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Solved: Simple Excel problem, I'm just overthinking, i'm sure...

Question: Solved: Simple Excel problem, I'm just overthinking, i'm sure...

Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.
I'm trying to autofill a column with a formula but it doesn't seem to be working right.

I have a column of numbers, cells A1=1, A2=1, A3=1, etc. (so the A column is all 1)
Then column B is various numbers, say... B1=1, B2=2, B3=3
These two columns are 20 rows. In cell B21 I have the total of all of column B
I want to put a formula in column D like =SUM(A1)-B21
Then I want to autofill the rest of column D with the same formula, changing (A1) with (A2) and so on as the column autofills. The problem I'm having is that it is also changing the B21, which I want to remain B21 for the entire column.

I hope this is a clear explanation of what I'm trying to do. Can someone help me figure this out. If you need more clarity, let me know. Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Simple Excel problem, I'm just overthinking, i'm sure...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Simple Excel problem, I'm just overthinking, i'm sure...

Replace B21 with $B$21. You are using relative addressing where you need an absolute address

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I know this may seem a bit... unnecessary but maybe you don't mind helping me out anyway.

Say that ROW2 is the date 8/1/10, ROW3 is the date 8/2/10, etc., etc.

COLUMN A is the date, COLUMN B is salesperson #1, COLUMN D is salesperson #2, etc., etc.

Say that for B2, salesperson #1 sold all the units numbered 100356-100389. I want C2 to calculate the total number he sold, so basically all the numbers in that range, which is 34.

I could do the math for them all myself, but hopefully there's a function that'll do it in excel!


Answer:Solved: Excel Simple Counting Problem

I think you should try the countif function.
If you search in help or else just google for Excel COUNTIF and you'll get tips and hints

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I'm sure this is a simple task for you boffins out there.

In Col A, I have a list consisting of a series of number ie
Unfortunately, these lists of numbers are taken from several different sources and some contain spaces ie
24,56,23,98,34, 77,01
65,98, 12,17,36, 99,31
I just need a macro, which I can then assign to a toolbar button, which eliminates these spaces.
All the list is contained to Col A and the number of rows varies from, say, 18 rows up to possibly 25.000 rows.

I'd greatly appreciate any help with this please.

Answer:Solved: Excel - Need simple macro

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wife got a job as a courier, want to track miles travelled, deliveries made, etc et al ad nauseum. Only quirk in the sheet is that I want to track her mileage as well, and then only on the days that she fills up. I want this to be as simple as possible, so that all she has to do is plug in the ending mileage travelled (beginning mileage will default to the ending of the previous day), and the mpg is something I just want to track for the heck of it. We need to track the gas for tax purposes regardless, so I am going to have access to the gallons via receipts, but the kicker is that, again, I only want the cell to activate when something is entered into the gallons column.

Give me a few to work out a template and I'll attach it, but I hope that's clear enough.



Answer:Solved: should be simple excel stuff

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many thanks in advance for taking the time to have a look and any help any can offer. Basically I am trying in an excel spreadsheet to get from...

Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre


Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre
Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre
Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre
Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre
Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre
Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre
Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre
Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre
Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre

I suspect this is probably not a massively difficult thing to do, but sadly it does fall just beyond the scope of my immediate excel knowledge (and what I can usually puzzle out myself from a quick bit of rooting around on the internet).

Basically I'm trying to manipulate my ecommerce data for import into something else which requires me to have an extra category variable per product. I have obviously copied the current column in my spreadsheet to retain the current information, this is an extra requirement.

It is always laid out in the Section, then the variable name I want to rep... Read more

Answer:Solved: Probably a very simple excel question...

If the values are in column A, you could use:


in B2, then copy it down. And then copy > paste special (values) the results. Five minutes by hand, prolly.

(B1 = "Section" to start off)

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I am looking for the best way to have emails sent out periodically based on information within a simple spreadsheet.

I work for an airline, and receive a daily audit that tells me when certain passengers flying from cities X, Y, and Z meet certain criteria. For instance a simple example would be:

Passenger Smith From Boston No Luggage
Passenger Jones From Tampa Luggage
Passenger White From Tampa No Luggage
Passenger Walker From Denver Luggage
Passenger Evans From Tampa No Luggage

Each day the names, cities will change. For this example, I would like to send a standard email to each of my city managers ONLY if their city appears on the list that day AND column C = "no Luggage".

I don't want each manager to get the whole list, but only the rows that originate from their city and only those that meet the criteria for that day. Also, how do I tell excel/outlook that if the City = Boston use email address [email protected] and if City = Tampa use email address [email protected]

I'm pretty good with the basics of excel, but not with macros (which I think may be needed?)... any advice or direction would be appreciated in solving this (hopefully) fairly simple issue!

Answer:Solved: Simple Email From Excel?

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emphasis on should. made a chart, got some random data over some random dates, for some reason excel adds the dates in between the random dates, on what it thinks is the logical pattern. Stupid program. Stupider user can't figure out why it is doing this.

For instance:
Column A has dates
7.24.05, 7.28.05, 8.22.05, 8.27.05, 8.31.05, 9.1.05, ,9.2.05, 9.7.05, and

But excel insists on filling in every other day from 7.30 to 8.22. I've seen this before, only in office xp, but was never annoyed enough to figure it out. Now I've found I can't, and as such, am here.



Answer:Solved: should be a simple excel question

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Got a table with the binary representations across the top (see attached). What I want to do is if I enter a 1 in a cell under a certain number's column, then have that number populate that cell. If a zero is entered, I don't want anything populated. I would imagine it's a simple if/then formula, but we'll see.



Answer:Solved: simple excel question

got it.

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I have an average on the product's i sell, ill loose 20% percent of the items. for an example: if i order 100 dolls 20 of it will not sell...

As much as i tried and as many people i asked i couldn't find a way to make an excel sheet to tell me the simple calculation of B2 should be 20% less than A2

I thought ill be able to find someone out there to help me.

With great appreciation.


Answer:Solved: Simple Minus % - Can excel do it?

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I trying to make an Excel spreadsheet - a bit like a multiplication table.

Column A has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. in A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, etc. Cell C1 has the formula that whatever is in A1 is multiplied by whatever is in B1. C2 has the formula that whatever is in A2 is

multiplied by whatever is in B2, etc.

My problem is that rather than having to labouriously enter the same number in B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, etc., I would like to be able to enter a figure in for example what I call a "Master Cell",

say Cell D1 & this figure would then automatically be entered into B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, etc.

Your help in this matter would be appreciated - thank you.

Best wishes,


Answer:Simple Excel Problem.

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This must be me having a bad day!

Both L2 and L35 are Number fields with 2 decimals places.

Cell L3 has:

Obviously it should return the difference or a blank cell.

Wrong its returning 0.00

Any light on this appreciated.

Answer:Excel Simple Problem

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G'day Magicians

I am an incompetent Excel macro creator and would appreciate some help.

I have a spreadsheet column with text in it
I want to move every second row two cells right and one row up
I want to delete every third row

Should be easy but I've just wasted two hours trying to do it can someone please help me tonight?

Forever grateful


Answer:Solved: Simple Excel Macro Required

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I have a spreadsheet with 2 columns: First Name, Last Name. All I need to do is have First Name Last Name together in one column.

I tried selecting both columns and then use the Merge and Centre option, but this gives message that merging into one cell will keep left most data only (First Name only).

I can't figure out this 'simple' task. Can anyone help me out?

Answer:Solved: Simple Excel Merging Question

try using concatenate ( & ) in a new column

= A1 & B1

You can add a space between by doing this

= A1 & " " & B1

Then select the column
do a COPY of the whole column
Paste Special
Past back the text
Now you just have the names in the column and can delete the other two rows

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OK, I know this must be one of the simplest formulas to ask, but what formula do I use in cell J49, to find 8% of the total of H49. My mind has gone blank.

Doh! its =SUM(H49/10)

Answer:Solved: Simple Excel formula needed

not sure that works


to find 8% of a value then its

value * (8/100)

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OK, I'm annoyed with myself, cuz I've done this a few years ago for my old company, and want to recreate it for my new one, but can't get my head around it anymore. Should be quite simple for anyone with a bit of working experience with Excel.

In it's most simple form, the table lists stock movements of sample products.
The two main columns in question are:
Serial number: simple number
Movement date: date format
(New location: Text (client's name) only important in the context of information needed, but not vital to the formula)

I want to add a column which will indicate which of the movments of EACH sample was the last one. Then I can filter out those movements which are not the last one, and know where all my individual sample products are.

Logically, I understand that it has to look up all rows with the same serial number, within that group find the record with the greatest value in movement date, and output a certain value indicating it's 'true', but I can't find a formula or combination that'll do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Solved: Simple Excel formula doing my head in...

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Hi all,

I believe this next function I'd like to have would be very simple, but I just don't know how/where to start.

I got an calendar overview in excel for the year 2010.
Now I'd like users to fill in something at a specific date with a form.
So they should select the month and daynumber and the text they fill in should be added in the cell next to this. See an example below. On the right-side of each number, there is an extra empty cell. So I.E. Here was filled in after they selected Januari 2nd Text: I.E. Here.

Can someone give me an example code?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Solved: Excel calendar simple function

Don't need an answer anymore. I made it a lot easier for me, people just have to typ in the stuff on the correct place.

So this thread is now marked as 'solved'.

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Is there a way to get excel to convert a time to a decimal? I want 6:45 to return 6.75 or 6:30 to return 6.5
If it helps, here's my situation:

I'm a waiter trying to learn excel. Thought it would be nice to use it to track my working habits and wages. I'm trying to enter tips received(C), time in(E), time out(F), and then I want to use functions to give me how many hours I worked, and what my total pay was, and my hourly.

So in (I) I've put the function =E-F to get the total hours I worked, but I can't figure out how to convert the hours to a decimal so I can use them in math functions.
Here's an example,
In at 4:30 out at 11:15. e-f returns 6:15. I want to take that and multiply it by minimum wage. but to do that I need 6:15 to be 6.25.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Solved: Simple excel function question

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I have applied conditional formatting to a column of cells to highlight the cell red when the date contained in it is > 180 days. The formula applied to all of the cells is =TODAY()-180. Works perfect, however, there are cells with no values (dates) entered yet and they are also highlighted.

Ideally I'd like the cells with no date in them to remain white until a date is entered and then apply the conditions after a date is entered.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Solved: Excel Conditional Formatting question- simple

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Hello All,

Thank for taking the time.

I have a simple question.

I am organizing a football pool and I need help with a certain formula.

Players are awarded points for their statistics throughout the football season.

I have a simple formula for that. But......

Players are also awarded bonus points for how many yards they amass in a game.


QuarterBack Passing Yards per game

300-349 Yards Passing = 5 Points
350-399 Yards Passing = 10 Bonus Points
400-449 Yards Passing = 15 Bonus Points
450-499 Yards Passing = 20 Bonus Points
500 + Yards Passing = 30 Bonus Points

I have set up a spreadsheet that tracks all the players stats on a game by game status.

Is there a formula which allows me to set a value for the number of bonus points allowed depending on the value of a cell or cells?

Answer:Solved: Need Excel help with a simple formula for Football Pool

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I'm trying to write an Excel macro that goes down a column. When it sees an empty cell, it should fill that cell in with the value of the cell that is just above it.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Simple Excel Macro to Fill empty cells

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Ok, look at screen shot below. These are all individual transactions of a sales file. I want to find out how many of each stock number was sold. Is there any way to group these so that it adds the total sales of each stock number? If not, it there a simple equation to do so? I am a total newbie when it comes to excel.

So I want something to look at that tells me I sold 7 of stock # 111 at a quick glance. And so on for each stock number. Any help is appreciated.

Sorry, but please don't question format or why I'm using excel. It is irrelevant. This is imported from our sales file and used just for a quick reference. I just want to be able to tell total sales with grouping or a equation. Its not that in depth.

Answer:Solved: Excel 2002 Simple adding of column with Criteria

How quick is the glance? Select the data, then use Data > Subtotals, with:

At each change in stock number -- use function Sum -- add subtotal to qty. Then you can use the (show level) 2 button below the Name Box.

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I'm finally getting near to the end of my mission to get my trading website online but I have one nutty task left to crack with my data, and I could do with a bit of help please.

I have about 6000 products (graphic novels - I run a comic shop) and I have painstakingly put together my related product info in a spreadsheet laid out as in the 'current layout' below. For most of the products there are 4 related products (0,1,2,3) but for some there are only 2 (0,1) or 3 (0,1,2). The 0,1,2,3 simply pertains to the order from left to right the related products are shown on the site.

What I need to do is get them into the 'required layout' shown below so I can just cut and paste them into a specific Access table that already exists in the online trading software.

However, I'm struggling with this as my Excel skills don't really go in macros and loops and whatnot. (I'm pretty chuffed with myself when I use something like concatenate!)

I get the impression this should be reasonably straightforward though, which is very frustrating. Can anyone recommend an available macro or bit of code that does this sort of thing? Or am I just missing some very obvious functionality in excel?

many thanks in advance,
CURRENT LAYOUT (this is meant to be 5 columns - Product Reference, 0, 1, 2, 3 but it doesn't want to tab nicely)

Product Reference 0 1 2 3
9780867196818 9781593073558 9781593075330 9781593077778 9781560979494
978156... Read more

Answer:Solved: Is there an available macro to do the simple rejig of my excel data I require

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It's difficult to describe my situation in words, so I'll just show you what I'm trying to do.

I have a table that looks like this:

A, B, C
Name, Hours, OT hours
Jane, 166, 0
Jack, 163, 17
Mike, 168, 0
Dot, 167, 24
Erin, 164, 8
Carmen 158,0

and I want to create a list that will have 2 rows if there are OT hours, and 1 if there are not.

A, B
Jane, 166
Jack, 163
Dot, 167
Dot, 24
Erin, 164
Carmen, 158

I can't use macros or VBA. It has to be formula driven. I can use a helper column or two. The starting table will change depending on who charged hours where. I've been trying to use IF and OFFSET and ROWS to do it, and it works until there's 2 consecutive rows that have OT hours.

Just to clarify, I just need to know how to get column A listed properly elsewhere in the spreadsheet - I can derive Column B using vlookup.

Thanks so much!

Answer:Solved: MS Excel: create list based on data in a simple table

2 Formulas - 1 for finding the name, the other for finding the appropriate value.
Note - must start on row 3 or greater.

Names (mine start in cell G3): =IF(G2<>"",IF(G1=G2,INDEX($A$2:$C$7,MATCH(G2,$A$2:$A$7,FALSE)+1,1),IF(VLOOKUP(G2,$A$2:$C$7,3,FALSE)>0,G2,INDEX($A$2:$C$7,MATCH(G2,$A$2:$A$7,FALSE)+1,1))),$A$2)

Hours (mine start in cell H3): =IF(G3=G2,VLOOKUP(G3,$A$2:$C$7,3,FALSE),VLOOKUP(G3,$A$2:$C$7,2,FALSE))

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Hi this is probably something simple< each time i try and click on a page i get another page each time< also some of my keyboard is mixed up when i try to loggin in to my profiles i get wrong username i have tried changing the caps

please help

Answer:Solved: please help simple problem

1. Turn keyboard upside down and give it a good slap. You'll be surprised at the detrius that falls out. Could be crumbs under keys for example.
2. Go to Control Panel and check that your Language Settings are correctly set to US / UK English or whatever.

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Hey, and thank you in advance for all your help, i would like to restore my icons in windows 7 32bit back to normal.
I was testing AlienGuise under windows 7 and it didnt work so well so i restored to normal then uninstalled.
that left me with 1 problem which id like to solve, 2 icons missing instead of an HD icon a red X -.- and hd ontop of it.
I just want to know how restore it if its possible ?
I uploaded a picture to show the problem.
P.s im sure its not Virtumod.c i already as a precaution checked.

Answer:[SOLVED] A simple problem.

Hi Serenatous, have you tried deleting your iconcache.db then restarting?

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I sat on my mouse, and some how split my windows into two halfs, One windows is the top half the other windows is the bottom half of my screen. I can maximize them to make them a full screen, but when I click a link it opens up a half screen. How do I make things open up to full screen again?

Answer:Solved: IE7 simple problem?

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I have just been upgraded to Excel 2007. I find that some of the macros that were recorded in Excel 2003 no longer work in Excel 2007. We use the Analysis Toolpak VBA add-in and I have added this in to 2007 ok, but when running a macro I get a run time 1004 error ATPVBAEN.XLA cannot be found. After some searching it would appear that some of these functions have been renamed in 2007 e.g. it is now a .XLAM file rather than .XLA which is why the macro code can't find it. I guess I could manually edit all the macros and change the fucntion names but there are other colleagues in my team that are still using 2003, so I don't want to break things for them. Is there any solution to this? Thanks

Answer:Solved: Problem with Excel 2003 macros in Excel 2007

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Hope this is the right place for an HTML question.
I'm using HTML in some notes to refer to other pics on my PC.
I refer to these other pics like this:

Picture of repaired hole.

That url (?) appears in blue coloured text.
Until its been viewed, after that it appears in brown coloured text,
until the next time that HTML is accessed, then its blue again.

I'm sure thats normal,
except for the first one.

The first one is always brown.

I dont want it brown i want it blue, like all the others.
Until its accessed, then i expect it to be brown.

Its been like this for ages. At first i thought, it doesn't matter, i wont even notice it after a while. But i do notice it. It annoys me, and i can see no reason why it should be different from the rest.
I have tried to ignore it, and ive tried to fix it. I have read countless HTML stuff on the net, but nothing mentions this.

Please help me to make it behave like the other URLs (?)
I am using the form:

<A HREF="Dscn2911.jpg" target="_blank">
Picture of hole repair.

All of the URLs (?) are written like that so far.

Cheers, John

Answer:Solved: (Maybe)Simple HTML problem.

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i'm sure it must be an option or something, but i no longer have to ability to browse through files/folders/websites i have been to before in my computer / internet explorer.

that is a bad explanation so ill say it like this:
you know in My Computer how if you have say 3 folders called "Super Cool", "Super Fish", "Super Shoe," and you type in the address bar the word "Super" how the drop down thing below where you type will show the folders, making them easier to access? my drop down thing does not show up any more. it's the same with websites in internet explorer.

i feel dumb asking, but does anyone know how to fix this? thanks.

Answer:Solved: simple problem dont know how to fix

Sounds like AutoComplete has been turned off. You can configure AutoComplete to save and suggest only the information you want. You can choose whether to use AutoComplete for Web addresses, forms, and passwords, or not use it all. You can also clear the history for any of these.

1.. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
2.. Click the Content tab.
3.. Click the Settings button beside AutoComplete.
4.. Select the check boxes for the AutoComplete options you want to use.

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Excuse me but I have no idea of where my question should go because I don't know how I did it.
Could someone please tell me how I was able to turn printing emails with all green ink? I sure would like to turn it back to the black but I don't remember how I did it. Printing documents and such out of Thunderbird is black, but any email is green.
I was just trying to learn about this computer, WindowsXP and see what things can do. Needless to say, I am a beginner. Thank you.

Answer:Solved: Simple problem, Green Ink

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does anyone know the command for c: prompt, that has to do with winsock and what not? It looks something like this reset reset netsh winsock....................... and there is a combo of like 4 of them i think.. sorry for the obscure reference question and thanks to anyone who might know what i am talking about.....

Answer:Solved: simple networking problem

(From a JohnWill post)

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2.

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt.

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ip reset reset.log

Reboot the machine.

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using MS Works 9 Spreadsheet
I can do a basic spreadsheet sort of but when it comes to the IFs commas colons () I am lost
I only need information from col F Totaled in col M if the cell in col I has no value
Col F is FullPriceSubTotal Col I is SalePriceSubTotal Col L is TotalSavings Col M is FullPriceSubtotal of
a number in this cell cancels info from col F going into col M
M2=SUM(F2) IF I2 is 0
M3=SUM(M2+F3) IF I3 is 0

I received good help yesterday with similiar problem in this thread
My problem yesterday was resolution was resolved by Garf13LD
K2=SUM(F2-I2) IF I2 is 0 do nothing K2=if(i2,sum(f2-i2),0)
K3=SUM(F3-I3) IF I3 is 0 do nothing K3=if(i3,sum(f3-i3),0)

I tried uploading spreadsheet but not happening.

Answer:Solved: IF function simple problem

I wont merge posts
but its pretty much opposite to the formula from the last post

but I have added the test in full - so you can see what happens

M2=SUM(F2) IF I2 is 0 = IF(i2=0,f2,0)
M3=SUM(M2+F3) IF I3 is 0 = IF(i3=0, (m2+f3), 0)

the if statement works as follows

IF ( the TEST , result if test is true , result if test is false)

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When I open a spreadsheet in Excel 2003 that was created in Excel 97, the pages with macros open with only the columns showing. It looks as if the row that appears has an infinate length. I've tried changing the row hieght, and everything else I can think of, but can't view the spreadsheet normally. Other tabs in the spreadsheet do not appear either.

Answer:Solved: excel 97 display problem in excel 2003

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Helloo again!

I still remember the last time I was here,I made a thread called,"Big Problem,Running Out of Hope!" or something like that.

Anyways,Icon problem,You know when you go to desktop properties and appearance,then Advanced,then Desktop ,and you can change the color? Well how do you put it back to transparent,because I hate it when you have a nice wallpaper but you icon fonts are surrounded with a color that doesnt match.

Again,the question is:How do I make my surrounded icon font color transparent?

Answer:Solved: This will take only a couple of minutes,Its a simple problem.Thank you!

Heheh,err...sorry I solved the roblem..i nticed another thread,same problem.Sorry if I caused trouble!

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how do i remove the option the circled arrow indicates in this picture? (you'll probably need to click it)

for the life of me, i can't figure out how to disable it!

Answer:Solved: a simple problem, but i'm drawing a complete blank...


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Relevance 49.61% On the home page, the middle window with all the news, etc. I can't click on anything in there, it doesn't work.

Can anyone help ? It does that on other websites with similar windows.

I'm using Firefox Ever since I updated it's been doing that.

Answer:Solved: Can't click on a window on a website. Simple problem Im sure but annoying

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to get my windows to maximize without overlapping my taskbar.

i was using auto-hide for awhile, now im not, but when i maximize any window it still thinks the taskbar is dropping out, when its not. i have to make the window movable, then resize it manually every time i open something.

very, very annoying and i cant even figure out how to explain the term to search for it. vista hp btw

Answer:man-kiss for whoever tells me what i have to do for this simple, simple problem

Right click task bar, go to properties.

check the box that says "keep the taskbar on top of other windows"

I pass on man kiss, but thank you anyway

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I have done some elaborate things in Excel VBA before, I even automated my week's work into one huge Macro, and yet today I have turned temporarily stupid. Granted I am usually piecing together code snippets since I'm not a true programmer, but this seems so simple.

I'm trying to make a worksheet that conjugates Japanese verbs. I can do everything except this one simple little thing. When users click on a word on Worksheet C, there is a button they press that copies the word and pastes it into cell A1 of Worksheet A. For some reason I can't get it to post into A1, it throws an error and I don't know why. I have run through the process and recorded the macro several times and it records it fine, but when I run it, I get this error.



Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
Application.CutCopyMode = False

The troublemaker is Range("B1").Select. Everything else works fine. I simply want the copied data to be pasted into cell B1, but it won't.

Answer:Simple Excel VBA question

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Question: Simple Excel Macro

How do you create a very simple macro to automate a repetitive step or two I'm doing in an Excel Spreadsheet?

Answer:Simple Excel Macro

Francine: Did I not include the instructions on how to record a macro in Word when I sent you that email? I'll resend it, if necessary. It's the same steps to do it in Excel. The only difference is that you create the toolbar button AFTER you record the macro. Basically:

Hit Tools-Macro-Record new macro, give it a name. Take the steps you "usually" take, then hit the Stop button on the Record Macro toolbar. To test it, hit Tools-Macro-Macros and run the macro. When you're ready to create a toolbar button, just hit View-Toolbars-Customize, click on the Commands tab. On the left column, scroll down and select macros. On the right, click on the smiley and drag it onto a toolbar. Edit/change the button as directed in the Word Macros document. Close the toolbars dialog. Click on your new toolbar button and it will ask you to assign a macro, double-click your macro name. Hit the button again to run the macro.

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Hi everyone,I am trying to use Excel for the first time for many years. I can do the formulae etc but seem to be missing the basics like how to align the decimal point in a colomb or resize a cell.Can anyone suggest a suitable source of info pleasethis is an old 2000 version and the integrated help is not very good.Thanks Ray

Answer:New to Excel, need simple starting help

click heretry this one Noldi

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Dear all...
One simple and quick question, I have Excel 97 SR

All I need is to sort, but everytime need to select the range before I am able to sort. Can I pre-sort so that everytime I chooses sort, the entire range will be selected.

Pls enlighten me.

Answer:simple sorting for Excel

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Hi, I have two questions, hardest question first:

I want to order documents in Excel based on how many times the element shows up in a column. For instance, here is a simple example:

Column A

I'd like to sort that column so that 2 is first (because there is only one 2), three is second (two 3s), and 1 is last (three 1s!).

Is there a way to do this?
Second question:

If I have an excel sheet with a bunch of blank rows, is there a way to automatically remove all of the blank rows and condense everything?
Thanks in advance for any help :heart:

Answer:Excel question - simple?

Personally i would sort the column in accending order, then in say column C use the COUNT function to tell you how many 2's there are and how many 3's and so fourth

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This is my current Macro....
' Owner Macro
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+g
Sub FillDown()
Dim LastRow As Long
Range("P3").Formula = "Owner"
LastRow = Range("P3" & Range("P3").End(xlDown).Row).Rows.Count
Range("P3" & "" & LastRow).FillDown
End Sub

I realized after this macro worked that I need it to actually have a little more beef to it in order to work the way we need it to.

Basically if there is a date in column N then I need the cell in column P to remain blank, and i need the words "owner" to end at the last row (not of the entire excel spreadsheet but if at the last row in column M.

If someone could help me it would make life easier!!

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Perhaps it's too simple for me to understand...or I'm .....

I want to create a manual macro that will allow me to add 85 to whatever value may currently be in the cell. Nothing if/then scenario.

One of those things that I can normally do with my eyes closed but can't seem to make work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Simple Excel Macro Help

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hi, I just need a simple formula I have a template for an invoice here...

There is the SUBTOTAL
[email protected]%
and there is the TOTAL
The TOTAL is got by adding on a VAT @ 21%....but what formula do I put in so it will calculate the vat every time in the template?

your help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Simple Excel Formula Plz

The formula would be the subtotal cell (in this example we'll use C5) times .21:


Then, you would likely format the cell and select "Currency".

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Hi everyone
First question, so please be gentle.
I have 3 columns of numbers in Excel - all populated via VLookup formulae.
Do you know how I can write something to compare these to a few numbers in a row at the top of my s/sheet, and flag if less than? I just don't want to stuff up my VLook up formula
Thanks so much

Answer:Simple Excel Question

Perhaps you could use Conditional Formatting to colour them. This tutorial may help link text

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Hi all,I think my describing what I want to do is going to be as tricky as the problem....I keep a simple accounts spreadsheet for house accounts.Columns A to P are for different kinds of income or expenditure.Column S is the running balance, calculated by simple addition or subtraction of the columns.All S rows below the most recently filled in display the previous running balance, ie the result of the cells formula.Can I stop the repeated display of the most recent balance in the remaining rows?Hope I am asking this question in the right place and that I have made myself clear.Many thanks,Epirb.

Answer:Simple (?) Excel Question.

you may find help here click herejohnny

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"You can create a______ reference by deleting the $ from the row reference in the cell reference $B$6"

I have missed this question twice's NOT simply "relative". I am thinking perhaps "mixed". But at this point I just am not sure.

Any help with this simple question would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Simple Excel Question

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I have done a simple income/expenditure sheet where f2+g2=h2, then i made the next line add the previous balance so i get a continual balance(h2) increase in the last column.

I dragged the second formula down the page to #200 but now i have a complete column of 0.00 or whatever is the last result.

Can i make it so the cells are blank until i add a new entry?

Hope that makes sense, any help very much appreciated


Answer:Excel: simple sum help needed

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Hi and sorry but I have a very limited knowledge of Excel and need help quickly.I wish to count any cell in a row that has a value in it. The value is not relevant, just the fact that the cell has content.How?

Answer:Simple Excel Formula

The Function is Count. eg. =count(a1:z33) and press enter. Place the cursor in the cell you want the answer to be and type in the Function.

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I am sure this is a simple procedure, however I don't know how? How do you swap rows with columns? Is there some simple way to do this?

Thanks in advance
Paul B

Answer:Simple Excel question?

Select data. Copy. Go to new sheet or workbook. With one cell selected, hit Edit-Paste special-Transpose.

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But I am so tired toniht that its slipping awayHow to set up a sheet with percentages in B(4%) C(4.25%) etc and the ammount in the A column, A2(100), A3 (200) so that B2 will show 4 and A3 will show 8 etcAndy

Answer:Probably a simple Excel question

With:B1 set to 4%, C1 set to 8%A2 contains 100A2 contains 200In B2 enter=$A2*B1Hover the cursor over B2, when it turns into a + drag to right and down to copy the formula.

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Good morning all,I am learning how to write a simple Macro program in Excel:A                B                 C===         ===             ===Jame        Apple           AppleTom         Orange         AppleDavid       Apple           Apple-------------------------------------------Here is the code:Sub testing()For N = 1 to 3If cells(N,2).value=cells(N,3).value ThenRange(corresponding-value).copyRange(corresponding-value).pastespecialEnd IFNextEnd Sub------------------------------------------------------------------------The program will copy specific rows when the cells in colum  B equals those in column C,and then it will paste the specific rows of data somewhere in the same worksheet.The program works but it returns empty cells.Here is what the result looks like:=====JameEmpty cellDavid=====Is there any method to skip the empty cells?Please kindly help if you could!KittyP.S. I am using Excel 2002

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This should be simple, I just cant figure it out. I have an excel document that needs to be searched via column 1. The result it finds needs to be displayed on its own.

Ctrl+F will find the item, but the powers that be want it displayed without the other records around it. Any idea on how to do this? Thanks.


Answer:A simple excel search and display

To do this is to use Data, Filter, Auto Filter.

If you only want to search column1 (A), and assuming it has a header name, left click on the name and drag down so rows A1 and A2 are highlighted. Go to the above and click on Auto Filter; a box with an arrow will appear at the right of A1; click the box and if you see what you are looking for in the list just click it; otherwise select Custom, and in the right pane (on a level with Equals) type either the entire phrase you are looking for, OR if you only want to see one name (e.g. computer) amongst other variables type *computer*.

Click OK to see only the results for that phrase/name. To see everything again click the A1 arrow, press Home (or click All) and click OK.
While the results are being displayed you can press Ctrl+A to select them all and copy to a blank sheet.


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Hi all,

This is my first post. Essentially my problem is one that is no doubt relatively straight forward, however I am an absolute novice (as in no experience) in VBA. I have a multi-sheet workbook that is being used for people to enter their work times (each sheet is a different employee, with each row being a separate day). I would like (if possible) to have an email sent automatically to an end user if they haven't completed their time sheet from the day before. I have the IF function in place so that a cell will trigger either send of don't send depending on the value of the time cell at the end of the previous day "=IF(AND(B10=TODAY()-1,(F10=$H$1)),("SEND"),("DON?T"))" where B10 is today's date, and F10 is a blank time.

I have each employees email address listed on their individual sheet. Essentially I feel like I have all the necessary components together (the easy bit) I just don't know how to put it all together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even more so if you could explain what is actually going on!



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I have a real simple need. Well, it's probably simple for some. I have a sheet built to track employee hire dates and eval dates. I would like to assign excel to open everyday at a time and then evaluate the cells with the eval and raise dates to see if an email needs to be sent to the supervisor. If so a simple "there are employee items coming due" email is sent to the supervisor. The super will go to the document and take care of the rest. Dta is not real. The email with the employee name isn't the one I'll be sending to. The Team Manager at the end is where the email will be going to for all on the sheet. I would appreciate the help. Running windows 7 and office 2013.

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Help, my sparse hair is becoming even more endangered.We are using Excel XP. Using Autosum I get a total for A1:D1 in I1 and a total for E1:H1 in J1. Simples but, after entering values in A1,B1,C1 and D1 and getting the total in I1, a value entered in E1, F1, G1 or H1 is not only totalled in J1, but is also added onto the original total in I1. If values are entered into E1:H1 before entering values in A1:D1 everything works fine. However we do not always get the second group of values for entering before the first group are available.What is even more puzzling is that for the first 100 or so rows it all worked properly but now, whether we copy the formulae down or enter a new formula for each row we get the same problem.

Answer:Simple (?) Excel formula troubles

Don't use Autosum, it will take in all values from A1 to I1. Use =SUM(A1:D1) in I1 and =SUM(E1:H1) in J1. If I've read you correctly that is.

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I have wanted to check my time sheet against my employer.
I would like to put in my in and out times and get the hours i worked.
I would like to get a total for the week.
this is where the problem get harder for me.
on my check it showes all my time payed at my base pay.
then it shows my overtime payed at day,eve, night, weekend or holidays.
i would like to set up a form so all i have to do is put in my time and it will know everthing else but my pay. I will like to put that in when we get this worked out
I hope this makes some sence. please email me if you have any questions.
[email protected] Please wight it out just the way i need to do it. if something is a unknowned like my pay tell me what ever sign or letter you put in is just that.


Answer:Need help with I hope some simple excel formuals

Sent you an email with a spreadsheet already set up for you.

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Anyone know a way to create a simple user form in Excel. What I need is for about ten people to be able to fill out the form and submit their results to a database that I can hide from everyone. I saw a Template Wizare article that did this but can't get it going in Excel 2000. Is Excel even the best program to be using.

Here is the article:
Creating a Data Entry Form with the Template Wizard in Excel 2002
This article is at

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I have a table with start dates in col 1, end date in col. 2 and difference in days in col 3.However for some reason the formula, say, =B1-A1 doesn't always work. In some lines it's OK and in others it displays #VALUE! The formatting of the various cells appears to be OK yet the symptoms persist.I'm stumped. Any solutions?

Answer:Simple dates subtraction in Excel

You will get that error if one (or both) of the dates is actually a text string, not a date. To test this, assuming that a problem date is in A1 then in a spare cell try the formula=ISNUMBER(A1)If that returns FALSE it is a 'text date'.Id that is the case then, with one column at a time, select the dates, Data > Text to Columns, click Next twice then on the third screen tick Date and select DMY then click Finish.

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I am a complete novice to Excel, I'm using Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and when I open the Expense Statement Template, which I have to do for a coarse I'm doing, and enter a value in any of the cells, after pressing enter it adds a dollar sign, I need it to show a pound sign, I've looked everywhere but can't find how to change this. Please help. Thanks.. John.

Answer:Simple (I hope) Excel question.

Use the menu bar at the top of the screen and go to Format/Cells - select the number tab and choose Currency in the window, the select the

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I need a simple excel macro for my work. I have tried looking it up online but I cannot get how to build one and I am in dire need of one I would love it as well if the person who gives me the macro could explain something about it.
Here is what I need. I need a macro that I can change as needed to write coins in Excel.
Example: you have A1, A2, A3, A4 as 0.25, 0.10 , 0.05, 0.01. These are of course quarters, nickels, dimes...
You have B1-B4 as the number of each type of coins that you currently have. I want a macro that when you put in B1-B4 the number of coins you have to tell you in C1-C4 how many whole rolls of coins(different coins have different rolls, quarters in 40's, nickels in 40's, pennies in 50's..etc) you have 0 to however many and in D1-D4 how many loose coins you have.
Again any help would be greatly appreciated and I would very much so contribute to y'alls site as well

Answer:needed simple excel macro

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Here's the problem:

A) 2 or more people using an Excel spreadsheet
and forgetting to close it, thus no one can close it / access it.

B) Excel being updated by 2 people and the changes are current.

Any simple solutions suggestions?


Answer:Excel & simple version control

For step B, couldn't you have one nominated person to do all the input?

That way, when all the data has been input, you could send each one of them and updated file thats independant. You would retain the only spreadsheet that would be used for official purposes.

I had to do something like that many years ago for the very same reason. So I set up a system whereby the only person who could update it was on of the people that worked for me. The other people sent me all the updates and I gave them to my input person and it was then sent to the other people for verification. They were made responsible for feeding back any errors.
It worked great.

Just a thought for what its worth.

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I am a relative newcomer to Excel & stuggling a little.
My OS is XP Pro SP2 & Excel version is 2000 at home & 2007 at work.
I would like to establish a simple reliable method for a simple row count of any worksheet I am using.
The best I have so far works when the rows are sequentially numbered & where there are no blank cells:- use CNTL + Down Arrow; takes you to bottom of table & you can read the last row no.
There has to be an easy way for something so simple, without these limitations ,can you please help.
Peter O

Answer:Simple method for Excel row count

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I'm writing (rather than recording) macros for the first time.

I need to get excel to select a cell on a specific row, within the same column as the current active cell.

I have been trying...
... but this just shifts the active cell down by 16 rows, rather than selecting the cell in row 17!

I know this should be simple but I am finding Excel VBA help files atrociously difficult to follow.

Hoping somebody can come to my rescue...


Answer:Surely a simple Macro in Excel?

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I am creating a ss where I have hyperlinks. (A whole column is links).

I want the links to open in Avant Browser, instead of IE6. I've set Avant as the default. I've gone into my computer>tools>file types and looked, and all http, html, ect types are set to open with Avant.

What am I missing?! It's driving me bonkers. The only reason behind it is that IE6 is not compatible with the site that the links are associated with, otherwise, I wouldn't care.


Answer:Simple ? regarding excel & opening links

After looking thru Excel to an extent ive come up with 2 things.

1. Due to the fact that IE6 is Microsoft and Excel is Microsoft, something tells me that would be one heck of a workaround to have the links open in another browser.

2. Excel does however have VB Scripting, so possibly someone (wish I could write it) could write you a Macro so that when you click a link it opens it with your Avant browser instead.

Sorry I can't help anymore more than this, perhaps someone else sees something i did not.


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I'm trying to write a formula for a spreadsheet in Excel 2010, but I'm obviously not doing it correctly because Excel just recognizes the formula as text. What I want is a formula in cell E6 that produces a value of 30 times the value of Cell C6, but only if the value of Cell D6 ? 0.
What I entered as a formula in Cell E6 is: IF(D6?C6),E6=30*C6
I suspect it needs more or fewer parens or commas or something. Can anyone straighten me out? Many thanks.

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This must be a very simply problem but I cannot figure it out...
I have created a spreadsheet to keep track my CD supplies.
This is what I am trying to do.
1. In two cells you can order the amount in boxes..
example- 50 in a box so 2 x 50 = 100
2. The next step is to place the 100 in a inventory cell.
3. Say I order 4 more boxes (200 CDs)so I now have 300 in the inventory cell.
4. In a separate cell I sell say 40 CDs so now the inventory cell should show 360.
This is my problem, if I order 50 more CDs it will show ONLY 50 in the inventory cell minus the 40 so it show only 10 CDs in inventory and not 360.
Hope that I have not lost you.. could use help.
Thanks, Bob

Answer:Microsoft Excel simple problems?

here's a quick and dirty

col a: #cd in boxes or # cds sold (a - negative #)
col b: multiplier
col c: subtotal (using a*b=c)
col d: inventory (using summation notation formula =SUM(C2:C21))

crude but effective

[edit: the step you missed was the subtotal column, easier than making a more difficult add this, subtract that type of formula for the inventory column]

note: easysum.txt is an excel file, change the extension from .txt to .xls after you download - virusscan etc etc (was scanned before it left, but practice safe .... computing too

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Hi. Newbie here so please go easy.
I have an excel spreadsheet with some INDIVIDUAL cells I need to copy and paste anywhere on the spreadsheet and need a macro to do it. Can anyone help? Its for classroom assignment.

So for example. Cell B1 is clicked on once and this initiates the copy of the cell contents and colour.

Another cell is clicked on anywhere on the same sheet and this delivers the paste and continues todo this on any other cells I click on until I select (for example) B2 which has another cell entry and colour.and then the process starts again.

Can anyone help me on this? I did search for previous posts but none I could find answered this specific question.

Many Thanks

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It's been a while since I've used Excel and it's time to update my gas mileage sheet. I seem to recall that I could enter a date in column A and then press the right arrow and the selected cell would move to column B and so on. But instead the whole screen shifts as in panning. Any ideas?

Answer:Simple Excel Question - Right arrow

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Anyone know a simple way to tell me how many times duplicates occur in an excel column? If a column has:


...then I'd want as a result:

house 2
car 3
boy 1
girl 1


Answer:Simple way to count occurances in Excel


The way I do this is to create a Pivot table (the list needs a header, e.g. "List") and then set "List" as the row labels and "List" as the data.

Another way if you have 2007 or higher is to copy your list to another column (say D) and de-dup the list then in the next column put in this formula


and copy that to the end of your de-duped list.

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Ok, I've been working on this / googling for quite a bit and I am about to give up. I'm hoping this is something an excel wizard can answer in 10 seconds. Thanks in advance.

I've got an excel sheet with a column that has numbers like:


etc etc etc

I want to change this to:


etc etc etc

I've tried using formulas / macros and I'm getting frustrated. This shouldn't be that hard should it? Anyone that could give me a hand real quick?


Edit: made sure relative was on when I made my macro but it still screwed up.

Answer:probably really simple / stupid excel question

A1= cell with your number

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I have been using Excel for many years and somehow I can't figure out a simple lookup function: How do I find the column reference of the first occurrence of a value in a row? Basically, I want to display in the first cell of a row the table header (corresponding to the column) where the specified value is found.
Thanks. I'm pretty sure it should be very simple... or not?

Answer:Simple lookup in Excel 2003

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I recently reinstalled Windows 2000 on my family's laptop here, so that it wouldn't run so sluggishly slow on Windows XP with only 256 MB of RAM. Now, I've run into a peculiar problem that's router based. I'm running my sister's system with Windows XP and this laptop on the same network at their apartment. However, the Linksys BEFSR41 4-port switch is assigning each computer the same IP address, causing conflict. Is there a way in the router settings to easily and manually assign each computer a separate IP address? I'm fairly confident that Cox Communications provides 3 IP addresses for each owner of their cable internet services.

Dark Assassin

Answer:Simple question to a simple problem

are you not using a router?? are these public numbers??

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need a simple excel macro to create 31 sheets and name them for the dateexample:sheet 1 is named 05-1sheet 2 is named 05-2sheet 3 is named 05-3etc for the whole month to 05-31

Answer:need a simple excel macro to create 31 sheets and name them

Assuming that you are starting with a "standard" new workbook with 3 blank worksheets, this code will result in 31 sheets named as you requested...
Sub DateSheets()
'Rename Sheets 1 - 3
For sht = 1 To 3
Sheets(sht).Name = "05-" & sht
'Add and Name sheets 4 - 31
For sht = 4 To 31
Sheets.Add after:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
Sheets(Sheets.Count).Name = "05-" & sht
End SubClick Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Hi Guys, looking for one with UK hols and info on rather than the ubiquitous US bumf!

Answer:Any simple Excel templates for wall calandars Pls?

If you are looking for a printable calender try here click hereorSelect the calender you want from the site, highlight it, then copy it into Excel spreadsheet. Make columns narrower and edit to suite.

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okay, it has been almost 5 years since I was an excel VB wiz, so I have forget the most simplest of commands.

What is the command for shifting your activecell a certain amount of rows & columns.

I keep thinking it is something like



Answer:Very simple Excel Visual Basic question

Not an Excel scripter myself, but an old boss ran into that issue. It had to do with Excel updating every cell after each calculation (or iteration of a calculation). Unfortunately, I don't remember how he did that. It's been too long.

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Data: Characters assigned by numbers (e.g. MARKETINGS assigned as M=0, A=1, R=2 & so up to 9).Input: CharactersCondition: Apply to Input CharactersOutput Should be: Some of the number for the input characters.

Answer:Simple Program in Office Excel 2007

Post: Lacks any request for help.

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I'll try to be as descriptive as possible.

Current Status:
I have an excel file with two sheets: sheet1 and sheet2.
Column "A" will have lots of data.
Some rows in column "A" (or the first cell for that row) will have the word "Directory".

I need to search sheet2, only in column "A", for the row that contains the word "Directory" and copy that whole row onto sheet1 in the same row. Continue doing that until it completes through all of the rows.

Example Data:

Row Column A Column B Column C
1 blah blah blah blah blah blah
2 blah blah blah blah blah blah
3 blah blah blah blah blah blah
4 Directory cool text huh?????
5 blah blah blah blah blah blah

Row Column A
Row Column A Column B Column C
1 blah blah blah blah blah blah
2 blah blah blah blah blah blah
3 blah blah blah blah blah blah
4 blah blah blah blah blah blah
5 blah blah blah blah blah blah

*Action: Column "A" find "Directory" Copy Row 4 to sheet1

Row Column A
1 blah blah blah blah blah blah
2 blah blah blah blah blah blah
3 blah blah blah blah blah blah
4 Directory cool text huh?????
5 blah blah blah blah blah blah

Answer:Simple Excel Macro to Copy Row from one Sheet to Another

"copy that whole row onto sheet1 in the same row"

Do you mean like this?

(make sure what you already have is "safe" before you try, obviously)

Sub test()
If ActiveSheet.Name <> "Sheet2" Then Exit Sub
LastRow = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
For Each Cell In Range("A1:A" & LastRow)
If InStr("Directory", Cell.Value) <> 0 Then
x = Cell.Row
Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(x, 1).Insert Shift:=xlDown
End If
Next Cell
Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

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Can someone help me, I am trying to create a macro in excel that allows me to create a copy of a worksheet, clear its contents then hyperlink it to a particular cell.
The problem is that I want it to link a different page to a different cell every time i.e. create sheet 2(3) and link to R3. create sheet 2(4) link to cell R4, but I can only make it so that it creates the copy, deletes the contents and the links cell R2 with Sheet 2(2), at the moment the coding looks like this:

Sheets("Sheet2").Copy Before:=Sheets(2)
ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Selection, Address:="", SubAddress:= _
"'Sheet2 (2)'!A1"
What would I need to add or change to make it do what I want to?

Thanks Claire

Answer:Excel Macro Frustration, I think I'm missing something simple!

Can you post a sample workbook?


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I'm doing a list of words and their meanings in MS Excel 2003. The columns look like this:

| W | D | 2 | S |
| b | 1 | 1 | 1 |
| c | 2 | 2 | 2 |
| a | 3 | 3 | 3 |

What i'm planning to do is to arrange the Word column [W] alphabetically but in such a way as the entries in the other 3 columns (Def 1[D], Def 2 [2], Source ) will follow the word next to them. Like this:

| W | D | 2 | S |
| a | 3 | 3 | 3 |
| b | 1 | 1 | 1 |
| c | 2 | 2 | 2 |

What i'm afraid of is that if i arrange the Word column, the other columns wouldn't follow

| W | D | 2 | S |
| a | 1 | 1 | 1 |
| b | 2 | 2 | 2 |
| c | 3 | 3 | 3 |

Note: sorry if this question has been asked. tried searching the forum but was unable to find a similar question to mine

Answer:Simple Question on arranging columns in MS Excel

Hi fudgeydodgey, and welcome to TSG.

First make a backup copy of the Excel file as it is.

Select all four columns and then choose the Data Sort menu option. If the first row is column headers, then activate the radio button for that in the sort dialog box. Then choose to sort on the column that has the words. The data in the same row as the given word will follow along in the sort.

Note: If you only select one column and then try to sort, Excel will usually pop up a warning that data has been found in adjacent columns that will not follow the information in the selected column. You will then have the option to have Excel automatically expand the selection to include all adjacent columns with data.

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So, here's the question. I am wanting to reference information from one worksheet into another. In worksheet 1 I have 2 columns. Each cell in column 1 has an a number (100, 109, 153, etc.) and column 2 has text which matches up with the number in column 1. So, A1 might say "115" and B1 would say "This number reflects auto information". In a second worksheet, I want to write in a number into column 1, and whichever number I write I need to refer to the corresponding number in worksheet 1, column 1. I then need it to write out the text to the right of the number I just input. So if I write "115" in A35 of the second worksheet, I need the corresponding text from worksheet 1 to write out in B35, "This number reflects auto information".

Basically, all the information is in Worksheet 1, and when I write out any of the numbers in Worksheet 2 I need it to be reflected. Make sense? Thanks everyone.

+ Christian

Answer:Excel question, fairly simple (I hope)

Welcome to the board.

Are the sheets in the same workbook? If so, this formula in column B of the second sheet:


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Have been using a simple formula (for checking my home bills /account): =E1184+F1185-G1185but at row 1186 instead of a figure it comes up with #NUMBER!Why has this happened?

Answer:Excel simple formula shows #VALUE1

If it is #VALUE! do any of those cells contain text?Try re-entering the values.

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I swear this worked when i started this project. Can anyone spot what is wrong with this that it would generate a "general ODBC error"

Sub Checker()

Dim varConn As String, varSQL As String

varConn = "ODBC;DBQ=WORK ORDERS 2010_1.accdb;Driver={Driver do Microsoft Access (*.accdb)}"

'MsgBox varSQL
With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:=varConn, Destination:=Range("A1"))
.CommandText = varSQL
.Name = "Query-39008"
.FieldNames = False
.RowNumbers = False
.FillAdjacentFormulas = False
.PreserveFormatting = True
.RefreshOnFileOpen = False
.BackgroundQuery = True
.RefreshStyle = xlOverwriteCells
.SavePassword = False
.SaveData = True
.AdjustColumnWidth = False
.RefreshPeriod = 0
.PreserveColumnInfo = True
.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False
End With

End Sub

Answer:Pull data from ACCDB into Excel..simple?

Spaces in your database file name perhaps?

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I need HELP !!!! I need a simple macro that will simply move the cursor around the spreadsheet ( right,left,up or down) without embedding the ending cell address in the macro itself !

EXAMPLE: Macro 1 - to move the cursor (up) 1 cell, to the (right) 2 cells and ( down) 1 cell. The key is, I need the macro to do this each and every time it is executed, in this pattern, no matter where it starts ( assuming it is not blocked by margin constraints )

PLEASE !!!!!!! I'm going crazy !


Answer:a simple but complex macro - 2002 excel HELP!

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I'm having a problem running a Word macro which mailmerges data from an
excel file I get sent regularly. This only started happening recently, so something has changed, and I think it's something to do with how the .xls file is saved.

The error I get is "External table is not in the expected format". It complains a bit, thinks for ages, eventually executes the macro, says the Excel file is now available to read/write, then hangs Excel.

I noticed that my macro runs fine if I open the Excel document then 'save as' the same name. Looking at file>properties within each Excel document I see the original has nothing under the general tab and the archive box is unticked. The resaved document has all the 'type', 'location', 'size' etc data as you would expect, plus the archive box is ticked.

Anyone know what's going on here then?



Answer:Excel properties - 'archive'? - probably a simple thing

The archive attribute is generally meanngless. It's supposed to be used for when a file has been backed up or archived, but nothing prevents an application from changing it whenever it wants. It does not affect how applications or the OS interact with the file the way the Hidden, System, and Read-only attributes do.

Most likely, the people making the Excel document aren't saving it in the same format they were. You'll notice Excel has dozens of file formats you can save to. Make sure the sender is saving the file in the correct format.

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I have the following formula that is returning the words TRUE or FALSE.=IF(AND(L6=1, R6=7),1,0)If L6 equals 1 and R6 equals 7 shouldn't this formula return 1 in the cell? I get TRUEIf L6 equals 1 and R6 equals 5 shouldn't this formula return 0 in the cell? I get FALSEIf L6 equals 0 and R6 equals either 7 or 5 shouldn't this formula return 0 in the cell? I get FALSE.It seems so simple. What am I missing?You help is really appreciated. Terry

Answer:Windows Excel 10 IF AND function broken but really simple

I'm not sure why, perhaps the way the cell is formatted(?) but it seems that Excel is converting your 1 and 0 to logical 1 and 0, therefore returning TRUE or FALSE.That does not happen when I paste your formula into my spreadsheet.You could try this, but I don't see why you would have to:=IF(AND(L6=1, R6=7),"1","0")This forces a text 1 or 0 in the cell. Depending on what you are doing with the 1 and 0, Excel may or may not consider the text value to be a number. You'll have to try it and see.If it doesn't like it, you could try this to force a number, but again, you shouldn't have to.=IF(AND(L6=1, R6=7),"1"*1,"0"*1)or=IF(AND(L6=1, R6=7),1*1,0*1) (untested, since I can reproduce the problem)I'm just starting to use 2010 on a daily basis, so I don't know if there is a setting that would force 1's and 0's to be considered logical values. I've never heard of it.Have you tried this formula in a different workbook?Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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I need to sum / sumif a column where I have a column number. I don't want to turn R1C1 references on for the workbook. I have thousands of formulae in the sheet and will have hundreds of this sum(column-reference) formula, so to keep things fast I don't want to translate the number into an alphabetic equivalent and use 'indirect' on the result.Is there a simple way of doing this?Thanks

Answer:Simple (?) Excel question - sum column number

Just had a go - and I cheated by using the 'insert function (fx)' facility. Because that allowed me to select a range of cells without quoting cell references, I got a formula.It looked wierd...I had a column of three entries using names - including 'fred' adjacent to a column of numbers and then used the fx to sumif the name was fred. It looked like...=SUMIF(R[-3]C[-1]:R[-1]C[-1],"fred",R[-3]C:R[-1]C)So, as you can see, the sumif will work on offsets from the result cell and give a real answer without going to the nausea of having to go back to alphanumerid cell referencing!

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Hi Guys,

Apologies if this is unforgivably dumb but I don't use spreadsheets much and I just can't make it work.

I'm trying to make a home finances spreadsheet, where my first column is everything that comes in, and then I have five or six categorised columns for everything that goes out, ie bills, shopping, clothes etc.

What I would like is a nice neat formula that gives me a running total. So that would be yesterday's total+anything in today-anything out today. But the problem is that I have several "out" columns and I can't make it work when only one of them has a value. I have been using:


But I'm getting a !#VALUE! error with this, and even if I type the numbers of each individual negative cell, it will only subtract the first one. I know I can do this without typing each individual cell and without putting negative values in the cells.

Please help!

Answer:Excel Financial Formula - Can't get it to do what I want and it should be sooo simple

Would it be possible to see a sample sheet? Obviously you don't want to share all your financial data with the world, but if you could make two or three lines of sample data that can help to explain what you're trying to accomplish.

Without that if I've understood it correctly
If L3 is the previous day's total
C4 is today's income
And D4:K4 encompasses today's expenditure

you could simply use the following in L4

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Hi, I've spent some time researching an answer to my problem but to little avail. I believe it is a relatively simple problem but I don't know much more than the basics on using excel, so I've come to this board for some help.

In any case, I have a single excel file with two data sheets in said file. I wish to use the second sheet to view text entries from cell in first sheet (which has around 75 unique sets of data with each with 40 different entries). On the second sheet I want to be able to enter the set of data I wish to view (1-75) and have the corresponding entries (1-40) fill themselves from that data set.

I thought I could have a cell in the second sheet for the data set number, and then use that cell to direct the other cells to display the correct data entry. I thought a formula such as this one would work for cell A2 of Data Sheet 2: ='Data Sheet 1'!A(2+('Data Sheet 2'!A1*40)) but now I realize that you cannot enter parenthesis within a cell name without destroying the function (I get a #NAME error).

So my question is, how does one display the text in a cell on another sheet based on the value in a cell on the same sheet?

Answer:Simple Excel Cell Display Question

You can try functions VLOOKUP and INDIRECT.
=INDIRECT("'Data Sheet 1'!A" & (2+('Data Sheet 2'!A1*40)))


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I am looking for a formula or function that allows the following:

I have a bunch of Date of Birth data. When TODAY = date of birth + 13 years 6 months then populate a new cell with the text EMAIL NOW!
So far I have managed:
=DATE(YEAR(C3) + 13, MONTH(C3) + 6, DAY(C3)+0) but i am stuck on the additional code to populate the EMAIL NOW! cell


Answer:Simple date comparison in Excel 2016

In the cell you want to output the result
=if(today()=DATE(YEAR(C3) + 13, MONTH(C3) + 6, DAY(C3)+0),"email now","")

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