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Watermark Background Image

Question: Watermark Background Image

Hi, I am doing a project which needs to be done in landscape. I originally started the project in Word as I prefer it over Publisher but it gets difficult when your working with lots of pages moving pages around and inserting and deleting them and so forth so I have moved to Publisher before it gets too complicated. I am using a watermark background effect in word by going to Format > Background > Printed Watermark and I want to still use this in Publisher on all my pages. I went to Format > Background > More Backgrounds.. and then clicked on the Picture Tab. When I applied the image I got a tiled effect with the picture duplicated all over the page instead of the centered watermark one I was looking for, see the snapshot below to see what I mean. Can anyone explain how to get it looking the same as before, I use Word & Publisher 2002.

Thankyou for any replies, please post back ASAP because the project has to be given in on Wednesday (16th).

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Preferred Solution: Watermark Background Image

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Watermark Background Image

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Just released a now piece of software that you can use to add watermarks to images, pictures and photos.
Watermark Images with freeware TSR Watermark Image Software
Anders Pedersen

Answer:Watermark Images with freeware TSR Watermark Image Software

I have seen many of these type of things before so there is nothing particularly new in this idea but having looked at yours its does seem one of the better ones.

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Hey Guys!

I've come over a problem at my office! - We use to print (hardcopy) our documents on with our Company Logo pre-printed forms.
Now that staff is getting comfortable with e-mail internet and so on - finally - we more and more send documents via e-mail in pdf format.

Up to now I always was the one to include the Logo as background manually -but I'm gettin tired of it ...

I'm tryin to figure out, how I can include the Background during the pdf printing process...

I've tried to use Acrobat Distillers - but I can only go as far as a watermark - to stay realsitic ...

I would be gald if someone could help me with that! Thanks in advance!!

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On my web page I have a background picture that is stationary and only the words and jpg's etc. scroll.

My problem is a wheel or scroll mouse will not scroll where there isn't text or jpg's etc. What do I need to do to get a wheel/scroll mouse to scroll anywhere on my page?

I am using front page 2002.


North Hills of Pgh, PA weather

Answer:Need help with watermark background picture on web page

works for me just fine.

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I am trying to insert a Background/Watermark image into a Doc. (using Word 2007) I prepared a image with exactly the size of a Page and inserted it like this:
Page Layout > Watermark > Custom Watermark > Picture Watermark scale 100% and deselected Washout.
The Image is now placed exactly like i want it and acts like a backgound... but eventhough i deselected washout it still looks pale... like it would be just 50% opaque.

I then tried Page Layout > Page Color > Fill Effects > Picture and selected my image.
now the image has the correct color, but it does not fit on the page anymore... it's alot bigger and I also read in some other posts that images insrted this way will not print.

To make it short.... does anyone know how I can insert an image as a background into a MS Word document and make it look/print/scale exactly the way the image looks and not get just a pale washed out version.

thanks ; )

EDIT: I think I got it... it seems it just has that washed out look as long as the doc is still edited. I converted it to a pdf and now it looks the way it's supposed to.
If someone still knows a better way to do that please let me know.

Answer:MS Word - Background/Watermark non transparent - how to

You should just insert the Image as an Image. Go under insert/Image. Then, format the text over the image, which is under Picture tools, which appears when you click the image.

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So far, I have try

Trick 1: Insert Picture, and I created a picture of a light watermark

Trick 2: i have also try Word Art.

The problem of the above trick is that w/ trick 1, it's messy

w/ Trick 2: the word art over lay the spreadsheet

What I really want is to create a word art of some sort, or even an JPG on another software, and be able to reduce the opacity of the insert picture to say down to 20%, i.e., use it as watermark

can you do that w/ Excel 2010?

Answer:What's the best way to insert a watermark in Excel 2010 sheet background? or gimp has opacity features.

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Using the std. watermark functions in MS Word or Excel either ver. 2000, or 2003, can you insert 2 lines at 45 deg. angle?

I know you can insert 1 line easily, but I need it in 2 lines?

If not, do I have to use something like Corel Draw to create this watermark?

Answer:Can you insert 2 lines (45 deg.) as background watermark using Word/Excel?

Sure, just create a single line watermark first: Format, Background, Printer Watermark, Text Watermark. Enter some text or just pick one of the defaults, make sure diagonal is selected.

Then View, Header and Footer (or just double click the top of the page). You can edit the watermark now

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Question: Image to Watermark

I think this is what I mean.I want to take an image and convert it so that it appears as a very faint background image (watermark I think its called). Is this possible. Do I do this in Dreamweaver or in Photoshop or how else can I do it.I've searched various areas but dont find anything conclusive. Cheers.

Answer:Image to Watermark

I'd put the image into Photoshop then change its opacity to 50% (or somewhere around that) then add it as a background in your body tag:<body background="IMAGE URL">

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Hello friends

I would like to know if it is possible to insert my own text or short phrase as background to be as watermark in word 2003 document.
I would appreciate any helpful ideas,


Answer:Solved: how to creat my own watermark background text in word2003 document?

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Can anyone suggest me an Image Optimizer desktop software which have the feature of watermark. Actually I want to reduce the image file size from 1.5MB to 50-70KB, without reducing images quality. I also want to put watermark on the images. So the software must have both features.

Free software is preferred.

Thanks in Advance.

Answer:Image Optimizer plus Watermark Desktop Software?

"Actually I want to reduce the image file size from 1.5MB to 50-70KB, without reducing images quality"

That degree of filesize reduction on images cannot be achieved without some degree of image data loss.

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I'm looking for a program that can add a watermark to images in bulk. This isn't the standard watermark where it is overlayed onto the existing image. I want to be able to add, say, 50px to the bottom of the image canvas and write the watermark there on the new white space.Freeware would be nice but anything will do.

Answer:Good program to add a watermark to image in bulk?

I haven't used this or any watermark programs, but this one surely warrants a look:

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I've created a Word template that has a 72 dpi (low res) full-page watermark image set in the background. This document, with no text or anything, is 76 kb.

If I paste in a couple pages of text and save it on a PC, it balloons up to almost 2 megs. If I flow in the same copy and save it on a Mac, the filesize is only 92 kb. The two files are exactly the same except for the fact that one is saved on a PC (I've tried with both Word XP and Word 2000) and one is saved on the Mac.

So why would the file size expand that much on the PC? Is the PC having to duplicate the watermark for each page, thus bumping the filesize up?


Answer:Word + watermark image + text = big file

To test a bit more, I took the 2 MB file and saved it as a PDF, with the resulting file ending up at a nicely tiny 60 kb. Something's up, and Word's at fault... I just can't figure out why.


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Hey all, just thought I'd leave my 2 cents here. I bought a Thinkpad Yoga i7 version from the Microsoft store for a pretty decent price, knowing the potential issues it has but under the assurance of a 30 day warranty. It's an absolutely lovely laptop, and it knocks everything else out of the park in almost every regard... however after a couple days of using and constantly inspecting it for any issues, it began to display minor ghosting issues. With the checkerboard test, it showed a faint but long lasting retention (for a minute or two). Not only that, but I'm noticing a faint yellow splotch on the middle left portion of the screen.  I'm very disappointed with this because this machine is absolutely fantastic in every regard, but I'm almost certain I'm going to have to end up returning it within the next few days. I should note that I do have the SPB2 updated screen, so it seems that the new screen unfortunately doesn't resolve these issues. It's a shame for the computer to be so well built but have a poorly built screen to top it off. I'll hold onto the laptop for another week or so while I look for a suitable replacement, and see if the conditions worsen or plateau as it is now and let you guys know. It's sad to see such a wonderful machine to be plagued by such minor but deal-breaking issues, and I hope Lenovo can address them accordingly as they'll be producing one heck of a laptop.

Answer:Re: Thinkpad Yoga - ghosting / after-image / watermark issue

@dave - That are really bad news regarding the SPB2 panel.  In my case, It's been a week and a half since I got my first screen replacement, unfortunately spb1 model, and the ghosting in this one is much worse than in the previous one. It appears after one minute using chrome, and is stronger.On monday I will get my third screen, and then let's see what happens, but I am really disappointed whit this issue.That's not a matter of perception, I haven't seen so a strong ghosting in any modern device. It lasts for around 5 minutes to completely dissapear.Anyone here with experience getting a refund in Germany?Regards

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Hello everyone.
I teach students in conferences over the computer who are too sick to go to school or are having surgery.
I usually broadcast my screen live with Screenleap. In Florida, we don't have enough funding to have fiber optic speed or good enough computers to use Twitch or I would live stream my face on the bottom of the screen.
At the very least, I'd like to "pin" my photo in one of the corners of my screen as I broadcast live while showing them how to do math, etc.
Is there a Windows 10 app that does this? Or a manual way to do this?
Thank you,

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Admin Note: This thread has been reorganized for escalation purpose -  using ajpot's info for escalation since he was the first to respond to my request of collecting information.
I've got the ghosting issue on my yoga as well.  It was OK for the first few weeks (no noticeable ghosting at all) but now it only takes around a minute of having something on screen for ghosting to appear when switching to something else.
I'm in the process of sending my yoga in for repair as I'm experiencing some other issues, so I've asked them to repair the screen as well.  From what I've read, it's likely they won't be able to fix it (in which case I'll be asking for a refund) but I'll see how it goes.
Machine: ThinKPad Yoga
Machine Type Model: 20CD-CT01WW
Date manufactured: 3rd December 2013


Go to Solution.

Answer:Thinkpad Yoga - ghosting / after-image / watermark issue

I've got a Thinkpad Yoga 20CD-0033US at Fry's Electronics. At almost 3 weeks of my purchase, I noticed using a desktop app that after 5 minutes, the screen starts "memorizing" the images that are static, like the explorer bar and the Start logo. This gets worst if the image has white and is big, because more time the image remains, more bold gets on the screen. I'm not sure if it's a driver problem or is about the build quality of the screen.I have to add than I'm very disappointed with the build quality of this computer. The one that I'm using is the SECOND ONE!, because the first stopped working at the third day, and this second one has design flaws, like a defective "B" letter and visible spaces between the screen and its housing. Very unacceptable for a $1300 laptop. If somebody has any software solution for my screen problem I would appreciate it, because I live outside the US and the technical service here in Colombia doesn't answer (sorry for my English).

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Hello all,I've finally made my decision and purchased the Thinkpad Yoga last May of 2014 -- That Thinkpad Yoga ( to be exact. What a wonderful machine it is, and I immediately fell in love with it!However, sadly a few months ago, the screen retention began to become an issue, a serious one, and weirdly enough, my USB slots are acting funny whenever I have a "detectable" device connected (such as phone, storage, camera, etc). I still have about 180 on my Lenovo original warranty, which I still can extend to another 2-3 years if I wanted to. and I also have purchased another 3-4 years 3rd party warranty from amazon. Both still valid to this date.I'm wondering, am I still eligible for a return? If yes, is there a chance for me to get the improved 2nd gen Yoga? if yes, would you guys be so kind and guide me through the process if you're familiar/experienced.If not, what would you guys advise me to do? What would you do in my situation? If you don't know, can you direct me to someone who might know and and maybe willing to help?That'll really mean a lot, and I'd very much appreciate any help I could get.Thanks a lot in advance! regards,

Answer:Thinkpad Yoga - ghosting / after-image / watermark issue

I've sent mine to the RMA (within 12 months period after purchase) and they have replaced the LCD under warranty. Seems to be the problem with many Thinkpad Yogas. Gosting does not occur now. Regards, P.

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Hi all,
I'm new to this site, and not too knowledgable, but I'm sure some one out there can help.
I run windows XP, and currently my desktop is showing an image that has come from a website I set up hosted by This is over riding my preferred background, which I can still see the edges of behind my Internet Explorer home page.
I must say that the website has been trouble free and extremely easy to operate since I started it over two years ago, but recently I found that I couldn't upload images properly. The images would upload but were far too large for the page, and I could not resize them as I had in the past. I intend to go through the Webs support to sort this out, but my concern now is that the images I had on my pages have disappeared, and been replaced with the message" Oops, Image not found. Webs provides your image hosting This is what shows on my screen when I close all tabs
Somehow, in my attempts to upload and resize my images I have caused this.
Everyone I have asked about this is baffled. Help please!

Answer:Desktop background - image overwriting preferred background

i don't know...but I suggest contacting your current web host for assistance.
I see several reports of this happening but no solution per se.

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Universal Watermark Disabler will help you remove the build number desktop watermark from Windows 10 Preview.
Go get it here.

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Watermark Tool is the free online watermarking software that allows you to add watermark effect to your images quickly and easily. You can also personalize your images in a variety of ways - including text size, color, and position.
For people with photoshop, illustrator, or other advanced graphical software, applying watermarks isn't very difficult. However, many people don't have these kinds of tools, which means that their images can't be photoshopped without more advanced computer knowledge and extra hassle. With this website, anybody can apply personalized watermarks quickly and without needing to know anything about graphic manipulating software. Even people with advanced graphical know-how will probably find that this site's process to be a quicker and easier solution than opening Photoshop and creating a watermark from scratch.
visit: Free Watermark Tool - Generate watermarks for your images quickly and easily.

Answer:Add Watermark effect to images online using Watermark tools

Nice and useful tool
Any download-able freeware app, btw?

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If you want to remove watermark from the Windows 8 RP desktop, you can use this Watermak Editor. It even lets you change the watermark if you want.
I used it and rebooted my computer and the watermark had disappeared.

Answer:Remove Windows 8 watermark with Watermark Editor

Yes - I have used it. I need to remove the watermark - else the blog post screenshots can look dated. Thanks for posting it here.

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Hi! I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum and if a thread on this subject already exists, I just couldn't think of any other place to put it.

I got Windows 8 and it's working pretty much perfect after I fixed a few issues. But there's an interesting thing happening, and I don't know if it's a 'feature' or something I can correct. When I go into one of my image folders and right click on one of my pictures to set it ask my desktop background, it will work, but then the image folder will scroll all the way all the way back up to the top, and it does this every single time.

This is kind of annoying, and I'm not sure why it does this... is there anything I can do about it, or am I missing something obvious?


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Whenever I wanted to select any image for the background, user account etc., the file explorer window which opens up get hidden, before I can do anything and it don't even let me do anything where I was. It doesn't happen every time, but it's too irritating.

For example, if I wanted to change the background image, I click on Browse and the window open and get hidden instantly. I can only see the Personalize menu but can't do anything there and need to close it via Task bar or task manager.

Any idea to solve it?

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How can I put an image on my desktop background?

I don't want it to be the whole background - just a 400-pixel image on the desktop background.

If possible, I would like to place it not in the center and to be able to choose which monitor to put it on.

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit


Answer:How to put image on desktop - Not a background image

OK this might help.
Resize the image to the size you want and Right Click Desktop > Personalize > Desktop Background > Choose Your Image(s) > Select "Centered" in Picture Position (bottom).

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my selected desktop wallpaper appears while windows xp loading and finally default desktop wallpaper comes in.
I am using kaspersky antivirus software and regularly scanning the machine almost daily.

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Ok here is my problem, i go to change my packground image by going to the properties menu then display and here is where the problem begins. Normally you would find the images that come with the PC and the image you already have on the screen, well on my PC it used to show that now it is showing all of the pics in the "My Pictures" folder. What could be the problem, i went to the desktopicon in my System32 folder and there is nothing on the notepad? what is up?

Answer:Background Image help

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Question: background image

Hi, i am working on a web page for a friend and i am trying to figure out how to put an image in the background, with the rest of the page in the foreground. Kind of like the wallpaper on your desktop. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:background image

I am not sure exactly, what your asking. If you are looking to use an image for a background, the simple answer is to use the following html code in your body tag -

<body background="imagename.jpg">

( replacing imagename.jpg with your own of course, don't forget the file extension may differ )

If you are looking to have the image static ( does not move) then add this to the end of that code

<body background="imagename.jpg" bgproperties="fixed">

I hope that helps.

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I have just revamped my site by changing the background from a light blue to a light grey jpeg image.I am using dreamweaver MX and the site is perfect - on Dreamweaver. However I have just uploaded all the files via FTP and the original background is still showing!! I have checked the root of the image and uoploaded that as well - is there something I have forgotten?Thanks

Answer:Background image not showing

You may be reading the page from the cache on your PC. You need to empty your Internet cache and delete temporary Internet files to force the page to be downloaded from the Internet.Tools, Internet Options, General tab. Delete cookies and Delete files.

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I have scanned a black and white logo from some original artwork, and want to remove all the white background, or make it transparent. Any ideas how I can do this please?The only image editing software I have at the moment are Ulead iPhoto Plus 4 (which I use for scanning), Irfanview, and MS Paint. I can probably edit each individual white pixel and make it transparent, but is there some simple way to do it?

Answer:How to remove background from image

From Irfan View or ULead (no doubt), save in GIF format and check the transparency option, then select the white as the transparent colour.For 24-bit colour images you can save as PNG and still have transparency.

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By putting the following code inside the Head tag on the master border in Net Objects Fusion I have successfully changed the background on my entire site from scrolling to non-scrolling, which I think looks better. body background="file://localhost/C:/My Documents/Websites/Association for Insight Meditation/AIM_Background.jpg" bgproperties="fixed" bgcolor="#000000">Before republishing to the web, I suppose that I could change the address from "file://localhost/" to "click here" but how can I change the address so that it works on both?

Answer:Correct URL for Background Image?

If you publish your site locally to a folder on your hard drive, NetObjects copies all linked files for the site to the folder you specify. All images will be put into the assets\images folder, including the background file.Once it has been published locally you can FTP it up to your host, or if you let NetObjects publish to your host in the first instance at which point it will crate the assets\images folder on your host space and make the necessary link to the background file.Or have I misunderstood your question ?

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Ultimate, Cannot display jpg background image on desktop. All I get is a black background. All bmp works fine. I have checked the registry and have found no problems. If I drag a jpg to ie7 and right click set to desktop it works but that just converts the jpg to a bmp. Even the default wallpapers that come with Vista does not work.

Answer:Background image bmp works not jpg

Hi Century,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

Look at Method One, Step Two at the screenshot under step 9 in this tutorial. Make sure that Allow only bitmapped wallpaper in the right pane is set as Not configured. You can see how using the same instructions for this in the tutorial as well.

Desktop Background Wallpaper - Prevent Change

Hope this helps,

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I would like to set a background image in html which does not always repaet its self, over and over. I'd like one image S-T-R-E-T-C- H-E-D over the WHOLE baclground WITHOUT repeating.
I know there is a way but that was about 10 years ago when i did it last.

Can someone help me out?


Answer:background image in html

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i had an image(unk format) i downloaded from the net, i made it my desktop background. i took a picture of my grandson and replaced the image with it. I decided to put the image back and am unable to find it. Win7 os, sony vaio. I've looked all the places i could think. is the image lost or still on my computer? Any help appreciated.

Answer:background image lost

Welcome rreff

Do you remember the name of the image or the website you got if from ?

It's probably still on your computer, just what folder you downloaded to ?

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I have a dual boot with xp and w7. I was running in 7 and shutdown and booted into xp. When booting into W7 my background was gone.
The themes for w7 do not work as well.
I can go the folders and the images are there.
I can attempt to set a wallpaper from one of my own pictures ..nothing is grayed out but after making my selection nothing happens.
I had the exact same thing happen a couple weeks ago and did an upgrade repair. I do not know if booting into xp is what triggered the last occurance.
I can choose colors for the background.Also when i first booted back into w7 and found the problem i found another situation in my pics folder if the view is set to large icons the nothing shows I have to change the view first to something else then back to large icons.All other views work fine.

Answer:No background image Windows 7

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hey, how can i add a photo (preferably jpeg) to the Windows Explorer Background?
can anyone give me a link to a page that has something that i can download that allows me to add custom background to it?

i am not talking about a desktop background either. i want to add an image to the folder background so it's not that boring white color

any help?

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I'm having problems with my dad's laptop. It seems that his background images aren't showing.
First I thought it was only on IE and Firefox
Then I realize it's even on Windows Media Player and Windows Live Messenger.
But Google Chrome seems to work normal. I have got some screenshots.

Answer:Background Image Does Not Show

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Yesterday my brother used my laptop. Last night I got it back and its running horribly. Random pop ups, running super slow, unknown things open in task manager. Also my background picture was one I had chosen but now it keeps changing to a basic toshiba background whenever I restart.

Answer:Tons of pop ups and background image changes on its own

Just found out that it seems to be worse when using google chrome, not as many issues with IE. If that matters...

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How to add background image in folders.

pls let me know.


Answer:folder background image

This may work. There seem to be some flaws though. Maybe they have been ironed out. Folder Background - Change

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Hey does anyone know the size i should use for a background for the defualt what im dumb lol

Answer:Background Image Size

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When I right click on an image to set it as my desktop background, why is the result often blurred, and how can this be avoided?

Answer:Why is my background image blurred?

It could be that the image is a thumb nail image and therefore containing just a few pixels which will show as blurred on a desktop.If you are using XP try opening the picture and using the set as background facility in my pictures pane on the left. Highlighting the pic should give you the size of the file under details.

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I just updated to 1607 and that changed everything. One of the things I tried to do was remove the welcome screen. All that ended up doing was removing the background picture, and replacing it with a solid color.
This is what it used to look like. I use auto login, no password, so this screen shows up after restarting before the desktop.

If it's possible to skip this screen completely, that's fine too. The current solid color background is kind of annoying. If it's not possible to skip completely, I would prefer the default image above.

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Hi anyone know what is happening here please? I have a MS Desktop theme -Dangerous Creatures - this shows when I am first logging on, but when I click into 'my area' [it has spaces for 2 family members ] it turns to green only. When I look at the themes it tells me it is running the current theme.Thanks for any advice

Answer:Desktop background image

Ihave 51% of HD space, and I have 512 memory.

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Just bought a new computer which has windows 7....

We had XP before, and I never had any probs centering my backgound image on the computer.

But now with windows 7 (and even with mum's computer I can't figure it out, and she has Vista) I can't centre it!!

GAH!!!! so annoying........I click the option to centre it....but it automatically just stays on "stretch"
Even with all the other settings I try (eg. tile, fit in view etc) it is stuck on stretch!!

Anyone have any ideas????

Ta for any help....I'll be soooo grateful!

Answer:How to unstretch background image..???

This is the same for Vista and 7 -
Instead of the 'Centre' option, choose 'Fill'.
I find that the picture does not get distorted this way, even if it doesn't have the same aspect ratio as your monitor.

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I somehow lost the actual file that I am using for my background image,
is it stored somewhere that I can go copy it and put it back in my pictures?
I would just search for it, but it was a download with a lot of numbers :/


Answer:Windows Background image

I did look here,
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows Photo Viewer
and it has my old one listed,
the one I am using is over a year old, so the previous one.. wow..

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Is it possible to center or choose where you would like to put a background image in dreamweaver? Thanks.

Answer:Dreamweaver background image

Interesting question.

I think the easiest way might be to put your BG image in another .gif and align it there where you want and then use the new image (with prior one on it) as your new BG img.

You could try playing with align= tags in bgimg, but I have never tried it.

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I've You tube this and they all do it the same way. However, it just hasn't worked for me.

This is the basic instructions:

First of all, put the image file (eg. test.jpg) in the root of the Flash drive. Then create a text file there and rename it desktop.ini to the root of the flash drive. Make sure it's not a .txt file.

Then open the desktop.ini file in notepad and enter the following content:



Step 2: Refresh your flash drive.
I'm running Windows 10. Does the USB have to be blank for it to work or is there simply another way??

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Hi all,Is there a way of changing all folders background's in one go - instead of editing the .ini files individually for each & every folder?Here's a guide I found for changing a folders bg image: basically want the same image in the bg of every folder.Oh... & I just noticed that this is my 100th post btw, so wish me happy birthday... book a stripper... that sort of thing 

Answer:Folder background image in XP

Unfortunately, I don't believe there's a way to do what you want.  Perhaps you could use a theme program of some sort; I don't know.  There's a program that will change folder backgrounds for you, but I'm quite sure it only does one at a time and doesn't have a way to set a design as the default.

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Im having trouble getting my background image to show up in ie8, site works fine in safari and firefox????

<style type="text/css">

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Windows 7 Ultimate x86 RTM
Notice the following mostly on my taskbar. The background image leaks and it looks like it doesn?t refresh properly. If I maximize or minimize a window it seems to fix itself. I seen it mostly on the taskbar but also on other parts of the screen.

I had Windows 7 installed on this computer several times and never seen that issue. It?s a Dell E521 with Intel G965 Integrated video. The main change from before to now is a new monitor. Before I had a crappy CRT monitor and now I have a 20" Compaq Q2009 monitor. Monitor is running at its native resolution of 1600 x 900. I only notice the issue on Windows 7, but not on Windows XP. I checked for both the latest monitor driver and video card driver, any ideas.

Here is a snapshot that I took with my phone.

Answer:Taskbar shows background image

Disable transparency

Right click desktop
Windows Color


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Yeah, I have the same problem. Did you find a way to fix it?

All of a sudden, my Win 7 desktop background can only display solid colors, no jpgs anymore. And when I try to set a jpg as the background image through the default image viewer, an error message appears, telling me about some internal error.

PLEASE help! Anyone know what I can do to fix the problem?

Answer:Windows 7 background image problem


Try a system restore to get to a point before the troubles began.

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I just installed Windows 10 and was playing around with it and inadvertently added a background image to Mail. I can find info how to add one, but how do I delete a background image? Thanks.

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I wonder if it's possible to attach a picture / image underneath the partition icons ( where the X is )
I could do that in Start Menu, some time ago.


Answer:Windows Explorer / background image

Folder Background - Change

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Hi, I have recently re-designed my website and after looking at it in Safari the background image isn't behaving as it should.The background image fades down to the colour - #333333, and I have set the background colour of the body to #333333, however, there is a visible stop in the background image. It is a bit difficult to explain... If you have Safari it might be best for you to see it for yourself. The address is click hereAlternatively if you do not have Safari here is a screenshot - click hereThere is no real need to point it out as it is pretty visible.If you look at it in IE or FF it looks fine...If anyone has a solution to this problem and would like to share it, I would appreciate it :-) .Thanks in advanceAidan

Answer:Background image problem in Safari.

The "Safari" browser for Windows is beta software and there do seem to be a number of bugs in it. Your site background looks identical when I view it with both Firefox and Safari in a *Mac*. There is no "banding" effect. I would be inclined to put the problem down to Windows' Safari not rendering the page correctly.

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I have a Dell with Windows 7 and I REALLY need to know how to lock and unlock the background image, my younger brother enjoys getting on my computer and changing it to disturbing images.

Answer:how to lock background image with Wind 7

Following the steps in the below link should do the trick.Prevent Changing the Screen Saver and Wallpaper in Windows 7 - CLICK HEREGoogle is your not present,press F1 to continue...

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Dear All,

This might sound little crazy (i apologize beforehand) but there is no harm in getting my doubt clarified. So,here it is. I normally download Wallpaper collection, which is in zip format containing 100+ images, unzip them to a folder and use the entire folder as my desktop background. Now since there is a mix variety of images in this zip files, many a times I do not like the currently displayed wallpaper. I then select "Next desktop background" from the context menu. But the disliked wallpaper again comes back after some interval (which it should as the image still stays in the folder). I understand that I can browse through the folder (or go to desktop--> Personalize and untick the images) and get rid of the disliked images but this process becomes tedious when my collection has now got over 1200 + images. So, I was wondering if it is possible to include an option like "Remove this image from desktop background" and get rid of a particular wallpaper for good. Is that possible?


Answer:Remove image from desktop background

If it were me, I would simply open the wallpaper folder using thumbnail view, select the ones I didn't want to use -- and deleted those. That's a lot faster than unticking them one at a time.

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I've been wondering this for a while, but have never been able to find an answer. What I want to do is put a background image to a folder (say my flash drive) so that when I open it an image is displayed behind the icons instead of the white background. I know there is something on Kelly's Korner claiming to do this by "creating" a desktop.ini file, but I cannot get it to work. This is what it says:

Background for folders: To create a template folder with a background image, create a new folder and customize it to create a hidden desktop.ini file inside. Edit the desktop.ini in the folder and add two lines:


Then create a hidden image file in the folder and name it "Background.bmp". This image can be .bmp, .jpg, or .gif, but you will need to edit the image file extension in your desktop.ini file to match the image file name.Click to expand...

How do you "customize" the folder to create a desktop.ini file? I can paste the blank one from the Windows folder into it and modify it, but it doesn't work. Any ideas?

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I'm using windows 7 with Dual Monitors, Main Monitor(1) On the Right, Secondary(2) On the Left. The Secondary monitor is switched between HDMI, VGA (second computer), And Video Input, so it's not always used, and that's why the secondary is on the Left of the Primary monitor. Now the question. When I've got both monitors enabled, the mouse moves correctly from 1<-->2 back and forth as one would expect. but if I use a Large 2560 X 1024 background image, it appears as though the Left side of the Image is positioned on the Right Monitor & the Left Monitor gets the Right Side of the Image. How do I get the image to display correctly ? Using Windows 7 X64(AMD 64 X2 5600 & 4 Gig Memory)  with a NVidia GeForce 8600 GT Gfx Card (256 Meg)

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I am trying to force a background image on all of our in car notebooks. I used a group police to turn it off in the Display properties. I know there is a way to force a background in group policies but that requires active desktop to be enable which can not be enabled for a piece of software to run properly. I have a background image setup with our logo and set it as the background before doing the above. I went to work on a particular car and the background had been changed. I know how it was done basically using “set as background” in IE or so forth.

I do this because I get lots of work orders dealing with can you come change this because I don't know how. I told them how but I end up doing it anyways (Those that think they know it all make the rest suffer due to their actions) and also we deal with the public and do not need any in appropriate backgrounds on there.

Answer:Force a wallpaper/background Image.

if you run xp pro / 2000...use the group policy editor...I think there is an option in there.

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I know about setting the application background color to white. Regardless of what color it is set at, it will still print the background color. Just setting it to white, will just hide that it is still printing the background. Microsoft shouldn't have put that feature on/in wordpad, it waste ink and ink is not that cheap. I just use wordpad to copy from a browser, that doesn't print correctly.


The printer is not printing correctly doesn't matter which browser I use. When I select what to print. The first part come out on the bottom of the 1st first package and the rest come out on the next page. Unless it has something to do with paste and copy.

Bottom of page

Top of Next page

Answer:Any fix to prevent wordpad from background image?

For the background problem go to Internet Explorer's File, Page Setup and make sure Print Background Colors and Images is Unchecked, see if that helps. A lot of Microsoft's Windows-based applications seem to interweave with Internet Explorer.

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In my table I have a background image, but it is not showing up online. To see please go to: below the menu is a table cell with a image callled ocean.jpg 600x463, but all I can see is the very top brown of the image. I thought it was because there was nothing in the table so I added some text but then the background turned to white. I'm using dreamweaver with IE6. Thanks.

Answer:HTML table background image

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All of sudden my wifes desktop background disappeared and it became solid black.
The chosen image still appears on the desktop tile tho the actual desktop is solid blackSolid black can be changed to a different colorAttempts to change image only affects the desktop tile on start screen

Answer:Desktop background image disappeared

Post a screenshot for getting quicker help.

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Sorry guys, it's me again! I posted the question here click here a short while back, and checked it as resolved because I thought I'd solved my problemBut I hadn't: Even though I created an image which I thought had a transparent background, and placed it into a test Pagemaker document to check it, it turns out the background isn't transparent when I place it again :-(So, any advice please on how to give an existing image a transparent background? The software I've used to do it in the past is Irfanview, and at the suggestion of one of the contributors to the original thread, I've also now got I've also got CorelDraw, but can't figure how to do it with that, either.In Irfanview I've been saving the image as a .gif file, and selecting the transparent background by clicking on it while saving. With I've used the magic wand to select the background, then dragged the background off the page before saving the file.

Answer:How to give an image a transparent background?

I use 'Gimp' to remove the background from an image. It's a free download from click hereThere are a number of ways to achieve what you ask. One method involves removal of the background colour and a second needs you to 'draw' round the area to be removed.The first method is explained here: click hereThe second method is explained here: click here

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I downloaded an image from chrome and set it as background, but I ended up discarding it as it looked rubbish. So I deleted it after I changed back to the default background but when I go to personalisation I still see it where you select which picture you want for your background. I have tried clearing my temporary files, emptied recycle bin. As I deleted it from my files I can't find it in any folders, I don't understand why it still gives me an option to use it. Is there anyway to get rid of it?

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HiMy HP notebook running the AU update... and so far running well On occasions when I use the sleep mode and then open the lid to wake it I get a black screen with the clock/date on and a few icon, i.e wireless etc, nut missing the background image, when I hit a key it brings up the screen with the background image and the log-in box... Any idea why the image does not show on the initial wake screen? it does not always do this, and if I shut down and power back on I get the image with the clock and a press of the key brings the log-in box... Seem to do it sometimes when waking from sleep.. could this be because I have a password to log in on wake up? Please note: this is not the usual black screen after sleep that is well documented This is just the image missing ..Stuart

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i did folder with background in windows xp

but background no see in windows 7

how do folder with background image be seen in win xp and win 7

Answer:how set a background image of Windows 7 folders

Hi there,

If you can get VistaStyleBuilder or Explorer Background Changer to work in Windows 7 (try a few Compatibility modes) then that's probably the easiest way. Otherwise, the last post in this thread has a few hacks that might do the trick, but as always make sure to back up all your data before editing any system files.

Let us know if anything works out for you!


Windows Outreach Team

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I wanted to know is there any possibility to put my own image in background of metro start screen???

Apologies if same thread exists, link me if so. Many thanks

Answer:Put your own image in Start Screen Background

As of yet, no. Before in the Developer Preview and I think the Consumer Preview, you were able to change the image in the very top and very bottom of the screen. The middle part can't be an image. For some strange reason, Microsoft designed the Start Screen's tile ribbon to a be the moving element, and not the tiles themselves. But then again, if you had an image, about 60 percent of it will be covered up.

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hi guys
is it possible to insert an image on the background of a drive for example C drive in win8?

Answer:insert image on the background of drive

Here is an example to replace the icon for C drive to be Windows shield.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Just make an ICO file of the drive with a background image.

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I've got a club logo as a .bmp file. I want its white background to be transparent so that it won't obscure other detail when I place the logo in a publication.I've managed it before, using Irfanview, but I can't get it to work now. The process I've been trying is open the image in Irfanview, then save it as a GIF file with "Save interlaced" and "Save transparent color" checked. I've tried choosing the transparent color while saving, and Setting transparency value to palette entry 0, but in every case the saved logo still has a white background.

Answer:How to give an image a transparent background?

can be done in seconds with,click hereLoad the image into the program then using the magic wand tool select the parts you want taken out,then click on the arrow tool and move the part u don't want off the picture,Repeat until you have what you want.When using the magic wand tool you may have to adjust it a little, try for around 50%save as a PNG file.Or if u wish i could do it for you just post the pic on here.

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how to set as background pic in USB pendrive ?

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I have read so many tutorials, watched videos and done all I can and still this is not working for me. I use Gimp, and I am trying to make a logo of text only with a transparent background.
Have followed step by step all instruction provided by different tutorials and still white background. When I hit save as, initially it does not allow me to save as png, it wants me to save as xcf first then export, so I have tried that then exporting, no go, so I have tried not saving and simply exporting, and exporting as png. Still white background.
I create a new one, make it 800 x 800, add alpha channel, then make the text, font size etc, then go to filters, map, map object. Then I try to export or save as, png thing.
Im so lost and have been working on this allll day, i have watched and read SO many tutorials, Im not a dumb person, how am I not getting something that should be so simple? Help!

Answer:Image with transparent background in Gimp

Hi and welcome.

To start off, I don't work in Gimp, I work in Photoshop. So I'm not familiar with gimp's processes. However I looked at a youtube video to check it out.

In PS, when I'm working in layers, I can save my files as PSD. Essentially what that does is saves all my layers so I can open it up later and keep working where I left off. I looked up XCF and it seems that is the same type of file for gimp.
Here's a video I watched to see how its done in Gimp:

The steps seem to be as follows:

-File > New
-Set your image size > OK
-Text Tool > Create text as you would like it
-Filter > Map > Map Object > check Transparent Background

It should process your file at this point

-Delete the extra background which seems to say "background"

-Save as .png > save
-In the export box uncheck everything except the last option: "Save color values from transparent pixels" > Save

I noticed in your description above you mentioned adding an alpha channel after opening the new document. I did not see anywhere in the tutorial where the kid did that when just creating text.

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This is probably a simple one but I have seemed to have tried everything without much luck. I am using Photoshop Elements to cut around images but when I go to use them on other applications there is always a white background. What do I save the image as, so there is basically a transparent background?

Answer:Saving image with transparent background.

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Win XP SP 2

This is the result of the activescan:
Incident Status Location

Virus:Generic Malware Disinfected Operating system
Adware:Adware/PurityScan Not disinfected c:\progra~1\common~1\ymante~1\javaw.exe
Potentially unwanted tool:Application/Playmp3z Not disinfected c:\windows\system32\service.exe ... Read more

Answer:Constant pop-ups - background image change

This are the results of the DSS

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by Owner on 2007-12-08 16:40:11
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point.

-- Last 5 Restore Point(s) --
26: 2007-12-08 21:40:28 UTC - RP183 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point
25: 2007-12-05 16:46:01 UTC - RP182 - System Checkpoint
24: 2007-12-04 00:32:09 UTC - RP181 - System Checkpoint
23: 2007-12-03 00:28:08 UTC - RP180 - System Checkpoint
22: 2007-11-30 23:23:58 UTC - RP179 - System Checkpoint

-- First Restore Point --
1: 2007-09-08 18:50:48 UTC - RP158 - System Checkpoint

Backed up registry hives.
Performed disk cleanup.

Percentage of Memory in Use: 83% (more than 75%).
Total Physical Memory: 448 MiB (512 MiB recommended).

-- HijackThis (run as Owner.exe) -----------------------------------------------

Unable to find log (file not found); running clone.
-- HijackThis Clone ------------------------------------------------------------

Emulating logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 2007-12-08 16:43:15
Platform: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon... Read more

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I am running Win7 pro with the logon background as shown in

When I open C:\Windows\System32\oobe\background.bmp in Paint or Picture Manager, I see it with a different appearance.
There is a bright area in the center and a separated bright area at the right bottom. Converting the bmp to jpg and resizing to 1280 did not help.

How does windows generate the coherent ONE bright area?
Or is there a different path to my *true* logon background?

P.S. I am aware of thread Quick question about default logon background in 7068 Is does not answer my question, though.

Answer:Logon background image - different appearances

Actually, I believe this is quite simple. The directory is C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds, not C:\Windows\System32\oobe.

That may be why you are getting confused. The default Windows 7 desktop background is similar to the default logon screen background.

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Hi, i have a background image which at the bottom has a line at the bottom just to hsow its the bottom of the page. However it repeats itself once too much text is inserted. Is there a way of having it continue to go down with the line at the bottom (which is included in the image) and not repeat itself?Thanks in advanceAidan

Answer:Repeating background image, how can i avoid?

Hi Aiden. I know you use DW, and I'm a NOF user, so it may not be exactly the same; but I find that the only way to avoid the tiling is to make the background image bigger (it can be bigger than the layout, which allows margin for error). Hope that helps some.

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lately, i've been looking for a way to change the normally white background image of windows explorer to an image of my own.

i have found the usual methods for both XP and VISTA ineffective for 7.

has anyone else had any luck in accomplishing this? any ideas? :]

Answer:Custom Explorer Background Image

Are you talking about the background in folders?

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I'm trying to crop this image:
onto a black background using PSP7. So far, I've been able to get this:

after a lot of tedious work with the eraser, paint brush, smudge, and airbrush tools. Is there any way I can get rid of the little that is left around the edges? I know there's the freehand tool, but I'm horrible with that. I'd really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks so much, and have a lovely night.

Answer:Cropping an Image onto a Different Background Using PSP7

The only way I've figured out to do this kind of thing is zoom in real tight and then use the freehand tool, it's much easier when you're blasting single pixels.

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Hello everyone!
I'm having a bit of a design problem with my background image, the built-in options in XP x64 don't allow the image to be aligned to the right. Anyone got any idea about how I can do that, preferably without installing anything?

Thanks for your attention!

Answer:Aligning desktop background image

What is the resolution of the image that you wish to use?

Right click on your desktop and select Properties. In the Display Properties window, choose the Desktop tab, then select your image that you wish to use and then to the right of the window you will see an option called 'Position'. Choose 'Stretch'.

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I now have Windows 10, and have had a few issues.
One being that under Themes, you normally can select the theme and see what images are in the wallpapers to set them straight away.
OR create a theme.
I can do neither. Under that Themes screen the menu on the left is empty. And there is no bar along the bottom for sounds and backgrounds.
How is it missing and is it easy to get it back?

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Hi all,I have problem with back images on links. I have setup a simple test case with some embedded CSS.The test case is here > click here it shows a simple link with a back image.The problem is that it shows correctly in IE but not in Firefox/Chrome etc.. i.e. mozilla based browsers.And I cannot for the life of me see the problem. I have tried quotes around the URL both single and double.All the other CSS appears to be working, just not the background-image part. Any ideas?R.

Answer:CSS Background-Image not working in Firefox

Thanks, Tried both your solutions neither worked.R.

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 I can't see thumbnails for the images before picking a desktop. And if I do click on one to save it doesn't change, and the background remains black. I also can't set an image as a background, because when I right click and choose set as background, it doesn't do anything either.
Here is an example of what I see when I try to select a theme or background. 


I had the computer cleaned on this thread here

Answer:I am unable to change my background or set an image as one.

What happens if you select Windows Desktop Backgrounds instead of Desktop for your Picture location?

Best of luck and Please keep BC posted!

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Many times I will see a photo, such as this attached ribbon and I will want to past it into another picture. I will attempt to do that, but that white background will be visible. I even tried with Irfanview to set the transparent color.... and still, even after saving it the white is still there.

Is there a reason why most pictures of something, it can be anything, a ball, a plane etc... always have to have a background with them? Even most of the ribbons I looked at on the web, almost all of them have a background.... instead of just the actual ribbon itself. Is there a reason for this and why this is usually the case.

So... If I wanted to copy and paste the ribbon into another picture, how can I get rid of the white background and have "just the ribbon" itself to work with?

thank you


Answer:Making the image background TRANSPARENT.

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First of all I detest MSN Messenger and all its incarnations - this isn't for me, it's for a friend.He needs to retrieve an image from a background which has been shared with him by a friend.This other friend is on holiday so he can't ask them to send the image.I've taken a look and it's as a .dat file, is there any way to retrieve the original image from this?Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Get image file from MSN Messenger background

Bump?Can anyone help?

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Cannot change background image on Windows 10, and not because I don't know how. It simply is not working!

Answer:Cannot change background image on Windows 10

In what way is it not working?

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In html?

Now I have an image with set background to transparent but when I dump it into the page it has a white box around it.
So the image is not being transparent.

Answer:Setting image background to transparent

This has nothing to do with your website code, sadly.

What format is the picture in? .PNG?

Internet Explorer v 6 does NOT support transparent .PNGs. v7 and Firefox both do, however.

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Cannot remove unwanted images from drop down list of available backgrounds. Where do they keep the images? (or the links to them)?
I've tried the uSoft Knowledge Base with no luck. Right clicking in the available image list does not work.

Answer:Windows XP Background Image Removal

I do believe they are stored in the root of the windows folder.

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I just changed my screen refresh rate from 60 to 75 hertz and suddenly my desktop background image is just blue... it says that 'picture 2' is the background still in the appearance settings, but is there any way to find where on the hard drive the image is? I can't find it anywhere.. there's nothing called picture 2 anyway.. but it's weird the image does show up just as i'm logging off.. very confused!

Answer:how to find location of background image on HD

You do not state your operating system but in either W2K or XP when you select a picture by right clicking the desktop and selecting desktop background the list of available pictures shown are those that are .bmp files in the C:/Windows folder.

What was the original picture you had installed and where was it stored? Also remember that you can choose, or browse to, another picture of your choosing but if that picture is either deleted or moved, or the name is changed, it will not be found by windows and you will get that blank blue background.

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hi !

where can i find the W7beta logon background image ?

Answer:W7beta logon background image ?

It's on your installation CD, in the 'sources' folder, called 'background_cli.bmp'.

Or attached.

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I need some help with getting instructions on how to make the background in an image transparent. I am working with furniture and accessory pictures, and i need to make the background white.


Answer:making the background in an image transparent

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1020 8.1-
I Set a background image and it doesn't show up on the tiles. Any ideas?

Answer:1020 background image not working

Some tiles are not transparent but tiles such as whatsapp,message, email, app store are..have you any of these on your home screen?

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Hello everybody,
I have searched on google, but can't find the answer, so I post it here. The problem is:
How can I set an image as the background for a folder (eg, when open this folder in Windows Explorer, the image appear as the background on the right pane).
I saw that in some machines (WinXP), the desktop has a portion that I think is an HTML file (because it has hyperlinks and other content in it). When I change the desktop background picture, the picture changed, but the HTML portion is still there. How can I get away this?

Your answer is very appreciated!

Answer:Solved: Background image in a folder

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I didn't know anything about GIF images until today when I discovered I had to change a JPEG's image background to transparent. I downloaded an image editing program (Coral Paint Shop Pro) and after about two hours of trial and error I only got to changing the background to a solid colour (light red), after which I deleted the program because ALL my image files were redirected there when I clicked on them (instead of Windows Photo Viewer and such).

Now I want to know if and how I can make the background transparent without image editing software. I followed one online suggestion which was to:
- Open MO Excel
- Under the "Insert" tab click "Picture" and upload image
- Under the "Format" tab click "Recolor" and choose "Set Transparent Color", then choose the color you want transparent and click on it
...but that only gave me an image I wanted in an Excel spreadsheet which I couldn't save as a GIF in any program I tried.

Please help me. If you could make the background transparent for me you'd save me hours and hours of time!

Answer:How can I change a GIF image background to transparent?

is this Ok.
I thought that .gifs cant handle transperancy, maybe i was wrong.
I just used gimp, done it in about 5 seconds.

(is it supposed to be animated?????????)

If you want a proper little tutorial just ask.

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So I have a folder with quite a few solid white .PNG images that can't be seen against the default white background. So far I have been either..

1- Highlight (select all)...but then you lose the multi-select functionality.

2 - Move to desktop...then move back (very irritating)..

A long time ago...I downloaded a program that changed the folder background to a select image in windows XP.

I tried doing the same for Windows 7...but it was extremely buggy. Folder would crash, etc. These are important folders and I need them to work.

Has there been any improvements for this in the past 3 years?

Answer:Set Image as Folder Background (win7)

Try this app by Kishan

Windows 7 Folder Background Changer : Change Any Folder

A Guy

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