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Solved: Outlook 2003 Bug - html outgoing emails converted to plain text

Question: Solved: Outlook 2003 Bug - html outgoing emails converted to plain text

I have my default email format set to .html. When I compose a new message it looks like everything's working just fine. I send my .html message and even in my sent box, it shows that my .html message formatted properly. However, when others open my messages, they have been converted to plain text. I've checked my office-mates computers and they do not have the setting "convert incoming messages to plain text" so that can't be the problem. I've tested it with 5 people using Outlook who can receive .html messages just fine. I've tested it with my Yahoo address to. For some reason, Outlook is converting my .html (and Rich Text too) email messages into plain text. Everyone else in the office sends and receives html email with a nicely formatted signature just fine. Why can't I? Please help!

I'm running Windows XP with Office 2003 SP 2.


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Preferred Solution: Solved: Outlook 2003 Bug - html outgoing emails converted to plain text

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Outlook 2003 Bug - html outgoing emails converted to plain text

Do you have any anti-virus software running on the PC? Some antivirus software may install an Outlook add-in that may convert the message to plain text to avoid spreading of viruses. Check under your "Add-Ins" and disable them all to see if one of the add-ins is causing the problem. If you are on an Exchange server the admin may have also disabled this functionality.


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I have Outlook 2003 and I have two problems:

1. When replying to HTML emails, my reply automatically becomes HTML formatted despite having set Outlook to create all new messages, forwards, and replies in Plain Text. What gives?

2. When replying to a Plain Text email, my signature is not automatically inserted. My signature is in Plain Text. What the..? But if I reply to a HTML email, it inserts my signature.

Any ideas?

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When I send an email to several individually named recipients, some are able to see an embedded gif and some get it as plain text. Is there something I should change in my settings to avoid this? I am running Windows XP Pro and Outlook 2003. Thank you!!

Answer:Outlook 2003: HTML to Plain Text

If some are receiving it properly, then the problem is not at your end, the ones who are seeing it as plain text need to change their settings to allow HTML and to show images.

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I'm a new user to Outlook 2003. My question is can I set up outlook somehow to automatically format my responses to be in HTML format, regardless of the format of the original email I received? I think this was an option in Outlook 2000, but I can't find that particular setting in 2003...

The reason I'd like to do this is because my signature is automatically placed in every reply, but in responses to plain text messages the signature looks very...plain.

A different but related subject - if I were to set up email messages to NOT automatically insert a signature, can I then insert the signature on my own? In Outlook 2000 I could go to "Insert" and select a signature, but there is not signature option in the Insert pull down menu in 2003 emails.


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Okay, I have a nice corporate email signature on the bottom of each email.

It looks great in HTML,
I have also check inside the txt and rich signature files inside
to make sure it looks good in those formats. and it would seem okay in those files.

When I open a new message to compose in outlook, it auto opens in html. when I change this
to rich text, there is an error>
it repeats my web address and also reveals and web address from my past company!

how is this hidden, and how can i remove it?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Problem with html Signature in outlook 2003, when seen in plain/rich text.

I am Pretty good in HTML, But I am enable to suggest regarding your doubt. I too waiting for the suggestion. Please suggest us,,,

netgear wireless set up

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Am using Vista Home Premium and Outlook 2003.

Sometimes, but not always (even during the same send/receive) Outlook 2003 converts incoming HTML email to plain text. This has been happening on and off for the last three weeks.

Outlook options are set to NOT convert to plain text and to use Outlook as email editor, with html for new messages. There are no add-ins or com options installed.

Like I said, this doesn't happen all the time, but does happen every time from one particular address. I've check with him and all other people sent the same email received it OK.

Am also using Avira Antivir for email virus scans.

Help would be appreciated!


Answer:Outlook 2003 sometimes converts incoming HTML email to plain text


I wondered whether you'd had any luck with your problem as I have exactly the same. The email that converts to plain text is always a gmail account and if I read the mail through my secure webmail account, I don't have the problem.

Did you manage to sort out the problem?


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Hi, I haven't found an answer to this yet, so I'm opening another thread.

I'm using Outlook 2003 in Win 7, and occasionally emails arrive (from gmail and hotmail accounts) that should be HTML but have been converted to plain text, with all the background HTML code (makes for long messages) and none of the pictures or graphics the sender sent.

It happens occasionally - mail from the same source sometimes comes through as HTML, and sometimes is converted to plain text and un-readable.

The Read All Standard Mail In Plain Text cb has always been clear; I don't have any add-ins installed; don't have AVG installed (I don't have any anti-virus programs installed at the moment).

Anyone have any other ideas I can try?

Answer:Outlook 2003 sporadically converts incoming HTML mail to plain text

It depends on how the sender is sending the email. Do all other emails from all other sources come in in the correct format?

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We use Outlook 2007 in our office. About two weeks ago, all of the emails I have been sending to the boss have been arriving in her Inbox as Plain Text. This morning she didn't receive the new staff member's email contact info I attached to a group message...everyone else in the office received my message in HTML, with the attachment, no problem.
I did some surfing this afternoon...found suggestions to check Email Settings under Trust Centre in Outlook...not the problem. Also found some allusions to AVG being the problem, checked those settings, again...not the problem.We need to get this sorted ASAP.
Thanks very much for your help!

Answer:Solved: Outlook suddenly changing HTML to plain text

More surfing last night found this...

Open the Contacts folder in Outlook. Double-click the contact you want to change.
Double-click the contact's email address.
Uncheck "Send plain text only" in the "Internet Format" box. Press "OK."

When I got to work this morning and looked, sure enough...Send Plain Text only had somehow gotten checked. I unchecked it, sent a test message and all is good again.


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Small poll.
Which one mode do you prefer when you send or receive emails?

Answer:Do you opt for Plain Text or Full HTML in your emails

Attach a poll to the post?

Hah! Cheers john

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Is it possible to have Outlook pick a signature to use based on the email style formatting (HTML or Plain Text)?

For example if it was HTML the company logo will show, if it isn't the company name will be written in plain text.

Answer:Outlook Signatures for Plain Text and HTML

Yes, it generates 3 different files. <signature name>.htm, <signature name>.rtf, and <signature name>.txt. The appropriate file is used depending on the format of the message you send. Check %appdata%\Microsoft\Signatures.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Golden

I think that might be the problem - their ISP, for whatever reason, converts their email to plain text. It also could be that your ISP converts any mail from their ISP to plain text.

Unfortunately, there isn't much/anything that can be done about that.


I have two addreses. One provided by my ISP and the other my web host - which we just switched this past weekend. I have spoken to the latter and asked if there is any setting they se anywhere that could convert HTML to text and naturally the answer was no.

Answer:Outlook 2010 html appearing as plain text

I'm using Outlook 2010 64bit as my client to my Hotmail account. On my previous computer, I had the same setup only 32 bit Outlook 2010 and it worked fine. On my new build, some but not all, HTML emails are being rendered as plain text. It seems to be more common if the client is running as opposed to starting the client. The emails are not specific to any sender and the weird thing is that I can move those emails that aren't rendering correctly to a temp folder in Outlook, sync with Hotmail, go to the Hotmail web interface and move those emails back to the inbox from the temp folder, resync and they show up rendered as HTML in my Outlook client. That tells me that it isn't the emails themselves. I have found no other way for Outlook to recognize these emails as HTML once they have been opened in the client. Weird no?

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I create html emails and sent out through outlook 7 but when recieved they are plain text with attachments for graphics. Yet, they appear html in outlook 7! It started fine but issues started this past week. HELP! I love my html!

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My Outlook is possessed! Not all the time but random times and messages, it changes the email message from html format to plain text and deactivates the links inside the message.
Does anyone have a clue why and how to fix it? Thanks! Alan

Answer:Outlook - changing html to plain text and removing links

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My office recently upgraded to Office 2007. By default, Outlook is configured to convert all incoming messages to plain text. This is a setting that we do not have the rights to change. However, when we used to have Outlook 2003 all the emails that were originally in HTML format could be converted back to HTML once we opened up the email and verified it was a trusted email. There was simply a "convert this to HTML" option that would show up somewhere in the header. This is no longer the case in Outlook 2007.

I can't for the life of me figure out how to convert the text to HTML on INCOMING emails. Outgoing isn't a problem. I've even tried editing the incoming email or forwarding it and then converting to html but it doesn't display properly. Any images that were in the email can only be viewed one at a time by clicking directly on the picture link, but not with the rest of the email.

Any ideas?

Answer:Convert plain text email to html - Outlook 2007

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I'm trying to resolve a problem for a client who is using Outlook 2000. They use the HTML format in their emails as they have a nifty signature and use other HTML options. They also print these emails. When they print, the formatting of the email is different from what is on the screen. Once I switch the email to plain text, the onscreen appearance resembles the printout, but the signature is also converted leaving a mess. There is no line wrapping on the printout (in HTML mode) either and some parts are printed off the page.
Thanks for any advice.

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I was asked to give additional info on my problem. I am using windows 7 on internet explorer. We are connected with at&t for the internet. The computer is a 4 month old Dell Inspiron 660 with i5 processor. I recently had a trojan horse that totally messed up my computer so badly that I brought it to a computer repair shop and had windows reloaded. The computer is working fine now. Before the trojan horse I was using Office 2003 and doing all my emails from outlook. When windows was reloaded I uploaded the same Office 2003. I configured emails to go to outlook but for the life of me outgoing emails are getting stuck in the outbox. I can go over to google gmail and both send and receive emails (I just like the outlook setup). There is alot of info on the internet on how to change your emails over to outlook. I am currently using IMAP. I also tried it with POP3 but no matter what I do outgoing emails go to the outbox. I feel the system is configured correctly. I get a message that the info I put in is correct. I have no problem receiving emails on outlook.

What can I do to be able to send emails out using outlook 2003? I can send an email out on google gmail so I don't have a problem with the internet connection. Thanks for your input!!

Answer:Solved: outgoing emails stuck in outlook 2003. Emails getting stuck in outbox

In almost all cases, it's just a matter of the settings not being correct, maybe the SMTP port number is incorrect or authentication needs to be turned on.

Also, if you had messages already waiting in the Outbox before changing any settings, you should delete those and try sending a new message.

Here's the AT&T settings:

And the configuration steps:
It's pretty close for Outlook 2003.

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My dad recently got a new laptop to replace his five year old beast. On that five year old beast is thousands upon thousands of very important business emails and legal documents. Naturally, he needs to have access to these emails.

Due to his concerns about getting his new laptop up and running, I didn't get to do the logical thing and transfer his old emails and settings over to his new laptop before he started using it. Now, it's been over a month and his new laptop is quickly accumulating new piles of vital emails.

I need to find a way for him to read his old emails quickly and easily.

He uses Microsoft Outlook. I've got the original computer with all the emails on it as well as his new computer. Can I import his old email into Outlook on his new computer without losing any of his new email or overwriting his new settings? Failing that, is there a way for me to view his emails, as saved by Outlook in .dbx files, in plain text?

Note: this isn't a situation where I can just try something and hope it works. My dad's a lawyer and losing a single email can be roughly equivalent to the end of the world. So I'm not going to do anything experimental like trying to import his old emails just to see if it works unless someone knows for sure that it will.

Answer:Read emails in plain text without Outlook

Ah I was going to aim you at a small app that was free but now costs $5 called DBExtract as it will do exactly what you need.

it recovers the emails into a text file, sadly leaves the header and footer info ( email server info etc in the text file )

Worth a look at the app anyhow, their maybe an older free version still knocking around on the net.

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Windows XP
Outlook 2003 (POP3, no exchange server)

I have a user on our network who is experiencing a really long lag time for printing plain text emails, but not for HTML emails. All other applications (Word, IE, etc) are also printing fine. The lag time can be up to several minutes, and he's found that when he does a ctrl alt delete it will prompt the printing window to come up (with the task manager), and then he can print. It's not a debilitating problem, but it's really annoying. I've already tried deleting and recreating the outlprnt file, but to no avail.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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When I email multiple recipients and when the email returns to me from multiple senders. The print out of the email end's up shrinking the text. I believe it's because of the senders with HTML formated email.

How do I strip this form without having forward the email and changing the format to Plain Text?

Answer:Solved: Outlook 2003 - Rich Text / HTML


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Hai everyone. Might need help from you expert guys. Todays I received a calles from user who having problem on her outlook 2003 which was situation is weired to us. The problem what she faced on her outlook is the plain text or body content of the email the alignment was improper order after she sending out this email to other user.

I have check her outlook setting to determine whether she using HTML format sending out her email. After checking she does using HTML format sending out the email. Problem was we are not sure what is actual problem causing this. Receiver email also received the same result of improper order alignment on email body content as what she sending to them.

Do you guys have any solution for this? Or you need some screenshot?

For example: I draft my email with point form method at Outlook there such as

1. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
2. xsxxxxxxxxxxx
3. xdxxxxxxxxxxx
4. xexxxxxxxxxxx
5. xwxxxxxxxxxxx

After sending to other user including myself the body content become

1. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
2. xsxxxxxxxxxxx
​3. xdxxxxxxxxxxx
4. xexxxxxxxxxxx
5. xwxxxxxxxxxxx


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Good Morning, I have a issue that I would like to put out there for discussion.... I have a customer with a Windows 7 Home Premium notebook, and he is using Outlook 2003 to read his email. He receives one email a day from the same sender that when read the email is basically in code, with no photos, icons, etc.. and at the top of the email it says "plain text". Now I would assume that the sender for some reason it sending the email in "plain text" but he claims that his old notebook (Dell with XP) and the other users in his office receive the email just fine.

Any Ideas?


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I have set up a mail merge to create personalized emails. Within the body of each is a personalized link to an online survey. When I perform the merge, the links are inserted as text and are not clickable, as I want them to be. Because each link has a unique ID appended to it and is specific to the individual receiving the email, I cannot simply place the url in the email before mail merging. I am using Office 2007: Word 2007 to create the email and Excel 2007 for the data I'm merging. My degaul mail program is Outlook 2007.

I would appreciate any help on this. I am stuck.

_Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1035T Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 10 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 6
RAM: 7935 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series , 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 381545 MB, Free - 275543 MB; D: Total - 557796 MB, Free - 557362 MB; N: Total - 476269 MB, Free - 448876 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., CG1330, Rev X.0x, MT3212131444444444444
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated and Enabled__________________________

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I am using Outlook and I like to have all messages in HTML. I have recd a few messages and when I reply to them, it is in plain text. How do I make sure that every new message and every reply is in HTML? I thought I had it set right...

Answer:Solved: Outlook Messages - HTML and Plain

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Question: Html or Plain Text

Considering using SpyPig for tracking my email, but it requires HTML. I am using OE with Plain Text. What will be the result of my using HTLM instead of Plain Text?geedad

Answer:Html or Plain Text

Nasties can hide in HTML but not in plain text. Unless it is essential that you know whether your e-mails have been read or not it may be worthwhile going for the safe (plain text) option. After all SpyPig is "intended just for fun".

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Hi, just reading another thread on here, about inserting pictures into emails in outlook, I have outlook and have never used it, and sure enough you can insert pics without making them attachments, but it is in HTML, whatever that to the question :-).... if i send emails in HTML, what difference does it make to the person i send it to, hope that makes sense.thanks

Answer:Plain text or HTML ??

HTML means it will come out the other end as a webpage.As most PC's can resolve such format,means the recipients aren't stuck with an email in a format that they cannot use/view.

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I recently read that if you set your email settings to receive mail in plain text you won't receive spam because most spammers send mail in HTML. Is this true? What is the difference in how plain text and HTML text appears in an email and is there a disadvantage in using plain text?

Answer:Plain Text or HTML?

If you use HTML email, it is easier for spammer to tell if you viewed the email. That way they know they have a valid email address.

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How can I change my Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 email client so that it doesn't read incoming HTML emails as Plain Text? This is mucking up any embedded URLs contained within them.I've tried unticking the Read all emails as Plain Text option, still no change.Help please!Thank you

Answer:HTML from Plain Text

Quite a few AVs can lose the HTML and replace it with plain text. Might be worth checking your AV settings.

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I have a customer that is running XP Pro and Outlook 2003. She has 2 problems I need to fix ASAP:
1. She can't print HTML formatted emails but can regular text formatted. There is no error, just when you click the print icon or do file-print nothing happens. Do the same on a plain text and I get prompted for which printer.
2. She cannot go to the MS update site in IE or go to some banking sites. Installed Netscape and she can do the banking part but not update.
I tried reinstalling IE 6 sp1 from my full install CD, tells me a newer version is already installed and abort the install. Tried uninstalling the various updates and get the same.
This lady is an office manager and needs this fixed ASAP. I have tried all my tricks and I need your help. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Guys,

I have a user that all her emails that come in HTML have to be opened up first inorder to be printed. All other forms like plaine text and rich text are fine. You can just highlight the email and print it with no error message.
She is using Word and the email editor. I have looked at all the settings but cannot find the problem. She is also unable to print if it has a header page as well.
She is using all Office 2003 apps on her pc which is running XP. She is the only person I can find that this is happening to as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello folks,

I hope there may be a simple answer that I'm overlooking and perhaps you can help.

I have a customer who has received an HTML Newsletter that he needs to forward to co-workers. He wants to copy one section of the newsletter and paste it into a new email.

When he does this, though, what gets copied into the new message *looks* like it's HTML (Arial font, 10pt) but is straight text. No hyperlinks whatsoever.

He is currently set to HTML and not using Word as an editor. We have tried RTF, HTML, text and nothing works (text copies the hyperlinks all written out)

Ironically enough, I talked with him today and he has said that now it's actually working intermittently. He can copy the section into a new email and it'll copy fine then literally seconds later he'll try to do it again and it won't work.

Does anyone have ideas??

Answer:HTML pasting as text - Outlook 2003

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Hello folks,

I hope there may be a simple answer that I'm overlooking and perhaps you can help.

I have a customer who has received an HTML Newsletter that he needs to forward to co-workers. He wants to copy one section of the newsletter and paste it into a new email.

When he does this, though, what gets copied into the new message *looks* like it's HTML (Arial font, 10pt) but is straight text. No hyperlinks whatsoever.

He is currently set to HTML and not using Word as an editor. We have tried RTF, HTML, text and nothing works (text copies the hyperlinks all written out)

Ironically enough, I talked with him today and he has said that now it's actually working intermittently. He can copy the section into a new email and it'll copy fine then literally seconds later he'll try to do it again and it won't work.

Does anyone have ideas??

Answer:Outlook 2003 - pasting HTML as text

Hi and welcome.

Just a long shot here, but maybe he is not copying the text completely, thus leaving out some of the HTML code in the process?

I would suggest that you try doing this.

Highlight and copy the message text.
Paste it into NOTEPAD
Check to see what it looks like
Copy it back into the new message

Since I do not know what the contents of these sections are, such as are there graphics involved or what, it&#8217;s a little hard to tell what might be happening. The above is assuming that it is pure HTML text that he is copying. Naturally, Notepad will not copy graphics over or anything like that.

You could also have him right click on the message, view source, and then have him save the source in a text file to examine it&#8217;s contents to see if something is foul in the message too.

I know it&#8217;s not a solution, but a few suggestions.


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I monitor an email group using Outlook 2000 for applcation support here at the office. Sometimes when I respond to an email that was sent by another user, and also replay to the group server, the main group server rejects it and says I am not sending plain text. I do have Outlook set to send pain text. Under "Options" "Mail Format" I have "plain text" selected. When this happens it is when I am responding to an email that someone else has sent to the group. His email was accepted by the server so it was obviously "Plain text", but something is happening when I reply to it that adds something to convert it from plain text, or at least the email server thinks it is no longer plain text. (This is a private group, and not a Yahoo group or such as that). Does anyone have a clue as to what might be happening here?

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I am normally receiving e-mails in Plain Text. However, I do get 1 where the e-mail is in HTML format.Why does this happen and how can I correct it?geedad

Answer:HTML showing not Plain Text

As far as I am aware if it is sent in html, that is how it arrives, you have the choice of format to send but not receive.

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I have updated Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook I want to know what text format I should use, Plain text or HMTL?If I use Plain Text there is no option to format the text, bold, underline etc.In the help files it says that HTML may not work on some peoples computers and it would? Convert it back to Plain Text.I am not sure which one to use-any suggestion? I am using M/S Office XPBazra.


Plain text is safer but not as much fun.

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Hello, although not a business person I thought this might be the best place to get an answer to my query.
Which is the most preferred text, HTML or Plain Text.
I use OutlookXP Office 2002.

Answer:(Resolved) HTML or Plain Text

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Could someone explain to me in simple terms what exactly HTML is in the context of Outlook Express 6 using XP ?In my hobby of Genealogy I send and receive a lot of files as attachments, text, photos and charts. I am irratated by those who send me an E-Mail in reply with their attachment as an Icon in the Subject column at the head of the mail and the same thing is repeated in the body of the message. Whether this add times to download the Mail I do not know. I now hang my head in shame as I have just realised that is exactly as I have been sending as a Mail to them ! So going into OE>Tools>Options I see I have the chance to change the basis of outgoing mail from HTML to Plain Text and when I do this the Send Picture With Message automatically greys out. It seems logical to me I should alter the option to Plain Text but I am not sure if it will affect anything other than the bells and whistles of HTML, whatever they might be.Thanks for any advice.

Answer:What is HTML versus Plain Text

As you have realised, HTML is with all the fancy bits on, plain text is just that. Even though you cannot send pictures with the message, you can still send them as attachments.Note: if your recipient has his machine set up as plain text, it doesn't matter how fancy and decorated you send your message - it will be received plain thus, you would be wasting all your efforts.Most businesses are set to receive in plain text to lessen the possibility of virus transmission.I always have mine as plain text and sent anything else as an attachment which can then, if necessary, be easily virus checked at the other end before opening.Brian

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I had to reinstall Incredimail this week after losing my hard drive crashed last week. When I receive emails now they are coming in as PLAIN text not in HTML. I have checked all my settings and contacted the HELP folks at Incredimail and nothing is resolved yet. Before my hard drive crashed Incredimail was working fine. I still am using IE 7 as my browser and use Windows XP. HELP!!!!:wave:

Answer:Incredimail Plain Text vs HTML

First, IncrediMail is eevil and you shouldn't use it! But you wouldn't listen to me anyway..

IM uses IE to render HTML, so it could be that your version does not work well with IE7. Do you have the latest version of IM installed?

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I normally use Outlook Express 6 but recently I installed Outlook to help someone troubleshoot a problem. It's still on my system but I do not use it.

Now whenever I send a message I get a pop up telling me that some people don't want to recieve HTML mail. Then it asks me how I want to send it; HTML or Plain Text.

I get this annoying pop up everytime I send mail and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I tried uninstalling Outlook but it seems I can't get rid of it unless I uninstall the whole office suite.

Any suggestions? Thanks

Answer:HTML Mail vs Plain text

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This hasn't always been the case, but recently when i double click to open an html email from the inbox, it takes over a full minute to open, and pretty much freezes everything up until it's open. i can't work like this! It seems most email are html formatted, so working in outlook is almost impossible!

I'm working on XP SP2 with Office 2003 prof.

Please, if anybody has some suggestions as to how to fix this, please help!!!!! I would be so grateful!


Answer:HTML emails open VERY SLOW in Outlook 2003

sounds to me that you have a lot running at the same time. Outlook is very memory intenseve so will use up your system ram. If other items are running also the system then uses your hard drive as virtual memory. This can make things slow right down.
Do a CTRL ATL DELETE to bring up task manager and look at processes to see what is going on in the background. Close some stuff down from here. Also do a spyware and virus check. The best thing is to close as much down on your PC to see if this improves outlook. If it does then we have proved my point.
For free spywear removal try Spybot at also AVG free for antivirus at

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I have a logo inserted into my email signature, and it works fine if the email is in html format, but if I reply to an email that is in rich/plain text, the image doesn't display and instead shows the path to the image on my local hard drive. Is there a way to specify which signature attaches based on whether the email is html or text?

Answer:Outlook 2003 Signature issues - HTML/Text

Any thoughts?

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I have an Excel Query that pulls information in from another database one of the fields comes across in HTML format. I have found the code below to convert it to text however it leaves a lot of empty spaces above and below. Any ideas on how to remove the spaces?Here is the HTML text that is being pulled in all I need to see is the Revision 1 sent 12/3 and the next line Revision 2 sent 12/15:"<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC ""-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"">
<STYLE type=text/css> P, UL, OL, DL, DIR, MENU, PRE { margin: 0 auto;}</STYLE>

<META name=GENERATOR content=""MSHTML 9.00.8112.16599""></HEAD>
<BODY leftMargin=1 rightMargin=1 topMargin=1>
<DIV><font face="">
<DIV>Revision 1 sent 12/3</DIV>
<DIV>Revision 2 sent 12/15</DIV></FONT></DIV></BODY></HTML>Here is the code I have found that does this but leaves empty space:Function StripHTML(cell As Range) As String
Dim RegEx As Object
Set RegEx = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp")
Dim sInput As String
Dim sOut As String
sInput = cell.text

sInput = Replace(sInput, "\x0D\x0A", Chr(10))
sInput = Replace(sInput, "\x00", Chr(10))

sInput = Replace(sInput, "</P>", Chr(10) & Chr(10))
sInput = Replace(sInput, "
", Chr(10))
sInput = Replace(sInput, "<li>", "-")

sInput = Replace(sInput, "–", "?")
sInput = Replace(sInput, "—", "?")
sInput = Replace(sInput, "¡", "")
sInput = Replace(sInput, "¿",... Read more

Answer:Excel VBA to convert HTML to plain text

Without testing i would say that you can change the line that readssInput = Replace(sInput, " ", " ")tosInput = Replace(sInput, " ", "")This should stop the double spacing between words. Try that

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There are a number of older similar threads out there and I've tried most of the suggestions so I thought to start again. I'm using a new laptop, Windows 7 with Outlook 2003. I've set up a number of email accounts using various ISPs and they all work fine. However, I recently bought a Vodafone Dongle which connects fine to the internet but won't let me send emails from Outlook. I can receive emails but not send them. I've tried various suggested outgoing servers such as and and turning authentication on an off. I've even tried a different outgoing port.

I could upgrade to a later version of Outlook if you think that's the problem but my gut tells me it's a Vodafone dongle issue?

Grateful for any advice.

Answer:Solved: No outgoing emails with Outlook

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I receive emails in HTML with text and digital photos (in BMP format) incorporated in OUTLOOK 2003. I would like to print them out in the same format as received. I've tried clicking 'Print' in File as I would if I was just printing out a text email, but my printer doesn't seem to like it. Any suggestions?

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Combed all over and see this issue reported, argued about, not solved.
Office 2003 Pro running under Win 7, all updates, patches, SP3, etc.
Options enabled to render HTML incoming messages as they are - no changes, no blocks [that are apparent to the user].
But, a number of HTML messages are rendered as Text. Professional messages, personal.... whatever.

I receive well-coded HTML messages into Outlook 2003 inbox, but when they are 'read' they are text-only. If I then open a browser and go and login, they look great.
Yes Outlook Connector is installed and functioning [so far as we know] as ordered. All options scrubbed. No scanning [no inbound mail scanning... not by Virus program, not by Live Essentials, not by Defender....]


Answer:Outlook 2003 Neuters HTML messages. Renders Text

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Everything was working OK up to a couple of weeks ago. Suddenly, whenever I receive an email in HTML, it opens as a text email, with HTML code, no visuals, etc. is my email server, and I use Outlook 2003 as my email client. Both of these exhibit the same problem. I am using AVG Free Edition 8.0.100 for antivirus. When I open the AVG interface it shows Email Scanner "Active", but when I open the Email Scanner, the "Scan Outgoing" and "Scan Incoming" options are not checked.

I am not aware that I changed any email settings to cause this problem to occur.

Any ideas?

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My outlook 2003 default format is HTML. The Default fond for new/reply messages is Arial.

The Problem:
I get a message in text format. When I manually change the format of this message to HTML, the font of the message is Times Roman.

How can I make outlook automatically use the default font (Arial) as the font for messages changed from text to HTML ?


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I haven't worked with Word scripts before and don't really know if this is possible, but from what I've read it should be.

Basically, I use a plain text editor when I write on my phone on the go, where I use HTML tags to indicate formatting like this:

Normal text <i>text I want italic,</i> some more normal text

Is it possible to create a script that makes words between <i> tags italic and then remove the tags? (same for <b> for bold and <u> for underlined text) and how would I record or write one?

And also, can I use one to remove blank lines?

I use Word 2010

Answer:Word macro to format plain text using HTML tags

I imagine you could write a macro to that checks this and does the appropriate action.

You will however have to establich the codes you will be using.

I don't know if there will be a conflict when you open word and depending upon the layout <i> might be interpreted before the macor runs, but I think it's a aquestion of trial and error,

<i> </i>
<b> </b>
<u> </u>
<rmv> </rmv>

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Looking to get some kind of software where I can create in plain text (with fonts,colors etc),then have program convert to HTML so I can later upload(ok-cut and paste) to Ebay for auction.On ebay it is time consuming.I also get hit with malware recently.Sometimes IE hangs.Would like to have everything ready before I open Ebay.Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.I removed most of the built-in Microsoft programs that came with computer.Would rather start fresh with freeware or shareware.Simpler the better.Thank you.

Answer:Software help needed to convert plain text to HTML for ebay

You might try PolyEdit Lite. It is free for home use. It is somewwhat similiar to MS word. you can add images. It will export the file to HTML. It is available here on MajorGeeks. Good luck. Jerry

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I am now using Firefox instead of IE7 having read the article in issue 150. My email account is with fsmail and although I can open emails in HTML format if I try and forward them they change to plain text. How can I stop this happening and forward the emails in the same format as I receive them? Also any embedded pictures disappear and are show as place holders. Any help would be great.ThanksPeter

Answer:Firefox and plain text emails

You need to check the options in the email software that you use to send email from As at present the options is set to send in plain text

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How do I figure out the correct answer for myself/my system, when given this choice in filling out some online forms? Any suggestions for other good computer learning free sites would also be appreciated. Thankyou.

Answer:Nubee ?? HTML vs Plain text option when filling out online forms

What site? Look at this site, when we reply to a thread, we're looking at a set of basic tools like bold, italic, underlined, etc. This is HTML. To be exact, bbcode.

You don't usually need HTML for forms which are personal info.

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I am currently supporting a number of users having problems with outlook 2003. One of the pressing issues I'm dealing with at the moment has to do with when user reply to emails sent to them in Plain Text format.

The user's I support use either HTML or Rich Text format in Creating and Editting emails. The problem here is when they reply to emails sent to them in Plain Text format, they find that the format signature get messed up(say they lose their styles, size and colours).

Has anyone encountered this problem before and is there any work around.

Answer:Outlook 2003 - Reply to emails sent in Plaint text

When selecting the [Reply] button, Outlook always creates a message following the format of the original message (Plain Text, Rich Text, or HTML). You can then change it to the look you desire by selecting the [message Format] button, to your format of choice.

As for any Signature Lines that may already be inserted, you will just need to manually edit to make it what you now want.

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I have XP Home Edition and use Outlook Express for emails. I use to use SpamArrow to help filter incoming junk mail but got rid of it in order to use a better program. However, the advertisement placed in my outgoing emails by SpamArrow is still there even though the program is no longer on my computer.
I did a complete scan and search to find any remnants of the program but found nothing. I even downloaded Final Uninstaller to search and remove anything left by the SpamArrow program but it did not find anything. Last, I searched for anything with the spamassassin name because that company is associated with SpamArrow. I found nothing. I can't get rid of the SpamArrow advertisement in my outgoing emails in Outlook Express no matter what I try. All I can do is individually highlight and delete the advertisement every time I send an email. It is very tiring.
I sent emails to [email protected] but they just bounce back. I did the same thing with the spamassassin support email but it bounced back too. I can't reach anyone at the company. Can anyone help me with this problem ?

Answer:Solved: Can't Remove SpamArrow Advertisement in Outgoing Emails on Outlook Express

Click Tools > Options... > Signatures.

Look if there might be a signature from SpamArrow, and delete accordingly.

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Since installing Office 2003/SP3 all my in coming mai is being shown in plain text.

I have not ticked the box which requests this.

Ticking the box, exiting Outlook then unticking doesn't work.

How can I change back to 'normal'



Answer:Outlok 2003/SP3 - In-mail always Plain Text

Update on this.

Other forums pointed the finger at AVG8. After some trouble (had to reinstall AVG to be able to deactivate e-mail certification) I eliminated that.

I had a Rule in Outlook to send unwanted mail to Outlook's Junk E-mail folder - these were the ones beilng changed.

When I created my own folder and changed the Rule to match it was OK.

It now looks like irrespective of whether you tick the box or not, Outlook changes the view to Plain text on anything it puts in the Junk folder.

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I want to test a bunch of PHP applications on my test web server that send emails to various email addresses, and instead of them going to the different addresses I would like them to either go to a gmail account or to a plaintext file on the web server.

Does anyone know of a configuration or sendmail replacement that I could use to achieve this?
I am using Windows as the test web server's OS and using SMTP for PHP's mail() function currently.

Answer:Send all outgoing emails to text file or 1 email address?

If you want them to go to a gmail account you could just change the to address from the various addresses to the gmail address. If you're getting your various email addresses from a database or something just change the code that you're pulling the email addresses from.

If you want to output the message to a text file you would just have to use fwrite.

Posting code would be helpful.

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HelloI have a strange problem with Outlook (2003) and Plain Text messages which I hope you can help me with.I have a PHP file which automatically forwards a txt file to a given email address, however the formatting is lost when it arrives in my copy of outlook. I've tried various difference copies PCs with the following results:-PC 1 - Outlook 2003 (11.8217.8221) SP3 + Vista  = Does not workPC 2 - Outlook 2003 (11.8217.8221) SP3 + Vista    = WorksPC 3 - Outlook 2003 (11.8217.8221) SP3 + Vista    = WorksPC 4 - Outlook 2000 + XP = Does not workIf the email is sent to me via an email forwarding filter (e.g googlemail) it then arrives fine at my end.Example - File as it leaves the serverText Line 1     2    3.00Text Line 2     1    3.45Text Line 3     4    1.25   etcDirect to my outlook I get :- Text Line 1     2    3.00   Text Line 2     1    3.45 Text Line 3     4    1.25  Everybody else and via googlemail to me: -Text Line 1     2    3.00Text Line 2     1    3.45Text Line 3     4    1.25Any ideas what flag / setting I have wrong somewhere?

Answer:Outlook and Plain Text Formatting

What is the mail format set to on the machines?Tools > Options > Mail FormatSome could be set to Plain and the others to Rich or HTML

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When I set my READ preferences for email in Outlook Express to plain text by checking the box under OPTIONS/READ, it keeps reverting to html mail by unchecking the box. I have pressed OK, pressed APPLY, have closed and restarted OE -nothing seems to help.Can anybody advise me?

Answer:Plain text in Outlook Express

If you look up Plain Text Formatting in OE's Help files and then click on "To change the font, style, and size of text" you should find out where you are going wrong.

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I'm using Outlook 2003. Sometimes, when I reply to or forward a message, the format changes from "HTML" or "rich text" to "plain text", thus losing all colour and font information.

Does Outlook have an option to prevent this?

Answer:Outlook switches to plain text

The format is based on the senders options in the received email.

Remember that if the sender has chosen plain text, even if you respond in HTML it will probably be stripped out at their end.

A good artlicle here:

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I am asking this on behalf of a friend. She says:

I am running Windows XP on a stand alone PC. I have recently bought and installed Office XP Professional.

Until now I have used Outlook Express for all my e-mail. I now would like to use Outlook 2002, but find when I send a message that was composed in HTML, it converts it to plain text. They are still in HTML in the 'Sent Folder' but are always received in Plain Text. I have tested this by sending to myself and to several others, who normally would receive HTML messages from me.

I have checked all the settings...Tools/Options/Mail Format Tab...'Compose in this Message Format'...HTML etc.

I have used Detect and Repair, and have Re-Installed Office. I would really appreciate any suggestions.
This has got me stumped. Does anyone have any suggestions to try?

Answer:Outlook 2002 Converts To Plain Text

It kinda happens to me too. Some messages I get in HTML, others i get in text - which were suposed to be in HTML.
I have a theory that it's because that HTML onces have something like this in front of them
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

And the html onces that show up like text don't.
Perhaps it's because only programs that make HTML emails can get though as HTML.

Anyone else have any idea's on this?

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Hello there, hope you can help.

I am running WIn98 (Dont laugh!! lol) and Outlook Express and I have quite a few Yahoo Groups that I run where members can send me email from.

The problem is that I want to be able to have the option of reading any email that arrives in my Outlook Express box as a plain text file, the reason for this is as you know, viruses etc can travel in so many forms and this would be easier for me do without the disadvantage of possible attacks.

I thought it would be as easy as a Read As Plain Text in the Read option but I dont appear to have one.

If it's not possible that way, is there a add on for Outlook Express that will do the job.

All the best.


Answer:OUtlook Express - Read Only Plain Text?

I use Mailwasher from to preview all of my mail.

A program that makes it easy to make the text setting is Calypso (freeware) from

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When I copy text from another email in Outlook to a new email it copies the text but with no spacing etc.

I have not changed any settings in Outlook before this occured. Could it be a service pack issue?

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to mend (if it can be mended)?

Kind regards

Michelle Clarkson

Answer:Solved: Outlook 2003 HTML email problem

It depends on the incoming email that you are copying the text from. Not all of them come in as HTML it depends on the senders email format. If it comes in a splain text replying to it will go out as plain text, same goes for copying a massage with formatting other than HTML.

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Im running MS Outlook 2002 and recently I changed the setting in the registry (ReadPlainText Value=1) and I am still receiving messages in HTML. Not all, but sometimes especially from spammers.

I DO NOT want to receive messages in HTML in Outlook 2002. How could I double check the settings again to make sure of this, or how could I even test it myself?

I read an article that you have to do the following to Enable to RECEIVE messages in Plain Text. I did the registry value change though. But once I download this download ZIP file, what do I do with it after I extract the ZIp file??? And where should I save this ZIP file before downloading??? Here are the instructions that I do not really understand:

In Outlook 2002, you must download the latest service pack and add a setting in the registry. Instructions on how to do this is here:;en-us;307594
Ensure you have the latest service pack already installed and you can download and apply this registry patch: ~ 330 bytes

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Is there a way to set Outlook (2002) to send Plain Text Emails through a certain account?

I just started a work at home position, and they like any emails that are sent through their accounts to be plain text. I've already set it so that if I am sending an email to 'so and so' it will send it in plain text. However, there are times I will be emailing customers, and I obviously don't have their email addresses ahead of time. Besides manually changing it to plain text, is there a way to set the work accounts to only send plain, without changing my personal accounts?


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When Outlook calendar invitations are sent to certain recipients, they receive a plain text email as opposed to an actual iCal file. I have been doing my research on this, but have yet to find an answer. In order to narrow down the problem, I did a tightly controlled experiment:

I have Outlook configured to access email from several different POP3 servers, with all mail being directed to the same PST file. The first POP3 server is on my personal domain - I have a Linux-based VPS where the site is manage. The second POP3 server is a GoDaddy server.

Sent via my personal domain:
I created a first event in my Calendar and invited myself (personal domain). The message in the Sent folder is a proper iCal invitation and the invitation that I received is a proper iCal invitation. I then created a second event in my Calendar and invited myself (GoDaddy domain). The message in the Sent folder is a proper iCal invitation and the invitation that I received is plain text.

Sent via the GoDaddy domain:
I created a first event in my Calendar and invited myself (personal domain). The message in the Sent folder is a proper iCal invitation and the invitation that I received is a proper iCal invitation. I then created a second event in my Calendar and invited myself (GoDaddy domain). The message in the Sent folder is a proper iCal invitation and the invitation that I received is a proper iCal invitation.

In summary, the only instance that failed was when I sent the invite via my personal dom... Read more

Answer:Outlook 2010 calendar invite being recieved as plain text

I left out one, potentially important bit of info: Outbound emails from my server are routed through MandraillApp. Some further testing seems to suggest that MandraillApp is the culprit. Has anyone else seen this behavior? If so, any suggestions for resolving the problem?

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My incoming messages are being automatically converted to plain
text. I have tried some of the "help" stuff to no avail.

I work at a school system where all messages are routed.

Never had this problem before. My computer crashed, and athe tech loaded this new computer, which has been doing this automatic convert to plain text.

Thanks so much for your help.

Answer:Windows 2007 Outlook--Automatically converting to plain text?

Open Outlook and look at the following setting:

Tools > Trust Center > Email Security

Under Read as Plain Text, untick "Read all standard mail as plain text",
then click'OK'.

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Outlook 2007 has begun to behave strangely.

Plain text messages received do not display in the font selected in Tools>Options>Mail Format>Stationery & Fonts>Composing and reading plain text messages

These incoming messages are suddenly displaying in a smaller font, Time New Roman 10 (or some paragraphs Tahoma 10) even though the more readable default font Consolas 10.5 is still set there.

No changes to font and size in that dialogue have any effect at all on *received* plain text messages (but new *created* messages respond to changes made in the dialogue)

Created plain text messages correctly use Consolas 10.5 or any other setting when selected, the problem is only received plain text messages.

Anyone have a clue?

Answer:Outlook 2007 display plain text messages options voided

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I have been using Office 2007 since, well, 2007 or so. Suddenly, the font size I see when composing a plain text e-mail in Outlook is huge. This started around 2 weeks ago. At first I thought it was a problem with my Windows 7 Theme. But I reverted to the default theme and I still see this. I am baffled why this started happening and how to make it stop. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Answer:Huge plain text font composing e-mail in Outlook 2007

Run this You Tube video on how to change your font size.

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For very good practical reasons (so don't laugh), I use two computers side by side, one running OE6 with Win98 (the other Win7 with Win Live mail). Each has its own email accounts and addresses as I require them to send data to each other.
OE6 has suddenly started 'losing' email messages - I 'send' them and they go to my 'Sent Items' box ok, but they never arrive at the other computer. OE6 receives mail ok. I have carefully compared the two setup/option boxes, retyped passwords, etc, and cannot see any differences. As I say, it used to work ok.
Any ideas on what to look for or investigate?

Answer:Losing Outgoing Emails with Outlook Express 6

It could be that OE has reached it's 2GB limit on File storage, that could give the symptoms you describe and will eventually corrupt and ditch the emails.
This is a good site click here for all things OE

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Outlook Express won't send outgoing emails on my laptop (Windows 98SE) I have checked all my settings, which worked fine up to now. The undernoted error message comes up on any outgoing email. Incoming email OKError messageThe message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was xxxxx. Subject 'Fw: test shared', Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '550 you are not allowed to send mail to xxxx, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC79

Answer:Outlook Express won't send outgoing emails

Have a look here click here

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Some of my users are having problems with PDF Files they are sending to clients. We are using Outlook 2003. We scan many documents into PDF files to send to clients. Even though the client has Adobe reader the attachment is converted to a win.dat file and they can't open it. This is a random problem. It doesn't seem to matter what program the receiver is using so I can't relate it to a incompatibility problem with Lotus or Corel. Does anyone know why a PDF file would be converted like that even though the receiver has Adobe reader?


Answer:Outlook 2003 - PDF attachments converted to win.dat files

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I'm not talking saving/archiving old emails but actually keeping live/active emails on my 'D' drive rather than the'C' system drive, somthing that I previously had with Windows XP.
I've search the archives but cannot find how to arrange this with MS Outlook 2003 runnig in Windows 7.
I've recently installed a limited capacity SSD system drive but have stacks of storage available on a 1TB HDD.

Answer:How to run Outlook program & incoming/outgoing emails on a different drives?

See Outlook data file to another location

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I?ve just moved to Spain and have brought my old computer running Windows 98 and Outlook Express 6.I?ve set up a dial-up email account with, because they seem to offer the best price packages. Internet access works fine, and I can receive messages without problems.However, I can only send messages to Terra email addresses. All other emails are rejected, with the error message:???Account:, Server:, Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: 530 Delivery not allowed to non-local recipient, try authenticating, Port 25, Secure(SSL); No, Server Error: 530, Error Number: 0x800CCC79?.I?ve tried receiving messages before I send messages, which doesn?t make any difference. I?ve tried ticking ?Log on using Secure Password Authentication?, and ?My server requires authentication?, and the best that happens is that I get a box popping up that asks for my user name and password. When I click to send these, the box disappears and pops up again a few seconds later, and again?..I?ve searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base and Google, and can?t find a solution (lots of Googles in Spanish, but I don?t know what they?re saying, and Google doesn?t translate the pages well enough to give me any pointers). I?ve got Norton Internet Security, but I?ve disabled scanning of outgoing emails.Would anyone be good enough to put me out of my misery? Do I somehow have to validate my address book email addresses with Terra? I just don?t ... Read more

Answer:Outlook Express 6 – server rejects outgoing emails

should it be

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O/S -: Windows XP SP3

Application -: Outlook 2003 11.8206.8202 SP3

Email Server Type -: IMAP

Background -: Recently re-installed MS Office 2003, due to Word/Exel/Outlook crashing with a 0xc00000005 exception (turned out it was a Network Printer problem which I've now resolved)

Current Problem -: Outlook is downloading TWO IDENTICAL COPY emails, and If I delete or send to Junk Folder one copy, it deletes/moves the other copy!

If I view my emails using my Web Browser based email client, I only see ONE copy of the email (as it should be)

A couple of things I've noticed about Outlook behaving differently is -:
a) The Send/Receive progress % does'nt show anymore

b) If I navigate on Outlook to Tools, Option, Mail Setup - when I select the Send/Receive Options, nothing happens (there are no further options). the same is true if I try to access the Send/Receive Options via the toolbar

c) The 1st of the duplicate emails is blank with the following header -: "This is a message header. The Full Item has not been downloaded", the 2nd duplicate email has the relevant email information

Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Duplicate Emails Problem - Outlook 2003

Well try this...go on the webmail and create a new folder and move all the emails to the new folder ...
That should take care of this issue which happens becoz of email corruption and remember its an imap account i.e.mirror image of webmail if you delete emails in webmail or outlook you wont be able to find them anywhere

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Hoping someone can advise why I have to manually do Send/Receive All to get my Outlook 2003 emails to appear in my In Box. How can I receive them automatically?

Thanks for any advice!


Answer:Solved: Outlook 2003 isn't auto receiving emails

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I have Outlook 2003 on my computer here at work and I have a somewhat strange request. What I'm trying to do is take multiple emails from various senders and dates and combine them into one to send to a supervisor so she can look them all over at once. Does Outlook 2003 offer any feature like this or is my only hope to download them all and send them as an attachment?


Answer:Solved: Combining Multiple Emails in Outlook 2003

This is for Outlook 07 but 2003 should be very similar. Open a new message and instead of using the "attach file" optio, use the one called "attach item". You will have to add each e-mail message individually, but it shouldn't prove too much of an issue.

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I've decided to make my laptop my main computer so my wife can use the desktop so I tried moving my emails and contacts the way I always do; I copy my 'outlook' file from the desktop and paste it into the default location on the laptop after removing the original 'outlook' file.
I've done this lotsa times, normally I move the location onto my D drive so I can back it up easier but this time it didn't work.
I also tried 'importing' them but that didn't work either, everything imported except my IN folder. I've been fiddling around with it and now have the laptop back to where it started with just it's original Personal folder, but now I have 2 Personal folders which are both empty.
What am I doing wrong

Answer:Solved: Moving Outlook 2003 emails and contacts

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...and if passable record all Microsoft office file activity such as creating/Editing a Word file. Thanks

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I use outlook express for email and want to have a company logo in the message itself so that when i create a new one, it gives the details of contact info as well as a logo. I also wanted it to appear as if the email was typed on proper company headed paper so i scanned my company headed paper and saved as jpg then imported into OE but as well as it not looking great, on sending it to people...rather than displaying they got the jpg as an attachment.

does anyone know how i may achieve the above.

Answer:creating a company logo with outgoing emails in Outlook express

It's easier to make a Word template, type in your text, then select File/Send to/Mail Recipient (as attachment).
This automatically invokes your email-program, get the email-address and Subject, then hit 'Send'.

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Somehow in typing an email I have accidentally changed the font size as displayed on the screen so it is too small to read easily. It is only on the outgoing email, incoming emails and all other Office fonts display as normal.

The actualy font size chosen (Arial 12) is still the same, it is just the display that has shrunk (to about 50%), presumably from a keyboard shortcut that was used accidentally.

Can someone please tell me how to get it back to 100% before I go blind?


Answer:How do I change the font display size in Outlook outgoing emails?

If you have opened an email in a separate window - try Zoom Button (it is the last one one the right in Message tab).

If you are talking about general Outlook, where you can preview emails in one of the panes, there is a slider with percentage on the very bottom right.

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I want to 'mark as read' messages that I send, but that option is only available on rules for incoming mail. Is there some other way I can do this automatically?



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I am using MS Outlook 2003. When I compose an Email then click 'send', my outgoing messages are automatically sent immediately, rather than going to the 'outbox' and staying there until I click 'send/receive'.

How can I set my outgoing mail to go to my outbox instead of sending immediately?

Answer:Outlook 2003 Outgoing Email

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We're having a problem with outlook 2003. We can send emails just fine but it can't seem to connect to the outgoing server. It's been working well until yesterday morning. I have no idea what we did to anger it as the person who uses this computer and program (my boss) is pretty basic in her computer skills and really doesn't do anything other than use her email, internet, word, and adobe. I'm thinking maybe an update did something that Outlook doesn't like? When I test the account settings the test email fails and it cannot connect to the outgoing server. I'll attach a screen shot of the message we get. From all of the posts I've read so far a lot of the problems seem to involve Norton but we have Avira?

I think we're over my head at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Answer:Outlook 2003 outgoing issue

Click on the "More Settings" button and verify the following:

SMTP Server:
Port: 25 (or 587 if port 25 does not work)
Authentication: Yes
User name: Email address (e.g: [email protected] or [email protected]) and password (e.g.: a123456z)
TLS/SSL Required: Yes (select TLS if available, if not, select SSL)

If these are all correct, try deleted the email account and re-creating it.

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Outlook 2003 - emails I send to myself not appearing in Inbox. I can only view in the "Un Read" mail. I checked the Current View and it's the default setting.

Answer:Solved: Outlook 2003 - emails I send to myself not appearing in Inbox

user had rule in place to forward emails from self

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I would like to know how you can open a web page in plain text format (not HTML) so that no active content will run without me allowing, I dont want to open all my web pages like this but only some, the ones I know that have active content. Maybe a keyboard shortcut?

Answer:Solved: Open webpages in plain text

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Hi All,
My operating sys is XP Home SP2.
I'm attempting to send from my Outlook 2003 an email with file attachment (1MB or more) but the ,mail remains in the outgoing folder.
The recipient receives the message many times on a continuous basis (I sent it to another email I own) but on my side the mail remains in the folder listed above. In the send process the Outbox send/Receive progress detail dialogue box indicates that it's processing my request but not completed. Part of the time the following message appears "``Sending and Receiving` reported error (0x8004210B): `The operation timed out waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP)"
I tried to fix the problem by:
1) exit anti-virus prog. (BitDefender)
2) remove and add my POP3 email account. Also performed the "test account settings" and it went well but the problem persists.
3) if it is a ppt file zipping it won't help.
4) My ISP does not limit "outgoing" the size of attachments
5) the workaround I do is send file from my gmail account but this is only a workaround and I wouldn't want to proceed with this.
Can someone assist me PLEASE?

Answer:email stuck in outgoing folder outlook 2003

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Hi - I use my computer on two different networks. Each network has a different SMTP server - so to send an e-mail I have to change the settings in Outlook to use that server. It's quite the pain. I currently have one pop3 account and one imap account. They both use the same SMTP server though. So - is there any easy way to switch between SMTP servers? It would be awesome if it could detect it automatically (as my IP address will be in a different range) - but even if there was a drop down menu to select the SMTP server I'd be happy. I tried just adding a pop3 account without an incoming mail server - but it wouldn't allow it. So - does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Answer:configuring Outlook 2003 to allow multiple outgoing accounts?

Just add another pop3 account w/ a fake e-mail server. Name the account SMTP2 or whatever, so you know what it is.. Then remove it from send/recieve so that it doesn't try to check it. Then you can send mail from it from the different network.

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Buggy problem that I cannot find any clues about.
I've setup this exact sort of thing before with no issues.
This account is using Centurytel as their DSL ISP, with a new dell system running windows 7 Pro x64, and a fresh intstall of MSO 2003.
Setup Outlook 2003 per the gmail instructions: imap for incoming, smtp for outgoing, set the server ports, ssl etc all correct, double checked, triple checked.

no outgoing mail has ever completed [its been a week now]. All incoming mail is fine. Outgoing mail fails whether its a "reply" or a newly-created message of any length, regardless of attachments or not. they land in the outbox, cannot send.
tried turning off the AV... no effect.

is there a firewall setting in Win7 Pro that could be affecting outgoing?

is it possible that we could limp along by changing the outgoing server to a centurytel server? that has some admin ramifications I realize, but might it work?

Answer:Outlook 2003, Win 7 x64, Gmail. Outgoing fails. Incoming OK

Did you setup gmail. According to These Instructions you have to also enable IMAP in gmail.

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Hi All,
I'm attempting to send from my Outlook 2003 an email with file attachment (1MB) but the ,mail remains in the outgoing folder. MY OS system is XP Home.
The recipient receives the message (I sent it to another email I own) but on my side the mail remains in the folder listed above. In the send process the Outbox send/Receive progress detail dialogue box indicates that it's processing my request but not completed. Part of the time the following message appears "``Sending and Receiving` reported error (0x8004210B): `The operation timed out waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP)"
I tried to fix the problem by:
1) exit anti-virus prog. (BitDefender)
2) remove and add my POP3 email account. Also performed the "test account settings" and it went well but the problem persists.
Can someone assist me?

Answer:email stuck in outgoing folder outlook 2003

Rafael, when you say that the email recipient (your other account) receives the email, does it also receive the Attachment?
Is the attachment "zipped", if not then zip it to drastically reduce it's size.
Are you with NTL by any chance?
Has your ISP got an "outgoing" limit on the size of attachments?
I would suggest that you have look at a "free" Google email account for sending and receiving large attachments.

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This is VERY odd! I type a message normally (Reply or original) & it arrives at destination blank, and when I look in "sent" folder, it also shows blank. Header is filled in but nothing in message body.Anybody any ideas?Running Win XP Pro and MS Outlook 2003

Answer:Outgoing Email Message arrives blank (Outlook 2003


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4010 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1813 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 596476 MB, Free - 532368 MB; D: Total - 14000 MB, Free - 7222 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc.,
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

When I Send an outgoing email I find that one, sometimes 2 or 3, copies of the same email also shows up in my Drafts. This just started about 3 days ago and I have not added or changed any programs.
I'm NOT a Techie so please be explicite with any instructions you may want to offer that may solve this problem. Thanks, John

Answer:Solved: Outgoing Emails Duplicated in Drafts

It would probably be helpful if you start by telling us how exactly you manage your email.

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Is there a way to enable HTML emails using Outlook. One of my users receives HTML emails every once in a while, and she cant see any of the pics in the email. She is running Windows 2000, and has admin rights.

I ran through all of the "Options" menus that I could find, but didn't see anything that would enable her to RECIEVE HTML emails, but did find where she could SEND them.

Thanks for your help

[email protected]

Answer:HTML emails throught Outlook...

Go to Tools | Options | Mail Format

Change Compose in this Format to HTML

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