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Solved: Can't Uninstall Intel Camera

Question: Solved: Can't Uninstall Intel Camera

I have Intel Create and Share Software for Intel DeLuxe PC Camera on my PC. My son installed it several months ago and it wasn't working so I decided to remove it. When I try the uninstall feature and add & remove programs, I get this popup. "Error in extracting support files. catastrophic failure." I tried to see if I could reinstall with the CD, but also get this error popup.I went to Intel site and they no longer offer support for this camera. How can I remove the numerous files associated with all of its software? I may add I had this on my PC previously and it worked with no problems. I just didn't use it so I uninstalled it. Any help will be apprciated.

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Can't Uninstall Intel Camera

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Can't Uninstall Intel Camera

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I just want to know why my internal camera intel(R) AV Stream Camera has stopped working? it was working perfectly good before Windows 10, I want it back to working.
Computer says that is still there, just stopped working.

Answer:Why has my built in camera intel(R) Av Stream Camera stopped working?

Is this a dell venue 8 pro? Kindly register and post back.

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so went to systems on my desktop clicked app section scrolled down to camera app clicked it show move or uninstall click it and zero its still there took a snip photo I have a Logitech camera but the software wont work because when i try its a black screen the default camera app is stopping my new camera from doing its job
windows is original software

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i want to uninstall my camera app in lumia 550 because my camera give me error 0xA00F4271 and black screen ??

Answer:how can i uninstall camera app lumia 550 please?

Welcome and please try the soft reset feature of your device.
Hold the power button for about 15-20 seconds until you feel a vibe then let go and watch the phone reboot.

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I have some old camera software on my compter that wont uninstall.

Every time I try to uninstall via add/remove programs it says the installshield has incountered a problem and needs to close. I also tried uninstalling via Ccleaner and registry mechanic and get the same thing. Is there some other program I could try or something?

I have a Dell computer with XPSP2. Thanks.

Answer:Camera software won't uninstall

Try finding the camera softs folder in Program Files and seeing if there is an uninstaller file there and try that.

What Camera software is it?

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Don't even know if this forum is the right place, but I don't want to register to a bunch of different forums to get a stupid yes or no answer.

Can I uninstall or disable or in any other way remove the camera(s) from a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?

Answer:Tablet uninstall camera?

I think the answer is NO, not easily anyway. The device would need to be rooted as the camera is controlled by the Android OS ?

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Question: Intel USB Camera

My intel USB Create and share camera will not load into my Multivision windows Xp it loads half of the download from the disc then it all locks up and i have to turn off the computer to free it. ctri delete wont work can you help

Answer:Intel USB Camera

It seems i need an upgrade disc FROM AMERICA??

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Question: intel camera

i plugged in the intell cs430 camera .vista succesfully installed driver. since i can't find a manual how do i make this work. all i have is the camera .

Answer:intel camera

You need some sort of program to use it.

Skype, msn yahoo msg, all will have built in programs to use them.

But its basically a plug n go type camera.

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Question: intel camera

I have an intel pc camera, that says it needs at least a pii 266 mhz to use it, will my amd athlon 1200 mhz not work on it? I have tried to use it, but maybe i need to downlaod something to use it correctly?

Answer:intel camera

shouldn't be a problem, your system is way over the minimum capacity.

What is the error or problem your having with it

The camera connects how

Make and model # would help

I'm sure someone will be of assistance

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Question: Intel usb camera

Hi all, Ross here. I've got an intel web cam, an old one, but I don't know the model
nuber of it and can't locate an drivers for it.
From exploring intels web site I can only assume they are above speaking to we mortals.
This is a picture I found of it, so if you know the model number or a funtional driver
I'd appreciate all hints.

Thanks all for viewing,

Answer:Intel usb camera

Hi Ross, Welcome to the forum.
This is a discontinued product with no support from Intel, it comes under Intel play toys and cameras if that is any help.
MHO is that you can pretty much forget finding a driver for it unless you want to risk using one of the dodgy driver download sites on the web even if you get lucky I don't rate your chances of finding a X64 driver.
Sorry, but I think that cam is ready for the bin. On the bright side though new Webcams are cheap and almost certainly a lot better quality than that one.

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Hey I am having a problem with the google camera adapter 1 and 0

I have a mac book pro and i downloaded the gmail calling program. my mac web cam no longer activates when want to use it on chat web sites. I would like to know how to uninstall and return my mac's web cam to its original state. Please and thank you

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I have an Intel Computer camera that I used with my old computer and wish to use it with my new laptop but I keep getting messages that the driver is not found or some such a message and intel cannot help me with getting one. I think the part number is T4000 for teh Intel camera.

Answer:need a driver for Intel camera

I've searched for about 20 minutes now. Couldn't find it on Intel's website, and couldn't find any reliable source for download from a third-party website.

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Question: intel cs110 camera

can i use an intel cs110 camera on my compaq presorio. i hooked it up but nothing happens....i believe it reads of the driver and there is no hardware to load.

Answer:intel cs110 camera

This is for XP: note that this is drivers only, not any bundles software.Technical Specs: Troubleshooting:

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Question: intel camera/winxp

you guys have helped with two other problems, so i'm gonna try you again for the third...

within the last year, i updated my computer from winME to winXP. i have an intel webcam that still works on live conferencing, etc. (for ex., through msn messenger), but just to take pictures, the software i bought that worked for winME no longer works. what can i download in order to get this perfectly good camera to start taking pics again?

and also, when i go into device manager, there is question mark by an unsupported device and a USB device. i know i have a USB device installed, because my computer and printer work, but how do i get these question marks to go away? i tried updating the drivers, but it says that nothing on the computer could be found to update the driver. (it also says the intel camera is working properly!!)

any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:intel camera/winxp

I had to update the camera drivers to the xp version off of the intel site. It worked for me.

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I can log in to my windows 10 pc with an intel senz3d camera but why can't I use hello

Answer:Why can't I use a Intel 3d camera with Windows Hello?

If You can login with the camera You are using hello

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ive got win 2000 nt pro

and ive also got this camera .

intel model # CS330

ive got the drivers for this camera to work with win 2k

i got this from my dad

he had win 98

he has software for this camera

the software is for win 98 and will not work with 2k

{intel Create & Share Software}

ive gone to intels site and searched for new free updates to

download but found none .

is there any freeware or can anyone please help me ???

thanks and love

Answer:hi and thanks i need your help please with a intel pc camera CS330 .

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I'm having compatability problems with this camera. Does anyone know how I can go about getting it to work on XP if that's possible at all. I recently downloaded a driver off of its site but I can't install off the CD to get it to work in the first place.

Any help is great!!!


Answer:Intel Easy PC Camera and XP

Hi Wind_Danzer,
Try going to Microsofts web site and see if there is a compatability chart?

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Hello, For the past one month or so I am facing several issues with my notebook PC. I will mention the detailed problem below and will then mention the things I have tried to resolve the issue so far. Issue no. 1:-  This whole problem started when one fine day I was using my PC and all of a sudden it got shut down automatically. It did not show any error or any notification, just in a fraction or second the screen went off and power light went off. And fan starting working at highest possible speed. I tried force shut down and everything, but still it did not work, and ultimately I had to take out the battery and restart the laptop.  Since this was a bit wired for me, I posted a query on HP support forum here and got some solutions, like checking the hardware faliure etc. and I used all the utilities and checked everthing and everything was working fine. Issue no. 2:- After the Issue no 1 happened with my PC, I started facing some problems, like my Wlan drivers getting uninstalled automatically, or may be the PC not detecting the Wlan card. Some times the wifi thing comes up and some times it does not. I have to reinstall the drivers from the HP recovery manager everytime and restart and it starts working fine. I tried everything, from uninstalling network drivers from device manager to reinstalling them.  Tried Hardware faliure diagnostics, etc. but got no help. I posted a seperate query on HP support forum related to it when this prob... Read more

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First, I am not exactly sure where this post belongs as I'm not sure what is causing the problem. My husband installed the Intel Pocket camera on his Acer computer running Win 98se. Camera works fine unless he tries to access it while on Yahoo's IM. Then it freezes the whole system. I run the same camera on my Compaq Pc with ME OS; same version camera and software( Create and Share ver D 4.76), same Instant Messenger and have no problems. We thought it might be his anti virus program ( he uses McAfee ver 6.01) and have tried running it with that stopped and it still freezes. The only differences we have is he uses Netscape Communicator ver. 4.76 and I use Explorer 6. Also he connects using ATT and I have Bellsouth DSL. We've checked the drivers and installed updated Active X on his computer but none of that helped. Any suggestions on what to look at next? Have looked on both Intel and Yahoo for an answer but they don't seem to apply to his specific problem or version of the software. Am thinking the problem is occuring maybe because of his ATT connection or the Communicator?

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I have an Intel Pocket PC Camera. It shows that it is installed and I could send a video e-mail but when I went back to send another one - no video. I checked trouble shooting from their site. Find that there are two files missing. USBINTEL.SYS and USBHUBD.SYS I can't find these files using SFC or on my installation disc. Help!!!! I don't know where to go for help. The video will not work without these files. Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:Intel Pocket PC Camera Problems

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Recently had a friend build us a computer and everything is working properly however when we tried to install our Intel Easy Pc Camera the following occured.
1. USB card installed no problems
2. Camera installed no problems
3. Installed camera software and when we tried to use camera we get the following error Unable to connect to capture device. If another application is using the capture device close it.
4. We have tried to go to intel web site and update our drivers but to no avail cannot get the drivers to download to the computer.
5. If we try to use the camera in a program such as Yahoo it says there's no camera installed on our computer. Seems to be possibly picking up the wrong Image Capturing device??
6. I was wondering if it could be an IRQ problem that's not showing up in the device manager. here is my IRQ from system information

IRQ info

0 System timer
1 Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard
2 Programmable interrupt controller
3 Communications Port (COM2)
4 Communications Port (COM1)
5 YAMAHA OPL3-SAx Sound System
6 Standard Floppy Disk Controller
7 ECP Printer Port (LPT1)
8 System CMOS/real time clock
9 OPTi 82C861 PCI to USB Open Host Controller
9 IRQ Holder for PCI Steering
10 ATI 3D Rage Pro (atir3)
10 IRQ Holder for PCI Steering
11 IRQ Holder for PCI Steering
12 VIA VT83C572/VT82C586 PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
12 IRQ Holder for PCI Steering
13 Numeric data processor
14 Primary IDE controller (dual fifo)
14 VIA Bus Master... Read more

Answer:Intel Easy Pc Camera problems

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hi all i purchase a new  pavilion AK100NE  & i setup some programs  after i reset the computer   by mistake so i make a fresh copy of windows 10  every thing working ok except built in realsense camera is not detectable as hard ware is there any solution for it as working time of HP WARRANTY CENTER  is not compatible with my work time so i need to take day off  to go there   regards

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Hello Brain Trust, I just purchased a HP Envy laptop days ago and it has a built in Intel RealSense 3D Camera. The apps that come with the computer can't detect the 3D Camera at all. The device manager is telling me that it is functioning. I thought maybe there is a button or setting I am just missing to make this thing work. I can't tell. Or it could be something interal as the camera wasn't connected. the RealSense Training just says there is an issue connection with the camera and no error code or message is given past this point. I have been waiting for hours now to talk with HP Chat Support and the one time I got connected, I was quickly disconnected. So I figured I would try here. Since the computer is only days old. If there isn't an obvious easy fix; I am just going to return it. Thanks for any help or information you can send my way. Davey

Answer:Intel RealSense 3d built in Camera

I got it working. Thanks. Davey

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I have a "Intel Deluxe PC Camera 2001" in an unopened box. Intel does not support any ungrades for new drives. Can I install this camera and get it to work on Windows xp or vista?
Is there a third party that can provide what is needed or is there anything I can do to install this camera and get it to work?

Thanks for any help or information,

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I got it all hooked up can use it as a webcam test i can see it. but i didnt have create a share program so i managed to get a program and it revealed my computer doesnt see the camera as being hooked up. I dont need it as a webcam i need it as a digital camera

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I just got an Envy M7 n109dx laptop (refurbished) and it didn't come with the Intel Realsense 3D Camera software. Could you please tell me where to download the software.

View Solution.

Answer:Intel Realsense 3D Camera Software

@Luis2? Other Drivers and Software can be found here. REO

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Hello, I have the problem with my camera. It does'nt work on windows 7. Is there the possibility to instal it on win7 ? If not, mayby can I change it to camera 2d? Is it possible ? When I have the video chat, my camera give only green picture. Help me please, I'm not to much advanced in Informatics. Best regards

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I recently installed an dsl modem, since then, my computer will not reckognise my intel pocket pc camera. I also have a logitech webcam, which the computer will not reckognise either. My usb ports are enabled, there are no irq conflicts, and the camera worked fine before I installed the new modem. I've uninstalled both the camera and the usb drivers, and re-installed them, with no luck...I've done every trouble shooting trick in the intel website for this problem. The error that comes up when I try to start the camera is "unable to connect to capture device (eg camera). If another application is using the capture device, close it". I've pressed control, alt, delete, and there's no other programs that would be using it. Also, the camera isn't listed in device manager (neither is the other webcam). Thank you for any advice

Answer:intel pocket pc camera problems

Make Sure Your Other Applications Aren't Using Your Twain32 Drivers And Also Check the device systems manger for conflicts.

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Hey all...

I'm looking for drivers so I can install an OLD Intel PC camera Model YC64.

I've been all over Intel's web site only to find that in the list of their camera drivers it says "No driver available".

I've searched google to no avail....

Just wondering if someone out there has this install disk layin around somewhere and might be able to send me the drivers or knows where I might be able to download them.

Thanks much!


Answer:Intel Camera Model YC64

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i have Intel (r) PC camera cs630. i want driver for it please help.

i have window service pack 2

id for that ....USB\VID_8086&PID_0630\5&EE6F4E5&0&1

Answer:Drivers for Intel PC camera cs630

Try this link...

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I have an Intel Pro PC Camera and it is currently disconnected. I recently tried to connect it but it disables my IC Card Reader ( I guess it is called a 6 in 1). Does any one know what the problem might be. My guess is that since the IC Card reader uses designations E through H, and I believe that the camera uses E that might be the problem, but I really dont have a clue, just guessing so any info would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:IC Card Reader & Intel PC Camera pls help!

If you are using win xp hit windows key +pause/break button

Look for you device mamager in there look in your USB and uninstall both the IC Card and camera drives.. Turn your computer off plug in your IC card reader turn on your computer let it install the drive and drivers on your computer once that is done plug in the camera and Also make sure you are NOT connected to the internet or you might have to go all through that again


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Hi Guys!!!i have a small doubti am interested in lenovo ideapad y700 15-incheither touch or non-touchcould u help me that is there INTEL REALSENSE 3d Camera in the below 2 models?? 1> y700 non touch! Number: 80NV005FUS 2>y700 touch! Number: 80NW0010US Could u say me which is the best in the above and the presence of realsense 3d cam?? thankz in advance  

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How do I permanently delete or uninstall the built in Camera above the screen? We use a sepparate USB camera and have gone to the Device Manager to Uninstall the HP Cam but it keep comming back. We can not use the Logitec Camera every time the HP camera reloads in devices. It efffects our business since photos have to be taken of all of our gym members and the built in camera faces the desk attendant and not the member. Please help us to permanently remove the HP built in Camera. Thanks RobLive Fit GymSan Francisco 

Answer:delete or permanent uninstall built in Camera on HP TouchSma...

Hi, Have you tried to Disable it ? Regards.

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I have the above program on my computer, but have NEVER been able to use it. When I tried to configure it, got through most of it and then got to testing modem and said no modem detected. What do I do. I had also got the message that not registered with primary directory services cannot receive from anyone on that service.

I have e-mailed Intel services to inquire about this and have not been given the courtesy of a reply back from them. Kind of makes you wonder.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

[email protected]

Answer:intel create & share video camera


I'm looking through Intel's site, but I need some more info.

Which version have you got?

2.0 USB Version
2.0 PCI Version
Intel® Video Phone Send to a Friend Software
1.0 USB Version
1.0 PCI Version
1.0 PCI Modem Version

Each have differnet support answers. Also, we can look for the latest drivers, to see if that is the cause.

Anyway, as soon as we have this, I'll go and have a look.



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HI TO ALL ........



Answer:Intel Create & Share Camera Pack

only found the 98 version - i guess you have been around here

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I got my AIO 700-27ISH from the Microsoft store, so it didn't come pre-loaded with any Lenovo software.  I understand that the Welcome to Intel Realsense 3D Camera app comes with my machine when it is purchased from Lenovo. Can anyone tell me where I can download a copy for my machine? Thanks.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


Go to Solution.

Answer:700-27ISH - Where to Download Welcome to Intel Realsense 3d Camera

Here's the link to the Intel RealSense 3D Camera driver: And here's the link to the software: Hope that helps.

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plese help me to install driver for intel pc camera cs 630 on windows 7 64 bitthanks[google email harvesting before posting your email in a public forum]edited by moderator: spam protection

Answer:can any body help me to install driver for intel pc camera

I think it's time for a new webcam.

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Recently, Windows 10 updated. And when I tried to use my camera, it ould just show like this So I tried the device manager. But the Intel(R) AVStream Camera software only appears.   There used to have another software but now it's gone.  Someone please help me

Answer:Intel(R) AVStream Camera software. Not compatible

Which computer model do you have? The camera drivers are different from model to model...

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when trying to install software for my Intel Easy pc camera, a window pops up saying i need a different version of Windows? what can i do to get this camera operating?

Answer:Can't setup Intel Easy PC Camera in Vista

This camera is not designed to work with Vista. The software you tried to install is for only Windows 98 through Windows XP. Additionally, quoted from Google cache of what was once posted at Intel support site:End of Interactive Support DisclaimerThese products are no longer being manufactured by Intel. Additionally, Intel no longer provides interactive support for these products via telephone or e-mail, nor will Intel provide any future software updates to support new operating systems or improve compatibility with third party devices and software products.You have two choice. You either (1) Google for compatible driver for the camera for Windows Vista, or (2) don't ever try it on your Vista box if you don't wish to screw it.i_Xp/Vista/W7User

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I have a dell inspiron 15 5559 laptop, that has an integrated, windows hello capable webcam, (Intel RealSense F200) that is being very unreliable, many times, wether I'm trying to log in to my computer or just trying to use it normally it just doesn't start up. Any Ideas??

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Gretings all,
I'm an IT in South Florida and I'm trying to help a client with her Inspiron 5559 camera. She's had this laptop for a while and I haven't been over in quite some time, however a problem from before seems to persist on.
When the laptop was brand new, the integrated camera - an Intel RealSense 3D - worked fine. Used Skype without a hitch and even took pictures with the Windows camera app. A month or so later it stopped working altogether. No apps can detect it and when I check the Device Manager and try to update the driver it's reported as being the most current. I've tried uninstalling it and restarting the computer but the driver it reinstalls fails to do anything. It's been so long I figured this problem would've been fixed by now! I gave her a USB camera to use as a substitute but she's getting tired of having to carry it with her everywhere she brings the computer. I fear the camera or this particular unit is defective and she may have to get another brand of laptop instead.
Hoping to find some kind of help. Thanks! 

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I ask for driver for intel pc camera cs630 in windows 7.Tanks,bruno faffi.

Answer:Windows 7 driver for intel pc camera cs630

What I found.

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I recently bought a refurbished HP Pavilion 27" a027c All-in-One. It works great except that the built-in Intel SR300 camera stopped working the first day. It worked long enough to capture a photo for facial recognition, but now messages come up that say "unable to connect to camera."    I have temporarily installed a cheap $15 camera that works ok, but it is nothing compared to the Intel SR300 image. As a teacher, I use the camera to create video tutorials, so I would like to get it to work. I have seen comments on some forums that say that some cameras stop working after the Windows 10 Creator Update has been installed.  I hope there is a solution to this problem without having to return the computer.  

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i hasd someone ask my this toady & i had no idea this was a known issue. It was asked in respect to the new X1, but i have not heard back as to if they heard/experienced this in another unit: a)      Can you please double check the compatability of the WiFi adapter with the screen/camera- I believe on the i5 models there was some discrepancies with regards to not being able to use the 3*3 antenna with the screen has a camera installed.thank you for any help you might be able to give.

Answer:odd question regarding X1, i5, camera & Intel 6300 WiFi

If you get the camera there will be only the 2x2 antenna option.

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I was able to get my Intel Camera CS630 to work in Windows 7 Pro. I first downloaded Windows XP mode and Virtual PC. I ran the emulation to update the 122 updates needed and rebooted. After rebooting I then downloaded the XP driver for the camera from Be careful not to also download the spyware that comes with this, you must decline all but the CS630.exe file. From the Windows XP environment I went to the C drive for windows 7 found my user account and access the download folder. Copied the file to the desktop of the Windows XP OS and ran the file as local administrator. At the top of the emulator menu is the USB option to attach the device once you have it plugged in. Once the driver completes it creates file in the temp folder of the local emulated drive. The steps to install the driver are as follows:The Intel PC Camera is not connected into the USB port on the computer. 1.Plug the Intel PC Camera into your computer?s USB port.2.The ?Add New Hardware Wizard? will appear, Click NextNote: If the "Found New Hardware Wizard" does not launch, please use Scenario 2.3.Select ?Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)? Click Next4.Select ?Search for the best driver in these locations.??Uncheck ?Search removable media (floppy, CD-ROM?)" ?Check ?Include this location in the search"5.Click Browse, select "C:\temp\CS630_XP", Click OK, Click Next6.Click FinishI was able to unload all pictures I had captured... Read more

Answer:Intel Camera CS 630 works in Windows 7 Professional

Thank you for the info - and the "advisory" re' associated spyware/junkware etc...

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Hi Guys!!!i have a small doubt
i am interested in lenovo ideapad y700 15-inch
either touch or non-touchcould u help me that is there INTEL REALSENSE 3d Camera in the below 2 models??
1> y700 non touch!
Part Number: 80NV005FUS
2>y700 touch!
Part Number: 80NW0010US
Could u say me which is the best in the above and the presence of realsense 3d cam??
thankz in advance  
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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Please, I need a help so that the Camera in my Compaq 610 Computer not working

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Recently, Windows 10 updated. And when I tried to use my camera, it ould just show like this So I tried the device manager. But the Intel(R) AVStream Camera software only appears.   There used to have another software but now it's gone.  Someone please help me

Answer:Intel(R) AVStream Camera software. Not compatible

Which computer model do you have? The camera drivers are different from model to model...

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After upgrading to Windows 7, Intel Proset will not allow me to start the uninstaller due to its incompatibility with that version of Windows. I need to uninstall it in order to upgrade to a newer release. How can I manually reach the uninstaller so that I can run it in compatibility mode? Anyone know where it should be located?

Answer:Uninstall Intel Proset

Right click on the Intel Proset icon in the Start Menu and select "Properties". That'll tell you where the program resides, then a bit of digging should reveal if there is an uninstall program.

Have you tried running the free Revo uninstaller in compatibility mode? I haven't used it myself, but many people have recommended it.

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I have a Yoga 2 Pro, I know this may be more of a software issue, but its with my Yoga 2 pro, I keep getting this stupid annoying popup from intel, the process is iwrap.exe, about a hotspot thing or whatever. My internet works fine, but I keep getting that pop up, how can I just unistall it? There is nothing in the programs called Iwrap
Link to image
Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums


Go to Solution.

Answer:How To Uninstall this Intel Application?

You could uninstall "Intel PROSet/Wireless Software"  in Programms

Freedom of Speech has just left the building

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I'm having a problem with Windows Hello. I'm able to get the Intel Developer Camera to work - by disabling the Surface 3 Pro front camera. I then can enable the Surface front camera again and everything works great.
When I undock - hello is looking for me and doesn't work because the built in camera doesn't support the feature. No worries there. When I dock again - it defaults again to the front camera on the Surface. I need to do the entire disable/enable thing again. Am I missing something?

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Hello ALL:
I have an old Intel CS110 Camera that we never used. The Part Number is an Intel A20953-001 but I wonder if after all these years if my Windows 10 64 bit Pro software has these drivers built in? I hate to just plug it in to try without asking. I see driver downloads on the web, but most have very bad adware attached and never have a direct download.

Answer:Intel CS110 Camera Driver Needed in Win10?

MPSAN said:

Hello ALL:
I have an old Intel CS110 Camera that we never used. The Part Number is an Intel A20953-001 but I wonder if after all these years if my Windows 10 64 bit Pro software has these drivers built in? I hate to just plug it in to try without asking. I see driver downloads on the web, but most have very bad adware attached and never have a direct download.

The only way you're gonna find out if MS has the specific driver in WHQL, or an appropriate generic driver, is to plug it in. Worse thing that can happen is it won't work. And you are correct....stay away from weird looking driver sites, they bite! Get it from MS or Intel.
P.S. - Except for generic drivers, MS cannot possibly have every driver for everything built in. If there's a better driver specific to the hardware, and has passed WHQL, MS will offer it.

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My AIO 24 Real Sense camera keeps failing to operate on logon.  I tried downloading the driver again from the HP web site and the driver wants to upgrade the firmware but when attempting to do so it gets an error code -25 and stops updating.  Any ideas how to resolve this instead of a clean reload?

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where do i found the driver for my intel cam cs630 who support my window 7 ??? pls advise on my email [email protected] and best regards

Answer:Win7 driver for Intel Pocket PC Camera CS630

i need driver for my intel cam cs630 to work with my window 7

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I know this is a stretch. This is a pretty old webcam but it would be nice if there were a driver somewhere out there for this. I attempted a winxp driver but that was unsuccessful. Also I tried Intel's site to no avail. Are there at least vista drivers for this?

Answer:Intel Easy PC Camera Webcam CS110 driver?

get the driver from
CS110 driver download for Windows XP INTEL Web camera, webcam : GiveMeFile.Net
and follow the instructions. cs110 works fine.

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I have Intel 350MHz Pentium II Processor Int Sound and 8MB AGP 64MB memory Module. 10GB IDE Hard Drive US Robtics 56K WinModem Windows 98 GATEWAY. My guest has IBM system Windows 95 Drive 166 Intel pentium Processor MMX 3.2HD GB 16 MB ram 56KBPS modem. Our Problem is after we are connected on video and audio. The video only stays up and running about 3 minutes max. Then it says (Removing video) Audio stays on and we can talk on our mics to each other. But in order for her to reinstate the her video for a new try, she has to reboot her system!!!! All other aspects such as postcards etc work on both our systems. Why can we not stay connected for longer periods of time. Thank you, Hatlady

Answer:Intel PC Camera Pack/Video E-mail Camara

What program is this? Microsoft Netmeeting? What version?

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Hi there,

Just got a new nVidia GTX460. I've tried to installed it several times without any success. Here's the thing that puzzles me. Every time I unintsall the current video (intrel g33/31chipset )card Win 7 requires a restart, and after the computer reboots it installes the chipset again. Once the old card installs again on its own the new card cannot be insdtalled because it is in conflict.

Answer:How to permanently uninstall Intel g33/g31 chipset?

I'm not really sure why you care. What's wrong with having the driver installed? Is it causing a problem?

You should be a little more clear about your problem, and what you're doing.

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I've been attempting to install Windows 7 for a few days and as I start the process the software tells me that I need to uninstall INTEL PROSet/Wireless.

I went to PROGRAMS in the Control Panel and it's not there.

Finally I went to regedit and edited all the Proset stuff out.

Disabled the INTEL WiFi Link 5100 AGN in the Device Manager. Attemped to unistall it, but it's still there.

Still I can't install Windows 7.

I have an ASUS with 64 bit VISTA. any other idea's?

Answer:Can't uninstall INTEL PROSet/Wireless

try and reinstall it then unninstall it, then disable the device in device manager ?

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merry xmas yall!

I know by reading the title you might be saying wow this software is extinct. yes it is but i have a little question i wanted to ask you guys.

I am going to be purchasing a laptop soon. Its gona be an amd64 3200+ mobile by Unwill. My questions is since its and64 amd mother board and cpu will my intel create and share software and my camera work on this laptop or will it be incompatible since its not a pentium chip im using or a pentium mother board.

Please clarify? Will i be able to use my intel create and video phone software provided by intel software with my intel camera on this amd laptop (windows XP)i will be buying?

i have never owned a amd product and i really need the intel create and share + intel video phone software to work so i am a bit reluctant.

Also guys if i can use this software on the amd laptop is it possible to use a logitech webcam and the intel video software for talking to my family? or i have to use the intel camera
YOu guys are the true experts so please i need your input .

Once again merry xmass\


Answer:Intel Create and share Software + camera + compatibility question + need help

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The RealSense camera in my HP Pavilion All-in-One - 24-b017c (Touch) quit working; Windows Hello says it "can't find" the camera. Tried reinstalling from Device Manager, but failed. Next tried reinstalling / updating the drivers, but that fails as well (see attached screen capture). Does anyone have any ideas? Worked before; PC is about 6 months old.  

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Hello, I'm trying to install Intel Real Sense Depth Camera Manager on my IdeaPad 500 laptop but i get an error at the prerequisite issue summary - ''The installer failed to detect an Intel Real Sense 3D Camera on this system. The installation was terminated''.I was checking on my device manager under the imaging devices and there are only two drivers Intel Rear Sense(TM) 3D Camera (FrontF200) Depth and Intel Rear Sense (TM) 3D and Camera (FrontF200) RGB. The third one which I saw thatsuppose to be Virtual Camera Driver is missing. I run on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and I have install all drivers from Lenovo download section includind last version of BIOS. Windows updates are up to date. System specification : Intel Core i7 - 6500 U CPU @2.50GHz 2.60 GHz ; 8GB RAM What do I have to do in order to use Intel Real Sense 3D Camera on my laptop? Thanks,C 

error message.jpg ?153 KB

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New laptop.  Came with Win 10 Home.  Everything worked.  Upgraded the OS to Win 10 Pro.  Now Intel Realsense f200 camera no longer works.  Camera still shows up and says working properly in device manager.  All drivers upgraded to latest.  Still no go on the camera. Ideas?  Suggestions?  Don't want to roll back the OS. Thanks. 

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I have a Thinkpad x200 Tablet (8 Gigs of RAM and 1 Terabyte Hard Drive with U9300 Intel Core Duo 2 processor}, and I love its versatility and performance.  I want to keep using it.  I'm running Windows 10 on it, and everything works except the Intel F200 3d Camera.  The 3d Camera is recognized and does work, but not with Windows 10 Camera Program or Windows Hello Facial Login feature.  I got around that by installing Key Lemon which does allow the F200 to log me in from my face, but it would be nice if I could use this camera directly with Windows Hello.  Also, I've inserted a USB 3.0 Card in the express card slot on the machine, and that's how the F200 generally works with my computer.  Can anyone tell me how to get my F200 cam working with Windows Hello and Windows 10 Camera program with my Thinkpad x200 Tablet computer?  More specifically, is there a driver out there somewhere that I could install to get the Cam working on my computer in every Windows 10 function?  It appears that Lenovo has thrown the x200 Tablet under the bus and doesn't plan on making programs for use with Win 10, but for me, this is a great computer!  Can someone give me some advice (other than getting another computer)?
Moderator edit: Added detail to subject.

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I've bought and downloaded windows 8 but despite not coming up when my PC was searched for compatibility, Win 8 won't install because it says its not compatible with 2 intel products. One is easy to remove but the other won't uninstall (intel Proset wireless software for bluetooth technology)and comes up with 'problem with windows installer package'. I've tried reinstlling the package from Dell (the PC is a Dell Inspiron N5110) and various other manual attempts but it won't go, Looks like a common problem but I'm getting nowhere!
I also can't get hold of mocrosoft to get a refund!!!!! gggrrrr this shoiuld have been simple! Please help

Answer:Can't install Win dows 8 - says have to uninstall intel Proset but can't

This should work.

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I just spotted the program Intel SDK for OpenCL - CPU Only Runtime Package was installed on my desktop PC in December on the same date as the program Intel Management Engine Components. I have no idea what Intel SDK for OpenCL does. Can I safely uninstall it? See below all Intel programs currently installed.

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When I uninstall Intel R Network Connections per microsoft instructions I can not longer complete download as I have lost my internet connection. Message reads, Intel (r) Network Connections uninstall this app now because it isn't compatible with windows 8...running windows 7 on HP 6200 (1-year old). Spoke to customer service and could not answer...did Intel upgrade and still doesn't work and have paid for Windows 8 pro download and can not complete...anyone else have same problem or a simple solution...thanks.

Answer:Win 8 pro requires that I uninstall Intel (r) network Connections

Try running the Windows upgrade advisor in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or earlier, also click Run as Admin, and further right click the Windows Upgrade 8 upgrade advisor to run as Admin was the only way I could get it to work right.

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I know, most of you are probably tired of reading about the issue with CCC 10.8. But, I'm not here to talk about that so bare with me.   Since I never really have a legitimate use for the switchable graphics feature on my laptop, mostly because I am gaming and watching HD videos, there really is no need for me to use Intel HD graphics. So I was wondering, if I was to uninstall the onboard graphics using Safe Mode, then try updating my Radeon HD 5730 from the AMD website, would it cause any system instability? I am aware that this is a considerably new system so every trick on the book hasn't been tried yet. But before I try this, I've already created a system restore point to this very moment so if anything goes horribly wrong (e.g. BSOD) I can revert it. All I need is the unbiased advice of a somewhat  'experienced' person to give me a green and/or yellow light for this little experiment.     System specs are; 15.6" IdeaPad Y560Intel Core i5-450mATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 with Intel HD Integrated Graphics4GB of DDR3 RAMWindows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 

Answer:Can you uninstall the Intel HD Graphics drivers from Y560?

I don't know the answer, but I do know I would not trust a restore pointto get it all back if there is a problem. Got a external hard drive? Make a system image and recovery diskin Win 7, Backup and Restore. Works great for fooling around! Just my opinion.

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I just spotted the program Intel SDK for OpenCL - CPU Only Runtime Package was installed on my desktop PC in December on the same date as the program Intel Management Engine Components. I have no idea what Intel SDK for OpenCL does. Can I safely uninstall it? See below all Intel programs currently installed.

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Just want to double check. I got a Dell Latitude E5450 laptop a few days ago, and of course there's some stuff pre-installed. One of which is this "Intel Management and Security" or whatever:

(I'm hovering over the icon in the middle, middle row)

It annoys me when there's random software running (especially automatically whenever I boot) just in case I might need it.
I skimmed over the wiki page as well as this page regarding the Intel Active Management Technology. It sounds fancy and all, but as far as I can tell, the only actually useful thing out of all of that mumbo-jumbo is that it can update my Intel drivers when a new one comes out. However, isn't it true that I can just as well accomplish that with the Intel Driver Update Utility, which I can choose to launch, instead of having it run automatically all the time?

In short, this Intel Management thing is useless, right?

Answer:Safe to delete/uninstall this Intel Management crap?

If you remove it you will have a device without a driver. It won't really affect the OS much. You can stop the app from starting up however.

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It would be great if HP included some instructions in their update section to walk us through, step by step, how to install a new driver when the previous one must first be uninstalled. Most updates are just click and download. Nothing else required.  But some of us aren't all that comfortable uninstalling drivers and don't know where to begin.

Answer:Intel Bluetooth Driver update--how to uninstall current driv...

Hi, Thank you for posting. You should not uninstall previous driver prior to updating new one. In Windows 10 you can install updates via Windows Update or Device Manager (preffered method). Here is how >> For non-critical, not so important and other updates, you can also use HP Support Assistant (HPSA) >> HPSA, please skip BIOS/UEFI updates.  Hope this helps. Feel free to reply back if something is not clear.

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In short, I can't uninstall Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth(R) Technology to upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7 (64 bit). So I probably am the source of much of my problems, but the jist of my current problem is windows uninstaller says that I cannot remove Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth(R) Technology because my Intel Wireless Adapter is not found. I do not have an Intel Wireless Adapter. I have looked through my device manager, and unless I accidentley got rid of something somehow, which is entirely possible, all I have under Network adapters is Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. If I choose to show hidden devicess then a bunch of Microsoft ISATAPs come up and WAN Miniports as well as a Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface and RAS Async Network Adapter.

I tried using CCleaner to uninstall it and it seemed to work, but the Intel Bluetooth Technology was still picked up on as blocking my Windows 8 upgrade.

I really want to start running windows 8 so any solutions will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Can't Uninstall Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software or Bluetooth(R) Tech

Hello Sava, go to following link and run the microsoft fixit program on that site and tell it to try and uninstall the intel software. I had exactly the same problem and it managed to uninstall the software (it took several minutes to do it!). I have not yet re-attempted to install Windows 8 yet because it took so long to solve all the issues with incompatible software, however I am optimistic! How to troubleshoot problems when you install or uninstall programs on a Windows-based computer Hope it works for you. martin armstrong, PS I now have Windows 8 installed!

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I'm working on a desktop where any AMD video card will not respond after the standard 20 minute timeout to cut video; the whole machine freezes. It doesn't happen with nVidia cards (at least with a 550ti), so from what I could tell, making sure that all Catalyst-related files were removed from the machine was a good call.

I ran the AMD Catalyst Clean Uninstall Utility, and found that it nuked Intel's USB drivers from the machine. It's an AsRock Z87 Pro3. I hooked up a serial mouse, and, using the on-screen keyboard, I downloaded/installed the chipset drivers from AsRock's web site (no joy), then the latest version from Intel, also with no change.

At this point, I'm running sfc /scannow, and if it would help, I will upload the logs.

This machine's specs:
AsRock Z87 Pro3
Intel i5-4670K
AMD Radeon HD7950 3GB (Also tried with Radeon HD7870)
Win7 Enterprise SP1 64-bit

Question 1: Is this most easily fixed with a repair install?
Question 2: Will a sysprep (generalized) fix it?

I have a genuine product key, so either of the above are possibilities at least from an activation perspective.

EDIT/UPDATE: sfc /scannow found no integrity violations.

Answer:Catalyst Clean Uninstall Utility nuked Intel USB drivers

My own approach to uninstalling AMD drivers in order to install a newer version is to use Driver Fusion (formerly named Driver Sweeper).

There is a free version, but at its low price I use the "premium" version. It understands drivers.

Never had a problem with it uninstalling anything other than the exact AMD driver package (including Registry entries, etc.) I was trying to remove.
As far as finding drivers for the Intel USB components you saw got unintentionally removed with the AMD clean uninstall you ran, is the problem now that you can't get proper new versions of the deleted drivers reinstalled?

Do you have a "system restore points" you can restore from before you did the AMD uninstall? This should restore the working system at that point.

Do you have any complete "system image" backups you can recover from?

If you're just looking for help finding the Intel USB drivers for the machine, can you post a screenshot of Device Manager -> Properties for the "other devices" needing drivers, Details tab, and post the Hardware ID (second item in the Property dropdown list).

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My 2+ year old ASUS laptop G771JM originally came w NVidia Graphics but when MSoft installed Win10
and subsequent upgrades to 1703 and 1709, the Intel HD Graphics have been installed. They work fine, at least to my eyes; this is a gaming computer but I don't do computer games at all. NVidia asks multi-times
a week to re-install their package, and I don't want it. Is it safe to uninstall the two NVidia programs listed
in Control Panel/Programs and is there a preferred sequence? Appreciate any input on this issue.
keesadad in Mississauga ON

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Im having problem with MUTE BUTTON LIGHT.
The buton works when i press it, but the light is NOT workinkg as is should.
When speakers are working - the MUTE LIGHT is ON
When speakers are muted   - the MUTE LIGHT is OFF
So what is the catch!?
I UNinstall pointing device driver, Audio driver, Energy managment & Flash Media Controller, but the problem still insists!!!
How can i UNINSTALL intel chipset driver? Mod edit: Question merged in here.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Mute button light and uninstall intel chipset driver?

Hello LforLENOVO, welcome to Lenovo forum!
Please tell us the type, not S/N number of your system.
Also interesting is your OS.

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Short verison: I can't uninstall or update my Intel PROset/Wireless software from v 17.16.1. Looking for ideas. Details: The Lenovo update utility informed me of a critical update to my Intel PROset software. I had v 17.16.1 installed and it wanted to install 18.something.  I let it run the update. The process stopped and sat inactive (no CPU / no disk activity) for ages. Upon reboot an Intel PROset app came up and reported that the installation was blocked because a newer version is installed. (Image below)  Control Panel reported TWO instances of Intel PROset/Wireless software installed: my original 17.16.1 and the 18.x new one. Trying to uninstall either one gave error that it could not be uninstalled. Used a  restore point to get rid of the 18.x.  However, now trying to uninstall the "IntelPROset Wireless Software" v17.16.1 brings up the Intel uninstall app, and it just sits there with no progress. The gears turn and nothing happens. Questions:Have I run into versioning issues between Intel and Lenovo released versions of the software? (I don't even recall the history of what I have installed and where it came from.)Are there any tricks to getting it to uninstall?Was using the Lenovo System Update my big mistake?Who should I trust for my Intel wireless drivers: Lenovo or Intel or Windows Update?Between all the Intel and Lenovo junk installed it is bewildering to know what to ditch, what to ignore, and what to rely on! Thanks in advance!&... Read more

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I tried to install the latest Intel High Definition (HD) Graphics Driver update version using HP Support Assistant quite a few times but every time I am encountered with the "Installation Failed" message. You are kindly requested to look into matter and resolve it at the earliest possible time. Regards, Arafat

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I'm sorry for posting such a horrible mistake. I'll just break it down really easely and hope for someone to be kind enough to resque my stupid ***.

I just upgraded my OS from W7 to W10 doing a clean install and figured out I had to install a bunch of essential drivers all over again, so I though it would be a good idea to start out with my motherboard. My motherboard is a "P45 NEO-F", so I went over to it's support page (link) to download all of the latest drivers and utilities for that model. Then I saw the "BIOS" section, and thougt I should flash the BIOS first of all, for no reason. So I downloaded the "AMI BIOS 4.4", which was the latest one, extracted the files on to a USB-stick, booted the whole thing up, went to M-FLASH in BIOS, chose the "A7519IMS.440"-file on the stick, flashed the BIOS, rebooted and now I get a "bad checksum".

I didn't even take a backup of the old file from BIOS, because I couldn't even think of this not working. Bonus points for that!

So what do I do now, being the sorry sod that I am?

Answer:Solved: Failed to flash BIOS [MSI P45 Neo-F LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard]

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EDIT: sorted, it worked when i opened uninstaller it from within REVO UNINSTALLER...dunno why?

went to uninstall FSX from hard-drive.. it said it was uninstalled but there was satil 10Gb+ files left behind so I deleted them, I went to reinstall FSX on a different drive and it wont as it says its still installed and must be removed..when i do however it fails as the uninstaller and files arent there - then when i look in add & remove programs FSX is still there??? trying to uninstall it fails like ive just said and it wont let me install it until its been removed?

can anyone help with this?


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"Click to DVD" I would like to get rid of this program and recapture some space. How? Please help

Answer:Solved: How to uninstall programs with no uninstall file

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Hay there, I recently obtained a new system for a very cheap price with a surprisingly good processer with it.

New computer: -

Intel DQ45EK mobo
Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.9GHz Socket 775
3GB ram (max 4gb)

Current Computer: -

Gigabyte P31-D3SL mobo
Intel Pentium D 925 3.00 GHz Socket 775
4GB ram

Alright so the issue is I want to swap the processors around but when I put the Pentium D into the Intel DQ45EK mobo it comes up with a blank screen with the fan blowing intensely, reboots and then just hangs with the intense fan speed. When I swap back the processors the orignal Core 2 Duo does this same thing but then it goes back to normal after a few reboots. The E7500 works fine in my old system though... I would think the pentium D would be widely supported x-x

Any ideas cause im lost at the moment.

Answer:Solved: Intel Pentium D 925 & Intel Core Duo E7500

Could be that the FSB is not rated for the board.

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Ok guys someone please help me understand this better. Are intel core duo the best or fastest processor out now? Also if a laptop is Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz and a pc Intel Pentium 4 3.66 GHz which processor is faster?

Im not understanding what the X.XXGHz that based on the processor?

I understand that Intel Core Duo has 2 processors and thats why they are so great....does that mean that it is 2.0GHz per processor? so its really 4.0GHz?

sorry if I'm way off here but I want to understand this better.


PS. Im not sure where this would go so please feel free to move if necessary.

Answer:Solved: Confused! - Intel Core Duo and Intel Pentium 4....

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Hi, everybody! I was looking to buy a new comp. but i am unsure which processor is better, the intel centrino core duo or the intel pentium M. I was wondering if someone could tell me what the difference was and possibly which one is better. thanks!

Answer:Solved: Intel Centrino Core Duo vs. Intel Pentium M

G'day myongha!

I would go with the Core Duo because it is more reliable and is quicker because there are two parts to the processor, hence the name Core Duo.

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neverr happend before pics used to be as they are clicked! I dont know whats even wrong. please help! help needed.

Answer:pics have started flipping by the front camera. in the normal camera as well as in the lumia camera!

I'm sorry... Could you join the site and reply in this thread with more detail...
I'm having a hard time understanding what "flipping" means in that title. Does it mean you are stuck on the front camera and can't use the rear? What exactly is going on there?

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Hi all I'm trying to upgrade to Windows 8 but the assistant will not let me proceed because it is tell me to "manually uninstall" the "Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver". When I first ran the installer it listed two "Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver". One had the uninstall button which I ran just fine but after a restart the upgrade installer still complained about the one that needed manually uninstalling. I've made sure all the Intel USB devices were uninstalled in device manager. I've reinstalled the drivers then uninstalled again. I've even been through the registry which did have references to iusb* files in system32/drivers. The files referenced did not exist so I removed those registry keys but the upgrage installer still complains that I have to manually uninstall the Intel USB 3. I even disabled the USB3 mode in the bios but this had no affect. Does anyone know what I need to do to stop the Windows 8 upgrade process complaining about this driver? Thanks

Answer:Windows 8 upgrade problem - Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver manually uninstall

FYI I gave up in the end and just did a clean install of Windows 8.

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both Nokia camera & Nokia camera beta stopped working on my 1520, it starts to open the app but then goes back to the start screen, Ive uninstalled and re installed both but still the same problem, I'm on DP 8.1 & i know the camera is not broken as Microsoft camera works fine.
any ideas ??? is it just me ????
update: just done a hard reset and its still not working......Microsoft camera works fine its just the Nokia one that wont.......

Answer:[SOLVED] nokia camera & nokia camera beta stopped working

That's strange. I haven't had any issues with either Nokia Camera or Nokia Camera beta on my 920. I use Nokia Camera as my default camera app. I'm also running WP8.1 Preview.

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I am using native camera API in an android app development, the camera preview doesnt display the camera's best resolution, it looks dull, compared to how it looks when using the native camera of the device.
How can I fix this? I am sing the android's native camera api, and not intent, as I need the API usage to performs some functions with the camera.

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I just traded for this logitech camera. I plug it into my pc. Running windows7 ultimate 32bit os. Installed the driver that came with it. But it had complications. It completed 75% and something happen. But It won't even let me go to my computer to unistall. I scan with malewarebytes and avast. A torjon came up in malewarebytes but I removed it and ran it again and it came up clean! Is this a virus that is still here un detected? I CAN'T go to my computer tab at all. Can some one tell me how to uninstall this. Or should I remove the whole file. Should I try regedit? I can get there. I have a few screenshots of what's going on! Last pic is Task Manager. The "album DB2.exe" is it. How can I delete this or end process? My mind is boggle to the max! I can handle it if its a virus! But why won't it be detected again with scans if it is?


Answer:Solved: Help Uninstall Quick Cam.. It Won't Uninstall or go away!!

Omg my 10 year old nephew help me figure it out! All he told me to do is go to control panel and uninstall it.. I'm like? Can we do that? lol.. Done! Solve..

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I want to uninstall some software not listed in "Add Remove Programs".

I've been attempting to install SQL Server 2005 and get the following error message:

SQL Server 2005 Setup has detected incompatible components from beta versions of VisualStudio, .Net Frameword, or SQL Server 2005. Use Add or Remove Programs to remove these components, and then run SQLServer 2005 Setup again. ​
Looking to the error log I found the following:

Product "{982DB00A-9C4E-436B-8707-18E113BAA44C}" versioned 9.00.1116 is not compatible with current builds of SQL Server.Expected at least version: 9.00.1399.00
The Product Name is "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services CTP"

Product "{3BDB182E-8371-46BD-AC39-C14A91D5EEF8}" versioned 9.00.1116 is not compatible with current builds of
SQL Server.Expected at least version: 9.00.1399.00
The Product Name is "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services CTP"

Product "{63A5DC0D-1EDD-4D69-8F31-87FAEB1F7084}" versioned 9.00.1116 is not compatible with current builds of SQL Server.Expected at least version: 9.00.1399.00
The Product Name is "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Notification Services CTP"

Product "{E0A41F96-7231-4AE8-A654-EEB34F935462}" versioned 9.00.1116 is not compatible with current builds of SQL Server.Expected at least version: 9.00.1399.00
The Product Name is "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Data Transformation Services CTP"

Product "{90... Read more

Answer:Solved: Uninstall without Uninstall program

You can probably clean out any old versions of most of those programs using the Windows Installer Cleanup utility. Use it only on programs that have already been removed or absent from Add/Remove programs.;en-us;290301

.Net Framework -- you are going to need -- so you should install the latest version.

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Subject: Fujifilm FinePix 2300 2.1 MP - How do I get rid of "My Digital Camera" icon once I uninstall everything?


A while ago I brought a Fujifilm FinePix 2300 2.1 mega pixel camera. I installed all the software and drivers and I have the "My Digital Camera" icon appear in "My Computer." The question is how do I get rid of the "My Digital Camera" icon once I uninstall everything?

Since then I have reinstalled all of it again to figure it out. Can anybody assist me?

Answer:Fujifilm FinePix 2300_How do I get rid of "My Digital Camera" icon once I uninstall?

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I have been infected with I didn't know what it was before but I recently found out that it is a hacker (?) problem? Sorry I am quite computer-illiterate and am not sure if this is a spyware or a malware or virus.

I've managed to disable it on my google chrome using the settings > extensions or search engines. I went to control panel > uninstall program and found by ReSoft.Ltd.

I tried to uninstall it but all I got was this error message that says "To uninstall this application, it is necessary to close your browers. Do you wish to continue?" Even after closing my browsers (and also using task manager to properly close those browsers), this same message, and after clicking yes, everything disappears and is still there in the Programs and Features.

I hope someone will help me soon! I really really appreciate your help and the am super duper extremely thankful and grateful that you guys are doing this voluntarily. Thank you so much in advance!

I have downloaded DDS and gmer and have generated the log files required if needed. Thank you!

Best regards,

Answer:[SOLVED] Failed to uninstall using the Control Panel>Uninstall Progr

Hi there! Sorry but I've just managed to get rid of manually using regedit. Thanks so much for your time and sorry for the inconvenience! =)


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Hi! Upgraded my Y500 to windows 8.1 pro and installed all the drivers but these two doesnt seem to work (Intel Bluetooth Driver and Refresh Camera Driver) for Intel Bluetooth after Clicking yes for windows permission nothing happens at all. Tried to use compatibility torubleshooter and for Refresh camera and errror would pop up saying "No apropriate drivers to be installed" or something like that. I then uninstalled the 2 devices on the devices manager (Unkown Device and Intel audio bluetooth and i think it was because of the two drivers) after that it didnt showed up again so i rolled back to the initial recovery state updated my unit again to win 8.1 pro and the two devices arent showing up now in device manager and both the drivers are still acting the same way. I just want a clean install, I had no problem with sli when i looked at device manager theres no yellow error sign with exclamation point on 1 of my video card, just this two drivers .Searched google and lenovo forums for possible solutions but to n avail. 

Answer:Window 8.1 Intel Bluetooth Driver and Refresh Camera Driver

Dear iahRegondola
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Could you please tell us were you facing the same issue before the win 8.1 update and also when you did the recovery was the same issue found ?

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