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Set email reminder based on conditions on Excel

Question: Set email reminder based on conditions on Excel

I have a list of jobs (jobs schedule) to do... and they are required to be done in a by certain different dates regularly.

I have a specific jobs date for each task held in a colu. Is there anyway i can make it to automatically send an email to remind me or another person a day before it's due??

Another question - I have a basic dashboard when a job is overdue I want the cell to flash RED


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Preferred Solution: Set email reminder based on conditions on Excel

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Set email reminder based on conditions on Excel

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I have multiple Excelsheets where in I use it for day today activites & tracking.
I have attached one of the simple one so that I can know the codes for sending mails & I can do it my self for the rest of the workbooks.

There is a sheet(dash board) where in all the details get updated.
When there are any changes to the value in column F, a mail should automatically sent to me giving the detials of the row. The file will be always live in the server.

I am very poor in coding & I need someone to help me in doing this.

Thanks in advance.
Ganesh Hassan

Answer:Solved: Automatically send email from Excel based on the conditions

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hi there,

I have a list of memberships that need to be renewed at different dates (eg. every two or three years depending on type of membership)

Is there anyway i can make it to automatically send an email to remind me or another person the day it's due to renew?

The list is on excel with expiration date in one of the columns

Answer:Set email reminder based on excel

Hi, take a look at some of the posts, there are quiet a few that do just that, they may need a little editting for your purpose but...
Here's a simple module that does just that, all you need to do is wriet a amcro that fills in the blanks


Function MailData(mSubject As String, mMessage As String, Sendto As String, Optional CCto As String)
Dim eSubject As String, Sendto As String, CCto As String, EBody As String
Dim app As Object, Itm As Variant
Set app = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set Itm = app.CreateItem(0)

With Itm
.Subject = mSubject
.To = Sendto
If Not IsMissing(CCto) Then .CC = CCto
.Body = mMessage
' .Attachments.Add (NewFileName1) ' Must be complete path
.Display ' This property is used when you want
' .send
End With
Set app = Nothing
Set Itm = Nothing
End Function

P.S. You forgot to mention the Excel versio you're using

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Hi All,

My name is Diego.

Can anyone send me code to automatically send me an email when the date listed in "column J" is the same date as today. Also, it needs to email only once and even if I am not running excel or at my computer. I want to use Microsoft Outlook and use the ClickYes program as well if this helps that was talked about by Zack Barresse in
Essentially I have to be reminded of a reapplication for specific state licensures on healthcare courses I provide. I don't want to forget which courses I have to reapply for so I need to have a program that will look at a date which I have in column J and then email me to remind me of this.

BTW - I am using Outlook 2007 and Excel 2007 on Vista.

Thanks. I appreciate your help! Also, extra points and praise for the person who solves this problem!

Answer:Automatic Email Reminder from Excel based on Date in Cell

Please do not post duplicate threads.
One thread per issue.
Continue replies for this issue in this thread:
Thank you.

Closing thread.

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Help me with this.I want to total all score that has Cell A=STUD but Cell B=A, and also A=MAN but B=C. can you give me the formula for this I really appreciate your help guys. A B C STUD A 2MAN C 3STUD A 5STUD A 10

Answer:Excel Formulas to Sum Based On Conditions

To get Total of STUD A=SUMIF(A1:A100,"=STUD",C1:C100)To get Total of MAN C=SUMIF(A1:A100,"=MAN",C1:C100)Change A1:A100 and C1:C100 as per your data.

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HiI have in column B three different types of data marked as S M and PD, and some other taht i don't need to calculate. in the next column (C) I have the numbers (35, 23 etc) Is it possible to create the formula that adds up the total form C column if anything in a B column equals S, then total from C column if anything in B column = M and last total from C if B column = PD?

Answer:excel formula for Sum based on conditions

The =SUMIF function is what your looking for:B C
s 35
m 23
pd 12
s 35
m 23
pd 12
In Cell C7 but the formula: =SUMIF(B1:B6,"s",C1:C6)and you will get the sum of all the S letters,In Cell C8 put the formula: =SUMIF(B1:B6,"m",C1:C6)and you will get the sum of all the M letters.You should be able to figure out the rest.MIKE

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Hello There,

I'm trying to do the following. I've got an Excel File (With one sheet). In this file some transport costs are specified.
The first two rows of this cost sheet are the weight and size

I want to hide one of these first two lines so it does not get calculated in formulas in the rows below. How should this be hidden;

If the weight is bigger than the size, the weight should be calculated in the total amount below
but, If the size is bigger than the weight, the size should be calculated in the total amount below

So the highest amount of the first two lines should be used to calculate the total amount below, Also I would like to hide the row with the lowest amount, so people understand the calculation of the total amount

I tried conditional formatting with no success. What is the easiest way to get this done? By Macro or VBA project?

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Solved: Excel row hiding based on conditions

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I have some excel knowledge but am not too proficient in VBA. I am looking to generate emails based on the any of the conditions I have specified below for column G "Current Approved to Date"

1. =AND(($G9<Today()),($I9=""))
2. =AND(((J9-G9>3)),($I9="Applied for Ext."))
3. =AND((J9>G9),($I9="Active"))

If any of these conditions are met I would like an email to be generated.

Answer:Excel Generate emails based on conditions of cell.

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I've tried goggling this a bit and can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for.

I'm trying to setup a sheet that can run calculations based upon what someone else enters (ex: if they select 'option1', preferably from a drop down list, then two values will be set to the corresponding values, ex: '5' and '6' or whatever they may be). This would preferably actually be within a formula, so say if they have selected an option, it will perform the calculation with the appropriate data, without having to display it on the current sheet.

I was also trying to keep all the data on another sheet so the one I was actually using looked a bit more organized. I've never had to do anything like this in excel before and was looking for some help or a push in the right direction.

Answer:Excel 2010 - Accessing data based on conditions from other sheets

I have found the 'CHOOSE' function very useful.
Very difficult to explain, but here is Microsoft Office attempt... CHOOSE function - Excel - Microsoft Office

My scenario was to have a cell in which you would select Quarter 1, 2, 3 or 4. The values in the Profit & Loss Account would change accordingly. Here are examples of my scenario (the cells highlighted in the spreadsheet on the right refer to another sheet - CY Actual - in the workbook).

I hope this helps.

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i have used the following to get automatic alerts setup when a due date is near:

but instead of this looking at the due date column, i would like it to look at a conditonal formatted column, which shows status as either "due" and "expired" depending on due date. i would like it send out to all those with "due tag and not "expired"

I have name in column A, details in column B, emails address in column C, status in column i, and reminder in column k
Somethng else i would like to do later on, if at all possible,is to get a particluar email from outlook be transfered to excel and and then emailed to specific people based on a status column. So if an email is recieved to say a project is extended or cancelled,, it contents is copied to excel and emailed back out to certain people.
Thank you for your support.

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Hello all,

I'm receiving mail alert based on date only, it is not considering the month into the account.. Kindly suggest..

Attached the excel file with macro...

Answer:Automatic Outlook mail due date reminder based on Excel file

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here. I need your help in developing a mechanism to send an automated outlook mail, when the due date of a project is 7 days away from the current date. The script should preferably run automatically every time the PC is running. without the excel file necessarily open.

In the attached excel file, An email should go of to -email address (Col. D), with subject "Project (Col. B) is due on Due date(Col. C)", and body "Dear Name(Col. A), please update your project status".

Also, the script should put a check mark on Reminder sent column (Col. E) after the mail is sent, the script should also check if the value of the cell is blank before sending email.

I have scoured the forum for similar problems, and although I found a number of of threads,I am not proficient enough in VBA to modify them to my needs.

I'd really appreciate any help,


Answer:Automatic Outlook mail due date reminder based on Excel file

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here. I need your help in developing a mechanism to send an automated outlook mail, when the due date of a payment is 10 days away from the current date. The script should preferably run automatically every time the PC is running. without the excel file necessarily open.

In the attached excel file, An email should go of to -email address (Col. Q), with subject "Vendor Payment (Col. C) is due on Due date(Col. M)", and body "Dear Name(Col. P), please update the payment status".

Also, the script should put a check mark on Reminder sent column (Col. Q) after the mail is sent, the script should also check if the value of the cell is blank before sending email.

I have scored the forum for similar problems, and although I found a number of threads, I am not proficient enough in VBA to modify them to my needs.

I'd really appreciate any help,

Answer:Automatic Outlook mail due date reminder based on Excel file

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I am looking to write code that will send an out an email automatically if 2 conditions are met in excel. The first condition being, is this a repeat design "Y or N" and the second is the number of days shown in another column. The criteria is, if "Y & over 42 days then send email" or if "N and over 14 days then send email" otherwise do nothing.I have my repeat design in Col G & Number of days in Col K. I have been trying to adapt the code below that I found online earlier on. Unfortunately, it uses a limit instead of the IF function I would like. It is currently set to send out an email as soon as any number in Col K goes over a 200 day limit, that's the bit I would like to change.Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() Dim FormulaRange As Range Dim NotSentMsg As String Dim MyMsg As String Dim SentMsg As String Dim MyLimit As Double NotSentMsg = "Not Sent" SentMsg = "Sent" 'Above the MyLimit value it will run the macro MyLimit = 200 'Set the range with Formulas that you want to check Set FormulaRange = Me.Range("K8:K100") On Error GoTo EndMacro: For Each FormulaCell In FormulaRange.Cells With FormulaCell If IsNumeric(.Value) = False Then MyMsg = "Not numeric" Else If .Value > MyLimit Then MyMsg = SentMsg If .Offset(0, 1).Value = NotSentMsg Then Call Mail_with_outlook2 End If Else ... Read more

Answer:How to send an email from excel if certain conditions are me

Thank you for reposting the code with the pre tags. That really helps.As far as your example data, your column letters don't appear to line up correctly, but based on your earlier posts, I'll assume that Column K contains the 443, 18, etc.Another posting tip:Since we can't see your workbook from where we're sitting, telling us that the VBA code is "coming up with an error" doesn't give us a lot to work with. VBA can present all sorts of errors, including syntax errors, compile errors, run time errors, application errors and even the dreaded Fatal Error. (Ouch!)It would help us help you if you told us what the error says and, if possible, which instruction caused the error.Allow me to offer you this before I address your question:If you are going to be using VBA, either writing your own code or just trying to figure out how code that you find on the web works, it helps to have some debugging techniques in your toolbox. I suggest that you practice the techniques found in the following tutorial. Not only can these techniques help you find errors in your own code, but they can be used to reverse engineer code that you find elsewhere. I am essentially self taught in VBA and much of what I have learned came from my application of these debugging techniques on working code, which helps me understand how and why the code does what it does., as for your current problem, let's take a look at what you said:"I cut and replaced "My Limit = 200" in m... Read more

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I have read reviews on forum on same . But still could not find a soultion probably becoz i am not savy with excel . We are basically in to procurement of material . Currently the problem we are facing is that we are not able to track ,whethe the credit period of the supplier has finished and we have paid him or not ? From best of my excel knowledge i was able to establish a formula for same and was sucessful too .i was getting information on Gap b/w payment date and todays date .Moreover I got visual indicator for same , by conditional formatting . Now my boss wants me to make a provision in the excel sheet that once teh payment date has expired , he should keep on getting reminder for same as outlook message with suppliers name and order detail . I have tried alot for same on base of information given on the forum and infact downloaded and installed Click yes active. ver1.2 too Since i dont know VB so i am not able to solve thsi problem. Can any one help me on ths issue as it is important for my promotion .The file is ready for me and can be uploaded on request .

Answer:Automatic Email Alerts for conditions in excel cell

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I have searched and read the topics on this, however I am apparently below beginner and need someone to walk me through the entire process. I need an email sent to myself and 2 other co-workers one day before an item listed in my spreadsheet expires. I have the expiration dates are listed in column F. I have not entered any email addresses yet.I would like, as I have read in previous threads, for the system to open and check itself daily. Any help is greatly appreciated, and I will need a very basic, step by step hand holding description.

Answer:Excel Email Reminder

Hi, welcome to the board.

I suggest the following link, there enough information and samples there too.

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I have a real simple need. Well, it's probably simple for some. I have a sheet built to track employee hire dates and eval dates. I would like to assign excel to open everyday at a time and then evaluate the cells with the eval and raise dates to see if an email needs to be sent to the supervisor. If so a simple "there are employee items coming due" email is sent to the supervisor. The super will go to the document and take care of the rest. Dta is not real. The email with the employee name isn't the one I'll be sending to. The Team Manager at the end is where the email will be going to for all on the sheet. I would appreciate the help. Running windows 7 and office 2013.

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Hi guys,
I have a list of some certifications and their respective expiry dates written in Excel sheet. What I want is to be getting Auto reminder few days before, on and after the expiration date.
Attached is the VBA program that I tired to use but it was reading the whole data instead of being selective. Also attached is an extract of the excel sheet.
Pls I will appreciate any help

Answer:Auto Email reminder from Excel

Have you read the Thread under yours -

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I'm kinda new to VBA and excel programming and am looking for a way of sending an automated reminder 60 days before the expiry of training already completed. column G contains the email recipients, Column E has a title Asbestos Awareness and the cells in column E the expiry dates for employees.
I would appreciate if anyone has sample code I could try.

Thanks sooooooooooo much for any help or advice.

Answer:Automatic Email reminder in excel

Hi Vinny,
welcome to the forum, you're the second one this week with the same question, and just like the other poster I do not think you took the time to search for similar posts.
I suggest you do hat, there are several posts with the similar questions and also with the answres and code provided.

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Hello Everyone!

This is my first post here. I need your help in developing a mechanism to send an automated outlook mail, when the due date of a project is nearing 3 hours, 2 hours & 1 hour away from the current date & time. The script should preferably run automatically every time the PC is running when the excel file is open.

In the attached excel file, An email should go of to -email address (Col. F), with subject "number (Col. B) is due on Due date and time (Col. E)", and body "Dear Name(Col. F), please finish your project asap".

Also, the script should put a check mark on Reminder sent column (Col. G) after the mail is sent, the script should also check if the value of the cell is blank before sending email.

I have scoured the forum for similar problems, and although I found a number of of threads,I am not proficient enough in VBA to modify them to my needs.

I'd really appreciate any help,

Answer:Automatic Reminder email from Excel

Hi, I suggest you do some searching, there are quiet a few posts with the same questions and the necessary solutions.
I worked on one or two but cannot remember the names, so just do a quick search and you'll find the answres with the necessary code.
Always to glad to help on if you're still stuck

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If I am doing an automatic email reminder when something is past due:

do I always have to open the Excel document for the macro to run and the reminder to sent out?


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I have a list of task (maintainance schedule) to do... and they are required to be done in a by certain different dates regularly (eg. every 14 days or every 28 days)

I have a specific maintance date for each task within the same row. Is there anyway i can make it to automatically send an email to remind me or another person a day before it's due??


Answer:Set email reminder base on Excel

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Hello there,

First time posting and very average excel capabilities... Working on generating a code that will send automatic email reminders 7 days prior to the date within rows F-P. Recipients contact information is in column S.

Thanks for your time.


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Hi Guys,

I have just joined this forum, I found some solutions given by Zack quite useful to me. Thank you so much.

But also need help in taking it further, as I have created a worksheet with lots of data which will have to be incorporated while sending auto email reminders to various admin officers depending on the dates, especially for Statutary payments like Telephone, Electricity etc.

If any body can help....... Please...............

Answer:Auto Email reminder from Excel Sheet

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I would like to ask for an Excel macro which can send an automate email on a certain date every Month.

The dates would be as follows:

1st Monday: Email should be sent to [email protected] automatically
2nd Wednesday: Email should be sent to [email protected] automatically
3rd Tuesday: Email should be sent to [email protected] automatically
3rd Tuesday: Email should be sent to [email protected] automatically
3rd Tuesday: Email should be sent to [email protected] automatically

Subject line: ABC123D5679_Data transfer expected today

Details of the body of the text message:

"Dear All,
This is to remind you that we are expecting the data transfer to be posted in Novartis system today . This is just an advanced intimation.

Kindly let us know if you foresee a delay in the data transfer.

Kind regards,
Many thanks in advance for your help guys. This means a lot.

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This is my first time posting on here so I hope this is the right place.

I have attached a spreadsheet I will need to populate and we would like to send staff members an email reminder before they need to do their task. Maybe a day or the morning of the day is fine, as long as they get the reminder. I was just wondering how I would go about doing that?

As the Excel file would need to be opened in order to work , I was also wondering how I would be able to set it to open on the start up of everyones machine. Even if it can only start up the programme then it will be obvious to people what they need to open.

Could the email or subject include as much info as it can. Like name, company, job title and contact number. and for it to be sent to the Asignee.

We will then change the next contact date once completed.

Any help would be appreciated!


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hi there,

I have a list of memberships that need to be renewed at different dates (eg. every two or three years depending on type of membership)

Is there anyway i can make it to automatically send an email to remind me or another person the day it's due to renew?

The list is on excel with expiration date in one of the columns

Answer:Solved: Set email reminder base on Excel

you have another thread here
please do not duplicate posts - closing this one

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Hi everyone,

I have no prior experience with Macro/VBA and would need help in creating an excel spreadsheet where an email reminder would be sent 60 days, 30 days and 7 days respectively if the project is not completed to the email stated in the 6th column with information from its row. If its completed, the checkbox would be checked and no mail will be sent.

The email should look like:

To: <email stated in that row>
Subject: Reminder to complete project within (e.g. 60 days)

Dear all,
Reminder to complete IN1661234 by 31st Aug 2016.

<personal email signature>

Do I need to create a button where I have to click in order for those reminders to be sent or will it be sent automatically everyday as long as the spreadsheet is opened?

Also, is it possible to create 3 different email template for each reminder days, such as 60 days prior to the deadline, the subject of the email would be First Reminder, 30days would have Second Reminder and 7 days prior would have FINAL REMINDER and a urgent marked on the email?

And how do I change the email where those reminders will be sent from?

Any help with regards to the above would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Answer:Auto Email Reminder from Excel when project is almost due

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I am very new to Excel 2007 and macros. I have a spreadsheet that I am trying to get to send an email reminder to the point of contact [ col b ] 5 days prior to the closure document due NLT date [ col m ]. I am looking for assistance in writing a macro which will accomplish this if it is possible. I have attached the spreadsheet that I referenced.
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Answer:Excel 2007 Macro to Send Reminder Email

desantisj, welcome to the Forum.
There are already 3 or 4 posts on this forum that have the VBA code (Macro) that you can modify for your Workbook if you can read the code. Zack has written the code so it is a bit complicated, but it should be a case of substituting your Cell references that hold the data for the ones that others have used.
Otherwise it is a case of waiting for an Excel guru to come along and help. If none of them come along I can probably help you, but I normally work with Access.

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hi !
I have a spread sheet of 100 of employees , i like every time the expiry date come for there id a notification email come to me , i attach the example excel sheet please help me with that, i am just learning VBA not very good in it i am using windows 8

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Hi lovely people!

I hope you can help me out - I'm new to macros. In regards to the attached excel file, I need to achieve 3 main goals:
Automated pop-up message - For each phone that is overdue for delivery (ie current date is more than due date), I need a pop-up message upon opening the excel sheet. The pop-up alert should say which phone is due (stock #), and how many days overdue it is (current date minus due date)
Automated email reminders - emails to send to various email accounts (individuals in my team) to remind them of overdue phones. The email should include details like the phone, stock #, supplier, due date and how many days overdue. I want the first email reminder to be sent on the due date itself, then 2nd reminder on the next day, and subsequent reminders every 3 days.
Have a separate sheet listing all the overdue items that need to be followed-up.

Lastly, but is it at all possible to create two versions of the same stock list? I.e. one sheet in English, and the other sheet in French. And any edits in either sheet will update the other version.


Answer:Excel help! Automated pop-up box and email reminders, and reminder list

Hi, welcome to the forum.
Have you doen a search in this forum.
There are many posts that relate to triggering a mail message based on calculations and expiry dates, etc.
You will of course need to edit some solutions for your purpose, but I do suggest you take a look (search) and probably you'll find what you need.
The question about the two languages is custom macro coding and will take some time.
Your sample contains onle one row of data, but nothing more to go on.
Do some homework (searching the forum) and someone will be able to help
Please don't forget to mention the Excel version, as far as I cansee it's at least version 2007 but it could be 2010 or newer

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Hello Everyone!

This is my first post here. I am using Excel 2013 OS win 7. I need your help in developing a mechanism to send an automated outlook mail, when the due date of a project is nearing 3 hours, 2 hours & 1 hour away from the current date & time. The script should preferably run automatically every time the PC is running when the excel file is open.

In the attached excel file, An email should go of to -email address (Col. F), with subject "number (Col. B) is due on Due date and time (Col. E)", and body "Dear Name(Col. F), please finish your project asap".

Also, the script should put a check mark on Reminder sent column (Col. G) after the mail is sent, the script should also check if the value of the cell is blank before sending email.

I have scoured the forum for similar problems, and although I found a number of of threads,I am not proficient enough in VBA to modify them to my needs.

I'd really appreciate any help,

Answer:Automatic Reminder email from Excel 2013 in Windows 7 pc

closing duplicated post
continue here

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Dear Team,

I have gone though the below thread, which helps somewhat on my requirement but not completely. Please need you kind help on VBA code. Sorry if i have missed any other thread which would have met my requirement.

Here is my requirement...
I have a data in excel (attached file) basically its a re-assigment project which needs 3 tasks.

Column A to E are filled manually which need not be automatic.
Column F has a formula for 29 days date for Column B and accordingly Column H for column F.
Column G & H are the status of task action.
every day we are manually opening the WB and checking for daily pending assignments in column H & F for today's date.

Can you please help me with a VBA code which should send a email notification/reminder not to individual email addresses instead it should send an email to me, If the Column F & H has today's date i.e. current date with the table of data in body of email and update the status as Done in excel sheet once the email has triggered.

Hope you will help me on this. Many Thanks in advance

Example of email

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Hello Friends,I am leading the finance team. I need to create an excel worksheet which tracks all my invoices raised on different clients alongwith the due dates. I want excel to send an auto email to client after 2 days of due date and second reminder after 7 days or so.I am from finance back ground and thus do not have any idea of running any codes or macros.Can any body help me with this on priority basis?Thanks and regards,Manish

Answer:Excel worksheet to send auto email reminder to clients

Try here: under the section: Add-ins and Worksheet TemplatesMIKE

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I have created "IF" formula in excel 2010, based on a date it will create a send due in column "E", =IF(D5=$A$2,HYPERLINK(mailto:"&$K$1&"?subject="&A5&-B5&"&body="&$C$3,"sendworks great but, I have to go thru 86 rows in column "E" and hit "Send Due" then hit send again on the email, can we automate this some how, like a macro that engadges when I open my outlook every morning

Answer:send email from excel based on

This should be in the Office forum here:

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I have a database that consists of the following:
Col A: case number (e.g. 1993-01-115, 2002-11-078, etc.)
Col B: username (e.g. John Henry, Jane Doe, etc.)
Col C: hours (number of hours each user worked on case number)
Col D: case owner name

Col A contains repeats of some case numbers and is sorted ascending
Col B contains repeats of some usernames

I need to add the hours in Col C depending on:

Each time a unique case number is encountered, check Col D (case owner name) and lookup this name in Col B (username) and sum the hours for each instance the case owner appears.
Database example:
Case No Username Hours Owner
1993-01-115 Jane Doe 2 Jane Doe
2004-05-020 John Henry 1 Theresa Chan
2004-05-020 Theresa Chan 2 Theresa Chan
2004-05-020 Theresa Chan 3 Theresa Chan
2004-05-020 Larry Roberts 1 Theresa Chan
2004-11-072 Andrew Dunn 1 Andrew Dunn

So using the above example, case 1993-01-115 owner is Jane Doe and total hours is 2, case 2004-05-020 the owner is Theresa Chan and total hours is 5, case 2004-11-072 the owner is Andrew Dunn and total hours is 1 and so on.

Could someone help me write a formula to accomplish this? Thanks!

Answer:How to sum cells based on conditions

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I have an excel worksheet that is a data dump from a report. It contains contractor info and cost info and I want to add one more cost type info to the report.I have for example:Contract Cost Type $ValueA Labor 10A Material 20A Travel 5A Misc 3A Total Direct 38A Overhead 5A Total 43B Labor 15B Material 25B Travel 10B Misc 5B Total Direct 55B Overhead 10B Total 65and continues on similar to the above.I want to add a row for non-labor direct cost then calculate that value based on total direct minus labor. I have figured out how to add a row for each total direct row and give it a name of non-labor direct but I still need to calculate the cost field in a macro preferably.This is what I have for inserting a row:Dim rng As Range Set rng = Range("B17") While rng.Value <> "" If rng.Value = "DIRECT" Then ... Read more

Answer:Formula based on two conditions

It is hard to tell what columns your data is in.Save us some detective work and repost your table (and code) by following he instructions in this How-To.Thanks.

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I think I should use IF but can't seem to get my head round it as I think it should be IFSUMColumn A - 'SUPPLIER','DF','KB','KG' Column B - 'W/H','SR-*' Column C - QTYColumn D - INDIVIDUAL ITEM PRICEColumn E - TOTALFirst step is am not sure how to get it to recognise the start of our job numbers which is the SR- , they are all SR- followed by 5 numbers.Second step is that I need it to ask questions of columns A & B to determine whether the value in column E should be negative or positive.The reason for this is that I am trying to have a running value of stock but our parts aren't fixed prices so from one week to the next the prices would be diferent.So I am thinking:If column A = Supplier & Column B = W/H then Column E would be positive the value calculated in column C & D (C*D)ORIf column A = DF & Column B = SR- then Column E would be negative the value calculated in column C & D (C*D).

Answer:I Need To Sum Values Based On Different Conditions

I'm still confused. You said: Column E needs to add the IN's from SUPPLIER and minus the OUT's to SR-. The IN's (DF,KB,KG) are internal warehouse transfers from the main W/H so not relevant.When I look at your table, SUPPLIER is under the OUT heading and the SR- entries are under the IN heading. Isn't that the opposite of what you said in your text?In any case, I can get the values you have in Column E with this formula but I'm not sure if it is what you are looking for.=IF(B2="W/H",C2*D2,IF(OR(B2="DF",B2="KB",B2="KG"),0,C2*D2*-1))You didn't use Row numbers in your example, so I am assuming your column headers are in Row 1. If I put that formula in E2 and drag it down, E2:E8 will Sum to 40.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Hi Guys,Currently am working on a Excel VBA to alert me through Outlook email based on the following conditions,I've the deadline dates for each tasks listed in Column 'G'. Now i want the VBA to check this deadline date and if the deadline date is 7 days from today, then it should copy the particular Row data and email the data to my email address.This should be performed everyday automatically, without opening the excel sheet.Am very new to VBA. So,Your help is much appreciated.Cheers,PK

Answer:Excel VBA To Email Row Data Based on Date

re: "This should be performed everyday automatically, without opening the excel sheet."I don't think that Excel or VBA for Excel is not going to be able to do this with opening the file - or at least some file.You can't have a macro running inside a closed file, constantly monitoring itself. Something has to trigger the code and/or update the formula that checks the dates, such as the file being opened or perhaps another open file pulling data from the closed file, etc.I guess you could schedule a windows task to open the file once a day or something similar, but there is going to have to be some "action" that initiates the running of the code.

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New here. I dug up a thread that Zack Barresse solved many years ago. I am looking to do the exact same thing. The link to the thread is below. My file is infinitely more complicated than what that user was asking for so I need a bit more help tuning the VBA. Link:

Some specifics:

- I am using Outlook not Express
- Excel 2007
- All the functionality is complete for monitoring several live streams of securities data with several trade indicators.
- It is consolidated onto one sheet for manual monitoring (Picture below). Basically takes copious amounts of data and reduces it to just IF and AND functionality for the triggers for easy use from all the other sheets.
- The workbook will be open and running/refreshing on its own 24/7 as it is now.

I am a busy guy, I just need the VBA to automatically email me remotely when any of the 7 currency pairs causes a trigger when I am on the go. I can log trades from an app on my phone.

One other hurdle would be that if say (Using percentages to keep it simple) that a trigger would be if something reached as high as 80% to send the notification email. But where the system refreshes every 60 seconds it shouldn't send another notification each time it remains at or above 80%. Just the once. It may remain there for hours and that is a lot of emails.

Thoughts? and many many thanks in advance.

Answer:Excel - Auto Email based on cell value

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In excell 2010 I have to COUNT differents conditions in column A and check in column B, 3 conditions (Cancel for Conversion,Company Decline and Cancel for non Pay) if in column B is one of these conditions is TRUE, you should not count it, but if you do not find any of these three conditions in colum B should count. Please i really need help with this. ThanksA B Review Issued Review Cancel for non Pay Review Cancel for Conversion Review Company Decline Prospect Issued Prospect Issued Prospect Company Decline Prospect Cancel for Conversion Referral Issued Referral Issued Referral Cancel for non Pay Referral Issued I NEED THIS RESULTS Review 1 Prospect 2 Referral 3

Answer:Count Cells Based On Conditions

When posting in a Help forum, please try to use a thread title (subject line) that is relevant to the contents of your post.If everyone used a generic thread title such as yours (e.g. "I need help!") then we wouldn't be able to tell one post from another and the archives of the forum would be useless.Look at some of the other thread titles in this forum to see what I mean.I have edited the thread title of your post to be relevant to it's contents. In addition, please click on the blue line at the end of this post and read the instructions on how to post example data in this forum. After you have read the instructions, please repost your data so that we can see how it should be laid out.DerbyDad03Office Forum ModeratorClick Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Hi All,

My name is Diego.

Can anyone send me code to automatically send me an email when the date listed in "column J" is the same date as today. Also, it needs to email only once and even if I am not running excel or at my computer. I want to use Microsoft Outlook and use the ClickYes program as well if this helps that was talked about by Zack Barresse in
Essentially I have to be reminded of a reapplication for specific state licensures on healthcare courses I provide. I don't want to forget which courses I have to reapply for so I need to have a program that will look at a date which I have in column J and then email me to remind me of this.

BTW - I am using Outlook 2007 and Excel 2007 on Vista.

Thanks. I appreciate your help! Also, extra points and praise for the person who solves this problem!

Answer:Automatic Email from Excel based on Date in Cell

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I've read the previous post with the same issue, but I'm unable to understand how to use the other codes posted within my product. I would like to send an email based on a date. I will attach my document so it is easier for me to explain the requirement. Columns L37-L45 have due dates - I would like the email to be sent 60 days prior. I have posted some mock emails in R37-R45 and the email message in the EMAIL workbook tab. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Answer:Auto send an email based on date in Excel

Welcome to the board.
I've had to save it as 2003 version but the code works under 2007

See attached my copy of your sheet with the code in ThisWorksheet module.

This just a simple way of doing it and you will have to edit it for your needs but maybe it can put you on the right track.

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I have a personnel tracker that tracks required documents that need to be renewed every year. There are 4 of these and each has a seperate column for each date. They are J,L,T and U.

I would like excel to scan each of these columns every time the document is opened for any of those dates that are 60-65 days from expiring, I use Now()-300 to check this.

But if the cell is blank I want it ignored, which right now it does not. If it finds 1 or even 80 that are in that range I want 1 email generated to a list of management personnel.

Currently it generates how ever many are blank or expiring. I use outlook.

My data starts on row 3 and goes down to 331, the required and maximum number of people allowed on the contract.

If I can get just one email with a generic message I would be happy. But if I could I would like the info that is actually doing the triggering to be copied and pasted in the email to include the info in A, C and D.

Here is my current code, I would change .display to .send once I have it working. please help.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim Cell As Range
Dim DateRng As Range
Dim Msg As String
Dim olApp As Object
Dim olEmail As Object
Dim RngEnd As Range
Dim Wks As Worksheet

Set Wks = Worksheets("Work Site Info")

Set DateRng = Wks.Range("J3")
Set RngEnd = Wks.Range("J331")
Set DateRng = IIf(RngEnd.Row < DateRng.Row, DateRng, Wks.Range(DateRng, RngEnd))

'Change this to what you want.
Msg = "This is message is the bo... Read more

Answer:Solved: Automatic email from excel based on date

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Hi everybody,

I work in accounting (yeah I know loads of fun )... I have a spreadsheet that I have created to log the cash drops of several cashiers (about 140 currently) that compares it to the readings on our different point of sales systems.

this file has 31 tabs (one for each day of the month) and each cashier has the same row for his/hers information thruout the month. Each day we log how much people are dropping in cash/travelers checks, etc and compare it to what the system is telling us that they should have dropped.

Our policy is that any variance in above $10 (over or short) needs to be investigated by the manager/supervisor of the area in question and the general cashier and income audit manager should also be notified.

What I would like for excel do (not sure if it is possible) is after the general cashier logs the drops and excel tells me if each cashier has a variance above the threashold or not; to send an e-mail with the row containing the cashier's information for that day to supervisor/manager and the accounting folks involved automatically.

I am pretty novice when it comes to VBA and as much as I have been looking online and specially in this forum I haven't been able to come up with a solution to this.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can point me in the right direction.

Answer:EXCEL - Email rows to various addresses based on certain criteria

Well I guess nobody has any ideas

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Hi guys,

Really need your assistance ..
Attached is example for my problem.

I only know how to set the parameter for the 'status' (using condiitonal formatting), but i dont know how to create the code in VBA to create emails on certain condition .. I'm not used to VBA, and still learn about it (my head was spinning lately).

So, I wish someone here could help me ..


Answer:Solved: auto email based on certain condition in excel

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This is prasanna from india. i need a help in my company i want to trigger mail automatically based on the date.. its kind of probation tracking mail... Example :- IF an employee has completed three months automatically mail should trigger to concern person.. is it possible in excelThanks in advance

Answer:Sending automatic Email based on the date in row in excel

Look here: should be able to find something you can work with.MIKE

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Hello everyone,

I'm hoping that I can get help with my issue at hand. I have a problem that from the looks of it has been asked a few times. However my understanding of excel and visual basic is to very limited to solve my problem without any help.

Here is what I'm faced with:

I made a workbook for keeping track of maintenance and DOT requirements for the trucks in our yard. Each sheet is set up with service date or inspection date visual reminders based off of conditional formation. I get a visual warning (X) amount of days before and a past due warning 1 day after, all depending on my requirements.

After searching the forms I found a thread that looks to be the closest that I can find to my needs.

Since I have multiple dates and need for an email reminder the coding gets confusing to me. I have a very basic understanding of coding principals but have never used visual basic.

What I would like to happen based off of my understanding of the other thread:
Using task scheduler run a VB file that would then open the Excel file everyday at (X) time and check my date parameters and send an email with a warning that a due date is coming up or if past due then an email saying it is past due. The close file.

I'm sure more information will be need to give me any type of help. I have attached the workbook for reference and so my explanation will make more sense.

I'm ... Read more

Answer:Excel: Automated email based on Conditional Formatting

Hi there, I noticed that your post has gone unanswered, you posted on March 25th an looks like nobody has taken a chance on it.
You mention you're using office 2013 but your file is Office 2003 or earlier; I assume this is a file you've been using for quite some time.
What you're asking is in a certain way not that complicated but needs to be thought about very carefully. Usign the scheduler to open the Excel file, check it and then close it is not that muvh of an issue but you do have to realize that if you're using Excel for something else and all at once the scheduler triggers it you could run into some problems and might loose the data you're working on.
In the 'Abq Truck & DOT Reguirements' sheet you've got 4 columns with dates, which one is the one you trigger the mail on, all four? What email address?
Conditional formatting is nice for visual triggers but will not trigger a macro so that all together will be some vba code which needs thinking and writing.
The samples on other posts can of course be used and like you say some coding / vba knowledge is required to adapt it to your needs.
Think about it and update with some extra information, maybe some simple code can be written and used

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Hy guys

2nd time i am posting stuff for help, and as i was helped before i will again look forward the response.

I have a file of excel, in which i am sending emails to different candidates of admission, with scan letter placed in the same folder by name.

I want to edit this code, which could select attachment based on Column A list adjacent to the email address

I am attaching the file also pasting the code

Sub Test1()
'For Tips see:
'Working in Office 2000-2013
Dim OutApp As Object
Dim OutMail As Object
Dim strbody As String
Dim SigString As String
Dim Signature As String
Dim cell As Range

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

On Error GoTo cleanup
For Each cell In Columns("B").Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants)
If cell.Value Like "?*@?*.?*" And _
LCase(Cells(cell.Row, "C").Value) = "yes" Then

Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)

strbody = "We at Graduate School of Engineering Sciences and Information Technology are extremely pleased to know that you have selected Hamdard University as preferred choice for your graduate/post-graduate Studies. " & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
"Hamdard University is a pioneer Higher Education Institute (HEI) of Karachi producing Masters and PhDs in the fields of Engineering, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Energy and Environment since 19... Read more

Answer:Attachment based on cell value in a excel email macro

anybody ???

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Description: there are two worksheets, one of them is used as a file with the original data set (master data) and the second of which correspond to updates to the original data. The master file is the size in A1: L, where the first row stands for names. The update file data is in the range: A1: Q, where the first row again corresponds to the column names.In column D of the update file there are items numbers (ID) which correspond to IDs in column G of the master File in unspecified order. In the column Q of the update file, there are three criteria: price, text, text and price. In column B of the update file, there are two criteria: delete and update.Task Steps:Step 1: The macro finds a match between the two: column D in the update file and column G in the main file. Step 2: If there is match in step 1, the macro checks the column B value:? if the cell contain is ?delete?, then in column L of the main file in the corresponding to the found match cell, insert the date value (as defined in the variable: vDato).? Step 3: If the cell contain is ?update?, so go to the column Q of the update file and proceed based on: ? If the cell value is ?text?, so do not do anything (exit)? If the cell value is ?price? or ?text and price?, then add a row after the found matching items number and copy-paste the value of the price from the column O from the update worksheet to the cell in column I in the master sheet.Challenge: Both files about 30.000 rows down, so the... Read more

Answer:VB macro to merge to data set based on several conditions

Hey, Thanks for pointing out on the similar examples - I got a look at them, and tried to make some changes in my marco. Still, when I run my macro, it doesn't perform that is intentioned. Could anyone please suggest what the issue is? Thanks in advance. Sub CopyPriceForEachMatch()

Dim lastID1 As Long, lastID2 As Long
Dim c As Range, ID As Range
Dim rMaster As Range
Dim rUpdate As Range
Dim rDeliteUpdate As Range
Dim criteria As Range
Dim Text As Range
Dim rTextPrice As Range
Dim N As Long
Dim vDato As Variant
Dim WsM As Worksheet
Dim WbU As Worksheet

Set WsM = Sheets("WsMaster")
Set WbU = Sheets("WbUpdate")
lastID1 = WsM.Range("G" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
lastID2 = WbU.Range("D" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
Set rMaster = WsM.Range("G2:G" & lastID1)
Set rUpdate = WbU.Range("D2:D" & lastID2)
Set rDeliteUpdate = WbU.Range("B" & lastID2)
Set rTextPrice = WbU.Range("Q2:Q" & lastID2)

vDato = InputBox("Insert date of update", "Identificator")
If Len(vDato) = 0 Then Exit Sub

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

N = 1
For Each ID In rMaster
With rUpdate
Set c = .Find(ID, lookat:=xlWhole)
If Not c Is Nothing Then
For Each criteria In rDeliteUpdate
If criteria Like "delite" Then
WsM.Range("L" & criteria.Row) = vDato
WsM.Range("L" & criteria.Row).Interior.ColorIndex = 19
If criteria Like "update" Then
For Each Text In rTextPrice
If (Text Like "price" Or "Text... Read more

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Hi Everyone
I'm needing to automate a process that notifies a group of users to complete specific data on a shared Excel template file. The process is date driven. For example; row 1 has data due on 4/25/2017 by Bob Smith, while row 2 has similar data due on 4/29/2017 by Rose Hill, etc. We are in a Windows 7 environment, Outlook 365 mail clients and recently updated to Office 2016 from 2010.
Anyone have any ideas on how to best approach a solution for via Excel macros?

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Hi, I am really new to excel so I am hoping to get some help here. I have searched through the forum and tried several codes, but I was not able to run it successfully.

Basically in my excel file, i have a long list of documents with their respective expiry dates. I want excel to send me an email when it is 6 months before the expiry date.

I have uploaded a sample file on what my worksheet will look like.
I am using Microsoft Excel 2010.


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I am working with the attached spreadsheet in Excel 2010 and am trying to figure out how to code certain parameters that will make Excel send myself, my client or other individual an email (with text in body) if certain dates have not been entered into particular cells, or if a cell has exceeded a certain number of days in a particular cell. I have attached a sample spreadsheet and have listed at the bottom 8 points in which I need an email sent, what the trigger is and what the action (email sent to) is.

I just know enough to be very dangerous with Excel but have found that there is a way to code in Excel to send emails which would greatly help my business but I just don't know that much about codes at all.

Can anyone please help me??


Answer:Excel Coding to Send Email based on Cell Entry

Hi, welcome to the forum.

I suggest you do a find in the forum, there are many posts that gao about this and there are many answers, I'm sure there is one that will help yu and of course one of us can help you if you're still stuck

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Good Afternoon - this is a follow-up to an earlier post that has been closed.

I would like to do something similar.

My Excel sheet has a list of Email addresses in Column A (with duplicate email addresses).
I have several other columns with data that that I would like to have appear in the body of the email in Outlook.

I need to collate each row with the same email address so ONLY 1 email is sent to each recipient.

Is this something easy to do?
I have little to no VBA coding skills

Attached is an Excel mockup of what I am attempting to accomplish.

The 1st tab called "Sample Data" is basically the raw data I want to leverage.
(which I also tried to display below)
Email Address .....Invoice Number .....Date..... .....Dollars
​ [email protected] .............1 ...............7/3/2013 ......$10,000
​ [email protected] ..............2 ...............7/9/2013...... $50,000

[email protected] ..........3 ...............7/9/2013 ......$40,000

[email protected] ............4 ...............7/10/2013 .....$1,000

[email protected] ............5 ...............7/11/2013 .....$3,000
​The 2nd tab called "Body of Email" is an example around how I would like to see the data appear in the email.
Even though [email protected] appears 3 times in the above example, I ONLY want him to receive 1 email that contains 3... Read more

Answer:Emailing multiple recipients from Excel Based off Cell Value Collate to one email

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Hi This is a follow up to

I would like to be able to do the same

My excel sheet keeps a list of Email addresses on column B (with duplicate email addresses), and their particulars from column C (Item price, purchase date, etc) onwards.

I need the vba to email multiple recipients (those with the "notification" column E field marked as yes) with their purchasing details in it. I need to collate each row with the same email address & marked Yes so that only one email is sent.

eg: email will have in the body

Your order are ready to collect:

row 2 information
row 5 information
row 9 information
It should also prevent multiple emails to the same email address. I would like not to have to change the Notification column to acheve this.

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Emailing multiple recipients from Excel Based off Cell Value Collate to one email

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I need a code that will allow the workbook to be emailed when Column A is populated by certian numbers. The numbers in column A corespond to particular email addreses. This is the code I've been working but it isn't functional.

Sub Email_Out()
If Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A5:A200") = "190030001" Then
ActiveWorkbook.SendMail Recipients:=("[email protected]")
ElseIf Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A5:A200") = "190450025" Then
ActiveWorkbook.SendMail Recipients:=("[email protected]")
End If
End Sub

All help is greatly appreciated!

Answer:Solved: VBA email excel workbook based on cell values using; If Then ElseIf Please he

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just noticed that my location-based reminders FINALLY have a snooze button that allows me to dismiss the reminder for a period of time instead of the next time i'm at the same location. anyone else notice that yet?

Answer:Cortana Location-based Reminder

oops. i sent that thread w/o logging in. :)

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Existing reminder that I want to edit for a later date or time. I could previously do this and save it, however, the save "box" is missing now.

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Is it possible to have a=b and c=d and e=f within one IF statement?This is the first part of my nested IF statement, however, I hypothetically would need another "and" variable in here to be accurate.=IF(AND((O29+O47)>(O3-0.01),(O36+O27)<O6),((O38*O8*O24)-O48),0)Self-taught excel user, so any insight is appreciated!

Answer:Excel - 3 AND conditions?

re: "Self-taught excel user, so any insight is appreciated!""Self-taught" should include reading the Excel Help files.Look up the AND function in Excel Help.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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i have tried a lot of ways but i seem not to get it right. need help with this please..i have two sheets in one workbook, in sheet 1 i have the following data under column A and Column B in Sheet 1. Column A Column B A1 a B1 1 A2 b B2 2 A3 c B3 3Problem 1Now in sheet 2 when i enter in any Cell under Column A any alphabet (a,b or c), i want the corresponding value given in sheet 1 column B to appear in column B of sheet 2. that is Sheet 2Column A Column BA1 c 3A2 c 3 A3 a 1A4 b 2if this is not possible can u tell me a way to write the corresponding values without referring to Sheet 1thanks

Answer:excel if conditions

In Sheet2, B1 use =VLOOKUP(A1,Sheet1!$A$1:$B$3,2)And drag it down.If your range or Array is greater than A1 to B3 then adjust the formula accordingly.Bryan

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im trying to figure out an IF formula for: if the text in B1 is in any of the cells A1:A44 , if so change fill color to yellow and if not leave it the same

Answer:If conditions in excel

Your looking for Conditional Formatting:For 2007 try:1) Select your range of cells A1:A442) On the ribbon click Conditional Formatting3) Click on New Rules, it?s near the bottom of the dialog box.4) Click Use Formula to determine which cells to format.5) Enter the formula: =IF($B$1=A1,TRUE,FALSE)6) Click on the Format button7) Select the Fill Tab8) Select a Yellow color9) Click OK10) Click OKMIKE

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Hi everyone,I'm not sure if this is possible but I will do my best to explain what I'm looking for.I have different categories in column A, and a corresponding $ amount a few columns over in column D. I'm trying to create a formula, most likely an IF statement, that if the value in column A is true, than the result would be the sum of every $ amount that are 3 cells over in the same row (matched up with A). Here's an example:Column A Column B Column C Column DSally --------------------------- $5John --------------------------- $10Joe ---------------------------- $33Sally --------------------------- $21John --------------------------- $16John --------------------------- $3If gotten as far as =IF(A1="Sally", ..................... but that's it :) I'm looking for an equation that will find every dollar amount in Column D that links up to Sally's name in Column A. So a running total.Thanks for the help!

Answer:excel if conditions

Your correct, what you need is an IF function, but the IF function you need is a =SUMIF() function.Something like this:=SUMIF(A1:A6,"Sally",D1:D6)If you had a list of just names in column E like:
Sally $5 Sally
John $10 John
Joe - $33 Joe
Sally $21
John $16
John $3
Then in cell F1 you could use:=SUMIF($A$1:$A$6,E1,$D$1:$D$6)drag the formula down and you have all your totals.MIKE

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Hi ! This refers to the subject of "Automatic email from excel based on date", and relevant thread

This was fantastic. Only one issue remaining.
This is generating multiple emails and even the items not due are generating blank mails.
I would like to generate only one mail with different items different expiration dates.
After that group the identical addressees and compose one message with all the relevant data.
Awaiting kind help.

Answer:Need Help reg "Automatic email from excel based on date "

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Good day,

I was looking for someone to help me in this:

Please see the attached excel file, which automates Groupwise mails for due date reminder. However, it generates individual mails for each due items, whereas, I want one single mail with all due dates. How do I achieve it?

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Hi, I am having a hard time with creating a macro that will hide rows when a specific column value is equal to 0 or blank only upon printing. I have this macro currently... which works however I can not get it to un-hide rows.

Sub HideRows()
With Range("A2800")
.EntireRow.Hidden = False
For Each cell In Range("C7:C" & ActiveCell.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Row)
Select Case cell.Value
Case Is = 0
cell.EntireRow.Hidden = True
Case Is = ""
cell.EntireRow.Hidden = True
End Select
Next cell
End With
End Sub

Is there a better code out there to allow me to work in all rows in the workbook and only hide the rows with my specific criteria upon printing? i need the criteria to be based on column C staring in row 7 that any cell with 0 or blank will not print. It sounds so simple but I am hitting a wall and would appreciate any help!

Answer:Printing with conditions in excel

Also I should note I need this to be generated automatically when printing so that other users only have to hit print and not filter...

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I need to add 26 and add 20% to the entire column but only for numbers that are under 100 and add 34 plus 20% to numbers from 101 to 150

basically if f2 is <100 then add f2+26+20%, and if f2 is equal or greater 100 but under 150 then f2+34+20%

any ideas?

Answer:how to put conditions in excel formula

It's not quite clear as to what you need. I'll assume that in your column for each number less than or equal to 100 you want to increase each number by 20% plus 26. For each number between 101 and 149 you want to increase each number by 20% plus 34. If that is the case here is what will do that



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Can you please help me create a formula for the following conditions:I have 4 columns: Column D - Total Reviews, Column J - Reviews Which Came for Campaign ID 1, Column K - Reviews Which Came for Campaign ID 2, Column L - Reviews Which Came for Campaign ID 3. The rows in the spreadsheet represent content contributors. In Column M I need to enter which of the contributors came from Email, which are Organic and which are Hybrid (combination of Email and Organic).I need to create a formula to label each kind of the contributor in column M. Here is the formulas I created for each kind of contributor and then I combined the formulas. Unfortunately it doesn't work and gives me #Value! error.Organic: If J2=0, K2=0, L2=0, then return "Organic"IF(AND(J2=0, K2=0, L2=0), "Organic")Email: If at least one out of three cells (J2, K2, or L2) is > 0, then return "Email"IF(OR(AND(J2>0), AND(K2>0), AND(L2>0)), "Email")Hybrid: A) If D2 > than sum of J2+K2+L2 and the sum of J2+K2+L2 >=1 then return "Hybrid". It can be written as: B) If D2 > than sum of J2+K2+L2 and the sum of J2+K2+L2 not equal zero, then return "Hybrid". I don't know how to insert 'not equal zero, so I went with A) option.IF(AND(D2>(J2+K2+L2), (J2+K2+L2)>=1), "Hybrid")Then I combined these three conditions into one formula, which is obviously incorrect because it doesn't work:=IF(AND(J2=0, K2=0, L2=0), "Organic"), IF(OR(AND(J2>0), AND(K2>0), AND(L2>0)), "Email"), IF(AND(D2>(J2+K2+L2), (J2+K2+L2)>=1), "Hybrid") I would really ... Read more

Answer:MS Excel - Three Conditions for IF Function

What is the data you are entering in your cells?In other words, what piece of data represents Organic,what represents E-Mail?Is it 0 = Organic & 1 = E-Mail?If someone is manually entering the data, why not simply have athird choice of 2 = Combo?Post a short example of your data, but first read this How-To and see how to post data in this forum:

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Dear friends, I need help again!:(I receive data on fishing on a weekly basis which I save as follows:Column A: "the number of the week"Column B: "Month of the year"Column C: "Year"Column D: "the tons of landings":A B C D
53 12 2009 450
1 1 2010 300
2 1 2010 350
3 1 2010 450
4 1 2010 550
5 1 2010 500
At the end of each month I need to calculate the total landings on a monthly basis, i.e. January, February etcLet's assume the weeks indicated above refer to week 53 of 2009 and weeks 1,2,3,4 and 5 of 2010.That means that 4 days of week 53 are in December 2009 and 3 in January 2010.What I need is therefore a formula that adds up the fishing by month taking into account the values for the week split between 2 different months proportionally to the number of days in each month (i.e. for the example above 4 days for Dic and 3 for Jan)What I'm thinking is to add 4 columns as follows:A B C D E F G H
53 12 2009 450 4 3 257.1 192.9
1 1 2010 3000 0 300 300
2 1 2010 3500 0 350 350
3 1 2010 4500 0 450 450
4 1 2010 5500 0 550 550
5 1 2010 5000 0 500 500
where columns E and F identify the number of days belonging to each month for those weeks split between 2 different months, and columns G and H claculate the amount of fishing for the 2 parts of the week.With this I'm sure there's a way to sum the values for each month jumping from column H to G when necessary.I have been trying for weeks to come up with a solution but my limited knowledge of excel formulas has taken me nowhere.:(My ti... Read more

Answer:sum with multiple conditions in excel

Hi,You could use the excel function sumif. The link attached is a picture of how you can do it. Solution

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I have 3 conditions which I'm trying to use the countif formula.Column d:PrintColumn f: "*" (I need to pull all of the names, becasue some have numbers and some are blank. which is the reason I am using a wild card.Column g: Full nameWhat is the correct formula? This is what I have but it's not working.=SUM((D16:D65000="Print PRISM Appl")*(F16:F65000="*")*(G16:G65000="Full name of applicant"))

Answer:Excel countif with 3 conditions

Hi,I am not sure what you are trying to achieve.Looking at the formula I am guessing that you are trying to count the number of rows where:1. the cell in column D contains "Print PRISM Appl"2. the cell in column G contains the text "Full name of applicant"3 as to column F, I am not sure how this comes into the equation - if you are testing these cells for names, numbers and blanks:all of the names, because some have numbers and some are blankthen you will be counting all the cells - those with names, those with numbers and those that are blank.If you want to count the number of rows which have "Print PRISM Appl" in D and "Full name of applicant" in G, then the SUMPRODUCT() function should do it.I do have to ask whether you actually have almost 65,000 rows of data. If not limit your range to either the actual rows in use, or only a little larger to allow for new data.=SUMPRODUCT((D16:D6000="Print PRISM Appl")*(G16:G6000="Full name of applicant"))will count the number of rows with both those text strings on the same rowCan you give a clear description of what data is in the three columns and what you want to achieve, e.g. Count how many rows have data in column F, the text "Print PRISM Appl" in column D and "Full name of applicant" in column G.The data in column F could be text or a number, but don't count the row if cell F is empty.Regards

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Hi - help really needed!

I am in excel trying to do a sumif function with two conditions.

I want a formula to calculate the number of instances where:
the business unit is 1 (columnB)
the hours is not blank (columnG)

so in the example below the result would be 4 (relating to rows 2, 4, 12 and 13). I need both conditions to be met!

Please could someone more intelligent that me suggest a formula!

Many many many thanks!

Answer:Excel help - sumif function two conditions

OK, Working with Excel at moment so your prob was a diversion...

Have got an answer bearing in mind I am no pro....

Add additional column at end of spreadsheet "Coll X" level with your example.doc line 2
insert the formula: =IF(AND(A2=1;F2>0);A2;0)
Now copy this down your column "X" to bottom of spreadsheet
We now have IF Business units =1 and IF Hours greater than 0, Business unit will be displayed in column "X" ie:1
At bottom of column or anywhere on your sheet Put =SUM(X2: X???) (end of lines to be calculated)
and you have the sum of all businessunits"1" which have more than "O" hrs labour logged...

Thanks again for the diversion and let me know how it fits your sheet

Chuck D.

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I have 2 sheets - one sheet has customer names, the other sheet has customer names, date closed, dollar amounts and then a column stated closed. I want to be able to have when I mark closed on the client name for that dollar amount to be filled in on the first sheet. I have tried the following if statement, but it is not working=IF(A4=Forecast!$B$1:$B$15, TRUE, Forecast!$G$1:$G$14)

Answer:excel if statements multiple conditions

Keep in mind that we can't see your spreadsheets from where we're sitting, so we have no reference point from which to evaluate your formula.That said, that doesn't look like a typical IF statement that checks a cell for a value/string and returns a value based on what it finds.Please read the How To in the following line and then post some examples of your data and the expected results based on those examples.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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I have been struggling to write what is likely a simple formula in conditional formatting.

I have a project checklist where Column E lists Due Date and Column F notes whether the item is complete. I would like F1 to be formatted red IF E1<TODAY AND F1<>"Complete" . I cannot seem to make this work, please help!

Answer:Excel Conditional Formatting: Two conditions must be met

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In Excel 2010 I have a 3 condition Countifs that says if State is AK count if the Beds are 0 and the Revenue is 0. One column has all the states. Another has all the hospitals, another has the number of beds and the last on has the gross patient revenue. I just want to get a count of the number of Hospitals in a particular State where the number of beds is 0 and the revenue is 0. I figured out how to count beds equal 0 (8) and revenue equal 0 (9) but the count should be 7 that meets both criteria. I think I need to use an AND logical but not sure how. Thanks

Answer:COUTIFS EXCEL 2010 3 Conditions

Since I can't see your spreadsheet from where I'm sitting, I can only offer an example of what might work for you.With this data set, the formula below will return 2 since there are 2 instances where the state is AK and there is a 0 in both column B and C.=COUNTIFS(A1:A12, "AK", B1:B12, 0, C1:C12, 0)
1 AK 0 0 <---
2 NY 2 1
3 NJ 0 0
4 MI 1 1
5 AK 0 0 <---
6 NY 0 1
7 NJ 5 0
8 MI 0 1
9 AK 1 0
10 NY 0 1
11 NJ 1 0
12 MI 0 0
Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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I have a data file which comprises multiple events for multiple clients. Each row of the file represents an incident for a client. Many clients have numberous rows of data as he/she has been involved in more than 1 incident. I have sorted the file by client ID and date of incident/event with oldest incident at the bottom of the series for that client and newer incidents higher up in the column. A column for the incident includes a string with an assessment or rating of the incident and there is another column that then records the actions taken (which is a string). I am wanting to count for each client the number of consecutive instances of a specific action being taken (ie "No Action") if the incident has been assigned a specific rating by the asessor of "Rating 2". But I want the count to reset if any of the other actions are taken (ie, reset if "referred other agency", "Investigation" or "Other Outcome"). If the incident is a"Rating 3" and the action code is "No Action" then this should neither reset the count nor does it contribute to the count.

Data I have looks something like this (but without the consecutive count score which I have done manually):

Client_ID DAte Assessment rating Outcome Consecutive Count score
1 3/2/2015 Rating 2 No Action 1
1 19/1/2015 Rating 1 Investigation ... Read more

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Hi All,

I am trying to conditionally format a cell in Excel based on the date in it being less than ten days from today, as well as another cell containing the word 'Unbooked'

The cells are C2 (containing the date) - I want the text in this cell to go red if the date is less than ten days from today, and if F2 (containing the trip status) is "Unbooked".

Can anybody help? Please let me know if you need any further information.


Answer:Conditional Formating in Excel with two conditions

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Hi - I've created a drop-down list on one cell of Excel with about 6 different numbers in it. Each of those 6 numbers has a unique "other number" that must be recorded in the next cell. That's where my problem is. I'd like this to happen automatically, but have no idea how to start. This is what my brain is thinking: (example) "If F16=105, then F15=90...However...If F16=130, then F15=75...However...If F16=200, then F15=64, etc. Does that make sense? I'm using Windows 7 and I believe Excel 2010.

Answer:Solved: Trying to Create Several Conditions in Excel

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I have similar problem now1)If value is less then 85% result should be -32)If value is grater than 86% to 90% result should be -23)if value is 91% to 99% result should be -14)if value is 100% to 110% result should be 2

Answer:need a formula for multiple conditions in excel

Try this and see how it works for you:=IF(A1<85,-3,IF(A1<91,-2,IF(A1<100,-1,IF(A1<=110,2,""))))MIKE

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Hi all, sorry for the vague title, but not really sure how to describe my problem other than to show it.

Basically I am trying to do a VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP where one 1 value is exact and 1 value is approximate. I have tried the INDEX(MATCH method, but it doesn't work either since they need to be exact.

I have publish the problem on google docs @
You will see lookup table on the left and then the right is a list of data that needs to find the answer to. I filled in the answers, just so you would see what I the correct answer should be. I absolutely need the lookup portion as I have way more than A and B.

I am using Excel 2007. I would prefer a code I can write in the cell and not a macro/vba.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Excel: Lookup a corresponding value, multiple conditions

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I have trouble with applying the formulas in excel

I have few criteria to met, however I found something frustrating on how to put it based on the categories

For no 1 - Equal preferences,
Means every cell with the value of 1, needs to be equal, 1/2 = 0.5

This applies to each category,
If it falls on A and B category then both will have 0.5 value.
Other than 1 will have just the written values

But I don't know how to put it into formulas,
Could somebody help me?

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I have a database that I would like to use to capture numbers of events per month based on certain conditions. For simplicity sake assume I have three columns. Column 1 is the date. Column 2 is the division code (assume for a forumula that one of the codes is NI). Column 3 is the type of event (assume for the formula that one of the event codes is PER). I've been able to count the number of events where NI and PER occur using the COUNTIFS formula. However, when I try to narrow the count to a specific month I cannot seem to get the formula to work. Suggestions? Thanks.

Answer:Solved: MS Excel counting for three conditions

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Hi all ! I would like to sum the cell values from D7:M7. Initially I have unique values for those cells but I want to add those cells based on my criteria, because each cell has different conditions to satisfy. For example, D7=IF(D7<=W7,D7,W7); E7=IF(E7<=W8,E7,W8) etc., One way to do this is to check the condition for each cell separately and then have to add it all together. But I wonder is there any other way (using one formula/method) to check the condition for each cell and if it satisfies(either true or false) and to sum.Pls, let me know if you have any idea to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to sum the excel cells w diff conditions?

While I would prefer that the next time you post your data you follow the instructions in the "How To" reachable via the link in my signature line, I think I figured out what your data is supposed to look like.However, I believe the answer you are looking for is 33, not 31.Assuming your data looks like this, the formula following the data will return 33 in L5.
1 Tank1 Tank2 Tank3 Tank4 Tank5 Tank6 Tank7 Tank8 Tank9 Tank10
2 3 3 6 6 3 6 3 3 3 6
4 Time Tank1 Tank2 Tank3 Tank4 Tank5 Tank6 Tank7 Tank8 Tank9 Tank10 Total
5 0:01 2 6 1 6 4 3 8 7 12 6 33
6 0:02
7 0:03=SUM(MIN($B$2,B5),MIN($C$2,C5),MIN($D$2,D5),MIN($E$2,E5),MIN($F$2,F5),MIN($G$2,G5),MIN($H$2,H5),MIN($I$2,I5),MIN($J$2,J5),MIN($K$2,K5))Drag this down Column L.This formula will work if there is a "0" in any of the cells you are summing, (e.g. Row 5) but it will not work if there is a blank cell.If you will have blank cells, you'll need to use:=SUM(IF(B5<>0,MIN($B$2,B5),0),IF(C5<>0,MIN($C$2,C5),0), etc.)That's because the MIN function will ignore the blank cells in each range and return the value from Row 2 whenever it ignores the blank.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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HiI am hoping someone will be able to help me with the followingI am trying to write code that will send an email automatically when 2 conditions are met in excel. The first condition being, is this, does the required until date = todays date and the second is, = Not sent. The criteria is, if "= today & Not Sent send email" and then change to Sent also add names to body of email that require access removing, otherwise do nothing.I have my names in Col D , Not Sent/Sent in Col F & required until date in Col H. I have been trying to adapt the code below that I found online which by the look of it many others have found like the chap asking a similar questtion in this forum and like him am stuck. Unfortunately, it uses a numerical limit instead of the criteria I would like to use. It's currently set to send an email as soon as a number is = to or > is reached in a particular Col which before i started making changes was 200. the code is pretty near what i would like now i have made changes but i am a real novice at this and not sure how to address it. I have got it to a stage where it produces the email and can manually input the names to remove but that is all i dont know where to go with the rest i require.Many thanks in anticipation of your helpMy Data Col D Col F Col HCustomer Name System Required Email Sent Raised On Required UntilPete Hughes UAT ... Read more

Answer:How To Automatically Send Email When Conditions Are Met

Sorry I did edit the data so it was readable but on submitting has got scrambled, have i done something wrong.

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Hi,I am running Windows XP SP2, along with Microsoft Excel 2003.I am working a project that requires me to create a list. The choices in the list need the background color of the cell to change, based on a condition. I know about conditional formatting, but that only works for 3 conditions. I have 4 conditions that need to be met, so conditional formatting won't work.So for instance, I have a drop down menu with the words Full, Half Full, Half Empty, Almost Empty, and Empty. I need Full = green, half full = yellow, half empty = orange, almost empty = red. Can I do this with an "if" formula in excel, or is there an easier way to this?All help is appreciated.Thanks

Answer:How do I change cell colors for more than 3 conditions in Excel?

Do you have to have  Half Full and Halfe Empty as they are technically the same?

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Hi guys,

I would like to know if there is a way to define the colours within a column.

For example i have a set of data in column A. In that column I have highlighted some of it to signify something. Can I then SUM the whole lot of it WITHOUT the ones highlighted?

If that is possible, what about SUM the whole lot WITHOUT a specific highlighted group?

And if both of this are possible, what about those in different colour fonts?


Answer:Solved: Excel 2007 - Colour Conditions

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Hi everybody,

I would like someone's help with this excel 2003 issue please...

I would like a piece of code that searches through column B of my worksheet for a specific word (e.g. "Platform") and when it finds it to check whether the text is in a white font. If it is white text then it should return a positive result, but if it is false then it should carry on looking.

If anyone can help me then this would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Solved: excel 2003: searching through a list with 2 conditions

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Problem: how to sort large amounts of data based on 2 conditions.-----I have sample data collected from a electronics device. It has 50 channels, each is sampled 0-2 Sample/s, but normally 1 Sample/s. The data for ALL channels is saved in the same 4 columns (ChNo, ValueIn, ValueOut, TimeStamp) file.Size of data is ~400k samples. Each channel between 8k-12k samples.Note:Not all channels will be sampled the same amount of times during the entire data collection.The order order in which the channels are sampled also varies (can be 1,2,3,4 or 4,2,3,1).The Start and Stop time is always the same for ALL channels.I am interested in 20 of the 50 channels. Channels are numbered in format 34XX.=================*** The raw data looks like this:ChNo ValueIn ValueOut TimeStamp3466 0 2012-07-11 14:37:403465 0 2012-07-11 14:37:403464 0 2012-07-11 14:37:403463 0 2012-07-11 14:37:403462 0 2012-07-11 14:37:413461 0 2012-07-11 14:37:413460 -0,01235 2012-07-11 14:37:413459 0,000215 2012-07-11 14:37:413458 -0,000165 2012-07-11 14:37...=================*** I want to re-sort my data in this way:TimeStamp ValueIn(3466) ValueIn(3465) ValueIn(3464) ... ValueIn(3460) 14:37:40 0 0 0 ... 014:37:41 -0,01235 -0,000165 0 ... 0,000215...=================Ideally I would import the sample data in one worksheet WS1. In WS2 I would specify what time range I want, and list which channels, and WS3 would sort the data in the way specified above.I have already done this manually, by sorting all ... Read more

Answer:Sorting of data using multiple (2) conditions Excel 2007

OK, I'm jumping in a little late here, but I'll give this a shot.First, the example output data that you provided doesn't seem to have come from the example input data that you provided. For example, your input does not show a value for Channel 3466 at 14:37:41 yet your output does.I hope I can assume that you posted what you posted for brevity.If that is correct, then here is what I did:1 - I copied your input data into Sheet1, so it looks like your raw data from Response #1.2 - I created this table on Sheet2 by first using an Advanced Filter to get the unique Time Stamps into Column A, then using Copy...PasteSpecial...Transpose to get the Channel numbers into Row 1.Sheet2:
1 TimeStamp 3466 3465 3464 3463 3462 3461 3460 3459 3458
2 07/11/2012 14:37:40
3 07/11/2012 14:37:41
4 - I then ran this code:Sub SortBy2Criteria()
'Determine last Row with Channel in Sheet1!Column A (Source)
lastSourceChannelRow = Sheets(1).Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
'Determine last Row with Time Stamp Sheet2!Column A (Destination)
lastDstTimeRow = Sheets(2).Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
'Determine last Column with Channel in Sheet2!Row 1 (Destination)
lastDstChannelColumn = Sheets(2).Cells(1, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column
'Loop through Channel Rows on Sheet1
For chanRow = 2 To lastSourceChannelR... Read more

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To begin with, I just want to check if this is viable, and if so, which solution is best/easiest...

Office 2010.

Current situation:
An Outlook rule moves certain messages to an Outlook folder.
A macro button is used to run code that prints the attachments of all messages in that folder.
Think it then deletes the messages.

Required situation:
Instead of printing all attatchments, the macro needs to look at a specific column of data in an Excel file.
If a value in the Excel column matches (or part matches) the filename of the attachment, the attachment is printed.
All attachments with filenames that do not match the Excel list are left alone.

Alternatively, switch it round, so the macro is in the Excel file, and it checks the values in the column against the attachment filenames of messages in that Outlook directory, and prints those that match.

Alternatively, write something in Outlook code, perhaps using a form control, whereby the user can enter (paste in) the batch of values, and it then prints attachments accordingly, rather than trying to forge a link between Excel and Outlook.

Alternatively... use some 3rd party tool that accepts the batch of values and interacts with Outlook to print the attachments, bypassing the need to write and manage code.

Or something else?


Answer:Outlook/Excel - Print selected attachments based on Excel list

Alternatively... modify the existing Outlook macro to save all attachments to a dir on the PC instead of print, and then write an Excel macro to check the files in the dir instead of the Outlook folder.

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Question: Email Reminder

Does anyone know how to make Outlook 2000 email reminders continue to remind you of unread messages, say every 10 minutes or so.


Answer:Email Reminder

I think the closest you may get is flags but I am not real sure how they work. You can look in the help files under flags to get more.


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Hy there,

Can some1 help me code a script that will send an e-mail reminder with one date before the DUE DATE based on the date that is in excel. Prb is that i have more the 1 sheets and the date is not always on the same column.


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Hey Guys,

I need some help getting an on-screen (pop-up or message dialouge) reminder based on date entries in my excel workbook. I have gone through other posts suggesting methods to get an Email as reminder, but could'nt figure out how to go about for an on-screen message.

I need a message listing all tasks which have two days left for completion. This should carry on even if the date is passed untill I change the date entry for a particular task.

I wish to have this message at user logon automatically, so will schedule execution of a VBS file which I could find from an earlier post by Zack.

Will be gratefull! for your help.

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Hi, Its my first post here. I need to send reminder mails from outlook based on excel
I searching for the VBA which according to my needs and I find in this Forum, but I have difficulty understanding. VBA that I adjust not functioning.

I attach the following

I need your expert solution

Any help appreciated and thank you.

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