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Can't uninstall Yankee Clipper

Question: Can't uninstall Yankee Clipper

After getting my new XP computer, I downloaded the clipboard utility Yankee Clipper, which I used a lot on my older computer. However, I found out I downloaded the wrong version rather than the one I wanted and was used to. So I uninstalled it yesterday morning and instead installed the version I wanted. Then, I got to messing around trying to get YC on my startup and Quick Launch. Somehow, I messed things up so that YC wouldn't work. So I attempted to uninstall this second version of YC (the one I wanted). Add/Remove went through the usual procedure as though the uninstall worked fine. But it didn't. YC was no longer in Add/Remove, but it was big as life everywhere else although it still worked poorly. Then, I used System Restore to go back to yesterday morning before I uninstalled the version I didn't want. I wanted to start all over. So I tried to uninstall that version so I could newly install the good version. But now the bad version won't uninstall. When I try to do that via Add/Remove, I get a Wise Uninstall error saying "Could not open INSTALL.LOG file.

I have no idea what to do now. For one thing, I wonder if the error message means that the Add/Remove program now won't work for anything, or if that error message just applied to YC. I've thought about downloading free uninstaller but I prefer not to do anything till I can get some expert input.

Thank, grandpaw

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Preferred Solution: Can't uninstall Yankee Clipper

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Can't uninstall Yankee Clipper

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Question: Yankee Clipper fix

My YC has been dropping clippings. The YC website had me download a fix for that. Where I am now is that I have renamed to old YankClip.exe file to read YankClip.exeold, and now my YankClip[1] folder shows that old renamed file with a MS icon and the new file with a YC icon, just as was the case with the old file before I renamed it.

The YC instructions tell me to “Get the ZIP, stop the program, rename the old EXE, and finally copy the new file into the installation directory”. I wasn't sure at what point I was supposed to stop the program, I presume meaning the zip program, and how I was to do that, so what I did was to rename the old EXE first, and then download the new one without interrupting the program

Does what I did amount to “copying the new file into the installation directory"?

Since YC dropped clippings only sporadically, I am wanting to find out now if I did the fix right rather than just wait to see if the dropping problem happens again.

Thanks, grandpaw7

Answer:Yankee Clipper fix


From what I'm reading, when they say 'stop the program', that may have been the YC program, not the zip.

The way I read it is as this..

Download the zip. Stop the YC program from running. Rename the exe to old, either like what you have done, or as YankClip.old, then open the zip, and extract the new exe into the same folder.

Is that what you did?



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Question: Yankee Clipper III

I don't know why, but I can never seem to understand the software instructions. I can get stuff to YC by highlighting it and clicking Edit>Copy, just like usual before I had YC. (I am surprised that the instructions don't say how to get stuff to the Clipboard.) But then how do I paste the stuff, say, in a document I am composing in MS Word? If you don't mind, I need the instructions you would give to a kindergartener. Thanks, grandpaw

Answer:Yankee Clipper III

If it is a Windozs app all the Windoze shortcut keys should apply

Ctrl + C = Copy
Ctrl + X = Cut
Ctrl + V = Paste

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Yankee Clipper III YC3

A powerful Windows clipboard extender/memory- now in its third generation. Handles Pictures, Richtext, URLS, etc - any size. Features printing, drag and drop, optional permanent storage of clippings. Familiar "Outlook" interface. Freeware.

Features: Current version:
Saves past 200 text and RTF, 20 BMP and Metafile, and 200 URL clipboard entries.
Has the ability to save and re-use "boilerplate" clippings. Simply right-click on the item and select "Send to boilerplate". Unlimited boilerplate collections can be created.
URL aware- links copied to clipboard can be instantly launched.
Can float on top of other applications for fast pasting.
No size limits for "clippings".
Prints any text clipboard entry, nicely word-wrapped.
This is a simple program to understand and use.
Has a global hotkey to make the application visible when hidden, and another to instantly show and select past "clippings" without showing the application.
Clippings can be dragged & dropped to/from YCIII.
Can strip unwanted "quote" characters ("<", "|") from "clippings".
Supports ordering of boilerplate items.
Can automatically re-connect to clipboard when rogue applications break clipboard chain.

Answer:Yankee Clipper III YC3

This sounds like what I've been looking for, but does it work with Win 7-64? The site mentions only 32 bit systems.

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I am using Yankee Clipper III (YC3) under Win7 64bit. Occasionally it looses the boilerplates and I can't get them back other than by recreating them. Under Win XP, according to what I have been able to find, the boilerplates are kept in Program Files/YCIII. That doesn't seem to the the case for Win 7. I have restored the YCIII portion of Program Files X86 from a True Image Backup but the boilerplates are still not there.

Will someone please help me get around the problem of having to recreate the boilerplates each time YC3 looses them?

Thank you very much.

Answer:Yankee Clipper III looses its boilerplates

About a year ago I posted this problem and never received a reply. I have nor used this machine very much until recently. The problem just occurred again so here I am again.

Yankee Clipper III looses its boilerplates

I am using Yankee Clipper III (YC3) under Windows 7 64bit. Occasionally it looses the boilerplates and I can't get them back other than by recreating them. Under Win XP, according to what I have been able to find, the boilerplates are kept in Program Files/YCIII. That doesn't seem to the the case for Win 7. I have restored the YCIII portion of Program Files X86 from a True Image Backup but the boilerplates are still not there.

Will someone please help me get around the problem of having to recreate the boilerplates each time YC3 looses them?

Thank you very much.

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I have used Yankee Clipper for a number of years now and it has been a great deal of help to me, largely because of its simplicity. But after I got XP the YC icon on my System Tray started to disappear, not always, but when it did I couldn't find a way to get the YC window to display. When I would click on the YC icon on my desktop or go to YC in Windows Explorer, I would get a message that YC was already running and to look at the System Tray (where the YC icon was no longer there).

YC told me that the problem must have something to do with XP, but couldn't say what. YC suggested that I click Ctrl/Alt/Y. That sometimes brought up the YC screen but not always. It didn't restore the icon to the System Tray.

I wonder if anyone has a suggestion as to what might be the problem and how I can solve it.


Answer:Disappearing Yankee Clipper icon

Perhaps it's not in your startup and should be (and used to be)?

Hit Start-->Run and type msconfig and hit enter.
Go to the Startup tab.
Do you see anything that resembles Yankee Clipper?
If you do and it is NOT checked, check it.
If you don't, reinstall Yankee Clipper. See if you're asked if you want it to start when Windows starts (or to put an icon in the system tray) and say "yes".

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I installed the plug in webclipper, from Its not working right and I just want it off my computer. I get no response from their tech support, and I can't find the application under add/remove programs. What do I do? And I need a recomondation as to some good virus software to install on my 350 mhz Intell Pent. II. I have a creative 48x cd-rom, and a V.90 56k Us Robotics voice Fax modem. Would the wrong driver stop my fax from operating? Does anyone know where to get the right drivers? HELP!

Answer:Web Clipper-from

I like Norton AntiVirus.

If you want to try one for free though, go to - it's pretty good too.

USR modem drivers:
[edit] - fixing my bad link
[This message has been edited by LarryCore (edited 03-11-2000).]

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I'm about to use Evernote Clipper after months. Ive tried multiple times to change password and log onto Evernote Clipper. It tells me the password I'd just changed it incorrect. I've closed/opened Chrome, Evernote Clipper and my computer - and gone to download the latest version - evidently i had the latest. This is feeling like a mobius loop. Any thoughts? Thank you!message edited by Chrisjh

Answer:Evernote Clipper - can't log in

Have you spoken to Evernote support?

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Am I the only one still having to modify and keep running mid '80's software, yes, prior to windoze. The s/w is run daily in a very large corporate in a win2000 environment.

Does anyone have any info on what I could use to help transfer the code to something more modern? Of course, the user interface would have to be rewritten.

Yep, I'm very old too.

Answer:dBase III+ and Clipper

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Question: Clipper Summer87

Hello! I have never debugged in Clipper Summer87. Could someone tell me how step by step? I use Plink86 to link and link using a .bat file.

Example of .bat:

clipper @prog -l
clipper main.prg -l -m
clipper index.prg -l -m
clipper rept.prg -m -l

plink86 @prog

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Clipper Summer87

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I am running a clipper program on a novell network, and my client machines have been running on Windows 95/98.
I have been operating with the following line in the autoexec.bat :SET CLIPPER=E:00;F:250;SWAPPATH:'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\'

I have a machine that is not running on Windows XP, and i have no idea where to add the above line, or how to make it work..
each time i try to run that program i get the following error "Unrecoverable Error 5311; cannot create VM swap file"
where do i set the variables in Windows XP?.


Answer:Need help with clipper program!


Go to C:\windows\system32, and edit Autoexec.NT and Config.NT there is where the environment variables and DOS configuration must be set, every Dos Box that is opened will use the values within this files.

Don´t expect to see them if you type the SET command, but they are initialized and the clipper program will read them.

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Hey i have a large .mpg file and i want to clip a section out of it. Do all programs need you to re-assemble all the parts before you play? I want to take a playable section out and delete the at specific start and end times and everything and then have a playable piece. I did a google search and there seems to be TONS of "editors". And they seem to do so many other things it all seems really complicated to go through all the programs. I would worry wich ones have spyware or would de-stabalize my system if they're done by amateurs.

Any Suggestions?

Answer:best MPG clipper/editor??

This is freeware. Not to hard to figure out.

1/ VirtualDub. If you want a close enough good enough edit just use virtualdub.

I've only used it on avi files but it seems to support other formats.

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does anyone know what happen to that "old" programming language, called clipper, like the old dbase language? what is clipper called today or computer programming language is the most similar to clipper?

Answer:ca-clipper 5.3b for dos/windows

OMG! My first job in the computer field! I was the install guy for a point of sale/accounting software for specialty gift shops, which was written in Clipper for DOS. Had to setup that program on point of sale computers for the front, and in the workstations in the office for the accounting part. They kept using the DOS version til past Win98 days, when I left that company. When I first got there they were using Artisoft LANtastic for the networking, on coax.

Pig of a DOS program, had to learn the art of fine tuning config.sys to get conventional memory up past 600.

The owners of the software company used to raise pit of them came to the office every day, sorta the mascot of the office. His name was Clipper.

Anyways, I'm not a programmer, I'm a networking guy, but from what I remember in the days before I left that company, the programmers there were having a hard time migrating their program to a native Windows backend.

I believe Clipper for DOS remained for DOS
and one of the projects designed to migrate it to Windows almost made it..

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Question: Clipper program

Hi all!
After upgrading Clipper program I cannot open DBF format file.
The error message: 'Corruption detected Clipper'. I tried to search from google but no answer.
What's the problem? What should I do?

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I have mcafee virus scan profession and its all up to date and also my win xp is up to date but virus scan keeps coming up saying I have these viruses. I try to quarantine them it says it cant as I dont have permissoons.

I have tried turning off my system restore then going to RUN and typing REGEDIT and doing a search for each virus then deleting but when I restart they are back again.

The files that mcaffee detects are


any help is appreciated


Answer:BackDoor-CJO, AD-Clipper & downloader-OX

I was seeing McAfee return Downloader-OX and two other adware / virus threats. If you will look in the far right of the McAfee notification window (at least with McAfee Enterprise Edition) you will notice what applications are causing you the trouble.

I couldn't see anything in my startup files - either through regedit or Hijackthis! - I simply deleted the infected files (which turned out to be mplayer.exe and TELNET.EXE) and Windows XP restored them.

I'll let you know if I run across anything else, but I seem to be running clean. McAfee seemed to catch the infection before it spread, but everytime I ran Media Player the virus seemed to try and reactivate. Telnet.exe seemed to be automatically being called at points, but after deletion and recreation I haven't seen the problem return.

This issue must be new enough to not have very many posts. McAfee's VIL was no help whatsoever

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Download: OneNote Clipper

Save anything on the web to OneNote in one click

Keep all your web research in one place. Clip it to OneNote, organize it, and access it from any device.

OneNote Clipper - the easiest way to save anything on the web to OneNote in just one click. It's like your camera for the web.

Researching for a big trip? Gathering recipes for an upcoming party? Collecting inspiration for a home makeover? The OneNote Clipper helps you do all of this quickly and easily. Think of it as your camera for the web, snapshotting any webpage you see directly into OneNote.​

One-click to save any webpage with the extension toolbar OneNote button
One-click to view your clipped webpage in OneNote Online directly from the OneNote Clipper
All of your clips are saved to the Quick Notes section of your default notebook on OneDrive - automatically accessible and fully searchable on all your devices


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Hello, I am using Clipper 5.2 and would like to know how to display a logo at the top of a letter before printing it out. Please help. Thanks!!

Answer:clipper 5.2 how to display logo

If you mean the database application. You will have to embed the logo or download it to the printer.

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Operating System: Win 7/64
Computer: HP Elite i7

Problem: Somehow, the Clipper Tool (part of Windows 7) has disappeared. I did not receive the installation disks with my computer. What can I do to reinstall the app?

Answer:MS Clipper Tool Disapeared

I guess you mean the snipping tool. It has probably simply disappeared from the Start menu so type snip in the Start > Search box. Snipping tool should appear above.

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Hi! I know, this is an old system. I program using VB but every now and then I need to make a change in an old, forgotten system and I really don't have any experience in Clipper. I hope I can find help in this forum.

I am trying to do a create. I have the following but i keep getting a TYPE MISMATCH error:

cPath = "C:\"
cStr = "TempTab"
CREATE (cPath + cString)

What could I be doing wrong? I am trying to create an empty table to store the TempTab structure info in a new work area.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Clipper Summer87 Question

What are the datatypes for cstr and cpath?

I do not know clipper, but I would guess you need to caste them to be the same, or the same as CREATE supports.

Also, a quick google makes me think you need to use dircreate to create a folder...

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The OneNote Web Clipper suddenly stopped working on all my browsers and computers. I cannot login and I am prompted to enable 3rd party cookies. I have tried deleting all cookies, uninstalling the extension and reinstalling it, but it doesn't work.
I have tried this on Chrome, Firefox and Edge. On all browsers the OneNote Clipper stopped working.
I also found a thread that started today at Microsoft:
Any ideas?

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I maintain some legacy programs written under dBase and compiled with Clipper.I have a couple of problems when running under some versions of Windows ? especially XPNormally the key-code for the left arrow key is identical to Ctrl-S> - both, when tested with a utitlity, are correctly shown as being ASC 19However, when running in a virtual DOS environment, while the left-arrow key works fine, the Ctrl-S> is ignored. I assume that Windows is intercepting the code for some other purpose.Using the Properties of the desktop shortcut to the DOS environment, I have tried various combinations of Compatibility (for Windows) and disabling the Windows Shortcut keys, but no still solution is found.Secondly: the programs frequently use the higher ASCII codes to build boxes on-screen. These generally work fine, but on occasion ? and I can find no reason for why this only happens sometimes ? the characters get mis-interpreted and produce other graphics characters.Would be grateful if anyone knows a solution ? especially to the key-code issue - or even just a pointer to someone who might know.Many thanksDr Philip Ramage

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We are in the process of developing apps for a manufacturing company and we are stump as to which programming language will be best. The apps wil include all accounts, production, warehousing, etc. and we estimate that it would involve a rather large database. We are thinking of using the ca-clippper language to develop the apps.

Pls give us you opinions and advices. We truly appreciate all opinions and advices.

Thanks & Regards.

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Each time I try to update the OneNote Web Clipper app via the Windows Store, it says the following in the screenshot.

Answer:Problems updating OneNote Web Clipper app from Windows Store

I have ran troubleshooting steps on this problem. Nothing seems to fix the problem. That's why I have came here for help. Please help!

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I want to ask about porting / converting ancient (20 years old!) dBase / Clipper source code and files to Modern Windows XP environment.

Should I use Codebase and re-compile the program for Microsoft C?

Is there any other better / simpler ways to port text only applications?

Thank you.

Answer:Porting dBase/Clipper Source Code And Files

Are you asking if there's any way of automatically converting the source code or you asking whether you you should rewrite the application. Codebase will not convert an XBase DOS program to a windows program. From what I understand Codebase is a library that allows you to manipulate XBase databases (DBase, Clipper, Paradox etc) with a windows language such as Visual Basic.

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Wow, haven't been on here FOREVER! Here is a very basic breakdown of what is happening:

I want to uninstall Vista and Ubuntu.

I installed XP, then Vista, then Ubuntu. So the sequence at boot time is, GRUB tells me to choose Ubuntu or Windows, once I choose Windows, I get a choice between XP or Vista.

Ok, so I want to get rid of Vista and Ubuntu. How can I do this? I feel like the MBR will get messed up if I delete the Ubuntu and Vista partitions. Is there a certain way I have to go about deleting the Ubuntu and Vista partitions?

Worst case scenario would be losing all my data on Windows XP and having to just reinstall XP.

Answer:UNINSTALL Triple Boot System XP, Vista, Ubuntu... UNINSTALL Yes, UNinstall

Boot with the XP CD. Delete the Vista and Ubuntu Partitions. Format the Ubuntu Partition. Exit out of install process. Restart again with CD in place. Go to XP CD Recovery Console. fixboot and fixmbr commands on the System so that XP will boot.

This will be the best thing to do.

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How do you uninstall from Windows when it doesn't show up in Control Panel-Uninstall Programs?

Answer:How do you uninstall from Windows when it doesn't show up in Control Panel-Uninstall Programs?

Your information is not very clear but please check below link. This may help.10 tips for removing a program that won't uninstall | News | TechRadar

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Would so appreciate any help with this Adobe Reader start...I use this program occasionally to print postage for packages and the site requires a download of the Adobe program....I downloaded it and uninstalled it with ease about 2 weeks ago.  Then, a few days ago I downloaded it again with the intent of using it and uninstalling it--and it refused to work/open at all.  I tried numerous times to reinstall it and then uninstall it but to not refuses to run or to uninstall.
When I click on Change/Remove in my Add/Remove Programs Menu....I get a pop-up with a message at the top that says:  "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is not available." the right of this statement it has two boxes that offer the options of OK or Cancel....then beneath that statement it says:  "Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'AcroRead.msi in the box below'....".....then there is a window under that that says "use source" above it and "Browse" to the right with the following typed into it:  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Setup\{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AB0000000001}\
when I click OK, I get another pop-up that says:  The path "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Setup\{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AB0000000001}\ " cannot be found.  Verify that you have access to this loca... Read more

Answer:Uninstall Adobe Reader XI (11.0.6) won't uninstall/remove pop-up loop persists

Hello, and welcome to Bleeping Computer.
The error is occuring because the installer is looking for files in a temp folder that are no longer there.
Extra care is needed with this tool. Download Microsoft Installer Cleanup.  Run it in an admin account and only select Adobe Reader XI if it is in the list (If it is not in the list exit out) and then press the remove button making absolutely sure no other programs other than Adobe Reader is selected. Then I would try reinstalling Adobe Reader again.
I would recommend that you do not constantly uninstall and install the program.

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I have a windows vista laptop which has Advanced system protector installed and keeps loading and stopping laptop working correctly. I have tried to uninstall via control panel add remove programs but the uninstall program fails to uninstall and says that the uninstall.msg file is missing or corrupt.
Can someone offer any sugestions please did look at this a post using OTL program but this did not work for me.

Answer:advanced system protector uninstall when uninstall program fails

Hiya and welcome to Tech Support Guy

Are you still having this problem? If so, lets start with running the following tools:
Download Security Check from here.
Save it to your Desktop.
Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.


Please download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from Here

Double Click mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.
If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.
Once the program has loaded, select "Perform Quick Scan", then click Scan.
The scan may take some time to finish, so please be patient.
When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results.
Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.
When disinfection is completed, a log will open in Notepad and you may be prompted to Restart.(See Extra Note)
The log is automatically saved by MBAM and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.
Copy&Paste the entire report in your next reply.
Extra Note:
If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you will be presented with 1 of 2 prompts, click OK to either and let MBAM proceed with the disinfection process, if asked to restart the computer, please do so imme... Read more

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Hi folks

a load of apps (not all but a lot) can be uninstalled even when the standard uninstall option (right mouse click on tile) doesn't exist. I kept getting irritated by notifications about account errors on the Mail app -- don't need or want it but couldn't un-install normally. I'm happy with Outlook 2016 and thunderbird -- don't need the live tile app.

follow this link to uninstall a lot of stuff you might not want (I believe if you need to re-install them again can be done via the store).

Uninstall Apps in Windows 10 Apps Features Tutorials


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I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit.
I was having problems installing a program (Berlitz German Premier) where the install would just disappear halfway thru the process. A program would not appear under my programs list but when I went to Uninstall an icon for uninstall of the Berlitz software appears for each time I tried to install it. However I get the following error messages (see attached document with screen captures) when I tried to delete it the traditional way.
When I use Windows Install Clean Up utility, the program is nowhere to be found on the list; thus I can't use that program.
Any suggestions for how to get this program removed?

Answer:Program wont uninstall it with Uninstall or Install Cleanup Utility

Is this a windows XP program or one for vista. It looks like a compatibility problem. Check with vendor to see if they have a version for vista. Some older programs will not work with vista and never will. There is an option to run in capatibility mode with vista but does not always work.

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I need to know how to uninstall a program (quicktime) that's not listed in my add/remove programs, and has no uninstall option. I don't even remember installing it! It's really getting on my nerves! My kids may have installed it?????

Answer:how do I uninstall a program thats not in add/remove prog.? no uninstall option?

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I have found a file titled "SystemMove" on my uninstall list but it will not uninstall. Don't know what it is and was wondering if anyone else might know.

Answer:unknown program showing up on my uninstall list but will not uninstall

Have you tried using safemode to remove the software? See also Trial version of Revo and use the force remove feature. Let us know how it went.

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I installed Arduino software, part of which included installing a number of drivers. I uninstalled the software using the internal software uninstall feature. Apparently it removed the drivers, but for some reason they still show up in the Windows install/uninstall list. I try to uninstall them using the Windows uninstaller, but I get an error stating that the drivers are not there (at that address). The problem is, I cannot re-install the drivers, because for some reason they still show as being installed by the Windows installer and the software refuses to re-install.

So, how do I remove a file name from the install/uninstall list on Windows 10? A file name for a file that is already deleted?



Answer:Cannot Uninstall Drivers from Install/Uninstall List - Windows 10

Hi, Geek uninstaller (free) offers a range of removal options if you right click an entry.

However, you may have parts of the program left over.

1. Does the program's site offer a manual uninstaller or uninstall instruction?
2. Check the various folders that may have been created when you installed it for leftovers.
(Try Locate32 (free) - let it index all your files then you can quickly check for anything related to the name of your program on a find-as -you-type basis).
If you find any exe's left over, then use
Revo (free)
to force uninstall these.

Your problem will be knowing if anything is left over that you don't want.

Finally you can search the registry.
Try Regscanner (free) as this lists all found unlike Regedit which is 1 by 1.

Create a system restore point or back up your registry and delete remnants.

Good luck!

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I've tried my add-remove programs / the uninstall program neither one works it says I need a some kind of exe player. I need to remove it because its causing havoc on my computer like changing settings, could not log into my email on internet explorer(had to install firefox) to log into my email, deactivating identity protection on my AVG program. Is there a free program to uninstall free ride games.

Answer:uninstall program for free ride games that will not uninstall


Try Revo Uninstaller HERE

Also try Safe Mode to uninstall with the normal Add/Remove or Revo also.

You would also be best to run the Read Me Guide in the malware forum here and then attach the logs to a new thread in the malware forum for the experts there to review as your issues could be malware related, especially as your AVG keeps getting disabled.

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I installed Arduino software, part of which included installing a number of drivers. I uninstalled the software using the internal software uninstall feature. Apparently it removed the drivers, but for some reason they still show up in the Windows install/uninstall list. I try to uninstall them using the Windows uninstaller, but I get an error stating that the drivers are not there (at that address). The problem is, I cannot re-install the drivers, because for some reason they still show as being installed by the Windows installer and the software refuses to re-install.

So, how do I remove a file name from the install/uninstall list on Windows 10? A file name for a file that is already deleted?



Answer:Cannot Uninstall Drivers from Install/Uninstall List - Windows 10

Hi, Geek uninstaller (free) offers a range of removal options if you right click an entry.

However, you may have parts of the program left over.

1. Does the program's site offer a manual uninstaller or uninstall instruction?
2. Check the various folders that may have been created when you installed it for leftovers.
(Try Locate32 (free) - let it index all your files then you can quickly check for anything related to the name of your program on a find-as -you-type basis).
If you find any exe's left over, then use
Revo (free)
to force uninstall these.

Your problem will be knowing if anything is left over that you don't want.

Finally you can search the registry.
Try Regscanner (free) as this lists all found unlike Regedit which is 1 by 1.

Create a system restore point or back up your registry and delete remnants.

Good luck!

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EDIT: sorted, it worked when i opened uninstaller it from within REVO UNINSTALLER...dunno why?

went to uninstall FSX from hard-drive.. it said it was uninstalled but there was satil 10Gb+ files left behind so I deleted them, I went to reinstall FSX on a different drive and it wont as it says its still installed and must be removed..when i do however it fails as the uninstaller and files arent there - then when i look in add & remove programs FSX is still there??? trying to uninstall it fails like ive just said and it wont let me install it until its been removed?

can anyone help with this?


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I was trying to find a browser that contained a email send button. I used to have a button that allowed you to share articles etc from the internet either by email or other methods. I thought Google Chrome had it. Don' t like their browser . Want it gone. Can you help?

Answer:chrome uninstall I want to uninstall the browser from Google

Control panel > programs & features. How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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Hi, I'm having problem installing Kaspersky internet security 2013 on Vista home premium, it keeps asking me to reboot computer over and over again. So I went to Kaspersky Lab forum for help and some tech support there suggested me to uninstall MSXML 4.0 SP2 and SOAP Toolkit 3.0 from my Vista.

Could anyone please help me to locate and guide me through how to uninstall there 2 programs. Thank you.

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I have tried uninstalling radio 1.12 using chrome ://extensions without success. Can you help?Thanks.

Answer:chrome uninstall unable to uninstall radio 1.12

"Can you help?"You mean other than suggesting that you uninstall Chrome & use Firefox instead?

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"Click to DVD" I would like to get rid of this program and recapture some space. How? Please help

Answer:Solved: How to uninstall programs with no uninstall file

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Hi, i have just uninstalled a 2006 version of Norton on my friend's laptop to replace it with an up to date AVG. Revo uninstaller had a few problems uninstalling all of it but seemed to do most of it but i notice that in C Drive>Program files there is still Norton files/folders there, should i delete these files too?Ps- I ran a Malwarebytes scan and found 120 threats (trojans etc), is this an exceptional amount please?

Answer:Delete program files+uninstall or just uninstall?

If you have had problems and cannot be sure all of Norton has gone you can run the Norton Removal Tool click hereAs for the Malware then if the threats are ALL trojans then you need to tighten your security.If they are in the main tracking cookies then that is normal

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Th app is "Seagate Manager Installer". The actual Seagate Manager app is still resident but not showing in the app list. I would like to get rid of both. Uninstalling "Seagate Manager Installer" gives error that the app already exists.

Answer:How do I uninstall a Windows 10 app that will not uninstall in the normal manners?

Have you tried restarting your computer and trying again? Sometimes a reboot will refresh the apps recognized by the PC.

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Hello. Just got new computer and before I continue to download more software, specifically software for fijitsu scanner, I want to know if I should uninstall one of my HP drivers that randomly causes printer to get error lights flashing when I try to print via "HP Universal PCL 6" printer icon, then printer turns itself off, then works ok. A few HP drivers seem to be installed.
The info: win 7 pro 64 bit
The steps taken. 1) Installed HP Laserjet 3015 PCL 5 driver from HP site. Icon for printer says "HP Lserjet 3015 PCL 5". Worked ok.
2) Noticed that my older pc had a PCL 6 driver and so installed this because I figured this is what some of my older software programs needed to print. I think I installed it incorrectly from HP site because I think I forgot to start with printer unplugged. Also, not sure I picked the proper choices on screen (e.g., standard vs. dynamic option). It seemed to work fine for a few days with the "HP Universal PCL 6" as the default driver. Then it started to cause printing problems at random times when I tried to print.
3) Went back in and selected "HP Laserjet 3015 PCL 5" as default printer. Seems to be working again, but of course it has been only a day.
QUESTION: Given that I've heard uninstalling HP drivers can be funky, should I just leave the universal PCL 6 on it and just keep the PCL 5 selected as default printer OR should I uninstall the driver. Also, what is the best way to uninstall the driver s... Read more

Answer:Qu re: to uninstall or not uninstall hp driver laserjet 3015

Nothing really funky about uninstalling HP drivers. I would probably uninstall the drivers you don't want just to keep the system clean rather then clutter it with multiple print drivers.

Now there is a specific PCL6 driver for that printer, aside from the Universal PCl6 driver you have already installed, its located here:

I hope you weren't running Combofix and the security scan program at the same time? Combofix should not be run at the same time as another scan and all AV software should be disabled when CF is being run.

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How can I uninstall a program that doesn't appear in Uninstall/change programs?

I can see the program folder in Program files but I guess deleting this folder alone will leave traces on the registy etc. I've tried with CCleaner and Revo uninstaller and the program doesn't appear either.

Any help will be welcome.

Answer:How can I uninstall a program that doesn't appear in Uninstall/change

Welcome to the Seven Forums

What program is it?


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Hi there,
I found my PC still running this morning - it had not shut down last night. This sometimes seems to happen during updates but that's not the problem, just some background.

I went to uninstall a small program I use before I install a new version of it. The uninstall message was on screen for about 10 mins when it usually takes only 1. I cancelled it and the Cancel message also refused to go away. So I killed that and rebooted.

Then seeing the app still in my prog list I just went for a new install and got the INSTALLING Message for ages so killed that too.

Now when I try to uninstall I get this:

Any suggestions how I can remove the old prog or at least tell W10 I am not installing right now and to unlock the process?
thanks, Mike.

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I am running XP Pro (SP1). Recently I installed SP2 and had many problems. Working with Microsoft techs (went thru 2 of them) trying to get SP2 to run as advertised, we came to the conclusion that we should uninstall it. So I did according to their directions. They quit responding to my e-mails after that. Seemed that all worked ok except for Nortons Security Programs. Tried to uninstall it and reinstall it to no avail. Finally deleted all files related to Nortons and/or Symantec. All worked okay excep for the fact that the wallpaper would change after the desktop loaded. Found that something was calling a process named SETHC. Renamed it and that problem is gone. Now when I try to run a proram named Money Counts (Parson Technologies) ,that originally ran okay under SP1 before all this started, I get a window titled "16Bit Windows Subsystem" with the message "C;\Progra~1\Symantec\S32EVNT1.DLL An installable Vertual Divice Driver failed initialization" with two buttons "Close" and "Ignore". When this first started clicking on the "Ignore" button would allow the program to work normally. Now it will allow only the welcome screen come up and then the program closes.

Since this has all happened within two months of trial and error I am at a loss to say what cause what. Doesn't matter I just would like to get it fixed.

Answer:Recovering from SP2 uninstall and Nortons Uninstall

I would reinstall the said drivers. It sounds like removing SP2 has removed the drivers for this program.

You can also try running the command SFC /scannow since you have removed a service pack.

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I want to uninstall some software not listed in "Add Remove Programs".

I've been attempting to install SQL Server 2005 and get the following error message:

SQL Server 2005 Setup has detected incompatible components from beta versions of VisualStudio, .Net Frameword, or SQL Server 2005. Use Add or Remove Programs to remove these components, and then run SQLServer 2005 Setup again. ​
Looking to the error log I found the following:

Product "{982DB00A-9C4E-436B-8707-18E113BAA44C}" versioned 9.00.1116 is not compatible with current builds of SQL Server.Expected at least version: 9.00.1399.00
The Product Name is "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services CTP"

Product "{3BDB182E-8371-46BD-AC39-C14A91D5EEF8}" versioned 9.00.1116 is not compatible with current builds of
SQL Server.Expected at least version: 9.00.1399.00
The Product Name is "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services CTP"

Product "{63A5DC0D-1EDD-4D69-8F31-87FAEB1F7084}" versioned 9.00.1116 is not compatible with current builds of SQL Server.Expected at least version: 9.00.1399.00
The Product Name is "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Notification Services CTP"

Product "{E0A41F96-7231-4AE8-A654-EEB34F935462}" versioned 9.00.1116 is not compatible with current builds of SQL Server.Expected at least version: 9.00.1399.00
The Product Name is "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Data Transformation Services CTP"

Product "{90... Read more

Answer:Solved: Uninstall without Uninstall program

You can probably clean out any old versions of most of those programs using the Windows Installer Cleanup utility. Use it only on programs that have already been removed or absent from Add/Remove programs.;en-us;290301

.Net Framework -- you are going to need -- so you should install the latest version.

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I just traded for this logitech camera. I plug it into my pc. Running windows7 ultimate 32bit os. Installed the driver that came with it. But it had complications. It completed 75% and something happen. But It won't even let me go to my computer to unistall. I scan with malewarebytes and avast. A torjon came up in malewarebytes but I removed it and ran it again and it came up clean! Is this a virus that is still here un detected? I CAN'T go to my computer tab at all. Can some one tell me how to uninstall this. Or should I remove the whole file. Should I try regedit? I can get there. I have a few screenshots of what's going on! Last pic is Task Manager. The "album DB2.exe" is it. How can I delete this or end process? My mind is boggle to the max! I can handle it if its a virus! But why won't it be detected again with scans if it is?


Answer:Solved: Help Uninstall Quick Cam.. It Won't Uninstall or go away!!

Omg my 10 year old nephew help me figure it out! All he told me to do is go to control panel and uninstall it.. I'm like? Can we do that? lol.. Done! Solve..

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The Uninstall utility in Control Panel >> Program & Features does not allow to uninstall.Whenever I select an application and click Uninstall, I would get a warning message:"Please wait until the current program is finished uninstalling or being changed."

Answer:Why the Uninstall utility no allowing to uninstall?

At odd times discharging the motherboard components can help unstick things. At least it is quick and easy to try as a first attempt, like this:Turn off computer and unplug power cable. If it is a laptop remove the main battery too. Before putting it back together hold the Power Off/On button down for at least 20 seconds.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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This WinXP sp3 needs to be removed from my computer but I've discovered that it's not represented in Add/Remove Programs.  And looking under /WINDOWS I don't see any uninstall folders.
I'm stuck and the only thing I can think of is to install another WinXP on top of this one.  But when I try that the installation wants to reformat the partition, which is not an option right now(too much data on it).
Would deleting the entire /WINDOWS folder accomplish anything in the sense of allowing me to reinstall another OS (even WinXP) in the same partition.    In case anyone's wondering, this WinXP installation has some problems I can't resolve...the DVD/CD player won't work when WinXP is running (worked fine for installing) and therefore I can't install any of the missing drivers such as for the network adapter (thus, no internet to download drivers from).  It's a Catch-22 situation and since I have access to another WinXP sp3 disk, I just want to uninstall this one and try again. Also, this WinXP is strangely slow most of the time (without high %cpu usage) and just isn't acting right.
Any suggestions would be welcome...but please, I already know I can reformat the hard drive and I'm not inclined to do that.

Answer:how to uninstall WinXP with no uninstall folders anywhere

- Deleting the entire C:\Windows folder would mean you delete the entire Windows Operating System.

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I am trying to uninstall ulead videostudio 7 Basic. There is no uninstall from the start menu, going through control panel, add remove programs, I press removed the windows flickers and nothing happens. I tried it a few times, same thing.

Then I tried crap cleaner. I pressed run uninstaller and same thing, nothing happened.

What do I do now?

Answer:How do I uninstall a program that wont uninstall?

Sometimes you can reinstall an application and then be able to uninstall it, or you can uninstall an application manually.

Instructions for manual uninstall:

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I have been infected with I didn't know what it was before but I recently found out that it is a hacker (?) problem? Sorry I am quite computer-illiterate and am not sure if this is a spyware or a malware or virus.

I've managed to disable it on my google chrome using the settings > extensions or search engines. I went to control panel > uninstall program and found by ReSoft.Ltd.

I tried to uninstall it but all I got was this error message that says "To uninstall this application, it is necessary to close your browers. Do you wish to continue?" Even after closing my browsers (and also using task manager to properly close those browsers), this same message, and after clicking yes, everything disappears and is still there in the Programs and Features.

I hope someone will help me soon! I really really appreciate your help and the am super duper extremely thankful and grateful that you guys are doing this voluntarily. Thank you so much in advance!

I have downloaded DDS and gmer and have generated the log files required if needed. Thank you!

Best regards,

Answer:[SOLVED] Failed to uninstall using the Control Panel&gt;Uninstall Progr

Hi there! Sorry but I've just managed to get rid of manually using regedit. Thanks so much for your time and sorry for the inconvenience! =)


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Firstly, sorry for any possible interruption

I have the following problems and they seem to insist despite many of the solutions I've tried:
It must be something wrong with Control Panel / Programs / Programs and Features:
* Uninstall a program
* Turn windows features on or off
* View installed updates

-> I cant uninstall a program, the uninstall a program does nothing.
-> I'm trying to open "turn windows features on or off" and it says Bad image: -> osbaseln.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.
-> Also pressing the "View installed updates" shows the following error: Windows cannot find '::_26EE0668-A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064}....: -//- }' Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

I remember having the problem after installing the latest updates. I tried system restore days before the event and the problems still insist. I'm not sure if this is the cause but it was as far as I can remember the last 'modification' for the system. I sure I did a disk defragment, browsing the web but I don't think this will affect the system.

And I'm sure I don't visit any 'weird' sites, mostly university forums, but just to be sure I scanned the whole computer with AVG. It found nothing as it always does. I've never had a virus issue from the first day I installed Windows 7, and it's almost 2 years since then.

I tried sfd /scannow but it sais Windows Resource protection found corrupt fi... Read more

Answer:Can't Uninstall software from "Uninstall a program", link won't work

I am having the exact same problem. It used to work fine and now I can't click uninstall a program, it just doesnt show the following screen. Also I can no longer open iTunes! Really weird. Any suggestions?

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I tried upgrading from the free AVG 8.5 to free AVG 9.0. During the installation phase, something failed. I dumblike presumed that 8.5 was still operating correctly and that I would figure out the 9.0 thing later. Apparently I was very wrong. I have some sort of virus(es) that are sending out emails from me that are not from me--well, not intentionally anyway.

I tried to disable AVG and while it no longer appears in the tray (with the clock), it is still running under the task manager. I cannot stop the process from running. I've tried stopping each individual AVG process and via the stop the process tree for each individual AVG process. Nothing works. The processes continue to run.

I downloaded and ran Avira. It found two programs...bumblebee and something else. While it was waiting for me to tell it to "repair," more emails came through.

I realize the virus issue should be discussed on a different forum and did start a thread. (However, my thread asked about how to stop the virus from spreading via email while I am in the midst of fixing it.)

At the very least, I need to uninstall AVG. However, it will not uninstall. I cannot install the newer version. What do I do? The AVG free support forum is a waste of time when it comes to getting assistance.

If I need to put this info with my original post on the malware forum, please let me know. Since I have so many separate but related issues, I'm not sure where I should be po... Read more

Answer:"AVG Uninstall Error 0x80070005" Have Virus But Cannot Uninstall/Install AVG.

Hi there Wuf4Wds and welcome to the forums click this link and follow all the instructions very carefully and then be patient and the malware fighters will get to help you out, you must follow all the instructions to the book or it just causes complications during the cleanout !

Rusty !

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For reasons which are unclear to me, I installed all the windows 7 language packs, now, these have taken up an inordinate amount of space on my SSD, and I would like to be able to uninstall them, however, when I try and uninstall them using lpksetup.exe, it tries to uninstall each one for a while, before it says "uninstall failed". It says that the type is "MUI" so I don't think it's caused by removing parents before LIPs. I've tried rebooting and running lpksetup.exe as an admin.

Answer:LPKSetup.exe says "Uninstall Failed" when I try and uninstall MUI pack

Have you tried uninstalling from the Installed Updates listing?

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I am getting the following error when I launch iTunes:
"The software required for communicating with iPods and mobile devices was not installed correctly. Do you want iTunes to try to repair this for you."
When I click "Yes" I get the following message:
"The software required for communicating with iPods and mobile devices could not be repaired. Please reinstall iTunes if you widh to use these devices"
When I click "OK" iTunes opens with the following message:
A required iTunes component is not installed. Please repair or reinstall iTunes. (-42404)
When I click "OK" I get the following message:
itunes has detected it is not the default player for audio files. Would you like to go to the Default Programs control panel to fix this?
When I click "Yes" nothing happens. iTunes is open and can play songs.
I need to uninstall and reinstall iTunes. When I go to uninstall a program in the control panel iTunes is not there to uninstall.
What do I do? Thanks!!!

Answer:iTunes errors, iTunes not listed in Uninstall a Program to uninstall

Try downloading the iTunes installation software from the apple website.
When you go through the setup you should have an option to uninstall it or repair it. First try the repair if this dosnt fix the problem you are having uninstall it this way And reinstall it again.

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So I decided to reinstall Neverwinter Nights 2 today, and once the uninstall for the game had finished, I went to my D: folder and found that almost every single other game had uninstalled with it!

The only games spared (mostly) from this random slaughter were Battlefield 3 and The Witcher 2. Almost my entire Steam library was gone with only less than a third of it left (including The Witcher 2). Oddly enough, the games that were spared had everything except the save files wiped.
The other strange thing about this wipe is that it only seemed to apply to the Games on the D: folder, and completely ignored everything else on that drive and on all the others.

The uninstall took very little time and nothing unusual seemed to happen during the uninstall. But now everything is gone. Does anyone know why this might have happened?

Answer:Uninstall NWN 2, all games uninstall as well

I had a similar issue with Ragnarok Online when it's launcher actually ran NFS Hot Pursuit 2010's launcher instead of the actual Ragnarok's, which was pretty stupid. Both problems could be related, who knows.

Are you sure it was NWN 2 that caused this? Maybe you could backup the surviving games, reinstall one of the deleted games, install and then uninstall NWN 2 to see what happens.

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I have unhooked all connectors between my Lexmark Pro 915 and Windows 10 in preparation to remove its software so that I can cleanly install a new printer. I think I've completely searched all files/folders for a Lexmark uninstall and have found nothing to uninstall the printer's software??? Crazy, eh?

Answer:No uninstall to uninstall Lexmark Pro 915?

You mean to say that you cannot uninstall Lexmark from Programs and Features ?
That would be very strange indeed.

In the search box, type programs and features > Enter > locate Lexmark > right click > click Uninstall.

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Hey ya'll,

I serched the forums for this before posting, maybe I didn't do it right, but didn't find anything..

Is it safe to delete the uninstall files for the updates, and service packs?


Should have used the spellcheck...

Answer:Uninstall The Uninstall Files?

Uninstall the uninstall files? Interesting concept. Are they that large that you need to do that? The reason I would not do that, is that if you ever have a problem. Should you ever need to do maintenance and uninstall and then reinstall something,you have now made that quite difficult. There may be other issues involved that I am unaware of as well. But that is the first thing that comes to mind.

Be (Easy Uninstall) Safe

Da Bleepin AniMod, Animal

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i am having trouble uninstalling a program that i installed. The program is VFR Photographic Scenery. Can anyone suggest a program that will get all of these files of my pc, i cant even find the folder that these files are in.

Answer:Uninstall wont uninstall.

Hi CraigmaveMcafee QuickClean usually sorts mine out

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I need help uninstalling Disney's Princess Magical Dress-up. This game came in a set of three. i was able to uninstall the other two. but this one continues to stick. i've gone to add/remove programs to uninstall. when i click on change/remove my screen flickers but that's about it. i went into my comp and searched for it in there and deleted those files. i can run the game just fine. my daughter just grew out of it. anyways i can remove this from my computer. it says that its taking u 4985 mb of my computer. any help would be appreciated!

Answer:Solved: uninstall something that won't uninstall

Try this........

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"c:\Program Files\PC Tools Antivirus\unins000.msg"is missing Program will not let me uninstall.

Answer:how to uninstall program that won't uninstall

One of these might do the trick: When everything else fails, read the instructions.

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My Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 won't open, it shows up in the "process" part of the task manager but the program it self doesn't actually show up to me. And if I click it and don't end task it out of task manager my firefox or windows live or some other programs won't run either. I tried to uninstall it but I can't, it will say preparing uninstall, then it'll say "Please wait while windows configures Corel Pain Shop Pro Photo X2" and just sits there like that, and doesn't move forward. It's not technically frozen but it won't do anything else, or cancel out. I can leave it there for 10 hours while using my computer that it won't do anything else.

I asked this question earlier on Y!Answers and someone recommended Revo uninstaller but that didn't uninstall it either, it brought me to the same message "windows is configuring corel ...." and never moved on either.

Can someone tell me whats going on with my Corel and how to make it work? Or at least how to Uninstall it please?

Oh and I have windows vista, and this problem is occurring on my compact labtop, I don't know if that would make a difference or not.
Thanks Ahead!

Answer:How to uninstall a program that won't uninstall?

does it have the option to 'repair' in add/remove programs?

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I recently had an external hard drive with all my games and music on, but it completely failed on me and is beyond repair. The main problem is that when i try to uninstall software on my computer it says the uninstall cannot be found becuase it was on the hard drive. Is there anyway of uninstalling these programs without wiping my hard drive?

Answer:How to uninstall with missing uninstall.exe

You can try uninstalling through the Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel. (I'm guessing you're using some version of Windows.)

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I have unhooked all connectors between my Lexmark Pro 915 and Windows 10 in preparation to remove its software so that I can cleanly install a new printer. I think I've completely searched all files/folders for a Lexmark uninstall and have found nothing to uninstall the printer's software??? Crazy, eh?

Answer:No uninstall to uninstall Lexmark Pro 915?

You mean to say that you cannot uninstall Lexmark from Programs and Features ?
That would be very strange indeed.

In the search box, type programs and features > Enter > locate Lexmark > right click > click Uninstall.

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So, how I'm able to uninstall Windows XP and reformat my drive to clear it out?

The reason I'm doing this is because my system randomly messes up. When I first turn on the computer yesterday, it started to beep when it did the Memory Test. Also, it kept beeping (long beeps) and can not do nothing at the desktop. The only thing I can do is restart my computer.

So, I unplug my keyboard, which stopped the beeping, but it messes up my computer. The one thing I can not do, is go on the internet. I check the Device Manager and the only thing it shows is "1394 Net Adapter". Ok, it uninstalled my ethernet controller.

I put in my Abit Installer CD, so that I can install the ethernet controller back on. Oh what's this, I gives an error "An error occurred while launching the setup (0x80040702)."

It didn't give me this error before, but the first time it gave me an error about the "ikernel.exe" not installed.

When it gave me that error, I went online (using laptop, problem is on desktop computer) and found out what to do. Delete the "engine" folder and install the engine update:

Ok, I downloaded the file, burned it to a CD... it won't install on my computer.

"The contents of this file cannot be unpacked. The executable you are attempting to run has been corrupted. Please obtain another copy of this file, verify its integrity, and try again."

I tried a... Read more

Answer:"Uninstall Windows XP" not in Add or Remove Programs (Can't uninstall Windows XP)

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please uninstall google chrome

Answer:chrome uninstall please uninstall google chrome

built in uninstaller. uninstall of course there is a specific problem.edit: Sorry I am only able to reply in forum:: mike

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Question: uninstall M E

Help needed how to uninstall M E or to clear disc (C) complete.

Answer:uninstall M E

So I take it you wish to clear/wipe all the data from your C drive?

if so you can use a ME boot disk and at the prompt type Format c:
to create a book disk from ME goto Start > Settings > Control Panel > double click Add Remove programs > click the Startup Disk and create disk ( will need 1 blank 3.5" floppy disk )

or you can download the necessary files from

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Question: I Can't Uninstall!

Hi all,

So for hours I'm trying to uninstall Gears of War on my PC, but I just can't get it away...
First I tried it the normal way. I got an error 1316: some network error that couldn't read some .msi file. Then it just quitted.

I searched around and found a Microsoft tool called Windows Installer CleanUp. So I tried to uninstall GoW, and it did his thing and GoW disappeared from the list of installed applications.
However, all the files are still there on my PC. The biggest problem now is that GoW doesn't appear in the list of installed apps, so I can't unintall it.

I downloaded a couple of uninstall tools and they weren't able to find it as well. How in the world can I get rid of this crap? I can just delete the GoW folder, but won't that leave weird registry entries and other unwanted crap behind? What should I do?
Thanks in advance!

Answer:I Can't Uninstall!

If its not in your installed applications just delete all the remaining files.

Sometimes when you uninstall something its files aren't removed.

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Question: uninstall

i cant uninstall avg it come up with an error message and i cant download anything


It would help if you told us about the actual message.

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Question: uninstall?

I was installing GTA San after a format, when around 90% complete my sister pulled out the plug to the computer by mistake. The game doesn’t play and I cant find anyway to uninstall it. It doesn’t show in Add / Remove program and the games uninstall doesn’t work. Any ideas?



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Question: uninstall

i have an unwanted holiday phrases program on my has no uninstall feature and is not listed in add/ do i remove ?.(win xp)


From a previous contributor. Windows Add/Remove uses the application's own uninstaller if one is available, so there's nothing wrong with heading directly for that immediately. All ways leave much behind, and I always clear out everything afterwards with Find and Regedit Find, which it's perfectly safe to do. I've cleared literally hundreds of programs in this way and never once experienced a problem. Always remember that Windows keeps five days of registry backups in store anyway. So called Registry cleaners like Regcleaner etc are also useless in this respect, since they ALL without exception fail to even recognise that these leftovers are in the registry. Here's a general guide to clearing out the "bits". The following includes safety procedures. First carry out any available backup procedures that you have available. With Windows ME or XP, create a Restore Point. Click Find, Files and Folders, type the application name into the dialogue box and press Enter. Then from the list found, make sure of the identity of each item individually and delete any components found to the recycle bin so you can recover from there in the event of any trouble. If the item you're looking for has a double name, put a question mark in place of the space, for example Hewlett?Packard. This will restrict the items found mainly to those relevant. Then click Start,Run,type: regedit , and press Enter. Click Registry, Export, select All, and save a registry copy to the desktop as a safeguard. Then, s... Read more

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Hello, I despise win xp and I want to use my me instead, how do I remove xp please!

Answer:I would like to uninstall win xp?

You are the only person I have ever heard who wanted to go back to ME . . clearly the worst operating system ever released.

If you tell us what is bothering you I bet someone here can help you change it.

but if you are determined to . . you will have to format your hard drive in FAT32 and reinstall ME . . and keep your fingers crossed that it works


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Question: Uninstall

I just got this computer from my mother, and there is no space on the C: drive. When I recieved it, it had windows 98 but I soon upgraded to XP, I dont have SP2 or higher. I went into the add/remove programs and removed all games and software that wasnt being utilized, and removed all videos and pics, and I still have MINIMAL storage space for what I needed it for. Every time I delete cookies, I get more, but on startup, I check the properties of the drive and I have less and less space. I have spybot and hijack this..I just dont know what else to do!


Welcome to BC jaylee16354

In order for us to better help you, I am going to ask some questions:

How much total memory does the hard drive have?

You said you "upgraded to Windows XP." How did you do this? Is each a separate installation so that there are two operating systems?

What is the make of your computer?

Orange Blossom

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Question: Uninstall SP1

Is it possible to uninstall SP1 from Vista? If so, how?

Answer:Uninstall SP1

Originally Posted by jlavell

Is it possible to uninstall SP1 from Vista? If so, how?

hi jlavell

control panel / programs & features / view installed updates.

select the service pack from the list & click ''uninstall'' located in the top of the current window

that's it....

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Question: Uninstall help

My friend downloaded Stardock Central onto my computer. I want to uninstall it, but when I go to uninstall it from the Control Panel my computer just freezes up once the uninstall screen pops up. Any way to solve this problem and uninstall Stardock Central?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Uninstall help

a start

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Question: uninstall XP


some months ago i bought a new pc. with vista.. i hated it..
Now my comp crached, and i got a new hard disk. BUT! befor installing Vista again i inserted a XP disk to use XP again.. But then all the drivers ****ed it upp.

So do anyone know how to formate the hard disk that the XP is on?? i rly got a hard time doing it...

And please help me asap.. Age of Conan is soon releasing here in norway... and i want everything on my comp upp and runing intill that xD

Answer:uninstall XP

There's a couple of ways to format the drive: remove it from the PC, hook it up to a working PC (either as a slave if it's IDE, or on a free SATA header if it's a SATA drive, or use a USB adapter/enclosure). Then right click My Computer > Manage > Disk Management. Right click the drive and select 'format'. Or- use a bootable drive utility. Most of the hard drive manufacturer's have them on their web sites as free downloads, or use one of these:
They're all free, and I've personally used the first two and they work great.

If you plan on reloading Vista (since XP didn't work) you can just boot to the Vista install disc and use the advanced option during the partition setup to format the drive.

Good luck!


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well, my first thread was written during some kind of server problems so i repost it.
maybe a admin can delete the empty one
Hi there vista community,
i urgently need help with my vista service pack.
At first the automatic update always tried to install the sp1 when i shut the computer down but it always failed, so i decided

to download the service pack manually and install it cause i hoped problems with the windows calender, instant search(cant

find anything)and the help&support would be solved. well they were not but not just that.
right now every time i start the computer it tells me that i didnt activate my windows yet. so i have to type in the 25 number

long product key and wait for the online activation every time. really annoying.
i tried almost everything uninstalling the update and many computer recovery tries but
after uninstalling the update for like 1/2 - 1 h and restarting (without a activation needed) i tells me, sp1 was not uninstalled

properly. so its still there (bug 0x004E003).
almost the same with the system recovery. i tried many different points, but the only time it worked was a recovery that

recovered my system AFTER the installing of sp1.
when i tried to recover it before the installation i tells me
unknown error. system recovery wasnt completed. ur system is still the same as before.
So i read many articles about similar problems which told me that probably a re installation of vista is needed. so i would

have to reformat my computer w... Read more

Answer:Cant uninstall SP1, second try

1 you need to activate windows vista first.

if you don't activate windows Software and programs will fail .

if you have the Origonal Vista DVD try doing a system Recovery a Previous date the day before you Put windows SP1 on you're computer if you made systems Recovery date before you put Sp1 on you're computer this will restore it to that time before you Put Sp1 On you're computer if you didn't make a restore point before Sp1 on you're computer most likely Sp1 won't come off if you tryed everything else.

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Sorry if this has been asked before is their anyway to uninstall the whole package of updates?


Answer:Is their anyway to uninstall SP!

Hi Eyeball1,

This may be able to help you.

How to uninstall Windows Vista SP1 as a troubleshooting step


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Question: Uninstall

So i put in my canon camera cd and it starting installing a program called "PhotoStitch."

Well the program froze, i left it for 10 mins and it was still frozen so i just ended task. The program was on my start> programs list so i ran the uninstaller and it said it had uninstalled it, but it was still there.

So i ran the uninstaller again and when i ran it the uninstaller opened and then just closed itself. I then deleted the folder where the program had installed and took it off the prorams bar and forgot about it.

I want the program now, and when i put the cd in and run the installer it says the program is installed. It isn't on the "Add & Remove" programs list, i have run all the troubleshooting stuff on the cd with no luck. Anyone know how to get rid?


You probably have to remove the entry from the registry. Try using jv16 PowerTools 2005 or Reg Supreme Pro which should get the job done. The PowerTools also has a robust remove feature that you can try as well.

Good luck.

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Question: Cannot uninstall

I am unable to uninstall a PC game (RollerCoaster Tycoon) the game will also not play, or let me reinstall it.
When I try to unistall the game,I get the message: "Installshield(R) Setup Launcher has encountered a problem & needs to shut down".

Does anyone know how I can fix this?


Answer:Cannot uninstall

Try to uninstall in safe mode, if that dont work while in safe mode try to install first.

or go to: Start/Search for all files & folders "rollercoasters tycoon", then manually delete file by file.

The game manufacture may have an uninstall utility check their web.

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Question: Aol Uninstall

I uninstalled the aol that came with my computer and I dont want it or any of its crap on my computer but when I look in the registry I find this crap. Is it from aol and is it safe to erase?


There is about 2 dozen aol crap like that above. Is it erasable? Do I need that?

Answer:Aol Uninstall

I cant imagine why you would need any of those files, make sure you back up your registry before you delete them

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Question: how to uninstall?

I want to uninstal a program I have. If I try to delete the shortcut from the desktop I get a message teling me to go to instal/uninstal programs as this is only a shortcut.
However when i go there I dont see the program!

Answer:how to uninstall?

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Windows XP on Dell Inspiron 2200.
I got AGV a year and half ago and was using it alright for a while, but then something unknown happened and it has disappreared from my desktop nor is it functioning any more, just as good as if I didn't have it all. But it is still on my computer.
Now I wanted to install Norton freshly. But the computer doesn't let me apparently because AGV is in the way. I tried to unistall AGV, but cannot. The AGV error code Ox0253
How can I get rid of AGV in order to install Norton instead? Please help me.
Thank you.

Answer:Can't uninstall AVG 8.

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Question: Uninstall


I discovered my system had corrupted files I ended using the ISO file and DISM and was able to clean my system finally. My question: Is it possible to un-mount the the ISO ? Is it possible to delete the ISO, being as it has done for me what I was hoping, but I now do not need it ?




...............Is it possible to un-mount the the ISO ?..............................

go to File Explorer > click This Pc > right side, do you see your iso mounted in a drive ?
If yes, Right click at it > click Eject.
............... Is it possible to delete the ISO, being as it has done for me what I was hoping, but I now do not need it ?

Yes, you can delete it, if you want to.
But why not save it to an external media or hard drive ?
Who knows, you might need it in near future
A lot of people will even burn it to a bootable media ( DVD or USB ) for Clean Install or future use.

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Question: Uninstall XP SP3

Dear all,

I'm facing a problem when i try to uninstall XP SP3. I get the following error "Bosnian (Cyrillic, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is selected as the language for standards and formats, or for non-Unicode programs. This language is not supported prior to Windows Service Pack SP3. Please see readmesp.htm to select a different language".

I have tried all steps mentioned in but it could not be solved.

I also tried logging onto administrator's log in which was used to install SP3 but even that did not work out. I get the same error

Answer:Uninstall XP SP3


Have you tried simply selecting a different language under "regional and language options" (control panel)? Try setting everything to "english" (especially in the "andvanced" tab) for the time being.

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Question: AVG Uninstall

I can't completely uninstall avg 9.0 freeware program. When i try to uninstall from control panel i gt an error.
This is error I gt

Installer initialization failed due to following error:
Error: Initialization of the language file "C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG9" failed.
Initialization of languages failed or files count is zero.

Anyone know how to uninstall it?
I am running windows 7

Answer:AVG Uninstall

Hiya mikswmn31,

Use the AVG Removal tool, available Here this removes all remnants of AVG.


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Question: Uninstall Help!!

ok so when i try to uninstall Symantec Antivirus i get this :

i was looking at this site (link below) about the isscript.msi but this one only tells you about
installing not unistalling. Any suggestions on how to fix this??

Thanks for your support!!

Answer:Uninstall Help!!

Follow the steps listed there, they have a web based application which will remove it for you. Feel free to ignore step 3 if you want (reinstall)

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