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Excel - document length ???

Question: Excel - document length ???

I am new to Excel and can't find out how to limit my "book" to 2 pages. I know how to print only 2 pages (the other 424 are blank and will remain so) for my own purposes. However, I am e-mailing the file to others, so I want to simplify their work by eliminating the blank pages.

Still looking for a way to convert this to Word....

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Preferred Solution: Excel - document length ???

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Excel - document length ???

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I hope this is the right sub-forum for this question.

Problem: in addition to the AutoRecover feature kicking in every 10 minutes, another auto backup is occurring every 60 seconds or so. I first noticed this 7 or 8 months ago when the document first rolled past 1,000 pages in length. Because of the length of the document, these now take 10 to 12 seconds to do their thing and this is hindering my ability to work with the document (entering additions and changes).

Current Settings:
Save Options
Checked are:
- Allow Background Saves
- Embed linguistic data
- Save AutoRecover info every (10 minutes)
- Embed smart tags

Question: is there any way I can change this auto backup sequence so that it only activates every 20 minutes or so? I am talking about the auto backup and not the AutoRecover, of course. It is one big annoyance right now because the document cannot be worked on when the auto backup is doing its thing.

Thanks, and hope someone can help,


Answer:Word 2003 Document - 1,175 Pages in Length

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Is there any free software out there that will allow me to scan a document and convert it into word/excel and allow editing?

Answer:Converting scanned document from image to a word/excel document

you are going to want to search for OCR programs.

Try "freeware OCR" in google or check out


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So im using Excel 2010, and i making a timetable.

Right now the row going across saying period 1 2 3 they are all different sizes, some will be bigger and some would be smaller. I was wondering if there is a way to make them all the same size.

If you dont know what im talking about ask for a screenshot.

Im to busy to upload one now

Answer:Row Length in Excel

do you want the rows to all be the same height?

click on the first row number on the left - shift-click on the last one to select all the rows.

then right-click on the row numbers >> row height >> type in a number...

you can do a similar thing with the columns too.

is this what you meant?

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Not very fluent in Excel. I am setting up a positive pay format for my company to transfer check information from my PC to a bank via an ASCII Flat-File. Question is, I have so many columns that need to be set at 10 characters fixed length.

Is there way for this to be done? Example if I key in a check for $1.95

I want it to automatically put it as 0000000195.

Can this be done?


Answer:Fixed Length in Excel

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URGENT!! (Isn't it always?) I need to convert a multiple tab excel document to a word document. I read that I can save as a pdf, then convert to word but I have only Adobe Reader. If this can be done, is there a way to conserve the original format and the links in the excel doc?I would prefer leaving in excel but the customer needs a word document. Also, just in case I can convince to leave in excel -- is there a way to print the excel file as one document without printing each tab separately? If so, how do I ensure the formatting looks good to print as a regular 8.5 x 11 document?Thanks for any help.

Answer:Converting an excel document to word document

Depending of the size and shape of your Excel sheets can't you just open Word and Insert File?MIKE

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"How can I convert an Excel document into a Word document?"

Answer:How can I convert an Excel document into a Word document?

When you Paste into Word,Select Paste Special,It should offer you the choice of Unformatted TextOrWhen Paste into Word,look to lower right corner of your paste areathere will be a small Drop BoxClick on the Drop Box and select Keep Text OnlyMIKE

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I have 2 Excel files that I create for my company, a list of items we sell, one with prices and one without.  I use 2 columns on a page for both of them.  Other than the prices, they are exactly the same.  However, when I print them out, the one with prices breaks one row lower than the other, even though the margins, row height, and other page setup settings are exactly the same, as well as the printer.  I would like to make them the same, as it makes it easier to copy and paste new data between them.  Any help would be most appreciated.

Answer:Excel worksheet page length

A suggestion for a quick and dirty fix !  You say it is the list with the prices that is breaking one row lower. Go into 'Print preview' and 'Setup . . .' and increase the bottom margin very slightly, say by 0.1 cm. this should make it break a row earlier to match the other.
Apart from the elegance aspect, does it make a difference that it is the printed version that is showing this behaviour ?  Surely, any copying and pasting you are doing is done on screen and you imply that any misalignment is only showing up in the printed version.
Chris Cosgrove

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My lady wife is having a small problem with a formula she is trying to use in an Excel spreadsheet.

She is trying to make a formula that she can copy and paste into various spreadsheets she utilises to organise her staff's workflow.
The five staff deal with about 30 suppliers and she wishes to be able to associate each supplier with a particular member of staff, so, for example, if column A is 'Suppliers'and column B is 'Staff Member', a formula using the IF function is placed in column B using the following syntax:
=IF($A1="aaaa","Rashmi",IF($A1="bbbb","Laura",IF($A1="cccc","Linda",IF($A1="dddd","Denise",IF($A1="eeee","Mark","")))))Click to expand...

This works just fine with only a few suppliers, but if the string is lengthened to more than about 9 suppliers, as here:
=IF($A1="aaaa","Rashmi",IF($A1="bbbb","Laura",IF($A1="cccc","Linda",IF($A1="dddd","Denise",IF($A1="eeee","Mark",IF($A1="ffff","Rashmi",IF($A1="gggg","Laura",IF($A1="hhhh","Linda",IF($A1="iiii","Denise",IF($A1="jjjj","Mark",IF($A1="kkkk","Rashmi",IF($A1="llll","Laura",IF($A1="mmmm","Linda",IF($A1="nnnn",&quo... Read more

Answer:Solved: Excel formula length problem

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Excel has a limitation of 240 characters when saving a file as .PRN. I need to create an ASCII file of greater record length with multiple records.How can I do this? Is there an Excel workaround or will I have to use another program? Will Access allow me to do this?Thanks for any assistance in advance.Squeals

Answer:ASCII fixed length files in Excel

You MIGHT be able to do this using a macro click here

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Hi i am Jo

would need help in finding the length of the third side of a triangle in excel

I have three points number: AB- 235 BC- 156 need to find length AC - it's not a right angle triangle,

Answer:Find length of side of triangle in Excel

Welcome to the forums Jo.

Having the length of two sides of a triangle isn't enough to calculate the length of the 3rd side, for a non right-angle triangle. You'll also need to know one of the angles.

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Hi all,
I am wondering how to overcome the problem of Excel chopping off data.Is there a way to set a large limit or possibly keep the record length unlimited.This data is the results retreived from Access queries. The data after querying is exported to the Excel sheet via the following do command:

DoCmd.OutputTo acQuery, "queryName", "MicrosoftExcel(*.xls)", "Report" & ".xls", False, ""

Answer:Exporting from Access to Excel-length limits?

If you are trying to put the entire string as one line it will never work. I believe the charachter length is 255. You can however create a new cell in Excel for each record like a line break.

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the answer to this might of been found with a search but hey i'm lazy today and wanted to see who the excel masters are

using excel 2007, cell a1 contains an array formula (CSE) like so - {=MAX(LEN(A2:A470000))}
cells a2 through a470000 contain dates such as
etc, you get the idea, i need the formula or something else entirely to return 10 not 5

thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: excel length of date field

i'll answer if myself thanks to another web site, Mike these guys are slackin' 'round here it looks like


exit celll with ctrl, shift, enter

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Question: excel document

A lot of excel files are stored on my PC. Yesterday my excel file was damaged by unknown reason. And MS Excel 2003 started to show - File.xls cannot be accessed. The file may be read only.  Please, someone, how to repair Excel file?

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Question: excel document

I have Windows XP Home and I received a document that is in Excel. I do not have that program so I found an Excel viewer. Can I change the document to another program or how do I buy the software to open and change an Excel document?

Answer:excel document

OpenOffice should allow you to make changes depending on how advanced the formatting is that was used.

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Question: Excel document

Guyss !!

it messed me up.. i had some stock detail in a Excel work sheet and saved it quiet sure...

But now when i try to open it.. it sayys.. can't open cause the file is on read only location or you are not allowed to access it..

Please help me as soon as possible.. will ya


Answer:Excel document

Try copying the xls file into another folder and opening that one. If this doesn't work the right click on the file and go to properties, then uncheck the box that says read only.

Hope this helps.

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Hi There

I'm not sure if this is possible to do using VBA. Here is an example only.

In an Excel spread sheet, suppose that I have the following in Column A starting in Cell A2 with the coresponding Numbers in Column B starting in cell B2 :

Revenues $100,000
NOI $50,000
Costs $10,000
I also have an MS Word document minimized that has the following words: The words obviously could change.

I have been working for this company for 1 year and have made revenues of $XXXXXX. My NOI are only $XXXXXX and I also know form my accounting department that my costs are now down to $XXXXX.
What I want to do now is the following. Instead of copying and pasting from the Excel to the word document the dollar amounts, I want to create a macro that picks the dollar amounts from the Excel worksheet an places them in the proper places in the word document where the XXXXX are. To create your workbook and the MS Word Doc, use the generic default names (book1 and document1)

I believe that I have expalained myself on what I want to do. keep in mind that the text in the MS Word document is not fixed. The XXXX can be anywhere. You can use the words revenues, NOI and costs as identifiers in the word document. Also, in the Excel workbook, the information need not be specifically in Columns A or B. But once again the identifiers are the same, Revenues, NOI and Costs.



Answer:Excel into Word Document

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I am using Windows XP-Home Edition. Is there any way in which I can open a document received as an email attachment which had been created by Excel ?

Answer:How to open an Excel document

click here

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I am trying to write do a mail merge and when I open both the word and excel files it displays them as "read only." They are not open anywhere else on any of our computers and it is causing us problems because we are not able to save them under the same filename. Can someone help???

Answer:Read only excel document...

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I have a word document with 6 pages of content, no tables just text. I need to import this into an excel spreed sheet. However I need everything to have its own cell. For example if my word document says:

Cows cannot jump high and cost $400
However Frogs can jump very high an $2
But cats can kind of jump high and cost $10

then I would need the cells to be filled like this

[Cows] [cannot] [jump] [high] [and] [cost] [$400]
[However] [Frogs] [can] [jump] [very] [high] [an] [$2]
[But] [cats] [can] [kind] [of] [jump] [high] [and] [cost] [$10]

Is there a way to quickly do this? I have word and excel 2010.

Answer:Word document -> Excel

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I have a non-profit org that requires multiple forms of data and information collection. I am looking for shortcuts to make my life more sane. I have an excel document with a couple hundred lines of data, including client names, addresses, etc. I also have a Word document that requires the data that is contained in the Excel document to be filled into specific places. Can I have excel generate a new Word document form a template using the Excel data? I am using Microsft Office 2007. I would need a seperate document for each line. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Answer:Excel to Word document

I have just the thing!

I am a Macro novice so please don't expect me to be able to explain how this works.

If you create a button and assign this macro to it, when clicking the button it will export everything between two cells into a word document (as an image).

The important bits you've got to worry about are:

Set wd = wdApp.Documents.Open("C:\test.doc") - c:\test.doc is the location of a word document (you have to set this up).

Range("A1:G22").CopyPicture xlScreen, xlPicture - The Range between cells is what is coppied.

Sub PasteToWord()

Dim wdApp As Object
Dim wd As Object

On Error Resume Next
Set wdApp = GetObject(, "Word.Application")
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
Set wdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
End If
On Error GoTo 0

Set wd = wdApp.Documents.Open("C:\test.doc")

wdApp.Visible = True

Range("A1:G22").CopyPicture xlScreen, xlPicture

End Sub

Hope this helps!

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One of my friends works in IT Company. She knows how to work with Excel 2007. But several days ago she told me about an error message in it - This file is not in a recognizable format. I tried to opened her file, but unsuccessfully.

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I have a user that about two weeks ago just out of the blue had an Excel document give the error "Document not saved" when she pushed the save button. I tried everything under the sun I could think of but nothing fixed it. The next morning it just worked and we didn't worry much more about it. Jump forward to today. It is happening again to a different file. All other Excel files are opened and saved fine except for this one. We can open it up, make changes but it won't save. We can open it up and save it on other computers just not this one.

Background: She is on a Windows 7 computer with Office 2007. It is an Office 97-03 document. It has always worked before and all other documents work fine.


Answer:Document Not Saved in Excel

Out of curosity, are all the documents the user is having problems with, 97-03 Office documents, and the ones the user is having no issues with, Office 2007 documents?

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I saw a similar post, but it was slightly different.

I have 4 cells, one for BEGINNING AMOUNT, one for AMOUNT TAKEN, AMOUNT ADDED, then TOTAL.

In the TOTAL cell, is it possible to have a formula that will add to the beginning amount if something is put in the "amount added" cell, and subtract from the beginning amount if something is put in the "amount taken"?

Answer:2 formulas in Excel document

Probably the simplest method just does this:
see the attached.

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I'm trying to print an excel document with the text on 1 page, but the text is to big and spreading to 2 pages, I've clicked view - page break - and ajusted the % but it makes no difference.Any step by step instructions please?

Answer:Printing an Excel Document

Assuming an Excel version 2003 or previous, File > Page Setup, on the Page tab select Landscape or Portrait as desired and in Fit to: select 1 Page across and 1 page down.

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I have completed Excel document, actually template form with macros. To email it hit email icon and up pops Outlook email message no problem and it puts Excel document in the main pane. When you hit send however the Excel document ends up in middle of Email message rather than hard left, ? Any ideas why? Thanks and cheers.

Answer:Emailing Excel Document

Is your Page Setup set to center horizontally?



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Operating System = Windows 7 Professional
I keep an Excel document in a folder titled "Data." When I open that folder the Excel document is not visible. When I conduct a search from the Windows 7 start menu the document appears and I can open it. If I right click when it appears after conducting a search and select "show file location" it shows that it is in my "Data" file.
I have gone into "folder options" in Windows 7 and the "show all files" window is ticked so why does this file stay hidden forcing me to conduct a search every time I want to access this document? I have opened Excel and tried to open the document from there but it is still hidden.

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I use MS Excel 2003 almost every day. Only today I have opened it: EveryYear32.xls cannot be accessed. Such error Excel showed me, I don?t know how to overcome this issue and restore excel files or even one file.

Answer:excel spoilt my document

Try an Open & Repair:Click File > Open.Click the location and folder that contains the corrupted workbook.In the Open dialog box, select the corrupted workbook. DO NOT DOUBLE CLICKClick the small arrow next to the Open button, and then click Open and Repair.MIKE

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I get this message when trying to save ONE particular docment that I have named 2005C4LEAVERECORDS
It is on a network drive but I do not have the same problem with the other files on that drive
I have tried "save as " another name on the same drive as well as my C drive but the problem persists
I do not have any imbedded images, macros etc that I am aware of - the file is only 394kb

Answer:Excel - Document Not Saved


It's possible the file could have become corrupt. Perhaps copy and paste your data to a new workbook and try saving again.


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I am attaching an Excel spreadsheet. I need to make all these tables look easily understandable by anyone...not sure how to do it as I do not have much experience with Excel! It somehow does not look very coherent at the moment. I basically need to compare Sheet 1 and Sheet 2.

and i want it to be pretty if possible!

thanks if anyone can help even a little bit!

Answer:Help me make this Excel document into something..

You have the problem of putting 4D data in a 2D table, and actually are doing it exactly the right way. I'd just fiddle round what info you nest in a previous set. I have reattatched your spreadsheet (not in X format i'm afraid, I don't have excel 07) so if you like the format you can stick the rest of the info in, or you can play around a bit yourself.

My version is on page 3

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Win 7 Pro 32 bit.
A folder on my desktop had 2 customer list documents in it. One that I had open within the last few days is not in the folder and I didn't find that out until last night. I turned the computer off intending to make a search today.
When I use a doc I close it saving the changes so it should stay in the same folder. A search using a customer name, date etc dos find the relevant file but I can't find this one. I can't believe it would have been deleted but I'm starting to wonder. And without realizing the doc was lost I emptied the recycle bin today. The computer has been used each day. Today it hasn't been turned off.
Is there any hope of a recovery?

Answer:Solved: Lost Excel document

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My document shows a preview in landscape and that is what I have it set to print, but it prints in portrait. This has just started happening. I don't know of any setting I have changed to cause this. Can some help? I'm running Windows XP Excel 2002

Answer:why does a document in Excel print in portrai

How is your printer configured?Go to StartPrinters & FaxesRight Click on your default printerSelect PropertiesWith my HP, I then select the Printing Preferences buttonThen I select the Basics Taband check to see what the paper Orientation is set for.MIKE

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I saved an Excel document about 7 months ago and protected it with a password since I was living with roomies. I can't for the life of me remember what the stupid password is. When I click on the file, I am immediately prompted to enter a password. I have tried some freeware - no luck. I tried opening it in another program like Power Point (which some site directed me to do) - no luck. Is there any hope?

This is a repost. I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find a solution. I know I would know the password if I was able to see a few characters, which one freeware program promised to provide.... but that didn't work either. I'm the queen of hiding stuff from myself! lol.

Answer:Excel Document Password Issues

the only thing i've ever found on the net for stuff like that is brute force type things, where you let a program just go, for days and months if needed and it tries every combination of letters and numbers till it figures out the password. Not sure if there's really any other way. a quick search on google and i found software that isn't free, but says it will show you the first 2 characters. Probably the one you already tried. Not sure if I should post the link tho.

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I would like to add a counter to an excel file. I am trying to see how many times a file has been open. Is this possible? And is it possible to add the name of the persons who are opening the document?

Thanks so much for your help

Answer:Adding a Counter to Excel Document

Hi there, welcome to the board!

Yes and yes, but you need VBA.

Open your Visual Basic Editor (Alt + F11)
Press Ctrl + R to open your Project Explorer
Expand all of the folders in the left pane (PE) of your workbook
In the workbook in question, double click the ThisWorkbook code module
Paste the following code in there...
Option Explicit

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Dim rCounter As Range
Dim rLastPerson As Range

'change the worksheet name and cell address where your counter cell is
Set rCounter = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Data").Range("A2")

'change the worksheet name and cell address where the person's name will go
Set rLastPerson = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Data").Range("B2")

'increment the counter cell
If (Not IsNumeric(rCounter.Value)) Or Len(rCounter.Value) = 0 Then
rCounter.Value = 0
End If
rCounter.Value = rCounter.Value + 1

'update the person's name who opened the document (Windows user account)
rLastPerson.Value = Environ("USERNAME")

End Sub

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Hiya everyone.I need to work on my document in excel but i need the page to be landscape not portrait.If i use the option in the print menu it just turns round the document and cuts it to fit.HELP HELP PLEASE.

Answer:excel. document landscape not portrait.

Use the Page Setup on the File menu.

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I was working with all the sheets in my MS Excel. But one of them bugged, I don't know what happened, it viewed an error - Excel found unreadable content in <filename.xslx. Does anyone know how to restore excel file. Please some tips.

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Hi All,

First of all let me explain what i do daily. One part of wat i do is.
I pull data from mainframe system and send that information to all the other supervisor in my office.
The information which i pull is not just one or 2, Its almost 50 data information every 2 hours and in a its sums up to 200 a day,
The problem i face is i have to copy every data and paste in a letter and send it its painful to do it for every person working in our company.

So if some1 can help with a macro to do this would be great help reason is i stretch 4 hours extra everyday after my work hours to just do it. so any help will be much helpful.

These are the requirements.

> I have attached 3 excel sheets.
> 1st workbook is "Source file with data from Mainframe system" the information from this has to be auto generated into the second excel workbook file "Letter to be generated". The 3rd workbook is the information is additional information.
>The one which i have attache below is the example of just worker. Similarly there are 18 users information attached int the "Source file with data from Mainframe system"

SHAO ZING B0020 not 100% backdated 4.6
3612315-54012332192 99411 4.69 C 24/03/2012 522460629

> So these information have to present in second sheet i.e "Letter to be generated"
> In the 3rd sheet i have mentioned what information have to auto populated in the second workbook i.e "Letter to be generated"
> Finally . Whe... Read more

Answer:Solved: Need a Macro for Excel document *PLEASE*

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Is there a way to add email addresses to the To: line when using SendMail from VBA in Excel?

I have a macro that creates a report as a new workbook (not saved) to send out and opens a dialog. What I want is to auto add the addresses rather than add manually then review before sending. I have found several ways to do it but either need you to save the doc (Outlook.Application) or revert to sender (routing) or send without review (Mailto).


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Hey guys,

I have an excel document with a funky problem. There are comments made throughout the sheet and they're all fine but there is one comment in particular that is "stuck". It is constantly visible even if you do not set all comments to be seen or if you aren't hovering over the comment. Even after clearing out the cell in which the comment was applied to, the comment still stays visible. I've tried clearing every cell of everything possible (Clear> All) but still this one comment exists. See picture. Any help is appreciated, I'm hoping not to have to lose the worksheet because there has been ALOT of time and effort put into the formatting and macros and whatnot. If it helps, the worksheet was originally made on Mac Microsoft Office 08'


Answer:Hanging Comment on Excel Document

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I accidentally opened the same excel document that I was currently working on and it erased my progress. Does anyone know if I should just give up hope and start over or is there a way to recover that data?

Answer:2007 excel document lost

I am guessing that you mean you opened it up again from an Outlook attachment right? If the answer is yes and I recall correctly it will overwrite the temporary file it makes.

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I just finished making an document in Excel and when I tried to print, all I get is blank cells. I've tried to attach the doc. Can anyone help me out on this?


Answer:Solved: Printing Excel Document

This is more likely a problem with your Printer configurations than excel. Try restarting your printer, unplugging it and plugging it back in, and make sure there is ink in your ink cartridges by running an ink level test which you should be able to do by going to the control panel, printers and faxes, clicking on your printer, then clicking check ink levels. You may also want to have your printer clean its printing heads if it has that option.

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Here at work, we have Excel 7 and Windows XP Professional. I am having the problem of being locked out of a shared document randomly. It says that I am the one currently editing it, giving me the option to Read Only or to be Notified later, but I do not have the document open. I have re-booted the computer but that doesn't change the situation. It will eventually release the document and open properly, without any effort on my part, at some random point in the future, 30 minutes later or the next day. For both occurrences, the message has said that it is me that is editing the document when it has locked up for editing, and I was not in the document at all. I share this document with 8 other people. Can you help me eliminate these occurences?

Answer:Excel 7 Document Locked for Editing

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I have been working on an excel file (.xlx) for over a year, always saving the same file. Now I can only find the most recent version as of a month ago and not the my most recent save last week. Is there anyway to find my most recent save from last week?

Answer:Excel only opens an old version of my document

Check your Save Locations in Options.Click the Microsoft Office buttonClick on the Excel Options button to bring up the Excel Options dialog box (at the bottom of window)Click on the Save button in the left hand paneIn the Right side panel, you should see:AutoRecover File Location:Default File LocationCheck both locations.Two other possible locations are:C:\Documents and Settings\username\My DocumentsC:\Users\username\DocumentsAlso, are you sure you have the correct name?If you come across files called "Book1" check themalso, as that is the default name Excel givesMIKE

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I had a lot of excel documents it seems somethings worng when i click a document excel it only opens the program but the document is this way i have to click file open.....again and again..
How can i fix this?

Answer:Excel program opens but not the document

You never state whether opening it N times will eventually get Excel to properly open the Excel doc, or not. Or if only some docs properly open or none of them do, or perhaps only one of them exhibits this odd behavior.

If it is just this one, or a few, Excel doc(s) that does this: Get the file opened and resave it under a different name.

If there is still a problem, then again save your file as a "CSV" file, which will strip it of any sort of oddities and then re-open them and adjust and resave as Excel docs.

If it is all your Excel docs, then re-associate Excel to be used to open those .XLS files.

If that does not clear out the problem, try re-installing Excel and/or Office.

If nothing else, you could try out OpenOffice, which can be used to open almost all MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) files.

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I know this is a touchy subject but at our work we have created an excel document in excel 07, hid a few columns and set a password to protect it. Bad thing is this was done several months back and we can't figure out what it is. We are looking for a free version of a software that can open these up for us. I hate to pay as this is the first time this has been done(and hopefully the last) and we have learned our lesson the hard way.
Thanks for any help. If you would rather pm me that is fine. Again, I apologize for the sensitivity of the question just didn't know where else to turn.


Answer:I have forgotten my password for my excel document

Sorry. Please read the rules.

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i would like some assistance with inserting a hyperlink within an excel document. Within this same spreadsheet there are a number of both word and excel docs. These links all work. The pdf ones don't and comes up with the message NO PROGRAM IS REGISTERED TO OPEN THIS FILE. If I go to the folder it is stored in it opens fine. help would be appreciated.

Answer:inserting a hyperlink within an excel document

What program are you using to make this "PDF" file?

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I want to put a spreadsheet on our server for access by a couple of departments. However, the spreadsheet contains some sensitive information, so I don't want people to be able to copy it to other locations. They do need to be able to edit it though. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Answer:Solved: Excel document protection

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Hi Is it possible to import an excel document such as an annual shift roster into the calendar on outlook so that the shared calendar on outlook will show others the shift being worked by the individual on a particular week?Thanks

Answer:excel document into outlook calendar ?

Just adding to my postings as if someone has the answer it could be useful for me.

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I have a 3 column Name & Address Excel document and I would like to Print the data as 2-columns on a page. How do I set this up? Thanks

Answer:Print Excel document in two columns

When you say 3 columns to 2

Are you asking for help to print out only 2 columns, but not the 3

or are you trying to concatenate 2 of the columns so that when you print you only have 2 columns

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Every time I enter data into a cell on Sheet1 I would like it to automatically enter into a different cell on Sheet2.I use the formula =Sheet1!A2 on a clean document, but the formula doesn't work on my existing document with data already entered on both sheets.

Answer:Excel updates on new document not existing

What do mean when you say "the formula doesn't work?"When you enter =Sheet1!A2 does it not return the value from Sheet1!A2? What does it return?Is the cell formatted as text by any chance?Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.

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I hear that it's possible to open word documents in excel. I have lots of long tables in word that I need to transfer to spreadsheets and it'll take me forever to cut and paste them. What can you suggest? My laptop uses windows xp. Thanks.

Answer:Opening word document in excel

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Good evening to all.I'm in the process of downloading some bank statements that are in a spreadsheet format.Now my issue is will the microsoft office method be sufficient to password protect the excel file.
I'm using microsoft office 2010 on windows 7 home premium.Been looking on the good old google and came across the office method.
Would this method be okay and password strong enough to save the excel file Please ??.
Many thanks.
Found this on google.
Password protect a workbook - Excel

Answer:Password protect an excel document

It's pretty good but there are also other easy methods. For example you can use 7-Zip to save the document in a compressed file and encrypt it with a password. It's encrypted with AES-256. If you use the default format .7z instead of .zip you can also encrypt the file names inside the archive.

Office 2010 uses AES-128

If you use both methods, even better. If you have separate password for the document and the zip, much better.

A general advice I practice myself when it comes to important passwords like encryption ones, is to use at least 20 characters and it should not be a word or phrase that can be found in dictionaries or similar. Why I recommend 20 chars is that it's usually too long to be used in brute force cracking.

Perhaps overkill for this issue but now you know what I think

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Received and excel file thru email. I saved it to my documents, but when trying to make changes and save get 'Document Not Saved' error. The file is not read only or right protected. I'm running out of ideas, hoping somebody here can help.

Answer:Excel 2003 'Document Not Saved'

Open a new Excel workbook, copy and paste the data and then save the new workbook?

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in the last couple of days when i try to open an excel document, i get this installation message which informs me that

"The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not availabel.

Insert the "microsoft Office XP Professional with FrontPage' disk and click OK.

why did this happen all of a sudden, a few days back everything was working perfectly. i have misplaced my office xp, is there some sort of patch available on the net which will fix this problem?

Answer:problems opening excel document

Seems like you either haven't installed Excel XP, or somebody deleted it.

If you don't have the install disk, use OpenOffice. It works the same as MS Office, it's just free! No differences between them except for designers.

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I would like to get this preferably into Word and be able to use the tab key to jump to the next entry. is there any way to do this?
Ho do I reduce the size of this file so I can upload it?

Answer:getting a document into excel or word and being able to work with it

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I get this when trying to open Excel files generated by some code:
The document is corrupt and cannot be opened.

Microsoft Office Excel File Repair Log

Errors were detected in file 'C:\Users\User\Downloads\myfile (15).xls'
The following is a list of repairs:

Damage to the file was so extensive that repairs were not possible. Excel attempted to recover your formulas and values, but some data may have been lost or corrupted.Click to expand...

Now it's only 11 lines long and I need to find what [cell] is causing this error to occur. How do I do this?

Answer:Excel: find cause of document is corrupt

Oh and the log file is the quote I posted. You would think the log file actually explain what the cause was. -.-

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Microsoft excel 2007 cannot save the document if second ppl access it at same time.Any soluction for this? I need help to this. Thanks for kind help.

Answer:microsoft excel cannot save the document if s

What do you mean by "cannot save the document"?What happens when you try to save it? Do you get an error message?

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My wife asked me to create an excel document for her at home on my PC which I duly did but she tells me that the nice layout I had produced looks a mess on her work PC which is also running version 2010. I'm in a quandary as to why this has happened and how to fix this please.
I did embed the fonts so no issue there just the look of the document.

Answer:excel 2010 document looks different on work PC

This might be good to read Why does the document look different? - Office Watch

Also compare the DPI setting on the 2 PC's. In Windows do a search for DPI.

It's hard to guess what "looks a mess" means. A better description would help.

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I have an employee expense report I'm trying to fix up.

People are supposed to be able to:
-enter personal info (credited to, etc)
-enter miles driven
-enter costs incurred

I have been able to lock the calculations in the cells that give a grand total for all expenses, as well as calculating mileage (so people don't accidentally put their milage in the wrong box). Those cells are un-editable now.

Now, since everyone in the company access this off the network, I need to prevent people from accidentally saving it. They still need to fill it out, so they can print and submit to their department heads.

I didn't see an option when I was enabling sheet protection to do this. What did I miss?

Answer:Excel '03: Making Document Un-Saveable

Sharing a workbook is not simple in Excel. At least in 2000 we've seen some issues.
But there's nothing to stop you from trying.
I would start by clicking the HELP button and typing "share workbook".
Why? so that you can get the entire picture of what is involved. Please read all the helps.
One of the first ones I'd look at is "About worksheet and workbook protection", the latter being what you're after.
Then I'd read "Edit a shared workbook" section as this shows how to place certain restrictions.
Good luck. It'll work after you get all the requirements figured out.

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I lost a document on excel and it did not turn up on any file or word search. It is not in the recycle bin and I have no idea how it got lost.
Is there any other way I can locate it?

Answer:Microsoft Excel- Lost Document

try restoreit

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i send an email out to certain people and the they in turn have to fill out certain information and then send back that documment to certain individuals in my company

Answer:emailing a document from excel 2003

Appears to me that to send email from Excel you just have to go to File and Send To. Select your email list/addresses and send.Answers are only as good as the information you provide.How to properly post a question: Sorry no tech support via PM's

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Hi there

Hopefully someone can help. I have a good knowledge of MS office's basic functions but no knowledge of the more advanced functions like macros, etc.

I need to design a "Document Production System" where info listed on a excel spreadsheet can be imported onto a template word document and then saved under a unique name or better yet printed to PDF using the same unique name. One line on the excel spreadsheet will equal one document. The excel spreadsheet will be updated once a month with new info under the same fields.

I can almost do this using mail merge however the document becomes when printed to PDF one long repetition of documents rather than separate documents. Is there a way to separate documents in mail merge or will I need to build a macro to do this?

The problem is, I have no idea how to build macros. I am a quick learner though.



Answer:Solved: Document Production from Excel

change wdFormatDocument to wdFormatPDF
You need to change the DocName as well.

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OS = Windows 7 64 bit.
Office = 2007

I am downloading a CSV file from a website and it contains Japanese characters, I can see Japanes on web sites and in another .xls doc but when I download the CSV file I just get gibberish for the Japanes. I added Japanese through the "Microsoft Office 2007 Language Settings" tool and I added the Japanese keyboard.

Does anyone have a suggestion on why the CSV file is not showing the Japanese or how I can get it to work?

Answer:Viewing Japanes in Excel document

Do you have the Japanese Language Pack isntalled? Are you even running Ultimate or Enterprise to run the Language Packs? If not then you wont be able to get it to work.

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I have made a receipt using Excel and wish to print it on A5 size paper. So it needs reducing to scale.If I just set the paper size to A5 from A4 it will print on more than one sheet.

Answer:Print Excel document on A5 paper

Can you not set the scaling to 'fit to page'?

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I have found an old spreadsheet I used a while back and like a typical blonde have forgotten the password to unprotect it.Is there any way around this?

Answer:Forgot password in Excel document

What version of Excel? (e.g. 2000, 2002(XP)or 2003)

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I have numerous formulas and operators and etc. in Excel 2010 document. Its size is quite huge and is amount 20 MB. Yesterday I decided to divide it to some files, but it opened with - Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Answer:My complicated excel document for boss

20 mb isn?t huge. Right click on taskbar, select task manager and choose performance tab. On right side below middle somewhere check uptime. If it?s more than 2 days, don?t shut down, restart instead. Excel acts wonky after a couple of days without restarting. Please report back what you see.
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I have an Excel sheet that contains data per row. At the end of each row, I want to put a button (or a hyperlink to a file) that will put the data from that row into a new Word document, something like a printer-friendly document.

Please find enclosed the Excel file and the DOC format that I need.

Answer:Solved: Populate Word Document from Excel

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I have created a document with about 6 columns. All of a sudden, those same columns were duplicated on the same row, with the same idential columns (with the same alphabetic letters) to the right of the columns I created. So, I have 2 ' sets of A 'B' 'C" etc. on the same lines with my original work.So, it looks like this:Betty Jones 888 Daylight Dr. Ona OH 941-888-4444 Betty Jones 888 Daylight Dr., Ona etc...When I try to delete any of the 2nd group of data, it deletes my original data too!I have no idea how this happened. So, instead of having 20 pages of data, I have 40 pages of data.I need to get rid of the duplicate set of data.

Answer:2003 Excel my data was duplicated in document

The suggestions you have provided do not fit my problem.Please consider my questions

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I recently did a quick record of the hours I had worked on excel to give to my boss. I printed it but it doesn't look like I saved it which is annoying as I may have a dispute with him so I need it as proof. I was thinking that it may be available as a temp file or something as I printed it... is it possible to get it back??

If so I'd be VERY grateful!


Answer:Recover unsaved Excel 2003 document

Afraid not, as the temp file would be immediately deleted when you closed Excel and said "no" to saving.

The temp file would only exist if windows stopped working of there was a power cut, etc.

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Hi all...
I have a problem here.. All my dac / excel data are ruin. The doc font become 'alien' font (image attached).
I dont know what is causing this but i hope someone know/can 'cure' my problem.
I need those files back, can anyone help me?

Thanks in advanced

Answer:Document excel/word's font become strange

You may need to re-install the font that you usually use.

see here for details on how to do this plus a bit more info.

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Hi, I cannot open a password protected document that I own and have the password for.

I keep getting a message that the file is in use by jampow. I am jampow. I just updated the file on Friday and shut my PC down for the weekend.

Any ideas?


Answer:Solved: Cannot Open Excel 2003 Document.

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I have a workbook that has 30 worksheets inside it. I need to be able to save each worksheet as an excel file with the tab name being the file name. I have been able to save them to PDF files but I can't seem to get it to work for the excel side. Thanks

Answer:Macro Code, Save as Excel Document

I image it'd be something like this:Dim s As Variant
For Each s In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
s.SaveAs s.Name, ActiveWorkbook.FileFormat
Next 'sHow To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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hello all
Im sorry cos not sure if this is the best forum to use but I am really stuck.
I started a document in Microsoft excel until end of trial period and have modified it in open office ended.
Anyway everything all good. finished the work and have come to print it now ...BUT document has saved as 'file' and icon is just a piece of paper. Properties still say its an excel file.
It is a years worth of work that has to be handed to accountant tomorrow so I am really really desperate

Answer:my excel document has changed to a file and I can't open it

Use a free office program. I use this at the moment Kingsoft. This is a small suite but contains a spreadsheet program which will open your Excel worksheet.
But there are other office suites that are free, just have a look on google.

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I am trying to print a document in Excel Starter 2010. The document contains the columns A to J and rows 1 to 466. When I try to print the document, only one column prints per page. I have tried selecting all the columns and changing the print selection but this just shrinks the column size, and prints it smaller. How do I change it so that I can print all columns A to J on the one page?

Answer:Document in Excel is only printing one column per page.

Hi Meladee and Welcome to SevenForums,

I haven't actually used the starter edition but do use Office 2010, when you go to print, do you get a print preview on the right?

If yes then does that preview show the columns on separate pages or does the print preview show you what you would expect to see when printed off?


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I actually only need one page, which I seem to have erased by mistake. How do I recover it? Excel/Microsoft 2007 being used


It may be possible to get to the file location and see if you can use Windows to access previous versions., talk, drive...CRASH.Hang up and drive @#$%^^

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I am using an EXCEL '10 from my employers to use for reimbursements. They have included various drop-down menus on the sheet but no drop down appears when I download their document. Others don't seem to be having the problem. Is there something that may be turned off on my program/computer? I have checked that 'autocalculate' as was recommended in another, but it is already as it needs to be.Thank you for any advice or ideas. (I am working with Windows7)

Answer:Drop downs not showing in document on my Excel

Is there a banner across the top of the sheet asking if you want to Enable Editing? edited by DerbyDad03

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I have store word/excel to server. I experience when I open it from server and edit, when save it to the same location, it got and error and cannot be save. I have to save as my local pc and do copy/paste to the server.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you.

Answer:Word/Excel document cannot save to server

It sounds like a permissions problem as though you have access to open the file, but not modify or save it.

Is this on your work network or a home network?

Do you know how to use permissions and folder/file security?

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Hello, my supervisor opens a previous excel sheet, modifies it and saves it (like a template). I cannot access these sheets, so I assume the file has properties that deny me access, saying "Access denied. Contact your administrator."

If I open a new excel sheet on his computer and save it, I can open it on mine. He uses excel 2003 and I am using 2007; I cannot find any properties that prevent me from accessing these files.

What might be be happening?

Answer:Denied Access to Excel Document on a Network

It will be your Network Permissions. Your Network Administrator will have set it so you don't have access to a folder/file using the Network not the File Properties.

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Sorry for the confusing title - not exactly sure how to succinctly describe the issue.

With Office 2010: I have a Word document with an embedded Excel chart. If I change the focus to some other program, then click back in the Word document, I see a box where the mouse is currently located (not the cursor - have to click again to get that to move) which shows information pertaining to one of the data points in one of the Excel charts.

If I move the mouse over the op-up box, is disappears until the mouse is moved out of the box. If I click anyplace in the document, the box goes away.

I have been experiencing this behavior ever since Office 2010 was installed - I do not remember if this was an issue with Office 2003. The behavior is clearly wrong and is quite annoying. Does anyone know what is causing this problem, and more importantly, how to get rid of it? Obviosuly, one could replace the embedded objects with images, but that is not a solution.


Answer:Odd behavior - pop-up from embedded Excel appears throughout document

I'm experiencing the exact same problem. Very annoying. Would love to know how to fix this.

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A colleague has created a multi (15+) sheet workbook template in Excel that she wishes to enter information into on a weekly basis and convert to a Word document/report each month. Is there an easier way to transfer it to Word than copy and paste each sheet every time?I am not sure why it has to be in Word format, but she insists!!

Answer:Convert Excel workbook into Word document?

It can be done but not easily. A macro is here for an example - this would need an "outer loop" added to loop through all the sheets. And not much guarantee what the finished article will look like.I would query why it *has* to be in Word. If it is just going to be printed off, you can format Excel sheets so they print out as if they did not come from Excel.

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attached is an example of a score sheet that we're trying to develop.....

in the "judge 1, judge 2, etc" columns are white fields and light blue fields...the white fields are subjective scoring -each judge enters a score within the posted range, based on their appreciation of the the far right, the total sum of the judges who scored that criteria are averaged.....i can do that part.

but here is the first question.....each row has a specific range for a possible there a formula that sets the possible range within each cell, and verifies that the number entered is within it?
.....for example, the value in the cell at row 20, column F is outside the range (1-5 points)...i'd like an error in that cell to let the data entry person know there's something wrong.

one thought is that i need another column that sets minimum/maximum values that will be accepted in the judges columns....but i don't know how to set that up

next question....
the light blue fields are objective criteria....they are not all necessarily scored by all judges, but each judge who did score it must have the same value in their colunm....the value indicates the number of times an event occurs (that number is then muliplied by the point value for each occurance, giving the score in the cell at the far right)

in the attachment row 12, columns F and G don't the column labelled "SCORED" to the right, i need a formula that verifies ... Read more

Answer:Solved: excel forumla help: one document, two questions

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I am working on an excel document. I am trying to save it to my hard drive and our network drive. Either way, an error comes up saying Document Not Saved. Does anyone know what causes this error since there is no error code.

Answer:Excel Document Wont Save Error

Hi there,

Possibly ...;en-us;103329 (XL 95/97);en-us;121942 (Template, XL 97);en-us;329410 (XL 2000);en-us;214073 (XL 2000/2003);en-us;271513 (Troubleshooting Saving..)
I'd recommend reading/printing them all. Hope these help.

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My boss asked me to create what is essentially a sign in sheet for employees on various sites – which was simple enough in Excel. However, he now would like to include sequential page numbering that will continue on each time the one page document is printed. So if we print 20 copies today, they will be numbered 1-20. Then tomorrow, if we print 50 copies, it will start from 21 and number on from there.

I have been scouring the internet for hours, reading many forums and help sheets for excel that all refer to inserting code using the VBA editor and macros. Coding has always been something I cannot get a grasp of and particularly at this complexity. I have come to realise that there isn’t going to be a way of doing this without using code – however, I am struggling to determine how exactly to use the codes I can find on the internet regarding this.

I accepted this task because the idea seemed so simple I thought it would be a breeze. Now it seems I have bitten off more than I can chew.

I need the sequential print numbers to be RightAlligned in the Footnote, starting with the number 2000. Is there any chance someone can take me through this coding process step-by-step in a very easy to understand way. I am computer literate, but not with coding.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Office 2007

Answer:Add Print Copy Number to Excel document

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Answer:File changed from Excel to Word document

Whilst writting a word document i opened a excel doc to confirm some information. I then closed the excel doc and continued with my work. After completing the word doc and saving it, i went back to the excel document only to find that it was now a word doc, not excel as it was. As a result it wont open..... can you help???

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Trying to save an Excel document to Documents folder but keep getting error saying I don't have permissions. I'm the only user! I have administrator rights.

Answer:Windows 10 won't let me save an Excel 2010 document?

Make sure it's the right documents folder.. navigate to C:\users\your user\documents
If still an issue, perhaps check the ownership of your documents folder..

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I went to business site that offers a worksheet they made in excel. This worksheet has some colored areas in it that are the working area of the worksheet. When I downloaded and saved it to my pc it was identical to the form on the website. When I went to the site to download it to my Sony VAIO laptop the color was missing from the form. When I copied the form from my PC which has color and downloaded it to my laptop the color was missing from the form. Both computers have the same version of Excel.

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Currently the Recent document list displays 10 recent files.

Trying to expand this, I went to Options/Advanced, and the recent document list is set at 25.

But I only get 10.

From a web search, I've seen some fixes by going into registry, but don't want to do that.

any ideas?

Answer:Excel 2010 recent document list

Save (or view) another one and see if it starts building the 'recent docs' cache to 25. You may only get 11 then 12 on the next save or view?

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I have installed on my computer Office 2007.
When i opend a Word or Excel document and than try to close it i get the following error messages: "Microsoft office Word has stoped working"
Windows is checking for a solution to the problem
A Problem coused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notofy you if a solution is available.

In some cases i can not even close my word ofr excel document and only can do so by using the Task Manager!!!!

Any body knows how to solve this problem????

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P9700 @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 6074 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, -1250 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 293167 MB, Free - 162442 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO, N/A, N/A
Antivirus: BitDefender Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Can not close windows Excel or Word document

Did you install or change anything before this began. Have you tried a repair?

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I need to create a way of linking data in Excel to certain parts of a Word document. Each time a new row is added to my Excel file, I need the different information in that row's columns to go to different sections of a Word document, and save to a certain filepath, without opening any of the other information on the sheet. For example, I need content in column 1 to go to a certain place in my Word document, content in column 2 to go somewhere else etc etc every time a new row of information is added...

Answer:I want to link Excel details to Word Document

its not really a win 7 issue, i suggest you repost on the office forum, at the top of page under Speciality forums..i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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So I am having a very weird problem, and I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I was recently given a new laptop at work with Windows 7 and Office 2010. It has worked pretty well so far, but recently I have been noticing something very strange. While
this problem is quite small, due to how I use windows and my habits of alt-tabbing between multiple documents throughout the day, it is causing a serious problem.
This typically only happens when I have multiple excel documents open, and am tabbing between them or other documents or windows. For example, I have ClientList.xlsx open and need to cut and paste a cell from it to FinalReview.xlsx. I have 'ClientList' open
and just clicked Control+C to copy a cell. I click on 'Alt-tab' and while the icon in the alt tab list appears to change, I am taken immediately back to the same document. What is happening is that there are actually two separate copies of 'ClientList'
in my alt tab list. If I press and hold 'Alt' and then hit 'tab' twice, I can pull up the other excel file, 'FinalReview'.
At any point in time, I can click on the 'Alt' button to see the list and see three Excel icons. There will be one large excel icon with the name 'Microsoft Excel - ClientList.xlsx', and then right next to it will be two smaller looking excel icons with
the names 'ClientList.xlsx' and 'FinalReview.xlsx' respectively.
Has anyone seen anything like this before? I have spend hours searching for a resolution on the internet,... Read more

Answer:Multiple Instances of the Same Excel Document in 'Alt-Tab' List


First, I would like to verify whether this issue only occurred with Excel? Have you checked the Excel settings? You can perform a

system restore to see how it works.

In addition, I suggest you try the following:

1. Test the issue in Clean Boot and

Safe Mode
2. Create a new user to test if this issue still exists.


Vincent Wang
TechNet Community Support

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