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Keyboard going crazy after spilling my drink

Question: Keyboard going crazy after spilling my drink

Hi e1! my keyboard is going crazy, I spilled my drink and hitted the arrow keys by accident, they started to work backwords so I tried fixing them by removing the buttons and cleaning underneath.
But once I replaced the buttons the whole keyboard started to work funny, certain keys dont work and others are running randomly... Please HELP!!!
Thank you.
PS: I have a HP pavillion g series laptop.
Sorry for my bad english.

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Preferred Solution: Keyboard going crazy after spilling my drink

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Keyboard going crazy after spilling my drink

Your keyboard may still have some moisture. How much time have you allowed for it to dry out? I've heard that a blow dryer at the lowest possible setting will sometimes do the trick in the case of moisture, but it'd take a while and you would have to be very careful as too much heat will damage the electronics. I'm not too sure about this fix, though. Taking a blow dryer to a laptop does sound a bit risky. How did you clean your keyboard? Did you use any cleaning fluids?

I don't mean to get you down, but since it's a laptop we're talking about here -- and granting that you've allowed it ample time to dry out , then I think you will probably need to have the keyboard replaced. Do not let that stop you from doing further research on a possible remedy, though.

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I recently spilt a drink on my laptop i have removed the keyboard but am unabal to remove the back plate from the keys.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how i might clean the sticky keys or is it a question of purchasing a new keyboard?

Answer:Sticky keys after spilling a drink on Equium A200-196

I say always; don?t drink while using the notebook ;)

I don?t know what ?back plate? do you mean.
As far as I know you can remove the whole keyboard from the notebook or the single key caps.
However, if it?s not possible to clean the keyboard then I would recommend buying a new keyboard from the authorized service provider?.

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I spilt water on the keyboard and it's writing by itself.I was hoping to be able to get to it after opening the laptop but there seems to be no access to it.Can anyone help? Is there any way to get to it or is it a question of blow drying it from the inside underneath and hope for the best?

Answer:Access to Keyboard after spilling water

Hi,My suggestion is to remove power from computer and turn it upside down so that the keybord is facind downwards and leave it to dry for at least 12 hours. After this as long as no water has penetrated inside the system ther shouldn't be any problems. Hope it helps,David

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Spilled water on my A110-137 damage to the computer but the keyboard doesen't work well at all.

I tried everything.... cleaned with destilled water and so on. Now I want to buy a new keyboard but can't figure out which is the right one.

Does every satellite A-series have the same keyboard model? Please help and can someone suggest a site to buy from.... I'm from sweden so a swedish keyboard would be best but english does work well to.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Need new keyboard for Satellite A110 137 after spilling water

You are really lucky man that the notebook works after water spilling on the keyboard.
You was lucky!

However, the compatible keyboard can be ordered from the authorized service provider in your country!
Just contact the ASP guys and order this part.


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Hey guys,

I got one the the sSatellite A305 series an i couldn't find any threads on this exactly.
Basically whats up is had a minor orange juice incident on the left side of the keyboard luckily not a lot of juice just minor.
I managed to clean most of on the surface. And had to work it pretty good to get it out of the speaker area.

However, some of the keys are a bit stick now, an i was wondering if there are any safe removal techniques i should do before i try jamming these keys out. Hmm pressing enter seems to submit... anyways..

I had one of these laptops before a few months ago but one of the keys broke somehow, so after that I got a bit worried since i had to basically return it and get another working laptop. So im pretty sure it was a faulty key with the last one as i didnt not play around with any keys, but im not sure how durable these are. Also this will probably help too in learning how to clean the keyboard, theres a bit a of dust and grump under the spacebar which has been botherin me an i have no idea how to remove it an get clean the dirt underneath.

I'll check this post in the morning when i wake up. If you know any good removal techniques please explain, im not very good with directions so bear with me.

Answer:Satellite A305 - How to clean the keyboard after juice spilling


To be honest you will never be able to clean the keyboard up. Splitting water is maybe not so bad but juice is ?sticky? and cannot be cleaned properly.
I am afraid you need new keyboard. :(

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I tried to find that post about Grandma abuse but gave up.  However, it gave me hope that perhaps the OJ that I spilled on my brand new T500 keyboard could be washed off with hot water in much the same way that the OJ spilled on it.  I can use the keyboard but it's very stuck and I need to really hit the keys hard to get them to produce the letters.  Is it possible that I could "wash away" the OJ with hot water ??  Please help. 

Answer:Grandma-proof might actually work for spilling OJ on new T500 keyboard?

you might be able to clean the keyboard but please remove it before doing anything.   pouring more liquid on your system risks even more damage.   using distilled water would be much better than tap water.   before reinstalling the keyboard, let it dry thoroughly.    wait a day or two if necessary.   if all else fails then you can order a new keyboard through IBM maintenance parts through their site or by calling 800-388-7080. oh, and here is the "grandma-proof ad" thread.

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So I managed to spill a cup of tea earlier today, spilling tea over my desk, hitting a few keys of my keyboard - a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2012 edition.
Most of the keys on the keyboard didn't work, or needed to be hit several times before anything happened.
I have restarted the PC, changed USB port and even changed keyboard to some old Logitech one, but most keys still doesn't work.

Since the keys aren't working on either one of the keyboards I tried I have no clue what could have happened, and need some help figuring this one out.

All help appreciated!

Answer:Keyboard keys doesn't work on multiple keyboards after spilling tea!

Could be the damage to the first keyboard damaged the PS/2 port or the USB port it was plugged into which in turn causes a replacement keyboard to not be full functional. Best thing I've done with spills is to immediately unplug the keyboard and turn it over to drain as much liquid out as I could then I've rinsed it out with clear water, shook and tapped it to get any water out then put in the sun to dry for several hours.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A665-S6086 Laptop. A couple of months ago I spilled Power Zero and it went on the keyboard. I am sure some went through it as well. The computer now comes on and I can use external mouse and external keyboard. Nothing on my keyboard will work as well as the mouse. I can not get on the internet due to not being able to use the F8 key as well.

The only button/key that works is the power button. The dvd/cd drive works.
Please help.

The external key board I am using has no FN key. has the f1 thru f12 but when I hit the f8 button on the external key board nothing. Please help me get the internet switch on somehow.


Answer:Satellite A665-S6086 - keyboard does not work after spilling some fluid

And what kind of help you expect now? What can be done?
Why you don?t fix it and be happy with new keyboard?
How long you want to use your notebook in such condition?

Contact Toshiba service, let them exchange keyboard and clean your notebook up. Ok it costs a bit but you will have well working notebook again.

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My friend has got a M300 and hes recently been intelligent enough to spill half a cup of coffee onto his laptop keyboard. The first thing is that the laptop does not power on at all even when plugged into the mains so there could be possible component failure. The wierd thing about it is that the orange light for the mains power (second from the left) keeps flashing slowly at me - any ideas on what that could mean?

I havn't tried cleaning the keyboard yet due to lacking in a small enough screwdriver to unscrew it, yet because the laptop doesnt power on anyway i think the problem could be bigger than just that. Is there anything i can do with it or is it just a case of having to buy a new laptop becaue coffee is not covered under warrenty lol

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks J

Answer:Portege M300: orange light flashing after spilling the coffe on the keyboard

Hi James

Obviously there is some problem with hardware and power supply electronic sends a blinking code. Sorry but only solution is to contact service partner because they can read the code and check if there is possible to make something.

Contact them and let them check the unit. They will tell you how much will the repair costs. Portege M300 is expensive unit and I believe that repair will not be cheap.

Good luck!

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First of all, this is quite a long post. If you still bother reading it ? you?re awesome, thank you!  Ok, so here?s the situation: 6 months ago I knocked my Samsung 9 series (NP900X4D) on the floor, whilst at the same time spilling a drink on it (I think it was something sticky). Good job, right?I turned it off immediately letting it dry. At this point none of the keys worked. The next day, several of the keys worked again (indicating that the fall didn?t do any damage, it looked like only the moist/fluid damaged the keyboard), and the computer itself works fine. Mousepad works fine too. The keyboard however, would press different keys constantly, so I ended up disabling the keyboard, and using an external one for about 6 months. No problems.Now, I?d like to fix it, so I bought a new keyboard on ebay and replaced it. I also reset my computer back to it?s factory setting (just in case the drivers were messed up/malware or whatever). The new keyboard fixed a lot, every key works perfectly ? EXCEPT for space. It works, but it keeps typing. As in all the time. I found out that if I press the ?fn? key, it stops typing, but only until I press space again. Then it goes crazy. My guess is that the original keyboard was indeed water damaged, but I?m guessing  the motherboard or at least the keyboard connecters got moistdamaged too? I?m thinking of pouring isopropyl alcohol on the motherboard, and the keyboard connectors. Also maybe use a hairdryer on the ends of the keyboard... Read more

Answer:Spilled drink on keyboard

If it's only the space bar it could very well be the case that the new keyboard is faulty too, I'd look into getting a replacement from the seller.  If it was a problem with the connector on the motherboard then it is very likely that more keys would have problems as several keys usually share each connector on the board.What ever you do, don't pour alcohol on the motherboard and then use a hairdryer.  Put the alcohol on a q-tip and rub the connectors with that, then let it naturally evaporate.

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I spilled some wine on the keyboard of my laptop, a low-end Gateway model, and have a stuck key error at start-up. I know what I would do for the desk top keyboard but I've never messed with my laptop. How do you clean these out.

Answer:Spilled a drink in the keyboard

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Hi, I spilled a small amount of beer on my keyboard, it was at the bottom of the keyboard, the two buttons you use to go right or left click when not using your mouse. The laptop went off immediately and now after one night of placing in the airing cupboard and blowing a hairdrier on it it still wont work. Any suggestions please.....Thanks

Answer:drink spilled on keyboard

Links to two articles below that may help you.
click here

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my keyboard in N500 4233 got spilled by few drops of sweet drink. it turned out that some of keys doesn't work anymore. i've got keyboard away. i've washed it 3 times with washing liquid and soap. i've dried it for about 6-8 hours on a radiator each time. on each dry it works in different way - sometimes specified keys work well, later other keys work instead of those which didn't worked. i'm trying not to get keyboard corroded. what else may i try to get keyboard work?Message Edited by marines on 01-15-2009 10:54 AM

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I accidentally spilled a drink on my keyboard of my Toshiba Satellite A500-1GL.
I turned off the laptop immediately and dried it out.
It is being left off until I have a reply.

note: I spilt the liquid just about 1/4 of the keyboard.

_thank you._

Answer:Re: I spilled my drink on my keyboard of Satellite A500-1GL


You should turn the unit upside down and should wait until the unit dried.
In best case the unit should power up properly but it could be possible that your motherboard or another part like RAM module or keyboard could be affected.

Something similar happened to my girlfriend?s notebook. In my case the RAM module was dead and notebook could not boot up? I replaced the RAM and was happy to see the Toshiba splash screen

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I own a Satellite A100-906 and I spilled a liquid on the keyboard.
As I read in the official site of the product, the keyboard is spill resistant.
If I understood correctly, the keyboard is covered by warranty in case of spilled liquid.
Is that right?

Thanx in advance,


Answer:Keyboard of Satellite A100-906 after drink spilled

Hi there,

I think you had misunderstanded something:

The keyboard is spill resistant but that doesn?t mean that it keeps the water away from the machine. After checking the asian toshiba website I found the following description:

"A spill-resistant keyboard that increase system protection by providing users with ample time to save their work and shut down the system in the event of an accidental spill;"

Which means the keyboard only prevents the liquids to invade quickly into the machine but that doesn?t mean that the keyboard is covered under warranty after spilling the liquids on your machine.


P.s.: That all means that you will be charged for the repair..

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I spilled drink on my keyboard and fn key doesn't work. Is there any other way how to access to wireless device control the using fn+f5?

Answer:fn+f5 doesn't work. Spilled drink on keyboard

Dear thequila
Welcome to Lenovo forums
try uninstalling the energy management program

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Spilled a drink on my chromebook keyboard. It doesn't power on anymore.  Is it worth repairing?  Is it reparable? Stupidly, I spilled a drink on my new chromebook yesterday.  Pulled the power and placed it on its side to drain overnight.  Placed it by heater vent this morning.  If it doesn't power on, is it reparable?   If not, for my next Chromebook, I'm buying a keyboard protector!  

Answer:Spilled drink on keyboard - Unable to power up

Hi Lukelulu,
Sorry to hear about the accident
I believe we offer pretty reasonable repair rates in the US. I believe around 130$ for the C720 and around 150$ for the CB3s. You can contact our support them, with your serial number they'll provide you a upfront repair cost that won't change unless we physically can't repair it (if EVERYTHING is ruined, it may be a total loss, but then you wouldn't be charged at all). Our support staff can provide more details if that's something you're intersted in.
Honestly though, I don't know what you paid for your Chromebook, but I'd probably just start over, but that's really just my opinion. I'd always feel as if it wasn't as good as it should have been. Also, it may not help now, but if you do spill liquid on electronics, usually give it a lot of time, I'd probably get it  3+ days before touch it, also opening anything up that you can on the device would improve airflow and reduce buildup due to percipitation.
Best of luck with whatever you decide,Cory

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I have accidently dropped cold drink in my A100 laptop. now ENTER and H keys are not functioning properly.

How can i repair???
Please help.

I don't have repair shop in my area.

Answer:Keyboard problem after spilled drink on my Satellite A100

Hi Bipin,

Unfortunately the only way to repair your notebook will be to replace the keyboard. Usually any liquids which get into the keyboard will leave a residue which shorts the contacts inside and renders one or more of the keys inoperable.

Luckily, new keyboards are not that expensive to buy, and are also relatively easy to replace. Check out the detailed instructions here :-


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Hi everyone, There was a sugary drink spilled on my keyboard and now the keys are sticky   Are there any ways for me to remove the keycaps, so that I can wipe the sticky sugar off my keys. I am not sure if I can just pop off the keys on this laptop. Can anyone help?


Go to Solution.

Answer:VN7-592G Spilled drink on keyboard, keys now stick...

You have to carefully pop the front of the key loose. There's a good pic on step 4 here.

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Hi everyone, There was a sugary drink spilled on my keyboard and now the keys are sticky   Are there any ways for me to remove the keycaps, so that I can wipe the sticky sugar off my keys. I am not sure if I can just pop off the keys on this laptop. Can anyone help?

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Hi, brand new to forum. My beloved 11 month old 15" yoga was served a mix drink over a week ago.  I dried it out as best I could, cleaned with alcohol, and took off several keys that are sticking and cleaned underneath.  All this to no avail--typing is like walking on a theater floor (sticky) and I lose a couple more buttons a day.  I also worry about the corrosive nature of sugar to my computer. For repairs, I took it first to Staples, and they said they would have to special order a replacement keyboard.  I called them after several days of hearing nothing; when I called, they said they have to get the keyboard through a 3rd party vendor and that wasn't working out so well.  I contacted a well-respected small repair shop and they told me that the Yogas have hard to get parts and they weren't interested in the repair because it was too difficult.  I'm getting frustrated.  I have a lot of options (I live in Boston), but I"m starting to notice. My question: has anyone else splashed their laptop, and how did it work out?  Have you ever had to get repairs to your Yoga, and if so, have you heard the "Yogas have hard to get parts" routine?  Does Lenovo do repairs on problems not under warranty?  If so, would I be better off sending to Lenovo for repair, since they can look for internal damage in addition to changing the keyboard?  If you have ever repaired your laptop this way, how expensive is it and how l... Read more

Answer:Yoga Thinkpad 15"/spilled drink on keyboard, need repair advice

Well the good news is that it is pretty easy to remove your keyboard and get a new replacement keyboard if needed, but I would try removing it, and then giving it a good cleaning first since you have nothing to lose.    What has worked for me in the past is to buy a gallon of distilled water (no minerals), warming some of it up...not hot, but nice and warm, and then using it to clean the keyboard by imersing it in a cassarole pan, swishing back and forth, upside down and right side up etc.  If the spilled drink has dried, cover it with warm distilled water and let it soak for an hour or so to disolve the dried on stuff first.   Once cleaned, give it a real good rinse, and let it drain. Once you have it cleaned and have dried it off as much as you can, wrap it a linnen towel, put it back in a pan, cover it up with rice, and then let it sit in a nice warm place overnight.  The rice will help by drawing water from areas you cannot reach and speed up drying, but it is not absolutely nessecary. Hardware Maintenance Manual ThinkPad Yoga 15 If all else fails, you can replace the keyboard with a new one for about $65.00, and maybe cheaper if you check around.   I did a quick search online and found this one. Waterproof keyboard cover &nbs... Read more

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My finger print sensor is not working properly since a drink was spilt into the keyboard. When booting up, it automatically "fails" 5 times in a row (without any attempts to swipe a finger), then defaults to password entry to boot the machine's hard drive.

This is not a problem and all i want to do is disable the finger print sensor, but cannot work out how to do this. I've tried uninstalling the driver, which I seemed to do without any problems, but when rebooting, the sensor still seems active, and still goes through the same process.

Everything else works fine and this is just a minor niggle, but I'd like to remove the annoyance of it beeping at me 5 times while it does its thing!

Can anyone tell me how I completely disable it?

Thank you.

Answer:Tecra M5: finger print sensor is not working properly since a drink was spilt into the keyboard

Have you removed the fingerprint software? If yes check if in device manager is listed some unknown device. Please post the result.

Maybe you can try to disable this unknown device and it will not be recognized as new hardware every time when you start the notebook.

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I'm using a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ31M laptop and have unexpectedly encountered a problem.

Out of nowhere my keyboard has gone crazy. The top line seems to be fine but characters in the bottom two lines, including symbols, are not being generated properly.

eg. I press 'a' it comes out 'x' etc. In some cases it is coming out with double letters, eg., 'd' generates 'ad'.

The problem came on very suddenly and I can't work out what is causing it. It's not num lock or keyboard layout or any of the obvious things. Do you think this sounds like a hardware issue (I'm thinking liquid spillage into the keyboard, though I do not recall doing this) or some kind of virus/malfunction?

I'd really appreciate any help.

Answer:Keyboard gone crazy?

Sounds like a failed membrane...laptop KB's are very tricky to fix due to their small size, try an external USB keyboard and see if that does the same

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Hi guys. I have a really odd problem thats bugging me. me and my GFs pcs are hooked up in the same room. Now her keyboard has been working fine up until tonight we got in and she tries to log in and check her email. After a bit of frustration we notice that her keyboard is behaving VERY oddly. Every time we press a key on her keyboard 2 presses are recorded. This happens with ANY key. KKIINNDD OOFF LLIIKKEE TTHHIISS.. So we think damn it the keyboards buggered, but heres the weird thing. I tried her keyboard in MY pc and it works perfectly! So I guess that rules out her keys not working! After, I tried my keyboard in her pc and it works fine as well!!!!! I just dont get this. The only combination that doesnt work is her pc/keyboard. I know we could switch keyboards but I'd rather not do this as I'm used to my keyboard and want to use my own.
Does anyone have any idea how to sort this one or what might be happening?



Answer:Help with crazy keyboard!!

Maybe a Driver Issue?

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Question: crazy keyboard

i have a compaq presario laptop and this afternoon while typing the keyboard suddenly took on a life of it's own. now when i the letter a, it types 'a, and when i type the letter f it types 5f, the return key types / and other keys are not what they appear to be. anyone out there have any words of wisdom for me? i am at a loss.
thanks, sue

Answer:crazy keyboard

The keyboard sounds like the controller has died. CAn you test with another keyboard and if that works buy a new one. New (cheap) keyboards are only about $10 / £5 from anywhere (even walmart)

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Question: crazy keyboard!

Might anyone be able to shed any light on why on my laptop keyboard the wrong charactures appear? I=5 J=1 K=2 L=3 M=0 O=6 P=- U=4 0=* any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:crazy keyboard!

Turn off the number lock!!!

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Sorry AllA friend of mine told me to press the Num Lock key and now all is well.CheersKooji

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Question: Crazy Keyboard

All of a sudden without warning my keyboard will do weird things.

typing u will open Ease of Access Centre
typing b remove the current window from active

Opening the onscreen keyboard will return things to normal.

Also when typing it will (on occasion) repeat a letter/number/space about 10 times and I have to wait a few seconds before I can tpye again.

Is this a Vista thing? and how do I stop it ?


Answer:Crazy Keyboard

laptop? Desktop? is the keyboard a PS2 or is it a USB? As far as the question of it being a Vista thing I have never heard of them adding a 10 time repeating charachter "feature"...

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Question: Crazy Keyboard?

Would someone be kind enough to tell me what has gone wrong with my keyboard?My @ key now only works when I use the colon key and vise-versa. I've tried three different keyboards and have the same problem. I would really like to fix it but am equally interested to know how it happened. I can only assume it is a software problem. I am running Win98. Many thanksDenis

Answer:Crazy Keyboard?

sound like a software problem, unless it's the keyboard controller on the motherboard :-(

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I`m running a compaq presario with an internet keyboard. XP Home
is my OS, for some reason my keyboard has gone wacky when I type the letter
g nothing happens
I type k and pk appears. I have uninstalled the driver and then plugged it back in
and restarted, I checked for driver updates but found none. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Keyboard gone crazy

did someone spill some liquids on it ?

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Question: Crazy Keyboard

Not sure if this is the right place for this posting but I have pretty much come to my wits end.
So a couple days ago my cursor started going nuts. It is most visible when I am writing. It just wants to scroll to the left all the time, which makes it impossible to type. I have reinstalled my touchpad driver several times, turned it off and used an external mouse and still have the problem.
There is also the issue when I use menus, it scrolls up and there is pretty much nothing I can do exit the application and then try again. It happens in every application on my computer so I am pretty sure it is the keyboard at this point.
I checked to make sure the drivers are up to date and they are. I am using an ACER 6920 with vista 32bit home premium.

Any help would be great. Thanks

Answer:Crazy Keyboard

do you have another computer around you that has a wireless keyboard or mouse that used a USB ?? if so then the signals my be getting crossed, change one of the computer to a corded mouse if that is the case.. if not the case then your computer has a hardware problem instead..good luck

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When I type the character @... I am getting " instead, and vice versa... this is a brand new keyboard...yet I got this one as the other keyboard did the same...
is it a problem on my computer...?
Please help to clear this problem up...

Answer:Keyboard going crazy...?

Is it a foreign keyboard? What language do you have your keyboard set to? Mine does that, but I go between Spanish and English.......

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Hello to all.
The keyboard of my laptop has suddenly gone completely crazy. One day everything was fine and the next some letters had become digits.
After careful testing it appears that the keyboard is divided into two parts: the left side types in letters and the right side replaces the letters by digits.
How bizarre is that!? I've tried reconfiguring the keyboard but it doesn't change anything. As I suspected some kind of virus or worm (I had some problems with fujacks some time ago) I ran an in-depth scan using Eset but nothing was detected. The laptop looks clean.
This is really weird and I've no clue about what could have happened. :confused
Can the geeks help?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:keyboard gone crazy

You need to find the num lock key and togle it off, otherise pressing m gives you zero, j =1, k=2, etc. The numbers are printed on the keys.

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My keyboard seems to be possessed by the evil keyboard pixie. Now when I use certain keys, the shift key being the most annoying one at the moment, my pc opens another page. It goes to demo, changes my volume, opens my works program. It has done it several times just typing this. I have to constantly close out other programs. Can anyone help me be rid of this foul creature?
Thanks so much!

Answer:keyboard gone crazy

Wow, I've not seen anything like that. Do you have virus protection and anti-spyware programs? If so, try running them.

You could also check the shortcuts for the programs that are being opened. If you go to the Start Menu and right click on the program and select properties, there is a box called Shortcut. It should say "None".

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I've got an HP machine running Windows 98. It keeps doing the following:

- Inserting returns or digits when I type something
- launching another program when I use the ALT or CTRL or SHIFT keys
- skipping down the page at times when a DELETE or BACKSPACE key is hit

pretty weird stuff but makes some work impossible at times. Occasionally shutting down the machine and starting up again will fix it *in part* or temporarily

obviously, I will never again buy an HP - but what's causing this and how might I fix it? any suggestions appreciated!


Answer:keyboard gone crazy!

You probably need a new keyboard as the keys are dirty and sticky, but it's possible the connector is damaged.

Have you tried shutting down, and removing the connector and then reseating it snugly?

You can also try going to the device manager and removing the keyboard from there. It *should* be redetected on startup and the drivers reinstalled.

.... welcome to TSG ....

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Question: Keyboard is crazy

I can type some letters but on others when I type i comes up as different letters or numbers or even repeated letters or numbers, also the scroll sometimes starts to scroll on certain letters, like the arrows are being pressed or something. I have tried different keyboards, so I dont believe that is the problem, there must be something in the system please help.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:06:31 PM, on 2/2/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16762)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\sched.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Update\GoogleUpdate.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\Core\smax4pnp.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\ScanSoft\OmniPageSE2.0\OpwareSE2.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Gmail Notifier\gnotify.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\avgnt.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Prog... Read more

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Question: Keyboard Crazy!

Dell Studio 1747 on Win 10 Pro. Keyboard acting crazy. No spills, drips, or chocolate mess.
About every 5th time I log into my PC, the KBD does not respond for PWD. Neither does my bluetooth KBD when I turn it on. The only solution is either reboot or use the on-screen KBD. No apparent driver updates. No interference from the bluetooth as it is usually off. Once logged in, all KBDs work fine.

What gives oh wise Dell experts?

Answer:Keyboard Crazy!

This is a system that may not be fully compatible with Windows 10, do you know if you had this problem before installing Windows 10?
Barring Windows 10 from being the problem on a lot of systems if you end up tapping one or more keys at the boot process it can hang the keyboard until Windows boots.  If  this is happening without pressing any of the keys then you may want to consider resetting the bios to defaults and see if the problem continues.  Enter the bios (hold the shift key while clicking restart and choose bios) choose the exit tab and choose set to defaults and then save changes and reboot.  You may want to consider updating the BIOS if you dont already have the latest revision A14. 
If this is something that only started happening after updating to Win 10 you may have your answer there. Otherwise I would look at the problem having to do with the BIOS.


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This just started. When I hit key for one letter, somethlng else displays. It's a Logitech cordless MK320. Here's what happens. I typed a to z and this is what shows. BTW, typing this using the osk command in run.
wH9:00 PM 12/6/2011P
9:00 PM 12/6/2011p

Answer:Keyboard gone crazy

Computer specs would be helpful. But if this a desktop have you tried a different keyboard to see if the keyboard itself is bad. Also since it wireless have you tried new batteries?

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Question: Keyboard is crazy

My keyboard has gone bananas. When you type m it says b, when you type l it says 3, etc. And sometimes a key will make a window pop up or the date come up. I am not at this computer at the moment which is why I can type. I did unplug the keyboard from the cpu and replug and it worked ok, then I shut down and again back to same problem. I scanned for virus, but my software is fairly old and I need to update but I didn't think that is really what the problem is. Could be, but I will update tonite. The other thing is that my husband plays this one game and everytime he does either our monitor won't communicate with the cpu for a while or now the keyboard and it only seems to happen when he plays that stupid game. Help me fix it please! Thanks so much!

Answer:Keyboard is crazy

Hello! 1. Type of computer. 2. Kind of keyboard (if you know) 3. What game?? By type of computer, need also to know Win98 or 95? Processor? Brand name? i.e. Compaq? Someone, even myself may be able to help. Post back. Thanks

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I'm feeling dumb, I screwed up my keyboard and don't know how exactly I did it. This is my first laptop and I wanted to "print screen." I didn't know where the function key I started randomly hitting combinations of keys with the END/PRTSC button in hopes it would work. My thought was, "maybe something is different with this computer." Typing this is a chore because my page will randomly scroll, the curser jumps around, sometimes my pages close or other pages open. I'm thinking it is something simple but nothing I am aware of. It is NOT related to mouse sensitivity, believe me I tried that first. Could someone please help? Thanks.

Answer:Keyboard going crazy

You might try taking out the keyboard and re-installing it, or replacing it entirely... Here's an example video:


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while getting tech help from microsoft to try and get my presenter mouse to work in power point, they started downloading vista service pack 1. I have been using Visa Business for abou 6 months with no problems. They did this because a newer Vista driver for my mouse had neveR been installed and it would not insall so they upgraded the service pack. But it crashed. and when I finally got it running, the right half of my keyboard produces the wrong symbols. If I hold down The blue fn key most of he letters are correct. It is driving me crazy just typing THis. help! I've run a registry cleaner, rebooted, etc. any thoughts?

Answer:KEYBOARD WENT crazy

could it be the regional settings for your keyboard are somehow incorrect? go to START>CONTROL PANNEL>REGIONAL & LANGUAGE>KEYBOARDS & LANGUAGES(tab at the top). See if the settings are for your correct region ect?

Hope this helps.

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help my keyboard has gone crazy ive jus reinstalled evything but a lot of the keys are mixed up such as @(ctrl and 2) "(ctrl and ') these are two of a lot of mistakes

Answer:my keyboard has gone crazy @ and " amongst others

Control Panel/Keyboard - set to English (UK).If you are using XP also Contrlo Panel, Regional and Language Settings and set from there.

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Answer:Microsoft keyboard gone crazy!

Hello All,My PC crashed a couple of weeks ago and I had to set up windows XP again using the recovery disc. Since then, the screen doesnt match what I enter on the keyboard.Eg, if I press shift> and 2 together, I get @ when I should get " It seems that it is the symbol keys that have gone a bit to pot.Does anyone know why, and more importantly, how I can get it back to normal.Hope this makes sense.Best regards,Carol

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Hey all,

I've been having a lot of trouble with one of my computers lately and I'm looking for some help.

The items will be working perfectly fine and then all of a sudden they will freeze up and won't do anything. I have to restart the system and then they are fine again for a while until the next time it happens.



Answer:Crazy Mouse and Keyboard

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Two days ago my keyboard started doing this:

_"T6he 6house about 6h blocks down 5got 5g 5green bus6hes._"

what I actually typed:

"The house about 6 blocks down got 5 green bushes."

Also my control key now opens my windows media player. Worst of all, every time I type an "s" it opens a help tab!!! Imagine trying to type when every time you hit the s you would open a new tab!

Windows vista 64 bit
4gb ram
If you need any other info please ask. My typing frustration is too high to put anything else right now (i am having to paste every s!!)


Answer:Keyboard is driving me crazy! Help!!

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my kb is messed.

i have an acer travelmate 630 laptop....and more and more of the keys are not working with each passing month....i can only type with the on screen kb from windows, which sux cuz it takes like 20 mins for this msg alone....plz help.

'sum things u shud know:

-the keys that now dont work used to work if u held them down for a long time at regular that doesnt happen.....then, they used to work if u had shift/caps lokon.........not ne-more.

-i had this problem once b4 and it corrected itself sumhow

-the keys r clean

-ive tried re-installing drivers

-sumtimes late at nite, one of the broken keys start working again, but just for a short time

-the broken keys so far (that i know of) are:

a f x c n , . / "left alt key"

-i cantbuy a new 1 becuz its a laptop
thank u so much for reading...........PLEASE HELP!



ps: when u hold down o,n,c, and e, "oye" appears....which means the keys r still responsive.

and f,g,n, gives "gh"

Answer:please help!!! - my laptop keyboard is going crazy!!!!!

You probably need to replace the keyboard - they are replaceable in most if not all all laptops. They are however not cheap and have to be order specifcally for your laptop model.

You can also buy an external PS/2 or USB keyboard and use that instead - this is the cheaper solution but maybe not the most convenient one.

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I have a computer that is running Windows XP Home edition, it is in the lobby of the hotel where I work at. As of recently, I've noticed that it seems like the tab key is going crazy, like someone is holding it down. It scrolls through the links on the page rapidly, just keeps whipping through them, having the page go up and down as it goes from top to bottom. At first I thought it was just a stuck key but when I logged into the admin account, it didn't do this, just on the guest account. I plan on switching out the keyboards anyway, but could there be something else going on as well? I have run MBAM and it has come up clean. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!!

Answer:Tab key going crazy? Virus or keyboard?

How are things now, any changes?

It sounds like something in guest account. You may be better served in the xp forum either fixing the problem in the account or creating a "new" guest account.

If you suspect malware I will be happy to offer some apps to see what we can find.

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The problem is very similar to others reported previously but I think that the cause is different.
Sometimes when a key is pressed, a random character that does not correspond to the one I pressed is printed on the screen (it could be more than one and/or they are printed continuously) like when a liquid is spilled on the keyboard.
I have noticed that this happens specially when the laptop is left for a couple of hours without activity. Rebooting (and turning it on after some days), unplugging the battery, formatting does not work and I am pretty sure that is not a virus or liquid spilled problem.
However the problem is solved when I run a memory diagnostic with the Memtest86+ software; after one or two passes I reboot the computer and the problem is gone, but if I leave it alone for some time the problem returns.

I will appreciate any help regarding to detecting and solving the problem; if more information is needed please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Laptop keyboard gone crazy

try to see f the manufactuar has a driver for it then uninstall the device and reinstall it with that driver

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Hello Everyone:

I have problem with my keyboard and cursor. Cursor jumps sporadically all over the page. Ultimately, it is difficult to write. I have to retype or edit nearly every other word as I cannot control the cursor jumps all over the place and cause to misspelled words, instead of going one straight line from left to right.
How can I fix this problem? Help me please?
Computer: Acer/Aspire E14
Intel Celeron Quare processor N2940 @1.83GH 1.83 GHz
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor/ Windows 8

Million thanks!

Answer:Crazy Keyboard Cursor

I think that's a laptop. If you are using the laptop's keyboard try with the touchpad disabled and/or try typing with an external keyboard.

If you are using an external mouse disconnect it while typing to see if maybe it is sending spurious signals.

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Hi - At certain times, when I am on the internet and am typing a sentence the cursor jumps back to a previous spot that I have already typed something. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I had to put windows 7 64 bit on the tablet. Now the keyboard is out of control. The cursor moves randomly, deletes randomly, opens menus randomly. Lenovo support has no idea. Case 30T9DCJ - not even a call back.
I have tried to reinstall all thine drivers to no avail.
I see a "find" button on the left side of the space bar and wonder if that is the culprit and if there is a way to disable it? Any ideas?
Thanks so much....
Moderator Note: Edited subject to match content.

Answer:X200t: crazy keyboard

Do you have a stuck key or button?

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My laptop keyboard has gone crazy. It mixes up about half of the keys. An example: when I press the letter "i", I get the number "5", and when I press "m" I get "9". etc.etc.So I plug in an external keyboard with USB and the external keyboard works fine. This is OK but when I leave home with the laptop it is not easy carrying the external keyboard also. Any suggestions?


It looks as if your numlock key is on, on my lapt it is in ythe top r/h corner between the pause/break key and scroll lock key. There might also be an indicator light illuminated as a warning.

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For last couple of months my Lenovo G50-80 external usb mouse & keyboard act crazy. The laptop touchpad also stopped responding. I have to press laptop keyboard to normalize the devices.The devices work properly for some time, then the problem reappears after a couple of minutes.I have to press laptop keyboard keys again to resolve the problem.I have already tried several solutions like- uninstlling & installing mouse,keyboard drivers; Uninstallation & installation of WINDOW OS 10.But nothing works. Please suggest a solution.

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please i had a emachine T2860 AND compaq keyboard yesterday my keyboard starts acting funny when i type a letter series of letters will come up like when i press f something like this [gfh;f will come up same with almost half of the key. please can someone help me

Answer:my keyboard is acting crazy please someone help

Make sure the numlock isn`t activated.

If that doesn`t help, try another keyboard.

Regards Howard

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The keyboard on my laptop has suddenly started typing incorrect characters. For example, if I type in ipconfig it displays 5*c6nf5g so an i comes out as a 5, a p comes out as an *, etc.
It happened in the middle of working on it. Up tp then it had been fine.
I've turned it off and back on again, a few times, but it still has the problem.
Anyone know what it might be?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:My VAIO keyboard is crazy

I belive there is a program to switch keyboard modes, 101 char or 100, If i'm not wrong, there is some types keyboard, and your keyboard has make some changed, you need to rebnd.. correct me if I'm wrong..

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I have a lenovo laptop with win 7. I can't control the keyboard. I am in the middle of a sentence and it continues on another line. I am forever cutting and pasting to recreate the text I thought I was entering which I have to search for all over my docukment.

anhy ideas,

thanks Frank

Answer:Solved: crazy keyboard

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My laptop's keyboard keeps pressing random keys. One day it will start pressing sssssssss, the next day 000000000, then space, then ++++++++++++++ . I have given the pc for repair but nobody figured out the problem yet.
Laptop Lenovo G50
Inbuilt keyboard

I have cleaned it, used an external keyboard, both things didn't work. So I changed the keyboard but it keeps happening.

I have disconnected the bluetooth as well, removed the battery, turned off sticky keys, changed the repetition speed (read somewhere that sometimes these things work)

Problem is still there, seemingly no virus, no malware, nothing.

Please help me because the pc is absolutely worthless now, can't do anything with it.

Answer:Keyboard gone crazy, nobody able to understand why

Have you tried doing a system diagnosis.
Turn off your computer and turn it on and press the F2 key repeatedly.

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Hey guys, I have an aspire V. Tecently, crashed and long story short, I had to buy a ssd, and yesterday just installed a fresh copy of windows 10 home 64 bit. I had to get a retail disk in order for it to work. Bootable usb and other things did not work. As I was looking at the features and a much, much faster laptop with the ssd, I noticed some of my keyboard keys don't work. Sometimes i would have to press it hard ,or for a period of time for it to work, there are at least some good 8 keys that simply won't work. Is it a bug? Or can I access the key registry or anything?kinda hard from this win10 to find that. I went to diff youtube channels , but none of them would do anything?? Help??? Maybe I just did not place something right before I screwed back up my laptop??


Go to Solution.

Answer:Help with my crazy tricky keyboard

in my opinion is keyboard connection, need to check it.

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I have a laptop that the g key just stopped working suddenly. I take care of my laptop and nothing has gotten on the laptop or spilled. It worked fine several weeks ago but not it does not. All the other keys work just fine. any suggestions.

Answer:sticky keys without spilling liquid on them

Ugh... is it older?

Might be a bad conection, or broke connection.. If youre skilled enough, kreyboards are easily removed, and you might be able to clean it.

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I purchased a Toshiba Equium M50-164 laptop last year.
I paid a lot of money now it does not work.
I cannot afford to write it off so thus must make it work.

The reason why it does not work is water spilled on to it.

I took it to a specialist. I found in Thompson directory I paid him ?50 and he siad it probably needs a
new motherboard and thus not worth repairing beacuse it is Toshiba's and their parts are expensive etc..
Is that right?

I am desperate to fix it but do not know how.

Please help. Surely I should be able to purchase a motherboard for the laptop without costing an arm or leg.

Answer:Equium M50-164 does not work after water spilling


As you probably know the notebook parts are not cheap because of the miniaturising and mobility.
The LCD display and the motherboard are the most expensive parts which are used in the laptop. I don???t know if the Toshiba parts are most expensive. I assume it depends on the notebook features.

However, the new motherboard is very expensive and I think looking for the second hand unit with motherboard is not a bad idea.
It???s your choice. New motherboard = expensive but with warranty or second hand motherboard = cheaper but no warranty

PS: the motherboard replacement is not very easy and therefore if you have no experience you should ask an technician for the help.

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Hello,  About two days ago, my dad spilt soda on the keyboard of his Lenovo t420 laptop. Like a lot of people do, he unplugged it and took out the battery right away after he did it. After that, we took it apart to dry up any of the drink that was left inside the laptop. After drying is where we start seeing the problems. After it finished drying, I put it back together and tried turning it on hoping that it would still be ok, but nothing turned on and no sound could be heard from any of the components starting up. What does happen is that when I press the power button, the fingerprint reader LED turns on and the battery indicator on the back of the laptop flashes green twice, then stops, then flashes, and repeat. Other than that, the only change is that the touchpad heats up slightly. When I was taking it apart, the only thing I removed were the screws and undid the keyboard and palm rest connectors. I'm really stumped and can't figure out what's wrong with it. After trying to google to find the answer, I tried the solutions other people provided, but nothing worked. All the other people's problems did not sound the same as what mine is. If you can, please help me to figure out the problem with it.  This is my first post here, if you need any extra info, please let me know.  Thank you,Brendan 

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I was unfortunate enough to accidentally spill liquid (Sierra Mist soda) onto my keyboard (a usb m$ ergonomic 4000). I wiped away most of the liquid and then proceeded to just power down the desktop. I figured I was gonna just use compressed air to force the liquid out of the keyboard. After getting most of the liquid out and wiping it down, I waited about an hour to turn the PC on.

Does spilling liquid onto a keyboard cause any harm to the PC itself, electrically?
Or does it basically just screw up the keyboard?

Answer:Spilling liquid onto a keybaord, any damage to the PC?

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Past couple of days Ive noticed both my mouse and keyboard not functioning properly. The mous suddenly started zooming instead of scrolling and the click doesnt always open links or emails. But the real problem is the keyboard which will not type a single letter and when I press any keys random things open up like search function windows & stuff or I just the ping noise.Its just useless to use.
I use separate wireless keyboard & mouse. Ive tried:
(1)Unplugging usb adaptors
(2)Restarting PC
(3)Using 2 different keyboards(one usb lead, one wireless)
(4)System restore always says failed to restore(tried 3 diff points)
(5)Scanned with Avast & Malwayrebites nothing found
Nothing works so Im completely stuck. Right now its randomly working again but I know it will stop again soon for long time. Theres clearly something very wrong and its not the devices as Ive tried others.
Any suggestions besides re-install which Im trying to avoid?

Answer:Keyboard & mouse acting crazy

(one usb lead, one wireless
common thing appears to be what ever your using its plugged into the USB ports.
so maybe uninstalling and reinstalling the USB controllers may help.

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I have the following problem:

After some time my keyboard does not go any more properly. The keyboard forgets letter or writes twice and triply.
If I bring down the notebook and the accumulator out take and him afterwards reinstates, then everything goes. After uncertain time the mistake appears again.

Answer:Satellite L555-11Q - Crazy Keyboard


Interesting to know would be if you notice the same behavior on an external keyboard. You should test this to determine if it?s a hardware or software problem!!!

I don?t know what operating system you have but in control panel you can also change some keyboard settings.
Try also to remove the keyboard from device manager and restart the computer. After this the keyboard will be recognized again.

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I bought this new laptop and now whn I type faster or put my fingers relaxed and then type quickly.. every 2 or 3 letters I try to type the cursor or jumps back 4 or 5 letters or deletes the whole or part of a word and then starts from there or the cursor ends up in another tab or table etc or the window suddenly gets minimized(it is not a virus.. it is the damn keyboard). I tried typing slowly to see if my fingers hit some other button by mistake but I don't see it .. even if it did.. what kinda button on the whole keyboard makes the cursor jump few lines back or few letters back or delete half of a word and start there. I really had to stop and type this extremely slowly like as if I was typing on a blackberry or something.. it is ****ing annoying as hell.. do I have to return this piece of crap now???

btw if you are interested it is a ACER ASPIRE AS5315-2848 LAPTOP PC(2.1GHz/1GB).

Answer:Laptop Keyboard driving me crazy

Is it possible that you are without realizing it, letting part of you hand touch the touch pad while you are typing? This is a fairly common thing with touch pads on laptops. I have always disabled my touchpad and used a laptop mouse on my laptops for this reason and the fact that I don't like touchpads also.

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Hey guys, Had my Thinkpad Edge E450, for more than a year now. Never really had any problems with the keyboard. However, since yesterday, my keyboard has simply gone crazy on me. Right shift + c no longer registers, even though right shift + any other key still works. c works too along with c+ left shift. w+e keys, when pressed together doesn't register the e although both keys registers fine when pressed individually. Most weird of all is the fact that F4, associated with microphone no longer works either when FN is locked and when it isn't. However, every time I press the G key, the microphone activates/deactivates. I used the lenovo diagnostics tool and the keyboard passed the tests. Tried clean install windows 10 on the whole system and still the same result. Also tried uninstalling all drivers for keyboard in device manager and it still hasn't gotten any better. I didn't do any manual updates or anything that I know of which could affect the keyboard. Please help! That microphone popup is trying to hog my attention whenever I try to write a paper.

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Model ZV6203CL Keyboard problems.
After removing the battery and then the hard drive for service to the HD upon reinstall of HD my keyboard and touchpad problems started. I managed to reformat and install XP on the HD to try to correct the problems. No Luck

The ?alt? key will insert these characters 134, or if pressed 2 times 134289 and sometimes 9 and will not allow alt functions.

The Spacebar will insert a space and a 13 each time it is pressed

The 1,2,3,7,8,9,0 keys will usually insert 134 the first time pressed however if the key is pressed twice it will insert an additional 5 digits usually starting with 134 and two additional digits.

Sometimes the number 1,2,3,7,8,9,0 keys will insert 5 digits and sometimes a bonk sound will be heard when pressing the keys.

The 5 and 6 keys operate normally.

The Backspace key will intermittently insert 13 or function properly.

The \ key will insert \13

The Up arrow key inserts 13
The Right arrow key inserts 134
The Down arrow key inserts 134
The Left arrow key functions properly.

With the scroll lock on the 1 through 6 keys work on the letter keys the balance are on the numeric key pad and do not work properly.

The uppercase 5 and 6 key function properly.
The other numeric keys in the upper case insert a mix of uppercase numeric characters.
The 1 key inserts #[email protected] in the upper key mode.

Please list previous troubleshooting steps, or information that can help HP assist you. | I have done th... Read more

Answer:ZV6000 keyboard gone crazy bonkers

Not sure about HP, but some manufacturers can take up to a couple of weeks to respond.

a couple of steps to try

Pressing certain keys on the right side of the keypad produces numbers instead of letters.
Pressing the letter I results in a 5 being displayed, j shows as 1, and other keys in that area produce similar results.
Press and hold the function key fn while pressing the num lock key num lk.
This will deactivate the integrated keyboard/numeric keypad, and the keys will respond normally.


turn off computer
give every single key 1 short sharp tap
turn on computer
this is just to check for a stuck key


Do not be surprised if neither of these methods work
It almost sounds like some sort of error code

Hopefully someone familiar with laptops will respond shortly

HP will most likely respond within the next few days

Good luck confused

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My keyboard will go crazy several times a week.  When it happens, striking a key will produce just about anything other than what it should.  Each time the key is pressed, it will produce something different.  The NumLock and CapLock do not seem to have any effect.  The only way to get the keyboard back to normal is to power down and restart. I'm running Windows 7 Home Edition and Norton Internet Security.  I do not play games other than solitary.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Answer:Keyboard goes crazy on my U550 Ideapad

guid software installed on your computer?

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I've been trying really hard to get used to the adaptive keyboard -- but it's not happening. First, I got sick and tired of it choosing to change modes all by itself. I finally figured out how to disable that awful feature. The computer cannot choose the mode you want reliably, so no matter how "cool" the developers might think their feature is, it should not be the default setting. Let someone choose to struggle with it. Secondly, it's way way way too sensitive. I like a sensitive trackpoint and sensitive mouse -- I set them to be as sensitive as I can. But the adaptive keyboard is impossible to work with. First, it registers somewhere between 1 and 5 presses anytime I try and press a function key once -- which is infuriating. Then, it seems to register bogus presses if I try and rest my fingers above the glass on the plastic. I do that in an attempt to steady my fingers so I won't have the problem with multiple presses only to have resting my fingers on the plastic also register as multiple presses. There needs to be a way to detune the sensitivity -- by a lot.

Answer:Adaptive Keyboard is driving me crazy

The adaptive keyboard is meant for design presentation not for real work.

__________________________________ThinkPad (1992 - 2012): R51, X31, X220, Tablet 8.Do you care about privacy and security ? Leave Google behind

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Hello, I'm new to this forum, but I hope someone can help me. Lately my keyboard has been really acting up, all of my keys seem to be shortcuts to stuff.. example: D=kicks me out of any window i have open and takes me to desktop. My windows start key keeps opening itself, my cursor will all of the sudden dissapear and reapear on other side of desktop. The main problem is the keyboard..all the keys seem to be shortcuts to something. i can only type in CAPS. The problem starts right when I turn on the comp, then after like stops. Here is my hijacklog file. Someone please help. Thanks

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 10:56:43 AM, on 1/7/2005
Platform: Windows XP (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee\McAfee Shared Components\Guardian\CMGrdian.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee\QuickClean\Plguni.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Viewpoint Manager\ViewMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\PROGRA~1\Grisoft\AVGFRE~1\avgcc.... Read more

Answer:My Keyboard has gone shortcut crazy!! look at my hijack.log

Download SpywareBlaster from here:

Install and run SpywareBlaster. Click on "Updates" and then choose "Check for updates". Next choose "Protection" and at the top you will see different tabs which are Internet Explorer, Restricted sites and Mozilla/Firefox. Choose one of them at a time and at the bottom click "Protect Against Checked Items" (make sure that all of the items are checked). Tick the boxes above the items. Make sure you do this for all of the top tabs. Mozilla/Firefox you only need to do if you have the user profiles on your computer. You may now exit out of SpywareBlaster.

Download Ad-Aware SE from here:

Install and run Ad-Aware SE. On the bottom right corner of Ad-Aware you will see an option called "Check for updates now", click on that and choose "connect". Download the updates. Next click on "Scan now" on the left side of Ad-Aware. Make sure that "Search for negligible risk entries" is crossed out and not ticked. Choose "Perform full system scan" and click "Next". After Ad-Aware scans your computer, Ad-Aware may find some bad files on your computer so make sure you tick them all and choose "Next". It will ask if you want to remove those items so just continue... Read more

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hello everyone! i got a lenovo z510 laptop and yesterday i got a problem with it .when the problem began it was like typing 'q.' instead of 'q' when pressing q .well i said it will be ok but after like 30 minutes the problem became bigger like typing 'h4rt' instead of 'g' whwn pressing g . and also all of F keyseries(F1...F12)have stopped working ! and now half of my keboard not working and also few keys doing wrong things i got w7 thank you waiting for your great solutions!Ali

Answer:Help ! KeyBoard Went Crazy!Z510 Laptop

I had this happen to me one day suddenly when the 'q' key started typing itself. It went on and on and I couldn't do anything about it.
Possible reasons -
1) Virus/Malware
2) Corrupt Windows
3) Hardware failure
Possible solutions -
1) Scan with AntiVirus
2) Reset laptop to factory settings by using the NOVO button (make sure you take external backup of personal files)
3) Disable the keyboard (Make sure you have an external KB) by -
a. Open Control Panel > Device manager > Keyboards,
b. Right click on the keyboard and select Update Driver, Then select Browse my computer.
c. Now, select, Let me pick option and UNCHECK the Show compatible drivers checkbox.
d. Select any weird driver (say Toshiba QTRONIX), Apply and Close.
Now you can use an external keyboard. This is a temporary solution.
4) Send your laptop for repair to Lenovo , if you are in warranty.
5) Buy a compatible Keyboard and replace it yourself (or with a local technician)
I tried solutions 1,2,3 and 5 and it was a hardware failure. I replaced my keyboard and it is working fine now, cost me just $35 for a new keyboard on Ebay. Read the manual, watched a youtube video and replaced the keyboard.
Let me know if you need more help or details.

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Hi guys, my keyboard is constantly turning on and off the shift key on its own in an unpredictable manner. It makes typing extremely annoying and interferes with operating windows on my laptop.

Not sure if it's the laptop hardware itself is the issue or something else like a virus etc, because the problem is replicated using the on-screen keyboard and external keyboard as well.

I've ran an Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus scan and everything seems to be OK. Any help or advice will be highly appreciated. The laptop is a LEnovo Thinkpad E420, thanks.

Answer:Laptop keyboard is acting crazy

Could be due to sticking keys. First thing I'd suggest is to turn the computer upside down and firmly tap the underside to try dislodging debris which might be under the keys. Laptop keyboards are capable of catching lots of unwanted treasures inside.

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Hello, My Ideapad Flex 14 keyboard started doing crazy things. The problems occurs only in the middle row keys (m,n,j,h,u,y,7,6 - a diagonal in keyboard), when i tap them randomic things happens (open file explorer, turn the display 90 degrees, tapping ?m? apears randomic things as "z*c"). I bought a new keyboard (hardware) and even after changing it the problem was not solved. I made some research and discovered that Lenovo suffers from static interference and put some anti static plastic between the keyboard and the motherboard should solve it. I tried to do that but with no success. I called Lenovo (im from Brazil) but, due to my warranty expiration, nothing can by done by them. Anyone knows how to solve it? Thank you!Fabio  

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I've had my T60 (1953-DAU model) since 2006, and an occasional problem I would come across was that the keyboard after booting up would sometimes not respond at all. This only happened AFTER I logged into Windows XP and it went through the process of starting everything up. However this was easily remidied by simply logging off or rebooting the system. So today everything seemed okay but when I went to hit backspace it typed "yt{}" in the field and the keyboard started beeping and seemed to be tabbing through everything it possibly could very fast, rendering the keyboard and even the volume controls useless. For now I've solved the issue by just using a USB keyboard but that is only a temporary solution. I should also mention that the first time this happened I did a hard reboot and when XP started up again it bluescreened at the login screen, but was fine after that. The keyboard problem still persists however. Any help or possible solutions will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:T60 Keyboard Trouble: Locks up and now goes crazy

Hi zealotlee,Try running lenovo system toolbox test on the keyboard to see whether it reports any hardware problem:- try installing this driver:- everything being taken into account, it sounds like your keyboard is broken and needs to be replaced.Hope it helps.

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Español Visit my YouTube Channel

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Hi there

Got a Toshiba Sat Pro C660-1UX with a crazy keyboard.
Just started yesterday.

Pressing some keys I get nothing, some wrong letters and when I press 'd' I get the date and time appears !
Have updated the BIOS, no change. Plug in a USB keyboard, that all works Ok.

Will a new keyboard fix things ?
I see they're ?20 on eBay.

Thanks for the help.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro C660-1UX keyboard gone crazy

> Plug in a USB keyboard, that all works Ok.
Yes, this means that keyboard controller is OK and the internal keyboard needs to be replaced.

> Will a new keyboard fix things ?
Yes, new keyboard should fix this.

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This problem is with my husband's IBM ThinkPad T43. This was a work computer but the company closed down & let him keep his computer (minus all the software disks). This problem I'm experiencing happened because of my stupidity. I was cleaning up the programs loading in the Startup Menu and unchecked several that appeared to be unneeded items. I also removed a file (which is now in the Recycle Bin because our new Kaspersky security program listed it as a keylogger. Now when I reboot, the keyboard & touchpad or mouse won't work when I reach the Control Alt Delete area to move forward into Windows. If I could get in, and use the keyboard, I would just put everything back the way it was, but I've spent days looking on the internet for a way to fix this and have been totally unsuccessful in finding anything that addresses my specific problem.

Please help!

Thank you,
Isabella Rose

Answer:Keyboard & Touchpad not working - I'm going crazy!

Try booting into Safe Mode and see if the problem(s) persist.How to Access Safe ModeWhile the computer is turning on, tap F8 once every second until a black screen with white text appears. Using your arrow keys highlight the option Safe Mode and hit Enter.

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Hey guys, Had my Thinkpad Edge E450, for more than a year now. Never really had any problems with the keyboard. However, since yesterday, my keyboard has simply gone crazy on me. Right shift + c no longer registers, even though right shift + any other key still works. c works too along with c+ left shift. w+e keys, when pressed together doesn't register the e although both keys registers fine when pressed individually. Most weird of all is the fact that F4, associated with microphone no longer works either when FN is locked and when it isn't. However, every time I press the G key, the microphone activates/deactivates. I used the lenovo diagnostics tool and the keyboard passed the tests. Tried clean install windows 10 on the whole system and still the same result. Also tried uninstalling all drivers for keyboard in device manager and it still hasn't gotten any better. I didn't do any manual updates or anything that I know of which could affect the keyboard. Please help! That microphone popup is trying to hog my attention whenever I try to write a paper.

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Thanks for the help, I'm going crazy!

My IBM Thinkpad x60s I think is infected. I can't type anything, one or two keystrokes turns into a string of gibberish and the computer is constantly right-clicking. The mouse also sometimes turns into a little dinosaur when it's processing stuff and I know it wasn't there before. I've run my anti-virus software but nothing turns up.

I tried booting up in safe more, but my keyboard was still acting weird. The only way I was even able to log in was because the computer has a finger scanner.

any thoughts? I'm on a second computer now.

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hey guys and gals... Seems my pc is doing some weird stuff... When I try to drag something it only drags for a short distance then quits dragging. Also when I single click it acts like I am double clicking. My screen also jumps when I click on something like I am scrolling down the page. Now my keyboard is not typing everything I am trying to type and also putting double letters other times...
I tried to restore my computer to an earlier time but it says it is corrupted and cannot restore.
I also just changed the ports that my mouse and keyboard are plugged into. still doing the same thing....

Any ideas on what else to try?

Answer:Mouse and keyboard are acting crazy....

Sounds like your hard drive might be corrupted with a virus or malware.
Go threw the READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide

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OS: Windows 7 Professional (32-bit)
Service Pack 1

This started today! While playing a game, certain in-game keystrokes simply resulted in random processes or applications starting up like Mozilla firefox or MS Search Box, etc. Got annoyed and exited the game to check whats going on. It appears that hitting some keys on the keyboard result in random other character(s) on screen or random applications getting executed...!!! Please help!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 6:30:41 PM, on 4/16/2011
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7601.17514)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
D:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\nTune\nTuneCmd.exe
D:\Program Files\ASUS\AI Suite\QFan3\QFanHelp.exe
D:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
D:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\msseces.exe
D:\Program Files\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe
D:\Program Files\DivX\DivX Update\DivXUpdate.exe
D:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
D:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugin-container.exe
D:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer... Read more

Answer:Crazy keyboard strokes virus...


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newbie here, pleased to meet you all.
I have been given a Toshiba L500 19X that has a problem, the keyboard does not work, at all.

This happened after a liquid spill, or so I'm told.
I have sorted out a few laptops that have been subjected to liquids, but this one is different.
In this case the laptop is working brilliantly, not a problem except for the keyboard not working.

I have attached a external usb k/b and it works perfectly. I have stripped the laptop down to the mobo and there is no evidence of a liquid spill.
I use a large magnifying glass to inspect the board, usually find something jumping out, but not in this case.

Regardless I have cleaned the mobo and all looks well. But the k/b will not work at all.
I have come to the conclusion that the problem MIGHT be a bodged bios update, or corrupted.

I have d/loaded the latest Bios, 2.10 win, but when I go to install it I am told that the current bios is equal to or newer than the one I've d/loaded and flash will not go ahead.

I come here cap in hand, for help if possible, and to see if anyone has had the same problem.
Possibly point me in the right direction.

The bad news would be that there is a problem with the motherboard.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite L500-19X does not work after spilling liquid

> In this case the laptop is working brilliantly, not a problem except for the keyboard not working.
>I have attached a external usb k/b and it works perfectly

So you got a big luck? looks like the motherboard is ok and the keyboard controller works too.
Why should be this a BIOS issue? The notebook worked perfectly in the past?
So in my opinion you should contact the authorized service point in your country and should replace the keyboard.
In my personal opinion its internal keyboard problem

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Hi guys, first post here.

Sadly I spilt coffee over my laptop.. the phone rang and i turned, knocked it and you can guess the rest... This happened in October. I had more or less written the machine off but thought I would post here..

Within about 3 seconds if it happened the laptop went off - there was no sparking or abnormal noise, just sounded like it normally would if you shut it down.

I took the power/battery out and turned the laptop upside down.
I let it dry for over a week but there was no joy at all after that time, not even a power light or noise, nothing at all.

Any opinions on this? I've not been stupid enough to ever spill liquid on a PC before. I purchased the PC when I was in Australia the whole time I was there it was insured, upon returning to the UK within three weeks I had done this to it.. which makes the situation even more annoying!

The coffee was spilt into the bottom left of the machine (as you look at it from the front). I've cleaned up everything that could of been connecting the circuits but still no joy from it but there doesn't seem to be anything or substantial value there. I was wondering what would be the best way to approach getting this repaired? I'm guessing it would involve a whole new motherboard but I'm not sure of the price of that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



Answer:Qosmio X500-02m does not power up after spilling fluid


Guess what: this happened to my friend too.

He spilled coke and the notebook went off.
We tried to power up the unit but after one, two seconds the notebook powered off again.
I though the motherboard has been damaged.
But we checked the notebook with new modules and it worked again!

Fortunately only one of the modules has been damaged due to the fluid and the mobo was ok?

I think you should also check this? maybe just the modules are affected?
But of course, in worst case your motherboard might be damaged and this would mean that you need to replace this expensive part

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I have a HP Office jet 8500 pro that works but when I moved it I found that it is spilling ink out the bottom.
Ink is every where. I placed it outside because of so much ink. What is causing
this problem and is there a solution other than sending it to the dump.

Seems like I can't edit the title so bottom will remain misspelled in the title.

Thank you,

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Last few days I have problems with mouse and keyboard and their commands.

About week ago I installed new version of Windows 10 but it's was bugged too much and I done recovery to previous version of Windows 10.

Now everything is normal but I have problems with mouse and keyboard commands.

After I turn on the computer and after a few minutes mouse go wild.
When I click on one icon with a left click, it opens a menu that opens with right-click.
When I leaf on the Internet something with the middle button ( scroll ) it zoom page, although I do not touch the keyboard ( ctrl or alt ).
When I click left-click on one icon, it opens 10 folders on desktop not on my command even I opened one folder.
The keyboard does not respond at all and not work or when I write a keyboard something it writes on the computer that only after a few minutes.
Practically, the mouse and the keyboard go crazy at one time and I'm forced to restart computer.
Often it happens to mislead and to do it yourself, for example, once I click on the left or right mouse click, he starts to move open tabs alone.
Drivers are updated for both.
I tried to put them in another USB port, but it's the same.
I tried on another computer where they worked normally.
When I installed the bugged version of Windows 10 ( for me ), he asked me to update my driver and I updated, but later I returned the older version of Windows 10 and I do not know if the old driver came back but the previous version can not be restored in the ... Read more

Answer:Problem with mouse and keyboard on Windows 10 - they go crazy

Welcome to the forum.

he asked me to update my driver and I updated

Specifically, a mouse driver?

And in Device Manager--Mice, is the driver by Microsoft?

If the driver is the generic Microsoft from 2006, and you know of or have a newer driver for your mouse, then install the newer one.

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hey guys and gals... Seems my pc is doing some weird stuff... When I try to drag something it only drags for a short distance then quits dragging. Also when I single click it acts like I am double clicking. My screen also jumps when I click on something like I am scrolling down the page. Now my keyboard is not typing everything I am trying to type and also putting double letters other times....

I have posted the log files from the ""read and run me" section....

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Mouse and keyboard are going crazy- Possibly infected

Normally hardware sounding issues like this are not due to malware. They are more likely due to defective hardware or problems with drivers or software conflicts. Your logs appear to agree with this since they are clean.

If this is only a recent problem, you may want to see if you have a restore point from before the problem began that will repair it. If not, I suggest that you post in the Software Forum.

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Hi I have met a very weird problems regarding the keyboard, suddenly most of my keyboard button does not work and when I press Esc button, the Windows 7 start menu pop-up, but when I press Windows key button, it does not work. I have to keep pressing all buttons randomly, then the keyboard gone back to normal. Model: W510 - 4876A11Unclosed Case since overheating: P4SGW13Escalated to Lenovo Care Team from IBM Service Center Team, waiting for responseBIOS v1.32 (6NET72WW)No available update from Lenovo System UpdateWindows 7 Home Premium 64bit Lenovo Preload Is there anyone who met this problem or can provide me an suggestions or something to solve the problems? Thanks In Advanced. Peter

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Five days ago I accidentally knocked over a glass of water on my Asus ROG G551JM. After a few seconds, it shut itself off and I immediately unplugged it from electricity and wiped the water off as best I could. I then removed the battery and left the laptop upside down to dry for a day and a half before first trying to turn it back on. It seemed to work well for about 20 minutes before I got a BSoD 'DPC Watchdog Violation Error'. I restarted, and got a BSoD again, this time the 'System Thread Not Handled' error. It was at that time that keyboard began to behave strangely (ctrl registering as a letter, and some of the keys on the right side not working properly). I thought some of the components must still be wet, so I turned it off again, took out the battery and everything and placed it on cat litter sand for it to soak up any extra liquid.

After two and a half more days (today), I decided to give it another go. I plugged it in, and got the same 'System Thread Not Handled' BSoD again, as well as the 'n' key typing 'nj' (which is not too big of an issue considering I normally have my laptop connected with an extra keyboard and monitor). I've been googling the errors during the waiting days, and as unlikely as it seemed, people seemed to mostly suggest it would be a driver issue. I felt that couldn't really be the case since obviously water spill would sooner affect hardware than software, but I thought what ... Read more

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i have a satellite mx30 notebook and the problem is at some point someone had spilled a liquid of some sort onto the keyboard, i think it may have been water.
anyway i noticed that the laptop would not boot up after this and yes it was still plugged into the mains socket so im guessing it could have caused a short and blown a chip.

i took it apart and noticed that there was a build up of gunk obviously thats where the spillage was. So i grab me some cotton wall buds and carefuly cleaned it away with the help of a tiny amount of contact spray.
i waited several hours to make sure all was dry and still have no boot screen as there wasnt before.

however the notebook powers up and stays on with mains (no display) and without battery in. If i put the battery in and plug mains it boots up (no display) it stays on for a few seconds then shuts off.

I'm thinking that the display could be due to system board failure or memeory module failure.

anyone else have any ideas.

Answer:Satellite MX30: After water spilling the notebook boot without the display

I know it's not going to be much use to you now, since it sounds like it's been a while in this condition. Electronic equipment is often more durable than we imagine when subjected to nasties like water damage. The trick usually is to remove all batteries, unplug from mains, disassemble as much as possible without breakage, dry as much as you can with a towel (if it was something sticky like coca cola, you might want to wipe it away with cold kettle water), then leave all the pieces out overnight under a lamp positioned about 12 inches away. Reassemble, then try it out, but get someone to hold a wooden broom handle to push you away from the electricity if it all goes kaka.

If you've got gunge, there's a chance it's meant to be there, some sort of paste and you may not want to wipe it away. If there's any obvious, or not so obvoius water, hiding between screen cable (something that might look like 35mm film) try drawing it away with some absorbant toilet paper and very gently clean any contacts you may be able to see surrounding it.

The other thing, you might want to do is check that no cables have come loose during dismantling and reassembly. Give everything that received a tug during taking apart a strong but gentle push back in, or if you can pull things out and push them back in so much the better. Stress word is GENTLE though.

Chances are though, it's going to cost you some money.

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Suddenly the keyboard is acting very strange - many of the keys is writing something different than what it should. Even dobbelt (and different) characters appears when stroking the key once. Anyone who have a suggestion how to fix?

Answer:Keyboard gone crazy - writes 'pl' when stroking 'l' etc - on IdeaPad S10e

Hi you are welcome, and greetings to copenhagen ... sorry i must laughing about "dobbelt" .double... Now , give you the same hint... try your keyboard in Quickstart ...or if you have a optical usb-drive check with linux-live-CD ... or a USB-Flash-Device with bootable Ubuntu ...or borrow from friend... to check out if this crazy keyboard is still under linux or Quickstart (small Linux)...if it works in normal condition ...there is something wrong with your XP (virus....)recover your Windows XP... if you have the same in Quickstart you have to call your local lenovo service... sincerely KalvinKlein  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Want more ? For further information to get the most of your S-Class machine EnergyManagement   Backup Windows 7  Clean XP Install XP Startup Small WebCam Guide Screen > 1024x576/600

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I updated my Lenovo ideapad u530 touch from windows 8 to 8.1 and noticed something strange began to happen from time to time with the physical keyboard.  I have just updated to Windows 10 and the problem persists. With ONLY SOME of the keys on the PHYSICAL keyboard (not the touch on-screen keyboard) certain keys, when pressed, enter more (or different) characters than correspond with the key on the keypad. I HAVE JUST DISCOVERED THAT, IF I HOLD DOWN THE KEY, THIS ONLY HAPPENS WITH THE INITIAL "KEYSTROKE" ...  w key gives me \wp key gives me 'pg key gives me gru key gives me hur key gives me gre key seems to shut the active window I only found this post ... which was the closest, BUT DIFFERENT from what I'm suffering: I HAVE TO USE THE ON-SCREEN TOUCH SCREEN AVOID THIS.The problem is NOT CONSTANT and comes and goes ... I'm also dealing with sproradic LONG LONG LONG boot times when starting up the computer.   Some times it takes several minutes, and other times it takes 20 seconds to reach the log-on / password screen. THE KEYBOARD ERROR PROBLEM IS MOST URGENT!PLEASE HELP!!!  Thanks,Ryan 

Answer:ideapad U530: PHYSICAL keyboard ERRORS (CRAZY keys w,e,r,p,h, etc)

I'M DESPARATELY SEEKING A SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM....In the meantime, I have discovered that (I'm not sure that it's ALWAYS this way, but it has worked a couple of times for me) when the problem is present, I have been able to "deactivate" it by pressing Alt+Esc ... that SEEMS to return the keys to their proper assigned letters/characters.  (could this be a clue?) I do not have a full list of the anomolies, however I can say that I have run a FULL Lenovo Soultions Hardware Scan.I have upgraded from the factory installed Windows 8 to 8.1 ...and just recently to Windows 10. I have the machine configured with Language Preferences and InputKeyboard Languages to: English US QWERTYEnglish United States - International  QWERTYSpanish QWERTY I can toggle between the three, and once the problem is present, it appears in ALL THREE language settings. Hoping to progess with this problems and to resolve it soon, so that I can address the "Wake from Sleep" problems the machine is displaying as well (sometimes it "WAKES" immediately following entereing SLEEP mode, with all of the settings deacivated in the DEVICE MANAGER so that in the POWER MANAGEMENT tab of EACH and EVERY device that offers this option, they are configured so that the box is UNCHECKED on "Allow this device to wake the computer". But please... FIRST THINGS FIRST.  I NEED TO RESOLVE THIS KEYBOARD ISSUE A.S.A.P. Thanks, in advance.Ryan 

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Its driving me mad... my laptop is about 8 months old and i dont use it an awful lot.
Ive read up about this problem before and a lot of people say its the battery - with mine, its not because the problem doest change even if i take the battery out.
As i said, its not old and not dirty and ive checked all the typing settings but nothing will correct this problem and it makes me want to thrw this thing out the window


It tok me abo 5 minute to writ the paragaph above hen actualy im a reall fast typr but i cannt typefast anymore and i ge rrelly frustated

please help me

Answer:My laptop keyboard is driving me crazy - keeps missing out letters and spaces!

Sounds like you need a new keyboard.

Try a different OS to see if the problem goes away. If it doesn't, it is a hardware problem.

Parted Magic disk partitoning tool (Bootable CD image)
If you prefer a bootable USB key, download and run Linux Live USB Creator. Choose the Parted Magic distro, and it will download it and automatically create a bootable USB key.

This CD (or key) contains many useful tools. You can partition, recover files, recover lost partitions, make disk images (by several different methods), transfer files between media, scan for viruses (It can serve as an Alternative Trusted Platform for search and elimination of rootkits and bootkits), examine and benchmark hardware, access the internet, and much more.

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