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Re a person GOOD with Photoshop improving an image for me.

Question: Re a person GOOD with Photoshop improving an image for me.


First, I got Mike Cermak's OK to post this request for someone comfortable with Photoshop to improve my image.

I lack the skill and the patience. My impression is that it would be a fairly short job--perhaps 1/2 hour at most -- for which I would be willing to pay some reasonable price up front.

If some such person should be interested, perhaps he could contact me through the private messaging system and give me his email address in that message. Then I could email the image I have as an attachment explaining what I wanted done and we could discuss things via regular email at that point. It is a 4.73 mb file as I want to make an 8 x 10 or even an 11 x 14 print. (I photographed the picture with a 5 megapixel camera.)

Edit: corrected spelling of Mike's last name


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Preferred Solution: Re a person GOOD with Photoshop improving an image for me.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re a person GOOD with Photoshop improving an image for me.

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Please let me know what you think.Iam no expert1st timer.How i can improve ?

Answer:Good or needs improving mysite

click here

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Hi, are their any programs out their that can upgrade the image quality of movie files? I have some files that are blurry and at low res. Also, I used a few programs such as virtualdub, but I want a program that can do the job with a single button press, instead of a load of settings and tweaking. Thanx

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Hi there, I have z60m and 25031 PCIe Docking Station, where i installed an ATI x300 graphic card.The laptop is also ATI Mobility X300, and behaves quite well.  Now the x300 in the Docking station gets slow somtimes. For instance when watching Videos. I'm firmly to believe that this is because of the 30 MB/sec or so,  limitation in the Docking Station, i've read somewhere here. On the other hand, i could improve things a bit by changing the x300 to x1300 in the dock, though i don't fancy this theory very much because of the limitation previously described. Could someone shed some light on this for me, please ? Many thanks in Advance Pernalonga

Answer:ATI x300 to X1300 - Any good improving 250310 dock PCIe limitation ???

what sort of videos are you watching? is the video behaving weirdly from the dock's native dvi/vga ports?

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So I have a fairly decent PC (see specs below) but I am having some troubles with it now.  Whenever I am running a game, it start out running smooth and then suddenly goes jumpy and a random point.This is occurring in games that I used to play on maximum settings with no problem (Bioshock) and in new games that I play on the minimum settings (Call of Duty: World at War).  Even when I changed the settings (Bioshock) from the highest to the absolute lowest, this problem still occurs.  *A few notes-  I recently had to restore my computer due to a start up problem.  After I restored it, I updated it with the most recent video card drivers.  When that didn't work, I downloaded the previous video card drivers and that had no effect either.  It was exactly the same.  Here are my specs:Toshiba P105-s9722 (I didn't write this description, so sorry if it sounds corny)* Powerful multimedia, gaming PC with 17-inch LCD; 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 processor (4 MB L2 cache)* Gigantic 200 GB hard drive, 2 GB of RAM (4 GB max), dual-layer, multi-format DVD/CD burner* Four USB 2.0, one FireWire, one S-Video, one DVI-D, one PCMCIA, one Expresscard 54/34, multi-format memory card reader* Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 graphics card with 256 MB of dedicated RAM; tri-mode 802.11a/b/g wireless connectivity; Bluetooth* Windows XP Professional Edition, SP2--Windows Vista capable and Windows Vista Premium readyI appreciate any help and will gladly fall to ... Read more

Answer:A good PC going bad...-will worship the person who fixes this problem!

first of all grab the hijack this program and run it download hijack this here: log and have evilfantasy, broni or other malware specialist of this forum examine it to see if your pc is in good health. That is where I would start. Just a check, your pc may be fine but good to know it's not sick if it isn't ...right?

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Hey there, Just looking for some help because i've triiiied everything. So for the past few months i've had the ongoing problem of my computer locking up entirely at random intervals. Meaning the mouse freezes the keyboard is inactive any sound or animation stops but the image is freezed but still there. No blue screen of death no restart no nothing.

So i've done the virus and spyware scan with up to date definitions, ive done the boot time virus scan with avast. I used a windows memory diagnostics disc and it passed both normal and extended tests. I did check disks a few times and all was well. i HAD xp sp3 installed but i read somewhere someone had this same problem and it was solved by uninstalling sp3. I did so and the problem persisted, only then my internet browsers failed. bad move. :P anyways i reformatted and ran more antivirus and spyware and memory tests. Nothing. And now maybe one out of ten times i can login without it freezing right when i press my name. The problem is worse, i'm posting from safemode right now. I feel like i'm running out of options here.. My specs are:
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.20GHz 512 MB of RAM NVIDIA GEFORCE FX 5500 .. windows XP home edition SP2

Any help would be appreciated. IS there anyone who has heard of or had this problem personally?? This is really grinding my gears and unfortunately i can't afford to have my computer checked out nor get a new one. :(

Good Karma for trying to ;)

Answer:Good karma to the person who helps the helpless. :D

Hangs are as difficult to diagnose as BSOD's because there can be so many causes. Actually they can be more difficult to diagnose because at least the BSOD does a dump with information about what caused it.
Look for clues in the event viewer. Go to control panel (classic view), administrative tools, event viewer. Look at various events (double-click to see the details) and see if any of them seem to correlate with your hangs (or seem repetitive). Look at both the application and system log. Also look in device manager. Any device malfunctioning?

One thing you'll often get asked is: is your PC properly cooled? I think overheated components can fail and cause hangs too. I'm not sure how to monitor temperature, but I think there are menus in the BIOS to check that. (I also don't know how high is too high).
Check all your connectors - particularly on the hard drive (both power and data). Also check all your cards are properly seated (memory too). If a component is loose and suddenly gets disconnected, even for a fraction of a second, you can get a hang (why I'm not sure - I think it's current getting recircuited or something).
Less obvious, check for any bulging capacitors. ( has some pics - some kind of dramatic, but just make sure they don't bulge on top - it doesn't have to leak to be bad).

If all else fails, it's possible some component got shorted or is dead (or semi-dead). You'll have to go the long way and find out whic... Read more

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Any good reminder application to remind a forgetful person

Previously I used to use VirtuaReminder.
But the reminders keep missing recently for no reason, so I have to switch to another application.

Does anyone know if there's a good reminder application?
It doesn't matter if I need pay for the application, as long as it is good!

My criteria:
- when the reminder is triggerred, I can choose among "sound", "pop-up", "falshing", and a combination. I prefer "sound + pop-up" personlly
- the reminder can be triggered in the following ways:
-- when the computer starts
-- at a regular time (eg once per month)
-- at more than 1 time period (eg triggered on 3rd Mar, 15th Apr, 25th Apr!)
- when it is triggered, have the ability to postpone the reminder (eg tell the reminder to re-trigger 30mins later)
- It has to trigger reminder correctly (I tried some applications previously which are faulty - eg if I log-on my computer at 5:00pm. There're 2 reminders at 2:00pm & 3:00pm. It only triggerred one)

- have the ability to copy reminders
- have the ability to import/export the reminder database

Thank you!

Answer:Any good reminder application to remind a forgetful person

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just as he title states, i have the logo and the background i need the logo it needs to in front of....i just need a little help

Answer:anyone good with photoshop? i need some help...

I suggest you request this be moved to Digital Artwerk.

Clarification would also be helpful, because I'm not really sure what you need help on.

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Question: Photoshop image

Is it possible to use Photoshop to get a artwork that was done on a mockup t-shirt separated? Or do I have to recreate the artwork all over again?????

Thanks in advance

Answer:Photoshop image

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Hi- I'm looking for a new Windows 7 PC that would be good to use for Photoshop and other photo editing programs. I've come across this, which is within my budget of 500 and generally meets my requirements. There are 2 possible minuses: is the AMD 620 x4 processor efficient enough, and would an HD rpm of 5400 slow down operations? click hereMany thanks.

Answer:Spec good for Photoshop?

That PC is good for Photoshop.For CS4 best monitor would be 24in

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A tantalising offer from click here, but surely this can't be legal?Opinions, please...

Answer:Photoshop CS - Too good to be true?

I think its technically illegal, reason I think so is OEM software does as they say come in plain packaging without any manuals etc BUT (as far as I am led to believe) its meant to be supplied with new hardware which this company is obviously not doing. They make no mention of this, however thats not to say that you can't buy it though. The reason I say technically is I've noticed a lot of other places selling OEM software so its probably unenforcable to a certain degree. I mean how do you ensure that a company sell hardware with their OEM software?

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i'm in serious need of new filters because i just started out in photoshop and the only respectable filters i had were on a 30trial bases from xenofex (i think) anyway my trial is up and i was wondering if you knew of any FREE good ones.

Answer:photoshop filters, where can i get good ones?

Some I posted awhile back


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I phoned Microsoft (Ireland) this morning to try and talk to someone about a problem. After choosing options on several successive menus I chose an option and was told to 'go to www. whatever', and cut off. I want to talk to a person, not be referred to the internet - that is why I am phoning. How do I get access to a person please?

Answer:Solved: How do I talk person to person to someone at Microsoft?

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How can I make something like the image below smaller? Right now its an animated gif but it is 807 KB. Kinda big and would like to figure out how to make it smaller yet make it the same type of look. Everything is the same except the image in the opening. That changes each time.

Answer:Image changing Photoshop - How To?

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hiThis may be a very easy thing to do, but i cant get my head around inserting an existing image (a school logo)into the school banner that i am creating.I am using photoshop CS.I have tried opening the logo and trying to copy and paste it in but that doesnt work.Any suggestions would be great.Paul

Answer:Import image into photoshop

Open the image and then goSelect/AllThen Edit/CopyThen Edit/Paste into your new document.

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Followed all the instructions regarding assigning a URL to an image in Photoshop but it just doesnt seem to work.Ive had the Slice options dialogue box open and entered the full URL in the appropriate box - Saved the image and dropped it into my webpage but it just doesnt work.Where am I going wrong???Thanks

Answer:Assigning a URL to an image in Photoshop

I not sure I follow, are you wanting to assign a url so that when a user clicks on the picture they are taken to that url?

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I found a graphic of laurel leaves that I want to add to a DVD cover. But I have created a cover with a blue layer and when I copy and paste the graphic onto the blue layer, I get the leaves with a white background.  How do I eliminate the white background? There's too much detail in the black leaves to use the lasso tool to draw around.Thanks anyone who can help.

Answer:downloaded image to photoshop doc?

Make the image in another layer, then bring the layer to the front.

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I have both Adobe photoshop cs and Adobe imageready cs installed on my pc, and i was wondering:

Is there anyway i can get rid of any red-eyes in my pictures?

And is there anyway that i can get rid of blurring on my pictures?

Answer:photoshop or image ready??

I'm not a photoshop expert, but I do know that you can preform a very competant and user friendly red-eye removal with much more low end products, such as google's picasa:

Or Kodak's easy share, to name a couple.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by blurring (out of focus? motion tracers? objects to distant?). I believe both of the tools above have a "Sharpen" feature which is only so-so.

My instinct is that blurry images can be improved significantly with the right set of skills, but I'm affraid I don't know how to do it.

But I'm sure one of the many smart folk out there can shed some light...

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I have been using Photoshop for two or three years but recently have a problem not experienced before. A downloaded photograph is shown in the 'image size' dialog box as 14.44 x 10.0 inches. When I crop the picture by removing less than an inch it is then shown in the 'image size' dialog box as being about 2.4 x 1.8 inches, when the extent of cropping should have only reduced the size by about 2 inches (width and height). 'Constant Proportions' and 'Resample Image' are both checked. The resolution increses very significantly on the cropped picture. Any suggestions as to why the size reduces out of proportion to the cropping would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Photoshop - image size

I have solved the problem. The width after cropping had been pre set at 6cm. Having cleared that cropping works ok.

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I cannot understand the image size figures. Please can somebody explain if and how the size of the document in pixels relates to the Pixel Dimensions figure (expressed in millions). Multiplying the width and height pixel figures does not produce a figure anywhere near the stated Pixel Dimensions figure. Thanks

Answer:Photoshop - image size

This tells it far more eloquently than I can:click here

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Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to help me.

I have a logo with a white background that I need to place over another image. In doing so I need to remove the white background so that only the logo itself is placed over the second image. Unfortunately I'm a complete dunce with Photoshop and have no idea how to do this. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this at all?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Moving one image on to another in Photoshop

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When i select a couple images to open in ps7 it doesnt work ...It only opens one...Whats wrong ?


Answer:Photoshop Image Selection...

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In my system Windows Xp and Photoshopn 7 is installed. When i run the software and open a .jpg then it shows very pinkish .jpg. If i open any format file it shows pinkish not natural . Please tell me how to solve this problem.

Answer:Every image is Pinkish in Photoshop 7

Let me take a stab at this. I do not have Photo Shop so I will try to guide you in the right directions.

Look for a preference, or options in Photo Shop. See if somewhere there is a place to set it the way you want it.

If not what I would do is uninstall it, reboot, delete the program folder, reboot and reinstall it. It sounds like you might have a corrupt file if there are no settings where you can change it.

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Iv had photoshop CS3 for a while now and i havnt used it. How can i create an animation with it?

I want to make a header with hearts moving up and down and around abit.

Answer:Animating Image With Photoshop CS3

try this tutorial on CS3

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I am new to Photoshop but have a tv graphics background.
I am trying to link to an image that exists on the web.
I have built a template in Photoshop with an empty grey background box.
I want to link to an image on the web using the URL, such as:
I would place this image on top of the grey box. Then save the file.
Then, using the same template, I would like to CHANGE the image URL to a different image, and save that as a different file name.
Wash, rinse, repeat.
Bottom line, I have about 3000 images, and I would like to use one template and have the ability to change the image URL, a new image would appear, and I would re-save the files.
Is this possible to do?

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ok see this image right well you see thoe oval shapes on the bar well you see were the oval parts go over the bar edge well how do you get this part that goes over tha bar edge off

Answer:photoshop cs: image problem

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There is some software available that lets you turn lots of thumbnails into 1 large picture by arranging them for you in a certain pattern. Does anybody know what this software is called? Someone said it could be a Photoshop addon? Here is an example of what i mean. Thanks for the here

Answer:Image software, Photoshop?

It's called a "Mosaic", djtjuk.

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Is photoshop good enough for video editing ?.


Answer:Is photoshop good enough for video editing ?.

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I have a lenovo h50-50 desktop and am taking a break from games at the moment as well as not wanting to do Photoshop either.

Specs are pretty decent:

Intel core i3 4160 cpu (3.6 GHz)
Windows 7 Professional
Intel HD 4400 graphics

I have done research on this before and people say watch movies, photoshop, etc. The truth is though, I don't really like watching movies or photoshop. Are there any ways I can use my PC's processing power while having fun still without gaming?

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LCD monitors suck. I can't calibrate them. Not even with a SPYDER.

If I'm gonna spend $1300 on software, then I want a good CRT monitor.
Money is not an object. I just want a good CRT.

Any suggestions?

Answer:I want a GOOD monitor for Photoshop work

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Ok, so I've been using gimp for like, 4 years now.
Also, I'm an aspiring graphic designer.
I'm now in school and am learning photoshop.

I would like to be able to transfer my files from gimp to photoshop.
That means being able to save my stuff in gimp, with layers, full color, and alpha channels saved too. The problem is, gimp seems only able to save transparency or layers, but never both, for any extension other than XCF. Even adobe's own .PS doesn't seem to be able to handle transparency and so asks me to flatten the image.

Is there a file format that does all I want and gimp can save as that I'm just missing, or maybe a plugin for photoshop that will read .XCF files?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Image portability between gimp and photoshop

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hi people, i want to have a thin black border around some photos. I've tried everything in photoshop but can't find how to do it. I end up using corel draw to create the background and importing it. But there must be a way IN photoshop surely..

Anyone know?


Answer:Solved: Photoshop 7 line around image

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I have a .jpg, with an image map. I have my image map areas defined, and I have a url associated with some of them. In the "alternate text for browser" field, I want to have multiple lines of text instead of one long one. Is this possible? How?

Answer:Photoshop/Image ready - Alt text

No. The only way to make it take up more than one line is to add so much text that it wraps...

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After creating a webpage in Photoshop, I then sliced it into sections. Opened the document in Image Ready so as to convert the text links into the required rollover states (just over + down).After making the rollovers and testing them in the preview browser in Image Ready all seemed ok. The rollovers worked a treat (1st time using it).I then exported the image back into Photoshop and optimised and saved all slices as htm and images.I opened the htm page in Dreamweaver but the rollovers do not work. When the curser moves over the text link it changes to the 'hand' icon but no rollover states.Anyone any ideas. I'm sure it must be something simple but it's the 1st time I have used this programme.cheersslowhand

Answer:Photoshop + Image Ready problem

I found that I should save as optimised file in Image Ready. I thought that exporting it back into Photoshop would still keep the rollover states, but obviously not.

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Whenever I download an image attached to an email, it opens up automatically in Photoshop. This wasnt happening before.. Any thoughts on how to stop this annoying behavior?

Answer:Why is Photoshop launching whenever I download an image?

Originally Posted by orlando1974

Whenever I download an image attached to an email, it opens up automatically in Photoshop. This wasnt happening before.. Any thoughts on how to stop this annoying behavior?

This will happen if Photoshop set as your Default Photo Viewer?

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Does anybody know how to create rollover images in Photoshop without having to rename the slices when I Save For Web? When I save the images, I would like to have to do it just once without having to rename the individual slices of the rollover buttons.

Answer:Solved: Photoshop CS Image Slicing

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I'm working on a Powerbook with OS x.3 Jaguar, classic mode 9.2.
When working in Photoshop 6 in classic mode, the cursor (tools), disappear over the image, but then reappears outside the image. However, the move tool and the cropping tool act normal.

I've trashed the Photoshop prefs, reset the tools, and re-installed the software. Is there something else I can try to solve this perplexing problem?

Thanks, Mindy

Answer:Photoshop 6 cursor disappears over image

is it just certain tools that you can't see? eg pen tool or paintbrush? Your paintbrush size might just be so small (eg 1 pixel) and your image so large that you just can't see it, unless you're zoomed in of course. Try upping the size of the tool if so.

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I'm having a problem inserting the shapes (WebDings) that come in font files for use in my PhotoShop image files.

I'm unable to Copy and Paste as described in some tutorials.

Can anyone describe their procedure?

I'm running Windows 7 on a new HP PC and using PS 6


Answer:Using WebDings in PhotoShop image files

With your jpg open, open character map, select the wingdings font you want then select the character, click copy. Go to text tool in PS click on jpeg and hit Ctrl+V. You can edit the symbol in the normal way. Edit size color etc from the toolbar at the top.

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Hi, I'm trying to extract an image from its background using photoshop CS2 but when I use Layer>Filter>Extract. The dialog box's OK button is greyed out.The only button I can select is cancel.What do I do.

Answer:Photoshop-Extract Image from its background

After you have highlighted the area you want to keep, switch to paint bucket and click anywhere on the area you wish to be removed. If you are happy with the results, click ok.

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How do I use the actions to create
the effect from Photoshop or image ready?

Thanks a lot,

Answer:Actions from Photoshop or Image Ready???

Im not real sure what you are asking.

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Pentium 4 2.4, 512MB, 80GB HD, 64MB Video, Win XP

My computer freezes only when I'm using Photoshop. Specifically when I cut and drag an image. I uninstalled and reinstalled photoshop. The computer has all that it needs to run this software. I guess it has to do with some kind of conflicts. But, I'm clueless. Please, give me a clue or the solution. Thank you.


Answer:photoshop freezes when dragging image

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hi, anybody know how to set a transparent backround to a jpeg file in photoshop 6.0? I figured how to create a transparent background layer around an object, but not how to save the file that way. (ex. single object in photo to be pasted in other files) info appreciated!

Answer:transparent backround in photoshop image


I don't have photoshop 6.0 but I am not sure you can do what you want and save it as a .jpg. Have you tried doing the same thing but save it as a .gif file?

I know that I have a lot of tiff files that have a transparent background and if I want to post them on the web I have to save them as a .gif because if I save them in other formats in adds a white background to the images.

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Hello Forum!

How would you go about producing this starburst effect in Adobe Illustrator or photoshop?

Answer:Starburst Image in Photoshop or Illustrator

Check this video out.

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I reformated my computer and when I save pictures the icon that used to have JPEG on it now is a windows picture and fax viewer...can't open that up in photoshop and it's really annoying. I want it back to where it had the JPEG icon...Please help! Thanks...

Answer:Can't view my image files in photoshop...

Figured it out! Had to update my quicktime file...Needed picture viewer...glad it was simple! :)

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My mom found a gif she would like to use on a family website. I want to build a theme around it, but it's tough using just a flat gif. I wonder if anyone could turn this image into a photoshop document so that I can change colors, make shadows, etc.

Alternatively if someone is up for the challenge of making a similar image with a higher resolution I would be both thankful and impressed.

She likes the image as my family has 5 people, my parents and three children (two girls and a boy).

Answer:Help converting gif to high res photoshop image.

here's a .psd...

won't upload for some reason...

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How do I get Photoshop 7 to open from my desktop instead of Image Ready 7?
I've been trying to figure this question out for a while.
Thanks for anyhelp

Answer:Solved: Photoshop instead of Image Ready

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Does anyone know an easier way to extract an object within a photograph, leaving the remainder of the photo.Currently I am using the extraction tool whereby you have to highlight the outline of the object and then fill the selected object for extraction.I find this very time consuming and you need to zoom right in and work your way around the perimeter of the object which also requires a very steady hand. It is quite difficult to get it completely perfect as I sometimes extract part of the background or go into the object itself losing part of the picture.Anyone any ideas?

Answer:Adobe Photoshop Image Extraction

When I download photos to my PC, they all come on onme page. How do I start another file???Signed 81 year old moron.

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heres what im trying to do, i got a picture of a $100 bill, i cut out the center of the bill where the presidents face was, and im trying to get my face in the exact spot, thing is i cant figure out how to stretch the image to the exact size, its either too wide or to tall, and although this seems simple i cant figure it out im new to photoshop, when i paste the image onto the image with the dollar bill i have trouble editing the L x W, without it effecting the whole picture including the dollar bill...

also outa curisoity is there anyway to outline where the image goes then paste the image to fit to that or i have to manually edit till it fits right ? any help would be great, thanks...

Answer:Adobe photoshop cs3 fit image to size

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hi! This program is very hard i was using Microsoft Picture it 98 as a picture progam and it is very easy. It is like cut and paste and has pictures to guide you though it..
but it's very fake looking. So I got Adope PhotoShop element 1.0 and it's so hard!! Wow!! I tried to use it and even read the book but it's so complicated. I was wondering if someone can teach me the Basic of how to Cut out a picture?

??? What do i do? Is it the magic lasso or the Oval thing or the square thing? Can you please tell me what instrument to use and how to cut the picture out... I tried to experiment but It doest do nothing!! The other easy baby program is so Easy!! all i do is click on a tool and just trace out the picture.

thank you.. if you have time and want to give me more tips. I am more than grateful for your help and thanks for your help!

Answer:Can someone help me cut out an image with this PhotoShop Elements program.

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is there any good video tutorials that show you how to use photoshop

Answer:Any Good Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorials

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I would slice the images manally, but saw the new layer based slice from the slice menu although I'm kind of confused about this. I guess that they automatically slices everything or one half of the image? Can somebody help me about the slice please?

Answer:Image Ready probem from Adobe Photoshop??


Did the link from your last post:



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Hi all,

I'm making a scientific poster presentation and am using Photoshop to make some of the fancy visuals for it.

I have some text in a bubble, but I'd like the text to include some of the Greek symbols you can get in MS Word or similar applications.

Copy - pasting the text across from Word into my Photoshop text layer doesn't work. The text comes across fine but I simply get spaces where all my theta, phi and whatnot were.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get these symbols to correctly display in Photoshop? I've Googled it and looked at the manual to no avail.

Apologies if this is the wrong forum - it looked the most likely one to me.


Answer:Using greek symbols in Photoshop image text - possible?

Oops - turned out the solution is simple. For anyone else who wants to know, there's a font called Symbol which, unsurprisingly, has lots of common Greek and Latin symbols.

Now I feel stupid.

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Okay so listen, i have googled all over and i find no topics about how we can disable the sticking.
If you still dont know what i mean imagine this: you have pasted a image on your image, you are about to place it somewere, but the image sticks it self in the corners and the image around.

It's so annoying, cause i cant get the result i want, any photoshoppers know how?

Answer:Solved: Photoshop How to deactivate image sticking

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I recently downloaded the trial of Photoshop CS4 (after getting the laptop back from repair, new hard drive and all) and the image/workspace or whatever you call it is messed up. Its hard to describe so here's a screenshot instead:***.jpg

EDIT: Bah, censor messed up the link, it should be w t f where the asterisks are.

Where you see the transparency, no image will show in that space, it just gets cut off. I tried reinstalling the trial to no avail, and (trying to) update my graphics card drivers because it PS kept showing a message about it. I have no idea if the update actually worked or not, though.

Any idea what could be causing this?

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My colleague scanned her hand-drawn drawings for me to digitally add in colors using Photoshop. I would like to ask, is there a simple way that I can darken the outline of the drawing too? When look carefully, I can see a lot of white spots. Any tips?

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im trying to make a gradient in a image which ill be using in a website.
I want that the background is visible through left side of this image.So here is what i did
i opened a new document with its background transparent create a new layer put the image on that layer create a new mask and select the gradient tool 'foreground to background' and applied the gradient to the image.Till here everything is fine (see first pic Untitled.jpeg) but as soon as i click on the save button and try to save it (as a GIF) the gradient part vanishes. it gets removed (see second image Untitled 2.jpeg) and if i save it anyway the image gest saved without the gradient as it is see in second image.
What is going on here?
i am using adobe photoshop cs5 x64 on windows 7 home premium x64.
the gradient is working fine for text.(written on a transparent background).

Answer:Solved: Gradient in image not saving!! Photoshop CS5 x64

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I have a PDF with a customers logo which i need to incorporate in a website.

I have grabbed the logo in photoshop. However when i resize the image (by making it significantly smaller) to fit the web page it becomes noisy and borderline illegible.

The image is black and white. Any sugestions? I have attached the original. I need it to be 357 Pixels Wide x 80 Pixels High.

Any help or ideas would be great. Thanks, Richard.

Answer:Shrinking an Image In photoshop while maintaing clarity

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I've the CS2 version of photoshop. Suddenly no images load up. The program loads, the selected images is visible in the pallete on the right (doesn't matter the format, jpg, tiff, RAW etc). but nothing will allow me to get the image to open further. I've tried dragging, rebooting, reinstalling the program...same thing happens. I've seen other postings, but not this. Help! iceisnice.

Answer:CS2 Photoshop loads, image won't open in canvas

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Can someone recommend an alternative to Photoshop?

Answer: Gimp

Been there, done that
I've tried, I really really have

Gimp is sooo unituitive to use
Menus and options are in the wrong places
(If I don't find an answer... maybe I'll spend another few hours giving it another go)

What I need:

- resize images
- crop images
- add shadows around images
- create PNG's sometimes
- cut/resize/crop images and out them on to of another image

That's all I ever do 98% of the time

Gimp is heavy as well - I'm sure someone should be able to create an image editing solution that is a few 100KBs!

There are some editors online that kinda fit the bill - like aviary and others
But... for the time taken to load and use, nothing comes close to Photoshop

YES: I'd love a free option
But... I'd also consider paid options as well


Answer:Alternative to Photoshop - to use image editor that is NOT Gimp?

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Hello, I'm having some problems with removing a white background from a circular Microsoft image.

I'm using Photoshop CS4 Extended and I've tried a few ways including selecting the image with the magnetic lasso tool and then pasting it onto a new layer with a transparent background but then when I save it as a TIF and open the image into a powerpoint it still has the white background.

I just want to the image pasted into Powerpoint to be the image within the circle, not the shadow or the white.

I believe the way to do it is with a clipping mask but I haven't found much information that I can understand.

Here is the image, any help will be appreciated.

Answer:How to remove white background from image with Photoshop

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Hi, I've made these animations already, and I am trying to transfer these animations all to one image in Imageready. I've saved them and have them all on my computer, and I'm wondering If it is possible to transfer an Animated Image to another Image that is not animated. Can someone help me?

Answer:Transfering Animations With Photoshop / Image Ready

Are you going to use this animations in a website?
Then, yes, you can put as many as you want on top of each other.
You are going to need some knowledge about CSS, it's going to be time consuming, but is worth it.
Good luck

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When I click on More than one image in a file only the latest stay on.  I hold the shift key down but the previous disappear.

Answer:opening more than one image in photoshop file at a time

Is PhotoShop running in fullscreen mode? Try pressing F a couple times to see if it solves the problem.

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Is there an easy way to convert images to jpegs in phototshop. For exapmle, someone sent me an image copied from a webpage and saved it in a word doc. Can i easily open that image in photoshop to a jpeg.

Answer:Solved: Convert image to jpeg Photoshop 5.5

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I had the same problem as Nawlins in 2008: who had the question: "Is there a way in photoshop cs3 to determine the size of an image that has been resized with the transform control? I want a series of images in different layers all exactly the same size but have only been able to accomplish this by figuring it out manually through using the ruler."

I was have the same problem, and I found this solution and wanted to pass it on.

First I went to Edit, Preferences, Units & Rulers and selected "pixels" in the ruler and type of the Units section.

Then I went to the layer with the image I wanted to know the size of and selected it with the Free Transform tool. Then I went to Window, Info and you can see the size of the image in pixels in the info panel.

Hope that helps anyone that was having the same problem.

Answer:size of a image on a specific layer in photoshop

This is interesting .... Many Thanks.
And Welcome to the TSG forum.

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Is there a way in photoshop cs3 to determine the size of an image that has been resized with the transform control? I want a series of images in different layers all exactly the same size but have only been able to accomplish this by figuring it out manually through using the ruler.

Answer:Solved: size of image in a specific layer in photoshop cs3

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Hi all,

I'm new to Photoshop. I'm trying to save an image without the white square background. I was able to create a layer by going to Image > Extract and tracing around the object. I haven't figured out how to save the extracted object. When I save the image, it looks the same as the original (white background included). I've tried saving in different formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, etc.). How can I save the foreground image only? I've spent way too much time today looking for this, and it's probably very simple (and will make me feel like a schmuck I'm sure).


Answer:Solved: Photoshop - saving extracted foreground image

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Guys this is gonna sound stupid I know, I have absolutely no idea how it happened, but my window for resizing my images has managed to move up out of my screen.
I can't grab it to move it down.
How on earth am I gonna get it back?
If I go image/image size, I can't read the top half of the window.
I'm using CS.
Please this is kinda urgent, I need to resize images for a website!!!!

Answer:Solved: photoshop image size window out of screen

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I recently reinstalled XP on my computer and installed Photoshop CS2. All went well for a week or so and then the colors started displaying radically incorrectly on any graphics file type I opened. My desktop colors are normal, only the graphics file within Photoshop displays incorrectly. The weird part is that Photoshop Elements displays the images correctly! and so does my image/thumbnail viewer, Irfan View. Also, I happened to open a PDF file in Acrobat and the image files in that document were also totally whack, like in Photoshop. by totally whack, I mean that blue displays as saturated magenta, Yellow displays as green, etc. I'm thinking there might be a corruption in something common to both Photoshop CS2 and Acrobat, but why Elements is not affected is a mystery. Does it handle color information differently than CS2 and Acrobat?

I've tried all the suggested solutions- tweaking the gamma, color profiles, reinstalling video drivers, lowering screen resolution and pixel depth. I also tried uninstalling CS2 and installed an copy of Photoshop 7 with no improvement. This leads me to believe that the problem is outside the installed Photoshop files, but common to Photoshop and Acrobat.

I cleaned the registry with Registry Mechanic. Nothing has worked. I have 512k of memory, a Diamond S85 128mb DDR Radeon 9250 AGP card installed. Previous to the Win XP install, Photoshop worked fine. Along with the fresh XP install, I installed some new programs, maybe there'... Read more

Answer:Photoshop displays image files radically wonky

Your color profile is corrupt, run Adobe Gamma (control panel) and recreate it.

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When I open an image file (Photoshop is my default image viewer) Photoshop launches and then loads the file. When I close the image, Photoshop quits, only to re-launch every single time I open an image. It would be nice for it to follow Mac procedure where once Photoshop is launched it remains so (without any file having to be opened) until explicitly quitted.

How could I arrange that please?

I have tried creating a Photoshop "Keeper" file, almost empty of data, and saving that to the Desktop, and running it at the beginning of a session (and I could put it into Windows' startup routine), but is there a better way?


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Dear Sir/Madam,

Hi! My name is Apoorva. I have installed 40 G.B. Hard Disk which contains 2 partitions of 20 G.B. each.
On first prtition i.e. C:\ , Windows 2000 Professional is installed and on the second partition i.e. D:\ , Windows XP Professional is installed. Now I have installed Adobe Photoshop 7 on the second partition i.e. D:\ .
After that, I started Adobe Photoshop 7. And then, I opened an image called as Ducky.tiff from the samples folder.
Then I took screenshot of this image and pasted in a new file. Then I cropped the rquired image.
Now the problem starts after this.
After cropping, I go to Image - Image Size and change the size from say e.g. 500 x 600 to 200 x 300 and when I click on the ok button, my pc hangs and gives no response. Also when I try to apply Unsharp mask by going to Filters - Sharp - Unsharp Mask, my pc hangs.
I really don't understand where is the problem exactly.

Please send me a copy of the reply to the above query at : [email protected]

Please help me out...

Answer:PC Hangs when changing the size of an image in Adobe Photoshop 7

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Hello Everyone

Is there a feature in Outlook where a whole department which receives emails daily (Accounting) can somehow organize themselves to show what each person is doing. Right now they are seeing the emails but not telling each-other what there doing and we think that some things might get missed. I had an idea of using the categories and changing the colours/names to each person in accounting. But that would make each staff members email extinct. I see an option called tasks in Outlook could there be a way of doing it in there? We are all using Outlook 2007 and running Exchange 2010.


Answer:Organizing emails for each person so we know what each person is doing

I hate to be cute(but can't resist), and this will bump your question back to the top of this list....But what your suggesting is the managers job(assign and track task). Outlook is not the place to manage your business.

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This is scary and I'm wondering how it happened:

I sent an 8-page fax to a gov't office with personal info. I had sent faxes to them before with no problem. Let's say their fax number is 332-3333. I used the same method as usual, clicking on "TO" and selecting the contact from the list.

Today, I met a friend in a store and she said "Oh, by the way, I received this fax regarding your daughter by mistake, the other day." Embarrassing, but thank goodness she's a good friend instead of someone else.

When I got home, I checked my Windows Fax "sent" folder. It appeared normal and that fax appeared to have gone to 332-3333. I clicked on Properties and the recipient number was again, 332-3333. BUT when I clicked on the DETAILS tab, I saw "CSID= 422-1944" and that's my friend's phone number!!

My question is, how did this happen? My friend isn't on my contact list and I have never sent her a fax. The only connection I could think of is that I had phoned her on the telephone earlier that day, before I sent the fax.

(I tried phoning the gov't office, but they're not answering, so I have no idea if they received the 8-page fax that I sent on Sunday. I re-sent it today).

Just thought I'd post this to the forum because I'm a bit freaked out right now.

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I've heard that you can make fonts in Photoshop but I haven't been able to find any tutorials online. Is there anyone who knows how to do it? Also, I'm using as my image editor for now because my HD is packed. If anyone knows how to create fonts with or photoshop please post.

Answer:Solved: Creating fonts in Photoshop or any other image editing software

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I am making an animation using images i have altered using photoshop (using the batching operation) in quick time player.

I have saved the images as jpegs to a folder on my desktop and numbered all in a sequence, however when i open an image sequence in quicktime it will not play the whole sequence, just the first image...

Tried lots of things, saving images as tiffs or giffs but doesn't work, anyone got any ideas???


Answer:Problem importing image sequence from photoshop batched images to quicktime player

Hi, Pinnacle is my flavor, however this might help:-

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User got emails sent to herself.. from herself.. when she wasn't here..

I know some people have permissions to send as other people.. but I don't think that is what happend. One of the emails subject line is: 557, and the contents are "969" ...
The other email subject line is: 57657, with contents being: 5556..

Both of the messages headers show it came from IP
Heres a snippet


X-Originating-IP: []
X-SpamReason: No, hits=4.9 required=7.0 tests=HTML_80_90,HTML_MESSAGE,
Received: (qmail 20268 invoked from network); 6 Jun 2006 08:17:23 -0000
Received: from (HELO (
by <removed> with SMTP; 6 Jun 2006 08:17:23 -0000
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2006 11:18:40 +0200

Now I really don't think it's a company site.. and if you go to the IP directly.. it asks you to log in to 'Viking'.. if you tracert it, it lokos lke it comes from .. which is in like.. a different language..

Should the user be worried? I suppose I should have her change her password to be safe..?

Answer:E-mail sent from and to same person.. but person not here

A little more info can be found at:
Not that it will get anywhere, send a letter to the abuse-mailbox listed.

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Can anyone shed any light on my problem?click here

Answer:Good web page... but no image.

You spoke of a place holder with a red cross in it, Right click on this and make a note of the URL, then compare and check the the image file is where is say's it & that it's the correct format eg *.jpg, *.gif or *.pngPost the URL of the problem page if you would like further advice

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i see people sackriding True Image everywhere and never understand it.
I have tested and compared True Image 10 vs Ghost 12 vs ShadowProtect. and if not for the fact that Ghost 12 does not do backup from boot CD, True Image ranks last in every single category. the most terrible thing is that True Image's boot CD is very slow to backup/restore to USB drives because it does not support USB 2.0. you have to build a bartPE bootCD with USB 2.0 plugin to use it .
on the other hand, ShadowProtect is extremely fast, even faster than Ghost 12, and has almost no flaws. but i dont see anyone using it

Answer:what's good about True Image??

okay?? And your point is? Did acronis crash your system and you had to buy or build a new pc???
For me, i have acronis 8.0. It works perfect, and thats all, why consider the alternatives when this does exactly what i want it to do????
And second, I dont care about speed, because it takes a while (about an hour for 50 gigs) to do a full backup without compression. So, i just find something else to do, or hop on one of my two laptops.

Also thats a lie about not able to backup via usb2.0. As i have stated before i have 8.0, and you see the time i posted for 50 gigs, thats to my external usb drive that you see in my sig. Hell i remember when i had to move just 25 gigs of music from my old pc via IPOD (using usb1.0) it took the whole night. So with 50 gigs in 1 hr is using the usb 2.0 feature.

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Hi, I've just connected the Spectre 360 (new model) into my 4K monitor, and the image displayed is not sharp as it should be. I've tried connecting them by using HDMI>HDMI and Thunderbold > DisplayPort cables and nothing has changed. Any clue?

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I have a Proview CY 765 17' TFT Monitor which was connected to my old PC which had a nVidia GeForce 4 64MB card giving excellent image quality.I have now connected it to my new PC which has a ATI Radeon 9200 128MB card but the image and text quality and sharpness are not so good.I using XP with all the updates downloaded.I installed the Proview Driver from their website but no improvement so left it on the Plug & Play driver.? Anything else I could do.


click here may help with the text.

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Hi guys,

I recently installed a new graphic card - new Gigabyte HD585OC. Prior to that I was running only integraded chipset HD 3200. Of course Im very happy with my new graphic (I also installed new PSU - Corsair VX550 550W) and the difference is remarkable.
But.. I thought that with this graphic I would be, for example able to run LOTRO at full details at my current crapy resolution 1280x1024. but if I turn on Anti-Aliasing x8 instead of x4 the game runs good (fps metter 40-50) but it lags. Like the FPS is still up and high, but the image is tearing a little. Also my copm makes this tear-noise for example when the far textures are loading and Im sure thats the noise comming out of my procesor or whatever but not the graphic card.

Here are my specs:

1. Motherboard - ASUS M3A78 PRO
2. Graphic interface - Gigabyte Radeon HD 585OC
3. Memory -2048mb (dual)
4. CPU -AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
5. CPU Speed -3111 (overclock from 2900) / bus speed: 213,6 MHz
6. Power Supply Make/Model - Corsair VX550 550W
7. Watt output/Amperage -dunno where to find the one, because there are so many displayed in AMD OverDrive / other programes
8. OS: Windows XP Prof. 32bit

Now, I know that my procesor is slowing the card down, thats obvious, But I though that if I added maybe some aditional RAM it might have helped a little (even though running XP with 2gb, resp. 1,75gb should be allright).
So do you have any suggestions on what should I do to get rid of this tearing ?
Thanks f... Read more

Answer:FPS good, but the image is tearing

Tearing is typically caused by 2 things (that I can think of); 1 - drivers, 2 - heat.

Drivers being the more likely of the 2. So I'd make sure you have the most up to date drivers for the card before getting concerned about heat. If you have done that, then I'd look into something to speed up your GPU fan (RivaTuner?).

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Can someone please recommend me a good image downloader application ?

Answer:good image downloading application

If you are asking for free imaging programs, use free Macrium or free Paragon. But if you are looking for a picture viewer, use Faststone Picture viewer.

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Looking for a good backup software for windows 7 64-bit. I would like something better than Norton Ghost 15 or Acronis. Any Suggestions?? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Looking for good backup/image software Win 7 64-bit

Better, how? You just knocked off 2 top products.

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I'm looking for a good digital imaging editor program for my computer. I'm currently running Win 98 first edition. I'd prefer the software be free seeing as how I'm a broke college student

Answer:Need a good image editing program

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Hello Guys,
I am just in the process of producing a (ghost) image on a Samsung p500. This is for our student Higher Education courses at our college. What came to mind was that i have never seen a post that specifies the features of a good (ghost) image. Im a trainee Helpdesk Engineer at the moment so im sure my images could be improved! But what i usually do with my images is this:

Install Fresh Copy on unpartitioned Drive of Windows XP Professional with SP2
Install Relevant Drivers.
Add Remove Components, Outlook Express, Msn Explorer and Windows Messenger.
Windows Update - All Updates.
Install Nero Burning Rom + BurnRights
Install Microsoft Office 2003 with SP2
Install Acrobat Reader 7
Disable Error Reporting Service.
Install our Student VPN Software.
Make a new Admin Account for ourselves (Students use the Administrator Account).
Sysprep the Machines.

We also support Apple Mac's at the college for student Media Courses and make Images for these. so if people could feed back on what they put on their Apple Mac images that would be great.

So there you go, if everyone could feed back on what they do with their Images and if there are any improvements you think we could make to ours. This would be much appreciated.


Answer:How to make a good (Ghost) Image!

Right so no one on this whole forum makes ghost images? no one can think of any improvements, no one does their images differently to mine?

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Before we got BT Yahoo Photo and we found it was user-friendly and very easy to use, but sadly, BT pushes us to join Flickr and BT Yahoo had to close BT Yahoo Photos and we thought we could try Flickr and we realise it's very difficult to use and spoil our privacy of photo's. We have decide to stop Flickr and still looking for free image sharing that has,

Send-out invites to people and view them whatever they are registered or unregistered member
easy to navigate
And privacy, only invites, not public

My mum is trying out Kodak Gallery... Is it good?

Answer:Any good Image Gallery on the Internet?

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I am running Win2000 Pro SP4 - in home, single computer. I have several images in Microsoft Power Point Viewer that I'd like to convert to JPEG, but am at a loss as to what is a good, reputable, FREE program. Anybody have any recommendations?

Answer:Looking for a good, free image converter

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I am in the process of changing from a Dell Latitude E6430 to a Dell Latitude E7450 due to an ongoing warranty issue. I did a system image from the old computer, but when I tried to do the system restore from this to the new Lappie, all hell broke loose. Obviously some of the hardware had changed, making the drivers irrelevant.
I have had to re-install Windows 7 pro from the DVD supplied by Dell to start again.
What do I do now? And how do I get the backup active on the new computer???

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As I dabble in art/photography I find I'm rapidly gaining hundreds of images on the pc, some of which I put on cdr and many of which I would like to have better track of.I'm looking for a catalogue program which will support tif,jpeg,psd and ideally but not urgently Canon RAW still formats and maybe avi too. I've already dismissed Iview Media because although it says it supports Photoshop post 3.0 it turns out that that's only in it's Mac Pro version. I've heard some pretty poor reviews of Adobe's new program and Jasc's PhotoAlbum4 doesn't specify what format it covers.Any other ideas would be much appreciated.Dan

Answer:Looking for a good image cataloge program

Have a look a Irfanview. Don't know if it will do exactly what you want but it's very comprehensive and FREE! click hereBrian

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I backed up one of my games on a iso. I got my new rig up and running with Windows 7 X64 Pro. I lost the disk and know I need to know, what is the best image mounter that WONT CRASH MY SYSTEM. Thank you

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I ran across THIS and downloaded it, I was quite impressed for freeware , it seems to have many of the features of the big boys, but it's totally freeware, no nags, no spy ware.

It's available in several languages, and you must get the help file in a separate download, but, unlike so many of these programs, the help file actually tells you what things do ! There are also forums available for help, as well as plug ins and development options, something for the beginner to the expert...check it out...Rhett

Answer:Good Freeware Image Editor

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