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macro outlook 2007 from field populated with

Question: macro outlook 2007 from field populated with

I would appreciate if any of you could tell me how I could write a macro that was launched whenever the from field of a new email message window under Outlook 2007 is populated with a particular email address [email protected] from the list of available email addresses.

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Preferred Solution: macro outlook 2007 from field populated with

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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The following hyperlink in Microsoft Word opens up a contact from Outlook. Is there an easy macro that goes to that contact, and adds to the work document, the words from a certain field in the contact. I have new fields in my contact form, and want the word document to show the words from some of those fields.
Here is the easy hyperlink to a contact in a subfolder of contacts:
Outlook:Contacts/Subfolder Name/~Contact Name Thanks very much.

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hy there,

I'm a newbie in vba. And I whant to make a macro which will run from the last row that was filled. Here's how I thought it will be :

Sub CopyDateClient()
Dim r As Range, lRow As Long, iCol As Integer
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
With Sheets("Master")
For Each r In .Range(.Cells(2, "e"), .Cells(2, "e").End(xlDown))
With Sheets("Frauda")
With .UsedRange.Rows.Count
lRow = Range("e6000").End(xlUp).Row
End With
Select Case r.Value
Case "client_activ", "fost_client", "client_wo"
For iCol = 2 To 8
.Cells(lRow, iCol).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Value = r.Offset(0, iCol - 1).Value
.Cells(lRow, "A").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Value = r.Offset(0, iCol - 12).Value
Case "angajat", "prospect", "terta_parte", "agent"
Exit Sub
End Select
End With
End With
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

But it does't work i do't know way? This cod copy's just the first 3 rows and after that the same 3 rows instead of copy the 4 row.
What I did wrong?

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Hi! I'm positively stumped on how to fix this issue: we use TFS for story management, and have recently gotten an updated version we're being asked to use 'out of the box'. As PM, I have a lot of analysis I do on our story backlog and a lot of reporting that needs to come from the backlog. Most often, I need to 'roll up' analysis from story level to feature level. Feature is not a field you can populate on a story, but you can create a feature and link the story to it as parent and child. In Excel of course this shows up in a tree view, with nothing on the rows containing user stories that tie it to a feature other than the initial structure of the download. Parent (feature) shows up in column 'title 1' for feature rows and 'title 2' is blank, for user stories 'title 1' is blank and story title is in 'title 2'. I desperately need to populate the title 1 field for all user stories with the proper feature. I will build out a little chart as example to post. Just needed to post this part immediately (though I'm on my phone) before I either cry or quit my job.

Answer:Macro/command to fill down based on last populated cell

Looks like this will come in two flavors - for most teams their stories will break out as above, some will have an Epic, then a Feature, then a Story (title 1, 2, and 3 respectively) and for reporting I would need epic and feature to populate on each line. Trying to add an example below, not working as I'd hoped. I'll keep trying!

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To begin, I am not knowledgeable about Outlook 2007, 6 months ago I was on xp with Outlook Express 6 and have used outlook for years and years.

This is what I have right now: when you click on the inbox, it opens at the right top with preview at bottom. The inbox has these 'headings' columns, fields : From Subject Received Size. I have those fields set so that it sorts by From Ascending.

Whenever I open the inbox the From column/field has this light aqua background. I absolutely hate this and cannot find anyway to remove that highlighting. It seems to be part of the program since if you change your field, say chose Subject for the sorting process then that column has that background color. So my first question, is it possible to get rid of that highlighting, if not to change it to white so it wouldn't show?

If it isn't possible to do that, this is what I wondered: I figured out how to create a column/field and move it so it is the first one, but if I click on it it so that this column becomes the 'main' sorting column which makes it look like there is just an aqua left side border it changes the email column putting them in a different order. So, is there some way to get that newly created user/defined column to use the from column descending order, for how it sorts?

I know this sounds crazy, but that background color being there drives me nuts, one of those 'little' things, everyone has one, like the cap left off the toothpaste Thanks for any he... Read more

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Hello all,
I'm trying to do something that I'm starting to think can't be done in Outlook 2007.

I would like to sort my 'sent items' by date/time and then by 'To'. This is easy enough except there is one additional condition.

Example. In my 'sent items' I am looking for 'Bill Gates'. I want to see all emails I sent to Bill Gates sorted in chronological order. I want this filter include emails sent to Bill Gates and I don't care if Bill is the only person in the 'To' field or not. I want all the emails to Bill Gates.
By Default Outlook will group emails to Bill Gates and only Bill Gates as one sort/group. Should there be an email sent to Bill Gates and Jill Gates this message will not be in the sort order by time among messages sent only to Bill Gates.


To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 5:00pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 4:00pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 3:00pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 2:00pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 1:00pm

To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp: 4:30pm
To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp: 2:20pm
To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp: 1:30pm

I would like to be able to see a sort view that would do this:

To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 5:00pm
To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp: 4:30pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 4:00pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 3:00pm
To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp: 2:20pm
To: Bill Gates, Time Stamp: 2:00pm
To: Bill Gates; Jill Gates, Time Stamp:... Read more

Answer:Outlook 2007 Sort by 'To' regardless of additional addresses in 'To' field.

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Question: Outlook 2007 Macro

Like many people I guess I have a habit of my fingers sometimes working quicker than my brain. One of the things I do regularly is send an email that is supposed to have attached documents and I hit the send button before actually attaching them, frustrating for me and the recipients.

A friend of mine had the same problem and he sent me a short bit of VBA code that, on his machine, checks any outgoing message for the word 'attached' and if it finds it, it looks for attachments if it finds them then well and good and off the message goes and if it doesn't then it flashes up a message box.

It works fine on his machine but doesn't on mine we are both using corporate machines, same Windows 7 and are tied pretty tightly by our IT department. Obviously there is something different on his machine, probably a security setting somewhere, anyone know where ?

If you are interested the code is :

Private Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean)
If InStr(1, Item.Body, "attached", vbTextCompare) > 0 Then
If Item.Attachments.Count = 0 Then
answer = MsgBox(" This email has no file attached." & vbNewLine & " Do you still want to send?", vbYesNo)
If answer = vbNo Then Cancel = True
End If
End If
End Sub

Answer:Outlook 2007 Macro

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I've designed a spreadsheet in excel that can automatically send text messages to everybody in my workplace. This spreadsheet can also confirm replies from the people within my office with conditional formatting. The process is very fluid and really only has one kink.

MS Outlook is used to send the text messages. When a reply comes in to my inbox, it is placed in a folder called "Recall" using auto-rules. Once the replies are in the Recall folder I can manually output the contents of the entire folder into a file named "replies.csv". Once this file is outputted, excel pulls in the data automatically and updates the status of the RECALL.

Long story short...

I need a macro that runs in Outlook. This macro needs to be able to automatically export the "Recall" folder to a .csv file every time a new message is detected in the "Recall" folder. The macro also needs to export the "Recall" folder to a .csv each time a message is deleted from the "Recall" folder. I only want to export the FROM portion of each e-mail. I do not want to be prompted to overwrite the file each time.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! This will land me some big Kudos in the office!!


Answer:MS Outlook 2007 Macro NEED HELP

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I am still getting used to the microsoft visual basic coding for Microsoft Outlook. Could someone help me out with a macro for the following?

All requests for my team come into a group inbox and I would like to create a macro to have the request come to the group inbox, but the requests are worked out of the indivudual specialist inbox.

When the Macro button is pressed
1) It will go into the inbox, grab the last/oldest email in the inbox and forward/move it to a certain outlook email address. (Would be great if it could just be moved so that the requestor would still be on the email or else it will be coming from the group inbox).
2) If the macro can move the email that would be great, but if it has to forward then i need the macro to delete the email out of the group inbox.

Let me know if you have any questions about this macro.



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we use outlook to view messages in the military. these messages are most likely refrenced by their date time group. in the message ( body of the email ) it will state the DTG.. example DTG: 291323Z Apr 10

i would like to make a field in my view so i can have the messages displaed by DTG. is this possible? if so how?


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I had a macro in Outlook XP that entered a certain amount of text and formatted it.  We use it in most of our emails and immediately run it when creating a new email.  It worked fine.  (For what it is worth, I copied it into a Word 2007 macro and it worked fine there also).I cannot figure out to create this macro in Outlook 2007.  I went to trust center and enabled all macros with no security at all.I went to Tools, Macros, Visual Basic Editor.  In the top left box I created a new module and pasted in the text of the macro.  But now I cannot figure out how to run it in a new email.  In a newly created macro there is no tool option to call up a macro.I try to run it within the visual basic editor, but I get an error message that says macros in this project are disabled and refers me to online help for how to enable macros.How do I create a macro that I can run upon opening a new email that is to be sent?If it matters at all, the text in the macro is:Sub EmailProtocol()'' EmailProtocol Macro' Macro recorded 8/22/2006 by Gisele Prive'    Selection.InsertDateTime DateTimeFormat:="d-MMM-yy", InsertAsField:=False, _         DateLanguage:=wdEnglishUS, CalendarType:=wdCalendarWestern, _        InsertAsFullWidth:=False    Selection.TypeText Text:="  "    Selection.InsertDateTime DateTimeFormat:="HH:mm", InsertAsField:=Fals... Read more

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Can anyone help me figure out a macro for Outlook 2007 that will adjust the zoom level when a user opens a mail item?

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Hi all.

Is possible to do this avoiding the use of the application_startup event (occassionaly it doesn't works)?

I've read the /autorun switch isn't available for outlook 2007.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi All

Please can I ask someone familiar with writing Macros for a little help please? I would like to be able to use a keyboard shortcut (say Ctrl+L) to write the word 'Leasehold' in the body of an email.

I do not have the faintest idea of how to write a Macro, I can do one in Word, but that is designed to be very easy anyway.

Thank you in advance

Answer:Macro for writing text in Outlook 2007

Without needing a macro, you could use AutoCorrect to do this for you. In Outlook, open a new email and go to the Office Button, and then Editor Options (I think. I have 2010, so I'm bringing this part up from memory) You may have to go to Options and then click on Editor Options. In the Editor Options window go to Proofing and click on AutoCorrect Options. You can add an entry along the lines of Replace l* with Leasehold and it should correct that for you. Let me know if that works for you!

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I have a Contact form in my Personal Forms Library and the name of it is "Contact Form 1" And in the form, there are the commandbuttons and date fields that have all the areas of creating a Calendar Event for the contact I open and put in all the information in those fields, and then I have commandbutton that when I click it, it creates the Calendar event.
So here is the code in the Contact form script area that does it in the form of the Contact that I use.....however, I would like a macro that when I select a Contact but now open it, it automatically clicks on the commandbutton that creates the Calender to me, it is a macro that runs the script code that is in the is there a macro for Outlook 2007 that can run a script code from the contact I select but not open?
That would great and thanks so much!!
Sub btnAddCalendarEvent_Click
dim ContactName
dim olns
dim MyFolder
dim NumItems
dim myItems
Dim StartDateTime
Dim EndDateTime
Dim ShowAs
Dim itmAppt
ContactName = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("General").Controls("Fullname").value
Set olns = Item.Application.GetNameSpace("MAPI")
Set myfolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(9).Folders(2)
Set itmAppt = myfolder.Items.Add("IPM.Appointment.Office Calendar Event")
itmAppt.Subject = ContactName & " - " & item.getinspector.modifiedformpages("General").controls("combobox11").text
itmAppt.Location = ... Read more

Answer:Outlook 2007 Macro to Run a Script From a Contact Selected

Any update from someone today maybe??

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I have used various answers on this board to set up a form in access 2007 that includes a combo box that when changed, auto populates 2 other text boxes in the form. I used the code builder to this. It works fine.

HOWEVER...the information is not being saved in the individual records. When you reopen the form, those 3 fields (the combo box and subsequent text boxes) in the past records are blank again. They all change to whatever is chosen in the NEW record.

Any idea on what I may have done incorrectly? I have been using Access for one week, so I am sure it could be one of a million things I did wrong!


Answer:Solved: Auto populated form fields in access 2007 not retaining the information

JacklynKy, welcome to the Forum.
It sounds like you have no "Control Source" for your Combo box, this means it has no field associated with it in the table to store the selection.

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When viewing the list of received messages, I see the date and subject collums; but not the "From" collum. The field chooser option opens; but, when I click on "From", everything in there is grayed out and I cannot add the From field.

Answer:Outlook 2007 Doesn't show the "From" field.

I finally figured it out. The "Field Chooser" item in the manus is misleading. It has nothing to do at all with changing the view of the fields columns.

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I use due dates on my Outlook tasks. When I customize my Tasks list (in the Calendar view) to group by due date, I just get too many groupings (one for each due date!). I would like to know if I can create a custom field called 'Due Month' and/or 'Due Week', extracted from the 'Due Date', so I can view my tasks by what is due during a given week or month. If the answer is yes, any suggestions on the technique I would use would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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In Access, is there a macro or function that can be used or setup via a key combination that will sum the total of any numeric field of a table that I have placed my cursor in and display the total in a little window. I would like to use this instead of having to go through a query process.
For years I have used a DOS database Paradox 3.5. It has a function called "imageCSUM" that I have assigned to a key combination and will do this.
Has anyone done this or something like it that could be adapted.

Answer:Access Sum of field Macro??

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Does anyone know if its possible to autofill the "from field" as a rule, when your in "another users /delegates" mailbox, so you dont have to add their address in the "from field"? (so it will autopopulate with their email address (and show "on behalf of")?
I hope this was clear.


Answer:Solved: outlook 2007 "from field" 'on behalf of" issue

No ... its not possible if the user has more than one delegate (that has added them with the applicable rule). from that point on, they will have to choose which person they want to add to "sent" on behalf of field.

However, If they have just one (one only) user who has added them with that permission (to send on behalf of), it will auto-populate with that user.

So, It does not matter even if they are "in" a specific users mailbox (and expect the "on behalf of" to auto fill with that users name). If they have more than one delegate that has added them with that permission, they will still have to choose which user the message will sent "on behalf of"

i figured this out by trail and error etc

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Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if anyone can help me with my problem, but I thought I would at least toss it out there. I'm attempting to break out different data types from a single field that was used for comments. Cell A1 contains a box number. Cell A2 contains the data that I need to break out.

Within the data cell the data types needing to be broken out are.
Dates end with a :
Agency ends with a ;
Documents end with a ,
Comments are contained in ( )

The trick is that for every Document the Box Number, Date, Agency and Comments are duplicated.

Example of current data:

1. 075-04-0591-0202-0286

What I'm trying to do:

(A3) Box Number
1. 075-04-0591-0202-0286
2. 075-04-0591-0202-0286
3. 075-04-0591-0202-0286
4. 075-04-0591-0202-0286
5. 075-04-0591-0202-0286

(A4) Dates
1. OCT 1994-MAR 1995
2. OCT 1994-MAR 1995
3. OCT 1994-MAR 1995
4. OCT 1994-MAR 1995
5. OCT 1994-MAR 1995

(A5) Agency
1. K00
2. K00
3. K00
4. K00
5. K00

(A6) Documents

(A7) Comments

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Macro to Seperate data within a single field

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I am developing a macro for a Word 2003 document to search for the field code switch that triggers the numbering level and replace it so the numbering updates and numbers consectively. I work in a lawfirm and we create discovery request documents that require the numbering to read:

Interrogatory No. 1:


Response to Interrogatory No. 1:


Interrogatory No. 2:


Response to Interrgatory No. 2:


As you can see, the Questions need to number consectively and the Response then needs to correspond with each question and number consectively.

Normally, we would use Styles/Word's Auto numbering, but, styles/auto numbering do not allow text to be placed to the left of the number. Also, the text is too long to place inside the number format window when defining the style. I have created a field code to be inserted as AutoText which is as follows:

Interrogatory No. {Seq numberedlist\r1}: However, after inserting the field code the first time, the “r1” must be increased by one each time in order to have each line number correctly. My other delimna is that often the users combine Interrogatories with Request for Production of Documents and Request for Admissions questions that must have the number restart at “1” for the start of each new section and will look similar to above Interrogatory set-up.

I have several options, but, I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for the user to insert the AutoText and perform the update. My plan is ... Read more

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Does any one has macro to update page reference fields (at the time of saving the document).



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I need to put into the Word a filed on each page, where only first field will be filled with the data and it will be copid automatically to the another field on each page.

e.g. I have a field on page 1,2,3,4,5.

I will put a number into the field on the page 1 and fields on the pages 2,3,4,5 will be automatically filled with the same number as I put to the dield on page 1.

Thank you.


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I have a macro where I need to append serial number records to a table. I need to repeat this x number of times based on the value in the Field qty_to_ship of Table ProdOrderQtyToMake. I have to generate serial numbers for labels that start with a value of 0001 and end with the number of qty_to_ship value.

For example, if ProdOrderQtyToMake.qty_to_ship = 375. The serial numbers will be 0001-0375. I need to run the append query 375 times. I have the append query in a macro called mcrAppSerialNumbers.

I cannot figure out the correct syntax to enter into the Repeat Expression of my RunMacro action. I've tried so many things with DLookup and DCount and other ways but nothing works. Can someone tell me how to do this? Please?? (and thank you!)

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Hi guys,
I need help to get a variable in a form field and pass it to a macro I created in Word 2003.
My macro is actually doing what the "Find and replace" function is doing. This works without any problem.

What I want to do:
Create one field where the user enters his company name.
Create one button for submit. The company name entered by the user is sent to the macro which will replace "company X" in the whole document.

What I did;
Create the field.
Create the submit button and assign the macro.

What I can't do:
get the variable submitted by the user and send it in my macro.

Hope it was clear enough....
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a million!!

Answer:(Word) Pass variable from field to macro

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I have a Date field in a Form. I want the Date to be appear in red when it is more than 6 months older than today's date. Where and how do I make that happen?

Answer:Access 2010 Date Field in Form Macro or ()Iff ??

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Hi Guys,

I have an issue in excel - I have a graph whose X-Intercept needs to update when I refresh the data in the sheet it works from.

I have tried to run a macro where I copy/paste the required value into the 'Format Axis' --> 'Scale' --> 'Category X-Axis Crosses At' field, but it wont let me do so.

Dopes anyone know how I can get this field to link to a cell in my data? Or some VB code I can slap in which will update the X-Axis Crosses At field from a cell?

Much Appreciated.

Answer:Macro to Update 'X-Axis Crosses At' field in Excel

Oh and am using Excel 2003

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I'm trying to run an Excel 2007 macro from Access 2007, when I get to the point where I want the macro stored in the active workbook I'm getting the following run-time error: run-time error '91' object variable or with block variable not set . It won't run the macro at all. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me fix my code so the macro will run. The code is listed below; step 10 is where I get the error.
Option Compare Database
Sub GetJournal_Entry_Data_transfer_to_Excel()
'Step 1: Declare your Variables
Dim MyConnect As String
Dim MyRecordset As ADODB.Recordset
Dim MyQueryDef As DAO.QueryDef
Dim MyDatabase As DAO.Database
Dim MySQL As String
Dim MyRange As String
Dim s As String

Dim Db As Database
Dim xl As Excel.Application
Set xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Dim xlwkbk As Excel.Workbook
'Dim xlworkbk As Excel.Workbook
Dim xlsheet As Excel.Worksheet
Dim i As Integer

'Step 2:Declare your connection string
MyConnect = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0; Persist Security Info = False;Data Source= P:\FINANCE\Balance Sheet\Inventory\Project TAN\Project TAN.accdb; User ID = Admin;"

'Step 3: Build Your SQL Statement
MySQL = "Select* From [mtb-TantasticJE's]Where [mtb-TantasticJE's].[Dscrptn_Text]='Culls_Stat34'and [mtb-TantasticJE's].[Co_Code]='1381'"

'Step 4: Instantiate and specify your recordset
... Read more

Answer:Access 2007 VB code to run Excel 2007 macro in active sheet

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Macro formula to insert lines depending on quantity field Hello,If the quantity in Column G is >1 then I need to insert the same line one less times than the original quantity. In the example below in cell 2G the quantity = 3 so I have inserted 2 lines immediately below it and copied the text from cells 2A to 2F that I now have a total of 3 lines for this item (making labels for these items).So the next cell requiring attention is 6G for Qty 5 (being >1) it will require 4 lines immediately under it with the same text as cells 6a to 6F.Note that cell 9G (Qty = 2) already has a blank line under it, as it is a division between groups of items so it still requires 1 additional line with this macro added. Exactly the same requirement for cell 12G and so on...Can any one help please with a macro to do this?

Answer:Macro formula to insert lines depending on quantity field

First, to eliminate any confusion we should make sure that we are using the correct terminology. 2 quick items:1 - The proper way to refer to Excel cells is to use the Column first, then the Row. e.g. G6, A6:F6, etc.2 - The term "macro formula" doesn't really mean anything. A macro is a series of VBA instructions, also known as "VBA code". A formula is built around an Excel function and entered into a spreadsheet cell. Formulas can be used within a macro, and a macro can put a formula in a cell, but the term "macro formula" is not typically used.OK, all that said, give this code a try. I suggest that you try this in a backup copy of your workbook since macros can not easily be undone.The code below is written based on the assumption that the data is in Sheet 1. That is easily changed.
Sub InsertRow_By_G_Value()
Dim lastRw, rw As Long
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
'Perform actions on Sheet 1
With Sheets(1)
'Determine last Row with data in Column G
lastRw = .Cells(Rows.Count, "G").End(xlUp).Row
'Loop through rows in reverse order
For rw = lastRw To 2 Step -1
'If Column G > 1, insert Rows and copy data
If .Cells(rw, "G") > 1 Then
For newRw = 1 To .Cells(rw, "G") - 1
'Insert Rows/Copy A-F
.Cells(rw + 1, "G").EntireRow.Insert shift:=xlDown
.Range(Cells(rw, "A"), Cells(rw, "F")).Copy Cells(rw + 1, "A")
End If
End With
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
End Sub
Click Here Before Post... Read more

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I am having data structure as below. I need some macro or some means to populate formula in Column D based on column C (as and when it changes) . All other column data are populated. This is beyond me. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Col | A | B | C | D | E
Row | 1 | Test1 | | | 10
| 2 | Test2 | =A1 | =MAX(E2) }| 15
| 3 | Test3 | =A2 | =MAX(E3) | 20
| 4 | Test3 | =A1&","&A3| =MAX (E1,E3)| 30

Answer:Excel macro or formula - change field based on other cell

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Although decently experience with excel, I am quite new with VBA and I cannot "record" this macro, so any help writing this in VBA is much appreciated.

1) I need to create a macro that will take a number that is entered into a cell, and upon hitting a button in the excel sheet create an email where the subject line is the number that was in that original cell.

1b)I would like to do this without changing the name of the excel file though, or at least have another macro that resets the file to its original name.

2) Also, if possible, the same macro/vba as above, only with two cells, a number in one and a name in the other, which then shows up as "Number-Name" as the subject line in the email.

Thanks to anyone that can help - Mike

Answer:Excel Macro -> email created with field data as subject line

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I have a access database thAT exports data to an excell file. A macro in access then opens this file and another in excell. The second excell file reads data from the first then uses a macro to format it properly and print the info. Right now I can only run this macro from the excell file. Can I run this macro (called Button2_Click in Module 3) from access? I have been using the OutputTo and RunApp action to run this macro so far.

Answer:Solved: How do I run an excell 2007 macro from access 2007?

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I have the following problem. I want to create a little database in access 2007 to track some orders.

I have products table, Clients Table, Order Status etc.

So I have to create a table as follows

[Client Order No Type of Product NameofProduct Qnt DateofShipment etc...

I created a multiple value field for nameofProduct based on Products table. Because one order may have 10 products.

So if the the order consists of Product1, 2, 3 for one Order from 1 client I have to track the quantities for each product.

How can I set different quantity for each item in the multiple value field. It allows me to set 1 value in Quantity field and it appear for all the selected products. maybe I haven;t made the right thing.

Please help me. thank you

Answer:Multiple value field Access 2007

Your products table should have only columns which are product properties "ID", "Name", "Description"....

Additionally I would create two more tables:
- "Orders" with columns "Order No", "ClientID", "ShipmentDate", "ShipmentAddress", etc,
- "OrdersProducts" where you link order numbers with product IDs, so three columns are necessary "OrderNo", "ProductID", "ProductQnt"

Now just add as many products with the same order number and different quantity for each product as you like to table "OrdersProducts".

Many tables for the first sight complicate the project, but if you consider it carefully, you'll see benefits of such a structure

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Hi Im Very new to Ms Access. I am trying to build a simple database That list Client details for invoicing and installation address for service calls.
I have fields Listed as:
Client add1, Client add2, Client add3, Client add4, Client post. These fields i fill in manually
I then have a field that is a Yes or No field Labeled as copy Client to Installation
I have Fields Listed as:
Inst add1, Inst add2, Inst add3, Inst add4, Inst post.

I want to Manually fill in the Client Add fields and then if the Installation address is the same set the copy field to yes and have it copy the details from the relevent Client add fields to the matching Inst add fields.

If the Client address is different from the Installation address i want to set the copy feild to no and enter the installation details manually.

Any help greatfully received

Answer:MS Access 2007 Copy Field

Lyntonw, welcome to the forum.
Can I suggest an alternative strategy, as it is not normally a good idea to have duplicated data in a database.
Can I suggest you make your "copy" field in to a "Use Client Address" field?

If you want to continue with the "copy" version then you need VBA code to copy the Address data over the the Inst fields.
It tacks the format of
me.[Inst add1] = me.[Client add1]
me.[Inst add2] = me.[Client add2] etc
The field names have to be exact, including correct capitals where they are used.

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Hi I am totally new to Access 2007 and have only had a small experience with access 97 and 2000.

I am creating a Data Entry Form, And i am looking for a entry field to become visible when someone ticks a Checkbox above it. Now i think i have done this a long time ago in a previous version, but my memory is not the best and for the life of me i cannot figure out how to do this.

Any help would be appreciated.



Answer:Access 2007 - Field Visibility

KSL, it is best done using VBA, place the VBA in the Check Box's After Update Event Procedure.
The VBA will be something like this
if me.checkbox = -1 then
me.Fieldname.Visible = true
Me.Fieldname.visible = False

where checkbox is the actual name of you checkbox and Fieldname is the actaul name of the field you want to make visible.

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I am trying to use a REF field in Word 2007. The REF is Malename and is set to title case and the font is set to Arial Regular 12 however the first word comes out in regular font and the other words come out in bold. I cannot make them all go into regular font. I have others set for bold and caps and that works fine on both words however the regular font wont work. I have tried highlighting all the code and the space after (there is no space before as it is the first word after an autonumbered paragraph). I have even tried highlighting the whole document and ensuring it is not in bold however as soon as I fill in the field box the text comes back in bold (only the subsequent words though the first word is not bold as it should be!) Help I am tearing my hair out! Oh I have tried the *\charformat code too and that didnt work either.

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How do you insert a date field in Word 2007?

Answer:How do you insert a date field in Word 2007?

In Office 2010 at least, it should be under the "Home" or "Insert " tab. Then there should be a sub-category like "Date" or "Time".By the way. In the future, you'll get better office results here: and Answer. The way of learning.Dell Dimension 8300Intel Pentium 4 HT @ 3.20 GHz4 GB RAMNvidia Geforce FX5200

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I'm relatively new to access, only been working with it on and off for the past few months or so and have run into a little problem now.

Basically, a date is entered in a field on a table called "Date of Entry", and another value is entered in a different field called "Serving Period". Now I have another field called "Expiry Date", and basically it's the value (date) of "Serving Period" added to the date in "Enter Date". I suppose that it would possibly have something to do with the Default Value of the "Expiry Date", but that's where I'm confused. Of course, I need not make it automatic and let the user do the math himself, but I'd rather it was done this way if possible.

I'm using Access 2007 on Windows 7.

Any help appreciated.

Answer:Default Value for table field in Access 2007

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I have some forms where they field turns black after you have entered and tabbed to the next one. You can only view the entry in the field if you put your cursor back in that box. I have copied the format from other fields that don't do this, yet it still happens on certain fields and not on others. I have checked the background colors for these fields and still don't see why this is happening. It tends to happen more on fields where I have mabye tried different background colors. I can't seem to maintain the one color I have chosen. It keeps going to black after updating.

Answer:Access 2007 Forms Field Format

Is there anything in the Event properties of the box? Say for After update or On Enter?

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I have created a document with many names in it and wish to index as follows

etc. When I use the indexing tools all I get is

How do I set the field codes so that the index lists surnames alphabetically as my example?
I know how to get to the field codes. It is knowing the right ones and the correct order.

Any help would be much appreciated



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I have two tables and i want to lookup a value of one from the other.

The first table contains a field called Department.
The other field has Department ID and Description.

I want to display the descriptions in the first tables Department field.

I've tried the lookup wizard data type in design mode, but it just returns the Department ID's instead of the descriptions.


problem was my logic. no worries.
Any help appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Access 2007 Field Lookup

Lewis, it should only show the ID, as that is what it should store. Seeing the Description is what Forms are for, users should not really interact directly with tables.

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footer, using field codes, numpages returns correct value, but adding "-1" returns a blank (no result). When I toggle to the code it shows, but the result doesn't

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Please help!

When I select Insert Caption from the toolbar, or right click Insert Caption, that field inserts a figure number, but the caption field (at the top) does not let me populate a figure title. I cannot enter data as I usually do. And, the figure number does not populate in this field as it normally does. This is an important document, and there are many users. We are all frustrated!

Thank you for your expertise.


Answer:Word 2007, Insert Caption pop up field

In the caption dialogue box click the New Label... button and create your label, but don't include the numbering. The numbering ( or lettering if you choose that ) is automatically added to your "label" to create the "caption". That's why you can't directly edit the Caption text box. Word keeps track of the numbering for you.

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Hi - I've set up a simple database for some survey work. Data tables are linked by a primary key consisting of a 10 to 12 digit location code (picked up from a drop-down list) and a 2 digit survey number - all stored as text. Rather than use compound relationships I would like to combine these into a single primary key.
I know calculated fields in tables are wicked...! but how can do I do this automatically in ACCESS 2007. I can combine the two easilly in a calculated control in a form.... but not directly into the primary field. Although the result does appear in the control - I get an error message telling me I can't have a null entry in the primary field. Do I need to set up an event procedure???? Thoughts much appreciated

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My Access 2007 database contains records with a text field of up to 255 characters. these records are being imported into a system that allows up to 39 characters for this data. I'm seeking help to create a query(queries) or macro(s) that will create additional records with each one containing the next 39 characters in the text field. For example, a record contains 125 characters in its text field. I need to end up with 4 records such that record #1 contains the first 39 characters, record #2 contains the next 39 characters, and so forth.

Answer:Parsing text field in Access 2007

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I have a memo field in my application that the user needs to put a lot of text in with numbered items that require indentint. The finished report looks awful because she is forced to space between the numbers and the text instead of a clean indent. I am using the runtime version of Access 2007 field. I need find a text editor that will hold formatting and keep it in the field for the report.

Answer:Text Editor for Access 2007 Field

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Computer: Dell Inspiron 6000 with 1.5 GHz Pentium M processor and 2 GB of RAM.

Windows version: XP/Pro SP 3 (V. 5.1 Build 2600.xpsp.080413-21111 : SP 3)

Word version 2002.

I have 2 problems with using the Outlook version 2000 Mail Merge feature.

Problem 1:

I want to Mail Merge Outlook contacts into Mailing Labels. however, there is a field missing from the available fields after I complete the all the steps.

I tried this 2 ways:

1. All contacts in current view/All contact fields

2. All contacts in current view/Contact fields in current view--after adding the Categories field to the Current View

I also tried adding a user-defined field and then tried both choices above.

In all cases,the Categories field or user-defined field is missing from the available fields: missing from the Insert Merge Fields and missing from the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box.

Here is the sequence I use:

Open Outlook

Click on Contacts shortcut (or View/Go To/Contacts)

Tools/Mail Merge

Select All contacts in current view/All contact fields from the dialog box choices. Select Mailing Labels from the Document type drop down box.

Click OK

Click OK on the warning message: "Outlook has created a MailMerge document...."

In the Mail Merge Helper dialog box, click on Main Document/Setup

Select the label product/type from the Label Options dialog box. Click OK

Click on Data Source/Get Data/Use Address Book. Select Outlook Address Book. Note that the Categories field is not include... Read more

Answer:Missing field(s) in Outlook contacts using Outlook Mail Merge

I would export my contacts to an excel spreadsheet then run mail merge. You never know whats going on inside outlook...

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I'm trying to create a word doc with text form fields. I have them in the doc but I want them to remain the in the same location after I type in each box. Currently when I type enough characters in the box the next text form box moves to the next tab location. How can I make each box "freeze" where it is before I start typing in it? Any Suggestions?

Answer:Word 2007 - Text Form Field Help Needed

Embed the form field inside a frame. You can then set the frames border so that it is invisible so that it can't be seen.


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Hi, Can someone please help. I have looked everywhere but cannot find any info. I am a newbie.I have 1 table and 3 fields, called Trainer, Jockey and Position. I am trying to get a query to count all positions < 4 for each trainer/jockey combination as well as give the total so that i can create a ratio of total positions

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I am looking for some help on my code to lookup the largest incident # then add 1 to it when a new form is selected. I created a new record button on my form but would also like to have the new incident number populate when the new record comes up.

What I have is
Private Sub cmdnew_Click()
If Me.New Record Then
Me.Incident# (not really sure if I should put the field name here or not?) =Nz(DMax(Incident#, External_Theft),0)+1
End If
End Sub

Any help is greatly appreciated.

The field name is Incident# and the Table name is External_Theft

Answer:Access 2007 Increase Incident# by 1 in field on form

You may want to consider changing the name of your field since the # is used for dates in certain instances.

You could create a query to do Max(Incident#)+1 and then call that query from your forms onLoad event handler to populate the field you want with that number.

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Hi everyone!

I'm sure this is probably something very simple that I'm missing...

I am creating a document template for a specific document type.

I have two rich text controls added to a document via the developer tab.

The first is the document's number in a series of documents to be created. The second is the actual document title.

In the footer area, I want these to be shown in reverse - i.e. the document name, then the document's number, so I am making it very easy to check the number of the document when flicking through a physical folder.

I tried to do this with bookmarks and cross-referencing, but the bookmarks are not saved when you create a new document based on that template.

I tried with a macro, but after recording the macro, it didn't really do what I wanted.

Is there an easy way to get this working? If not, is there a way I can assign names to the rich text controls in my template to run a macro more efficiently?

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Hello all,

I am a not a novice computer user by any means, or even a novice MS Office user. I am, however, brand new to Access.

We are currently in the process of creating a database with which to track complaints that we have received, so that we can ensure they are processed in a timely manner with all the appropriate steps taken. We would like to have a unique case number assigned to each complaint, automatically populated when a new complaint is entered into the database. I've created and populated the database from the Excel spreadsheet that we had been using to track these complaints.

The problem I'm having however is creating the autonumber in the "case" field that we want! We want our complaints to be auto-populated with a case number "XX-YYYY" where XX is the last two digits of the year in which the complaint was entered and YYYY is an autonumber, starting with 0001 and going up from there.

Can anyone help me with how I can make this populate correctly? I tried using the following in the Format mask in design view, based on the in-program help:


with the thinking that if necessary I can create a database file for each calendar year (useful for archiving purposes at least). However, ~every~ entry shows up as "10-" (with nothing after the hyphen) until I click on it (at which time a seemingly random, but sequential, 8-digit number shows up, starting with "69313633").

Please help!!

Answer:Access 2007: Help with creating custom autonumber field

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I'm trying to make a simple form but one of the fields needs more complex validation than it allows me to do. Basically, the user chooses a material, enters the number of units and their combined weights. Another field calculates their average weight (total weight/units). I have a table specifying the range that each material's average unit should weight. I'm trying to make access validate the calculated average weight field (or something equivalent) according to the material chosen by the range specified in the other table.

I'd rather not forgo the table with the ranges by hard coding the ranges in VBA so that users could change the ranges.

I've put a relationship for materials from each table and display the range in the form but now I can't enter in a new entry.

I need help.

Answer:Access 2007 Complex form field validation

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I have a subform with the following fields: name of the step, the scheduled date, place and date rescheduled date. I'm having trouble making a statement in a query
that has the following criteria: need to know what the step is smaller than today's date between the date scheduled and rescheduled date and the date performed without value.
if there are any other dates scheduled and rescheduled less than today, I need to know only the name is the first step with the date due.
I think I need to create a field in the query to the term, but I'm not getting. Any help is welcome. Thank you.

Answer:Access 2007 consultation with field for multiple criteria

Can you provide an example of the data and what result you need, as it is difficult to visualise from your description?

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Hi everyone!

I'm sure this is probably something very simple that I'm missing...

I am creating a document template for a specific document type.

I have two rich text controls added to a document via the developer tab.

The first is the document's number in a series of documents to be created. The second is the actual document title.

In the footer area, I want these to be shown in reverse - i.e. the document name, then the document's number, so I am making it very easy to check the number of the document when flicking through a physical folder.

I tried to do this with bookmarks and cross-referencing, but the bookmarks are not saved when you create a new document based on that template.

I tried with a macro, but after recording the macro, it didn't really do what I wanted.

Is there an easy way to get this working? If not, is there a way I can assign names to the rich text controls in my template to run a macro more efficiently?

Answer:Word 2007 dynamically updated text field

See Word Variables etc. Editor which will allow you to easily map content controls to achieve what you want to do.

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The company I work for has asked me to work with the DB (as you may well guess in this economy I now have to learn how to work with Access DB. This DB was created by someone who had a book “Access 2000 for dummies” in 2002, I have since then converted the 2000 DB to 2007 accdb format. That being said, in a form that is used to track records-TS# is the primary key, they want a YES/NO or actual name- Completed *check box for yes and blank for no*. I created the check box as you may know that was easy enough. The problem comes in when I go to the next record the box remains in whatever state it was on the previous record and does not show up anywhere else. I am sure this is likely because there are steps that I am omitting or not aware of. Any help offered would be amazing as I continue to work on this train wreck.


Answer:Solved: Access 2007 YES/NO field with time/date

Mike, the Check Box field has to be in the Table that the Form uses as it's Record Source. The Check box has to be "Bound" to that table's field, i.e. it's "Contorl Source" of the check box in design view must be the table field.

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Hi, I have a table that has a collection of group names. Each group name can be assigned to multiple issues - which come from another table.

I made a form to create a new group name and a list box of all the available issues. I would like to have a command button "Create new Issue" so the user could add an issue to the list directly from that form through an inputbox.

Here is the code I have so far:

Private Sub Command15_Click()
Dim strTmp As String
Dim x As String

x = InputBox("Please enter a new issue", "New Issue")

If x <> Null Then

strTmp = "INSERT INTO [Issues] ( [Keyword] ) " & _
"SELECT "" & x & "" AS [Keyword];"
DBEngine(0)(0).Execute strTmp, dbFailOnError


End If
End Sub

This is code I borrowed from somewhere else and tweaked. I get the inputbox, but the data I type in doesn't get created as a new record in my Issues table.


Answer:Access 2007: New Record in Multiplevalue field from Inputbox

Not sure what you mean. Do you want to have a dropdown list that they can add to if the item is not there? That is treading on giving users too much control over something that should be static. If a "group" needs to be created make an admin form for adding it to the table along with validation to prevent duplicates.

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Over a month ago, I posted this topic here:

However I never had the time to try out the suggestion. I've finally gotten a holiday though, and so gave it a go. Here's the code I'm using in the After Update Procedure, as advised by OBP:

currentyear = Year([DateofEntry])
newyear = currentyear + Me.[PeriodLength]
Me.[ScheduledDateofRelease] = Left(Me.[DateofEntry], 6) & newyear

It does work, so thank you for that

However, it does produce some odd errors. First of all, it only updates the "ScheduledDateofRelease" after I have clicked "Save" on the form, and once I try to close the form access gives me an error saying that:

"You cannot save this record at this time". In the same dialogue box it says "If you close this object now, the data changes you have made will be lost. Do you want to close the object anyway?"

After clicking yes on that box, and navigating to the table which is the source for this form, I find that the new record has indeed been added, contrary to what the error message was saying.

Another odd thing that occurs is that once I enter a new record into the form and click save, I can't go backwards or forwards through records on the form and am instead presented with the error stating "You can't go to the specified record."

Any help appreciated

edit: I've just rea... Read more

Answer:Solved: Default Value for table field in Access 2007

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Please help.

Using XP SP3 on PC and also VISTA SP2 on Laptop.
Trying to create a PivotTable after watching Tutorials, which seems simple enough.
My problem (on both machines) is that when I select the source data, click on PivotTable / new spreadsheet, a new spreadsheet opens with a box at left side which states 'To build a report choose fields from the PivotTable field list', BUT there is no Field List at right side (as shown on the tutorials).

The 'Field List' Icon on the PivotTable ribbon is 'grayed out' and nothing happens when I click on it. I've also tried right-clicking within the blank box and selecting 'Show the Field List' but still nothing happens. I've searched the entire worksheet to see if perhaps it was further down the sheet, but the worksheet is empty.

I've searched various forums, including the Microsoft website, and although others seem to have my problem, I can't see a solution.

I'd be very grateful for suggestions.

Answer:Excel 2007 PivotTable Field List missing

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I am trying to create a custom field using the numpages field in word 2007. I was trying to input from scratch (using the ctrl+F9). Also tried modifying the already inserted numpages field as well.

{={NUMPAGES}+2} - so increase the number of pages by 2 so when I create a pdf later I can add in some attachments.

I have searched around and tried placing spaces inbetween the mathical operators and commands, however I am still getting "!Syntax Error, {". I have also changed the security settings to allow macros (lowest security settings) and restart the document. Nothing happens and still getting the same error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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As a part of my data base I want to issue receipts for a charitable income tax donation.

I want the field to increment by 1.

I have it set to show the format year in the field ie. 2011000 but what I want it to do is assign the number consecutively by the year.

So that when the year changes... 2011 to 2012 it changes the number to 2012xxxx amd increases the number by 1.

the final 4 digits should start over from 0 each January 1.

Attached in 2007 format and 2003 conversion for convenience.

Answer:Solved: Access 2007 Auto incremente a field

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I have created a database in Access 2007 with 4 tables, Customers, Products, Orders, and Order Details (the specific items for each order). I know you don't want to dupliate data and "calculated fields belong in reports and queries" but we change the prices frequently and I need the UnitPrice from the Product Database to "update" to the Order Details Table on the day the order is input.

I have a Order Input Form with 2 sub-forms and my relationships are set one-to-many on primary keys. All other queries and forms work great. I have tried looking at the Northwinds database to determine how they do an "AfterUpdate" event procedure but I haven't used VBA since Access 97 and am not able to convert it for use with my form.

Help is appreciated!


Answer:Access 2007 Update Table Field from Form

Cosla, have a look at the database that I posted here
at post #5.

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I have a file that i import into access 2007 and i was wondering if i can take part of that file name and put it into a field in access? For example here is one example of a file name:


I have done some research on this but cant seem to find the answer when numbers change all of the time. I just need to grab the numbers on this file name. However, these numbers change all of the time. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thank you in advance. Any help and code is much appreciated i am very new to vba.

Answer:How to import part of filename into a field in access 2007

All I can think of is to write a vbsript that rewrites the file appending the desired part of the filename to each record(not to hard but another step). Better would be to have the creator of the file add the string to each record..

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Is it possible for an email to trigger an Outlook macro and then for that Outlook macro to trigger a macro, which is external to Outlook (and Office)?

I'm using Outlook 2007

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Ok, here´s my problem. I have a report that I need to make several times a month. To do that I need to get data from a certain BI application that generates huge amounts of data. After that I need to make a pivot from that data and then select different fields from the fields list. Occasionally, I need to use different fields and it is a pain in the a** to find the correct fields, since the BI fields (there are a LOT) are not alphabetized and I can´t change the order of columns there.

So, is there a way to order the fields in the field list in any way?

Thanks, in advance!

Answer:Is it possible to rearrange data in excel 2007 pivot field list

Hi, welcome to the forum.

If you select the entire sheet before you create your pivot tabel you can sort from left to right
That way the header row, which contains the fieldnames will de alphabetically sorted.

Try it with the Data Sort and options.

I just tried it under Office 2003 and 2007 adn 2010 have the same options.

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We use Oracle's XML Publisher to generate reports. This is where an XML file is merged with a .rtf template to generate an output (usually PDF). We design our .rtf templates using Microsoft Word 2007. I have a need to print something in the same position on the last page of every report (in this case.. customer invoices). I am placing this logic in the footer so it will print in the same position. I also have logic in there that determines when it is the last page. It isn't working and I need some help. Right now I have { if {NUMPAGES}>{PAGE} "Not Last Page" "Last Page" }. I am getting "Last Page" on every page. (This isn't the wording that I really need to go there, I was just testing this functionality). I read an article from Microsoft Support (Article ID 211755) that says this is supposed to work with version 2000. I'm hoping it is still valid for 2007. If you have accomplished something like this or can help me I would appreciate it.

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Could anybody help out with MS Access 2007?
Is there any way that the prompt parameter value which is entered to generate a report is captured somehow and its value is passed to be displayed in a form's field. The report is generated from this form.

Specifically, the form has a subform (datasheet). One of the columns is Date. This subform is populated throughout several days. User needs to generate a report that includes the data from this subform every day (or every other day). User enters Date as a Parameter Value to filter data to a report. User does not remember what is the last Date for which report was created.

If a form's field will display the last Date for which report was created this would be solution.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1015 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller, 96 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 38154 MB, Free - 21206 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 090Ch, , MXL5140C4H
Antivirus: Trend Micro OfficeScan Antivirus, Updated: No, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

Wow! Hope I'm in the right place for an answer! My expertise in this area leaves much to be goes.
Using Word 2007 to create online forms and need each content control field to indicate its length visually(greying, shading, underlining, whatever). This is to let the person filling out the form how much space is available for their response. Am currently trying to make it work inside a table also with no success. Hope you can help. I am lost at this point. Thanks so much for your time.

Answer:Visual indication of field length in online 2007 forms

You would need some sort of java based counter to use as an add-on to your web site.

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Have created some basic online forms. Now I am tasked with displaying each entire field length (visually somehow) so the user can see approximately how much room they have to enter test. Examples:
Name: Field length highlighted or shaded
Location: Underlining would work to indicate field length
Phone: ( Parenthesis might work )

If I type "Enter Name Here" in Properties, under Default Text, only "Enter Name Here" is shaded. The shading does not extend to the maximum length I selected. The field extends that far, but no indicator of the entire field length. Thanks to everyone for being patient. Attempted to be specific as my question seemed unclear in other unrelated forums. This forum/posting/threads, etc. is new to me. I am 62, so go figure!

Answer:Forms/Word 2007/Display entire field length

Welcome to the Seven Forums.
This is unfamiliar to me, have you tried enter spaces in the chosen field?

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Access 2007 Update Query For Updating A Date Field

Hi I have been asked to write a query for an Access 2007 db

I need to update a date field in a table based on another date field in the same table

1st date field is the person's start date (StartDate)
2nd date field is the person's project date (ProjectDate)
Without going into too much detail, the Project Start date always begins on the 1st of the month

If the person's StartDate is between the 1st - 14th the project start date is counted as on the first day of the StartDate month/year

If the person's StartDate is between the 15th - end of month the project start date is counted on the 1st day of the NEXT month

StartDate = 7/1/2011
ProjectDate = 7/1/2011

StartDate = 7/14/2011
ProjectDate = 7/1/2011

StartDate = 7/15/2011
ProjectDate = 8/1/2011

StartDate = 7/30/2011
ProjectDate = 8/1/2011

I would like to update the ProjectDate in an update query

Any suggestions? Thanks

Answer:Access 2007 Update Query For Updating A Date Field

Create a Column heading like this
numdays: format([StartDate], "dd")
numdays: datepart("dd", [StartDate])
this will give you the day of the month on it's own
add a second Column
NewProjdate: IIf([numdays]>14,Format([StartDate],"mm")+1 & "/01/" & Format([StartDate],"yyyy"),Format([StartDate],"mm") & "/01/" & Format([StartDate],"yyyy"))

This will give you the date to use in the update query.

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I've searched the forum and can't find the help I need...perhaps I'm not using the right keywords.

Anyway, I want to automatically have a time stamp entered in a field named "CancelDate" if a yes/no field named "Cancel?" is checked. On the form I use an action button for that field.

I'm new with VBA, but after some research I entered this code in the AfterUpdate line in Properties:

Private Sub CancelDate_AfterUpdate()
If Me.txtCancel?.value = 1 Then Me.txtCancelDate = Now()
End If
End Sub

...and it doesn't work. It seems to hang up because of the question mark. I get a Compile Error: Expected:Then or GoTo.

Can anyone help me?

Answer:Solved: Access 2007 Record Date When Field Updated

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And yes, I did set the property to 'can grow' and 'can shrink'. I can't figure what the problem is. Even if I stretch the field out huge, it still is cut off when I view the report. And in one case, the same field prints fully when it is used on one report but on another similar report the same field is cut off. I can't see any differences between the two report settings.

Answer:Access 2007 Memo field not fully showing on report

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Am sort of new to the world of Access and VBA and am working on a DB. I am trying to take the selection from a combo box in one field and combine that to a "000X" number to create an incident # based on that selection that would populate in a field that is already set up in the same table. This number would increased as new incidents are entered into the DB.

An example would be if "Hang up" were chosen from the combo box the incident # field would then show Hang Up-0001 and increase the next time Hang up was chosen. Same thing if "Theft" was chosen etc.

Is something like this possible?


Answer:Access 2007 VBA code to concatenate result from one field to incremental #

You may be looking at this in the wrong way. I would create a customer table or however you want to refer to them and a seperate incident table that will hold all of the information related to a given incident. You could also create a seperate table related to the incident table for troubleshooting steps or other items related to the given incident. The concatenation would probably be unnecessary if you lay out your tables correctly.

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I have followed below link and tried to apply fixes recommended for the missing field list but not successful. After applying these fixes, I managed to see the field list option highlighted but the drag data table did not appear. I can't see it at the bottom or side of the Excel. I appreciated it if anyone would help me, encl copy of my test_pivot file for your review.

Answer:Excel 2007 Pivot Table Field List missing

Hi Maple_991, welcome to the forum.

Have you tried creating a new pivot table in the same sheet, do you see the fields?

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I'd like to be able to add a note to a memo field in a contact form for multiple contacts using either a query, search and replace or a rubber chicken with magic incantations. I don't really care how I get there. What I want to be able to do is, after sending a few dozen e-mails, update each record with exactly the same phrase noting that I did so.Search-and-replace works fine but doesn't seem to allow me to add in carriage returns/line feeds so the notation just looks like one long sentence.An update query also doesn't seem to work. When I search for an exact phrase, nothing shows up because the field has other content in it. When I search for that same phrase with wildcards the records show up but the entire field is selected and eliminated, replaced with the target, meaning I lose all my other notes in the same field. There must be a simple solution to this but I'm not able to find it. People don't manually update each record do they? The update query likewise places the carriage return/line feeds literally instead of as an actual change of line. Is VBA the answer?Brian Grover, AuthorBC Car-Free: Exploring Southwestern British Columbia without a

Answer:Access 2007 Add notation to memo field in multiple records

You'll find the Solution Here: Grover, AuthorBC Car-Free: Exploring Southwestern British Columbia without a

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I created a form letter as an Access 2007 report. The only field is [first_name] from a query. The first line reads, "Dear Joe (or whatever [first_name] is). I want a comma after each name. I tried =Trim([first_name] & ","), =Trim([first_name) & "," and every combination I can think of. Every permutation returns Dear #Type!. How can I get Dear followed by the name and a comma? Thanks!

Answer:Solved: Access 2007 Trim and field text addition

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I have a very simple DB set up. There are five columns: Project | Version | Link | Complete | Dependencies

My issue is with the Dependencies column. The dependencies column will list projects (see first column) needed by the project in that record. My issue: many of my Projects have four or five Dependencies! How do I enter those multiple values?

Endgame: I want to be able to print a report that shows me all the projects that are both A) Marked Complete B) Have all Dependencies marked Complete. Also, I want to print a list of complete projects that are being held up by dependencies.

Is there a way to do this in Access or am I going to have to try with a different program?

Answer:Solved: Access 2007: Multiple values in a single field

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I recently deleted my colleague's distribution list. Fortunately I have another colleague who has the same distribution list on her PC . It is the same outlook 2007 on both PC . I followed the usual way of exporting and importing the csv file in both window and csv format . But I am still not able to get the distribution list on the deleted desktop ? What is the possible issue here ?


Answer:Importing Distribution list from Outlook 2007 to outlook 2007

The only advise I have is to give you incite into the cvs file.

It is the equivalent of a XML markup, but a file a programmer likes to deal with better. It's laid out in what is known as comma delimited formatting. That means, when the file is being read by a program, it stops at the comma's. Everything before the comma is the current entry. Everything after the comma is the next entry, and before etc. The read stops when no more commas are found, and the last entry is taken.

Comma delimited format should allow for the cross platform exchange. If it doesn't try using the XML format instead.

Hope I helped.

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I have MS Outlook 2007 (part of Office 2007 Enterprise Edition), need Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager. Anyone know how to get it? I don't see an add-on upgrade option.

Answer:Have Outlook 2007, Need Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager

it's part of 2007 Professional, Small Business, and Ultimate. It's not licensed for use with Enterprise.

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I write quite a few manuals, and I've recently upgraded to Word 2007.
I know there must be a way to do what I'd like.
I have a section where I have a table in the manual, and I want to be able to type a part number in one column, and have the description for the part automatically pop up in the next column.

I've tried searching different forums, but I keep hitting on answers on how to have it automatically fill in the same field.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Now that I have the rate information pulling from my other table, the Rate Total won't calculate unless I overtype the rate field with a new entry. What I would like to do is just press enter to confirm the field and move past it and have the total automatically recalculate.

I think that this would be an event procedure on Enter but I don't know what VBA code to use to make it happen?

Can you please tell me if this is correct and what code will make this recalculate?

Answer:Solved: Access 2007, Recalculate field after data is pulled from table. OBP??

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I would like for my Access 2007 database to automatically record the date/time when the data in a SPECIFIC field is modified (not when any data in the record changes).

Here is a simplified explanation of my scenario. This database keeps track of cases in my office. A data entry form named "Cases" feeds a table named "Cases." The form includes text boxes that correspond to the fields in the table. Three of these are: "Case_Notes," "Case_Status," and "Date_Status_Change."

I would like for the "Date_Status_Change" field to automatically reflect the current date/time whenever the data in the "Case_Status" field changes. I do not want the date/time to change when information in the "Case_Notes" field is modified.

What code would accomplish this?

The following code will enter the date/time for a change anywhere in the record:

Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
Me![Date_Status_Change].Value = Now()
End Sub

But I want to limit it so that it dates changes ONLY in the ?Case_Status? field.

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I'm suffering the same problem stated by Rcook : Excel 2007 pivot table field list missing
After a long seach, Rcook closed off stating that his problem was solved
with the following statement :

Thanks - Interesting I never picked up that one when I did my search. Anyway - I tracked through all of the solutions, getting despondant as not working.Until I got to removing


That did the trick. Now all I have to do is reconfigure all my settings. Hoping I don't lose the Field List again
My question :
I'm a bit reluctant for removing what is indicated.
How do do it ?
What are the consequences ?
What has to be reconfigured ?
Thanks a lot in advance for any advice.

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I've upgraded from Excel 2000 to 2007 and cannot get the pivot table field list to show. I activate the pivot table and switch it from hide/show either by right clicking or from the toolbar but still no joy. I''ve looked all over the spreadsheet to see if it hidden anywhere but cannot find it. Any suggestions? If it is hidden somewhere can I move it via vba code?

Answer:Solved: Excel 2007 Pivot Table Field List Missing

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I have windows vista home premium and Office Excel 2007 Professional Plus edition. When I select a range of table to make a pivot table , a blank table appears and no Field List menu appears... have tried to make it appear by clicking Toggle button of show field list but it do not respond... have tried to uninstalling and reinstalling Excel but to no avail..I have noted that a lot of buttons on ribbon on pivot table menu ribbon do not appear to respond ... why is this so.. PLEASE help

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Hi, I would like to display a message box when a total on a subform does not match a field in the main form.

I have a form (FormA) with a subform (SubformA)

I need to compare the total on subformA (located on SubForm A footer) with a field on FormA

I am entering a number on the subform and in the On Exit Event I entered me.requery to requery the data and update the total in the footer - then I entered the code to compare the two numbers

This is the code I am using (edited):

If [FormA field] <> [SubformA total] Then
Msgbox ("Amounts Do Not Equal")
End IF

The problem I am having is the refresh time of subformA footer - the field takes longer to refresh or requery (I tried both) and the message box displays even when the numbers are equal

Thanks in advance

Answer:Access 2007 Compare subform total with field on main form

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Hi fellow PCReviewers

I'm having difficulties with my Word 2007 form. I have set it up to allow fields to be populated and have the sum total appear in another field. Unfortunately I am having no success in regards to the total automatically updating as data (numbers) are being populated.The F9 fails to update the total as well.

I have checked and double checked the properties and it all seems fine to me, ie, data fields all set to "calculate on exit", the total sum field is not set to "calculate on exit" and the calculation formula reads =Text1+Text2+Text3+Text4 i've even used =sum(Text1+Text2+Text3+Text4) without success.

As a footnote, I am able to open a former 2003 Word form and it does behave correctly. The form outlined above was created in W2007.

Can anyone help me please

Answer:Word 2007 form calculate field fails to udate when data entered

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Good afternoon all!

I am working on writing a Security Incident Report program, and I am running into a problem. I have a Date/Time field, which I am attempting to auto-update from another Date/Time field, based on the result of a Yes/No field input. Is this even possible? To be specific, the user enters the date of the report. On the next form page, it asks the user if the report date is the same as the incident date. If the user answers Yes, I would like it to enter the data from the report date field and grey out the option to enter the new date. If the report date is different from the incident date, the user would then be required to enter the date of the incident. This takes place three different times on the same form, based on the incident date, date responders cleared from the incident, and the date the incident was placed under control. I am running Access 2007. Thank you!

Answer:Creating Access 2007 Auto-populate field based on different table Yes/No data

GrahamTechnology, welcome to the Forum.
Yes it is using VBA.

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I have 2 buttons, New Record and Duplicate. When these buttons are clicked on, I want the cursor to move to the Employee ID field after executing the command. Can anyone help please? If it is just a bit of code can you tell me exactly where to put it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Answer:Solved: Move cursor to required field when form is complete, access 2007

Solved this myself. I created a macro at the end of the Buttons Embedded Macro 'On Clilck' event. Macro:

GoToControl cbotextboxname

Works like a charm.

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I have a form with a subform. When I enter the Employee number in the appropriate field, the subform updates with the employee's information. I then want my form (not subform) to automatically populate in another field from the subform that has the individual employee's information. How can this be done. I have racked my brain and I know there has to be a way. OBP, are you out there?

Answer:Solved: Automatically populate info into field after subform updates, Access 2007, OB

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