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Solved: anyone know how to make this form work??

Question: Solved: anyone know how to make this form work??

ok this probs kinda hard to explain in words but ill try my best...

basically im creating a database (in access 2000) for a friend who runs a small truck company. he needs a form which allows him to enter repair data.

i currently have these tables in my database:

Repair table

Repairline table

Parts table

Customer Table

Customertruck table
Registration he wants a form that allows him to enter the date at the top of the form, then select the customer, then select which of the customers trucks the work is being done on, then be able to enter the parts used.

i know (at least i think i know) that this isnt really difficult, and i most likely need to create queries and build the form from these ( as a form with subform) but i cant get it to work,
anyone got any idea? sorry if it didnt make much sense i could e-mail anyone the database if they think they need a better look, thanks in advance

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Preferred Solution: Solved: anyone know how to make this form work??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: anyone know how to make this form work??

I would make the customer in the Repair table a selection, and the Part Id in the Repairline table a selection, just to get that part out of the way. I would then set up a Repairline query of the 2nd and 3rd tables you list, and then make a Repair query of the Repair table and the Repairline query.
Then make a Customer query of the last 2 tables, and finally a full query Customers and Repairs of the Customer query and the Repair query. Omit duplictes - you don't want Customer ID in multiple places in the query (it isn't necessary to do this - just helps avoid confusion and getting names like tblCustomer.CustomerID).
Then base your form on the Customers and Repairs query.
If you need a hand, email me via my profile and I will get back to you.

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thanks for taking a look at this thread, any help will be greatly appreciated by a complete Noob.

I've been given a LOT of help by members of this Forum (especially OBP) with a DB I'm making as a first look at any type of IT product, and I'm very grateful, so thank you all.

Recently, I was advised to take a look at the "Tabbed" style of "MainForm" instead of the "Switchboard" style I originally used. I must say, I really like the tabbed style much more than the switchboard but I've hit one hurdle that I can't seem to overcome.

In the Switchboard style, I was able to set a form to load in either DATA ENTRY = YES or DATA ENTRY = NO mode depending on which sub-switchboard the user selected. For example, I had a ENTER NEW sub-switchboard that all forms would open in DATA ENTRY = YES mode & I had another EDIT EXISTING sub-switchboard that all forms would open in DATA ENTRY = NO mode.

However, with the new tabbed style, I cannot set the form load type for separate tabbs, it will only accept the LAST type as the GLOBAL type. Example, on the ENTER NEW tab, I set the form to load as DATA ENTRY = YES & sets the form to open in DATA ENTRY = YES on both tabs, then I go to the EDIT EXISTING tab & set the same form to DATA ENTRY = NO & it sets the form to open in both tabs in DATA ENTRY = NO mode.

So, my question is:
Can I set the same form to load differently on different tabs on the same MainForm?
If so, w... Read more

Answer:Solved: MS Access - Tabbed MainForm - How to make a form open a form in multiple mode

I would just copy the Subform, so you have version 1 for data entry with the Data Entry set to "Yes" and version 2 set to "No".
The only thing you need to do then is to Requery the Editing form each time you make an entry in the data entry form.
Although I prefer to just have an Edit form with a "New Record" button for the data entry.

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I need the steps to define my clock 12h form

Answer:How can I make my clock work on 12h form?

Settings -> Time & Language -> Date & Time -> turn off 24 hour clock Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I need the steps to define my clock 12h form

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I have a difficult one that is hard to explain but here goes.

When a new record is being created in "frmProjects" I want that upon closing the form it will require the person via pop up warning? to add a comment which is a button on the same form that opens "frmRemarks" other wise the record will not save.

Or it could upon attempting to close the frmProjects it could pop up the frmRemarks with a message box saying "Comment is required when creating new record" ???

I should also note that frmProjects pulls fromtblProjects and that comments come from tblRemarks which is a subdata table of tblProjects
Any ideas? Please note that I am a novice at VBA and pretty much need things spelled out in detail, but I don't give up!

Thanks, Joe


Answer:Solved: Make requirement in form

Joe, why use a pop-up form, won't a subform perform the same function?
Otherwise you need to manually relate the "Comment" to the Record on the frmProjects

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Could someone please help me do this because i am trying to make a book but i cant get MS word to be in a book form. If you know how to do this in MS Word 2000 could you please tell me.

Thanks in advance Steve

Answer:Solved: How do you make MS Word 2000 into book form???

If I understand what you actually want (and that is not guaranteed), the option you want is nothing to do with Word per se, but with the capabilities of your printer to print Page 1 on the first page, Page 2 on the reverse of the forst page etc (for spine binding).

For fold binding it gets more comples, but its more likely to be a funtion of your printer capabilities (if they exist) than Word.

For Word setup tips Google the following word string:

word book layout

That will give you more help that can be provided in pages of posts here I suspect.

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Using Access 2010. Designed a form containing 3 command buttons that open either a form or report. One weeee problem: the buttons don't work/don't do anything. The VBA is there, but it doesn't execute.

DB was imported from one designed in Access 2000, and I kept the format .mdb (did not convert to .accdb because client that uses it has both Office 2003 and Office 2010 in their shop, so dB has to be readable by all). Does that have anything to do with the command buttons doing nothing?

Answer:Solved: Form buttons don't work

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I have a database to be used by people completely new to access. So I made the access window disappear, and add 3 buttons: add record, save record, and delete record.

But I found that when I open the database (which show only the main form), all three buttons only work once. For example when I add new record, then I save. And I cannot add another new record, I pushed the button but it doesn't respond. So I close the form (which brings back the access window) and reopen the form, and I can add another one.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Lots of thanks.


Answer:Solved: Why does my code only work once when I open the form?

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What line of code can I use to make the new record selector unavailable (invisable) on my form but not disable it? I want users to add a new record from a different switch board form.

Thanks, Joe

Answer:Solved: Make "New Record" unavailable but not disabled on form

You have marked this thread solved. If this was intentional and is correct, please post the solution that you found so that others can benefit. If incorrect, please Click the Mark Unsolved button at the top of the thread until a real solution is found. This means that other helpers are more likely to notice this question and find a solution.

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I got a pen drive as a promotional gift. It is a USB drive inside a ball point pen, size 128meg. It included a USB cable and a miniature CD. I inserted the CD and when nothing happened, I looked at the files on the CD, saw SETUP.EXE and clicked on it. The only result was a screen saying there was no need to install the driver, and apparently nothing else happened.

I connected the USB cable and the pen to a USB port (one that I have not used in the past) assuming that XP would do the usual PLONK sound and recognize it, but nothing happened and when I check on MY COMPUTER it is not shown.

Any idea how to use the drive or make XP recognize it?

Answer:Solved: How to make a pen drive work?

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It is a no-name tower with an ABIT BF6 mobo, Pent. 3 500MHZ processor. My plan is to take most of my stuff from my comp and install it on this mobo/chipset.

Thought I would try it before I did anything...failed w/insert SYS disc message...tried using a WIN98 startup disc and got to a page that said disc is not FAT32. (During boot sequence it finds the CDrom which is a master on IDE2...I tried putting the HDD on IDE2 with same results.)

Do not know what to do from here, I am not sure wether there is any info on this HDD(maybe they wiped it clean ). Should I try just putting in the HDD from my original machine in it to see if it boots?

What should/can I do with boot disc to see if there is any info on this HDD.

I do not want to put in my HDD from my working machine except as a last resort...afraid that if it works, it might find "all this new hardware" and confuse the issue.

Please help...I hope the problem is not the Mobo....'cause thats the only part I want from this "given to me computer"!!

Answer:[Solved] Just given this computer, if I can make it work...need help!!

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Hey member on this site.

Last summer, I recieved a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop for my graduation, with an internal wireless network card. I have successfully been able to connect wirelessly hundreds of times away at school, both through their network, as well as via wireless hot spots in public places.

Now that I am back home for the holidays, I wanted to hook up something at my house so I wouldn't have to share the family computer every time I wanted to go online. We have a Dell desktop that's only a few years old, running Windows XP, and we have Comcast cable internet. Our modem is a Motorola SB4200 surfboard cable modem. Never had any problems getting online on the home computer.

I first bought a Belkin G Router, but, when I tried to configure it, got an error message- something along the lines of "can't connect computer to router". Called tech support on the phone, they had me reset the thing a few times, and told me ultimately that it was defective. I returned that and got a Linksys Wireless G Broadband router, model WRT54G. I have tried countless times to hook it up (my friends have given it a few go's, too) but nothing seems to work- I keep getting a similar error message "computer cannot connect to router"

The proper lights on the router all seem to be lit- the internet light even flickers at the same time the activity light on my modem does. My laptop picks up the signal perfectly, but, it's locked and yo... Read more

Answer:Solved: Help! I am going crazy trying to make this work...

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hhelo, thanks for your patience.

its been days , and week(s), i works on that.

my graphic card is an amd radeon 7570 HD (turks ) , a OEM card i guess.

its in my computer, on the pci express slot.

it currently works, i mean my monitor is hooked on it and it does displays good, but the driver doesnt recognise it. it use VGA has driver.

the correct driver is installed, i mean ive even installed earlier versions of the drivers before just to be sure. i uninstalled, reinstalled, ccleaned a lot of times. but it never recognize my card .

if even i play a game like solitary or etc ( the basic windows games ), it says that the material acceleration aint activate so the game are all laggy and ugly looking.

i used this card for months before i ended up having to uninstall its driver because the graphics became all distorded after playing an old MS-DOS game.

now i cant get to install the proper driver and get it to works for games... which disable me from playing games .

i dont know at all what to do now, ive done everything i guess.

what is frustrating is that the GPU is working, since my monitor is hooked on it ?

help !

Answer:Solved: amd radeon cant make it work

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Afternoon everyone,

I'm adjusting a query-based form in a database of mine, which I use to search for contacts. I provide the user the ability to search by Company, Last Name, Contact Relation (which employee in the office is 'responsible' for the connection of a particular client) and Client Service (which department of the company does the contact serve purpose).

I've just noticed, however, that the query-based form I've used doesn't filter the data according to AND criteria, but rather OR criteria. i.e. If I select company X, I will get a list of those are associated with that company, HOWEVER, if I then choose to further the search by selecting a Contact Relation, Y, I'm given a list of all contacts who work in company X as well as those are associated with contact Y instead of those who work in company X AND who are associated with contact Y...

Am I making sense?

I'm pretty sure that most people have come across this problem, and I've already tried adjusting the query by changing the criteria within the query.

By the way, my form works by consolidating the list of companies, contacts names, relations and services in to a drop down box (using SELECT DISTINCT), which is then related to the query through the criteria (using [Form]![FormName]![ObjectName]). And then once the value is selected from the drop down list, I use an After Update event to show the results.

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks everyone!

Answer:Solved: How do you make MS Access queries work as AND instead of OR?

I found something on the Microsoft Knowledge Base (, and it seems to be working fine now, I get the "AND" criteria sorted, however, now I'm having problems on refreshing the form to start a new search.

I currently have a button called "Reset", which I intend to refresh the search and start again, however, something is happening with the code, because when I ask to refresh the table, all the information disappears.

This is the code I have:
Private Sub Reset_Click()
Me.Organisation = ""
Me.ContactRelation = ""
Me.ClientService = ""
Me.LastName = ""
End Sub
Anyone know what's going on?

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OK, I decided to go with 64-bit Vista and use 4Gb of ram. Overall, after a week-long learning curve to get aquainted with the system, I like it. I have run into a strange problem though, and I see by searching that other people have been running into it, too.

Quicktime will not work on 64-bit Vista. Period! Not in Firefox, not in Chrome, not in Safari, not stand-alone, not in IE (I even tried out IE8). After installing Quicktime, every time I want to play a nothing. Sometimes, right after being positively sure that I just installed the latest version, it stares at me and it tells me to get the latest version!

Anybody out there, like me, who needs Quicktime for making movies, web browsing QT sites, downloading movies from my digital camera - you name it? Anybody have any idea how to get it to work? MS and Apple both seem to be completely ignoring the situation, pretending that it doesn't exist. What's up?

And... can we get a Forum going exclusively for 64-bit Vista so that we can have a place to help each other with this "less-than ready for prime time" operating system?

Thanks. regards,

Answer:Solved: Can anyone make Quicktime work on 64-bit Vista?

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I have found this VBA macro that is supposed to copy numbers in a range over an indeterminate number of rows and 6 columns to a single column of the values excluding blank cells. In this case it copies all cells in A:F into column J

It does work, but it copies from right to left (eg starts at column F and finishes at Column A. Does anyone know how to make this work from column A to F instead? Or an alternative macro that will do that?


Sub x()

Dim rng As Range, i As Long


For Each rng In Sheet1.UsedRange.Columns("A:F").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants)
i = i + 1
Sheet1.Cells(i, 10) = rng
Next rng

End Sub

Answer:Solved: How to make VBA macro work from left to right

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I run windows 7 enterprise as an administrator and I want to make use of applocker.
So I start the local security policy, enable applocker and create the default rules.
If all is correct I should not be able to run executables in for example "D:\Applications\quickpar" but unfortunately I can. I even create a rule which explicitly blocks "D:\Applications\quickpar\quickpar.exe", however I can still run it.
I even got the application identity service running, so I don't know what is wrong.

This is some further information:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 3983 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1799 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 153599 MB, Free - 117547 MB; D: Total - 323338 MB, Free - 160935 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, 4282AJ9
Antivirus: None

Who can help me with this problem?


Answer:Solved: Unable to make applocker work

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Hi all,

I've just fitted a new ssd drive but want to use it as just an extra drive. Already have a functioning ssd as boot drive plus hdd. I want to use the new drive purely for gaming. Software that came with new drive seems to only want to clone boot drive, which I don't. As mentioned, it's fitted and visible on device manager, but not showing up as working drive on "My Computer".

How do I proceed?


Answer:Solved: Installed new ssd drive how to make it work?

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My multi item form isn't letting me add new records, only update and delete current ones.

My guess it that this is because the form is based on a multi-table query. That's fine, I can make a new form specifically for adding new records, but I'd like to be able to salvage this form if possible. Is there any way to either force this form to accept new records in the bottom row, or is there any way to get rid of the "add record" bottom row completely so it's not misleading users into thinking they can add records here?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Access 2007 - multi item form (continuous form) trouble adding records

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I'm using Word 2013 on a Windows 8.1 machine. I've entered custom entries into the Auto Correct options (File, Options, Proofing, Auto Correct Options, under replace text as you type I've made custom entries, then clicked add). After clicking okay to close the dialog boxes all looks good. Only problem is that when I type Dr. W - instead of the full name of the doctor appearing in the document-- nothing happens. I still have to manually type out the whole name. When I check the list of the custom entries -- everything is there entered correctly. Any ideas?

Answer:Solved: How to make autocorrect entries work in 2013

You've marked your thread as Solved. Was that on purpose or by accident? If on purpose can you post the solution as it may benefit others?

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I use Password Safe and have for many years. Today I tried to open Password Safe and got a message saying something like the Password Safe file could not be found. I checked and the file is in the "Password Safe" file but apparently the program is looking for it in "My Documents." (I read on the Internet something like in Vista, some files are not put in "Program Files" and are put in "My Documents." Can anyone tell me how to "fix" this problem so that I can use Password Safe again? I have a lot of individual passwords stored there. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Why did the file move and how can I make the program work?

What file? It is likely that the program itself is in the Program Files directory and that the proprietary password file is the one being stored in the documents folder.

Can you find a file in Documents that has the program's icon? Have the Documents been moved or anything deleted from that folder??

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I am a complete newby to this, and fear I'm seriously overstretching myself trying to do this. Have been trying to do it for hours and slowly going insane, any help at all would be VERY much appreciated!

Ok, so I wanted to be able to watch and record TV on my laptop, I bought a 'WinTv-HVR-900H' usb tv card thing, the only tv signal I have is cable from virgin media. Virgin have told me that I have a 'modulated RF out' (or something like that!) from my cable box to watch whatever channel is on cable box at that time. So I have aerial from RF out on my virgin box to the tv card and I just can't find the picture anywhere.
I have tried using windows media centre, but all it shows when looking for picture is static, have also tried using the WinTv7 software that came with the stick but all I get from that is a no signal message.

I figured out how to change the RF out channel on the box, which I've done several times (currently on channel 21) but that makes no difference to anything.

What am I doing wrong?

I'm not sure what specs if any you would need to help me so please just ask and I'll try and find anything you need

My eternal gratefullness goes to whoever can get this stupid thing to work before I lose the plot and throw everything out of the window!

Answer:Solved: Can anoybody please help me figure out how to make my tv card work!?

Ahhh never mind, found a well hidden aerial which is working well as freeview. That will do for now!

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Hello, I would like to make a macro in excel that I can use for any spreadsheet. We constantly get reports and I would like to make a macro that performs the necessary tasks for each one. However, whenever I make a macro, it seems like it can only be used for that certain report. Is there a way I can make one that I can just use for any spreadsheet? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Is is possible to make an excel macro to work with all sheets?

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I would like to first thank all members of this forum who help people solve their problems.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X220 Windows 7 Home Premium 64. the Hard drive (HD) came partitioned, and I was running out of space, so I purchased a new HD.
I made a recovery Disk using a 32GB SD card ( clever Huh!) since the computer has an SD card slot, and no optical drive. Also since the recovery required more space than a single DVD could provide. For your info, The Recovery media is in a partition named Q: in the HD.

After Installing the new HD in the laptop, I find that I cant get the system to look at the SD card. I tried using a USB SD card reader, but it does not work. ( I was not as clever as I thought!!!)

So I re installed the old drive, and attempted to make a new recovery disk(s) on DVDs, but the Lenovo system gives me an error stating "Only one copy of this media " can be made.

So now I have a recovery disk in SD format that I cant access, and I can not create a new one. IS there any way to get the SD recovery media to work? Help!!
HERE is the system information with the original HD: I uninstalled most programs and data. because partition C: was full.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8079 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, -248 Mb
Hard D... Read more

Answer:Solved: Recovery disk on SD card. How to make it work.

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OK so ive set up a data base for my buisiness and everything is fine... BUT i cant work out how on earth to do one thing. I type in a new order for example or view an order on a form, how can i go straight to a report of that order which im viewing. I want to print the information seen in that one form nothing else, basically as a reciept. please reply quickly, as database needs to be completed asap. I know i have to probably make a query but i have made many advanced databases with out using a query and got round it so could you make it REALLY clear step by step process to explain.... Thanks

Answer:HELP! Need to make reciept off form...?

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A few days ago I tried logging in WLM 2011 and it gave me an error saying the application stop working or something like that. So I uninstalled the program using Revo Uninstaller and it uninstalled it and scan leftovers as well. The problem after installion the program gives me an error says wldcore.dll is missing from your computer. I found the dll file and placed it in the installation folder and then it gave me another error saying UXCore.dll is missing from your computer. And again I found a copy of this file and now it gives me another error. Here is a picture of the Error. I also deleted temp files. Also followed a guide for a Clean Installation of Windows Live Messenger and still no results.

I know I must be doing something wrong thats why I would like your help

Thanks alot

Answer:[SOLVED] Can't Make Windows Live Messenger to work [More Info Inside]

Did you update your Computer to the latest update from Microsoft? There's been a few other posts about Windows Live things stopping working after they've updated to the latest update.

Well, i doubt YOU have done anything wrong, unless you've been going about your computer deleting files at random, so rest asured.

That errormessage there indicated that you've gotten the wrong UXCore.dll file. You downloaded it from the internet, or took it off of another computer, didn't you?
That wouldn't work.

Check for new updates from Microsoft.

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how can you make a website login for like the one on pca with the email address and the password....i no how to make the fields but am a bit confused on how u send it to what server/computer and howi want to make a website with a login screen can anyone point me in the rite direction?

Answer:How do you make a website login form

web design forum?johnny

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Hello, I have scanned a few documents that I've converted to PDF, and was wondering how I can make certain fields fillable for other users. I don't want to fill it myself, but i want to make it fillable by others.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:How can I make a PDF form filable by other users?

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Hi everyone. I'm trying to figure out how to make a certain form. I need to submit Open House forms and each line can only be a certain number of characters. ex:
O P E N H O U S E. My question is how do i set up/format a form so that as I type it, each character will be underlined like that....sorry cant really explain it very well.. I hope someone understands me lol

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Hi all !
Here I am with yet another doubt !
I created a form in which there is an oval shape . When I click on one of the option buttons red , blue , green or yellow then the appropriate color should change in the shape. So far so good . It worked just fine . But then I wanted Magenta instead of yellow . Then the prob started .
It does not change the color to magenta . I changed the code accordingly , still it does not change the color . Why not ??
What is Run Time error number 424 Object required ? This also occurs for the same form.

The code is something like this :

'Controls example
'6th June 2006
'By Prashanti
'Description : This project uses labels, _
option buttons,chk boxes,command buttons _
to change properties of text
'Saved In: vbpractice folder in f:
Private Sub chkBold_Click()
'Change the text messagetext to/from bold

lblMessage.Font.Bold = chkBold.Value
End Sub

Private Sub chkItalic_Click()
'Change the text messagetext to/from Italic

lblMessage.Font.Italic = chkItalic.Value

End Sub

Private Sub chkUnderline_Click()
'Change the text messagetext to/from Underline

lblMessage.Font.Underline = chkUnderline.Value
End Sub

Private Sub cmdClear_Click()
'Clear the text controls

With txtName
.Text = "" 'Clear the txt box
.SetFocus 'Reset the insertion point
End With
lblMessage.Caption = ""
txtMessage.Text = ""
End Sub

Private Sub cmdDisplay_Click()
'Display the text in t... Read more

Answer:VB form doesn't depict the changes I make

The error message you received would indicate that a control is missing on your form. It's hard to say without knowing what line the error was received on, especially since you didn't include the form code. It would also help to mention what version of VB (seems to be VB6, there are at least 3 .Net versions as well) you are using.

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I inherited this Excel document and have been asked to modify it so that when a selection is made from a drop down list a Form pops up for them to enter the reason. I put this code into Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Len(Trim(Range("$H$" & Target.Row).Value)) = False Then
Exit Sub
If Len(Trim(Range("$H$" & Target.Row).Value)) <> "" Then
ProcessReasonForm.Show vbModeless
End If
End If

Which worked fine on three machines that I tested it on locally. However in the 2 remote location there it was tested it the Form would pop upwhen ever any changes were made to the spreadsheet. I need the form to only come up when a selection from the dropdown list in column H is made. As no personal data is in it I'll post a copy with this. To view code use "amber". Any ideas would be great as I'm lost as to why it's happening out there but I cant recreate it.


Answer:Solved: Form call is causing the Form to pop up everywhere!

File is attached. Code to unlock code is amber.

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Hello,I am looking to develop an easy to use form in Excel that a user can input certain criteria and the output would provide an answer. The user would need to input the following: Qualitative or Quantitative, Sample Size (#), Test Criteria (#), Test Criteria Breadth (#), and Frequency(< or > Targeted), the output should result in Word, Excel, or ACES based on the Matrix below.

Answer:How to make a VBA form to output answer from inputs?

Scenario 1, Input Qualitative, Sample Size = <1, Test Criteria Size 1, Test Criteria Breadth 1, Frequency NA or doesn't matter, output = "Word"Scenario 2, Input Qualitative, Sample Size = 1, Test Criteria Size = 1, Test Criteria Bandwith = 1, Frequency NA or doesn't matter, output = "Word"Scenario 3, Input Quantitative, Sample Size = <100, test criteria size = 1 Test Criteria Breadth = 1, Frequency = NA or doesn't matter, OutPut = ExcelScenario 4,Input Quantitative, Sample Size = >20, test criteria size >2 Test Criteria Breadth >=1, Frequency = NA or doesn't matter, OutPut = ACESScenario 5, Input Quantitative, Sample Size =NA, test criteria size = NA Test Criteria Breadth = NA, Frequency = >targeted , OutPut = ACESmessage edited by phatguy85

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So right now I have a form in my database that gets published as a PDF when the save button is pressed for an entry. However when I make new entries to the form, therefore new records, and save them they also get published but all of the previous records get republished and saved under the new record's name.

Does anyone know why this is happening?


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Hi All,

I have one problem i want to show some fields in tabular in Form, is there any way to do like this, also i tabular item is from one table only. Its not from multiple table.

Answer:Can we make table in form in access 2007

On the Main Menu, Create section, Forms section, click Multiple Items.

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In part of my web form I need to have one menu selection display an alternative list of choices based on an earlier menu selection within the same form.I want the User to be able to choose a Day of the week in the first menu selection. The HTML code I have for this is : P>Select a Day: SELECT NAME="day" STYLE="width: 3.28cm; height: 0.58cm"> OPTION SELECTED>Monday OPTION>Tuesday OPTION>Wednesday OPTION>Thursday OPTION>Friday OPTION>Saturday OPTION>Sunday /OPTION> /SELECT> /P>Next I want the User to choose a Time. If it is a weekday (Monday-Friday) I want the following menu to appear : P>Select a Time: SELECT NAME="time1" STYLE="width: 3.28cm; height: 0.58cm"> OPTION SELECTED>18:00 OPTION>19:00 OPTION>20:00 OPTION>21:00 /OPTION> /SELECT> /P>If however the User chose a Weekend day (Sat/Sun) then I wish the options to be : P>Select a Time: SELECT NAME="time2" STYLE="width: 3.28cm; height: 0.58cm"> OPTION SELECTED>9:00 OPTION>10:00 OPTION>11:00 OPTION>12:00 OPTION>13:00 OPTION>14:00 OPTION>15:00 OPTION>16:00 OPTION>17:00 OPTION>18:00 OPTION>19:00 OPTION>20:00 OPTION>21:00 /OPTION> /SELECT> /P>Any ideas on how I can achieve the effect I want? Do I need to use Javascript code or is there some sort of IF statement I can use?

Answer:HTML web form - make 2nd menu reliant on 1st

click here

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This seems like it would be a common task in Access but I can't find any reference to it.

I have a combo box with three choices, Kamazaoo, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City. The field name is location. The location is entered only once but there is no limit to the amount of records that can be added. When one record is finished Access defaults to the previous location and starts a new record.

I know how to do a make table query but can I do a make table query based on the fields value? For instance if the entry person is finished entering data for Kalamazoo a button could be pushed that would make a Kalamazoo table.

Building the Ultimate site list for PC support.

Answer:Make table based on form field in Access

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I have created a form, which on submit does a ajax call for the submission. It is not a standard form submit. How can I make IE remember form data for autocomplete?

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HI Guys
i really need help in making a DVD bootable disk form dell factory recovery partition, the story started when my computer got so slow and i wanted to make factory recovery to the original as the computer was when i bought it.
during the factory rest something happened and the power was interrupted, therefore the processing was not completed , i tried to do the same procedure but i did nit succeed using F8 ,, and i got always bootMGr problem.. what i did ,i installed another windows 7 professional , the computer now works , but i want to use my original software from dell, the recovery partition is still untouched and can see it... i am wondering how to make DVD bookable disk form this recovery partition as the windows running in the computer now is not as the same as the one originally installed by dell when i bought this computer...
any help highly appreciated

Answer:how to make DVD Bootable disk form factroy Recovery Partition ,

You might be able to access the recovery partition this way:

1. Start computer.
2. Immediately hold down the Ctrl key. At the same time start clicking the F11 key (top row of keyboard.) This may let the computer boot into the recovery partition.
3. If it boots into the recovery partition you should be bale to click "Restore," and then "Confirm" to restore your Dell computer. Click "Finish" when prompted to do so, and then select "Yes" to reboot.
4. You may see a different prompt to click "Next" and click "OK" to reboot depending on your specific computer model

If this doesn't work you might be able to have Dell send you recovery disks for your specific machine free of charge. This is a one time offer.

Dell - Support

If you are a country other than the United States and need to request recovery discs, you will need to contact Tech Support directly.

Dell Contact Technical Support

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My database is used to complete reviews (evaluations) typically done monthly. My parent form hosts info such as the who's being evaluated, the Review ID, the reviewer's name etc.
The 5 child forms each have the same fields but capture the questions we answer during our evaluation.
Since there are about 50 questions total, it's rare that a reviewer will start and complete a review in one sitting. I have my database working now so that my 5 child forms have drop down menus to select their corresponding questions, and allow the reviewer to enter the score and comments. Everything then cascades up to the info on the parent form and all is good.
My problem is that when I close and re-open my parent form - the child records are no longer visible for that given parent record. They are saved in the correct table, however there's no way for the reviewer to know which questions have been answered and which remain. I would like all the records to be visible every time the form is opened.
I've set my Indexed field to Yes-No Duplicates, so I do get a pop up message if a duplicate is created, but it leaves the reviewer guessing what's been done and what hasn't.
How can I make the existing records visible when the form is opened?
And better yet, can I write a macro or code to automatically create the record for each of the questions I have to answer, leaving just the score and comment fields to be filled? (all other fields already auto-fill when the quest... Read more

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Hello I found an answer to this question but it was specific to his form. I have several Excel Logs (Tables) that contain information that is also entered into a separate form. Some forms are in excel and some are in word. I would like to hit a button that transfers a row of data to the form so i only have t enter data once. The forms will have additional information that will be entered. The forms are saved as a specific file type and are also printed so the answer that i found on this site may work but it puts the data into a different spread sheet in the same workbook and i need to send the data to a new workbook and in one case to a word doc. Can someone help me out. I have attached a couple examples of what i currently do.

Thanks for the help

Answer:Solved: Populate Excel Form and Word Form from Excel Table

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This computer came with FreeDos and I had to buy a retail windows, so it wasnt custom set for the laptop and when I go to Lenovo driver page for Z510, the only driver in the touchpad and keyboard page is the touchpad drivers.Nothing for the keyboard. So what am I missing? Where can I go to turn on those extra function keys?By the way, I did check in BIOS and hotkeys is turned on.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Windows 8.1 on Z510 Fn+ Function keys doesnt work and I dont see any Lenovo to make them work again

make sure chipset and everything is installed off lenovo driver page one of them should be part of fn + keys

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Question: Form wont work

Hi,I cant get my form to work on my website click here My webspace is with 1&1 and I have the frontpage server extensions switched on. The site is bulit with Frontpage 2002.Can anyone help me please.Many thanks

Answer:Form wont work

FrontPage Run-Time Component PageYou have submitted a form or followed a link to a page that requires a web server and the FrontPage Server Extensions to function properly.This form or other FrontPage component will work correctly if you publish this web to a web server that has the FrontPage Server Extensions installed.Click the <Back> arrow to return to the previous page.Can you check FrontPage Server Extensions are installed?Also might be better asking 1&1 as it is there server.

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I'm running Office Pro 2007. I've been using the database for several months, entering data, making reports, etc. I entered data as late as noon today. I closed the database for awhile. Now, a couple of hours later, the forms open as usual, but none of the buttons work. The database is located in a "trusted" directory. I must have accidently bumped a disabling short-cut key set. Any suggestions?

Answer:MS Access--Form buttons won't work

Sounds like IE may have forgot its intranet trusted sites security (this reflects upon databases etc).
Tools-> Internet Options -> Security -> Local Intranet -> Sites
Tick Automatically detect and make sure the security is set to low.

Failing this then it may be that macros have been disabled.
These can be re-enabled within Access..... of the top of my head I can't remember the path to get the option sorry.

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click here for my related thread about PHP, in which I mentioned this problem. I have now been able to borrow some freespace for testing purposes click hereIt's supposed to output to an email address but the form handler simply triggers a message window from the user's email client.I know somebody is bound to say "why don't you script your own PHP" or "why not use a free form handler" but because I'm using NOF, those options would really be unworkable even if I knew how to use them, so I need to work out how I can get NOF to do what it's supposed to do.I suspect that it must be a script issue, but NOF is supposed to create the script file (a CGI I think, according to the very vague help files) but I cannot find any such file on the server. Great though NOF undoubtedly is, when you hit a snag or find its limitations, it's a pain in the backside.I really hope someone can come up with the answer to this. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Wondering why my NOF email form doesn't work

There are a couple of properties pallettes that relate to the form; one for the handler and one for the form itself. The latter has POST and GET, with POST selected by default. What does GET do and should I use that instead?

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I'm working on a Access 2003 database system. I have a main form (Parent Form) and Subform (Child Form) and another subform within a subform (check-IN). I would like to have a combobox on the subform so it can search by child rather then parent, but I would like the parent information to be updated to match the child when the child's name is selected in the combobox. It makes it easier to check-In the child each time they attend. Each parent, can have multiple children. I'm having trouble getting this accomplished.

Thank You

Answer:Combobox in Subform to work with main form

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When I first fire up my computer, the following message pops up as Windows starts:

Microsoft Networking
The following error occurred while loading protocol number 0.
Error 38: The computer name you specified is already in use on the network. To specify a different name, double-click the Network icon in Control Panel.

I'm sure others have experienced this. I am not on a network, and this has happened for the last couple of days. I am running 98SE (I know...way past time to upgrade.) My Hijack log follows. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:18:41 AM, on 1/9/06
Platform: Windows 98 SE (Win9x 4.10.2222A)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page =
O2 - BHO: Google Toolbar Helper - {AA58ED58-01DD-4d91-8333-CF10577473F7} - c:\program files\google\googletoolbar1.dll
O2 - BHO... Read more

Answer:Error message - Is this some form of malware at work?

hi there,

Did you run this scan from safe mode as there isn't much in the log?

I don't see anything in your log, have you gort an anti virus programme? if not download anti vir from below?
you don't appear to have a firewall, even if you have a router you still need
a software frewall, downlaod the one from the link below!

Filseclab Personal Firewall Professional Edition

you have spysweeper, update it and runn ascan from that post it's log if it finds anything?
go to this site and download these tools and once you get both
adaware Se 1.6 and spybot, update both of them.

Set adaware to do a full system scan and deselect, "search for neglible risk
entries". Click next to start the scan. Delete everything adaware finds.

reboot and now run spybot

Spybot: Search and destroy.

Delete what spybot finds marked in red. After updating spybot hit the
immunize button.

reboot again
With CWshredder close all browsers and programmes and select the FIX button.
All tools can be downloaded at the link below and found on that page!

. Trend micro CWShredder
. SpyBot search and destroy
. AdAware SE personal

*Download Cleanup from Here

* A window will open and choose SAVE, then DESKTOP as the destin... Read more

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I have MB571 with Cyrix266 MHz. I install the ATX Card for the USB,PS2 and IR. The motherboard is not recognizing the card. I install a ps2 mouse but did not work. I also install a USB logitech Video CAm Express but working either. Need help big time.
Thank you



Answer:{RESOLVED} MB571 ATX FORM CARD won't work!(USB,PS2)

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Hi all. I am gradually trying to learn PHP, and currently working my way through a tutorial - click here . I have copied + pasted the code at the bottom half of the page to create a form and PHP processing page. I have Apache and PHP installed, and all te other (simple) php files I ahve made, have worked fine when I test then (on htp://localhost/...' - these are only simple things such as echo, if, etc...However, when I test the form, I fill in the feilds and click submit. But it doesnt work! The 'else' part of the PHP processing file is executed, and it dosplays the error message.Does anyone know why this could be? Can you see any errors in the script? Or something wrong with my test servre (i.e. how Ive installed apache/php on my computer)? Perhaps if you have a php-enabled server you could test it on there for me?Thanks a lot for any help

Answer:PHP Problem - form submitting wont work?

here is the code for the form:<html><body><form action="mail.php" method="post">Your Name: <input type="text" name="name"><br>E-mail: <input type="text" name = "email"><br><br>Comments<br><textarea name="comments"></textarea><br><br><input type="submit" value="Submit"></form></body></html>----------------------And for the php processing page (saved as 'mail.php'):<?$name=$_POST['name'];$email=$_POST['email'];$comments=$_POST['comments'];$to="[email protected]";$message="$name just filled in your comments form. They said:\n$comments\n\nTheir e-mail address was: $email";if(mail($to,"Comments From Your Site",$message,"From: $email\n")) {echo "Thanks for your comments.";} else {echo "There was a problem sending the mail. Please check that you filled in the form correctly.";}?>--------------------------------Thanks a lot in advance

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I have just started my own PC/Mac Repair Business.

Is there any way to get a free copy to edit of the fallowing forms or do y'all have any examples that you can send to me to use as an example?

In-Shop PC/Mac Service/Repair Work Order Request Form
Onsite PC/Mac Service/Repair Work Order Request Form
Remote Support Session PC/Mac Service/Repair Work Order Request Form
Data Backup/Recovery Service Request Form/Agreement
Diagnostic and Repair Technician Checklist
Custom Desktop PC Build Service Order Request Form
Labor/Sales Invoice/Receipt Form

Can someone please help me?

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my comumputer is not in the default application

Answer:computer application software isn't in default form to work

Please explain what you mean. Which application are you referring to?

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Hi everyone,

I have Sony Vaio CW26. Yesterday Sound stopped working from Speaker, it's still working from headphones. I tried to restore the system but the farther point I found was done 3 hours ago......

anyway, I found out too that the USB port ( which is next to the audio output) is not working too.

I checked the Device Manager and nothing is wrong, any ideas?


Answer:Sound won't work form Speakers but works in headphones

Hi Ezom and welcome to SF!
That is most likely no driver problem. The way you described it makes me think it's a hardware issue.
Inside the headphone jack is a "micro switch that cuts the connection to the build in speakers as soon as anything is plugged in there. Sometimes those switches get stuck (especially if one uses headphone jacks that are slightly thicker than 3.5mm.
You could try plug/unplug the headphones (or a similar plug) several times to "unstuck" the switch


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I'm a technician and need a diagnostic/repair/ maintenance checklist/work log form for all in one services and repair that I can fill out while working on customers computers so that I can show them the work was done and what all was done.
Can y'all help?

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Tried to download Advanced Browser only to have it not work. Then, many desktop icons wouldn't open---received "windows can't find...." Yahoo Mail has stopped working.....WHAT IS GOING ON?!
Please help!!
Im using wxp pro, IE7 (just downloaded) and am unable to uninstall it, too!


Answer:FF Opera, Google and many desktop icons won't work [moved form ie]

Hi rossglen and welcome to TSF !

Can you remember if anything odd happened with the computer before the problems started ? When did it start ? Do you get other error messages ? If all started with advanced browser please give us a link to that application.

Go to start => run and type chkdsk c: /R. You'll be prompted to restart the computer. Once the scan is over give us the result. If you're still having troubles repeatedly press F8 while starting the computer and select last known good configuration in the menu that will appear.

Do you have the retail XP CD ? If so what service pack is on the CD ? If this is an OEM installation then what's the brand and model of the computer ?

You can't uninstall IE7 after installing SP3.

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Question: cant make it work

i just finished putting it all together and low and behold it didnt work the mobo has power the hardrive is spinning but i get nothing no beep no post. nothing. i couldnt find anything about clearing the cmos in the manual or anything about jumpers (there could be but i didnt see it) if anyone has any ideas it would be really apreciated

asus p5nd2-sli
intel pentium d 805
1 GB pny ram

this is my first build so im sure i missed something stupid

Answer:cant make it work

Start with resetting your bios and see if you can boot up. See page 2-22 of your manual on how to do this with the board's jumpers.

If this doesn't fix you up, confirm the following:

-Do you have the 12v power connection seated? Your motherboard needs two connections, the 24 pin and the 12v connector.
-Did you use riser pins between your motherboard and the case?
-What is your graphics card? Does it require its own power connection? Most newer cards do. If so, did you connect it?
-What speed is your ram? Take it out and re-seat it.
-What make/model is your PSU? How many watts is it rated at and how many amps does it have on the +12v rail? You can find this info on the sticker attached to the PSU side.

Let us know these first. Good luck!

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a freind of mine just got Outdoorsman 3-pak with TurkeyHunt3D, DeerHunt3D, and DeersRevenge, he didnt look well enough at the package to see if it was XP compatable, he saw Windows compatable and bought it. It says it is compatable with 95, 98, and ME. It wont run at all on XP is there anything I can do, or should I tell him to just take his computer back and get one more program freindly.. LoL

Answer:Can I make this work??

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My nokia lumia 900 suddenly stopped working, the screen button works but none of the icons at the bottom or the touch screen works. Im not sure what to do about it because i need my phone as i am going on holiday in 2 days and would like to stay in contact with family

Answer:What do I do to make it work?

You can try to factory reset the phone, but from what you described you probably are facing a hardware problem. Which means you'll need to take the phone to a Care Centre to have it repaired.
Since the warranty on your Nokia L900 has very likely expired already, you'll have to pay for the repair. In which case you might want to consider buying a new phone.

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Okay, a couple days ago my computer's motherboard went kaput. Now I want to take my hard drive that was in the computer that no longer works and put it in my back-up computer.

Here is the scenario:

I have a hard drive already in the back-up PC; However, I do not want to use it as my main drive. I want to do whatever it takes to make my hard drive work in the back-up, but I'm not completely sure about the best process to make this happen. Any suggestions?

It would be nice if I could just swap, but sadly, that is just not going to happen. They both have XP Professional... is this a driver issue that is keeping me from just swapping?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:How do I make this work?

You got about a 98% chance that it will fail, 2% that it will work. I have had it work in the past with XP but not tried it with any other OS yet. When I did get it to work, I had to reinstall most drivers and even then it was still flaky. If you can, try it, then back up the files you need and wipe it out. You may even get Windows Activation errors depending on the version of XP you are running.

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Hi Friends, I need help to make these animated Avatars work, I have tried other animated Avatars and they work without any problem. TIA.

Answer:How can I make this work

I think because it's a little bit more than 100 pixels wide the forum has to shrink it, this shrink only takes into account the first image and not all the images in the GIF file thus showing only the first.

I'll have a play round with it for yo and see if I can make it work.


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I am starting a FAQ up on this, since we get asked it all the time. Eventually this will end up somewhere on the site so we can just point people to it when they ask us about CD trouble.

I would like to hear feedback from anyone interested in taking the time to look through this.

Typos? Things I forgot? Things that are too hard to understand? Just reply to this post.


The following list of possible problems and fixes for CDROM errors is not intended to cover every possibility. It will, however, cover the majority of the problems that we see on a regular basis. Please try all of the solutions that fit your problem, and if they don't work, let us know that you have tried them, and what the results were.

1) Physical problems - the drawer won't open, the disc doesn't spin. There are really only 3 things that can make this happen. Bad drive, bad controller, loose cable. So, check all the cables - if they are in tight, it is time for a new drive. Bad controllers are pretty rare.

2) Software problems - the drive used to work, but now doesn't show up in My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Check in Device Manager (Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager) for any ! showing next to the HDD controller.

a) If you find one, check for a virus.

b) If there is no virus, check your registry for the NOIDE key:

Go to Start, Run and type in REGEDIT. Then locate the NOIDE entry down the following folder branch:

Answer:How to make your CD work again

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i have done little work with html. but i am starting. i am making a site for pc repair and i need alittle help with a forum thingy. to see what i have started. i want people to be able to fill out that forum according to what they have and i want them to be able to submit it and it sends it to me. I also want it to take them to a thank you blah blah blah page after they finish. who can help me?

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What type of video card or whatever would anyone recommend for this setting. I have a guy that wants to hook up his computer to his standard monitor but also at times wants it to be able to be able to watch it on his big tv. The tv has a vga in plus hdmi, and component. He also has a smaller tv that is already wired with hdmi to come from the computer.
So in a nut shell he wants the regular monitor which will be DVI, the small tv that has hdmi and the large tv I am not sure what to run, whether it be vga, hdmi, or component. I like the idea of another hdmi because it runs audio too where vga only runs video and would need another audio cable. Component would be the same issue. I would also like to use cat 5e to run any of this. Is that possible?
So, if this makes sense to anyone, what equipment would I need to make this possible? What do I need for a video card or cards? What would I need to make the cat 5 work? Thanks.

Answer:What do I need to make this work?

Would this 6870 be a good card for what I need?

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What type of video card or whatever would anyone recommend for this setting. I have a guy that wants to hook up his computer to his standard monitor but also at times wants it to be able to be able to watch it on his big tv. The tv has a vga in plus hdmi, and component. He also has a smaller tv that is already wired with hdmi to come from the computer.
So in a nut shell he wants the regular monitor which will be DVI, the small tv that has hdmi and the large tv I am not sure what to run, whether it be vga, hdmi, or component. I like the idea of another hdmi because it runs audio too where vga only runs video and would need another audio cable. Component would be the same issue. I would also like to use cat 5e to run any of this. Is that possible?
So, if this makes sense to anyone, what equipment would I need to make this possible? What do I need for a video card or cards? What would I need to make the cat 5 work? Thanks.

Answer:What do I need to make this work?

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I'm trying to create my own OEM logo ... I followed ALL the Support Information - Vista Forums tutorial but nothing I do works... It should look like my avatar but... Below is the result I always get ... Thanks in advance!

Answer:I cannot make it work...

Is it something that may help you ?
System Logo : How to Change

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I've got .ogm and .mkv files, allegedly videos. What program will play them?

Answer:htf can i make this work?


Originally posted by f15h
I've got .ogm and .mkv files, allegedly videos. What program will play them?

Irfanview will work/should work here it's in this link

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I was trying to set up a LAN , and it says Limited or No connectivity. I have read through some forums but they seem to be talking about there dsl connections. We both have SP2 and Im not to familiar with networking, though we have set it up with the home networking wizard in the past. Please help if you can this is a real bummer. If there is any more info that I should have post tell me.

Answer:Cant make LAN work.

Log to this page it has a lot of links to instructions to Windows Network Settings, and Sharing.

Link to: Windows Network - Installing & Sharing.


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i was just wondering,

when you have run anti-virus packages, anti-spyware packages,deleted temp files
done what you think is possible...and xp still boots slowly and runs slowly with a lot
of drive activity...what can you do?

i mean is it really safe to say that sometimes XP has to be reinstalled or is that the easy way
out...i mean can windows always be fixed without having to reinstall?

and what other techniques can i try?

Answer:what more you can do to make xp work...

i mean can windows always be fixed without having to reinstall?Click to expand...

i'd say, the answer to thisr question is 'yes' in 99.9% of all cases. however, another question remains: is it worth the effort and time?

reinstallation hardly takes an hour for experienced hands, a drive image (if you have one) is restored in 5 minutes, give and take. now you compare this to the tedious process of clearing out malware, fixing registry entries, restoring system files and missing DDLs, etc.

i mean is it really safe to say that sometimes XP has to be reinstalledClick to expand...

Click to expand...

no, it is not safe to say so. it all depends on how the computer has been (ab)used and looked after.

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I know that when installing Win XP, it identifiesitself to that particular mobo. I recently incorrectly updated my BIOS, and after many attempts at fixing it and many failures needed a new PC. More to the point, how do I get my old hard drive to work on my new PC\motherboard without having to format it and reinstall windows?

Answer:how to make XP work on another PC but same HDD

Carry out a repair click here:

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Modem -> Wifi Router 10/100mbps -> 2 wired PC, 3 wifi laptops

PC1: Asus Commando (2 nic)
PC2: Asus Rampage 2 Extreme (2 nic)

PC1 is my downloading machine, sometimes i download x264, movie packs (at least 40-60gb). When i copy from PC1 to PC2 my speed is from 10-11.5mbps. Both PC have gigabit nics (so i bought a CAT6 patch cord) directly connected both PC and my transfer rate jumped to 32mbps-33mbps.

PC1 (nic1) connected to router
(nic2) with CAT6 connected to nic2 of PC2

PC2 (nic1) connected to router
(nic2) with CAT6 connected to nic2 of PC1

If i enable nic2 (CAT6) i loose my internet connection, is there a way for me to connect both CAT5 (to browse the internet) and CAT6 for filetransfers?

Answer:How can I make this work?

Can setup a few different ways....but one way...
Unbind File and Print Sharing services from the NICs connected to your router (uncheck box in adapter properties)
On the NICs directly connected to each other....make that IP range different than the IP range of your router, so say your routers range is, make these NICs IP addresses something like and, 24 bit subnet on both, and leave the gateway blank. Don't even need DNS entries if you enable netbios over IP for each.

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hello. i am new here and I just need your help.I bought a nice case south-pak(dot)com and transferred everything I need to transfer. The first day of using it was great. The next day, I wasn't able to use my desktop since I was out.  I turned it on yesterday, but it won't start. I don't know what happened. Got so many important files there. It worked fine the first time I used it. Can someone tell me what happened or any idea about it?

Answer:i can't make it work.please help

It is unclear whether you got a whole new computer and transfered the files or if you just got a new case. If you just got a new case, check to make sure that the motherboard has standoffs so it is not pressed up against the metal of the case. When you turn it on, do any fans start spinning? Does the screen come on?If you got a whole new desktop computer did you reformat and reinstall windows or just put the drive from the old one?

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I sent to look at my Sent Items tonight and to my surprise I saw another email apparently sent yesterday that I definitely didn't send.

I was astonished to find this as I have just upgraded to Vista in the last 2 days and have sent minimal emails.

The subject is "Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer." & is sent to a Hotmail account. The attachment is a POSTDATA.ATT. When I look at this file in txt format it has info such as one of my email addresses, my website & description - as if I had filled out a web form & pressed Submit.

Now, thinking about it, shouldn't IE let you know that it is about to send data?

One strange thing is that the email is dated yesterday evening in the Sent list, but when I open the email to view it, it will always have the current date & time - seemingly from the Windows clock.

I am thinking that either

1) this is due to a bug in the new IE & yesterday I visited a website which submitted data via email without my knowledge or

2) this email is an old email that I Imported from backed up email (PST format) from a form I ACTUALLY sent that Internet Mail has redated - maybe something went

Sorry for the long post but I'm just wary, hope it makes sense! I was liking Windows Vista so far!

Answer:Sent Items: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer. - I didnt submit any form!

I have moved this to vista forum as I believe it is more likely to be a vista live mail issue

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Hi All,

Noob first-time poster I'm afraid!

I'm new to Access 2007 (but have used 2003 & 2000 reasonably extensively).

I'm building an App and have created all the necessary tables, as well as creating the relationships in the Database Tools area (which I know are correct - I'm a SQL Server DBA in my day job)!

Anyway, it's an almost text book example of an employers and employees database; one employer having many employees (employerID is the foreign key on the employee table).

I have created an employer form (using the wizard) which is fine, but then when I add a button to open the employee form (selecting 'Open the form and find specific records', matching employerID on the Employer table with EmployerID on the Employee table) it doesnt work. Instead, I get a popup box asking me for the EmployerID! Even if I manually enter the correct employerID when the popup box appears it actually displays all records, so I'm sure that the problem is more fundamental (and therefore, probably my fault)!

I'm hoping that I've just overlooked something REALLY stupid, but would apprecaite any suggestions!


Answer:Access 2007 Form Button Wizard - Form does not open with the correct records

I have seen this kind of problem with Access 2007 VBA code which does not work when it dod in 2000-2003.
It can be a Syntax problem which you may be able to get around, if not you can get around the problem bby using a Criteria in the Query that supplies the Employee Form.
Although I would have thought it would be better design wise to have the Employees as a Subform or Tabbed Subform on your Employer Mainform.
I do not have Access 2007, only 2003 so I can't help with the VBA, but you could post the code anyway.

Did you use a Wizard to create the Employee Form, if so check the Record Source SQL it may be preventing your EmployerID from working.

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Hi all

I have a simple Access (2003) db which has a single form view with a subform. The main form is a record based upon a physical case file the subform only details actions past and future, a sort of event log.

I also have a continuous form which displays all upcoming actions sorted by date on all cases for a particular user so they can see just how busy they are likely to be for a particular period. What I would like to do is have an on click() property for the detail of the continuous form so that it opens the main form filtered by the record in the continuous form that was clicked. User can then update or add new events for that case before closing form and returning to the continuous form

Hope this makes sense

Answer:MS access open single form filtered by selected record in continuous form

coasterman, welcome to the Forum.
It makes perfect sense.
If you add a Command Button to the Continuous Form and after selecting the mainform select the "Open the Form and find specific data to display". This will give you the code that you need to add to your On Click or On Double Click property or of course leave the button and use that.

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Hi all. I do have another post going but do not want to cram so many questions in one post. (Hope that this is an acceptable practice )Anyway, my Sony desktop crashed the other day. I had a new Hard Drive installed and recovery disks were used. PC is good to go. Trying to tweek it back to the way I am used to having it.QUESTION:I had a form filler program called ROBOFORM on this PC before it crashed. I had MANY years of passwords and stuff saved there.When I brought this PC to the Geek Squad at Best Buy the other day to see if the PC could be repaired, I was told the hard drive went. They were, however, able to make a disk with my ROBOFORM passwords. I can not get the disc to open the list of passwords. It asks me where I want to open the and give me a list of choices. (Paint, notepad, adobe etc.) None of them will run/open the files so I can see them.This was a program that I paid for. How can I make the disc start to fill my forms again when I am at certain sites? (Gee, hope I am making sense)I just realized I never downloaded the ROBOFORM program onto this pc.  Does that have anything to do with the disc not opening??If I go and download ROBOFORM, how does it know who I am. How will it know about the disc full of passwords? How do they recognize each other?HELP PLEASE..........My Passwords are VERY important to me.Thanks!!

Answer:ROBO FORM / Form Filler - Help Needed Opening/Running a Disc

Yes. I know the website but what do I do? Will they know my info or do I need to pay again. I am lost.(Sorry)Dee

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my sound wont work at all and i dont know how to do it

Answer:make my sound work xp

Resources for Troubleshooting Sound Problems in Windows XP XP KB Articles About Working With Sound to Fix Problem with Volume Control: There are no active mixer devices available error in Windows XP

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Always been a small business network guy...when adding printers to workstations it's easy to browse to the print share from the server, right click and connect..and BAM they're all set.

Taking care of a growing network where I'd like to automate deploying printers. They're still currently on Small Business Server 2003 R2. I went to try the 2K3 R2 Print Management Console method..but that feature of R2 to deploy it via GP seems to be crippled in SBS. There are member servers in this domain which are R2, but I'm finding an issue trying to connect it to a GPO. Maybe more research as I'm not a whiz on GPOs yet.

So I figured to get this one printer rushed out...I'd try the old PrintUI.DLL in the login script.
Seemed simple enough,

The printer is actually a Canon iR2880 Fax which I need to deploy. Treated just like a printer, and it's installed just like a printer when doing the right click connect from the server share. So I thought PrintUI.DLL would be able to do it.

The server sharing it as \\host-17
(not my naming convention..existing server)
The print share is say, iR2880Fax
So \\host-17\iR28880Fax

So I add the following to the login script in my first attempt, reading from Microsofts document "PrintUI.DLL Userís Guide and Reference"

rundll32 printui.dll PrintUIEntry /in /n\\machine\printer
Which I edit to show as
rundll32 printui.dll PrintUIEntry /in /n\\Host-17\iR2880Fax

No love, I Google ... Read more

Answer:PrintUI.DLL OK why can't I make it work?b

RunDll32.EXE printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /in /n \\wha-server\Dell_3115cn_Legal

Thats what I use on my clients.

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I just noticed that I can't make my browsers: Internet Explorer / Chrome to work with AMD Switchable graphics.
(And some others softwares such as WMP)
I have a laptop with both AMD gpu and the on-board intel, but I can't make the browser work on the AMD one, which I need it because I want to play some game on the browser and it is more demanding.

On the AMD Catalyst Control Center, at the Switchable Graphics Application Settings there is a lock symbol near the programs I am talking about when trying to set them on "High performance" (meaning it should work on the AMD dedicated gpu)

Is there a way to remove that lock? Or make it work somehow?


Answer:How to make browsers work with AMD GPU?


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I have windows 7 64-bit, but my hardware requires 32-bit. Since I can't install x86, can I make my x64 act like its x86? Is it possible? 

Answer:Make Windows 7 X64 work like x86??

yes. just install the 32-bit version.oops, didn't understand.why do you need x86?

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Maybe someone with Games experience can help.

Got Sierra Home Architect 4.0 and trying to run it on Windows 7. I've deleted the msvcrt.dll files and it starts. I have access to the custom library and such, but if I try to start with a blank design it crashes. I've tried the option to run it in previous versions of Windows, but still have that problem. Found one fix that wanted me to do something with files that don't exist on the disc.

Any ideas?

Answer:Trying to make old software work...

Please do not start more than one thread for the same issue.

Closing duplicate.

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Hi there ,

I tried a few things from the web to make this work ,

But the Windows 10 photos app keeps failing to work ,

"This App can't open"

Tried Shellpower remove it and tried that licence . bat fix , didn't work for me .

I need this to work so bad , dont' wanna go back to Window 8.1 because of this



Answer:Please tell me how to make the Photos App work

If you can't get it to work, maybe this one can help out. A really nice photo program.

Request Rejected

PS - No idea how it got to that funny shortcut, but it works.

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I use AOL (have IE also, use less) & Incredimail.
I just up-graded to new version of AOL.
Now when I click on a "link" in an e-mail (in Incrdimail) . . NOTHING HAPPENS! it doesn't take me anywhere or re-direct?
I never had this problem before, I'm assuming a setting just got out of whack, but I don't know how to fix.
Please Help!
thanks & grins!

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Hello guys.. I was hoping some of you could give me a hand here.A little background, my main computer a DELL 320 was taken away for some time, as it is needed in a families office, and it seems it will be for a very long time.So basically they left me without a computer, except this one I'm using right now, an old Compaq 5106CL.. now, I do remember this machine being of great performance back in it's day. But right now I'm limited as to what I can do with it. These are a couple of issues I'm having with it:-Youtube videos lag incredibly, audio is okay, but as far as frames.. it's very pathetic.-When trying to watch movies in WMP or VLAN, the computer will do a system block, and freeze completely.-Computer slows down when using Messenger, and any other browser at the same time. -Internet browsing is extremely slow in websites that have either Java, or flash player, sometimes causing a system freeze.I'm running Windows XP Professional with 376mb of ram, it's been the same for 4 years. Is there anything I can do to try speeding up this computer..? I really need your help guys, I don't have much money, so I doubt I can make big upgrades to it, but anything you can recommend to help it cope with what I need it to do would be great.Thank you very much for your time guys.

Answer:Trying to make an old 5106CL work better.


Originally Posted by Nineoniner

Hello guys.. I was hoping some of you could give me a hand here.A little background, my main computer a DELL 320 was taken away for some time, as it is needed in a families office, and it seems it will be for a very long time.So basically they left me without a computer, except this one I'm using right now, an old Compaq 5106CL.. now, I do remember this machine being of great performance back in it's day. But right now I'm limited as to what I can do with it. These are a couple of issues I'm having with it:-Youtube videos lag incredibly, audio is okay, but as far as frames.. it's very pathetic.-When trying to watch movies in WMP or VLAN, the computer will do a system block, and freeze completely.-Computer slows down when using Messenger, and any other browser at the same time. -Internet browsing is extremely slow in websites that have either Java, or flash player, sometimes causing a system freeze.I'm running Windows XP Professional with 376mb of ram, it's been the same for 4 years. Is there anything I can do to try speeding up this computer..? I really need your help guys, I don't have much money, so I doubt I can make big upgrades to it, but anything you can recommend to help it cope with what I need it to do would be great.Thank you very much for your time guys.

Hmm sounds like your old pc doesn't play nice with you.. welcome to
To start off that case you have it i... Read more

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Nothing works! I have some kind of virus which redirects me to these other search sites- like asklots-

Everything I try to do just stops. Any spyware/malware seeking program either won't open or just closes as quickly as it opens. I've tried malwarebytes, spybot, avira. Avira will run but it doesn't bring up any suspicious files/ viruses, etc.

If a program opens once, it shuts down right away and won't reopen no matter what I do.

I can't even get hijack this to stay open- as soon as it begins to scan/ make a log for me, it closes and can't be reopened. I tried to remove the program but add/remove said it wasn't even installed- even though it was right there on my desktop along with a second shorcut icon to start it. I know I probably made it worse but I went into my program files folder and deleted it from there, then installed it again, and the same thing happened again.

I keep getting stopped and a window pops up saying "windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." This window comes up whenever I try to use any spyware search/removal program.

The icon for malwarebytes on my desltop only shows the generic white exe window icon- it won't show the proper malware icon- what does that mean?

I am ready to throw this damn computer in the trash, after smashing it!

I's like this virus knows I'm trying to find it and remove it and it 's... Read more

Answer:I can't make any program work!

See if this tutorial is of any help then post back:

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Hi All:
I have a Dos Commutations program that I use to talk to Devices on com 1 or 2. It was written in the early 90s. It works from DOS 3.0 to Win95. It will not work on win2K after service pack 4 security rollup. The company that created this program NO Longer supports it.. My Question is there a way to make this program work in Win2K and beyond. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Make DOS work in NT and Win2K

Not sure! You could try running it with DosBox.

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I can't access my CD-RW drive or my DVD drive, the icons are not available in the My Computer menu. I went into the Device Manager screen and it said my CD-RW drive has a code 41 error (Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)) and the DVD drive has a code 19 error (Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)). The troubleshooter didn't work with either drive. I have run a full virus scan and have none and I have not installed any new hardware or software lately. Please can you help?

Answer:How can I make my drives work

Sounds to me like the ribbon cable is not transferring the data to the moherboard. Are both your drives on the same IDE channel?....if so try replacing the ribbon cable....Hope that helps....

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My sound stopped working a couple of days ago. I though was a configuration problem but I've just done all the updates requested and it's stil not working. I've bought it in August 2016 so it's a fairly new computer.I've tried seeing the setting just to make sure nothing is turned off but all seems fine and I don't know what else to do.Any help?

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I've been trying to make a PE image and it is working fine. I can add programs (Macrium, PaleMoon, Explorer++) and it works fine in VM (through virtual Ethernet). It also works booting it from USB.

What I can't do is make WiFi work when booting from USB. I need this as I don't have Ethernet at all on my laptop.

I've tried adding the various drivers but can't get it to work.

Can anyone help - or see what I have done wrong or left out?

This is what I have done so far for WiFi:
# Add any device drivers (.inf files) - this folder contains BroadcomWirelessWin8x64

Dism /Add-Driver /Image:"$WorkDir\mount" /Driver:"$HomeDir\Drivers\" /recurse

# For Wifi -

Dism /Add-Driver /Image:"$WorkDir\mount" /Driver:"$env:SystemRoot\Inf\netnwifi.inf"
Dism /Add-Driver /Image:"$WorkDir\mount" /Driver:"$env:SystemRoot\Inf\netvwififlt.inf"
copy "$env:SystemRoot\Inf\netvwifibus.inf" "$WorkDir\mount\Windows\Inf\netvwifibus.inf"
copy "$env:SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\vwifibus.sys" "$WorkDir\mount\Windows\System32\Drivers\vwifibus.sys"
copy "$env:SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\vwifibus.sys" "$WorkDir\mount\Windows\Inf\vwifibus.sys"

# Wifi adapter
Dism /Add-Driver /Image:"$WorkDir\mount" /Driver:"$HomeDir\Drivers\BroadcomWirelessWin8x64\bcmwl63.inf"

And ... Read more

Answer:How do I make Wifi work in PE?


I am also trying to enable wifi in winpe 10. I was able to enable on winpe3.1, winpe5.0 and winpe5.1. I followed the same steps as of previous winpe versions, but couldn't able to enable wifi in winpe 10. It seems, nativewifip service is not running. further investigation shows that, required registry entries are not there in registry for nativewifip. Generally these will be updated when we install netnwifi.inf file. "netcfg -l netnwifi.inf -c s -I MS_NativeWifiP" is returning success but registry entries are not updated for nativewifip service. when I cross checked the netnwifi.inf in windows 10 against windows8, there are differences. in netnwifi.inf of windows10, no entries related to nativewifip available. Is there any change from windows8 to wndows10. If any one tried enabling wifi in winpe10, can you please give the pointers.

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Hello, I'm using touch enabled hp laptop with hp pen. Yesterday, I downloaded(purchased) Tablet pro app from app store to use tablet function more well. And I tried using it with ZBRUSH (3D sculpting program), but it was not working well. Because I couldn't use alt or ctrl key with tablet pro when I use the pen on the screen.I realized when I use the pen on the screen, touch turns off. It seems that they are not working together. So I tested with touch test app. It recognized two fingers but not with pen !! (embarrasing...) . Some devices with pen has any option like pen only mode or pen and touch together (samsung galaxy note phone...), so I'd like to know if it has that kind option or any other ways do you have? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Where to start well I guess I can say I know just enough to get myself in trouble. A friend talked me into upgrading my tv card because I would have trouble it from time to time so I got the ati card. needless to say I cant get it to work right. I believe it is conflicting with something else possible the graphic card I am really not sure. when it does fire up the sound can be choppy and the picture and sound locks up. other times when it does fire up it works fairly well, but then other times when trying to fire it up it says tv function not aviable. so I really dont know what to do. I was on the phone with an ati tech and he did everything he knew to do, then told me to try it in another machine. ?? what good will that do me? if anyone has any ideas please let me know. my only recourse is to send it back and try and get my money back.
just a little info the motherboard has a onboard graphic card but my friend supposedly disabled it. I dont know if it is a ram issue or the two graphic cards working against each other.

any ideas will greatly appreciate.

p.s. homemade machine - running windows xp pro, pc chips motherboard,amd 1800+ proscessor, 1 gig of ram.
asus v9400 graphics card(v9400-x/td/128/a), ati tv wonder 550 tv card. lite on dvd burner and cd burner. Hanns-g hw191d lcd monitor.
motherboard has onboard graphic but needed more umph! so added the v9400. supposedly disabled onboard card. dont really know enough to know if that is conflicting with other things.

Answer:ATI TV Wonder550(wonder how to make it work!)

The tech wants you to try it in another machine to determine if the card is at fault or the computer. Swapping it out would be a good idea so you know it is a good card.

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I have a dsl connection and I have a MS ISA server with 2 NICs running W2K server.
NIC 1 is on the public Internet (DSL)
NIC 2 is on my private 192.168.0.x network on a small switch.

Before I installed ISA, WINMX worked fine for all WS on the 192 NW.

After I installed ISA, I added protocol rules as follows:

TCP 6699 incoming
UDP 6257 send receive

but WINMX does not work any more. I am just getting the blinking yellow icon that says "finding network connections"

I am using the default settings for WINMX.

Anyone have any Ideas?

Thanks for your help.


Answer:can't make winmx work with MS ISA

Hiya and welcome

Not that 'up' on ISA, but have you tried these tweaks:

Also, have you got the latest Service Pack for ISA?

Also, are you using a router, and/or firewall? If so, what are they?



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So I had driver that used to work properly,next day it just stopped working and now It does not work for more than month.
I tried to reinstall,start as admin,check if it is blocked in anti-virus
nothing worked and restoring would delete too much of my stuff.

Answer:How do I make something that worked before to work again?

Hi I ve experienced very weird issue with external sound card drivers that I can not solve in w10.
It used to be in hidden icons after start-up but now It is gone. I also can not activate It directly. I tried to reinstall it 4-5 times did not help. Fun and weird part:External sound card still works.[meaning i get sound from speakers] What I can not access is the UI where you can set channels/microphones etc. I had to reinstall real-tek so I can use microphone It is not core of the issue in any way because this problem was there before old drivers installation.
I'm running out of ideas and re-installing my windows is not option .
in picture

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How do you make a 98 program work with XP?

Answer:Make 98 programs work on XP

rt click on the exe for the file/properties/compatibility. select 98/98se and if it works it works, some won't.

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