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AMD issues updated statement regarding Radeon R9 Fury X noise problems

Question: AMD issues updated statement regarding Radeon R9 Fury X noise problems

AMD has released an updated statement regarding the noise issues experienced by the initial buyers of its Radeon R9 Fury X graphics cards.

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Preferred Solution: AMD issues updated statement regarding Radeon R9 Fury X noise problems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: AMD issues updated statement regarding Radeon R9 Fury X noise problems

Are they saying "screams like a banshee until we smothered it in glue"? Does anyone have a more engineered approach to the issue - like decibels at a specific distance?

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AMD was excited to introduce a family of true next generation GPUs at their E3 event today. The Radeon R9 Fury X, R9 Fury and R9 Nano are enthusiast oriented graphics cards based on the Fiji architecture that will sit...

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Answer:AMD announces Radeon R9 Fury X, R9 Fury and R9 Nano GPUs; also Project Quantum, a dual-Fiji SFF PC

Custom form factor requirement makes Quantum DOA. White box manufacturers won't touch it..only the Alienwares and the like will even give it a shot and they won't move enough units to make it viable.

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Hey everyone...
Currently, I have the ATI Rage Fury Pro/Xpert 2000 Pro Graphic Card and I am thinking of getting the ATI All in Wonder Radeon 7500. I just want to make sure that this is a good decision. Im almost positive that this card is better than what I already have but just making sure. Is it better?

Oh BTW.... It's totally offtopic but ok... How can i tell how much power supply im getting right now? (Sorry if the question maybe seem stupid)

Thank You in advance.

Answer:ATI AiW Radeon 7500 over ATI Rage Fury Pro

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An enthusiast overclocker over on the HWBot forums has managed to push an AMD Radeon R9 Fury graphics card to its absolute limits thanks to liquid nitrogen cooling and a collection of hardware and software mods.

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Answer:AMD Radeon R9 Fury records mouthwatering performance when overclocked

In two years time, if not less a stock clocked mid range card costing a quarter, if not less (again) of the price of the Fury will embarrass that 3DMark score but that's not what counts, the fun was getting it.

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Hello, I need some help.
I just bought a new computer that I cant get to run any 3D games.
It works fine with everything non gaming related but when I start up games like
black ops 3 , gta 5 , project cars, rust , wildstar I get in the menu and can start the game.

But when inside the game when its finished loading I might be able to play for 2-10 seconds
and the screen goes black (shows a disconnected hdmi cable icon on monitor) while the audio
keeps running in a loop for 4 minutes. Then the audio and lights on my Razer keyboard and
mouse dissapears. Meaning both the speakers and mouse/keyboard loses connection to computer
I've tried pressing alt-enter, alt-f4, ctrl-alt-delete, alt-tab but it dont help.
I have to press the power button down for 5 seconds and reboot.
The things I can play with great success however is League of Legends, Diablo3 and
Adventure Capitalist. Ive play these games for hours no problems except for one:
In League of legends I can only play on the map Summoners Rift, if I play on the higher
graphically intense map "ARAM" i sometimes get back screen.
Oddly enough 3D Mark Advance benchmark program works fine. Ive ran it about 30 times
and it works fine but I dont know if the results is good for my computer. The result is here:
PicPaste - 3d-GE2zPCsp.png
Ive tried 3 different monitors and different hdmi cables. As of drivers I have Radeon Software
Crimson Edition 15.12.
I decided to try uninstal all the amd dr... Read more

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Hello, I need some help.
I just bought a new computer that I cant get to run any 3D games.
It works fine with everything non gaming related but when I start up games like
black ops 3 , gta 5 , project cars, rust , wildstar I get in the menu and can start the game.

But when inside the game when its finished loading I might be able to play for 2-10 seconds
and the screen goes black (shows a disconnected hdmi cable icon on monitor) while the audio
keeps running in a loop for 4 minutes. Then the audio and lights on my Razer keyboard and
mouse dissapears. Meaning both the speakers and mouse/keyboard loses connection to computer
I've tried pressing alt-enter, alt-f4, ctrl-alt-delete, alt-tab but it dont help.
I have to press the power button down for 5 seconds and reboot.
The things I can play with great success however is League of Legends, Diablo3 and
Adventure Capitalist. Ive play these games for hours no problems except for one:
In League of legends I can only play on the map Summoners Rift, if I play on the higher
graphically intense map "ARAM" i sometimes get back screen.
Oddly enough 3D Mark Advance benchmark program works fine. Ive ran it about 30 times
and it works fine but I dont know if the results is good for my computer. The result is here:
PicPaste - 3d-GE2zPCsp.png
Ive tried 3 different monitors and different hdmi cables. As of drivers I have Radeon Software
Crimson Edition 15.12.
I decided to try uninstal all the amd dr... Read more

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The AMD Radeon R9 Fury is expected to launch shortly, which might explain why we're suddenly seeing a whole bunch of leaks relating to the graphics card. The latest collection of information on the Fury, leaked by VideoCardz, includes both...

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Answer:AMD Radeon R9 Fury specs allegedly confirmed ahead of launch

"This cooler isn't AMD's reference design, but the short PCB is a product of the memory modules being included right on the GPU's die."

Don't you mean the Interposer?

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While the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X has been praised for its compact PCB and powerful closed-loop liquid cooling solution, many Fury X owners noticed that the pump block included with the card emits an annoying high-pitched whine, ruining what...

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Answer:AMD revises Radeon R9 Fury X pump block to kill high-pitched whine

Kill every sound, AMD, but the whining will continue...

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Hello im new here, i got a question about my video card regarding its temperature while i am playing games.

I run 45% fan speed when just browsing the web or when im idling and when i start gaming (battlefield 3 etc) the temperature slowly goes up to 70 and then faster to 80 and 90.

when i run my fan speed at 60% or 65% the temperature stays at 69 or 70 and then REALLLYYY slowly goes up so thats not really them problem, my real problem is the noise that the fan makes. i already cleaned it from dust etc but when i put it on 60% it just makes a crap load of noise wich is rather anoying!

is it normal with the AMD Radeon 6870 HD for this to happen? the card is like 2 or 3 years old. i can put the fan speed to auto detect with the heat but thats not really an option...

so it it normal? do i need to get a new card? or is it just that the card is out dated and i need to upgrade?

thanks and im waiting for an answer D:!

Answer:AMD Radeon 6870 HD Temperature and noise problems

It is normal for a graphics card to get rather hot but 85-90 celsius and past is when you need to start worrying in my experience. Usually auto fan speeds are best but without hearing the fan I can only assume, when you say the fan is making annoying noises, that the fan is going bad.

Your card is not so old that its not worth saving. I'd recommend reading this over and if it doesn't apply there may still be options.

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hello im running xp. i am trying to load sonicfuryas my sound controller. it loads ok .when i run the set up it says system ok and running.when i go towindow midia player 10 all i get is a high pitch warble.. it did work once when i ticked conect to internet in media player. but for a bout 1 minute.. any ideas

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Hi all, I have a T61 6465-CTO just over 2 years old that's been experiencing various issues lately. I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32-bit. 1) I believe I have a faulty RAM issue -- it came with 2GB installed and recently began behaving erratically, then stopped booting altogether and gave a sequence of system beeps: one beep, pause, four short beeps, pause, one beep, pause, one beep. I couldn't find info on this sequence anywhere and was initially fearful of a system board failure but having taken one of the RAM sticks out, it seems to be booting up fine operating normally. Wondering if this beep sequence is relevant? I ran memtest86+ with both original sticks in and it came back with ~3100 errors, so there's some memory issue somewhere. 2) Frequently, if my laptop is in sleep mode on battery power and the battery dies and I boot it, it will give a BIOS error complaining along the lines of "System security: embedded security hardware tamper detected." I'm under the impression this is the motherboard's security chip complaining -- I'm wondering if this is relevant to my previous issues. Recently I also had an error along the lines of "error: numbers not in ascending order". (I didn't get a chance to write that one down). It only showed up once, thinking it might be indicative of faulty RAM but I'm not sure. 3) My fan is terribly loud and making a rather troubling grinding noise fairly often. It's not running very hot at all. It might just need a good cleaning -- t... Read more

Answer:T61 6465-CTO RAM issues, boot problems, and fan noise

Hi and welcome to the forum!

For 1 and 2, I would suggest getting the RAM replaced first, although the HMM points "System security: embedded security hardware tamper detected" to System board but let's just not go there and theorize that new RAM would fix the issue.

Further, the closest beep sequence I could find in the manual is "Three short beeps, pause, three more short beeps, and one short beep.", it points to the "RAM" and "System board", since the memory is less expensive than system board, therefore if I were you; I would first change the memory just to see if that fixes the problem.

For 3, you can find instructions on opening the system in the above linked manual, you can also watch the videos, besides there is a detailed KB on fan cleaning:-

Hope this helps.

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Basically i've been trying to fix this excel sheet for my boss at work, for some reason the following formula: "=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($N$4,WData!$C$1:$JS$57,MATCH($A57&C$13,WData!$C$1:$CK$1,0),TRUE)),0,VLOOKUP($N$4,WData!$C$1:$JS$57,MATCH($A57&C$13,WData!$C$1:$CK$1,0),TRUE))"won't work, there are around 8 versions of this same formula the only difference between them all is a cell number.I've gone through the entire worksheet and can't for the life of me find out what is wrong, if someone could help it would be much appreciated. regards, Joe

Answer:IF statement issues

Imagine how much more help we could be if you told us "won't work" means.Keep in mind that we can't see your spreadsheet from where we're sitting, so we are at a bit of a disadvantage.

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I have a Toshiba A75s211 Notebook and I can run Knights of the Old Republic II, but the game play is choppy and slow. I have a Radeon 9100 64mb graphics card. Lucas Arts tells me I need an updated Radeon 9100 driver. Does anyone have any answers.

Answer:I need updated Radeon driver

Dependant on what OS you are using you will find the upto date Radeon drivers here

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But now my PC crashes and doesnt respond.The screen goes black and the moniter goes into stanby.Can anyone help me please?

Answer:Ive updated my ati drivers for Radeon 800

Try getting into safe mode and uninstall the driver. ed

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Several days ago, i updated the audio driver and my computer keeps making harsh sound. I tried to roll back the update, but failed. I have to wear headphone even when i'm alone. this is annoying. Please help!

Answer:updated audio driver, my pc keeps making noise

What sound driver did you use?

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I am trying to provide a rebate amount where the Division and Short Item number are equal it would enter the rebate amount on that line. Below is an example of the data that I am trying to perform the vlookup in; this area is called Vendor_Setup. There are many different short items which will each have a different rebate amount per area. Area Item No Rebate AmountDEN 4566 $110.00SPG 4566 $110.00ONT 4566 $80.00TUC 4566 $40.00I have tried the following function: =if(and(Vlookup(F2,Vendor_setup,3,false), Vlookup(C2,Vendor_setup,3,false), ???Where I run into problems is that this statement shows no match in the If Statement function arguments box and I know there is a match and then I am not sure what value to put for Value_if_tru section because it would have to result in the rebate amount in the row where the area and item number match. Any help would be great, thank you,

Answer:Vlookup nested in an If Statement - having issues

Hopefully this helps describe the issue.What would have helped is if you had read the How To I posted.A quick solution is to combine your data.Your Sheet 1 (I think) looks like:
1) Home Number Area Item Number Rebate Amount
2) 13240025 SLC 11757
3) 16910003 VIR 81140
4) 10300003 PHX 11614

Your Sheet 2 looks like:
1) Area Item No Rebate Amount
2) DEN 4566 $110.00
3) SPG 4566 $110.00
4) ONT 4566 $80.00
5) TUC 4566 $40.00

On Sheet 1 insert a new column between C & Dand combine your Area & Item Number with the formula: =B2&C2On Sheet 2 insert a new column between B & Cand combine your Area & Item Number with theformula: = A2&B2 Your sheet 1 should now look like:
1)Home Number Area Item Number Rebate Amount
2)13240025 SLC 11757 SLC11757
3)16910003 VIR 81140 VIR81140
4)10300003 PHX 11614 PHX11614

Your sheet 2 like:
1) Area Item No Rebate Amount
2) DEN 4566 DEN4566 $110.00
3) SPG 4566 SPG4566 $110.00
4) ONT 4566 ONT4566 $80.00
5) TUC 4566 TUC4566 $40.00

Now it is a simple VLOOKUP() function.In Sheet 1, Cell E2, enter the formula:=VLOOKUP(D2,Sheet2!$C$2:$D$5,2,FALSE)Drag down.You can also Hide the two helper columns.See how that works.MIKE

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I've just updated my BIOS, but now I hear a "buzz", when Firefox is loading a page or when I surf through websites. How can I fix that? I don't believe I needed the update anyway, though my ThinkVantage menu told me so. Cheers, B.

Answer:Updated BIOS, now weird harddisk noise, when I surf the net

Laptop model, hard drive model, and CPU? If this is the same thing I'm thinking of then it either appears when scrolling or disappears when scrolling.

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Hi, the ATI site lists the latest drivers for my video card - ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 (T60) as version 8.9. Unfortunatelly, ThinkPad is NOT suported by them directly, meaning that Lenovo must repackage the driver themselves. The latest driver in system update for lenovo is 8.442.3-080103a1-057754C-Lenovo  -- clearly an older driver. When will the new drivers become available? When I was using driverers that were supplied with the laptop originaly, 2 external monitors (through docking station) worked fine, but when I updated to 8.442, a number of visual problems occured: various incorrect image scaling, inability to play videos with VLC (works fine on the laptop screen, but not on the external monitors in the same video mode), and, most significantly - ocasional crashes - the laptop simply freezes with black screen, no messages.

Answer:T60 ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 updated drivers

Roll back your driver, you can still download the old driver from Lenovo's support site. Or use the latest Omega Catalyst driver instead, it has less problem been recognised by the laptop as compared to the normal Catalyst driver. Message Edited by wjli2 on 09-24-2008 04:15 AM

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Can anyone give me the link to the latest drivers for the ATI Radeon 9250?


Answer:Need link to updated drivers for ATI Radeon 9250

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The current AMD Catalyst drivers for the ATI/AMD GPUs (Radeon HD 6650M in the G770) offered by Lenovo are from 2011, and they are not suitable for playing new games on this so called "gaming laptop". Update them now, and continue to do so from here on out as new games and bug fixes for the AMD/ATI hardware and software come out all the time. That's right, I'm saying LENOVO needs to release an updated catalyst version 12.6 since AMD/ATI refuses to create driver software for a customized LENOVO product. I'm only asking for the service I payed for, 3 years worth...


Go to Solution.

Answer:Lenovo G770 Updated Radeon Drivers now please.

How I wish I had bought a Dell! I see the G780 has an Nvidia chip.

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So my computer came with another ATI 3450 graphics card so i decided to update it. But when I went to their direct website to install(Yes I did select Vista 64bit) it installs the .exe but never downloads the driver properly. I am running version 8.6 and the newest version is 9.3. I tried running vista's version of the driver update and it says is it up to date(when it's really is not).

So what I am wondering is do i have to save the file when i download it to a certain folder?

I have linked screen shots below of where it is saved in my C drive and what happens when i try to download it.
any tips will help


Answer:Installing updated drivers for ATI Radeon 4850

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Hi, I need help with a Graphics issue. My laptop renders my external Monitors slightly out of focus or fuzzy. I thought it was the Monitor but when I hook up my much older PC (running XP) the Screen quality is fine! I got a different monitor hooked up to it now. The screen is still fuzzy. I noticed a few other weird issues. -When I hook up the Flat Screen exterior Monitor to my laptop both Monitors stay on. When I hook up my Laptop to my old heavy Tube monitor the Laptop monitor automatically turns off. -When I go into Personalize/Display Setting it has 2 monitors showing. The Exterior is #1 & the Lap is #2. The max setting for Monitor #1 is 1924 X 768. #2 has a ton of choices. maxing out at: 1920 X 1080.My Computer friend said I probably do not have the right &/or updated ATI Radeon Xpress 200M Series Graphics drivers. I went to ATI website & they didn?t have drivers listed for that series. It?s probably too old (2006). I was able to download ATI Catalysis:8-11_vista#32_dd_70229.exevista#32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu 70229.exeI installed both & rebooted & nothing changed. I?m not sure if I did something wrong during the install. I even went into the Display setting/Advanced/ Monitor/Properties/Drivers & had the system directed to : 8-11_vista#32_dd_70229.exeI thought there would be some prompts to help me optimize the display. Nothing happened. So I guess what I?m asking is:-What Graphic drivers do I need to be up-to-date?-Where can I find them? (since I ha... Read more

Answer:Need Help finding updated ATI Graphics Driver Radeon 200M series

With the old CRT's , check your refresh rates

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i recently did a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate on an older dell inspiron e1505/6400. the hhd has been replaced with a new wd 750gb. and new mem installed to 4 gb. but i have to use the old vista ccc which is really not compatable with my newer os. any advice on a newer ccc that will work with the old graphics card? bios has been updated to lasted version. i am running dx 11.

i do not game but do alot of video editing.

i am new to posting on forums, so please forgive any mistakes. thank you in advance for any advice.

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I have a ATI 9800SE 256bit and I need to update my drivers to a driver that will unlock the other 4 piplines on my card. Which driver is the best for XP and playing Half-Life 2 on?


Answer:ATI Radeon 9800SE - Updated Driver Needed 2 Unlock Extra Pipelines

Use the latest "Omega" drivers- they inlcude an option to unlock the extra pipes upon installation. GREAT CARD! GREAT VALUE! :knock:

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I have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro since the beginning of 2005. It's been working flawlessly until recently. Whenever I power up the computer, there's this loud whirring noise for about 10 seconds. Then it gets softer and goes away. This only happens occasionally, but it's been happening more frequently (about every other power up).

The noise never happens after the power up, and it does not happen when I reboot the computer. I opened up the chassis multiple times, and for some reason whenever the case is open, the noise never happens. All the fans are working when I checked them with the chassis open.

I disconnected the chassis fan one by one, and the noise still occur. So I suspect it's either the PSU fan or the GPU fan on my 9800 Pro. The CPU fan turns at its own sound that I readily recognize, so I don't think that's the problem. In addition, I've been monitoring the temperature of my CPU and motherboard, and they're all fine (CPU idling around 46 Celsius, and the mobo is around 30). Even after thirty rounds of CS:S, the CPU temp is only about 51 Celsius.

So, I am just wondering whether I need to worry about the noise and whether anyone else is having the same problem. I searched the forum already, and I didn't find anything obvious that's related to my problem.

Please provide some feedback. Thanks.

Answer:Radeon 9800 Pro stock fan noise

Get an Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer for under $20. Its extremely quiet and cools the card alot better than the stock fan. The stock fans never last long, especially the ones on Saphire cards.

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My ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro video card in my Dell XPS 420 is making a lot of noise due to a noisy cooling fan.  I removed the video card and cleaned the fan and heat sink and then applied a couple of drops of light weight oil to the fan bearing/bushing and then reinstalled the video card.  The fan sounded much better for awhile, but the noise keeps coming and going from time to time.  I would just like to purchase a replacement fan that will fit in the original location on the heat sink.  The fan on my video card was manufactured by Young Lin Tech Co. in Taiwan model# DFC601012L and is a DC 12V 1.6W 55mm frame-less fan, which is attached with 3 screws to the heat sink (2-wire power connection).  Does any one know of a source for this fan or perhaps another fan that will work with my video card? 
I've read on other forums that some people think the cooling fans on these cards my not be necessary if the computer has adequate air flow through the computer.  Anyone here have an opinion of this?  Thanks.

Answer:ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro fan noise problem

I have same problem. My fan is SMY DFS601012L an also DC 12v / 16.w. I'm looking for changing because it still sounding two days from the repairing with litium oil.
In internet I found a similar fan with name DFC601012L.
I don't know the diference between them. I supposed there are similar.

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I have a ASUS ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card.
It works perfectly, and has done so ever since I got it.

However, yesterday it started making a weird noise. It is kinda hard to describe.
It sounds like the fan isn't revolving as it should.

I tried to dust off my computer, take out the graphic card and dust it off thoroughly.
I use one of those spray cans called "Dust off".
A lot of dust came out. I put the card back in, and I still get that weird noise.

I tried to google my problem, and found a "solution" that kind of fits my issue.
It's a youtube clip of someone which has a graphics card that sounds about the same as mine:
YouTube - Ati Radeon hd 5870 Noisy fan (Not related to fan speed ventilation)

As you can see in the clip; the guy puts his computer on the side.
EDIT: I just tried to do like the guy in the clip does, and it worked. However, my casing is not built to "lie down", so that's not really a solution.

The sound is driving me insane.
The card works, though. I've stress tested it and everything.
I even cranked the fan speed up to 80%. -It kinda removes the weird noise that is my issue, but when I turn it back down to 25-30% I still get the weird noise..

I'm hoping someone knows how to solve this problem.
My plan B is to replace the GPU cooler, but I would rather not do that. I've never done it before and don't feel confident enough in doing it. It's also quite expensive, I believe, and I wouldn't know what cooler to get.

An... Read more

Answer:Radeon 5870 Weird fan noise

What it sounds and looks like to me is the casing/shroud enclosure of the GPU is loose and fan is rubbing on it. Pull out the card and check to make sure it's seated properly and tight. It also could be that the fan itself has come loose from all the vibration it's giving off. Pull card out and take off casing/shroud enclosure and check/tighten down fan. First clue for me was the slight touch/push on the GPU which intern correctly aliened the fan.

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hello. i was gonna ask some stuff about my video card

Answer:weird noise from my AMD Radeon HD 5670 1G DDR5


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There is a problem with my syntax in the following SQL statement:

SQLSP = SQLSP & " Sum(IIf([StdtProdAS]![W1AHT]="",0,[StdtProdAS]![W1AHT])+IIf([StdtProdAS]![W2AHT]="",0,[StdtProdAS]![W2AHT])+IIf([StdtProdAS]![W3AHT]="",0,[StdtProdAS]![W3AHT])+IIf([StdtProdAS]![W4AHT]="",0,[StdtProdAS]![W4AHT])) AS AHTSum, "

I am trying to test for a null value before performing the addition and if it contains null, use "0" as the number in the addition.

Answer:Problems with SQL Statement (Nulls)

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I am trying to calculate an age of a person, see if the person is 55 yrs. or older and if the person is state true if not state false. I'm trying to use the if statement, but if anybody can suggest using a different statement. I'd really appreciate the help.

Answer:how to use an Today() statement in an IF() statement in Exce

The DATEDIF function is an undocumented function in Excel. The only version where it was included in the Help files was Excel 2000. It is not even included in the later version's function lists, but it still works in all versions.You can find a great write-up on it here: should get you what you are looking for:=IF(DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"y")>=55,TRUE,FALSE)Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Hi, I'm new to writing in VB and I have run into what seems like a dead end. I have some code that checks to see if a users password is correct; if it is correct, I want the code after that to check a query to see what form to open based on the users permissions (1=Power User, 2=General User, 3=Casual User) which are directly tied to the username the person types in because of my "User ID" Table. I hope that makes sense, if it doesn't, ask a question and I can be more descriptive. Here is an example of the code I am trying to use. As you can see, I want my code to check if their permissions group is 1,2, or 3, then open the corrisponding form. Thanks!!!!!If Me.Text26.Value = DLookup("Password", "ADMIN User ID", _ "[ID]=" & Me.Combo24.Value) Then lngMyEmpID = Me.Combo24.Value 'checks the permissions of the user logging in and brings back 'the proper form with the permissions they are allowed If [Find Permissions of Logged In User]![PermissionsGroup] = "1" Then DoCmd.OpenForm "Welcome Menu Screen" End If If [Find Permissions of Logged In User]![PermissionsGroup] = "2" Then DoCmd.OpenForm "Welcome Menu Screen General User" End If If [Find Permissions of Logged In User]![PermissionsGroup] = "3" Then DoCmd.OpenForm "Welcome Menu Screen casual user" End If 'Close logon form and open splash screen DoCmd.Close acForm, "Logon Screen", acSaveNo 'command below will just hide the l... Read more

Answer:If Statement in an If statement Access 2007

Just an FYI...We don't see a lot of Access VBA activity in this Forum. If you don't get an answer fairly soon, consider altering your Subject Line and text slightly and reposting in the Database forum. (An exact duplicate will probably get rejected)DerbyDad03Office Forum Moderator

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I updated a free version of avg on our desktop pc today and let it restart. We realized hours later that the keyboard and mouse won't work now. I've searched to find out about this issue and it seems people have said to restart in safe mode and uninstall. Any suggestions on what to do if we are unable to even tell the computer to start in safe mode?
I don't know what information is needed to answer this question. Please let me know.

Answer:Updated AVG then had issues

How are the keyboard and mouse connected? USB, PS/2, Wireless?

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My apologies for my earlier post, I've never utilized any sort of tech support forum before, and all these steps tend to confuse me at times.

I've attached the file containing the .txt from the DDS scan.
I however did not attempt to use GMER, as it said only for 32-bit systems. and mine says "AMD Athalon(tm) 64 Dual Core...".
My best guess is that's 64-bit. Again, I am somewhat computer illiterate in these subjects, so if you want me to run GMER still, I'd be glad to.
All the information that I can recall, I still have in my old post on the forums. Including what I've experienced, around the time it happened, and what I did during the events.
I should note however, that sometimes the taskbar and browser window glitch back to a Windows 98 style bar for a second, before switching back.
I've no idea if that means any more to you guys for what my issue may be, I just figure I'd say it's happened only after these circumstances.

If there is anything else you require me to do, scans, disabling, whatever. I'd be happy to oblige.

Answer:Updated: Various issues.

Hello, Welcome to TSF.
I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.

You may wish to Subscribe to this thread (Thread Tools > Subscribe to this thread) so that you are notified when you receive a reply.

Please read these instructions carefully and then print out or copy this page to Notepad in order to assist you when carrying out the fix.

Note that the fix may take several posts. Please continue to respond to my instructions until I confirm that your logs are clean. Remember that although your symptoms may vanish, this does NOT mean that your system is clean.

If there is anything you don't understand, please ask BEFORE proceeding with the fixes.

Please ensure that you follow the instructions in the order I have them listed.

Please do not install or uninstall any programs, or run any other scanners or software, unless I specifically ask you to do so. Also please copy and paste logs into the thread, rather than add them as attachments.

IObit Security 360 is a rogue security program known to cause system problems and that had stolen material from other computer security companies to use in their own program.
IOBit Steals Malwarebytes? Intellectual Property
IOBit?s Denial of Theft Unconvincing
The program has also been seen to cause numerous system problems that tend to go away after uninstalling their software.

Go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and remove the following programs:
IObit Security 360
Advanced SystemCar... Read more

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I just happened to run across this <a href="">page</a> as I was having trouble signing into messenger. Turned out they were just down for a short while for maintainance. But this article is interesting and may contain some things you all aren't aware of. I received a pop-up yesterday to install an updated version of MSN Messenger....seems to be working ok since then. Take care. angel

Answer:MSN Messenger Known Issues-Updated 6-02

Thanks Angel wondered why I was having problems this am.

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Hi Experts.

My environment
DELL Latitude D505
Windows XP service pack 3.

As my logitech cam's picture quality was awful and after exhausting ideas, I have updated all the Drivers from DELL as it's been a long time I have done that. I made a mistake for not restoring the system.Now I have the following issues
1. I find that sound card is working as the sound test is working but I cannot get any sound from any other source like youtube or any web or cannot locate SigmaTel in the logitech cam. I cannot do skype as well. Please can you help me.

-- Tried to uninstall and install the SigmaTel drivers but no help.

2. when I open the control panel "IPC error: no server. (SM_RC_ENOSERVER)(11)" this error is bothering me and system seems to have slowed down.
I regret that I have not restored the system. Please help me get over these two issues.

Answer:Drivers updated with the following issues.

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My family member recently uninstalled old java and reinstalled updated java (SE 7 update 21) two days ago being prompted to do so. Pogo online games are played daily. Now anytime a game room is accessed this error message comes up when the room finishes loading. JAVA HAS DISCOVERED APPLICATION COMPONENTS THAT COULD INDICATE A SECURITY CONCERN. CONTACT THE APPLICATION VENDOR TO ENSURE THAT IT HAS NOT BEEN TAMPERED WITH.
I uninstalled java and reinstalled the same one just to be sure he was correct and got the same message. I have never seen this before and would really appreciate any advice/help offered. In the meantime I'm checking the forums looking for anything close to this. Thank you very much for your time.

Answer:Updated Java Now Having Issues

This is because default security level has been raised from medium to high

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Hi there.

I recently updated by AMD Drivers a few days ago, but this has left to graphic issues in games that were otherwise running perfectly normal.

This image shows a screenshot of Portal 2.

The models seem to have major issues, im not sure why this is the case.

AI am running a laptop with the following Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500/5100 Series

Answer:Updated AMD drivers, led to Graphical issues

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I'm getting this message on a blue RECOVERY window:Error code: 0xc0000034

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Yesterday morning, my computer was running fine. Nothing abnormal same rate if loading for various things like webpages or YouTube videos. The latter being comfortably viewed in 720p60fps.
About midday yesterday I saw that I could update my graphic driver which I did. After doing so, I noticed many things were suddenly not working. Firstly, the YouTube webpages load just fine but the videos stop to buffer every few seconds even at 144p. Then I noticed that most other websites would not load in any regard.
I tried troubleshooting myself but to no avail, which is why I am posting here. Any guidance as to how I should proceed would be appreciated
For reference, my graphics driver was Intel® 82945G Express Chipset Family version 7.14.0010.1132 and now it is version
Thank you.

Answer:Updated graphic driver causes many issues

About midday yesterday I saw that I could update my graphic driver which I did
explain this process in detail,
what told you, you could update?
worst case scenario, do a system restore to previous of your driver update

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Question: ATI Rage Fury Pro

Just a quick question. I have tried for some time to upgrade the driver for this card. I am using version 4.13.0001.7192 now.
I have visited the ATI site and this is the newest driver they have available. Is there anywhere else I can look for a newer driver or is this the newest I am going to get?


Answer:ATI Rage Fury Pro

First, if it's working ok, leave it be. Second, if it came with your computer, you might check with the manufacturer.

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Question: Webcam lag fury!

My girlfriend and I live a couple of hours apart for the time being. We use logitech webcams for video dates in the meantime. She got hers from walmart and I think it's one of the more entry level models. I thought I was being smart and I bought the C910 which is HD capable, but its total overkill. Anyway, for the most part our video chats are smooth. On occasion the audio from her end is garbled and I miss words. Sometimes the image freezes as well. She says that my picture freezes up quite frequently. We use Logitech Vid HD for now, but I'm not overly impressed. I have no reason to believe that I'm sending or receiving in HD at this point. Let me describe some background stuff so I can get specific advice, if possible.

1) I have a desktop pc with wired gigabit internet.
2) She uses a laptop with wireless internet in a top-floor apartment in a building mostly made of metal. Even when we talk on the phone, she can move around in her apartment and have the call get dropped. I think this is the #1 problem here. The router for her internet is downstairs from her.
3) I'm not sure if I'm totally not to blame, sometimes Vid HD will tell me that MY call quality is low. I had a USB port short out a month ago, I'm not sure if that might be messing me up.

My girlfriend is a peach, but she can't make heads or tails of any technical talk, even when I try to put it in plain terms. I have a very hard time telling her that 'it's your terr... Read more

Answer:Webcam lag fury!

Have you considered just using Skype? It handles 720p video just fine and looks great.

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Question: Norton Fury

I run Windows XP Home. A fortnight ago, I discovered I couldn't update my Anti-Virus online and so I sent to PC World for Norton Internet Security (as I don't live in a large town.) This installed without hitch, as did Save and Restore, which is supposed to be an improvement on Norton Ghost. However, yesterday morning there was a red X on my Norton icon, and an error message saying I should Fix a problem, ie. Auto Protect, which wouldn't work. This proved not possible, and so I uninstalled Norton Internet Security, plus Save and Restore (which was necessary to do the former) and then reinstalled. All works fine now. What I need to know is - is this likely to be a regular occurance, as there was no special reason why it happened in the first place? I spent a whole morning just to get back to how things had been when I switched off the evening before.

Answer:Norton Fury

rosie,the judgement about Norton is still out there and you will find ardent defenders and opponents of norton products, it sometimes appears like a fight good against evil...Speaking from experience,it unlikely that some unexpected occurance like you described takes place again.i have no answer about the "why it happened".If you ever need to unistall a Norton product-Norton has its own unistall programme: click herewhich you need to follow to the letter.

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Question: Laptop Fury!

Hi, my friend has just bought a TOSHIBA 230CX laptop. It doesn't have a CDROM drive installed or a drivebay to install one into. This means she can't install AOL (she has a modem) and she can't install software such as Microsoft Word. As she's already forked out for the laptop she doesn't want to spend much more but is in dire-need of an external CD-ROM drive. Anyone know where we can find one on the UK highstreet that will be compatible with her computer. Its Windows 98. Please reply ASAP, thanks for any replies!

Answer:Laptop Fury!

TRy here

or theres always PC world in the high street look for a USB or other external cdrom/cdrw going to cost you though.


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Question: Fury Error

Whenever i play FURY it wont let me log on and whenever it lets me log on IT LAGS BADLY! how do i stop this! Ill give you details i just dont no what to type in Run Someone please help! It drives me out of my wits!

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So yesterday I updated my Asus Zenbook from Windows 10 (version I don't know) to version 1511 and this has caused two problems for me. Both of them are concerning my touchpad. I used to use two fingers to scroll down and up, and tap with two fingers instead of using the right click. After this update, this doesn't work anymore.

Anyone know how I can get this back? Thanks.

Answer:Two Touchpad issues after I updated to Windows 10 version 1511

Windows Setup replaced all your drivers, no matter if they worked OK or not. Reinstall latest touchpad driver from manufacturer and it should restore full functionality.

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What I get from looking up this topic that its pretty widespread, I just updated to windows 7 and two of my drivers is are not updated and will not work, one is the ethernet controller which is mind boggling to me, I have to be able to go online to update it but because I don't have this working I can get on. Don't know too much about this computer, its my brothers and its pretty much locked up in a big *** red cooling case. But its an ASUS P4S800D-X and if memory serves then the network controller driver is a sis900 10/100? As you can see I have another computer that can go online just fine with the wired connection, so I know the problem lies within the drivers of this one, thanks guys, so glad I found this site

Answer:Newly Updated Windows 7 (ETHERNET CONTROLLER ISSUES)

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We are a school district with over 6000 Chromebooks.  Over 2000 of them are the Lenovo N42 flavor It appears that since our Lenovo N42s have updated to chrome OS 62.0.3207.97 they are no longer working with our portable TV carts that are running on a creston Controller.  We have some units that were still runing on version 60.x.x.x until we update them. The Chromebooks appear to work with other tvs and HDMI projectors but not the creston controllers.   Any ideas on this issue would be apprierciated    

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Hi, I recently upgraded to Windows 10 Professional.  I'm having problems getting the following device drivers updated/recognized within the device manager... not sure what I can do... Multimedia Video ControllerDoes that have to do with my GeForece GFX 1080 card?  I've got all the drivers up-to-date. PCI Serial Port SAS ControllerI have a Vantec 4 Channel 6-Port SATA PCIe RAID host card installed.  Drivers are up to date... Is this the one the computer is talking about? The reason I'm pushing to get these drivers updated is because I'm experiencing the following error/forced reboot when I'm copying files from 1 ESATA drive (NexStar HW) to a USB3 (JMicron HW Raid Drive) drive:  It happens within a couple minues of when I begin copying the files.  I'm hoping the drivers not being update is the reason I'm getting this issue. Any help would be awesome!  Thanks in advance.-A

Answer:Devices missing drivers... Updated, but still causing issues

Hi: The only issue I can definitely help you with is the driver for the pci serial port. You need this driver for that device. This package contains the Intel Management Engine Software version 11.0 for the supported Workstation models and operating systems. This package installs the latest Management Engine Interface (MEI) and Serial-Over-LAN (SOL) drivers, as well as Intel Management and Security Status (IMSS), to support Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) versions 8.x and 9.x. The multimedia video you have a tv tuner card installed? I do not think it is the graphics card. Please post the hardware ID for the multimedia video controller so I can figure out what it is. To find the hardware ID, go to the device manager and click on the multimedia video controller. Then click on the details tab at the top of the multimedia video controller window. Now you will see a Property drop down list, and it will be set to device description. Drop down on that list and select the 3rd item (Hardware ID's). Post the top string of characters that you see in the window. The SAS Controller issue, I would not be able to offer any suggestions for that.

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i have a sonic fury soundcard that does not want to work, i have downlaoded the latest drivers for xp still nothing, i've checked the control panel device manager it's show in there and says this device is working. also i've checked the panel on the sound card and it says everything is installed o.k, but i still get no sound. any ideas anyone.

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Yeah i' trying to use the video in capability of my ATI RAGE FURY PRO card and everytime i access it by vegas or any other video capture software it hangs or resets the computer......

i have and AMD ATHLON 800 Mhz

please help!!!

Answer:Ati Rage Fury Pro Big Trouble

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Ok, I got a friend who has a:

K7 Triton 400 Gigabyte Motherboard
Model: GA-7VAX-A

And a Fury Rage Pro video card

has a problem.. He JUST GOT his new motherboard and now when he tries to run anything in 3D his computer stalls or everything goes black. His video card worked fine with his old motherboard so I just assume it's a compatibility issue. Can anyone help? RSVP.

Answer:GA-7VAX-A and Fury Rage Pro don't mix... -_-

Ideally, you would not want to use such an old card with a new motherboard. Without looking up the specs on this board I assume it only does AGP 1.5V cards not 3.3V cards which the Rage Pro might be?

Another question... was the harddrive formated and all the new drivers installed for all the hardware(downloaded from the internet) or was the harddrive moved from another system with windows 98 already installed? If moved this could be the problem - soemthings moving Windows has odd side effects if it is not format and reinstalled.

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I think you may have answered this before, but I installed Microsoft's Fury 3 ( A Windows 95 era game) on my Windows XP system. It does not recognize my USB joystick. I know that there was no USB in 95, but is there a patch or some way to make the joystick work with this game. The joystick works in the Windows Games and Controller window as far as calibration. Is my only way around this to find an older computer and use that to play the game?

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OK, I know it shouldn't be done and I shouldn't bother, but how can I have users with different levels of security in XP Home?

My options now are

Administrator or Restricted

thats good and all but my client wants to set his son as restricted but then he can't run pre XP computer games.

I have tried running them in windows 95, 98 2000 whatever compatability modes to no result.

have also tried hacking the boot ini to let me boot up in safe mode and changeing the folder permissions for that user but this also does not work.

it is thus very annoying that only the Admin users can play these old games and not 'restricted' users any advice?

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I installed Microsoft's Fury 3 ( A Windows 95 era game) on my Windows XP system. It does not seem to recognize my USB joystick. The joystick works in the Windows Games and Controller window as far as calibration.......

Answer:Fury 3 joystick trouble Please help

Well, I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think it would find it because USB wasn't around when it was released...USB support wasn't included in the original Windows 95. And it wasn't supported at all in Windows NT.

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The XFX R9 Fury will not show a signal. Most of the time it will power on, the pink light will turn on for a split second then go off, the fans go to full speed and no signal shows on the monitor. Every now and then the light will stay on for about half a second and the monitor will show a split second of the first Dell boot up screen before the light and screen go off and the fans go to full speed.
old HD7870 GPU works fine. So far I have tried; updating the BIOS, resetting the CMOS, removing all old display drivers, using a different HDMI, removing all hard drives.  Even upgraded the PSU from a corsair CX500M to a corsair CX850M. Still no luck.
Are there compatibility issues with the Vostro 430?

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Relevance 45.51%

I couldn't get MS Fury to run with my joystick until I tracked down this fix. It runs fine with a Logitech Attack 3 USB joystick on all my XP and Vista machines with the following procedure:

Right click- Fury Icon on desktop
Select- Properties
Select- Compatibility Tab
Check- Run this program in compatibility mode for:
Select in pulldown- Windows 98/Windows ME

I haven't tried it with Windows 95 selected in the pulldown.

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Question: Noise issues


Lately I've been noticing that while listening to any audio files (music, movies, etc.) I will get a "bzzzt" type noise, sometimes it will happen often during just a song and sometimes it won't even happen at all. I have updated all my drivers, as far as I know and the problem is still there. It's a pretty annoying issue.

Does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it? It concerns me considering my laptop is just over a month old.

Here are some of my specs.

I have a HP dv6 notebook.
AMD Turion II P540 Dual-Core Processor 2.40GHz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
Sound: ATI High Definition Audio Device
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Noise issues

It's most likely a loose connection somewhere or electrical interference. Check if any appliances are starting up (microwave, fridge, washing machine). Cars and lawn mowers used to be prime candidates but not so much these days. It may be happening more than you think - perhaps you only notice when listening intently? I can't think of many PC related issues - sometimes moving the mouse can interfere with audio.

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As the topic says, I'm having extreme sound stuttering & distortion issues using the latest driver for this old graphic card (179.48, February 2009). I cannot browse a webpage with Flash content without hearing crackling sound. Same thing happen whenever I'm playing mp3 file and opening applications on Windows.
I can certainly state that the driver is causing this issue, since disabling other components and devices on my laptop won't help. Furthermore, installing some very old driver (98.02) seems to fix the issue, but as you may understand, performance is terrible and I am not even able to watch movies smoothly on youtube.

My question is: is there a way to compare these two drivers and manage to mod the newest as to remove the sound stuterring issues?
If not, is there an updated driver available anywhere? I understand my laptop is 7 years old, yet it is fully functional and working properly; I wish Nvidia didn't stop supporting that video card 3 years after its release.

For the record, I have always tried to install some 300.x drivers series using modded inf, without success (either installing it wouldn't work using the 'Have disk' Method, or it would work but performance was terrible).

I'm using Windows 7 32bits. I am suffering the same issue on the 64 bits edition as well as on Windows 8 (drivers are the same anyways!).
Any help would be strongly appreciated.

Answer:Geforce Go 7700 - sound stuttering issues, is there an updated driver?

I do not see any newer drivers. Have you tried letting windows install default drivers? Uninstall the nvidia drivers, reboot and let windows install.

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Purchased a new Dell XPS desktop from Best Buy May 2016. Stock RAM is unknown 8GB x 2.
Bought some Kingston memory from Amazon to add to this machine, I purchased Hyper X Fury HX421C14FB2/8 DDR4 8GB 2133 Mhz x2 and when it came, installed in my machine two empty RAM slots. Shut off power, restart machine (Windows 10) and machine did not boot, only got flashing amber power light, 2 flashes, then 7 flashes, then repeat...
Removed Hyper X RAM, machine boots normally as before.
Kingston website memory finder tool says I should have bought Kingston KCP421ND8/8 8GB
Not sure what the difference is, if any? Anyone have any insight into why this Hyper X Fury did not work? Any idea if I can use this Hyper X Fury RAM or am I hosed and just get the RAM recommended by the Kingston website app?

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It is just about 2 years old 32 meg video card. I hope someone out there finds it to be familiar.

I just tried to install Links 2003 and the system is telling me that I do not have 3D video.

I have tried to get info on the video card but so far no luck in determining the 3D capabilities.

Does anyone know if it is a 3D card, or how to use the computer to determine whether or not is?

I had suspected a lack of driver because the Device Manager shows the WinXP driver as the installed driver for the device. I tried to download a new driver but it said I had the latest.

Answer:Rage Fury Pro/Expert 2000 Pro

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you:

\Project\ Triple Surround Fury
***The Extreme, Custom-Built, Overclocked, Water-Cooled, Triple-Radiator, Dual-Loop, Dual-PSU, Triple-Monitor Gaming POWERHOUSE!***

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI:

(Click for media)

Battlefield 4 - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI:

(Click for media)

Batman: Arkham Origins - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI:

(Click for media)

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI:

(Click for media)

Age of Empires Online - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI:

(Click for media)
Google Earth - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI:

(Click for media)

Heaven Benchmark 4.0 - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI:

(Click for media)

Valley Benchmark 1.0 - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI:

(Click for media)

?Case: Mountain Mods Ascension
?CPU: Intel i7 920 D0 @ 4.0GHz
?Mobo: ASUS Rampage III Extreme
?RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Ridgeback 3 x 2GB DDR3 1600MHz (6-8-6-24-1T)
?GPUs: (3)PNY GTX 670 2GB 3-Way SLI *New*
?PSUs: (2)Corsair HX1000 1000W
?Sound: ASUS Xonar Essence STX PCIe
?Cans: Sennheiser HD 558 *New*
?SSD: Crucial M4 256GB
?Optical: ASUS DVD R/W Combo Drive
?LCDs: (3)ASUS VW266H 25.5" 1920 x 1200 in Nvidia Surround @ 6030 x 1200
?KB: Max Nighthawk X8 Blue LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
?Mouse: Logitech MX518 1800 DPI
?OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Water Cooling:
?EK Suprem... Read more

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I just got a Rage Fury Maxx 64 off Ebay. Works great no prombles. But I was wanting to know if anyone has ant setup tips for this card & setings will be helpfull THANKS

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Sniper Fury by Gameloft is now live on both desktop n mobile .. Size is around 500-550Mb

Answer:Sniper Fury is now live for free

Really? been checking the store since yesterday and haven't found it as of yet..

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I would like to increase the RAM of my tc 605 with this ram bench kingstone Kingston HyperX Fury DDR-III 4GB Memory, PC 1600, I saw that my acer supports you think that will work?

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Hi, i have 2 issues with my X61.X61 - T75003GB ramWin Vista A while ago i used the benchmark tool in win Vista, i scored 3.4.After suffering with the noisy T7500, i found a guide on the net to lock off the speed stepping and quiet the cpu down.The guide didnt work for me, even though the BIOS of X61 has speedstep enable/disable option, the win software use to lock at 11 multiplier wasnt successful.Now, if i do the same benchmark tool in Vista, i get 3.1.According to CPUZ, my clock is 2200mHz, but i think the speedstepping has been mucked up some how, ive tried turning it on and off in the bios, any ideas? Noise. As stated above, i tried to fix the noise with cpu hacks, didnt work, after googleing x61 noise, i found that it was addressed in a bios revision, so i updated my bios. I still have CPU buzzing noise! i think its different from before, but its still there. i AM sure its the CPU, the noise persists with screen on/off, battery in/out, AC in/out and with different ram. Also, if i do a stress test on the cpu, the noise stops. According to CPUZ, my cpu is constantly jumping betweek multiplier 11 and 12, i think this may be the reason. Has anyone been sucessful with locking the clock of a X61? Thanks for any help!-despite my forum newbie-ness, i know my way around computers

Answer:X61 speed and noise issues

you probably already did this but where are your power settings set at?  are they set for high performance or battery savings?  it should throttle different on battery than on ac power if the settings are set for battery savings. you might want to set it for battery savings and watch your meter and see if there is any change.  and the noise that you hear isn't actually the cpu, its the cheap power resistors that every mfgr is putting in their boards nowadays.  there's feeds on every forum about cpu whine. 

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i hav the ga-g1975x motherboard and currently having issues with the northbridge fan, especially the top left one - it constantly changes rpm and makes an extremely loud noise. i have another 5? fans situated around the inside of the tower ranging from 80-100mm or around.

i decided to unplug the turbojet fans and currently no heat issues, but a seperate fan on the motherboard is running at 2900 rpm when it was 1600 before. is this a concern? btw the seperate fan is an intel and im not sure about the model since my brother custom built it.

anyway just looking for advice if i should leave the turbojet fan unplugged or just replace it. just a noobie about comps so spare me if i didnt giv enough details

Answer:GA-G1975X noise issues

you can replace fans with quality passive heat sinks, thats what I did

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Hi I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
I purchased a custom built PC for my wife last year from a company I had used before, without any issues.
However this latest PC has two issues I cant determine and unfortunately the company has gone into administration!
It is a desktop PC with AMD FX8320 eight core processor, Biostar A960D+ MB, 8GB DDR3 Ram and ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics.
The first issue is that if I run it with more than one stick of ram, it crashes into the blue screen. I did a memtest and found one stick of ram to be faulty, so returned to the manufacturers, who replaced both ram. I installed both ram and the same thing happened again, blue screen. I have taken one stick out, leaving just 4GB and it runs ok.
The next issue is that it buzzes through the speakers most the time paired with a subtle interference type line across the screen at the same time.
I have read forums that keep suggesting new ram, but these have been replaced. I have also read forums saying that there could be an earth loop regarding buzzing, but no suggestion on how this would be tested and fixed.
Any help regarding these issues would be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance

Answer:Ram issues & buzzing noise....Please Help!

About your RAM, since you are using just one module for now; can you please test the module in the other slot? I just want you to make sure if the 2nd slot for RAM is working fine or not.
The noisy element, can be due to the faulty RAM slot and can also be due to faault cable from the graphics card to your monitor.
I believe resolving one thing would overcome the other.
Thank You,

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Why is my notebook making clicking sounds?

Answer:HP Notebook noise issues

Sounds like the hard drive is failing.

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I'm using a T430 with a noisy fan at the moment and have gone through all the usual hoops and jumped all the usual hurdles but still it sounds like there's an aircraft engine in the room. Now, I love the T430 apart from the fan noise.  The keyboard is the best thing ever and it's frankly the only thing that stops me buying another brand. I was wondering if the T430s has fan noise issues too?  I want a Lenovo but I want a quiet fan too.  The T430s seems to have the specs I want, but I don't want to throw more money at a computer that's going to sound like a fully laden 747 taxiing to the runway. Can anyone recommend the T430s or not?   Even if the fan is quiet, are there are any other pitfalls with the T430s? For the record, anyone reading this, I would NOT recommend a T430 until Lenovo admit and sort out the fan noise.  It seems too much of an expensive gamble to take buying a T430 in the hope it will be quiet.

Answer:Any fan noise issues on the T430s?

Andy (sorry, I know it is too late to respond on this conversation) I have not tried a T430 but I have been using a T430s for almost 1-1/2 years and I think the cooling fan design is pretty good.  I can hear the fan on mine, but it does not sound whiny, and the fan noise is not very obnoxious in my opinion. I don't have a link at this point, but some of the mechanical design changes between T430 and T430s were thought to have made an assembly that's superior in some ways, i.e. the assembly is more stable and simple in certain areas of the main section.  Larry

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I have a Gigabyte 970a-ds3p MB and just to get it going I stuck in a phenom ii x4 955 (the 95w tdp) and a 8gb hyperx fury 1600. Cpu-z shows it running 1333 (actually 1339). I have looked every where and similar problems show changes in BIOS, most to enable XMP. Hyperx fury doesn't use profiles and it is automatic set. The BIOS registers it as a 1600 stick but not real time speed. I thought it might be a limitation of the CPU but many people have posted phenom ii 955 with ram at 1600 stable. I haven't tinkered with BIOS, I was familiar with some AM+ BIOS and they were delicate so I didn't want to go stomping around in this one even though I've heard they are forgiving. Any one familiar with this want to give me some suggestions? The BIOS version is FD.

Answer:Hyperx Fury 8gb 1600 running at 1333

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Currently a have a single 8gb hyperx fury installed on my CPU, i am planning to install an additional 8gb hyperx fury on a MSI A68HM-E33 V2. will the additional ram will perfectly fit on my mother board?because the board only have 2 slot of memory compare to a gaming board which have 4 slot of memory,

thanks and more power..

Answer:will it fit a 2 x 8gb 1866 kingston hyperx fury on MSI A68HM-E33 V2?

According to the specs, your board can handle 32 GB, so yes the board will support 16 GB DDR3

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I have finally given in to friends telling me that I should upgrade to XP from 98SE and now find that both my video card and sound cards cannot find a correct driver. The video card is an ATI rage Fury Max dual processor and the sound card is an Aureal2 or Sonic Vortex2 (depending on if you believe the box/manual or IRQ printout that I keep, not sure what the connection is here).
My system is an ageing Athlon K6/2 450 with 320Mb RAM and a 90Gb HD. 98SE worked OK but I now want to benefit from XP having seen it on my laptop.
I know the processor isn't the fastest but it is within the MS minimum specs.
Can anyone help with drivers or should I just reformat and reinstall 98?
(a new pro & m/b are presently beyond my budget)

Answer:XP drivers for Sonic Vortex & Rage Fury

ps thanks for reading and hopefully responding to this

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Just got a U300. Nice machine, but impossible to use in a quiet room:

1) CPU fan goes on and off all the time; it is calibrated to vary with CPU temperature in a really annoying way: nothing up to 51 degrees, then half speed up to 53 or so, then full blast. As a result, on high performance mode, the fan keeps going on and off every few seconds if you are doing normal work. So far, the only solution I have found is to create a power scheme that sets max processor state to 8% and minimum state to 0%, so that the CPU always gets throttled as temperature rises and never really gets hot. That is of course not satisfactory.

2) The harddrive makes constant clicking noises (not search noise). I have had this before with another laptop, and it is due to head parking (drive parks the head immediately if it becomes idle, to save power). With the other laptop, it was possible to change a parameter in the harddrive bios, switching off that particular power saving feature. I have not been able to do this with the U300.

Does anyone have a solution, or does anyone know how to contact toshiba engineers? Problem 1 is easily fixed with a bios upgrade fixing the fan behaviour, problem 2 with a harddrive bios upgrade, so it shouldn't take them much effort I guess.

Many thanks in advance for any help / comments etc!

Answer:Satellite U300 - noise issues

Hello Skymaster

Satellite U300 is known to me because we have this notebook in our office. It is really nice notebook and can be taken everywhere. What to say about both issues described in your posting?

Cooling fan is maybe often ON but, in my opinion, it is acceptable. Maybe I see this a little bit different because we use it in our office and there is not so quiet. Anyway, I use two Toshiba notebooks at the moment. One with WXP and one with Vista. I have managed both of them to work pretty quiet using lowest level for cooling method and using balanced power scheme in Vista and reducing CPU usage. On both notebooks I didn???t notice bad performance and I cannot understand why this option is not good for you. Of course I do not know what you do with your notebook but I use it for Office application and I am satisfied with it.

About HDD I cannot write much because we didn???t notice some serious problem. I do not think BIOS update can change anything.

I do not understand why you want to contact engineers. What they can say is just to thank you for your report. I do not see any sense with it. What you should do is to contact nearest authorized service provider. Talk with them, explain the situation. They have Toshiba???s diagnostic tools and let them check HDD or even mainboard.

Good luck!

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I have the problem explained in this post: Disabling power management in the bios effectively fixes the issue. Prior to finding this solution, I went to a certified repair center who swapped out my SSD, Fans, and Motherboard in an attempt to solve the issue. None of the repairs worked, so I decided to do some of my own research and found the solution in the aformentioned thread. I brought the solution to the repair center, and they informed me that they wouldn't be able to order any more parts for my problem, and they suggested I contact Lenovo support. I just support, and they suggested that I send the laptop into their repair depot to have the motherboard replaced. I have two problems with this. First, my laptop already had the motherboard swapped out, and the issue remained. So unless I got a defective motherboard twice, it isn't that. Second, I am a student and would need a temporary laptop while they repair my laptop (1-2 weeks according to the support guy). The technician I spoke to was very unhelpful in helping me find a source for a temporary computer, and basically said that I should just send it in at a time that I won't need my computer for 1-2 weeks. Ridiculous.  What should I do? I feel like I need a completely new laptop, given that I've already had the major noise-making compnents in it replaced. But I need a spare... Read more

Answer:Need a temporary T510 for noise issues

And two other minor issues i'm having (that i'm assuming will go away if I get this computer repaired/replaced):I can't update the battery firmware using the update utility, and the computer makes a (different) high pitched noise when it is plugged into the mini dock I bought for it, regardless of whether cpu power management is off or on.

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I'm having some issues with noise from my new Edge E420 laptop. So far everything's running smoothly, no slowdown or performance issues, but the noise coming out of the machine is bothersome. It happens when I'm doing a task, such as browsing the internet, but it also happens when the computer is sitting idle. I don't know what precisely is making the noise, but I suspect it's either the CPU or hard drive. The fan does make slight noise that is sort of a constant whir, but this other noise is intermittent (although frequent) and sounds like the typical computer "thinking/processing" noise but not high pitched. I had some earlier troubles with noise that was high pitched, which I rectified by turning off the CPU power management in the BIOS utility. Anyone else experience this noise issue before? If it was only every once in a while I could live with it, but the noise is constant. It's really driving me nuts!

Answer:Noise issues with Edge E420

hey candide,could you use this hardware maintenance manual >> open your unit and clean the interior, especially the fan area and the vent near it. btw, is your E420's bios at version 1.16/1.07? if it isn't, do go to and update.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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Thought it might have been a sound card issue, but I plugged in headphones and the squealing remained. Is this normal? This is not a slight noise, it sounds like a smoke alarm going off.

Answer:Is anyone else having issues with squealing noise during W10 install?

Not during install, but some users did have issues with sound
Edit: Might be down to drivers

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Hello, i have windows 10 installed on my Yoga Pro 3. My problem is that everytime the laptop goes to sleep or hibernates (after wake-up), i have to troubleshoot the wifi to get it running (i think usually resetting the adapter does the trick), it fixes the problem, but hey i didn't buy a small portable laptop (which you usually close quite often) so i can wait 5 minutes to troubleshoot the wifi everytime. The wifi did work "better", it disconnected less on Windows 8.1 and works perfectly fine on ubuntu 14.04+(strange huh). Anyone has an idea on what could be causing this? The second thing is the fan. It is on from when i power up the laptop untill i shut it down and its way too loud. That is just sad for a "portable machine" like the Yoga 3 Pro (i don't feel like holding a roaring tablet in my hand). Considering we won't be getting any fixes anytime soon from lenovo, is there any software (third party) to disable or set some trigger temperature for the fan? Any other solutions? Thanks for the answers,Gregor Kristan

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In an effort to centralize issue reporting and data collection efforts for Lenovo I propose that we post all of our T series fan noise issues in this thread in a standardized format.  Please don't post about other random crap or start dumb arguments in this thread. 1) The fan has a high pitched whine which is most noticeable when the fan runs at 3000+ RPM.2) The fan runs always at 3000+ RPM, even when the system is in an idle state. 3) The fan exhibits a light pulsing sound that recurs every 5 seconds. Please post the following:Laptop Model - Machine TypeBIOS VersionOperating System (please state clean install or stock OS)ThinkVantage Power Manager VersionHDD or SSD installed in system?Which of the above issues do you notice?(please suggest any other data you might think is relevant to this problem) I'll start off: ThinkPad T420s - Type 4170BIOS v1.12Windows 7 x64 Ultimate (clean install)Power Manager v3.59SSDI see all three of the fan issues stated. 

Answer:Report your T series Fan Noise Issues Here!

1) No high pitched whine.2) The fan runs at 2600+ RPM most of the time, even when idle; rarely goes above.  Core temps are stable at around 40-50 C. Fan and temp readings are based on HWiNFO32+.3) The fan exhibits a very noticeable (even from a few yards away) pulsing sound that recurs every 5 seconds. ThinkPad T520 4239-CTO (core i7-2720qm and Optimus)1.21 (current), tried 1.13, 1.22, 1.25, 1.26, etc (none helped with the fan pulsing issue)Windows 7 x64 Ultimate (clean install)Power Manager v3.59PM Driver: Profile: custom but the fan pulsing is present in all profiles and regardless of the BIOS Power and CPU settingsSSDsee above. # 2 annoyance level is low. # 3 annoyance level is severe when in a quiet environment.

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I have tried to take some readings of the fans rpm. by dowloading speed fan . I am concerned of the temp at the top which reads 123 . ihave posted a picture of the readings of the fans . Also has the readings of the cpu 4 core threads
I am trying to make my to be quite as when i first bought it . Please can anyone tell me if 123 C is normal as seems to be a hot temp. This could be the reason for the fans constantly spinning around.
i ve recenlty purchased a new poweer supply which is a corsiar 850 . i am hoping this will solve the issue of the fans. As my old power supply is over five years old
click here

Answer:issues with regarding large fan noise and temp

If the noise is from the power supply fan then yes it will solve the noise problem. The noise could be from the graphics card or CPU fan.
From the link the temperatures seem OK, have you opened the side of your computer and checked all other fans for dust etc.

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I recently purchased a radeon 9550 256mb 8x agp card to replace my
fx 5200 128 mb card. After uninstalling the old and installing the new and adding newest catalyst drivers, I am now getting something very strange.
My monitor after 15 minutes of use or so, will go black and the light on it indicates that it has "no signal" and goes into standby, while the computers harddrive light comes on and i have to switch the main power off and start over!
Am i over heating the card ? is it a issue with aperture size?

I have a ASUS KV8 PRO which claims that it can support 8x AGP
a AMD ATHLON 64 3000+ 1gb ram and 250 GB hd,

any suggestions?

Answer:Issues with Radeon 9550

I think it might be your power supply. Can you try a different one?

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I recently got an MSI Radeon HD R7770 1GB GPU for my otherwise shabby PC. I went about installing the drivers and connecting my dual display, fired up the PC and everything worked like a champ. Until I turned off the PC... Upon turning it back on, my case fans would spin up, then shut off (as if the computer just turned off), spin up again, then shut off again after about half a second, and this process continues until I cut the power manually.

In order to get it working again I have to turn off the computer, remove GPU, turn on computer using Intel onboard graphics, re-install drivers, turn computer back off, re-install GPU, then turn the computer on again.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers prior to shutting down (with GPU still in) and that has no affect, it still won't start up until I complete the list of steps above.

Does anyone have any idea about this? I've tried googling and searching various sites, the best answer I've gotten so far was possible Bios update, but having looked into that I don't think that's something I'm looking to do myself, a semi-working PC is better than one that won't boot at all... (there IS an available Bios update for my Motherboard though)

Answer:MSI Radeon HD R7770 GHz issues

What's your motherboard model?

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Question: Radeon 9200 issues

i recently installed a ne mothrboard after the old one fried, it is the same make and model and everything. But ever since i have had issues with my 9200 3d card every time i play a 3d game it will work for a while then a VPU error message would appear saying that the 3dd card has stopped responding. What is happening? how do i fx it? help

Answer:Radeon 9200 issues

Did you make sure the BIOS was setup the same? Maybe it isn't seated in there 100% correctly. Try taking it out and putting it back in just to be sure.

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I own an AMD system with a Sapphire Radeon 5850 card. Ive been experiencing problems with my monitor(s). I just picked up an ASUS VE247, and Ive had a VH242H for 6 months now. My original monitor (VH242H) was connected to my Radeon through HDMI, simultaneously my Xbox 360 was connected to the monitors DVI port. Using my computer was great, but while on my xbox the picture would cut out every 5-10 minutes... only for a few seconds then come back. NOW... i have both my new and old monitors connected to my PC, the new one (VE247) using HDMI and the old one (VH242H) using DVI, and my Xbox using my OLD monitors HDMI port. Now both monitors are cutting out.

I recently reset the 5850 back to factory defaults and unplugged the DVI thats coming from my Radeon to my old monitor. Everything seems to be ok. Ive read up and Ive seen everything from Drivers (which ive tried) to undercloking my card. Anyone got an ideas?


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Okay, here's the story.

I know a bit about computers, and obviously, not enough. You know, since I ended up here. A friend of mine wanted to play some Unreal Tournament, so he asked me to help him shop for a decent graphics card. I popped open his computer to see if he had an AGP slot, and he did not (w00t for Dell, amiright?).

So I ordered him a ATI Radeon 7000. It came with a drivers disc, and the disc had a junkload of drivers on it, for a lot of different cards, like Nvidia and a few others. I clicked the file for WinXp drivers in the Radeon directory, and did the typical installation, involving clicking next a bunch of times. When prompted to restart, I said okay, and the comp shut down.

By the way, all this time, the monitor was still plugged into the onboard video card.

Well, the ATI Radeon 7000 has two monitor ports, for dual monitoring good stuff. But my friend had just one monitor, and has no desire to get a second.

So I plugged the monitor into the graphics card upon restarting and the monitor did not respond until windows was done loading, and at the User screen.

I went into Device Manager, and disabled the onboard video card, and things seemed to being going well.

Then he tried to play a video. You'd get audio, but the video would simply stay at whatever was on the first frame of the video. I checked the Hardware acceleration, and dragged the slider down to the option that disabled Direct3D and Directdraw, and then videos would play... Read more

Answer:Issues with a Radeon 7000.


I really could use some help here, if anyone has any ideas...

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Hi all ...

Im new here but already finding this site very helpful! Just thought I'd ask a question in regards to my AGP video card.

Its not the best card I know, but still I thought once I built my pc & installed OS everything would be right ... but it wasn't! Its taken me a while to get it to the stage im at now & I was hoping sum1 might give me some insight.

What happened was everything was running fine graphics wise on OS WinXP until I installed Quake 2. I only wanted it so I could play Action Quake online but my pc kept crashing onto that blue screen error msg. Then it started crashing when listening to music, or running more than 1 program ... really stressful stuff! I configured & mucked around heaps with ATi settings, WIN settings & even tried BIOS settings but nothing worked. I had Service Pack 2 installed & all the recent windows updates installed prior to all of this.
Anyway I got the s*#!ts & decided to format. Now everything is fine because I haven't re-installed Quake2 (im scared!) & because I haven't upgraded to SP2 or d/l any windows updates. Do u think this is why the problem occured? or is it more in-depth? I run Zone Alarm & NAV2005 registered so I mean I dont really need the upgrades or Service Packs ... do i??

Tonight I might re-try & install Quake2 ...

Anyway help me if u can (or just read & laugh ... either way!)


Answer:ATI Radeon 9250 XP Pro Issues

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

What was the blue screen error message? We need to know.

Yes you should update your Windows.

Go HERE and read my post. A message for all newcomers.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Ok, 2 questions:

1. I have a Radeon Card I pulled out of an old system... it has no 100/102 number and only says "Radeon LE" on the card. The chip is covered with a back heatsink (which I don't want to try ripping off). It is AGP and has 4 Samsung memory chips on it (ID'ed as 6ns DDR RAM). I've tried googling every number on the card, but nothing. The closest I got was a site listing it as a "generic" Radeon (no number), btu I didn't know they made those... thought they started at like 7000 series or something. Anyway, if anyone has any clues about what this card might exactly be, I would appreciate it.

2. Opinions (unbiased please)... which is better for gaming:

Radeon 9250

Both are AGP 8X and 128MB. GFX is $10 more.


Answer:Video Issues - Radeon

What is your budget? Are you looking at online prices or retail?

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Now this is great, holidays comming up and my PC busts itself into a half dying state

My PC is having some rather odd issues these last days, it was having crashes before, but when I decided to update to the newest 6.4 Catylist drivers, my PC started to shutdown when I was running a 3D application.

To try and fix this problem I stepped back to an older driver after a complete format of my boot drive, and so it seems the random shutdowns are solved, but now the random crashes dominate my time behind the computer.

What happens now is the following: I'm playing a game, and suddenly the VPU recover from ATI kicks in, telling me that the graphics card stopped working, blabla, sets my desktop to a lower resolution and I can continue playing. After a while, VPU kicks in again, this time crashing the system.
Also I had some "random" colours on the display, as if something was really messing up inside my Radeon9600XT.

I'm really wondering how I can check what's wrong, and if something is dead, could it be my Mobo is messing up my 3D card, since I already lost 1 due to frying issues.

On a side note, I think I'm seeing artifacts when typing this post, but I'm not sure what artifacts are, I heard they are little "flickers" acros the screen on horizontal lines, right?

Here's a complete DxDiag file, lemme know if you need something else.
Thanks for the help in advance, and sorry for the long post.


Answer:Ati Radeon 9600XT issues...

Cards toast man! buy a new one.

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I have recently attempted to update to the latest Catalyst driver update (6.6), but to no avail. I can run the patch successfully but then after installation is over, it still says I am using the same version I was using prior to patching. Any suggestions?

Answer:ATI Radeon 9800 pro issues

Lego_Solo said:

I have recently attempted to update to the latest Catalyst driver update (6.6), but to no avail. I can run the patch successfully but then after installation is over, it still says I am using the same version I was using prior to patching. Any suggestions?Click to expand...

You have to clean out the old installation before updating usually

I'll attach an older guide from ATI on how to do that

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