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Problems with getting Outlook 2007 data & settings from slave drive to new drive

Question: Problems with getting Outlook 2007 data & settings from slave drive to new drive

Thank you for reading my tale of woe!

I recently had some malware infections that I simply could not remove, using a huge arsenal of AV scans & removers, so I got a new hard drive ("H"), and attached old one ("C") as a slave. After configuring "H" with new XP Pro OS/Avira AV/Comodo Firewall, I used my original Outlook 2007 CD to install it.

I got the basics done (importing .pst files), but there are a whole lot of details that aren't moving to the new Outlook. I have gone through the Microsoft support pages, which normally I find super helpful, but this time I seem to be going in circles. I am anxious to get the data off C so we can re-format it: I hate having the infected drive around.

If anyone can provide any insights into *any* of the following obstacles, I would be most appreciative.

1. -Install went apparently well, but when I tried to install an Outlook add-on (Calender Print Assistant from Microsoft download center) I got a message that my copy of Outlook could not be validated: "Problem: The validation process could not be completed because a copy of Microsoft Office® on this computer has not been activated." Following the Microsoft instructions led me in circles, warning that my copy might be counterfeit. I purchased it new from Amazon over a year ago. All the Microsoft support pages tell me that I must use the Activation Wizard during installation to enter product key, which I did, and it was accepted. Even the phone number to activate it over the phone is listed in the Wizard, which told me the software was activated correctly, so the phone number was not given.

2. -My imported data are in "Contacts in Personal Settings," and "Calender in Personal Settings" instead of "Contacts" and "Calender." I know I read somewhere last night how to fix this (while I was trying to fix the missing data problem) and I think Microsoft support said you cannot just drag and drop to rearrange the folders. It seems the Emails are similarly disorganized. Now I cannot find the support article again.

3. -Only about 20% of my contacts seem to have imported. I cannot tell what these contacts might have in common with one another.

4. -My settings for categories seem to be missing, and the few categories that are showing up say "Not in Master Category List" I rely heavily on the color-coded categories to manage my (large) family's schedule, so I really need to fix it, even if I have to go through manually.

5. -I have gone into all the options/customize settings and made changes that were available, but there are some settings which would be very time-consuming to enter manually, like email rules for sorting, junk mail, and forwarding.

6. -I run Windows Mobile on my cell phone, and synchronize tasks, contacts, and calenders to Outlook (not email). I don't want to even install the cell phone software and synch it till Outlook is perfect, so that I don't loose any data. The Windows Mobile data is stripped and incomplete, so I'd rather not use it to restore the Outlook data.

7. -In an effort to get access to the missing data, I tried to run Outlook program using Run... dialog in the start menu, choosing the Outlook program on the C (slave) drive, but the data files it accessed and settings it used were the ones on the H (new, OS) drive, including (excluding?) the missing data.

My family really relies on Outlook to manage our bill due dates, school assignments, specialist MD appointments, email, and contacts, in addition to the emails for my hobby selling my handcrafts online.

Any help would be so appreciated!

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Preferred Solution: Problems with getting Outlook 2007 data & settings from slave drive to new drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I think my questions pretty simple which makes me think its maybe a little stupid lol but...

My main hard drive is messing up badly and its gonna give out soon but my PC has a secondary internal hard drive, so my question is:

Can I restore my primary hard drive and keep the data on my slave drive or will I lose everything?

Thanks in advance, Alex

Answer:Keep slave drive data whilst returning factory settings?

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I have replaced my hard drive am now using the old one as a slave. Due to the way my computer failed, I was not able to create a psd file of my Outlook data, however the hard drive is complete and undamaged. Is there a way to open Outlook on the slave drive and retrieve that data? There is no email account associated with Outlook, I'm looking for contact and appointment info, not emails.

Answer:Solved: Retreive Outlook data from slave drive

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My master hard disk has failed and I have successfully replaced it with a
new one and reinstalled windows XP etc. Before the crash I had a second slave drive with some data I would like to keep on it. When I connect this drive, it shows up in disk management, but does not get assigned a drive letter. How can I get windows to assign a drive letter to the drive without formatting it and losing all of my data?
Both drives are IDE drives, the master is jumpered to cable select and is on
the master cable, the slave seems to have lost its jumper, or never had one,
but shows up in the bios as the secondary hard drive.

Answer:Get a drive letter for an old slave hard drive while keeping the existing data

In disk management did you first left click to highlight the drive then right click for assign or change a drive letter option?

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I just moved from thunderbird to Outlook 2007. I have a few questions and I hope you guys can point me to the right direction.

I am using IMAP, and I want my data file, settings and Address book in 1 folder. So, I can just compress the 1 folder to backup everything.

for instance, my computer crushes but I have the backup (compress whole folder which contains the settings of my email account, data file and addressbook), and I just extract the compress file and my entire outlook restored including datafiles (emails), addressbook and settings.

By the way, I managed to move the imap datafile to D:. I am just looking for the addressbook file and the settings.

Please advice accordingly. and Thanks in advance.


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Okay, here i go. I take a HD from one computer and add it to one of my own as a slave so i can remove a virus. But sometimes when i do this ill see a documents and settings folder in the slave drive that wasn't there before, It has the shortcut icon on it also. If i was to double click the folder it goes directly to MY hard drive. I am running 7 on my computer, and the slave drive never had a documents and settings folder to begin with. so I'm curious as to whats causing this or how to fix it. I'm not sure what the slave hard drive is running as an OS. But like i said it never had that folder before.

Answer:Documents and settings from slave drive

sounds more like an accidental drag and drop. Nothing in the OS makes shortcuts that I am aware of.

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Wasn't sure whether to put this in Hardware or Software, but anyway...

I had the dreaded Reboot loop. Windows does not load. That is, the Windows XP splash screen appears with the scrolling bars on the bottom. After some seconds of that, as the bars continue to scroll, it starts a reboot. Rinse. Repeat. I haven't had any recent installs of hardware or software.

Holding F8 can get me to a choice screen and to the choice of safe mode. But, still, after selecting safe mode or any other option, ultimately a reboot starts. Same for the "Last Good Configuration" choice. When I select Safe Mode, a DOS like scroll begins but it stops with:


Whatever that means? And then the reboot again starts.

I'm tried various solutions after googling the problem and cruising various computer help boards. Ideally, I'd am hoping to fix this and not lose tons of documents and data on my hard drive. [Note to self: You IDIOT! You know you should back things up once in a while. :-o )

BTW, don't bother suggesting going to Control Panel to alter any settings. If I could get to the @^$(@* control panel, it means Windows booted up that far and I wouldn't be begging for help.

I was told that the possible suspects are, of course, hardware (so far I've found suggestions of bad fan on the processor, bad memory chip) and software (corrupted [fill in the blank] ).

The fans are opera... Read more

Answer:Recovering data from a slave drive

You need to take ownership of the files or folders. If you are on an XP Home Edition note that you need to be in safe mode to get the Security tab.

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I have important data on a hard drive which I want to recover to the new hard drive. I have removed the jumper and slaved it to my new hard drive. However in my computer, right clicking does not show the slave, nor does it appear in windows explorer, but it does show in device manager as being there and in good working order. I have tried it as a slave on both a win2000 prof. and winxp prof. service pack2 but I cannot acces any files. I tried running partition magic, and the drive shows up. I tried copying the partition to the new c drive but upon reboot the computer will not boot. That's not a problem as I can reinstall the operating system but how do I access the data?

Answer:Data recovery from slave drive

Before going into more complex solutions, I assume that you went into the CMOS and checked that your mainboard could "see the drive".Please be aware that the OS relies on the CMOS to "discover" the drives.If you haven't done this step, although quite simple, it could account for the plethora of problems you're encountering.If you have done this AND the drive was detected, then there could be a "clash" if the old drive and the new drive BOTH have active partitions. Use one of your tools - Partition Magic - to ensure that the "slave" drive does not have an active partition.

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Had to replace the hard drive in my desktop and installed SP3. No problems yet.

Any ideas on how I may be able to pull my files off the old drive? Can't get into it from My Computer although it does show up and shows there is data on the drive.

Answer:Recover Data from slave drive

If you are getting an Access Denied message, you need to follow these steps: How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

If it's something else, you'll need to tells us what the error message is.


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Any assistance on how to recover data off of my slave drive would be appreciated.

Slave drive not being recognized by the OS when I try to access via Windows Explorer. When I click on D: a window opens stating: "Disk in drive d is not formatted, do you want to format?", so I click NO.

I've checked the BIOS and shows up in Disk Management. Disk Management shows D Drive as Health (Active), but the HDD capacity and free space shows the same, 28.63GB or 100% free space. File system is blank. This particular drive has a FAT32 file system.

Have gone to DOS prompt for D: and get the following message, "The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted."

Called a couple of Data Recovery companies and was told if they could recover any data off of the drive that it would cost between $500 to $1,200. They mentioned the probability that the volume structure could be damaged. I need the data, but cannot afford that kind of money. Had no idea that data recovery would be so expensive.

If anyone has been through this and can assist please advise.


Answer:Data recovery off of slave drive

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Hi! I'm new to this message board so bare with me. I will try to be as brief and descriptive of my problem as possible.

I have never had a slave drive on my system and my knowledge of slave drives is pretty much nothing.

I have added a hard drive to my system as a slave drive in hopes to access the data. My system recongizes the slave drive in Bois but not in my computer. how do I access the data on this drive?

Any help would be appreciated

Answer:How to access data on a slave drive?

Check that both harddisks have correct jumper-settings. The original HD must be set as Master, the new one as Slave. On top of the HDs should be a sticker with the jumper-positions. Put Master at the end of the IDE-cable, the Slave in the middle. Make sure the red-line on the flatcable is at pin-1 on both HDs and motherboard.
If the slave is new, it needs to be partitioned and formatted first, using Disk Management

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I know this is an odd request, but in the process of deleting viruses on a computer, I am now left with a computer that only says "Object Not Found: LSASS.EXE" and then reboots. I am unable to boot into standard Windows or Safe Mode.

I did export the keys and folders that I deleted out of the registry before I did it, but I can't import them back in if I can't boot Windows.

I tried the trick of copying files from the System Volume Information folder of the drive, but there are no Restore Points in the folder!

So now I have the drive as slave on my system. What I want to know is is there any way that I can import the *.reg files back into the registry on the corrupt drive while still booting from my system? I know that if I just double click the files, they'll be imported into MY registry and that's not what I want.


Answer:need to import data to registry on slave drive

Open a command window and type in the info. Syntax here;

Just enter the appropriate path info along with the files. (Specify drive:\userfile(s)\whatever.reg)

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I have a corrupt windows installation that I cannot repair. Before I wipe the drive, I need to get some information from the registry that I can't reproduce otherwise.

If I connect the drive containing the bad installation as a slave drive, can I edit c:\windows\system32\config\software and find the information I'm looking for?

Answer:Extract data from registry on slave drive?

You can't edit it like that, but you can open regedit, and load the hive.

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I had a laptop running Vista which stopped working - I had the black screen of death when booting up and no systems would run. I tried booting in safe mode, but the same thing happened. I suspect this was caused by a virus, but am not sure.

I decided to try and salvage my data files by removing the hard drive and hooking it up (via USB adapter) to a laptop running Windows 7. The drive is recognized, but when I click on it, I can only see a .bak file. I ran Scan Disk, which scanned thousands of files, so I know they're in there, but is there a way for me to access them? Any advice would be appreciated.


Answer:Cannot read slave drive to salvage data

Hi and welcome to TSF see this for some ideas The 10 Cleverest Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC - How-To Geek

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I got a new 160gig HD and when i installed it on to my computer i made it my primary drive, reinstalled my os and all my applications on it, after about a month i realized it was a bad idea so i formated mt first HD (40gig) made it my primary drive again and reistalled my os on it, but now i cant access the data of my 120gig drive, windows sees it, but when i go to explore the hard drive it sais "This drive is not formated/n Would you like to format it now?..Y/N" I have some critical data on that drive and all the backed up data from the 40gig so formating it isint an option for me.


Answer:Cant access data from my slave hard drive

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Ok, I consider myself to be pretty savy about my computer but this one has me stumped. I got a new desktop pc and I wanted to remove the secondary drive from my old pc and install it as a secondary in my new computer because it has all of my files on it. I removed and installed the drive into my new computer making the orginal hard drive the master and the secondary as a slave. Everything booted up just fine and the secondary drive shows up just fine in device manager. But, when I go into Explorer to access my data this is what I see:The secondary drive has been named to BOOTWORK (D) with the following files listed:I386 FolderATRSBOOT FileNTDETECT.COM MS DOS ApplicationNTLDR FileWINNT.SIF SIF FileWINPE.ISO ISO FileSo then I decided to put my secondary drive back into my old computer and just try and burn everything to a CD and copy it that way. Well when I installed it back into my old computer it tells me the same thing as it did in my new computer! I'm so frusturated I'm about to pull my hair out. What am I doing wrong?Both systems are running Windows XP on the master drives. The secondary drive was for data storage only.  Please tell me I haven't lost all of my data somehow!!  Any advice would be a big help!!  

Answer:Cannot access data on slave hard drive

Welcome to the CH forums.Have you installed Altiris Bootworks on either machine?

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My master hard disk failed and I have successfully replaced it with a new one and reinstalled windows XP etc. Before the crash I had a second slave drive with some data I would like to keep on it. When I connect this drive, it shows up in disk management, but does not get assigned a drive letter. How can I get windows to assign a drive letter to the drive without formatting it and losing all of my data?

Both drives are IDE drives, the master is jumpered to cable select and is on the master cable, the slave seems to have lost its jumper, or never had one, but shows up in the bios as the secondary hard drive.

Please Help Me, I'm stumped.

Answer:Get drive letter for slave while keeping data This article could hold the answer

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I have just gotten a new machine running on Windows XP. I wish to move the slave drive with all my files and some programs that I had on my old machine running under windows 98 to the new machine.

My new machine recognizes that I have the slave drive now installed there (local Disk drive E) but I can not access any of the data on it. When i try to access the E drive I receive a message that the drive is not formatted and am asked if I want to format the drive which i don't if it will erase all my data.

I would appreciate any guidance on how to resolve this issue.


Answer:Moving slave drive with data onto a new XP machine

There may be errors in the drive's partition tables. XP is not very forgiving.

The best idea, before attempting to repair the drive and possibly losing your data, is to try to recover it and move it to another location. Then format the drive as requested.

Try some of these apps to recover the contents:

Free recovery applications:

1) DriveRescue
2) PCI File Recovery
3) Restoration
4) Free Undelete (NTFS only)
5) EasyRecovery Pro

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Hey. I'm sure this was answered elsewhere, but I didn't see any posts on moving a secondary drive over to be another computer's secondary.

I have an old Pentium 3 with two hard drives on it (a 18GB and a 120GB) on Windows 2000.

Now I just bought a computer that is running Windows XP and I intend to move the 120GB hard drive over to be the secondary drive.

The 120GB was the secondary/slave drive, so I'm wondering: do I still need to follow all the steps including formating it to be current with the new OS or can I just plug it in and it works automatically?

In a less wordy way: does it have system files on it that need to be deleted or will it work perfectly from the start?

I used Seagate's DiscWizard to install the slave drive on my old computer, which was easy enough, but that was a empty hard drive.

Answer:moving a slave drive to be a slave drive on another computer (two operating systems)

Re: moving a slave drive to be a slave drive on another computer (two operating syste

Win XP will just auto detect it and away you go. You won't need to install anything. It will perform better if you formatted it NTFS previously but if it's still FAT32 it will still work fine. Start using it.

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I want to move all the dosuments and settings folders to the slave hard dirve in my computer to have more space.Is this possible without having to change many settings?And how is it done?Thanks

Answer:Moving Documents & Settings to slave hard drive

click hereMake sure that you don't have any documents open when you do this.

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I installed a second hard drive, from another computer, as the slave in my own. When I booted up I got a blue screen and it started scanning the new drive, indexing files, deleting indexes, recovering orphaned files etc.

When I got into windows I noticed the vast majority of it's picture and video files are corrupt, and possibly other file types too.
I've added a slave drive before and lost a few files, but this amount is really bad. Their filesizes match what they used to be, so the data may still be there.

I ran scandisk and it didn't repair anything, is there any way i can recover these files?


Answer:Corrupt data after adding a hard drive as slave

Hi and Welcome toTSF

What O.S. is installed on the computer and the slave drive?

What information did you get from the BSOD?


When I got into windows I noticed the vast majority of it's picture and video files are corrupt, and possibly other file types too.

What indication gave you this conclusion?

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I made a DVD system backup using Nero v6 of my hard drive before it mechanically crashed. There are important data files on the DVD's that I need to transfer to an empty formated slave drive and access. I don't know how to do it. I've tried using Nero restore function, but get nowhere. I can see the folders and data files using W explorer. How do I transfer and access them?

Answer:Transfer data files from DVD backup to empty slave drive

can you just simple open the dvd in my computer, then drag and drop all the files over to your hdd?

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I am trying to install an old ide 30gb hard drive from a notebook with a fried motherboard into the case of a new desktop build. My motherboard has an ide slot and I have the ide cable and the adapter to connect the drive to the ide cable.

I am not sure what the jumper settings should be though. The drive has diagrams for the jumper settings for three choices:

1. Device0 (needs no jumper)
2. Device1
3. Cable Sel

I want the computer to boot from it's hard drive as it does now, and have the 2.5" as a slave.

Another problem, the drive currently has no physical jumpers on it. My other broken 2.5" doesn't have any either. There's no computer shop near me and I don't plan on driving near one in the near future. Can I find the right size jumper somewhere in a broken notebook carcass, or in a pretty much useless desktop case?

Are there different sized jumpers?



Answer:Jumper settings for slave 2.5" hard drive in desktop case

If the main boot HD is SATA then you can put the laptop HD on the far end of the IDE cable with no jumper and it should be fine. (What type of adapter is involved?)

In the above configuration, if the computer tries to boot from the laptop drive then it would be a BIOS setting to change the boot order back to the SATA drive as first boot device. It wouldn't be jumpers causing any problems.

Jumpers should be all the same size. If you can find any on old board (try near the CMOS battery) they will fit. I only recommend that on a board that is totally bad and you won't try to resurrect because you will probably forget that you have taken a jumper from it by the time you get back to it which would cause problems. Any old CDROM should have a jumper. An old Floppy drive might have a jumper.

Edit: I should have said if it is the only IDE device on that cable. If you are also using a CDROM on that IDE cable then we would have to rethink it. But it would be the same except you would change the jumper on the CDROM to slave.

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To free up space on OE, I would like to save existing messages and folders to somewhere else, preferably the slave drive. From there I could open one with OE, or import back in to OE to view.

Answer:Outlook Express - save messages to Slave drive

Does this help you? click here

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Our power supply recently died, and it was cheaper to buy a second hand computer than replace it, so we got one similar to what we had and put our hard drive in as a slave, so we still have our photos and files.
But I can't seem to get into outlook on the D drive. When you open the icon on the D drive it opens the outlook express on the C drive. Have tried running searches but so far no luck. If I try searching D drive it tells me that it can't as D drive is not indexed? Any hints on how I can retrieve the emails from our old outlook express. Using Windows XP SP3, Outlook Express 6. TIA

Answer:Solved: Retrieving emails from outlook off slave drive?

Outlook Express data files have the extension .dbx

They can usually be found in the path listed below. The portion in bold will be slightly different on your PC since each user on the PC has a different user profile. Make sure that you have enabled viewing of hidden files in Windows Explorer.

C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserProfile\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{E5F3C500-8F24-42AD-8438-D1F0B470573E}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

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I have a slave drive that I had to unplug. Believe to have a virus on it?? How can I scan it for a virus when it locks up my entire computer before Windows is completely loaded?? I unplugged it and my computer is fine now.. but still need to access certain things on that drive and obviously can't. How do I run a virus scan on just that drive... and/or how do I find the corrupt file on that drive when it's inaccessible at this time??

Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated..

Answer:ok, need help, slave drive problems

Hi tinygirl63, welcome to TSG.

I replied to your email as well, but will post some of my questions here too:

Does the slave drive have an operating system on it?
What makes you think it has a virus on it?
Was anyone changing anything inside of the computer?

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I recently bought a new pc with vista home edition. I am installing my old xp drive as a slave drive. I can access some but not all my files. Vista says no permissions. I have taken ownership and have all rights on files, but im still not able to acess all files?

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I have installed a maxtor hard drive as a slave it says it's working properly but i cannot access it in any way(it is suppose to be drive(F). i have windows XP. when i go to "run" and browse it says it's in "my computer" but it doesn't show an (f) drive anymore.

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I received my new SDD today and installed Windows 7 on it. After I was all done installing all drivers and updates, I plugged my slave drive back in that contains all my media. At first when I would boot into windows, I was getting a "recycle bin on E:\ is corrupted" message and the slave drive kept on connecting and disconnecting while in Windows.

I decided to boot into my old installation of Windows that is on my old mechanical drive. I can access the files on the slave drive, but the drive tends to hang a lot, and it won't let me copy any files off of it. I ran a chkdsk /f that finished, but when I try to run a chkdsk /r, it gets stuck on stage 4.

I am really hoping that I do not lose any of this data as it is not backed up. I was waiting on this new SSD to I can back it all up and now it seems I can't. If anyone could help me with this, it would be appreciated. I really hope this drive is not dying on me :/

Answer:Slave drive having serious problems

Probably a failing disk. Try different IDE/SATA port or different IDE/SATA cable, make sure they are securely connected.

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I would like to know how to slave drive on Windows XP. I was told to just plug the neccessary plugs into the back of the other Hard Drive, and away I shall go. But, I tried that and all I get is OS not found. What should I do?

Answer:SLave Drive problems!

i assume you got one hd running xp+another one you just connected , you need to set the boot order right in the bios,make the hd with the operating system first in the list

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Okay, here's my predicament:
My original hard drive crashed, and I'm seeking to retrieve vital information from it by making it a slave. I've already purchased a new hard drive and formatted it. In fact, I'm using it now ^^. Anyway, when I try to slave my original hard drive it won't work. The screen that comes up before you can enter BIOS or CMOS does not detect it for some reason. I have my new hard drive hooked up to the primary IDE port of my motherboard, obviously blue, and black to the main hard drive and gray to the slave. I've set the jumpers to both my new one master and slave for my old one, and to cable decide option. I have the power cables plugged in as well. What's wrong? This is very exasperating ... and I figure if this doesn't work I probably will never be able to procure the information again. It's very upsetting, and I've definitely learned to create several backups. Anyways, please help me!! I would really appreciate it!


Answer:Slave Drive Problems

When you said, "my original hard drive crashed." Did you mean, "Windows wouldn't boot or had OS corruption?" or did you mean, "There is a mechanical malfunction with the hardware of the drive?"
The later of the two may be your problem.

Well, you seem to understand how IDE channels work and have taken the necessary steps to connected both drives.


That's correct. Sometimes you really have to take a second and third look at the jumpers on the back of the drives. The writing is very small and sometimes backwards from the way you think it is.
I would double and triple check those jumpers to make sure they are absolutely in the right positions.

Are you able to enter the BIO's of the machine? If not, then you may consider trying to clear the CMOS. To do this either remove the Nickel sized battery on the motherboard for about 5 - 10 minutes and then returning it. OR there are usually jumpers on motherboards that you can set to CMOS clear, then set it back to normal. Both will work fine. This will return your CMOS back to it's default orignal settings and may allow you to enter the BIOS.

If none of this works I would say that the slave drive or older drive is done. The only way to save DATA on that drive is by a professi... Read more

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I have just installed a new hard drive on my system to be a slave. The boot drive is c: and this will be the e: drive, I guess, since that's the way it shows up under my computer. It should be a simple format, but unfortunately when I try to format it by right clicking it and clicking "format", it says I don't have enough memory to do this, try closing programs, etc. (I have 64mb ram on this machine). When I try to format through dos, it says "parameters wrong," "invalid drive spec," etc. What I did in dos is what I normally do for the boot drive, without doing the usual sys transfer (i.e. just format e: , not format c: /s). But I'm definitely limited in dos knowledge, so if that's where I'm messing up, please advise.


Answer:problems formatting slave drive

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I was recently given a Dell 4100 Dimension system. It didnt boot up at all when I got it, but I managed to format it and installed Windows 2000 Server. The probem with this pc, is that it came factory with a 20 gig hard drive. I had a new 40 gig hard drive from Western Digital so I wanted to add this as a slave drive. So I set the jumpers to what it was labeled on the hard drive for a slave drive. But for some reason, the pc doesnt boot up at all after installing the slave. So I disconnected the slave and it boots up fine. What could this problem be? If more info is needed. Let me know.
This is the description I was able to get off of Dell's site about this computer.

System Type: Dimension 4100
Ship Date: 3/6/2001
Dell IBU: Americas
Quantity Parts # Part Description
1 44WUW PROCESSOR, 80526, 933, 256, 133, FIBER CHANNEL, C0
1 554WF DUAL IN-LINE MEMORY MODULE, 128, 133M, 16X64, 4K, 168
1 2010V DISPLAY, MULTISCAN, COLOR... Read more

Answer:Adding Slave Drive Problems.

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I'm trying to save data from my old hard drive but when I go to boot up, the drives conflict and windows 7 doesnt load eventhough I've disabled the slave drive in bios boot menu, any help?

Answer:boot problems with slave drive

Looking at specs, you have one Sata HD & one IDE HD. IDE Hd will boot first.
Reset your BIOS so IDE HD's are not bootable.

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I recently installed a Seagate 2TB Barracuda Sata drive on my PC to use is as a slave drive, but the computer is not showing the drive when I click on My Computer, but
when I check the device manager, it is there. What's going on?

Answer:Sata Drive as a Slave Problems

Welcome to SF!!

Start > type 'diskmgmt.msc' and run it > it is listed there? (possibly saying unalloacated?)

If so, check this out:
How to Create a New Partition or Volume in Windows 7

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Basically im trying to add a slave drive to my comp. Ive nearly tryed all the different jumper combinations but to no avale. Ive set the MASTER drive to DS MASTER and the SLAVE to slave, tryed setting both of them to CS but still no luck. Ive checked the BIOS too whilst doing it and still the slave isnt appearing

Anyone have any ideas why it may be doing this?

Answer:Problems with adding slave drive

What model and manufacturer of the computer, and drives in question.

Master should have jumper set at Master, Slave should have jumper set at Slave, and make sure they are in the correct position on the IDE cable. Make sure drives are on the Primary IDE interface. Then go in and check the Bios settings to make sure both drives are seen and then you should be able to go from there.

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so i just did a fresh install on a brand new hard drive. formatted and everything. now i have my old hard drive that I would like to transfer the files over from. but for some reason when it's hooked up and set to slave windows asks me for a boot disk. any suggestions?

Answer:slave hard drive problems

Check the BIOS boot ordrer. Make sure your OS HD Drive is first.

Check the MOBO Sata ports, Make sure your OS HD Drive is plugged to the first Sata port.

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All of a sudden my computer started accessing my HD and wouldn't quit. I quickly noticed that my CDROM drives were no longer recognized by Windows. Not to long after that everything froze and every time I tried to reboot it-it would immediately start accessing the HD like crazy and wouldn't get past the initial BIOS screen.My initial suspicion was that it was my HD, but after a lot of trial and error I've come to suspect it's something to do with my CDROM drives. I say this because after I unplugged them the system boots and runs perfectly. So after some more trial and error I discovered that both CDROM drives (and my system) work so long as there's only one of them connected. As soon as I connect either of them as a slave the problem returns. It doesn't seem to matter which drive is the slave/master either.I've checked my IDE cables and they all look fine and are firmly connected. Both drives are seemingly powering on, as I can usually (except when the system freezes) eject the disk tray. And I've only checked and double checked the jumpers a few hundred times.So I'm at a loss as to what the problem could be. I could see it if one of the drives was defective, but why would they both still work as a master?Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.~JamesSystem:OS: Windows 98 SEMB: ECS P6VXARAM: 256MBCPU: 1Ghz Pentium IIIHD: 250GB Seagate Barracuda ST3250623A-RK - Primary IDE controllerCDROM: Mitsumi FX4831T!A - Secondary ID... Read more

Answer:IDE CDROM Drive Slave Problems

When you say both work when connected individually can you read discs and copy files from them on both and burn with the CD-RW?

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Hi, my name is Mike and i am new here.
i need some help installing a slave drive. I just got a new DELL C521 with a 160GB SEAGATE SATA hard drive and the second hard drive (the one I am trying to install) is a 80GB MAXTOR 40 pin hard drive. Since the mother board in the computer does not have 40pin connectors, I got me IDE to SATA PCI card. Now my problem is I dont know what to do from here, I connected the second hard drive and nothing. What do i do?
Any help is appreciated. Thank you

BTW, I am running Windows XP home edition on the SEAGATE hard drive and i also have Windows XP home edition on the MAXTOR still from the older computer

Answer:problems with slave drive installation

Welcome to Techspot!

I wouldn't put that PCI into that already fast bus system. Did you just buy that IDE to SATA PCI, which the PCI bus speed is very slow already. You're best bet would be to take that back and get yourself an USB 1.1/2.0 external case HDD for IDE older HD. If you live in the states the ones that are sold under the Compusa label work the best. I have 4 of those no problems. You would just open the case screw in the HD, plug in the ribbon and power into the HD and put the cover back. Connect the power to your AC and the USB to the case and back to the PC USB, Windows XP all version should see your new external HD.

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Basically I have my pc it broke while back and i though it was drive it turned out to be wireless card had broke... anyways I ended up buying a new hard drive 80gb and formating it only for it not to work again I realised after I pluged it in directly to the internet that it worked fine then on internet... changed my wireless card and now it works fine...

But to the point... when i tried to use my old drive as a slave drive it wont load up... just says insert system disk and press enter... or something like that on a black screen so i though maybe i just needed to format my old hard drive again but to be used as a slave as it is formated with xp on...

anyways I tried putting jumpers in where it says and same black screen...
I am not sure I am doing the jumpers right though because my new drive the one that works fine with out slave drive wont work on its own if i put a jumper in making it master drive...

I just now had idea now to check and see if it will work on its own like the other drive... to see if its knakered... but am pretty sure it is... but i get back to you if it dont....

Any ideas on what to do would be fantastic!


Answer:slave drive coursing problems

Just in case you haven't done this already:
The standard setup is to put the drive that has the working operating system on it on the end of the cable and set as Master. The other (backup) drive goes to the connection in the middle of the cable and is set as Slave. Double-check you have the jumpers set correctly. Some systems work by having both drives' jumpers set to Cable Select (CS).

Another thing to check is the boot order in the BIOS - that the drive with the working operating system on it is set to boot before the other one. Once the "old" drive is formatted it won't try to boot from it since it has no operating system on it.

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Basically, i've upgraded my PC from Win98SE to XP, and installed a second HD (as a slave) using an old Samsung SV3002H i had laying about.

Bios detects it, and it shows in my device manager, but aside from that, i can't access it to either format it/see it in "my computer."

any help would be much appreciated.


Answer:Problems Adding a Slave Hard Drive

Try formatting it from disk management.
Right click my computer/ manage/ disk management.

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I'm having problems initializing a new hard drive to be recognized a a slave. My computer found it, but wont initialize it so that I can reformat. It's a maxtor 2bo2oh1 w/ 20 gig. you guys got any clue?

Answer:Problems initializing slave hard drive

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I just got a new 80gb WesternDigital HardDrive, and I'm gonna replace my old 4gb slave with my new 80gb one.

-My OS runs off a 20 gb WD(the master).

-I remove my current 20 gb master and then install the new 80gb as the new master (jumpers settings = master/single).

-I went into my BIOS and set the thing up by auto detecting the specs and it reads everything fine.

-ran Fdisk, selected one of the options to partition, then formated it.

-typed dir /p to make sure the format actually worked. (it shows that theres 0 folders and ~80gb of space, all is cool.)

-change the jumpers to slave, put the old master back in (jumpers = master/with slave)

-boot back into windows, goto 'My Computer' expecting to see the new slave, but theres nothing there, my old slave was D: but now its bumped my CD roms into D: and E:.

now I know I'm obviously missing something, but I have no clue what.

any help would be great.

Answer:New Hard Drive Problems (can't get my new slave to work)

I think the problem might be in your OS. I don't think Win 98 will recognize a single 80gig partition. If you are using 98 you will need to split up into smaller partitions of the largest size being 32gig. I hope this helps.

:wave: :wave: Welcome to TechSpot :wave: :wave:
Check out this thread and introduce yourself to the community.

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Hi, I've just installed a Seagate 120GB slave drive in an until now perfectly running HP P4HT XP Home desktop.
I can write files to the new drive, but if I try to move them back or copy to the C Drive, the folder is created as a copy in both cases, but it contains only the first file.
I can usually only delete this bad copy by using Unlocker, which says that explorer has the handle on this first file.
After deletion I then have problems trying to shutdown or restart, with the a file is being used by windows box appearing.

At this point Task Manager won't open , and I usually do a forced shutdown.
The problem doesn't occur in safe mode, and I've changed the slave drive security permissions in safe mode to all access by everybody, logged on as both owner and administrator.

I reformatted the slave drive and ran checkdisk, which says the drive is healthy. I've also run an AV scan and Malwarebytes. Both giving a clean bill of health.

So, I wondered if anybody could throw any light on why this is happening.
All advice appreciated.

Answer:Slave Drive File Moving Problems

Have you checked if the slave drive is write protected ? You need to verify about the doubt. If the disk is write protected, you couldn't move or copy files on it.

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I recently bought a second hand pc and have tried to instal my old HD as a slave.

The master HD is a Seagate ST320420A (20gb)
The slave is a Seagate ST380012A (80GB)

I have set the jumper settings on both as per the info on the seagate site ( but it doesn't seem to register in "My Computer" and when I go into the bios it says no slave is installed.

This is the first time I have had a go at upgrading/dealing with internal hardware so Im not 100% sure what Im doing is correct. e.g. Does the slave need to have a cable going into the 4 larger pins next to the jumpers?

Can someone talk me through it please as Im going nuts? Im obviously making some newbe mistake.


Answer:Problems Instaling Seagate Slave Drive

Yes both hard drives need A power cable and an IDE Ribbon/cable going in to them. If you have them attached to the same ribbon make sure the ribbon is in the IDE 0 slot on the MB. If you are using a separate ribbon for the slave then the slave jumper has to be set to master (which would be secondary master in the bios) and plugged into IDE 1 on the MB.

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so..i have 3 problems.. and i was trying to fix them, but i'm seeming to have trouble..1] a couple of days ago, the blue screen of death popped up.. said, "unmountable_boot_volume".. i've gotten that once before, when i downloaded a boot screen and didn't know how to use it.. but it was on a completely different computer.. so i called everyone i knew that was good with computers, and my friend told me that i was going to have to completely reboot the computer..i have TONS of bleep on my computer.. pictures that i can't get back, songs that took me FOREVER to he told me to make the hard drive into a slave drive on another tower.. [i have 3 towers at my house..]2] i went to the library and got online, searched for how to take out the drive and hook it up as a slave.. i don't know technical names, but here's what i did..--took the drive out of the busted computer.--took the shell off of my tower and disconnected the wide wire set from the main drive, and the 4 wire set from the main drive..--i figured that the wide wire set was probably the main one, so i plugged it back into the main drive and just plugged the slave into a second 4 wire set..all was good and well.. or so i thought..3] i go to turn on my computer, and it won't start.. no fans, no LED light on the front, nothing.. and i had a lamp plugged into the power strip to make sure that it wasn't the outlet.. done all that.. i can never remember which one [o or --] means &... Read more

Answer:Many Problems - Bsod; Slave Drive; And Comp Won't Start.

The hard drive in your computer still needs to be the master. You take the drive you want to recover the pictures from and make it the slave. You also have to move the small plastic jumper in the back to the slave position. As far as it's not starting, I would suspect you knocked some wires loose when changing the drives. Most likely the 2 start switch wires or the power plug to the motherboard. The power switch could be 2 wires or a plug with several wires for the whole front panel, it depends on the model

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Hi, just finished building a new pc with a friend and now we are having problems accessing some of the folders on the Slave hard drive we added. It?s actually the old hard drive from his previous pc, we thought it would be easier and quicker to copy stuff across by adding it as a slave before reformatting it.

Basically you can see and access most of the folders on the slave hard drive but there are 4 that we can?t, typically the ones where all the good stuff are kept, these being My Documents, Favourites, Desktop and Cookies. This drive has Windows XP Home Edition installed on it and it previously asked for a password at login, but we have disabled it (thought that this would solve our problem, but nothing is ever that easy ). When you try to access these folders you get an 'Access Denied' warning. Can anyone suggest what we are doing wrong or a way of getting around this with out have to copy everything to CD and transferring it?

Answer:Problems Accessing Folders on Slave Hard Drive

You have to gain admin rights to the files that you cant access. Maybe loggin on with his username and password will do it?

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I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. My friends computer had trouble booting, but then booted fine for few days, and now it won't boot at all. I fear that the hard drive is crashing.

I wanted to slave his hard drive to mine and copy all his data. Unforunately, when I try to slave his, my computer won't boot unless I boot into safe mode. (I can't even boot into safe mode with networking). It keeps freezing.

I've tried to do a Cable select for both, mine as master, his as slave. Nothing seems to work. I don't understand why I can't boot with his hard drive as a slave.

But ultimately any way I can get to the data and save it is all I want. If there was a dos based cd burner software, I would do that if necessary.

As always, thanks in advance.

- Snorii

PS I was also thinking it might be a virus (boot sector) but I have no idea and have no way to check.

Answer:[SOLVED] Hard Drive Problems - can't boot or slave

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Hi guys,

Hope you can help, this has been driving me nuts for some time now.

Not quite sure what triggered this issue but I have recently been unable to access (play media or music, delete, modify ) any files on my internal SATA slave drive ( B:\ ). Everything seems to work ok on the internal primary drive ( C:\ ). Recent files are held on C:\ , then transferred to B:\ for archiving, back-up or when C:\ is running low on space.

Sometimes when trying to access a file or directory on the B:\ drive I get an I/O error, but even when this error does not appear, I still cannot play or view the mp3, avi or jpeg.

I read somewhere that perhaps the permissions or User Controls have been messed up. I disabled User Account Control in Vista and tried to modify permissions, as they were not the same as the directories permissions on the C:\ drive. It worked for most files, but some are still inaccessible, I get the I/O error.

I tried to run a chkdsk on B:\ and get the error "Chkdsk is not available for RAW drives"

But the drives are both listed as NTFS in the Disk Management System.

Any thoughts on how to get the disk working again, or recover the existing data ? As it stands I cannot even copy files to C:\ to try and recover them.

Hope I have provided enough information.


Answer:Getting "Chkdsk is not available for RAW drives" message on slave drive with Data ??

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Without going too far into how this occurred however what I now have on my computer is a C: which has a fresh version of windows i.e none of my old programs/ files and an F: (labeled 'Backup O/S Drive') which appears to contain all of my old data and programs....

I am open to any suggestions however I really just want to get my system back to how it was i.e restore the information/programs currently on the F: (I am assuming this is a partition) to the C: so do I go about this through Windows xp or through the windows xp disk boot.... any help is appreciated.... thank you in advance....

Answer:Restoring XP data and Settings from Backup O/S Drive

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I just installed Windows Xp on a brand new HDD. The previous hard drive had Windows 2000, and since I didn't want to lose any files I installed that drive as the slave. But when I boot the machine up. And select the slave drive, none of the files, such as pictures, word docs, etc. are there. The folders are blank. What am I doing wrong? The jumper pin setting is correct because the picture is right on the label for the drive. Can anybody help?



Answer:Installed XP and slave drive, can't read files on slave

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Have just installed a new 8.7 Maxtor in a P100. This drive is set as master and partitioned into 5 which assigns drive letters c,d,e,f,g . If I re-install the old 500mb drive unit as a slave ( Quantum Maverick) it assigns itself as drive letter D. I want this drive to show up as drive H . If I go to Device manager, hard drives, double click on generic ide type 47, settings, for this drive the drive letter assignment is there, but I cannot change it. Any ideas please.

Answer:{SOLVED} Slave drive letter inserts itself within master partition drive letters

I don't think you can change it. Normally the bios will take the primary of the 1st ide drive as c, the primary of the second ide as d, the next partition of the primary ide drive as e, etc.

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When installing a larger main drive, how do I get the drivers copied onto the slave before I take out the main one?

I wonder is there a simple way of doing this, I am using Windows XP home edition, the PC is an oldish one and isn't any specific make, so I can't get any clever programs from the manufacturers site, any idea?


I had just had this recommended, I wonder is it a safe site, safe program?


Answer:How do I make a copy of my drivers onto a slave drive, when upgrading hard drive?

Yes sourceforge is safe.

That is where I get many programs myself.


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hi guys. the external hard drive, here at work, cannot be detected by any of the computers. my thoughts are that the data was wiped clean. i've removed the hard drive from the case and installed it onto my computer as a slave drive. a) how can i view if these files still exist. and b) if they are missing, can you recommend a software recovery program?

Answer:Solved: external hard drive/slave drive recovery

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Can anybody talk me through installing a slave drive on my gateway gm5483e motherboard model 945gct-m3 made by elitegroup also known as ECS

Answer:windows Vista sata hard drive slave drive


It should be as simple as installing a couple of cables. Hopefully you've got a nice flat cable either with the new slave drive, or a spare with the motherboard: it's normally red, but can be other colours, about 1cm wide and 1mm thick. That needs to be plugged in between the drive and one of your SATA slots on the motherboard. They'll normally be black, and unlike most, will have a slight 'L' shape to them. If you get a torch on your motherboard, you should see SATA1 or SATA2 written very close to them. If you've already got a SATA drive, then it should be easy to spot, so just use the second port.

When you start the machine up, go into the BIOS by pressing the appropriate key (it should come up with a screen just after displaying what graphics card you have / testing memory, telling you what key to press - normally F1, F2, F12, Esc or Del),

Then find your way to the 'Boot Order' section (sorry, not sure quite where it'll be for your chipset - but it'll be either on the first screen, or more likely a menu off of it), and make sure that it's still on your CD/Floppy/original drive first and hasn't swapped to your new SATA (it shouldn't have done, but some prefer a SATA drive by default to an IDE).

Any probs or questions, please come back. You'll do fine!


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Hi, I have an issue, my main hard drive is about to die, and I need to try to copy it to my other drive so I can take it out and just use my other drive as my main drive and boot windows etc. from it.Is there a way to do this? I already have stuff installed on my second drive which I don't want to lose so I don't want to have to format it in order to install windows onto it.If there any way at all of just copying everything from my dieing drive to my other drive so I can just take my main drive out and use the other as a main drive.My main drive was a temporary replacement for my last hard drive that died, it is only 40GB IDE, and my secondary drive is  a 250GB SATA (if that helps) I am also running windows XP pro SP3.If you need any more info, I will do my best to tell you anything you need to knowThankyou in advance.

Answer:master hard drive dieing, can I copy it to slave drive?

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Hey guys,

Recently my windows xp OS hard drive crashed on me. In desperation I installed a new HD with windows XP making my crashed drive the slave {So I can still salvage my files}. So far so good, until I tried to get into a few folders of mine that I had protected by Everstrike's Universal Shield 4.1. When I try to view these folders, I get access denied. I've tried logging in as administrator, safe mode, going through the registry to try and manual uninstall, re-downloading, installing and uninstalling Universal Shield- all to no avail. The uninstall freezes up on me every time.

What I believe is happening, is that Universal shield must still be installed on my slave drive, still protecting those folders that I had it lock.

How can I get rid of Universal shield on my slave drive, giving me access to the folders I need to back up? Any ideas?

Thanks a lot, hope we can get this figured out.

Answer:HD Crashed, How to find files you've hidden on old OS drive when old OS drive is now slave?

If I can't figure this out, i'm going to lose about 5 years worth of pictures and documents I've wanted to save. Anyone have any thing to help?

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I have added a WD primary slave drive to my WD master drive. All jumper settings are correct - have tried on both master and slave and CSEL jumpers - both work. Both drives register in bios on auto setting. Both drives show up in device manager. Fdisk will not recognise second drive on system and neither will 'Data Lifeguards Tools' supplied by WD - therefore cannot partition or format slave drive. On boot up I get 'primary slave drive fails' message. OS is ME. Size of slave drive 120GB. Pulling my hair out - anything would be FAB!

Answer:Primary Slave Drive added but 'drive fails'

Your WD primary master should have no jumpers set only the slave,what size have you upgraded from?? does your new drive work if set up as master?? I had a problem with my WD 80gb but it showed up as an error and mine was replaced if you put it as i said to master use the floppy to set up the drive you should be able to write zeros to the drive if it still doesn't work you could have a duff HD.

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I have Windows XP installed as the master drive (hda) and Mandriva 10.2 Linux on the slave drive (hdb). I want to physically remove the WinXP hard drive from my computer and make Linux the only drive. I boot up the computer using LILO, which is installed on hda. So how do I do all of this without messing up the bootloader settings?

Answer:Changing Linux on Slave Drive to Master Drive

First, save the existing /etc/lilo.conf; cp /etc/lilo.conf /etc/lilo.0901705.conf

Second, read manpage re mkbootdisk. you may need this to recover the as-is configuration

Third, I found it a lot safer to work out my LILO configuration using a floppy boot disk rather than my hard disk. To do this, you must replace the boot=/dev/hda with boot=/dev/fd0 in the lilo.conf file. That way, if I messed up any of the configuration in my lilo.conf file, I could take out the boot disk and boot into Linux as before. Once I was happy everything booted fine using the floppy disk, I then changed my lilo.conf back to use boot=/dev/hda and ran /sbin/lilo a final time to upload my changes.

man 8 lilo explains the program options
man 5 lilo.conf explains each line in the conf file

before you make changes, issue the following as documentation
later, this command will show /dev/hda? on / type ext2 (r/w)
when you're successful

Your existing LILO config should be at /etc/lilo.conf and will contain
items like:
boot = /dev/hdb? (first HD, some partition number suffix)
... bunch of stuff best left alone
image = ... whatever it says
.label = ... your lilo prompt at boot time
.root = ... /dev/hdb? (note it matches line 1)
other = /dev/hda1 (first HD, 1 partition)
.label = WinXP (the lilo prompt for XP)
.table = /dev/hda

delete the lines from OTHER to the bottom,
change hdb? to hda? (ie the same partition number, just different drive)
save ... Read more

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Hello all, I'm hoping you can help me. A couple weeks ago my hp pavilion dv6000 crashed (again). Last time this happened I was able to recover to an old restore point wih my vista recovery disk and save my files, but no luck this time. I'm a writer and I have a decent amount of writing that I'll lose if I can't recover my files. I have a sata USB cable that I'm using to connect the drive to my old working pc (windows xp). When I hook it up, I hear the drive powering up and the computer makes the USB detect sound, but the drive never shows up in my computer. How can I get my pc to detect the drive? Is all lost? thanks so much for any help. I know more than average about computers, but I'm mostly a beginner so please explain in simple terms. Thanks in advance

Answer:Sata USB slave drive to recover crashed drive

the noise you are hearing is a good sign, but maybe windows is assigning the drive a letter that is already in use? if you right click "my computer" and go to manage. then click on disk management, take a screen shot of that and attach it to a post on here..i might be able to help.

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I need to retrieve data from a SATA drive but can only achieve this if I can connect it as a slave drive to a machine with a master PATA drive. The motherboard will accept both devices. Is this possible? and if so how?

Answer:Master PATA drive Slave SATA drive-is it possible

Leave the pata as master, plug in the sata and reboot. OS will assign new drive letter to the sata and you should be able to see it.

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Trying to remove prior Win7 install from D: drive HDD when Win7 is now on C: SSD.In the past I just formatted the drive and its clean.My problem is that I have data and programs installed on D: that I do not want to completely wipe out, so the easy formatting is not going to work for me. I was thinking of using Linux to remove Windows 7 from this D: drive to get the 17.8GB back. Is this the best method or is there a better method to get around the Access Denied issue when trying to remove when I am the System Admin and should be able to delete it, but cant?

Answer:Removing Windows 7 from slave drive without formatting drive

If you are logged into Windows on your system partition and wish to remove a different Windows installation you should be able to do so after taking ownership. I always use this utility to add "take ownership" to the context menu:

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In Outlook XP and earlier versions I could put a shortcut to "my documents"
or any other folder I liked, I believe by going to something like "other
shortcuts" and opening up the folder list - the list looked just like windows
explorer, so I was able to create a shortcut to any folder or file I wanted.
Now I've updated to Outlook 2007 I don't seem to be able to do that. My
folder list only contains Outlook folders, it no longer resembles Windows
Explorer. Am I missing something? Or can't this be done anymore? i need to save my emails to a folder out of outlook. How do i do this most efficiently?

Answer:outlook 2007 i need a shortcut to a folder on c drive

im not totally understanding your concept, although you may be able to shift click all your emails right click and save to folder in the drop down list. if that helps you

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I had a hard drive crash on me last week and Dell sent me a new one. The error was unmountable boot volume, so I couldn't even start my computer to get my files off the hard drive. My friend helped me install the new drive and use a hard drive enclosure to get most of my documents off the old hard drive. My question is- is there a place on the hard drive that my old emails would have saved? I had a good amount in my inbox, and also in specific files in my inbox. I saved a lot of my stuff in my Outlook without printing or saving as a document on my computer and it would be so great if I could get those emails back! Is it possible? If so, where should I look on my old hard drive?

OS is Windows XP and it was Outlook 2007 Professional.

Thank you so much for any help anyone can give me!

Answer:Outlook 2007 and hard drive crash

Most likely they wont be recoverable, though im not to familiar with outlook express.If it stored any emails it should be somewhere inside the outlook express folder in your program files.I'll do some research on this.

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Hi I am trying to config my Outlook 2000, I had just installed on my new Primary drive (OS: WIN 2000) with the settings calender/mailboxes; accountds etc., from Outlook 2000 located on my smaller drive (now setup as a slave drive OS: Win98)

Any Ideas how I can do this the most effective way??

Thks in advance 4 your help

Answer:How to bring Outlook 2000 settings from Slave to Primary

Here is a link...

I think they also have a tool that will do it for you.;en-us;196492&Product=out2K

Have a good one.


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We've been having issues with users at our agency corrupting attachments when they send email. After trying everything I could think of, I finally decided to just wipe all the computers (25 in all). It worked on the first 2 computers, but today I did the 3rd and 4th ones, and it doesn't appear to have worked. Aside from that though is the fact that after I reinstalled Outlook 2002 and logged the user back into the domain, her email settings were still there! How is that possible?? I was under the impression that these settings were stored in a registry key.

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Recently, I have noticed that whenever I open Outlook 2007 it causes my hard drive to run incessantly. I removed some plug-ins I had installed (Gist and Tungle to be specific) and that did not resolve the issue. The other problem is slow response time - I can be in my inbox and attempt to switch to any other folder and it lags 3-4 seconds before the folder content pops up. System operating specs are below - I would love to get rid of this noise by means other than shutting outlook down (although that has its advantages!)


OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name USER-PC
System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
System Model P55-UD3L
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz, 2793 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Award Software International, Inc. F1, 8/4/2009
SMBIOS Version 2.4
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7600.16385"
User Name User-PC\User
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 4.00 GB
Available Physical Memory 2.42 GB
Total Virtual Memory 7.99 GB
Available Virtual Memory 6.28 GB
Page File Space 4.00 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

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i have a regular c drive and d drive and have an older drive installed as a slave - but - why in my computer are the drives listed as c/d but slave drives are Drive_C(G:) and Drive_D(H:) ?i would like to remove the "C" and "D" from the slave drive - would you please explain how. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Changing drive letters on slave drive

You can change the drive letters in Disk Management to whatever letters you want that are not in use. The exception is the boot/OS partition letter can't be changed. Keep in mind that changing the drive letter assignments may render installed programs unusable and programs that look for files in a certain place may need to be reconfigured. None of the above may be pertinent in your case.Do both of the hard drives have installed operating system that you boot to or is the second used for only storage or also programs?

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I have 2 hard drives. My slave drive has been the boot drive. My master drive now has a bad block. I tried to replace it but, when I did my computer wouldn't boot. The replacement has an OS on it but, all I got was a black screen w/ a blinking underscore. Windows never came up. I want my slave drive to stay the boot. How or what can I do to fix it so my slave boots to my OS after replacing my bad drive?

Answer:How do I make my slave drive be the boot drive

there are two thing you can. do the first is make sure the juumpers on the hard drives are in the right place. make sure the new drive is marked as master an the old one is marked as slave.
The second is when you computer first starts press f12, (I think it's f12 key), go into your startup change the boot order so the computer looks for that drive first. These would be the first things I'd try if they don't work hold on someone else will correct me and post another suggestion.

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This is a long post, but it is a VERY strange problem

I have been having some major problems with the same PC. This is my mom's computer and it has the same problem, over and over and

Here is the system setup:

MSI K7N Delta2 Platinum MOBO
AMD Athlon 2800+
1Gb PC3200 RAM (2, 512 sticks)
1000/100/10 Mbps on-board LAN
160GB Western Digital IDE ATA100 (Primary Master) (NTFS)
120 GB WD IDE ATA100 (2 drives) (Primary Slave & Secondary Master) (NTFS)
8x Lite-On IDE DVD+-R/RW (Secondary Slave)
Linksys USB Wireless G network adapter (used because the built-in NIC won't work now..)
3.5” floppy W/ 9-in-1 USB Media Reader
17” LCD Monitor
XP Professional with all updates
Norton AV 2005

The original install did not have the 2 120GB drives, they were added after the setup was complete. The 160Gb drive is partitioned into 40Gb and 120Gb. The 40Gb being the system drive and the other for storage.

I installed XP Pro, then Norton AV 2005 (Google 6 month free version) then ran updates for XP. I then installed all the software that was needed (open office, GIMP, MS Money, etc). Next the 2 120GB drives were installed and shared on the network. I used these extra drives as backup for Office files and MS Money files. Everything seemed to be working well.

I then needed to re-flash my Linksys router (WRT54G). I installed an open source firmware, for more control. To flash the router, I disconnected all cables from the router and ran a direct cable to my PC. The flash worked great... Read more

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My 5 year old Dell will not boot, but I can access the hard drive in our new computer, so most of our files are accessible.  (We contacted dell about the boot problem, the power supply needs to be replaced, but the part isn?t available anymore so we just got a new computer)  However, since I?m an accountant & work from home, I had a password on my login name, protecting many of my client?s files.  Unfortunately, I can?t access my ?My Documents? on the old hard drive because of the password.  My user file folder says there are zero files, which I?m sure isn?t true.Can anyone help me with either booting either of our new computers (new Dell or new eMachines) with the old hard drive as master (instead of slave) or with removing the password on the slave hard drive?  Any suggestions would be most appreciated!  I know the password, I?m just not sure how to get rid of it!Oh, and all the computers are desktops and all are running Windows XP home.Thanks!Christine (who will never forget to back up client files again!)

Answer:Changing a slave drive to a master drive?

Duplicate post.   Please post replies here:

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I believe I am in the right place, at least I hope so.  My harddrive died so I moved the jumper on my slave drive to make it a master drive.  I followed the directions on the manufacturer's site.  Now what do I do?  I've tried to turn it on with the WinXP installation CD in the cd drive but I just get failure messages.  I haven't worked on a computer in over 10 years so I just don't remember what I have to do.  Is anyone able to give me some direction please?  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks so much.  This is a Dell Dimension 4300 and is probably 10 years old.  I don't remember.  I use a laptop for the most part.  I just wanted to fix the desktop for the grandkids to play games on. 

Answer:had to change slave drive to master drive now what do I do?

You had two drives in the desktop? You have to remove the drive that failed. The Master/Slave thing works for drives that are functional. If a drive fails, its behavior is not predictable. You have to fully remove the drive, at least electrically. No cables connected to the bad drive.The BIOS would recognize the second drive and let it be the boot drive. But you must set priority to look for the CD first. When you let the CD boot you should see a message...Press any key to boot CD...You have to hit a key withing a few seconds. You may need the product key at had, in some cases.Full install may take over an hour. You will be prompted for some information at more the one point. So you can not just walk away.

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Quick question...I have a 2 hard drives, one with windows installed, on its own IDE cable and another hard drive, with Linux installed that shares the IDE port with a CD Drive.The question is, does it matter which of the devices that are sharing the IDE port (ie. the CD Drive and the Second Hard Disk) are set to master or slave?Thanks.

Answer:Hard Drive and CD Drive - Master or Slave?

the sensible thing would be to have the linux hard drive as the slave on the primary channel so both operating systems can communicate at an optimum with the cd-rom. check your drives wouldnt be better with an 80 conductor cable and the jumpers set to cable select.

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old pc: with the toggle set in 'slave' position & having a 40 pin connector (actually 39, with bottom center slot blanked on the connector cable/drive):

new pc:
- does it matter if another single channel connector has 40 pins or should there be the 39/with blanked out connector?

- does the toggle get moved to 'master' position, is it pulled altogether, or where does the toggle go on a new single channel setup (other drives are SATA) where it will be used as the only IDE for backup purposes only?

Answer:moving IDE slave drive to new pc backup drive

If there is nothing else on the IDE Cable but the hdd then the jumper should be set to master.

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I hope I'm not breaking any rules here, I have already posted this inside someone elses post but thought it need it's own thread. I hope this is the correct place to post this. Sorry for the length.

For years I have had an 80GB Western digital HD as my primary drive and a 40GB Western digital HD as my slave drive. Although the slave drive had Win 98SE installed, I was able to access the slave drive without a problem. I decided to have a HD dedicated to Video Editing so, I recently place my original HD into an enclosure to share a bay/mount with another 80 GB Western Digital in the same brand enclosure (to use as the editing HD). I still have the 40GB Western Digital HD as the slave. The video editing HD (new HD) has Windows XP Home with it's own CD Key. The primary HD (original HD that worked fine before) that shares the enclosure bay and has the original Windows XP Home with the original CD Key.

After installing the OS on the new Video Edit HD, I am able to access the slave drive (which always had and still retained the drive letter (D. When I shut down the computer and replace the new Video Edit HD with the original HD, everything appears to boot correctly, but I am unable to access the slave drive. There is no drive letter. I went to the Disk Mgmnt tool and the slave drive is recognized as (no drive letter) Disk 1, [volume] JOHNS40GB, [layout] Partition, [type] Basic, [File System] Fat32, [Status] Healthy (active), [capacity] 37.26GB, [free space] 14... Read more

Answer:Slave drive not assigned drive letter

Go back into Disk Management and right click on the problematic drive. If there's an option to "import foreign disk", do so and see if that solves it.

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I am replacing a dual core computer (motherboard die) with a new pc. My question is: I would like to connect the main hard drive from the old PC as a slave or secondary drive to the new PC. So beside physical connection, what else I need to do?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Answer:Old hard drive to new computer as slave drive

You left out some important information.

Is the new PC a factory-brand one or a self-built one?

Is the hard drive in the new PC an IDE or SATA model, and does it contain a Windows operating system?

Is the hard drive in the old PC an IDE or SATA model, and does it contain a Windows operating system?


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I Have Sony Vaio VGC-RB34G Running Windows XP Media Edition. My computer came with No XP CD just the Cheap Recovery System From the Control Panel That I had to Make using Two DVDS. My Original Hard Drive Has a Currupt File that will not Load Windows So I bought another Hard drive of same Make and Model I Installed and Now when I go to boot Windows I have to Press F5 to Run windows from the Second hard drive. When In BIOS it shows both HD And I dont know How to Slave the Original so When I start It runs The New Hard drive and Shows The Original as a x: drive  so I can Copy THE system File I need to the Currupt Hard drive.. This sony is giving me trouble from day one.. Please Help

Answer:Slave Drive SATA hard drive

There should be a setting in BIOS under Boot in which you chose which order it boots up each hard drive. If that doesn't work, you made need to take the original out and replace it with the new one to make it the primary drive....

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Yesterday I tried to install a new C drive because mine was running slow. The idea was to install a new C drive without much on it and use my old C drive, which was pretty full as a secondary slave drive, deleting Windows of it and just keeping my files.

I installed Windows on the new drive OK, but when I started up with my old C drive attached as a slave drive, I was told there was an error with it and it needed to run chkdsk. I let it do that and it proceeded to delete almost all my files from my old C drive.

I've now restored from my backup which I made a week ago, meaning I've only lost a week's work, so it's not too bad.

Does anyone know if it's possible to do what I was trying to do, and if so how to go about it?


Answer:Changing Master Drive To Slave Drive

There is a reason why your old drive was running slow. Did you ever figure out why, or what was wrong with it? Perhaps the drive itself is going bad.Go to the manufacturer's website and download their disk utility to check the hard drive out: Fujitsu "FJDT" DOWNLOAD Works with fujitsu models only.
Hitachi / IBM - DFT "Drive Fitness Test" DOWNLOAD Works with all manufacturers.
Maxtor "Powermax" DOWNLOAD Works with all manufacturers.
Samsung "hutil" DOWNLOAD Compatability unknown.
Seagate "Seatools" DOWNLOAD Works with Seagate drives only.
Toshiba - N/A There are no tools available for Toshiba, but you may be able to use IBM or Maxtor's.
Western Digital "Data Lifeguard" DOWNLOAD Works with WD drives only.

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Hi! I have this hard drive, which was put in a pc that didn't work due to power supply failure. The OS is windows 7 ultimate (with password).
And I want to install this into a different pc (OS: windows xp) as a slave drive, I just need to take out the data from drive D and E.. How to set my hard drive as a slave drive in this pc which has different OS too? my hard drive is a SATA, and the PC does have SATA port..

Do I need to set the BIOS too? and How?

Help needed! Please include the steps, I'm a newbie.. Thank you!

Answer:How to set my hard drive as a slave drive in a different system?

This link might help you.


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Hi! I need to reformat my computer and I have 2 seperate hard drives. If I reformat my C drive, will everything on my H drive still be safe? I had to reformat once before and went to the trouble of saving everything and backing it up to my other computers on my home network, only to find after the reformat that my entire H drive was totally intact. I don't want to *assume* that it will always be that way and then lose everything in a reformat. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Answer:Reformat hard drive with XP and slave drive

yes, H will be safe

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I wish to try and retrieve my old outlook e-mails and oulook contacts from an old hard drive. Where would I find the appropriate files.Thanks

Answer:Retrieve Outlook Data from old hard drive

Do a search for *.pst

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Hi there.

I have an xp machine that is completely cream crackered.

I've got the hard drive which is working correctly, but I want to extract from it the Outlook Express data, that I can then import into Windows 7 Mail Client.

I understand I need to get the dbx files for the folders and their content, which I have done.

But is there anyway I can get the account details, and any contacts or rules etc?



Answer:Getting Outlook Express data from hard drive

Hello Craig

Here is how to back up everything possible in OE and also how to restore it to a new system

#1 at the bottom


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I added a slave drive to my Windows XP Pro computer, and it appears to work properly.

However, when I open the "Documents and Settings" folder (on the slave drive E:\, which is Windows XP Home Edition -- not XP Pro), I do not see any of my documents, sub-folders, etc. There should be MANY sub-folders (inside the "My Documents" folder which isn't even visible), with hundreds of documents, jpgs, etc. within it.

When that drive is installed as the Primary drive in my other computer, the User "Larry" (which is me) has all Administrative privileges. On the computer that I'm running now (with the slave drive in it), I also have Administrator privileges. I own both computers.

My User Name "Larry" is password-protected when I login to Windows (when the drive is Primary and installed into my main computer (not this computer with XP Pro).

I've tried clicking on all the users; Administrator, Default User, Larry, Guest, etc. (Note: I get an "Access Denied" error when clicking on the Guest "Documents and Settings" folder).

So, the questions are:

1. Why can't I see any files or subdirectories in the "Documents and Settings" folder on the slave drive?

2. There's supposed to be a folder named "My Documents," but I can't find it. Normally, that path is "C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents".
--- Where is that folder? It contains all the files I'm looking for.
... Read more

Answer:Solved: Slave drive "Access Denied" on "Documents and Settings" Folder

Follow the directions here to take ownership of a file or folder.

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The situation is as follows. Old pc's graphic system went dead so the pc was no longer usable. I removed the hard drive from that pc and put it into a new pc as just an accessible drive, not a boot drive. The hard drive is accessible and can be searched. The person used outlook express on the old system. I now have him set up with regular outlook that came in the office xp bundle. He never backed up the old drive nor did he export his contacts/mail from outlook express. We are now trying to import that data from the old hard drive to the new outlook that has been setup. How can we go about doing this? Again, we need contacts and hopefully the emails that were saved while the old computer was in use. Thank you for your time.

Update: Found .pst file on old drive. Where can I put this? Under import/export it doesn't have a .pst option. Where is the function in outlook to import this .pst file and the date within?????

Answer:Importing Outlook Express Data from old hard drive to new.

There is no way to import a .pst file.

How to manage.pst files in Outlook 2007, in Outlook 2003, and in Outlook 2002

Maybe some information there will prove useful.

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Hello peeps...

I have a system drive on a workstation which is 1) removable, 2) contains 2 partitions - one for the sytem & data files, one reserved by the os.

I would like to use this drive and it's file data in an external drive case (SATA) connected to my notebook.

Is this possible? Will the notebook handle the external drive properly?


Answer:Using system drive data as a data drive on seperate machine

It shouldn't be a problem, the notebook should see the drive as secondary. Can't hurt to create a System Resore or image the system first, though:

System Restore Point - Create


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I got a computer from my boss and installed Office 2010. it was working just fine until i noticed that the 1TB drive was partitioned into two drives. the second partition was the "data drive". I didn't like this, so I removed the partition with a partition manager program. I still have the data from the drive, but for some reason Outlook won't read the data file and says it can't open it. I think it's in the right location now, but outlook won't check mail. is there anything i can do? i apologize if this is the wrong place to post this question, but i hope that someone can help me or at least point me in the right direction

Answer:removed partition on drive, and now outlook 2010 can't use data file

Actually, having a separate "data drive" is a very good idea as that allows you to size it accordingly and make backups from it using a separate schedule from your "OS drive".

That said, what happened when you finished doing the following:
1) Opened Outlook
2) Looked in the settings to see the previous locations for files and folders
3) Migrated those files and folders from your backup of the "data drive" to your "OS drive"
3) Changed the locations in Outlook for those files and folders to your "OS Drive"
4) Restarted Outlook with the new settings in place.

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I'm trying to install an update from the Microsoft Update Website but I am unsuccessful, because it says I don't enough free space on local disk (C):  I'd say that it was about a year ago that I self installed a Seagate ST3300631A-RK 300 GB hard drive on my Sony Vaio Computer. When I open up My Computer it shows in Properties of local disk (C): 138 MB of free space out of a total of 14.9 GB. In the local disk (D): it shows 112 MB of free space out of a total of 113 GB. Did I do something wrong when I installed the Seagate drive and if I did is there a  solution to my problem.     

Answer:Drive Data Problems

clear out some space - 100 odd meg per partition just isn't enough at allin the drive where windows is installed - you should have at least 3 gig free

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Is it possible to use a laptop Samsung MP0804H 2.5" drive as a slave drive in my IBM Lenova Desktop? How would I asign it as slave if there are no jumpers to set?
I am installing the 2." drive with adapter to fit in an existing empty bay with an IDE adapter to interface with the IDE connection internal.

Thank you!

Answer:Using a 2.5 Laptop Drive as slave drive..????

Yes, you can set it as a slave drive. I attached a diagram below. The green box actually has the info needed, but I made it easier to figure out for ya. As I'm sure you already know, you're going to need an adapter kit like this one.

Good luck!! :-D

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I have a 5 year old PC on Windows ME. It had only 4Gb master disk when i got it and i added a 40 Gb slave drive later.Yesterday the primary disk 'died' started making screeching noises etc etc, i tried re formatting it but to no avail.I thought the answer would be to bin the current master and simply replace it with the slave.I have physically done this and changed the jumpers at the back of the disk.I then started up with a boot disk and it says both primary master and slave hard disk fail.I continue on and it says "setup founf a compressed volume or a disk cache utility on your computer. Quit and check your compresed volume with your disk compression software or remove the disk cache utility"I am not aware of any such software ? if i continue on i get "cannot create a temp directory. if you have HPFS or NTFS installed on your drive you will need to create an msdos boot partition to set up windows.Any ideas would be great, sorry its a bit long. Cheers

Answer:Slave Drive to Master Drive ?

I'm not entirely sure how to solve this one as I've never seen those messages before, If I were in your position I would try a bios reset then the fdisk command and then a full format and then try the reinstall

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I have searched through all the hard drive threads looking for a similar problem but didn't find anything. Please bare with me, I am a beginner computer repairer/user so you will have to use elementary terms for I am somewhat ignorant when it comes to computers.

A couple of years ago my friend gave me this computer which only had 3GB HD. Once it got under 1GB I bought another hard drive(when I added the new HD it there was about 750MB available on C . I didn't really understand how to partition a new hard drive so I went ahead and slaved the new HD. I assumed, that once I added this new hard drive as long as anything I downloaded or any software that I uploaded was put on my new hard drive, that I wouldn't have any problems. So now my c: drive is full and I keep getting the following error:

*You have run out of disk space on your c: drive. To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files click disk clean up?

which I have obviously done.

So my questions are:

1. When you download things, is there still other files (temporary/hidden) that get downloaded to the primary drive?
2. Are these files what have used up the remaining space on my c:?
3. Is there default settings in the BIOS or system that I can change so when I download things that they will go to my d: drive (slave) which has 30GB available?
4. What are my options? Should I just ditch my full c: drive and reinstall windows on my available d: drive?

I have scoured through the c: dri... Read more

Answer:c: drive full, what to do with slave drive?

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