately delete file", "Sandbox", "Network Repair" tools
2.Update "System Repair", "Traffic Firewall", "Ad Blocker" tools

Baidu Antivirus official website:

Answer:Baidu Antivirus Updated to

@xywcloud Two things you forgot to post:

A link to their homepage:


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just figured id put this in here since im sure not everyone has signed up for the beta update emails from microsoft.. or are still waiting to try windows 7 because they are worried about the shut off date for the beta or RC1..

here is the following email i received earlier today..

text version:

Special Beta Edition -- Correction

Because you signed up to test the Windows 7 Beta, we recently sent you mail about the expiration dates for the Beta and Release Candidate. Unfortunately, we made a mistake.

We said the Beta would start shutting down every two hours on June 1, 2009. The correct date is July 1, 2009.
The rest of the dates in the mail were correct. Heres a quick summary:
Starts shutting down every two hours:
July 1, 2009
August 1, 2009
Release Candidate
March 1, 2010
June 1, 2010

We apologize for the error and any confusion it may have caused.

Thanks again for helping us test Windows 7.

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The final release of Windows 10 is just a few short months away and we haven't even seen a beta for the Raspberry Pi 2. I signed up just after the announcement of the platform support on IoT, but have heard nothing since...

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An updated version of SIW (System Information) is now available from:click here

Answer:Updated version of SIW


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A new update of AVG f this morning for those that update version is 8.5.325 6.3Mb

Answer:A new updated version of AVG

It gives you new ID here

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ATI has released an updated display driver, version, for Windows Vista RTM.

* The Catalyst Beta Vista RTM driver will work under Windows Vista RC2.
* ATI does NOT recommend installing these drivers in systems used for mission critical operations or where productivity of any kind is a concern
* These drivers are not supported by ATI Customer Care or any other ATI department. All feedback should be reported via the Catalyst Crew Feedback program

Product series supported:
* Radeon? 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800, X300, X550, X600, X700, X800, X850 series
* Radeon? X1300, X1600, X1650, X1800, X1900, X1950 series
* All-in-Wonder? 2006, 9600, 9800, X600, X800, X1800, X1900
* Theater? 550 PRO/TV Wonder? Elite
* Mobility? Radeon? 9550, 9600, 9700, 9800, X300, X600, X700, X800 series
* Mobility? Radeon? X1300, X1400, X1600, X1800 series
* CrossFire? Xpress 1600, 3200 series
* Radeon? Xpress 200, 200M, 1100 series

Download: Catalyst Beta Display Driver for Windows Vista RTM (32-Bit)
Download: Catalyst Beta Display Driver for Windows Vista RTM (64-Bit)

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First, I want to thank you for making time to help those plagued by the idiots who manufacture malware. Secondly, I recently acquired the AKM Antivirus Pro. I'm pretty sure its an updated version because it is defeating your advice. Using your advice I was able to get Malwarebytes to run a complete scan one time. I rebooted and a bunch more pop-ups of failed files arose. I'm having the same issues everyone else is having... all my antivirus software is worthless, I can access Firefox, but I can't install anything with teeth because it appears AKM has been reading your site as well and is changing their program to block your advice.Because AKM has so excellently infiltrated my CPU my Windows Installer is malfunctioning (read - unable to download a registry cleaner), PROCEXP can run but I'm unable to locate the necessary files to kill the processes (because I'm computer illiterate), Fixexe.reg wouldn't work, and AKM has shut down my "restore" abilities.Here is my HijackThis log... PLEASE HELP. Please keep in mind I, "hunt and peck", so you may have to dumb-down your lingo for me.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 11:28:53 PM, on 5/6/2010Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18444)Boot mode: Safe mode with network supportRunning processes:C:\Windows\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnscfg.exeC:\Program Files\Mo... Read more

Answer:AKM Antivirus Pro - Updated version

The above named file was on my computer, AKM Anti-virus 2010. I deleted the file and was able to run Malwarebytes one time. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough and when I rebooted in normal mode the virus or its brother was back but much less aggressive. When I rebooted the pop-up ads to purchase the Antivirus were gone but the computer was extremely slow and froze on simple commands. I did receive two additional pop-ups referring to either infected files or missing dlls. (I don't recall the message and the computer freezes too soon to try and get them to show again).Windows Defender, Installer, Restore are all infected and inoperative. Tried a bunch of removal variants you suggested such as Fixexe.reg, registry reviver (or something like that), defogger, procexp, and rkill without success. I've tried to download adaware and a few other programs but the installer and blocked "updater" is quashing my dreams of using a different program than Malwarebytes. Currently, the error code for Malwarebytes is "code:2"AVG seems infected/tampered with. I don't maintain any other main antivirus software.I'm fairly inept when it comes to computers. If you walk me through the steps with simple commands I can kill this darn (read - explicative) virus. I very much appreciate your help. Thank you.

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For those that use here

Answer:New updated version for Winaso

Also an update for Revo Uninstaller for those that use that.

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New update for Malwarebytes for those that want to update the the versions that they have.Or for those that do not have Malwarebytes download it from hereFor some reason I had to run the update twice so once you have run the first update try and update it again.That was for those that already have the old version downloaded.

Answer:New updated version of Malwarebytes


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I got rid of about 80% of the pop ups, but there's still junk floating around. Please, please, please help. Thank you!Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7Scan saved at 11:36:28 PM, on 3/8/2005Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\devldr32.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\cisvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\CTsvcCDA.EXEC:\WINDOWS\System32\GEARSEC.EXEC:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\tcpsvcs.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\snmp.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\MsPMSPSv.exeC:\PROGRA~1\NORTON~1\navapw32.exeC:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exeC:\windows\system32\gqeyqh.exeC:\WINDOWS\system\xufnnxoxo.exeC:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\sysmonnt.exeC:\windows\system32\calc.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Works Shared\wkcalrem.exeC:\WINDOWS\syste... Read more

Answer:HJT - Smoocher, updated HJT version

You are running an outdated version of HijackThis.. Delete the copy you have and download the latest version of HijackThis!: Download here HJT 1.99.1. Save it on your Desktop. You will need now to unzip hijackthis.exe to a permanent folder, such as c:\hjt . This has to be done as HijackThis creates backups. You may need to use these backups.First create a new folder:A. Click My Computer icon on your desktopB. Click C: driveC. Click the File menu --> New --> Folder, a folder "New folder" will be created.D. Rename it HJTUnzip hijackthis.exe to the c:\HJT folder.Please post a new hijackthis log.

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New updated version of Malwarebytes available just press the update button.version 138 it is now.

Answer:new updated version of malwarebytes available

Thanks buteman.

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Has anyone installed the updated version of MS Spyware yet? If so how did it go.

Answer:Updated version of MS spyware

One of my machines actually picked it up as an update, on the other I manually installed it. No problems with either.

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Hi there, updated the S10-2 BIOS to 1ACN24WW (v1.15), yet in the BIOS display it still lists the "EC version" as the prior BIOS level 1AEC22WW(v1.13).   Just wondering if this should have been updated along with the regular BIOS. Thanks!

T400 6475-8Q5 | 8GB RAM | WXGA+ | Seagate 500GB 7200 | Win 7 Pro 64-bit............T61 7658-CTR | 8GB RAM | WD Black 320GB

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New updated Version of Malwarebytes available through normal updates.

Answer:New updated Version of malwarebytes available


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This posting is a revision of an earlier one, some of the links have needed updating others have had to be replaced and I've added a few more bits that may be of use, as before I hope it will be of help.Many of these downloads are pretty big so if you don't have broad band I'd recommend you start with a download manager like Download Express click here or Leechget click here , they will ensure you don't lose anything if you lose your link at any point. Have a look and consider how much it would cost to buy the equivalent name brand products. Office suites :- Openoffice click here 602pro click here Wordpad alternatives :- Jarte click here, Cryptedit click hereAnti Virus :- avast4 click here Antivir click here AVG antivirus click here Firewalls :- Kerio2 click here Sygate click here ZoneAlarm click here Picture/Photo editing :- The gimp click here Photoplus5 click here Desktop publishing :- Pageplus5 click here Ragtime solo click here Child safe Internet control :- Iprotectyou click here Weblocker click here PC inventory takers :- Aida32 click here Belarc advisor click here Anti Spyware :- Spywareblaster/guard click here Adaware click here Spybot S&D click herePhone / Fax :- Cheyenne bitware click here CallCentre click hereSoftware removal :- Smart uninstaller click here MyUninstaller click here Video Editing :- Zwei Stein click hereFile compression :- Zipcentral click here ZipGenius click here File erasers :- Eraser click here Ultrawipe click here File Encryptors :- Easycrypto... Read more

Answer:Set up your PC for free updated version

Add Proxomitron to the popup (and adverts) stopper. It's in the downloads section.

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Am just back from holiday so this may have already been posted, but there is a new version of Stinger (V2.3.9 dated 16th August) now available from McAfee. click here

Answer:Stinger - updated version now available


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Hi.Anybody use the old version.Just tried this new version and it is giving very poor results.So not sure if all the updates from Microsoft last night is slowing me down or here

Answer:Speedtest.Net Updated version!!!

Please ignore last.Completely wrong speed test.Sorry for the confusion.Still very bad results though.

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i have , can any1 send me an updated version or a newer version of it !
I cannot file anywhere on th net

Answer:Need an updated version of Richtx32.ocx

It's all over the place. Just do a Google search for it.

Here's v 6.00.8804:

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click here Still free. :-)

Answer:RegSeeker Updated To Version 1.50

Thanks, but I'll give it a miss for now.It's still a Beta.

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Dont know if this has already been posted but latest update is version 1.40.520.

Answer:CCleaner updated version.

Thanks Meshuga. Posted earlier but always better a duplicate than none at all. :)

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Answer:ccleaner version updated

Cheers....The update is v1.32.345 for everyone else ;-)

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I am using InstallShield 12.I am doing InstallScript projects.I created a updated version of a project for the project that is already installed on my machine(By assigning same GUIDs to both projects under the product properties).If i unstall the updated version of the project,it unstalls both the projects (i.e updated version and previous version).I want to uninstall only the updated version.How it is?Can you please help me...

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BETA OPEN | VIPRE Antivirus/Internet Security/Internet Security Pro 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1
ThreatTrack Security is proud to announce the availability of our new VIPRE 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1. This beta includes:
VIPRE Antivirus 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1
VIPRE Internet Security 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1
VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1
Improvements & Bug Fixes Included:

Improved Active Protection
Fixed Default Settings For Advanced Active Protection, Edge Protection, and Handle Threats Automatically
Improved Feedback Between VIPRE & Outlook
New VIPRE Theme Backgrounds
Various Minor Improvements

How to upgrade:

You can download and install the new versions here:
VIPRE Antivirus 2017 Version 10.0

Beta Key: 4117L-ZU9KZ-G2A9C-MXH4K-2KSZF
VIPRE Internet Security 2017 Version 10.0
Beta Key: 405V5-5KVP2-FG56B-NFBUH-GXEVX
VIPRE Internet VIPRE Internet Security Pro 2017 Version 10.0
Note: VIPRE Internet Security Pro is not compatible with Windows XP

If you would like to test a different version than the one you have installed, download the version you want to test. Run the installer, and then your VIPRE will be upgraded to the new version. You will need to use the beta key that corresponds to the version you downloaded for testing.
If you are running version 8 or 9 of any VIPRE version, you can upgrade by checking the beta flag in your installation and then checking for software updates.... Read more

Answer:BETA OPEN | VIPRE Antivirus/Internet Security/Internet Security Pro 2017 Version 10.0 Beta 1

Thank you friend but has little time to test 12 days but is appreciated the effort, thank you.

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WHilst pointing this utility out to someone else I've just discovered there is a very new version of this Excellent tool available...Version 3.10c (26 Jan 2006)Regards,Simsy

Answer:Excel ASAP... updated version

And here's the link click hereThere's a new .pdf guide as well click hereOnce installed, ASAPUtilities will alert you when a new version is available.

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On Avast free, I found a new version (2015.10.2.2218) as I installed it on another PC. Updated my other PC via Avast / Settings/ Update - update programme. Out on 21 April I think but not, apparently automatically installed yet.

Answer:Avast Free updated version.available now

Avast had automatically installed I think this morning as I found a window on boot up asking me to complete the installation. Read carefully although Avast had updated it was asking to install browser/add-ons, remember to remove the tick bottom left.

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Still getting the below message on my user account even with Mbam rules downloaded and applied. Doesn't happen on Admin account , i guess i have to download Mbam rules for the "user account" as well .
I uninstalled correctly and restarted as requested but still seeing the message after every reboot.

Answer:Updated to newest version of Mbam but ....


Are you the same person as the OP here, by any chance, because the posts sound identical?

The LUA issues were supposed to have been fixed with this current version, but AFAIK that particular error message you show is something entirely different (see below).

I know you said you reinstalled, but it's not clear from your post if you used the "best practices" method for a truly clean reinstall. And it sounds as if you did some self-medication by installing mbam-rules, which ought not to be necessary.

To start, if rebooting the system does not fix the error, then I suggest carefully following all the steps here: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x.
Be sure to reboot when the removal tool prompts, and it's a good idea to do so again AFTER the reinstall.

Please note: To work correctly, MBAM Consumer should be installed and configured from a Windows Admin account. It can then be run under other, LUA accounts and the new version should fix the previous issues with LUA updating, etc..

IMPORTANT: The particular error you show in your screenshot CAN be due to the presence of a rootkit, or it could be another security program blocking the driver.
AFAIK It is NOT related to the LUA updating issues that were on the changelog for version

SO: Please let us know if that proper clean reinstall does or does not fix the issue. We can go from there.


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Malwarebytes Site
Good program I think.

Answer:Malwarebytes Updated To Version

Thank you Input Overload

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Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has released Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0.3 for Unix Mail Servers and has updated Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux, Dr.Web for Unix Server and Dr.Web Anti-virus for Internet gateways Unix to version 11.0.3. The update delivers new features.

Dr.Web for Unix Mail Servers:
A brand-new architecture? now, instead of integrating with mail servers, the product interacts with them using standard mail server services (Milter, Spamd, Rspamd);
The product can now be transparently integrated with communication channels that use the standard protocols SMTP, POP3 and IMAP (this mode is only available under GNU/Linux);
Unwanted incoming email content is now stored in a separate password-protected archive instead of the quarantine;
A native control web interface has replaced Webmin;
OpenLDAP and Active Directory service information can now be used in mail filtering rules;
Product status statistics and important event notifications (e.g., regarding blocked emails) can now be sent over SNMP;
The Clamd module can now be used to scan messages on mail servers that do not use Milter/Spamd/Rspamd;
Sender/recipient address validation over DNSxL.
Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux:
Email received via IMAP(S)/POP3(S) is now scanned.
Email received via SMjTP(S) is now scanned.
Dr.Web for Unix Servers:
Supports Samba 4.6.
Dr.Web for Internet gateways Unix:
If a query is blocked, the icapd module will now indicate its source.
A file containing a list of sites can now be spe... Read more

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I just downloaded ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M Series new version from because mines old version.. and yes I downloaded the same driver, just newer version FYI..

I installed it twice but when I go device manager, the version is still old one.. It didn't ask me to restart and I haven't restarted PC yet. Currently I'm downloading lots of stuffs so I don't really want to restart.

This is actually my first time upgrading graphic driver so if anyone's familiar with this, please help.


Answer:Graphic driver updated, but version still same?..

Restart is usually required on older cards. Don't trust Cnet driver list, go to the developer site or even here.

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Answer:updated version of sygate fierwall available

Thankyou happy dragon.

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I have Windows 7 and Office Pro Plus 2007 (I think) and a few weeks ago, I started getting a popup telling me to update MS office. I kept ignoring it and I tried to see if there was a way to reject the update, but I couldn't find one, so eventually I got sick of it and just accepted it.

Now I can't use OneNote though as it's forcing me to sign in, which it never did before the update, but it won't actually allow me to sign in. It seems to be a known issue but I wasn't able to find a fix for it. I only use OneNote infrequently and for very basic things, so I don't want to have to sign in as I don't need to cloud-sharing and other functions that come with it.

I've never installed OneNote, so I thought it must have came with my Office package. I was about to reinstall Office so I'd have the previous version back, but upon checking I discovered that OneNote isn't part of the package I have. It must have came with Windows 7, but doing a fresh install of that is obviously too much hassle to solve an issue like this.

Is there anything I can do to retrieve my older version of OneNote that won't force me to sign in? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Skype , one of the most Popular messaging and video/voice calling messenger for Windows has been Updated to 5.8 with a great amount of improvements and some cool new features being added namely Group screen sharing , Facebook integration & Full HD Video calling .
Other improvements included are as follows -
Hide offline Facebook contacts
Push to Talk
Skype updater service
Bing Toolbar integration
Download from the official link Source

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since updating my t60 power manger version the dynamic brightness control no longer works and will not save settings, any help ?


Go to Solution.

Answer:Updated Power manager version

I am having the exact same problem on a T400.  This started occurring after I updated the Power Manager to 1.90 on 4/5/2011.  I have tried uninstalling both the Power Manager and the Power Driver with no effect.  The only time it dims the screen is when the computer starts up and gets to the Windows screen (the BIOS screen is bright).  It dims to level 5 and stays that way until sometime after startup and then it goes to normal brightness level.  This is true even when the Power Manager and the Power Driver are uninstalled.  Even though Shutdown/Startup and Screen Saver are checked it has no effect (as was stated previously I can't change them either).  When I reinstalled Power Manager it updated to 1.98 but I have the same problem.  If it makes any difference I updated the BIOS during the same day (though I usually install one at a time - just in case). Please help us.  This is a real pain as it was working perfectly before the update.

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After downloading the latest version of Firefox every time I open the browser I get the"you've been updated" page opened over my homepage. I used their support site to try to correct the problem but had no success after following all their fixes. I am running Windows Vista. Thanks, Alan

Answer:Updated to the latest version of Firefox

have you tried this?

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Freeware hardware diagnostics and memory benchmarking solution for home PC here

Answer:Everest Free Updated To Version 2.20

Had previous version, what a great little program, just downloaded and installed latest version.Many thanx!bretsky ;0)

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Hey... I was on your tutorial for removing system fix, but it does not work for this new version of system fix. I can't do anything. Even in Safe mode I do not see Internet Explorer or Chrome.

Help me Please. I am stuck.


Answer:Infected with System Fix... An Updated Version

Update. I managed to remove System Fix (I think), but I can't see any programs or anything on my desktop or under start menu.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Database version: 8400

Windows 6.1.7600 (Safe Mode)
Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385

12/19/2011 8:59:39 PM
mbam-log-2011-12-19 (20-58-50).txt

Scan type: Full scan (C:\|)
Objects scanned: 302477
Time elapsed: 25 minute(s), 0 second(s)

Memory Processes Infected: 0
Memory Modules Infected: 0
Registry Keys Infected: 1
Registry Values Infected: 1
Registry Data Items Infected: 3
Folders Infected: 0
Files Infected: 1

Memory Processes Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Memory Modules Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Keys Infected:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Arcadeweb (Adware.ArcadeWeb) -> No action taken.

Registry Values Infected:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\KDDBMACIkSDmIg.exe (Rogue.FakeHDD) -> Value: KDDBMACIkSDmIg.exe -> No action taken.

Registry Data Items Infected:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Start_ShowMyComputer (PUM.Hijack.StartMenu) -> Bad: (0) Good: (1) -> No action taken.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Start_ShowSearch (PUM.Hijack... Read more

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As the title says event viewer errors 360 and 37 have only appeared since installing ver 1703.

Anyone else getting these errors on 1703?

Answer:Updated to version 1703, errors 360 and 37

Getting the same events here on a clean install of CU as well.

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Have they just removed the bit at the bottom that tells you about which program is connecting to the internet? If not, how do I get it back?

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Just finished downloading it, going to install it on a partition to check it out, you can download the torrent here, deleted pretty interesting I think, and I thought longhorn was just code name for vista? Is this just a modified early release of vista or was longhorn actually an abandoned os between xp and vista?

Answer:Updated version of Longhorn released

I think that's illegal. They're distributing via torrent, recoding Microsoft's beta...

Smells fishy.


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I kept getting an update message when launching PS, and decided to give it a go. It's a bit more elegant, and so far seems a winner.I'm running a Y560p, 6570M graphics, Full time/Non-switchableFrom AMD's site: 12-1_mobility_vista_win7_64_dd_ccc_ocl (The "auto dectect & download" helper application didn't work correctly.)

Answer:Updated Version of Catalyst Control

oLNutJob wrote:I kept getting an update message when launching PS Pardon my ignorance, but what does PS stand for? 

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Version 5.1.033 is available for download.dagwoood.

Answer:ZoneAlarm(free)-updated version available.

updated this morning file)

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More info here...

Download here...

Answer:Mozilla has updated Firefox to 3.5.7 version

Firefox 3.5.7 available

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i have received the 8.1 update in India, i did install it, then it started with rotating gears and again restarted , then it Migrated all my apps (as it was showing in the screen that Migration is in progress ) , and after that when 920 restarted it started with previous version only i.e.Black ,
I m confused how does that happened . And if i try to download update again its not getting download.
I tried with Soft reset still nothing worked .
Please help .!

Answer:920 updated to 8.1 still showing Black version

Did you use Developer Preview? If yes then you shall wait for Microsoft to solve the Cyan update issue with the Developer preview users.

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I am using a Lumia 636 right now and i just updated it. Then i saw some margins especially in the messaging app and messenger in facebook. When i type down my texts or chats, i can't see the words because it's covered by the keyboard. What should i do? Please help 🙁🙁🙁

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As on Jan 18 2016, my phone still being on OS version 8.10.14219.341 and 02061.00066.14253.40004. I see that the latest OS version for Lumia 1520 8.10.14234.375 and firmware is 2540.19.15053.26006. But when I do "check for updates", I get the message that my phone is up-to-date. My phone manufacturer is*RM-937_apac_hong_kong_222. Is there any way to get the latest update and any reason why my phone says it is up-to-date?

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Please help me figure out why I am being directed to various webpages that I didn't click on and why all of a sudden I'm getting popup ads when I never did before.thank you,-tHiJack This Log:Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 11:43:31 AM, on 9/26/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel Protection Server\WinNT\spnsrvnt.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exeC:\Program Files\Quark\QuarkXPress\QuarkXPress.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\wuauclt.exeC:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exeC:\Downloads\HiJackThis.exeR1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Defaul... Read more

Answer:Browser Hijacker...i Think?! (updated With New Hijack This Version)

Hi,I understand that you need help in order to get rid of the malware that is present on your system - But you need to help us first..I notice that you never scanned with an Antivirus previously before starting this thread - because you don't even have an Antivirus installed!This is somewhat suicidal in today's digital world especially since you are dealing with a password stealer.That's why I want you to install one first!!* Please install Avira Antivirus: is a free Antivirus.Perform a full scan with Avira and let it delete everything it is finding.Then reboot.After reboot, open your Avira and select "reports".There doubleclick the report from the Full scan you have done. Click the "Report File" button and copy and paste this report in your next reply together with a new HijackThislog.Then we'll start from there, because it really makes no sense otherwise that we clean this up manually if an Antivirusscan is not present which should be able to deal with most and prevent further reinfection.

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Opera 12.18 can be downloaded from the server manufacturer.
Opera Web Browser | Faster & safer | Download the new Internet browsers free
At the moment, unfortunately, there is no information about the detailed list of changes, although it is possible that this will happen soon.

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When installing the latest Advisor version, the BelMonitor Client and VoilaX control typically don't display the new version number. For example the latest version is but the displayed Client and VoilaX control still show The install process shows the Wise wizard uninstalling the old version but the version number usually remains the same. Anyone know about this?

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The ransomware didn't change too much compared to version 3.0, but it changed enough to cause problems to any detection or prevention systems put out by cyber-security vendors.
One of those systems is Bitdefender's CryptoWall Vaccine, a.k.a. the Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware kit.
Integrating the changes that CryptoWall 4.0 brought forward, the CryptoWall Vaccine can now prevent infections from getting a foothold on target PCs.
As for the CryptoWall Vaccine's efficiency, the name should tell you everything there is to know about it. It's a vaccine, meaning you install it before getting infected, as a way to protect yourself
Read more:

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Hi there , am trying to install the latest versionof a medical programme ( using a CD )that controls a personal monitoring service of a small machine , but it won't accept , giving a message that we have to uninstall the existing ( and now superseded ) version of that programme. This is understandable and we figured we had done that , as nowhere that we have looked , does it show that the existing programme still is held on file.Any ideas ?? Using XP --SP2 Control Panel ---> add/remove prog , gives no clues !Thanks in advance. Redlegs ( Sth Aust)

Answer:Installing updated version of Medical Programme

I assume you have looked in Program Files in case there is an existing folder with remnants of the previous installation. There will probably be references in the registry and this is not for inexperienced users!From Start>Run type regedit. From File>Export and make a copy of the registry. Now do a search for the program name and post back what you find.

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How do I install IE on my computer w/out internet access, I tried saving the setup, but that gets all the things off the net, not off itself.

Answer:Solved: Installing an updated version of IE w/out the internet

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1. Improved File System Shield speed
2. Improved AutoSandbox stability
3. Improved AutoSandbox controls
4. Improved gadgets
5. Compatibility with Win 8 Consumer Preview
6. Greater stability of Outlook plugins
7. Fixed a compatibility issue with offline files
8. Other security and stability-related improvementsClick to expand...

Answer:avast! version 7.0.1426 released (updated)

Thanks for the information, latest version is 7.0.1442

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I tried to download and install a new version of BIOS (F.26, June 2014) after having some issues with the laptop getting hot and some programs freezing. The download details indicated that it was highly recommended. I tried this today and the system showed that it was already installed. I looked at C drive and it shows it under SWSetup\sp66805\0183AF26 bin. I have no idea what this means. It shows a date of 6/17/16 as installed. I have been looking into this for a while but I know that I did not install it. I do not understand why the system information still shows: BIOS version Insyde F.25, 5/29/2013 if it is supposed to have been updated. Please help! Thank you, AG  

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Hi guys,

Does anyone know where to download an updated version of malwarebytes anti-malware?


Answer:Updated version of malwarebytes anti-malware

Click this:

Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download

Install, open the program, then run the update function.

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I downloaded Ericsson H5321gw/C5621gw Mobile Broadband Driver for Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad ( because I occasionally have an issue with resuming. If I switch off the setting to preserve power on the driver, the machine crashes after a resume. I also have the issue that after resume, broadband is simply not there. So I downloaded the new driver g7wo09ww.exe wihich should contain the new driver This driver is supposed to fix this problem  (see below).However, after installation my driver says Even after completely deinstalling the driver and reinstalling, I'll end up with instead of Is there a way to get the latest driver installed? Thanks,Ruud  Version Specified the machine types of ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Machine types: 34xx).(New) Added support for Windows 8.1.(New) Improved the GPS radio performance.(Fix) Corrected the unattended install command option from "-SILENT" to "/s".Version <> (G7WO08WW)(New) Added support for ThinkPad Helix.(Fix) Fixed an issue wherein Ericsson Mobile Broadband did not display inNetwork Panel for about 20 seconds after System Suspend, Hibernate, orRestart.(Fix) Corrected the model name from ThinkPad S230u to ThinkPad Twist andThinkPad Twist S230u in this Readme document.Version <> (G7WO06WW)(Fix) Fixed an issue where automatic connection to the ... Read more

Answer:Driver version C5621gw not updated to (stuck on

I get the same behaviour - the driver reports as after installing the update described on the web site as What is also interesting is that when I first check the driver after reading this post, the driver I had installed was earlier than, despite running the Lenovo update tool on a regular basis, so the Lenovo update tool doesn't seem to even know about this update. Matthew

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My problem started after I tried to download MS Project 2003 from the following website: I have just found out that they are a dangerous site.

My problem

I am currently experiencing problems with my Dell laptop (win vista home premium edition), after I tried to download MS Project 2003 from the following website: I have just found out that they are a dangerous site. The laptop crashes and restarts in a loop every 8 minutes with a blue screen with an error code which reads; 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x8205E9DD, 0x82BC8BDC, 0x82BC88D8). I have pretty much abandoned the laptop as I cannot even troubleshoot within the 8 minutes period and as a result currently using an older, slower PC because I can't solve this problem.

Although Microsoft recommends installing the latest service pack, however, I cannot install it within the 8 minutes when the computer is active. In addition when I click on the event viewer to get more information on the problem it reads: MMC error event handler cannot be setup.

Please your advice will be highly appreciated.


Answer:Updated Version on blue screen error

Have you tried safe mode, system restore... wonder if the -08 in site name and the 8 min. crash are connected. Did you really expect to get 400$ software? Reinstall, can't see you being able to do this in 8 minutes. but you can give it a shot.

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Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows to version 9.1. Changes have been introduced to Dr.Web Control Service (, SpIDer Agent (, Dr.Web Net Filtering Service (, the firewall (, Dr.Web Scanning Engine (, Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API (, Dr.Web SelfPROtect (, the file monitor SpIDer Guard ( and the installer component (

Dr.Web Process Heuristic routines have been revamped which provides faster event handling and rules out possible short-term hanging of the operating system. Also upgraded were the background rootkit scan routines.

Dr.Web SpIDer Agent incorporates a completely redesigned registration manager and reporting interface. Now the Parental Control can be toggled on/off in the agent's context menu.

Procedures for the interaction between the Dr.Web Net Filtering service and Dr.Web Control Service have been overhauled to avoid interference with OS performance and reduce the consumption of system resources when the service is being restarted. In addition, a memory leak issue that could arise when the component was operational for a long period of time has been fixed.

New rule notification windows have been completely redesigned for the firewall, and an NDIS driver memory leak issue that occurred when the firewall was running has been resolved.

The updated Dr.Web Scanning Engine b... Read more

Answer:Dr.Web anti-viruses for Windows updated to version 9.1


Kind regards, for the information about Dr.Web!

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Question: BETA version ?

I often read about "BETA" versions; what exactly is a BETA version?

Answer:BETA version ?

Its a program still in testing. Getting people to test it to Iron out all the bugs

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The fm radio is not visible(inbuilt) and the musi c equaliser is not visible as was in the original 8.1 version

Answer:why the in built fm radio and equaliser not there in theNokia730 8.1 updated to version 10

It was removed from the OS itself... I miss the feature. Try "Radio FM Phone" in the Store, it works well for me.

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I updated firefox to the newest version (11.0) and it asked me to import bookmarks from Internet Explorer, but I only used internet explorer once (to install firefox when I first got my computer, the only thing IE is good for) and I dont have any bookmarks in IE anyway. So when firefox started all my previous bookmarks got deleted. I can not remember the majority of the websites addresses and I need some of them for research papers and school work. Is there any way to recover the bookmarks or am I screwed?

Answer:Firefox deleted all bookmarks when I updated to newest version (v11.0)

Until a better solution comes along, and I was facing the same situation, I would do a system restore, save a copy of the bookmarks and re-update FF.

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after firefox updated to 40.0 simplepass no longer is working with the browser. it usually ask you to swipe your finger or do you want to remember the password but it does not is there a fix for this

Answer:simplepass not working in updated firefox browser version 40...

Ditto.Now only IE has it working.Hope they fix it soon.

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Just joined, am at beginner level. I have been to three other places in the past months trying to get an answer to this question, including the firefox site, where my question was marked solved without my permission! I am on an older computer, and it works fine and I cannot afford a new one, and don't want a new one. My processor is about 927 mhz. I have something called adobe shockwave player. It is version 9. Firefox is my browser. For months a yellow bar at the top of my screen has been telling me to upgrade to adobe flash 11. What is with all the names, adobe flash, flash player, shockwave flash; are they all the same thing?? Anyway, this yellow bar is almost continuous. The problem with upgrading to flash 11 is that it requires a much faster processor than mine, and too much memory. So I have been trying to upgrade to something in the version 10 flash thing, but when I have been able to find older versions, they never give the system requirements.
I need to know what the system requirements are. I need to know if the version is light on memory. And at these rare sites that have old things, it is a manual download, and they then tell you to 'unzip' the file. I have no idea of what that means. I would much appreciate help with this. Please don't tell me to get another processor, another browser, etc. I need to solve this problem, and this is the equipment I have. Thank you.

Answer:trouble getting updated version of flash compatible with my system

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I try to connect to my school proxy through wifi and when the proxy requests my user name and password for my internet account, it does not work and asks again for my credentials over and over. It was all fine with wp 8 black update.

Answer:I updated to wp 8.1 8.10.12393.890 version and now I cant connect to a squid proxy.

Found this on the web:
I may have found a fix...
I went into the internet explorer settinngs and set the Data Sense savings option to "Off". Connection then worked.
Turning the Data Sense option back to automatic
seems to have left the connection working.
Although the WiFi list still says no internet connection.

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After hard reset store not getting updated to latest version...any work around
Sent from Windows central app for Windows 10

Answer:After hard reset store not getting updated to latest version

Originally Posted by akshay waghray After hard reset store not getting updated to latest version...any work around
Sent from Windows central app for Windows 10 try a soft reset for starters
Any error message that you're getting?

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EDITED Jan,14 2017
last post :
Thanks to @XIII

????????? ? ?????????? ?? ????? 11222016.js
(Payload : shade ransomware : extension .NO_MORE_RANSOM)​
Thanks to Der.Reisende

Why these samples ?

Because these are very big puzzle.

=> Only read it if you like long puzzle games

I will not explain the JS functions in details, considering the reader has already, at least, basic knowledge in JScript / JavaScript.​
Just read the spoiler :

Spoiler: details
Just remember :

​object :
​an object (ActiveX or another)
​dot followed by the method to be call (it is the name of a function of the object : method)
​it can be one, two, etc, parameter(s) that will be (or not) used in the method (=function) : separated by a "," (without quotes)
​can be written:
​and then with obfuscated data :
Example :

var a = zeze[ezez()](fdsfsf)

and looking at the code

zeze = "abcd";
ezez... Read more

Answer:¦¬¦-¦+¦-¦¬¦¦¦¦¦-¦-¦-TБTВTМ_23xls.js - big puzzle familly - updated with Jan,14 2017 version

Once again, fighting against the formatting bugs ... (that delete, etc, some formatting)
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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So yesterday I updated my Asus Zenbook from Windows 10 (version I don't know) to version 1511 and this has caused two problems for me. Both of them are concerning my touchpad. I used to use two fingers to scroll down and up, and tap with two fingers instead of using the right click. After this update, this doesn't work anymore.

Anyone know how I can get this back? Thanks.

Answer:Two Touchpad issues after I updated to Windows 10 version 1511

Windows Setup replaced all your drivers, no matter if they worked OK or not. Reinstall latest touchpad driver from manufacturer and it should restore full functionality.

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Official Site:

(Offline Installer, exclude Avira Engine, need to download Avira Engine after installed)Official Download Link:
(Online Installer)Official Download Link:
The Download Link Provided By Me:!eJBQmCrC!NOisfToWX27sALbp3CkonO5AXBJH9sfmLUxGb7UTUgE

Update Log:
1.Fix the bug caused by "Anti-Phishing" module which can make Chrome Browser works slowly.
2.Fix the bug which can cause LAN Shared Folder access slowly.
3.Other small bugs fix.

Answer:Baidu Antivirus(stable version) Updated to!

I want plenty of news in the next beta release!

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since I have installed the latest build of sygate personal firewall on 2 pc's, both would hang (windows update - not the pc) while windows update site was scanning for updates.Turned off the firewall on both pc's and windows update worked again normally.A bug in the latest version of sygate? Or is it only me who is having this problem?

Answer:Sygate Firewall - Updated Version & Windows update

Just checked on my home system with the new Sygate and it scanned OK.?d

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New Free ZoneAlarm

On Tuesday, Zone Labs released ZoneAlarm 3.1. If you're a ZoneAlarm
user, you should soon get an update notice (the notifications are
staggered over time to prevent everyone from trying to download the new
code at once.) You also can grab the code manually by going to .

In addition, ZoneAlarm Pro was recently updated to version 3.0.133.
Similarly, you can update automatically via the built-in update/reminder
agent, or by visiting the above site and manually grabbing a copy.
The Pro upgrade is only a little different from the previous version,
but the free version is a major update, and already is generating some
strong--- and so far, mostly negative--- reader comments: stability
problems, resource issues, and more.

But the numbers of reports I've gotten so far is too small to serve as a
basis for a reliable conclusion. Plus, it's a fact of human nature that
far more people take the time to write when they're angry about a
product than when they're happy with one. (I guess we all tend to
complain more than praise. <g>)

But by the time you read this newsletter, enough people should have used
the new version of ZoneAlarm that we can begin to draw meaningful

Answer:Updated Freeware version of Zone Alarm - Langalist 8/2/02

I have the new version and it is working fine for me. No stability issues or anything wrong with it. However I really dislike the new layout. Ahhh Its so hard to find anything. I also don't like the new Programs setup, its all automated and seems to give less control over all the applications. It seems that in every part of the new ZoneAlarm there is advertising for ZoneAlarm Plus. Too me, it seems the free zonealarm has less features than previous versions. Everything seems to have less control given to the user than before. What does everyone else think?

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Howdy all, I was just wondering if any of you A+ or Network+ certified Technicians may know of a program or any websites that will help prepare a person "better" to take the A+ or Network+ Certifications from Comptia. I am currently working on the 2003 version of the A+ certification and actually went to take it finding that the material I had been studying, which was from Marcraft 2003 study cd, had hardly any useful or much related questions than what was on the actual exams. I had to pay full price for both the hardware and software and almost passed. Almost passed the Hardware if I had only gotten 9 more points which would have been just like 1 more question sigh, and almost the software but by 39 points or so. So I am a bit discouraged on taking again unless I can somehow find some updated study material for the 2003 version. If cannot, I will attempt to retake the hardware anyways once or twice more perhaps, but not sure about the Software or Operating Systems part. I came so close! Sigh. After I finally get the A+ certification or if I can at all , I will go for Network+, if not too late for that 2003 version as well. They are ending the A+ 2003 version at the end of either June or July I believe, so not sure about Network+'s older version, if that is still available to take. Well thanks for any info and hope to find something out. Oh yes, and it also might be a good idea, if anyone has any info as well on the current versions too, to post any links, f... Read more

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I bought the home version from Best Buy. A friend updated to ultimate and now says not genuine. How do I reinstall my home version?

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Had home version, friend updated to ultimate and its not genuine.

Boot from the disk you bought from Best Buy and follow the prompts. Activate with the product key you got with the disk.

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For any MVP's and others with MSDN subscriptions, there are new Version 1511 (Updated Feb 2016) Windows 10 ISO's available. Enterprise, Education, and Multi edition are all new. The Media Creation Tool may have them too, I haven't checked it yet. I'm still downloading from MSDN.

EDIT: Winver shows 10586.104 for the updated MSDN ISO. Clean install with no network connection.
Looks like they rolled in the Feb 9 th update listed here , KB3135174

Answer:New (Updated Feb 2016) Windows 10 Version 1511 ISO's are up on MSDN

ISO downloaded with MCT yesterday about 2:00pm was still build 10586.0 and still had the incorrect description of technical preview.

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Hi all

NEW AVG Beta version 17.9.3039

New AVG Beta version 17.9.3039

With best Regards

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Hi all

NEW AVG Beta version 17.8.3035

NEW AVG Beta version 17.8.3035

With best Regards

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Here is what has worked for me.

I been using the beta version for a few months now and found that it worked better than the others on my Windows XP Media Center Edition. I run my program when I wnat my pc on. My PC won't automatically hybernate while it runs. When I want to shut my pc down, I pause my work and send my pc into hybernate mode.

I'm using the graphical interface, and I prefer the ball and stick view, it seems to be more pc friendly. I also have the draw rate at the slowest. I set my cpu to 50% with lowest priority. This way my pc fan does not have to work as hard to keep my pc cool.

I xp service pack 3 installed on a Dell XPS 200.

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Hi all

NEW AVG Beta version 18.1.3041

New AVG Beta version 18.1.3041

With best Regards

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