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Question: document to disk

I cannot get a document from word perfect to copy to a disk. Comp. says not formatted. Then says cannot format due to disk. I have tried several disks and still nothing. I sure I'm doing something wrong or am leaving out a step. Help, guide me! Thanks in advance, Virg

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Preferred Solution: document to disk

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: document to disk

I wouldn't be surprised if your floppy drive has gone bad. The quality of floppy drives has gone down over the years due to the fact that fewer systems need them. Since floppy disks have always been unreliable and limited in storage capacity, many new computers don't even come with them any more. I've replaced the floppy drive in my computer 3 times in the last 2 years. The only reason I still have one is to run DOS based programs on my Windows 2000 system.


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I am looking for a Microsoft technical document that deals with the processes around disk Initialization; Partitioning and Formatting in a Windows XP environment using the built-in Windows tools.

The type of document that I am looking for should explain in technical detail the exact processes that are involved when the above procedures are run.

If any Forum member has a link to such a document I would be grateful if they would post it in this thread.


Answer:Technical document on Disk Initialization

Have you checkout Disk Management?


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I recently did a install/repair to my xp pro. It worked ok except for I keep
"insert the 'document viewer' disk" use source 1,
there is nothing in the event log about any install errors, I installed the
windows install
cleanup but to use that you have to know which app to clean up and I can't
out which app win thinks is a problem. The app in question must be held
otherwise how would the installer get fired?
any ideas where this elusive information is?

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I wrote this thread in "performance and maintenance section" so I had to create another one here. Sorry.

I have a text file on my portable hard disk (WD 250 GB) named urgenttttttttttt.txt
you would have already assumed how important this file would be and it is updated daily. The size of the file is 545 kb which is HUGE for a notepad. I opened the file 3 days ago and it gives me an error:

"cannot open the K:\Mainnnnnnnnnnn\usb\urgenttttttttttt.txt file
make sure a disk is in the drive you specified"

There are many text documents in my hard disk and many even in the same folder but every document is fine but there is a problem in this particular file. I recovered this file using shadow explorer but the recovered file is 518kb in size and many new things i wrote in the notepad are GONE. I have some private text in the document or i would have uploaded it on some site for you. I am unable to copy or move this file to other folders.

There is another error related to this, I deleted an iso file that was in the same portable hard disk by mistake (even from recycle bin) and tried to recover it using "disk digger" (best recovery software for huge files!!). But I get an error which I have never seen before..

"There was an error while reading from the disk: Data error (Cyclic Redundancy error). How would you like to proceed" and no option works out.

I searched google for this error and i came to know that it c... Read more

Answer:Text document error: make sure a disk is in the drive you specified

I assume that you were trying to read the file directly from the external drive. What happens if you copy the file to an internal drive first? If Explorer won't let you copy, try dropping to a command prompt (Win+R, run cmd.exe) and running "xcopy K:\Mainnnnnnnnnnn\usb\urgenttttttttttt.txt c:\ /C". Replace c:\ with another destination if you wish. The /C switch tells it to ignore errors.

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I have an income tax return on a disk. I want to save it to a file. When I have the disk open and click File>Print>Print to File, I end up with the error message from Adobe Reader: The filename D:\taxreturn.prn is invalid or unsupported by the chosen directory".

I wonder if there is something I can do to save it to a file?

I have a Dell A920.
Dell 2400 computer

According to the program list in Add/Remove Programs, I have:
Adobe AIR
Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX
Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin
Adobe Reader 9.1.3

Thanks, grandpaw

Answer:Solved: How to print an Adobe Reader document from a disk

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When saving a Word 2007 document as a webpage (htm, html), an extra folder is automatically created besides the hmtl document itself. This folder contains background information like pictures, wallpaper etc. Is there a way to prevent that folder from being created in the first place? I've got Word 2000 on another computer, and when I save my word documents as html files over there, that extra folder is not generated. The only time that folder is created in 2000 is if my documents contain pictures, wallpaper etc. In Word 2007, it is created all the time, even though my documents are just plain text.

Answer:Solved: Word 2007, saving document as html document: how to get rid of extra folder?

Managed to find the solution, it was very simple after all. One has to save the document as a filtered webpage and click "yes" when a box pops up warning you that you will use certain featuers which are specific to Office2007, such as the background. Then the document will save without that extra folder and files.

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This is just one of those odd quirks I have run into. When I open a new document in Word, then open an older file, the new document closes and only the old one is displayed.Using Microsoft Office 2010, specifically Word.Windows 7 64-bitA bit of explanation, I often do research/writing for school or for fun. This issue has always happened, just one of those small annoyances.Here is the exact thing that is happening:1. I open a new (blank) word document, by clicking on the Word icon or by selecting "Open New Document" in the Word program.2. I open an older (saved) Word document, by clicking on the saved file, not by using the "Open" function in Word.3. The New (empty) document disappears, only the older document is open. I must now open a new empty document to write in. What I want to happen:1. Open new document2. Open old document3. Both new and old document are open (2 windows).Other notes in no particular order:- Word has always operated like this. Just wondering if there is a way to stop it.- I am not using the "Open" function in Word to open the older file, I am opening the older file by double-clicking it in the File explorer. When I use the "Open" function in Word, it does the same (basically "closing" the new file in order to open the old one). - I tried searching through Word's settings but couldn't find anything that seemed to relate to this behavior.- As per regular Word behavior, the new document is auto-na... Read more

Answer:Microsoft Word Question (Opening old document closes new empty document)

Yes, you are right. That is normal for MS Word.Do this:Open a new document. Type something. Even a single space. Save it with a name you want. Now open an older document. Both documents can be on the screen or cascaded.If memory is not an issue, you can haven two instances of Word.

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I have two questions regarding documents created in Word 2007...

1) Can links be created within a Word document? For example, can I click on and item my table of contents and have the document jump to that particular section of the document?

2) Also, is there a way to make sections of the document hidden until the user clicks a specific word or graphic in the document?

I'd like to specify a particular instruction and include a "Show example" link that would make a detailed example appear for those who needed the extra help.

Thanks everyone!

Answer:Word 2007 - Links within a document? Hide/Show sections of a document?

If you created table of contents through References - Table of Contents, you can hold Ctrl and click on the item in that table, word will take you there. This feature is standard.

Also, to navigate inside document you can use bookmark option.
Insert bookmarks. Word 2010 Bookmarks
Then insert Hyperlink - in the window select second tab "Place in This Document" and choose your bookmark.

As for hiding parts of document, I do not think that is possible.
You can create that in HTML document with javascript, but not in Word document.

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I am running XP and Word 2000 and Nortons. Word will crash if you leave the document open for a while (there is no specific time frame) and then select close (icon). The error - Microsoft Word for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. The details are: AppName: winword.exe
Modname: kernel32.dll
modvers: 5.1.26002180
offset 0001eb33

This has pretty much happened since I got this laptop. I have reformatted and reinstalled everything (due to another problem) and still have the same problem with word. I have used the same CD on other computers to install word and they do not have the same problem.

I use a variety of templates and plain documents in my work and can not pin point it to one template.

If you leave Word open with a document (no matter what size) and come back to it later this is when the problem happens. I started to get around it my saving first then closing, but this no longer works. The save completes and then I select Close and this is when it happens - you get the dreaded pause and then you hear the whirl of the computer and then you get the Microsoft Word for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. Firstly I could put up with it but is now just a nusiance.

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When I open a saved word document or New blank document, the document is filled with columns or checks fully filled in the document.
How can I avoid this? How to modify the settings. Thanks in advance.

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Hi all.

The other day whilst in the throws of fixing another unrelated problem I came across a strange and annoying Word Document problem.

When I bought this word document up it present a very unusual icon. It was grayed out and part of the title contained a ~$ then the name of the document.

When I tried to open it, the word document only opened up to the gray page just before it should turn white displaying the text, and there it froze.

Nothing worked after that! The freeze was so bad that the only way to close the window was to turn the computer off at the tower.

After rebooting I tried it again 2 more times with the same problem freeze occurring in the Word document.

Today I again found another document that caused the same problem, this time the icon for that document was normal but right beside this icon was another malformed grayed out ~$(name) icon.

When I tried to open either of the 2 icons I got the same freezing up problem, just as before.

I tried a previously suggested step in that I opened "Word" and from there navigated to where the bad files were located.

In turn I only hi-lighted each, and at the bottom of that window clicked on the arrow for the drop down box.

I was advised that one of the presented options was to repair the file. No such option was present.

So there you have it. Any advice on this problem please?


Answer:[SOLVED] Word document freezes computer and document is corrupted

Hi all.

Just to advise that I am going to mark this topic as a fashion so to speak.
I may resurrect it at a later stage if the problem re-presents it's self.

In a nut shell. I spent a lot of time today searching sites and performing tests including searches on my computer program.

I ascertained that all the aforementioned "defective " Word documents originated in the same folder. After performing several search functions with the criteria as ~$.doc no other such files were found on my computer, other that the already mentioned.

All tests suggested would not repair the said documents.

I have now deleted the offenders and I will monitor the situation. If I run into problems again I will re-post.

Thanks anyway.

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Is there any free software out there that will allow me to scan a document and convert it into word/excel and allow editing?

Answer:Converting scanned document from image to a word/excel document

you are going to want to search for OCR programs.

Try "freeware OCR" in google or check out


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This might be kind of tricky.

We're trying to streamline our RFQ-to-Quote process, which currently utilizes a combination of digital forms and hand-written forms passed among several departments. My boss asked me to modify the RFQ form to save him some typing (because he has to retype all the information in the final Quote), and I--not understanding the complexity of the process--very stupidly told him that it could be done fairly simply using form fields and bookmarks. He's been kind enough to grant me a lot of leniency because for him anything would be better than the current situation, so as long as I can improve on what we use now, he'll be happy.

I thought about creating form templates for each of the departments, then as the original RFQ circulated from one department to the next subsequent forms would be appended to it to create a rolling document. I'm not too happy with the that idea; there's all sorts of room for user error. I thought about creating a single document template containing every department's form, but a) I don't want any single department to be able to modify information gathered during another department's process, and b) certain departments must generate a variable number of copies of their form.

I told my boss the best way to accomplish a secure and low-maintenance RFQ-to-Quote would be to create a stand-alone Quote Generator application, but we both agree the effort is not condusive to the timeframe by whic... Read more

Answer:Word 2000: Creating a Master Document of document templates

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Hey guys! Is there anybody knows a program that can convert (copy) words in an image to a real document that can be edited from Word?


Answer:Which software can convert an image of a document to a real document (MS Word)?

If you have MS Office, as I think you do, you might try out this link:

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I used mail merger to create 25 letters to different locations and different people. The source used for the names and address's were from an excel file. I used "Edit Individual Documents" in order to get all the letters in one document. Now the problem is i need a backup of each letter on my computer and i have no clue if its even possible to save each page in the master document as a unique document. If not, is there a way of saving each unique document of a mail merger?
Thanks in advance.

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Dear all previously i have posted for Trojan issue and subsequently received responses from your team on time Now i am interested to know or get rid of issue with word 2003, installed in windows home basic 7 platform.......I work in several Word 2003 documents (on Windows 7 platform) at the same time. When I open the first document it stays open (maximized). If I open a second document, the document opens, but then immediately minimizes down to the task bar. Same result if I open a third document. If I click on the minimized documents to open them again, they open and stay open. why I am seeing a button for each open document in the Task Bar. with Thanks 

Answer:word document minimizes on taskbar if i open second document!!

Right-click on the START button - Properties - Taskbar - Group Similar Taskbar Buttons

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I work at a small non-profit and we have updated two computers with new computers running Windows 7. We use MS Word 2003. I have checked all threads on forum related to this issue, but nothing seems to correct our problem. I would be grateful for any help.

Description of issue: With a Word document open, one should be able to click "File" > "Send To" > Mail Recipient As Attachment", or any of the other mail options, and have the email composition window of Thunderbird pop up. What happens is that Word is attempting to send the attachment via Windows Live Mail. The computer basically freezes. If you try and abort or get out of Word, and error pops up stating you can't close Word until the email has been sent. Finally, you have to force a shut down of the computer.

Internet Explorer shows Thunderbird as default email client. I have check all of the other obvious places for setting the default email client, but I can't seem to find a conflict anywhere on the computer showing Windows Live Email as default client.

As a side note, this employee was using Outlook Express as their email client prior to the computer upgrade and all setting were imported into Windows Live Mail, which was initially used. The employee did not like Windows Live Mail, so I installed Thunderbird. It is used as the default email client and the only issue has been with Word. Additionally, I know that the document could be sent from Windows Explorer by right-cli... Read more

Answer:Can't send Word Document via Thunderbird from open document

Might try uninstalling Word, then reinstalling it.

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I'm using word 2010.
I have a Mailmerge document (actually a company letter with header and footer, used by a package called "Cash4Windows" [C4W]). This document usually has the recipients name and address etc. inserted by C4W.
The document is a template - "xxx.dotx".
What I want to do is strip out the Mailmerge fields and save the document as a normal Word 2010 document, 'cos the User wants to have a blank standard company document available.
I've spent a long time fiddling with the Header and Footer to get just what the User wanted, and I know i could just cut-n-paste the Header and Footer into a new document, then save it as "xxx.docx", but when I looked on various help sites the normal method in Word 2010 seems to be
on the ribbon tab
Select Mailings
Select "Start Mail Merge"
Select "Normal Word Document"
then save the Word document.
I've tried this and it has absolutely no effect, as when I close and reopen Word and select the previously saved document, I still get the "Opening the document will run the following SQL command" splash screen!
I've tried saving the "normalised" document with various different extensions, but nothing seems to get rid of the SQL.
I've also tried opening the VBA editor (Alt+F11) to see if I can find the SQL, thinking that if I can delete the SQL it might cause Word to avoid the prompt, but I can't even find the SQL!!!
I know I'... Read more

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I was working on a Word document that someone sent me by email in form of rar and saved the document. I now can't find the revised file and I have lost about 8 hours of work. Any ideas on where I can find this file? I looked in the email that was originally sent, but it is still the old file. I have also done searching on my computer with no luck. Help, I'm desperate!!! I have Word 2007. Please give me reply as soon as possible.

Answer:Cannot find the saved revised document in Word document

If you were only hitting "Save" and not "Save As" the document is likely, unfortunately, gone. You can try opening Word by itself and going through recent documents to see if it shows up. If you opened it directly from the email and the email was in Outlook, you might be able to find it in the Outlook Secure Temp Folder. To get to this folder, the easiest way is to send yourself a PDF file, open the PDF from the email then go to File | Properties and on the General tab (this is from memory, so I might be off a little bit) you'll find a location that you can click on. In this folder, you have a slight chance of finding the modified file. The only other option you have, that I can think of, would be digging through your temp folders hoping to find a .tmp or .doc file in there that has the content, but I give that about a .01% chance of happening. Good Luck!

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I am wondering how to make an hyperlink, from a main document, to a sentence of a sub document that got included through {INCLUDETEXT \\....docx} in the main document?

I posted yesterday this question in another forum.

I do not know how long it will take to get a reply in the other forum. I post the link to the details also in this forum, in order to speed up the process of getting an insight about a posible approach or solution for this problem. I hope this does not violate any of this forum's rules.

Thanks in advance

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Can anyone help - When typing a word document my laptop keeps sending the document when I start typing. Not sure why. Any help appreciated

Answer:When typing a word document my laptop keeps sending the document


I don?t know what you mean with laptop keeps sending the document but if you have this issue with office word or some other office application, try to check some forum where you can find discussion about similar theme.

I can not give you any precise answer but it is maybe because of office specific settings or you press accidentally some key on the keyboard and on this way interrupt symbols entering.

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On my previous computer with Windows 2000, I was able to make incremental backups of a Microsoft Word document while it was being created by me. The advantage of this was that if an "accident" happened and the document was lost or corrupted before it was completed or saved to a folder, the partially completed document could be retrieved from a special folder somewhere in C-drive. I was able to specify how often a new backup was created (ex.: every 3 minutes, ex.; every 10 minutes, etc.). It is possible that this special folder also contained backups of all previously saved Word documents, which were also being re-backed up every few minutes. -- I cannot find any reference to this on my new computer (Windows XP and Microsoft Word 2002) in the Windows search engine, or in the Word user interface "Help". I cannot remember how I found this feature on my previous (W~2000) computer. -- Thanks

Answer:Word document incremental backing up while the document is being created

I just found where to set up this feature (Word user interface > tools > options > save and also file locations. BUT I STILL NEED HELP BECAUSE THE FEATURE DOES NOT SEEM TO WORK.

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In my company I have a windows 2008 server. And synology NAS. On the server, there is a strategy that redirects the "my document" folder to the NAS, in the directory \\datas\home\Documents.

It works find on windows XP OS, but not on Windows 7. I mean, the folder is not redirected, so I tried to add the folder to the "documents" library, but windows 7 refuses, telling me it is impossible because the folder is not indexed.

So how can I do with windows 7 to put this network folder in "documents"?


Answer:"My document" folder on a remote disk (NAS)

Hi Julien

Welcome to Seven Forums

Have a look at the following tutorials :
How to Include a Network Drive or Folder in a Library in Windows 7 (Credits to limneos of SF)
How to Include a Folder in a Library in Windows 7 (Credits to Shawn - SF)
Hope this helps and regards

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"How can I convert an Excel document into a Word document?"

Answer:How can I convert an Excel document into a Word document?

When you Paste into Word,Select Paste Special,It should offer you the choice of Unformatted TextOrWhen Paste into Word,look to lower right corner of your paste areathere will be a small Drop BoxClick on the Drop Box and select Keep Text OnlyMIKE

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URGENT!! (Isn't it always?) I need to convert a multiple tab excel document to a word document. I read that I can save as a pdf, then convert to word but I have only Adobe Reader. If this can be done, is there a way to conserve the original format and the links in the excel doc?I would prefer leaving in excel but the customer needs a word document. Also, just in case I can convince to leave in excel -- is there a way to print the excel file as one document without printing each tab separately? If so, how do I ensure the formatting looks good to print as a regular 8.5 x 11 document?Thanks for any help.

Answer:Converting an excel document to word document

Depending of the size and shape of your Excel sheets can't you just open Word and Insert File?MIKE

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I have problem, when I put link to .XPS document in MS word document, i can't open this link, nothing hapens , links to other file types works fine. XPS document opens without problem with IE when opening file from folder. I tried to lower security setings in IE hidden security zone "my computer" , but this wont help. There is no problem in Windows 7 with xps links. But i need it to work in Vista. I think it's some kind of security problems. Any ideas ?

Vindows Vista32 SP2
MS Office 2007 SP2

Answer:Can't open .XPS document link from word document

Will this be any help:

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I have enrolled in college after 35 years away.  My professor is posting all documents in Word form.   I have Works.  Can I convert them to open into Works?  Can anybody walk me through it step by step?  I have Word installed, but haven't "bought" the program (free trial that came on computer).  When I try to save the word document and change the save as, I don't get any options except Microsoft Word 97 and All Files.

Answer:How to convert a Word Document to a Works Document

What version works and word?

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I am a teacher in Tennessee and I need to find a software that will enable me to edit and change a scanned document. I have some old tests and worksheets that I inherited from the teacher that had my room before me. I would like to make some minor changes to the documents without having to retype the entire set of documents. (Things like change the date and the teacher name on the heading, etc...)

Is there a software out there that will allow me to scan a document in and then alter it? These are not copyrighted materials, so that is not an issue.

Preferably, I would like a freeware or shareware or trial version of something to make sure I can navigate it before I shell out a chunk of cash to purchase something.

As a teacher, it is important to me that my materials look professionally done, so I would prefer to edit them on a computer rather than use white out and pen.

thank you so much

Answer:document editing of scanned document?

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Hi, I am trying to edit somethings in a XML document and save it as a notepad or wordpad document. I open it with notepad or wordpad and it allows me to make the changes. However, each time I save it after opening it in notepad or wordpad, it then reverts back to been a XML document.

Answer:XML document won't save as notepad document?

In Notepad/Wordpad, choose Save As and save it with a .txt extension, or else make a copy and change the extension of that from .xml to .txt

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I am a teacher in Tennessee and I need to find a software that will enable me to edit and change a scanned document. I have some old tests and worksheets that I inherited from the teacher that had my room before me. I would like to make some minor changes to the documents without having to retype the entire set of documents. (Things like change the date and the teacher name on the heading, etc...)

Is there a software out there that will allow me to scan a document in and then alter it? These are not copyrighted materials, so that is not an issue.

Preferably, I would like a freeware or shareware or trial version of something to make sure I can navigate it before I shell out a chunk of cash to purchase something.

As a teacher, it is important to me that my materials look professionally done, so I would prefer to edit them on a computer rather than use white out and pen.

thank you so much

Answer:document editing of scanned document?

You can use OCR, i.e text recognition. I'm not 100% sure if Adobe Reader does it, but Adobe Acrobat Pro definitely does. There's probably a few other free alternatives out there as well.

edit: looks like Reader does. How to Enable OCR in Adobe Reader |

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I am not sure if this is possible in word, but say I have document A. I place document A within document x, document y, and document z. Is it possible to make changes to document A and have the changes updated automatically to documents x, y, and z?
I hope this makes sense.


Answer:Word Document within another document

The only simple way is to go to Insert, Object, Create from file and choose to insert your file as a link (these are 2003 instructions - would be similar in 2007, though.) However, you will then get a questions about the file having links and do you want to update...every time you open the file.
You could also just insert some text and hyperlink it to the other file.
Finally, someone could probably write some VBA that would insert the file and update it every time you opened it.

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Does anyone know which format is quicker to 'rip'.The size of the document is around 60 pages containing Tables, Thumbnail pictures and text.Many thanks.Angry ;)

Answer:Word Document V PDF Document

What do you mean by rip?

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We have a corporate Enterprise with IE11 on Windows 7. We are using Enterprise Mode instead of "open intranet sites in compatibility view" which is now unchecked.

We want sites to open in IE 8 Document Mode instead of the Edge Default which occurs when we uncheck the intranet site compatibility view.
We have the XML and Enterprise Mode Enabled and it is processing BUT the sites are changing from Edge to Document Mode 5 instead of 8?

I have tried ALL the document modes and even IE 8 Emulation and it doesn't matter which one we set, the sites are going to Document Mode 5, with the exception of which is opening in IE 8 Document Mode as it should.

Now we can set it manually in IE using the Emulation but it does not last the session.

<rules version="1">
    <domain docMode="8"></domain>
    <domain docMode="8"></domain>
    <domain docMode="8"></domain>
    <domain docMode="8"></domain>
< /rules>

The sites themselves have a DocType in them.

"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get ... Read more

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This sounds straight forward, but I can not figure this out I am new to this. I have a Etower 500 MHz with 192 mb's of memory and 4 gig hard drive. I used partition magic 3.5 to partition the drive inorder to try and install DOS and win98 and maybe linux. I am following the instructions from this web site here>> I am using the disks that I made from downloading from this site referring to REUEL Boot disk this disk took me through the entire process. It all went great until I rebooted and I keep getting Non-System disk or disk error I have no disk's in the drives. I even installed win98 and all it did was go straight to windows. With in windows I could see the drives I partitioned all of them except the one that windows was actually on. I have done this again and again trying to see if I did anything wrong. Anybody know what is wrong?
Also can anyone tell me how to get free dos I can not figure out what files to download. The one that I am trying to install now is suppose to be mini dos 6.22. I am really new to dos so I am doing a lot of guessing.

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I am a new player here, so excuse me if i make a mess of this. I have a Sony Vaiol laptop and am  running vista.  I haven't used it for a lot other than internet, so data limited and space is problem started suddenly when i turned on pc and a black screen with the error message,"disk read error, press cntrl+alt+del to continuie."didnt do it! Wouldnt do anyuthing.Finally, I acquired legal sony recovery disks. And when the screen to choose operating system comes up, there is none so it says apply drivers and im lost, I have no familiarity with hard disk drivers so....but did bring up command prompt in recovery and through luck and lil else, i happened on chkdsk and found it to all check out but it does say NTFS not fat 32, but found no problems. Now Im dumb completely!!! Help if you can.

Answer:hard disk`??? wont reboot even with recovery disk yet all disk checks say fine.

Sony Vaiol laptop.Has problems of its own. It is not piratical to give you guidelines on this laptop. There have been many issues about how to repair and maintain it. The recovery discs should have everything you need.Here is a bit of advice, not really my own, try to sell the unit to somebody that thinks they know how to fix it. Then go buy a new or used laptop that will suit hour needs.The cost of ownership of any laptop is higher that many new users expect. Some more than others.This  may sound like a rant to put down Sony. It is not. Sony has made their own bed of nails. Look at this article from last year:Sony Vaio Laptop Recall: Everything You Need To KnowRead the article. You decide.

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I'm creating a document in word 2007 at one point of the document I want to insert a link or icon that points to a separate word document, when the master document is saved both documents are saved as one file so that i can distribute it to other people not linked on a LAN. I don't need the second document to be seen but launched on a separate window when the link or icon is clicked.
Can somebody please help I've seen this on emails and PP presentations but I'm not sure if it can be done in word, I would think so!


Answer:Solved: Word document within a word document

Not hard at all. Open the attached - I have included the instructions to show either the other text (or at least part) or just the icon.

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I have a client with a problem creating new documents from the File > New > Word Document dropdown from Windows Explorer window. If I set her default font to Times New Roman it will stay for creating new documents from within Word. If she goes the other route mentioned above to create a new document it will always default to Courier. Also when she tries to save the document with the Save As item it defaults to txt instead of a .doc file. I am thinking there are two different templates for these two seperate ways of opening or creating a document.

OS is XP Pro
Word 97 SR-2B


Answer:New word Document from File > New > Word Document


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hello i have win 8.1 and i'm confused about the differents about these disk i mentioned.
1)can you tell me what are the differents?
if are three different disk:
2)how can create each of them?
3)where is usefull each of them?
4) can i create these disks to usb?
also i have not any installation disk of win 8.1 (my preinstalled os was win 7).i have created a windows image backup.the backup is anything from that?
5) for automatic repair which disk i will create?
sorry for my bad english

Answer:system repair disk-installation disk-recovery disk

Originally Posted by vasilis

also i have not any installation disk of win 8.1

How to download and create a bootable Windows 8.1 installation media. -> link

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Greetings Geeks -

I am almost home getting my computer up and running again. The last step is to force Windows 10 to recognize my secondary SATA drive through Disk Manager. I spent a few minutes poking around disk manager and it seemed to me that disk manager wants to format when the disk is recognized. Is this the case? Can I add the drive without losing the information? The drive has data on it that I would like to keep. I am going to give it another try this evening.

The setup drive in question is a Western Digital 1TB hard. Thank you for any help.

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i want to do give me the best way.please

Answer:how to move data from disk D to disk E and from disk E to disk D

Hello pvnam95 and welcome to Seven Forums.

The easiest way is probably "drag and drop". Open each disk in a separate window and drag the data from one disk to the other.

4 Ways to Transfer Data Between Two Hard Drives - wikiHow

But it really depends on what kinds of drives you have (internal, external, spinner, solid state) and the type of data you're trying to move (large movies, small documents, encrypted, the operating system, etc.) Could you provide a screenshot of your Disk Management? And also fill in your System Specs.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

System Info - See Your System Specs

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Need help guys.

I have tried putting in my windows disk but it still comes back

I have been told to post a log generated by hijack this so here it is

Answer:Windows - No Disk There is no disk in drive please insert a disk

grevious, to better help you, can you let us know when the error message started to occur and what the exact error message is?

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Hi there,

I bought a used laptop. I checked it carefully and sure that there was 300Gb Dik C and 500Gb Disk D.

But after a day, Disk D suddenly went missing. I checked the Disk Management and use other partition software but Disk D (w 500Gb) cannot be found.

I tried partition recovery and perhaps i might recover the 500gb in Disk C but no success.

I checked the files in Disk C and noticed a certain file with "ss" as a name and icon like a disk. "ss" format as I check is in Disk Image File.
And to my surprise, the files originally in Disk D is here in "ss"

After several tries, I figured out that in order to unhide Disk D, I have to open "ss" inside Disk C. Everytime I shut down my laptop and opened it, Disk D is missing. Then I have to click the file "ss" again in Disk C to unhide Disk D.

Though annoying, somehow it solves the problem.

However I realized that my Disk D w/c have 500gb would only saved the files in Disk C "ss" file. Meaning if I only have 50Gb files in Disk D, only that 50 Gb will be saved in "ss" file.

Has anyone encountered this problem? There are no other problems in my laptop except that Disk D file is missing. Can someone help what to do to make Disk D appear as it is? My friend told me to just reformat my laptop but it might ruin my disks. I'm currently using Windows 8.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Disk D Missing/ Disk D Saved File is in Disk C

I agree with your friend. Do a clean reinstall of Windows and get a fresh start with that laptop.
Using a laptop that still contains all the debris and issues from its previous owner is not what you want to do.

What's the brand name and model name and complete model number of that laptop?


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My company's computer needs to be patitioned and reformat. The system is still working well. I mean, nothing wrong with anything (weird huh?). Ok the hard disk just need to be 'split'. I mean, make drive C & D on the hard disk. I know how to do that... easy... Then the HD need to be formatted & reinstall windows XP. Ok, easy too..

But the main problem occured before I do anything (partition & format). I have my own bootable CD that I usually use for partitioning & formatting.

Ok, i insert the CD & restart.
I went to BIOS & changed the boot order (1st boot: CD-ROM, 2nd: HDD-0 & 3rd: Floppy). Then restart again.
Ok the bootable CD is excellently loaded.
I typed fdisk, then came the first problem. it says something like 'no fixed disk'. I exit fdisk.
Then I typed format c:, 2nd problem occured. it says something like, 'invalid drive'.
I forgot the error message because the pc is in my office right now. I'm currently at home 'begging for help' So the error message is not accurate. sorry..

I think, if I run the CD, the hard disk will not be loaded (or should I say, hard disk failure). & If I take off the CD & restart again, change the BIOS (1st boot: HDD-0) then windows will load! Weird right?

I don't think my CD is 'corrupted' nor broken because I tried to run the CD from another PC. Yes, I can access the C drive from that PC.

Does anyone have any idea of the ... Read more

Answer:Can't format hard-disk nor do partition when using boot disk. Hard-disk failure

It sounds like it might be the bootable CD you've created is not picking up the HDD's/partitions.
To eliminate this as a posibility travel to bootdisk and grab the WinME bootdisk and boot from there. If it picks up the HDD you can FDISK and Format from there.
The other option is to boot using the XP CD and let it handle the formatting/partitioning duties...


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I got a new Acer computer (with Windows 7) which had 1 TB hdd. In the hdd there were C- (~500 GB), D (~500 GB)-drives and this "hidden" partition (~13,6 GB) which is somekind acer back-up partition (at least I've heard so) and this system reserved partition (~100 MB, not sure what this partion is). Atleast I think the disk was partioned this way.

I decided to reduce C-drive with Windows 7 disk managament tool and it said that I could release around 250 GB from that drive which I did. Everything was fine until I tried to make new drive from the released ununsed space and I managed to convert my disk to dynamic disk. Here is a snapshot from my system after that. I think conversion to dynamic disk created a small partition (1 MT) in the beginnig of the list (not sure). Disk 1 is just old hdd which is working fine so no concerns in there. E-drive is the one I created and accidentally converted disk to dynamic disk.

Then I studied and found way to convert dynamic disk back to basic disk from here and here.

I used ptedit32 (which did the same thing as HxD mentioned in the links). Here is snapshot from my disk (with HxD) before I did the conversion back to basic disk showing to 42 in the bottom of 02 column. Then I used ptedit32 and changed these two values to 07. After reboot everything was working fine and disk was converted back to basic disk. But now there was ~600 GB unused space on the disk (here's the snapshot from disk managament ). Now disk man... Read more

Answer:Partitions after basic disk->dynamic disk->basic disk conversion

Still haven't find any solutions to this. And only advice has been that I should do something with hexeditors and try to remove something but I'm too noob to do something like that without any precise instructions. So, help is still needed.

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Question: PDF Document

I hope I'm posting my question in the correct forum. I'm trying to take an Entry Form (PDF) format from an e-mail and fill it out and return via e-mail. I have tried copying form and pasting in word. Doesn't work. Then I printed out the form and scanned. Still no good. I am so confused and frusted. Can anyone tell me how to take a PDF File and fill it out. Thanks.

Answer:PDF Document

What is the url for the pdf?

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Question: .pdf document

I received an email with attachment in PDF file. When I tried to open a PDF -file, it displays an error message that says: "Error format: PDF format is not correct, or the file is corrupted" Then I tried to open my .pdf other tools for .pdf files, but they showed once again that same error message. There is an option to solve this problem?

Answer:.pdf document

Have them re-send it...sounds like the file is corrupt.BTW Foxit Reader for Firefox is a great pdf reader...and Free.

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Question: XPS document

Hello peopleIt seems that I can't print an XPS document anymore. It used to work just fine not long ago. Can you help? I use Window 7Thanks

Answer:XPS document

any error messages?

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Question: Pdf Document

I am trying to open a pdf document from a web site with Adobe reader And all I get is this pop up ??Adobe readerAdobe Reader could not open ( xxxx) pdf becauseit is either not a supported file type or because the file has become damaged for example , it wassent as an Email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded.I have tried many times to download the filebut get the same message each time , the web site is asecure Bank web site..Can any one please tell me if its possible in some way To open this pdf document download?? Many Thanks Mypenry

Answer:Pdf Document

Have you attempted to download the PDF file and then open it from your hard drive?

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I have downloaded a document which is shown as a '.ged' document and am not sure which programme to open it in to keep it in the format intended. Any ideas?

Answer:What is a .'ged' Document

All that I know is that it is a format read by Family Tree programmes. I think that it is used for importing or exporting information.

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Question: Document.pps

I receive a file with .pps extension(powerpoint document)and I can,t open it,is this related becauseIuse an older version of Powerpoint.


probably, unless the file is corrupt (but you'd get an error message usually in that case)

are you trying to open it from your email, or from a saved location?
- try both if you haven't already

otherwise: here's a PP 2000 viewer you can download to view it

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Question: PMO document

Recently received a document with the extention .pmo. What program created this document? MS Word cannot convert this to anything readable. Any suggestions?

Answer:PMO document

Hi wolfworx,

All a search brings up is either associated with Pegasus Mail or Printmaster Gold.

Can you ask the sender?

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Question: .pdf document

I received an email with attachment in PDF file. When I tried to open a PDF -file, it displays an error message that says: "Error format: PDF format is not correct, or the file is corrupted"
Then I tried to open my .pdf other tools for .pdf files, but they showed once again that same error message.
There is an option to solve this problem?

Answer:.pdf document

If its a person you trust and a file you are expecting, have them resend it.

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Question: XML Document

I have Vista Op SyS and recently recieved an email in the above format. when opened it was all gobble to gook . any suggestions

Answer:XML Document

You can open the document in Microsoft Word or the free Open office

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Question: A3 document

Is there a way of starting up a new blank A3 Word document on Office 2007?The options maximum size from Layout/Size seems to be A4. Or do u have to use customise?

Answer:A3 document

AFAIK you will only get the A3 option if you are connected to a printer that will print on A3 paper.

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Question: PDF.HTM Document

I downloaded a pdf.htm document sometime ago but what is displayed is all the code.Can this be deciphered by some means?Regards David

Answer:PDF.HTM Document

Try reading it with click here

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Question: MY Document

Used to have the 'My Document' icon on the top right hand corner of my (desktop) screen. It has now disappeared. Can someone please tell me how do i get it back there againThanks

Answer:MY Document

Find the 'My Documents' folder on your computer, from 'Find' or in Windows Explorer, create a shortcut (right click on the folder) and drag this to the Desktop. Or cut and paste the shortcut to the desktop.Although the above will work it would be easier to give precise instructions if you give the O/S - 98,ME or XP.

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Question: XPS document

Whenever I try to print something from the web, I get a 'Save file as' window that shows 'File name *xps' and File type 'XPS Document'. I cannot delete them and I am unable to print because of it.
Can anyone help me?
I have tried Search for xps and get no answer, i.e. it is not shown as being in the computer. I am completely baffled on how to get rid of it.

Answer:XPS document

Never mind...I finally found a way to get rid of the XPS that was giving me trouble.
Thank you anyway....

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I just noticed when I open WORD 2000 it starts out with DOCUMENT2 up top.

I'm pretty sure it used to start out with DOCUMENT1 and if I clicked on NEW DOCUMENT2 would come up, etc.

Each time I'd open WORD it would start out with 1 again.

I can't seem to find Document 1. Like if I accidentally saved it without naming it, wouldn't I still get another DOCUMENT 1 when I came back on again?

Not a big deal, just wondering.

~ Carrie

Answer:Where is Document 1?

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Question: PDF document

Is it possible to enter data into a PDF document?I got several forms as PDF .Thanks.

Answer:PDF document

It may be if the original documant isnt locked from editing,you can usually find out by opening it and if there is a padlock icon in thr bottom left corner of adobe then it has some form of encryption,right click the padlock for options as to what u can do with it.

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Question: New Document

Hello All and welcome to what is probably the daftest question you'll ever read on here.
After many happy years with XP, I've installed 7. Finding my way slowly but..................for the life of me, I can't find out how to open a fresh page on which to write a new document. I've probably seen the tab but don't understand it and I'm going mad because - - it MUST be simple. Can anyone help an old bloke with a bad hearty who is risking an attack looking for this?

Answer:New Document

Hi Paul ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... If you are using Office click on file tab top left and then New .. Or are you using another program ?

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Question: .PDF Document

I have a .pdf document and I would like to be able to highlight some text in the document. Is this possible?



Answer:.PDF Document

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Question: .PPP document

The atttachment to an email is a .PPP document, and my computer is not allowing me to open it.  I am on wondows 7, a fairly new computer with lots of bells a whistles.  Do I need another programme to be able to open this file.  Thank you in advance, Edna

Answer:.PPP document

You need to figure out what software this file.ppp was created under. Once you know that then your system needs this same software installed or a reader if there is one. One common hit on google for the .ppp file extension is a british desktop publishing program such as linked here: based on info contained here: I have never used the software available for download at this site, so download/install/use at own risk.

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Question: PDF Document

I have just the freeby 'Acrobat Reader 6' on my machine and would like to e-mail pages 11-28 of a 28 page PDF document I've received to a third party. Is it possible to do this and could I have your guidance please?Abel

Answer:PDF Document

You could use Jaws PDF Editor click here (14 day fully functional trial), to split the document. Then just attach the new doc as a file attachment to your email.

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Question: Losut 1.2 Document

XP Pro, SP, current updates, ZA, A^2, Lenovo T60p Dual CPU - 2.1 ghz, 3 Gb computer memory, 3 cent operator memory

A few days ago when I needed page numbering not available in WordPad I fired up Lotus Symphony - Documents - for the first time (it came with my XP Pro). I assume there are later versions available, but that's not my issue right now.

I cannot find any way to configure my own page setup. All there is in Documents are things like default fonts. When printing a newly loaded document the margins ALWAYS reset to the Lotus default and I have to run through everything all over again to get the print layout I need - 20 times if there are 30 chapters. It gets very old very fast.

Can anyone tell me how to find how to set up my own defaults?

I have already looked all over tarnation trying to find help. At Lotus itself the pseudo FAQs merely tell you how to set up a page for a new or newly loaded document. There is nothing to click to make settings permanent.

Where have they hidden the default configuring dialog?

Answer:Losut 1.2 Document

It doesn't look like this feature was included (at least in v1)

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Question: hp document viewer

When I try and access Hp's Image Zone Plus, a box will appear saying something like; "accessing document viewer". Then after a minute or so I get an error saying; " The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable and tells me to try to use source c\hp\tmp\src\setup\documentviewer. When I try this I get the message; "The path cannot be found". I am lost. Please help.

Answer:hp document viewer


What Windows version are you using?

Are there any files in this location c\hp\tmp\src\setup\documentviewer ?

If you have the original setup files or disk for HPs Image Zone Plus then re-install it.

Could also be if you haev reciently updated your Windows version, maybe one of these issues.

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Question: Missing Document

Windows 7 - When I open a folder on my external hard drive a document is missing. I thought perhaps I had inadvertently deleted it however if I conduct a search, the document shows in the search results. When I select "open file location" it shows that the document is in the folder on my external hard drive. I can open the document from the "search" results so it is an active document. Why do this document only show up when I search but is not visible in the folder on the external hard drive?
(This is a document I keep only on my external hard drive and not on the internal hard drive on my computer)

Answer:Missing Document

I don't know why this is happening, however you might try opening the document and then use the "save as" feature to create an individual folder for it and then save it under a new name in that folder.

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I have a lexmark printer/scanner and I am trying to scan a letter so that it can be opened in Open be emailed.There are a number of saving options and I dont know which format to save it in.So any help much appreciated.Options are convert to PDFScan and edit text OCRRich text formatText documentText document MS-DOS FormatUnicode text document.Many thanksTony.

Answer:scanning a document

The joys of computing are trial and error, why not just pick one and see what happens.The joy you will feel when you have worked it out for yourself will be unmeasureable...

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Question: 404 Error Document

Can someone please make me a .htaccess file so that my 404 page will be used when someone types an URL or clicks a link to a page which doesn't exist. I have tried making one but I end up calling the file htaccess.txt and its all pretty confusing there is a guide which I copied and pasted from lycos below:

2. Create the calling page

Create the file with any text editor.
Enter the following text, NOTHING MORE:
ErrorDocument 404 /thetribesite/error404.html
Save the file as anyname.txt
Close your editor.
Rename the file «anyname.txt» to «.htaccess»

Answer:404 Error Document

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Question: Word Document

When I double click on a word document to open it, unless my current Microsoft Word 97 is already open, it attempts to open it under Microsoft Word version 2.0a. How can I fix this?

.......I got this fixed.

I have now assigned the correct program file butI get the error message xxxx.doc is not a valid win32 application. How can I fix this?

Answer:Word Document

Closing this - please just use the original topic, don't start a new one.

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I have windows xp (came with pc, so no disk) with this I run my HP all in one printer. I had a blip with the printer when it stoped printing only to find the usb had been un-plugged. I had kept trying to print and think this caused the problem I now have with the document viewer msi.
As the pc starts I get this message

"The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-Rom or other removeable disk that is not available. Insert the "Document Viewer" disk and click ok "

The thing is I have no idea what disk is being asked for, any idea's!
Many thanks

Answer:Document viewer msi


Its likely to be the HP driver CD that came with your all in one printer, on the CD will be a folder called Document Viewer and in that will be a file called Document Viewer.msi install that as it seems yoru software may have gotten corrupted.

If you dont have the CD, then goto HP support and download the HP Full Feature software/driver for the all in one ( they tend to be around 200+ MBs ) you have.

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hi i cant print any documents using microsoft 2003 which i prefer to use i have had no bother till nowi can copy a document useing the scanner on my printer (epson stylus dx7450)o/s winxpcan you help me thanks kirriejim

Answer:cant print document

click here

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Question: My Document Floder

Ok Im running windows vista home basic and im using a movie editing program and I made my movie into an HD 1990x1080. Once it finished rendering it, it saved it to my documents. So i go into my documents and my computer goes to a blue screens then restarts. So every time i go in to my documents this happens. I try deleting it but im not fast enough to delete it. Is there some way I can get around this? Im using power director 7 which is a non virus program so i don't know why this keeps happening. After I made that movie and saved it to my documents it just keeps restarting. So I cant save anything into my my document folder because it will restart.

here let me make this easier is there a way without opening my Document folder to clear everything in it. I want to delete everything in my document folder without opening it and there any way?

Answer:My Document Floder

hi can you right click on the folder also press shift and from the drop down menu choose delete this will completely remove the folder normally with no getting it back

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I've received a document with photos in it but can't open it. It says it is an .ink document.Can anyone help please?

Answer:How can I open a .ink document?

if you google .lnk file viewer you can download a viewer for it.

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Question: Document Viewer

Hi everyone some help pleaseWhenever I switch on my computer I get the followingWindows installer then Document Viewer perparing to install, this get about half way and then stops, then asks for location I click cancel and then get An installication package for the product Document Viewer cannot be found, try the installication again using a valid copy of the instllication package documentviewer.msiI continue to click canel then get Microsoft.Net framework an unhandled exception has accured in a componment in your application. Click continue and the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Answer:Document Viewer

Try reregistering the MS Installerclick here

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Hi...well recently I just got a problem with my computer. Recently when i tried to open my document in my start menu, the windows for my document pop out but then suddenly it went off by itself and even when i try to open it again, the same thing happened or suddenly the computer reboot by itself and there will be a blue color screen stating there was error and scanned by itself and it will reply there were no errors found. I abit confused as the documents inside the "my document" is very important for me and i dont want to lose it. Please help me with it.
God Bless....

Answer:Problems with My Document

Well if your worried about retrieving the data you can always pull out the hd and put it in another computer...then once you get all the data off rebuild the machine.

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Hi Folks,I don't know what I pressed or did but all of a sudden I noticed that H--------y's documents To H--------y's Documents being copied. I stopped the copying. When I opened the Original H--------y's Documents I've noticed that quite a few Documents & Files are not there. I started checking and have found that the missing Documents have gone into another Document. I can Copy & Paste all this back to the Origunal H--------y's Documents but that will take a while as there is quite a lot to Copy & Paste. Not only that, at times the Copy & Paste is not always 100%. If I do A Restore will that do the trick and give me back everything in H--------y's documents as it was just before this mishap happened.Please adviseThanksShikaree

Answer:HELP PLEASE OneDocument gone into Another Document

A system restore will only sort out the system files but will not do anything about your data files.I'm afraid that this is yet another good example of the need for backing up important (to you) files regularly.Sorry I could not be more helpful.

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I had a document opened and was apparently a saved copy that was opened from a USB disk,
along the line I took out the flash drive, so, . . later, having forgot that, . .
I decided to close it and if I am not mistaken received a message that the document was already opened, I'm sure there was more details but in any case thinking that I have seen this before, (other times on my other XP-OS-PC), . .
I eventually closed in thinking it safe to do so, I guess I should have looked at the path of storage, . .
Its gone and so checking the previous files on the Flash Drive and my Documents file, it is there
but does not seem to be the one I closed, it had specific details that the now accessible ones are not showing.
Is there a way I can retrieve that doc or see if there was a doc that went to (wherever those things go), because MS does not provide a path for it to go to the Recycle File ?

Answer:Is There a Way to Retrieve a Document

What type of document was it?

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Does anyone know how to remove a pw that was placed on a word document?? I have a letter that has a pw on it preventing changes and I need to remove it but I do not have the pw. Does anyone have any ideas???

Answer:pw on a word document

Simplest way is to select and copy the text to a new document.

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ok, what happened was I am revising my term paper. After a day of revisions I decided to back it up to my usb key.... only prob is without noticing it I draged from the usb key to my hd and overwrote all of my revisions! Now I seem to be in a VERY bad spot. Is their anyway to get this document back or do I need to rewrite it? Plz respond quickly as this really really is important. Thanks even if you cant help...

Answer:Lost Document! Plz Help

if your overwrote it.. your screwed..

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Question: word document

Every time I  try to get a blank document on word, there are two pages from an old document that keeps coming up so I have to scroll down to a blank page to start my document.  I have no idea what to do to correct this....any suggestions.Thank you  very much.........grace creel

Answer:word document

please, we need more information.  Look here:,33323.0.html

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Hi there:

everytime I open up Word, the same document opens up automatically.

When I click on the "New Blank Document" button in the tool bar, the same document opens up.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Cannot get rid of a Word document

Reboot in safe mode, and delete That's the template for the blank document. Apparently, your document was saved as a .dot instead of a .doc and corrupted the blank new document.

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It is on the browser and it reads:Net Reset ErrorThe document contains no dataThe link to the site was dropped unexpectedly while negotiating a connection or transferring data. This may be due to a network fault somewhere between the site and your computer. If the problem persists, consult your system documentation, administrator or Internet Service Provider (ISP) as appropriate for further assistance..Try againI have tried the connection with three different browsers and I get the same notificationI hope you can help me with this.Thanks

Answer:The Document Contains No Data

Have you contacted your ISP, as suggested?

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Question: Document Tab/Sheet

Does anyone know of a good word processor that will allow to me access multiple sets of document within one file? Something like the sheet feature in Excel or tab feature on browsers.

Answer:Document Tab/Sheet

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I have a question.

Lets say you are going to download something from the internet, it doesn't matter what. When you click on the link a dialog box comes up with the location where you would like to save it. For example the location always comes up as "My Documents" as the save location by default.

Is there a way to change that ? so When it opens it goes to the location that you have specified.


Answer:When you save a document -

To specify the default download directory for the Internet Explorer

Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_USERS \ .DEFAULT \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer
Add a String value called Download Directory
For it's value, enter in the Directory where you want your downloaded files to go

hope that helps...

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hi,I'm new to this so need help.Since typing letter in WORD and then saving it every time I type a new letter and then go to new document the original letter reappears.Have tried deleting the offending letter but it just keeps reappearing.Any suggestions?

Answer:new document problem

Hi I dont use word but it sounds like you have set the letter as your default,when it shows again clear the letter and then save it again as default then it should come back as a clean sheet,

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After creating a Word or Excel document, there is an option to send the document to a mail recipient. In my old Windows 98 PC, my Yahoo Mail account would open and I could send the document through Yahoo. I liked this feature.

With my new XP however, when I choose to send a document, OUTLOOK opens up, not my Yahoo account. What settings must be changed so that I can send out a document ?


Answer:How do I send a document

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Can anyone suggest me is there a way to open pdf format document without Adobe Acrobat Reader?


Answer:Help with opening a document

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i am trying to take a word resume and cover letter and paste it on to a specific area on an internet explorer page. i can,t figure it out and i don't know what i am doing wrong. please help.
thanks for the replies but i forgot to mention my edit selection on the web page does not let me choose cut copy or paste. i am so confused. this should be so simple.


Answer:trying to paste a document

I assume you are trying to cut and paste it into an online form.

Open the word doc

Click on edit
Click select all
Click copy

Open up the web page and click on the form box
Make sure that the cursor is blinking in the box
Click edit
Click paste

This should paste the word doc into the box.

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Question: Document Viewer

Hi: am getting a darn notice about a document viewer, Microsoft.NET framework notice and Windows Installer. Cannot get rid of any of them..Help!!!

Answer:Document Viewer

hi, do you have an HP printer? I think document viewer could be related to that. If so and you have the disk that came with the printer, try deleting the printer software (see if there is anything in Add/Remove Programs and also if document viewer is installed in the start up folder), and download from the disk again, or try the HP web site where there should be links to drivers etc.

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I have been trying unsuccessfully to scan a document so that I can email it. Unfortunately the OCR doesn't recognize some characters (hand written) and it replaces it with jibberish. Is there any way to turn off ocr. Also my MS outlook doesn't want to email my messages and I can't figure out why. Do you have any ideas to fix this prob? Thanks

Answer:Scanning a document

OCR programs can be a bit hit and miss.

Can you not just scan the document in as a picture file, .jpg or .bmp etc and send that.

You should have a software control panel for your scanner, to switch between OCR and
other means of 'capture'.

It's not helpful if you want the recipient to 'amend' your document, but is a method to get
the information across, if that's all you want to do.

My Outlook, (which is 2003), has a 'Detect and Repair' option in the Help menu.

What is your version and what error messages do you get (if any), when you
try to send.

btw, When did you last run scans for malware and spyware?

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