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Solved: Cannot install Office 2010 trial or othe MS programs?

Question: Solved: Cannot install Office 2010 trial or othe MS programs?

HI all,

Really need help with this pretty fast. Im applying for a job and have had the application form emailed to me in .doc format.
Normally this wouldnt bee a problem as id just open it up in Open Office and away I go BUT this file came through all overlapped and I wont let me change it.

So I tried to download the Office 2010 trial from the MS website and it wouldnt install, got 3 seconds in and went wrong, tried it 4 or 5 time again and the same. Then I tried windows update and that wont work either, it comes up with an error.

Ive now tried to install Word Viewer and it also wont install??

Ive installed another couple of programs tonight to test and they installed fine!! Its just the MS programs that wont.

Any one have an idea of what might be causing this??


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Preferred Solution: Solved: Cannot install Office 2010 trial or othe MS programs?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Cannot install Office 2010 trial or othe MS programs?

Word Viewer is a viewer and won't let you edit, so installing that won't do any good. As for the Office 2010 trial, what's the error?

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My beta expired so I uninstalled the beta. I restarted and tried to install the trial but I get this error.

Error 25004. The product key you entered cannot be used on this machine. This is most likely due to previous Office 2010 trials being installed. (System error: -1073418160)

I read then that I was to delete the following reg entries



Problem is the bottom entry is not deleteable. If I try to delete it or a subfolder or the key I get

Cannot delete office: Error while deleting key.

I tried deleting the key in safemode or by altering the permissions of it and running regedit in admin mode but nothing worked. I'm running win 7 x64.

I would greatly appreciate any help so I can clean this and install the office 2010 trial.

Answer:After uninstalling Office 2010 beta can't install 2010 trial help

Down load and use this Ccleaner Piriform - Download CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, Speccy - Millions of users worldwide!
then try to install
If you still cannot, try in safe mode

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Like many licensed Microsoft products, Office 2010 has a rearm function built-in to extend your trial period an extra 30 days. You can do it in Windows 7 and also in Office 2010 using Office 2010 Trial Extender easily.
The process can be repeated 5 times, giving you a trial length of up to 180 days. But be careful. Click the button once, and the trial length will become 30 days.
Is this legal? Yes. Office 2010 Trial Extender isn't "hacking" Office, it's actually using a standard feature that Microsoft have built into the product. Download Office 2010 Trial Extender. UPDATE: Now supports Office 2013 too.

Answer:Office 2010 & 2013 Trial Extender: Rearm Office & extend its Trial period to 180 days

Download ???
Why ?
You don?t have to download anything...
Just open a Command-prompt (start CMD.exe)
On a 32-bit O/S Enter: "CD \Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform\"
On a 64-bit O/S Enter: "CD \Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform\"
here is a bat-file that runs on both 32 & 64-bit versions of W7 & WS2008-R2: OFFICE 2010_REARM.BAT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SET P=\Program Files
IF DEFINED ProgramW6432 SET P=%P% (x86)
CD %P%\Common Files\microsoft shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform\

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error setting up install ms office 2010 trialtried to install ms office 2010 trial but encountered error during setup. I am using micro xp version of xp service pack 3.

Answer:tried to install ms office 2010 trial

With MicroXP I think you may be pushing it too far expecting Office 2010 to install on it, and you haven't said how much RAM your PC has. Probably not very much if you're using MicroXP, and Office 2010 Setup probably needs more than your PC has.Either that or it's detected that you're using an unofficial version of Windows, so it's aborted.

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I currently have Office 2003 Pro and use Outlook 2003. I downloaded the 2010 Pro trial version so I could look at Outlook and Word. However, as it turns out, Outlook 2010 will not install if there is a previous version of Outlook installed.

How can someone evaluate if it won't install? All the other 2010 applications install with the Office 2003 applications.

I don't want to uninstall Outlook 2003 as I maintain several mailing lists for a club. It would be a task getting all this recreated in a new version - just so I could try it.

Answer:Office 2010 Trial - Outlook will not install

Only outlook doesnt sit with the older version..all other programs can be installed as new by changing the location where 2010 wants to get installed.

AFAIK, no changes will take place when you install outlook 2010 over 2007. All email, accounts, rules and contacts remain unchanged. I have personally tried this. But I am not sure about 2003 version.

I can suggest you try Outlook 2010 in a virtual machine and then decide whether to go for it or not.

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Can anyone please help me with this?:

I tried to install a microsoft office 2010 trial pack on my windows yesterday But it didn't install properly Now I'm unable to install office again and also unable to uninstall the one that was not installed properly Please help me with that...

Answer:I tried to install a microsoft office 2010 trial pack

Quote: Originally Posted by rsn7

Can anyone please help me with this?:

I tried to install a microsoft office 2010 trial pack on my windows yesterday But it didn't install properly Now I'm unable to install office again and also unable to uninstall the one that was not installed properly Please help me with that...

Have you tried a System Restore point?

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hello guys,
I want to try the trial version of Office 2010 but I got a problem in installing it on my Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 2. It says "The installation of this package failed". I already uninstalled my previous Office program to avoid conflicts. Do I need to go back to Vista with SP1? Please help!

Answer:How do I install Office 2010 trial to Windows Vista with service pack 2?

Try in safe mode
Try with firewall and Anti Virus off.

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Has anyone ever downloaded Microsoft Office 2010? I tried the other day to install the trial version of Microsoft office 2010. For some reason it would not download and since I really didn't care I just decided to forget it, until I turned on my computer the next time. It used to come on and hook to the internet within a minute before, now all the things on my desktop light up but nothing I click on works, so I know it's not the internet connection. It takes about 5 minutes, then it's fine. I looked in the control panel and there was no 2010 installed, but there was something there called Microsoft Office Click-To-Run 2010. It won't let me uninstall it, and I never could download the 2010 trial version. Please, someone out there tell me they can help me. Microsoft wants money for tech support, even when it's their mess. Not that it's anything but annoying right now, but I'm sure it will have negative consequences down the line. Thanks ahead of time

Answer:Solved: Strange behavior after installing trial Office 2010

why don't you do a system restore to the day it was working ok that way microsoft word 2010 won't be there.

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I've downloaded both the TFS and Visual Studio 90 day trial versions.

Visual Studio came with one EXE file and 3 RAR files.
TFS came with one EXE file and two RAR files.

I ran the EXE file on both but it did not install either app on my PC. My PC is running Win 7. I'm a mac person, I've no idea what I'm doing but need to get this installed for some coding assignments.

Can someone please tell me? I've been at it all night, searching and reading, it's already 2:30AM and nothing is making any sense.

Answer:[SOLVED] how to install visual studio 2010 trial

Hi NorCal,

Download the trial from here:
Visual Studio 2010 Trial Downloads | Microsoft Visual Studio

Try running the web installer and follow the wizard. It should then install the application for you.

If it does not create a link on your desktop then go to Start> All Programs - It will be in there under Microsoft Visual Studio.

Hope that helps.


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one of my co-workers wants me to get rid of some viruses and install office 2010 home and student on her computer with the key she bought. her computer runs windows 7 64-bit. after backing up her data, i finally ended up doing a factory reinstall from the backup partition. so i downloaded all windows updates and installed antivirus and firewall software. then i downloaded the office 2010 trial and tried to install it. it seems to begin installing without any problems. then a splash screen for powerpoint appears. it says that its "processing" and does that for about 20 minutes and then there is a balloon that pops up saying that office is downloading files. after all that happens, an error message appears that says something like "powerpoint cannot be opened. please try again later or repair this software in the control panel" with no sort of error code. i then tried repairing it from control panel which claims to complete successfully. so i restart and try to install again and the same thing happens all over again. if i try opening word, excel, powerpoint or onenote the splash screen appears and does the same thing that i described powerpoint was doing. ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. i also tried installing the 60 day trial for office 2007 that came preloaded with the computer and then installing office 2010 over it. same thing happened. im really stuck on this one. i would really appreciate some help as ive never seen this kind of th... Read more

Answer:Office 2010 programs wont install / lauch after install

With the number of problems there I would suggest going back to scratch & starting all over again.

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A trial version of Office 2007 came with my new laptop. The trial expired. I found a fair deal online for the Small Business version and received the package with discs today. I've created many files with the trial version. When I install the new version, will I KEEP or will I LOSE the files I've already have created (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint)? I suspect the installation won't affect the previously created files, but I'd like my confidence to be bolstered by the voice of authority gained from true experience. Is that you? Please put my mind at ease...hopefully today. I have a trip tomorrow.

Answer:Solved: Install Office'07 over Trial version. Lose files??

Shouldn't be a problem. I guess the slight chance exists if you saved them in the "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office" folder, but that would be a ridiculous place to save them. Even if they are there...I doubt they would get deleted unless you manually deleted that folder.

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My dad bought us a product key, but it came with no download. Where can I download a trial of Office Professional Plus 2010 (x64) on microsoft? I can't find a download for it.

Answer:Office 2010 Pro Plus trial?

Quote: Originally Posted by cclloyd9785

My dad bought us a product key, but it came with no download. Where can I download a trial of Office Professional Plus 2010 (x64) on microsoft? I can't find a download for it.

Please clearify - you have a key for the trial version or you have purchased a key to the full package (not trial)?

Please read the following to get an idea of the key things you need to know before you evaluate Office Professional Plus 2010.
Use a non-primary PC for evaluation. This Office Professional Plus 2010 evaluation will de-activate in 60 days and it requires the removal of previous versions of Office prior to installation. Thus, we recommend not evaluating this software on a PC that will require an activated copy of Office after the 60 day trial period is over.
60-Day evaluation expiration. This evaluation software will expire in 60 days after which it will deactivate and must be uninstalled before installing a purchased copy.
If you need the free trial versin, try this like to get started:

Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010


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I am currently trying to extend the free licence on my evalutation copy of MS office. The thing is though I am having trouble doing it, as I don't seem to have the OSPPREARM file in the folder that enables me to extend the trial.

Does anyone know where this file will be or how I can find this file on my PC without looking through every individual file on my PC.


Answer:MS Office 2010 Trial Extender

Hi there
I usually find the easiest with this type of function is to

1) Image the system before installing Trial

2) at expiry of trial RESTORE image taken before trial install
3) re install trial

Sometimes merely "uninstalling" and re-installing the product won't work since Registry entries can have been made.

I think only the OS can be extended via the "re-arm" functionality -- not the Office product. I'm not sure however -- anyway next time use my method.


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Like Adobe pagemaker, photoshop 30 day trial version i want 30 day trial version of office 2010 / 2007. can anyone give me the link please (to use 30 day without activating or trial serial)

Answer:i want office 2010 30 day trial version

Dude, do some searching, don't just ask here for links to stuff that takes 10 seconds in Google.

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Can anyone let me have the validation code for the trial version of the above. I cannot find mine!Windsor

Answer:Office pro 2010 trial version

It won't be the same as others code you would have been issued your own key

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Dear Sir/Madam

I installed a trial version of Microsoft Office 2010 a while ago but as of recent I have had problems with it. I have tried to uninstall it with windows uninstaller and Ashampoo Uninstaller but all attempts have just kept this program intact on my computer so I went onto the Microsoft site and downloaded a new trial version and tried installing it which just made it worse, I thought I would be able to ovewrite this program.

Using Ashampoo I deleted the log which removed the software or so I thought the problem still happens on start up I receive a Window message which I have made a screen snapshot so that you can see what I mean and maybe be able to help me with this situation or if I install a full version would this sort the problem out


Marc Rowlands

Answer:Microsoft office 2010 (trial)

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I just got off the phone with a Dell techie who solved this problem: that being the full (Trial) version of Office 2010 was installed along with my factory installed Student Version and I could not delete the Trial apps that continued to bug me to buy 'em after the trial expired. The "fix" suggested: "Go to Word>File>Help>Uninstall Trial Versions" DID NOT WORK. The trial versions were still there. There are two ways to fix this, the hard way and an easy way:

Hard Way: The "Trial Versions" were installed when you first started up and configured the "Student Version". You will need to uninstall the student version and reinstall it, making one key change. Go to Control Panel>Add/Remove section and UNINSTALL "Office Student Version" as there is no opportunity to REMOVE the trial versions which are embedded in the Student Version. If the Student Version was factory installed and you have the PRODUCT KEY (essential), you can go to and redownload the Student Version and reinstall using the KEY---HOWEVER, do not be too quick to click NEXT, etc., etc, as the window which has two buttons: INSTAL and CUSTOM, you must click on CUSTOM and be sure and UNCHECK the "INSTALL TRIAL VERSIONS OF OFFICE". Proceed with the rest of the installation.

Easy Way: (thanks to Dell techie) Go to Control Panel>Add/Remove, scroll down and HIGHLIGHT MS Office Student Version. At the top of the screen click the CHANGE... Read more

Answer:Remove Office 2010 Trial Versions

Thanks for the tip

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When I try to uninstall Microsoft Office 2010 Trial, my computer will go on doing it's thing for about 20 seconds then it will restart. I believe this is happening because when I Was uninstalling it earlier I had accidently shut down the computer during uninstallation. ANy help would be appreciated.

Answer:Cannot Uninstall Microsoft Office 2010 Trial

Try reinstalling it again, and see if you can then remove it.

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I've just installed Windows 8
I want to try or buy Office 2010 from the Microsoft website

The download link just doesnt work

Go to this link:
Click on Try it Free button
Then click on the Try it Free or Buy button on the next page - the page doesnt exist

I've spent 30 min trying!
What am I doing wrong?


Answer:I cant download Office 2010 trial or buy from Microsoft

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Is office 2010 in windows 7 home premium 64b trial only? Or is there any product key that I didn't see? Thanks!

Answer:Is office 2010 in windows 7 home premium 64b trial only?

It depends..

Did you purchase a new machine from somewhere?

Alot of times, Dell and other major manufacturers will include a trial version of Office 2010 on the machine when they give it to you.

Did you request or purchase a license of office 2010 with your machine?

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Microsoft has released Microsoft Office 2010 Plus 60 Day Trial to the public. You will have to uninstall any previous versions and it will deactivate after the 60 days is up but will give the public and opportunity to test the latest Office Application.

We are inviting IT professionals around the world to evaluate Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 in your lab environments and with Microsoft Office enthusiasts in your organization. And when you download this 60-day trial software, you?re automatically registered to receive valuable resources delivered at strategic intervals throughout the software evaluation period.
Here?s what you need to know:Please read the following to get an idea of the key things you need to know before you evaluate Office Professional Plus 2010.
1.Use a non-primary PC for evaluation. This Office Professional Plus 2010 evaluation will de-activate in 60 days and it requires the removal of previous versions of Office prior to installation. Thus, we recommend not evaluating this software on a PC that will require an activated copy of Office after the 60 day trial period is over.
2.60-Day evaluation expiration. This evaluation software will expire in 60 days after which it will deactivate and must be uninstalled before installing a purchased copy.
3.Technical details/updates. Before installing the software please read the Release Notes.
4.Getting started. Learn more about Office Professional Plus 2010 by visiting the Getting Star... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus 60 Day Trial now available to public

i downloaded & activated my 2010 is wonderful....i'm really impressed..i have a tiny question...why it is still not validated
office 2007 in my Desktop is nicely validated,,,but,MS sill not validate their MSDN subscriber office 2010 professional plus..why is it?

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As above, how long is the free trial for when you get the free trial from the MS website?

Answer:How long is the MS Office 2010 free trial duration?

It is good until October, 2010..

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I downloaded and ran the trial version of Office 2010 Professional Academic version. After a few days I decided to activate it and entered the 25-character product key which accompanied a purchased CD version of the program. When I go into any of the programs (Excel, Word, etc) and check to see if Office 2010 is authenticated (File > Help) I see displayed "Trial Product" and it says my trial period will expire in 26 days. Below that it reads "Product Activated." In other words, according to the almighty wisdom and omniscience of Microsoft I have BOTH an unactivated trial version and an authenticated version of their product. I would have thought that once I activated the product it would no longer say I have a trial version. Should the "Trial Product" bit still show there? If not how do I get rid of it? Thanks in advance for any comments, advice, etc.

Answer:Office 2010 says I have both an activated version AND a trial product

Quote: Originally Posted by Islamabad

I downloaded and ran the trial version of Office 2010 Professional Academic version. After a few days I decided to activate it and entered the 25-character product key which accompanied a purchased CD version of the program. When I go into any of the programs (Excel, Word, etc) and check to see if Office 2010 is authenticated (File > Help) I see displayed "Trial Product" and it says my trial period will expire in 26 days. Below that it reads "Product Activated." In other words, according to the almighty wisdom and omniscience of Microsoft I have BOTH an unactivated trial version and an authenticated version of their product. I would have thought that once I activated the product it would no longer say I have a trial version. Should the "Trial Product" bit still show there? If not how do I get rid of it? Thanks in advance for any comments, advice, etc.

Uninstall both 2010 versions > then re-install your paid version.

You could use the Programs and Features application. Do you see both versions there ?
If yes, uninstall both.

Here is a special application designed specifically for uninstalling MS Office of different years.
Scroll down to Office 2010 Suites, and click the FixIt button to uninstall.
How do I uninstall Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 suites if I cannot uninstall it from Control Panel?

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Has anyone ever experienced the following problem? If so was there a cure?

Have installed office 2010 60 day free trial. After I click on the shortcut Microsoftword 2010, a window pops up and says "Type your 25-character Product Key". I cut and paste the key in that was given to me and after a few seconds I get a message below the box that says " The key you have entered is valid". This is in green and there is also a green check mark beside the box where I entered the product key.

I then hit the continue button. After a few seconds I get a message in red that says "Installing the product key failed. Please try another product key" There is also a red "X" beside the box where I entered the product key.
How do I correct this?

I've made sure that there isn't another version on my desk top, I uninstalled/reinstalled. I saw on a web site to contact the activation center but when following the steps to determine the activation center tele # for my area at one point it says to start the microsoft application. Well that's the problem. It won't start when entering the product key.

Just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this? If I can't get this resolved then I would like to find some other software that works just as well as microsoft word.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Microsft Office 2010 trial free download

OK so to be clear you installed the trial, then bought a product key and entered it? And since this happens when you click the shortcut, I assume your trial period has also expired, correct? Finally, did you have a different version of MS Office installed before now? If you could post pics of those screens you get it would help. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Vista Forums

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I bought a new computer with a trial version of office 2010 installed but not activated. I all ready have 2007 and I installed it. Will I have a problem if I uninstall the trial version (2010)?


Answer:Can I uninstall office trial 2010 after installing 2007?

I would remove one of the versions before installing the other, but it sounds like you already installed both. You may or may not have problems, but if you do you can always reinstall the activated one (2007) with your CD and activate it again.

Let me know if you have problems reinstalling or uninstalling the office software

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I run windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. I previously had office 2010 beta which i did a complete clean uninstall and removed registries. Office 2010 Professional was downloaded from the MS Office website and so was the key.

But when i tried installing Office 2010 professional plus trial i got an error - Error attaching to OSE, error 0x00000000.

i was asked to check whether ose.exe was running. For some odd reason i am unable to find OSE in services.exe.

I understand its supposed to be in "\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Source Engine\" , but there is no folder called "source engine" in the Microsoft Shared folder. I did a complete search for ose.exe and source engine folder in hidden and system folders but unable to find it.

Please advice. I dont have an installation cd. I downloaded office 2010 from the website link given above. Also i dont have any virus on my system which could have corrupted or deleted ose.


Answer:Office 2010 Professional Trial on Windows 7 - ose.exe missing

You could try downloading the file again from microsoft. It is possible your download was corrupted by something or other.

Microsoft Office Online

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If you've been using the 30-day version of Microsoft Office 2010, here's a nice tip for you: the testing period can be extended for up to six months. Much like Windows, the popular productivity suite contains a so called rearm function that gives you 30 extra days to activate the program. The command can be used up to five times, and if used at the end of each 30-day grace period, you can run Office 2010 for up to 180 days without entering an activation key.

Source - Extend Microsoft Office 2010's free trial period to 180 days - TechSpot News

Answer:Extend MS Office 2010's free trial period to 180 days.

Thanks, good information to have.

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I'm in panick!!! I installed Office 2010, marked to keep earlier instalations and neiter Outlook 2010 nor my Outlook 2007 opens any more, I receive an error message telling me, it cant find the Information service .dll file.
I already tried to create a new profile, but when I try to open Outlook with the new profile, I get the MAPI error mspst.dll missconfigured or missing

I already reinstalled ==> nothing

ANybody has a good idea how to recover? MS doesn't answer as mostly.

Best wishes
Gerhard Tekes

Answer:Outlook 2007 crashs after Office 2010 Trial instalation

Try saving the 2010 msi to a CD or stick (to avoid downloading again) then system restore to before and reinstall without outlook 2010

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Whilst trying to download a trial version of MS Office 2010 an error message came up advising "a file required to setup MS Office Home and Business 2010 is corrupted. Try running setup again." I have tried times now and the same error comes up. Please help.

thanks in advance

Answer:Cannot download trial version of Microsoft Office 2010 due to corrupt file

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I receive an error message stating I need to install MSXML version 6.10.1129.0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Wendy

Answer:Solved: Office 2010 won't install on XP

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I've been having trouble installing Office 2010. I legitimately own 2007, and I get the free upgrade to 2010, but it's the actual installing part that isn't working.

Basically, I try to install it side by side with Office 2007, but it won't work. I get this error message about 2/3 way through the install:

Error 1920: The service (osppsvc) could not be started. Make sure you have sufficient privileges to start system services.

I am an admin, running XP Home, and I definitely have the permissions to start services. I read that changing the service to start under the Local Account instead of the NTAUTHORITY/NetworkService it's set to by default would fix it, and i can start the service after changing this, but the install rolls back anyways.

I have tried completely uninstalling Office 2007, deleting all registry entries, using CCleaner to patch up any registry problems. I also used Windows Installer Clean Up to remove it, didn't help.

So i can install and use Office 2007 just fine, but when i go to install office 2010, i get this error every time.

I checked the permissions for all users, and i have full control. I also gave that NetworkService account full permissions, didn't help.

Any help would be great.

Answer:Solved: Office 2010 Install Error

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installing windows home & student 2010 trial when get IE warning re: loading "Microsoft Office ClicktoRun Bootstrapper". Go to msn site, search bootstrapper & full name & get no hits. what up other than ms product? is this ie paranoia, valid ms program part of 2010 or hitchhiker? thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:vista 2010 trial install

bohartb said:

vista 2010 trial installClick to expand...

:confused Obviously you meant "Office 2010 Trial install".

installing windows home & student 2010 trialClick to expand...

Again, obviously you meant "Office Home & Student Trial 2010" since there is no such thing as "Windows Home & Student Trial 2010".

All Office 2010 trials expire and become useless in October 2010 so there is very little reason to install any of 'em. Try using OxygenOffice Professional. It's 100% free for life, no adware, no toolbars, no 'catch', and it will read, write, and edit all Office documents: PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc, and it doesn't matter if the file is an "X" file or not. This means that it will work with files from Office 2007 and 2010 that have the "X" in the extension: like .docx for Word, .xlsx for Excel, and so on. However, if you're determined to use this +/- 2 month trial of Office 2010, try doing all your Windows updates first, then download and install the trial from this official Microsoft link. If you still get a weird "bootstrapper" warning, just click "OK" or whatever to continue the install.

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Running Windows Vista on a Toshiba. Tried to install Office 2010. Had a trial 2007 but uninstalled it. I keep getting this 2203 error and have turned off the virus software as well as the firewall.

Error tells me to go to users/martins/appdata/local/temp/setup00001284/PSS10R.CHM
Internal error C:\Windows\Installer\29b431.ipi -2147287035

I did an internet search and found someone who mentioned going to the Microsoft site and downloading and installing the Microsoft Installer. I did that and tried again and am still getting the 2203.

Could someone assist please.

Answer:Solved: Install Office 2010 getting error 2203

My husband was able to get it installed. At the beginning of the install there is a box checked that says something to the effect it will try to authenticate the license while doing the install. He unchecked that and the install completed! Once complete, he opened a work doc and was prompted for the license key and it took it at that point and we're good to go.

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I have a HP Laptop , running windows 7 home premium

i'm trying to install office 2010 (student teachers version)
The program on installation has found groove already on the PC and wont install until removed

Looking at the PC - it already had office pro 2010 which was installed in feb2014,but is not able to run or seen on any of the shortcuts / programs

However, they where unable to find the CD or the Key for a repair , and so asked me to install a new version, which they had purchased,
I since discovered that the laptop had a virus and was sent off to be professional virus removed at a local shop. I do a bit of work for this shop anyway.

I went to see what I could do with the existing office 2010 and it is corrupt and would not uninstall

So i run revo uninstaller - after it had found 36,000 registry entries and was still counting I cancelled the process , as I wanted to create some recovery DVDs before proceeding

When I run the recovery media creater for HP - it asks me to select the media type - but there is no media listed to choose

The DVD works and plays videos OK
And I also ran windows DVD maker and it recognises the DVD

SO questions

How do i uninstall the old office 2010
will allowing revo to delete all the registry entries cause some issues

and why cannot I see the DVD from HP media creator - which crashes now
Also getting norton security errors "8504,104"- which indicate corrupt install
So probably will take back to the shop now - BUT... Read more

Answer:Solved: unable to install office 2010 because of corrupt old version

MSFT have an uninstall FIXIT - might be worth a go

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Hi, I have a Dell that came with Win-Vista Home Premium. We had Several propgrams including Office Proffessional Academic - 2010 loaded on this machine.

Just recently it was infected with something called Vista anti-virus 2011 so we took it in to have it removed at a Frys
electronics. Just got it back. Today when I tried loading Office I got the following error message.

Setup Errors
Setup is unable to proceed due to the following. To install and use this product you must
be running one of the following OS.

x86 platform
-Windows 7
-Windows Vista SP1
-Windows XP SP3
-Windows Server 2003 SP2

X64 platform
-Windows 7
-Windows Vista SP1
-Windows Server 2008

Correct the issues and re run setup.

Am I missing Service Pack 1 perhaps? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: Unable to install Office Proffessional Academic 2010 - after format

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I have Office 2003 am trying to update to try 2010.

Keep getting a message saying download manager is restricted by browser settings.

To save to local drive and execute from there.

Have tried that and same thing happens.

Answer:Cannot Install Office Trial

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Hi all,

A newbie here, and so glad I have found this forum as I have spent most of the day trying to solve this to avail!

It might be easier if I explain my issue in bullet points as I am really not a techincal person and have gone round in many circles so far. I am trying to set up my own website and hosting and so far so good..until today!

1. About 2 years ago installed Office Prof 2007
2. Never uninstalled when trial ended - have old email address with this trial
3. Ever since then outlook has never worked and every time I have accidently hit on an email link an error message would come up which mentioned my personal folders/archives and pst files...(cannot retrieve error msg now as I have played around so much today!)

4. Today bought email hosting and got free outlook 2007 with it
5. tried to install outlook 2007 and got the following msg half way through installation:

Error 1406.Setup cannot write the value to the registry key xxx
Verify that you have sufficient permissions to access the registry or contact Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) for assistance. For information about how to contact PSS, seeC:\Users\CLAIRA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Setup00001e88\PSS10R.CHM.

6. clicked ignore and carried on - it seemed to work!
7. Followed the step by step guide on how to connect outlook to my exchange very close to the end and it said that outlook had to be online to complete...and I just kept getting error msg after error msg
8. I struggle back a... Read more

Answer:Can't un-install Office trial, Can't install Outlook 2007..

try above its a free trial, has advanced uninstaller and full registry remover, uninstall office re boot then try install again, any corrupted installations will show with a warning

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I plan on buying Office 10 in a few weeks (from my college's store, since I get a nifty discount), however my Toshiba laptop has a pre-loaded trial version of Office 07. I have not put in the trial product key yet, so I haven't activated the trial yet (but I have used Word 07 a couple times, but cancelling out of the product key screen).

What would I do to install Office 10? Do I remove Office 07? Would, after installing Office 10, i'd still get the Office 07 nag inside of Office 10? What do I do?

If I decide to install instead, do I then uninstall Office 07? Would my .doc files (from another computer and never opened with Office 07) still look for Office or would they open immediately in Same question if I install Office 10?

How would one go about removing this un-activated trial version of Office 07?

PS: If my college's store has Office 07 instead and since I never activated the trial, how would I go about installing that?

Answer:Solved: Installing Office 10 with an Office 07 Trial Installed

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Everytime I try to download Office '07 Standard from, the file comes up as an 'unknown program'. Yet on the site, its a .exe file. What should I do?

Answer:Can't Install Office Standard 2007 Trial


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Hi all. I hope i'm on a correct thread as this is for IdeaPad S serier netbook. Currently on Windows 7 Starter (netbook) that comes preloaded with MS Office Starter 2010. I do have a genuine MS Office 2003 which previous comes with my PC i bought many years ago. I'm wondering can i install it on top of the current MS Office Starter 2010 OR do i need to uninstall the preloaded MS Office Starter 2010 first? What if i would need the MS Office Starter 2010 again next time? I dare not to do it because i worry i will crash all the MS Office apps... Any idea? Thank you... 

Answer:Can install lower version of MS Office ontop of the preloaded MS Office Starter 2010?

Relating to the old version.  Do you have an Office cd or is it a part of a restore cd?  If the former you might be in luck, if the latter, probably not. Secondly, you may or may not be able to do what you want.  I would uninstall the starter first then install the older.  Even this you may be in for a problem.  I did a beta of 2010, then installed an older version and it took MS two days over the phone to get things straightened out and they did that by having me restore windows and that only worked for a few months.  in the process of this mess I found dozens of forums filled with people with the same problem I was having. For some reason the first newer install leaves something in the registry that - even though the older one installs right - makes the system think it needs to reinstall one of them and it will go through a long process of configuring etc. As to whether you can reinstall the 2010, again you would have to have a separate cd to do so unless you wanted to restore your entire drive and lose all yoiur stuff plus the older office. Others, my wife included on her computer, have had no problem going from one version to the other. One other fact.  If youi have an older version and install a 2010 version they can install as separate installs and work together or on ours it gave us the option of uninstalling the older portions of office that came on the new office.  (Wife had office pro older version, in... Read more

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Can I run the trial for office 2007 and keep my 2003 stuff loaded and running? My life's in OneNote 2003, which I have the full version of(2 copies, actually), but my trial for all the other office things *just* expired, and I've got a giant paper due in 2 weeks. Which is now read-only. I can't figure out what I need to do in Oo.o in regards to headers and formatting. Which is the main reason I'm currently in a state of panic!

Do you have to get rid of 2003 to use 2007?

Edit: I'd like to hold off on buying 2007 until after the end of the semester, because I need to turn my tablet in for some pretty crazy repairs. And I'm debating the merits of switching to vista while all that's being changed around in the meantime. So I'd like to wait on buying until after I decide if Vista's gonna work for me.

Answer:Office 2007 trial question (My 2003 trial just expired!)

Hi there,

I'm not sure about the trial version, but with the whole version (which I understand the trial version to be, only with a countdown limit on it) you can install over 2003 and keep both versions. The only thing you cannot do this with is Outlook (you are only allowed one of those programs/versions at a time). There are some other minor issues, but for the most part, all can run together fairly well. I have 2003 and 2007 installed on my main hdd partition.

So when your 2007 trial is up, you can uninstall it, but will need to reinstall Outlook. It would probably be better to reinstall everything anyways. You may have issues with normal.dotx or personal.xlsb, etc.

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Does anyone know what Microsoft charges when a trial version of MS Office Student & Teacher Ed. is activated. My son has it included on his new laptop. I'm guessing they charge the list price of 149.95 (or whatever). I'm thinking that I can probably get it somewhat cheaper elsewhere on line or at WallyWorld. I also like the idea of having an actual disk to install it from. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Answer:Solved: Cost of trial Office?

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a few weeks ago i replaced my hard-drive and had to install everything all over again.
since than, all the programs (other than browsers) aren't able to connect to the internet.
for example, when i try to use google calender sync i get "please connect to the internet to use Google Calender Sync.", i can't use utorrent and their Portchecker ( says the port does not seem to be open. it happened also with itunes and other programs.
i tried adding these programs to the 'exceptions' in the windows firewall and the specific ports, i tried disablaing the firewall and the anti-virus and nothing helped.
before i replaced my hard-drive and installed everything again, it worked, so i don't think the problem is in the router or my internet connection.

i have windows XP, AVG antivirus.

thank you very much!!

Answer:programs othe than browsers can't connect to the internet

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Hi, (I posted this earlier by mistake in win98 to I'm putting it here in xp)

I have xp and everything works fine except I notice that lately when I open up "help" in a program (a totally unrelated program--HP label maker kit today it happened in), the whole help "box" opens up in dreamweaver!

the other day I can't remember if it was another program or a link in I.E. or what; but I clicked on help, or something, to open up text, and it opened up in dreamweaver also!

I guess I must have dreamweaver set as some sort of default somewhere, but I can't find it. It's when I expect regular text to open up, that it opens in dreamwaver. It's not the programs themselves that open in dreamweaver, just the help stuff or something.

can anyone help?

Answer:Dreamweaver Opens When I Open "help" In Othe Programs

If you know what file extensions are incorectly associated you can check and change them by going to your control panel, clicking on "Folder Options", selecting the "File Types" tab, and examining the file extensions and their default associations.

You can change any that are worng.

If you know the exact date that this problem began you can use Windows System Restore to revert your system to a previous system state which may correct the problem.

Start>programs>accessories>system tools>system restore.

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I had a problem with Outlook emails hanging up in the outbox and then sending as many as 14 copies of the same message. I was unable to fix this Using the "Repair" function of the upgrade installation disk (created from the downloaded file). I removed Office completely and tried to reload; however, my disk got corrupted and Outlook is no longer available. Is there a way to recover Outlook without having to purchase it separately? I am using Office Professional Plus 2010 Home Use Program. The email that came with the original download from Digital River states to go to the "Account Management Console" to reload; however, this is on a hard copy and the original email with the link is no longer available. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Outlook 2010 missing from Office Professional Plus 2010

If you downloaded this from Digital River, then you may be able to download it again, contact them and ask.

If you can download the install file again and it works, burn yourself a CD of the downloaded install file.

Also write the keycode on the CD.

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I installed the Office 2007 Trial package - I needed to view a PowerPoint presentation. I have gone through the activation process countless times, but my programs are still running in read only, which is causing me problems not completing work I need to do. I tried to uninstall it, but then all of my original Office programs (Word, Excel, Outlook) were gone. Can someone tell me how to uninstall it and maintain my original programs or get the crazy thing to activate so I can use my programs? About six months ago I installed it one time to view PowerPoint, but was able to uninstall and retain my original programs. Please help!
Thanks so much!

Answer:Solved: Office 2007 Trial problems

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I'm hoping someone can give me some advice before I start ripping my hair out here. I'm using XPand I bought Office Professional recently but my laptop came with a free trial of Office Standard Edition. I now have a couple of problems.
1) The 'Office Standard Edition' which was on the computer when I bought it does not appear in 'Add or remove programs.' I made the mistake of trying to remove it by deleting the folder from program files. This means that whenever I start up Windows Installer tries to run and then prompts me to run outlook and set it as my default mail client.
Why doesn't it appear in add or remove programs?
And how do I stop the computer searching for the programs on startup?
Also how the heck do I remove it fully?

2) Thinking that I had removed the free trial version I then installed the Professional edition that I bought. The components that weren't included in the free trial (Office Access, Office Infopath etc) work fine but every time I try to open Word, Excel or Powerpoint (which were included in the free trial) windows installer pops up then it tells me it cannot find the installation file. It seems to me that whenever I try to use something that was in the original free trial version the computer tries to default to the original version not the one I just installed.
I'm one of those scary people that knows just enough about computers to mess things up but not enough to fix anything. ie I'm barely... Read more

Answer:Solved: Remove Office Free Trial

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On a different computer, I had a trial version of Office 365 installed. I purchased Office 2016 and uninstalled the trial 365 and installed Office 2016. However, Office 365 "remnants" mingled in with the Office 2016 installation and it was a mess getting it straightened out. Perhaps some profile type files, registry entries and who knows what else remain after the uninstall and found their way into the new installation.

Is there a way to absolutely remove everything associated with Office 2010 before I install Office 365.

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I had the beta installed (32 bit). Now I am installing the 64 bit version. When I ran setup it says that i have to uninstall all 32 bit versions of office. I went to the control panel and tried to uninstall, I select "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010" and click the "uninstall" button but nothing at all happens. So I downloaded "RevoUninstallerpro" to force the uninstall. I did that, uninstalled everything and all of the regestry files. THen i gave the computer the old restart. Went to install it again but same problem. Here is a screen shot of whats going on.

Here is a screen shot of the message....

Here is the installed programs on my comp... as you can see there is not office products on here..

Answer:cant install office 2010 x64. says I have 32 bit office but i dont

There are still remnants use CCleaner.

What is your OS 32 or 64? If 32 you should use 32 office; not mix and match.

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I am running Office 2010 Pro on Windows 7 Home premium.
No problems for months. Now needed to hook on new network. Printing is fine in all programmes in Office and others (Thunderbird, Chrome, Foxit Reader, etc...). All except in Excel. The programme (Excel) does not see the printer, or when it does it does not let the printer be chosen. Printers are all Kyocera or Brother, but different models.

Any ideas?


Answer:Office 2010 nt in Excel, but will in other programs. Solutions?

If it's an existing worksheet created on your previous nw/printer then perhaps there could be something unique in the worksheet settings/attributes that the printer you are wanting to use can't handle.

Some things to try if you haven't done so already..

Can you select and print to another nw printer ok?
Can you create a new simple worksheet and print it ok to that printer?
Try deleting that printer and re-adding it.

Hope that helps

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I am having two problems.
1. I was getting a message "A program was blocked from changing your default search settings...". I ran Malware and found dealio toolbar installed yesterday. I clicked to delete these files and Malware was not able to remove them. If I try to uninstall the dealio toolbar, it tells me that dealio is trying to get access to my computer and I cannot delete it. However, the previous message about search settings is now gone.

2. I am assuming that this toolbar is the cause of my other problem since it started today as well. When I try to open MS Word or Office 2010,etc, I get this message: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in set associations control panel."

I ran the hijack this and this is what I got:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 1:23:10 PM, on 2/28/2011
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.19019)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Dell\DellDock\DellDock.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell DataSafe Online\DataSafeOnline.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell Support Center\bi... Read more

Answer:Unable to run any MS Office 2010 programs. ?malware

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I have two machines on which Office 2010 is installed, but neither of them lists Word, Excel etc in the default programs. Word, Excel etc are also not listed under the RegisteredApplications registry key.

Machine 1: Windows 7 HomePremium 64bit. Originally had 64bit version of Office2010 installed but later reverted to 32bit version so could sync with 32bit laptop. Default file associations seem to be fine and Office Programs appear in "Open With" list but they do not appear in the Default Programs list.

Machine 2: Windows Vista Home 32bit. Recently installed Office 2010 (was using Open Office 3.3) but Office programs did not appear in the Default Programs list and default file associations was not set (e.g. .doc files opened with Open Office). Ran Fix-it to uninstall and then reinstalled Office 2010 but no change.

Can anyone give me the registry entries for Office 2010 so it appears in the default programs list? Or tell me how to uninstall / reinstall / fix reg entries?


Answer:Office 2010 not listed in default programs

FWIW; I have office 2010 Pro and the only program that shows in the default programs list is outlook 2010.

All file associations appear to be correct too.

Missing file association has obvious impacts, but just out of curiousity; what [negative] impact are you experiencing as a result of not having the office suite listed under default programs?

There is a way to add them, apprently, using this program: Default Programs Editor

as suggested on this thread: Add a program to the list of Default Programs?


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I downloaded the trial version of Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Office edition and I found a problem with Word. When I open Word everything works okay, but when I start typing fast, it freezes, and after a few seconds it works again (with everything I had previously typed).

I was wondering if there was a fix for this or something I could do.


Answer:Solved: Problem with Microsoft Office 2007 trial

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(Disregard, problem is due to human error).


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i have been using microsoft office 2000 - but was unable to fix the error that prevented "detect and repair" to work. i had downloaded the windows redistribution installer 4.5 but i still could not find the data1.msi. so i decided to uninstall and reinstall by office 2000.

well, of course, now that i uninstalled it, i am unable to find my product key. even though i had the validiation before, i assume that i'm just out of luck.

so i download the trial of microsoft office which is way too user friendly for my tastes. i feel like i am in an alien program. i never thought i'd be the type of person who doesn't like change. (i hope it isn't because i turned 60)

two questions (oops 3 questions- if i do a restore will i get my old office back? will i be able to find my product key in the registry? are there any other office programs that are not so user friendly that you can recommend? Sidepart: i do not like the fact that no where could i find the cost for the trial verison of microsoft. is that legal?

I enjoy your site - i also am having some help in the game section - unrelated to my problem shown above.

thank you for your help - joni

Answer:Solved: microsoft office standard 2007 (trial)

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As you can see, the title states the issue.
When I open my list of default programs, my MS Office 2010 is not listed.

Does anyone know why and how I can ADD MS Office to my list of programs??

Thanks !!!

Listed Green

Answer:MS Office 2010 installed but not listed in my default programs

had the same problem, but with the beta version.

anyway, there are some who claim that they have to do it manually, depending on which version of office you installed, 64 or 32, will depend to which folder your exe's are in.
here is the 32 version:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14
the 64 is the same, but without (x86).
here is a quick summary how to do it manually:
Right click on a document in Windows Explorer and then select Open with and then click on the Choose default program and browse to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 and then located and click on the WINWORD.EXE item and set that as the default application to be used.

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My MS Office files have generic icons, and when I open them, Windows asks me which program to use. Office 2010 isn't even on the list. A trial version of Office 2007 came with my laptop. I downloaded the Office 2010 beta, then uninstalled 2007. Since I uninstalled the old Office, all my Office files are no longer associated with Office, and there seems to be no way to remarry them. Office 2010 (beta) doesn't appear in the default programs control panel. The only way I can open those files is to open Word/Excel/etc, and File>Open. I feel like this should be simple. Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Cannot associate Office 2010 (beta) with Office file types

Did you uninstall 2007 after you installed 2010?
If so you messed things up and you need to do a repair. Open Word, then the Office button, and then Word Options.
There on the Resources area, run diagnostics and do a repair.

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I'm running Windows 7 on my new computer, which came with a trial version of Office 2010. Rather than buy the full version when the trial expired, I installed the Office 2003 I had on my old -- now dead -- computer. I now find that I can't open the Word and Excel files I created with the 2010 version. Is there a 'cloud' site where I could send the 2010 files and have them returned to me as standard .xls and .doc files? Or is there a free converter available for download?

Answer:Solved: How can I open Office 2010 documents on a computer that has only Office 2003?

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I am now getting an "install" request for my office 2003 teacher/student edition after uninstalling the trial 2007 that came with my new VISTA laptop. I saw a previous post that indicated it could be a virus (asking for sku111 file). I tried to access the Panda and Trendmicro free scans , but they seem to be as unhappy with VISTA as I. Thank you in advance for the help. Here is my HJT log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:12:02 PM, on 8/15/2007
Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16473)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\NDSTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\itunes7.1\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnscfg.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\BTTray.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\CFSwMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Free\avgwb.dat

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - ... Read more

Answer:Solved: uninstalled office 2007 trial and now have 2003 issues

While I cannot guarantee that there isn't malware listed above, the problem of Office installation requests is due to the uninstall process for Office 2007. From personal experience I can tell you that the uninstallation of programs (quite frequently when manufactured by MS) causes a number of problems for prior versions. For me, the resolution was to uninstall all Office products and reinstall Office 2003.

The annoying install requests can be cancelled and the application of choice will continue opening until you uninstall and reinstall. You shouldnt lose anything since the office installations don't really affect "My Documents" or other data folders.

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I purchased a PC which came with a pre-installed trial version of Microsoft Office (I don't know if it is Home, Pro., or which), but believe it is 2007. I subsequently purchased Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. Although it has less features than the pre-installed version I believe it includes the features that My Wife and I will normally use. When installing this program, am I supposed to uninstall the pre-installed trial version, or will it automatically be deleted or overwritten?

Answer:Solved: Overwrite Or Uninstall Microsoft Office Trial Version

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I am having problems uninstalling Microsoft Office 2007 trial. Everytime I try to uninstall the program it shows this message:

"Setup cannot continue because a required file is either corrupted or not available. Run setup from original source disc or download location"

I have tried manually removing it and trying to find an uninstaller in the Office folder but had no joy. It also recommended I used windows installer to uninstall it but I don't quite understand how I would do this.



Answer:Solved: Microsoft Office 2007 Trial uninstall problems...

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This was driving me crazy. I used the uninstall in Control Panel because I didn't want to use it or pay for it. This left the item showing on the list of installed programs. After annoying me for a few weeks, I finally gave in and used the Fix It facility on This opened the DOS dialogue window and proceeded to delete all sorts of files. Result. No more Office 2007 messages or attmepts to install it. Hooray!!
(Incidentally my ancient Office 97 Pro loaded pefectly.) But I'm rapidly becoming a Works fan. It does all I need. I can't see me rushing to get Office 2010

Answer:Uninstalling trial version of Office 2007 on Windows7 Solved!

But I'm rapidly becoming a Works fanClick to expand...

- you have to pay for works now on windows 7 - thats a time limited trail too

Openoffice is very good and free

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My office just upgraded to Microsoft 2010. I have a bunch of macros, all written in with Excel 2007. Some of them take a few minutes to run so I used to take care of email while waiting, but I can't do that. I can open Outlook, but can do nothing in it. Same with Word 2010. This was never a problem with Excel 2007.

I know we have the 64-bit version, as I can no longer use an Add-in I had previously. Don't know if this is an issue.

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Under Add/Remove programs the following items appear:

1) 2007 Microsoft Office System;
2) Microsoft Office Live Add-in 1.4;
3) Microsoft Office Outlook Connector;
4) Microsoft Office Suite Activation Assistant;

Is there any particular order I have to follow to remove the programs to uninstall Microsoft Office Professional Hybrid 2007 - trial?

Many thanks

Answer:Solved: Uninstall Microsoft Office Professional Hybrid 2007 Trial

Yes, you do need to remove any add-ons first before removing the main Office System.

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Today marks the official release date to retail stores for Office 2010 and with that Microsoft is launching a $80 Million Dollar Ad Campaign they are calling the Make it Great Campaign. The ad's will focus on selected people from the 9 million who Beta Tested Office 2010. Seventy percent of the ad's will be via online channels, with the rest spent on print ads and billboards.
With the ad's, Today, Microsoft is circulating a list of Reasons to Try Office 2010.
1. Outlook Social Connector, providing a ?people-centric view of e-mail?
2. Linked Notes in the OneNote note-taking program (enabling users to ?dock? OneNote to the side of the screen, take notes and map those notes in the presentation.
3. Sparklines in Excel which are charts that fit into a single cell to show a trend at a glance
4. Photo editing in Word
5. Video and broadcast capabilities in PowerPoint
6. Office Web Apps, which are the Webified versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Microsoft is beginning to roll out a new version of Hotmail today (Windows Live Wave 4 Hotmail) that allows users to share these Office Web Apps documents via Hotmail
7. A Ribbon you can personalize by adding often-used commands (or by collapsing it to take up less space)
With the release, Microsoft is focusing on getting users to upgrade from previous versions of Office including Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007
Check out the Make it Great site Microsoft Office 2010: Make It Great with Office 2010
Office 2... Read more

Answer:Microsoft launches $80Million Office 2010 Ad Campaign With todays Office 2010 Release

this time surprisingly,no office 2010 ultimate version like earlier..only upto professional plus..

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hello, i bought a new laptop a few months ago and rather than install my office xp pro, i chose to download the office 2007 small business trial and have been using this for 2 months including outlook for which i have many emails. my problem is i now want to use office 2007 pro and have bought an upgrade product, but to get this on my laptop i 1st need to install office xp pro then upgrade! if i bought office 2007 pro full product would this just install over trial or do i have to uninstall trial beforehand?what will happen to any files i have saved in office and also my emails? i cannot afford to lose any emails so how do i go about doing this? any help much appreciated.

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I was troubleshooting a computer remotely that lost it's icons for Office programs, they all show system. The files still open fine. However, it is annoying the user so I tried to repair. But going to control panel and right clicking "change" a window pops up but then nothing happens. The windows disappears and no "repair" selection shows up. So put in the install disk and try again and nothing happens.

Is the only fix a reinstall? I tried to reinstall without uninstalling thinking maybe the repair is there but I received two errors:


the message resource is present but the message is not found in the string/message table

Fault bucket 1130769153, type 5
Event Name: Office12Setup
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: {10140000-0F00-0000-0000--0000000FF1CE}
P2: 14.0.4755.1000
P3: X
P4: MsiAPICallFailure
P5: Office64.WW\Office64WW.xml
P6: X
P7: X

There is a user log file created I just noticed but I'll have to grab it later.

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my microsoft 2007 trial is not working because i modified some changes to it by going to "start" button, click "run", type "regedit", went to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Office/12.0/Registration/{91120000-0014-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE and deleted "product id" and "digital id" and then i closed it. Then i clicked "start", went to "run", typed in: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller\Proof.en, then i opened the "proof.xml" in notepad, then i changed the section at the bottom where it says </Feature>

<Feature Id="SetupXmlFiles" Cost="1248">

<OptionRef Id="alwaysInstalled"/>


</Package> and i changed "alwaysinstalled" to "neverinstalled". then my microsoft doesnt work. I can open my stuff but i cannot type or do anything. I also cannot uninstall it and cannot install any new or reinstall any old microsoft office programs. HELP PLZ PLZ PLZ!


Relevance 61.91%

O K! I need help with Microsoft Office Proffesional Plus 2010 on an xp system. I had this program running fine a couple of weeks ago but then I had to uninstal and then reinstall the program. Now, on the reinstall, I get an error "Microsoft Office Proffesional Plus Encountered an error" and it cannot complete setup, blazee blahh. I have been dealing with this for about 2 weeks now researching and trying different fixes but nothing has worked thus far. I think that there may be an old registry key or something from an older office version that is hanging this install up but I'm not sure. Can you help?

Answer:Can't install Office 2010

Have you tried System Restore to a point prior to the first installation?

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After much effort finally uninstalled Office Ultimate 2007 from win 7 x64.
I have been attempting to install RTM Office Pro plus 2010 x86. Everything appears
to install until the end of the scroll installation bar, for some reason my floppy drive is accessed (grunt grunt) and Office installer informs me that a Office Pro plus 2010 encountered a problem during set up and naturally pushing close button confirms the Office has not been installed.
I have tried various compatibility modes as Administrator but no go.
Any advice/assistance would be appreciated.



Answer:cannot install office 2010 x86

I just dowloaded it from my TechNet Account. Will try to install tomorrow.

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says i need 64 bit. anyway around this?

Answer:can i install office 2010 on 32 bit os

Office 2010 is available in both 32 and 64 bit versions. The 64 bit version will work ONLY with a 64 bit OS.

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Hello all,
I have been trying for the last couple of days to re-install an HUP Office 2010 Pro Plus on a new install of Win 7 x64.
I switched from XP where Office worked fine.

When I first tried it I received the error code 1920 (osppsvc).
So, after searching numerous MS help and support sites, and trying various so called fixes,

I'm now getting; Error: 1402 Set Up Can Not Open Registry Key

Let me know what you think and how I can fix this situation.

Thank You!

Answer:Office 2010 Pro Plus will not install on Win 7 Pro x64

Hello and welcome, eZAK

Probably the previous installation left some leftovers in your system. You may Download Office 2010 Removal Tool and let it a try.

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When I try to install office 2010, the program says: it has to be installed in Q disc, and Q disc should not be used.But, as we know, Q disc of thinkpad is a recovery disc, how could it not be used!I have think all the way I could do, but still..... Does anyone has the solution for it?


Go to Solution.

Answer:can't install office 2010

Try extracting the image(content) of the disk

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Hi to all

my friend has a problem with his Office 2010

he bought the original cd from market

but now he can't install it

windows visa showing error and not accepting

Windows Premium Home
version 6.0 ( 6000 )

need help badly


Answer:Office 2010 Can't Install

showing this msg

To install and use this product, you must be running one of the following operating systems:

x86 Platform
Windows 7Windows Vista sp1Windows XP Sp3Windows Server 2003 Sp2
x64 Platform
Windows 7Windows Vista Sp1Windows Server 2008
i tried this Method but not worked

Method 2: Turn off compatibility mode

To resolve this issue, you must disable compatibility mode before you try to install Office 2010. To do this, follow these steps:
Right-click the Office 2010 Setup.exe file.Click Properties.Click the Compatibility tab.Click to clear the Run this program in compatibility mode for check box.Click Apply, and then click OK.Double-click Setup.exe to install Office 2010.


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I had uninstalled Office 2010 because my computer was crashing and I could not figure out why.
Now that the problem has been resolved, I cannot reinstall Office.
I have done 2 fix-its, and I did a clean boot.
I also tried to install in safe mode and safe mode with networking.
The error message is : "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 encountered an error during setup."
There is no error code.
What can I do?
Thank you.

Answer:Cannot Install Office 2010

Did you Office Pro come with your HP laptop as a trial version or did you buy Office Pro and installed it.

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I have tried multiple installs all of which have failed at the very last of the installation. I read the stickies above and don't have a problem there. I've done manual cleanup as well as use uninstall which fails to complete. Used msciuu2.exe as well. I am running Office 2010 beta. Using MS uninstall and manually wipe things out the install program writes to the log that there are no upgradeable programs installed which tells me everything is cleaned out. It proceeds in the installation and then fails at the very end. I ran the set up file in adminstrator mode. Right now I am back to an image which has the beta installed and working. I wonder if some other program I have installed is interfering with the installation.

Answer:Office 2010 Install

Where did you get your copy of Office 2010?


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I just purchased Office 1020 online and attempted to install it under IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

All bomb out claiming the "protocol slupkg" is unknown and stops. The script called when the install key is pressed is:
<a href="slupkg://#####-#####-#####-#####-#####;%7b00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000%7d/;">

Any ideas?

Answer:Cannot install Office 2010

If that's your install key there... I'd edit it out the post

Quote: Originally Posted by dwurmfeld

I just purchased Office 1020 online and attempted to install it under IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

All bomb out claiming the "protocol slupkg" is unknown and stops. The script called when the install key is pressed is:
<a href="slupkg://;/;">

Any ideas?

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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

I have downloaded several ISOs from multiple sources but cannot get it to install. I have burned disks using Ashampoo and ImgBurn both but still no love. I have mounted said ISOs using Virtual Clone Drive and still get nada.

I have made AutoPlay active but it does not launch. I have tried kicking off the Setup file and get nothing.

I am sure it is something simple but I am missing it.

Answer:Cannot install Office 2010 from ISO

You get no errors at all? Have you tried to disable antivirus/windows defender to see if it's blocking the executable? Have you tried extracting from the image and running it locally?

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I am trying to install Office 2010 but it is saying I do not have Vista, I DO have vista that is what I am running on! Help??

Answer:cannot install Office 2010

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I bought Office 2010 Home and Student and I can not get it to install on my Dell Studio Xps 8100. I got it to install on my laptop, but not my desktop. I have removed all I can of 2007 (Publisher will not uninstall) and I have left the installation run for many many hours. I have tried installing in a clean boot as well. Any suggestions?

Answer:Office 2010 will no install.

What error message are you getting?

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Here's the problem. I work for a school district and we have been using Office XP 2002 for years (and years and years ). We are going to be adding Office 2010. I was told they don't want to have just 2010 because some of the teachers that are set in their ways won't use it. I installed 2010 on my computer and also have 2002. When I try to open an Excel spreadsheet in a shared document it always opens in 2010. I even did "open with" and pointed it back to the Office 10 folder which contains Office 2002 and found the Excel exe. but it still opened in 2010 version. Same with Word and PowerPoint.
Personally I think we should just put 2010 on and give some workshops, but they aren't going to do that. Has anyone else ran into this? Is there a solution?
Thanks for any info you can give me!

Answer:Solved: using Office 2010 AND Office 2002

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Been trying to load a newky purchased version of Office 2010 on my laptop with Windows 7. I have both an online link and I also ordered a back-up CD. Whenever trying to install from either source, the install asks for the Product Key, it Validates and then begins the install and then just stops at about the 98% complete mark and just sits there with no error message or any explanation. If I try to close the window (after 15 minutes) it says it's closing, but never does andI have to use Task Manger to finally close it. How can I get the install to finalize?? It's frustrating..............

Answer:Office 2010 install stalls

Hi there,

Does your hardware meet the specifications? Do you have any other applications running? Have you left it running for more than 15 minutes? Perhaps it might be something to install it, enter the product key, and let it install overnight while you're in beddy-bye, or when you go to work. Without a specific error message, or a failed install message, I'm wondering if it's just going really slow.

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A few days ago I bought an ASUS notebook with Win 7 Home Premium and Office 2010 Starter preinstalled, after my old laptop had gone to hell.

When I tried to install the Office 2010 from the dvd that I had used before with XP home, I got a message that I had to uninstall the preinstalled Office 2010 Starter. So I did uninstall the two Office programms that where preinstalled and tried again.
The installation started fine and appeared to go all the way through but then ended with the message that "an error was detected during the installation", but no details which error. So I thought maybe the uninstall was not complete and after some search found the fixit tool 50450 for uninstalling Office 2010. No change. Downloaded another older tool, but both tell me there is nothing to uninstall, except for some "Office legacy files" which would not be unistalled, I have no idea what that means.
Then I read advice to eliminate manually all entries of "Office" in the registry and so I eliminated the one in CURRENT_USER but could not eliminate the one in LOCAL_MACHINE, it is blocked.
No change.
A friend gave me a disk for trial of a corporate version of Office pro plus and this one installed fine but as it lacks a key this was not useful because I needed to uninstall it again.
So what blocks one office 2010 pro (which had worked perfectly in my XP laptop) but accepts another XP (which I cannot use becauuse of the lack of the key)?
BTW as my disk contains ... Read more

Answer:Cannot install Office 2010 in Windows 7

Using info from these two articles please find and post a OFFICE setup log file.

Error codes for Office 2010 installations
How to use a setup log file to troubleshoot setup problems in Office

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My system is Win7-64 with Office 2010 64-bit version installed and running OK. I installed Office 2010 using the standard Setup routine and opted to install only Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. After completing the installation I deleted the huge MSOCache folder the installation left behind on my boot drive because my C: is a 64GB SSD and I need all the free space on it I can get.

Now I need to install InfoPath but cannot do it. I have the original Office 2010 CD but all of the Setup programs on it fail - including the one in the InfoPath folder. I downloaded the "trial" Office2010 Setup routine (15.7 MB) but that fails also. I tried "Change" from the Control Panel INstalled Programs list but that does nothing.

Is there any way to get InfoPath installed without having to completely de-install Office 2010 and re-install it?

Answer:How to install Office 2010 InfoPath?

Starting individual msi packages from Office disc will cause error 1713.

You need to start main setup.exe from Office disc. It will ask you what you want to do. Select Add or remove features, then Add InfoPath. Setup will create huge MSOCache folder again, but install only InfoPath.
Then it will finish, delete MSOCache. That's the only easy way.

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I've just upgraded from vista to win7 ultimate and I've been encountering a number of problems...

I've been trying to reinstall programs and they are not working. Like some aren't extracting correctly or most are saying "files are corrupted, re-download". Does that mean they are not compatible with win7? because I've re-downloaded winrar almost 6 times with the same result...

When I try and complete the setup for Office, it extracts and the cmd prompt thing pops up, then the error message saying I don't have a proper OS but my windows is Activated and genuine with Windows 7 Ultimate.

Answer:Office 2010 Professional Plus won't install

Hello there, Locketi

Are you installing this Office from a DVD?

What other programs/apps are showing the same behavior?

I've had no problems with Office 2010, so far. I've installed it at least 200 times (exagerating)

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Hey,I got MS office 2010 installed couple of weeks ago,but I unninstall it,because i didn't got enough disk space.
When I try to install it it gave me this error.
About the unninstall:It didn't succesfull unninstall,and when I try to run the unninstaller,it restart my PC.

Answer:Can't install or uninstall office 2010

Quote: Originally Posted by geniulmalefic

Hey,I got MS office 2010 installed couple of weeks ago,but I unninstall it,because i didn't got enough disk space.
When I try to install it it gave me this error.
About the unninstall:It didn't succesfull unninstall,and when I try to run the unninstaller,it restart my PC.

Use this MS Support tutiorial :
How do I uninstall Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 suites
How do I uninstall Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 suites if I cannot uninstall it from Control Panel&#63;

Note : scroll down and select Office 2010 suites button

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Just got a new 64-bit Windows 7 HP Pavilion dv7 pc, preloaded with Office 2010 Starter. But on step 3 of the Office 2010 installation process, it gets hung up at 43%. It gives me error message "There was a problem setting up Microsoft Office Home 2010: There was a problem setting up Microsoft Office. Try running Setup again. If the problem continues, contact Microsoft Product Support." I've googled this and found a registry edit %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming. But the registry already has that value. Anyone know what's wrong?

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I am trying to install the trial version of Office 2010. When I activate the trial installer from the microsoft website, I am getting an error message that says "This produce must be installed on Q:. Make sure that Q: is up and running". Q:, on my system, is a working USB drive that I use as readyboost. Any ideas?


Answer:Office 2010 Gets Install Error

Where do you have the installer saved to? It has to be on your desktop when you try to run it. I recommend not having any USB drives connected during install.

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I am having windows XP as operating system and I have removed Office 97 from my computer now I am trying to load Office 2010 but it shows following message"set up is unable to proceed due to the following errrors:To install and use this product you must be running one of the following operating systems;X86 platformWindows 7Windows Vista SP1Windows XP SP 3Windows Server 2003 SP2X 64 platformWindows 7Windows Vista SP1Windows Server 2008correct the issues listed above and re-run the setup."The above CD is for three computers and I have already installed on two sucessfully.Please guide me how to go further

Answer:Unable to install office 2010

I take it that you are installing on another XP machine. Make sure it has been updated to SP3Try here for Office 97 removal, MS sometimes leave stray files around: before you try another install of 2010, try here: make sure that 2010 and all of it's files are completely gone.MIKE

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Hey Folks,

Everytime I'm trying to install MS Office 2010 on Windows 7 i getting the below pop-window box with the error after the completion of installation process:

About an year and half ago I had MS Office 2010 Trial Version for 6 months (not sure about the trial period), after the trial version got expired I installed MS Office 2007 & have been using it since then.Now I want to go back to MS Office 2010 but can't as keep getting the above error.

Any way out through this error?

Answer:Unable to Install MS Office 2010

Try using Revo Uninstaller Pro - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs easily, Forced Uninstall to make sure all the files are gone. Also check the %appdata% for extra MS office files, along with the %temp% area.


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Have installed Office 2010 Professional Plus on my laptop with no problem but my main pc won't even read the disks. I am asked to 'insert a disk' when trying to open the drive in Windows Explorer/Computer.Both pcs are Windows Vista. Have up-to-date drivers on the dvd reader and it will read other disks.Any help out there please?

Answer:Office 2010 professional won't install

See if Sally Tang's advice at click here is any good. G

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