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office 2007 wont install over previous 2007 office beta version

Question: office 2007 wont install over previous 2007 office beta version

hi all i have a genuine 07 office pro that i am trying to install, i have previously tried a beta version and have also had office pro 2003 version on my laptop

when i start the cd it starts to initialize then says office 07 cannot install as previous version of 07 have been found uninstall before continuing

i have gotten rid of all traces that i can find through the registry in safe mode with uninstaller pro but i still get the same error

i am running media center with an upgrade to vista premium

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Preferred Solution: office 2007 wont install over previous 2007 office beta version

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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No warning - nothing, but today up pops a nice little message that it has expired and I have to go to the ADD/REMOVE control panel and get rid of it!
It now has reduced funcionality (as in nothing works any more) but I have tricked it by setting PC's clock back in time by one year and everything is happy again.
So somewhere in the registry I guess is an entry that remembers the date so is it against the site rules to ask where one would look to find this offending entry and "to things with it? as in delete the brute!

Answer:My Office 2007 beta Version just expired!

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I've tried the 2007 beta and whilst I think its pretty good I cannot justify buying it when it's released. So I plan to go back to Office 2003.I've mostly saved any documents/spreadsheets in 2003 format but where I've forgotton do i just download a viewer from Microsoft (but I seem to recall there is some download that allows for reverting back?)?The bit i'm concerened about is my Outlook pst files, will outlook 2003 be able to read the pst files created by outlook 2007?Thanks

Answer:Reverting from Office 2007 beta to office 2003

Compatibility Pack click here

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Neowin has posted some statistics of Office 2007 and Office 2010 beta. So here are the details
Office and Office 2007 Momentum
o 41 billion minutes in Outlook
o 31 billion minutes in Word
o 18 billion minutes in Excel
o 3 billion minutes in PowerPoint
o In October 2009, US online PC users spent more time in PowerPoint than in Halo 2 on the PC
o In October 2009, US online PC users spent more time in Excel than QuickBooks
o >500 M people worldwide use Office at work, home and school
o Approximately 250 M people worldwide use Office at home
Office 2010 Beta momentum
o More than 2.5 million people have downloaded the Office 2010 beta so far
o Over 80% of beta users have encouraged others to download the Office 2010 beta
o Over 75% of beta users are satisfied with the Office 2010 beta
o 9 out of 10 beta users feel that the Office 2010 beta is an improvement over their current productivity suite
o More than 2 out of 3 beta users think the Ribbon makes it easier to discover new features
o 75% think BackStage view makes Office a better overall experience
o More than 4 out of 5 beta users who have used Sparklines in Excel 2010 say it makes their data in Excel easier to interpret
o 90% of beta users who have used PowerPoint photo editing believe they have saved time by not using another application
o 3 of 4 beta users who use Outlook conversation management say it makes their inbox less cluttered
o More than 75% of beta users who have used OneNote say it he... Read more

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I recently purchased a HP 530 laptop for our soccer club that came pre installed with Vista. During use of outlook, Excel etc it came up with a message asking for activation key & that we had 20 uses left to enter it (I presumed this was a trial version & activation code to be purchased). After 5-10 uses I decided to install Office 97 which I still had lying around from an old PC. This installed OK but the message was still appearing.

I then uninstalled Office 97 via add/remove programs & then did likewise for anything that mentioned office 2007 (I didn't do the actual uninstalling but am advised there were 4-6 office 2007 variants uninstalled). I then went to load office 97 back in but no go. It goes through the usual install process, enter key, select location to load (prog files/microsoft office) & then select type of install required (typical) & then the features (have selected all & just the basic office install).

Then it goes to the actual install process but just sits there with the bluey/green coloured screen with Microsoft Office 97 written at the top but goes no further.

I have checked add remove programs again & no mentions of office are listed.

I have followed the following fix I was advised about -

By default, Office is installed to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office. Using My Computer or Windows Explorer, go to that folder. Delete the E... Read more

Answer:Hp Laptop, Vista, Unable To Load Office 97 After Removing Office 2007 Trial Version.

Microsoft doesn't certify Office 97 to work with Vista: being said, lot's of people on the web have gotten it to work with varying degrees of success.Ensure that you install the application in compatibility mode - both as "Run as Windows 98" and "Run as Administrator"Don't install Service Pack 2 - it has problems. But, from what I've read, it'll let you gracefully exit the SP2 setup if you started it.

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Sorry if this has been previously mentioned, but I am wondering. After you have installed the 2007 BETA, what happens to the 2003 version? When the BETA expires, can you re-install the 03 version? Sorry if this has been said before, but a search turned nothing up.Thanks, benny456

Answer:MS office 2007 BETA and Office 2003?

Someone asked that only a few days ago.I can't remember what the answer was though....

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hello, i bought a new laptop a few months ago and rather than install my office xp pro, i chose to download the office 2007 small business trial and have been using this for 2 months including outlook for which i have many emails. my problem is i now want to use office 2007 pro and have bought an upgrade product, but to get this on my laptop i 1st need to install office xp pro then upgrade! if i bought office 2007 pro full product would this just install over trial or do i have to uninstall trial beforehand?what will happen to any files i have saved in office and also my emails? i cannot afford to lose any emails so how do i go about doing this? any help much appreciated.

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I have tried to update Office 2007 with the new SP1 update. It appears to download OK but it wont install. I've also manually downloaded the full file but again near the end of the installation it aborts. I Have transfered the d/l to another machine and it installs fine so the file isn't corrupt. Previous updates have installed OK.I've tried stopping/restarting the ose service but still no joy.Suggestions ?

Answer:Office 2007 SP1 downloads but wont install

If its on Vista I've found you may need to disable UAC to let office update work. I don't know why but it seems to vary between installs/versions.

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ive tried installing office home and student 2007 on my computer but i keep recieving this error (attachment).
ive tried entering registry keys, same thing.
ive attempted The 2007 Office suite or the 2010 Office suite Setup program will not restart after an initial installation is interrupted with no luck.
i have an acer aspire 8943G running windows 7 64 bit home premium

Answer:office home and student 2007 wont install

1.Uninstall all prior versions of MS Office,if unable to do that normally try these removers How do I uninstall Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 suites if I cannot uninstall it from Control Panel?
2.Find in your profile folder (C:\Users\<your account>....) all files & foldersand which relate to Office and delete them.
3.Enable built-in Administrator account and from it's levevel try install Office,when it finish succesfully disable built-in admin.

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hello, i recently had to do a system restore because my laptop went boom.
after that, office 2007 had gone. so i tried reinstalling the trial but its been replaced with 2010 so i downloaded 2010 only when trying to install i get

There was a problem setting up Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010:

This product requires Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1, or Windows XP SP3

i have vista home basic, no idea what SP im running but i guess its not SP1

anyway of getting around this OR is the 2007 trial anywhere?


Answer:office 2010 wont install and 2007 has been removed

First go to the computer icon on desktop
Right click and then properties
This will show SP etc.
If you have anything other than SP2 install all the SPs
Then try to reinstall
If you still have problems report back.
Office 2010 will run with SP2. It needs a minimum of SP1

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When I try to open a 2007 Word or Excel document I recieve as an attachment in Outlook 2003, I get the following message:
"This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". Office 2007 compatibility pack was installed and it still did not work.

I then uninstalled Office 2003, uninstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack and then I ran CCleaner to clean up the registry. I updated my OS (currently has Windows XP SP3) with all updates, reinstalled Office 2003, installed Office 2003 SP 3 and then reinstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack.

I still get the same message when I try to open an Office 2007 attachment in Outlook 2003.

OS is Windows XP SP3 fully updated
Office 2003 SP 3 fully updated

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any hel on this issue.

Feral Geek

Answer:Solved: Cannot open Office 2007 documents even with Office 2007 compatibility pack in

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I am currently using a new Sony Vaio laptop running Vista 64-bit.
When I got the computer, it had the trial version of Microsoft Office on it. When I first opened it, it asked me for my Product Key, which I typed in (I bought Office for a different computer, and only used it once). Everything went fine, until the loading bar on the configuration screen loaded to full, and then didn't do anything. It did the same thing each time I tried.
Now, my trial version has run out, and I am in the same dilemma. I tried uninstalling it, but only managed to uninstall some of it, leaving the main Office 2007 file on my computer. I am having the same exact problem every time I try to install it on my computer. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, or has any suggestions, I would appreciate it greatly.

Note: I have already tried copying the CD's contents to my desktop and running the installation from there. Same result.

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I was considering tring the beta of office 2007.not tried office beta before, will I be able to try it without it overwriting office xp.i would like to keep my office xp in tact and my office xp files, and run the beta for new documents.

Answer:office 2007 beta & office xp

I've just tried it and it left my Office 2003 intact.I could not get it to activate so I've System Restored to before I installed it and Office 2003 is still working.I would heed the Fe's warning click here

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Hello, today the automatic update performed
Cumulative update 1703 and
MS Office 2007 update, the KB numbers follow

on a machine with CZECH Windows, Office 2007 installation was also Czech.

After the update, my Outlook 2007 started to speak half Czech and half Swedish or what
(see image). Can that be fixed?

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Windows 7 Dell Multimedia computer.
It has Office 2007 installed , which includes PowerPoint 2007.

We need to upgrade PP 2007 to PP 2010 to help run embedded You Tube videos.

I have an unused and unopened stand alone version of PowerPoint 2010 to install on The Dell Multimedia computer.

How is the best way to do this upgrade with the least amount of problems ??

Can I uninstall only the PP app of Office 2007?
What if I uninstall the 2007, and then have problems installing the 2010?

Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone tell me how to re-install Microsoft Office? I've just had to do a complete re-install of Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition (as a parallel, repair function was not working on the original version) after a blue screen error nightmare followed by issues with the keyboard and mouse not being recognized. Those issues are now resolved and I was able to keep my data. I see everything in the system has been restored except Microsoft Office 2007. I can see the files but cannot access the actual program. My word and excel files are there but I cannot open them without the program. I do have the Application and Drivers & Utilities CD's (DELL Dimension E520). Any advice would be appreciated.


Answer:[SOLVED] Need to re-install MS Office 2007 in Windows XP - (actually Office 2003)

You need the Office 2007 installation cd . . If it came with the PC, Dell should have included it in the package of cd's with the system

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Hi Folks,

The title of the thread says it all really.

I have legitimate copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate on my PC. I have just bought a copy of Office 2016 Professional Plus through the HUP.

I haven't installed Office 2016 yet - I use Office 2010 at work and find using Custom Animations in PowerPoint tricky compared to Office 2007.

I'd like to install Office 2016 alongside Office 2007 until I have tried Office 2016 to see if the Custom Animations in PP are easier than the 2010 version before switching completely.

My question is, can I install Office 2016 alongside Office 2007 without conflicts - switching between versions without a problem or will installing Office 2016 screw Office 2007 or worse FUBAR both Office installations or my PC.

Any help gratefully received.



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Current Office Pro 2003 user. Saved .pst files and used registered MS disc to load Office 2007 SB. Sucess except for Outlook with message "The operation failed due to an installation problem. Reinstall Outlook and try again. If problem persists, please reinstall".
Tried all disc options of reinstall, repair, add, etc. to no avail. (Outlook is displayed on Add/Delete with red cross!) Aware MS Technet states "Office Outlook 2007 cannot coexist with previous version of Outlook on the same computer". Removed outlook.exe (2003) but still no advance. Cannot see how to remove Outlook 2003 in totality.
Reason for buying Office 2007 was to try and avoid frequent crashes of Outlook 2003.

Before I delete Office Pro 2003 and try a virgin installation, of Office 2007 SB, your advice, please, Bellini.

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I have Excel 2000 installed, but need to install Excel 2007 also. Is it possible for me to have both of them installed, but keep 2000 as my default?

Answer:Solved: Install Office 2007 with Office 2000

I followed the instructions here and it workred:

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I have just bought the DVD September issue of PC Advisor which I thought would contain Office 2007 Beta 2.0.Unfortunately it looks as if I missed the issue with this programme on the DVD\CD.It appears I was reading an outdated piece of news!!I do not want to download it via internet, so does anyone know if there is another way to obtain/purchase the Office 2007 Beta 2.0?

Answer:Office 2007 Beta 2.0

I am concerned that you have used the Absolute beginners forum.You need to be aware that Office 2007 is a beta version ie still at the test stage and could well be full of problems. Personally I do not think that this program is for inexperinced computer users of even for moderately experinced computer users. I would wait until the final version is released.This thread may help:click here

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This installation of office 12 beta took forever to install (33 minutes) i hope the final version is quicker. InfoPath and Publisher were left out of the new UI. I think OneNote was also but is not in my edition. Though it will take a little getting used to with the new screen hog layout. i think a 19" + will be needed for easy use as a 15" screen is a nightmair having to scroll left to right and up and down. I can't find where you change the page view to fit the width to the screen. But all goes well without any problems. Though the installation was a slight mess with leaving the Office 2003 Folder in the menu with all the dead icons inside. While Office 12 created a new folder etc. I do think it is a step forward in how office will operate in the future. I won't expect the final version (Office 2007) to be a complete success since it will be the first with the new UI since 1995 (That's the first version i used). Maybe the next version (2009?) may update to improve as really, there never is a final. Office 2003 was a rush release only giving the tool bars the 3D look and making the icons a fresh modern look which is still used in this better version. Overall it isn't bad not very user friendly at this stage as have to get used to the new way of the set up so i'll wait out and see how i find this.

Answer:Office 12 (2007) Beta

i have been using it and the first thing i missed was "The Office Assistant" i love "Links" the cat. But is unnavailable. Maybe it not included in early beta's but may be in the final version well the public release of office. It seems to be alright otherwise i do't get fancy with office but what i use is there in front of me without using those toolbars. Though the reduced clicking isn't really that reduced you still have to click 2-4 times to do an action which is very similar to early versions of office (2003 back). I'm not bagging the product it is easier to find things though.

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Question: Office 2007 Beta

Can someone tell me step by step on how to view the toolbar/menus like in 2003? I feel lost with the new user interface.

Answer:Office 2007 Beta

Unfortunately, you can't use the old Office menus.

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Question: Office 2007 Beta 2

The '2007 Microsoft Office System Beta 2' is now available for public download from click here. Has anyone installed it yet and what do you make of it if you have? Are there any known issues yet like security problems etc?

Answer:Office 2007 Beta 2

I leave all Beta testing to other brave souls

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Question: Office 2007 Beta

Has anyone else tried the new MS Office Beta version.I think from my own experiences , toying with it that it is far superior to 2003 Pro. (At least for Word,Excel & Access) Would have liked to see what the revised Outlook looks like and what it is capable of but for some reason (probably cos I have 2003 Pro configured to my email accounts) - it won't open Outlook - gives a message to try starting Outlook in safe mode and whatever I do just keeps looping back to the same question - don't really care at this point in time but if I were to actually purchase the program once officially launched and the same thing happened I would not be too happy.Chiefy

Answer:Office 2007 Beta

Is the Office 2007 Beta available for download by the general public then? If so, could you post the link here? Thanks.

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Beta-1 Technical Release Build Coming Next Week

Preparing to Install 2007 Microsoft Office System Products, Beta1
TR build
We are busy making final preparations for the 2007 Microsoft
Office Beta 1 Technical Refresh (Beta1TR) release. We plan to
release this to you on BetaPlace next week and appreciate your
patience as we polish things off.

We have two goals for this release:

1. We want you to be able to validate that the fixes to
issues you've previously reported about 2007 Microsoft Office do
meet your needs.
2. We also want to provide a build of 2007 Microsoft Office
that functions on Windows Vista Feb CTP. With this build, we will
begin accepting bug and newsgroup submissions regarding the
2007 Microsoft Office Beta1TR build on Windows Vista Feb. CTP.

The Beta1TR build remains suitable for testing. However, the
quality bar has not been raised to the higher level that would be
expected for a Beta-2 release. Therefore, there may be some
areas of the product that function more effectively than before
and others areas that display new bugs or problems. Please
continue to log bugs in BetaPlace and use the newsgroups for
product support.

Beta1TR E-mail to Expect from Microsoft
When we release the Beta1TR build next week, you will receive
an e-mail from which contains the product identification keys
(PIDs) needed for installing the new 2007 Microsoft Office system
build. These product keys are the s... Read more

Answer:Office 2007 Beta 1TR

Just like Windows Vista, Office 2007 is now officially a 2007 product. Sure, Microsoft is still going to release to manufacturing (RTM) the Office 2007 bits in calendar 2006 (although a bit later than it expected). But only volume licensees will actually be able to get the Office 2007 bits in 2006; everyone else will have to wait until January 2007. Sounds like Microsoft is now planning a double-header product launch to start the new year. The news of Office 2007 new rollout schedule comes the same day that Microsoft appointed Office chief Steven Sinofsky to move to Windows to get the trains running on time.

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I've downloaded Office 2007 Beta 2 and installed it in my home PC. It runs well except for one problem. Outlook Express shuts down very frequently. How to kill this problem?Moved from XP Forum ~acklan~

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Question: office 2007 beta

does the download give the option to "save" for later install or does it automatically install of previous office programs?

Answer:office 2007 beta

The download is an EXE file which you can save to install later.RegardsFitshase

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Question: office beta 2007

Hi im trying to install office 2007 but it says i need to uninstall office 2007 beta version first ive tried add and remove programs but it says the file is corrupted so i carnt uninstall it .Does anyone know how i can remove the beta version.Thanks in advance

Answer:office beta 2007

Try this click here

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Question: office 2007 beta 2

Hello there,

I have a problem i cannot uninstall the office 2007 beta software and i also cannot upgrade any other version over it. Can somebody tell me what to do?

Answer:office 2007 beta 2

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Microsoft has released beta 2 of Office 2007.You can download it (or have it mailed to you on DVD) at can't whether I'm excited or not. After all, it is Microsoft.

Answer:Ms Office 2007 Beta 2 Available

I certainly cannot get excited about any MS Beta---these are very often buggy, not fully featured, and have problems interacting with other applications. Regards,John

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Need Help !

I want to install Ms Office (reguler) 2007 or Ms Office Professional 2007,

but my setup is always go to Ms Office Enterprise 2007 Setup !

1. How can i fix that setup normally ?
2. My Problem number 2 :


(how can i fix this warning ?)

What should i do ?

Thx very very very much for help.

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I Don't know where to post this question. I have tried looking through forums and FAQ'S on many sites...including Microsft. I downloaded and installed the beta for Office 2007. I started having trouble with running my anti-virus program( Earthlink Protection Control Center) It will stall...and lock pc up.... everytime I get to the OPPLUS_EN_EXE file...which is the file I downloaded to install Office. I have deleted the original file....and un-installed all the Office programs.. ... however the Protection Control Center still finds the file and hangs. I have tried going to start menu and searching for the file, but search does not find it. Any ideas on how I can get rid of a file I can't find?

Answer:OPPLUE_EN_EXE Office 2007 Beta

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Hi AllAfter some problems with ms outlook, I uninstalled 2007 beta, but now office 2003 wouldn't work. I get amessage saying that MAPIDLL.132 is corrupted.When I tried to delete this file and reinstall office 2003, same problem.How so I delete this file (MAPIDLL.132) os that outlook 2003 will work again?

Answer:uninstall ms office 2007 beta

click hereGood Luck

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I'm trying to find where I can download the latest Office 2007 Beta. I was part of the initial Beta and have my product key and everything, but can't find the actual download.

I lost the original files in a hard drive crash, and don't have the $5 grand to recover the data (I lost a bunch more stuff, and with no backup, I tried to get the most important documents off first, which I did...)

Answer:Office 2007 Beta TR download

Just login to the beta site with your beta ID and password. You'll find all of the downloads there.

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You can get the Microsoft Office 2007 BETA, for free from the address above, not catches, not scams, just download and install. I am usually not a big fan of BETAs but when i saw the vista and Office BETAs, i had to download, mostly because i'm impatient and curious, (and i couldnt find my Office 2003 disks).

Its got a whole new feel and style to it which is quite interesting, i'm still playing with it and the new features, but i must say I'm quite impressed so far

Answer:Micrsoft Office 2007 BETA

I got the beta a while back, and I've got to say it looks good. But the new interface is a bit difficult at first.
Also, for people who install it, make sure you change the default save format to .doc, .xls, etc, or your documents wont open on other pcs.

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I have tried to uninstall office 2007 beta 2 but keep getting the error 1316 and the following explination " Cannot read file from file C:\WINDOWS\Installer\ProWW.msi. Check your connection to the network or cd-rom drive. For other potential solutions to the problem, see C:\DOCUME~1\MYNAME~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\OWP368.temp\Office.en-us\SETUP.CHM.Please help me get this removed from my computer.

Answer:Can't uninstall Office 2007 beta 2

System Restore to before you installed it.

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........... and when it does, can I uninstall it and then use the old Office 2003 Outlook to recover the .pst backup file? It seems to me that when I "export" Outlook to a backup file it doesn't offer any options to be saved to a 2003 file format?
I have saved all my Word/Excel docs under the "word/excel 2003.doc" so don't anticipate any problems there.
Will there be a hidden "fix" on the net so we can continue to use the Beta version beyond the yet to be announced date?

Answer:When will Office 2007 (Beta) expire?

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In review of this thread
Does any one else hold the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta?
If so Ė letís gripe (er) chat about it!

Answer:Office Professional 2007 (BETA)

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Can anyone help me to find the beta of office 2007.ThanksMark

Answer:Where to find the office 2007 BETA

click here=johnny.

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I've just tried to load this program from the latest CD Cover Disk, however, the links do not work on my copy - anyone else found this to be true of theirs?I have installed it from the folder but am at a loss of how to get the product No. Any ideas?It could be that I have a faulty CD I suppose, if others work then clearly I must have.

Answer:Microsoft Office 2007 Beta

click here

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I've gone through Add or Remove programs to try to remove microsoft office professional plus Beta, but every time I click on Remove I get 'setup error' and the message 'setup could not find any available products to install.' I don't get it, I'm not trying to install, I'm trying to remove. Can anyone help?

Answer:uninstalling office 2007 Beta

As to if this tool will work in your situation or not??? since you have a beta. It is a removal tool for Office 2007. Backup your important docs, and don`t forget to reboot after you run the tool. It is freeware, and is found here: It is called Remove Office 2007 1.0, scroll down the page you will see it.

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I am trying to install the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 from the DVD with Augusts magazine - but it doesnt seem to be on there - is anyone else having this problem??Is there a solution to get the software from the DVD?Thanks for any help with this.Mark.

Answer:PC Advisor DVD - Office 2007 Beta

I only have the CD version but on that the path is Drive:\Microsoft\X11-85679-EN.exe.

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I have downloaded and installed the MS Office 2007 beta, but have noticed that in Access I cannot scroll through the records in Form view (as I can in Access 2002). Am I missing something obvious?

Answer:Access - MS Office 2007 beta

Have had no response to my Access scrolling question - so here goes again!

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Everybody has already told me that I shouldn't have downloaded the Office 2007 Beta software because I am not computer literate enough, so we don't have to start there. (Actually, many years ago I was a Systems Engineer for IBM. Trained in mainframes - MVS, VM, and VSE. Doesn't do me a bit of good with PC's.)

So I have Windows XP SP2 operating system and Office Pro. I downloaded the Office 2007 Beta. I like a lot of its features. But it has changed all of my Word documents to Wordpad. All the formatting is lost. It is NOT a critical issue. I would just like to know if it has happened to anyone else and if there is an easy way to convert them back to Word. Or if maybe I did something along the way to cause it. (I remember those calls from customers, "It was working fine, then all of a sudden it went boom! I didn't change ANYTHING!")


Answer:Office 2007 Beta and Word

So, off we go again ....heh, heh one of the files and do a save as, changing the format ...what happens?

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It has been released for download:

Article + Link (In Article):,1895,2015625,00.asp

You will end up paying 1.50 US for the download.

I am waiting until they release it on MSDN.

Should be fun to test out.

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I've had the Beta version of Office installed for sometime now. What I didn't realise is that today (1 Feb 2007) is the cut off day for it, and when arriving in the office this morning realised that it isn't working anymore, and says that I must uninstall.

So we have the Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 dvd here, but when inserting that, it tells me I have to uninstall Beta first (can't understand why it doesn't just upgrage.. grrr..)

Now the problem - when trying to remove 2007 Beta through add/remove programs, it goes through a whole process, but then at the end comes up with the following error:

Seems simple enough right? Firstly, the file it tells you to read up on doesn't actually exist anywhere on my pc. Secondly, I seems to have all the appropriate permissions available.

After rebooting and this message coming up numerous times, I decided to try install 2003 and see if that would work. Well, it installed, but now there's major conflict errors, so I tried to uninstall 2003, and surprise surprise - I got the exact same error message:

SO we tried a system restore, but that didn't work. So last resort was to go in cowboy style and delete the regustry entries, and all the files and folders relating to office.

Didn't work either. It still shows as being there in Add/Remove Programs, and keeps showing the same uninstall errors when trying to uninstall.

Formatting would be the FINAL option, but that would be one hellu... Read more

Answer:OFFICE 2007 BETA - Uninstall Problems

I ran into the same problem - check your task manager to make sure things like OSA.EXE are not running. That was the problem in my case.
Check this website for more info:

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Microsoft on Thursday will release a Technical Refresh build of Office 2007 Beta 2, which originally debuted to the public in late May. The update brings to the table a number of performance and reliability improvements in all Office applications.

By any measure, the beta program for Office 2007 has been an astounding success for Microsoft. The company has counted 3.5 million people downloading the pre-release code, and has gathered a vast amount of feedback by tapping into the general public.

Like Beta 2, the Technical Refresh will be available for public download at a cost of $1.50, a nominal fee Microsoft has added in order to recoup some of the distribution fees associated with the beta. Current Beta 2 customers, however, will receive the update free of charge.

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I didn't think much of it, but one of my professors just issued a warning to stop turning in MS Word 2007 documents because she can't open them in Word 2003. Why is this demo such a big deal? Is it because it's MS Word for free?

Answer:OK, why is everyone going crazy over Microsoft Office 2007 Beta?

Don't know, don't care.

OpenOffice is good enough for me

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As originally expected, Microsoft released less than an hour ago a long-awaited update to Microsoft Office 2007. The update seems to feature the expected updates to user interface, along with performance improvements, improved compatibility with Windows Vista RC1, and the usual load of bug fixes.

The file is only 494MB, which suggests the so-called Technical Release only includes the main Microsoft Office products, being Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook. Previous Beta 2 testers can download it free and use their Beta 2 product key, sent in an e-mail back then.

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I got the Office 2007 beta through my MSDN subsription, after I installed it I was asked to activate it which went just fine. But the question is, am I allowed to install this version on my desktop PC (currently installed on the laptop) or will it not activate anymore ? what shall I do? Please guide teh meh

Answer:Office 2007 Beta License Question

MaXimus666 said:

I got the Office 2007 beta through my MSDN subsription, after I installed it I was asked to activate it which went just fine. But the question is, am I allowed to install this version on my desktop PC (currently installed on the laptop) or will it not activate anymore ? what shall I do? Please guide teh mehClick to expand...

You can download it for free now without a MSDN subscription. So just download another one and that will give you another key.

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I bought the MS Windows XP magazine, Issue 28, in the newsagents yesterday. (AUD$15).

The attached CD has:
Word 2007
Excel 2007
PowerPoint 2007
Outlook 2007
Access 2007
Infopath 2007
Publisher 2007
SharePoint Server 2007
and Groove 2007.

On the CD cover it says "Try MS Office Plus 2007 Beta 2 before it's released to the public". (In Australia, and NZ, anyhow).

One gotcha, that I have read about, is that there is a new format "XML", that is not recognised by any earlier version of Office. For compatibility, you have to get a "compatibilty pack", for Office 2000 onwards. Apparently that is not release in OZ yet. (USA and UK?). The alternative is to save your 2007 stuff in the old defaults of *.doc, *.xls, etc.

Any beta testers out there in the USA, UK, or OZ, with any advice if I try it out?
Should I partition my hard drive and load it onto a second partition, to keep it away from Office 2000? Guess I should backup all data and set a Restore point before I start.


Answer:MS Office Pro 2007 Beta 2 released in Australia

Is it really worth the hassle installing it, only to have to uninstall it in February 2007.

Scroll to bottom of page.

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i downloaded the above yesterday for a trial and now find it impossible to open any of my files or documents written in ms works spanning several years work and very important records - financial, investments, tax etcthe new office 2007 seems to have overtaken completely my Word, of which i use very little, and works wordprocessing and spreadsheets software - when i try to open any of these documents i get a message " the procedure entry point ? followed by a long string mixed letters a numbers ending in @Z could not be located in the dynamic library WkWbl.dll "can anyone help please - i have no hair left to pull out - jarani

Answer:ms office 2007 beta - disaster and warning

Have you tried System Restore to before you installed Office 2007 Beta?

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I have installed the Office 2007 Professional Plus Beta 2 and everything is working fine. I now want to install Call of Duty 2, but after inserting the DVD I get a dialogue box saying 'Executable 'D:\setup\rsrc\cod2.exe' had the following unrecoverable error: Couldn't find library file MSVCR80.dll (required by C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\MSOXMLMF.DLL) Please ensure that it is installed'This sounds like a problem to do with Office 12 (Office 2007). Can anyone help please???

Answer:Installing COD2 with Office 2007 Beta

No panic!! Have just explored the DVD contents and opened the Setup file manually and there seems to be no problem.Does anyone know what the problem was though?

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Hey! I had just installed Microsoft Office 2007 (Beta). In my Microsoft Outlook, I got the same stationery as I had in Outlook 2003! Is there any way of changing the stationery for it? I'm kind of tired of the same stationery that I had for a couple of month already! Just simply want to change it! Is it possible on this BETA version?

Answer:Solved: Microsoft Office Pro 2007 Beta

From Outlook 2003 Help:

Microsoft said:

Create stationery for messages
If Microsoft Word is your e-mail editor, you can't create new stationery from Word. However, you can create a new stationery in Microsoft Outlook, which Word then adds to its stationery list.

From the main Outlook window, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Mail Format tab.
In the Compose in this message format list, click HTML.
Click Stationery Picker, and then click New.
In the Enter a name for your new stationery box, enter a name.
Under Choose how to create your stationery, select the option you want.
To select a file to base your stationery on, type the path and file name in the Use this file as a template box, or click Browse to select from a list.

Click Next.
Select the options you want to use.
Note This procedure is available only if you use HTML as your message format.

Click to expand...

I don't see it being much different in 2007.

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Hi all, good evening:For those with the interest and time, you should sign up for this beta testing.I have got it and had a look, so far no problems, although I have a back-up HD and can revert if necessary.Word and Excel in particular look spectacular and is backwards compatable on the items I have tried.It is not a case of B baffles brains, just nice additional features which are great!Sign up with Microsoft and get the download and Key. However there has been a difficulty in activating the programs but may be because they are overloaded with other new users. You get 48 tries in any case at each program so.. worth the look1

Answer:Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 Beta

Very useful but I wish to point out to newer members of the Forum that a Beta program is still in testing and may have problems. If you're unsure then don't try it. Splodge has stated he has a backup if needed.Sorry Splodge just wanted to clarify it a bit.

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Well I'm using it at work, not live but I tried to print out something and it just went nutty through word. I had a sales meeting with some people and went to print out a word doc that I had done with pictures and arrows and explanations and blammo the first page is fine and the next 3 look like it just wanted to start midway through the page and not work. Other than that, Office 2007 is pretty amazing actually and very easy to find things fast.

Other than that anyone else know where the forms field now is? You used to go Word>View>Toolbars>Forms>brings up forms display. This was great in that if you liked to design contracts for your company to fill in you could wright in everything then enter forms where the data that would change from each time would go and then hit "lock". Then whoever opened the doc next could only tab and edit the form fields, not the rest of the doc. Where is that on Word 2007? I couldn't imagine they would take that option away. Ahh well if I can't figure it out I'll have to go back to 2003 probably for not losing work at work.

There is light years of difference between Office 2003 and Office 2007 though, but I think for the most part if they get it right it will be mostly changes for the better. The prices are going up though........

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Like an idiot I downloaded and installed these 2 Beta programs. From what I can see there are still several bugs to be worked out so I tried uninstalling both today using ad/remove programs.

After doing this, I no longer have my original MS office pro 2000; and all of my email is gone. The system restore doesn't help either.

I reinstalled both betas and got all of my files back so I tried to save them (backup) as pst files so I could transfer them to another computer running Office pro 2000. The problem is my original program des not recognize the new pst format nor can it open any new word or excel files created under the beta.

All I really want to do is to get back to where I was with my original office 2000 and get my email back.

I have been all over the web looking for a cure and Microsoft is no help since there is no support for the betas.

Can any one help me get back to where I was?

What a pain - Justjim

Dell Inspiron Laptop
512 ram
1.73 Mhz
XP Pro (and formerly Office 2000 pro - wish I had it back...)

Answer:Problems Uninstalling MS Outlook and Office 2007 Beta - HELP!

In Outlook 2003, if you go to create a new PST file (via file->new->"outlook data file"0, you have an option of creating a legacy PST file which IS recognized by older Outlooks. I think the 2003 wording is "Outlook 97-2002 Data File". Once you create the file, you can Export all of you email into it by going to file->export and pointing the export towards the legacy file which you created.

No idea if this works the same in the Outlook 2007 beta or not, but hopefully this is at least a place for you to start!

Good luck!

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Even before its official announcement, Microsoft put a link to download its Office 2007 suite. The launch should be announced at WinHEC during Bill Gates' keynote, which begins in 15 minutes.

The download includes a new download manager, called SmartSource. The page is german, though you can select the language you want in it.

Answer:Download 2007 Microsoft Office System Beta 2

Quick question. I already have Office 2003. If I install this, will it overwrite 2003, or install along side it?

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Right well i recently upgraded to the beta version of office, but now after february the 1st it says that "your beta software has expired," i have found that you can get other CD/serial keys and im just wondering if you can uninstall it then reinstall it with a different key to get round the expirary. I brought the full version but also have my older office to go back to just alot of my work is in the docx format and any you make office 03 docs, they dont work when you revert back to the older office , please help! Dean

Answer:Microsoft office proffesional plus 2007 (beta 2) problems!!!!

deano_87 said:

Right well i recently upgraded to the beta version of office, but now after february the 1st it says that "your beta software has expired," i have found that you can get other CD/serial keys and im just wondering if you can uninstall it then reinstall it with a different key to get round the expirary. I brought the full version but also have my older office to go back to just alot of my work is in the docx format and any you make office 03 docs, they dont work when you revert back to the older office , please help! DeanClick to expand...

Sorry but I don't understand, if you haver indeed purchased the full version, why do you not use it?

There is no ability to use any "keys" to reactivate a Beta version or to reload a new Beta version when the Beta programme has expired due to the program now being fully available retail.

Even if there was, no help would ever be given on circumventing trial software limitation of this forum.

But, since you state that you have now purchased ("brought") the full version, where is the problem?

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Several months ago, I installed the office 2007 BETA, however, after coming to deciding whether to pay for the upgrade, I found it to be slightly slow to operate and a bit too arty, so I decided to stick with good ol' office 97 :) However, now I have several hundred documents to convert from .docx to .doc. Anyone got any idea of how I could do this without sitting and individually saving them?

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I am running Office 2003 Basic. I wish to use my copy of Office 2000 Premium to install Access 2000 only without overwriting any of the 2003 Office files. I do not understand the "Run" options on the Office 2k installer and therefore do not know if I should be using a manual install from Add Remove Programs in Control Panel. Can anyone help me through this.
Thank you

Answer:How to Install Previous Version Access into Office 2003

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Hi, I have a copy of office 2000 update that I want to install without the hassle of installing Office 97, which I also have on CD. I have heard that all you have to do is copy a certain file from the 97 CD, put it in a specific directory, and install Office 2000. I do not know what the file is or where I should put it. Can someone help me?

All of my versions of Windows and Office are genuine, in case you were wary of helping me.

Answer:Install Office 2000 Update without previous version

I think it is just easier to install 97 then the 2000 upgrade. Not worth messing with these things. But that is my opinion.

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Hello,around two months ago i lost Office when i reinstalled my Vista.So I installed a trial version - i only needed office because of my cv for email job applications.this trial version expires in a few days. I could try openoffice, i gather that i can import my cv from my trial version into open office, correct?Will office expire all by itself? Or do have to deinstall it? Tell MS that i don't want it?

Answer:question on office 2007 trial version

Quote from: sandra on July 26, 2009, 08:57:31 AMWill office expire all by itself? Or do have to deinstall it? Tell MS that i don't want it?When the trial period ends, Office will simply stop working for you.  It will not uninstall; you can uninstall it in the usual way.  You don't need to contact MS.Quotei only needed office because of my cv for email job applications.What is "cv"?

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When I ordered the computer (T61) i paid for a FULL VERSION of Office 2007.  When my sister and I set up my LT, we realized it came with a TRIAL version. So far OK, we used the "product key" that came with the SB disks, and no where did it say "convert to full version" or something similar.  LT came with no instructions about this issue.  My Q is:  Do I have to uninstall the trial version and re-install the stuff on the disks? My best guess is yes, because there seems to be a similar problem when I looked on the forum under Windows XP. Thanks for your help. Apologies if this is a repeat Q but I could not find the info under the "t series forum". Karen

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I am running Office 2007 on an HP Pavillion m7750n with Vista Home Premium 32. I am considering upgrading to Windows 7 Ulimate and would like to install the 64 bit version. Microsoft indicates that switching to the 64 bit version will require a fresh install. I only have the Office 2007 Pro "UPGRADE" discs that I used to upgrade the basic Office 2007 version that came installed from HP.

Is there any way I can reinstall the Upgrade version w/o any discs for the basic version?

Answer:Reinstalling Office 2007 Pro - Upgrade Version


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A 60 day trial version of Office 2007 Pro came on my pc an I strt it just to take a look at it but never really needed to use it and now it has expired. Now I need to use it so I tried to uninstall it and download a fresh trial version from Microsoft web site but when I install and open it I keep getting the activation wizard saying that the trial version has expired. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this so that the trial version will work. I have a homework assignment that I really need to get done so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:microsoft office 2007 Pro trial version


Sadly your trial period has finished ( no workarounds ) and options are to buy Office 2007 or you could use a similar application that has many of the options of Office 2007 and will save and open office format files, bonus is its FREE.

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Please help me, I am not as computer literate as microsoft thinks I am.....
I have an HP PC with Vista Home Premium. It is 1.5 years old. I had sent it back to HP earlier this year and it came back reverted to factory condition. Since then, I can not install any software even that compatible with Vista. For instance, I just got MS Office home and student 2007 and it "encounters error during installation". I do not have any other version of Office on my computer. I do have Works, which I tried to uninstall, but it wouldn't come off. Also, there is power point viewer, that also won't uninstall. I followed every step to get around this, but I am hesitant to screw up my computer with my ignorance. I am running on an administer account after following prior instructions from a forum such as this. Can anyone help me??

Answer:Office 2007 home and student version

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Hi,I was lucky enough this Christmas to receive a new laptop from my girlfriend that came pre-installed with a trial copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student. I have now purchased the full product (was going to get it anyway) but am now wondering if it is either necessary or best to remove the trial version prior to installing the full product? Opinions please?Strangly I also bought my mother a laptop that too came with a trial version of Office, but this time it appears to be the Professional version. Again I'm wondering if it would therefore be best or necessary to remove this before I install the full Home and Student version on her laptop as well. Obviosly I realise that it should only unlock the products that are included in the Home and Student version.If anyone has experience of having tried a trial version and then installed a full version of Office I'd very much appreciate your advice etc. as to how you wnet about doing so.Many thanks in advance for any advice posted. :-)

Answer:Office 2007 Trial To Full Version...

I personally uninstalled the trial version first and installed the full version after when I was upgrading

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My laptop came installed with MS Office 2007 trial. I tried to activate and convert to the full version, so when I clicked on "Purchase key online" it opens up a browser window, but it stays blank and nothing happens after that.

Anyone else experience this problem? how do I purchase the key then if the site isn't working...

Answer:How to convert MS Office 2007 from trial to full version

Hmm instead of going to their site to purchase just an activation code; I'd prefer to go to a store and buy the whole package (whichever you may want profession/standard etc. etc.) with media and all the stuff. But then its just me.

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I know this topic has been addressed before but I can't seem to locate it. Is there a way to uninstall the trial version of Windows Office 2007? I have Vista. Please keep in mind that I am not very technical!Thanks!

Answer:Uninstalling Windows Office 2007 Trial Version

It should uninstall using the normal method, which is by going to Control Panel (I'm referring to Classic view), Programs and Features, select Microsoft Office 2007 Trial Version, and then Uninstall it.  Have you tried that?

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I accidently deleted shortcut to 60 days tial which was included when \i purchased my laptop.

Are there any ways ow to find this lost key?

"To get a valid product key double click on the icon "Microsoft Office - 60 Day Trail" on the desktop an follow the instruction on the screen."

I found one suggestion how to solve this problem however I dont have this icon on my desktop.


Answer:Lost key for 60 days trial version of Office 2007.

Have a look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office Suite Activation Assistant for OAA.exe. I've not played with windows 7 32 bit so you might find the "(x86)" does not exist. Are you aware that the beta Office 2010 is available for free download ? - I think that may work until it's put on retail sale.

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Which do I need to purchase: Upgrade or Full Version of Office (small business) 2007?

The office computer has Word, Excel (2003) and Power Point but not the other programs that come with this package.

I searched the Microsoft web site for a contact/phone number and found none.

What I mostly want to know is if I will get a physical disk with the purchase or just an online download/installation.

I'm assuming the upgrade is done over the net and a disk is sent in the mail with the full version...
Does anyone know?

Answer:Solved: Upgrade or Full Version Office 2007?

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Trial period is over and I ain't interested. It is NOT listed in 'Add or Remove Programs' nor does 'CCleaner' list it. Any ideas?


Answer:Unable to uninstall Office 2007 Trial Version

Try this link: , scroll down a bit and you'll find the instructions. Hope it helps.

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Hi,I have x61s with pre-installed Office 2007 (trial). Recently I bought Office Enterprise 2007 (application student media) with a product key that does not convert pre-installed trial to full version (message is "wrong key"). Is there a chance to use this product key or I should uninstall trial from x61s and install full version from CDs?Thanks in advance for help,Leo

Answer:Pre-installed Office 2007 trial - conversion to full version

Uninstall the trial and reinstall.  Even if there was a tricky way to get around it, that would be cleaner.

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This was driving me crazy. I used the uninstall in Control Panel because I didn't want to use it or pay for it. This left the item showing on the list of installed programs. After annoying me for a few weeks, I finally gave in and used the Fix It facility on This opened the DOS dialogue window and proceeded to delete all sorts of files. Result. No more Office 2007 messages or attmepts to install it. Hooray!!
(Incidentally my ancient Office 97 Pro loaded pefectly.) But I'm rapidly becoming a Works fan. It does all I need. I can't see me rushing to get Office 2010

Answer:Uninstalling trial version of Office 2007 on Windows7 Solved!

But I'm rapidly becoming a Works fanClick to expand...

- you have to pay for works now on windows 7 - thats a time limited trail too

Openoffice is very good and free

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I have windows xp prof and microsoft office home and student 2007, when i try to open word or excel or powerpoint files it takes 4-6 minutes to open, it says running virus scan at bottom. I hade norton anti virus but uninstalled it and installed trend micro and thats when the problem got really bad. I uninstalled trend micro and installed avg free and it is still slow. I checked my office settings that say to scan macros and put it on don't scan but it still is really slow. I have tried replacing my file and reopening office and it is still slow. I am at my wits end. Help. I ran adaware and ccleaner and regcure but to no avail. Here is a hijack this file in case that helps. Let me know what else to do. oh also it did have some virus also but it got removed.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:26:27 PM, on 3/21/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16608)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\KeyboardSurrogate.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\ZcfgSvc.exe
C:\WINDOWS\... Read more

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I do a document on microsoft word and I hit save as or save and it wont let me save the document. How do I fix this??

Answer:Microsoft office word 2007 wont save

What version of Word? What version of Windows? Do you normally save documents in My Documents or another folder? Are you trying to save the documents in the standard Word format (.doc/.docx {for Word 2007 and above})? Exactly what happens when you try to save? Did this problem just recently start or has it been going on for awhile?

Note: I'll be away from my computer for hours today. Everyone else feel free to jump in.

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docx file and xml documents will not open properly, im told they are office 2007, and that is what i have on my computer, I even tried a different computer also with office 2007 and no luck, I just get bits and pieces of document but also lots of errors.  Not sure if i need to install something else? Or any other ideas to try?thanks.

Answer:office 2007 wont open docx file

If you're only getting "bits and pieces of document but also lots of errors", the files you're trying to open may be corrupt.Specifically, what "lots of errors" are you getting? What is the computer telling you?

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Just wondering if any one out there might have any ideas on how i could get word to open. i have office home and student 2007 and all the other programs open fine apart from opens into the little title box and stays like that or if i try open a file it says it cannot find it or word is unable to open the file.....any help much appreciated!

Answer:Office Word 2007 wont open grrrrrr

I would think you have to repair the office2007.

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I had Office 2000 Pro on my desk top computer, went to Ireland for a month, wifes cousin was on holidays from Ireland and looked after the office for us.

She had a problem of some kind with Office and decided to remove and reinstall for some reason, my son couldn't find the original disks and the cousins boyfriend installed a copy of Office 2007 Enterprise on the computer thinking he was doing a good thing but it wasn't a legal copy, after a couple of weeks I got a MS message that it wasn't a legal copy, so I uninstalled it.

Decided against re-installing 2000 Pro because I was getting used to 2007 look and feel so bought Office 2007 Pro.

The copy I bought ebay was fully sealed, contained 2 x CD's but when I insert disk 1 autorun doesn't run so the install doesn't even start.

Any advice would be appreciated...thanks in advance.

Answer:Office 2007 Pro will not install

The copy I bought on ebay was fully sealed, contained 2 x CD's each with the Microsoft Hologram and the getting started book, it is not an academic or student version and has "licenced for noncommercial use up to 3 personal computers" printed on the back and has the product key and the Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity sticker.

When I insert disk1 autorun doesn't run so the install doesn't even start.

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When I put the Office 2007 disk in the drive it says there is an infected Trojan file on the disk: Artemis!7F340D18399B.  It installs fine on my other computer with Windows XP.  Is there a way to remove that bad file? Or a way to get around it?Edit: Moved topic from Windows 8 to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Trying to install Office 2007

Is that an original installation DVD or a copy? If it's a copy, don't use that disk -- find another one that doesn't have malware on it. You may also want to run a virus scan on the XP machine, just to be safe.

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Is anyone familiar with customize installation of microsoft office 2007? If so, can you please help with installing certain parts to it. For instance, I don't want to install micosoft visio viewer, MS published but I am not sure how to take them out of the install. I would appreciate any help I can get with this.

Answer:MS office 2007 install help

I am not familiar with this. Is uninstalling them after the fact not an option?

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I reloaded my laptop several month's ago. I like cleaning my machine when I get a bunch of programs I try out etc... I hadn't tried to reload the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 version because I hadn't needed it until now for a project I am working on.

I put it in the drive and it just makes that noise like it is spinning up. So I tried MS Office on another laptop and it came up fine to install, (was just checking the disk was alright), and I also put my Microsoft Flight Simulator in my CD drive and it came up fine to install. What could be the problem since I know my drive is working and the MS Office CD is working?

Also, when I tried clicking on the CD drive through the Computer window it ejects the disk and has a statement like a disk was never in the drive.

Is it possible I disabled that auto play thing? But if I had when I was messing around with Windows 7 Ultimate why would the MS Flight SImulator CD work?

Confused in laptop land! And thanks for your help!

Answer:MS Office 2007 won't install!

Have you tried to clean off the disk? Or your cd drive could be dirty and not recognize the disk.

Can we assume that other cd's read properly.


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HELLO,When i want install Office 2007 show massage error:What's it? Please help me for fix error

Answer:What's it when install OFFICE 2007?

See post #8 at the website below for one known fix.

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had to do a repair re-install on my laptop a few weeks back . my microsoft office pro plus 2007 would not work ? so i followed all the resolutions in microsoft forums, tried to uninstall, first through control panel then with fix it, and then manually in registry editor etc...tried a clean boot then tried re installing from my disc. still no go... i now keep getting this when i try to install.....error message.......error 1321.setup. cannot modify the file C:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\OFFICE12\cultures\OFFICE.ODF. verify that the file exists in your system and you have sufficient permissions to update it ??? please help anyone ... much appreciated... Neil ps have tried installing to a new folder. have checked that the folder i was trying to install it to had the `encrypt contents to secure data `unchecked,have tried right clicking `run as administrator`..... NO JOY !!!

Answer:cannot re-install office pro plus 2007 ?

Judging by the inability of anyone to supply you with a successful fix on other forums you've posted on, and the length of time you've been fighting this problem, I suggest you bite the bullet and do a complete Windows re-install after backing up your data.

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When i want install Office 2007 show massage error:

What's it? Please help me for fix error

Answer:What's it when install OFFICE 2007?


Try installing from the Admin account if you're not logged into that account already.

Is this Office version from a Downloadable or from the CD/DVD?

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Program files or Program files (86) ?

I have had this rig going since about July first, but using mostly XP 32 because of virus concerns, and it took me this long to get my Linksys wireless card to work on Vista x64.

So i have only used Vista x64 occassionally, i like the increase in speed, and not sure about Office 2007 (i assemble lots of large databases in the Access world) install. . . anyone with any experience?

also, not sure about the virus / malware threats to V x64. . . any comments?



Answer:Where does Office 2007 install?

Yep it installs in "Program files(x86)"
Virus/Malware threats to Vista X64 ? they r pretty much the same as with previous versions.
Get a good AV scanner (Kaspersky,NOD32) and you are good to go.

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I was having problem running office 2007 on my windows 7 desktop hp machine. I uninstalled and wanted to install it again, this time i am getting this error message

"error 1935. An error occured during the installation of assembly component{4C0384C6-ED23-4E23-95F5-C812AAD8EFFE}.
HRESULT: 0x8002802F."

can someone help me out with the solution to this problem? thanks

Answer:office 2007 can't install

Check this article out.
If it doesn't help, I think You have to check the integrity of the installation files - see if you can install the same distributive on the other PC for example.

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Hi. I am not able to install office 2007 from the disc I purchased from microsoft and am not sure this is a disc problem.

When I load the disc into the drive, the green indicator light comes on, the drive weirs once, and then stops. If I search for the disc through computers> D drive> open, the file is blank. If I try to run it through run> d://, I get a message saying to insert a disc in the drive.

I can play a music CD on the drive, but it will not run by itself, I had to go into media player to run it. If I go into computers> D drive> open, I get a message saying "this file does not have a program associated with it. for performing this action create an association in the folder options control panel" (and I have no idea how to do this...).

the last time my d drive worked properly was yesterday when I uploaded a picture from my personal cd to a website.

I've tried running winsock fix as well and just scanned my computer yesterday for spyware and viruses and am clean.

I have windows XP os and have no idea what my d drive is.

would appreciate any help,

Answer:can't install office 2007

Do you have access to a different PC to test the disk in?
Or any other program disk to test the drive?

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i cant get it to install as soon as i hit run it shuts down what do i do i need it asap for a classEdit: Subject edited by Office forum moderator

Answer:Office 2007 won't install

You shouldn't need to click "Run" anywhere. If the CD doesn't autorun, then just click on the setup.exe file.LIR

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Ok I am running 64 bit Windows 7 and I put in the CD and try to install office and it just locks up and "windows is trying to find a fix" or whatever and nothing...

I get to enter my CD key in and it just crashes as soon as it starts the install.

The new Open Office is doing the same thing...
Also the Zune software...

any help would be great.


Answer:Office 2007 will not install :(

I have Office 2007 Enterprise running on Windows 7 x64 without any problems so do not understand why you should be having difficulties installing it. Is there any error messages?

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