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Outlook 2007 autoaccept meeting only during start time to end time.

Question: Outlook 2007 autoaccept meeting only during start time to end time.

I have quite a conundrum. My Outlook calendar is set to a start time of 7am to and end time of 3pm Monday through Friday. I have turned on auto accept meetings and turned on auto decline conflicting meetings. This all works great. It has declined and added new meetings and all is working wonderfully.... EXCEPT one MAJOR issue.

The auto accept accepts during times that are not my standard work hours. If I set a start time of 7am and an end time of 3pm why is my Outlook accepting meetings at 12pm and 8pm and on weekends?

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Preferred Solution: Outlook 2007 autoaccept meeting only during start time to end time.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Outlook 2007 autoaccept meeting only during start time to end time.

*bump* still can't find a solution.

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I have been a user of for many years (15+). Recently MS forced the "upgrade" to and I now note that I cannot set a different time zone for meetings, or a different start and end time zone for travel.
Am I missing something or is this a downgrade of the microsoft apps in

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Outlook Calendar shows start time in the monthly view but not the end time. I have right clicked on the calendar gone to Other Settings and checkmarked "Show End Time" but the end time still does not show. How do I make the start and end time show in the monthly view?

Answer:Outlook Calendar shows start time in the monthly view but not the end time.

You did not say what version of Outlook.

I am using Outlook 2007 and note the same as you - only the start time is displayed. I note on mine, if the end time was displayed, there would be little to no room for the Subject title so for me, I would rather have the appointment title instead of the end time. I think in a crowded field (as the monthly view can be) that is best for most people.

I don't see a fix for you. However, for a workaround, with Outlook being in "focus", if you hover over the appointment with your mouse, then the stop time is also displayed in a bubble.

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Dear friends,

Is it possible to use OWA and outlook( of MS office) at the same time ? I don't want to lose any data but synchronise at the same time. Thanks

Answer:Can I use OWA and Outlook 2007 at the same time ?

So your account is an exchange account?

Do you want to know if you can use regular outlook when in the office connected to the exchange server and owa (outlook web access) when you are out of the office?

If so than yes you can. They will synchronize just fine no matter which method you use.

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Hi All,

First post.

i need to see the reply date time stamp for each email in a inbox is it possible to add it has a cutom column or maybe vba etc.

really could do with some help on this asap.



Answer:Reply Date/Time Outlook 2007.

yeah its possible you need to change the email settings and then you can able to get the time and date as well. Outlook PST Repair

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Hello,I have Microsoft Outlook 2007 on Windows XP SP3When I open outlook I can see all my e-mails and everything but when it goes to Send/Receive it pops up a window asking for a password. And it has my Server, User name, and then a spot to enter my password, it does this every time it goes to Send/Receive. (See screen shot below, I have removed the User Name and Server for security reasons)I have tried to get my e-mail on various computers using the same settings and it always worked.I know all my settings are right cause I checked them at least 20 times with my host.I go to "Account Settings" and I click "Change..." and under "Login Information" I enter my Password and place a check in the "Remember Password" check box and then click "Next" > "Finish" then once I click on "Change..." again and look under "Login Information" the password is gone but the check in the "Remember password" box is still there.If any one has any information on how to fix this, I would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!

Answer:Outlook 2007 asks for a password every time...

Your profile on Outlook might be corrupted.You might be interested in this article: If Method 1 (creating a new user profile) doesn't work, don't try the other methods without support of an advanced user or technical support! Messing around with registry keys etc. can have bad outcomes if not performed by somebody who understands what he/she is doing.

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Formatted my system the other day because of some AV problems, reinstalled everything fine, but now whenever I try to print an email from outlook the program crashes. All othere MSO programs work fine and I'm able to print through.Uninstalled, reinstalled, installed MSO 2007 SP2, still same thing - I'm currently on round 3 of installing MSO 2007 again and running updates again. Help?Read someplace about removing the OutlPrnt file, tried and nothing. System error info;AppName: outlook.exeAppVer: 12.0.6423.1000AppStamp: 49b08185ModName: kcpdlxl.dllModVer: 3f79b0d4fDebug: 0Offset: 0002e50bAttached screen shot link of crash screen, error reporting & printer queue - what's going on here? Windows XP Pro SP3

Answer:Outlook 2007 crashes every time I print

You need to update your printer drivers and print software or change the settings in Outlook on how it prints.

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Since updating to Outlook 2007, I receive 4 copies of every email sent to me, all at the same time. These are not coming in over a period of days, but 4 copies of each email simultaneously. I have to delete 3 emails every time. Have tried dissabling and re-enabling AVG Free with no change.

Open for suggestions.

Answer:Why do I get 4 email copies at the same time in Outlook 2007?

Tools>Account Settings

Do you have more than one entry of that account? If so, you probably should remove the other entries. Just be sure that they are all exactly the same if this is the case.

Do you have another way to check that email account? For example, if you use Gmail, do you get 4 copies of the mail when you check Gmail via the web?

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I created a custom form in Outlook 2007 Business Customer Manager contacts. I need to import csv files into business contacts, and i know i either need code or a tool to do this. But i don't know where to find these things. I did a search on google and i found contactgenie, but it is $80 and i will only use it one time. Not quite cost effective there. Could someone give me some idea on what to do?

Also, I tried to open VBA in outlook and it wouldn't open. I press Alt+ F11 is that not right? That is where i enter the code isn't it?

Thank you for your advice. I have tried to get answers here before and most of the time i get answers but sometimes i don't. Don't know why, but i sure hope i get one this time.

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The Windows 7 system clock is correct, but incoming emails (on Outlook 7) are consistently showing a time that is 19 hours behind. (I have tested this by sending myself emails.) How do I fix this problem?

Answer:Outlook 2007, Incorrect time on incoming emails

You most likely do not have the correct time zone set.
Otherwise, it could be an email server error...check
with your email provider

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Hi everyone

Does anyone know how to change the default appointment time in Outlook 2007 please. Set at 30 minutes but I'd like to change to 1 hour if possible. Thanks


Answer:Changing default time period in Outlook 2007

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Most of my users are on Outlook 2003, but some are on Outlook 2007. When a 2007 user uses the scheduling assistant to try and set a meeting, the message appears No Information. No free/busy information could be retrieved.

Note: a 2003 user can see the other 2003 user's schedule.

Is this something that needs to be set at the Exchange level? How do I resolve?

All users are on Windows XP SP2

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In Outlook 2007 (on WinXP Pro SP3), I have defined a number of rules to presort incoming email into various folders. Not all of the rules work for reasons I cannot determine (that's a question for another time), but most do. Oddly, any messages automatically moved to one particular folder always have a received time stamp of five hours earlier.

That is, a message that arrives at 9am is timestamped 4am.

Now my local timezone is EST, so this is the opposite of what would happen were the machine running with a timezone of, say, GMT, where timestamps would be 5 hours AHEAD (i.e., messages arriving at 9am would be timestamped 2pm).

As a software developer for a company with international locations, I occasionally must reset the timezone and time on my machine in order to test software, and several times I have had to set my machine to JST (Japan Standard Time, or GMT+9) but I have long since set it back again.

To anticipate several questions, both the folder and the rule were defined before any of the periods during which I was running with an altered time/timezone (i.e., none were created during one of those periods), neither did I change (nor save) any rules during those periods.

Anyone have any idea what is happening? How may I reset the timestamps for this rule/folder?

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I am using Outlook 2007 and there are some word attachments that take two minutes to open while others open immediately. How do i solve this problem.

Answer:Some MS Word Attachments take a long time topopen from outlook 2007

What is in these long time opening files?

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i have been looking everywhere on the web about stylus/pen active or passive compatibilities with different dell inspiron machines.
everybody is confused about styluses. not just consumers but also Dell reps. nobody knows whats going on..
dell reps told me on 2 occsasions that all 13-7000 series support active stylus/pen.
i think with the new 7th gen core processor models emerging it might be worthwhile to make it clear to all your reps, or have the correct information about it on hand for them.
if you search on the web about this, you will see what im talking about!
either you guys have a group meeting or dell inspiron customers will have their own support group meetings soon.

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Can someone please advise. I schedule a recurrent meeting about a year ago for a group of people. I have since deleted it from my calendar but it can still be viewed in the calendars of the invited attendees. As this is causing confusion, can anyone tell me how I can delete the recurrence even though I can't view it anymore?

Sorry this sounds so dippy .. if I wasn't so dippy I wouldn't have made the stupid mistake in the first place!!!

thanks in advance ...

Answer:Outlook 2007 - recurrent meeting

hi c4twoman,

When you deleted the meeting, did you do it for all occurences or just one.

Anyway, when doing so, Outlook should have asked you if you wanted to send an update, which would have then deleted upon receipt by the attendees.

If that hasn't happened, simplest is to send the attendees an email asking them to detete the meeting from their calendars themselves, all occurernces.


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Here my issue that I can't seem to resolve. Whenever a meeting request is sent or received by my workmate, I receive the same message via email in my outlook (2007) with the "requiered field" says : requiered (name of my colleague). the meeting reques being sent to or from my colleague doesn't include my address, so why I am receiving this message. I quilifie this as a "spying" as I know whats going on between my colleague and the others, does any one have an idea? Thanks

Answer:meeting notification in outlook 2007

Are you running Exchange? Have you asked your coworker what his Delegate settings are?id10t

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Our business recently upgraded to Outlook 2007. I have one user who, when scheduling a meeting, cannot see the attendees free/busy schedules. This is the only user of @300 affected. To date I have:
1)Run the /cleanfreebusy, /cleanreminders, /cleanprofile and every /clean....I can think of.
2)Uninstalled/reinstalled Office 2007.
3)Created a new email profile
4)Created a new user profile. With this, the user was able to see the free/busy times for a few days, but now it is back to square one - cannot see the attendees schedules.

There is no /cleanscheduleplus available in Outlook 07. We are running on an Exchange 03 server, and the OS is a corporate XP image.

Anyone run into something similar?

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A user scheduled an email to send yesterday morning but it sent same time this morning. So I assume she had put the wrong date.

To prove to her and test myself I tried a couple of emails back to me. I browsed them in the outbox and then waited. They still sat there.

I tried another couple and ignored them in the Outbox - they worked.

so my conclusion was that she still put the wrong date, but the test also highlighted that you're forced to set and forget (The topic of this thread). Otherwise they get stuck. Even if I re-schedule and save again in the Outbox, they stay.

Is there a way to edit an email in the Outbox before it's sent without it losing its delay schedule?
Otherwise the delay function is a bit useless if you're forced to create a brand new email and delay schedule after a re-edit.

I'm aware you can create a delay rule but this is just for one off emails rather than across the board.

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In Outlook 2007 Calendar, the default reminder time is 15 minutes. That is, Outlook will remind you of each appointment 15 minutes in advance.

In Tools\Options..., I've tried to set the default reminder time to a shorter interval. But no matter what I set it to--10 minutes, 12 minutes, 5 minutes--Outlook keeps reminding me of each appointment 15 minutes in advance.

In Tools\Options..., there's a checkbox called "Default Reminder:" Whether I check it or leave it unchecked has no effect on the reminder time either--Outlook keeps reminding me of each appointment 15 minutes in advance.

Any ideas what could be happening here?

Answer:Outlook 2007: Changing Calendar default reminder time has no effect


No, but you should be able to repair outlook: How to Repair Microsoft Outlook 2007 |

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we use outlook to view messages in the military. these messages are most likely refrenced by their date time group. in the message ( body of the email ) it will state the DTG.. example DTG: 291323Z Apr 10

i would like to make a field in my view so i can have the messages displaed by DTG. is this possible? if so how?


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Hi! I have put a "Total Time" field in a form to calculate the difference in minutes from the "Start Time" to the "End Time". I was worried about getting the incorrect time span when the time crossed over midnight. Well, I got that part right, but when I enter times in the same day (1:15pm-1:30pm) it gives me the time difference PLUS 1440 minutes. Please tell me what I need to do to fix this! Thank you!

Total Time:
=DateDiff("n",[Date]-IIf(1-[Start Time]>[End Time],0,1)+[Start Time],[Date]+IIf(1-[Start Time]>[End Time],1,0)+[End Time])

Answer:Solved: Start Time End Time Difference in Microsoft Access 2000

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My Satellite P750 always shuts down on the first start up each day, but the 2nd start up works fine and no other problems..

I press the start up button and it runs for maybe 10-20 seconds then shuts down.. it does this both on battery or on mains power..

If I try to start again after this, it starts up fine.. sometimes it gives the option to boot in safe mode, or to run startup repair, but it always start up fine and runs normally..

I have tried start up repair when the option was given, and it makes no difference as the next day it does the same thing again..

Any advice much appreciated, and Im a little concerned that one day it wont start up second time..

The laptop is only about 6 months old, and otherwise runs great..


Answer:Satellite P750 shuts down on start up 1st time but then works fine 2nd time


Recovery the notebook back to factory settings,.
Are you using the Win 8 or Win 7 system?

Usually the Win 7 notebooks supports an HDD recovery by pressing F8 -> Repair my Computer -> HDD recovery.

If the same problem will appear straight after the system has been recovered, I presume there is an hardware problem and an service technician should check the hardware parts.

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I have a user who is trying to print a meeting request from her calendar in Outlook 2007. When she opens the meeting and tries to print, she gets this error:

"There is a problem with the selected printer. You might need to reinstall the printer. Try again, or use a different printer."

This message comes up no matter which printer she chooses (local or network). Oddly enough, when she opens the item within the meeting request, she is able to print that. She is also able to print other items (emails, Word docs, etc.) to all printers with no problems.

Any ideas?? We are new to Office 2007 & this is the first time I've seen this. I was unable to duplicate the problem on my machine.

Thank you.

Answer:Outlook 2007 - problem printing meeting from calendar

Just wanted to add: this just happened with a different user who was trying to print an email that contained an attached item. So it seems the commom denominator is the attached item within the email / appointment they are trying to print. Not sure why that is causing a problem, and why it's only happening with certain users. I still haven't been able to replicate the problem on my comuter.

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When I start the computer up, the Windows Boot Manager screen comes on. I press enter, but every time the desktop comes up, the icons have rearranged themselves to be as close to the left hand side of the screen as possible. Also, the computer is chucking me out of games sometimes, when before they didnt. Could I be infected?

This is the first post I have done on this forum, so if I have done something wrong, please let me know. Thanks

Answer:Windows Boot Manager comes up every time I turn on the computer, Icons re-arrange themselves on desktop every time i start up t...

Hello. Have I done something wrong in my posting? Please let me know if I have. It has now been over 48 hours since I asked my question. Has anyone ever had this problem before or am I over-reacting.


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I need help writing a formula to subtract the end time of an event from the start time of the event. I have tried searching functions by asking for a formula to "subtract end time from start time" and variations on this, but keep coming up with TIME(hour,minute,second) or HOUR as the option under "select a function".  I am working in Excel 2007, and I have my times listed as "8:30:00 AM" and "1:00:00 PM" which is the time format as provided by Excel.  Here is an example of my formula:(cell A1 reads) 8:30:00 AM(cell A2 reads) 1:00:00 PMFormula:  =(A1-A2)   Answer when requested as time: ########################################Answer when requested as number:  -0.19It seems so simple, but I am so frustrated!  I need it to build an excel spreadsheet for my boss.Thank you!

Answer:Create Excel Formula to subtract end time from start time

Quote from: LadyGlenProd on June 08, 2010, 02:57:36 PMI need help writing a formula to subtract the end time of an event from the start time of the event. I have tried searching functions by asking for a formula to "subtract end time from start time" and variations on this, but keep coming up with TIME(hour,minute,second) or HOUR as the option under "select a function".  I am working in Excel 2007, and I have my times listed as "8:30:00 AM" and "1:00:00 PM" which is the time format as provided by Excel.  Here is an example of my formula:(cell A1 reads) 8:30:00 AM(cell A2 reads) 1:00:00 PMFormula:  =(A1-A2)   Answer when requested as time: ########################################Answer when requested as number:  -0.19Formula:  =ABS(A1-A2)  Format:  Formula as Time, in type 13:30, i.e. no AM or PM(Formula cell):  4:30

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Office 2007 Configuration wizard runs every time I start any Application (word, excel, etc)
This takes about 4 to 5 minutes then the chosen program appears.

Can anybody help, I have tried all of the fixes I could find on the net to no avail.

Answer:Office 2007 Configuration wizard runs every time I start any Application (word, excel

Re: Office 2007 Configuration wizard runs every time I start any Application (word, e

Hi Mike

What Windows version (including 32/64bit) are you using and what version of Office 2007 as I had seen this with Enterprise version before but not the others?

Was this a new clean install of Office 2007 and its happening each time or just appeared?

Is this happening in the Admin or Limited accounts or both?

This could be a potential as did work on one PC I worked on, that said doesnt work for all

or if this is on Limited User accounts, temporarily change their account details to give them admin rights, then log in on that account, run one/all of the Office apps so that this installer runs, then reboot and log in again to check, if works ok then revert their account back to Limited User.

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I currently have a issue with my desk top, I upgraded my ram from DDR3 1333 to DDR3 1600 Mhz and I have 4 sticks that are 4 Gigs each, I have taken the sticks out and reset them in the mother board twice, I hear and feel the clicks that their set in to place, the computer is recognizing them. Every so often since I have upgraded, the pc will go black screen at start up. I manually shut down the computer with the power button and turn it back on it starts up fine. It doesn't do this every time. Im not recieving a error or a error beep. The mother board I have is
Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 Motherboard
I just need help figuring this out. In my Bios I changed the DDR3 1333 to DDR3 1600. Games seem to work fine, and also all programs seem to work fine. Please help. O yea I did not have any static electricity around and the proof of that is the sticks work, I only recieve this black screen every once in a while and it never did this at all before I upgraded my ram. The ram I have is

G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR

Thank you for your advice and help!!!!

Answer:I just installed new ram on PC, I get black screen from time to time at start up.

Try running a memtest: Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

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Hiho, i got a X1 Carbon Notebook and a problem using it. From time to time, the system will just stop working (to this point no cause found, tried deactivating updates, checled the battery, ...). At this point you are just able to start the System by pressing the reset button and hold power-up when the system is beeing connected with the power cable (doesn't work without). But since im not using the notebook myself most of the time, i often get this problem presented by the user. So what could be the cause for this, and how do i fix it. I already sent it to lenovo support one time and got it back with "there's no error". Thanks for help andBest regards,Man1acMole

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Hi to all.
I m here again with a problem which I facing since long. when I start computer and launch FF. it takes too much time. no more then at least 50 sec to 1 minute. after start first time, if I close FF and start it again its its launch quickly. and the most funny thing is which is wonder me alot that FF itself know that and often after start FF, its says in status bar of FF that "FF taking too much time to start, to solve this problem follow the steps" (or something like that)
and FF suggest Reset firefox from FF button->Help->troubleshoot problem->reset firefox.
but this method did not solve the problem. FF updated regularly when new update available and the current version is,,,,,, 27.01.
my pc specs is in this forum.

Answer:FireFox taking too much time to launch first time after start pc.


Have a look here:

Try disabling all plugins on a temporary basis and see if Firefox starts faster.

Before trying to reinstall Firefox - backup your Firefox profile using:

MozBackup - Backup tool for Firefox and Thunderbird

Run the program and backup your current profile and save it as a .pcv file somewhere handy.

Then fully remove Firefox and either reboot or run a system cleaning product.

Reinstall Firefox and see if it boots faster. If it doesn't - it's not a problem with Firefox.

If it's okay - run MozBackup again and use it to restore the profile that you saved earlier.

Start Firefox.

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I am using latest release of Windows 10 using an external monitor with a Dell Inspiron. I have the laptop lid closed so that monitor is off so I am only using external monitor. I cannot see start menu or task bar on bottom of screen. I was looking for options in my monitor menu to shift image vertically but it does not have it.

Also if I point my mouse just below the left corner and click nothing comes up (tried this to see if start menu was there and just out of sight)

I also tried to adjust scaling using Intel HD Graphics Control Panel. I can crop the vertical image smaller than monitor but still no task bar.

If I hit the windows key I get the start menu but not taskbar. If I reboot it comes back but from time to time this bug will reappear.

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Hi, I'm trying to make up monthly calendars for a retail store with the times that employees work displayed as appointments.  I can only get the start times that they work displayed but not the end times of their shifts.  For example, June 24th lists only this:10:00 am Kate12:00 pm Nick3:00 pm BethI want it to list it as10:00am - 2:00 pm Kate(etc)Any advice?

Answer:Outlook Calendar... start/end time displays?

Which view is this?  Day vew?  Printout?  Web view?  Are you using an Exchange server?

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Hi all,

I've not seen this problem before:

Outlook 2003 messages are 8 hours ahead of my PC's time. The obvious places to look time zone adjust for PC, and again in Outlook, Tools>>Options>>Calendar Options>>Time Zone. Both are set correctly. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Outlook 2003 Time Not Same as XPSP3 Time

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Does anyone find the twekve hour clock a bit annoying. I would prefer the twenty-four but cant find an option to get this. Is there away to change the settings?

Answer:Outlook express time sent/ received time

For Win98 go to Regional settings > Time tab in Control PanelFor XP in Control Panel, click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options.Click Regional and Language Options.Click Customize.Click the Time tab.Do one of the following:Change Time format to HH:mm:ss for a 24-hour clock.Change Time format to hh:mm:ss tt for a 12-hour clock.

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I have a problem with the time sheet I created in excel for recording downtime. I am using the custom: h:mm AM/PM for start time / end time and then using h:mm for total time. The formula is a very basic =sum(c2-b2) This works well until I have a start time before midnight and an end time after midnight. Any help with this would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Answer:find sum of start time and end time in excel

Even I have same problem........can any one please help

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What formula can I use to know the start time and end time for answering a quiz using excel?

Answer:time start, time ended in excel

Please explain what you are trying to do in a little more detail.Thanks.

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Every time I start Outlook there is an installer which runs telling me it is installing Microsoft Office Single Image 2010. When I close down the system there is frequently a message to say that a program is still open and a button to click on to force a shutdown. There is no program listed and if I leave it for a while it will close down anyway.
Other office programs run okay without the installer running. I have found lots of references to this problem but none of the solutions work for me - many of them are for Office 2007 so this seems to be something which has been around for a while. Anyone know how to fix it?

Answer:Configures Miscrosoft Office Single Image 2010 every time I start Outlook

Okay - you can stop looking - I finally solved it! My solution: Go to Control Panel, Uninstall Programs, Select Office 2010 and Change. Find the Outlook listing and expand it. Enable ALL components to run from the Computer.

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Weird but common problem apparently....

Yesterday the time went up an hour and on one of our system machines the time is not right. Outlook 2000 is showing an hour behind from the system time. So far I have done the following:

1. I tried changing the time in the control panel.
2. I tried changing the time in outlook under calender.
3. I downloaded the Microsoft Office Outlook Tool and tried that.
4. I ran office 2000 in safe mode and still nothing.

Anyone know how to correct this?

Answer:Outlook time is different from system time

my guess is that the email server's time did not change.

and that outlook displays the date & time received via the email message headers.

i would contact the email server support team.

edit - hmmm, what about calendar. try setting a reminder and see if it opens at the system time.

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Weird but common problem apparently....

Yesterday the time went up an hour and on one of our system machines the time is not right. Outlook 2000 is showing an hour behind from the system time. So far I have done the following:

1. I tried changing the time in the control panel.
2. I tried changing the time in outlook under calender.
3. I downloaded the Microsoft Office Outlook Tool and tried that.
4. I ran office 2000 in safe mode and still nothing.

Anyone know how to correct this?

Answer:Outlook time is different from system time

Is it just on one computer you have, or all?

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Weird but common problem apparently....

Yesterday the time went up an hour and on one of our system machines the time is not right. Outlook 2000 is showing an hour behind from the system time. So far I have done the following:

1. I tried changing the time in the control panel.
2. I tried changing the time in outlook under calender.
3. I downloaded the Microsoft Office Outlook Tool and tried that.
4. I ran office 2000 in safe mode and still nothing.

Anyone know how to correct this?

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Hello - strange problem one of our users is having - when she picks up a draft email (she has previously prepared) then sends it, the email is recieved with the draft date, instead of the sending date. This means that the recipient cant see the new message (they will find it in listed as being recieved on the "draft" date). I have been unable to duplicate this error! Has anyone heard of this happening?
(Outlook 2007/Exchange 2007)
Any help very welcome!

Jon Morris
C&IT Services
Edinburgh Napier University

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Hello friends

recently, about a month ago I noticed that something going wrong with my PC,

Computer: Acer
OS: Windows XP prof 2002
SP: 3

evey time I log in I found sometimes 3 hours behind my local time, some times 30 mints. 1 hour etc..
it's almost happening evey time I start up my PC,

why this happening?

help me Pls to solve this issue,

Thank you

Answer:why changing time every time start up pc?

My guess is that it is probably the CMOS battery is needing to be replaced. This is very easy to do, and not very expensive less than $5.00 US.
It is a small flat battery (like an enlarged hearing aide battery). If you computer is a desk top, disconnect all sources of power and open the case. You should be able to see it by the mother board.
If it is a lap top, again remove all power, including the battery.they are usually under the ram cards. Check the manual for your particular computer to find out exactly where they have place it.

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Hello, folks.

I'd just like to say that I have been coming here for quite some time and never even needed to make a single post because you had all the answers waiting for me, and I should thank you all a great deal for that. One of the finest communities on the web, and I'm proud to say I've linked at least a couple of dozen people to these boards, if not more. They all have recieved great help as well.

This time, however, I don't think I am capable of helping myself, and I think I require the assistance of a pro. I myself, while having been able to help myself before, really have very little knowledge of this stuff. Now, I did almost everything in the READ ME AND RUN ME FIRST thread, a few things I was not able to do. I think I know which malware problems I have, I am just unsure of how to rid myself of them, and I'd rather not take a chance and delete something important.

Anyway, I have attached my HiJack This log file, hopefully someone can find the time to help me as this site has many many times before.

Thanks, all the best...


Answer:Long time reader, first time poster...Big time problem...

I need the logs from the two online scans listed in the READ ME.

6: Online Virus And Trojan Scanning

Please run the below two online scanning tools and make sure you save and attach the logs later to any request for help that you post. From step 5 you should already be in safe mode but you will need to reconnect your cable now and possibly reboot and choose Safe Mode with Networking Support. If you cannot connect in safe mode for any reason (like dial-up users), run the online scanners in normal boot mode. You will need to use Internet Explorer to run these online scans.


Bitdefender agree to the license and then select Scan. Once Bitdefender completes the scan:

Click-on Click here to view the report

When the window comes up with the report. Click File, Save As.... and then change the Save as type to Text File (*.txt)

Change the file name to something short like bdscan1.txt

Then save it to your Desktop or anywhere else you can find it to upload here as an attachment.

Post the bdscan1.txt file as an ATTACHMENT.

Panda ActiveScan It will only fix certain viruses and trojans. Most items found will not be fixed. When it finishes the scan click on See Report . Then in the next window click Save Report. The default report name is Activescan.txt. Just save it where you can find it so you can attach to your message when you begin a thread with a request for help.

Cl... Read more

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It's critical that my PC keeps the exact time as I record TV shows on it so just a few seconds off one way or the other will make me miss the start or end of my shows.

I found it was drifting off too much between syncs so I found a program that lets me set it to sync daily, however it seems like most of the time it gets the time completely wrong, often as much as 30-90 seconds off. I did notice that when syncing manually in the time settings it normally gets the right time each time, so I don't know why the scheduled syncs get the wrong time.

I did try several of the time servers with the same results.

Is there just no way to get the Windows time sync to work properly and if not are there free third party programs that can do it reliably?


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Does anybody knows how to rectify the error in access 2007 called "Your network access was interrupted. To continue, close the database, and the open it again"

Iam eagrly waiting for reply from anyone who know the solution on this

Thanking you in advance!!

Answer:Access 2007 run time error

Your posting in a thread thats 4 years old!!!!!
If you want help start a new thread in the relevant section & someone will help you if they can!

Oh & welcome to the forum.

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I use NIS 2007. Can anybody advise as to whether NIS 2007 has real-time protection for Spyware as well as for Antivirus. I am confused also as to what other Antispyware programs I can use with NIS 2007 without causing conflicts. Any advice appreciated.

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Hi There,

I am new arround, so first of all Hi Everyone!

I have a serious problem with Excel 2007 that runs under Vista Business: everytime i close the workbook I am in, Excel crashes down, windows tries to find solutions... of course no results! The same thing happens when I chose to open a new workbook while still working in an existing one.

I have done all the available updates both for Vista and MS Office.

The other components of MS Office work quite OK.

I use a Dell XPS M1330 - I think resources are quite enough. No Add-Ins for Excel.

Many thanks guys!

Answer:Excel 2007 Crashes all the time

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i was student in intern program right now. my organization give me a ms access file that contain information of contract workers. they ask me to separate which of the workers that almost work for 15 years and make a reminder for user 6 months before due date..

why should I scroll and check one by one (that what I was think right now)

im not familiar with access and i never use it before
please i need help i dont care who you are and i really want to say terima kasih (thankyou)

Answer:MS Access 2007: split time

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Microsoft Office Excel

Stopped working

4/4/2010 3:04 PM

Solution Available

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: EXCEL.EXE
Application Version: 12.0.4518.1014
Application Timestamp: 45428263
Fault Module Name: OLEAUT32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6001.18000
Fault Module Timestamp: 4791a74f
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00004580
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 17417

Extra information about the problem
LCID: 1033
Brand: Office12Crash
skulcid: 1033
Bucket ID: 645573241

Anyone kind enough to help me by offering step by step instruction to put the above solution to good effect. My computer literacy level is 'beginner Level'. Thank you very much. - Mak

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hey guys,

I had a quick search and it didn't come up with any answers so I thought I'd post a thread to see if someone could help me.

At work we have recently upgraded to Office 2007 and now one of the Excel programs that uses VBA code has a run time error when using the program, to my knowledge it was fine before switching to Office 2007 and now it doesn't run.

I am not very competent with programming, I have only done basic stuff with Java and C+ with my degree. But basically you run the Excel program and it gives "run-time error 16 : expression is too complex" then after hitting debug it points to a line in the code. The program is basically a selection program that we put criteria into and it spits out a selection for us.

This is pretty much all the information I can give at this stage, please let me know if you can help.


Answer:Run-time Error 16 after switching to Office 2007

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I encounter an error while opening an excel file, i could not view the file and it tell me to enable the macro. But after i enable the marco. The file still cannot be view, there is a error saying " RUN time error '1004' the specific dimension is not valid for the current chart type. i am using microsoft excel 2007. Please try to help. thank you. I need to solve this urgently thanks

Answer:Microsoft Excel 2007 Run Time Error

The code of the macro have some error.

Can you post the code here?

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I am trying to total time cards for a week. On the old excel I had no problem as I just used for example =Sum (d12:d18) and it would total the hours and minutes. I have the times in as hours & minutes with am or pm and the calculator puts in the daily time in hours & minutes. But when I try to total the dailys I get a strange total. Like 1:30 when it should be over 20 hours. I have total for week formatted to h:mm and it comes up the 1:30 total.

What in the world am I doing wrong??

Answer:Solved: Excel 2007 Time Total

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Hi there,

I was hoping to find some help regarding time stamps in excel. I'm currently doing time studies with regards to inter-arrival times of patients to a hospital and manually recording the times down ( not the best thing in the world ). Does anyone know how i should go about doing it?

I was hoping to have excel record a time stamp (hour:minutes: seconds) every time i hit a record button of sorts and concurrently assign that time a numerical patient number. I was hoping to then use that data to create a chart that showcased the arrival trend along a 24 hour period.

Thanks in advance!

-The hospital engineer

Answer:Excel 2007 time study sheet

Welcome to the forum Tim.

If you're recording a macro, be sure that you fix your time stamp by copy and pasting the value, otherwise your formula could keep updating itself with the current time/date.

If I'm barking up the wrong tree, please give more details on what you're after.

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I just bought over my friends laptop. Can someone please help me to understand and what need to be done about the following message:-
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
- <recoveryLog xmlns="">
<summary>Errors were detected in file 'C:\Users\Soo Ling\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\NitroPDF.xla'</summary>
<info>This workbook has lost its VBA project, ActiveX controls and any other programmability-related features.</info>
Thank you and if anyone could offer some advice on how to fix it. : Marc.

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My DAQ system outputs the time and date for each data point collected in the first column along with the various signals in other columns, and I have at least 4k data points in each column. Time and data is given as shown below.11:54:23:11 - 23 MAY 1011:54:38:11 - 23 MAY 10I am trying to extract the time diference between the two data points by subracting the info in two cells, and obviously Excel does not recognize the info in the cell because of the presence of ":11" after hh:mm:ss info.How would I delete ":11" from the column and convert the given info to a Excel readable time/date format so that info in two cells could be subtracted to get the time difference.Thanks

Answer:Time and Date Format in Excel 2007

Are the Time & Date together in one cell?If the times are in there own cells, then Custom Format as:[h]:mm:ss.00This will allow you to keep the full time.MIKE

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I've made a flyer (some text and one image), and I'd like to flip it 90 degrees, then print four per page. Problem is, so far I can get Word 07 to either let me print landscape, or print four per page, but not both -- if I set the page orientation to landscape and then select four per page in the print dialogue box, it automatically switches back to portrait, then prints four tiny ones on the one page.Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:MS Word 2007 Help -- landscape and four-per-page at the same time?

Hmmm. I tried this, and it worked for me. You might check your margins to be sure the 4 images will fit in landscape mode.

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I have an Excel 2007 query: in my spreadsheet, I have a column where I log the number of hours, minutes and seconds flown by a particular helicopter. In the next column is the hourly rate to charge the client for that flight and in the last column I want to be able to calculate the exact cost based on time multiplied by rate. I don't know how to do this using a time field. Can anyone help please?
thank you

Answer:Excel 2007 Time Function Query

Welcome to the board.

Excel counts one day as 1, thus one day = 1/24. Therefore you need time * rate * 24 ; for example, =A2*B2*24.


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If I create a task on my desktop (Outlook 2007) with a reminder of 8am
it comes up with reminder that states "Due in 8 hours".
This seams to be a bug in Office 2007. Has any one found a fix for this problem?


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It's been over one hour since the installation began and the graph shows about 30% left to go. I wonder if there is something wrong with it. The machine is Athlon XP 2800+ with 2GB(Dual channel).

Answer:Looong time to install Office 2007

wow, what else are you doing... over an hour. NO Way, Office 2007 Full install or even Office 14 does not take that long.

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I am about to upgrade to six Windows 7 machines and am seriously considering staying with my Office 2007 for Word and Excel (and PowerPoint, which I rarely use). I cannot find any compelling reasons to go to Office 2013 at this time and about the only reason I can think of that "might" make it worthwhile is something few reviewers seem to talk about. That's load time.

I will be putting SSDs into my two main machines for OS and apps so that should certainly help, but the laptop and other office machine won't have SSD (at least not for awhile). Time is money and I open and close Word and Excel many times a day.

Is there any chance that Word and Excel 2013 will load so much more quickly than Word and Excel 2007 that it's worth the upgrade?


Answer:Office 2007 vs 2013 - loading time?

Hi there,

I wouldn't say load time is a factor when comparing the two versions. The OS helps, because it prioritizes what it keeps in memory from the number of times you open an application, so it should be faster the more you open it regardless of the version. I'd always recommend upgrading from Office 2007, there were just too many issues, like charting (which is partially broken), and much better in subsequent versions. 2010 is pretty solid, but I personally prefer 2013 because of the rich feature set.

If you really just don't want 2013, I'd recommend at least upgrading to 2010, which is much better than 2007. If it were me, I'd just go with 2013. There have been many advancements, like slicers, sparklines, timelines, flash fill, Power Pivot, not to mention the under-the-hood changes.

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I am creating a query to calculate the time difference between 2 different times. The query is based on a 'Rota' table with fields called Time_In and Time_Out, example of a Time_In or Time_Out record is 09:45. The format for each of these fields has been set to Short Time, input mask 00:00;0;_. The formula I have used in the query is:
Hours_Worked: DateDiff("h",[Time_In],[Time_Out]) which produces a result but displays it as a whole number (ie, 1, 2 etc). I have gone into the Property sheet in the query and changed the format to Short Time for this calculation but the result comes back as 00:00 for each record. How can I get it to display in hours and minutes? Many thanks for your help.

Answer:Calculating time difference in Access 2007

I'm not terribly familiar with Access, but I'm researching your issue. In the mean time, my suggestion would be to change the DateDiff argument "h" to "m" to get the interval in minutes. From there, you could have it obtain hours using division, and the additional minutes using the modulus function. Here's an example (again, I'm not familiar with the syntax of Access so I'll try to make it as generic as possible):

int time = 254 //the time difference in minutes (example)
int h //the hours integer for our displayed time
int m //the minute integer for our displayed time
str diff //the string to display the formatted time

h = floor(time/60) //divide the minutes by 60 to get hours, use floor to make sure it is always rounded down
m = mod(time,60) //this will return the number of minutes for the displayed time

str = Cstr(h) + ":" + Cstr(m) //convert the numbers to strings for display
Note that this could would not make the numbers double digits all the time, so 4 hours and 2 minutes would be displayed as "4:2"

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I am using MS Word 2007 - I use on a daily basis the track changes function - however, I am not (as used to be the case with MS Word 2003) able to see the Date/Time Stamp and the Reviewer's name when I drag my cursor onto the relevant "tracked" change (i.e. the insertion or the deletion). I have tried to contact Microsoft, but they want to charge me a fee equal to the purchase price of the Office Suite just to answer a simple question in respect of their own product. Can anyone please help me?

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Hi there,

Can you give me some idea on how to do this...

I am creating a Training Management solution. For this some of the training modules they need requalification after x time. (This time is stored in the database, but is currently stored as (6 months, annually or 3 years) (should this be stored as the number of days?).

So the training table looks like this:

TrainingCode - Primary Key
Traning Name
Requires refresher? - List (6 months, annually, 3 years)
Mandatory? - Yes/No

And I have another table which links a colleague to a training module with a date they trained which looks like this:

ID - Primary Key
Training Name - List from Traning table
Colleague Name - List from Colleagues table
Date Trained
Trainer - List from Colleagues Table

Nowww... what I can't get my head around is:

a) How to create a report to show a list of all colleagues that are overdue requalification training

b) How to create a report to show a list of all colleagues that are due refresher training in the next 60 days

c) How to create the queries to run both of the above reports

d) How to print a list of all mandatory training that is incomplete...
That is a list of all colleagues mandatory training for what there is no record in the ColleagueTraining table.. I already have a list of all mandatory training linked to a job role in the ManTraining and Colleagues tables respectivley.

In addition, I need to be able to limit the details put into the table by the following factors:
- Colle... Read more

Answer:Solved: Access 2007 - time related query

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This is probably super easy, I just can't seem to figure out how to do it.

I have a Date/Time field in a table, which is in "Short Time" format. I want people to only be able to enter times in increments of 30 minutes.

Is there some way to put in a validation rule to "only allow times that have a 'minutes' value of '00' or '30'"?

Many thanks!

Answer:Solved: Access 2007: Validation Rule for Time

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I have Office 2007 running on a Windows 7 64 bit Toshiba laptop. I am trying to separate the data and time in an Excel file in one column and put the date in one column and the time in another. I need a "how to" procedure to do that.

Answer:Separating date and time in Excel Office 2007

Excel has formatting for Date and Time.
For column A use a Date format, and for column B use a Time format.
To copy the value from column A to column B a function in column B like this should work
= IF(A1="","",A1)

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Okay, I have an odd one that I need help with: I have MSWord 2007 running under WinXP. In it, I created a macro (by recording it and doing each step manually, one at a time, all within the same macro recording with a freshly selected blank document) that will do the following:

Reset the margins to T=0.3, B=0.3, L=0.4, R=0.4
Create text columns of 3 columns
Create a table in column 1, that is 3 columns by 10 rows
That's it. I used all the defaults that Word wanted to use for creating the text columns and tables - I did not personalize them in any way. It recorded with no errors or complaints. But here's the fun part - when I get a blank document and run the macro, it won't complete. It keeps complaining about the text column width. Here's the actual error it throws:

"Run-time error '5138': Settings you chose for the left and right margins, column spacing, or paragraph indents are too large for the page width in some sections."

When I debug it, the line that is highlighted below is the one with the supposed error:
If ActiveWindow.View.SplitSpecial <> wdPaneNone Then
End If
If ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Type <> wdPrintView Then
ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.Type = wdPrintView
End If
With Selection.PageSetup.TextColumns
.SetCount NumColumns:=3
.EvenlySpaced = True
.LineBetween = False
[COLOR=red] .Width = InchesToPoints(7... Read more

Answer:Run-time error '5138' with MSWord 2007 Macro

Hi, welcome to the forum,
Probably some missing VBA refrence? DLL error?

You Googled . . . I Googled . . . and found this, ignore all the things about repair software and so, but maybe there is something in this.

Cannot reproduce here with your section of VBA code.

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The company I work for has asked me to work with the DB (as you may well guess in this economy I now have to learn how to work with Access DB. This DB was created by someone who had a book “Access 2000 for dummies” in 2002, I have since then converted the 2000 DB to 2007 accdb format. That being said, in a form that is used to track records-TS# is the primary key, they want a YES/NO or actual name- Completed *check box for yes and blank for no*. I created the check box as you may know that was easy enough. The problem comes in when I go to the next record the box remains in whatever state it was on the previous record and does not show up anywhere else. I am sure this is likely because there are steps that I am omitting or not aware of. Any help offered would be amazing as I continue to work on this train wreck.


Answer:Solved: Access 2007 YES/NO field with time/date

Mike, the Check Box field has to be in the Table that the Form uses as it's Record Source. The Check box has to be "Bound" to that table's field, i.e. it's "Contorl Source" of the check box in design view must be the table field.

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Running VBA 6.5 (within Excel 2007 macro), accessing ODBC DSN for Oracle Database 10.2.
Using DAO 3.6
Windows XP Professional
Works perfect.

Using Windows 2007
Run-time error '3146'
ODBC -call failed

Test connection is successful in Oracle ODBC Driver Configuration

Here is my code, please help!!!

Set wrkODBC = CreateWorkspace("", "", "", dbUseODBC)
wrkODBC.DefaultCursorDriver = dbUseClientBatchCursor
'If wrkODBC Is Nothing Then ConnectDatabase = False
Set db = wrkODBC.OpenDatabase("EBSPROD", dbDriverNoPrompt, False, "ODBC;DATABASE=;UID=bouser;PWD=xxxxx;DSN=EBSPROD")

Answer:Solved: Windows 2007 and DAO 3.6-Run time error 3146

I have additional information.

|0 IM014: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application|3146 ODBC--call failed.|

I got this from this function:

Function fncODBCErrors() As String

Dim strODBCErrors As String
Dim intI As Integer

' Collect ODBC errors (if any) for reporting.
strODBCErrors = vbNullString
With DBEngine.Errors
For intI = 0 To (.Count - 1)
strODBCErrors = strODBCErrors & "|" & _
.Item(intI).Number & " " & _
Next intI
End With
If Len(strODBCErrors) > 0 Then
strODBCErrors = strODBCErrors & "|"
End If

fncODBCErrors = strODBCErrors

End Function

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I have pasted data in to Excel that is in two columns
Col A contains a list of dates, dd/mm/yy; col B times hh/mm/yy. How do I set about calculating and displaying the period in dd/hh/mm/ss that elapsed between col A row B with col B row B, and col A row C with col B row C ?

Answer:Excel 2007: a question about date and time manipulation

Post a picture of a sample worksheet containing sample data so I can fully understand what you need to do.

I will replicate the picture you post and can probably figure it out.

As I understand it, column A contains only something like 13/6/2007 (June 13, 2007). Column B contains hours I guess, but I need a sample to actually look at and ponder.

You want to calculate the total time elapsed between some time on June 13, 2007 in column A and some later time as shown in column B??

Column A contains no reference to hours? Hours are found only in column B?

More info please.

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I have Outlook 2016 on a Windows 10 PC. I have got the latest versions of both Outlook and Windows installed.

I have various 'Add-ins' installed. They were working fine. However, in the last few months, all of a sudden, every few days, they become removed from my Outlook. I often notice a few days later that they are not there in the tabs at the top of Outlook 2016 - especially after it is restarted - and then I have to manually add it by going to the ?Add-ins? section within my Outlook Options.

I have manually re-added them as Active Add-ins about 50 times in the last few months.

Because the Add-ins constantly become ?Inactive Applications? it renders the programs more or less worthless for me.
What can be done to stop the programs becoming Inactive please?

Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your co-operation.

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I had Outlook 2003 autocomplete on this Windows Xp pc for years and grew dependent on it. It was there for me every day regardless of how often I opened and closed Outlook.

My hard drive crashed and Outlook 2003 was re-installed. Ever since then, every time I close Outlook, it "loses" all my autocomplete names. I checked my Outlooks settings, it's set on--I knew it was because I get them for the current session of Outlook only.

I went to the Microsoft site and it suggested that I had a corrupt *.nk2 file. Following a link on this site, I did find my .nk2 file and renamed it (as instructed on the Microsoft site), but still no luck.

What else can I do to keep all my autocomplete names from day to day?

I'm desperate and stumped!! Thanks.

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The other day I was using my laptop normally when it froze. Nothing would work, so I shut it down and haven't been able to turn it on normally since. It will start in safe mode, but not in safe mode with networking. If I try to start it normally it just freezes at the same point during start up each time.

I have tried:
- Selecting 'repair your computer' during start up
- Restoring BIOS to default settings
- Disabling start up programmes whilst in safe mode
- Restoring the system to a previous date
- Returning to last successful boot

None of them work. It just freezes.

I may not be using the right terms, not too computer savvy... I have even tried to return the computer to factory settings as recommended on the Toshiba website, but when pressing 0 a screen comes up that doesn't seem to have anything to do with restoring the system?

I am at a loss. Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Satelite A660 freezes on start up every time, but will start in safe mode.


All you have tried is right. It is not easy to say why you have this freezing problem but I think in this situation best solution is clean OS installation (factory settings).
In user?s manuals document is explained how to do this. I don?t know why do you use ?0? at start-up.
Start notebook again with F8 and use option ?Repair my computer?.

How it works you can also read on follow Toshiba document-

Please test it and pos some feedback.

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Hi all.

First off, I'll say I can open word fine from a shortcut or using the EXE file. But when I click on a DOCX file, I get a window that word is preparing to install, then it gathers information and configures itself; then I think it runs an installer (?). And then, finally, it opens my file. I can close and click on the same file right away and it goes through the whole process. Every time.

It's annoying and time consuming. I've tried a couple of online "fixes" including running this line:
reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\Options /v NoReReg /t REG_DWORD /d 1
and using Fix-It from Microsoft. No joy.

So I thought I'd best come here where I tend to trust y'all know what you're doing. And sometimes even what I'm doing!

As usual, I appreciate the help.

Answer:Word 2007 goes to install every time I open a docx file

Hi pretty weird :/
Have you also tried the uninstall a program option to fix all office programs ?
I rarely if ever use docx
They have features that are unneeded to me personally,

With a problematic file after it goes though all of the nonsense and opens,
Save the file as a compatible 2003 doc file and see if the issue remains with the new file.

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I've also posted a request for help in the "Business Application" forum. - Thank you

For the last week or so, every time I run Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 my system will hang after a couple minutes of use. I've used OneNote almost daily for quite awhile. I can't think of anything that changed around the time this problem started. Ctrl - alt -delete will not help. The only way out is to shut down the laptop with the power button.

Thank you in advance for any help on this. It's become quite a problem.

The hijackthis log is below:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2:01:01 PM, on 1/11/2010
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18865)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Spybot - Search & Destroy\TeaTimer.exe
C:\Users\Ross\AppData\Roaming\SanDisk\Sansa Updater\SansaDispatch.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\eFax Messenger 4.3\J2GTray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\ONENOTEM.EXE
C:\Program Files (x86)\Sensible Vision\Fast Access\FATrayMon.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD DX\PDVDDXSrv.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell Webcam\Dell Webcam Central\WebcamDell2.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell Support Center\bin\sprtcmd.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\LeapFrog\LeapFrog Connect\M... Read more

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I did a comparison of these two products to see how they performed...

My base system is a Dell Precision 390 with 4gb of ddr2 667mhz ram, Core 2 2.13GHZ cpu, virtualization turned on, SataII western digital 160gb harddrive for the storage location (OS is sataII seagate):

Load/boot times are from the initial VMware bios screen till a prompt to login, from a "differencing/clone" image off the network location via gigabit, with differencing files stored on the wd harddrive locally.

x86 Vista RTM load times:
average load time was 1min 27s

VMware 6.x:
average load time was 48s

x64 vista rtm:
load time 55 seconds (about 7 seconds slower than x86, worth noting)

At least on load times, it seems Vmware wins out here. I also like the functionality better with Vmware, virtual networks etc. With virtual pc, to get virtual networks, you must install Virtual Server 2005, which to me, felt very slugish and non-intuitive.

So I'm wondering, if everyone else has found Vmware to be the better product thus far, especially since it will run x64 as a guest OS.

How does Vmware compare speed/abilities to Parallels?

Answer:Virtual pc 2007 vs Vmware 6.x (load time results)... which is better in general..

I have not worked much on VMware, but as far as my knowledge is concerned. VMware is the best option for server consolidation and virtualisation.


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Hi - I have a cell that is calculated based on 2 other cells=IF(F2="","",TEXT(F2-C2,"h:mm"))What I am trying to do is get the cell G2 to change colour if the time is => 4 hours. I have read for hours but everything suggested does not appear to workDoes anyone have any ideas of how I can do this?

Answer:Excel 2007 conditional format cell based on time value

I am assuming that the formula you posted is in G2.I am also assuming that you have entered a time value in F2 and C2.If that's the case, then this CF Rule on G2 should work:=HOUR(G2)>=4Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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I am working with a .docx file about 20MB. I included several figures (different formats, e.g. .eps, .emf, etc.) with numbered captions and crossreferences in the running text. However, Word screws up the document and puts an additional figure into the correct crossreference itself. I do a fair amout of editing, deleting the double figure, but when trying to print the document (update table, numbers, etc.) the double figures are back. For me it is still a mystery, since not every figure is put twice in .docx. Can anyone help me with that? Many thanks in advance!

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I just heard on the news that the US and Canada is changing the start and end of Daylight Savings Time next year.

I believe it will begin one month earlier and end one month later.

Windows computers, like mine, auto adjust when there is a time change. Will the computer fix itself on the new dates?

Is this something built into Windows XP that can not be changed, or does the computer change its time based on's Time Service?


Also, I have a clock that sets itself to the proper time as soon as you plug it in. So if I unplug it and plug it back on, it is the right time again.

With this clock, are the dates stored permanently on it or does it somehow receive the time through the power source?

Will this clock be screwed up next year and in the future when the time changes occur on different times of the year?

Answer:Change in Daylight Saving Time in 2007- Technological Impacts

Last time something like this happened, there was an update that MS put out to fix it.

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Hi Everyone, In the last 2-3 weeks my G780 notebook takes more then 5 minutes to start loading the BIOS. I mean the time while the screen is black and no backlight before BIOS.HDD led is blinking but there is no read/write I think. The CPU is getting warm but the fan isn't working. The BIOS hasn't been started yet. I tried removing the HDD, ODD, memory but the problem wasn't solved.When the system is booted then there is no problem, everything works good.If I restart the system in the Windows 8.1 then it boots normally but if I shut it down and power on again then it takes long time to start. Can anybody help my to fix it? Or I should send it to the service?

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If I am in the wrong forum, please let me know.

About a month after I started using it, the Say the Time clock program I bought stopped launching the management menu when I right click the date/time field in the task tray (notification area).

Therefore, I can't use or edit the program.

Neither the touchpad nor the cordless mouse works.

Other than this problem, my computer works great. Every single item that's meant to be right clicked works for me.

Is there a way I can generate a log to show the software manufacturer (Provenio) that it's their problem and not mine?

I am a novice user but I can follow instructions.

However, I don't want to put my computer at risk if I make an entry error.

Or is it obvious that it's a software problem?

I've been using computers for 18 years and I've never had this problem until I bought this software and used it for about a month.

I just wanted a conclusive way of putting the ball back in the manufacturer's court.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Answer:Say the Time Date/Time Field in Task Tray Doesn't Launch Menu

You can use VEW by Vino Rosso
and save it to your desktop

Double click it to start it Note: If running Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will need to right click the file and select Run as administrator and click Continue or Allow at the User Account Control Prompt.

Click the check boxes next to Application and System located under Select log to query on the upper left

Under Select type to list on the right click the boxes next to Error and Warning Note: If running Windows Vista or Windows 7 also click the box next to Critical (not XP).

Under Number or date of events select Number of events and type 20 in the box next to 1 to 20 and click Run
Once it finishes it will display a log file in notepad

Please copy and paste its entire contents into your next reply

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I am using Nokia Lumia 720. The results are the best so far.
However today I started facing following issue.
It is giving me the message 'Slide down to power off' automatically in regular intervals without clicking any button.
When I slide down it should shut down and stay shut down till I start again, however it is restarting automatically and again flashing the same message.
The middle button is not working for me.
Can anyone please advice me what can be the solution for this ?
Aaswad Waghmare

Answer:Nokia Lumia 720 Automatically giving message time to time 'Slide down to power off'

Seems like the power button is stuck. If your phone is still under warranty, send it for repair. If not, try removing the battery cover. then turn on the phone without the cover installed.

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I am the owner of the company and the closest thing we have to an adminstrator. My desktop is running slow, internet is very slow and keystrokes are delayed quite often. The keyboard is wired so I know it is not a battery situation. I have run virus scans until I am blue in the face, it has not fixed the problem. I had an IT tech install SYmantec ENdpoint about two years agao and it seems that has been causing problems as well. I have tried to remove Endpoint protection from the desktops and network server but it will not fully uninstall. I do not know if that is part of the problem. Attached is the DDS log and Gmer log.

Please help.

Answer:Computer is slow, keystrokes are delayed, internet is sl0w and redirects from time to time.

Hello and Welcome to the forums! My name is Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems. Somethings to remember while we are working together.Do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!Please Do not Attach logs or put in code boxes.Tell me about any problems that have occurred during the fix.Tell me of any other symptoms you may be having as these can help also.Do not run anything while running a fix.We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.Click on the Watch Topic Button and select Immediate Notification and click on proceed, this will help you to get notified faster when I have replied and make the cleaning process faster.In order for me to see the status of the infection I will need a new set of logs to start with.Please print out or make a copy in notpad of any instructions given, as sometimes it is necessary to go offline and you will lose access to them.DeFogger: Please download DeFogger to your desktop.

Double click DeFogger to run the tool.
The application window will appear Click the Disable button to disable your CD Emulation drivers Click Yes to continue A 'Finished!' message will ap... Read more

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I have problems with the boot time and shut down time of my Thinpad Edge. It takes about 30 seconds (the loading screen) after I log in using password until the desktop appears. And then everytime I shut down the computer, it keeps showing the "waiting for background program to close" screen but there aren't any program listed in the screen. Does anyone know how to improve this?

Answer:Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14 experiencing slow boot time and shut down time

hey nitefury,did you install any new software or run and anti-virus programs ? There are some software that takes system resources but wont show at the "waiting for the background program to close" section.also check if you have any application that "runs when windows starts"

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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Automatic date and time was incorrectly displayed so we changed it manually to correct date and time and power cycled the device off and on and the date and time again is incorrect.

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I have written the TOC code and some other functions in while loop. When i execute the forms each time , the output will get generate and it will be in pdf format. And each time one TOC page also gets generate. How can i have only one TOC page and it should get update when forms are executed(TOC contains form names and page number). TOC is table of content in tcpdf.

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Satellite A100-192 PSAA9 with ATI X1600 video card.

Despite the fact that I have installed the most recent driver from the Toshiba support site, display darkens (turns off) from time to time with no apparent reason.

I turn off the computer by pushing the on button for several seconds.

When I turn the computer on, the display is still dark although computer boots.

Only after I take the computer battery off and on again and then turn the computer on, the display is OK.

I haven't been able to find out whether it's a hardware or software issue.

Computer is one and a half years old.

I wanted to find out whether anybody has had such an experience before I take the computer to the service center.

Answer:Satellite A100-192 PSAA9: display stills black from time to time

Do you use the Toshiba original preinstalled factory image??

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Avast Anti-Virus prevents to send emails time to time, it occurred on a computer in my home network, and then on the other one. This Avast does not issue any messages, just emails remain in the Outbox and do not
appear in Sent items.
I know three ways to send emails in this situation. All this three ways are bad.
  1) Exclusion of scanning outgoing emails in the avast settings. This is bad, since sending emails goes unchecked.

  2) Exclusion of checking port 80 in the avast settings. I found it here -  There is explanation there, why it is bad.

  3) Restart of the computer, just after restarting outgoing emails go normally.
My post app is Live Mail 2012 (Build 16.4.3528.0331). 
Can somebody explain this? 

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Dear All,

I hope you can help. Recently bought a new LaCie Wireless Space.
I am connected to it as a wi-fi router to get onto the internet.
However, my Time Machine software will not recognise it as a time capsule.
If I search for it in Airport Utility I a message that says "Airport Utility was unable to find any Airport wireless device" etc etc. Yet I am currently connected to it on wi-fi.

Also, if I open Time Machine and "select backup disk" the following appears:
MyShare on "WirelessSpace (Time Machine)"
OpenShare on "WirelessSpace (Time Machine)"

But on selecting either of them the following message appears:
Time Machine can't access the backup disk "MyShare". (or "OpenShare")
The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error 5.)

Finally, if I go into my Disk Utilities , there is no LaCie Wireless Space icon in the left column
However, there is a Wireless Sace (Time Machine) icon under the "Shared" column when I click on the computers hard drive icon on the desktop, BUT is states "Connection Failed"

I really have no idea where else to look and what else to do - other than contact LaCie - but they have not got back to me now for 3 days.

Any ideas????

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hey guys,

i just bought a new M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard to enjoy great sound in a foobar2000 + flac combination.

i've successfully installed the Vista 32bit drivers in compatibility mode and everything worked fine until then.

after starting to listen to music, i've experienced that from time to time (doesn't matter if i do something with the PC or just leave it there only playing music) the sound starts hanging (and it sounds like stuttering) for 1-3 seconds. then it comes back to normal...and a few minutes later it happens again. it's VERY annoying...

tried playing with WMP (wasn't happy about it) but the same happens.
tried vista 64bit drivers but couldn't install them. tried old Windows XP SP2 drivers, installed fine but no sound.

any1 got any ideas?
am i the only one who has this issue? did i buy a broken soundcard?

please help.

thanx alot in advance

Answer:M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound hanging/stuttering from time to time

m-audio are not very 'windows' friendly. they really haven't released a decent driver for xp x64 yet, let alone vista. great cards for linux and apple though, and xp 32bit. i wonder if any of the E-MU options in this price range would fair could always go usb/firewire gear for recording...

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Hello. Here is my issue short and sweet.

When I use ANY of the web based emails (Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast) on computer A, all of my emails are stamped an hour earlier than real time. By real time, I mean the clock on the computer AND the analog tick-tock clock on my kitchen wall. Both display the correct time accurately.

When I use ANY of the web based emails (Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast) on computer B (or C or D), all of my emails are stamped with real/correct time that matches my kitchen and computer. These computers ALSO reflect correct time.

With either computer, any file created or saved has a date and time stamp that is correct and reflects real time. Whether saved with a web app, a windows app or a cmd line app.

On all computers my time zone is set correctly. The "adjust for DST" box is checked. I also ran TZEDIT to confirm that my DST dates are correct.

One revelation (and I believe herein lies the key). If I look on computer A at the bottom of the "Date and Time Properties box: the current time zone says : Eastern *STANDARD* time. If I look at computers B, C or D. The "Date and Time Properties box says: current time zone: Eastern *DAYLIGHT* time. I can not find any way to change the "STANDARD" to "DAYLIGHT".

Now for the big question. How is this resolved?

Thank you.

PS. As mentioned in other posts, Adjusting the clock on computer A an hour ahead resolves the email issue, but now any file created or modified has the incorrec... Read more

Answer:Web based email Time zone issue wrong time stamp

Double click your clock, click on "Timezone" tab and tick the box for 'Daylight savings'. If need be adjust your timezone from there.

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Not sure if any one has already posted this and got T400 has a strange issue. it takes a lot time in pre-boot... a cursor blinks on the top left corner for 5+ minutes and then loads the 'Windows loading...' screen for about another 5 mins and finally shows the windows logon screen. Additionaly, when i hit shutdown, i am fine. if i hit restart - i am sitting there for ever.  my laptop has 8GB RAM + 256 GB SSD + Windows 7 Ultimate x64. 

Answer:T400 boot time takes long time & has issue with restart

Srini shared the following observation via twitter... perhaps the community can help?
@lenovoforums my T400 takes 10mins to boot; and doesnt restart properly. looks like a famous issue every one has out there #lenovo #thinkpad

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