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Text Document - KB

Question: Text Document - KB

This is probably something very elementary, but what are all these files that say Text Document that begin with KB and then have 6 numbers. Are they important to the operation of my computer or its programs?

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Preferred Solution: Text Document - KB

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Text Document - KB

KB usually refers to the microsoft knowledge base and the files are associated with
installed windows updates.

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HP Pavilion 20-b013w All-in-one PC
Windows edition: Windows 8.1
Processor: AMD E1-1200 APU with Radeon ™ HD Graphics 1.40 GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 4.00 GB (3.58 GB usable)
System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

Devices and Drives:
OS (C:) 311 GB free of 444 GB
Recovery Image (D:) 2.42 GB free of 19.7 GB
DVD RW Drive (E:)
SDHC (F:) 2.51 GB free of 3.73 GB
Removable Disk (H:) 13.2 GB free of 14.8 GB

I use with it the original wireless keyboard and a wired mouse (which isn't the original mouse that was wireless).
I use AVG anti-virus (free) and Zonealarm Firewall (free).
Hello to all of you. This is my first post. I hope that this is the appropriate forum for this particular problem that I have.
This morning I accidentally forgot to restore some text to a Rich Text Document (rtd) before closing it; as a consequence I lost that portion of text (which is a portion that I didn't have the luxury of losing). Is there a way for me to regain that portion of text after the fact of having lost it? (I haven't been able to figure out a way to do it.) If someone can provide me with instructions as to how I can do that I would appreciate it. And if it isn't possible that I can do that then I would appreciate someone confirming it for me so that I can just let it go and move on to my next fiasco.

Answer:Can I Regain Some Lost Text In A Rich Text Document?

Help.Help. Mod Edit:  Merged posts - Hamluis.

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I created a document. Then I used a screenshot freeware to convert the doc to a jpeg.

I 'lost' the original doc but have the jpeg.

Can I convert the jpeg image back to a text document? If so how?



P.S. I hate typing!

Answer:Solved: Text in jpeg to text in document. How to?

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i am running Windows XP Pro and have a HERCULES S

Answer:trying to fax a text document

Just a bit more info perhaps? ...

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Question: No text document

XP pro,right click desktop,text document and...nothing?
ie no text document ?


Answer:No text document

ian29, Try line 153 (left column) "Restore Missing "New" and Text Doc" reg file fix at the link below. Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt.

Edited to add:
If you have Tweak UI installed open it click Templates and make sure that Text Document is checkmarked, click Apply/OK.


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i am running Windows XP Pro and have a HERCULES [email protected] 48USB scanner. When i go to scane a text document and try to send this document as a fax ,it comes back with the following reply " Can not fax this document because Microsoft Fax is not installed,Install Microsoft fax and try again". I have emailed Hercules tech. support,but have not gotten any reply as of yet. Someone told me that I need to d/l and install Microsoft Fax,but i can not find the program. Why can't my own Fax program under XP work with this scanner. Also I was told the Windows 95 or 98 has the Microsoft Fax program, can i get a bootable windows 95 or 98 cd and just install the Microsoft Fax program? Hope someone can help.
PS Love this forum,very informative.....

Answer:trying to fax a text document

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Question: new text document

hi how do i install new text document on my pc when i right click its not in listchecked .bmp in registry, shell new has 2 entriesdefault and nullfile trying to rename a bin file thanks kirriejim

Answer:new text document

Have you tried highlighting the text then control C to copy it and control V to paste it in your word proc prog or even notepad. Then save it as - with a new name.

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Probably a crappy title but oh well...

So i've been looking around for a long time and I cannot seem to find a fix. I have a few text documents that held important information for me and one day after getting a virus they either went corrupt or something else. Below is a screnshot of said documents.

I have tried:
- Saving and exporting as different file
- Restoring to a previous version
- System Restore
- I downloaded a Hex Editor that didn't work so I gave up on that.

Any thoughts?

Document pictures:

Answer:Text document help?

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Are you still infected with the virus? Do you know the name of the virus?

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I can't create an empty text document. I right-clicked on my desktop, pointed on New and then I can't see the 'New Text Document' option. I was able to make empty text documents a few weeks ago, but now I can't because the option is lost from the menu. I guess some software modified it. How can I get it back? I thoroughly scanned using sfc/scannow but it doesn't work. Please help.


Answer:'New Text Document' missing?

Here you go buddy: NEW Context Menu - Edit for Desktop

4. To restore all default items run this reg file:restore.reg

Let us know how it works for you.

Also see this one: New Context Menu - Remove & Restore Default Menu Items

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Hello everyone and thanks for your time.
I have been using Windows 7 for a long time and have gotten used to all the keys, mouse movements etc for opening stuff. Recently I bought a new Laptop with same version of Windows installed (Ultimate). However, when I right click the Desktop, the context menu of New does not show the option to Create a New Text Document. This is proving to be a real pain in the back . I have Notepad installed (by Default as it should be), and double-clicking *.txt files opens it, but the shortcut is nowhere to be seen. Please tell me why this is so and the easiest and most painless way (preferably without the need to Install something e.g. Registry Entry or Portable Program/Single *.exe Program would be better) to do it.

Answer:How to Create a New Text Document ?

Hello Forz,

You might see if using step 10 in the tutorial below will be able to restore New -> "Text Document" for you.New Context Menu - Remove & Restore Default Menu Items
If it doesn't, then download and merge the .reg file for the listed txt option in the tutorial below to restore it's default associations.Default File Type Associations - Restore
Hope this helps,

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In the 'my documents' folder ,I'd like to make the text larger but don't know how to.Could someone tell me how to do this pleaseI've tried the 'appearance' settings but do not know which one to alter to make the text biggerThank you : ))

Answer:My document text size

If you have a wheel on your mouse, hold down Ctrl on your keyboard and move the mouse wheel.

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Hi al, and a happy new yearI lost my phone and spoke to the insurance company who sent me a claim form via email in PDF format. Is there a way I can add text to the form thus enabling me to complete it in its PDF form and email it back? Or, will I have to convert it in some way? I have Office 2010 if that helps and Adobe Reader 9.Thanks againTatu

Answer:PDF Document received - Can I add text to it?

Have a look here:click here

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there is a random file on my comp called AILog.txt i have deleted it meny time's but randomley keep's apering in my computer desk top file. . . what is this file?how do i perminitly get rid of this file?please help

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Look at this image

I need to know how to do that. The above image was an example taken from my workbook. The professor wants us to write our introduction speech with those, as she calls them, "hanging paragraphs". Where the first line is aligned to the left, and the rest of the paragraph is indented inward.

How can I do that in NeoOffice 2.2.3 Patch 6?

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Anyone know how to ammend text on a doc opened with acrobat reader?

Answer:How can you ammend text on a pdf document

Not directly, unless you have Acrobat Writer. The only way I can think of is to print it, then scan the print with an OCR program.

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I scanned document as a PDF file. Now I need to add text to the document.

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Microsoft Office Document Imaging FileI have a documment that i first typed when i first bought my computer. I can not longer open it in word, it just apears as symbols but in notepad so of the text is visible. What can i do to open this document and edit it

Answer:Uneditable Text Document

right Click file - properties- make sure read only is unticked.

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Can I delete text documents without messing up my system?

Answer:can i delete text document?

If they are located in the Windows folder, I would leave them alone. If these are text documents you created, then you should be fine.

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using the ">" to add a line to a text document but it keeps adding a carriage return after the line, how can I eliminate the auto carriage return?

Answer:I am using the to add a line to a text document

What word processor are you using? Details help helpers!

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I have a 862mb text file (*.TXT) that i'm trying to get into, however my computer locks up when trying to open it.

i've tried notepad, msoft word 03 and word pad. They all fail - I've given each of the programs a very long time to open them with no success.

Anyone have an idea on getting the text file split into multiple? I really only need the last 100mbytes of the file.

Thanks in advanced.

Answer:Splitting a text document

UltraEdit. Grab the trial version and get the job done. I've opened log files that were 11GB in size before (seriously) and UltraEdit basically works on 'em without requiring the entire thing to be "loaded" before work can be done. It'll have you finished in no time...

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Question: Open Document Text

I need to open 'Open Document Text' documents in Word 2002. These have been received prepared in the Open Office WRITER programme, part of the Open Office Suite. Any ideas, please?

Answer:Open Document Text

I don't use OpenOffice myself so I could be wrong but I don't think that MS Word can open OpenOffice Write documents if they have been saved in its native format. You could ask the person who sent you the documents to save them in Word format from the File Save As dialogue and choose MS Word (.doc) in the File Type drop down box. Of course, since is free for personal use you could download it click here and install it on your own PC. If you choose a custom install you can install just the Writer if that's all you need.

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I continue to get a mysterious text file named "Rapid" appearing on my C drive. The text file includes usernames and passwords from Firefox. Any ideas? Here is my log file.

DDS (Version 1.1.0) - NTFSx86
Run by Bob Schneider at 18:31:42.21 on Sun 12/28/2008
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.13
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.3326.2471 [GMT -5:00]

AV: AVG Anti-Virus *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated)
FW: ZoneAlarm Firewall *enabled*

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedul2.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\GIGABYTE\EnergySaver\GSvr.exe
C:\Program Files\LogMeIn\x86\RaMaint.exe
C:\Program Files\LogMeIn\x86\LogMeIn.exe
C:\Program Files\LogMeIn\x86\LMIGuardian.exe
C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamservice.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee\SiteAdvisor\McSACore.exe
C:\PROGRA~1\AVG\A... Read more

Answer:Mysterious Text Document

Please disregard the last post. There was a ton of things wrong with that computer. I ended up dumping it for a brand new one. I guess that's what you get when you try and save money.

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Not long ago, I was able to open up Documents, type a word in the search bar, and any document containing that word within the text would come up. Recently it only brings up documents with said word in the title. It'll bring up Notepad (.txt, I think) files containing the word within, but not Wordpad, which I use almost exclusively. I've tried changing settings and everything I could think of. I could open every single one and click the binoculars that let me search within the opened doc, but I got a job...

Any solutions?

Thanks so much!


Answer:Can't search for text within document


Please check your search setting in explore (I assume that's the search engine)? If not what software are you opening to search with?

In explorer initiate a search & then stop it. Click Search options & check your settings there: -

This should search for document with that word in the title & text.

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Every thing was fine until tonight and I have no idea what I have done.
I have Text Document on deskktop and have entries in it,
I could add entries or delete items until tonight.

But I did somethng tonlght which floors me.

I opened Text Doc and found I could not add.or delete anything. The cursor is there and moves around and will highlight text
When I highlight a line or more of text it is highlited with on the left, end an icon (Accelerator) and no delete possible.

I can click on the Accelerator symbol a popup box with to list a few: Email with windows;search bing; Map with Bing; Search with Google. P{lus several others.

I have searched all info re accelerators but unable to delete or disable ths thing.

How can I remove Accelerator and get back to normal?

Advice apprecilated

Answer:Text Document problem ,(win 7 , IE8)

Uhhh...use Notepad not IE...right-click the file > Open with...

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I Go To Desktop, Right Click>New>No New Text Document??

How Do I Get It Back

Answer:[SOLVED] New Text Document?


Originally Posted by JoltFreak

I Go To Desktop, Right Click>New>No New Text Document??

How Do I Get It Back

Hi JoltFreak -

Welcome back to TSF.

That is a very good question. I tried it myself and it does not work. I have never used the right-click on the desktop. But I will try to find out -and get back to you - or someone who knows the answer will post and solve this.

In the interim, to bring a new Notepad up - click on start; then type Note; press enter.

Regards. . .


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I have a pdf document that I downloaded from the internet. I just want to copy the text of a paragraph or two to cite as a quotation in another work--fair use and the source is duly noted. However I am unable to highlight any of the text in order to copy it to the clipboard. I have downloaded the trial version of a dozen or more so-called "pdf copy text protection removal" programs, but so far nothing seems to work. What am I missing? Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks for any and all responses!

Answer:Can't Copy Text From pdf Document!

Capture it with the snipping tool and print it, Then scan it into Word. Might work!

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I have a four page document that has a few images in it. Is there some software (free)nthat I can use to scan it and edit it in Word?

Answer:Scan Document to Text

You may well have received an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programme with the scanner that you are going to use to scan your document. The OCR programme will attempt to convert the resulting picture of the text in the scanned document into editable text.

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I'm having a problem when it comes to opening txt. files. It says acces denied. And that I need to be an administrator. The fun thing is that, I'm the only user on this PC. What to do?


Answer:I can't open my text document. Need permission from myself?

Hi Spax,

Go to the User Accounts in the Control Panel and check your it listed as an administrator? Besides text files, can you open other files such has Microsoft Office files? Do you re-call when was the last time you were able to open up a text file on your computer?

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ok.. I was trying to copy photos from a fisher price tough kids camera ( has no memory card) to my computer. was viewing the photos when the camea was disconnected. the file on my computer now reads ccErrDspLog.text. can this be reversed back to photos? I'm not very computer literate.

Answer:photos turned into text document

It seems that file is merely a log file of the error that was generated by the device when it was unplugged. It doesn't hold any pictures inside the file, merely a computer message that says there was an error transferring the photos. If they are still on the device (it sounds like they should still be), it should be easy to just transfer them again.

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Hi guys, this may seem a simple question on how to copy and paste but is giving me a huge headache.
I am trying to copy the script (text) only of an email received in hotmail in to Microsoft Word to create a document which I can then post as a letter.
When I select and copy all is fine, but when I try to past it in to Word, Windows stops the program saying a problem has been found.
What can I do? Are there alternatives? Am I doing something wrong?
I am running Windows Vista home basic.

Answer:hotmail text to word document

Hello and welcome to TSF,

depends on the word version you have just paste the text as unformatted text
in word 2003 and older: Edit -> Paste special -> unformatted text
Word 2007 and above: click on the arrow under the paste button (under the office button) and choose paste special

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hi, im a windows 2000 home XP user
i created a word file writing an important paper, and mistakenly deleted most of the text a few days ago.
is there ANY way that i can recover text i deleted? i have the file saved after deleted the important part.
i dont have any saved versions...
hope someone can HELP or ill have to do it all over again..
thanks in advance!

Answer:undeleting text in a word document

I am afraid you are sol unless you had track changes on.

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Hi to all.
Christiane has the situation where every new document she opens has the same three lines of text appearing. She deletes them and types her ducument and saves it ok. Next blank document she opens - the three lines of text re-appear.
How do I reset her blank document to be blank?

Answer:MS Word 2000 same text every document

1. could be loading a template
2. could be a virus

check both

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So i i try to create a text document in disc C and it says meUnable to create file "New text document" Access denied>>P>P sry for my bad english

Answer:error cannot text document on disc C

How are you trying to create the text document? Using some software? Name of it please.Using command prompt with "copy CON"?NigelMobo: Asus P7P55D LEOS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional OEMCPU: Core i5 750 @ 2.67 GHzRAM: Corsair Dominator DHX+ DDR3 1600MH 4GBGPU: Sapphire 4870 D

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Hello everyone, im trying to get rid of an explorer.exe crash that gives no Craschdump files or eventviewer errorsSo im thought of using "ShellMenuView" and Save the current active shells, and when the crash occures take a Save again and match those twobut it will take forever to look it manual so i need a matcher program for it:/ any help?

Answer:2 text document matcher program?

Lol i got an crash recently but didnt do anything more than
1. Saved an jpg file from a forum
1. Ran Winrar and opened Shellmenuview and saved a txt
3. pressed shutdown computer ..

did those steps now but nothing happens..

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hi this is my first post and I'm not sure if this is even the right section. Here it goes: I wrote my PhD thesis outline using OpenOffice 2.2 and saved it to my USB key. God love me, but I cannot open the document either on my laptop (sadly running on Windows Vista) nor on my friend's iBook G4.  When opening through OpenOffice, the error message says: cannot read, document is not in WinWord97 and when I try with AppleWorks 6 it says that Translator could not read or translate the document. When we try to open the document on the windows computer all we see are strange hieroglyphics where there should be text.What can we do? Is the text lost forever? What may have happened? Any advice is welcome

Answer:thesis text document lost? on usb key

So you can't open it with Open Office on the same computer?What if you try copying the file back to the computer it was originally made on.

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First, I'm using a laptop with windows vista. I was writing a text document but didn't save it. I then set my laptop to hibernate and when I turned it back on the file was gone. Any way to recover it?

*update* Hah nevermind I found the text document stored in another folder, whew. But just for the knowledge, is there a solution to this problem?

Answer:Recover a lost text document

using notepad, word or what other text editor?

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I have searched everywhere on the web and I can't find a solution for it.
I changed my default text editor from notepad to PSPad (Programming), and after that my ability to add New Text Documents by right-clicking and going to New>Text Document has disappeared. I don't know how to fix it, I even tried putting Notepad as the default again, but it didn't work.

Answer:[SOLVED] Can't Create New Text Document

Hi, may not be easy to do this however lets see what you have here. Go to start, search and type regedit the reg editor will open Navigate to:-

and expand in the right payne look for the string value "Item Name"
it should have this entry against Item Name:-

If not then right click select modify and copy and paste the above into the box. Reboot to take effect.

If you wish you can select file from regedit and export this key to desktop call it txt.reg and if anything goes wrong you can double click it to merge back to registry.

If doing this worries you just tell us what you see in the registry , I can write you a .reg file to do this for you.

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I don't have a Rich Text document to use when I want to open a new file. I have WordPerfect X3. But I don't have the disk to download the program again.

So all I can use is a text document or WordPerfect X3.

The Rich Text Document has been missing for a while now.

Is there something that I can download from Microsoft to get it back? I have been searching and can't find anything.

Answer:Solved: The Rich Text Document is gone.

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Answer:Editting text in MS Publisher Document

I have a booklet I designed in MS Publisher 2000 and am trying to edit the text that I earlier put into a text box. However, whenever I move the cursor towards the text I get the 'Little Van' icon appear and the words "Picture Frame - Double Click to Change" How do I get rid of this and highlight the words in order to edit them? I realise this must be something quite simple bit it's cracking me up.

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I've never had this problem before, so I don't know if it's got to do with how Windows 8 is set up, if there's a bug with OneDrive, or what, but I spent all day typing up a document- saving it several times throughout -before I saved it one last time to unplug my computer and take it to my bedroom. When I plugged it back in again, started it up, and opened the document to go over it again, the entire document was blank. I could highlight a huge chunk of the paper, but there were no words, no indentations, and no separate paragraphs. My font had been Calibri, and now it says that it's Courtier New. What's happened? OneDrive online won't even open it, and when I copy the invisible text to a new page, to see if the page itself is maybe corrupt, the only thing that pastes is one line like someone tapped the enter button on a brand new page.
This frustrates me to no end, and it's happened before. In the past, I've caught it quickly enough that I can access it on OneDrive before it updates itself online, and I can save it. But the messed up file updated itself too fast for me to salvage anything this time.
In the past, I've also had this happened when I attempt to open OneDrive too quickly after restarting my computer. The whole page is blank, because the text hasn't been loaded yet because my computer was still connecting with OneDrive... or something... but then all I had to do was wait and open the document again and it would be fine. But now? Is it really anything to do with th... Read more

Answer:Missing text on a saved document

Which program are you using for writing. Also you say that "could highlight a huge chunk of the paper, but there were no words, no indentations, and no separate paragraphs" Font maybe set to white so it's invisible, can you change it's color in that program ? What kind of text file is it ? Can you open it with another text editor ?

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Hello how can I copy the text from a photo emailed me and either convert to a document or paste on translation site . I have tried most things but am not an expert ... a real novice . Thank you for your time

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1/ i have a document that i have scanned with paintshop pro into .jpg; then i print it to adobe distiller as a pdf and then convert it to .rtf via bcl drake ( i know it's a long winded process, but i dont know a more efficient way to get text from a hard copy); anyway, i have tried it once or twice in the past and it worked but now in the .rtf format, i can't seem to highlight the text so that i can cut and paste the raw text.

Anyone know a better way?

2/also, on a brochure, there are diff. pictures, and i want to extract one of the pictures and use it as logo; what's the easiest way to grab just that picture from that page?


Answer:need help extracting text from a scanned document

Scanning text as text rather than an image requires OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. Most scanner software includes some version of OCR.

If you scan the document in using OCR, you might have an easier time of it when converting to pdf and I know you'll be able to copy text.

Unfortunately, OCR is limited in what it can do. It has to look at the document being scanned and basically guess what character the mark on the page represents. The more limited (i.e., cheaper) the OCR software, the worse it will be at guessing. The poorer the quality of the original (faded type, photocopier smudges, colored paper, etc.) the more often it will guess wrong. The more heavily formatted the document (forms, tables, borders, lines), the more mistakes the software will make.

After you've scanned using OCR, just open it in a word processing program and clean up any mistakes.

As far as getting one image from a page, just scan the page in as an image, open it in some graphic/picture editing software (even MS Paint should be able to do this), use the selection tool to select the picture and either copy and paste it into a new image or use the "crop" or "edit" feature of the software you use to take out everything but what you have selected. Then save it.

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The other day my friend changing the settings on our routers (wifi shared by multiple people in the house) and introduced a second router to enable him to get greater access to the internet. However, since this date I have had a couple of warnings over DNS cache poisoning attacks and same IP address being located on the router (I think ...sorry my IT knowledge is very limited).
I read about flushing my DNS cache which I have done but also about resetting my hosts, Ive tried to do this but when I go the system32 and drivers section and then the etc folder to rename the hosts file and create another I cannot create a new text document as I do not have that option when I right click (only new folder)
I have tried to look at online solutions but got a little lost
When I go into Regedit is shows the following
Default  Reg_SZ txtfile
Content Type   Reg SZ text/plain
Perceived Type  Reg SZ text
under persistency handler it shows
default Reg SZ (5e94qd80-bf96-11cd-b579-08002b30bfeb)
Default  Reg SZ and There is nothing under the data column
Item name Reg_Expand_SZ @=%SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe,-470
Null file  Reg_SZ and again nothing under the data column
Can anyone help please?

Answer:Cant add new text document to reset hosts

It's better not to mess with the registry!
Try following the instructions provided by Microsoft on this page Reset Hosts file to default

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I saved a load of images and some text files and put them onto a CD, my image viewer is Irfanview, the are all now JPEG, I now want to edit one of the text ones, but i can not find any way of doing it, I can not highlight any of it and "copy" all i can do is drag a box round the text, and then it will copy, i have opened MS Word, but still i can not alter it, any ideasthanks

Answer:JPEG back to a text document...

A .jpeg is for compressing pix and is low resolution with a bitmapped appearance - text requires a far, far higher level of resolution.

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The text in my documents is in a fairly narrow column, instead of spread wide to the edges of the program screen. Things were find on another computer, but when I moved to a new PC and started loading up documents they were narrower.

Note 1: The documents print fine. It's only their appearance on the screen that's narrow.

Note 2: Nothing in the 'page setup' options area has helped.


Answer:Word 97: Document text is not spread out like it used to be

any thing in view
have you got web layout or print layout ??
is it set to normal

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Well, the title says it all: I must have made something wrong and the "new text document" no longer appears in the contextual menu of Explorer.
The other types of document are still available (right click - new ...) and notepad is still correctly associated with .txt files.

Any clue is welcome!


Answer:[SOLVED] New text document no longer available

Hi pderwael !

Here's how to restore the option :

Fyi it's one of the first hits in google when searching for "new text document missing"

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Okay I am new at this so bear with me,
I have a Hewett Packard all-in one (printer/scanner/copier)
What I am trying to do is scan a document and change certain parts of the text of scanned document, when I try to do this the document is "protected" from being edited.
Does anyone know of a program I can download and edit the parts I want to?

Have MS windows 2000 on the computer I use.
Thankyou in advance for the help.

Answer:Document scan / Text editor

Sounds like you need OCR.

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I'm trying to create what for all intents and purposes is an e-book that includes some animated figures, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this.It will be a very long text document (circa 80,000 words), which will need to have consistent styles, automated numbering systems for headings, figures, etc, and a means of handling references, such as what you see with EndNote and similar programs. The animations are currently gif images, and they will need to loop when displayed in the document. The final product would be saved as a pdf, which I understand is capable of displaying animations?Does anyone know if it is possible to get Word 2010 to handle animations, and if so, how? I know it's capable of all the other requirements, although it's a bit dodgy and prone to corruption with long documents, so I'll use sub-documents and a good backup system to get around this.Alternatively, does anyone know of a good text editor that would meet all the above requirements?Thanks in advance for your advice.

Answer:How to create a text document with animations

To the best of my knowledge, you can NOT display animation in a Word doc.If you save the document as a Web page, you can see the animation with a browser,but that does not sound like what you have in mind.Powerpoint may be an alternative, but I'm not sure.Alternatively, does anyone know of a good text editor that would meet all the above requirements?Here is a couple of lists: can probably find more using a Google search.MIKE

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I am looking for software that I can convert email addresses from a scanned document into some sort of text image that I can paste to Excel or word pad. I tried CVista pdfcompressor but didn't have much luck with that.Thanks Kevin

Answer:converting text from a scaned document (.jpg) to .txt

your scanning software has to have a OCR engine built into it.Did you check to see if you had it and if it was on?What scanning software are you using?

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Please excuse my ignorance in advance. I have been totally left behind by the speed of the technology. I defragged my hard drive and the report stated that this file would not defrag. McAfee\MBK\Exceptions.txt. I have found out that the MBK is a McAfee Backup folder, but the text file is huge (6,012,106KB). It is so large that I was even afraid that I didn't have an application to open a file that large. I know that this is a text file, but am unsure of why it won't defrag. or if I can safely delete it. I do know that I want it gone if possible. Any help or info that can be given would be greatly appreciated. This is the msg. that I got when I checked on this file - Displays the path and name of the most fragmented files on the volume and the number of fragments, those files are in. If you use these files frequently, there might be a large impact on your system performance.Many Thanksozhawk

Answer:Is It Safe To Delete This Text Document

Hello ozhawk,

The file in question is not that large, it is around the same size as an audio file. The probable reason for it not being defragged is that mcafee is using the file to perform operations. If you want the file gone, you will most likely have to remove mcafee and install an appropriate substitute for mcafee.

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I want to have expanding text in my word document but i can't find out how to do it.I want something similar to xml, where you can click on the + button, to expand text and the - button to minimize the text.I'm running Microsoft Word 2002 SP3 on Windows XP Home.Any help will be gratefully received.

Answer:Expanding text in a word document?

depends on what you want it for, you can either hold ctrl and if you have a wheel mouse move it while holding the button down. or edit, select all and change font sizejohnny.

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Dunno how but suddenly lost 'Text Document' from the 'New' menu (as in right-clicking the desktop and selecting 'New')

Durned if I can find a fix with Google - anyone here able to give me a clue?


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I do not know how this happened but my wordpad files open allright but appear with a text icon instead on the screen. How can i restore the wordpad icon?Can anyone please help?Thank you in advance!!!

Answer:wordpad document with text icon

Try re-associating the document with wordpad.Select the document in question,Right Click,Select Properties (usually down the bottom of the popup)In the Properties window, near the top, there should be a section that readsType of File:Opens With:Next to the Opens With line there is a Change buttonclick on the Change button and select Wordpad from the list.If Wordpad is not on the list, select Browse and navigate to the wordpad.exe file.MIKE

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I use OpenOffice Writer and I wrote several pages of text that's really kinda important and I have no idea about computers at all so getting it back isn't going well. Basically, I've got an old laptop and occasionally the battery dies without giving me any notice before hand (I try to keep an eye on it but I get absorbed in my work so that usually ends badly), however a lot of the time openoffice manages to recover the work I've done. In fact this is the first time that I can remember when it hasn't been able to. So I'd love to know how to recover my lost work - it's not a full document, just the stuff I was working on today, but it's still a lot of work and I need it back. Help please?

Answer:lost text from a recovered document

You will only be able to recover up to the latest AUTOSAVE. The timing of these is up to you to set from within OpenOffice (and I don't know what it defaults to).
You might try looking in your TEMP folder - wherever that is set to- , or, your Office TEMP folder if that is different (it is in MS Office).

I suggest that if you have an iffy machine, you set the default to a shortish time.

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I have a physically handwritten document(like a peice of paper with something written on it) which was scanned and now it is an image file (tif) , i need to convert this into text. I really need help

The thing is i researched on google and many forums but most of the results are , download an OCR software , Use a tablet pc , use acrobat .

The thing is the OCR software is not able to convert this image file into text
I dont have a tablet PC
I used acrobat and that never helped.

I tried a few softwares which convert handwritten documents into text but it still did not work.

can someone help me out with this puzzle ?

The thing is i have a load of handwritten files which i have to type out into text using notepad or word. If i can just convert the file into text that would save me a lot of time and effort so

Answer:Need help with converting a handwritten scanned document into text

You need to use OCR software with a scanner. Do not see any need for a tablet pc.

Here are some reviews of OCR software.
OCR - Reviews and Price Comparisons from PC Magazine

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Okay, I seem to be lucky enough to get all of the "weird" situations. I have a three page document and just two areas on page 3 show the words as totally being reversed. The original document was created in Word 2003 (on a PC) and the laptop uses the Microsoft Office 2010. When the document is opened on the laptop, this issue happens, but when I take the same jump drive and open it with the PC using Word 2003, everything is perfect.

Is there any way to fix this on the laptop documents? Any idea what causes this or why it happens?

I saw this before here at work but didn't even realize it had to do with whatever program is opening the existing document until today - duh!


Answer:Solved: MS Word - some text in document is reversed?

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I have a wide text HTML page that I am trying to print but it is being cropped by Windows, and I wondered if there was a setting that forced the entire web page to print on a single A4 page (without having to drop the text size etc manually or reduce the margins etc).An easy way to see that problem is to go into FILE->PRINT PREVIEW and you will see that the print preview crops this page as well.

Answer:Print a text HTML document on one page

this page appears fine in print preview, what if you tried landscape?johnny.

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Hi, firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider this post.
My problem is this: A paper I had spent a few months writing got accidentally deleted from a USB which I had saved it to- and unfortunately I was dumb enough not to back it up. After basically breaking down, I found out about a program called eSupport Undelete Plus and got a copy. After installing it, I was able to easily find the file- and had regained hope as the program stated it's status to be "Excellent", as opposed to "Fair" or "Overwritten". But, my feeling of triumph quickly became diminished after I restored the file and opened it to only see a mish-mash of strange characters... which prompted my visit to this forum. The file size is about 29KB, which is the size I (strangely) remember the original copy to have. Hopefully there is a way to 'translate' this seemingly bizarre format? I would appreciate any support offered. Thank you again.

Answer:Please help me decode a (seemingly well) recovered text document

Hi, and Welcome to MG!

Try Recuva and see if you get the same mishmash characters.

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  Each time that I select a text and attempt to print only that text exactly where it is aligned on the page, Microsoft software always moves the selected text to the top of the page to print.  I know how to select > copy > paste to another page and move the text to where I want it, but that is time-consuming compared to simply select > print as Corel WordPerfect allows one to do. I have used both Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Word for fifteen years.  Corel WP is able to do as I am describing---Select a portion of a document > Print > Selected text > Print---and it prints the selected text exactly where it is located on the document rather than moving it to the top of a page to print .Is that possible with Microsoft software?

Answer:How can I print a selected text exactly as it is aligned on the document?

Welcome!Computer Hope is the number one location for free computer help. We help everyone with all computer questions.Yes, Word Perfect has that.No, I have never seen it in MS word.However, this might help: Create a shortcut key for printing selected text in Word

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hi there - my father is working on a large word document in word 97 - he is not very computer literate and has not been backing up his files. He has somehow managed to delete virtually all of the text on around 160 pages, and this version of his document has been saved (he only has 2 characters on 1 page in total). I have gone into the versions option in the File menu, but there are no previous versions listed, I guess because he had not activated this function. Everything points toward the information being lost, except that if i look in the file's properties it seems that the file still appears to be about the right size (around 660kb). Does this mean that his text may still exist somewhere in the file, and may then be recoverable? (i would have thought with virtually no text the file should be much smaller). It also says that there have been 98 revisions of his documents. Is there any way to access an earlier revision, prior to him deleting all of this text?

I would appreciate any information or advice extremely, even if it is just to clarify that he has lost this file for good.

Answer:please help - recovering lost text in word 97 document

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I'm having so much trouble with MS Word 2007 that I have been using MS Works to compose documents. Can someone tell me how to change the default setting for text size? I can change it for the document I'm working on, but then it reverts to the default size and I have to do it all over for the next document. Thanks.

Answer:How change text size in MS Works document?

Works is a truly dread program and isn't compatible with what others generally use. You would be better off trying to get to grips with Word 2007 and there are many free tutorials to help you, such as

But if you can't master it then try the free Open Office

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I have files from a previous version names " 1.1 text document" that my new windows 8 cannot open.
Any chance I can recuperate those files ? Thanks a lot.

Answer:how open 1.1 text document on windows 8

Do you have OpenOffice installed on your machine?

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I am working on a simple word document and I have a font that has both black and white color to it. Is there a way to invert the color of the font? When I invert the color in Paint, it changes the white background to black, too, which I do not want.

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On the same issue I would like to return text which corresponds with the amount but appears on the next columnJack 1234Blank BlankBlank BlankMartin 234Blank BlankMark 5436

Answer:Assistance on how to return text on a document with blank ce

Try this untested version. I don't have acess to your file right now, but I'm pretty sure this should work.
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
'Determine if the date was entered into specified cell
If Target.Address = "$A$7" Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
'Clear old data from cells in Table
Range("$B$10:$C" & Rows.Count).ClearContents
'Find the Date in Sheet 1Row 1
With Sheets(1).Rows(1)
Set d = .Find(Target)
If Not d Is Nothing Then
'Loop through Sheet 1 table, pulling non-blank data
lastRw = Sheets(1).Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
For Each cell In _
Sheets(1).Range(Sheets(1).Cells(2, d.Column), _
Sheets(1).Cells(lastRw, d.Column))
If cell <> "" Then
nxtrw = nxtrw + 1
Range("$B$9").Offset(nxtrw, 0) = Sheets(1).Cells(cell.Row, 1)
Range("$B$9").Offset(nxtrw, 1) = Sheets(1).Cells(cell.Row, d.Column)
End If
'Display message if Date Not Found
Else: MsgBox "Date Not Found"
End If
End With
''Sum Sheet2 Column C
If Range("C10") <> "" Then
'Put SUM formula in C31
Range("B31") = "Total"
Range("C31").Formula = "=SUM(C10:C30)"
End If
Application.EnableEvents = True
End If
End SubClick Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.message edited by DerbyDad03

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I have a document written in Rich text, which I want to convert into MS Word. Can anyone tell me how. Thank you

Answer:Convert Rich Text Document to MS Word

Just open the document with Word then "Save As" a Word document. RTF documents are compatible with Word and probably all other wordprocessors.

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Is there a simple way to capture a block of text in a Word (2007) document and paste it in another Word document as a graphic image exactly as it is in the source document?
I just discovered that the method I have been using for years actually doesn't work as well as I thought. I had been selecting the text I wanted, copying it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C), then pasting it into the target document using Paste Special (Alt+Ctrl+V) and then selecting Microsoft Word Word Document Object. I then remove the link by selecting the image and using Ctrl+Shift+F9.
I guess I had never copied an entry from the middle of a numbered list before. When I did that just now, I discovered that Word renumbered the list so that it showed up as "1.". The same thing happens if I paste it as an enhanced metafile picture. Putting aside what I consider the idiocy of of this happening, I now need a way to get a copy that has not been reformatted or renumbered. (sheesh)
I tried saving the document as PDF and capturing that text. That's even worse. It comes in as unformatted text.
I tried using a screen capture tool (SnagIt). It works, but the resolution is not great.
After some fiddling around, I tried saving the document in png format. Word saved each page as a separate file, but it works. I can then open the pages I want in something like IrfanView, draw a rectangle around the text I want, copy it to the clipboard, and then paste it to the target document. Using this me... Read more

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Normally when I want to copy text from a .pdf, I simply place my cursor at the starting point and drag it down until it covers all the text I want to copy and page. It is a slow process but for a small amount of text it is not a burden. But if I need to copy a large amount of text (pages) it can be slow going. Is there some way I can speed up the process?

Answer:Copying large amounts of text in .pdf document

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Hey all,

A friend of mine has an issue with her MS Word program.

When she opens the program, there is already text there from a document she typed a while back. Even when she clicks to open a new document, the same text is still there.

Highlight it all and click cut or backspace and all the text disappears to a blank document like it should.

I tried looking for a setting that might take care of it, but I must be missing something.

It acts like a homepage being hijacked by spyware, it's just odd to me. Tried googleing for the answer but I couldn't really come up with anything. Though I may not have worded it correctly to give me the answer.

So any ideas here?

Answer:MS Word document opens with text already present

Try deleting NORMAL.DOT

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Hey guys ive got a problem with a customers Mac laptop he has just upgraded to the new OS i believe its called Mavricks or something, He is writing a book and its getting published soon.

He inserted a small image into one of the pages of the 254 page document and its corrupted alllll of the text into some weird looking script. Its also a pdf document if that means anything, I dont do alot of work on Mac's either

If anyone could help me out thatd be great im thinking maybe theres a patch to fix it, if! it was the OS upgrade that caused the problem or maybe a text / script translator? Ive also attached a picture of one of the pages.

Regards, Luke.

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How can I change a file that is an Open Document Text to a PDF file?

Answer:change Open Document Text to PDF file

I use doPDF7.1 free PDF converter.

You can use this on many things because you "choose Print and select doPDF"

Look below here on this page at the Similar Threads also.

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I am a musician who uses the 'rich text document' program for lyrics to songs.The margins are set to allow as much text on one page as possible but thatisn't the issue. The issue is; I double space the lyrics so I can use the line between the lyric for (letter) chordsymbols over the word I want for the chord change. example: G D7 1. BENEATH THE CROSS OF JESUS, I GLADLY TAKE MY STAND G THE SHADOW OF A MIGHTY ROCK, WITHIN A WEARY LAND C A HOME WITHIN THE WILDERNESS, A REST UPON THE WAY G D7 FROM THE BURNING OF THE NOONTIDE HEAT, AND BURNING OF G G+ THE DAY.everything looks good in print review but when I print it out the chord symbolsdon't match the word beneath by 2 to sometimes 4 spaces.Is this something between the text and the printer or somehow am I not using R.T.D.correctly?Thanks for your time.Mike:0)

Answer:Problem with Rich Text Document program

It might be because your using a font with a variable width. In other words, an i is going to be narrower then other letters, and letters like w or m are going to be wider. Try changing it to a fixed width font like courier.

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Well, I don't know why, but it looks strange.


Answer:Vista - No option to create a text document?

I'm running Ultimate 64-bit and it's an option, Text Document... *shrugs*

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I have around 50-60 folders that all contain notepad documents with text inside of them. Lets say one of the folders contains a notepad document with the text "popcorn". How might I find that particular folder or notepad document (either one. doesn't matter) that contains "popcorn" withjout manually going through every folder/document to find the one with "popcorn"?

This should help you understand if the above wasn't understandable:

Each folder goes like this:
10-12-13 (the date the folder was created)>10-12-13 Pictures (sub folder) and the notepad document. To clarify, the main folder 10-12-13 contains a sub folder and the notepad document. Now we are back to "popcorn". Say i want to find a folder/notepad document with the text "popcorn" in it. How would i do that without manually going through every folder and notepad document?

Answer:How to search for text in a notepad document (please read)

Hi, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Here's how:Let's say you have the main folder named 2013, containing subfolders for each month (JAN through DEC), and these subfolders in their turn subfolders for each day
Open Windows Explorer showing the content of the main folder 2013
Windows Search includes now the folder 2013 and all its subfolders (Search always searches the folder open in Explorer and everything underneath it)
Type your search term to Search (top right), telling the Search it should search for file content:

The search filter content:search term tells the Search to search the content of all files in all files in current folder and all its subfolders
Read more:Windows Search - Configure and Use
Search - Find More with Filters and Operators


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I don't know what I did but the new text document is missing when I right click on the desktop. I've read all the relevant posts here in this forum and downloaded many .reg files but none of them works. The shellnew key exists and everything else looks good but the new text document option is just missing! Is there any other way I can fix it? Thanks!!!

Answer:New Text Document missing from context menu

Try the solutions in this thread.

'New Text Document' missing?

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Hi my friends.

Every time , when i write swedish text and clicking save, it opening dialog about ANSI and Unicode. When i click ok it saves as ANSI and then text was incorrect. When i click cancel and choose Unicode, it saves ok with correct letters. Now, i want to know that maybe there is a way that will not open dialog box about codecs and will save as unicode automat. How can i do it?


Answer:[SOLVED] Saving text document unicode

What software are you using to write the text?

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Is there a simple way to capture a block of text in a Word (2007) document and paste it in another Word document as a graphic image exactly as it is in the source document?
I just discovered that the method I have been using for years actually doesn't work as well as I thought. I had been selecting the text I wanted, copying it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C), then pasting it into the target document using Paste Special (Alt+Ctrl+V) and then selecting Microsoft Word Word Document Object. I then remove the link by selecting the image and using Ctrl+Shift+F9.
I guess I had never copied an entry from the middle of a numbered list before. When I did that just now, I discovered that Word renumbered the list so that it showed up as "1.". The same thing happens if I paste it as an enhanced metafile picture. Putting aside what I consider the idiocy of of this happening, I now need a way to get a copy that has not been reformatted or renumbered. (sheesh)
I tried saving the document as PDF and capturing that text. That's even worse. It comes in as unformatted text.
I tried using a screen capture tool (SnagIt). It works, but the resolution is not great.
After some fiddling around, I discovered a Rube Goldberg procedure that works.
Save the Word document as a PDF.
Open it in Acrobat and save it as a series of pages in png format.
Open the pages I want in something like IrfanView, draw a rectangle around the text I want, copy it to the clipboard, and then pa... Read more

Answer:Capture text in Word document as graphic

Which version of Windows?Windows Vista (as long as it is not Vista Basic) and newer has the Windows Snipping Tool. It can capture a portion of the screen as an image file than can then be imported/pasted into the document. It may or may not suffer from the same resolution issue you encountered with SnagIt.The other option to try is to turn off the "smart" lists in Word 2007. Personally, I tend to turn those off anyway as they tend to annoy me more than they help me. Here are instructions on how to do that:

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I have office '03 and am trying to I want to scan a text document, transfer it to word but keep the format of the original scanned document as I want to change some of the text. I have look on office help but there is just to much information on there. A point and click explanation if possible if indeed it is possible. Thank you for any help in this matter

Answer:Keeping the format of a scanned text document

You can scan it using Optical character recognition (OCR) software if the scanner supports it and save it as a word document or and RTF. Unfortunately it won't retain the formatting very well and it will struggle with some of the special characters. But you will be able to edit it, so you should be able to reformat it back the way it was.

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I upgraded two computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I just noticed today that a right click in a folder does not have anything other than New Folder under New. Windows 7 had several choices (Folder,Shortcut,Rich Text Document, Text Document, Wave Sound and more).

My wife's W8 works properly and a W7 VM works properly.

Does anyone know what is going on?

Answer:Right click in folder does not show New->Text Document

New Context Menu - Restore Default Items in Windows 10

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I have a problem loading a user name with my code, when i put out the values to lables it has the correct user name, but once it gets to the lines in bold the program fails, but if i hard-code it in it works? any ideas?

Imports System.Net.Mail
Public Class Form1
Dim start As Integer = 0
Dim t4 As Integer = 0
Dim firstopen As Integer = 0
Dim localip As String
Dim internetipa As String
Dim today As String
Dim message As String
Dim gmail_username As String
Dim gmail_password As String
Dim user_email As String
Dim frequency As Integer = 1000
Dim runtime As Integer = 0
Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick
runtime += 1
Dim h As String = My.Computer.Clock.LocalTime.Hour
If h > 12 Then h = h - 12
Dim min As String = My.Computer.Clock.LocalTime.Minute
If min < 10 Then min = "0" + min
Dim month As String = My.Computer.Clock.LocalTime.Month
Dim day As String = My.Computer.Clock.LocalTime.Day
Dim year As String = My.Computer.Clock.LocalTime.Year
Dim second As String = My.Computer.Clock.LocalTime.Second
today = ("Date" & month & "/" & day & "/" & "/" & year & " Time " & h & ":" & min & ":" & second)
start = 2
Dim time As Integer = 0
time = time + 1
Dim strHostName As String
Dim strIPAddress As String
strHostName = System.Net.Dns.GetHostName()
strIPAddress = System.Net.Dns.GetHostByNam... Read more

Answer:Solved: Problem Loading Text Document

Figured it out it was an error with the loading of the text documents??? Reading the documents should have gone like this and it works
user_email = My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllText("C:\usermail.txt")

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I have a .doc that im trying to use as an template in another program. I cannot simply copy/paste the document into this other app, I have to recreate it using textboxes, lines, rectangles, etc and its becoming a pain to get it looking exactly like the original document.
This would be so much easier if I can simply create image of the original document and embed it into my other app. However I'm now having trouble creating a high quality image of this word document. Doing a print screen and saving as TIFF or PNG in MS paint fails to preserve the original text quality.
Is it possible to do this some other way? thanks

Answer:creating an lossless image of a text document

eon said:

Doing a print screen and saving as TIFF or PNG in MS paint fails to preserve the original text quality.Click to expand...

Either you're doing it wrong (because it does preserve quality) or you're scaling the image, in which case you'd be better off with some kind of vector-based graphic, a la SVG.

Have an example of what you mean by 'fails to preserve the original text quality?'

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Hi everyone, first time poster here, hoping you guys might be able to shed some light on my issue.

Basically, I'm a band leader, and I need to get these chord charts online for my ensemble. Now, on my computer these chords read perfectly, however, when I upload them the chords and the text go out of line (pictured).

Ive tried saving as a PDF and that seemed to just break the file totally (wouldn't open).
Currently downloading Apache Open Office to see if switching it over to that before upload will help.

Any advice greatly appreciated, especially if it doesn't involve me having to re-edit this metric load of chord charts.

Thanks everyone!



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I just sent an e-mail to a doctor but it came back undelivered--apparently the address was out of date. Rather than type it all over again, I assume I can simply copy my e-mail text to a new Word document using the Edit feature. What are the steps to doing that?

Answer:How To Copy E-mail Text To A New Word Document

That should be quite straightforward. Open your email client and find the original email - there will probably be a copy in the "Sent" or similar named folder. Double click the email to open it in a full window.Press Ctrl+A (i.e. hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press the 'A' key at the same time.) Then press Ctrl+C You can close the email window and minimise the email client at this point.Open word with a new blank document and press Ctrl+V the text from your email should appear in the Word document, the font will be changed to the default Word font but otherwise the text will be the same.Hope that's what you were after.

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I need help with this document. It's damaged. Until now, I only thought that it could not be copied or successfully submitted onto a website. Now, however, I found out it's worse: I opened the document, and some of the text is gone. In place of it are squares, symbols, and a ton of column and page breaks. The document never HAD any columns in the first place! It was a simple document, words only, Times New Roman font, just one indented paragraph after another, with a few ~'s here and there. That was it.A huge chunk of the text is gone. I opened Microsoft Word help, and entered in "recovering lost text" and pressed search, and it told me this:Recover the text from a damaged documentLearn about preventing loss of work. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the General tab.Make sure the Confirm conversion at Open check box is selected, and then click OK.Click Open .In the Files of type box, click Recover Text from Any File.Open the document as usual. I did all of that, and it ALMOST worked...almost! Except it didn't give me back ALL of my document. It gave me back about half of it, minus the chunk that I really wanted back; it didn't give me back any of the stuff I didn't already have, because, you see, the text gone is about half through the document, and it goes for a few pages with the squares, symbols, and column/page breaks, then it repeats some paragraphs I had at the document beginning, and then it skips to the end of the document. Meanwhile, this hug... Read more

Answer:Recovering lost text from Word document

Hi,Which Microsoft Words do you use? Which formatte did you save in? What extension, .emz? The wired charaters are ASCII codes, sounds like it is a compressed file and when you try to open it, it wasn't decomperssed.Richard.

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I am trying to put together a package, made up of several different word documents. Some of the information is the same from one document to another. Is there anyway I can put in a formula or something to have the information transfer to all the different documents, in the appropriate place within the documents, without copying and pasting it each time? Ideally I would like to be able to put the information on the first document, which happens to be a label, and then have certain fields automatically copy to other fields in multiple documents. Not sure if this is possible, or if it is just wishful thinking.
Thank you to anybody who can help me.

Answer:formula to copy text from one word document to another?

Hi Alanda,

I suspect that what you are trying to do could be accomplished by setting up a macro. GO HERE and see if that will help you out.

Good day!


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I use Office2000 with Windows98SE. Lately, I've been unable to use Word's Find files feature, which permits you to find, e.g., any files stored in a folder that contain specified text. I rely on this feature for writing, and would really appreciate any help.

I have folders containing Word documents that I need to search periodically to see which contain a specified word or phrase. The feature used to work fine. Now when I run Word's Find feature, Word shuts down and gives an error message: "Word has caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at [various memory locations]."

I have tried using Word's Detect & Repair feature, but this will not cure the problem.

Many thanks for your help!

Answer:Word2000 finding text in document files

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I have read previous posts on this but am unable to get text over to Word.
MS Office Document Imaging allows scanning directly to DI. The image transfers to Word OK but without the text boxes.
I suspect because the boxes are lines and and not text. In DI I can add the text but it does not get to Word. If I print from DI
all I get is the text that was added but not the rest of the form.
Where do I go from here?


Answer:Solved: Adding text to boxes in a scanned document

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Can someone give me a code sample to insert a small txt file into a completed document. I have a Word 2000 template with a custom userbox and in one of the fields on the userbox, I want to give the option to insert a very small notepad text file into the document, if that option is selected, and I don't know what the code should be. Thanks.

Answer:Insert a text file into a Word 2000 document

Can someone give me a code sample to insert a small txt file into a completed document. I have a Word 2000 template with a custom userbox and in one of the fields on the userbox, I want to give the option to insert a very small notepad text file into the document, if that option is selected, and I don't know what the code should be. Thanks.

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I have a friend that has this problem,When he tries to print from either notepad or rich text document it says that it stops working,With no error code.
Printing from Chrome browser and Thunderbird email client work just fine.And his other computer prints just fine from notepad and rich text document.

Answer:Notepad/Rich Text Document Stops When Printing


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Hi thereI wonder if anyone can tell me how i can change the setting on my computer so as when i open text documents they automatically open up in works rather than in wordpad as when they open in wordpad the text document is all distorted!When i click to open any document (im trying to download an application form) it only gives me the option to open, cancel or save and if i open or save it opens/saves as a word doc and is all distorted.Please help!Thanks Sammie )

Answer:trying to open a text document but only opens in wordpad and i need it in works!

What operating System is this?Try right clicking on the .doc file, go to Properties and where it says 'Opens With', click Change and choose Microsoft Word.

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I have an end user with Office 2003 Basic. In his Word application he is unable to select text with the mouse. The mouse will work in the toolbar and it works just fine in Excel. He can select text with the arrow key, he can edit the document so it is not protected and you can see the mouse down in the document.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, did the, removed, renamed as Microsoft as said to do with no luck.

Any help with this problem will be greatly appreciated.

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Answer:Mouse Will Not Select Text In Word 2003 Document

I only have a suggestion. Perhaps the Doc is protected. >>Tools>>Unprotect Document

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I have a friend that has this problem,When he tries to print from either notepad or rich text document it says that it stops working,With no error code.
Printing from Chrome browser and Thunderbird email client work just fine.And his other computer prints just fine from notepad and rich text document.

Answer:Notepad/Rich Text Document Stops When Printing


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