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Solved: Saving a Word document one on a floppy and two on the C drive??

Question: Solved: Saving a Word document one on a floppy and two on the C drive??


Is it possible that when you save in Word (2000) it makes a backup copy on the C:?? I save all my work on a Floppy disk then put in my computer with printer (then print it). However recently my disk drive has been playing up and have lost everything on the disk.

So when I save something on a floppy it also creates a backup on the computers hard drive. (Saves file on Floppy A:\letter.doc and creates a backup on hard drive c:\backups\letter.bac)

I know you can create backups on word except it saves them in the same directory (in this case a:\ which is pointless since I lose all data on the disk)

Anyone tell me if i can do this?

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Saving a Word document one on a floppy and two on the C drive??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Saving a Word document one on a floppy and two on the C drive??

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In trying to save word document to a floppy I get an "illegal operation" prompt. This only occurs when I attempt to right click on document icon looking for "send to" option. I can save to floppy by going to "file", "save as" and then choosing a: drive.

Answer:Word 2000 document saving to floppy

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When saving a Word 2007 document as a webpage (htm, html), an extra folder is automatically created besides the hmtl document itself. This folder contains background information like pictures, wallpaper etc. Is there a way to prevent that folder from being created in the first place? I've got Word 2000 on another computer, and when I save my word documents as html files over there, that extra folder is not generated. The only time that folder is created in 2000 is if my documents contain pictures, wallpaper etc. In Word 2007, it is created all the time, even though my documents are just plain text.

Answer:Solved: Word 2007, saving document as html document: how to get rid of extra folder?

Managed to find the solution, it was very simple after all. One has to save the document as a filtered webpage and click "yes" when a box pops up warning you that you will use certain featuers which are specific to Office2007, such as the background. Then the document will save without that extra folder and files.

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I have Word 2007. I would like to save certain files as HTML. However, when I click on Save As, HTML is not one of the options offered. Can anyone assist me on how to achieve my goal? Thanks

Answer:Solved: Saving Word document as HTML

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In Word 2010 there is a direct option to share and save any word file to SkyDrive directly simply by configuring your Windows Live ID. To Save your any doc file to SkyDrive follow the steps given below one by one and get your docment saved on your account directly from your desktop:
1. Open any Word document which you want to save to skydrive.
2.Click on File menu and then select Save to SkyDrive.
3. In the right panel th SkyDrive login page will start retrieving. As the page retrieves it will prompt you for Login credentials of yourWindows Live ID. Just give your ID and Password and login.
4. As you get login you will see your folders already present on your SkyDrive. Now you can save the document file to that folders or you can create a new folder and then click on SaveAs.
Now you can share and use your documents from anywhere in the world directly from your desktop via Office 2010. Happy Windows Computing !!!
Source: UnlockWindows

Answer:Share by saving a Word document to SkyDrive in Word 2010 directly.

Nice tip, arvind_kumar.

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When I save as...the line underneath the new name of the file usually comes up as web page first. I know i can change this to word doc but how do i get word doc to be first choice ?

Answer:Saving As Word Document

First choice will normally be whatever's appropriate to what you are trying to change. So if you're in Word, it should normally be as a Word document, if you're on the web, it will be as a web page.If you're in Word (you don't say) - go to Tools - Options - Save and change the default to whatever you want.

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whenever i save a web document it is done as NOTEPAD. For editing purposes and being a compulsive, i then cut and past into WORD format.
Is there a way of my saving directly into WORD?

I have windows xp and word 2003


Answer:saving new document as WORD

In Internet Explorer (assuming that is your browser of choice) right click a balnk part of the IE toolbar at the top and select "customize"

Then add the "edit button" (assuming it's not already on the toolbar) and it should offer you the choice of "editing" the webpage in Word.

If on the other hand you are "Saving as" a .txt file, simply change your file associations to open txt files with Word will achieve a similar result.

As it stands, from reading your post its quite unclear exactly what you are doing.

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Just saved a word document with some password etc on to a CD,When I tried to add more info to the document thats on the CD.
A box comes on screen cant save this its read only,Can I have some help here please I would like to use this method and edit after.
Running windows 7 and burned the CD with CD burner xp.
Thanks,Would be glad of some help.

Answer:Saving a word document to a CD

Are you using a rewritable CD?
They are labeled CD-RW.
If it's not a CD-RW you can't update files already burned to the CD.

If it's a "write once" CD I believe you can add more files if you did not do a "finalized" burn.
They are labeled CD-R.

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I was doing some editing the other night and had finished and saved the document (a large one), safely I thought. Then I shut down the whole computer, and an error message came up saying that WORD.EXE failed. I cancelled it and thought nothing of it, but on logging on again last night I found signs that the editing I'd done hadn't been saved. Is there any way I can get the edited version back? Was it because word.exe crashed?

Answer:Problem saving Word Document

Word is pretty stable though very long or complex documents do rather push it.I think you have lost the edited work this time.Have you tried Tools > Options > Save and setting the time between auto saves?There is the option of Master documents (which I have never needed to use and don't understand) but imagine this is a way of coping with smaller chunks of the whopper at a time.Word may have been cut off while it was saving or closing and simply lost it.I have had this happen in other apps where RAM was at a premium because I was doing a montage or playing with all sorts of imports into a different application.Whatever, when the smoke has cleared all the recent work has disappeared.As grumpyguts suggested Save frequently and if it is that important "Save_As something else now and then.

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I keep a journal and try to update it daily. This morning I updated the journal and got an error message that was being overwritten and did I want to do that? No. Then I got another message that said my file was read only. Hmm. I look again and it says is read only. I click on cancel, and everything closes. Curious, I open my document again--and it can't be found. I looked in temp, Recent, everywhere I could think and the document is gone, though it's listed in Recent. When I do a search it lists the document as 548kb, but when I click on the link, it says it can't be found, and when I click on "open containing folder" there's a shortcut but no document.

I have a backup from a couple of days ago, but since I'd updated the journal I'd really like to find it again. Is there any way to do that?

And yes, I realize World 2003 is an old program, but it's worked for me up to now, and I don't like the newer versions.

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Was curious if anyone else has heard of this problem. When working with a word document that I have opened and (saved) closed many times, I now open up the same document, still named the same and it is blank.
Weirder still, one of the word documents "somehow" changed the icon over to an excel icon and that is blank as well when opened in excel. Tried for the heck of it to rename but that of course made it completely unreadable.
The only rhyme or reason I can get from this is it seemed to all happen on the same day Mar. 17th.

So has anyone ever heard of word or excel deleting the contents of your document / spreadsheet when you save or do I start the standard virus and malware scanning?

Office 2003 Professional SP3


Answer:Word Document blank after saving

Hi Spline,
Is the file extension still .doc or did it change to .xls? What happens if you right click the document and choose "Open With" and select Notepad? If there's still content there, you should see it, even though it might be garbled.

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The issue is when I go to save the PFD as a .doc format (word) it converts without issue. But, when I go to open the word format, the word document has nearly doubled in pages and the file size has grown vastly.

The original PDF is 60 pages, but when it is saved in .doc format the word doc increases to 120ish pages. The reason for this is easily noticable too, it leaves in a blank page nearly every other page for some reason. Any ideas why this is happening or what could be done to remedy this issue? Thanks!

Answer:Issue saving a PDF as a Word Document

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I know this must be simple, but I just can't figure it out at the moment!
I've got a macro in Word 97, written in VBA, and I want it to run when the document is saved (when user selects File/Save or File/SaveAs)

I'm sure i've seen it done (I might have even done it myself in the past in Word 6 !!!!)


Answer:Run Word 97 Macro when saving document

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Hello people!

When saving from Word to a floppy disc in a: i get computer hanging, resulting in winword.exe errors.

This occurs across a number of machines with a number of floppy dirves and a number of documents, none of which are related.

This seems to happen when a user saves from word to the a:. However if the .doc file is saved to desktop, then to h:, word doesnt crash??

This is occuring on a mixture of Windows XP/2000 machines running Office 2000/2003.

Any ideas please?

Answer:Word crashes when saving to floppy

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I seem to have a strange one here, when I go to save a word document I have modified it throws up and error about "file permission error". I have checked on the microsoft site and it suggests updating Word 2000 to SR1a, which I have now done but still get the error. At least now it doesn't delete the doc anymore.
The disc is less than half full, about 500kb, so it can't be because the disc is anywhere near full.
I have reformatted a disc and tried it but still the same error.
The operating system is Windows 98Se.
Has anyone any suggestions as to what may be causing this error?

Answer:Error message when saving word document

Are you talking about saving it to a FLOPPY?

The disc is less than half full, about 500kbClick to expand...

I see you have a RAID setup. Is everything OK there?
When did you last do a full chkdsk and defrag?

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Hi, I have a word document that has over one hunderd pages and I want to save certain pages only once edited i.e. page 5, 6 10, 25 etc but I cannot figure out how to do this as each time I try the whole document is saved.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks


Answer:Saving part of word 2007 document

Are you trying to make file with just those pages? Or did you make changes through out the document, and want to save only the changes to certain pages?

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We are using Word 2007 in Vista. We have never had any problems with it since installing in 2007. Last week, I was saving a document and it opened the target folder as usual and just froze. There was no error message. The busy icon was on screen but nothing was happening. I couldn't access anything else. I had to restart using Ctrl-Alt-Del. This has happened a number of times. By default it is saving docs as .docx. I hope this is enough info. As we are typical in size of a small business, it needs to be sorted asap. Thanks for any suggestions.

Answer:Word 2007 Crashing when saving document

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HELPP!!!!i have a bigg problem!!After finishing work, i saved it then all of the content went all wierd??Its all been scattered through out 26 pages? when the real work is only like 5 pages??Most of it has turned to $ $ 6 8 8 8 8 8 8 $ m ???What an earth has gone wrong??Someone please helpp!!thankss

Answer:after saving word document, the content went wierd

Did you have the option set to save a backup?What Style is shown if yoy click in these hieroglyphics?

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I do not want "read only" status for whatI have saved from Excell and a Windows grade program on 2 different floppy disks. Worse yet the disks cannot be read but the read only message shows. How can I undo this? I never knowingly changed anything to get read only. I suspect that Norton Anto-Virus, having been run recently, may have something to do with this. I also suspect that the A drive may be wearing out.
I have Windows 95.
Thank you for any help.

Answer:read only after saving in excell or word on floppy

Better get those files onto some other media right now.

Floppy disks are NOT A GOOD WAY to store important files. They are as useless as...well, you know the expression. Frankly, they're only good for taking files from one PC to another. If you want to temporarily store a file, it would be safer to email it to yourself (or someone else) than it would be to put it on a floppy disk.

Never re-use floppy disks. They only cost about a quarter, and go bad too frequently. Many people who weren't around when floppies were used a lot don't know the rules about them. Like you can't put them near anything magnetic. Think you haven't? Ever see someone throw one in their purse? Right next to their credit cards? That's just an example.

Floppies have no integrity, so your files won't be safe. Consider other alternatives.

Also, try right-clicking those files in Windows explorer. Hit Properties. See if read-only is checked and if so, uncheck it. There's a tiny little window on the corner of every diskette. If you close that window, you won't be able to write (save files to) to the diskette anymore. Well, it either has to be open or closed. I forget.

Hope this helps and welcome to TSG!

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I'm assuming this is something simple, it's on a friend's pc, and someone else has spent hours trying to fix it to no avail. What they tell me is happening is that when a document is saved (like a newsletter) all the formatting disappears and it's in the form of one big paragraph. It happens when saving new or when saving exsisting documents that are being worked on. It's happening on a nice old lady's pc, and I'd really like to help her get it fixed, but I'm a WordPerfect person. Any ideas what may be going on and how to correct it, other than reinstalling Word? Or should we just reinstall? Thanks!

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I am really confused and frustrated. Just finished spending the last 8 hours writing a research paper. It's about 7 pages, and I went to click save as, decided the name, and then said ok...and now my microsoft word window says not responding. I checked the folder where I saved the document, and it has a document by that name, but it's 0 KB big and when you double click on it it's an empty word document. Omg, I can't have just wasted 8 hours of writing. I'm afraid to force the program to quit because then I'll lose everything for sure. I used the vista snipping tool to take a snapshot of the part of the page that is showing, but I can't get it to unfreeze...has anyone had this problem, and is there a way to unfreeze it so I can at least copy out the text?

OMG I'm dying. help.

Answer:Microsoft Word (Not Responding) error right after saving, but I need the document!

Hi, try Volume shadow copy :-
Right-click the folder where the document is stored
Click the Previous Version tab
Now select the latest item under the Date modified column
Finally click on the 'Restore ...' button.

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I am on a network at work. When I take my laptop off of the network, I have noticed a bluescreen error followed by a shutdown. This happens when I open Word 2013, create a new file, and attempt to save it to my desktop.

I have attached the .dmp files in the zip file with this post. Can someone take a look at these dmp files and analyze them? I am happy to give any more info if needed, just let me know what is needed! Thanks!

Answer:BSOD when saving Word 2013 document to desktop

It would appear the problem relates to Kaspersky Security software. Your dump files are indicating klvfs.sys as the problematic driver which is part of their software.
A quick google and it would seem you are not alone, someone mentioned not having the encryption element of their software installed seemed to help but I would start by removing Kaspersky if only for testing to see if it works ok

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I am trying to save a word document containing a .oft font as a editable template to send to the office, and the font will not display correctly when saved, it converts into a different one but still has the downloaded font name displayed. The font is installed on all computers, confused as to why this is happening; would this be related to the font license? It is listed as editable? I have read you can't embed .oft fonts in word, which i presume would solve the problem(?). I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this and embed the font or at-least save it so the font displays correctly.

Answer:Problems saving .oft text, displays wrong when saved in word document?

Or is there is a way to convert open type font file to true type font file? Please help.

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Hi all.

The other day whilst in the throws of fixing another unrelated problem I came across a strange and annoying Word Document problem.

When I bought this word document up it present a very unusual icon. It was grayed out and part of the title contained a ~$ then the name of the document.

When I tried to open it, the word document only opened up to the gray page just before it should turn white displaying the text, and there it froze.

Nothing worked after that! The freeze was so bad that the only way to close the window was to turn the computer off at the tower.

After rebooting I tried it again 2 more times with the same problem freeze occurring in the Word document.

Today I again found another document that caused the same problem, this time the icon for that document was normal but right beside this icon was another malformed grayed out ~$(name) icon.

When I tried to open either of the 2 icons I got the same freezing up problem, just as before.

I tried a previously suggested step in that I opened "Word" and from there navigated to where the bad files were located.

In turn I only hi-lighted each, and at the bottom of that window clicked on the arrow for the drop down box.

I was advised that one of the presented options was to repair the file. No such option was present.

So there you have it. Any advice on this problem please?


Answer:[SOLVED] Word document freezes computer and document is corrupted

Hi all.

Just to advise that I am going to mark this topic as a fashion so to speak.
I may resurrect it at a later stage if the problem re-presents it's self.

In a nut shell. I spent a lot of time today searching sites and performing tests including searches on my computer program.

I ascertained that all the aforementioned "defective " Word documents originated in the same folder. After performing several search functions with the criteria as ~$.doc no other such files were found on my computer, other that the already mentioned.

All tests suggested would not repair the said documents.

I have now deleted the offenders and I will monitor the situation. If I run into problems again I will re-post.

Thanks anyway.

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I've been writing a novel for about a year and I have around 96 pages written. It is not much but much of that time has been spent doing research. I have been saving it to a floppy disk. Some time after I began it stopped saving to my hard drive so I just continued saving to the floppy. I keep three copies as insurance. Yesterday I had a notice on my screen telling me the floppy is full; no more can be added. I had done more than 12 hours of writing and if I turn my computer off I will lose that. You see, when I go in to the computer and then to My Documents and then click on the novel, it always asks me to insert a floppy. It is as though it is not on my hard drive.

Last night I attempted to save it to a CD-RW and according to what that program told me, I was successful. But I am unable to bring up the story from that CD-RW.

Today I went and bought a SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB 2.0 Flash Drive. It is a; SDCZ6-2048RB. On the vague instructions that came with it, it appears I don't need to download any software to support it because I am using XP Pro. It goes on to say I don't need to turn my computer off in order to remove the appliance. But it doesn't tell me if I need to turn my computer off to plug it in. If I turn my computer off I lose 12 hours of intensive work. I want to save what is there. Maybe it is somewhere on my hard drive but it just won't appear for me.

1. I want the work to go onto my hard drive. Eventually I will be electronically sending... Read more

Answer:I Need Assistance With Saving From Floppy & Cd-rw To Hard Drive. Xp Pro

what program are you composing the novel in?

does it have a file/save as command?

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I can't recall exactly the paths I followed, but one time when I wanted to send the info on a WinZip file to a floppy, I get the WinZip folder on my screen with all the items in it showing, then I highlighted everything with Select All, then the File menu opened a Send To button which included the choice of sending to a floppy, which I did.

Another time, when I thought I was following the same path, when I highlighted everything with Select All, the File menu did not contain a Send To button but contained a Move To button which then came me the choice of where to move to, and I selected my A (floppy) drive.

My best recollection is that on both occasions I got a WinZip window in which I selected the zip file involved and then I clicked on the WinZip Classic button. But perhaps I did something a little differently one time than I did the other and just don't remember.

Both ways worked, but I thought by way of better educating myself about WinZip I'd see if someone could explain the availability of these different approachs.

Thank you, grandpaw

Answer:(Solved) Saving WinZip to floppy

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As above.

Is there a software upgrade i need to do.

I have the password. comes up with...

"Word experienced an error while trying to open this file"

Thanks in advance


Answer:Solved: Can't open password protected Word 2007 document in Word 2003

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Hi my friends.

Every time , when i write swedish text and clicking save, it opening dialog about ANSI and Unicode. When i click ok it saves as ANSI and then text was incorrect. When i click cancel and choose Unicode, it saves ok with correct letters. Now, i want to know that maybe there is a way that will not open dialog box about codecs and will save as unicode automat. How can i do it?


Answer:[SOLVED] Saving text document unicode

What software are you using to write the text?

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I'm creating a document in word 2007 at one point of the document I want to insert a link or icon that points to a separate word document, when the master document is saved both documents are saved as one file so that i can distribute it to other people not linked on a LAN. I don't need the second document to be seen but launched on a separate window when the link or icon is clicked.
Can somebody please help I've seen this on emails and PP presentations but I'm not sure if it can be done in word, I would think so!


Answer:Solved: Word document within a word document

Not hard at all. Open the attached - I have included the instructions to show either the other text (or at least part) or just the icon.

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I'm using word 2010.
I have a Mailmerge document (actually a company letter with header and footer, used by a package called "Cash4Windows" [C4W]). This document usually has the recipients name and address etc. inserted by C4W.
The document is a template - "xxx.dotx".
What I want to do is strip out the Mailmerge fields and save the document as a normal Word 2010 document, 'cos the User wants to have a blank standard company document available.
I've spent a long time fiddling with the Header and Footer to get just what the User wanted, and I know i could just cut-n-paste the Header and Footer into a new document, then save it as "xxx.docx", but when I looked on various help sites the normal method in Word 2010 seems to be
on the ribbon tab
Select Mailings
Select "Start Mail Merge"
Select "Normal Word Document"
then save the Word document.
I've tried this and it has absolutely no effect, as when I close and reopen Word and select the previously saved document, I still get the "Opening the document will run the following SQL command" splash screen!
I've tried saving the "normalised" document with various different extensions, but nothing seems to get rid of the SQL.
I've also tried opening the VBA editor (Alt+F11) to see if I can find the SQL, thinking that if I can delete the SQL it might cause Word to avoid the prompt, but I can't even find the SQL!!!
I know I'... Read more

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Ok I have a self-built's a year old just a few days ago.

Win XP SP2 (I think)
Intel Quad-Core 2.4ghz [OCed to 3.2ghz)
RAM 4gb [2.5gb detected]
HDD- Western Digital 160GB and not sure which company could be Maxtor 500GB SATA
8800GT 512mb Video Card

I have an IDE drive on there too with an Apple OSX installed on it.


I've been hunting viruses and trojans [due to a backdoor trojan that] for the last few days and elimintated most of them including the backdoor. I was running a 'thourough' scan today while I was at school as well as downloading some things. MY anti-virus program is avast!

Thinking my comps quad-core 3.2ghz could handle the load I turned on Company of Heroes while all this was running....the comp froze...I restarted manually.

The first screen I got is the usual one except under SATA Channel listings it said Floppy disk(s) fail (40)....I don't have a floppy drive.

Then when I press F1 to continue it doesn't load up my main hardrive where Windows is installed. Like it doesn't detect only detects the IDE drive with Apple on it and can start it up.

Don't ask me how I have an Apple OS on my comp the answer might violate the forums rules...but that OS isn't the problem.

Somehow the anti-virus scan mixed with downloading and a video game crash messed things up. Even F8 doesn't work.

Answer:[SOLVED] Floppy Disk Fail(40)...but I have no floppy startup

The BIOS was reset to default values. Enter the BIOS at startup and change the boot order priority to the sata hdd first. Locate the screen with the setting for the floppy drive and set that drive to disabled or none. If there's a setting called halt on disk errors change it to "no errors but keyboard" or something like that. Once you're back within windows run chkdsk c: /R to correct errors in the file system caused by the hard restart (answer y when prompted to schedule the scan at next startup and restart the computer).

What's the brand, model and wattage of your power supply ? The freezing wasn't necessarily caused by the antivirus, could have been caused by an underpowered power supply. With an overclocked quad core and a 8800GT you need a quality 700W+ supply. Locate the hardware monitor screen in the BIOS and report your temps, fan speeds and voltages.


Don't ask me how I have an Apple OS on my comp the answer might violate the forums rules...but that OS isn't the problem.

Actually mentioning it already violates the forum rules. Please read them if you didn't already : Also read this. I'll pass this time cause it's your first post but I'll have to issue an official warning next time.

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Hi, I'm trying to install Windows XP Pro SP2 on my Compaq CQ62-423NR laptop.

I use this laptop for work. It came with Windows 7 Home Premium. During the past few days, a computer on our company's network was infected with a virus. It spread to our company's network drive (NAS) and infected many of the files. When I used my computer to access the network drive, the virus infected my computer, and for some reason, AVG wasn't able to detect the virus until it was too late. I.T. has restored the network drive from a backup, and all ordered everyone to restore from a clean backup or reinstall Windows. I have made backups before, but they were stored on the computer's hard drive and I.T. says the backups may be infected, so I can not use them.

It's been a long time since the warranty expired. HP doesn't want to let me order recovery media. Then I made a dumb move and deleted the Windows 7 partition, hoping to be able to install Windows XP. But there was a problem with that.

If I simply boot from the installation CD, a BSoD (STOP) appears. After some research, I found out this is because my laptop's hard drive has AHCI and there is no option in the BIOS (InsydeH20 Rev 3.5) to disable it.

I read somewhere that I can either use a floppy drive to load the AHCI drivers before installation, or slipstream the ISO/install CD and add the AHCI drivers to the list of drivers that come built-in.

Since I'm trying to install Windows XP on a lapt... Read more

Answer:Solved: URGENT! F6 floppy drivers without floppy drive?

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Hi,My daughter has a laptop with Vista pre-installed and has been using Word whilst doing her work. She tells me occassionally Word is unable to save her work to her USB pen drive and that she cannot access documents that were previously saved. This seems to happen more often when tables are being used and the warning is that the table is corrupted. The previously saved file has then been deleted automatically from the USB pen by Word.She has tried various Microsoft Office suites [XP, 03, etc] and has just downloaded a trial of Office 2007 from Microsoft - but it did the same thing again this morning. I have recommended that she ONLY saves to her local drive at the moment but the USB drive is her preferred option to move these files between various PCs. We do not know whether the same problem will now occur after saving on the local drive.Any ideas what the problem could be as it is obviously not linked to a specific version of Office? TIAPaul

Answer:Word not saving to USB drive?

Save to a folder on the hard drive then copy the folder to the usb stick; that is by far the most reliable means.

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I think I have an easy enough question. I recently got a used Sony Digital Mavica, MVC-FD73 (easily googled Amazon review available for detail at the following address: )

from a friend and see here that it saves to floppy discs. That's all fine and dandy, but my new computer has no floppy drive.

I am not well educated on the USB floppy connection materials... could someone please provide me with tips for buying an external floppy drive? I have no open bays left on my PC for an internal one.

Thank you for reading.

Answer:Solved: Floppy Required, but no floppy drive!

I have an Imation external USB floopy drive, it works great and I highly recommend it, here is one link to this type of drive:

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Sometimes when I try to open a file from My Documents, Word 97 tries to access the floppy drive first, slowing down the file open process. It seems to be with files that were once on a floppy disk. Even though they are now in My Documents, in an appropriate folder, Word still tries the floppy first.
Any ideas why? Any solutions?

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I type my document in Microsoft Word on my laptop computer and put them onto a flash drive from my laptop. When i go home I put in my flashdrive to sent the document by email and it goes through, but is all garbled on the receivers end.

Answer:word document on flash drive garbles in email

There are a lot of steps in between. Does the file open on the flash drive? What about when copied to the computer? What version of Word was it created with? Using standard fonts? Any special coding? Does the receiver have the same version of Word installed? Is the problem with just one recipient?

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Having trouble with Word 2000 causing a system to reboot when saving a word document (.doc file) to a network drive.

Can save to a local drive, or open-change-and save existing documents.

Have already renamed the Normal template, and uninstalled and reinstalled office.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rich Slack
Technology Assistant
Dallas School District
Dallas, Oregon
[email protected]

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Have a windows 2000 machine.

When saving a new Word document to a network drive, the file saves and the system reboots.

Have already renamed the normal template, and uninstalled/reinstalled Office 2000.

Answer:Word 2k reboots system saving to net drive

disconnect/reconnect drive? uninstall/reinstall network client? repair windows? run office 2000 eraser?

try saving other file types to the drive? is office updated?

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Hello all!

I have a complicated probelm here:

When I attempt to save a doc to a directory within a mapped drive, Word will hang when I attempt to rename the doc, but only if I navigate to the folder, and then attempt to save. If I rename the file before I navigate to the folder, it goes with no problem. If I sit and wait, it will eventually come back with the new name that I typed, but only after about 2 minutes of waiting.

I have tried saving to different folders, and the problem persists. I have tried saving to the same folder from other programs and there is no problem.

I am using MSOfficeXP SBE(SP2) within WinXP(SP1). I have run both Office update and Windows Update and installed all SPs and recommended updates. The server is Win2000 with all SPs and updates installed. The workstation is about 1 month old and worked fine for the last month saving to that same mapped drive (the directory is new).
If anyone has any suggestions, I will untie this noose around my neck and try them.

Answer:Word hangs when saving to mapped drive

Have you tried remapping the drive?

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For the last few days I have been experiencing a problem. Whenever I open a Text Document my Floppy Drive keeps scanning. I don't have any Floppy Disk in the drive and it scans for about 10 seconds. I have Norton Internet Security 2004 installed and I think it may be that the AntiVirus keeps scanning the Floppy Drive. I am not sure on how to disable scanning the Floppy Drive and if someone knows how to do it could you please instruct me on how to disable it. If there are any other ways to help me with this problem could you please post some suggestions.
Thank You!

Answer:Floppy Drive Keeps Scanning When opening a "Text Document"

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Excuse me if this has been answered before. When opening a word document, the document opens in word but also forces my computer to go online. This happens every time. Word 2003, Vista service pack2, Internet Explorer 8. Note, same thing happens with other Office 2003 programmes, Excel and Powerpoint.

Answer:Solved: Word Document Problem

Are you opening an HTML link to a Microsoft Office file?

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I have inadvertently saved something somehow that every-time I open Word for a new doc, it opens with a previously saved line already there. Please help!

Answer:Solved: Microsoft Word new document

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I work for an auto dealer and would like to scan a credit application on my scanner and take the application and put it on my screen and use word or whatever program to fill in the fields. Can some one help me and tell me how to do this or if it can be done

Answer:Solved: How do I scan a document to word?

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I received a weird query from my friend regarding MS Word. It is weird that his account type is administrator but in a specific location, the documents in that folder are unable to print whereas documents in other folders and location are able to print. The computer is supporting Windows 2000. Is MS Word is malfunctioning or what could be the problem to this issue? In addition, upon clicking the print icon in the affected documents, it will hang there and appears the recover and restart MS Word message.

Answer:Solved: Printing from MS Word Document

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My past file history for Word 97 under the File tab no longer works. NO previous files are listed. Also, whenever I start Word 97, it names the first document Document 14. Has the history file been damaged? Any idea how to get the history back?

Answer:{SOLVED} Word 97 - Document History

Richard, since no one else responded, I'm going to. I believe you may have a corrupt file or, even more likely, a corrupt registry key. The easiest step to take is to rename your file. When you launch Word, it will look for and, when it doesn't find one, it creates a new, uncorrupt one.

If that doesn't work, you may need to edit the registry. Let us know.

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OS: Windows XP, SP 3
Microsoft Office 2003

I am experiencing delays when I switch to a Word document. When I first switch to an open Word document from another Word document or another program, there is always a 4 second delay (hourglass) before the document becomes active. I have tried disabling and even deleting the couple of add-ins I have installed. This did not help. I tried adding memory, up to 2 GB now.

I may have several things open but I do not experience this sort of delay with any other programs including Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.

Beyond the add-ins and memory, I have no idea how to attack this problem. Since I spend half the day working with these documents, comparing, editing and transferring data between them, it is frustrating.

So, my question is, how do I go about figuring out what the problem is?


Answer:Solved: Word Document Delays

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Before joining my company some guy password protected various important documents to prevent any changes (worked well at the time). However due to the design of a new system the reports have to be slightly modified in order to meet new standards.

Does anyone know of anyway to crack the password that he has set (e.g. with a password cracker (free one)), as he we have no means of contacting him.

Note:- The password is set so I can only view the document not edit it in anyway (I can't copy and paste the content).
Many Thanks

Answer:{SOLVED} Word 97: Document Protection

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I'm trying to send a 238 page document via email, outlook Express, via rar. compressed.

How can I break up this document into smaller packets?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer:Solved: How do I break up a Word Document

Multi part rar

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Hi! I'm new but really glad I found you. Please forgive me in advance for my very basic questions.


My son typed a report and saved it in word. Now everytime I open word, that report automatically comes up as the new document. It has somehow become a default setting I guess. I've tried every tool, template, option etc. with no success in restoring the original settings.

Any suggestions? ( I mean, I like Jim Morrison and all, but having to see "Why the Doors were the Greatest Band Ever" on my screen numerous times daily is Brainwash!!!)

Thank you!

Answer:Solved: Microsoft word new document

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My fiance uses a word document to store all of her user accounts and passwords for them. I finally had her put a password on her word document file. BUT, I know this is easy to crack and want to know the most secure way to keep her accounts and passwords safe from snooping nerds like me

Does anyone have a very secure way to encrypt a word file? OR any other software to use to add the accounts in to encrypt?

Thank you

Answer:Solved: Encrypting a Word Document

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to reformat a Word 2007 document that's been converted over from pdf. So far, I have managed to get rid of the textboxes and floating images using macro.

Now I'm stuck with with paragraph breaks in between sentences. (I'll denote the break with ^p)

There she was, on the TV screen, tousling my hair in relief. It was Thanksgiving, and I ^p
was twelve. We'd gone to see my grandmother in California, the last year before she died.^p

I've tried using the find/replace function... I tried finding the ^p and replacing it with nothing. It got rid of all the breaks and the document became one big block of text... this is not what I was looking for as I still want the breaks between paragraphs.

I've tried find ^p^? (^? being any character), it worked to rid of all the unwanted breaks between sentences, and kept the breaks between paragraphs... but of course... the first character after every break is deleted too...

What else can I try???

Or am I doomed to do this manually by hand.... it's a 200+ page document....

Answer:Solved: Need help with formatting a word document

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I am curious to know if there is any way i can make a word document into a hyprelink. I am currently the administrator for a site called and it uses a program called wordpress. I have been told its not a good thing to upload a word document as it can change the layout of my website. I have a application i want people to be able to print out but its in word format. I was hoping there is a way i can upload the file to a site and place a link on my page so that when people click on the link it opens the application in word, and thus they can print it out. Is it possible to do this?

Answer:Solved: Word document web link

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how can I open it, just get a message "in the set associations control panel create an association"

Anyone please

Answer:Solved: Opening a Word document..

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I have a word document i am having a problem inserting in PowerPoint, it is not fitting on the page or aligned, this idea may be silly but, can i insert it as a photo, if i change it to jpeg if thats possible at all ?

Thank you


Answer:Solved: Word document to powerpoint

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Hi there,

I have a question about inserting a hyperlink into a word 2003/2007document. Is there any way to have a link insterted without the user having to press ctrl to click on the link? I have tried with the full path as the link and also using a a keyword pointing to a url but each time the user has to hit ctrl to open the link. Is there anyway a user can just click the link to go to a webpage?

Thank you.

Answer:Solved: Hyperlink in a word document

In MS word go to Tool\Options, select the Edit tab, and uncheck the "Use Ctrl+click to follow hyperlink" option.

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Dear Sir

I do not know what happened to this laptop micosoft office, All in a sudden all pictures inside the office 2007 become not seen in normal view and become void frame, but they are there in preview...

Please help me address this the way this happens also for Microsoft works documents. My operating system is windows 7.

Thanks in anticipation

Answer:Solved: no picture on word document

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I have two photos on a word document but i need them converted into Jpeg format, how do i do it? i have attached the word document to this thread.


Answer:Solved: word document to jpeg

Just select the picture and right-click "Copy" it. Then paste it into some graphic program and save it.

Here are your pictures, where I used IrfanView to save it.

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I am having an issue on a machine that is running windows 7 and office 2007. This issue started when the machine was updated to windows 7 recently from windows xp.

I am opening an Excel spreadsheet from Microsoft Frontpage in our development enviroment. If I attempt to save the file again it tells me "document not saved". I get similar messages in the other office products. I dont believe this is a permissions issue because we have rights for everything on these drives. I cant find much info about this online.


Answer:Having trouble saving word documents to a network drive

Your probably correct that its a permission issue. What type of file sharing are you using?

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Running Microsoft Office 2003 (11.5604.5606) on Windows Vista Home Premium.

First, any time I start an Office program, I am required to accept the license agreement, even though I have accepted that same agreement every one of the hundreds of times I've stated an Office program.

Next, when I exit Word, it asks me if I want to save the changes to, every time I close Word.

Next, I can double-click on a Word document to open it in Word and Word says the document doesn't exist. I have no problem copying these same files to a flash drive and opening them on the same version of Word on another computer.

Answer:Solved: Word says the document I'm opening does not exist.

What happens if you open Word first and use FILE >> OPEN ??


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My daughter was writing a paper (XP) in Word, which she didn't know had been having problems. She put the cursor to file to save it and word shut down. When I go to tools and try to find the temp file I get an error message and it needs to shut down. Any way to find this document?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: lost unsaved word document

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When I click on the save icon on the toolbar nothing happens. I've tried right click, double click but no luck.

Answer:Solved: Save Word 2007 Document?

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Hello guys.

A colleague of mine swear that she saved her Word document. At least half a dozen of time before closing it.

Now, It's gone. We looked in every folder possible. Did a search (querying the hidden file and folders and The system one)

and there is nothing.

We did a search by words in the document itself and nothing.

It wasn't saved on a Floppy, CD or USB drive nor a network drive.

Where can it possibly be?

Answer:Solved: Word didn't save a document

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I formatted the background black for a document. When I printed it out, the background was still white. I tried it again and checked all of the settings. What now???

Thanks for the help!

Answer:Solved: Word won't print the document correctly!!!

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I need to convert a doc into a tip or pdf file and I am lost....any ideas? Thanks.

Answer:Solved: How to convert a word document into a tif or pdf file?

Try CutePDF.

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Please help, we are renting a Dell computer from Rainbow Rental and it has all the latest bells and whistles the only problem we have is when we type a document in Microsoft word 98 and save that document and close-the next time we want to open the document we get a message saying the document is locked by another user 'Rainbow Rental' open as a read-only document or notify when document is not in use--and when we push the read-only button the window closes. Does microsoft word need to be re-installed. We also get a "" template message as well. This is very frustrating because we have kids who do papers for school and unless they print print right then and there they can never get the document opended again. Please help us!


Answer:Solved: microsoft word locked document

Call Rainbow and tell them their PC is a piece of junk. Actually, it's not the PC, but the software is poorly install and should have been tested.

Try Word troubleshooting, which CANNOT hurt:

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When trying to open a Word document (.doc) that I received in an e-mail, the content of the document flashes for a quick split second (phones numbers and addresses), then disappears. Part of the document remains intact (the first column which lists the peoples names), yet the other information in the rest of the columns (phone number address city, state, etc. is gone. Using MS Word 2002 and the document is sent in .doc format. Please help this novice. Thanks!!

Answer:Solved: Content of Word Document disappears

Please disregard.......I discovered that the person who sent it actually copied and pasted a table into the document and the first column took up the entire landscaped page, causing all other columns to look as if they weren't there, but were merely outside the viewing page borders.

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I don't know why, but I went to open a word document and got this instead: "Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges...". I have gone through just about everything from the Microsoft knowledge base, to other forums. I have done just about all I can think of and still get the same problem. The only thing that I can remember doing recently with my word documents was to move them from My Documents to a new folder called "DOCs" inside of the "My Documents" folder. My other word documents on my F: drive do not give me the problem, so I'm pretty sure that it's not the program altogether. I'm guessing that somehow the files have gotten either orphaned or locked out for some reason. I can't locate my Office disc, if I need to re-install the program. I'm hoping that it is an easy fix that I am somehow overlooking. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Answer:Solved: Word document access privileges

I figured it out and regained access to my files. What I did was to go to properties\security\Advanced. In the Permission tab I then unchecked the box that said "Inherit from parent the permission entries...". and then clicked Apply. I then went to the Owner tab and in the "Change owner to:" box, highlighted Administrators, and clicked apply also. I don't know if this was necessary, but everything seems to be working again.

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A friend of mine has MS Word 2003 and though it always used to work, a couple of days ago, it simply began to refuse to save anything. She is typing something for school, and when she tried to save the document, the "save" dialog box disappears for a second, then pops back up.......nothing else can work, of course, so long as that box is there........she tries repeatedly to save it, but it will disappear and reappear immediately each time. The only way she can do anything is to remove the name in the "name" area and then just click on the "x" at the top right of the dialog box. At that point, everything she's typed disappears and the MS Word page is blank again.

I've never heard of such a thing, but I'm not real familiar with the Office products. Does anyone have any idea what is going on and how to fix this?

Answer:Solved: MS Word 2003 won't save document

Have her run a "Detect and Repair", from the Help menu.

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Corrupt Word Document DOC File?

I think this Word document is corrupted: Biology Test Clarifications.doc

How do I fix it?

It is supposed to look like this:

Answer:Solved: Corrupt Word Document DOC File?

Try this, open the document in Wordpad Loads of sysbols should appear rather than blocks. Highlight all test and change the font to Arial.

I've attached the fixed doc also

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I'm using a laptop with an extra monitor attached
I'm editing a document
in the document, I have to CONTINUOUSLY go back to another part where I referecnce to edit another part

What would be useful: if I could have the same document open in 2 windows!

I know I can have a split window in the same screen in the same window
But this is not what I want: I want to different windows of the same document - left and right

Does that make sense?


Answer:Solved: Is it possible to display the SAME word document in 2 windows?

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I'm running Microsoft Office 2003 under Windows XP Pro SP2, with all known patches/updates installed.

I recently completed a document in Microsoft Word 2003 and decided to make some changes.

I created a border around some text. I highlighted the contents of the box and then I moved the mouse up to the "fill color" tool on the menu. I clicked the tool and no colors appear in the drop down menu. The "fill color" tool on the menu shows yellow, but you cannot actually click yellow and use it fill the box.

When I click the "fill color" tool and the drop-down menu opens, the area below the "no fill" option shows empty white boxes with no color. This is rather weird behavior. I used the color option about one month ago and it worked fine.

I don't recall adding any programs to my computer or installing any updates [I don't know if any were installed automatically].

Can someone assist me in restoring this option as I need it. I have a project which HAS to be completed and I really need this option.



Answer:Solved: MS Word-Color Fill Not Available in ANY Document

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I have a JPG image of a simple text document. How can I convert this to an MS Word document?
thank you.

Answer:Solved: Convert JPG image to Word document

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After I was experimenting with changing the margins for some paragraphs from the page setup I got few plank pages at the end of my word 2003 document.
This document is very important for me and I want it to be perfect.

Can anyone help me to get rid of these extra plank pages?

Answer:Solved: Few plank pages at the end of a word document

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I have fixed the problem and I offer a solution here.

First a description of the problem I was having: I would try to open a document by clicking on it on the desktop or from a folder in Windows Explorer and Word would open but the document would not. I could open the document from within Word.

BTW, there is a thread about this in the archives but the solution there didn't solve my problem (running winword.exe /regserver form Start/Run and deleting the doc key from the HK Root section of RegEdit) .

I finally solved the problem and maybe it will work for you. I uninstalled MoveOnBoot and Icon Packager, installed Registry Mechanic and let it fix everything, and then rebooted. Voila...problem solved.

I've had problems with Icon Packager in the past and am now going to classify it for my own purposes as a virus. As for MoveOnBoot by Gipo, it showed up as a tab in the program properties tabs which said to me that it was interacting with every programs startup.

Hope this helps.

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i sew for my church (chemo hats/baby clothes) to give to our local hospital. many of the free patterns are in pdf format and some can't be copied to word. is there a free program (even a trial program) that will allow me to try to convert pdf files. thanks for your help!

Answer:Solved: change pdf file to a word document

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I don't know how I've done it, but everytime I open a new document in Word the cursor flashes at the very top of the document (i.e. there's no top or bottom margin). I know that by selecting 'header and footer' I can insert these, but it is a pain to have to do everytime I want to start a new document.
Having read another thread where the blank templete had been altered by mistake I took the advice and tried renaming '' to 'normal.old' but this hasn't made any difference.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Solved: 'New Document' altered in Microsoft Word

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I've got a situation with one of my Word documents: Word 2003 will not print it or any part of it. I've tried printing other documents in Word, and they print fine. But this one will not, not even a portion of it. Rebooting, turning the printer on and off, I've tried everything and it has not worked. This is very frustrating; I am going to need this document in a short amount of time, and I am tired of figuring out what exactly is Word's problem.

I notice that when I go to print it, it sends the file to the printer queue, but then it is taken off without printing.

It can't be an issue with graphics--it does have pictures in there, but I've printed file after file loaded with even more pictures than this one, and it prints fine. Help, what on earth is Word doing?

P.S. my printer is a Dell 1320 laserjet.

Answer:Solved: Help! Word refuses to print one particular document!

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I am running Office 95 on Windows 95. I have a document that has a picture on it. I am able to see the picture when the document is open, but if I go to print preview or just print the document it is invisible. It's a logo and I have it on about 50 documents. It does this on everyone. It's like a global setting that has been changed but I can't fix it. Please help.

Answer:{SOLVED} Picture in Word document won't print

MJ: Tools-Options-Print tab. Make sure drawing objects is selected.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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Hi, I've purchased a new PC with Windows 7. My old one had Windows XP. I'm having quite a challenge adapting to Windows 7...can't find what I need without having to search all over the system & on the internet.

For now, I need help on removing certain information - for lack of a better explanation. In Windows XP, I would insert the path of a document, by clicking on "insert", "auto text", "header/footer" then "filename and path". I thought I did the correct thing in the word document in windows 7 but instead I wound up creating data info that I don't want, don't know how to remove it because I can't find what I did to set it up in the first place. It prints a separate page after each document finishes printing & it has the following info to name a few:

filename, directory, template, title, subject, author, keywords, comments, creation date

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

Answer:Solved: Windows 7 word document properties

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When I use Word, normally there is a white area
representing the paper where I type and a blue
background. The white "paper" usually is about
two thirds the width of the window. The other third
is the blue background split equally on each side
of the "paper". So in other words, one sixth blue,
two thirds white, one sixth blue. The height of the
"paper" is the whole window from top to bottom. In
fact, it goes beyond the screen. I have to scroll down
to see the lower portion.

Above is what I normally see when I open a Word document.
But now, when I opened a new document, the white area was
about half its normal size. It's only about one third the width of
the window and about three quarters the height of the window.

I don't know why this happened all of a sudden. How do I get
back the normal size document?


Answer:Solved: Why Is My Word Document So Tiny? How Do I Enlarge It?

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In the last Preview before printing a word document, the document property page is displayed, and prints before each copy of the letter or document. I cannot delete this property sheet.
help please

Answer:Solved: Printing Microsoft Word document

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I am using Office 2000 with XP Pro, IE8, and SP3. I had three pages typed in MS Word for a newspaper article and lost everything except the first two paragraphs. I've never had this happen, so I certainly have no idea of what caused the problem. I was wondering if there is anyway to recover my information, there was a great deal of thought and work involved in this document. I would greatly appreciate any help I may receive, this has been energy draining as I have tried to recover this information to no avail.

Thanks for any help someone may be willing to offer.

Answer:Solved: Lost Microsoft Word Document

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I would like to know how could I decrease a size of one Word document. In principle it is only text. I pasted to it some images and the size of my document increased drastically. Is there any way to decrease it without zipping ?


Answer:Solved: How to decrease size of Word document

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In Microsoft Word 2010, I have two identical dates in different parts of the document. When I change the one at the top of the document, I want the one in the middle of the document to change with it. The dates are manually entered and do not correlate with the current date or anything like that. How do I accomplish my goal?

Answer:Solved: Two identical dates in a Word document

Use the search and replace feature. Enter old date, new date, select Replace All.

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Okay, I seem to be lucky enough to get all of the "weird" situations. I have a three page document and just two areas on page 3 show the words as totally being reversed. The original document was created in Word 2003 (on a PC) and the laptop uses the Microsoft Office 2010. When the document is opened on the laptop, this issue happens, but when I take the same jump drive and open it with the PC using Word 2003, everything is perfect.

Is there any way to fix this on the laptop documents? Any idea what causes this or why it happens?

I saw this before here at work but didn't even realize it had to do with whatever program is opening the existing document until today - duh!


Answer:Solved: MS Word - some text in document is reversed?

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My friend bought a downloadable version of MS Office 10 online in December and has had problems ever since w/Word. Her OS is Windows 7. When she tries to open a document in Word, she gets an error message.

I've tried changing the default printer and downloading MS fixes; she uses the default font (Calibri).

Full error message details are:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: WINWORD.EXE
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 5082f340
Fault Module Name: btmoffice.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4cd03354
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00000000000064bf
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 3081

Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033
skulcid: 3081

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Answer:Solved: MS Word 10 crash when document opened

Is this Solved" or not, if not you need to change the status?

Also do you mean 2010 or version 10 which several years old?
You should edit the above post to show the correct information?

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Suddenly, reloading Word documents show them to have an added factor of about 40 lines, describing my name, document name, font, symbol, word document, auto summarize and more. -this is at the end of the regular document- that shows up properly.
To confuse things, if I close the document, without deleting anything, when next brought up from the Word File list of last documents-- this addendum is gone. If I bring up the document from my explorer window- it is still present!
If I delete this "stuff", on closing I am told that the document will be saved as a Word .doc document. --It always has been!!
Then it is "clean", whether from the Word-file list of last documents or the explorer list in My Documents.
What has happened and how can I get rid of this?

Answer:{Solved} Word and sudden document additions


File-Open and change the "files of type" at the bottom to Word documents instead of "recover text..."

If that doesn't work, you let me know.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I have an Excel sheet that contains data per row. At the end of each row, I want to put a button (or a hyperlink to a file) that will put the data from that row into a new Word document, something like a printer-friendly document.

Please find enclosed the Excel file and the DOC format that I need.

Answer:Solved: Populate Word Document from Excel

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Can you save a Word doc as a jpeg, or create a jpeg out of a Word doc?

Using Microsoft Office 2003

Answer:Solved: saving word doc as a jpeg

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I am trying to create a form for colleagues to fill in. i am trying to protect the document to restrict people editing the text. but i want them to be able to type in the strengths and weakness text boxes but once i protect the document it wont let me fill in the text for these two boxes. i have a drop down list also but that seems to be working fine. any ideas how i can get this done? i have attached the document its only 1 page


Answer:Solved: Word - Forms, protect document issue

Hi there,

If you use a table instead of text boxes for the Strengths and Weaknesses section, you will be able to insert a Text Form Field in each box which enables text to be entered when the document is protected (make sure the option to allow 'filling in forms' is selected in the Restrict Formatting and Editing options.)

That's what I do anyway

Hope this helps!


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Good afternoon,

I need to do something similar to this post:

I have a Word document with information for multiple regions. I need this document split into a file for each region. I tried the code:

Sub Split_Files()
' Split_Files Macro
vPath = ActiveDocument.Path & "\"
Selection.HomeKey unit:=wdStory
vFirstRecord = True
Do While Selection.Find.Execute = True
If vFirstRecord = False Then
Selection.MoveUp unit:=wdLine, Count:=1
Selection.HomeKey unit:=wdStory, Extend:=wdExtend
Documents.Add documenttype:=wdNewBlankDocument
Selection.HomeKey unit:=wdStory
Selection.Delete unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=1
Selection.Find.Text = "AREA TOTALS"
Selection.EndKey unit:=wdLine, Extend:=wdExtend
vFrom = Replace(Selection.Text, "AREA TOTAL", "")
vFrom = Trim(Replace(vFrom, Chr(13), ""))
Selection.HomeKey unit:=wdStory
ActiveDocument.SaveAs (vPath & vFrom & "_" & ".doc")
vFirstRecord = True
vFirstRecord = False
End If
Selection.HomeKey unit:=wdStory
Selection.Find.Text = &qu... Read more

Answer:Solved: Separate Word Document into Multiple Files

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