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Daylight Saving Time Issue - Outook/Blackberry

Question: Daylight Saving Time Issue - Outook/Blackberry

Here is my scenario

End-user has a blackberry in which I updated the DST 2007 patch on it. On the PC side, I ran WindowsXP-KB931836-x86-ENU which updated the DST on the PC. I also ran Microsoft tzmove patch for Outlook. Both patch ran successfully. When EU enters an appointment in his blackberry at 3pm it shows up in his Outlook at 4pm. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?


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Preferred Solution: Daylight Saving Time Issue - Outook/Blackberry

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Daylight Saving Time Issue - Outook/Blackberry

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Daylight savings time patches were applied but logged on users did not have admin privledges. Now I can not change the time or date and it keeps reverting back to previous time or date when I apply the change. This is happening on 5 computers with both XP and W2K.

I have searched for registry fixes or other fixes, but so far nothing has worked. These computers have software that is very time / date sensitive.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!


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Please can anyone help. I am at the end of my rope tring to figure this one out. Since the daylight saving time change none of our computer will not change. The network consists of 450 nodes, 13 servers, 3 of which are domain controllers. Domain controlers are windows 2k servers and client computers are XP and 2k. The time on the domain controllers have been set to the correct time and will keep the time. The client computers seem to always stay one hour ahead. The only fix i have found for them is to uncheck the "Automatically adjust for daylight savings time" check box with in the time zone option. I don't really like doing this because it requires going to 450 + client computers and logging in as Admin and checking or unchecking this box. There has to be a better, faster way to do this. Please any ideas???

Answer:Daylight Saving Time changes

i assume it has nothing to do with this patch from MS

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Ok folks

just getting this out NOW as next year it is going to be intresting for DST changes for enterprise enviroments.

it will happen 3 weeks earlies in 2007 on out. The hotfixes are out for Windows 2003 and XP SP2

windows 2000 and all other OS will need to modify registry keys to get this done.

The old time Zone registry

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\Eastern Standard Time]


The new Timezone registry is as follows... the key figures are in bold

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\Eastern Standard Time]


a breif explanation

0B equals the 11 month (hexadecimaly to decimal) in the first snipet it is 0A which is the 10th month or October

01 means the First week of that month

03 equals the third Month or April

02 means the 2nd week of the month.

so this applies to ALL the time zones.

Answer:Daylight saving time changes in the US

Hm. The XP/x64 fix should be along either later this week or early next, then...

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I installed the time zone update patch KB931836 on 2-13-07 figuring that now my PC clock system would be corrected. Well this morning when I started my PC, the clock system had advanced 2 hrs instead of 1 hr.

So is Microsoft going to create another patch to patch up the incorrect patch or are we going to have to live with this miscue?

Answer:Daylight Saving Time

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Hi Team,

My client time zone is CEST. The Daylight saving starts by 27th October,2017.
Is there any patch released by Microsoft to handle this change..
Or how to handle it?

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Please see:click hereand respond there (kind of Network, kind of general PC issue).

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Hi Guys,

Have Windows XP SP-2 with IE 7 and all updates installed. I also use the latest versions of Firefox and Opera on my Dell My problem is very small. Despite keeping up with monthly Windows Update and having a malware free system, my OS clock had to be manually reset on March 11th for the new DST change over, (along with a lot of other stuff in the house.) Twice now, in approximately two-week increments I have had to change the clock increasing it one hour. The DST patch from Microsoft said that the patch that I had needed was already installed.

Are anybody else's OS clocks not holding the correct time?


Answer:Daylight Saving Time OS Clock Glitch

Yes, many people have had the problem.

So many that Msft has a web page devoted to the DST issue.


Last resort
You could also go into add / remove programs, look for KB931836.
Check with Msft to find out if the DST update can be uninstalled.
See the section Uninstalling the cumulative update rollup

Try to remove / uninstall it. Then manually re-install it.

Be sure to create, at a minimum, a system restore point, before making any changes.


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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. My windows still uses the old Daylight Saving Time settings, which begins in early April and ends in late October. I need to install an update to accommodate the new DST in the United States. Can someone show me where to get the update? Thanks.

Answer:Need an update for Windows 7 Daylight Saving Time

Hello Henryvuong,

Take a look here:

Hope this helps,

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How to fix the incorrect time on printer after daylight saving last weekend?.  Printer has different time to computer.

Answer:After Daylight Saving Time on weekend Printer 8600 does not ...

Hi, Well, I did not check until reading your question. I thought it uses internet time and should change time automatically, but NOT. I have to adjust it now and put 1 hour forward (I use AEST). From Printer Control Panel: (a) Touch Setup,(b) Touch Printer Setup,(c) Touch Date and Time,(d) Touch Next (no data change)(e) Move up or down (my case: down) to select time,(f) Touch Done. Regards.  

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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium on a Dell desktop. I need to install a patch for the new daylight saving time laws. I downloaded the KB979306 patch for 64-bit system from this site:

Download Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB979306) from Official Microsoft Download Center

When I try to install it pops up this message: "The update is not applicable to your computer"

What am I missing?

Answer:Cannot install daylight saving time patch KB979306 for Windows 7

That patch is over two years old - and is probably already installed.
What does Windows Update say you need to install?

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I just heard on the news that the US and Canada is changing the start and end of Daylight Savings Time next year.

I believe it will begin one month earlier and end one month later.

Windows computers, like mine, auto adjust when there is a time change. Will the computer fix itself on the new dates?

Is this something built into Windows XP that can not be changed, or does the computer change its time based on's Time Service?


Also, I have a clock that sets itself to the proper time as soon as you plug it in. So if I unplug it and plug it back on, it is the right time again.

With this clock, are the dates stored permanently on it or does it somehow receive the time through the power source?

Will this clock be screwed up next year and in the future when the time changes occur on different times of the year?

Answer:Change in Daylight Saving Time in 2007- Technological Impacts

Last time something like this happened, there was an update that MS put out to fix it.

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We changed to DST this last weekend and I just now noticed my pc clock didn't make the change.I went into the time settings and the automatic daylight savings button was greyed out and set to off.Tried everyway I could to change it had to finally go into the registry and change the value data from 1 to 0.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation\DynamicDaylightTimeDisabledIt is still greyed out but is on and on a reboot did change my clock to the correct time. Upon searching the net I found this was a common problem. Is there a better fix than the one I did for this.Take CareDeke

Answer:windows 10 computer Daylight Saving time didn't update

It's probably greyed out because you're either a Domain User, and there is a GPO in place. You should contact your IT Group and let them know.

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Hello, I've been noticing this over the years. When Daylight Saving Time occurs (whichever one, moving the clock forward 1 hour or moving it backward 1 hour), ALL my files' "Date Modified" detail move forward or backward 1 hour.

For example, I have a document file called asdf.docx and its Date Modified detail is: 9/26/2015 4:00 PM
When Daylight Saving Time comes around to move the clock forward 1 hour, that file's Date Modified is now 9/26/2015 5:00 PM. That's not correct, it should stay at 4:00 PM. What the hell is happening?

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I would like to know how to import or is it export my entire outlook email content to my desktop in a version that will last no matter what happens to the email server and access to it.
I have a mac as well as a pc. The pc has outlook on it. I do not believe I have outlook on my mac. Could someone explain step by step how I can save these emails? I want them to be saved as they are with no changes possible.
[email protected]
My mac is os x version 10.5.7 and I have a macbook. The emails are received on a server.

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I know it only happens twice a year but can anyone tell me why when windows decides to change the time settings for daylight saving in the uk all the icons on my girlfriend's immaculately organised laptop desktop screen get re-organised for some reason.....This is a most annoying situation as it means my dinner gets delayed...ha ha...Any ideas's windows ME by the way....Thank you... ; ))

Answer:Daylight saving.....!!!

Sounds like the screen resolution is changed during start up ? Why I have no idea, no experience with ME but I know of someone who had similar problem @ start up and it turned out to be motherboard battery !

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Question: Daylight saving

The following link maybe of assistance to some:click here

Answer:Daylight saving

The following is an answer to the change in daylight saving questionaire:------------------------------------------------First of all, just in case you haven't heard, the new Daylight Savings Time (in the U.S.) will start on March 11, 2007 and extend through November 4, 2007. Between the two, there is a four week difference in the times and that's quite a big change for all of us to endure. But, don't worry, it should all come through as painless as can be. Okay, back to the question at hand. Will the time change affect your computer? Well, there are a couple of things that could happen when all of this hits. First, it's possible that your computer's time zones will be off target during the extended four week period. It's also possible that some of your software programs, etc. will run into some problems. Now, it's not guaranteed that you will have any problems once March 11th comes around, but it's better to be safe than sorry.So, to ensure that you won't have any trouble, Microsoft is suggesting that everyone updates their Windows operating system. It's important that you update any calendar programs you have on your computer as well. To help with all of this, Microsoft has put together a Daylight Savings Time Update Guide, which makes it very easy to get all the updates you need for your computer. All you have to do is answer a few questions and then run a quick download of the Update Guide. It will run exactly for the type of system you have, which will allow you to comba... Read more

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Hi,Bit of an interesting one. If you have servers set to automatically update their time from a time server using NTP (Network Time Protocol?), what actually happens when there is a change in the time e.g. daylight saving.Say the clock goes back 1 hour. Does the clock on the servers go through to 1am then go back to midnight?! Doesn't that mean that from the server perspective there will actually be 2 occurences of each time between midnight and 1 i.e. any application logging date/time or any scheduling application will be confused by this?!Thanks in advance,Paul

Answer:NTP / Daylight Saving

The "actual" time is Greenwich Mean Time with time shifted from that depending on the time zone you are in. Time itself doesn't change, only your clock changes if you decide you want to go one hour ahead in the summer, therefore a time server doesn't need to change. Individual PCs which are set to adjust for "Daylight Savings Time" move their clock forward by an hour from GMT to BST but "actual" time indicated by a time server remains unchanged and still related to GMT.

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I have a problem with Outlook 98 since the clocks have gone forward.I have a user who was receiving appointments that were showing 1 hour behind the actual time they were sent for. Although the users system time was correct and this was mirrored in Outlook, I noticed he did not have Daylight Saving checked within the Windows system clock.I checked the option and this resolved the problem. However, all of the users existing appointments have now moved forward an hour and become offset. Is there any fix for this apart from literally manually changing all recurring appointments to go back one hour within Outlook? I have searched the internet for answers but had no joy. Any advice would be highly appreciated!

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I am on Eastern Australian Time, my Control Panel has been set to adjust for daylight saving but it is not working. It should have swithched at 2am October 2. If I select another time zone it will change to that time so the manual setting function is OK.
Any ideas??

Answer:[SOLVED] Daylight Saving

Under Control Panel/Date and Time, be sure the Time Zone is correct. and it is checked for Daylight Savings time. Also go to Internet Time and make sure that it is synced to or try a different server. Make sure you have done all of your Windows Updates as there are updates for Daylight Savings time date being changed.

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I just sent an email and realised instantly that it had a time of 16:11, when the time was actually 15:11.How did this happen I asked myself? Has BST been applied twice?Then it dawned on me. Earlier today I restored an Acronis image from a few days ago. As soon as the system was re-booted it pushed the clock forward another hour as, as far as it was now concerned, BST had not been applied yet.

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I'm developing a software where I want to create an AllDayEvent. I want to disable the DayLight Saving adjustment programaticaly, because, all my appointments are getting created with 11 pm to 11 pm.

Kindly advice on how to proceed with this, using Redemption.

My code is:

Call MapiLogon(txtServer.Text, txtUser.Text)
Set oCalendar = oRDOSession.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar)

vDuedate = Date + 10
Set oAppt = oCalendar.Items.Add
With oAppt
.Subject = "Test - " '& oRDOTgtZone.Name
.Location = "Loc2" & Date$ & Time$
.Start = vDuedate
.AllDayEvent = True ' do this after setting date/time!!!
.BusyStatus = olFree
End With

Please help me, since I'm stuck up with this.

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for the revise daylight saving time.

Applications : Windows : English
Daylight Saving Time Patch. this is for the revise time that we all have to deal with.

Every time that I change my time manually. the internet changed it back whenever it updated the time. this fixes that problem.

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hi, to day i upgraded my windows 2000 professional to windows xp professional sp 2, before the upgrade the time was fine, after upgrading, Xp pro is now 1 hour behind (in EST not EDT) is there a way i can fix this? (i have programs i use to for friends that limit their time on the computer, e.g. the program has a function to automatically log-off a selected user at a selected time, so that is why i want the time to be accurate)

Answer:Windows Xp Pro daylight saving problem

Try this link....

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Hi all,

I've had a look around and I found some posts which talk about the daylight saving problem but I'm not sure what that is. Here in Australia, Tassie usually goes back before the rest of the states but this year we all went back together. Now, don't know whether that has anything to do with what people are talking about but it isn't what I'm talking about.

My problem is that some of the files have changed their time stamp by an hour and I don't know why they didn't all or why they just didn't stay the same. I thought at first that perhaps I'd forgotten to change my camera to daylight saving and maybe I did. However, that shouldn't mean that only some groups of photos change time and others don't.

The pictures are all ones which I took before we changed back but I can't remember which I loaded to the computer today and which I loaded before we changed back (ie - last week some time or earlier they would have been loaded.)

Bit annoying - I was fishing out some pictures to put on the internet for friends and trying to use the time stamp to locate them among the many photos there. And of course, with the times being wrong, it wasn't quite as easy. Yes, I used thumbnails, but quite a few of the pictures are very similar at that size so time would have been really useful. That's how I noticed the problem of the time stamp changing for some of the files.

So why does this happen and can ... Read more

Answer:File times changing - Daylight Saving???

Any clues anyone?

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Well now that the time change is on a new schedule, how many issues do you think will come about? LOL And we all know that Micro$oft can't fix this in time, since it takes them years to find fixes.

Answer:Daylight savings time. Soon but not soon enough :D.

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I have windows 2000 OS on my PC. Should I be worry about DST(Daylight Savings Time Changes)
Also I have windows NT 4.00 OS on the server
. How to update or download fix for both of them.

Answer:DST(Daylight Savings Time

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It appears that the band keeps reverting to standard time. I sync it with the phone, I know the time is right but in the morning, (Phone is in a different room, not in Bluetooth range), the time on the band is off by an hour again, back to standard time. How do I fix this?

Answer:Daylight Savings TIme

Check for firmware updates???

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Not sure if this is the right board so I made an educated guess.

I was watching the news right now and they said that congress moved daylight savings time ahead of schedule and some computers wouldnt recognize this cus they werent programmed to.

I bought my current pc on 7-01-05. Will my pc recognize the new daylight savings time or do I have to do it manually? If my computer doesnt recognize it, how do I know and more importantly, how will it screw me over?

Answer:Daylight savings time

garry26 said:

Not sure if this is the right board so I made an educated guess.

I was watching the news right now and they said that congress moved daylight savings time ahead of schedule and some computers wouldnt recognize this cus they werent programmed to.

I bought my current pc on 7-01-05. Will my pc recognize the new daylight savings time or do I have to do it manually? If my computer doesnt recognize it, how do I know and more importantly, how will it screw me over?Click to expand...

If you install the relevent Windows Update you won't need to know whether or not your computer will adjust. The Update is to make it adjust accordingly.

There was a similar situation here in Australia during 2006, when the decision was taken to extend DST for longer than usual owing to the hosting of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Installing the Windows Update meant no DST-related PC problems.

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Hey, so I dloaded Tzedit back when the U.S. began those whole new DST regulations. The new date messed up my Outlook Express for a couple of days but a kind fellow lead me to obtaining Tzedit and my problem was solved. Now, DST ended last night and my computer is still set in summer time. I'm honestly clueless on what to do so I'll appreciate any suggestions received. Windows ME, eastern time.

Answer:Here we go with Daylight Savings Time...

See if this helps?

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Is there a current fix or old fix for PC's that are adjusting clocks back an hour one week too early?

Answer:Daylight Savings Time has all that you need.

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How come vista x64 did not adjust for daylight savings time? was it my infrequent enough use of the OS, while waiting for SP-1??


Answer:Daylight Savings time

Hi sportsguy

You have to have it set to accept DST. Do you?

Hope this helps.

Later Ted

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With the date of Daylights saving time changing will this affect how the computer clocks spring foward to daylight savings time? Will I need to do it manually or will it be automatic, like in the past?

Answer:Daylight Savings Time Changes

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My computer did not change to DST this weekend. When i change it manually in the computer it will stay for 2-3 minutes and then goes back to the old time.

Answer:Daylight Savings Time

I think you have to update your DST. You can find more info from here:

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Now that we had to set the clock ahead in early March, every time I reset to the correct time, Windos XP puts it back to the winter time.
Somehow I lost the update when I had to reinstall XP.

Anyone remember what I have to download from MS to keep the correct time?


Is this what you are looking for?

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When does the next version of windows come out? 2007?

We change time back one hour tonight, our computers do it automatically of course if we have that function selected.

My curiosity is:

If there is no new version of Windows coming out by the time the law changes in 2007 that extends the one hour time change up until the end of November won't everyone have to do that manually but only after unselecting the option for the computer to do it or else the time change will be one month to early?

If there is a new version of Windows by 2007 I'm sure I'm sure the clock will be programmed to change at the end of November.

From what I can tell there is no current function in Windows that allows the user to set which day of the year to change the time but is programmed into that function individually according to the time zone selected.

If not and since todays computers will be online in 2007 maybe MS will release a patch to adjust for the new date change in the clocks program.

Answer:Adjust daylight savings time in XP?

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Sorry, I don't know where else to post this.

Will the proposed changes to daylight savings time create a huge headache for all the systems that need to be patched?

Answer:New Daylight Savings Time - Another Mini Y2K?

I doubt that they're hard-coded anywhere except in a reference chart, because some countries don't have DST adjustments. And what with half the world losing daylight while the other half gains, changing this shouldn't cause too much of a problem.

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I was just wondering if anyone knows if the update for the new daylight savings time has been included in the automatic updates by Microsoft? Also, I know this part of the forum is for XP Home/Professional, but can someone also tell me how to go about updating a Windows 95 (without internet connection) so it has the correct dates for daylight savings time?

Thank you.

Answer:Daylight Savings Time Update

I was just wondering if anyone knows if the update for the new daylight savings time has been included in the automatic updates by Microsoft? Also, I know this part of the forum is for XP Home/Professional, but can someone also tell me how to go about updating a Windows 95 (without internet connection) so it has the correct dates for daylight savings time?Thank you.

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I had the box checked on the computers on my network to automatically go to daylight savings time. Because of a particular application, I decided that I didn't want to automatically switch back to standard time at 2:00 AM. I would do it manually later.

So I unchecked the box on the server and all of my PCs on the 28th. When I got ready to make the manual change around 5:00 AM on the 29th, they were all already on standard time.

Does this mean that the box only affects going to daylight savings time and that it will always revert to standard time?

Answer:Daylight Savings Time switch

No, it should work going both ways. By any chance did you have the option 'Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server' checked?

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Hello all,I know it is early and I'm still on my first cup of coffee but my cable TV shows 08:32 and my PC shows 07:32 so I tried all the time sync servers and no DST update. Anybody else having the same issue? My time zone is GMT 05:00, Eastern Time (US and Canada).Nevermind; found my answer here:

Answer:No Daylight Savings Time Update On Xp Sp3 Rc2

I just installed RC2 yesterday successfully, after various attempts over the last couple of weeks . It's on one system, while I still have SP2 on the other.

Woke up at 0530 this morning, both of my desktops reflect correct time, along with my cable TV box.

Not an XP SP3 RC2 issue, IMO.

Edited to add: Central time zone.


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A couple of weeks my AVG (free) Anti-Virus wasn't updating and I asked why on these boards and I was told that it probably was because I had changed the time on my computer.
Now this weekend we will be changing the clocks so I was wondering if AVG will be affected by the change?

Answer:Will AVG be affected by Daylight Savigs Time?

The time changes never had any effect with AVG or other programs on my computer.

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Hi all,

Here at work, we have around 40 computers around our store and for some reason the windows time keeps getting off even with the microsoft patch installed. My local machine in the office seems fine but the machines in the store were very random when time changed in the spring. We had computers go 1 or 2 hours ahead and sometimes 1 or 2 hours behind. The first thing I checked was the time zone but that was not it in most cases. If I corrected the time, I would just come back a few hours later to see that the time had changed back even though none of these computers are set to synchronize with an internet time server. We finally just ended up setting the majority of the computers here to not automatically adjust for daylight savings time which seemed to fix everything.........but next weekend we will have to manually update all the times again which can be time consuming especially when some of these computers are on carts and can be moved all about the store. I was thinking about making a batch program to fix this using net time but I'm getting problems there too. On my machine I get this when typing in net time:

Current time at \\SERVER is 10/26/2007 11:25 AM

Local time (GMT-06:00) at \\SERVER is 10/26/2007 10:25 AM

The command completed successfully.

So, if I try to use net time set I'll end up with my machine an hour ahead. I would really like to make this work though not only for the daylight savings thing but also because it... Read more

Answer:Daylight Savings Time Problems

Possibly CMOS batteries?CMOS Battery. - Did you check the date/time in the BIOS settings?Louis

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Will there be patches or fixes released so computers can perform the time
change correctly? Or will it have to be done manually?

Answer:Daylight Savings Time Change

Yes, there will be updates for at least Windows.

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I need to write VBA code that detects when Windows adjusts a computers clock for Daylight Savings Time. Or weather Daylight Savings Time is "On" or "Off".

Is there a method of retriving this information from WIndows?

The operating system is Windows XP SP 2

Answer:Detecting Daylight Savings Time

FYI: I posted the same question on the MSDN Forums and here are some of the information posted there
I have found this in the registry:
ActiveTimeBias REG_DWORD 0x00000168(360)
Bias REG_DWORD 0x00000168(360)
DaylightBias REG_DWORD oxffffffc4(4294967236)
DaylightName REG_SZ Central Daylight Time
DaylightStart REG_BINARY 00 00 03 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
StandardBias REG_DWORD 0x00000000 (0)
StandardName REG_SZ Central Standard Time
StandardStart REG_BINARY 00 00 0b 00 01 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

U.S. Daylight Saving Time Schedule
2007: March 11 - Nov. 4
2008: March 9 - Nov. 2
2009: March 8 - Nov. 1
2010: March 14 - Nov. 7
2011: March 13 - Nov. 6

Therefore it appears to me that registry key is read as follows:
DaylightStart REG_BINARY 00 00 03 00 02 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
03 = March
02 = Second Sunday?
02 = 2am

________________... Read more

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This is no biggie, but just an annoyance - Ontario has decided to start DST three weeks early this year and a little programme I have running called DS CLOCK {} which synchronizes with various time servers around the world will not change - every time I ask it to run a time check it backs up an hour.   I have e-mailed the programme manager twice without response - has anyone come across a patch for this programme - it has a neat little always on display which can be placed anywhere on the screen and gives the time and date over whatever is running.


Here Ya Go...

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I just got an email from technet with this link for help with the changed daylight savings time issues.

In addition to computers, it appears to have sections for handheld devices and cellphones, although I haven't read that part.

It also has info for IT staff. It's here:


Answer:Daylight Savings Time Info.

Additional Info:Update for Windows XP (KB931836)

File Name: WindowsXP-KB931836-x86-ENU.exe
Version: 931836
Knowledge Base (KB) Articles: KB931836
Date Published: 2/7/2007
Language: English
Download Size: 501 KB
Estimated Download Time: 2 min 56K Dial-up (56K)DSL/Cable (256K)DSL/Cable (768K)T1 (1.5M) 2 min

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Service Pack 2

Installing this update enables your computer to automatically adjust the computer clock on the correct date in 2007 due to revised Daylight Saving Time laws in many countries.
You must first validate your Windows installation

To install this update on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP, you must have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed.

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I just got another email from MS with a link to a different page. It has a lot of info about preparing Office calendar, etc. for Daylight savings, if anyone's interested.


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Help me kill it on my computer! Please!
Western Australia had a trial of DST over three years and (fank Gawd) the trial ended in March this year. It won't be back.
Microsoft put out a patch in 2006 to make the adjustment automatic. I've just noticed that the patch is still active, my computer is showing 6:50 AM when it should be 5:50.
I tried to install this patch
but I get an error message that a newer or same time zone update has already been installed.

Answer:Daylight Savings Time lives on.

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Hi all,
I noticed today that after DST, my time didn't update, but yet I have it set to automatically detect it. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Thanks, Jason

Answer:Solved: Daylight Savings Time

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So far as I can determine, my system clock was updated with no problem on all my machines (Desktop running Vista Home Premium 32-bit and 2 laptops running Vista Home Premium 64-bit).

However, it appears that every file on the system had its Date Modified time updated to one hour later. I run a utility called Fingerprint every day to log file changes and it seems to have picked up my entire system

Anyone else experience this?


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If I'm not mistaken, daylight savings time beginning and ending times will be changed this year. Am I to assume that we only have to make changes on Servers of which the clients get their time from? Outside of that, other systems that aren't server dependent such as UPS machines and such, will need the time to be changed manually?

Just curious if anyone has already started to work on this.

Sorry if this doesn't belong in this particular forum. Wasn't sure where to ask.

"On August 8, 2005, President George W. Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This Act changed the time change dates for Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. Beginning in 2007, DST will begin on the second Sunday in March and end the first Sunday in November. The Secretary of Energy will report the impact of this change to Congress. Congress retains the right to resume the 2005 Daylight Saving Time schedule once the Department of Energy study is complete."

This was taken from

I just found this on MS. site.

Windows 2000 has passed the end of Mainstream Support and will not be receiving an update without Extended Hotfix Support.

All versions of Windows can be manually updated using the tzedit.exe utility or other techniques documented in Knowledge Base article 914387 and similar articles for other countries, which is the preferred method of remediation for any product outside of Mainstream Support. (The tzedit.exe tool allows you t... Read more

Answer:Daylight Savings Time - New Dates

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hi, i have windows vista on a toshiba satellite a305. 
since daylight savings started,  the computer wont keep the hour-ahead time. it reverts back to hour-behind time.
i have tried different internet time servers and going off the sync with internet time server all together.
i have tried manually adjusting the time ,  checking and unchecking the box automatically adjusting for daylight savings.
and what ever i do, it reverts back to regular daylight time, not daylight savings. 
it usually occurs after several minutes, i come back after a while and reverts back to old time.
could it be because the daylight savings time is earlier this year than in past years.
for example in 2006 daylight savings started on april 2. 
if memory serves me i had a similar problem last year, and it went away after a few weeks,
could that be why?
any thoughts, let me know

Answer:wont keep daylight savings time ?

Look in Date and Time in the Control panel and make sure that your time zone is set correctly for your location.

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Since Congress passed the New Daylight Savings Time effective this year, computers without Windows XP or updates or without Vista will not reset its time correctly this year (or future years)--it will be 3 weeks late in the spring since they are starting DST three weeks early and one week early in the fall. So for Windows 2000 and NT, there is a 3rd party utility to fix your time--go here:

and scroll down to Free Downloads.

The update is for these time zones:

-Alaska Standard Time Zone
-Central Standard Time Zone
-Eastern Standard Time Zone
-Mountain Standard Time Zone
-Pacific Standard Time Zone
-Atlantic Standard Time Zone (Canada)
-Newfoundland Standard Time Zone (Canada)

So if you are not in that time zone, don't download it.

I haven't tried these fixes, so do it at your own risk. Perhaps someone else can let us know how it works.

Answer:3rd Party Fix for 2000 and NT for Daylight Savings Time

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My desktop computer has shifted the time ahead one hour for each appointment I have in my calendar. I believe this occured right around the change to daylight savings time. My handheld device still shows the correct time for each appointment. Is there some way to get Outlook to shift the time back an hour to the correct time?

Answer:Daylight Savings Time - Outlook Problem

I think your "fix" is here, along with an explanation.

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My wife's Samsung Comeback automatically updated yesterday for DST, but it also moved every appointment in her calendar up an hour. Yes, we woke up this morning an hour late! T-Mobile said the fix is to move each appointment manually . . .yeah, right! And then move them all back 6 months from now? Any ideas?

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I have a Dell Axim which is approximately three years old running Microsoft ActiveSync 3.5With the change in daylight savings time, every time I sync, the device reverts back to the old time. My calendar times are really messed up! FYI, the Outlook time on my PC is fine. Does Microsoft have a patch for this? Thanks.

Answer:Microsoft ActiveSync and new Daylight Savings Time

Dumb idea but have you been into the CONTROL PANEL and had a look under REGIONAL SETTINGS that the time zones and other settings are all as they should be?

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Since the new law was passed last year to have an earlier DST starting this year on April 2nd, does anyone know how Windows software will handle this change?

Will it be dependent on the Windows Time Service in WinXP, and what about earlier Windows OSes?

I have not heard of a Windows patch in the March Windows Updates regarding DST, so thought I would throw this question out there in hopes of getting a somewhat reasonable answer.

-- Tom

Answer:Solved: April 2nd Daylight Savings Time & Windows

The new DST does not start until 2007

See Chart Below

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Just noticed this while at Windows Update earlier, something for our Aussie members ( note: Australia only )

Australian daylight saving time update for Windows operating systems in 2006

The Commonwealth Games are scheduled to be held in Melbourne, Australia during March 2006. Several Australian states have changed the date on which daylight saving time changes to standard time. These states are New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, and Tasmania. In these states, daylight saving time changes to standard time on the first Sunday of April 2006.

The following currently-supported Microsoft products use the default daylight saving time transition date. These products do not reflect the change to a new transition date:
? Microsoft Windows 2000
? Microsoft Windows Server 2003
? Microsoft Windows XP
Systems that use these products in the affected states of Australia will change from daylight saving time to standard time a week early, on March 26, 2006.Click to expand...

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I know corporations will start to have calendar issues and such with Outlook and other programs so I'm posting this for reference.

Daylight savings time for the United States, Europe and parts of Asia will end on Nov. 1 at 2 a.m. local time. Some parts of the world ended daylight savings time in mid-October. Because times zones changes are staggered be sure to confirm any meetings you have scheduled with participants from other regions. If a time discrepancy is identified, you will need to contact the meeting organizer.

To ensure the successful coordination of meetings, please verify meeting start times with the organizer and include the start time of the session, along with the time zone(s), in the subject line of the meeting invitation. Employees should check their Time Zone Settings to ensure their time zone aligns with their work location, and more importantly that their computer is automatically set to adjust for Daylight Savings Time.

Europe ? Oct. 25 at 1 a.m.
? Mexico (except Sonora) ? Oct. 25 at 2 a.m.
? United States (except Hawaii and Arizona) ? Nov. 1 at 2 a.m.
? Canada (except Saskatchewan) ? Nov. 1 at 2 a.m.

Daylight savings time began for Australia and Brazil on Oct. 4 and Oct. 18, respectively.


Ugh... this is the most pointless thing in the world. Either make it standard so EVERYONE is on DST, or stop it all-together since DST really has no benefit at all...

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Hello everyone, I am new here and this is my first post. When I woke up this morning I noticed that the time on my laptop has gone back an hour already due to daylight savings time, this is not ment to change back an hour for another week yet. I had a look on Microsoft's website for a fix for this problem and found out there was an update for it in November 2008, I downloaded this fix (Update for Windows XP (KB955839) and went to install it. When I go to install it it comes up with "Update cannot be installed as a newer or same timezone update has already been installed on the system". If anyone has any information or a fix for this it would be kindly appreciated.


Answer:Solved: Windows XP Home Edition Daylight Savings time fix for 2009?

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I have a lumia 735 and it won't automatically adjust to daylight savings time. I have manually corrected the time but why won't it adjust automatically. Also for some reason my calendar keeps going one day ahead. ie it says its Tuesday the 14th right now. Help please. frustrating

Answer:My lumia 735 wont keep daylight savings time. Calendar jumps ahead one day

Is the correct time zone selected in Date & time settings? There are options to set date/time and time zone automatically so maybe turn both on if they're not.

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We have about 100 computers on our network. I had installed late last year the "How to configure daylight saving time for Microsoft Windows operating systems" on our domain. This morning, about 90% of the systems were updated correctly. I'm not sure what the issue is that not all systems updated with the correct time. I have gone and rebooted a couple of the systems and had the user log back in, but they still have the wrong time. I know I can go in manually as an admin and update the time, but I was hoping there was a more efficient way.


Answer:Daylight Savings update issue - using TZupdate.reg

Did you verify that the machines in question were actually set to "Automatically Adjust Clock for daylight savings"? All our machines did fine with the exception of about 10 .... out of 200+ and the 10 that did not work were not set to automatically adjust.



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Hello All,

I have an issue with calendar appointments. The appointments have changed by one hour since daylight savings began on October 26. This is issue is in Perth Australia. The patch is already installed on the laptop. The problem was the daylight savings checkbox was unchecked. This now has caused problems. Changing the timezone in calendar options fixes the calendar appointments but changes the clock, thus incorrect time. Changing the clock changes the calendar appointments and therefore still causes an issue.

Is there any way of chaning the timezone setting in calendar appointments without changing the clock time?

desparately need help with this one.


Answer:Daylight Savings issue with outlook 2003

Try reinstall the outlook

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I have Windows XP Pro, SP2.

I was wondering what affect the new daylight savings time start/stop dates will have on Windows and if there is something I should do. Has this been addressed by an update? Somebody please tell me if this has already been addressed and if not is there anything I should do?


Answer:Will the change in the start/stop dates of daylight savings time break Windows auto..

February 2007 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems

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Just puchased a Blackberry Pearl (primarily to understand it to support my customers) and am looking to integrate it to Quickbooks for Customer Time tracking and billing.

My old Sony Clie (Palm software) used Time to Time from "Tom Thumb Software" - It worked very well for me but they currently do not have a BB equivalent as yet. It allowed me to click on task and hours on the palm and when synced with Quickbooks could be loaded directly into QB invoices.

Looking for what you are using... or would recommend.

I've been googl'ing around a bit and would appreaciate a BB users preospective.
Good crows here... thought there might be some good discussions on this one.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Looking for Blackberry/Quickbooks Time & Billing soft

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Hi, I bought a new verbatim micro sd 32gb class 10. It works fine with my phone but the moment I plug it into any of my usb ports and try to access it via Blackberry Desktop software or via explorer, I get BSOD. This happens 90% of the time.

I've formatted the card several times using phone and pc (when it doesn't bsod ofcourse).

I don't have this problem with my class 4 2gb micro sd, only my new one.

Additionally, if I leave phone plugged in to pc whilst restarting, my bios pauses. When I disconnect phone it continues to vista.

Dump file is attached.

Answer:System Exception Error 90% of the time plugging Blackberry with new sd

It usually takes more than one BSOD dump to diagnose the problem, that being said I will use my judgment and your file to suggest a solution. Your problem seems to be a driver from Acronis, either uninstall the software or try to update driver
Tdrpm251.sys file descriptionProductname: Acronis Try&Decide Description: Acronis Try&Decide Volume Filter Driver Company: Acronis File size: Various

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Question: blackberry issue

I am using a blackberry to post this, but another website like this won't take my posts for some reason, what am I doing wrong?

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Just wonding if anybody else has noticed this and if they have found a solution. If I delete something off of my blackberry it sends it to the deleted items in my outlook. If I delete something from outlook it does not delete it from my phone. I am running a BES server and I have noticed this on my current and previous blackberry.

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Anyone here an expert with BES servers? I am trying to activate a blackberry, and i get "an error occured. Contact your System Administrator." The blackberry was previously on the bes under another account, I wiped it, deleted that account and want to put it under another account. It's that one particular account taht wont work. If I try to activate it with a test account I made, then no problem. I tried deleting the bb account and recreating several times, no go. I'm almost ready to recreate the AD account but that is a huge can of worms as it tends to break lot of stuff.

Answer:Issue activating a Blackberry

So you deleted the account on the BES and wiped the handheld? Still didnt work, so you tried another account you created on the phone and it worked. Did you wipe it after the test account? Since the test account works it sounds like the Enterprise Plan on the phone is working correctly. Do you have full data coverage? After the next wipe try a battery pull, recreate the account. Are you setting a password or generating it?

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My IT Dept is experiencing the following issue and I hope someone out has seen this or have an answer.

When and end-user makes an change or delete an entry from her Outlook the next day the entry revert to its original content or reappear in Outlook. We thought it was related to the Day Light Saving Time however it an on going problem in our enviroment.

We updated, all Windows Patch, Office Patch and Blackberry patches. Please note all end-user has blackberry. We double checked and triple check all blackberry settings but to no avail.

Has anyone expererience this issue?
DST Process & Checklist

1. Ensure workstation operating system is updated.* The following updates should be installed on each Windows workstation:

" 931836 - Critical to North American DST changes.
" 931836v2 - Supersedes the above update.
" 933360** - Supersedes 931836, but only adds the following:
o Caucasus Standard Time
Armenian Standard Time
New Zealand Standard Time
GTB Standard Time
Jordan Standard Time
" 942763** - Supersedes 933360, but only adds the following:
o Arabic Standard Time:
o Australia: Central Australia Standard Time/Australia Eastern Standard Time/Tasmania Standard Time
o Egypt Standard Time
o Israel Standard Time
o South America: E. South America Standard Time/Central Brazilian Standard Time
o Venezuela Standard Time

o All systems using LANDesk should be receiving these updates automatically

**Not critical to North American DST, but we advise the inst... Read more

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when I install the disk it prompts me for the sonic activation module which isn't ON the disk that came in box. I can't uninstall all my Sonic stuff because I use it on the puter to make cd's so that option is out (I saw that a few times in posts here) Anyone know where online to go to find this download? I need it to fiddle with my media on my phone.

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I recieve alot of email attachments (pdf files) on my Blackberry curve each day. Intermittently, when I open an email attachment, instead of opening the new attachment it opens a previously viewed document from days ago. Does anyone have any ideas how to correct this problem?

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Tonight I ran into my first Blackberry OS problem it had to do with themes (wallpaper) I had downloaded two themes from the Blackberry store and subsequently messed up the operating system they were from third-party sources as I found out I have only had this Blackberry for two weeks and messed it up twice oh well that is part of the learning process. If you work with something like I do every day with a computer its inevitable it's going to mess up the key is learning how to get out of it. Well I almost figured it out first I knew when I downloaded two themes through the Blackberry store and the phone did not work properly before that I downloaded a drive safe application and the phone worked fine so it was the themes. "In my mind I said okay how do I delete them so I went to the help on the phone and it told me to go to device options and say delete however device options does not exist the actual process is 1 go to options advanced options and under that applications and you will see a list of all the applications you have on the phone and you can delete them out of their this deletes them through the Blackberry device only. The third-party applications also screw up your desktop manager which wasn't working properly I found that interesting so the limitations of this current version of the operating system is the themes that work are the ones that come with the operating system and you take your chances with the ones you download. This operating system version i... Read more

Answer:Blackberry curve 8330 issues with Windows XP & Blackberry OS 4.50.138

Do a Manual Wipe of the Blackberry

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I have added my account to the hub so I can sync my contacts and calendar with my work computer. I used to use Blackberry Link. My company is behind. The one thing I notice is sometimes job titles and company names disappear. Is this an Android or Microsoft issue? I have read it may be Android. I get no help from Microsoft. Any thoughts? I was thinking maybe for Outlook to only use the Outlook App.

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I have been trying to pair my Blackberry with my ThinkPad X300.  I have not been able to do it.  Based on things I have read on the Blackberry site, they only accept the standard Microsoft Bluetooth and not a third party like the ThinkPad Bluetooth with enhanced data rate.  So my question is can I delete what comes with the ThinkPad X300 and install a standard Microsoft Bluetooth driver?  Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance. 

Answer:X300 - Blackberry & ThinkPad Bluetooth Issue

capthink, welcome to the forum, you could uninstall the Lenovo Bluetooth drivers and install the Windows Bluetooth Support drivers which can also be found here on the Lenovo X300 driver site.  Hope this helps

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I recently removed malware from my computer, but I think some of the damage that it did still remains. From time to time my downloads and such will fail to save to my computer, saying that I need Administrative privileges to do that or something like that. It shows up very often when I have iTunes open (as iTunes saves my library regularly.) At first it didn't bother me, but it's getting rather annoying. I'm sure it has something to do with the registry but I don't know what to do. If anyone could help that'd be nice.

Answer:Trouble saving files from time to time.

Dear Razorcane,
Do you have the log files of the "removed malware"? Recently we discussed about one member removing >250 "infections" which turned out be 3rd party cookies(just kidding!). i am absolutely serious here! Did they infect the REGISTRY? What anti-malware,spyware tools did you use? which AV is on your system? These may help my more knowledgeable friends here to help you out! BEST WISHES!

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Anytime I run the cleaners, and reboot - my blackberry is no longer recognized.

I end up having to reinstall the blackberry.

So either I don't run ccleaner or glary utilities, or I keep reinstalling blackberry every single time.

Neither one seems like a good option to me.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem??

I just got my new system literally 2 days ago - and have been trying to get it all set up with a lot of issues with programs that I had on XP not working.

But - I am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Look forward to becoming an active member of this community... and any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I tend to run thru all the options on both ccleaner and glary util. (from cleaning system, registery cleaning and defraggins, etc).

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I have Windows XP machine whose time is 1 hour behine the actual time. I have adjusted the time through Windows Regional Settings and through BIOS but no effect. Any suggesstion to solve this issue...

Answer:XP machine not saving time

Just a guess now but what time zone are your settings on... and what time zone do you live in?

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Hi As a matter of interest my computer shows that Day Light Saving Time began at 01:00 27 3 2011 and the clock is now one hour advancedYes I can alter it but has any one else noticed the change ?Or is the computer right?gel

Answer:Day light saving time?

Computer is correct click here

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I'm looking for a bit of VB code to be able to save a document with the name being the date and time it was saved:Can anyone help with what I need to put where it says 'code here'.ThanksActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName'code here', FileFormat:=wdFormatDocument, _ LockComments:=False, Password:="", AddToRecentFiles:=True, WritePassword _ :="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, EmbedTrueTypeFonts:=False, _ SaveNativePictureFormat:=False, SaveFormsData:=False, SaveAsAOCELetter:= _ False

Answer:Saving filename with date and time

Found click here - any use?

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I have spent hours trying to get this to work with no outcome, basically I have an asus M2N68-AM SE2. With AMD 5000+ black edition processor, 2 gb corsair xms 2 6400 memory, bfg 8800 gt oc2 edition. I have tried different cmos batteries, different power supply, graphics card, memory , but it still asks to set cmos time and date every time the power cable is taken out the back of pc, If its left in and power still running through the system it works fine.I took the motherboard back to the shop and they tested it and it worked fine.any help would be great, thanks dan.

Answer:CMOS, date and time not saving...

It sounds like you have got the CMOS Jumper in Clear Position instead of run. Check your Motherboard Manual on Jumper Position on Motherboard, but its normally near to the Battery

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I have a Zoostorm Freedom 10-270 netbook; windows 7 starter. I do not use it that often but is good as it has an actual keyboard and I have needed it working outside my office.
Last week when I switched it on the date and time were wrong & it would not connect to the internet. I changed the date & time, saved the changes, and all was fine. The next day I switched it on, the date & time were again incorrect. This happened again today.
Any idea what the problem might be?

Answer:Correct date & time not saving

Sounds like the CMOS battery is dead (the battery is used save the BIOS settings, because you do not use the machine often the battery is over used and gone flat).
See here for a new battery and link on the site to show how to change (not s easy on some laptops)

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hi all, is there any way to save a quick-time video clip,when they come down as real-player clips, i just go to temp-internet-files, and drag them into a folder, but the quick-time ones are not in there, the right-click for the above, has the "save" bit greyed out...thanks

Answer:saving a "quick time" video clip

Sorry for butting into your thread but I don't want to appear stupid. I know nothing about Quicktime. Is it equivalent to a realtime player? When I open it it shows a picture and then shrinks down to a greyed out box. I've read the Apple description but I'm no wiser. Last time I had a go at using it a thing came up about paying so I didn't bother.

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Windows 2000 Pro - when the PC shuts down, there is a window which says Saving Your Settings.This is on-screen for a full minute before the PC then starts to shut-down.I understand there is a need for disk cahes to be purged, hence the delay, but 60 seconds! All disk activity ceases in a few seconds when the window appears.Is there a way to reduce the time on this window ?

Answer:Shutdown - excessive Saving Settings time

I don't use Win 2000 but this 'fix' is for XP:1- Start/Run and type Regedit2- Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CURRENT CONTROL SET/CONTROL3- Click on ?Control?4- Select ?Wait to kill service timeout?5- Right click and select ?Modify?6- Set to a lower value than 20007- A setting of 200 will be sufficient Normal setting is 2000 but can safely be reduced to 200 for a quick shutdown. Sometimes in PCs, including my own, an extra nought is added on to make it 20000. Not sure why this happens but when it does it leads to a very long shutdown time.

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Question: Outook 98

I know you can add certain words in the Junk Mail file, such as
money, sex, hair transplant !! you get my drift! I beleive there is a file you just add the words? but what is it and where can I locate it ??

Answer:Outook 98

I sussed it....Filters.txt !

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Ok so its coming up to my anniversary with my girlfriend and as a result i wish to create a book of our texts. Despite them being on my iphone i have managed to extract them into a word document listed with a line inbetween eachone. However i intend to set them out in text boxes just like they are on my iphone and was wondering if anybody knew a quick way to do this- other than copy and pasting 6855 texts haha! Is there a database i can set up that will insert them into the boxes for me?

Answer:Need a time saving method to create anniversary present

Hi there, welcome to the board!

While I'm not very good with Word VBA, this may get you started...
Option Explicit

Sub MakeSMSPrettyForTheLovebirds()

Dim wdDoc As Document, wdNewDoc As Document
Dim wdPara As Paragraph, wdShp As Shape
Dim iLeft As Single, iTop As Single
Dim iWidth As Single, iHeight As Single

Set wdDoc = ThisDocument
Set wdNewDoc = Application.Documents.Add
iLeft = 75
iWidth = 450
iHeight = 50

For Each wdPara In wdDoc.Paragraphs
If Len(Replace(Trim(wdPara.Range.Text), Chr(13), "")) = 0 Then
'blank line
Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdStory
iTop = Selection.Information(wdFirstCharacterLineNumber) * 55 + 75
Set wdShp = wdNewDoc.Shapes.AddTextbox(msoTextOrientationHorizontal, iLeft, iTop, iWidth, iHeight, Selection.Range)
wdShp.TextFrame.TextRange.Text = Replace(Trim(wdPara.Range.Text), Chr(13), "")
End If
Next wdPara

End Sub
This needs to be put into a standard module of the document you wish to run this on. It will put each line separately into a text box with the text inside of it. Down and dirty, but I don't know when your anniversary is, so if you get nothing else in time, maybe this will help.

Oh, and happy anniversary!!

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Is there any time / length / volume limitation for saving a project in MSWMM? If so, how can I join the parts for making the full movie?

Answer:Time/length/volume limitation for saving MSWMM

This should answer most of your questions: Windows Movie Maker: frequently asked questions

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Hello. Here is my issue short and sweet.

When I use ANY of the web based emails (Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast) on computer A, all of my emails are stamped an hour earlier than real time. By real time, I mean the clock on the computer AND the analog tick-tock clock on my kitchen wall. Both display the correct time accurately.

When I use ANY of the web based emails (Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast) on computer B (or C or D), all of my emails are stamped with real/correct time that matches my kitchen and computer. These computers ALSO reflect correct time.

With either computer, any file created or saved has a date and time stamp that is correct and reflects real time. Whether saved with a web app, a windows app or a cmd line app.

On all computers my time zone is set correctly. The "adjust for DST" box is checked. I also ran TZEDIT to confirm that my DST dates are correct.

One revelation (and I believe herein lies the key). If I look on computer A at the bottom of the "Date and Time Properties box: the current time zone says : Eastern *STANDARD* time. If I look at computers B, C or D. The "Date and Time Properties box says: current time zone: Eastern *DAYLIGHT* time. I can not find any way to change the "STANDARD" to "DAYLIGHT".

Now for the big question. How is this resolved?

Thank you.

PS. As mentioned in other posts, Adjusting the clock on computer A an hour ahead resolves the email issue, but now any file created or modified has the incorrec... Read more

Answer:Web based email Time zone issue wrong time stamp

Double click your clock, click on "Timezone" tab and tick the box for 'Daylight savings'. If need be adjust your timezone from there.

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Not sure if any one has already posted this and got T400 has a strange issue. it takes a lot time in pre-boot... a cursor blinks on the top left corner for 5+ minutes and then loads the 'Windows loading...' screen for about another 5 mins and finally shows the windows logon screen. Additionaly, when i hit shutdown, i am fine. if i hit restart - i am sitting there for ever.  my laptop has 8GB RAM + 256 GB SSD + Windows 7 Ultimate x64. 

Answer:T400 boot time takes long time & has issue with restart

Srini shared the following observation via twitter... perhaps the community can help?
@lenovoforums my T400 takes 10mins to boot; and doesnt restart properly. looks like a famous issue every one has out there #lenovo #thinkpad

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I always keep a backup of my Outlook .pst file just n case I need it...

Just doing a back up and notice that the files do not have any association linked... I am sure it used to show the Outlook icon but can't be sure... can anyone confirm this.. I did try to link to Outlook but is failed...

This is what I mean...

This is what I get when I try to associate it to Outlook... Which seems odd... unless it is because Outlook is open?

Answer:Outook Office 365 .pst

Mine have the Outlook association, I'm using the Office 2016 package rather than the Office 365 but should be same.

I would advise you use the installer (uninstaller - Change), to do a repair rather than manually setting the association as the Office associations are not standard

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Question: Outook Express

can any body tell me is it possible to have my send and recive box come up automaticaly instead of having to click on send/recivealso why do i now get the message asking Are you sure you want to delete all the items and sub folders in the deleted items folderI have no idea how this is happening my OEM is XP Home

Answer:Outook Express

if you go to tool/options in outlook, click on the tab "other" there you will find a tick box which allows you to enable or disable the "empty deleted items" message.if you want to set the send/receive to automatic then in the same options page click on the tab "mail setup". once again there is a check box which allows this action to take place when outlook is opened.harpur

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