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Photoshop CS File Browser No Thumbnails Some Images

Question: Photoshop CS File Browser No Thumbnails Some Images


I'm an new user to Photoshop CS(Windows) ... I find that in the file browser (I'm looking at RAW images) ... SOME images do not have thumbnails desplayed ... only a generic ICON ... this is maybe 15% of the images...

.... if I select one of these images I can see it in the preview window, and I can open it into Photoshop (via the Camera Raw plug-in) ... but I can't see a thumbnail in the main browsing window ...

... this makes it very difficult to select images for further editing...

... if you know how to correct this problem, or know what the cause might be, please let me know.

Thanks, Peubear

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Preferred Solution: Photoshop CS File Browser No Thumbnails Some Images

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Photoshop CS File Browser No Thumbnails Some Images

Howdy and welcome

interesting problem

Don't have your answer but...

Are these all from the same camera/card?

The only thing that happened to me was viewing Nikon RAW/NEC files they would show generic in the browser window but not show in the preview window until I added the NEC plugin to CS


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I recently upgraded from Photoshop 6 to CS and have noticed that my saved files are no longer represented by the photoshop icon and a minature version of the image.When I right click on any of the files and check properties they are still listed as opening with Photoshop.This is reall annoying as I have to open the files now before I can see what they are where as before I could tell from the minature image.Anybody any idea how to sort this?Thanks

Answer:Photoshop thumbnails not visible as small images

I can't remember back to PS 6, so I'm not sure what I did those days, but what is wrong with using the "File Browser" within CS. This shows thunbnails of all the images in any given folder on any given drive.

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I'm not talking about PSD files here, just jpgs and other "regular" image formats. I have no problems with seeing thumbnails by default in any other software's File Open dialogs other than Photoshop (CS4 in my case). No matter what I have tried in Folder Options (yadda yadda) PS CS4 refuses to display thumbnails unless I manually choose "Icons" from the view menu once I am in the dialog. (Ideally I'd like it to automatically display Extra Large Icons.) This is driving me nuts as I work on jpg photos all day and every day. Sure I can use Bridge, but it is SO slow, or something else, but someone out there must have a fix? I can't see anything obvious in the Adobe areas of the registry and don't know enough about it to hack it myself. Grateful for any help!

I realize you can use Libraries to get thumbnails, but that's about as many clicks (or more) than File>Open>View>Ex Large thumbnails ... every single time!!

I am using Win7 x64, Photoshop CS4 x86


Answer:File Open dialog and thumbnails ... Photoshop

Hi Robin, here are a couple of posts that I could find related to your question.

Adobe Forums: Set thumbnail view as default in the...

How to default to thumbnails opening photoshop - FM Forums

Hope this helps!

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I know that if in Folder Options I choose "Always show icons, never thumbnails' the '.thumbs' file stops being created everytime you view an image file in Explorer. But I do want to see thumbnails, or more specifically I like the idea of viewing the image of the *.jpg, *.dng etc. when in Explorer. However, what I don't like is getting a '.thumbs' file being created.
I'm sure it is possible to have one without the other but can't recall how to do so.
Thank you

Answer:Viewing thumbnails as images but without .thumbs file

In Windows Explorer [Win7 and earlier] go to Organize, Folder and Search Options, View tab and the first item Files and Folders and uncheck the first thing about Always show icons, never thumbnails. At least that is what works with my Win7 Ult. But then I use the Extra Large Icons view for pictures and don't get the .thumbs part.

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Can someone help me - in Photoshop 7, when I open the File Browser, the palette opens very high in the window, I can not get to the title bar to move it down. I can grab it in the lower right corner and make it large or smaller, but can not lower it. The left side of the File Browser window is so far to the left, that I can not see my files. I hope this makes sense, Thanks for any help you can give.

Answer:photoshop 7 - File Browser

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any way of enabling photoshop thumbnails in win 7? i kinda need it

Answer:Photoshop thumbnails

Not sure what you mean by Photoshop Thumbnails ...

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Previous versions of Photoshop allowed PSD images to be viewed as thumbnails. CS only displays thumbnails in landscape format. Portrait images appear as thumbnail-sized black rectangles.I'm on Windows XP Home SP2.Am I stuck with this or is there a solution, apart from using CS's own file browser?

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Does anyone know how to make Win7 X64 display the pictures created in photoshop to be natively displayed as icons? This works fine for 32 bit without any tweaking but not with 64 bit. Has to be a way.

Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Windows 7 X64 and Photoshop thumbnails

BUMP anyone?

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Here's another question that maybe someone here can answer. I do a lot of photo editing and digital creations. A real frustration for me is that I can not view Photoshop thumbnails or photo previews (in filmstrip view) on Windows XP. Does anyone know how to get XP to show thumbnails & previews of files with Photoshop extensions? I think there should be a way to modify the registry so that XP will display these files. Anyone know how? I have Windows XP Home and Photoshop CS.

Answer:No Photoshop Thumbnails or Previews with XP

can you send me on and ill see if I can view them?

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I have 3 HP computers, all W-XP home, and loaded with Photoshop and Irfanview.
When I browse a folder in XP, in the Thumbnail mode, – I have no thumbnail displays for my psd files.
To see the psd thumbs, I have to use the Irfanview thumbnail browser.

Yesterday, I was helping friend fix his older Dell computer and noticed that his W-XP will display his Photoshop psd thumbnails in the XP folder browser. He also has Irfanview set as his default Viewer.

I didn’t have time to try to find out why his computer will display the psd thumbs – and mine won’t,
and I'm not sure I would have known where to look.
Until now - I didn't know this was possible.

Anyone know how to turn this XP thumbnail function on, for the psd file types ??

Answer:Solved: Photoshop psd Thumbnails in W-XP

Thumbnail support for Windows was disabled in CS onwards by Adobe because some users found that their files were being damaged or lost. If you had PS 7 or below installed previously then the psicon.dll (that handled PSD thumbs preview in windows) will still be on the system, hence the ability to see PSD thumbnails.

Adobe has Bridge now to handle PSD & other files - I, personally, don't use it as it's a huge resource hog.

Irfanview can only see the Thumbnails of PSD files if the 'maximise compatibilty' option is checked in PS preferences (on by default), which saves a flattened composite of the image that most image viewers can see.

If you really want the thumbnails back (with the possibility of losing some of your files), then this page has information on where to get the psicon.dll file and how to get XP to load it.

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I had thumbnail images when I bought the computer. It came with windows vista, Gateway mailed me the windows 7 upgrade package. After I installed the upgrade, I lost all my thumbnail images for my video files.... This is driving me bonkers! Please help! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Answer:no thumbnails images Please help!

Welcome to Seven Forums donny9182. Try this:

Thumbnail Cache - Clear and Reset

Also, make sure that Always show icons, never thumbnails isn't checked in view settings for folders

Open Windows Explorer (any folder)> Organize> Folder and search options> View tab> make sure Always show icons, never thumbnails isn't checked, if it is, uncheck it

If no help, have a look at the suggested fix on this link:


A Guy

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I am unable to view JPG files as thumbnails. The issue began when I uninstalled Corel Software and Installed CD Burning Software. There are frames where the image should be. Any idea's. Is it a setting? I looked. When saving the image i made sure the option "view as thumbnail" was checked.


Answer:Unable to view thumbnails from Adobe Photoshop

At start of Photoshop, (before it open) click and hold Shift\Ctrl\Alt. (If you have a PC)
this combination of keys, will restored Photoshop.
Good Luck

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The ability to see thumbnail images of my digital pictures has disappeared. All I get is the Paint Shop Pro logo where each picture should be.If I double click on the logo the picture is then fully opened in Paint Shop.This is incredibly frustrating because in order to find the image I am looking for I have to fully open each one in Paint before I can view it.

Answer:cannot see digital images in thumbnails

If you are using XP, open the folder then click on "View" and make sure that there is a "bullet" next to thumbnails.

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Hi there!

I'm using a USB cable to transfer photos from my phone (a Nokia 6303) and before now, I have been able to see a preview of the images in the thumbnails. Now however I just get a icon of the photo editing software I use (Paint Shop Pro). I store a lot of photos on my phone and I don't want to have to copy them all to my harddrive everytime I want to sort through them! (It's probably worth noting that the thumbnail previews are showing up fine in the folders on my computer i.e. My Pictures etc).

Perhaps this is best explained with a screenshot:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

Answer:Images not previewing in thumbnails

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Hi, im writing my very first thread here.

And this is my problem. I applied a custom folder icon in regedit and for it to work you had to check "always show icons, never thumbnails" but now i cant see thumbnails on images. Like this: no thumbnails. And i really want to view thumbnails on my images.

So is there a way to have thumbnails on everything except folders?

Answer:Thumbnails on images, but not on folders

So what you did is you applied "always show icons, never thumbnails" on the folder containing the images?

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I've just purchased a computer and have just put all of my files onto said computer using Windows 7. After doing so I have noticed that some of the images don't appear to have a thumbnail and are just a black image and when I go to click on the majority
of pictures I am met with the same black image. I can now no longer see my pictures which is really frustrating seeing as I have over 16,000 of them and really need a solution to this if anyone is available to help? Many Thanks

Answer:Images and thumbnails showing up as a being black

According to your description, it is seems like these pictures thumbnail weren't copied from original computer.
You can enable new system thumbnail for test:
Open Folder Options, then check Display file icon on thumbnails.
More information, see: remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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Anyone know the relationship between an image file and its thumbnail ? I'd assumed that the file was read and the thumbnail dynamically created when I select to view with Thumbnail or Slideshow option. The point being that I have a file which only about 5% of the image shows in the thumbnail but the image file is intact and can be fully 'previewed' or viewed. Any ideas ? N.B. it is almost 47mb in size but I have others larger than that which don't exhibit this 'problem'. More of a nusiance than anything but curious to understand. Have refreshed the image file from another source (CD) but still the same. Thumbnail of CD is ok.

Answer:Images and Thumbnails in Windows Explorer

XP?Right click on the thumbnail in question, and from the menu try the 'refresh thumbnail' option, and see if this helps.If that does not help, open the containing folder, locate the file called 'thumbs.db' and delete it. close the folder and re-open it. FX'D

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Hi,I'm linking thumbnails to open in a new window in a larger size.This is the code i'm using : td> div align="center"> a href="javascript:;" onClick="MM_openBrWindow('Dining.jpg',','width=356,height=293')"> img src="Dining.jpg" alt="Dining Area" width="120" height="81" border="0"> /a> /div>The problem I have is regardless of the image size I specify - in this case 356x293 - the window resizes not the image.Any ideas where i'm going wrong?Thanks.

Answer:Linking thumbnails to larger images

but there are options, and I'm a bit pressed for time, so I suggest that you click here

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Just upgraded to a PC with Windows 7. When I run Windows explorer, I can no longer see my images and movies as thumbnails, when in icon view. They stay as icons. This happens whatever program I associate with the images/movies. I never had a problem in XP or Vista. I have looked through Windows help, but can't find any info on this. Can anyone advise how to get thumbnails displayed, so I can browse my images properly?

Answer:Win explorer does not display images as thumbnails

You have selected "medium icons" in the "view menu?

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A while ago I turned off something in Windows because of weird issues happening... and I think its related to something I noticed today. In old pictures folders I no longer see thumbnails. I just see a white sheet of paper icon (well it looks like that) and the filename underneath.

How do I restore thumbnail generation within a folder and its subfolders? I've already set it to Pictures type...

Answer:How do I generate thumbnails for images in old folders?

Hmm, a reboot solved most of the folders...
but not all.
maybe another reboot will finish the job?

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All of a my preview for my images are gone...

I went to Google and looked up some possible solutions.

In explorer under view/options under View "Always show icons never thumbnails" is unchecked.
I also tried to choose "Restore Defaults" from there as well with no luck. Yes, I closed and re-opened
explorer after the change.

I under went under Control Panel/System/Advanced/System Properties/Performance and
made sure "Save Taskbar Thumbnail Previews" was checked as well as "Show thumbnails instead of icons"
was also checked.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

Any help appreciated. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

Answer:Previews for images (thumbnails) are gone in explorer.

Hello orlandotek,

Here are some more options to check to make sure that thumbnail previews is turned on and enabled.

Thumbnail Previews in File Explorer - Enable or Disable in Windows 10

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None of my images will show as thumbnails in their folders. Well actaully, i lie. All the jpgs that were put on my pc before a couple of weeks ago still show but new ones just show as a large icon. No matter what program i use to open them with they still wont show....Windows 2000

Answer:Images wont show as thumbnails...

I suppose that my answer is too easy, and I run XP, but in Winows Explorer click on the file that is showing the icons, then View and choose thumbnails.

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All of a my preview for my images are gone...

I went to Google and looked up some possible solutions.

In explorer under view/options under View "Always show icons never thumbnails" is unchecked.
I also tried to choose "Restore Defaults" from there as well with no luck. Yes, I closed and re-opened
explorer after the change.

I under went under Control Panel/System/Advanced/System Properties/Performance and
made sure "Save Taskbar Thumbnail Previews" was checked as well as "Show thumbnails instead of icons"
was also checked.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

Any help appreciated. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

Answer:Previews for images (thumbnails) are gone in explorer.

Hello orlandotek,

Here are some more options to check to make sure that thumbnail previews is turned on and enabled.

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It seems that everytime I enter folders with a large amount of images it needs to reload the thumbnails which can take a while. If I let them all load then come back the thumbnails will be loaded. But if I go back in a few days the same loading will happen. Nevertheless if I go to a totally new image folder I'll have to load the thumbnails again.

Is there somehow a way or a program to scan my pc "autogenerate" the thumbnails of all images it finds and cache them? So that when I view a folder it will load all the thumbnails instantly? Thanks

Answer:Auto-cache thumbnails of all images on pc

Are you using Disk Cleanup and/or a System Cleaner (like CCleaner, Glary Utilities, etc.)?
If yes, check that it isn't set to clean "thumbnails".

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Just within the past week or so, when viewing pics in windows explorer, only some of the thumbnails will show the image they are representing. Some won't. I tried rebuilding the library and doing Disk Cleanup to delete them so they'd rebuild; I've checked/unchecked the "show icons not thumbs" to see if that would kick it into showing it. Nothing has helped.
Also, maybe related, when opening up any Windows explorer window, the green bar at the top is very slow to load all the way to the right, sometimes never getting to the other side.

Windows Vista, sp2, Home Premium
quad core
64 bit

Answer:Solved: Some Thumbnails not showing images. Help!

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I started to have this problem lately, some of my desktop image thumbnails are not showing completely ,like they are not downloaded correctly or unfinished.
It doesn't happen with all images ,but it happens pretty often.

Files affected: images - downloaded or saved on the desktop by various programs such as adobe photoshop ,photomatix HDR generated image ,mainly big image files like over 1MB.

I tried the disk cleanup thumbnail cache ,it worked recovering the unfinished thumbnails ,but it still happens again.

A restart doesn't help. And it only happens on the desktop. in folder files are fine.

Thank you.

Here's a screenshot with what's happening:

Answer:Desktop Thumbnails Images problem

If you can still open them fine, something is corrupt in the generation process of the thumbnail images. Have you installed any codec packages on the machine?

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I'm running Windows 2000, and I want to be able to see JPEG images when I select "Thumbnails" under the View menu. Currently, the only images that display are Windows bit map images (BMP). I know it's possible to see JPEG windows as thumbnails under Windows 2000 because I used to have a different computer that ran 2000 and did display JPEGs. However, I got a new computer that doesn't. I'm assuming there is a way to tell Windows 2000 to display JPEG images in thumbnails, but I can't find any reference to thumbnail views in Windows help or on the Microsoft website.

Any suggestions, please?

Answer:Showing JPEG images in thumbnails

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Hi, I'm using Windows 8.1 x64.

In the MUSIC folder I have 1 folder for each artist. In each Artist folder I have 1 folder for each Album. And in each Album folder I have all the songs, with the cover art embedded in them, in every single .mp3 I have.

In folder options I've set folders to show thumbnails, not icon. So, each Album folder's icon is the album art of the .mp3 files it has inside. BUT in the MUSIC folder, all the Artist folders don't show the album arts they have inside. Their icon is not a folder's icon neither, it's like thumbnails of folders:
And I'd like them to show the thumbnails of the albums they have inside. Well, the maximum amount of images that a folder icon can show is 2, so if I have more than 1 album in an Artist folder, then the icon should be 2 random thumbnails (of 2 albums).

An example here:

I put a song (with embedded cover art) in the desktop. The archive's icon is the cover art.

Now I create a NEW FOLDER (the icon is a default folder icon) called "Album". I put there the .mp3 file. Now, the "Album" folder's icon is the cover art of the .mp3 file.

Then I create ANOTHER new folder called "Artist" (default folder icon), and I put there the "Album" folder. And here, the "Artist" folder's icon is NOT the cover art, but the icon of the image above, and I want it to show the cover art.

Notice that all album's folders have only .mp3 files, not hidden images like "folder.jpg" or anyth... Read more

Answer:Folder icon don't show thumbnails/images

Hi there?

How can I do this, that a "Mother" folder's icon shows cover arts embedded in the "Son" folder's icon?

-Folder A (rare folder's icon, image in the first post) contains:
--Folder B (folder's icon is the cover art of the files it has) contains:
---mp3 files with embedded cover art

I want A folder's icon to be the same as B's.

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This has been bugging me for a while!

Very often when I open a folder to view its contents and choose a thumbnail display ( as opposed to list, details or tiles ) then the folder icons are emblazoned with .jpg images seemingly chosen at random from the images on my hard drive. ( Actually it might not be entirely random, the images displayed are often those I've viewed or edited recently )

It's a pain in the pudenda because after I have chosen an appropriate image to identify the contents of a folder ( say a picture of the Eiffel Tower to denote that the folder is full of pictures of Paris ) the next time I open My Pictures ( or wherever the folder is stored ) I get a random image ( say, a Peruvian llama )

Doesn't only affect picture folders and it even affects the folders that don't allow customisation ( ie those that have no 'Customise' tab in 'Properties' )

I have tried deleting one image that was appearing frequently from My Pictures but it still appears on the folder.

Am I missing a trick with the "Remember each folder's Settings.." stuff? should I be messing with "thumbs.db" ?

I really don't want to lose the work I've put in choosing pictures for the folders that are correctly adorned so a "Global/Nuclear" option would be a real last resort!

I'm using a hp desktop computer running Windows XP SP2

Answer:Folder thumbnails display random images


sadly XP will only remember a set number of folder customisations by default, this causes the exact issue your seeing now with random changes to certain folders images, you can however get around this by increasing the amount of folders that XP remembers, Download Powertoys for XP and install the TweakUI component.

Once installed and run click, Explorer then Customizations and change the default value to something like 5000 ( more if you have alot of folders ) > Apply

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Since a few weeks, I get no thumbnails in Windows 10 explorer for images >10mb.
Also on the desktop. files < 10mb generates perfect images. It doesn't matter what format it is, tiff, jpg.
I think there is changed a value in the registry file of windows.
Who can help me to solve this annoying problem?

Answer:No Thumbnails for images bigger than 10MB in Explorer

Pls see Thumbnail Previews not showing in Windows File Explorer
If required do this: Rebuild Icon Cache, Clear Thumbnail cache in Windows 10

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I need to wait on this. sorry.

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Vista Home Premium SP2. When browsing folders of digital photos, Explorer will load up all of the thumbnails, and as soon as it has the last one loaded, 95% of the photos will revert to the default icon and I'll end up with thumbnail views of only 2 or 3 images out of 75 or 80. If I change the thumbnail size, it'll "rescan" the folder, load all thumbs, and then revert 95% random ones back to the default icon. This makes it nearly impossible to organize my photos and is VERY annoying and problematic!

Answer:Explorer only displays random thumbnails of images

have you tried going to control panel (classic view) > folder options > View tab make sure. always show icons,never thumbnails. dont have a check in it. click apply.
best of luck

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I've been struggling to fix this for the past week or so. It first showed up on youtube. The icons for my list of subscribers was moved around or duplicated. Recently this problem shows up on all webpages that I don't go to often. It happens in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. I've reinstalled Java and Flash, updated drivers, cleared thumbnail cache, reinstalled browsers, done a system restore, swept for malware/viruses, still no dice. Any suggestions? My hardware specs are below.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16359 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 93341 MB; D: Total - 476836 MB, Free - 302013 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P8Z68-V PRO GEN3
Antivirus: ESET Smart Security 6.0, Updated and Enabled

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My question is whether or not reinstalling Windows ME will solve my pictures problem, and will such a download of Windows ME include the Kodak program, Paint, and Image Preview associated with Windows ME???
BACKGROUND -- I recently did a few things that brought about a problem. I used Ultra WinCleaner 2002 which deleted many Registry entries, etc., and messed up McAfee Security which had to be reinstalled. I downloaded a PSP program but didn't complete the installation (the program was an upgrade to PSP 7.0, but I didn't have a PSP Program). After these two operations, I found that when I tried with pictures to SAVE AS .bmp the saved file was in an unknown format... thumnails and ImagePreview did not work. File Properties said the files were JPG , but the format was unknown to ImagePreview. Thinking the Kodak program that comes with Windows ME was messed up, I downloaded an Image Viewer called IrfanView and set extensions for all images to use IrfanView. IrfanView worked well , but the SAVE AS problem still existed. I cleared all the extentions from IrfanView and deleted IrfanView. Now the problem is worse and none of my pictures will open in ImagePreview at all, and I virtually can not save any pictures. Is reinstalling Windows ME a good solution and will it not delete documents, pictures, and applications?

Answer:Solved: Images won't Save right -- No thumbnails, No Image Preview

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Whilst on holiday, I accidently wiped all the images from my digital camera's memory card (not overly clever I admit!). When I got home I sent the card to a data recovery specialist who restored the images from the card to a DVD and sent it to me.

When I load the DVD and navigate to the pictures on my computer, however, the initial thumnails for the pictures load showing all of the details of the photo, but then seem to automatically refresh a second later, this time showing big grey-ed out areas in the photos. If I then open the images, the grey areas also appear.

It sounds a bit weird I know. But it seems that the data for the whole picture may be there given that the thumbnail initially shows the whole picture. Am I being too optimistic or is there a chance I can recover the whole of the pictures still?

Many thanks for any help anyone is able to provide.



Answer:Corrupt Images - Full Thumbnails; Incomplete Pictures

Do you still have the card ??
Have you written anything to it ??
And welcome to the TSG forum.

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I'm trying to view Jpeg images for folders that contain my MP3 albums. I want to be able to view the album covers rather than the default folder picture. I'm running on windows 2000 and have re- named the Jpeg image to "folder" (without speechmarks) and then selected thumbnails on the view bar but to no avail. I think its an XP thing which does not allow you to do this on 2000. Can anyone help?

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I just read the thread, but it seems to be closed without any solution.

I am still in search of any picture downloader or website grabber that can download images from forum (forum thread has lots of pages) that has thumbnails and images are hosted on and other sites.

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My PC running Vista Home Premium 32-bit had the Google re-direct virus which made my desktop wallpaper blank.

I have removed it, but I cannot change the wallpaper through Control Panel > Personalization > Desktop Background; when I look at the wallpapers stored in Windows Wallpapers, I see the file names but no thumbnails.

I have the same exact problem in my Pictures directory, none of my pictures' thumbnails show. How do I fix this?

The pictures load normally if I double click on them, I can start slideshows, etc., but they are not displaying correctly in explorer.

Answer:Cannot view thumbnails of images in pictures folder or when trying to change wallpape

Hi welcome to the forum.
Maybe the link below will help, or you may have already tried it:-

Troubleshoot problems with Windows Aero

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this problem only started recently, so I must have inadvertantly changed something. When I try to open an image with windows picture and fax viewer, which is the default image viewer when I double click on the thumbnail image, I sometimes get an even smaller thumbnail, with the "window" itself only about 1" high, but across the full length of the screen. the thumbnail is a tiny 1/4" square!! it goes full size when I click on the maximize button. How can I reset it to always open full size? thank you!

Answer:windows picture and fax viewer sometimes opens images into tiny thumbnails.

what OS you have. you could try faststone image viewer. its a lot better

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Hi, After the recent update 1709 -- (The fall update I think) I've encounter issues with thumbnail previewer. I does not show thumbnail images but default icon instead
it wasn't my first time I've encountered this, It happened same thing on every updates. So knew I'd need to rebuild icon and thumbnail cache once again so I following this steps...

Rebuild Icon Cache in Windows 10 Customization Tutorials
Clear and Reset Thumbnail Cache in Windows 10 Customization Tutorials
After Creators Update 2 thumbnails cache keeps auto-deleting Solved - Windows 10 Forums

After few restart, it did not solve my issues issues, It did not rebuild cache but went for worst. Now I got I got a blank icon/thumbnails on taskbar (left of screen) and it seem to happen only on windows store app (i.e. calendar, mail, photo previewer and etc..) not the third party programs.

I also have issues with images (almost most image format) showing paper white thumbnails, instead of previewer or default icon.
I cannot fathom how this happen. I've spend hours goggling for solution, done many different methods on rebuilding icon and reboot pc 50+ times. Went through recovery and rollback version. sfc /scannow DISM. virus screening, disk cleaning and etc none of it detect my issues and its driving me nuts.
Instead of having to reset windows and reinstall many of 3rd parties program again I was hoping there are solution. Would anyone by any chance know what the issues are? Thanks in advance.

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There is a way to visualize images opened as thumbnails directly in the taskbar without the need to put the cursor over them?

Answer:How can I visualize images opened as thumbnails directly on the taskbar without needing to put the cursor over them?

I'm not aware of any way to do this...
Your taskbar would start taking up too much space with just a few programs open.

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Creating 3D Images with Photoshop 7

Recently and I believe it was in an Internet Program called Instructables, there was a procedure for making really excellent 3D Images with a Photoshop ‘look-alike’ called GIMP. The author indicated that you could produce the same thing with Photoshop – give and take a few variables. The image really pops out impressively! Try as I will I have failed to produce similar images with Photoshop 7.

I am retired and provide language teaching services to a charitable institution in Thailand. I make illustrated lesson outlines and handouts to help with teaching English and French to young Thai children,

If any one knows how to produce these 3D images in Photoshop 7 and can help me I would be very very grateful and so would all my young students

Peace in the world

Gwyn in Bangkok

Answer:Help with 3D images Photoshop 7

There is a free DAZ Studio&#8482; 3D Bridge for Photoshop.

See the 3D Bridge in action on YouTube

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I have Photoshop 7.0. I wish to use this program to open and work on raw images taken on my Minolta 5D DSLR.The adobe website shows a DNG 3.2 plugin as supporting this camera. It seems to suggest that I need Photoshop CS.Can I use this plug-in with Photoshop 7.0?If not, is there a compatible plug-in?Do I have to invest in Photoshop CS2 or Elements 4.0?Any help will assist.

Answer:Raw images and Photoshop 7.0

Does this help? - click here

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Hello.I have just recently created a moving GIF image for a siggy.It all is well when creating and all, but once I gte to saving it goes through the images in seconds and you can barely see or read what is there.Would someboyd be able to help me.I have looked into everyhting at Photoshop and do not know how to slow it down. I have put a time setting on the annimation frames to what I thought best, but no matter is it's 5 seconds or 60 seconds, it still runs through at the same speed when going to save.Does anyone know a way of slowing this down and getting it to the actual speed I am wanting?? ??

Answer:Photoshop GIF images?? HELP Please.

Try looking here: <>< 

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I have a large picture approx 32 x 24 inches (can't recall exact measurements ) I want to make a smaller print of the "entire" image say an 11 x 14 or an 8 x 10... how can i do this in photoshop... when i go to do this 11 x 14 ... it cuts off a good portion of the image ... how can i get the entire image but a smaller version.... thanks if anyone can help !!

Answer:sizing images in photoshop.

I don't have photoshop, so I can't tell you how to use it.  If someone else doesn't provide an answer, we can discuss using a freeware photo editor for this.  Or, if you want to go ahead and try a freeware program now, reply here and we'll proceed.

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Can anyone tell me how to do the following in Photoshop:1. Design images with curved edges (i.e. for use in table backgrounds or as menu buttons)2. Design images where colour is faded from one side to the otherThanks.

Answer:Designing images in Photoshop

click here for the answer to question 1.and click here for number 2.

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HiI have removed "red eye" from the pix on my hard drive usingf Photoshop 6 but when I view the files using windows explorer, the original red eye pix remain and the altrered images cannot be found despite all being jpegs.What am I doing wrong? cheers

Answer:Photoshop images not in folder

It sounds very much as though you did not click save on closing down the file

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All the pictures i open up in Photoshop are way too dark they open up ok in other programs, i have checked preferences and everything seems ok,,any suggestions other than reinstall...TIA.......

Answer:dark images in photoshop

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Can anyone offer some good tips to extract pictures from a background ?

When I use the extract tool, I always with ragged edges, especially is contrast is not perfect. Same with the magic wand.

I often have to extract pictures of bikes, which is especially tricky around the spokes. A photographer I sometimes work with can extract the wheels and spokes almost perfectly. My end result is always messy. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to tell me how he does it. (Logical, it's how he makes his money)

So, any particular tricks for a perfect extraction ? Third party tool maybe ?

Answer:Photoshop extract images

I use the Magnetic lasso tool to make a selection getting it as close as I can then if needed make a mask layer and add and sutract the selection that way to get the details.

when in the mask mode you can magnify the image to edit pixel by pixel if you want

here's a little tutorial from Adobe


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I have a picture where the sun was shining in a different direction and caused my brother to be dark on half of his body and face, how would I lighten just him in the picture?

Answer:Lightening images in Photoshop

Upload the photo so we can see what needs to be done.


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I am creating a banner for a website, and I want to make the banner a blend of two images. I have added the two images (one on the left, and one on the right) of the bannor in seperate layers. How can I make them blend together in the middle? Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Answer:Fading two images together in Photoshop 8 CS

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Does anybody know of a way to get photoshop 7 to recognise ART format images.When i click on the image and save as, the only options i ever get with the ART format is that or BMP.. if i save it as BMP photoshop wont load it as it says it is not a valid bmp image. any help will be much appreciated

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You can rescale an image thats part of a larger design using Edit - Transform - Scale but this can only de done by either dragging the edges of the image to the appropriate dimensions or by typing figures into the percentage boxes on the toolbar.Does anyone no if its possible to type in the actual required dimensions rather than having to deal with percentage changes?Thanks

Answer:Scaling images in Photoshop

Image...Image size....Change sizes in 'Document size'

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Hey, its been awhile since i been using photoshop, im trying to make a animated image, i created 2 actions & set 2 sec timer on each action... they play over nicely in photoshop

but when i save the file as a .gif or .png the images are still images of the 1st image in the set of actions .... any ideas what im doing wrong

Answer:Solved: Photoshop Animated Images

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Hi,I have been given a set of images which use a grey-ish theme to them. There are 4 main colours, fark grey, grey, light grey and white.How do I change these colours to their relevant blue values? I mean I want the dark grey to correspond to dark blue, white to white, grey to blue and light grey to light blue?How do i do this? Prefably in photoshop 7many thanks,janusz Jasinski

Answer:Changing the colour of images - Photoshop?

I think the best thing to do is give this website a try what they don't know is beyond me. click here I should imagine you'll find some answers there.

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Can anyone help me to determine the spec I should be looking at when purchasing a PC to process large raw files in Photoshop CS2. Its the performance of the processor, the amount of Ram required and the graphic card requirements that I am particularly interested in. Budget is under £1,000 excluding screen.

Answer:PC spec for Photoshop CS2 processing Raw images

I'd go with a Core 2 Duo processor, at least an E6300 or an E6600 if funds allow, you'll need plenty of Ram, 2Gb of DDR2 (at least 667 MHz) should be enough. A powerful graphics card won't be necessary as Photoshop is only concerned with 2D images not 3D, something like a GeForce 7600GT should be more than adequate.

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Hi all,I am a graphic designer who want to buy a laptop for designing.... using quark, indesign, illustrator, photoshop.What kind of power do I need for manipulating images?I currently use apple macs but, am thinking about buying a vista laptop as it is much cheaper.Any advice?Thanks :-)

Answer:What laptop..I buy 4 photoshop, quark, images etc?

Yes, go for a machine with plenty of RAM, and a big hard drive. You might also consider a 64bit computer.This one would be perfect:click here

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Was wondering if someone could help me out here with Adobe PhotoShop CS2.
I have emailed Adobe's support team and have gotten no response yet.

Ok when i try and open any image, the little preview at the bottom displays the images darker than the image is.

Same applies when i have loaded the image, the brightness/contrast/saturation seem quite wrong. And when i fix the brightness/etc and save the image, and display the image with another software (eg. Image Viewer, PaintShopPro, Paint, etc). they appear brighter...

Those programs display the image properly, its only the images that have been edited with photoshop that appear that way.

I had the same problem with CS. But not with photoshop 7.

So i was hoping someone could help me solve this issue once and for all!

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im running photoshop cs3 for os x and when i paste an image into the program, the red hues come out way oversaturated, while the rest of the color appears normal. i have no idea what could be causing this, but it's driving me nuts because i can't work!

please help!

Answer:images pasted into photoshop cs3 turn very red??

I probably shouldn&#8217;t comment on color management on a Mac since I know only PC. The first step in any color management is to get the monitor calibrated. This is what Classroom in a Book says about OSX:
&#8220;In Mac OS 10, use the Display Calibration Assistant in the System Preferences. The resulting ICC profile uses the calibration settings to describe precisely how your monitor reproduces color. Before you begin calibrating your monitor, be sure to remove any old Adobe Gamma control panels from your system. Then, simply follow the on-screen instructions, and you&#8217;re finished with this lesson.&#8221;

Then you want to look at the color profile you are using in Photoshop. I usually use Adobe RGB, but you might try sRGB as it is a little less saturated. You might look in Edit > Color Settings. You probably don&#8217;t want CYMK checked and I would be careful of importing embedded color profiles.

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How can i create reflections on images using Photoshop 7. Please help 

Answer:Creating reflections on images using Photoshop 7

Duplicate the layer > rotate new layer 180 degrees > flip it horizontally > move it directly down underneath the original layer > apply a layer mask > use a black-white gradient to mask the bottom of the reflected layer.

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Photoshop CS4: Glass Effect on Text and Images
Ends up looking like this:

Step 1: Open Photoshop

Step 2: Open an image and write the text and/or place the picture

Step 3: Go to Layers, and duplicate the layer with the text/image

Step 4: After that Rasterize the layer

Step 5: Go to edit, click on Transform and select "Flip Vertical"

Step 6: Use the moving tool to put the image where you want the glass effect to be.

Step 7: Select the "Rectangular Marquee Tool"

Step 8: Select some of the text and hit delete.

Now you should have a glass effect below your text/Image

Also see: Photoshop Tutorial: Glossy Surface Reflection
This Tutorial, is 100 % written by myself, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask


Answer:Photoshop CS4: Glass Effect on Text and Images

It's better to use the White/Black gradient tool. That way, it looks like it's fading/reflecting, instead of having the glass effect just cut off.

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I am trying to copy an image someone sent me on an email to Photoshop 6. I don't see how to open images if they aren't part of a file. I tried to copy the image to Word and Microsoft Publisher but all I get is a blank box and I don't see how to open the image in Photoshop. I can copy the image in the email window after right clicking on copy Image but I can't seem to grab the image and save it to a file that sees the image so I can open it in Photoshop 6.

Answer:Solved: Can't copy Internet images to Photoshop 6

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I have a windows 2003 Terminal Server and I wanted to change all .jpg images to open in PS instead of this stupid MS Photo program. I went into the settings as administrator and changed it, however it does not force the same setting to the users accounts. Is there a way to force a program to be a default for a file type across the entire system? I can't seem to find a group policy for it.


Answer:Trouble forcing images to open in Photoshop

Bump for a man who needs help.

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dont know if this is the right area to post this or not...if not, please let me know if and where i should post this;
Been using photoshop forever and never seen this before - after bringing up my images on Photoshop, if i move the image anywhere on the screen, that image will suddenly disappear!! the frame with rulers will remain, but the box is completely see-thru (LOOK AT ATTACHED IMAGE TO SEE WHAT I MEAN)
it doesnt happen every time but definitely 75% of the time. it just started a few days ago and i uninstalled & reinstalled it and it still does it.
Ive never ever seen this before. has anyone seen this and possibly know how to fix it?
please help if you can and thanks in advance for your interest.


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When I transfer my jpeg camera images directly to CD/DVD, my DVD player has no problem displaying them. However if I process them via Adobe Photoshop CS3, and save them as jpeg images, and transfer to CD/DVD, the machine refuses to recognise them.Solutions would be gratefully received!

Answer:Error decoding jpg images produced by photoshop

When you burn the images from Photoshop on to a disk, are you sure that the burn software is closing the disk properly?

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I have used Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 and its predecessors for some time but, recently, a problem has ocurred in that colour photograph images take between one and two minutes to open. I have Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 loaded also and the same images open instantly in that programme.
To be honest, I have recently been "playing about" with colour management - a subject about which I confess to being far from an expert - and I suspect that I may have inadvertantly upset something whilst doing so. Being now at something of a loss as to know exactly what to investigate, I throw myself on your mercy and ask for knowlegeable guidance.

Answer:Images very slow to open in Photoshop Elements 7

Try applying this update, it addresses a problem that may be the cause of your issue.
Slow performance in applications that use the DirectWrite API on a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2

Or better yet open up windows update and apply the optional updates because there's 4 of them I know of related to direct draw and d3d applications and performance.

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Lettermanstationery has a Post Browser which allowed viewing emails without opening the email program, and I just saved eml files in Documents folder. And in Vista that doesn't work as the VBS Runtime Files say they are not compatible. The Lettermanstationery Post Browser is here Letterman Stationery Post Browser.

The VB Runtime Files are Visual Basic Control RICHTX32.OCX; Visual Basic Control COMDLG32.OCX; Visual Basic Control MSCOMCTL.OCX; and Visual Basic Control MSWINSCK.OCX. Which I know nothing about these files but would love to be able to have a viewer for eml stats I save in Documents folder.

Any ideas what to use or if there is a newer program, please. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks for the help.

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please help me.......

my problem it mozilla,,,opera,,,,IE.....or any other is not showing pictures uploaded on forums or any screenshots uploaded on a page.......even in the place of attached thumbnails...i have to take the cursor till it changes to hand symbol & then I click it , it opens in a new this now I am opening attached thumbnails....

But in some of the pages the uploaded pics are properly displayed but in some of the sites...particularly images are displayed..........

Can u please help me guys...........

Answer:browser doesn't show thumbnails

1. Click on Tools, go to Options.
2. Click on the Content tab.
3. Make sure Load Images Automatically is checked.

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I am making an animation using images i have altered using photoshop (using the batching operation) in quick time player.

I have saved the images as jpegs to a folder on my desktop and numbered all in a sequence, however when i open an image sequence in quicktime it will not play the whole sequence, just the first image...

Tried lots of things, saving images as tiffs or giffs but doesn't work, anyone got any ideas???


Answer:Problem importing image sequence from photoshop batched images to quicktime player

Hi, Pinnacle is my flavor, however this might help:-

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Can anyone help with this one?When I fire up Photoshop 7 the Browser window is free-floating with its bottom edge halfway up the screen and the top edge hidden under the stuff at the top. Since I cannot get to the top edge I cannot drag the window down. Dragging the bottom right corner produces only limited enlargemnet wihtout revealing anything at the top. I seem to be stuck with an unusable browser which is a big problem with any graphics prog. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the problem remains. I'm sure this happened some time ago and I found a way out but can't remember what that was.Any suggestions as to a solution?

Answer:Photoshop 7 Browser

Have you updated click here

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How would I go about this? I dislike having thumbnail previews of certain file types like video's. But I want my Jpgs, gifs, png's and such, basicly pictures to have Thumbnail previews still. Thats all. The only option Seven gives me is all or none.

Answer:I want to have thumbnails for only some file types...

You may use Shark007's FREE Codec solutions - Windows 7 codecs . It provides thumbnail preview turn on\off mechanism for some codecs.

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Why do my layered .tif files sometimes thumbnail as only one of the layers? Changing the active layers and re-saving does not help. I use Photoshop CS2 as my image editing software. When the same file is saved as a .jpg it thumbnails perfectly.

Answer:.tif file thumbnails in windows 7

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I am running Vista Home ... when in the folder I have my videos in I can see my .avi movies from my old HP dig cam but can not view the thumbnail of the newer .mov videos from my Kodak dig cam. This bugs me. I can play them in quicktime but would love to be able to see the thumbnail preview so sorting them would be a lot faster.

I've googled this and tried several things. Nothing has worked as of yet. Maybe I am not doing something right. I download and installed VLC and 3ivx. I do not want to change any .reg afraid I might mess something up. This machine is only 1 week old.

Someone please help me I don't know what else to do or where else to look.

Answer:Can't view .mov file thumbnails

As you may know, Windows Vista doesn't natively support mov files. VLC can play them, but its decoders are built-in and completely independent of Windows. 3ivx only decodes mov files (and mp4 files and 3gp files) encoded in MPEG-4 (it won't decode mov files in any other codec); not sure about its previewing capabilities.
What you would need is a filter (sometimes called splitter) to enable Windows (and Windows Media Player and Explorer etc.) to sparse mov files. The two most popular ones are Haali's and Gabest's filters. They're not perfect (have a few bugs - notably for mp4 and 3gp files) because they're third-party software, but they work for most files.
I believe Haali's filter is bundled with QuickTime Alternative, which you can get here:
During installation it will propose to uninstall QuickTime, but that's not necessary. You can have QuickTime and QuickTime Alternative work side by side just fine.
As for Gabest's filter it's built-in Media Player Classic (also installed with QuickTime Alternative). I think you could download the filter alone somewhere in here
but I'm not sure how to install it and register it with Windows.

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I have window 10 home.

I'm in the directory on my hard disk c:\
I can see maybe 2-3 thumbnails preview the rest are icons and i have like 400 items most of them thumbnails/images of some types: png jpg bmp.

My hard disk c: have 93.6 GB free out of 139 GB
And i tried already in the menu: View > Options > Change folder and search options > View and then unchecked Always show icons, never thumbnails. But it didn't help much.

I did new windows 10 clean install today and not yet installed new updates since there was no space on C: so i startec lean up some stuff and so far i have 93.6 GB free space. Maybe the problem is that i need first to install all the updates ?

I tried now to go drive D and same problem most of the images without preview.

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I dont know where else to post this, so i posted here...

Whenever, i open "My Pictures" and the view is in thumbnails mode, i get the following:

As you can see, the file names are not there. What do i do to get filenames displayed under the folders like this?:

I have a feeling there's a simple solution for this...

Answer:Thumbnails don't display file names

Undo the thumbnail thing, so make it like icons.

Then (while holding shift), click it and make it thumbnails again.

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I was wandering around in the option menus of my Windows 8.1 where I had no business being, and I accidentally chose an option which disabled the thumbnails of my jpeg files from showing.   How do I get the Windows to show a thumbnail of the photo
inside my jpeg's, PLEASE ???

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I'm getting more and more used to Windows 7. Generally I like to see everything as files and folders; I don't care to see photos as thumbnails. I like to see file name (with extension), size, date, etc. How do I do this in windows 7.


Answer:windows explorer: want file name not thumbnails

use details view?

File and Folder Arrangement - Change in Windows Explorer Window

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

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Hi, I used this tutorial last year, it worked fine and then just a few months ago this happened.

Whenever I save or open a file, this is is what the pop-up menu looks like > link (the folder doesn't work too, but a while ago I restored the icons to default from the tutorial, and now it looks like this)

When I open it using windows explorer and Internet Explorer (ctrl+O) it works fine, but when I use Maxthon 3, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome it doesn't work. So maybe the problem isn't the browser, maybe it's the computer?
I don't know what happened, it's been months since like this and it's been annoying me (because I can't choose which to upload w/o seeing the thumbnail) so I tried different solutions found in the internet that DIDN'T work:
(I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x64)uninstalling then re-installing the browser
going to folder and search options > view > unchecking "Always show icons, never thumbnails"
going to control panel > all control panel items > performance information and tools > adjust visual effects > checking "show thumbnails instead of icons"
going to computer > right click hard disk > properties > disk cleanup > checking "thumbnails" > clean up system files (this kind of messed up my thumbnails more)
I tried opening command prompt then type sfc /scannow but it stopped at 20% and said "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation."

Pleeease help ... Read more

Answer:No thumbnails in open/save file

Welcome to Seven Forums Cath.

First of all I don't understand how you are opening a folder with a browser?
Press the windows logo key + Pause Break to open System Properties and follow the diagram below to "For Cath" and check "Show Thumbnails Instead of Icons".

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

This may help too: Icon Cache - Rebuild


Thumbnail Cache - Clear and Reset
You may need to do a repair install since sfc /scannow won't run.

Repair Install

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I have a movie archive. Each film and its poster image are in a different folder. So there are a lot of folders. Each folder has its image in it as thumbnail.Anyway, here is my problem:I want to copy all folder thumbnails, folder names and folder sizes to a file, for instance word, excel, image files...I know that it can performed with printscreen key, and paste a file. But, the folder window can not show all folders in a screen. Think that there are 1000 movie folders. We can see only first 30 folders of them in a screen.I need to print-screen all of them in one time, and paste it to a file.Or, get thumbnails, folder names and sizes as a list with a program.What do you offer me about it?Thanks in advance.Regards...

Answer:Copy folder thumbnails to a file

Yilmaz Ekici, never tried it so dunno for sure, but seems to me like you simply need to hilite the desired selections and 'copy to folder'. Multiple copies may take some time. What if you were to create a shortcut and put all the shortcuts in the same folder instead?HTH.Ed in Texas.

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I frequently use disc cleanup and I would like to know if there is a way to make the job easier in regards to the thumbnails file.

Is there a way to make the size of the thumbnails file smaller so these files don't accumulate as much, or even better, is there a way to have Vista purge these files automatically so I don't have to do the disc cleanup method?


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Hello all,
I have what I consider to be a rather unique situation. I have recently been trying to restore an old, uncropped version of a file from about 10 years and about 3 computers ago, naturally impossible under general circumstances. However, the thumbnail for the file still shows the original version, while opening the image in windows media viewer or ms paint reveals that the file in fact contains the new version.

My query was since the thumbnail seems to be saving the original non-cropped version, has it kept a copy of the old file? If so, can the old version be opened so I can view it? I lack information about thumbnails to know whether this is possible or impossible.

Thanks for any assistance.

Answer:Viewing source file for thumbnails.

You would need a copy of the original file. A thumbnail is just a smaller version and does not contain this file. The best you could do is resize the image to whatever size is needed but the quality of the image would suffer.

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Some of the thumbnails aren't showing up windows explorer even though they are the same file type. There will be 12 episodes of a show in .AVI or .MKV, and only 9 will have thumbnails, the other 3 don't. I have the Haali Media Splitter on to show thumbnails and I installed the Windows Service Pack to to it too (not sure which one is actually working, if I had to guess I'd say it's Haali).

To enable the thumbnails on Haali Media Splitter I click it, the went: options → explorer integration → show thumbnails (yes) → thumbnails offset (10000)

Not sure what is wrong...can anyone help?

And this is a problem with pretty much all the file types, some thumbnails showing and some not when they're in the same folder and I got them from the same source (all the files in a folder are either AVI or MKV, but the problem happens with both)

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Recently I downloaded a file converter which, after installation, associated all my video files with itself. Previous to downloading this programme my .avi, .mkv files etc were all displayed simply as an icon, yet now they are all displayed as a thumbnail picture. The only solution I have found for reverting my video files back to being displayed simply as an icon is via Folder Options, 'Always show icons, never thumbnails'. However, selecting this option also disables the thumbnail preview for my .jpeg and other image files. Is there any way to disable my video files being displayed with a thumbnail whilst keeping the thumbnail preview for images? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Disabling video thumbnails whilst keeping image thumbnails enabled?

Does anybody have any ideas on this please?

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VLC is not showing thumbnails view of video files. My Video files are generally flv. I have not checked whether it is showing thumbnails for other type of video files or not.

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Hi, I have a Windows Vista and I'd like all file types from all Media players to display a thumbnail of the video in Windows Explorer as opposed to just showing an icon of the file type. The problem is that in Vista, it only shows thumbnails of Windows Media Player videos and not videos that use VLC Media Player (except .VOB which it does show) or Quicktime. I've done some research online and I've seen that I need to merge a Registry file into the Registry Editor with certain Registry keys in it, so I tried doing it for .MP4 files:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

After I entered the above into the Registry I restarted my PC, and nothing happened, the .MP4 videos still show no thumbnails.

Any suggestions or help is welcome and thanked in advance!

Answer:I want all video file types to display thumbnails

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I know there are some threads about this. but I couldn't solve my problem using those. so I decided to make a new thread instead of bumping the old ones.
Well, Here is my problem:
recently I installed a fresh copy of windows 8 on my PC. it was nothing wrong with it till I installed Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 (v. & did a reboot.
Now non of my files including picture, audio & video files show thumbnails or even tags (ex mp3 files).
I've tried the solutions stated about turning thumbnails on & off with no luck. in my folder options the option "Always show icons, never thumbnails" is UNCHECKED.

Has anybody faced the problem?? Is the issue from Kaspersky?? Are there any workarounds??

I truly Appreciate any help.

PS. I also have some difficulties pinning folders to windows explorer taskbar icon since then.

Answer:File Thumbnails & Tags Not Showing in Explorer

How about trying to do a system restore?
System Restore - How to Do in Windows 8

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Hello Sir, I m using Windows 8.1 and i m getting one issue.. Video file Thumbnails not showing in My Laptop.. Check screenshot ::-
In This ScreenShot .avi and .mp4 File exist.. But not showing thumbnails.. Please help.. And here is My Thumbnails View Setting ::-
Please give me solution what to do now.. Please.. Hope You guyss Reply soon...


Answer:Video File Thumbnails Not Showing In Windows 8.1

hello ,And welcome to eightfourms in the directory folder you have posted the picture of ,go to view and try settinh to large icon, looks like you may have it set to details or list ect ect

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VLC is not showing thumbnails view of video files. My Video files are generally flv. I have not checked whether it is showing thumbnails for other type of video files or not.

Answer:VLC not showing thumbnails view of Video File

a piece of software called icaros can help. If specified in the settings it will take responsibility for thumbnail generation of various file types

Icaros 2.3.0 / 3.0.0 RC4 - Download

background info that led to my discovery is on this forum

Mpg files Windows 10

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Hi everyone,

I have used a bunch of tutorials from this site over the last few years and never joined up. However, I am infuriated at windows 7 not letting me get my own way with custom icons! Infuriated enough to sign up.

All I wanted was a custom folders icon (for ALL folders) which can be done easy enough, but the catch 22, in order to do this properly, one must turn off thumbnails (organise > folder options > view > always show icons, never thumbnails).

This means you end up with a window with a couple of hundred identical jpeg/png/whatever icons... not very useful when you need a quick overview of contained images within the folder.

So, we turn the thumbnails back on, ah thats better, we can quickly see our images again! Oh wait, those disgusting yellow overlayed thumbnail folders are back!

There needs to be another option in windows 7:

Always show icons (folders only), show file thumbnails

Would be great but I can't find any way to achieve this. Even iconpackager can't do this and I bloody bought it! All that happens is that you end up with your nice custom icon, with a little bit of photo thumbnail sticking out the bottom of it, so you have to 'always show icons, never thumbnails'... well that was a waste of money!

I would install linux instead if it were more useful, changing ALL icons is easy and makes sense in that, and takes about 5mins! I have a lovely custom theme, of course, let down by those yellow folder icons that make me want to puke!

Has a... Read more

Answer:How do I use custom folder icon but still get file thumbnails

Welcome to the Seven Forums

It can be done look at this tutorial Folder Icon - Change Default Icon

You need to have to icons built just right for thumbnails to show look at screenshot you need a back and a front for it to work.
Look at this thread Custom made icons [1] there are some made up in there.


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