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Office 97: Will it open Office 2000 Word files?

Question: Office 97: Will it open Office 2000 Word files?

At work I have Windows 2000 along with Office 2000. If I save a document to disk and take it home, will my home computer with Windows 95 and Office 97 be able to read the document??? If not, how can I change them to RTF files?

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Preferred Solution: Office 97: Will it open Office 2000 Word files?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Office 97: Will it open Office 2000 Word files?

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Just about to install office 2003, but want to check if it is possible to open Office 2003 files with Office 2000 with minimum loss.Any experience?

Answer:open office 2003 files with Office 2000?

you should have no problems as i run office 2003 and my co-workers run office 2000 and they can open fine.I think it is only if you start encryting them that causes a few problems

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Right so there is Vista and Microsoft Office on my mom's computer, I type out the document on that, send it to my PC, it doesn't open it, concerns are surronding a little theory that if I type out a document on Vista and send it to a company, they won't be able to open it...Even if I save document as a 95 or 98 word file, still won't recognise it...Can abybody suggest anything?P.S. Vista PC has the full version of Office, my XP one, has expired Office that can only view documents...Thanks!

Answer:XP office can't open Vista office Word files...

and you save a created document in an earlier Word version format, anyone with Microsoft Office will be able to open it.Vista has nothing to do with it.

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I have a Sony laptop PCG-Z1VA, XP home edition w/svc pak3. My Word program will not work. I have used the "Word" icon and have also opened the program folder and double clicked the "winword.exe" file and have come up with the same results. The window opens up and displays the "Word" icon at the top of the window along with the text "Document1 - Microsoft Word", but it is a blank page. I wait a few minutes and open the Windows Task Mgr and see where the "Word" program status is "not responding". I have uninstalled and reinstalled, have used the "repair" function of the installation program and have also reinstalled "Word" where the CD is required to open the program. I have the original CDs that I purchased and have been using this Office Suite for that many years without problems. All the other programs in the Suite are working. Can anyone out there help me.

Answer:Microsoft Office 2000-Word will not open

have you installed office 2000 service packs.
have you tried to search and rename file.

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This one is on behalf of my Cousin. He has Windows 98 and Office 2000 installed. Any Word Docs he tries to open in Office 2000 all of a sudden won?t open. He can however open them using Microsoft Works (Word). He has not had any problems opening these Docs in Office 2000 before now. Any suggestions would be gratefully received and I will pass on the information to him.Kind regards to all.

Answer:Word Docs won't open in Office 2000

Does he know whether the "unopenables" carry the doc subscript? It is possible that they are wks or whatever Works calls them.He could try re-naming one of the files as xxxx.doc and then try opening it

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My Father Has A Dell Laptop Inspiron Laptop
Win Xp Home Edition
With Office 2000 Loaded, Word, Excel, Outlook Etc.
He Is Able To Open A .doc From Within Word But Can Not Open A Doc From Within A Folder By Just Clicking On The Doc.
It Would Appear To Not Be A Office Problem Which Would Eliminate Reloading The Office Software. But Wanted Advice Before Considering System Restore.

Answer:Office 2000 - Word File Open Problem

alpineco said:

My Father Has A Dell Laptop Inspiron Laptop
Win Xp Home Edition
With Office 2000 Loaded, Word, Excel, Outlook Etc.
He Is Able To Open A .doc From Within Word But Can Not Open A Doc From Within A Folder By Just Clicking On The Doc.
It Would Appear To Not Be A Office Problem Which Would Eliminate Reloading The Office Software. But Wanted Advice Before Considering System Restore.Click to expand...

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to a .doc file (any .doc file).
Right click it and select "Open with".
Then selct "choose program"

From the list, select Microsoft Office Word and check the box "always use the selected program..."


That should restore the file association.

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I have downloaded the MS Compatibility pack but message appears "There was an error opening the file" when I try to open file.
I have XP and Office 2000. I followed all instructions re downloading the Comp pack.

Any suggestion please?

Answer:Can't open .docx files in Office 2000

You can not open a Word 2007 docx document in Word 2000 or Word 2003. Documents created in Word 2007 are not backward compatable. You need to either:
1. Upgrade your system to Office 2007 (Word 2007)
2. Have the originator save the document in Word 97-2003
3. Download the free Word 2007 viewer from Microsoft, however you can only view not edit with this.

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My Word 2000 help file is not loading at all, whereas in the past it was available (loaded slowly, with index window showing) . I just tried to pull up the help files for Excel and Access, and neither loaded. I have Office 2000, don't remember how I installed it. I think Access and Excel are under an Office directory, whereas Winword is on it's own. Can't figure out what happened. I don't mess with software once it's been installed.

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I've already looked through the archives but I'm just getting myself even more confused so thought I'd ask.I have a file that was created in MS Office XP Pro and saved as a Doc. file. Since the file was created I've had to do a complete reinstall on my desktop and can't find the product key for my MS Office disc's. As I have Open office 3 I thought I'd use this to make the additions I need to make. The only problem is that when I have then saved it as a .doc file and sent it to a friend with MS office, the formatinf is all off. I then tried to make the same additions/alterations in MS Works 9 and saved as a .doc file but the same problems arrise with the formatting.Any ideas?TIA, Tony

Answer:Word XP files in Open Office.

I notice in OpenOffice 3, there is a facility to save in Word XP format. Was it that facility you clicked on or was it one of the other .doc savings that are available that you used?TonyV

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I am wondering if anyone knows how to customize the "Open Office Document" program in Office 2000... this is the small program that archives shortcuts and has a tool bar on the left hand side with options that include : Web folders, Favorites, Desktop, Personal and History. I want to customize the "Look In:" tool bar...


Answer:Office 2000: Open Office Document Shortcut

I can't find a single way to change that setting. So, here's what I'd do.

Go to your (default) folder in Windows Explorer. Right-click it and hit Create Shortcut. Then, right-click the shortcut and hit Properties. Hit Change Icon. Give it the Open Office Document icon and also rename it to Open Office Document.

Copy or cut the shortcut.

Go to C:\windows\start menu and delete the old Open Office Document Shortcut and paste the new one in there.

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Hi all
can you tell me if it is possible or not to use Office web App server 2013 alone without going through SharePoint, Lync, or exchange 2013?
Let me explain:
in a society where there is an infrastructure SharePoint, Lync and exchange 2013 with office web app server 2013, is a user that does not have office on his Computer, can open office (word excel..) document, bypassing SharePoint, Lync and exchange?
If it is possible thanks to guide me on how I can find nothing on the net...

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it's possible that Office was installed improperly, i cannot open any other non Windows app, they all open to Office Word. is this a virus?
System Restore opens to Office, Control Panel works normally. How can I fix this?

Answer:Office 2010- the other apps have Word icons and open to Office.

Is this a legally liensed version of MS Office?
Sounds as if you didn't install Office...who did, in that case?
When was Office installed?
System manufacturer and model?

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I have long used Open Office, but recently I read in PC Advisor that Libre Office (derived from it)was better. However printing an envelope in Libre Office seems almost impossible. When the print order is given, the small text window to the left shows the wrong size, and when printing a DL envelope it clearly shows and gives the size of a B5 envelope. I did not make a mistake in selecting the correct size. Can anyone help and is this a problem with Libre Office?

Answer:Word Processing problem, Open Office and Libre Office

I have Libre Office version and just tried to print a DL envelope and had no problems.
When I prepared the envelope, I went into Format/Page and selected DL Envelope. then Landscape. This set the paper size. I then typed the envelope with a return address on the top right side and the recipient address amid-ships. Put the envelope in the printer, long ways in and bingo.
As a matter of interest do you have to change the paper size in the printer properties? I didn't on mine. I also have to say that I am using a MAC, but the principles should be the same on a Windows machine.

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I have MS Works 9, I notice by default it saves docs in Works format. I also know I can change that to save as word97-2003. A couple of questions:Can I get it to save to this format by default, rather than having to change it every time?If I leave it as saving in Works format, can Office/Word open it anyway?thanksh

Answer:Can Office/Word open Works files?

Word will open a Works word-processor file, so long as, in the Open dialogue window, you change the Files of Type field to "All files". If you leave it at the default "Word files" it may not see your Works file.

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Mom's system just got hosed so I had to reinstall. I installed Win2K with SP4, Office XP, and all updates. I tried to open a .docx file with Word, and it said I needed to install a converter from here:

I did so, and now when I try to open a .docx it says,
"This is a pre-release version of the Compatibility Pack and can open pre-release Office 2007 files only. Do you want to check for a newer version of the Compatibility Pack? (OK) (Cancel)"

So I click OK and it takes me back to the above page to download the same thing again..

I found this:
In method 1, there is no Office2007Converters.adm file,
In method 2, there is no HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office directory in regedit,

I wonder if the release date of 1/6/2010 for version 4 of the compatibility pack might have anything to do with the problem. Could Microsoft have possibly re-released the pre-release version as an "update"?

Word was working fine before the re-install. And I've tried opening several files which were working fine before, with no problems, so it's not the file that is broken.

Any ideas?

Answer:Office XP won't open Word 2007 files

I don't know about the Office problem, but free Open Office from Here should at least allow her to open and use those files. :wave

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My laptop recently crashed after a virus strike. A local computer shop managed to get it back but used Open Office for the WP programme. I would like to convert all the Open Office files back to WORD - is there a simple and quick way to do this? Many thanks for any input.


click here

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I've been trying to resolve this very slow opening problem, but no success.
Tried "detect and repair", this worked but after restart or shutdown the problem came right back.
Any suggestions for a fix, hopefully short of reinstalling MS Office, would be greatly appreciated.

OS XPPro SP3 fully updated
MS Office 2003 fully updated

Thanks in advance

Answer:MS office files, Word and Excel, very slow to open

Sounds like a machine error... Tell us about your computer, connection, antivirus, and antispyware in some detail... We would like to know brand, or motherboard, age, and configuration... as well as your spyware and antivirus

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Hi as it say I cannot open any of my odt or sxw Documents that I saved with OpenOffice writer that I had to uninstall because it was leaving about 40 odt files running in Prossess in the Background
eg:Task Manager > Prossess. So I installed MS office 2010 and all the files I have are 90% odt and sxw and MS Word 2010 will not open them? looks like a coding issue? see Attachment? I can open these file's in Word Pad no problems. Im also having trouble setting up a "Default Style" which I use all the time I never use anything else it's only a Home Computer the Default Style Format I want to set is: > Veranda >11 > reguler > Line size 1.5 It's been many years since I had to set this all up and I have completly Forgotten I would appreciate any help please Dazza PS what do I do to convert Snagit ScrShots Make them Smaller so I can Attach them here
 ScrShotodt 8-11-2013 1-22-43 PM.png   12.65KB

Answer:Just installed MS Office Word (2010) Cannot open any odt or sxw files

How did you uninstall OO ?
When you double click on one of your files.....does OO still try to open it ?....(this is despite the fact that you uninstalled it..!?)
Can you right click on a "open with".....does OO still appear in the menu there as an option to open the file with?

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I'm not sure when this started as I have not used Office in a few weeks.  My computer uses Windows 7.  Today, I went to open a document in Word and it said "File Conversion--Select the encoding that makes your document readable."  I can choose between Windows, MS-DOS, or other encoding.  I went to check another file and it says "The file cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents."  It also says "The file is corrupt and cannot be opened."  I get the same kinds of messages with every document and with my PowerPoint as well.  All of my Office is 2007.
I tried running my AVG Free and SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition and they did not pick up anything.  I also tried restoring to my last update, but was told that I cannot because the file was changed in the process.  I had to restore for another, unrelated issue about a week ago and it worked fine.
I'm thinking this is some kind of virus but I have no idea how to handle it since nothing is picking it up and I can't restore to even three days ago.  Any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated, as I am a college student and need to be able to hand in final papers!

Answer:Cannot Open Microsoft Office Files; Word Docs Appear as Symbols

Update--I'm starting to think that one of my antiviruses cleaned out the virus because nothing is showing up, but my documents are still corrupted.  I deleted my normal.dotm file, and also scanned my C Drive for errors so I could revert to my backup from November 18, but everything is still corrupted.  I would like to know if 1) I got the virus, or if it is still lying dormant in my system somewhere; 2) if my computer is safe to use; and 3) if there is any way to get my documents back!

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Suddenly, all of my Open Office word processing documents converted into Microsoft Word documents. This literally happened overnight and I have no idea how it happened. The starter kit for Microsoft Office came already on my laptop but I never purchased any of the four programs in the suite. How can I convert them all back to Open Office docs without having to open them up in Word? (The Microsoft Office starter kit gives you something like 20 free "opens" for Microsoft Word but then you have to buy it.) Any help would be truly appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Open office files all turned into word docs! Help!

Hi Roy,

most likely what has happened is that Windows has somehow assigned ODT files to Word.

First, check whether the extensions of the files are still ODT. For this you need to switch off the option "Hide extensions for known file types" in the Folder Options of Windows Explorer (Tools, Folder Options, View). You can now see whether the files have a .ODT or a .DOC extension.

If they are still .ODT, do a right-click on one of them while holding the Shift key and choose "Open With...". Now you check the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" box and locate "swriter" in the list above. If swriter is not there, you'll need to click on Browse and locate it on your hard disc, probably in C:\Program Files\\program\

After doing this, .ODT files will always be opened by, and the icon will also change accordingly.

If the file extensions are actually .DOC, and you don't use Office, you can use the same trick to assign .DOC files to OpenOffice. Then when you modify one of these .DOC files, don't just Save them, but use "Save As" to save them as .ODT files.

All this is assuming you use Windows XP... I don't know how assigning file types works in Vista...

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When i open saved word 2003 files, it popup a dialog box for encoding method. These file opend smoothly in the past but now i don't know why word asks for encoding while i did not change any thing in these files. kindly help me.

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Word Perfect expired a while ago and I cant find a serial so either I can go with XP Office, which will cost me money or Open Office. Which is better and why.Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

Answer:Xp Office Vs Word Perfect 12 Vs Open Office

here is a free program that turns up your licences:belarc advisor

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Who uses "Open Office"?

I see that you can type a document in Open Office and open it in Word -- Can you open Word .doc in Open Office?

Can you take a document from Open Office and create a .pdf file?

I did a search on this forum and found this - someone had a question about their MS license. That's what I'm working on for buying new licenses at work on new pcs.

Halo's comment:

But you can or could install For Windows 2.1.0 while its not MS Office, it has the majority if not all the functionality of MS Office and will save and open files from Office fine.... the best part is its FREE.Click to expand...


Answer:Using Open Office instead of Microsoft Office Word

pegg said:

Who uses "Open Office"?Click to expand...

I have... haven't recently as the release I tried was buggy as heck. Newer releases are much better from what I've heard, but I can't confirm.

pegg said:

I see that you can type a document in Open Office and open it in Word -- Can you open Word .doc in Open Office?Click to expand...

Yes, you can, IIRC. This is what attracted me to it in the first place!

pegg said:

Can you take a document from Open Office and create a .pdf file?Click to expand...

Yes, if the application doesn't do it natively, PDF creation apps that we were discussing earlier (PDF Creator comes to mind) should allow you to create the PDFs... not sure about some that were mentioned, but this app installs a printer that you can use from any application to "print" into a PDF file.

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Just bought a new laptop with Windows7 64bit installed-my first exposure to Windows7. I had Office 2007 installed on my old Dell 32 bit machine. I had also recently pruchased Office 2010 and installed that on my new machine.

Now, when I try to open those 32bit 2007 files with 64bt 2011, Iget an error message that "no picture file is available", or words to that effect. When I try to "open with", the only option displayed is "Microsoft Office" with an icon that looks like a picture file. When I try to browse to the proper office program(Excel, for example), there are none of teh Office suite programs displayed, only "Microsoft Office".

I can navigate seperately to the proper progran, Excel, etc., and drag the file into the application, and it opens, and all seems to work OK. I "save as" the proper application file, but it still will not open with double-click on the file name.

I have not seen this particular item in the forums and would appreciate very much some help in fixing this issue.



Answer:Office 2010(Win7, 64bit) won't open Office 2007(WinXPr3 32 bit) files

Hello Grubby76, welcome to the forum.

We have an excellent Window 7 File Association Tutorial here:
Open With - Change Default Program

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Hey All,

Here is my issue. The Company we consult for has not transitioned all of the way to Office 2007. We have a number of machines that still have Office 2003. Compatibility Pack works on almost all issues.

Current issue is one of our users received a PowerPoint 2003 that has embedded PowerPoint 2007 files. When the user opens the PowerPoint 2007 file Office 2003 shuts down. He has to download the 2007 file to his desktop.

From what I can see this is because the file conversion process shuts down Office 2003 before attempting to open the PowerPoint 2007 file.

Another issue that may be complicating the error is we had to run a Fixit patch from Microsoft that was causing Excel, Word and PowerPoint to be scanned which caused long opening times. I don't remember the KB article for that one at the moment but will find it if I need to.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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I am running Office 2003 on Windows 7. My PC is only 6 months old and everything has been running like butter. All of a sudden Office files open slowly when double-clicked from their respective locations (they would normally blink up). If I open Word or Excel and then open the files from there, they open quick. Outlook on the other hand, is just slow to load up...which it wasn't before.

I did a ton of research online and couldn't get a clear fix. My thoughts are:
Anti Virus? (I'm using AVG Free)
Ad-Aware Free? (Ad-Watch live is on...however it was on before)
Windows update or office update?

But obviously I'm here to get your thoughts. It's a pain in the ass when I bought a new PC so it could perform quick, and now spreadsheets and email take 20 seconds or more to open.


Answer:Office files open slowly (Office 2003 / Windows 7)

I just wanted to add that when I disconnect the PC from the internet, the problem seems to go away?

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I now have a new problem, before I managed to open 2007 files by opening Office 2010 and then from inside the application choosing to open a file. The problem I have though is if I just try to open an Office 2007 file then I can't open it, and I can't change the default program to open it.

How do you get Office 2010 to open all the Office 2007 files such as word, excel etc?

Answer:Can't open Office 2007 files with Office 2010!

please don't cross post

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Hello please help me. well I have office 2007 and office 2003 on my PC. So my friwnd gave me a ppt file that is in office 2010 and unfortunatly i dont have office 2010. if there are any converters to convert this file in offive 2007??? or if there is other way to open this 2010 file?

Answer:Open office 2010 PPT files with Office 2007

2010 doesn't have different file extensions from 2007. docx, xlsx, pptx, accdb. You should be able to open those files in 2007 without issue.Also, it's not really the best idea to have two different versions of Office installed. They can conflict, especially when it comes to macros and equations.

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Recently installed Office 2010 (32 bit becuz it was recommended to do so my MS) and now when I send an Office 2007 file to that PC (both PCs are Win 7 64 it) it tries to open the file in Windows Media!!

What the heck am I doing wrong? I'm beginning to think I should not have purchased Office 2010 Pro and stayed with the Office 2007 on all my machines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Office 2007 files will not open in Office 2010

That is weird.
Could you please describe step by step how you are sending the file to another PC.
Also, please provide more details on what type of the file that is. And if you create a similar file on recipient PC, will it be opened in Windows Media as well?

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I am using WindowsXP, SP2, using MS Office 2000 Premier Ed OSA9.exe and MS Word 2000 v. 9.0.2720. I rarely use either program, or rather Word the only one I do use occasionally and I haven't kept up with the updates.

I have just returned here after looking on MS Update web site to no avail. I only found a fee based support section that was e-mail, have they stopped that service..

Recently needed to update both Office and Word 2000 to get a HP printer to print correctly...or that's what HP told me was the problem. Personally I think it the printer DJ Color 3740. This was a sale too good to be true...

I have proceeded to the point it will print from the Internet, most of the time, but sometimes just the Foreground (titles to me). In Word, I can't get it to print period, it goes through the motions and when it comes out sometimes you can see a faint unreadable type. The Print Test Page is fine, that's why HP said it was an Office and Word 2000 problem.

I dowloaded: Office 2000 KB895333 3-client-enu.exe;
Word 2000 CKB895333.EXE; O2KSR1a.exe V.4.71.1015.0; O2KSP3.exe V. 5.0.2919.6304; InstMSIw.EXE V 6.0.244...

I got the same response when I tried to execute each one: "The expected version of the product was not found on your system." Using the Properties selection on each piece of software I found the Compatibility Mode and decided this is what they meant. However, the only 'version' that worked with these updates was WIN 95, ... Read more

Answer:Problems updating Office 2000 and Word 2000

I would be very tempted to un-install Office 2000 and then re-install it again, then update it. When updating are you logged in as Administrator?

Also if you use another program to print from eg. Notepad, Acrobat or an Email from Outlook Express to they print ok?

Compatability mode you shouldnt have to use to install updates to Office, why its not recognising your version is a mystery, but as you can use Microsoft Update in lieu of having to goto Office Update, see if that recognises your installed office and lists updates for you.

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When I click for a new email on MS outlook it has trouble finding word as editor. 50% of the time it does not. I try and jump start it as it were by trying to open a word document but this does not work and Word seems not to be available. If I reboot the computer it usually clears the problem. But it is happening daily now. I have scanned for virus but all clear. Any ideas? Thanks

Answer:MS word Office 2000

Does it come up with a particular message? Or just "can't find word"?

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Relevance 86.51%
Question: office 2000 word

how can i get address book to use home field rather than business toget address.ed

Answer:office 2000 word

Please could you be a bit more specific about what you are wanting to do. If this is for a mail merge, you can do it through Tools, Mail Merge, Get Data and use the address book.Hope this is helpfulScott.

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I am trying to edit an older Word document (.wpd) with an Office 2000 Pro software 'machine'. I need to change some of the field codes (actually eliminate them) in order to proceed with editing this lengthy document.

I cannot seem to display/view the field codes, although I have inserted that icon into my taskbar, but it doesn't respond when I click on it.

I have also tried Alt-F9 and Shift-F-9 and they don't work either.

Any suggestions?

thank you


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Hello, can anyone help,when opening a document in word 2000 a warning mesage appears saying that number must be between 1-6550. After a few attempts document opens, this not applying to all documents all the time.thanks bods

Answer:MS OFFICE 2000-WORD

I a empty word document screen, in the top end menu choose this and drop down will reveal a option to repiar Word.Is this odd messege in every word document ?.Otherway would be to back up you stuff and uninstall then reinstall the Software but you need the Microsoft CD's !.

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office 2000

Winword caused an invalid page fault in module mcscan32.dll at 016f.12023196

1. reinstalled word, same problem

2. how to fix?


Answer:word in office 2000

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I have windows XP and have Office 2000 installed. The problem is in Word. Every time I start up, a previously saved word document shows up. Even when I click "new document" , this paper appears.
I have tried checking the global templates and uninstalling and reinstalling the MS Office.
Has anyone ever had this happen? What can I do to get a "blank document" again.

Answer:Need help with Office 2000 Word!!!!

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Because of my work, I must install Word 97. I am currently using Office 2000. I have a Word 97 upgrade but when I try to install it, it does not recognize Office. It says "it cannot find any qualifying products". A technician from our office installed it once for me but I did not see how he did it. Any help? Thanks

Answer:Installing Word 97 over Office 2000

I'm 99.9% sure that if your downgrading you have to completely uninstall your existing copy of word. I"m not sure though and may be mistaken. Perhaps someone like Adrynalyn can help you there.

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Is there a fix for MS Office 2000 Pro Word not working.? It seems all the other part of the software are working but Word opens (without any of the tool bars) and then will not respond.

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An intermittent problem has bugged me for months: When I try to close a file, MS Word informs me of an error which necessitates closing down the programme. Usually no information is lost following a rebootof the programme. I am using XP home editiion and have recently downloaded SP 1,2 and 3 for Office 2000 without any difference. I also installed all updates, but the problem remains. Any ideas? Safwana.

Answer:Word (office 2000) closing down

Have you tried Help/Detect and repair in Word?Do you get a detailed message or just "This program has encountered an error and needs to close" or similar?

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I have windows xp. My computer crashed last week. Couldn't clean it up so I formatted my hard drive after taking the tower to Stamples to retreive datta from my hard drive and put to disk as I couldn't even boot up. I reloaded Windows XP and now in the process of reloading programs. I'm tring to load wordperfect office 2000 back in from an old disk I have here. It loads by I can't run it. When I click onto the program I get a message saying UNABLE TO LOAD MENU and when I click OK another message comes up that says ERROR CANNOT INTIALIZE. What is going on?

Answer:word perfect office 2000

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Using XP on home computer.

I have a load of large documents and all composed in Word 2000.

I also have Office 2003 exe sitting on my computer.

Ms continually sends me updates for 2003 but fails to install them, probably because I have not installed 2003.

If I install 2003, what happens to my documents in 2000? Will they reformat or destroy my documents? If I lose them, I lose my job and income. This is scary. :cry

I'm quite content with Word 2000 and not tempted to update to any of the newer versions. If I delete Office 2003, how will it affect things?

As I said - scary - especially when I'm not technically inclined and tend to stick with what I know.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


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hope someone can help me !!!

on my network everyone use office 2000.
For some reason my secretary's word program seems acting a little bit strange.
the thing is that she TYPE really fast and every time the word program does an autosave of her document and keep typing, it seems like the cursor leaves the page and type for nothing.

She has to click back in the window to be able to type where it left when the auto save did his job....

what could possibly fix this thing...

PS i already did all the office and windows updates
we are using windows 2000 also

Answer:Word in office 2000 issue

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Hello all,
I have a client here who has Word 2000 as part of Microsoft Office 2000 on a Windows 98 machine. Word no longer runs (gives errors or freeszes every time). Now she has lost the office CD, so I can no longer repair or remove this version of word (it requires the CD for both tasks).

My question is does anyone know of a remove tool to remove Word and any Office 2000 remants safely? She only wants word so if need be she will purchase a new copy, but to repurchase Office would be over $300 and be overkill as she never even installed anything other than Word.

Any assistance is apprecated.


Answer:Need to remove Office/Word 2000

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I have had word 2000 installed for several years and have lost the original disc. It keeps crashing, and when I try to repair it (following the links) it says to install the original disc. If I get another one will it do the job? or do I really need the original? I don't want to loose all my files!Thank you!

Answer:microsoft office word 2000

Running a repair will probably require an *identical* disk to the one it was originally installed from.

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An intermittent problem has bugged me for months: When I try to close a file, MS Word informs me of an error which necessitates closing down the programme. Usually no information is lost following a rebootof the programme. I am using XP home editiion and have recently downloaded SP 1,2 and 3 for Office 2000 without any difference. I also installed all updates, but the problem remains. Any ideas? Safwana.

Answer:Word (office 2000) closing down

Safwana, without more information it is almost impossible to say what is the cause of this problem, however the behaviour you describe is somewat similar to some of that described in this Microsoft article http: // (I have added a space after http: to prevent the link being corrupted. remove it when you paste the link into the browser address window)

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Can I upgrade Office 2000 to Office XP, while still running Windows 2000?

I could use some of the features of Office XP, and would really like to retain my Windows 2000 environment. Do you think I could make this upgrade in Office?


Answer:Can I upgrade Office 2000 to Office XP, while still running Windows 2000?

Office XP can run on Windows 2000. Even though the operating systems and office suites have the same naming convention, that doesn't mean that they have to match up (Windows 2000-Office 2000, Windows XP-Office XP).

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I understand that if a user installs Open Office on a machine with conventional Office 97-2003 that Open Office will use its own suite of products for each application. (Unless the user ops to use Office to open the applications by unchecking the corresponding application boxes during Open Office's installation.) But if a user chooses Open Office as the default for applications on a system that also has Office 2007 on it, how does Open Office deal with this if the OO applications remain checked as the default?

Does the current version of OO even understand how to DEAL with the new Office 2007? I understand that OO can not read docx documents, which is the default for Word 2007, (although this can be easily changed back to doc.) I found out that Open Office 3.0, scheduled for release this fall, will be able to read docx documents. What's so great about docx docs anyway?

Using my example, assume this situation on a new Windows Vista machine. (fresh installs of each program or Office 2007 OEM (factory installed.) What behavior would be expected here?


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Ok, so i want everyones impressions on the various Office Suites.

I personally if i had hte money would go for the Microsoft Office Pro series. I for one, think MS Word is one of the most refined word processing applications avalible. And coming a very close second is Open Office. I find my self having many problems trying to do somthing in Word, or Word crashing, so i switch over to my trusty free Open Office.

As for Corel and WordPerfect, my experiance is that it is way over priced, and is basically on the level of "word pad".

I am attempting to have the company i work for tranition from MS Office to Open Office, but just for a control i thought i might throw in Corel.

So what are your guy's and gal's thoughts on the various office apps?

Answer:MS Office vs. Open Office vs. Corel WordPerfect Office

Openoffice is an extemely close second to MS-office and that is for one thing

Calc's graphing wizzard: It is horrendous. As an engineer I need to admend graphas add new plots... and it is soo hard with openoffice

There is suppose to be a more MS-wizzard with OO-2.1 so until then Openofffice is 2nd
When the new wizzard is shipped it takes first place very quickly and by a signifcant margin

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I have Microsoft Works docs saved on my new PC (copied from old PC via flash drive). My new PC (OS Windows 7) does not have MS Works so I downloaded Open Office to use as my word processor. My question-how can I transfer the MS Works docs from their location on my PC into the Open Office software.

Any input appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Open Office software-how do I transfer MS works docs into Open Office applica

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I?ve saved a version of Normal prior to reinstalling Office 2003.Although I delete the version of Normal installed with Word, when I try to paste the old version into Templates, Word does not open with it.How can I remedy this so that I can use my old version of Normal?Many thanks.

Answer:Office 2000 - Word / Normal / error

Make sure you have given it the correct file extensiom ie

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Hi there once again. As I previously stated my Word application from Office Pro 2000 worked fine for 10 months. Now all I get is a "Word not Responding"
Excel works fine and I don't use Outlook anyway. Is there any way around this?
Thanks for now.

Answer:Office 2000 Word Dead on Vista

Did you try re-installing??

Or how about looking into an upgrade (yes, I understand, money issues)

Or you can try free software for now until the problem IS fixed...
Here OpenOffice

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I am running XP on a 1.4 Ghz clone, and use Office 2000. I installed - it all went well, excepot that every time I try to open Word, it prepares to install and then configures MS Office SR-1 Small Business. Word then runs. If I don't have the SR-1 disk in the drive, it asks me for it a bunch of times and then runs Word anyway. How can I get it to install and configure once and for all? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Vince Ward

Answer:MS Office 2000 reinstalls on starting Word

I have had similar probllems with Office and other programs. The way I work around is to copy the disk to Administrators desk top and run it from there. You should be offered a repair option, run that. Then just leave the files there, only admins will see them. When a new or different user logs on and tries to use Word or some such Office App., the files are there.

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Hi any know the solution to this strange problem please? I'm running office 2000 pro on my computer operating Xp pro service pack 2. I have 4 user accounts set up, I have full admin rights as do two others and one has limited rights.

If I open up a word document then try insert picture from file and go to on line clip art when I select a picture from the Microsoft sight it does not go in to the basket, but if I do the same on the only account with limited access it works fine, pictures goes to basket and basket opens asking if I want to down load picture.

I can not add on line clip art pictures to the basket from any other account except the limited account. I have created a new account with limited access, still no joy. Deleted my admin account and re added with limited rights still no joy.

Any help gladly appreciated.

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I am unable to check my very poor spelling when using word. The spellchecker does not underline any mistakes or correct spelling errors as i type or even if i hit F7 or the check spelling button on the toolbar. I have tried to set the default language to english UK but it keeps automatically reverting back to english US.Any suggestions on what i need to do???

Answer:Spellchecker on Word for Office 2000 Pro Edition

I type this direct from a PC Mag dated Jan 2003 as follows:There are two possibilities here: the default language and style languages. First, create a new blank document. Got to Tools, Language, Set Language. Select English (UK) from the list then click the Default button. Next, go to Format, Styles and select, in turn, each of the styles you commonly use. You should see a summary of the style on the right, including the proofing language. If this still shows 'English (US)' then click Modify. In the next dialogue click Format, then Language, and select English (UK). Exit Word - if you are asked whether to save changes to, then do so.Worth a try..Lap..

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I previously setup an auto test for my name, address, phones numbers etc activatred by typing in word a couple of letters and hitting the F3 key. I want to edit this auto feature and change phone numbers. IWhat is the proceedudre for doing this?



Answer:auto text word office 2000

You don't edit, just recreate it.

Do your autotext to get the text you want to fix.
Fix it.
Select it again.
Create a new autotext entry with the same name.
You'll be asked if you want to overwrite the old one.
Say YES!

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When I click Help the office assistant appears. I type in my question. It responds with several help subjectd.When I click the subject I am seeking it does not respond but simply clicks back to the original subject box. I am finding it impossible to get help with Word 2000. Have I accidentally deleted something that is causing this problem?

Answer:Trouble getting office assistant help with Word 2000

Click on help at the top then click on detect and repair. IF there is a problem with word this should fix it.
One question I have was this installed on the computer or did you install it and if you installed it was it the first time you installed it?

If it was the first time it was installed or was already on the computer when you got it the above should fix the problem.

If you reinstalled it you might have to uninstall it and run the eraser program so you get a clean install.

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Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone ever came across a fix for Microsoft Office Word 2000 when presented with the following error << Can't load library>>. This happens upon opening a document and once you ok the error the document opens fine.
Microsoft Office Word 2000 SP3
Windows 2000 pro SP 4

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My Lexmark X73 all-in-one will not print from word - office 2000. I can print a test page and I can print from wordpad but when I try to print from word it sends the info and says printing complete but no pages are printed.Have I loaded the wrong driver? Although when I loaded the driver it seemed the correct one.I just installed it Friday night and it prints really fast and the quality of print is great. Am I overlooking something simple? My os is ME. The scanner/photocopier work fine.

Answer:Printing problem with Word Office 2000

Star5, if you open a Word document and select File - Print..., does the dialog box indicate the correct printer, and if you select the Advanced button do you get the correct settings.

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I've encountered a problem running Word 2000 under W7 Proff 64-bit. Word runs, edits and saves ok but when I try to quit I get a popup "Microsoft Word for Windows has stopped working" (see attachment). I've tried changing the compatibility setting to various earlier versions and also let Windows look for a fix.

The odd thing is that this has only happened since a I did a clean re-install of Windows 7 (after reformatting system partition). Under my original virgin install it worked properly.

Any thoughts would be very welcome.

Answer:Office 2000 - problem when quitting Word

You can try to spot errors with Event Viewer.

Open the Start Menu, and type eventvwr.msc in the search box and press enter.
If prompted by UAC, then click on Yes.
In the left pane of Event Viewer, double click on Windows Logs to expand it, then right click on Application and check for errors (see screenshot). If no related errors will be in Application, please check System section.

Please post description of errors occurred within the described time.

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The disks for my desktop for Office 2000 (using XP)don't work for Word on my laptop using Vista.Is there a solution or do I need to update when I get Windows 7?

Answer:Office 2000/Word with Vista not responding

is this any use,apologies if you have tried theclick here

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Out of the blue my word 2000 has started to freeze on startup if i repair it it works until next bootup. sent error report microsoft pointed me to downloads that solved it but next bootup producer same error

Answer:Office pro word 2000 hangs on startup

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Is there a program that converts files from either of those formats to the regular .doc that micrsoft office would read? It's really annoying not having a working cd key for office so I need something that can change it so I can send files to teachers etc and they can still read them

Answer:Convert Abi Word/Open Office to Microsoft Word compatible

The good new is yes...But, first: Verify that the converter is not already installed.

To see a list of installed converters that you can use to save documents, click Save as on the File menu and look at the available choices in the Save as type box.
To see a list of installed converters that you can use to open documents, click Open on the File menu and look at the available choices in the Files of type box.
If Word does not have your file format converter available there is additional good news...

Connect to the internet, Open Word, click on help, type converters and click search, then click Obtain file format converters and then click either one of the hyperlinks microsoft office resource kit or microsoft office.

NOTE: once you have the converter loaded word has a built in Batch Conversion Wizard click on help, search for "file conversion" and click Convert Documents then click convert several docs at once and follow the instructions

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I had created a spreadsheet file in MS-Office 2007 with extensio (xls).After few day i formatted my computer and installed xp and then opend the same file using OpenOffice.I saved the changes but forgot to change the extension to xls.So after when i tried to open the file from MS-Office 2007,it tell
"The file you are trying to open is in different form than specified by the file extension.Verify thtat the file is not corrupted and is from trusted source before opening the file.Do you wnat to open the file now?"
And when i click ok...the spread sheet is blank..
then i tried opening with OpenOffice but asks for text imports...but again the spreadsheet is blank...
the size of the file is as before....
Is there any solution..or it need a professionls to get the thing done.
the file is very important for pleas help me get the file...
i will be glad to get the solution...

Answer:cannot open excle file created from MS-Office 2007 but later saved in Open Office

Unless it contained sensitive data, could you post the Calc file here so that we can take a look.

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for some reason or other when i open office 2000 word, i get microsoft visual basic showing. compile error in hidden module: AutoExec with teh option's ok or help, press ok it goes away but returns when i close word as well

Answer:problem while opening office 2000 pro word documen

have you installed any office plugins? Check your startup folders in Office - Microsoft Office Startup folder or the Microsoft Excel Startup folder sometimes it's either or both of the following Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker add-in template files: Pdfmaker.dotPdfmaker.xlado you have Norton AntiVirus software installed?

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Hi all,

Office 2000 installation problem -
I followed the instructions and inserted my Product Key Number and then installed the various components, successfully, I thought.
I checked out each program, Excel, PowerPoint, etc and all were fine until I tried Word.
As soon as I opened Word a box came up requesting my Product Key Number. I entered it and was informed that the number was invalid. So I couldn't use Word.

What's going on? I've already installed Office 2000 Premium on my computer and wasn't asked for the Key number a second time. This time on a new hard disk (the previouse one crashed) with Windows XP I get this problem.
Can anyone help, please?


Answer:Office 2000 premium installation problem - WORD

ahmeds said:

Hi all,

Office 2000 installation problem -
I followed the instructions and inserted my Product Key Number and then installed the various components, successfully, I thought.
I checked out each program, Excel, PowerPoint, etc and all were fine until I tried Word.
As soon as I opened Word a box came up requesting my Product Key Number. I entered it and was informed that the number was invalid. So I couldn't use Word.

What's going on? I've already installed Office 2000 Premium on my computer and wasn't asked for the Key number a second time. This time on a new hard disk (the previouse one crashed) with Windows XP I get this problem.
Can anyone help, please?

thanksClick to expand...

Hi ahmeds,

I run MS Office 2000 SR-1 Professional on WinXP Pro SP2, and whenever I have run into problems like this, I use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall it, and then reinstall. I may have even downloaded some updates for it at the MS Office 2000 website - you should check it out for just such a problem fix. Goto:

MS Word should have been installed along with Office 2000, so by the indication you are getting it would appear that the MS Word installation did not complete successfully in some manner.

-- Tom

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I installed an old Adobe e Phot deluxe Program and lost Word. I then uninstalled Photo deluxe and got Word back but without the toolbar. I reinstalled Office 2000, but still no Toolbar. ?????

Answer:Solved: Missing toolbar in Word, Office 2000


The text is a bit cramped up cos I copied & pasted off a word doc.
If you have lost your toolbars in Word, take only step 3. If that does not work, then take step 5, which always works.
Step 1. Ensure that Word, and not the document, is the problem. If you experience the behavior in any file, and particularly in a new file, then you know that the problem lies with Word. If you cannot duplicate the behavior in another file, it is likely a corrupt document. The steps to troubleshoot corrupt documents can be found in the next section.
Step 2. Clean up your hard drive. Keeping your hard drive clean is of the utmost importance, particularly when attempting to troubleshoot other problems. Click to go to Cleanup Instructions.
Step 3. Rename With Word closed, find and rename the file on your system. If there is more than one, rename them all. To search for, double-click My Computer. Hit the Search button. Type in "" without the quotes, and hit search. See bulleted notes below for more information. To rename the file(s), right-click and hit Rename. Then rename the file(s) to,, or anything you like--as long as it is not
If you cannot find Check under User Templates in the Tools-Options menu of Word, on the File Locations tab. If you do not have "permission" to rename, check with your network administrator or internal helpdesk (applies only on some PCs ... Read more

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I have Office 2000 and I like it, I moved it over to my new Windows 7 laptop and moved all my Word docs over and now I can't do a thing with my word files - they are all read only. Can anyone help me please?

Answer:Windows 7 Office 2000 All Word documents are read only - can you help

How did you move them? Did you copy therm to CD/DVD then copy them to the new computer?

The easiest way to fix this is to open an Elevated Command Prompt. Change to the Documents directory and run the following command:

attrib -r /s /d *.*

That will reset the Read Only attribute on all files and folders in the current directory and all sub directories.

Click on Start, type cmd. Right click on cmd.exe at the top of the list and select Run as Administrator.
Type cd \users\yourusername\documents and press Enter.
Type attrib -r /s /d *.* and press Enter.

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Dear Advisors. I am using Word PAD for this note and the Centralizing Button places the entry point inthe centre of the Coc as it should!! However when I use the main Microsoft WORD programme the entrypoint appears in the Centre of the SCREEN regardless of the Page SET UP in use. Therefore the entrypoint appears over to the right of a Custom Letter or for example A5 Paper, but the typed text actuallyappears in the correct place in Print preview and prints in the correct place. Can any Office 2000 expertsolve this one please, Regards to all Solly

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I get the message in Word 2000 (Using Vista) that there is not enough memory to change the office assistant.

I would have expected it to ask for the Office 2000 disk, but it does not even do that, nor can I view the gallery of assistants.

Is there a simple, not too technical way, of being able to change from the paper clip to the dog?

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Using Windows XP Home and Office 2000 Professional. Office Update fails. "Office Update is unable to check for updates". It did get past the check for genuine Microsoft Products.

My original two problems that I am trying to resolve by updating Office are:

1. When starting Word, ?Preparing to install" window flies by and I get the following Microsoft Word 10.0 window with message "An error occurred and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Please run Setup and select "Repair..." to restore this application."
I select the only option "OK" and then Word (Word 2002 (10.6843.6839) SP3) opens nicely.

I used the original CD to run setup and "Repair" which completed successfully but the error messages still comes up.
I removed Microsoft Office using the CD and then reinstalled it and still have the same error messages.

Also, the ?Preparing to Install? message from Windows Installer comes up at a lot of very odd times for no apparent reason. It always goes away very quickly. I downloaded Windows Installer 3.1 and tried again to no avail and it still starts up on its own a lot.

2. In Outlook 2000 whenever the address book is accessed when attempting to send an email or by selecting TOOLS/AddressBook, or by opening a received message, I get the following error message: ?An error occurred while attempting to open the address book.?
I renamed wab32.dll in Windows/System32/dllcache and then ... Read more

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I used to have an icon on the toolbar that, when clciked, would show me multiple pages and you could select 2x2, 2x4, or such and sizes, and could see a 30 page doc in a preview type window where you could clink on the small doc and review it as well. It looked like a four paned icon...where is that and how do I get it back???

I just notice it was missing today and cannot find it under any of the toolbar options??

Answer:Word (Office) 2000 Multiple page view

>> I used to have an icon on the toolbar ...

Do you mean on the Print Preview toolbar? (Word has many toolbars).

Try View -- Toolbars -- Customise. In the Customise dialog, with the Toolbars tab uppermost, select "Print Preview" in the list of tbs and click Reset.

If this doesn't fix it, there should be a small dropdown at the right end of the Print Preview tb, the "More Buttons" button. Click this, then hover over "Add or Remove Buttons". You can then check those buttons you wish to display.


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I have an older version of Office (2000) but would like to use Word 2002 which is installed in my computer. Is there any way to change the default word processing application from Word 2000 to Word 2002?


Answer:Default Word program in Office Suite 2000

Hold your left shift key, and right-click any file with the *.DOC extension.

Choose Open With from the options list.
Checkmark the box that says *always use this program...*
Choose Word (the right one, mind you!) from the list or browse to it.
hit ok.

If that doesn't work, we need to know what operating system.

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Office 2000 won't stay open. It opens then immediately closes with no error message. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no response. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Wendy

Answer:Office 2000 won't stay open

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I have recently had to re-install Microsoft Office 2000 and it has installed the default Office Assistant the paperclip and I miss the cat called Links.

It says it is available from the Office Assistant options but a message says there is not enough memory.

It is on the first CD of the software but I cannot see how to download it.

Can anyone help please?


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I have an issue with word 2000 in the office 2000 suite. Sometimes when I'm typing a letter I will get a bunch of gurbage like this {}[][][][][][][][]()()()()()(), instead of my words that I typed. and it will only happen on a small portion of the file. NOw im completely up to date with service packs with office 2k, and my os is patched as well. and I do have virus protection and did a online scan with trendmicro housecall and everything came up clean. what else could cause this type of problem?

Answer:Office 2000:Word 2000

The first thing I would suggest is to get a clean default template. It cures most Word problems and is the easiest to do.

Enable the viewing of hidden and system files.
Do not have Word running.
Search for and delete all occurrences of the "" file.
There must be at least one, if you find none, you have not enabled the viewing of hidden and system files.

When you next run Word, a new "" file will be created.

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I have MS Word and Open Office. in Windows XP. I am trying to find a way to place a line of text exactly where I need it to be. The line just keeps jumping a little higher or lower than I need it to be. I tried unchecking " Snap to grid", but that did not work. Can you help on this ??

Answer:MS word or Open Office

What I want to do is in using the vertical ruling ( in inches) is place the first text line at a half inch , and from there at one inch intervals, so the first line would be at a half inch, the second at one and a half , the third at two and a half, etc.

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I just installed open office and want to know does ms word support open office documents ,ie if i save a file in open office can i open it with ms word,also any other files saved by open office power point oe excel,how do i do this,any help please.

Answer:open office and ms word help.

If you have installed open office 3.1 then yes you can save as a word document in OO but it not default you will have to go to save as to do it.

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Hi all,

I thought Open Office worked with Microsoft Word?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Open Office & MS Word

Depends on what you mean by work with it. The compatibility between applications is pretty good for files that are in the 97-2003 format. Documents that are in the OOXML format (.docx, .xlsx, etc) are not properly supported. While I can open them in Linux, I cannot save to the same format. In addition, things are scrambled and unreadable, such as with equations.

The Windows port of Open Office is even worse.

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Recently a friend sent out email concerning a reunion with several documents attached that were created in Open Office. Unfortunately, some recipients did not have OO and could not read the documents. I have OO and was able to save the docs in the MS Word .doc form and foreword them to several who had the problem with .odt . They had MS Word and could read the .doc formatted material.

This raises the question: What is the document format of choice? In the past we had very many word processors -- WordPerfect, Multimate, DisplayWrite etc. Now MS Word is the standard with the others pretty much history. But MS Word is not generic and neither is OO, yet, but perhaps something should be.

So what do you think?

Answer:Open Office vs. Word

Word is the standard. Almost any word processing program can open a Word document.

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Sup Guys,

I have several communicators with whom I exchange MS Word documents. I have Office 2003 with the Office 2007/2010 File Compatibility Converter installed for opening and reading docx. files in the new format.

What is the story with the latest version of Open Office? From what I understand:

1.) Open Office can read MS Word files, including those in the Office 2007/2010 formats without a converter, but it may have some mild formattting issues with the new docx file formats in Word 2007/2010.

2.) Word users (any versions from 97-2010 cannot open up Open Office documents. They must be converted to Word by Opening up Open Office, and going under File and Save as type- MS Word.

3.) Open Office provides a way to save all documents by default to Word formats. If true, how do you do this in Open Office?

4.) Open office only saves Word documents in doc. format not docx. formats. However, it can also convert documents to other formats such as PDF without the need for a plug in. Only Word 2007/2010 allow PDF conversion without a plug in.

Let me know what statements are correct and for Open Office users, the methods or workarounds you use for document sending and receiving.


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Ok is anyone using open office or abiword was wondering if either have an Alphanumeric order command buryed somewhere in the software and how to i get to it ?

And why does this simple command copy then paste work in neither of them; are i get is an explosion of 20/30 windows popping out at me asking me to set up some weird insert command; what the crap is that about never saw that before ?

Any ideas what i keep missing ? ?

Answer:Open office and Abi word

have you tried Tools/Sort?

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How can I create a back-up copy in MS Word of a document presently created with Open Office?

Answer:Open Office to MS Word

Open it in Word, then save it. That's what I did.

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when i send my sister word documents (she uses openoffice 2.0+) the print is overlapping. what settings or??? do we need to change. as of late, have been putting info in wordpad or notepad. As always, thanks for the help!!

Answer:word and open office 2.0

I'm going to move this to the Business section which is a better forum for office product issues.

I don't know the answer, but I would try selecting the .rtf format to save the document in which is more universally compatible.

Also if you are using Office 2007 do not send her documents in the .docx format.

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System: HP w/ AMD 800 processor, 30G (24G free), 192M ram
Office 2000 Word - I have a folder (BigFolder) in My Documents that contains about 4000 subfolders. When I "save as" with BigFolder as the "save in:" it takes 30 - 60 seconds to bring up the list of subfolders. This just recently slowed down like this - it used to take 5 - 10 seconds. I have scanned and defragged. Will more memory speed this up? Any other ideas? I am currently saving into a "work" folder, then later moving the "work" subfolders into BigFolder.

Answer:Office 2000 Word - large folder slow to save into

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Hello,  I recently "Upgraded" my Office 2000 to Office 2003 and now my prior documents will not print?  Searching/asking for assistance on how to rectify!!

Answer:Printing problem after upgrading Office 2000 to Office 2003

I'd start by updating the printer driver, or reinstalling for printer.Dave

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I'm running Win XP SP1

Just wondering if it will cause any problems if I add Powerpoint from Office 2000 to a machine which has Office 2002 with SP3 applied.

What's the position with Forward and Backward compatibility with Icrosoft programs?


Answer:Compatibility: Can I add Office 2000 components to a machine with Office 2002 SP3?


The general consensus is that it's best to

1) install the older applications BEFORE you install the newer ones
2) install them in different folders

c:\program files\msoffice2002-xp\
c:\program files\msoffice2000\

TAJ Simmons
microsoft powerpoint mvp

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When I insert a picture in a document, and right click on it, I used to be able to bring up the picture in a second Word window and the picture toolbar would open. All of a sudden, when I right click, the hard disk works, but nothing happens!

How can I get this to work again? This is really important to my work.


Answer:Office 2000 Picture Editor Won't Open

Select the picture. Hit Edit-Paste Special and select Picture. You should then be able to use those features. Right now, it still sees it, more or less, in its native format.

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Problem is in the thread title. .docx file emailed to me & I can't open. I have Office 2000.
I've downloaded the Converter from MS but this doesn't solve it. I get message "Can't save file".

Any suggestions please?

Answer:Can't open .docx file in Office 2000

If the Office compatibility pack is not able to handle the file request the sender do a "Save As" to an older Word version compatible file and send it to you.

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