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Outlook 2003: not marking read items as read

Question: Outlook 2003: not marking read items as read

Using outlook 2003 and a pop3 server to access my webmail email, i am able to send and recieve. However when i read my emails and close outlook the items remain unread when i check outlook later. This happens quite often and is very annoying... any help is appreciated.

windows xp SP2

2 gig ram

Athlon 64 FX - 53: 2.4ghz

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Preferred Solution: Outlook 2003: not marking read items as read

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Outlook 2003: not marking read items as read

Outlook Express has a tab to fix this-maybe Outlook has the same.
check Mark Messages READ after displaying (add 5 seconds)

Maybe that seconds number has been raised above the time you take to scan messages. OE doesnt care IF you peek at a message-it cares HOW long you stare at it.

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My Outlook 2003 (running with XP) used to work great but a few months ago it started marking messages as "read" by changing their color in the list from blue to black. I watched this carefully and it seems to happen (sometimes) when I read the message either above or below it but it also seems to happen randomly too. I have missed several important messages because of this and I would love to correct it. Any ideas what is wrong?

Answer:Outlook is marking my messages as Read!

Hi, have to activated the preview pane?
There is an option that says "mark as read after x seconds"
If this is not the case I don't know, but this is something I ran into inthe beginning

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I have outlook 2010 on a windows 7 laptop. I have an IMAP account setup in outlook but emails get marked as read as soon as this same account is synced on another device. The emails are not read on the other device. This is very annoying as im not sure which emails actually get read and which ones are missed.
I have checked things like unchecking the option to mark as read if they are viewed in the reading pane, i cant see any settings in webmail (the account is with 1and1). The emails come through and are marked as unread until a sync is done on another device (iPhone) and then immediately all emails are marked as read.
Any help would be great.

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sometimes I check the emails from my phone , but outlook make them as read and its little confusing sometimes. is there is anyway outlook can download the emails but still mark it as unread on the server ?

Answer:outlook marking the messages as read from the server

The only way I can think of is to set it up as a POP3 account as opposed to IMAP.

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Is it possible to set a security feature on an email so that the receiver can not mark the message as unread once the message was opened. I had this happen to me with several emails from another outlook user. We work on the same server.

Once I opened the emails, I was not able to close them and mark as unread. Within an hour the property was removed. I trying to figure out how this happened. Thanks in advance for any insight.


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I get a lot of emails daily, as soon as I click on one it is marked as read even if I don't reply or deal with it. I would like to be able to stop this so that it only gets marked as read if I manually do it, reply to the email or set it up to do so with rules. Is it possible?

Answer:Solved: Is there a way to stop outlook 2007 marking unread email as read?

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Aight, i seem to be the only person in the friggin WORLD who has this problem. Ive asked everyone i know, not sure if i posted this before but it didnt show up in the similar threads section.

The browser is Google Chrome.

The problem is that i visit my gaming guilds(2 of them) and an authors websites. If i leave the page open, or read just ONE thread, they all become marked as read.

This started happening just on my dead presidents gaming guild website. But now its started happening on my STO forums and my Terry Goodkind forums websites.

Doesnt seem to happen here, on the WoW forums, or on any of the 5 motorcycle forums that i frequent.

None of the boards use the same setup or forum host.

Anyone have ANY ideas?

(this can happen either when at or away from the pc so i know its not me just being a dumbass by pushing a button or hitting mark as read on a page, EVERY time i visit these specific pages)

Answer:Marking As read when not read

Could you send some screenshots of your problem?

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For the last week I have not been able to delete my read items in Outlook Express. I was running version 6, operating system is 98 SE. I tried highlighting one or several and right click delete choice but that does not work. Tried dragging items from inbox to deleted items folder, that does not work. Tried using the delete icon on tool bar that does not work. I tried removing Outlook Express 6, now have OE5, still cannot delete anything. If anyone can help would greatly appreceiat any suggestion.

Answer:Cannot delete read items in Outlook Express

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When I click 'New posts' i get a list of 498 everytime. Is there anyway I can clear these or mark them read without gonig through them all and opening them??

Any help appreciated.


Answer:Marking topics read

Quick Links top right>Mark Forums Read

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Something has changed on my computer.  When I used to browse places like Craig's list after I read an ad the title of the ad would change color so I know I read it.  Now it doesn't.  How can I change it back to do this again?

Answer:Marking ads read changed

What web browser are you using?  Have you recently updated or changed browsers?  Have you recently changed any settings in your browser? Try refreshing the page that shows an ad you've viewed.  Does that make the link change so that it looks like a visited link?

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Hi guys,

I sent read receipts with all e-mails and have set Outlook to delete processed receipts automatically:

For external recipients, the delete-after-processing usually doesn’t work. However, for internal recipients, this worked until today. Now when a receipt is processed, the tracking on the sent item is updated, but the receipt is not deleted from my inbox.

I double check that "After processing, move receipts to" has been selected and set move to Deleted Items.

Any idea why?


Answer:Outlook - read receipts not moved to Deleted Items

My first suggestion would be to export all the rules out.
Then delete the rules.
Now Import them back in.

See if this helps.

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I have switched on junk mail filter in Outlook 2000. This moves the mail to the deleted folder but leaves it marked as unread. Is there any way of automatically marking these emails as read.

Answer:Marking Junk Mail as Read

The easiest way is right click on the junk email folder and click on mark all as read, not sure if you can set it up automatically.

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I receive Hotmail on my desktop, laptop, and iPhone. When I read it on the first device it still shows as unread on the others (which it is technically, I suppose). Is there any way it will show as read on all devices once I have read it on the first?

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I had to reformat my laptop - everything works except Outlook 2003 -- cannot read my emails. Worked fine before reformat. Tried reinstalling MS Office, reinstalling Outlook only. Have McAfee AV - tried reloading AV without email protection. Tried every combo I could think of under security, firewalls, etc. No luck. Any ideas? Thanks!

Answer:Cannot read email in Outlook 2003

Only a shot in the dark and something I'm sure that you've done, but will ask anyway! Did you enter your email server after the reformat? Have a great holiday!

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One of my users gets all of their Outlook attachments as Read-Only files (e.g. word, excel files, etc). Even if saved to hard drive or network they remain read-only, the only way is to change the file name.

I can't find any settings to change this and it's only the one user.

Any ideas appreciated!

Answer:Outlook 2003 Read-Only Attachments.

Why would you use outlook? Use thunderbird.

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I have this strange problem. It happened two month ago, and now I faced it on another PC. I received a message, when I highlight this message in the tree view, outlook 2003 gets in "Not Responding" mode. It won't work until I end its task and start it over again.

I didn't solve it back then, I just avoided highlighting that message (By the way, I never read it because as I explained, it won't even open).
But now my new situation is unbearable, when I click on "Inbox", I get the same freeze again.

I even tried creating a new outlook profile, but I got the same problem when using the personal folder of the old account.

I would appreciate any help please..

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Say I send an email message to someone, after having chosen the option that I receive a read receipt when the recipient(s) open the email.If the recipient deletes the message without opening, will I receive a notice of that (something like what's highlighted below)?[highlight]From:       <Original Recipient>Sent:      Friday, July 21, 2006 10:20 AMTo:      <Me, as original sender>Subject:      Not Read: Your message      To:             <Original Recipient>      Subject:            Sent:             7/21/2006 10:20 AMwas not read on 7/21/2006 10:20 AM[/highlight]or, [highlight]From:       <Original Recipient>Sent:      Friday, July 21, 2006 10:20 AMTo:      <Me, as original sender>Subject:      Deleted, Not Read: Your message      To:             <Original Recipient>      Subject:            Sent:             7/21/2006 10:20 AMwas deleted and not read on 7/21/2006 10:20 AM[/highlight]

Answer:Outlook 2003 Read Receipts

No, you will not receive any message if the recipient chooses not to acknowledge the request, or deletes it without having read it.

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I received an e-mail with a read receipt request on a POP3 account I can receive from but not send to. Outlook keeps trying to send the read receipt and displaying the following error message:

Task 'Incoming Only Acct. - Sending and Receiving' reported error (0x80042109) : 'Outlook is unable to connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'
The read receipt message is not in the outbox so I can't delete it. Where is it? Can I delete it? How can I get rid of this problem? Thanks. Steve

Answer:Outlook 2003 Can't Delete Read Receipt HELP!

They appear in the outbox when I test it. You may have to just change that account so that it can temporarily send it via a free SMTP server, then it should be gone Even if the SMTP server bounces it, it will still get it "out of the loop".

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All word doc attachements in outlook 2003 are going out read only.

How can I change the setting back to "normal"???

running windows xp home, office 2003 ... all were recently reinstalled on reformatted hdd.


Tom O'Connell

Answer:Outlook 2003 - word doc attachments read only

where are the files when you attach them - from a CD??
The recepient can just save them as a different name

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I have a customer using Outlook 2003 who sent a message to another client on my 2003 Exchange site with a read receipt on the message.  After the message was read, the sender now receives another copy of that read receipt every minute...on the minute.  I fixed the problem by detaching the senders mailbox from the store in Active Directory and then re-attaching it.Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this, or has anyone seen this before?

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Friend of mine has got 2003 server , at work he is using outlook 2003 as mail client to exchange server , he was not able to read the mail that he is receiving in Arabic character .He asked me to check that , I could not figure out where is the problem
Any insight ?


Arabic language was chosen in "Regional Settings"

Answer:Outlook 2003 can not read Arabic character


I've moved this to Web and Email for more response

Can he check that the 2003 server has the Arabic language installed:

Or enabled it here:

In fact, the whole document is good to read, if can access the server.

If not, is this happening with all emails he recieve's or just the odd few? You may also want to have a read of this:



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Friend of mine has got 2003 server , at work he is using outlook 2003 as mail client to exchange server , he was not able to read the mail that he is receiving in Arabic character .He asked me to check that , I could not figure out where is the problem

Arabic language was chosen in "Regional Settings"


Answer:Outlook 2003 can not read Arabic character

What does "not able to read" mean?

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I have certain email contacts that I always have to use read-receipts for (they are bad about answering emails). Is there a way to have Outlook automatically attach a read-receipt to all emails directed to those contact? I haven't found an option like this in Outlook, but I'm hoping that I either missed it or there is an add-in that would accomplish this. Thanks for the help.

Answer:Automatic read receipts in Outlook 2003

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Is there a way to mark an email as read by hitting a shortcut on the keyboard?

Answer:Shortcut to 'Mark as Read' in Outlook 2003?

Nevermind. Figured it out myself...

Right click the email & press K.

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Does anyone know if I can open/view an e-mail sent to me which has 'request a read receipt for this message' set on it, without the receipt being sent.Thanks

Answer:Stop MS Outlook 2003 'read receipt'

AJ......... If the mail is addressed to you than why not let the read receipt be sent ........  But to answer your question ......yes I believe there is a way to do that........  I am just a bit reluctant to show you how to do it .dl65  

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I have a user who gets a lot of read receipts. Is there a way to set up Outlook 2003 so that once he clicks on them, they go directly to the delete folder, and not have to be manually deleted each time? They get over a hundred each day.

Answer:Way to automatically remove read receipts in Outlook 2003

Welcome to the forum.

Setup a rule to have them automatically move them to a folder. When he is done with them he can then do a CTR+A which will select all of them and then hit Delete to delete them and throw them into the deleted items folder. You can also do a Shift+Delete to permanently delete them and bypass the Deleted Items folder all-together.

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In the grand scheme of things, this problem is minor, but I can't seem to solve

Read Receipts are not tracking properly for one of my bosses.
He is receiving them, and some of the people that have responded with receipts are appearing properly on the tracking tab of the sent e-mail.

This is a mixture of internal and external recipients. The receipts were received over a period of 3 days, what got tracked or didn't get tracked seems to be at random.

We use Exchange 6 (our version is 6.5.7638.1) on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2.

My boss is on Outlook 2003.

The receive receipts are coming from an assortment of users with Outlooks XP up to 2007.

Any ideas or any clues as to where I should even start looking?

Answer:Outlook 2003 not tracking Read Receipts properly

This may be an obvious question but are recipients on the same network ?

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Hi All

I've been meaning to get to the bottom of this for 18 months now, but I'm really struggling!!!!

I have 2 PCs which have Outlook 2003.

All I want to do simply stop my Outlooks from sending read receipts back to people who ask for them.

One PC does it fine, no problem. The other can't stop sending them out.

I don't use any fancy Exchange server or anything. Just simple Internet email / POP3 accounts.

Both Outlooks have the Tracking Options bit set to:

{x} Process requests and responses on arrival
{x} Process receipts on arrival
(0) Ask me before sending a response
Everything else is unticked in this window

When the prompt comes up on my main PC I decide whether or not to send a receipt and it works fine.

On the other machine irrespective whether I say Yes or No a read receipt is still sent.

I've tried unticking/ticking Process receipts on arrival and Never send a response, but it makes no diff.

Both machines are Windows XP Pro SP3, but here is where then Outlook installations differ:

Working PC = Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 (11.5608.5606)
Not Working = Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 (11.8169.8172) SP3

Surely a more up-to-date version would work better?

Any ideas?

Answer:Stop the sending of read receipts in Outlook 2003

"Surely a more up-to-date version would work better?"

It depends what your definition of "working better" is, compared to Microsoft's definition.
You could try running "Office Diagnostics" or re-install Outlook.
Open Outlook
Click Help >> Office Diagnostics

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My company is running Win2003 server and Outlook 2003. From time to time, I will check email from home using the remote access built in to Server 2003.

Every email I have shows up in my inbox, but when I try to open certain emails from other internal employees, I will get the following error:

The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

No support or additional tech data is listed. It is not always from the same user and it is not consistent (I might be able to read the first email but not the followup later in the day, etc.) The problem does not correct itself (if I can't read it today, I can't read it tomorrow or next week.)

No problems occur when I read the email at work on my deskop machine (not remotely). I have not experienced the problem from users that are not on our domain.

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I am using out look 2013 but its filltered and i can not read message after open the documents. How to unfiltered?

Answer:outlook 2003 remove filter to read inbox mails

Are you talking about Outlook 2003, as your post title reads, or Outlook 2013, as your post reads?CoolGuy

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I am a "convertee" from ACT! 6.0 to Outlook 2003 and have been having some problems adjusting my work flow.

When I make an appointment in Outlook, it lets me assign a date and time to the appointment. How do I indicate that the appointment has been "completed" without "dismissing" it, which seems to delete it entirely?

The other option I thought about was making all of my appointments, to do items, etc. as "Tasks". This will allow me to mark the item as completed, but will not allow me to assign a beginning and ending time.

Any ideas for a work around or an add on that will allow me to mark appointments or to do items as complete without erasing them?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I already know how to create a "read" receipt for sent emails. From my understanding, when you set the function, I will received read receipts for all email that was read. I was wondering if this setting could be set on individual emails instead of all of them. Thanks!

Answer:Read receipt for read emails in Outlook 98

In the compose area of Outlook go to Options and check the box for that email.

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Hi All,

I'm using Outlook 2003 on Widows XP. One of my rules includes "Mark As Read" after moving the email to a folder. It does get marked as read, but the tray notification (envelope) still appears. This defeats the purpose for me, and actually makes it harder (I use multiple folders, so I hunt through each to find the new message). What am I missing, or is this a glitch? I just want it to be marked as read, and NOT show the tray icon.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Outlook 2003 - "Mark As Read" Rule - Tray Enevlope Still Appears

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On the desktop background right click, click screen resolution, click make items smaller/larger. Some desktops allow you to use your touchpad.  put your two index fingers on the center of the touchpad and pull apart.  Hope this helps!

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On the surface, this seems like a simple ques. But, when I uncheck the read only box in the properties section the check returns. I'm thinking it's a problem with permissons or the security tab. Or I was even told to create a new user account and make it an Admin. type and this would work. Any other suggestions or ideas on how to remove the read only status that seems to keep coming back checked!

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Hi. I was in the process of going through all the Read Me First steps. I ran MGtools and left it to finish overnight. When I checked the computer again, it had restarted to install Windows updates. I don't see a log file ( anywhere. Does that mean it didn't complete? I know it says not to re-run any of the tools but if I don't have a log file...?

Answer:Running Read Me Items - Possible Interruption In Mgtools - Re-run?

Run it should only take 20 minutes .

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Hi i did label my last thread as fixed.. Well everything was fixed until i rebooted this morning to find that windows still does not remember the startup options selected. I am going to use msconfig.exe --> seletive startup to see if any difference is made. Windows for some reason doesnt like to remeber anything after a restart, it forgets bookmarks i've added before the restart, rocketdock programs that have been newely added, it forgets all state of memory after a restart..

I will keep looking for a fix but please does anyone know of registry edits which cause a system to forget its last state before a restart/shutdown.. I got the start context menu's back for some reason they were disabled along with the taskmanager/run command and shutdown buttons.. So i know something has tweaked the registry so that it forgets its last state before shutdown..

Please help me find the tweak.


Answer:Windows Remembering Bookmarks, Startup Items --> Problems, please read and help !!

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general mayham the computer is xp here are the logs thank you in advance for any help you people are awsome for helping dummies like myself.[recovering disk space - old attachment deleted by admin]

Answer:generic host win32 svhosts runtime16 errors cant read memory items

also sorry i hope ididnt bump seeing as it was just a second ago i posted for like three days when ui started up the computer it would just display background i would have to manul start explorer through the process menue accessed by pressing ctrl alt delete.sorry dfid not mean to bump

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Hi all,

I have an Access 2003 database which has a data back end with all the tables and forms front end with all queries, forms, etc.

I am trying to have it set up so that selected users have full access to amend the data while everyone else has only the ability to read data.

I have tried doing this through the folder permissions but get a runtime 3326 error recordset not updatable.

Can anyone offer any advice?


Answer:Access 2003 Read only

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I have built my first-ever web site using Publisher 2003 (utilizing my limited computer knowledge). I have obtained a web address and hosting like you're supposed to. But every time I try to "publish to the web" it says it can't do it because it's a read only file. I've checked it in "properties" and it is not a read only file. I have also saved it as something else and still, the new one comes up as read only. I called the host people and they read through a bunch of stuff that did not help, and neither knew Publisher well. I know Publisher isn't the greatest Web site program to use, but it's all I know. Can anyone suggest something to get rid of this read only business (that someone with limited knowledge can do)?

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Situation: When I return to a document I have typed in Word 2003, I get the "Read Only" message.

Question: How do I by-pass "Read Only" so that I can continue to work on my document?


Answer:Read Only in Word 2003

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hey, my computer generally reads disks, music cd's, dvd's, and games (new like sims 3, and old like theme hospital and shogun total war)

ive just got anno 2070 and put in the disk, but its not recognizing it at all, when i first put the disk in, it whirs, as it knows there is a disk there, and a disk icon appears next to the cursor, but then nothing, no disk appears in My computer, and when i click on the drive it asks me to insert a disk, i have tested the disk on a different computer running vista, anno 2070 runs perfectly, and also says it does run on windows 7, i have also tested other disks since putting the game into the windows 7 computer, which work fine, and checked whether the disk can be read in a virtual machine (windows xp in this case), which it cant as i expected, i have run the Microsoft disk checker and all it said was that the disk was unreadable, but the vista computer proves it is readable.

any tips on what to do next? i really want to get playing this

Answer:dvd drive wont read specific disk, will read on other vista computer

I would think that your optical drive and that particular brand DVD media don't go together well. ( I have an Imation DVD+R DL that my Samsung drive only reads at times but not most of the time. On four other drives - a Sony, a Liteon, an Asus and a Plextor - the media is recognised and accessible without any problems. The Samsung drive is clean, has the latest firmware, can read and write other DVD media. So where am I? )

You may just try cleaning the lense with a Lense Cleaner CD. If it does not help, try burning anno 2070 to another known-to-be-good brand media at a lower speed.

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I am having a problem viewing any sent message after July 31st. I will send items but cannot see them in my sent folder. I know they are sent because I get replies to them. I have looked at everything (dates and everything in the sent folder) and can't find where they are going. Can someone tell me how to find them?

Answer:Can't See Sent Items In Outlook 2003

Make sure that Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder is checked.Open Outlook.On the Tools menu, click Options. On the Preferences tab, click E-mail Options. Under Message handling, select the Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder check box if it's unchecked.

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I have a dell laptop, D620. When i first put it on the screen was loading funny. as i move the mouse over it a square at time would come in...then when i tried to boot it again. it said new user.. then it just woulnt boot got read error hit control alt delete...i called Dell they said hold fn key and hold start but it went into diagnostic mode. in a few minutes they said HARD DRIVE must be replaced.

My problem is now... that to recover the data companies want from $500 to 25oo to recover the data... is there any program or thing i can do to try to get my files back?

Marv Alpert
[email protected]

Answer:Hard Drive canNOT Be Read, Computer won't boot. Read Error

Hi malpert and welcome to the TechSpot Forum :wave:

As a laptop only has the ability to support 1 harddrive your option is to remove the drive from the laptop and connect it to a desktop PC using a 2.5" to 3.5" adaptor and try to read the files on it, however I would download the test tools from the makers website and run a thorough test on the drive to ensure readability of the drive.

Remember though if the drive has failed mechanically then any data may be lost and you will need to use one of the professional data recovery services such as "ontrack data recovery" to get it back.

Backup, backup and backup is the mantra when it comes to important data...

Dont put your mailing address on a forum like this by the way you will end up getting spammed to hell.

As a newbie to the site would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

A message for all newcomers.

SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.


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Hey there...ok...I have some files that are saved from the Macs at school...when I take them home to my PC (Win) they don't have the extensions on them...when I originally save something from Windows and take it to a Mac and modify and save it then take it back to my PC it still has the extension and keeps it since it was added by Windows...

So I am wondering there a program for Windows that recognizes Mac files and andds the extensions back??? I hate when I start work on some things at school and have to add the extensions to all the stuff I created when I take it back guess is the Macs store the extensions or what the file opens up with or whatever in their "._(filename)" files...that's annoying too...for every file you have another is created with a "._"...

Any help on this??? THANX

Answer:Files saved from Macs don't have ext.'s when read on Win. Need sftwre 2 read & convrt

I've never had that problem. If you save it as a "xxx" type document it doesn't matter if you have the software that created it on both Mac and PC (or software that can read the format) so I don't know how/what is going on with your situation.

BTW my experience is with using Word (forgot which version but it's on OS X) on a Mac and OpenOffice on my PC.

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Whenever I boot up my VAIO (VGN-SZ750N) laptop an all-blue screen appears only momentarily, so that there's no time to read any of what is clearly a very wordy warning in white typescript that fills the whole screen. How can I stop this long enough to read it and take whatever action it recommends?

then, something happens that may be related to this . . .

soon afterward, a boxed message appears saying: "System has recovered from a serious error . . . " Clicking on this results in a huge number of figures that would challenge anybody who attempted to write them down.

Answer:How to read warning that appears and disappears too fast to read on startup

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My dvd drive in my Emachines laptop cant read data disks anymore, but it can read/play music and video dvds without any problem.

I have an Emachines D732z. I have Windows XP and drive is hl-dt-st dvdram gt32n.

I'm unsure of the cause of the problem. Can anybody help out? thanks!

Answer:DVD drive can read video dvds but cant read data disks.

Are the Data discs CD's? When you say Musicand video dvd's do you mean Music Cds and Video dvds?

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I tried unchecking read only.
When apply and look it is back to read only.

How can I make this read and write permission?

Answer:public tv folder read only? mythtv needs read write persmissions

You can do this by going into the C:>Users>Public folder properties, click the Sharing tab then click on the Advanced Sharing button showing in the first picture.

Click the box to share the folder like in the second picture, at that point the Permissions button will light up.

Click the permissions button, Add check marks for full control "third picture" then hit the Apply button, on all windows click Ok etc.

At this point the Public folder and it's subfolder will have read/write access.

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Here is a link to the EULA for Vista. Pay special attention to section 6. Look what windows defender can do!

Answer:Vista Eula Link Must Read!!! Read About What Windows Defender Will Do To You!

Nice. I had scrutinized it hard enough already with a steel hat, so I'm still safe.

Hehe, Veesta is a beast! Most corps, even NIST, MIT, UDoD and ASUS as the largest MB MFG detests it. Not fit for mass consumption eh.

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I am trying to export a web page from Publisher2003.

When I try to save which initiates the export, it give me a message that the FTP file is marked 'read only' and it won't complete the operation. I have unchecked the file properties read onl box.

i think this is a no-brainer, but what can i say? i emailed microsoft for a "hotfix" but i'm wary about using it because it's a bit over my head.

please help!


Answer:Publisher 2003 says file is read-only and it's not

Perhaps you are trying to save the changes in a folder that has Read-only set?

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I have run into a problem where, all my shared folders are set to Read Only, and all folders under them have inherited the Read Only attribute. When I try to take it away from the folder it comes right back. First I thought, ok it's inheriting it from the root folder, which was set to read only.. I took that off and it too came back.. any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance..


Answer:Windows 2003 and Read Only Problem

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I made some changes in my Word 2003 settings and when I closed the document, it asked me if I wanted to save changes to I clicked "Yes" and a message came up that it was read-only. I checked the properties of this file and "read-only" isn't checked. Is there any way to save these changes other than doing a name change then going in and deleting the old one and renaming the new one? Would that even work. Seems like a pretty awkward way to do things.


Answer:Word 2003 read only

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Can I make a Powerpoint 2003 presentation, with embedded videos, into a read only file that cannot be tampered with?

Answer:how do I make powerpoint 2003 read only

You can password protect it. From what I remember it's under Tools/options, then 'security'? You can then protect it from being modified."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..."

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I'm suprised I haven't seen this posted yet in Business appy forum. I looked but didn't see it. Forgive me if someone's already posted.

This is for MS Office 2003 users only:

.xls's, .ppt's, and .doc's created with 2003 and then opened with an earlier version of MS Office may corrupt the document.

Read more here:

The patch, issued November 4 can be obtained here:

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I have two different computers, both running Word 2003. One save files to a network drive and the other saves locally. In each case new and old word documents that are not "read-only" can be opened, edited and saved, but when you leave the file open for a few minutes (15 or so) the file changes to read-only. Then you can't save, you can only saveas and change the name. This happens to different files. Have any idea what the problem could be?

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Hi, wonder could someone help. I have setup a server for someone who has logonscripts to connect to their folders. Each student can save to their own folder okay. However, the tutor moved over their work from another server and now that work all comes up as read-only. All other work is fine in the folder. The read-only option for all the folders is ticked and greyed out and cannot be changed. Everyone has full control and over the folder and full rights, so i can't see why the new stuff is read-only.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Server 2003 read-only folders

Folders are always clicked readonly. No problem there. Google taking ownership of files. I suspect that is the issue.

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When I open Word docs, sometimes they open as read only, and sometimes they open as normal files. I have never used the RO feature for any Word doc, and none of my Word docs have the RO property, yet some files open as RO. More curiously, I can close an RO file and when I open it again, the file opens as a non-RO file. The RO feature just comes and goes, and it seems totally arbitrary. Do I need an exorcist? I have a new Dell Inspiron 1525, with Vista Home Premium.

Answer:MS Word 2003 read only files

Welcome to TechSpot!

Have you change anything in the options for your MS Word in the general tab? Or as anything been added to MS Office 2003 lately?

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I've been having a big problem with a user's email account. All he can do is view emails/calendar entries etc. and nothing more. He cannot reply, delete etc. any emails from his PC. I've confirmed that he does have the Standard toolbar up. I've also tried removing all profiles from his account and had him recreate his and it still persists with the current action.

Unfortunately, there is also no error messages whatsoever that go with this. He clicks on the button and nothing else happens. The computer simply acts as if he didn't press the button in all ways.

I'm going to try reinstalling Outlook/Office on this PC, but I'd really like to know what is causing this problem, and if there's a better fix than blowing away the entire Office Suite or at least Outlook.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Answer:Outlook 2003: Can't only view items?

What about his other Office applications ? Is he able to create a document in Word and save it? If he isnt then his applications are probably in RFM (Reduced Functionality Mode).

In that case he would need to activate the products on the computer again. If this is a preactivated suite , try reinstalling.

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since a crash on my computer last week i can't see any sent items sent from the date of the crash. i have reinstalled outlook and restored to an earlier pst but to no avail.i am desperate as i need records of contact with customers!thanks for any helpemails are received by recipients fine and by me fine

Answer:sent items missing in outlook 2003

As an initial workaround, include a copy for you when sending the mail to the customer. Then check Tools/Options/Email Options/Message Handling, and ensure the box to save copies of items sent in the Sent folder is checked.If it's already checked but is not storing a copy in Sent, pass !You could try Help/Detect & Repair ?

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Hi - I logged into Outlook this morning and saw it was trying to download 129 emails. As I'm not that popular, I logged out, went into mail2web and had no messages on all of my accounts except one - that had 159 messages. I deleted them all, ran a Malwarebytes scan (nothing found) and went back into Outlook.
This time it started to download 649 messages. My partner's Outlook (same version) started to download 3500-odd.
Any idea what's going on? We both have XP.

Answer:Outlook 2003 - downloading 649 items

Get in touch with your ISP about the problem.

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The computer whirs & loads media cds, nothing happens, the device manager is listed aslite-on DVDRW SHW-16358.This is a newer Gateway pc I transferred data to, from my old one. From XP to 7.

Answer:Is it my pc, or Windows 7? Wont read media, but will read music cds

How old is the Optical drive ? ?They fail...and they dont build them like they used to.QuoteThis is a newer Gateway pc I transferred data to, from my old one. From XP to 7.Also the above is unclear...are you saying you installed Win7 to this Gateway ? ?If so did you remember to DLoad and install the Win7 drivers for the PC ? ?

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put a disk with a program in to my system it wont even acknowledge its there, anything like DvD CD its fine.Anyone know anything about this?cheers

Answer:Will read DvDs and CDs Wont read Autoexe on  

Have you disabled autostart? Can you start the program by clicking on the appropriate setup.exe file on the CD?

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Ok I just spent about three hours looking in this forum to solve my problem and no dice.

Here it goes: I'm running xp pro and I have a Norcent RW-481 48x12x48 CDRW probably not the best brand but oh well. I'm using Nero 6, InCD is not installed.

The problem: It does not recognize any data CD's or any CD's that the drive itself writes. I can play an audio CD, which elimates (I think) that the read lense is dirty and I can burn a CD, which elimates (I think) that my burn lense is dirty. I'm mentioning dirty lenses because a post in this forum suggested that a dirty lense may be the problem. So, before taking things apart I wanted to post in the forum the problem. Any other suggestions of what else I can look for?

More info: I even switched around the jumpers from cable select to master, same result.

I really believe I have a setting wrong in my XP pro operating system. Any suggestions????? :cronfused:

Lastly, The drive is recognized corectly in device manager

Answer:CDRW Will Burn, Read Audio, not Read Data

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Hi, I'm sort of new to forums, but I have a bit of a pickle, I have a red shield with a white x in it that resembles the windows defender icon in my system tray, when I hover over it it says "Your computer is infected !" When clicked it pops up a window saying: "would you like to update your security software and download registry cleaner?" and occasionally a ballon pops out of the system tray saying "Windows has detected spyware infection which corrupted the registry. It is recommended to load update to prevent data loss. Windows will now download and install the most up-to-date software for you. Click here to protect your computer."

I followed all the directions in the read & run me first thread, and nothing seemed to help, I'm attaching all the logs except counterspy as I couldn't find a way to get it to output a log in text format or anything, it said 0 malware found in everything except in my cookies there was 2 that it deleted.

again any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:red shield with a white x causing problems, did read the read and run me first

here are the other files

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hai everyone i've got some problem with my dvd drive, CDDVDW TS-T633P
from HP touchsmart 600 1137D

my dvd can't read or play dvd movie, i reinstall it few times but it can;t solve the problem

can anyone help me about this? i need sugestion

Answer:dvd drive can't read dvd movie, but can read data dvd or dvd games

Shot in the dark...

Go to the Device Manager and find the entry for your DVD. Right click it and select properties then "Region" and make sure a region is set for the drive. Without a region set it won't play movie DVDs.

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My CD Drive has started giving me problems.
It doesn't read all the CD I put in (Particularly Audio CDs).

It Plays DVDs fine.
I'm also unable to burn CDs as the system doesn't detect a CD.

Any suggestions on what I should be doing?

Answer:Satellite A100-033 - ODD doesn't read all CDs but read DVDs


Maybe there is dust on the lens of the CD/DVD drive so I recommend cleansing the lens.

Further you should try to remove the upper and lower filters in registry. This does often solve with the CD/DVD drive so check the workaround on the Microsoft website:

In worst case the CD/DVD drive must be replaced :(

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Hi, Any help appreciated ... I can read and process a .txt file from my Excel VBA program, but I am having trouble when I read certain lines ...The file I am reading contains a number of heading lines, followed by a number of data lines.All of the data lines (the only ones I am interested in) should end in a date (DD/MM), but occasionally they (the format of this .txt file is out of my control, BTW) have what I assume is a "Tab" character after the MM, which means that my code to find lines with a numeric at the end, does not recognise the last character as being numeric.If I place the cursor at the end of a data line that has this problem and press backspace, all characters at the end are deleted (it looks like 3 characters), so they are not individual spaces) ...Can somebody please suggest a way around this ?!?

Answer:Excel 2003 - VBA code to read .txt file

You are more likely to get a response to your thread on MrExcel click hereI have to go out now but I would suggest testing whether the last character in a line of text is a Tab (vbTab) and if it is then apply your test to the penultimate character.

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I am working on securing an Access 2003 database, I have followed this procedure...

...I have created a couple of users but I canīt find a way to achieve my goal wich is to prevent some users from (at least) accessing a specific form which acts a sort of "Control Panel" from which some values can be parameterized and some statistics can be seen.

I had assumed that there would be a panel from where access to individual objects could be granted/denied and removing regular users from there would be enough to secure the form.

But so far I have only found options to GRANT access to other funcions while access to every Form seems to be a default that canīt be overridden...

Of course I have found some elaborated method to achieve this but they are overkill for my needs, is there any simple way to implement such restriction?

In case it matters, I also plan to split the DB in a MDE front-end as a following step.

Additionaly, if access to table contents could be restricted that would be a boon (in case the DB gets stolen).

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Securing Access 2003 DB [IÂīve read the basics :) ]

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Hey all, just want to confirm something. When two users access the same Word 2003 file on a shared drive, there is no way for the read-only user to get updates without closing and reopening the file, correct?


Boy. You should probably also disregard my signature block at this point.

Answer:Solved: Word 2003 read-only file

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An employee recently moved here from a previous location, and brought a ton of files with her on CD, which she copied onto the PC. Now whenever she opens them, Excel says they are read only. I had her remove the read only attribute from the files if it was there. Windows claims they are not read-only and Excel says they are. What options in Excel could make a file show up as read only when the Windows attribute says it is Read-Write?


Answer:Excel 2003, opening files as Read-Only

There is an option when you save an Excel File to turn on "Read-Only recommended", but I doubt that is the case for ALL of her files. Did you check the Folder properties to see if it it set to read-only? Maybe she copied an entire directory from the CD and the directory is now set to read-only on the local drive.

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Have a user that works in a spreadsheet and leaves it open most of the day, within the last couple of days while in the middle of working on spreadsheet it turns into 'read only', She closes excel and try to open again and it says file is locked by her username. The only way to get it to release is to reboot the entire computer.

Any ideas?


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Hi all,

I have a MS Access 2003 database and it opens as read-only on all other machines apart from mine.

The database is located on a network drive in which all the other users have full read/write access. They also have ODBC connections with full access. The database itself is not set to read-only through properties. I have not set up any security. The database is not open on another machine.

I just want this database to be fully accessible to all.
Does anyone know any settings could be preventing this?


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I have a directory at the root of the C:\ It has read only checked but also grey. I have gone in and unchecked it 100% and applied it to all files and subdirectories but it always comes back when I right click and go back into properties. I am logged on as admin and in fact I geve everyone full permissions to the directory and files underneath in order to make sure nothing fishy was going on with permissions.

Not all directories though show this read only greyed some have it not checked at all.

The interesting thing is I made a brand new folder on the root of C and as soon as I did it I checked the properties and it too had the greyed box with a check in it though it had no subfolders or files and it really should not have been read only.

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Here's the problem, my users open a Word 2003 document and make changes. They save the document and continue to edit. When they try to save again the file claims it is read only. Closing the document and reopening it it still claims it is read only. The only fix we have found that works is uninstalling Office and reinstalling. Anyone have an idea why the document suddenly becomes read only. The user isn't setting it as read only. This has happened to 4 users in two days. Thanks.


Answer:Solved: Word 2003 Read Only Problems

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9300 @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3071 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238372 MB, Free - 168264 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. , M50SV , 1.0 , BSN12345678901234567
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

I am administering a MS Access 2003 project written by someone else to track Membership with some links to a SQL 2005 database and some Perle programs. PCs using Office 2003 can read and write correctly to the Access project. In recent times we upgraded a couple of PC's to use Office 2007 and find that a contact log tab within the Access project cannot be read or written to from the PCs using Office 2007. Can anyone help me determine whether there is a backward compatibility issue or perhaps a setting change required in the Office 2007 setup?

Answer:Access 2007 can't read certain info in 2003

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made my file "read only" via Tools-Protect document. Now when opening every time I get a prompt "enter password to modify or open to read only". Is it possible to make so, that document would be opened without prompting message what to do next?

Answer:Making file read only in Word 2003

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I would like to write a program or macro to delete messages in outlook. these messages are e-mails. the problem is:
1) e-mail in my public address book and my personal address book.
2) I do not want them to go to the deleted folder.
I am using an MS Exchange 2003 server on a network.
Should I use CDO, VBA, ?
and how should I write the code.
Here is what I've tried:

////////////////////////////1st attempt with a macro (VBA)//////////////////////
Public Sub EmptyJunkEmailFolder1()

Dim outapp As Outlook.Application
Dim junkFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder
Dim junkItem, deleteItem As Object
Dim entryID As String

Set outapp = CreateObject("outlook.application")
Set junkFolder = outapp.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder(olFolderJunk)

For Each junkItem In junkFolder.Items
entryID = junkItem.entryID ' Store item entry id
junkItem.Delete ' Delete from junk mail folder

' To permanently delete item find and delete from deleted items
Set deleteItem = outapp.Session.GetItemFromID(entryID)

Set junkItem = Nothing
Set deleteItem = Nothing
Set junkFolder = Nothing
Set outapp = Nothing

End Sub
/////////////////////////////////Second Attempt (VBA)//////////////////////
Public Sub EmptyJunkEmailFolder2()

Dim outapp As Outlook.Application
Dim fldJunk As Outlook.MAPIFolder
Dim olitem As Object
Set outapp = CreateObject("outlook.application")
Set fldJunk = outapp.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder(olFo... Read more

Answer:Outlook 2003 Programming - Delete Items

Can anybody help!!!!!

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My boss has Outlook 2003 and a blackberry. I have no idea if the blackberry even figures into this.

He uses his calendar regularly and he also regularly archives his calendar items when Outlook asks if he would like to. Up until he got his Blackberry Pearl everything was available if he needed to go back and check items.

In December 2007 he told me that all of his items from February 2007 until September were not available either on the calendar or via the archive. Everthing prior to that was in archive. We did some troubleshooting and checked his settings. No one else had the problem and we did nothing.

He just emailed me and let me know that everthing prior to April of this year has now disappeared.

We do need to keep his calendar items for legal reasons.


1. Does anyone know why we are losing the items after successfully archiving (from 2002 until 2007)?

2. Does anyone know how to get the items back?

Any help at all would be appreciated.


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Hi there,

having an issue with the deleted items folder in outlook 2003, everytime I try and delete entries in this folder an error message appears the "Messaging interface has returned and uknown error please re-start outlook".

If anybody can help me with this error it would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey everyone --

OK, so I've been looking around the web for a while for an answer for this problem, but so far I haven't found any answers that have helped me. I'm having trouble on a computer in my office with it not being able to access its sent items folder. When I click on the folder, all I get on the screen is a gray box that says "Unable to display the folder." Every other folder works, and Outlook is checking everything out fine. I tried running MS's Inbox Repair Tool but I'm still having the same problem afterward. The only thing I can seem to find which is the cause of the problem is when outlook is networked in with an exchange server, which we don't have. The strangest thing of all is that the message counter that sits next to the sent folder keeps going up every time an email is sent out, showing that Outlook can access the file and save sent emails, yet there is no way for us to see them. If it helps, this computer also has ACT installed and the plugin active in Outlook.

Any ideas?!


Answer:Outlook 2003 - Cannot Access Sent Items Folder

Try one of these:

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When I delete an email in Outlook 2003, it doesn't move the deleted items to the recycle bin (deleted items folder). It will give me the prompt, "Are you sure you want to permanently delete the selected items?" If i click 'yes,' the email will not be moved to the deleted items folder where I could recover it, it is just totally gone. Basically when I delete an email from the Inbox, it skips the 'Deleted Items' folder all together. How do I get deleted emails to show up in the 'Deleted Items' folder first, before they are permanently deleted.

I'm aware of the Tools>Options>Other Tab "Empty the Deleted Items folder upon exiting" check box, and it is unchecked, besides my problem is not upon exiting Outlook.

Answer:Outlook 2003 deleted items folder

Hi route66

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Have you tried creating a new Personal Folder and seeing if the same behavior exists in the new Personal Folder as well?

If it does, try creating a new Profile.
If it doesn't, then you can make the new Personal Folders the default Personal Folders.
You can then either copy the folders from the old Personal Folders into the new Personal Folders or keep two Personal Folders open in Outlook 2003.

You can have several Personal Folders open in Outlook 2003.

Create a new Personal Folder (.pst) file and make it the default delivery location.

File > New > Outlook Data File
Name the new .pst file.
It should open in Outlook 2003.

Copy a message over to the Inbox of the new Personal Folders and see if the deletion process works properly in the new Personal Folders.
**To make the new Personal Folders the default delivery location:

Tools > E-mail Accounts > View or change existing e-mail accounts
In the drop down field for: Deliver new e-mail to the following location:
Select the new Personal Folders (.pst) file.

Close and restart Outlook 2003 for the changes to go into effect.

With Outlook 2003 closed, create a new Profile,
Control Panel > Mail Icon
Change the selection to: Prompt for a Profile to be used

Show Profiles > Add
Recreate your e-mail account.

Start Outlook 2003 and select the new... Read more

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This is one I haven't seen before....I can't empty the deleted items folder.

The following has already been tried:

- Right click Deleted Items Folder and select "Empty Deleted Items folder"
- Shift click highlight the items in the folder, right click and select "Delete"
- Select Tools and then the "Empty Deleted items folder"
- Restarted Outlook

Any suggestions?

Answer:Outlook 2003 (SP 3) - Deleted Items Folder

Can you delete them one by one from that folder?

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I have a user that is using Outlook 2003 (POP3 account). Previously, she was able to delete emails straight away. Now she deleted emails in her inbox and they grey out with a line thought it. I've done some research and most replies are for IMAP accounts. How can I get deleted items to move to the deleted bin automatically?

Answer:Outlook 2003 deleted items have line through them

This discussion is about the same issue in Outlook with a POP account. The suggestion there is to use Shift+Del to delete messages.

You should also look for the options "Move to deleted items folder" and "Mark as deleted and hide"...

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I am using Outlook 2003 and I download the mails to the PST in my local HDD. Once the PST reaches the size of close to 2GB, outlook recommends you to purge some items and free up space or open a new PST and point that as the new mail delivery location.

Now, once I create a new PST, my calendar items stay with my old PST and I need to refer both the PSTs for current appointments/meetings.

Besides any one trying to schedule a meeting in outlook in my organization does not get visibility of my existing appointments which creates confusion.

I tried to move the calendar items one by one by drag and drop the items from old PST to new PST. It works for standalone meetings. If there are any recurring meetings, then it throws a error as below.

"Cann't move the items. You cannot move one occurrence of an appointment to a different folder. To move a recurring appointment, you must move the original appointment or copy the single occurrence and move the copy".

I tried to go to the first instance of the recurring appointment and moved it. But the result is the same error.

Can some one tell me a way to move all calendar items from one PST to another (something like export/import).

Thanks in advance.

Karthikeyan V

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I currently cannot use Microsoft Outlook with Virgin Media blueyonder account.

The Outlook 2003 outbox is blocked by read receipts which I can't delete. I used the info in

Where the instructions say Choose Delete, I have done this (using OutlookSpy). The message I get is

IMAPIFolder:eleteMessages() returned MAPI_W_PARTIAL_COMPLETION

and the read receipt is not deleted.

Has anyone got round this problem?

I use IOLO spyware, firewall and antivirus.

Thank you

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Computer 1: Windows 7 sp1 & Office 2010 Starter

After Patch Tuesday 9/10/2013, Excel 2010 is no longer able to read Excel 2003 files. In fact, all Excel 2003 files have changed from the standard Excel Icon to a non-standard orange Icon. Attempts to open these files will bring up the Install Office 2010 Starter applet where ?Activate? is the first of three prompts (don?t remember the other two). It?s as if Office 2010 Starter is not installed, but it is because Word 2010 and Excel 2010 open all files created on the computer.

All 2003 files were created on computer 2: Windows 7 sp1 / Office 2003 computer (that has all updates as well as the 2810048 repeating install bug).

I installed the Excel 2003 viewer on computer 1, and it resolves the issue, but it makes the viewer the default for all Excel files which the user does not want. Uninstalled the viewer restores the original problem and Excel 2010 is back to the default.

Answer:MSO10 Starter won't read Excel 2003 files

I've dealt with this issue with several customers over the past week, I made a video on my YouTube channel that explains how to fix it. Hope it helps.

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Hello. I work online at a university and students are upgrading gradually to Vista. I get .docx documents that I have to grade but my MS Office Word 2003 just turns it into jibberish when it tries to convert it. Can I do anything on my end to make these files readable, or do the students need to do something on their end before sending? I think I recall that the student can choose to "save as" and then choose the .doc ending, but I'd rather not ask them to do this. Many are even more technologically challenged than I am! So, if you can tell me how I can handle this on my end I would appreciate it.In peace, Dr. D.

Answer:How can I read a .docx document with my MS Office Word 2003?

I found this: also has a few results:

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Hello everyone. I've recently reinstalled Windows 7 (two, three days ago) and I'm having a problem with my World of Warcraft Addons. I'm thinking the problem is due to parts of my World of Warcraft folder being read only. In the Properties menu of the folder, the "read only" check box is not checked but filled in with a little blue square. Now being a windows noob I'm not 100% sure, but I'm assuming that means it's read only. So I unchecked the box, pressed okay but if I open the Properties window again, it's still got the little blue box.

I've ran a few virus/malware scanners, and I don't seem to have anything. I've installed all of the Windows updates and I'm still having the same problem.

Thanks in advance everybody!

Answer:Read only folders revert back to read only

By default all folders with Files in them, the properties are Read Only (Only applies to Files in Folder) Meaning that if the actual file within the folder isn't Read Only, the rest of it isn't either. (test this theory on any other folders on your computer) so that is not your problem with WoW

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Greetings. I would like to find out whether customers read my emails, but without obligating them to use a "read receipt" dialog box. Is there a way I can do this?

I know Constant Contact offers that as part of their service, but I would rather save the money.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:how can I confirm email read without using read receipt?

There are other ways to get confirmations, especially ones that spammers use, but I am not keen on posting them on the forums.

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Creating a new Folder as read only and would like to have all files placed into that new Folder become read only as they are added or moved into that read only Folder. If Windows 7 cannot handle this is there any kind of software utility Haddon I can get to perform this task?

Answer:Folder read only and want all files placed in to become auto read only

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
You might describe your environment a bit more = how many users and what is yours and their user account status ?
See if this helps,

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Hey Guys are dell upgrables? That completes my first question heres another. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT DELL? Reviews Please

Answer:Dell Upgrades And Reviews READ READ!!!!

no. psu sucks, they take out the graphics card slots btw

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