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Solved: Excel - equation for a Triangle

Question: Solved: Excel - equation for a Triangle

Does anyone know the equation or formula to find the 3rd number if:

e.g. x = 10
y = 15
with a 90 degree angle, 33 degree angle, & 45 degree angle.

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Excel - equation for a Triangle

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Answer: Solved: Excel - equation for a Triangle

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I have a long address list with the address in C
I’d like to sort this list by Zip Code that's at the end of the address.

Is there an equation where I can search this address list in C ... Find the 5 digit zip code ..
And write it to column D ... So I can sort by D ??

To avoid catching a 5 digit address number .. The zip code will always start with (Space)4

Answer:Solved: Excel Equation help

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In the attached example .. I’m looking for an Equation for Column D ..
That’s better than what I can think of (shown in Column F)

I’m wondering if there’s a “Total” function (for lack of better words) that will work better.
This is not of Earth Shaking importance .. But I’m curious.
Many Thanks

Answer:Solved: Excel Equation

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I’ve tried several ways and don’t seem to get the right (expected) answer.
What am I doing wrong ???

Cell G10 …. How to calculate kW(hours) .. to kW Per Hour ...
I'm looking for the hourly average in the time period ... From my camera ???

Seems to me that it should be about ~~6.4 .. Not 150 ???
Do I not understand kWh Maybe ????

FYI .. This number is when the building is being used ...
Tomorrow ... I'll have several Days (hours) when the building is not being used.

Answer:Solved: Excel Time Equation ???

the measurement is kilowatt per hours

so you have used 29 kilowatt hours in 4.37 hours in the spreadsheet that is 4 hours and 37 mins

or you have had a device on that consumes 4.58KW on for 4.62 hours ( you are dividing by a time and not a number )

1KW fire on for 1hour - would be 1KWH - and the meter reading should move to 1

Time is the fraction of the number

so 24hours = 1
4 hrs 37 mins = 0.19

as time 1/24 = 0.041666 = 1 hour in excel format for time

Days are the integer part of the number from 1/1/1900
thats how time and dates are worked out

so you are not dividing by 4 hours - you are dividing by 0.19 , hence the big number of 150.76

so it should be 4.58 and not 150.76

to change the time format into an hours and decimal
do this
rounds to 2 decimal places
as i write this , i feel like its not such a great explanation - so please come back if i have confused you or if its not clear at all

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My company uses Excel for our timesheets. In the same file, I have 12 worksheets, one for each month. I want to add a 13th worksheet so I can automatically tally my vacation days.

Whenever I use a vacation day, it gets added as 8 hours on that day. Each month tallies up the vacation days used for that month in the same cell coordinate, Row 55/Column AJ.

I can't figure out how to create an equation that spans multiple worksheets. Can someone tell me the equation that I need that does the following computation?

I need it to add up all the numbers for each of the 12 monthly worksheets in cell 55AJ and then divide that total by 8 to give me the total vacation days currently used.


at least just sum up all the numbers for cell 55AJ from the 12 worksheets. I can easily divide that number to get the day breakdowns.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Help with an Excel Equation over mult. worksheets

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I have an equation that I need help with putting into an excel Macro. The equation is as follows:

I need this put into a macro as either an if then else statement or a case statement. If anyone could help me out i would appreciate it

Answer:Excel Equation converted to an excel macro

Not sure if this will work for you or not, untested...
dim e as range, f as range, c as range
set e = range("E2"): set f = range("F2"): set c = activecell
if e = "" and worksheetfunction.isna(f) then
c.value = "XXXXXX"
elseif e = "" and isnumeric(f.value) then
c.value = "AS SIGN LAN ID"
elseif e = "XXXXXX" and isnumeric(f.value) then
c.value = "ASSIGN LAN ID"
elseif e = "XXXXXX" and worksheetfunction.isna(f) then
c.value = e.value
elseif (e <> "" or e <> "0000 00" or e <> "111111" or e <> "999999" or e <> "IOIOIO" or e <> "XXXXXX") and (isnumeric(f) or worksheetfunction.isna(f)) then
c.value = e.value
c.value = "No Criteria Met"
end if

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Question: excel equation

How to I create an equation that will result in a negative number for example cell D17 = $30,000 minus combined Cells D4,E4,F4 which will result in a negative number =SUM (D17-D4:F4) does not provide the correct answer

Answer:excel equation

if d4,e4 and f4 are less than d17 - you will not get a minus

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Can anyone help with an equation I'm try to put into Excel.

=1/2 pi r4

and another

=pi r3


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Question: excel equation

I am selling tickets with 5 different prices, I want to add a number into a column indicating the # of tickets purchased then I want it to automatically populate the total column with the amount. So if I put a 1 in sgl tickets for $500 I want to see $500 in the total or if I put a 1 in the Corporate table column I want to see $5000 in the total column or if I put a 1 in the Event Benefactor column I want to see $7000 in the totals - I want the system to automatically populate the total cell when I enter a number into any of the 5 categories.

Answer:excel equation

rtevent said:

I am selling tickets with 5 different pricesClick to expand...

You only give us three to work with, $500, $5000, and $7000.

Also, do you want the prices inside of the formula or would there also be columns or cells with the prices?

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Example: If D3="1" and D4="1" then returns a value of 1 in another cell and in that cells its going to add up every time this condition is true and return a sum to me or another example: If D3="1" and D4="0" then returns a value of 1 in a different cell and in that cells its going to add up every time this condition is true and return a sum to me

Answer:I need an equation for excel

May be a better idea to post this in the Office forum.Likely

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example: If D3="1" and D4="0" then returns a value of 1 in a different cell and in that cells its going to add up every time this condition is true and return a sum to me

Answer:I need an equation for excel

returns a value of 1 in a different cell and in that cells its going to add up every time this condition is true and return a sum to me I don't believe you will be able to accomplish this without some type of VBA code.MIKE

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When analyzing lab data, we general plot the data in excel(2000) using a X-y scatter plot;then I add trendline;next display r2 and equation. When I save/close, then re-open the file half my equations are gone. Why???????

Answer:lost equation in excel

Does this happen in all files? Or just this one?

If just this one, right click one of the sheet tabs and hit Select all sheets. Right-click sheet tab again and hit Move or Copy. Checkmark Create a Copy, hit dropdown and select New Book, hit OK. Save the new workbook.

Does it still behave badly? If so, are other things lost too? In other words, is the file saving any of the changes? If not, close Excel and find the directory named XLSTART. Move anything from in there into another folder and relaunch Excel. Does it still happen? If so, there could be an offending file in your XLSTART--like a macro virus file called "results.xls" or...well, I don't remember the other names offhand! Check it out. Good luck.

[This message has been edited by Dreamboat (edited 04-27-2000).]

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I have a simple (A1*0.05),How can i make is such that if A1 is less than 50,000 the answer is 0, if greater, then the equation is solved.message edited by srdjan

Answer:how to use a conditional equation (excel)

Never mind found it, =IF(A1>50000,A1*0.05,0)

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I have Columns A, B and C.

If Column C has text in it, I wish to copy that text, and place it one column to the left, same row, over-righting the data in B. If there is nothing in column C, nothing needs to be done in that row. There will always be data in column A, until we run out of data.

Logically while A = something, check for text in C. If no text in C, go to next A. If text is found in C, Cut C, paste in B, go to next A, until A contains no data.

How would I write this in Excel?


Answer:Excel logical equation question

Assuming Row 2 is first row try this in B2
This is assuming there is nothing in B2 beforehand.


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Please can anyone help me with an excel equation needed for my spreadsheet.I have an excel spreadsheet in Windows 7 that shows a 2600 rows, and several columns. in each row is an item for sale with a price against it in two seperate columns. There is other data in the other columns also.I need to apply a formula to affect every cell and its corresponding number in the 'price column'. It needs to sort out the numbers from high to low so that the lowest numbers appear at the beginning of the spreadsheet (top of the page) and graduate up in order so that the highest price is at the end of the spreadsheet (bottom of the page)Many thanks in anticipationHeather

Answer:Please can anyone help me with an excel equation needed for my spreadsheet

As I understand your question, sorting seems to be the main issue.  Do you know how to sort all rows?QuoteI need to apply a formula to affect every cell and its corresponding number in the 'price column'. It needs to sort out the numbers from high to low ...Are you saying you want the formula to do the sorting?  This part of your post is not clear to me.

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I'm trying to make a graph in excel, and I've got the graph plotted and everything with a trendline added. All of my data also contain error, so I also included the error bars in it as well. I was wondering if it was possible in excel to add error values to the regression equation.

For example, instead of having y = 0.6322x - 0.0615, I could have something like y = 0.6322 +/- 0.0018x - 0.0615 +/- 0.0426.

Thanks for your help,

Answer:regression equation with error in excel

As far as I'm aware, I don't think you can do that. Not to say it can't be done. Let me refer you to either of the two websites where, if it's possible, these guys would be the one's two who could do it.

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Hello!,I used my TI-83 to find an angle.  This is what I enter to my TI-83:sin(-)(((10)(521^(-9) / (.53^(-5)))and the correct answer is 79.42 degrees.  The calculator mode is set in degrees.Now when I enter it on Excel 2003, it gives me the wrong answer.  How do I write the formula so I can get 79.42 degrees???Please help...Sincerely,Arthur Hernandez

Answer:Convert TI-83 equation to Excel formula...

First of all, I removed your e-mail address to avoid spamming.  I'm sure you'd hate for your inbox to be flooded with messages from Prince Ndugu asking for money.Now...I've never used Excel 2003 (only 2007), so I don't know for sure what kind of features it has.  And I'm no math major, but I don't see how you are getting 79.42 degrees on your calculator.  When I entered the number into a TI-83 (after correcting the formula, which has an incorrect number of parentheses and an improper sine declaration), the answer was nowhere near what you got.  Admittedly, I haven't worked with geometry in several years, so I'm a bit rusty, but I certainly know how to enter numbers into a calculator.I could be wrong, but this should be the proper way to write your formula in Excel:=sin(-1)*(((10)*(521^(-9)))/(.53^(-5)))By default, Excel is normally set to Degrees.  If it is set to Radian, you can write the following:=degrees(sin(-1)*(((10)*(521^(-9)))/(.53^(-5))))But that shouldn't be necessary.  If you are getting the incorrect answer, the only thing I can suggest is to check your formula again.  And for future record, I don't normally respond to PM's requesting help.  I've actually been away from the forums for nearly a month or two and yet I still receive a lot of messages from people asking me for help.  And in many cases, they want help with things I know nothing about.  In your ... Read more

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I appreciate any help I can get on this! I am looking for an equation that will search all of the tabs in my document looking for a specif word (in this case, the name of a client), and then return the value in the NEXT CELL to a different tab (in this case, the value is an hourly rate). I was actually able to make this work using a very long "if then" equation, but it was tedious and doesn't allow for much flexibility.I have read in other forums that a macro might work? Not sure what a micro is.Thank you for your help,steve

Answer:excel equation to search a tab for a specfic data

A macro is a "script" written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) which contains a series of instructions telling Excel and/or VBA what to do. There are some things that can't be done within Excel itself but that can be done with VBA.One such example is what you are trying to do: search multiple tabs for a value.Just like Excel formulas, VBA needs to know what cells to look at, such as a specific column or columns, and where the returned information should be placed.The following code is just an example of a macro. This code will search for the value found in Sheet1!A1. It will look in Column A of each sheet (except for Sheet1) and when it finds the value, it will return the value from Column B of the same row, same sheet. It will place that value in Sheet1!B1.I believe that that is sort of what you are looking for.
Sub multVLOOKUP()
On Error Resume Next
For sht = 2 To Sheets.Count
myVal = WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Sheets(1).Range("A1"), _
Sheets(sht).Range("A:B"), 2, 0)
If myVal <> "" Then Exit For
Sheets(1).Range("B1") = myVal
End SubNow, this is a fairly simple macro that either returns a value if A1 is found or doesn't return anything if A1 is not found. It also needs to be run manually each time A1 is changed.There are lots of other "features" that could be added, and there are various ways to automate the code. All I am trying to do here is show you what a macro is so that you have an idea about what they can do.If you'll sup... Read more

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i have a stress strain diagram form data collected on excel i have various equations cals that should be done on the chart and set points that should be also worked out on the excel chart so how do i get these areas, points onto my diagram with reference lines to the axis

Answer:how do i mark equation points on a excel chart

Sorry, don't do very many charts, so the best I can offer is some Google hits: luckMIKE

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Hi guys.

I'm using Microsoft Excel 2003 on Windows XP.

When I fit a trendline on my data, it lines up perfectly with the data, but the equation is TOTALLY WRONG! Here's a glaring example:

I have the following points:
Row 1 13.44 2.94
Row 2 14.96 5.88

The X values are in column A and Y values are in column B.

So I graph the values, and on the graph the X value correctly matches up with its corresponding Y value. Now, when I tell the graph to display the equation (this is linear by the way), it shows y = 2.94x + 7E-15

y = 2.94x + 7E-15 IS NOT CORRECT! Plug in either X value, and you get an answer for y being in like the 40s, way over 2.94 and 5.88

Is there something basic I might be doing wrong? I cannot believe that Microsoft could make such an obvious mistake.

Answer:Excel 2003 Trend Equation Error

I found the problem. Here's the rule:


For some odd reason, the XY scatter plot gives me the correct equation while the line graph gives me a wacky equation.

For those of you who are going to use this to find an equation, keep in mind that excel defaults large scientific numbers (both large and small) to 1 significant figure. This is awful. You will have to format the equation to contain more decimals. You can do this by changing the format to "Number" instead of "General" and ramping up the number of decimals.

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Hi i am Jo

would need help in finding the length of the third side of a triangle in excel

I have three points number: AB- 235 BC- 156 need to find length AC - it's not a right angle triangle,

Answer:Find length of side of triangle in Excel

Welcome to the forums Jo.

Having the length of two sides of a triangle isn't enough to calculate the length of the 3rd side, for a non right-angle triangle. You'll also need to know one of the angles.

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I just found Equation Editor and I can't get it to total an equation. I pressed = and the Enter key.
Am I missing something or is it just for making equations to post into documents?

Answer:Solved: Equation Editor w/MS Word 9 need total

I'm marking this solved so I don't waste anyone's time. Thanks for looking.

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I need to do a school project about equations and polynoms and, after writing the theoretical part in Microsoft Word(using Microsoft Equation), I discovered that Powerpoint can't recognise what I wrote with M Equation. What do i have to do to be able to copy that in powerpoint? Is it possible, or do I have to go back to the drawing board(Paint?!?!?!)
If u have a clue, let me know, cause I'm running out of time!

Answer:Solved: Powerpoint Vs. Word Equation Editor

Have you tried using the Insert > Object > MS Equation Editor in PowerPoint (to open the window) and then doing a Copy/Paste from Word?

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In my control panel-Devices and Printers there is a yellow triangle with a ! over"my PC" I right clicked and noticed the same yellow figure in front of "Troubleshoot" I left clicked troubleshoot and got the message " An error occurred while troubleshooting. A problem is preventing troubleshooting from starting" I can't see any problems with my PC but I'm interested what the cause is.
Windows 7 installed. Computer Acer Aspire

Answer:Solved: Yellow ! Triangle

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Hi. I haven't visited in a while.

I didn't see this on your site before. I have a red box with a white triangle on it appearing on several icons on my computer desktop. I've attacked a screen grab jpeg.


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-60, x64 Family 17 Model 3 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1789 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 142510 MB, Free - 2469 MB; D: Total - 10112 MB, Free - 1755 MB;
Motherboard: Wistron, 360A
Antivirus: BitDefender Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Answer:Solved: red box with white triangle

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I have been attached by (online security guide icons on the desktop) with the yellow triangle with the ! in it. I get the virus war rings and the pop ups.
System is running windows XP.
I have been unable to find the file(s) that keep infecting my computer.
I have tried the installed Norton software and it does not see anything in regular or safe mode. Trend Micro (cwshreder/housecall/sysclean), Mcafee (stinger), smithfraudfix, superantispyware (temporary installed).

It starts up in safe mode so the virus removing application I feel do not see it.
Here is the Hijack log-
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:03:14 AM, on 11/8/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16544)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\EarthLink TotalAccess\WENGINE\wmonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\... Read more

Answer:Solved: Yellow triangle /

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in the past few days errors and this yellow Triangle in my system tray have been spaming my computer with errors. here is my H-J-T log

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 2:22:44 PM, on 10/13/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\AlienGUIse\wbload.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\iaantmon.exe
c:\program files\common files\mcafee\mna\mcnasvc.exe
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\nTune\nTuneService.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\iaanotif.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\IntelDH\Intel(R) Quick Resume Technology\ELService.exe
C:\Program Files\\Agent\mcagent.exe
C:\Program Files\PowerISO\PWRISOVM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\avgas.exe
C:\WINDOWS\... Read more

Answer:Solved: [email protected]// yellow Triangle

Please download SmitfraudFix (by S!Ri)
Extract the content (a folder named SmitfraudFix) to your Desktop.

Open the SmitfraudFix folder and double-click smitfraudfix.cmd
Select option #1 - Search by typing 1 and press "Enter"; a text file will appear, which lists infected files (if present).
Please copy/paste the content of that report into your next reply.

Note : process.exe is detected by some antivirus programs (AntiVir, Dr.Web, Kaspersky) as a "RiskTool"; it is not a virus, but a program used to stop system processes. Antivirus programs cannot distinguish between "good" and "malicious" use of such programs, therefore they may alert the user.

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I need help getting rid of this flashing yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle of it. The icon is next to the time on the bottom right. Sometimes it pops up a yellow text box that says different things (1) says: Power Security: to keep your information safe you have to provide an interruptible power supply or you must be using UPS hardware. click icon to check out the available UPS adapters. Another one came up as i was starting this thread it said: Power security; to keep this info safe.... it disappeared before i could even read or copy it all. also a System warning!warning hard disk clean up system determined that your hard disk has not enough free space to work properly. This problem occurs because of a number of unused or old files, shortcuts etc, and results in system slowdown and errors. Click "ok" to download Disk clean up software and remove unnecessary objects.

I've installed spybot sweeper and ran that twice. Installed Ad-Aware and ran that twice and also s-t-i-n-g-e-r and ran that once. I've removed all the spyware and adaware they listed.

I have one poker popup that opens when i open internet explorer that i need to get rid of too.

Can you help?

running windows XP

This is my hijackthis log:
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:26:15 PM, on 6/24/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\... Read more

Answer:Solved: annoying yellow flashing triangle with !

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My wifi used to run fine. Now there is a yellow little hazard sign next to the wifi bars and the PC says: Limited connectivity to belkin.758". I cannot connect to the internet! Please help me!

Answer:Solved: Windows Wifi Problems, Yellow Triangle appears!

Here is a Xirrus screenshot:

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system tray triangle alert adware need help removing

i have used adaware and avg detected a few baddies have remove but system tray still have this annoying pop up triangle exclamtion mark icon and once a while will say your system alert: malware threats ,,, please help me... i have hijack this log below
i think i have stoped the process from the task manager the process call isnotify.exe in c:\ windows/system32 and have manually delete it not sure i have done the right thing, also I have then sorted all the files that was installed that time and remove them... into recycle bin, at the moment no more pop up but if I can get some expert opinion anything I else ,eg dll files I need to remove?

much appreciated.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 1:16:10 PM, on 25/09/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\NETGEAR\WG511v2\wlancfg5.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.ex... Read more

Answer:Solved: system tray yellow triangle exclamation alert how to stop it.

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I've tried a few thinks on my own to no avail...Can anyone help me? There are a ton of popups telling me to get some bogus antivirus software and it keeps disabling my ATT yahoo antivirus!!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 7:05:32 PM, on 10/19/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_02\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Album Starter Edition\3.0\Apps\apdproxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\CAVTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\CAVRID.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Antivirus\ISafe.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\BestsellerAntivirus\bm.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\A... Read more

Answer:Solved: blinking yellow triangle with exclamation mark attack! (have hijackthis)

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Hello Guys,

Since yesterday I have had this terrible problem that I could'nt rectify. After I lost all hope I found you guys. I've been reading through some of the similar posts on here but thought it's best to start a thread of my own to provide the exact scenario on my system.

My System Configuration :-

Win Xp Pro SP2 on AMD64 3000+ Build 2600

AV - AVG Internet Security

I also have SpywareTerminator with the AV shield.

A yellow triangle/exclamation mark is in my system tray. Clicking it says that my computer is infected and that I should download special 'antispyware tools'. ". It keeps referring me to some bogus spyware remover website (Regular PopUps on my Desktop) and also prompts to download Win AntiVirus Pro 2007.

I have lost link to my Control Panel and right-clicking on my desktop gives me a pop-up that says that there are Restrictions in place on my PC and I should contact an administrator even though I am the only Admin User (Only Account). I believe I cannot make changes to the Registry either.

The good thing is that I am able to access the net and Pc is working quite fine even now.
But I would really like it to be clean and troublefree again.
As I noticed in similar Threads, I've downloaded SmitfraudFix & HJTInstall and have run the scan.
Following is the Log for HijackThis:-
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:23:16 PM, on 8/25/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (Win... Read more

Answer:Solved: WinXP SP2 Yellow Triangle Adware Control Panel Missing & Privileges Gone! :(

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I want to ask that i have MU550 HSUPA Wi-Fi Gateway (Product By by my ISP (Saudi Telecom Company) .Problem Is that its not Giving Good Coverage across the house.My Desktop Computer is connected through Alpha adapter because of desktop. Now I have connected Wireless G ADSL Home Gateway ( Device Of LinkSys (CISCO) Model Number WAG200G ) Through Lan Modem On My Desktop PC and Connected to linksys Modem Port to get good coverage of signals across the house .

Only few days its work very well And Getting Excellent Signal Across the house and All Device was working properly and now its not working.Please Guide Me what to do .Before it was working.Without too much configuration.Please Guide whether i have to do any configuration or have to put any ip from my isp to linksys router or not.Please if you can remote my computer or check or simply guide me what to do.

I have tried modem reset. Also

I Shall Be Very Thank-full To You.

Answer:Yellow Triangle Not Going/Some time yellow triangle goes but then also not working

we do no provide remote support on the P Chere

using xirrus see what sort of signal you are getting around the house
if the strength is -70 or lower (note negative number) then that would be why you have a connection issue as the signalis not strong enough in those areas
Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply ( the site now appears to require a business email, so try the direct link below)
Direct link to the program is here

{If the above link does not work heres alternative links,77196-order,4/download.html

Read more

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I don't know where to ask this but since it's part of my Programming Logic class i figured I can ask you

I need an equation to work out the total hours in a week that a person works.

I know that MOD and the \ operators are used but I just can't get my head around it. Any help will be appreciated

Answer:Need help with a equation

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I am building a graphing program that allows an equation entered by a user to be graphed in the webpage. I already have a functioning program, but it gets stuck when it comes to more advanced equations.

The php I have starts with the equation entered, e.g. x^3+x^2+2x+1
It takes that and turns it into something that can be understood by php, like pow(x, 3)+pow(x, 2)+2*x+1
However the method I am using to do this get stuck when it comes to bracketed exponents like (x-2)^2. In this case I need it to take whatever is enclosed in the brackets before the exponent to become the first part of the pow() and the exponent as the second part.

My current method uses regular expressions to find anything in the format x^ or and reads characters from before and after to assemble the pow(). However the method I use of reading before the ^ symbol just goes back one character so if x^11 was input, then only x^1 comes out.

I am looking for a more robust way of converting between the initial equation and a php-readable one.

I hope this makes sense!
Many thanks in advance,


Answer:PHP equation conversion

Parsing and lexing for a 'calculator' like app is a fairly extensive subject and there are probably pre-made php modules out there -- I didn't look.
If you want to understand it - you could adapt this perl code to your needs

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click here - can I put a router in the place of the switch here. I think I know the obvious answer and the obvious remark but please can someone prtend I'm 5 years old and give me an answerMany thanks in advance,Janusz

Answer:Where do I put my router into the equation?

yes ... put your router instead of switch .now go and wash your hands and face its bedtime for 5 year olds. you can finish that tomorrow

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Question: microsoft equation

how to install microsoft equation 3.0 for microsoft word 2003?can you just give me a website that can help me?i hope u will reply me as soon as possible..thankss..

Answer:microsoft equation

Hi,This MS page has Equation Editor instructions - click on 'How?' under point #3 for installation instructions - you will need your original Office or Word disk - and the rest of the page is about how to insert an equation into a Word page once you have Equation Editor installed.Regards

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Hello all you people who know what I'd love to know about excel but don't!

I'm a medical student trying to handle a massive excel database and am way out of my depth. I've just spent the last few hours trying to work some nested IF equations and I'm just not there.

If anyone could help I would hugely appreciate it!

I've essentially got four columns which refer to one individual person


Column A is heart attack (1 = yes)
Column B is age at heart attack (e.g. 56)
Column C is stroke (1=yes)
Column D is age at stroke (e.g. 54)

Basically, I want to Column E to contain information (1=positive result, 0=negative result) on whether that individual had premature cardiovascular disease (heart attack before 55 or stroke before 55).

Some people have had either a heart attack or stroke which means that at any one time column A or C could express a blank value. I need to incorporate something into the formula which controls for this but have so far failed!

Any ideas?

Answer:Nested IF equation help?


After three hours of plugging I finally ask for help then I think I manage to work it out??


expresses a true or false result based on whether or not either age of heart attack OR stroke was <55.

I think this is the right formula but if anyone sees something in this that I'm missing let me know - my brain has become a bit boggled with this all!

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Question: Microsoft Equation


I need to type up some worksheets, math worksheets . I have Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. I want to know how to get it if I don't have it or how to start it if I do have it.

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Microsoft equation 3.0 opens and displays tool bar but
when picking option only a box or incorrect font is displayed.
Reinstalling did not correct problem. Placeholders is not

Answer:microsoft equation 3.0

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What is the speed equation for figuring out how fast an amd processor is in Intel measurement. I have an AMD Athlon XP 1600+ (1.4ghz) Palomino Core, what is it's equivalent in Intel terms?

Answer:AMD Speed Equation?

The 1600+ is equivalent to a P4 running at 1.6Ghz. Likewise, A 2200+ is equal to a P4 running at 2.2Ghz

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I'm trying to get the total from D24 which is a sum from multiplication from another cell, to add to E26 if it's greater than 0. Or I need the number from B25 subtracted from E26, so E26 is a running total the I need to go accross 26 sheets in a workbook. Basically a running total for overtime Added or subtracted if greater than 0.
Any help would be appreciated my Excel skills are pretty new.....LOL

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i'm trying to solve if x is greater than 0.1 and less than 26 then 1, if not, then 0.i tried 2 different ways:=IF('Inputs & Assumptions'!P6>0.1,1,IF('Inputs & Assumptions'!P6<26,1,0))however, when x is 0, the function is putting in a 1, instead of a 0.very frustrating!

Answer:using greater than or less than in an equation

You need to use the AND() function, try this:=IF(AND('Inputs & Assumptions'!P6>0.1,'Inputs & Assumptions'!P6<26),1,0)MIKE edited by mmcconaghy

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Presently, I am using OpenOffice but it's near-CLI equation editor, Math, is more difficult to use than MS Word's. Is there a stand-alone, GUI equation editor... I do not wish to install Word just for the its equation editor.

Answer:Alternate equation editor

Howdy. What about

Math Magic, which is available for Win/Mac.


Math Type

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I have this pdf that i've extracted to a word file.But there is a problem with the equations in it, which have not been extracted right, so i'm manually typing them using Word's "Microsoft Equation" tool.So far so good, but i've come with this type of equation:

which i cannot find out how to reproduce it with the same tool.Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to type this equation in Word

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Answer:Microsoft Equation shortcut

In word can you paste Microsoft Equation to the tool bar? I find clicking Insert,then Object, then scrolling down until you find the equation editor rather long winded, especially when you use said item often.

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I have inadvertently converted my equations from objects which can be edited into pictures. How can I change them back to the way they were so I can make changes to them. I have over a hundred equations that I need to work on but they are coming up as images so I cannot change them. I am desperate, please help.


Answer:Microsoft Equation Editor

Would help to know how you managed to convert them to pictures in the first place - I tried to and couldn't. The only way I could do it was to copy and paste it into 'paint' (i.e. as a bitmap). In which case I cant see there that would be any way of reversing it.

I assume you use the normal method of editing an eqation by double-clicking onto it. Try single-clicking then right-click and select equation object/open....

Sorry I cant be of much other use to you here, but someone else might have struck this problem before, so wait a while and see.....

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Recently I have encountered with an annoying bug in Equation Editor 3.0. My problem is described in the following:

Long time ago, I created a word document using Microsoft Office Word 2007 which contains a lot of equations, and I typed all of them with Equation Editor 3.0. After a while, I came back to my file to edit some equations. The appearance of all equations was what I had typed, but when I double clicked one of the equations to edit, I saw a different equation which was available in my file but not on that position. That was a great surprise! All equations had the same problem. When I double clicked each, I saw a different one. Indeed, in my file, each equation seems correct but until It has not been double clicked to edit.

Is there anybody who has encountered with the same problem or know how to fix it...?When I open my mentioned .docx document on a different system, Its bug remains. When I convert it to Latex, latex translates each equation to what I see after double click!! I don?t have any idea what to do! I think this maybe help. The volume of my file is large, both in number of pages and equations, and I have no file in my system with the same problem!!!

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Hi have a stupid question....I am trying to copy and paste a math equaton to another word document but when I do it pastes blank, how do I copy a problem that was done in equaton editor?

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My problem:
I have a database that I am referencing in another worksheet. This database has some values but has a a lot of blank cells. When I reference a cell (a1=worksheeta1) and the referenced cell is blank Excel returns a zero. I cannot have this due to the calculations I need to perform on the values returned. My solution was an IF statement. IF=worksheeta1<>"",a1,"" This worked great and only filled in the cells that had values in the original sheet and I was able to calculate everything I needed. But now I am stumped. I now need to graph some of the sheets I created. Excel reads "" as a value and trys to graph it. I tried using the replace function to start with to just replace the zero (or even an "x") but it only replaces the formula, not the posted value.

My question:
How do I convert only one value (the zero) to its value without altering the cells that are referencing another sheet. (so I can just remove the zero values with a replace function)

I came across this macro

Sub ConvertToValues()
Selection = Selection.Value
End Sub
but how would I limit it to only replacing the zero values.

Thanks for reading this. I am open to any suggestions on either a change of equation or if anyone knows how to write a macro to do this.

Answer:either macro or change equation?

Sub test()
For Each Cell In Selection
If Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(Cell.Row, Cell.Column) = "" Then
Cell.Value = Cell.Value
End If
Next Cell
End Sub

Requires selecting the relevant range on the "formulas sheet" first.

Welcome to the board.

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I am attempting to create an equation that will refer to Column A, and if it has the correct text, then it will include the number in Column C in a sum formula. For the moment, because I do not have that many rows, I've been using this:=SUM(IF(A2="Text",C2,0),IF(A3="Text",C3,0))This formula is working exactly like I want it to, except that I don't want to have to add A4, A5, A6, etc to the formula. I keep feeling like I'm getting really close to the solution, but then it slips away. Is there any way I can have the formula automatically check each row within Column A for the specific word, and only use the correct Column Cs in the Sum? Thanks so much.

Answer:IF equation multiple Rows

Are you looking for this?=SUMIF(A2:A5,"=Text",C2:C5)You should read up on the SUMIF function in the Excel help files to help yourself understand how it works.If you are using Excel 2007 or later, you should also read up on SUMIFS.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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Every time I start equation editor it reverts to the “math” “style” which dose not allow for spaces and it is italicized, so every time I start equation editor I have to set the “style” to “text”. How do I set “text” as the default “style”? Please see pic below.


Answer:equation editor help in MS Word

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you guys know what this is? it allows you to put an equation into M$ word... anyway, my question is is there anyway to copy this specific part out so I can put it on a different install of M$ word?

Answer:microsoft equation editor

With works, it was a particular EXE located somewhere amongst the works directory... may be the same for word. Look for it.

Good luck.

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Does anybody know where I can get the equation editor for Microsoft Word? Its a small toolbar that allows you to write mathematical equations and formulas. I had it on my old computer running Office97 but I cant find it on my laptop running OfficeXP.

Answer:Equation Editor for MS Word

Thanks for the assist.

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i'm working on word xp with windows vista and my problem is that the equation editor won't let me edit the equations. here's what i do: first i insert a new equation, then i insert a new structure (like logs or fractions or anything) then i try to edit into the little square that appears but word won't let me write anything, not letters or numbers.
i tried to solve it but i couldn't. the only thing i figured out i could do was that every time i wanted to edit an equation i had to reboot word, i mean if i wanted to edit an equation i could, but the second time it wouldn't let me, so i have to reboot word and do it all over again every single time.
i'm kinda desperate because i'm working in my thesis so it's very frustrating to have to open and close the programm every 2 minutes.

if anyone could help me i would be eternaylly grateful!!!

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In MS Excel, I need an equation for a combined vlookup and large functions based on text in another column. The scenario is 100 students with names in column A, "m" or "f" in column B, scores in columns C through G, and Total scores in Column H. I need to know the top 3 "m" and the top 3 "f". I am running Excel 2003.

Answer:vlookup equation of a column with dependants

Thanks for telling what you need.If you'd like some help with that, don't hesitate to ask.

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I want to put a superscript directly above a subscript as part of a chemical symbol. In word 2003, I used equation editor, but I can't find the subscript and superscript template in word 2007. Has anyone got any ideas where to find it or what I can do? Thanks for any help in this.

Answer:Word 2007 Equation Editor

Insert > Equation > Insert New Equation.Then Click Script - the one you want is the third along on the top row.

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I remember a couple of years ago I used a Microsoft Word Addon/software to write math equations. I forgot the name of the software but I was wondering if anyone else knew the name of such math equation writing software.

Answer:Software to write math equation

Microsoft Word 2003 (and 2007) does have a built-in equation editor, under Insert Menu -> insert equation

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The spacebar does not work with MS equation in word2002, how do i insert a space when i type in an equation?

Answer:spacebar does not work with MS equation in word2002

what is the equation you want to use? it might be context controlled...

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I am running windows and office XP, but i seem to be having problems viewing Microsoft Equation symbols in Word. The symbols do not appear properly and all you see is a black blob over the relevant symbol.Any ideas on how to rectify this?Thanks in advance

Answer:Microsoft Equation Viewing problems

No one seems to have answered you, so I'm guessing at the moment, do you have the correct font installed to view the equation symbols? I had a similar problem trying to view a document with symbols in it that word didn't recognise, it returned a strange symbol, all was OK when I installed the correct font. Have a look in the fonts and see if you can see the ones you want, if you can't, you'll probably have to do a search on the Internet for them.

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Dear Sir,

I need to know how to rectify errors done in Equation Editor? My OS is 2007 and Windows XP. If I make any mistake while typing an equation and I am not aware of the same, then how can I check it before sending it to anyone?

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I use Word 2002 in Windows XP. The equation editor in Word is
Microsoft equation 3.0. I have two problems with it, one very serious and the other an annoyance. These problems occur only on my desktop; they do not appear on my laptop, which has the same software.

Problem #1: While in equation editor, I choose any one of the brackets (or parentheses) in the drop-down menu that appears when the Fence Template button is pressed. If I type a number or letter in this bracket, it appears as normal. However, If I try to insert the fraction (i.e., blank numerator and denominator) from the drop-down menu for the Fraction and Radical Template, the bracket or parentheses disappears. To get parentheses back into the equation, I have to copy the
work on to a floppy disk, bring it to another computer where the equation editor does not have this problem, and insert the parentheses.

Problem#2: If I type letters in an equation, they come out Greek unless I go to the Style button on the toolbar and switch from Math to Text. However, any additional typing of symbols, etc causes the style to switch back to Math. How can I get Roman letters when the style is Math?

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I want to install microsoft equation editor however I don't have access to the CD or the network. Is there any other way to get this update for Microsoft Word 2003.

Thanks for any help you can provide

Answer:Installing microsoft equation editor

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hi all,

i have just gone to insert equations into one ofmy uni assignments using word 2007. for some reason word 2007 obviously does not come with equation editor on it. have tried to download it from microsoft downloads page..... too hard to find anything on there!! tried to send microsoft an email....... EVEN HARDER!!!!

where can i download a copy from. can anyone help?

Answer:Equation Editor For Word 2007

You cannot download such, it's an inherent function of Word/Office. As should be on your Word/Office CD. You might try the uninstall/reinstall routine or a repair if your program seems to not function properly.

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I am having trouble getting equations to look right in Word 2007. The new equation editor I can't work out how to use at the moment, so I'm inserting as an object the old equation editor equations from 2003. The trouble I have is that the text on either side of the equation object doesn't behave. It is often too low, and sometimes it comes out at different heights either side of the equation! I would like the text to be half-way up the object at all times on both sides - how do I achieve this?With thanks,Jonny

Answer:equation editor in word 2007

Unable to advise you but found a tutorial for Equations in Word 2007 that might help you use the 2007 version click here

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With the new Microsoft Word 2016 if you insert an equation through the Equation button within the Insert menu you get this new-looking editor.

Equations created in such a way can be viewed in inline, professional or linear mode and offer advanced options.

But if you use a keyboard shortcut (Alt+= or any user defined one) instead you end up getting this old-fashioned editor:

And if you edit equations from documents made by other people sometimes they are opened with the new editor, sometimes with the old one.

Can anyone explain the difference between them and how to force Word to always use the new one, please?, I would like to get it with a keyboard shortcut.
And also how to convert an equation made with the old editor onto the new format?


Answer:Different Word 2016 equation editors

Cross-posted at: Different Word 2016 equation editors
For cross-posting etiquette, please read: Excelguru Help Site - A message to forum cross posters

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Hello ..
I am using my Equation editor in MS Office (particularly Word) and find that sometimes it allows me to convert my text from Math to Text, whereas other times it won't ... it is very 'tempermental' I guess you could say. Can anyone explain what is going on and how to fix it??
Also, I know that the default for the Equation Editor is the Math 'font', and especially when you enter a greek letter, it converts from text format to math format. Is there any way to change the default settings to make the Text font format the default instead of the Math setting (I prefer the text setting).
thanks for the help in advance!

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I am working a problem with one of my users.

Office 2003 on a computer running XP sp2 in a power point presentation she is trying to edit an equation, and get the following error:
"Microsoft Powerpoint can't start the application required to open this object.
Error occurred and this feature is no longer functioning properly."

But Equation editor works if using it in Word.

But she can edit this file on other machines via Power point with like setups, including my computer. I reinstalled office, I removed office and reinstalled as new and still the same problem.

Microsoft has nothing on this error.

Any help would be great!


Answer:Equation editor and Powerpoint 2003


It could be related to norton antivirus or systemworks


TAJ Simmons
microsoft powerpoint mvp

awesome - powerpoint backgrounds

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If you were using a small, text-based calculator that looked rather DOS-like, it only accepted input through the keyboard, and you wanted to add the Square Root symbol, would you rather type SQR into the equation, or press [Ctrl]+[R] to add the Square Root symbol?  

Answer:Preference on typing a SquareRoot into an equation

Please vote, people. I know it is an almost pointless poll, but I am making a calculator!  

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Making an equation all the symbols appear correctly. But when I exit back to the document the symbols appear as black circles or lightning etcDone a repair, done a reinstall and no luck.

Answer:Equation editor in Word 2003

Does it appear correctly in Print Preview?

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I am used to using the equation editor in an older version of Word and cannot figure out how to "navigate" through the construction of an equation in this new version. Having started with a subscript term, how do I get out of the subscript and back to the normal line?

Answer:equation editor in word 2007

U can just go to the end of the subscript line using mouse or navigation key!
It'l the same as in older version!

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New here. For some reason, whenever I try to use the equation editor in word, it works for the equation symbol box symbols, but when I try to add basic signs like = or -, it inserts blank boxes (reads documents the same way). BTW I click on the symbol editor symbols to insert the symbols, then use my keyboard for the basic signs like =.

Oddly the * and / signs are ok. I tried to reinstall the app from the control panel and still have the same problem. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?? Thanks so much.

WORD 2003 SP3
Microsoft equation 3.0

Answer:help my word equation editor seems corrupt


I found out that my working computer has a font called symbol installed, that the equation editor uses.
My faulty version only has bookshelf symbol. I looked in the windows/fonts directory and it is not there either.
Any help on how to get the symbol fonts? Even though I can't find a font explicitly called symbol, the insert symbol function
does work properly. It is however, set to normal text.

I looked at the symbol font list on my other computer and it does not include = signs either, just some greek symbols.
Still confused.

I used the repair reinstall office disk and the problem still exists!
It works fine on my other computer.

I may have played with the font styles sometime before.
Does anyone have a photo of what the default styles should look like?

I also have programs like mathematica and mathcad installed.
There should be some way to compare correct font lists somewhere.
This is really annoying as the blank boxes render the program useless.

One other point is that I was going to reinstall word (from office disk), but when you get to the
menu option, it only gives you the choice to "uninstall non selected applications."

I don't want to uninstall the other apps, just replace word.
Do they literally mean the only choice is override or uninstall other applications?
Does anyone suggest just reinstalling the entire program office?

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Every so often, while I'm working with equations in MS Word 2007, I get strange behaviour where the equations seem to be shifted. It's hard to explain, but if you look at the attached photo, one of the equations is selected (far right column). As you can see, the selection box is not where the equation is. I've tried reloading Word, looking at Print Preview, cutting and pasting into another equation, clearing the formatting... Even if I retype the equation within the body, it remains skewed. I have to retype it below for it to work... really annoying. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this without manually retyping everything?

I'm running Office 2007 Ultimate with Windows 7 Home Premium 64


Answer:Microsoft Word Equation Mis-alignment

Hmm, ISTR something similar in Word 2007 when I was writing my proofs for Discrete and Foundations.

The only thing I could figure would be to either 1) write the whole thing as an equation, instead of entering the "z >" as text and then building the equation, or 2) doing the exact opposite of 1). I cannot recall *which* one would make it work, but one of those 2 *should* fix it.

I never actually tried the columnar approach except once for a formula sheet that our DE professor allowed us to have during a particularly brutal exam, but if I can find it on my jump drive I'll take a look and see which method I used in that instance, as that is the only time I ever used a multi-column layout. All my proofs for the other classes were normal 1.5 spaced paragraph-type proofs.

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I am running office 2003 in windows xp. When I insert an equation using equation editor, I can edit the equation without problem. When I click outside the equation, the equation disappears and is replaced by a box. I can double click and see the equation again, for editing. When I print preview, the proper equation shows up, but not when I am in normal view or the other available views in word. I want to be able to see the equations without having to go to print preview. Any suggestions? TIA

Answer:Problems with equation editor in word 2003

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Im writing a program in VB6 and was wondering of anyone knew how to make a Click() event activate an open mathematical equation? Is it even possible? And also, cani have the result displayed in a MsgBox?

If you have ANY information or help, please e-mail me. ([email protected])

Answer:Does anyone know how to have a mathematical equation activate on a Click() event?

May I also add that I am having trouble with ListBox es and wondered if anyone had some tips. I can't get mine to display anything at all...

May I also add that I am running VB6WE (Working Edition), so I don't have any Help until I find a cheap place to buy the Learning Edition.

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I have a word file (MS Word XP) containing equations. But, I am not able to edit/open the equations in the equation editor. When I double click the equation, the error message comes as "The sever application, source file can not be found". When I right click on the equation, it shows Math Type 5.0 equation object. I don't have license for Math Type 5.0.

I am able to create equations in the word file using the equation editor, but the existing equations I am not able to edit/open.

As the document contains many equations, and I need to modify the document, can someone suggest me the way I can open the equations.


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I was just using OpenOffice spreadsheet, and I was making a linear graph to which I added a linear regression. Does anyone know if it's possible to get Openoffice to tell me the equation (ie. the slope and y-intercept) of the line like you can in MSExcel (possibly display it on the graph itself)?


Answer:OpenOffice linear regression equation problems

Yes, 2.4+ can show the equation for a linear regression curve like Microsoft Excel.

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The equation editor isn't working correctly. If I double click on it to edit an equation thesymbols appear as they are meant to, but once embedded in the word document they appearincorrectly. I am using XP Pro and Word 2003.

Answer:Equation Editor in Microsoft Word 2003

Wessie,It sounds like a font issue. Are you using an unusual standard font?Check the font used in the equation editor, then reformat the equation in word with that font.Regards,Felix

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I support a small network of PCs and one has a bizare problem which I cannot replicate on any of the others.When the user runs Equation Editor in Word and tries to put vertical Fractions into Parentheses, the Parentheses disappear (leaving just a vertical fraction).We have uninstalled and re-installed Word and the equation editor feature several times, but this makes no difference.This feature works fine on the other Office computers, but not this one.The version of Word is 2003, the OS is Win XP Pro and I am at my wits end!Please someone help me!!!!!Martin

Answer:Missing parentheses - Word equation editor

I'm not sure if this helps but have you tried going to Equation Editor's Format then Define Spacing and change the values for Horizontal fence gap. Otherwise maybe you can try changing the other spacing values.

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I have Microsoft Office 2013 64-bit on my system.

While editing an equation in Powerpoint using the equation tool, the program crashes. I specifically am trying to move an equation I made by pressing Enter or Space key, and then the program crashes.

I have attached screenshots of the problem signature output.

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Hi all,
I'm having problems with my Equation Editor in MS Word. Even though I tried re-installing it, I still get the following error message:

"The server application, source file, or item cannot be found. Make sure the application is properly installed, and that it has not been deleted, moved, or renamed."

Any thoughts on what might be wrong here? Thanks.

Answer:Problem with Equation Editor: Error message

This may help?;EN-US;Q173430

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Running Windows Vista Premium Home Edition.

I have an Excel 2003 spreadsheet.that I originally created on Excel Office Professional Edition 2003. Also, have Excel 2007 Home and Student Edition installed. I uninstalled the Excel 2003 software, but now when I clik on this created Excel 2003 spreadsheet with Excel 2003 it will not open. It says there is an invalid path. I reinstalled Excel 2003 and it opens. I tried to save this as an .xlsx extension and then uninstalled Excel 2003. It wouldn't open. So something is occurring here. On other Excel 2003 created spreadsheets, they open without issue.

Then I have a program with an .exe extension. It needs to open using Excel 2007. With both Excel 2003 and Excel 2007, it will not open. It freezes and then I get an error message saying it cannot open with another Excel other than 2007. If I right clik on the .exe program, there is no "Open with". I even tried opening a blank Excel 2007 spreadsheet and then cliking on "Open". but it is a bunch of gibberish. My IT person says you can't open the program that way, You have to launch it as an .exe program using Excel 2007.

Any ideas on what is going on? By the way, I have both Excel versions on my laptop running Windows XP and I do not have these issues at all.

Answer:Solved: Some Excel 2003 & Excel 2007 applications won't open on Windows Vista

Hi there,

If I said I was confused that'd be an understatement I think. You cannot open executable files (*.exe) with Excel. Recognized file types are things like .xls, .xla, (for 2007) .xlsx, .xlsb, .xlsm, etc. I don't know what your exe file is and I'm not sure I wanna know, but it certainly doesn't open in Excel. What is it exactly? If you don't know I wouldn't open it. Or if someone told you to open it with Excel then it's probably a virus. Unless I'm missing something here.

With the file in question which won't open, assuming it's not this strange and unknown exe file you're talking about, sounds like the file may have been corrupted. Does it open on any other machine? And if you uninstall Excel 2003, did you re-install 2007? It seems strange. I would try cleaning out your application and reinstalling 2007 fresh. You can't install 2003, then 2007, then take off 2003 and put it back on, you're gonna get things screwed up. I bet your registry doesn't know which way to turn here. Some good info on it can be found here...

Also, I would highly recommend you completely uninstall all versions, and I'm talking a deep cleaning, then reinstall. For that deep cleaning, take a look at this article (which I'd highly recommend you do) and then reinstall... Read more

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Hello again,

I have a word doc that has a form in it. The form may have any number of fields (boxes) to type text answers into, or be a drop down list to select an answer from. I need an excel macro that extracts all data from the form, but with every five fields starting a new row in excel. So all data from the form will appear within 5 columns in an excel spreadsheet.

field 1 field 2 field 3 field 4 field 5
field 6 field 7 field 8 field 9 field 10

Is that possible? I have had no luck to do it myself.

Sample form attached, thank you

Answer:Solved: Excel macro to extract Word form data into Excel

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I am trying to create a code that will autofilter data on an Excel worksheet. The code works fine to filter the data, but it does not hide the AutoFilter Arrows.

Below is the code I am using. What (if anything) is wrong with the code below?

ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D500").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="<>", Visibledropdown:=False

Answer:Solved: Excel 2007 Macro -> Hide Excel AutoFilter Arrows

I noticed that the code above (in Post #1) that the AutoFilter Arrows were beinf truned off on Field 2, but none of the others.

I have played around, and done some research to come up with the code below:

Dim c As Range

For Each c In ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D1")
ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D500").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="<>"
c.AutoFilter Field:=c.Column, Visibledropdown:=False

Does anyone have a better solution?

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We recently migrated from Office 2003 to Office 2010.

Just to give some background, (and I dont' know if this is relevant to this error), the Office 2003 excel did not accurately show the correct file paths where files were linked. It would show something in the C drive.

The issue I am concerned about today is this: when some users close files in 2010 (files were created in they sometimes get the error below:

'"The name ABE2, either conflicts with a valid range reference or is invalid for Excel. This name has been replaced with _ABE2"

Can someone assist me with this? I need to stop it from appearing and I am not sure how.

Answer:Solved: Excel 2010 v Excel 2003 Error Valid Range

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I’m using Windows 7 and I used a macro which worked totally fine under Excel 2003. Now, under Excel 2007 it does not run anymore but displays the following error message:

"Run-time error '445':
Object doesn't support this action.

The function of the macro is to open up all other Excel spreadsheets located in the same folder and copy data out of them into the spreadsheet in which the macro is stored.

When I click on "Debug" the Visual Basic Editor highlights the row which says: Set FilSrch = Application.FileSearch

Can you help me with this? I've searched for a solution for a long time but could not find anything which worked.

The following is the start of the macro code:

Sub UpdateTable()
Dim X As Range, I As Integer, J As Integer, RecNo As Integer, CopyVal As Variant
Dim SourceBk As Worksheet, DestBk As Worksheet, StartRow As Integer, IndRange As Range
Dim ServRange As Range, SrcOpen As Boolean, SourceName As String
Dim FilSrch As Object, MyFilArray() As String

'MsgBox "This function not available in this version.", vbInformation, "Function Not Available"
'Exit Sub
'Sheets("LookUp").[a12] = Now
With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False
.StatusBar = "Counting source files ..."
End With
Set FilSrch = Application.FileSearch
With FilSrch
.LookIn = ActiveWorkbook.Path
.FileType = msoFileTypeExcelWorkbooks
If .Execute > 0 Then
ReDim MyFilArray(.FoundFiles.Count)
For I = 1 ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Excel 2003 Macro Doesn't Run in Excel 2007 - Help Requested

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Problem in Excel 2010 [but revives a Closed TSG thread for Excel 2007]

The "Personal Macro Workbook" is a file called Personal.XLSB
The Personal.XLSB file is in the correct location /XLSTART/
The file properties option "Opens with Excel" is selected.
The file contains a (freshly re-made) macro.
(It also contained the same steps macro before it was deleted
and re-recorded during troubleshooting for this problem.)

When Excel is opened, the Personal.XLSB DOES NOT OPEN WITH it.

Because the Personal Macro Workbook does not open,
- existing macros do not function,
- nor can new macros be recorded

Same not-opening result, whether opened by clicking on
- Excel, in the Programs list or
- a desktop shortcut to a specific Excel file

However, the Personal.XLSB file can be opened and the macro made functional
by manually opening that file where it is stored in /XLSTART/

An unexplained workaround was identified in the closed thread.

*rename the Personal.XLSB to Personal.XLSA

I find this workaround effective.
The Personal.XLSA file opens with Excel and the macros are available.
But the file seems to be grayed out when viewed with Explorer in /XLSTART/

However, I do not like using workarounds, as they can cause trouble later.
I find that the "open with" setting was changed when the extension was changed
The setting is now "Opens with: Windows Shell Common"

I would appreciate an explanation how to make Personal.XLSB open as it should.
... Read more

Answer:Solved: Personal.XLSB in Excel 2010 does not open on starting Excel

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I've searched for issues regarding non-working VBA code written for Excel 2010 and compatibility wit Excel 2011 for MAC.
I am currently using Addin (*.xlam) files that hold all the necessary code to process multiple files without needing to use the PERSONAL.XLSB and as eliminating the need to copy VBA code to every file that requires.
This works perfectly with all the Windows Office versions.
Today a colleague want's to run this same file on a MAC book with Office 2011.
The moment he opens the Addin het gets an error that a library cannot be found, understandable, but the Tools Reference in the VBA project is also greyed out so I cannot even try setting any reference.
Does anyone have any experience with this or is this something that needs a complete new approach when it regards Office on the MAC?

I hope somebody can help

Answer:Solved: Excel 2010 xlam file not working with Excel 2011 for MAC

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I have just been upgraded to Excel 2007. I find that some of the macros that were recorded in Excel 2003 no longer work in Excel 2007. We use the Analysis Toolpak VBA add-in and I have added this in to 2007 ok, but when running a macro I get a run time 1004 error ATPVBAEN.XLA cannot be found. After some searching it would appear that some of these functions have been renamed in 2007 e.g. it is now a .XLAM file rather than .XLA which is why the macro code can't find it. I guess I could manually edit all the macros and change the fucntion names but there are other colleagues in my team that are still using 2003, so I don't want to break things for them. Is there any solution to this? Thanks

Answer:Solved: Problem with Excel 2003 macros in Excel 2007

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Firstly I am a beginner of beginners but I try to learn as much as I can.
I have put the following protection code into an Excel 2003 workbook and everything runs ok. I then opened the workbook in Excel 2007, and saved it as a .xlsm file. When I try to open the .xlsm file in Excel 2007, I get a vba Runtime error 13, "Type mismatch", and the code sticks at the first line below("If Worksheets...). I have tried everything that my limited knowledge allows, searched the web for 2 days, and still have no answers.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
If Worksheets(28).[A51] > "" And Worksheets(28).[A50] = Worksheets(28).[A51] = False Then
MsgBox "Sorry, this program is not registered for this computer, please e-mail .......... for more info."
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
End If
End Sub
My system specs are shown below.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 2934 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1243 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 290143 MB, Free - 172186 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0WXY9J
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Solved: Excel 2003 vba code not working in Excel 2007

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Product ID: 00330-80000-00000-AA000/10240 Upgrade from 10166 Pro clean install
Product ID: 00330-80000-00000-AA529/10240 Pro first Clean Install
Product ID: 00330-80000-00000-AA741/10240 Pro second Clean Install
Product ID: 00330-80000-00000-AA496/10525 Pro first Clean Install
Still on Permanently activated

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