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Question: Crystal Reports

I'm having trouble with a report in Crystal Reports. Can anyone recommend any help sites. The Crystal site seems a bit complicated.



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Preferred Solution: Crystal Reports

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hope that some one can help me I have 4 workstations running XP SP2.
When I run the install it stops at the updating component registration
screen. Internal error 2908 is the first screen i get. I hit OK and get the
next screen which reads error 1935 a error occured during the installation of assembly CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.Desktop.Rtf versions=11.0.3300.0 Culture=neatral PublickeyToken=692fbea5521e1304 Please refer to Help and Support for more info HRESULT:0x8002802f. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Answer:Crystal Reports Runtime install errors - Crystal Reports 9

you need to give us more details. what program are you installing?

check this out:

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IS there anyway to filter a crystal report on SAP Business Objects Crystal reports to make the reports only viewable to certain users so they can only preview certain folders or reports?"

I have created an user called Finance and added a prinicipal in user security for him but when I log in as Finance user the user account shows all reports like the admin.

I was wondering if this has something to do with the usergroup called everyone.
As could someone please help.

Kind Regards,

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Does anyone know a simple way of converting access querys to crystal reports. I am using access 97 and crystal 8.5. I have several querys to convert, and some have parameters (prompts) already setup in access. Does anyone know of any shareware or freeware available that could be helpful?

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Question: Crystal Reports

Does anyone know anything about advance formulas in Crystal Reports?

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Question: Crystal Reports???

I am using a proprietary banking software which uses Crystal reports, and I am running it on a Windows 2000 Professional computer (128MB memory, 17GB HD, and an 800MHz processor). Whenever I try to print from the program (any type of network printer - Have not been able to test it with a local printer because one is not available), it locks up and I get a Windows error saying "The Win16 subsytem may be unstable. Press Ok to terminate the Win16 subsystem or press cancel to leave it running". From there I need to close the application. I have contacted the makers of the software and basically they have no answer, all they say is that it is a problem with printing from Crystal reports. I know nothing about Crystal reports.... Does anyone have any ideas on what could be the problem. I have tried basically everything from re-installing the software to updating print drivers. I can print fine from any other application on that computer. There are also two other people who use this application and they print fine (one running W2k and the other W98). Just up until recently it printed fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Crystal Reports???

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Question: Crystal Reports

I need only pull the last 5 digits of a phone number. The format is ###/###-####. I need to pull the last 5 digits in the following format #####. What function will give me the results I need?

Answer:Crystal Reports

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was running crystal reports 7.0 & office 97 on my old pc w/ 2000 professinal. I now have a new pc w/ xp professional os & office xp professional & can't get crystal reports to install or see my microsoft access. would be thankful for any help. crystal no longer supports 7.0 or older.
Thanks & have a good day


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Question: Crystal Reports

I am trying to teach myself Crystal Report. Can anyone tell me about a good book?

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Question: Crystal Reports

I have created a Crystal Report in Maximizer and the report works beautifully however included in the report are only about 30 of the 68 records. I have tried all the options including specifying "Generate report using entire address book" but the report still does not include all the entries. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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I need to create reports online on the fly using meta-data.

I have dataset and blank report. How can I create report design on the fly ? so that it will able to display report dataset.

Can someone tell me it is possible or not ? or some reference links.....

Answer:Crystal Reports on the fly

I do a lot of reporting and I know that CR works fine with predefined data sets.
Our helpdesk tool comes with a runtime version of CR and a series of standard reports.
each blank report is 'fed' by variables and therfore flexible.
I don't know how this all works but I do know that you can invoke a report and automatically have it link to the data set.

So if the dataset is up-to-date the report will show tha data from that data set.
So if you can update that data set on-the-fly and hae it trigger your report I think you'll be on the way.

Like I said, I have no experience with it but this is just a tip.

I have attached one of the template reports, I don't have the data but maybe it will help you think something up

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Question: Crystal Reports

I am new to Crystal Reports and have spent nearly a week doing what I thought should have been a simple report... I could really use some help.

I was able to get the report done using the SQL QUERY capability of Crystal. The default matrix report was perfect. But when I tried to get Crystal Reports to "format" the report (asking Crystal to use the .qry file), it messed up because two columns of the report have the same fieldname (they come from different instances of the same table) and Crystal thought I wanted the same field data printed in two different places on my report.

Here's my situation (bear with me):


The PEOPLE_KEY links to BUYER_KEY (1 to many)
The PEOPLE_KEY links to SELLER_KEY (1 to many)
The NAME_KEY in PEOPLE links to the NAME_KEY in NAMES (1 to 1)
In the SQL Query, the PEOPLE table has an Alias (PEOPLE_1) and the NAMES table has an Alias (NAMES_1) so that I can uniquely identity BUYERS and SELLERS.

Selection Criteria (here's where I've had trouble)
Select <b>ONLY</b> the SELLERS who appeared on invoices between DATE1 and DATE2; but only if those SELLERS had never previously appeared in the table (in other words, there are no invoices PRIOR TO DATE1 where the particular SELLER_KEY exists)

Once the SELLERS are identified, select only the FIRST invoice generated between DATE1 and DATE2 ... Read more

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From a new Crystal Reports user. I am using Crystal reports 6 with Visual Basic 6 and I cant work out how to pass a NULL parameter to the Stored procedure that the report relies on. Could someone please help me out here as this is driving me mad. Also is it possible to link a report to an ADO recordset instead of having the report linked to the stored procedure. Thanks in advance.

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Question: Crystal Reports

I am trying to run a crystal report that already has been designed.
It is on an XP computer and is using SDS database Access format.
It is a form that I need on one page for
each person in the database. When I print preview it, it goes to
two pages with a header and footer.

Answer:Crystal Reports

Sounds like it just needs some tweaking - can you zip and upload it and I will see what I can do for you.
If there is data that you need to keep confidential, make a copy and enter some junk data.

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Question: Crystal Reports ?

Hello there...
Can anyone assist me with a crystal report 6.0 question?

Ive got a report created and want to only display one entry for a specific record.

Contact Report

Accnt Rep Contact Address
123 ARL Mr. Smith 123 Anywhere
123 ARL Mr. Jones 123 Anywhere

456 JBM Mr. Kile 456 Who knows

So - I dont want multiple contacts (Mr. Jones) to show for the same account - just the Primary. Any ideas?


Answer:Crystal Reports ?

Is that in use with the program TrackIt?

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Hey There...

Does anybody know of a good site to get started on using Crystal Reports?

Thanks in advance...


Answer:Crystal Reports Help

Don't know how good they are but you could start here:

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Question: Crystal Reports

I was wondering if anyone here could help me with an issue that I have running Crystal Reports. I am currently running version 5.0 I think, and the big issue that I have is that every time that I create any type of report, once I export it out to Excel it is double spaced. I have tried everything that I know how to do in order to rectify this but I have had no luck. If anyone here can lead me down the right path I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Answer:Crystal Reports

CLOSING DUPLICATE view this thread

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what is crystal reports and can i learn this on my own?

Answer:what is crystal reports

Results of a quick Google search ...

tovachanah said:

what is crystal reportsClick to expand...

tovachanah said:

can i learn this on my own?Click to expand...

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Question: crystal reports

Hi guys,
I m using SQL server and crystal reports. I need to know how to do a table lookup in crystal reports..please hurry this is driving me nuts!

Answer:crystal reports

I believe crystal reports uses standard SQL language....SELECT fieldname FROM tablename WHERE whatever SORT BY fieldname

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Question: Crystal Reports 10

I am new to Crystal Reports. I am customizing an existing report by adding another table and a message is returning "Failed to open rowset". How do I fix this...can't find anything in the documentation? Thanks for any help you can give.

Answer:Crystal Reports 10

Umm...this is the wrong forum to find an answer, I'll msg a mod to move it to the appropriate place for you

Welcome to TSG

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Question: Crystal Reports

I'm new to Crystal Reports. Need help...Trying to create a report that will give me employees with birthdates for certain months, i.e. a report that will print out all employees with February birthdays. Can anyone help on formulas, parameters, etc???

Answer:Crystal Reports

Hiya and welcome

You may want to check this out:

It has various samples which you can download, that may help.

Also, have a look at this, for some guidence:

Which version are you using?



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Hi All,

Let me preface by saying that I hate writing reports!

Anyway, I've been asked to write a report similar to this:

Where the vendors supplying selected parts are shown with their respective pricing. I need to filter this further so that only the PREFERRED vendor is shown for each part.

On the back end, my tables are linked as per this:

Each are equal joins. The PART table, far right, has the Part IDs, and the preferred vendor ID, but to link to the VENDOR_QUOTE table, it has to be linked through the VENDOR_PART table, which has both the Vendor Part ID, and our own internal ones.

I've tried specifying that the VENDOR_QUOTE.VENDOR_ID must equal the PART.PREF_VENDOR_ID, but that filters out EVERYTHING, despite the IDs matching.

Can anyone advise how I can accomplish this?

Thanks Much,


Answer:Crystal Reports Help

Nevermind! I figured it out. Used the PART.PREF_VENDOR_ID as a group instead of the VENDOR_QUOTE.VENDOR_ID

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private void display(string month)
ReportDocument customerReport;
customerReport = new ReportDocument();

customerReport = new ReportDocument();
string reportPath = Server.MapPath("CrystalReport.rpt");

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection conn = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ConnString"].ConnectionString);
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter adpt = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter("SELECT number,finalcharges from invoices where invoicedate like '"+month+"%' ", conn);

DataTable dt = new DataTable();

CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = customerReport;

month is the index value taken from a list box

this is the code ive used to generate crystal report in one of my web site under button click event. This create report without any errors but after that print function is not working and when try to do any modification it asks for further details by giving a window like this

The report you requested requires further information.
Server name: ...........
Database name: .........
User name: ..........
Password: ...........
(checkbox) Use Integrated Security

please help me this is very urgent
thank u....
... Read more

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Question: Crystal Reports

Ok this may or may not be an easy one to answer, but any help would be appreciated.

Using MS Visual Studio 2005 (Visual Basic .NET)
I created a simple app, added a dataset and a tableadapter linked it to an MS Access Database via the ODBC and then to a table which contains 2 fields 1 number and 1 string. I then added the Crystal report viewer to form 1, then I right clicked on the CRV component and selected create new report. Here are the steps:
1. used the default name CrystalReport1.rpt
2. Using report wizard & standard
3. Selected Items Project Data->ADO.NET DataSets->MyApp.DataSet1->Table
4. Added all fields to display
5. Finish

now that every thing is ready compile and run the app.
I get a header but nothing else. Any idea's this is driving me nuts. and I have to do it this way as I have a project that requires reports.

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Question: Crystal Reports

I have created a report, from data from another system.
In this report, I have a start time, a finish time and a total time.
The original report worked out the total time to a . something of an hour eg, if start time was 7.44 and finish time was 7.50, the time taken would show as .10, instead of .06 (minutes)
I have now done a formula to get the report to show minutes, which is fine as long as the time taken is no longer than 60mins.
1hour 57mins is showing up as 1.14 (114 minutes). Is there anyone who knows how I can get it to read 1:57?


Answer:Crystal Reports

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Hi All,

I've basically got a whole bunch of Crystal Reports that I want to try and accumulate into the one file for presentation purposes.

My ideal solution would be to have a Word 'template' set up which sourced a number of what I believe would be Crystal Report objects and thus populating a new report on simply opening the word document.

It wouldn't worry me that the reference addresses were static - just have the luxury to open one Word file (with all the word formatting in toe) and a report pretty much ready to rock.

Alternatively, I'm fairly new to Crystal so I'm unaware if there's a function that can consolidate the reports into a single file and exported as a single word doc?

I've been mucking around with VB controls within Word to pretty much no avail. Do I need to do this through some sort of small VB applet or something instead?

All help / leads would be greatly appreciated!!



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I have CR9 and see reference in the manual to SQL Designer, but cannot find it on the CD. I have looked for it under CR Tools on the Start Menu, but it's not there, so I feel that it might be a separate install. Does someone know where I can find it?

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I'm using Crystal Reports 9 and have a report as follows...

Report Header: Title and a graph showing number of vehicles per hour using a date field and an "Hour" formula.

Page Header: blank, supressed

Group Header #1: Grouped by work area (limited to two areas by a formula)

Group Header #2: Grouped by the hours as displayed in the graph, showing a count of vehicles per hour

Details: Showing the details of the vehicles, chassis numbers etc. Set to Hide (Drill down ok)

Group #2 Footer: unused

Group #1 Footer: Showing the sum of the count of vehicles per hour

I can double click on the bars in the graph to open up a drill-down page to display the details of those vehicles.

What I want to do is add column headers to the data in the Details section. This sounds simple enough, but I'm having a nightmare with it. I've tried creating a second Details section above the data, but this displays the titles once per record rather than once per page.
I also tried many variations of inserting a new group (or sub-group) and entering formulae into it's Supress (No Drill Down) and Hide (Drill down ok)boxes including restricting the display using DrillDownGroupLevel and PageNumber. I can successfully display the column titles at the top of the drilled down page, but then the Details data is not visible.

So, basically, I can have the data or the column titles, but seemingly not both!
I'm sure there's a simple way to get round this.
... Read more

Answer:Crystal Reports drill down

It's ok, I finally figured it out.
I split the Group #2 header into two seperate sections and supressed #2b using DrillDownGroupLevel = 0.

How I haven't stumbled across this already, I don't know. Seems that's the way it goes when you're teaching yourself a new program sans manual...

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I have a client who has old Crystal 6 reports and is looking to upgrade to Crystal XI

There is a formula that will not compile due to a function not available in XI (FetchStringVar).

Does anyone know of any conversion tools to upgrade old Crystal reports to the current version?


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It seems that the new IE7 will not populate any information what so ever from Crystal Reports.

It seems to just crash IE7 when someone trys to open a crystal reports web page.

anyone able to shed some light?

Answer:Crystal Reports not populating in IE7

I have worked it out.

IE7 blocks activeX.

If you open up Internet Explorer 7 and go into "Intern options" and click on the 'security' tab you can custom the security levels. Within the list you will see options for ActiveX, Change the options to allow Active X and bobs your uncle!!!

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Is anyone out there using a product called rePortal to publish and distribute Crystal and other reports? It is marketed as an alternative to Crystal Enterprise. Seems almost too good to be true - is it?


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I work with a product and have customers that need to query data from the product. My engineering team is too busy working on other things to implement something directly in the product. They have mentioned that we should use Crystal Reports to pull data from the system.

I'm somewhat familiar with the product as I had some training many years ago. Our product uses a Sybase SQL database, so I'm sure that getting the data is just a matter of queries and designing the reports is probably easy.

My question though is how do people actually run the report? Is there something that would run on our server to serve out the reports? Would they have a different file for each report that would run? What kind of licensing is needed for this?

Are there any programs that do a good job of organizing and running these reports? I'm googled, but the information on CR's site and others is cryptic. Any help would be appreciated.

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Help -- I have a computer running Visual DBase, the reports are created through crystal reports -- I am getting the error message CRW - Error has occurred in program close or ignored -- Is there a fix to this?

Answer:Crystal Reports Through DBase

Hi, tig. I'm thinking CRW is just crystal reports writer. Read and follow the directions under Periodic Hard Drive Maintenance in Article III for troubleshooting any of these types of errors. Once that's done, if the problem still remains, you move on to pinpointing an issue specific with crystal reports. If you do this type of maintenance regularly, then just let me know, and I'll see if I can't find something more specific. (I don't use CR myself)

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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Does anyone know anything concerning what Windows XP SP2 does in relation to being able to run reports with Crystal Reports?
We've tried with version 8 and 9.

Running a report with DHTML works fine, but ever since XP SP2, nothing comes up when using Crystal.

ANYTHING would help.

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Hello All,
I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, if not please advise.

I am new to using Crystal Reports - I have an Access query that is being used in Crystal.

I used the Report Wizard to create the report and during the report wizard process I setup a filter on a specific field and input a specific value.
I want to update that filter to change the value and I cannot find how to do this.

The Crystal help says to Right-Click the member and select Edit, Filter, but no where do I see any filter options and I am not sure what a member is - I have been right-clicking the field in the report layout and checking the menu bars, but no luck.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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I have 3 or 4 reports ( AW-ASG3.RPT) that when open and being refreshed, give me this error message at the bottom, which of course stops everthing in it's tracks.

The only thing I can find on the Crystal site is a reference to the Windows path command but it solved nothing.

I have a half dozen other reports in the same folder on the same server that open fine and refresh just fine. I moved the entire folder to my local drive and tried from there with the same results.

Has anyone seen this aggravating problem before?? Please !!

Crystal Reports, Developer's Edition 8.5
Windows 98 SE (all upgrades / patches)

Answer:Crystal Reports error

Try updating the Microsoft Libraries. This will update that dll for you.

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I wrote a report and was asked to add another condition to include a different application but it didn't work. Here is the query. I emboldened the addition. When I run it in Excel/Microsoft query several "Loancierge Team Internal" entries were included but none were included in the Crystal Reports report. What needs to be done?
SELECT "persons"."psn_lastname", "clients"."client_id", "cases"."case_id", "cases"."case_short_desc", "cases"."case_opened_DT", "cases"."case_last_edited_DT", "persons"."psn_department", "cases"."case_priority_id", "cases"."form_id", "case_statuses"."case_status_desc", "clients"."client_account", "persons"."psn_firstname"
FROM ((("FacetsRpl_SQL"."sm45_ReplView"."cases" "cases" INNER JOIN "FacetsRpl_SQL"."sm45_ReplView"."contacts" "contacts" ON "cases"."contact_id"="contacts"."contact_id") INNER JOIN "FacetsRpl_SQL"."sm45_ReplView"."persons" "persons" ON "cases"."case_assigned_to"="persons"."psn_id") INNER JOIN "FacetsRpl_SQL"."sm45_ReplView"."case_statuses" "case... Read more

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I need some help regarding Crystal Reports! When I click on Refresh, I get the following error message:

Failed to open rowset.

Then when I click OK, I get the following:

Not supported.
Details: DAO Error Code: Oxc6f
Source: DAO.Database
Description: Not enough space on temporary disk.

I have no idea what's going on and how to fix it. Can anyone help?

Answer:Crystal Reports Error Msg

It depends how you've got Crystal configured, but if you're using the database to store your working tables, it could be that the tablespace that your using (Oracle term, but could be the same idea in SQl/MSDE/ODBC) for storing the data is short on space. Have a look at your connection settings and check the space available to the database / tablespace that your using rather than just 'space on disk'


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Hello everyone,
I have hopefully what is a easy question.
Im trying to create my very first VB application using studio 2005. I always wanted to learn it so i figure why not. the problem that im having is that this is going to be a front end to a SQL database. I created a form with some tabs on it and on one of the tabs is for reports, i created a couple buttons to run a couple of different types of reports. Now my problem is how do i program that button to open and run that report. I tried
Thinking it would work like the forms do to open. Well it dont. Can someone please help me?

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I have a General Ledger software package that uses (I believe) a run-time version of Crystal for generating the reports. The reports run on a scheduler and I prefer they be saved in text format. When they save, they're written as PDF, then converted to text format, and the PDF is deleted. Sometimes that PDF file isn't deleted and sometimes the file won't write. I know it's not permissions because it's fine 9 times out of 10. And I write 3 reports every night and when it fails, it's usually only one. It's all on a Server 2012 machine, including the output report files. Does anyone know if this is a Crystal issue or an issue with the G/L software. I've called them and they were worthless. Thanks!

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so i need to install this at my job.The Crystal reports server installation keeps on detecting SQL server but SQL server is not installed , its the damn reporting software, it there anyway I can get around this?

help thanks

Answer:can anybody help me out with Crystal Reports Server

aldy402 said:

so i need to install this at my job.The Crystal reports server installation keeps on detecting SQL server but SQL server is not installed , its the damn reporting software, it there anyway I can get around this?

help thanksClick to expand...

Crystal Reports needs an sql server to hold the crystal configuration and some reporting information. If you are not pointing to a database via ODBC driver connections then you at least need to install the sql agent and create the database locally which it may be trying to do.

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Unable to create report: System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument' threw an exception. ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {11BD5260-15B6-412D-80DB-12BB60B8FE50} failed due to the following error: 80070002.
at CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument..cctor()
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.reportDocument..ctor()
at CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportClass..ctor()

All components have been reinstalled and wecannot seem to recreate this error on other PCs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I was wondering if anyone here could help me with an issue that I have running Crystal Reports. I am currently running version 5.0 I think, and the big issue that I have is that every time that I create any type of report, once I export it out to Excel it is double spaced. I have tried everything that I know how to do in order to rectify this but I have had no luck. If anyone here can lead me down the right path I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Answer:Crystal Reports Question

If by double-spaced you mean every other row, use this workaround until you get it straighted out from CR:

Once in Excel, select one of the columns that is ALWAYS populated in the report; usually the first column.

Hit Edit-Go to, Special, choose Blanks, then Ok.

Hit Edit-Delete. You'll be asked...and you'll want to choose to delete the Entire Row.

You could easily record a macro to do this for you and store it in your personal.xls file. See for instructions.

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Can anyone suggest a good book for self teaching crystal reports?


Answer:Self taught Crystal Reports.. ???

Hi Jae....

Crystal is a tough program to "self-teach"
(there is really a lot to learn... cuz it can do so many things!!!)

I have (and use) The Complete Reference : Seagate Crystal Reports 8 by Osborne.... and it's pretty good (it also comes with a CD ).

I'm sure that there is one of those "Teach yourself xxx in 21 days" books out there....
but those tend to teach you what they think that you will need to know...
and it often does not include any actual practical examples.
That is my opinion, of course

I do suggest the book that I mentioned above...
although it costs $49.99 (US)

Maybe you should Google around for something (and maybe you will get lucky and find a forum that has a dedicated Crystal Reports forum .... and if so..... please pass along the addy )

Good luck

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Can I run my CRW 7 reports under Windows 7.

Answer:Can I run Crystal Reports v7 under Windows 7?

Try run it in Compatibility mode. Your copy of CRW is really older. CRW latest version is V10.i_Xp/Vista/W7User

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I've been looking on the net for a good tutorial to connect an MSSQL Query to Crystal Reports 2008. I'm Kinda stuck can any one point me in the right direction?

Answer:MS SQL + Crystal Reports 2008

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In MAS90 I use the Crystal Reports form in the payroll module to print the direct deposit stubs. Our client has asked if there is a way that the employees' bank account number only prints the last 4 digits rather than the whole number. ie, *******1234. I have tried using a formula for the field as follows: "********" & right([PR_32CrystalLine.DirectDepAccountNumber],4) however, I received an error message of "This array must be subscripted. For example: Array." I did bracket the source file, so I'm not sure what is missing. I have limited knowledge of Crystal Reports and usually have figured things out by trial and error. If anyone has a suggestion on what to try please HELP!!!

Answer:Crystal Reports/MAS90

DarleneR said:

In MAS90 I use the Crystal Reports form in the payroll module to print the direct deposit stubs. Our client has asked if there is a way that the employees' bank account number only prints the last 4 digits rather than the whole number. ie, *******1234. I have tried using a formula for the field as follows: "********" & right([PR_32CrystalLine.DirectDepAccountNumber],4) however, I received an error message of "This array must be subscripted. For example: Array." I did bracket the source file, so I'm not sure what is missing. I have limited knowledge of Crystal Reports and usually have figured things out by trial and error. If anyone has a suggestion on what to try please HELP!!!Click to expand...

Can't you just reduce the size of the field and then it will only print the last 4 digits? I believe this is possible. Why not just take the field off altogether?

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I've gotten this error trying to print a Crystal Report and am trying to figure out what is heppening with it.

Error:500 Not enough memory for operation
Execute <PEStartJob>

This is a new computer running XP w/ 1.99 Gb of Ram.

I've looked on the internet and some places said that i was missing a DLL. i downloaded the latest version of the DLL but still have not had any success.

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I have been assigned the task of purchasing Crystal Reports for our group of companies. Trouble is, it's been YEARS since I used this program, and I need someone to guide me down the lighted path of knowledge so we make the right purchase. Here's what we have:
Windows Server 2008
Remote Desktop Connection is used to access the database we will utilize with CR for all but 8 users (who are ethernet connected to the server).
Approximately 26+ users, but not all of them will need to run reports.

Questions we have are:
How do we determine what to purchase? Is it based on # users, server requirements, database we plan to use it with........???

I've called the SAP folks, but sometimes they have a tendancy to speak in IT language and not English...

Answer:Crystal Reports - What to Purchase?

I've been notified that our company may be changing our network environment from RDC to a VPN. From a software standpoint, I am conflicted about purchasing anything until this decision is made and implemented. Does anyone have anything to offer on this subject?

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In a report I have a field which shows a value if the purchase date of the item is this year, PLUS any additional costs for this year. Previous years purchases and additional costs go into another field. If the purchase was last year, but there have been additional costs this year, both fields are used.

There is only one initial purchase record, but there may be many additional cost records.

The additional costs are in a separate table, referenced by a Record ID (BKVA) and the Item ID (matching the main table), also both tables have transaction date fields.

What formula do I put in Crystal to tell it to include only the purchases or additional costs that are dated this year?

I am using Crystal Reports 7, but could use V8.5.

Thanks - I hope this makes sense!

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I have a problem with shared variables in CR 8.5. I have a subreport which returns the cost of components. I have set up a shared variable in the main report to display the value from the subreport. When i place the shared variable and the subreport side by side in the details section of the main report, I get the following result for each component

Subreport Shared Variable
Component 1 .04545 -
Component 2 .09190 .04545
Component 3 .02101 .09190
Component 4 .01548 .02101

The desired result is for them to be exactly the same. Can anyone help me on this one



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We have been supplied with a product which has not included the distributable runtimes for crystal (v10).
As a result, users are required to install the full developer version of crystal to view the reports from within this product.

We DO have a site license for crystal, so are able to use but do not wish to suffer the installation on many many machines (its slow and painful!). Plus i don't particularly want them to have a copy of crystal installed and accessible on their system.

So, i'm wondering if anyone knows a slim package i can use to ensure each of these client machines can view these embedded reports without having a full developer version of crystal placed on their machine. essentially just the required runtimes.

windows client app.

many thanks.

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Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how to append a second page in Crystal Reports

I have a one page report (which automatically flows onto a overflow page if required).

What I need is a second page ( second report) tagged on to the first report

I can't for the life of me see any menu to enable me add a second page so I can have a one page report followed by a second page which is a second report

Hope that makes sence ?


Answer:Crystal Reports - How to append a page ?

Vince, I take it from the lack of contact and this post that you have given up on the Access Database.

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My config:
Windows XP Pro
Ram: 512 MB
Processor: Intel Celeron 1.7

Programs: Simply Accounting 2004 Pro and Crystal Reports XI
Simply Accounting has a report customisation tool (within the program) which lets you design the reports and change the formats. however, you have to use Crystal Reports to do any modifications.

I did a few modifications to the designs and customised the reports. But, the new formats wont load in the Simply Accounting Program. The error displayed: "unable to load the report"

Does anyone know what is the cause and how to rectify this?

Answer:Simply Accounting and Crystal Reports

Are you sure that Simply Accounting is compatible with the version of Crystal reports that you are using to modify the report. Does the report run OK outside of SA.

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I am printing checks in MAS A/P using custom report set up in Crystal Reports. I want the vender reference information to print on the check stub and inserted that field in the check detail section. However, the vendor reference does not print on the stub. If I browse the data in that field - the information is there??
I there a setting or something else I need to do to have the information print on the stub???


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On windows 8.1 ? 64 bit SAP Crystal Reports fails to work (even empty report):

?Could not load file or assembly 'CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine, Version 10.5.3700.0, culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=blahblah' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.?

Project that run SAP Crystal Report was compiled as 64 bit & 86 bit & ANY CPU, but all displayed the same error message. Is windows 8.1 64 bit missing any *.dlls? Or is there compatible CRRuntime engine with windows 8.1 64 bit?
I had this problem before on windows 7 but by changing solution Platform and Target CPU ? solved the problem, however windows 8.1 seems to have a bug!

More Info about app:
SAP BusinessObjects XI 4.0
Support Pack (several been tried): crruntime_64bit_13_0_7.msi

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I am using a program (QSR NVIVO8) that requires, and automatically installs, an instance of Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 2.0 (x86) as well as SQL Server Express. The SQL Server express installation proceeds smoothly. The Crystal Reports installation seems to go well, then stalls when close to the end, and reports that "An error occurred during the installation of Crystal Rports....:"win32-policy".version="8.0.50727.1".publickeytoken="1fc8b3b9a1e8e3b".processorarchitecture="x86".

Is this a Windows 7 compatibility issue--it seems like it, as the program installs normally on my Vista machine. If so, is there any way around this (like installing an updated version of Crystal Reports myself, without actually having to purchase Visual Studio?)

Thanks very much for any help or suggestions

Answer:Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 2.0 installation

Figured this out, more or less. Requested, and received, an updated instance of Crystal Reports from the provider. Tried to install this, but had the same error. Re-installed Windows 7, then installed NVIVO first (after updating), and had no problem with the installation.

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Hi All !

I want quick links to learning crystal reports . Please Help !
I know a little of VB and basics of Oracle like SQL , PL/SQL . Is it necessary to know Oracle 11i also in order to learn crystal reports ?

Answer:Crystal Reports.. Fast Help required !

No, if you know some basic SQL syntax and can connect to the database in CR you can report on the database contents. Good luck finding any CR tutorials, I have never been able to find any.

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I am about to throw my monitor out the window and light myself on fire. That might be somewhat dramatic.

I am using Crystal Reports 2008. Our ERP uses these custom CR reports to pull data from our SQL database. There is this stupid grey box that will not allow me to interact with it in any way. Only stuff within that box will print. I know it is something stupid simple, but Googling "stupid grey box that wont delete" does not get you very far.

What is this gray devil that torments me so? What is his name so that I may defeat him and send him back to the cursed pit!

I have pictures!

The one labeled CR is my report that I am working on, you can see the gray box by my cursor. CR2 is the original report that I modified. The blue report is a carbon copy of the left one. I am imagining that the issue lies in figuring out how they made that copy. I have tried to figure it out but have had no luck. I am guessing that the gray box is somehow telling the report on the right what to copy. It is hard to Google what you don't know. If anyone can provide a word I can try to Google that would be a huge help.


Answer:Solved: Crystal Reports stupid box that won't let me do anything with it

Hi, I've no idea what it is but have you just tried deleteing that box when editing the report?
You shiuld lookup the person that created it in the first place and, if it's not of your making then you have to hope that the originial designer kept some documentation explaining waht he / she did and how it has been coded.

If the grey box is an object and you have rights to edit and create new reports I suggest you delete this box and see what happens or doesn't happen.

The monitor is not balme for somebody else's 'input errors'

You know what a keyboard is?
"A device to enter errors into computer systems"

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Anyone know how to do this? All I can ever get is the default parameters screens which are really annoying because i can't seem to figure out how to customize them. Thank you.

Answer:How to customize parameters in crystal reports.

To Modify Parameter Fields at Runtime
[Visual Basic]
' Declare variables needed to pass the parameters
' to the viewer control.
Dim paramFields As New ParameterFields()
Dim paramField As New ParameterField()
Dim discreteVal As New ParameterDiscreteValue()
Dim rangeVal As New ParameterRangeValue()

' The first parameter is a discrete parameter with multiple values.

' Set the name of the parameter field, this must match a
' parameter in the report.
paramField.ParameterFieldName = "Customer Name"

' Set the first discrete value and pass it to the parameter
discreteVal.Value = "AIC Childrens"

' Set the second discrete value and pass it to the parameter.
' The discreteVal variable is set to new so the previous settings
' will not be overwritten.
discreteVal = New ParameterDiscreteValue()
discreteVal.Value = "Aruba Sport"

' Add the parameter to the parameter fields collection.

' The second parameter is a range value. The paramField variable
' is set to new so the previous settings will not be overwritten.
paramField = New ParameterField()

' Set the name of the parameter field, this must match a
' parameter in the report.
paramField.ParameterFieldName = "Customer ID"

' Set the start and end values of the range and pass it to the 'parameter.
rangeV... Read more

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I am trying to pull a date from a database using VB 6 and pass that date into a Crystal Report. The .ttx file has the date set up correctly, and when I preview the information, the date is there.

When I use the recordset, the date is not being pulled from the recordset. Is there something I need to do to get the date from the recordset? I can concatenate the information into a string, and it shows up in the report.


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I need to refine a report that shows the number of products sold each hour, to the number of Bar products, and the number of Food products sold each hour. The basic report is already there for me.

Blue Will be for Tables and Red will be for Columns

The bar / food products are defined by their SummaryNum. The problem is... this report pulls from the POSDetail table which does not contain the SummaryNum field.

It pulls Prodnum from POSDetail. Prodnum can be found in the Product table as well, which contains the needed ReportNo field. The ReportNo field is needed because it can be found in the ReportCat table which, finally, contains the SummaryNum field I need. I've therefore linked POSDetail to Product to ReportCat.

Am I in the right train of thought here? Can I tell it to take any product it gets from that table A, out of any report number from table B, as long as that report number has a specific summary number from table C?

Hopefully I've made this easy enough to follow.

Answer:Solved: Linking in Crystal Reports

Hello galoryber,

So if I'm reading your question right, is your question related to Access (as opposed to Crystal Reports?)

I think what you're saying is that the information you need is in the tables POSDetail and ReportCat, but you need the table Product to link the two tables together. And you appear to have linked the tables the way I would have (using left joins instead of inner joins).

The only thing I would point out is that your query there will only produce results for products that had a transaction. If a product had no transaction (no TRANSACT), then you won't see that product shown in your report. If that is ok with you, then I think you're on the right track.

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I'm hoping someone can help me with this....

I am grouping by week. The issue that I have is the grouping date that I am using does not always have activity for every day.

Example weeks go Sunday to Saturday
for week Sept 12 thru 18th there is only data for the date of spet 15th. So in my grouping header it used the 15th as the start date.

I want to be able to list start date and end date for each week.
It would look like this.

9-12-2010 to 9-18-2010
9-19-2010 to 9-25-2010

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I have a VB application, a report must be lunch from it, this report has 3 subreports, but the problem is that the main report connects to SQL Server in a Server A and the subreports connect to Sybase System 11 in a Server B, the report works with both connections in the Crystal Report Designer, but when I use the OCX in vb, the report gives me an error "20599 Cannot Open SQL Server" I have other reports without subreports some using the Sybase connection and some others the Sql Server connection and all of them runs perfectly.

So the problem appears in a report with subreports. I have read and implement a lot of suggestions without find a solution.

I need help in this, because I had spent a lot of time looking for a solution without success.

Answer:Crystal Reports - problems with subreports

If other reports can run using the connections to either database then there is obviously a problem with your current report setup. Can you run the sub-reports outside of the main report and get the desired results? If you can get the sub-reports to run separately try your main form minus the sub-reports. Are the parent/child fields linked correctly as well?

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I am using metaframe 1.8 with SP1 on terminal server with SP4 and crystal report version 7. The problem I am getting is when remote user dial in and try to access the crystal custom reports. They get this Run Time Error 20532 Can not find the database dll.The custom reports work fine locally(No Metaframe).
I have tried Updating metaframe and client with SP1. I have put the SQL client on the server. Also installed crystal reports on the server and have checked the dll`s on the
on both the server and clients for the same amount and version type. Also upgraded crystal with fixes and patches numerous patches. Also talked to seagate the creaters of crystal reports no help.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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debbieAC (MIS)Nov 21, 2008Hello,

I am using Crystal Reports X1 with Accpac. I am creating a report using Orders and Invoices. The customer wants two parameter dates ?

A year to date on the order and Show invoices for the same orders and indicate only invoice numbers in a range. For example all orders that have a back order dating back to 2007 indicate if there are invoices created for any of these orders in October of 2008.

Here is the parameter I currently am using (it obviously does not work )Does anyone have a solution (keeping in mind I am not a genious with subreports)?

({OEORDH.ORDDATE} in 20050101 to {?Date Fin} and
{OEORDH.COMPLETE} in [1, 2])
and( {OEAUDH.TRANSDATE} in {?Date Debut} to {?Date Fin2})


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I'm trying to develop a Crystal document with multiple copies. Can anyone tell me an easy way to default the number of copies (and to "condition" the number of copies by user)? I have some users that will need 2 copies and others that need 4.

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I'm trying to generate a chart in Crystal Reports (version XI), and I can't get it to show the correct percentages.

I'm pulling the data from an Excel file and have created formulas where:

One value is either "Yes" or "No"
Second Value is either >= 70 or <70
If the two values are "Yes" and >= 70, then it is a "Pass"
If first is "Yes" and second is < 70, then it is "Fail"
If first value is "No" it is not included in "pass" or "fail"

I have one formula set up to determine the first value (either yes or no), another to determine if it passes, and a 3rd to determine if it fails.

What I am trying to do is show the percent of pass and the percent of fail on a single line chart. Both values added together should equal 100% (since only "yes" records are included. "No" records are discarded.)

This should be divided out "weekly", but when I create the chart, it is showing me the same values for all 3 weeks of data I am testing with, which is 45% pass, 55% fail. But if I run the calculations manually, I get 50/50 for week 1, 42/58 for week 2, and 40/60 for week 3.

How can I get Crystal to show the correct numbers????

Answer:Crystal Reports chart percentage issues

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I currently am installing the Crystal Reports Viewer straight from Crystal Reports. One thing it lacks is the ability to press a button and refresh the report. Why is this important? One particular report is a driver availability report that constantly is changing. My users have to close and reopen the report in order to see the current data.

I need some suggestions on a couple of decent viewers that will give me this ability. I have roughly 50-60 machines that it needs to be installed on, maybe more. Cost is essentially has no boundaries, but I would like to keep as cheap as possible.

What do you guys use?

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... or so, then nada, zip zero - "can't find/launch CR print engine" from Time$heet Pro
they continue to work together making invoices & reports on the XP laptop
reinstall is not a solution in this case


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I have a custom report designed in Crystal Reports for checks printed in the MAS90 Accounts Payable module. When printing a check for a vendor that has more than one invoice to pay on the same check, I am getting separate checks? I have not checked the separate check box when entering the invoices? Is there a setting or format I need to answer yes or no for the program to print multiple invoices for the same vendor on one stub and check? Please help.

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We are trying to create an exception on a report to show the patient out of room times by the booking end time instead of the anesthesia end time for any cases that are not Mac, Local, or Anesthesia Choice and also out of room time for pediatric cases (under the age of 11) by the booking end time

With this statement it only changes the time to the booking end time for the top statement and not the bottom one.

If ({usp_Booking_nofac;1.anes_type}<>["MAC", "LOCAL", "ANES_CHOIC"])then DateAdd ("n", 60, datetime({usp_Booking_nofac;1.book_end_time}))else datetime({usp_Booking_nofac;1.book_end_time});
If({usp_Booking_nofac;1.age}<>["120", "119", "118", "117", "116", "115", "114", "113", "112", "111", "110", "109", "108", "107", "106", "105", "104", "103", "102", "101", "100", "99", "98", "97", "96", "95", "94", "93", "92", "91", "90", "89", "88", "87", "86", "85", "84", "83", "82", "81", "80", "79", "78", "77", "76", "75", "74", "73", "72", "... Read more

Answer:Solved: Crystal Reports Multiple IF Statements

I got it!!!
If ({usp_Booking_nofac;1.anes_type}<>["MAC", "LOCAL", "ANES_CHOIC"])
and not({usp_Booking_nofac;1.age}<>["120", "119", "118", "117", "116", "115", "114", "113", "112", "111", "110", "109", "108", "107", "106", "105", "104", "103", "102", "101", "100", "99", "98", "97", "96", "95", "94", "93", "92", "91", "90", "89", "88", "87", "86", "85", "84", "83", "82", "81", "80", "79", "78", "77", "76", "75", "74", "73", "72", "71", "70", "69", "68", "67", "66", "65", "64", "63", "62", "61", "60", "59", "58", "57", "56", "55", "54", "53", "52", "51", "50", "49", "48", "47", "46", "45", "44", "43", "42", "41", "40", "39", "38... Read more

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I am printing graphic form checks in MAS 90 using custom reports set up in Crystal Reports. I wan the vender reference information to print on the check stub and inserted that field in the check detail section of the check stub. However, the vendor reference information does not print on the stub. If I browse the data in that field - the information is there??? Is there a setting or some link I need to change or setup in order for the information to print on the stub????

Answer:Crystal Reports - MAS90 A/P Check Printing

Mas 90 is a Best software product. Good luck. try using another standard form from the program and modifying it instead of using crystal.

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Hi, We have Goldmine 7.5(running on server 2003 sp2), and Crystal Reports working fine with XP. We have new windows 7 workstations that are giving the "#31816 logon failed" error message when trying to run a crystal report thru Goldmine. This error usually means a problem with the ODBC settings but I know the settings are good. What else can it be? thanks

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How do I connect the Quickbooks database with Crystal Reports v. 10.0?

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I'm trying to troubleshoot an error I'm getting when using Mysoft, which requires the Crystal Reports viewer to print tickets created in Mysoft. This is a screenshot of the window:

When I go to "Print Work Order", Crystal Reports opens a new window in IE with the problem ticket for printing. When I click on the printer icon, it opens another window with nothing in it.
This is IE 7(I have also tried 6), Mysoft version 6.08, and I have tried both Crystal Reports 8.5 and 10. I know that these pieces of software are outdated, but the group I am supporting is not planning on upgrading anytime soon. Thanks!

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Driver6 is the leading performance management consulting firm in the world. SAP planning

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I have a report that has 3 groupings Emp, Paycoe and dept. the totals I am working with are at the lowest level grouping of dept. I have total dollars and hours summed to the group level and then I have some custom fields that are calculated at the group level that are not part of the detail line. For example

Total dollars /total hours to get average pay, a custom to add 2$ to base average pay. Then another field that calculates new total dollars based on new average base rate. Once I get the new adjusted dollars I am taking the difference between this and the old dollars. For each employee for each pay code type. I need to sum this “Difference” field up in the Report footer. But if I try to use the sum function the field is not available to sum - If I try to sum it in a custom field I get a message - this field can not be summarzied. It is not available in the running totals. I can't see how I could get if from a sub report, but maybe I am missing something. Has anyone had to do something like this and if so how did you get around this. The fields are numeric.

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Hi, using Crystal reports 10 linked to an excel document. Would like to pull the dinner field but also pull country and Company name from row that dont have it, this are linked via Bookingref. Example below. I've tried sub-reports and supressing unwanted fields but can't get it right. Also I can't make changes in excel doc as it's 1000+ records, which is exported from an online system weekly.

Id BookingRef Country CompanyName Surname Forname Dinner
1 001 UK Company1 John Andrews
2 001 Mary Jane 1
3 001 Tom Andrews 1
4 002 Germany Company2 Lee Jones
5 003 Germany Company3 Peter Lee 1
6 003 Sofie Lee 1

Answer:Crystal reports - missing data field

I would suggest that you create a sheet with the data you request for th report.
This sheet can be dynamic, linking to the other sheets but showing only your requested data.
I think if you solve it on the Excel side your report will work.

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This is a very basic question. I am just starting to go through a Crystal Reports tutorial and I can't figure out how to change the background color on the design tab from black to white! It's really hard to read black writing on a black background, so I'm not getting very far. I tried changing the background color in Options, but that didn't work.

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when installing after 16 % of installation it shows error and exitsi tried to try in compatibility mode also but it doesn't workshow to over come this problem

Answer:i want to install seagate crystal reports v7.0 in windows 7

Try a later version.

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Hello, this is my 1st post and I've not been able to find a solution to this problem anywhere else. I'm hoping I can get some help here.

I have created a report in Crystal that links to our exchange server to pull out emails from a certain folder (named "DONE"). These emails are replies, which I need to calculate the time it took for someone to respond to the original email. The replies have the original email in the chain, but I can't figure out how to get the original email sent time to display so I can use it in a formula to calculate time passed between original email received and reply sent.

This is my current formula, which returns the "OrigEmailRecd" as blank:

global stringvar array Log_array := split ({DONE.Message (Complete)}, chr(13));
shared stringvar display_OrigEmailRecd;

global numbervar log_counter:= 1;

If (display_OrigEmailRecd) = "" then
(For log_counter := 1 to ubound(Log_array) Step 1 do

(if Log_array[log_counter] startswith "Sent:" then

extractstring(Log_array[log_counter], "Sent: *day ", "m");

If display_OrigEmailRecd <> "" then Exit


Any help with this will be greatly appreciated, I'm currently having to calculate this by a manual sampling using formulas I set up in Excel to calculate the time passed between the two emails.

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An end user of Crystal Web Viewer in Internet Explorer 11 says that asterisks used to display on her documents in Web Viewer, whenever she would print those documents.

She says that, about six months ago when they upgraded, these asterisks stopped displaying.

Is there some sort of add-on or something along those lines that is missing that needs to be reinstalled in Web Viewer in order to "bring back" those asterisks?


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I want to be able to develop, build and deploy a dynamic Web applicationssuch as being able to access records in database and modify them. I also want to be able to search the database for a document (pdf or text) that is stored in the database or whose link is stored as a string in thte database,and open it (the doc) in a browser. I have read a llittle about the fact that a combination of "Cold Fusion and Crystal Reports" can do the trick. Is this true. I am asking because I have never used either one of those prodict. Can someone tell me whether I am on the right track and of not, why not.

If I have to download a trial version of ColdFusion do I get the Studio or the Server?


Answer:Crystal Reports and Cold Fusion how do they work together?

Crystal Reports is not a database and is a reproting tool for writing custom reports. ASP can do everything you are talking about with a file system object. I would think CF could do all of this by itself. Perhaps you could use a combination of ASP and CF

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We are trying to create a report using SQL for crystal reports in which the ending balance for the current year becomes the next years beginning balance. Thanks in advance for any help.

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I am not sure if this should fit in this thread or not. I apologize if it should be somewhere else.

We were running Windows Server 2003 SP1 with Crystal Reports Server before and then that server crashed. Our new server is running 2003 Server with SP2 and its not working. Anyone seen anything like this before?

Answer:Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Crystal Reports Errors

I was wondering if there was any resolution to this isse, I have hopelessly searched trying to dinf one. My situation is similar, I have a website using crystal 10 on a 2003 windows server 2003 SP! and the reporting works fine. We are trying to migrate to a brand new virtual 2003 windows server with SP2 and the report will not print on the webpage.

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I have been finding that I'm having trouble with the Crystal Reports Server XI installation failing when it's dealing with SQL.

So, as a thought and in case there was something wrong with my SQL portion of the isntall. I thought ok, I'll try installing the actual MSDE application direct from Microsoft. So, I downloaded the MSDE for SQL 2000, set my switches and off to the races. It quit when it noted there was about 4 seconds left to the installation and bombed with the same errors as the Crystal Reports Server install.

Is there a known trick to get around this? IS there a potential hardware conflict? The OS Is Windows 2003 R2, SP2, the hardware is a brand new HP Proliant DL385 G6. (**With the ERP app, this version of Crystal Reports server is the only one that is supported and they are not supported via 2008 or 64-bit, so installed at the SmartStart level, 32-bit version of Windows 2003.)
Thoughts???? This is becoming a critical issue. Crystal Reports Server for Crystal XI, is our means of delivering reports. All other applications are working correctly on this box and this is my hold up.

Yes, I've cleaned the registry and files before performing each install. However; if there is an odd entry that is causing the problem, please let me know.

Any thoughts are desperately appreciated! Thanks.

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I created a crystal report - now when I try and open it in the I get the following error "Read Past end of TSLV Record".

Anyone found a way around this??? or know what causes this issue???

when I open it up in version 9.0 I can get in ok, but not in version 10 unless I save it in version 9.0 and then open it up again in version 10

thanks in advance.

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I am building a report and need to put line numbers on the detail line.
In otherwords Ineed the results for each detail numbered sequencially.
1 <date Field>
2 <date Field>
3 <date Field>
4 <date Field>
will someone please tell me how to accomplish this?
Thank you.

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Hey there, i have created a .dll that show a report but everytime i open the report, windows automatically create .tmp files(xx.tmp) in c:\ but the files are empty 0size.
Windows XP Pro variable settings:
temp %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\temp
tmp %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\temp

temp %SystemRoot%\temp
tmp %SystemRoot%\temp

So why is this happening? Is normal?

Answer:Visual Basic 6 + Crystal Reports 7 and .TMP files in root c:\?

nothing? :-(

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