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Norton Ghost doesn't recognize any drive when in winXP drive but does in win7

Question: Norton Ghost doesn't recognize any drive when in winXP drive but does in win7

I have two separate drives. C has windows 7 and D has Windows XPsp3. C used to be Windows 98 before I upgraded it to win7. Back then I had Norton ghost 12 in my D drive. Ghost 12 would recognize both the c and d drives.

When I upgraded the C drive to win7, Norton Ghost 12 didn't recognize the either drive anymore, so to rectify the situation I upgraded to Norton Ghost 15 in both drives.

Now Norton ghost 15 doesn't recognize either drive when I am in my XP drive but does recognize both when I am in my Win7 drive. I get the following error below.
How can I fix this:

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Preferred Solution: Norton Ghost doesn't recognize any drive when in winXP drive but does in win7

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Norton Ghost doesn't recognize any drive when in winXP drive but does in win7

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Norton Ghost 15 using the Norton Removal Tool in my Windows xp drive. Below are the error messages I got.

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I've been trying to run a new install of Norton Ghost for several days now, with no luck. I first installed v10.0, then uninstalled it and installed v2003 (which also came in the retail version of 10.0). When trying to do an image back up of my C: drive (on a Toshiba laptop, WinXP SP2, 512MB RAM, 60GB HD with 40GB free) to an external USB2 160GB ATA hard drive, I get the error message "The image is on a drive that is not recognised". I'm not sure if that means it's not recognizing my external USB hard drive or it's not recognizing my C: drive (which is what is sounds like to me). As per the instructions, on one of the re-installs of Ghost I made sure that the USB hard drive was plugged in and on - but no luck. I've run "update" after the install to get the latest updates. According to the information I got on the Norton site (NOT very helpful) it SHOULD recognize an external USB drive. Any suggestions?


Answer:Norton Ghost won't recognize drive

This doesn't help your present situation but if you ever ditch Ghost you should DEFINITELY!! get Acronis Trueimage, the very best disk imaging software available and does everything it says on the tin, including recognising all Internal and USB drives. Check it out here.

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My laptop used to load up this flash drive and others. However, not anymore. It only recognizes it in device manager as an "Unknown Device" listed under the usb. It doesn't have a yellow ? or a red Xeither. It says device is ready to be used but not driver installed. I tried updated the driver via the properties dialog and told it to use windows update online. No luck. I ran an uninstall from device manager and then reconnected the drive. This didn't work either.

The usb ports still work great with my USB -> serial adapter and the flash drive works great in other computers.

Answer:WinXP PRO doesn't recognize flash drive.

forget the windows update online button in properties.. I've never seen it work.. goto the manufactuers site and look directly for a driver

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whenever i put a dvd in the tray my computer just completely freezes (keyboards dead, mouse wont move) . whats going on? i checked my system info and it reads as a cd rom drive with no dvd ?

i want to try the "run>regedit" trick but once i type in 'regedit' the run window just dissapears and nothing happens.


any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer:all of a sudden my WinXP doesn't recognize my dvd on my combo drive!?

If Regedit disappears thats usually a good sign of a virus infection.

Try going to and doing their complete system scan.

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I have norton ghost v. 14, and today installed it in vista. I have used it before in XP and it is amazing, so i wanted to use it. The only problem? The only drive it can see is the one plugged in that i want to backup to!

How can i see my C:\ drive in ghost on vista?


Answer:Norton ghost 14, in vista, doesn't display my C:\ drive?


Welcome to TSF

Create a backup in Norton Ghost 14 by using Easy Setup

1. On the Windows taskbar, click Start > Programs > Norton Ghost > Norton Ghost.

2. In the left pane, click Backup.

3. In the right pane, click Back Up Now.

4. In the Back Up Now window, click Tasks > Define New Backup.

5. In the Define Backup Wizard, click Next.

6. In the Easy Setup panel, click Define a new backup using the following settings.

7. In the Name box, type the name of the backup file.

8. In the Start time box, modify the time if necessary.

9. Under Destination, click Browse, and then navigate to the drive and folder in which the backup image will be saved.

10. If you want the backup to start at the time that you specified, uncheck Run backup now to create first recovery point.
By default, the box is checked.

11. Click OK.

12. In the "Successfully defined a new backup" panel, click OK.

13. After the backup is complete, click Close.

if your still having issues please refer to Symantec to go thruough step by step guide on how to manully create a backup

kind regards


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I have norton ghost 14, and installed it on windows vista. I clicked
"Run or manage backups"
"Define New"
"Backup My Computer"
Then when i come to select a drive, the only one listed is the external one i wanted to backup to. Not my C:\ Drive?

If it comes to it I'll backup and use a different PC for what i needed.

Answer:Solved: Norton ghost 14, in vista, doesn't display my C:\ drive?

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Can't get windows to recognize my D drive, just installed 7, it shows up in device
manager as working properly. Running a dual boot system until I get comfortable
with 7.

Answer:Win7 doesn't recognize hard drive


Make sure the drive has a letter.

Good luck!


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I have this CD-R I got with an ACHI BGA soldering machine on Ebay awhile back. I think it was in 2012. It came from an authorized reseller of this Chinese equipment. The order when it arrived came in from China. The CD looked odd to me for what its for. It was labeled KONA Electronics with two pigs under an umbrella on it. I put this CD in a windows XP machine. Autoplay was set to ask me for everything. I scanned it with Norton 2012 and it told me that there was a suspicions Trojan.ADH.2 on the disk. I had looked this up on the Symantec website. The definition of Trojan.ADH.2 was something like a program that has been built or programmed in an unconventional way making it suspicious. So, it sounded like it was unclear whether or not a threat really existed. I contacted the reseller who contacted the manufacturer and was told everything is fine. At any rate, I needed the program to run the machine and so installed it on an isolated XP box, which as it turned out I never got around to using. Anyway, its a few years later now so I thought I would scan it again to see if it still flags it with the latest stuff. I put it in a WIN 7 machine to run the current Norton on it, but it is not even being recognized in the drive. The green progress bar at the top of the My Computer Folder window goes on progressing for infinity and the CD eventually stops spinning. There is no notification of any kind from Norton. I told Norton to run a scan on it anyway, but it just scan... Read more

Answer:Trojan.ADH.2, Norton, WINXP vs WIN7, CD not seen in drive

May be the CD got damaged since you used it on the XP machine.Regarding your last question, an infected CD could still infect a PC on which autoplay is disabled because all it takes is for you to click on an infected file on the CD.message edited by phil22

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Hey Gang,

I have a dual boot Win98 - XP. 'C' is 98 and 'D' is XP. 'C' is my default boot.

The reason I have XP on my 'D' drive and not on my 'C' drive is because I am more comfortable with 98, where my applications are. 'D' has only games.

'D' however, has XP because I in order to play the latest games they have to be installed on XP.

My problem is this:

Since I enabled Norton GoBack on my C drive (but not D drive) I can not see the 'C' drive from 'D' drive. It simply doesn't show up in 'My Computer'. But if I disable Goback I can see it perfectly well.

I would like to see my C drive from XP and use the programs from it but it won't show up.

How can I correct this problem?

Is there someting I can do from C to change this? Should I disable GoBAck entirely and use the XP restore feature? If I do will the XP restore feature work on my 98 Drive?


Answer:Solved: How Can I See 'C' Drive from WinXP w/Ghost Enabled in Win98 Drive?

Solved: Simply install Ghost from XP.

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how do you boot norton ghost from external usb dvd drive instead of internal dvd drive when you start up the comptuer? i notice that the internal drive can read the norton ghost cd but when i place the cd in my external usb dvd drive, it doesnt work, the computer cant read that there's a disk in there.

i pressed F2 and change the boot sequence so that the external usb drive would boot first but its not working, what am i doing wrong?

Answer:how to boot norton ghost from external usb dvd drive instead of internal dvd drive?

Try putting your usb dvd in the 1st usb port at rear of PC (has to be 2.0 of course) and don't have any flash drives or other usb devices plugged in and try it

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My internal CD-DVD drive worked perfectly on Windows 7 until I upgraded to
Windows 10. if I insert a CD nothing happens. The drive isn't shown anywhere when viewing drives of the computer. Also, my backup drive E: isn't recognized either.
My Seagate manager tells me that no drive is connected.

Answer:Windows 10 doesn't recognize CD-DVD drive nor Seagate backup drive

Open command prompt and type "diskmgmt.msc" and press enter. Under disk management, do you see your CD drive and your E: listed without a drive letter?
Please register and answer these questions for someone to assist you better.

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So, my computer doesn't recognize my optical drive after I reformatted my computer. It's there as drive D: but I can not burn anything using it. And it's my only drive .

So here is my conversation with Gateway support chat guy: In it contains more information of my problem.

Gary_GWER9390 joined the incident.

Gary_GWER9390 says:
Thank you for contacting technical support. My name and badge number are Gary_GWER9390. Please hold while I review your issue.

Ilya says:
I was speaking with Shannon_GWER1666 and our chat session disconnected accidentaly

Gary_GWER9390 says:
You mentioned that your serial number is CSX7******45, which refers to a GM5478 system and your current email address is ************. Are these correct?

Ilya says:

Ilya says:
I was speaking with Shannon_GWER1666 and our chat session disconnected accidentaly

Gary_GWER9390 says:
Thank you for verifying your information.

Gary_GWER9390 says:
How can I help you?

Ilya says:
I was speaking with Shannon_GWER1666 and our chat session disconnected accidentaly

Ilya says:
Could you send me to her?

Ilya says:

Gary_GWER9390 says:
He is not available at this moment.

Gary_GWER9390 says:
Can you tell me your issue.

Ilya says:

Ilya says:
My computer can not recognize my dvd-rw drive as a dvd-rw drive

Ilya says:
I cannot burn anything

Ilya says:
I did reformat my computer a week ago, and prior to the reformatting, everything worked perfe... Read more

Answer:Computer doesn't recognize my optical drive as a dvd-rw drive!

Please? I really need the help!

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(I apologize in advance if this post isn't in the correct category. I couldn't see where to put it.)

Problem: Win7 laptop cannot access drive from WinXP machine via USB drive dock.

Background: I have a WinXP desktop machine with a hard drive that may have a virus/trojan/rootkit/etc. Normal scans on the WinXP machine with MSE or ThreatFire have not discovered the problem. But the best way to scan a drive is to remove it and treat it as a purely 'dummy' data drive plugged into a usb drive dock and run the scan from a clean machine. This way any infected programs and/or O.S. on the drive will have no control to mask or hide themselves.

My other computer is an HP Win7 laptop. So I removed the hard drive from the WinXP machine and via the USB drive dock and the Win7 laptop saw the WinXP drive icon appear. However, double-clicking that icon results in the popup window message:

"Location is not available.
J:\ is not accessible.
Access is denied."
Yet, on the Win7 laptop, clicking through "Administrative Tools", "Computer Management", "Drive Management", shows that the WinXP drive is recognized and 'healthy', i.e.

"MAIN (J:) Simple Basic NTFS Healthy (Active, Primary Partition)

(I tried to show helpful little screen captures of these messages for you, but the forum appears to delete them prior to posting.)

So why can't the WinXP hard drive be accessed and read by a Win7 computer?

NOTE:... Read more

Answer:Win7 laptop cannot access drive from WinXP machine via USB drive dock.

I've noticed on my PC that it "remembers" drive letters of drives that ONCE were connected via USB, even when the drive is no longer connected.

What you could try is opening the Disk Management utility, scrolling down through the list of "drives" until you see the external drive -- and seeing if a drive letter is shown there. IF it is, see if you can change the drive letter. If it is not, see if you can assign a drive letter.

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What is needed to get WinXP to recognize a SATA drive when it comes up saying "no drives were found" during initial XP installation? I've run across this on two computers and have received explanations indicating that some mainboards require RAID/SATA drivers to be loaded *before* installation (with a floppy I assume). Currently, I have a Dell machine that is having this problem. I want to reformat and reinstall Windows but it simply won't recognize the SATA drive during installation. If there is a driver, where would it be and how do I install it? TIA much for any help!

Answer:WINXP won't recognize SATA drive

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Ok guys and gals I need your help. My computer has been messed up after trying to upgrade my Zonealarm Free Firewall. Using system restore I got back to my earlier version of Zonealarm but it is not working properly. I deleted that version and all seems to be OK. However when I download a fresh copy of my earlier version the computer crashes. I have subsequently found that the Zonealarm uninstaller appears to leave files all over the place and looking at the website it is just too complicated to consider deleting files and registry items. All works OK using just the Windows Firewall.So I decided to restore a full disc image taken using Norton Ghost 9. This would not allow me to carry out a hot restore but instructed me to boot from its own Recovery Environment disc. Now Ghost reletters the drives in its recovery environment. I can find my local backup that is located on an external drive but when instructed to state where to restore the image to the main C drive is not even listed. I have checked the capacity of all the drives it lists but the main c drive is not there so I cannot restore the image.I have previously ditched Norton Internet Security but always felt that Ghost was OK and indeed I have taken many images and verified them successfully. It is only when I go to restore a complete drive that this problem has arisen. We are all aware of what Symantec?s ?help? is like so I am appealing to this forum where answers are usually quickly forthcoming. Help!

Answer:Restore Drive with Norton Ghost

Going back to Z/A issue, have you tried going into C\Windows\system32\ZoneLabs and delete the ZoneLabs folder, reboot your PC and try and reinstall Z/A.bretsky ;0)

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I have a portable 40mg drive which I want to mirror using I have to install windows XP on it? If so how?
Thanks in Advance

Answer:Norton Ghost 2003 New E Drive!

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I'm trying to move my Windows XP (SP3) and associated programs to a new larger drive with copy my hard drive for Norton Ghost 10.0. I make the copy with the options:
Set drive active (for boot OS) checked
Copy MBR checked.

After the operation is complete, if I keep the original hard drive as the system volume and the new copied OS as the boot volume, everything appears OK to start with. However, after running for a short time (<10 minutes), I get the "Generic Host Process for WIN32 Services has encountered an error and will shut down". Although there are a number of things that don't work after this message, there are no faults (yellow Xs) in the device manager file.

If I try to make the new (copied) drive both the boot and system volume, the startup of Windows hangs up with a blue screen with Windows XP logo on it but never transition to the normal select user screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried this with the same results on a serial drive and an IDE drive.

Answer:Move OS to a new drive with Norton Ghost

All you needed to do was make a clone copy (disk to disk) copy. No other changes are required. Remove the old HDD and replace it with your new HDD. Once the computer boots normally, shut it down and add your old HDD as a Slave. It should boot properly and show your old HDD as another drive.

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I am trying to ghost an image of my C drive to an external usb2 drive,and find I am unable to do this.The file format on all drives is ntfs,does anyone have any experience of managing to do this.It works ok on a partition of c,but I want to put it on the external drive I am using xp and norton systemworks 2003.Thanks.

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Plugged 1Gb USB drive into USB ports (tried 3 of the 4) and it does not show up under 'My Computer'.

Any suggestions as to how I can get this laptop to access the USB drive?

Thanks in advance......

Answer:Dell D810/WinXP will not recognize USB Drive?

Im not very good on this subject, but this might help,

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an old laptop, running win98se. I want to make a norton ghost image of hardrive using a zip drive connected to paralell port.Despite the drive being recognised and working in windows, the box ticked to install drivers in dos, when the machine boots to dos and ghost screen the zip drive is not there.anyone know how to do this?

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I have a small PC running windows Xp Pro. This PC does get used a "server".

Hard Drive configuration is as following
160Gb SATA (operating system) connected via motherboard
2x 750 SATA (data) connected via Adaptec 1220SA Raid (RAID1 / Drive Mirror)
1x 1Tb Sata Hardrive (backup) connected via motherboard

The 1Tb back up drive gets swapted around for back up.

Currently I am trying to set up a back up strategy for this computers using Norton's Ghost ver 14. I would like to take a full snap shot of the PC every night. The only problem is that Norton's Ghost does detect the 750Gb Drive that is on the that is on the Raid Card.

I have done a live update for the Ghost Ver 14 software.
I can excess the 750Gb drive from via windows.
However I can not detect the drive via Norton's ghost.

I am currently on hold (for about 25 minutes now) with symantec. Does any one have any solutions on how i can get Norton's Ghost to detect the drives that are attached to the RAID Card?

Answer:Norton's Ghost 14 will not detect my RAID Drive.

If this is a striped volume, Ghost will not work, software Raid

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If you have a dell datasafe drive using norton Ghost I will appreciate it if you would
Use RUN: diskmgmt.msc and tell me what kind of file system is used for the
D:\ partition. Also can Ghost access this partition.



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I have Norton Ghost 2003 which I use very successfuly to back up my C Drive. This usualy takes 6-8 minutes to back up to a 2nd hard drive. I also have a 40GB maxtor external hard drive running off a USB2 port. I tried to back up the C Drive to it. The operation was a success but the procedure took 85 min. Is this correct as there is a big difference in the back up time for the two drives. My OS is XP Pro with 1GB ram and SP2. Would be very grateful for opinions and advice. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Norton Ghost & External Hard Drive

Backing up to an internal hard drive is certainly much faster than to an external USB 2.0 drive. Backing up 10GB to my external drive takes about 20 minutes if that's any sort of guide and I use the "fast compression" setting.

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I want to backup my laptop with norton ghost 2003. My laptop has a cd/dvd combo drive. The cd/dvd drive I have is supported and tested with Norton ghost, according to their webpage). when I try to make the image, ghost starts and asks me to enter a Dvd. I enter the dvd in to the drive and the cloning process starts. It copies 700MB of data to the dvd and then asks me to insert the next cd. The dvd can hold 4.7 gig of data and my total image size is just over 3. So it should fit on one DVD. I think it may have somthing to do with the drivers I load when starting ghost, but there are 6-7 drivers loaded under device manager for my dvd. I loaded them all and got the same problem.

Can anyone help.



Answer:Norton Ghost 2003 with cd/dvd combo drive

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I'm novice
I just bought Iomega HDD usb desktop hard drive included Norton Ghost software. How do I copy everything and drag everything to Iomeda hard drive and How do I get them back to my regular? Do I use Norton Ghost software now? How?


Answer:Iomega usb hard drive with norton ghost?

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I have two hard drives, one 20GB & one 120GB for files etc. I have MCE 2005 installed on the 20GB and a ghost file on 120GB backing up my data. I would like to upgrade the 20 to a 60 as I am finding that I am running out of space. Can I install the new hard drive and then load the ghost file from my 120GB drive onto these new drive? Or will this cause problems with the windows activation as I have been told that it creates a snapshot of your pc to prevent piracy?Thank you

Answer:Windows Norton Ghost & New Hard drive

Changing the HDD is one of the 4 things that afect reactivation.You shouldn't have a problem until you change something else, then its a simple matter of ringing Msoft and reactivating.

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Hi guys,

Great forum you have here, looks like you've helped tons of people. Hoping you can help me with a problem that's got me going pretty good. I'll give all the info so post may get long, please bear with me...

System is homebuilt, P3 850, 1 GB RAM, XP Pro (previously Win 98 SE), running flawlessly for several years. Currently no network, dial-up connection. I've been using Drive Image 7 for backups since the app came out, zero problems.

Last week I changed a few things..... Yes, I had a backup.

First I upgraded NAV to version 2005, then I installed XP SP2. So far so good, made a backup of a working system.

Went on with life as normal for a few days then one day tried to make a fresh backup. Drive Image 7 (7.03) failed to read the drives and gave the error "catastrophic failure". Clicking reconnect gave the same error.

Tried the following, in order:

Reboot, soft and hard, reinstall DI 7, reinstall DI 7.03 update, remove NAV 2005, remove Windows hotfix 834707 (installed by SP2 auto-update at some point), remove SP2. Nothing worked although the DI error message changed to "Remote procedure call failed to execute" (still acted the same though).

Next I got a copy of Norton Ghost 9. It failed to install, guess what the error was (CF)....

Investigation showed that the Drive Image "V2i Protector" service was not loading. Manual starting of the service also failed.

Whew, lucky I have that backup, right? Restore the s... Read more

Answer:Drive Image 7/Norton Ghost error after SP2

Hiya and welcome

Just looked at the V2i Protector, and it says it can't be loaded on the same machine as Drive Image:

Can Drive Image 7.0 and V2i Protector be installed on the same computer?
The 834707 update is this one:

Which is an update for Internet Explorer.

This bit:

Next I got a copy of Norton Ghost 9

Is this a full version that you've bought, or a copy downloaded from a p2p program (if so, can't help on that)

What happens if you just install Drive Image on its own, is that okay? Or Norton Ghost?



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Ok I used this software to backup my system drive. It was 76gb total. I backed up the entire drive to an external 500gb usb hdd. However I want it so I can boot the image it has created and recover from this at any time. Did I do it correctly to be able to have it bootable?

Surely the computer cant boot from a image file if i set it to boot off the image that Ghost created? im confused as its put the image file on the external drive in a folder called "Norton Backups". The folder has two files inside it
which are

surely i cant boot and recover these two files if system crashed? or can it? Thought Windows only boots off a windows disc with all files structured on the disk a certain way... The two files it has created are in that Norton Backups folder too on the external drive. Is it bootable like this?
(Win Xp Pro system drive backup with a ASUS p5k mobo)

Answer:How do I backup my system drive with Norton Ghost 14?

Hmm .. i always thought Norton Ghost worked like Acronis.
Im not familiar w/ Ghost but Assuming it does work similar ...

Dont you have a secured partition thats locked and hidden where the image is?

I know with acronis you can burn a emergency image to a CD (of the program)to boot from and restore the OS if for some reason you cant get into windows OR choose option in windows(from the program) to restore a partition from back up image.

AS far as i know, you can not boot from that image file.

In case you need to restore, you just run the program and tell it restore . It makes you reboot. (or boot from bootable CD)
it "should" copy the image OS drive and boot back into windows as it was when u last updated the image.

This is how Acronis works .. so im guessing Ghost works similar.
Should be an option somewhere to Burn a bootable disk ..

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I backed up my entire hard drive every day to a external hard drive with Norton Ghost. I had a drive crash. Can i install windows and ghost program on my new hard drive and then use the copy command to restore everything from my external drive to my new hard drive???? thank you.

Answer:restore my new hard drive from norton ghost

I would presume so. Why not?

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How do I get Norton Ghost 2003 to see my Buslink USB 1.1 drive when I go into DOS?

I have a HP Pavilion N5420L laptop running Windows XP.


Answer:Norton Ghost 2003 and Buslink UBS 1.1 Drive

Ghost should be able to produce a diskette with the correct drivers on it if you tell it you want USB support

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This is a Dell system Pentium 4 with Windows XP. I've installed a second Seagate hard drive which has been partitioned and formatted, and is recognized in Windows "My Computer."

I can move files from the main bootable C: drive to the second (F: ) drive with no problems.

I am trying to write the ghost backup image to the second hard drive (not trying to do a clone, just the image files), just as I have in the past, many times, to my DVD recorder drive.

What happens?

I go through the standard procedures for backing up an image file, naming all the specifics. The system reboots into PC DOS mode. I see the Ghost interface briefly, then the program aborts and reboots back to Windows.

Checking the Ghost log file, I see this message (didn't print the whole message, just the error message syntax. If whole message is needed, please ask):

Date : Sun Aug 1 09:32:34 2004
Error Number: (40204)
Message: Can't find drive with specified disk identification. You may need to load additional drivers to access this drive.
Version: 2003.793 (Dec 17 2003, Build=793)
Command line arguments: -igb -z1 -imgdescfile=\ghost\imgdescp.txt -wizard -clone,mode=create,[email protected],[email protected]:16128\AUG12004.gho -ghwrap

What "additional drivers" are we talking about?

Does PC DOS require some sort of BIOS instruction or driver of it's own? I mean, Windows recognizes the drive just fine, and I see the drive listed in the source drive of Gho... Read more

Answer:Need help with Norton Ghost and second hard drive recognition, please.

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I recently changed computers from an XP to a Win 7 home premium, 64 bit. I have used Ghost on both machines and have an XP backup drive that I would like to recover some files from. I opened Ghost and clicked on "TASKS", "OPTIONS", then external drives. The drive I want to use was listed. I selected it, clicked on apply and clicked OK. I then went to "recover my files" and it still had the WIN 7 backups listed even though that drive is not powered up. Any suggestions?

Answer:Norton Ghost cannot select backup drive

Use this software "Acronis Disk Director Tools 11", it's better than Norton Ghost..This software cover all your requirement..

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I am looking to backup my entire system to another hard drive(external usb). Would Norton Ghost, or Drive Image be a better choice? I am looking for something that can back up everything at once including the operation system, and something that will search my system and backup any newly created files it finds. Thanks for any input/opinions.

Answer:norton ghost, or drive image 7 for backups?

i use a program called Casper XP. It works great for cloning drives or data. I haven't used Ghost letely, but I remember having to boot off the Ghost disk in order to backup drives, or something like that. Casper XP works in Windows without rebooting, so it makes things very easy.

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Im replacing a HD thats about to drive. This is a one HD only system that contains one partition.

Which options do I pick?

* Check source for file system errors
* Check destination for file system errors
* Resize drive to fill unallocated space
* Set drive active (for booting OS)
* Disable SmartSector copying
* Ignore bad sectors during copy
* Copy MBR


Drive-to-drive copying options
When you copy a drive from one hard drive to another, you can use the drive-to-drive copying options.

Drive-to-drive copying options describes the options for copying from one hard drive to another.

Drive-to-drive copying options


Check source for file system errors
Check the source drive for errors before you copy it. The source drive is the original drive.

Check destination for file system errors
Check the destination drive for errors after you copy the drive. The destination drive is the new drive.

Resize drive to fill unallocated space.
This option automatically expands the drive to occupy the destination drive's remaining unallocated space.

Set drive active (for booting OS)
Make the destination drive the active partition (the drive from which the computer starts). Only one drive can be active at a time. To boot the computer, it must be on the first physical hard disk, and it must contain an operating system. When the computer boots, it reads the partition table of the first physical hard disk to find out which drive is active. It then... Read more

Answer:Need help w/ Norton Ghost Copy Drive Wizard

If the old drive has errors, select "Ignore bad sectors during copy", then proceed to make a local disk to disk operation (resize if needed), once the operation is performed, let the OS boot and schedule a full scandisk to remove the marked as bad entries in mft.

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I am considering buying Norton Ghost 2003 or Powerquest Drive Image 7 for regularly backing up on Windows XP home (40Gb hard drive, 6.99Gb used).I would be interested to know the merits of both products from users, particularly in regard to incremental backups and use of CD-RW.

Answer:Norton Ghost 2003 v. Drive Image 7

I use Norton Ghost & have been very pleased with the results, I back up to another hard drive using a mobile rack to house it, hope this helps

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i just formatted my laptop to do a fresh install of winxp SP3, and now i want to make a clone of it, so that in future i will be able to boot with a dvd, then just load windows back on automatically.

Now, i have norton Ghost 14, but have NO IDEA how to use it.

which option should i use?

- Run or Manage Backups
- One Time Backup <<--- What is this????

I want to create a bootable DVD, so that in future i can just boot it, and recover without ever getting into windows. It should have my whole windows and the applications and drivers ive installed on it.

Would this boot image only write to 1 partition? i have 2 partitions on my hard drive.

One more thing is that my laptop has no dvd burner. Is it possible to burn the bootable dvd on my desktop computer?


Answer:Hard Drive Cloning ( v Norton Ghost 14)

The best way to use Ghost is to run it from a BartPE disc. Then you can send your image to a network drive or an external USB drive. Making a DVD bootable is easy as well. You can make the DVD DOS bootable using most burning utilities, and then just have the ghost.exe file and the image file on the DVD. Or, you could even burn it back to another BartPE disc, and run it from there. I keep a sysprepped image on a bootable DVD at work, so anytime I need to set up a new machine, I boot from the DVD, and reimage it from there. I've been using Ghost for almost 10 years now, and I have never EVER installed it.

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I decided that I had too much junk in my HD and registry so I di a complete new install of WindowsXP Home. As I was doing this and then installing all of my software I had not realized that my flash drive was plugged in and WinXP then named my HD drive F: So everything is now on drive F: and working well (I think).
In the new install, XP created my HD NTFS. Now, I used ghost to clone my HD. XP called the backup drive C: Backup finished fine, BUT, when I switch drives and put the backup in only, the computer will not boot up. I get to the blue Welcome screen and that is where is sits. I tried the ghost GhReboot.exe program, but no help. Please tell me how to make my backup drive bootable.

Answer:Norton Ghost clone drive not bootable

Please don't post in muliple forums, one will do. Continue here:, I'm closing this thread.

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Here it goes:I used Nortons Ghost 10 to create a C-drive image on my external Hard drive (formatted in FAT32!)Norton created 5 separate Drive files. (I think thats due to the fact that you can only save 4 GB in FAT32 format).I then converted my external HDD into NFTS (not before saving the Ghost recovery points beforehand and copying them back after the conversion.My question is:In case I need to recover my C-Drive; does Nortons Ghost recognise that my C-drive image was spilt in 5 separate files (saved in FAT32) and recovers my system automatically?Does this involve booting from the Norton disc?

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i have a gateway laptop 450rog and i got this from norton ghost
(Error EC8F17B7: Cannot create recovery points for job: My Computer Backup. Warning A7C30019: The type of errors encountered indicate that this hard disk drive is about to fail. It is recommended that this drive be replaced soon. To ignore this error and backup this drive, select "Ignore bad sectors during copy" from the advanced options in the Drive Backup Wizard. Error E7C3000F: Device \\?\SymantecSnapshot0 cannot read 8488 sectors starting at LBA 26142568. Error EBAB03F1: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
Details: 0xA7C30019
Source: Norton Ghost)

1st do i trust this ?
if yes how do i save everything on my hard drive so when i get a new one it is easy to install this will be my first time doing this so amuch help is need thank you


Answer:hard drive error from norton ghost help

This sounds very fishy to me I wouldnt trust this. Try and run a virus scan first. You could always connect a slave drive and move all of your important files.

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First, I want to say hello as this is my first post.

I've recently reinstalled Windows XP and Office 2007 along with ALL the updates and SP2. I have two DVDRW drives and both are set to cable select (jumpers) and both reside on the same controller cable. Both drives worked ok before I reinstalled Windows XP. In "My Computer" window both drives are identified as DVD/CD-RW drives until a blank DVD R is inserted, then the description changes to "CD Drive".

Do I need a codex or something for windows to properly recognize these drives? When I use Nero 7, both drives work perfectly. Thanks.

Answer:After WinXP install, DVD-RW drive w/not recognize blank DVD-treats it like a CD.

Run the checker from the site below and update ASPI if necessary:

Further info - no real solution:

You can try clearing the filters (altho I doubt it will help):

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I have Norton Ghost 15.0 that I'm trying to use to clone my Samsung laptop's HD using Windows 7 OS. I have a brand new 1 TB internal HD in a shell, connected via USB to my laptop.

My question is that do I "backup" my computer, as Norton wants to do? I'm not wanting to just move files and folders over; I'm wanting to mirror the drive, including moving the operating system, since I'm replacing my HD, not just moving files. Secondly, every time I try to move something over to this new HD, it tells me that "a required privilege is not held by the client" and it won't let me copy anything on the HD. This is so aggravating. My existing HD will fail before I figure this process out.

Further info: When I try to select my new drive plugged in via USB, Norton tells me "F:\ is a read-only location and is not a valid destination." I have no idea why I can't use this 1 TB drive.

Answer:Replacing failing hard drive with new using Norton Ghost

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Help Help Help Help!!!!

If i
1) Delete System Reserve
2) Convert my all partitions to Fat32, i have 250gb Hard Disk

Can i use Old version of Norton Ghost 8 or 9 (not latest version), or can i make backup of c drive and restore it with old Norton Ghost?

Answer:can i make backup of c drive and restore it with old Norton Ghost?

Hello Siraj, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you're just wanting to create an image backup, then you could use the free Macrium Reflect instead that's up to date if you like.

Imaging with free Macrium

MACRIUM REFLECT - Create Bootable Rescue USB Drive

Hope this helps,

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I want to clone my existing laptop hard drive to a hard drive that I have encased as an external hard drive. My current HD is in two partitions - C: and D:. Norton Ghost told me that I would have to copy one partition at a time. Fine. After I copied C:, I went back to copy D:, but before beginning it says - warning/any existing data on the destination drive would be deleted. So how am I supposed to move one drive at a time? I don't want multiple partitions on my new HD if I can help it.

I went ahead and began copying D: onto my external drive, and when it was done, I now can't see that drive in Windows Explorer. In Disk Management I see the drive, but it looks like there isn't any data on it from the amount available. So it looks like I"m back to square one.

Any suggestions before I have to take this to Geek Squad and pay them a hundred bucks to do something that should be simple?

Answer:No success with cloning hard drive with Norton Ghost

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I just bought Norton ghost to make a copy of my entire drive and send it to a new one. when i go to the copy drive wizard and it asks me to choose a destination, my new hard drive that i have connected to the computer via usb cable, is not recognized. its nowhere in the choices. what am i doing wrong? ive got the power wires connected to the new drive properly and the new drive is operational.
do i need to create a backup first? the salesman said i just have to basically drag n drop to the new location and it would take about an hour.
what am i doing wrong?

Answer:Solved: Norton Ghost copy drive destination

Are you booting from a Ghost disk or running Ghost from Windows?

Does the USB connected drive show up in Disk Management:

If it does then try Initializing, partitioning, and formatting it. I haven't used Ghost in a while but maybe it requires a drive with a drive letter rather then looking at the physical drive.

If it doesn't show up in Disk Management then there is a problem with the connections, the adapter, or the drive.

Also its too bad you bought Ghost. Pretty much all hard drive manufacturer's now provide free disk cloning software, if it didn't come with the drive it's a free download from their website.

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After launching Ghost 2003,ghost advance, clone, on reboot I get error message invalid destination drive. I have been using this clone facility for ages now it can't see my D drive. I have looked with run-cmd d: and I change to my D drive ok and all is well with the drive Any ideas chaps

Answer:Norton Ghost 2003 invalid destination Drive

I would try reinstalling norton ghost. ( If you haven't already )

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I just did a fresh reinstall on a laptop. I installed Windows 7 from a disk about a week ago. Everything worked well for a week and now I was given the laptop back and the cd/dvd drive doesn't work. I would guess that the computer is less then a year old and everything else works fine. I put any disk in it makes the noise like its reading and then nothing. It pops open and says insert disk. Everything looks clean, I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, there is no spyware or viruses or anything. Anybody have a suggestion on what to do next?

Answer:CD/DVD drive doesn't recognize anything

One of these may help:
1. Uninstall the drive through Device Manager.
Restart computer. The drive will be automatically reinstalled.
Restart computer.
3. Download, and run Restore Missing CD Drive patch
Double click on to unzip it.
Right click on cdgone.reg, click Merge.
Accept registry merge.
Restart computer.
4. Go to Device Manager, click a "+" sign next to IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.
You'll see two items:
- ATA Channel0 (or Primary Channel)
- ATA Channel1 (or Secondary Channel)
Right click on each of them, and click Uninstall. Confirm.
Restart Windows. They'll be automatically reinstalled.

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My CDRW DVDROM drive doesn't recognize anything I put into it.
Device manager shows it as working.
Machine is Emachines M6805 laptop.
I'm thinking this is software related but don't know where to start.
I uninstalled Zonealarm(it has caused me problems playing DVD's before) but it didn't make a differencethis time so i re-installed it
Any Ideas?.

Answer:My CD drive doesn't recognize cd's

Is your laptop old or new...was it working before, then all the sudden quit working...if so...did you do something (i.e. install an app. or change a setting elsewhere, etc, etc) immediately before it crapped out on you????


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My computer says cd drive is normal, but cd drive doesn't recognize disks. I'm running xp pro. When I click in my computer and click on my cd nothing happens...any suggestions?

Answer:cd drive doesn't recognize cds

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I have a 2003 Gateway 500S personal computer for home use.

My dvd drive quit working. I have checked its properties and it says the driver is operating properly yet whenever I put a disk in it the driver says there is nothing there.

I have tried several dvd's and also a cd. It always says the drive is empty. I tried uninstalling my drivers and reinstalling them. I tried doing a windows update, disk cleanup, disk defrag, and I also tried doing a system restore back to February 1 when I know it was working. I noticed on May 14 microsoft automatic updates installed windows xp service pack 3. I don't know if that is the problem though or not. I noticed when I did the system restore I got a message saying that I had a "stop error" because a device driver installed on my computer caused windows to stop unexpectedly.

My driver was working before I had downloaded a DVD Shrink program. It was also working when I was using a 30 day free trial of DVD Fab. I checked all of my connections and they are good. I have exhausted myself trying everything I can think of so now I am turning to you to see if you can help me.

I recently purchased the DVD Fab program and tried installing it (since the one I had already installed only had a 30 day free trial which had expired) but I don't think that is the problem. I think it might be the driver.

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

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I have a R32 with an internal CDRW drive, but the system doesn't recognize it. I believe that it originally had a floppy drive which still shows up when I look at the Sytem hardware profile.

Answer:Doesn't recognize CD drive

I wonder if I am missing the DLA driver. I tried to download a DLA driver from the Lenovo website, but it doesn't support my CD-RW drive FRU 08K9868. Does anyone know how I can get the DLA driver for this?

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About 2 years old HP laptop with (from Device Manager) an HP TS-L633M DVD-RW drive. So far I've found no consistent data except that some DVD's (original, commercial movie DVD's) it simply won't recognize. I doubt if this is a codec problem as the problem isn't simply that it won't play the movie, the problem is that it won't recognize the disk. After 2 years' use I might believe the drive has developed a problem except that it still works fine for most disks. So does anybody have any ideas what might be different about the disks it doesn't recognize? So far they work fine in my wife's HP laptop (same model but a year newer so it has an HP TS-L633N DVD-RW drive).

So far I haven't been able to find anything consistently different between the disks the drive does recognize and those it doesn't so at this point I'd even appreciate guesses.


Forgot to mention the OS is Win7 Home Premium 64-bit, Service Pack 1.

Answer:Drive doesn't recognize some DVD's

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Just started doing this. I have 2 hard drives. C & D. Upon cold boot up it doesn't recognize D, in the bios or windows.
If I hit F8 and run in safe mode, then it recognizes both. I can then reboot & everything is fine.
Its been working fine for 3 years. Running Win XP, sp3 C is IDE, D is SATA

Answer:Doesn't recognize 2nd drive

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All of a sudden my computer no longer recognizes its CD or DVD drive. They do not show up anywhere. I've tried some of the fixes on the internet but nothing seems to work. The PC has Windows XP. Please help.

Answer:PC doesn't recognize CD or DVD drive

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I just installed a DVD-RW in place of the DVD-ROM drive.  The computer still says the DVD-ROM is installed.  I tried removing it in windows device drivers but it still brings up the old drive.   I went into the BIOS and can't find anything in there for the Multimedia drives.   What do I need to do in order to use the DVD-RW drive? I found a Driver Update Utility I'm wondering if that's all that I need, just doesn't have the proper drivers to recognize the drive maybe?  

Answer:T-410 doesn't recognize DVD-RW Drive

Just a little more information.  Last night I tried doing a Lenovo firmware update for the multi-media drives.  Even with the new drive installed it doesn't recognize that its a DVD-RW Multi-drive, it still shows the DVD-ROM drive.  I did a BIOS update as well with no luck.   Does anyone know of a solution to get my DVD-RW drive installed properly and working?  

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I am using Windows XP on a four year old Toshiba Satellite. The CDRW drive reports that the blank CDR's and CDRW's I insert are full or that there is no CD in the drive, but "properties" tells me that the drive is working correctly. The same CD's work fine in a different Toshiba laptop. I can't back up now. Can anyone suggest what to do? Thanks!

Answer:CD drive doesn't recognize CD's

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L655D laptop. I've played DVD movies quite a bit using the DVD drive with no problem. Then sporadically the DVD drive would not play a DVD and would give an error message that there was no disc in the drive. Now DVD's don't play at all. CD's play fine. The other odd part is this - I have made copies of several of my movies for my own backup, and the burned copies play fine, but the original DVD's do not play. I tried reinstalling the drivers, disabling and reinstalling the drive, but nothing helps. Time for a new drive? Or does someone have a different fix I could try? Thanks for any help you can offer. This is a newer laptop (although just out of warranty, of course!).

Answer:CD/DVD Drive doesn't recognize DVD's.

Very carefully open the tray and clean the lens with a damp cotton bud.

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I am about to move over the data off my 12 GB HD and move it to a new PC and install 98SE and 2000 from a freshly formated disk. What's the best way to move the data over EXACTLY like it is to another hard drive? Once I delete B.S. programs and MP3's (backup up already) I will have about 4 GB to move. I have an extra 4.3 GB drive that I can use. What program is the best for this? Or, should I use DOS command? xcopy with a couple variable? - /h/e/v ??? See the subject for some programs that I found that sound like they would be useful for this. I can use the demo/shareware version of either one. I will be done in less than 30/15 days. I also have a program on a floppy disk somewhere, but I think it was called DiskImage - but not too sure about it. I used to use this for doing the same thing in DOS, but I don't know if it would work with Win ME (which is what I am backing up). I think it was a bootable disk - or you used a boot disk then it.

Your suggestions and comments are appreciated!



Answer:Imaging hard drive - Norton Ghost? or ImageCast? or DOS command? or other?

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HI All

When Norton Ghost mounts my EXT HDD on the reboot to dos when doing a image file back up, it changes the ext drive letter from H: that Xp called it to D:....

Then the backup fails as i specified the file as h:\backup.gho and now the H: drive is D: drive, so Ghost cant find thte path.
How do i force ghost to call the EXT HDD the same drive letter as XP, else i cant back up to the EXT HDD on re-boot.

It does load the drivers and woks perfectly from Drive Image v7.

Thanks In advance

Answer:Norton Ghost 2003 loads wrong drive letter for ext hdd

Your issue has nothing to do with Ghost.

Drive assignment "rules" apply different in DOS and in Windows.

I would recommend either using a Bootdisk or "running ghost interactivly" (simulates a boot disk)

This will allow you to choose the correct drive when you are already booted into the correct environment.

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Added a new SSD drive via the CDROM bay (via a caddy). I can see the drive being recognized in BIOS and Windows Device Manager, but i don't see the drive as an option in the "Computers" screen .. and I just plain can't access it. Has anyone experienced this before?  The SSD is a Samsung 500G, and the caddy is a generic one. 


Go to Solution.

Answer:T420 & Win7 recognize new SSD but cannot use the Drive

ah, ok, found solution here,

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I am working with a friends Dell Dimension 2400, and for some reason the optical drive will recognize store purchased CDs and DVDs but not CDRs or DVDRs. I thought it might be the drive, so I purchased a Toshiba external and installed the software but still no go. What's up?

Answer:CD drive doesn't recognize CDRs

Are the CD-R's you're trying to read finalized?"Channeling the spirit of jboy..."

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Just about a month ago my laptop stopped reading/burning any cd's.
I've read and tried the various fixes found on this site, and on the microsoft site, but nothing has helped.
When running Microsoft's Fix It App, it tells me, "CD/DVD drive is not detected". The drive ejects normally.

Does anyone know what I could do to fix this or know the cause of it?

Answer:Laptop doesn't recognize cd/dvd drive!

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I just finished building a machine and my OS isn't recognizing my SATA drive.

I have the Asus K8V-X SE MB (64bit AMD) and I am using a Western Digital 80GB SATA drive. I went into the bios and turned on the RAID functionality (which I am not using because I only have one drive) and truned on the SATA functionality. I press F6 at the beginning of the install and everything goes fine until it says it can't find a hard drive. I am not using the IDE slots because the HD only has Serial hook-up.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.

Answer:OS doesn't recognize my SATA drive

i recently built a pc with a sata drive in and used maxblast and it found the drive and formatted it but when the system booted it still wouldnt find it so i looked on the motherboard disc and there in chipset were the drivers for the motherboard to look for a sata drive on boot up i put the drivers on floppy and when the system booted i pressed it for to install a raid driver in went the floppy and bobs your uncle there it was i formated it and installed windows and all's going fine

hope this helps you out

hopefully youve got another pc to browse the motherboard disc

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I made the mistake of leaving my laptop open and accessible to my 2 year old. When I came back, he was tapping away. By the time I got to it, it had shut off. I thought he simply turned it off. When I turned it back on and tried listening to internet radio, I couldn't get any sound. Went to check the volume, and the volume icon was no longer there. I checked audio options and couldn't figure it out. So I put a cd and a dvd in and neither was recognized. I went to "My Computer" and the drive wasn't listed. I tried several things including saving a file in Notepad (as I saw in a previous thread on this site) but nothing worked.

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!

Answer:Computer doesn't recognize drive

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Most of CDs and DVDs are working fine, but there are some which my DVD RW doesn't recognize. When I insert them, it doesn't react at all or it says that CD/DVD is blank. These CDs and DVDs are working without any problems on my old computer with Windows XP and also on my brother's laptop with Windows XP.
Is there anything I could do about this issue?
Thank you.

Answer:DVD RW Drive doesn't recognize some CDs and DVDs

Replace the DVD burner as the drive is failing.

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I have a Samsung SE-218 External DVD drive, and I cannot seem to access it in Windows 8.1 (though I have not had a chance to try it on any other computers yet, so there is always the possibility that something is wrong with the drive). Whenever I plug it in the light comes on and it will spin the disc for a bit, but nothing shows up in File Explorer or in Device Manager.

I've tried the command prompt command noted in this thread with no luck:
How to make empty ODD show? Registry edit?

Any ideas?

Answer:Windows 8.1 doesn't recognize USB DVD Drive

Hi there
Try plugging it in BEFORE booting your system ==> check USB settings in the BIOS you might have to enable USB in Legacy mode depending on the USB drive.

Unless the computer is REALLY OLD the BIOS should recognize it as a BOOT device too -- try booting anything from it --if you haven't got a bootable CD program download something free and simple like GPARTED and just see if the CD / DVD boots.


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I have a computer at my work that is having some issues with its CD drive. Whenever I put a CD in the drive, it spins like it is reading it, but then never does autorun. Also, if I go into My Computer and double click on the drive, it enters the CD in explorer and shows a blank screen, like what would happen if you put in a blank CD-R. I also tried this with an external CD drive and another internal drive with a different IDE cable and power cord and experienced the same issues. I also obviously tried multiple CDs that work on other computers. The problem seems to be with Windows XP only because the system can boot from CD fine. I have also attempted to re-install all the original drivers. Does anyone have any ideas for what to do besides re-install XP?


Answer:CD drive doesn't recognize data on CDs

Sounds to me like the OS it's self is knackered try a repair install.

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Hi everyone!

I've just bought new HP laptop and I was trying to install a Windows XP Professional. But when I got to the Windows Setup, the next window showed me the following message:

"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer"

Can somebody please help me resolve this problem? I've never faced it before.

Thank you all in advance.

Answer:HP doesn't recognize the hard drive

Snowtown said:

Hi everyone!

I've just bought new HP laptop and I was trying to install a Windows XP Professional. But when I got to the Windows Setup, the next window showed me the following message:

"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer"

Can somebody please help me resolve this problem? I've never faced it before.

Thank you all in advance.Click to expand...

This is a New laptop? What OS did it have on it when you bought it?

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I have a year-old Acer Aspire (I know, I know!). I have no problem playing CDs - the computer recognizes them immediately and asks me which program I want to use to run the CD. BUT, when I put in a DVD, not only does it not start up automatically, My Computer doesn't recognize that there is a DVD inserted. It just sits there - no whirring sound - nothing. Although the computer is now a year old, this is the first time I've tried a DVD so I can't be certain if this problem came with the computer or if something has happened recently to cause this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Answer:Computer doesn't recognize DVD drive

You need to install video codecs on your computer, because many computers have the drive, but not the codecs. Download these, there completely free!!!
Good Luck!

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Hello all!

I have a big problem with my SATELLITE M40X-116; i was watching a movie when the immage was just stopped and since than, my CD/DVD RAM drive does not recognize any CD or DVD. What can i do?
please i need your help ASAP.
If you know what could it be the problem, please just send an e-mail at [email protected]
Thank you all for cooperation
best regards,
Marian -Romania

Answer:Sat M40X-116 - Drive doesn't recognize any CD or DVD


for me that sounds like a hardware problem. It should be checked by service and maybe the drive has to be replaced.


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Greetings everyone,I'm having problems recording.  I try to copy a mini dvd-r disc from my "D" drive (Samsung DVD-ROM) onto a regular size DVD-R disc (E drive is NEC DVDRW DL) but my D drive doesn't recognize the mini dvd.  The D drive opens up with a message informing me to place the disc to be copied into the drive!Can anyone help me figure out this problem?  I've copied the same kind of discs before with no problem but, it seems that after a couple of months with the upgraded software this problem has occured.The software I use is Roxio Easy Media Creator 8.  Could it possibly be a physical problem with the drive?  What can I do?Thanks  

Answer:DVD drive doesn't recognize mini dvd!

Usea q-tip and alcohol (not the consumable variety ) and clean the laser lens...

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I have a Packard Bell NoteBook the HDD of which I'm trying to replace the old 120GB HDD with a 60GB SSD, this was formatted and I'm trying to install Win7 via a USB. The problem is when I get to the stage where I'm asked where I would like to install it nothing shows, just clear no options at all. The message I get is "there might be something wrong with a recent hardware installation" I have checked the fitting and it is Ok. I have tried putting it back in it's caddy where it was recognized using another PC, I loaded a few music files on it and it was OK, accepted and played. Reinstall in the Packard and same thing happened. Sorry to be so long winded but I'm completely flummoxed.

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I am trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, 32-bit version, on my older PC. I got a virus, so I figured it was a good time to upgrade. I currently run Windows XP Pro. I have a PE845MAX2 motherboard. When I try to install it, I get to the screen where they are asking me where to install Windows 7. It does not recognize any drives, and asks me to browse for drivers. I have installed the SATA drivers ( I double clicked on the .exe driver file but saw no results), and disabled RAID in my bios. Still having the problem. Can you help me diagnose this problem? Thanks.

Answer:Windows 7 doesn't recognize my drive

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I have a Gateway AMD with Athlon chip running Win98SE and IE6.  This computer will not recognize a slave drive, even after I set up Bios for Auto recog.  Deleted Root Hubs in an effort to reorganize, no luck.  Have a HP2355 Printer on one USB and a camera on the other.  I am getting exasperated to say the least.  Nothing seems to work.  Anyone have any ideas?  The slave is set for slave (checked and double checked) and the Master is set for Master.  I can take the slave out in put it into another computer and it works fine.Jim

Answer:Doesn't recognize slave drive

Zevron:Do you see the slave hard drive in the BIOS setup?  If the BIOS doesn't recognize it, Windows will not, either.  Is this an external hard drive connected to a USB port?  If so, Windows 98 SE may need drivers installed before it will be able to access the drive.Let us know if you need more help.Doc

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No icon for DVD drive in THIS PC Window

Answer:K430 doesn't recognize it's DVD Drive

Shows up in Device Manager with this comment "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)"

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For some reasons my Cd player stop working on my computer? It said that the CD drive is not enable and need to be verify. I check the Devices with removable storage area but the file needed is not there? It's call and API(IMAPI) CD-Burning Com service on the computer. Can someone tell where it located or how to reinstalled so i can listen to my music again. I have Windows Media on my computer; I unstalled it and reinstalled, but it still not working. It was working fine just a few days ago. Thanks..Dallastx

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 :-/I wanted to load my new IPod software and when I went to find my CD drive (Drive D) it wasn't there! My DVD drive (Drive E) wasn't here either. What can be the issue?

Answer:My computer doesn't recognize my CD or DVD drive

Are you absolutely CERTAIN that everything is: Connected?Compatible with your other hardware?Worked at one time?

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Claymore said:

If this is an internal CD drive - and not a USB drive, try this:

Fix for missing DVD/CD drives.

Copy the code below. Open Notepad and paste it in. Save the result in a suitable location as drives.reg - making sure that the default .txt extension doesn't appear in the file name (Save as type = All Files).
Double-click on the saved .reg file to merge the contents.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





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I followed the above advice, I was able to complete it, but it did not work.

Answer:laptop doesn't recognize cd drive

may want to post the problem you currently are having, as you are quoting a 5 year old post there.....

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I just formated my hard drive (I have 2) but the extended partion on my 1st hd is inaccessable even though under computer management it says it is healthy. the thing is it doesn't have a file system assigned to it (the other 2 are NTFS)
it is a logical drive that i can access and the 2 good drives are primary partitions.

C: 127 GB....System - drive is good
D: 58 is inaccessable
H: 372 GB..... drive is good
is it possible to merge C and D back into 1 drive or will i lose the data? Is there a way to assign a NTFS file system to it withou losing data?


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Hi Folks, I plug in my flash drive and it doesn't register, i look in device manager and i see the yellow triangle next to the flash-drive device, i right click to update the device,it tells me the device driver is up to date, i click on to property's and it say's this device cannot start, code10, any advise would be appreciated,thanks.

Answer:Pc doesn't recognize flash drive

WPD FileSystem Volume Driver (Error Code 10) - Windows Vista and Windows 7
This post had the same problem and suggest using the device manufactures driver not the Windows default driver

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My computer suddenly stopped recognizing my dvd drive. when I go into the control panel it shows that it is there but it has a code 19 error. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, but it will not complete the uninstall process. It goes about one eighth of the way across the progress bar and the dialog box disappears. When I go back to the control panel it does not show up in the list until I reboot. When I reboot, it still does not show up in the file explorer.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-4500M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3530 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7640G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 455624 MB, Free - 414737 MB; F: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 196226 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, VG50_CM
Antivirus: Kaspersky PURE 3.0, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Computer doesn't recognize DVD drive

Take a look here:

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The DVD/RW writer on my laptop doesn't recognize the CD that I insert. When ever I insert a new or used CD, a message box appears "please insert CD". I cannot read, write or make back up's at all. Please help me fix this problem.

It's a Sony Vaio laptop with a Vista Home Premium OS. The DVD/RW drive was working just fine when I tried about 3-4 months ago. So restoring to a point doesn't help much as I can't remember the exact date it was working and the Vista restore points are of very recent dates.

I have done the following:
Clean boot of the system to see if any start up items are interfering with the running of the DVD/RW drive, but that is not the case.
When I check the DVD/RW drive properties, it shows device is working properly.
Checked the upper/lower filters as suggested by someone on this forum but these filters don't seem to exist
Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver again just in case but nothing works.

in plite

Answer:DVD/RW drive doesn't recognize the CD inserted.

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Hi Guys

I have 2 laptop hard drive both (20 gb) one is Hitachi and othe one is IBM . I did connected to the IDE of my Desktop computer and the first one is recognize (Hitachi) but other one (IBM) doesn't recognize .when it was connected I did open the cover and the disk is runing . please inform me with any idea and I am not sure when i did open it if everything is right place . if there is some website of the Notebook hard drive which is shows tutorial or with good pictures then i see everything is right place . I tried in google but i didn't find good one.

Answer:it doesn't recognize hard drive

The IBM may need formatting.

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my computer will burn and play music files with Real Player and Windows Media Player, open and view cds with picture or word documents. But when I try to save pictures or word documents to the CD drive/e it isn't even listed as a option. Can anyone give me some help with this?

Answer:Computer doesn't recognize dvd/cd drive

You do not save files in the traditional sense to a burner drive. You would use your burner software program to compile a list of files to burn to the CD. You have to compile the files you want to burn to a CD as you can only use a CD-R once. You can also use the MS XP Burner option. Right click the file you want to burn and choose SendTO the CD burner (E:\ drive or whatever) this will show a bubble message in the lower right hand corner. You Have Files To Be Written to the CD Double click this message to view the files. Continue compiling files to be burned, and when you are ready, put a blank CD-R in the drive go to the left pane in that window and choose Write these Files to CD It will now burn the files in this window to your blank CD-R.

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Since my Acer 5315 has Vista on it, I decided to buy the same hard drive in the Acer laptop. Bios sees the Hitachi drive with exact model number but XP doesn't even recognize that there is a hard drive. I tried using Booting Cd and I was able to format and delete the Linux distro that I put on this drive earlier because since XP didn't work I figured maybe XP would find the Linux operating system. I was wrong. I then went thru using Windows 98 fdisk,format and then it formatted the entire drive and is insrtalling Windows 98 on this drive. Will XP see the Windows 98 installation or will I be back to square one ?

Ideally the best way to install XP is for XP to see the drive but it doesn't Might someone have any ideas how to get XP to see the Hitachi drive so I can install XP ?


Answer:XP doesn't recognize my Sata drive

It's all a bit confusing....which drives have which operating systems installed?

Have you been able to successfully boot anything but Vista?

Has XP ever been bootable on this system?

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I updated to Windows Media Player a few weeks ago. Don't know whether it's related: Ever since that upgrade, Windows Media Player seems to be unaware of the DVD-ROM drive. Rebooting did not help.

I switched to an InterVideo WinDVD program that apparently came with the computer and was able to play a DVD or two, but I noticed sometimes while a DVD was playing my system would begin doing something in the background which made the playback freeze. Once that happens, the system no longer recognized the DVD-ROM drive. Now Intervideo WinDVD does not recognize my DVD-ROM drive.

Then I noticed it: An unfamiliar icon in my system tray. It's labeled "exif launcher 2" and it's overlaid by a read "don't do this" sign (similar to the no smoking circle you see all over the place), as if it's saying "exif launcher 2 is here but it's not running" or "exif launcher 2 is here but don't click on me".

This little icon never existed before I began experiencing this problem. There has been at least one automatic update from Windows in this time frame, but I can remember whether it was before or after I began experienced problems after upgrading the media player. Does anyone have any idea when Microsoft added this, and is it causing you problems, too?

I know this message is a bit vague, but I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to start debugging this problem.

Answer:System Doesn't Recognize Dvd Drive

Hi Buggedout34, and welcome to BleepingComputer.The exif launcher is a Fuji program for Quick Start for FujiFilm DP Editor.If you look in the Task Manager under Applications you will see all of the applications that are running at the time.You could also look in the Event Viewer to see what error are appearing at the time that you are experiencing this problem.Start> right click on My Computer> Manage> Event Viewer. Be sure that you choose System.The error will appear in the far left column and will appear as a red dot with a white X inside. Each of the columns has a title at the top of them, the column that you want is the Event column. When you see an error follow it to the right across the page to the event column, there will be a set of numbers in there, this is the error code. If you right click on the error code a drop menu will appear, click on Properties, another page will open which will contain a description of the error.Please post the error codes and descriptions back in this topic.

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I've been having this issue with my laptop after installing a newly formatted drive where XP refuses to install. I know about the AHCI/SATA issues, but my laptop has a Phoenix BIOS which doesn't allow me to change any advanced BIOS options, including disabling AHCI. Help!

Answer:XP Doesn't Recognize Hard Drive

I had the same problem on my HP laptop awhile back. After loading all the drivers, the installation said it couldn't locate the hard drive. I also thought it was a SATA/AHCI problem.After fiddling with all sorts of drivers, I switched "SATA native mode" to off and that's what worked. Hope this helps.

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I'm never had a problem with burning and playing a CD of any kind.
Actual DVD's play fine too.
But when I try to burn a DVD, my drive never recognizes the blank DVD ever.
I've tried TDK with no luck and now I'm using Taiyo Yuden cause I heard it was the best, but it still isn't readng it.

Anyone have any solutions? I'd really appreciate it.

Answer:My Drive doesn't seem to recognize Blank DVD's.

Is the drive capable of burning DVDs?

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At the first time insert my removable drive to my seems appear ,but when i was try to open it give me error message " please insert disk into removable drive"....
Q:how to fix this problem and make driver work well?

Please give my a detail answer to fix this problem as soon as possible?

Thank u..

Answer:Why PC doesn't recognize removable drive?

1) Have you tried the device in a different computer? If still get the same message it is probably a problem with the device

2) Try using the DriveCleanup tool on your own computer when the device is removed. (See this post for How to use the DriveCleanupTool ) Then try replugging it

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I am trying to fix problems on Windows XP Home edition accessing CD or DVD discs. The system doesn't seem to recognize discs inserted into the drive. I installed a new drive, a LITEON DVD/CD re-writer, to replace an older drive that seemed to stop working. Yet, the new drive fails in a similar way to the old drive that I just replaced. The drive appears in the BIOS, in the Device Manager, and in Windows Explorer. But it doesn't recognize a new disc inserted into the drive. If I reboot the system with a disc in the drive, then I can access the disc's contents in the usual manner, but once I eject the disc and insert another disc, then it fails again the same way. I've installed all the latest service packs and updates, and have tried to update the driver, but to no avail. Furthermore, burning a disc seems to work, and I can read the newly created disc on another computer, but not on the computer that is failing.

Answer:DVD/CD drive doesn't recognize discs

Do you have any third party software installed which is able to lock the drive...such as InCD??? If yes, try uninstalling those type of programs as that may be the cause.

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HiI am actually on hold with HP support.  They don't seem to know anything about the products.  Like the fact that their 17' laptops have the option of 2 hard drives.  And that you can change the drives and the OS.  That is the whole reason I buy them.  Anyway, after running some microsoft updates and a couple of updates for some programs, the computer no longer recognizes the second hard dirve.  It was fine yesterday morning and now it is gone. The drive itself is fine.  (I checked it on another)  The OS drive was also messed up but I was easily able to fix it with my Windows 7 disk.  Which brings me to the other problem.  HP support cannot handle it if you change your OS.  Though all the drivers are available for the Windows 7 OS on their site.  The first guy that started helping me started a program called  Thank goodness I made an system image before I called.  It is still running now.  The second person has given up without  even starting  helping when she couldn't understand the set up and told me I had to go back to Windows 8 before they could help.   i understand support is set for the lowest IT knowledge level, but they seem to know less than I do.  Anyway, I checked the connections, but it all seems fine.  I just don't think I should have to pay $30 for cable when the computer is under warranty,   Any other suggestions?  I'm... Read more

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