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Question: Move Edit Pro Help

I need to save my Movie Edit Pro 17 video to my desktop in a *.wma format where it is as good as Windows Movie Maker in quality when I save it. In other words where I don't have a blurry video and I can write it to a DVD using my own program and not the one that comes with it because it is very confusing.

Thanks for any help.

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Preferred Solution: Move Edit Pro Help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I used the Edit command "Move to Folder" to move some very valuable pictures. The files were moved but now I can't open the pictures!

Answer:Problem with Edit - Move to Folder

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Hello everyone. I'm new here and this will be my first post on here. I'm sorry if I have started this post in a wrong thread. I'm unsure of where it should go. Anyways, I'm not a tech expert so that's why I here. I will try my best to describe my problem tho.

First of all, I have been having this problem since last week. The problem is that it just auto shut down on me without any warning.

I thought it was because its overheating/the cpu reached it limits hence why it auto shut, but thats probably not the case.

And since that happened I just thought to myself that I should just reinstall windows. Haha. I thought that would solve my problem. But it didn't.

This crash problem occured when I opened game. I also realised that it happen as well when I browse the internet using firefox. Like after I opened it for a few minutes it then shut down.

However, if I'm not opening anything else and just at the desktop and only transferring files for hours, the crash never happen unlike after I rebooted, went to firefox, then googling stuff and then poof, it crashed. I also checked the cpu too, but its not overworking itself. Its just chilling.... Oh, and I checked it from task manager.

I already tried uninstalling the nvidia drivers and went to surf the internet afterward. No crashes at all. I could watch youtube as well without having it crash on me. But when I reinstalled the driver back. It happened again.

So... I don't know really wha... Read more

Answer:I have no idea where this should go... Edit: This should go to hardware but I dunno how to move it.

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hi i am running cubase 5 and recently ad a monitor to my my dell 630 laptop,now i have this sub-window stuck in the corner,i,have tried basic all the things i,ve now read on internet but no joy,even offloaded sheepdog

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I'm running XP Home SP2, with a limited account which was originally an administrator account when the PC was first set up. At that time, I installed an external HDD. I have now changed the account to a Limited Account, and can no longer move / edit files on the external HDD. I just get a message saying "Access is Denied" whenever I try to do anything. Anyone got any ideas why this might be happening? Anything to try would be great! :)


Answer:[resolved] Limited account can't move / edit external HDD files

When you start your computer press f8 repeatedly untill a menu pops up, select safe mode, and logon as the Administrator. Go to start, control panel, user accounts, and change your user to an administrator. Or use the administrator account to move files if you want to keep your account limited.

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Need help how do you add the Excel icon as a edit button on the toolbar for Internet Explorer

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Windows XP, company machine, IE explorer 8.

If I highlight a URL and attempt an 'edit copy, edit paste' . . . the copy item in the menu is grayed out and unavailable .. I uninstalled IE 8 and re-installed a fresh copy, which was the direction of the tech support desk in the company, but that didn't do anything .

Seems to be numerous entries around this when I google'd it, but I only trust this forum. Probably an old thing that has been solved. I did do some searches on the forum first before posting here but did not find anything.

Any known solution . . .? THanks as always

Answer:Edit Copy, Edit Paste IE 8

Hi -

Reset IE -

I would also suggest trying another user account. Your current user profile may be corrupted (Registry) -

Regards. . .



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I am using Cool Edit pro 2.0 and I saw in the what's new section of the software manual that you can use it to extract audio from video files, edit the audio files, then add them back to the video files. This is exactly what I want to do but it proves to be hard to me since I'm a beginner.

What I'd like to do is replace the right channel of the audio from the video with another sound, then add it back to the original video so that I can hear the new audio file from the right and the original from the left.

Can anybody help me?


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I'm trying to move the Public folder to a different volume. Help is
clear, and I was able to move the user folder with no issues. However,
the Public folder (under Locations) doesn't give me the 'move' option.
It lists the current location, but I can't edit it or change it.

Answer:Move Public Folder- 'Move' option not listed

Move button missing from the Location tab for Public folders in Windows
Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Shell/User]
The Winhelponline Blog:
Windows? Troubleshooting:
"klaissgl" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> I'm trying to move the Public folder to a different volume. Help is
> clear, and I was able to move the user folder with no issues. However,
> the Public folder (under Locations) doesn't give me the 'move' option.
> It lists the current location, but I can't edit it or change it.
> Workaround?
> --
> klaissgl

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Employee claims that while using the Move function to place folders in a different directory tree the folders were moved but the files were lost. I have tried to duplicate the action but have not been able to replicate losing the files. Talked to experts said no way it will happen. One in a million chance it will occur. However, employee claims replicated Move operation multiple times (10-15 folders) and lost files multiple times (7-10 times), but not every time.

Is this possible? I must fire employee for extensive data loss. However, if truly unintentional, and I can replicate as proof-- Employee keeps job.

Answer:Using Move Function: Move Folders & Lose Files

As the experts you spoke with indicated, there is virtually no way this could happen. Even if there was a copy error that Windows didn't detect and abort the move operation, you'd still likely end up with some sort of file even if it was corrupted and unreadable.

One in a hundred trillion chance of happening.

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I am trying to move files from one external hard drive to another but it has been stuck on 'Preparing to move' 'Time remaining: Calculating. Items remaining: Calculating Speed: Calculating' for 20 minutes now. It has not moved on from that.

Google shows only results pertaining to Mac OS on this problem, when searching the message in quotes, it still doesn't give that exact match (come on Google, we search in quotes for a reason), instead what Google provided was results for 'Preparing to delete'

There seems to be no info let alone anybody having this message when moving files.

Can anybody help me get the ball rolling?

Answer:Windows 7 stuck 'preparing to move' when trying to move files

I have Windows 7 pro over here on three computers, and yes I too sometimes but not always get that long long long wait time for either copying or moving folders/files from source to target. For now, I recommend you only copy folders/files from source to target. And after you looked at the target, making sure the copies made it over safely, then delete from the source. I'm trying to recall what and where I saw some good answers, will post back if/when I find those URLs.

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I have a 500 GB hard drive from 3-2009 with Vista on primary 1 at 65 GB, XP Pro on the 2ND at 30 GB, and 7 is installed on my 3rd primary at 75 GB, and in the extended partition area are 2 Ubuntu Linux, swap file, and a couple of NTFS storage partitions which uses the remaining drive space. So I want to delete the old Vista and then either move 7 to that primary 1 after a temporary shrink to fit the 65 GB, or install Windows 10 on it, and then delete the 2 NTFS partitions and an older Linux to allow reducing the extended way down for more space for 7 if it is possible to move or copy partitions such as my XP and a Linux with a good partion tool such as the Gparted or Acronis Disk Manager. My NTFS storage areas are now empty so not needed, and I did create a exact full hard drive clone copy with Acronis True Image in a external enclosure connected by eSATA and my system does have the AHCI sata to allow hot connect. So any good suggestions for this?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 8191 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76801 MB, Free - 22103 MB; D: Total - 66560 MB, Free - 13640 MB; E: Total - 30721 MB, Free - 13324 MB; H: Total - 20479 MB, Free - 20388 MB; I: Total - 114470 MB, Free - 114376 MB; K: Total - 218880 MB, Free - 218781 MB... Read more

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Hi all,

Here's one that's got me vexed.

Is there a way to select a row in a continuous form and do a "Move up" or "Move Down" so that it not only moves the record on the form but also shows this resequencing in the ouput report.

Currently the row source is an SQL query from a table.


Answer:Access 2003: Move Up / Move Down in a form

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I dropped my laptop and the screen broke (at least that is the obvious damage). I was quoted about $800 to repair and replace it.

I don't want to buy a new different one right now for several reasons. Is it possible to just buy an identical used computer and switch hard drives (assuming the used one is in working order)?

I have a Gateway Solo 5300 with Win98SE, Office XP, and several other registered programs.


Answer:If I move my hard drive to a different laptop will it move everything I need?

Yeah, that will probably work! You might have to DL a driver or two but Win98 moves pretty good from computer to computer...

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Im aware how to use commands like move "a" *.gif to move any gif file starting with an "a". How can I use similar commands like moving gif files that end in "12", "asd" or any other similar variation?

Answer:How to use move command to move specific files?

Yeah, ? is a wildcard for any character.Offhand I'm not sure if, for example, using wildcards for a 5 character file name--?????.jpg--will also respond to file names with less than 5 characters. You may need to experiment with that. I usually use the COPY command rather than MOVE but I think both use the same rules.Don't forget to preorder your Hatch green chili for this fall. Many vendors ship world-wide. Better hurry. They're picking and shipping now.

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I am attempting to move folders and files around, doing a little organization on my HDD. However if I attempt to move the loaded folder I get the error message " The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program." However I have no other programs open, thinking it was some hidden process, I killed a bunch of processes in Task Manager, one's I didn't recognize, or I knew were safe to kill.

Not sure if this may be an issue, but my mobo recently went belly up and I had to replace it (with the same type DP67DB for DP67DB) but everything else remained as is- this is the first time I am messing with the files on the "new" machine. Is it possibly an ownership issue, and if so how do I resolve this?

Answer:Can't move folders with files, but can move files

First perform a system file check.

Read this tutorial, word for word, and the carry out precisely as written.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
How to Repair Windows 7 System Files with System File Checker

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Question: gif edit? XP

i'm trying to edit and resize some.gif files
is there anything that I need that would help?

Answer:gif edit? XP

Depending on how much you want to edit things:
IrfanView: Resize, resample, convert, crop. Freeware.
The Gimp: Photoshop-like software. OSS/GPL. You will ned to convert the files to something other than .gif or .tiff, however, because The Gimp doesn't support them due to patent issues.

Additionally, you should strongly consider using the .png format over .gif. You will get smaller file sizes. Plus, it's an open source format.

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Question: Reg Fix Edit?

I have a computer that I did a full reinstallment to clear up a system32 error. The only programs I added were:1. Sygate Firewall2.AVG anti virus3.SpybotAfter downloading the first installments of window updates and error popped up on my screen after restart:Message from SYSTEM to ERRORWINDOWS has found CRITICAL SYSTEM ERRORSTo fix errors download registry repair from: http://www.fixmyreg.comMy computer is definitely running slow but is it because of these errors? I didn't want togo to the site unless I really needed to.

Answer:Reg Fix Edit?

You have been HiJacked!!Oldest trick in the book.Do Not click on links or Popups wanting you to download a program to fix a problem.Show all Files & Folders these free tools.Trendmicro (free virus scan only) (free Trojan Scan) SE (update after installing) S&D (update after installing) doing this and the problems are not better feel free to post a HJT log.Be sure to read the How to submit a HJT Log and submit it to the appropriate forum. HJT Forum links provided below.How to submit a Hijackthis Log Forum

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Answer:How do I edit like this?

Are you wondering how to create a video like that?

There are a ton of video editing programs out there. Just google it.

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Question: Reg Edit


I'm having a devil of a time deleting several entries in my W2K registry. When using the W2K regedit I get the error message "error while deleting key". I've tried several other registry editors that I found on the web - all say the same thing - can't delete the key.

Anybody know of a registry editor that will delete these pesky keys?
BTW - the keys in question are leftovers from software that I no longer use.

Answer:Reg Edit

If you are running software that protects the registry from being changed you'll get a message similar to that one. Also, try deleting the keys from Safe Mode.

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Question: GP EDIT on win 10

I am pretty new to Group policy... I have noticed that settings like disable Mail and Calendar both in the Computer/Administrator and User/Administrator, do not work. Perhaps I need to write a new policy.

Answer:GP EDIT on win 10

They are both for Windows Vista only. You can remove mail and calendar by running powershell and typing this code: Get-AppxPackage *windowscommunicationsapps* | Remove-AppxPackage

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Question: vb6 - Hex Edit

Ok i'm trying to make a program that will edit the hex code and the offsets in the file. Can you explain to me how I would do this?

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Question: How to Edit PDF?

Hello guys, I need to edit a PDF template I downloaded from the Internet. Pls help me.

Answer:How to Edit PDF?

Here's some apps that edit PDF files:

NITROL PDF: You can edit a PDF file with the program Nitro PDF. It's shareware but it's very handy. You can create and edit PDF files - and even has it's own plugin for Microsoft Office Word to save as PDF.



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Question: How to edit flv

many people are looking a flv editor tool,hope it can join flv and so on.i found a good [url=click here]flv editor[/url],with this tool,u can trim FLV, merge FLV, split FLV, replace FLV audio, add metadata and cue point?save project file for future editing, transform MP3 to lossless FLV, etc.hope it can help you.

Answer:How to edit flv

click here] FLV Editor not only can edit flv video/movie with a few clicks, such as trim, crop, watermark, effet and merge multiple flv files into one, but also can convert the flv files to other video formats with superfast speed and high quality.

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Question: DVD EDIT?

Last night I recorded the Superbowl onto DVD for my son. Is there a prog which will alow me to edit out the ads before I pass it on to him. Thanks

Answer:DVD EDIT?

I use the free Mpg2Cut2 from click hereit does not install either, very good and fast.

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Question: Reg Edit

I was in the regedit and i found some things, under HKEY_USERS>S-1-5-19_Classes>Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Internet Settings>P3P>History, in this i found a loads of advertising sites - 'the name of the ad'.com such as and

should i delete all these values or leave them there?

Answer:Reg Edit

first of all, i wouldent reccomend fooling around in the registry unless you know exactly what you are doing. but since you seem to want to fix these things, id reccomend downlaoding hijackthis, and posting the log here.

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Question: reg edit and more

how do i enable reg edit? Also when im going through the steps to start removing mal and spyware i can only go through 310 memory and about 5200 registies and then it when just close the program i stopped it the last time and I removed with superspy about 20 infections from reg, 6 from memory and 10 from files. Then i tried it again and in the same spot it closed again. Then I just tried malaware to see if it needed to remove anything and as soon as I start to scan it closes the program

Answer:reg edit and more

Welcome to Major Geeks!

Please read ALL of this message including the notes before doing anything.

I have no idea as to what all you have removed. I hope you did not remove anything non-malware related.

Pleases follow the instructions in the below link:

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide
and attach the requested logs when you finish these instructions.
**** If something does not run, write down the info to explain to us later but keep on going. ****
Do not assume that because one step does not work that they all will not. MGtools will frequently run even when all other tools will not.

After completing the READ & RUN ME and attaching your logs, make sure that you tell us what problems still remain ( if any still do )!
Helpful Notes:

If you run into problems trying to run the READ & RUN ME or any of the scans in normal boot mode, you can run the steps in safe boot mode but make sure you tell us what you did later when you post logs. See the below if you do not know how to boot in safe mode:
Starting your computer in Safe mode

If you have problems downloading on the problem PC, download the tools and the manual updates for SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes ( links are given in the READ & RUN ME) onto another PC and then burn to a CD. Then copy them to the problem PC. You will have to skip getting updates if (and only if) your internet connection does not work. Yes you could use a flash drive too but flash drives are writeable and inf... Read more

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In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE I have an entry calledALTNET, this annoying piece of adware/spywarewas picked up by Spybot Search and Destroyand the program cannot repair it straight away only after a restart, but then still doesnt fix it.My question is, while I have full control inREGEDIT why cant I delete the registry entryALTNET folder and the subfolders. I get errormessage saying 'cannot delete Altnet, error while deleting key'?Any ideas?

Answer:Reg Edit why cant I?

Try deleting it in safe mode (Tap F8 when booting)

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Question: Edit PC name

Hi everybody, how are you doing today?
My friend has a Dell laptop running Windows 7 Home and needs help changing the PC name.  I attached a picture of what needs to be changed - just remove "Jared" from attached example.

Answer:Edit PC name

Take a look here: Change your computer name - Windows Help

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Question: reg edit Help

a friend of mine played a trick on me and edited my reg for winxp home(atleast I think that is what he did)......sum how he edited it so when my sys comes up it says I have a 1ghz p3 and a voodoo2 vid card ....I am running a 2.6 celeron and a bfg 5600 oc'ed......I don't know how he did this.........or how to fix there a prog that he used? to change my info? plz anyone help

Answer:reg edit Help

The easy answer would be to do a system restore to before he came over.

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Question: Reg Edit!!

hey im trying to get onto registry edit but when i go to run>regedit it come's up for like 2 seconds and the goes any sujestions as to why this is please post back asap

Answer:Reg Edit!!

follow the 5 steps

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Question: how to edit an AVI

Hi there. Can anyone advise me how to cut down a corporate AVI file please. This was sent and D/L over the weekend and I need to put it on a cd to give to people. Never done this before. When I tried to burn a first one in Nero it just comes up, the file is too large to fit on the media. Please insert a larger media.' then it ejects. The discs we have are 80 min 700 meg. The file says 738 meg. So I want to cut off the twirling logo thing at the front so it will fit on a CD. Can anyone help?

Answer:how to edit an AVI

I think VirtualDub will do what you want: click here to trim an avi or mpeg file.

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What kind of software (if any) would I need in order to view or possibly edit what's inside a DLL file? When I view a DLL in notepad it's just random letter strings. I'm curious to see what is inside them.

Answer:Is It Possible to Edit a DLL?

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Question: Edit GBA

Hallo guys, do you guys know how i can edit a gba game file? like adding items to the game..

Answer:Edit GBA

Perhaps there is a gameshark for the GameBoy Advance... but generally and cheat site should be able to show you how to add items, provided the company created that option.

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Question: edit VLC.mpg

Hi, is there any free software available to edit VLC.mpg files. These are clips I have recorded using my hauppauge TV card. This is purely for my own personal use. Thanks

Answer:edit VLC.mpg

Hi Chris, I use VLC a lot and edit my files like this.Using VLC, go to File/Wizard and click Transcode/ save to file. Select the required file and convert to MPEG1 right through.If your files are already MPEG 1 then omit the above bit.Open Media Coder from click here and again recode using codec MPEG 1 (audio MPEG Layer 2) If it says "No disc" just keep clicking continue. The file will then be called "VLC.mpg._transcoded" or similar.This file can now be accepted and edited using Virtualdub.exe and will need to be saved as an AVI file.If you have more than one AVI file they can be joined together using MediaJoin but leave the output file as AVI for better quality.The final AVI file can be reconverted to .MPG and made smaller by using VLC/file/Wizard.Incidentally, Virtualdub can also be used to synchronise sound and video if they get out of sync.All the above programs are FREE and covered by Google.I hope this helps.

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Question: .exe edit?

I want to exit an .exe file. I think it's a HEX Editor. Does anyone know of a simple free one? Thanks.

Answer:.exe edit?

Ultraedit is a free hex/text/scripts editor. It's quite small and nice, I'd recommend it.

I should warn you though, using a hex editor effectivly isn't an easy task.

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Hi, how do I edit a PDF form? It is a form and I wnat to be able to fill it in. I cant at teh moment thanks

Answer:How do I edit a pdf

click here - you could try this one.

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I have copied some VHS tapes playing them through on a TV which was connected to my DVD recorder on DVD+ DVDs but was unable to get them to run on my PC to edit the rubbish from them. Am I right in saying that I have to get the appropriate software to do what I am told is, ?Rip them? so that I can then edit the rubbish out? If that is correct could anyone advise me as to what ripping and editing software is suitable to a new starter with the limited aim of cutting rubbish out and adding sub titles?

Answer:VHS to DVD to Edit on a PC?

If they aren't playing on your pc at all you will have to finalise them on the dvd recorder itself before another player will recognise them.

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These are just two simple pieces of artwork of street scenes from the 1940s. I need someone to just edit out the text in the blue sky and hopefully make it look like nothing was there. I don't know how to do that and am not very versed at graphics and picture editing.

Answer:Need someone to edit this

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hi i cannot open my 4gb+ iso image but its less then 5gb with winiso. it comes up with assertion failed secno cfreemange.cpp line 112.

however the image can be mounted with d tools and open with iso buster but i need to add a few more 1mb data files to it so i can burn it

so can someone give me a better program to edit 4gb+ iso images ,

Answer:edit an iso of 4gb+?

This should work:

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Question: edit mp3's

i am looking for something simple that will allow me to delete the middle of an mp3 song.
thanks, franco

Answer:edit mp3's

mp3DirectCut a freeware mp3 wave editor.

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Question: Edit MPG

What is the name of a program (freeware) (and where can I find it)
that will let me edit/chop-up/sectionalize a (say)200 Mb MPG file into
smaller MPG's or individual JPG's??? And also, a program to change
(freeware) AVI's to MPG's and visa versa.....(or edit AVI's)

Answer:Edit MPG

Try Windows Movie Maker if you have XP. It should already be installed, but you can also go to Windows Update and get a newer version of it.

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Question: How to Edit a DVD

I have a DVD that contains 2 videos. I would like to take the one off. How do I do this? How do I figure out which files I need to take off?
Any ideas Wise Guys?
Thank You!

Answer:How to Edit a DVD

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Just wanted to know how to edit an mp3.Her's the prob: When downloading Audiobooks or long mp3 tracks they will not fit on one cd. So what I need to be able to do is to cut the track up so that I can put them on 2 or more cd's. I can't seem to be able to do this at the moment, I keep geting 'track won't fit'. I am using Windows Media 10 or Roxio Easy Media creator basic Home. Is there a free programme that is easy to use to do this?

Answer:How do I edit mp3's ?

Are you certain you are referring to MP3 files here?A one hour thirty minute spoken word MP3 file I have just looked at takes up 80MB. By my calculation I could get nine of these and more on an ordinary CDR.

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Question: MP3 Edit

Thanks to Helproom support I have found out how to download MP3's to my mobile. Prob. is that I thonk it downloads all of the file but only plays about 30 secs (thats all i want) B$ going into voicemail. Trouble is by downloading all the song it is chewing up my mob (Motorola Raz3) memory, I think.Anyone know of a SIMPLE way of taking a clip of an MP3 for subseqeunt downloadind?

Answer:MP3 Edit

Most wave editors will allow you to cut a section of the MP3 from the main MP3, Legslip. If you have Nero installed, it has a wave editor. If you don't have Nero, try Audacity. click here

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Question: Let's EDIT RT+

I've been using Pinnacle Studio 8 to do DV editing. I find that Pinnacle only has two audio tracks (commentary and music). I recently saw a demo of a new Realtime Video Editing Pacakge called Let's EDIT RT+ (It has 12 audio input tracks). Is there anyone familair with this product? Would appreciate some comments. Thanks.

Answer:Let's EDIT RT+

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Question: CAN NOT EDIT

All of a sudden my PC wont let me edit any documents or images at all. This message pops up when I try, "This file does not have the program associated with performing this action". I would be grateful for any advice.


First, try System Restore.If that doesn't work, try repairing the relevant file associations click here

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I wonder if on Win7 64 bit they did away with the venerable old DOS or edit.exe (I forget if it was ever an exe file, seems like it was). I know it was there in Win7 32 bit.
I can't find it anywhere on my new HP dv7 laptop. I can use textpad I guess but for quick and dirty editing of a new file, I found edit to be perfect.

Answer:where is or edit.exe?

64 bit Windows will not run 16 bit programs. To run 16 bit apps, such as the old .com dos stuff, you need to use an emulator, such as DosBox.

edit: for small powerful command line editor you may want to try vim

It has many implementations. 16 bit Dos ones as well as 32 bit Windows. It's a port of the vi editor that I ran into on Linux. I started using it enough that I found myself rapidly jumping between command and edit mode without having to think about it. I was afraid of going schizo. So I gave it up. But it's way more powerful than Dos edit. You can rearrange whole paragraphs and make complex substitutions using a few commands that you can't do in free Windows editors I've seen. Most Windows editors that have similar capabilities cost $150 or more.

edit2: now that I look at the vim page again, seems it also comes in native 64 bit Windows versions.

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Question: Edit Only?

Hey guys, I have 3 comps on a network, one acts as a server, the other 2 comps have their "My Documents" mapped to the server's My Documents. Is it possible that I only allow the other 2 comps to read and edit documents, but not delete it? It's very important that no one deletes it on accident or anything.

The reason I asked this is cus someone told me when you delete someone's documetns from another computer, it's just gone. I got that info here in H. Thanks.

Answer:Edit Only?

I'm assuming that you're using XP Pro or Windows 2003 for the server - in that case the answer is yes. Go into the folder's properties and click the security tab. In there, you can fine-tune the permissions so that a user is incapable of deleting files.

However, if this is a user's "My Docs" folder that you're removing delete privs from, that seems rather odd. A better solution in my idea would be to get backup software so that everything in those folders is backed up either to another folder or to offsite/removable media on a nightly basis so that if a file is deleted, it can be recovered.

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Question: Edit

Hi, I want to know if it is possible to change the edit in mspaint to photoshop?,if I select a jpeg and right click the edit menu is there but it opens in paint, i want it to open in photoshop. can anyone help here? do not get confused as to open with. this is edit with.


Instead of clicking "edit", click "open with", instead, and select Adobe Photoshop.
Or, if you want all certain file types to open in Photoshop, Open Control Panel > Control Panel Home > Default Programs > Set Associations. Select a file type in the list and click Change Program.

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Question: Edit ISO ?

Anyone know any free DVD software whereas I can modify, by deleting a file or folders from an ISO, proceeding saving the ISO ?

I've downloaded six different ISO editing software, including some compression software and they all won't let me modify the ISO, either they can't or I have to buy a paid copy.

Answer:Edit ISO ?

Try magiciso
MagicISO - Convert BIN to ISO, Create, Edit, Burn, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter/extractor/editor

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Yes I'm still a complete idiot when it comes to using Microsoft Paint...I want to take out the text "Disc Two" in this movie label. I actually played around with the paintbrush tool in paint and did a pretty good job, and in the software, it looked pretty good. But when I printed out the label everywhere that I had brushed in black or gray stood out as solid black swirls. Guess cause that's because I have a good printer.

After that I tried to just put another image kinda over it to cover it up, but I could not rotate the JPEG DVD label to put in on. Maybe you can do better. Attached is the Apollo 13 DVD label and the image I was talking about to possibly cover up the text if it can't be brushed out well enough

Answer:Can someone edit this for me!

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Question: reg edit

hi i need to get norton and mc afee completely out of my pc i ran the removal tools but they are still in the registry ive heard of reg edit but have not downloaded or used it. i read you can crash your pc if you mess up the reg any help would be great.

Answer:reg edit

I haven't used that one. I use RegSeeker because it has a "find in registery" feature. Like, I could put in Norton and it will find all references to Norton. Even then you have to make sure it is not something you don't want to remove.
You do have to be careful when changing the registery. Always, back up before making changes.
You could use CCleaner. It is safe and easy to use if you are not comfortable with changing your registery.

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Im trying to take notes for one of my classes. My teacher posts the notes as pdf powerpoints, with fill in the blanks. With my last windows update, I was able to add sticky notes to the blanks, and take notes that way. With the windows 10 update, it seems Im not allowed to do that anymore. What is an alternative for this?

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is there a way to edit this? sorry idk name.the left side of pic where it says recent doc., desktop, my doc,...SOrry if this in the wrong topic tread Only  my doc, my computer is only ueful to me and rest is a waste and it be great if i can add what i wantThanks for reading

Answer:how do i edit this?(don't know name)

It's  called the "PlacesBar"...give this article a read:

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Question: Edit a CD

I have a CD back-up of a vinyl album that was recorded live. This means there is one continuous track. Is it possible to insert gaps between songs?

Answer:Edit a CD

You will need some software that cleans up the recording and has the ability to separate the tracks.One such is click here

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Question: Reg edit XP

has someone got a link to the little piece of software called reg edit xp. I think it is that one.

Answer:Reg edit XP

Software??Try Start; Run. Type regedit and click OK

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Question: How To Edit A Pdf

other then using adobe writer (not sure even if that works) how can you take a PDF file and 'export' or 'save as' into an editable format? (other then printing then running thru an OCR)

Answer:How To Edit A Pdf

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Question: PDF edit

Hello! I have a need to make labels and use Avery 5408 3/4" round labels, product names. I did make several with the different info I need for each using Avery's template and saved them in PDF as the site instructed. Now I need to make others, new names, and I really need to just to be able to edit any one of these for the new title-it was quite the ordeal for me to create what I have on the round and I want them all to match the appearance of the others as best I can. PDF will not let me edit any one of these. It wants me to but a year's service to convert to Word or Excel. I see there are several programs that claim they will do this but I am no geek, I need ez to understand. I wouldn't mind several steps, I'll get used to that, but the way these are worded I get lost in the translation. Can someone recommend a ez to understand conversion program or a trick to force Adobe to let me edit? Thank you all, I appreciate any help!

Answer:PDF edit

Either one of these will let edit a ".PDF" easily:
Nitro PDF Reader - MajorGeeks
PDF-XChange Viewer - MajorGeeks​I generally use PDF-XChange Viewer, only because I'm a little more familiar with it's layout.

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I type in "regedit" into command prompt, and the interface thingy pops up. I am using Windows XP if that needs to be specified as well.

With problems continuing to escalate because of IS2010, I had a question about regedit. I noticed that located in HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Security Center\, things such as "UpdatesDisableNotify, Firewall Override, AntivirusDisableNotify" etc, continue to appear. If I delete them with Malwarebytes, they simply reappear. Then it struck me, I could possibly modify the binary so it doesn't know what to do? That way, it'll already have the programs there, so it won't renew them, but at the same time they won't be functional. Will this work? Any ideas?

PS: If I am totally wrong about the purpose of binary and it would be totally unrelated, feel free to call me an idiot.


Answer:Need Help with Reg-Edit!

Unless you know what you are doing in the registry I would avoid doing that. Secondly you should always back up your registry before making changes. see here: particularly section 4With regards to your issue take a look here: Remove Internet Security 2010 (Uninstall Guide)

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Question: reg edit

a virous took over my computer. now it keep messing up my reg. don't know what to do. it's called monxga32. i see it in my sys config and i disabled and clean reg but it keep showing up and mess the reg again. please help

Answer:reg edit

Download DDS and save it to your desktop. DDS.scrDisable any script blocker if your Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware has it.Once downloaded you can disconnect from the Internet and disable your Ant-Virus temporarily if needed.Then double click dds.scr to run the tool.When done, the DDS.txt will open.Click Yes at the next prompt for Optional Scan.When done, DDS will open two (2) logs:1. DDS.txt2. Attach.txt (do not zip just copy/paste) Save both reports to your desktop then post them please.You may need to post in segments to get all the info to us as the logs may be to large to fit in one post. Please download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from one of these sites:MalwareBytes1 MalwareBytes2Rename the setup file, mbam-setup.exe, before you download it. To do that once the "enter name of file to save to" box appears as the download begins in the filename box rename mbam-setup.exe to tool.exe> click save.1. Double Click tool.exe to install the application.2. Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.3. If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.4. Once the program has loaded, select "Perform Quick Scan", then click Scan. The scan may take some time to finish,so please be patient.5. When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results.6. Make sure that everything found is checked, and click Remove Selected.7. When disinfection is completed, a log will op... Read more

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After installing Intel Management Engine Components on my laptop, the name is shown as "Intel(R) Management Engine Components" in Add or Remove Programs.
I wanna change it to "Intel® Management Engine".
So I have created a .reg file as follows:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3443910272-680828281-3805887909-1000\Software\Classes\Local Settings\MuiCache\ED\52C64B7E]
"@C:\\Program Files\\Intel\\Intel(R) Management Engine Components\\Lang\\Resource.dll,-20000"="Intel® Management Engine"

The code works on my current OS and if I re-install the same Windows 7 or another Windows, it won't work since with each installation "S-1-5-21-3443910272-680828281-3805887909-1000" will change!
So how can I change the above .reg file to dynamically detect that changing path and apply my code?
No different if continue using .reg file or change it to .bat.
Any help, please ?! :)

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I have attached an animated image that I would like some help with. Simply put, I would like to have two in one avatar. What I mean is, can somebody make it so two are side by side in one image?

p.s. feel free to play with it a bit if you like. I wouldn't mind having it a bit more interesting

Answer:Will you edit this .gif for me?

Here you go...

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Question: dvd edit

i have a 'Matsui' dvd recorder. this records in mpeg2. windows movie maker won't pick up for me to edit. is there a software i can get to solve this or can i do it on windows?

Answer:dvd edit

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Question: Edit DVD

A cousin of mine had some old family 8 mm. videos placed on a dvd. Alot of it is their vacations which I don't care about. So, is there a way that I can take the dvd and delete portions of it that I don't want? If so, what do I need to accomplish that?

Thanks for your help,

Answer:Edit DVD

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Question: Reg Edit???

when I say run then regedit it says Registry Editing is disabled by administrator. How do I enable it???

Answer:Reg Edit???

Are you logged in as the administrator on this PC?

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Question: :edit:



Edit what?

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Question: Need vid edit help

Im looking to edit and compress video some of my files are 10 gigs and a lot
of "free or bundled" software wont handle it .. thanx for your help

Answer:Need vid edit help

:wave: Hello and Welcome to TechSpot :wave:

Have you tried VirtualDub?
From what I could see it should support large files (and give you the option of splitting them up into smaller files to avoid OS and codec limits)...

If you've tried it and found it not to be working, why not post a list of the programs you know don't work?

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Question: How to edit a dvd?

Hello, I want to make a dvd with my favorite segments of a large number of films i like. I know how to rip a whole dvd but i don't know how to edit a dvd, for example if i just wanted three minutes of a scene from a film and then connect them all together and make one dvd. Is there any software that does this? What should i do? thank you.

Answer:How to edit a dvd?

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Question: Edit Tab ?

Hello. . I take a photo, download to my computer, and save to a folder. (I use IrfanView as my viewer). The picture is now a thumbnail in the folder, when I pass the curser over the thumbnail, it gives me the photo information (size, dimensions, file type, camera type, etc)I think that is called a tag. Please correct me if I am incorrect. What can I do to to change that information to my own text. Is there a special utility that I have to use or can I edit in windows. The reason for this is, I donate information to Genealogy Societies such as photos of Cemetary markings and stones. I have hundreds of photos with different family names. It would be so much easier for a searcher to pass their curser over the photo thumbnail to look for their family name than to open each photo and read the inscription. I may not be very clear on explaining this issue so please ask anything that is not clear. My OS is Windows XP Home . The screen shot is what I am refering to. The text window is what I want to change. Thank you in advance

Answer:Edit Tab ?

Are you asking if you can rename the file?

Right click on the thumbnail and select "rename" and then type the name you would like the file to have.

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Question: edit.


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Question: why not a edit?

over the years on the PCA site it has often come up, why can we not have a edit?, nothing worse than posting, then having a look only to find one has made a pigs ear out of it...oh well, it was worth asking.......

Answer:why not a edit?

I agree it would be handy sometimes, but it would probably slow things down. This site is far busier than most. The ability to delete duplicate threads might save some load on the servers, but I suspect that the cons would outweigh the pros, otherwise it would have been implemented already. No use asking really. The forum's designers will have heard and considered all such wishes before, and will have designed it as they think best. Making changes to such a huge site is a mammoth task, and it has be updated twice recently. It is good to get into the habit of spell-checking before posting. Opera 7.50 now has spell-check with Aspell. If you need a spell-checker for IE try Ispell or Tiny Spell.

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Question: Edit PDF

I have 2 pdf documents. One is 4mb and the other 2.5mb
I need to make a minor change to the text on them due to an address change.
I have been searching for a (free) utility that will allow me to do this.
So far I have drawn a blank. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Edit PDF

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Question: Edit OEM

Guys I was trying to edit my systems oem's .ini file but when I try to open the file it gives me the error message "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" but i try to open the same oem i works.

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Question: reg edit

well to start out i dont know much about computers, but what i can tell you is i am very impaitent and i deleted quite a few of my regestry keys for windows xp is there any way to fix them without having to reload windows xp onto my computer

Answer:reg edit

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Question: REG Edit

I can't find HKEY_USERS\DEFAULT\Software|Microsoft\Cryptography\Providers on my computer. I was going to delete it because I'm locked out of my computer and have read several places that that's one of the things I should delete. I did locate the other file which should be deleted. Help?

Answer:REG Edit

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Question: How to edit PDF?

I want to edit text and delete some pictures and background in pdf. How can I do this without downloading any software?

Answer:How to edit PDF?

Welcome to the CH forums.AFAIK there is no .pdf editor packaged with any version of Windows.

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Question: Cannot edit now?

Hi, I used iPage to get a domain and used the included web design tool of "Weebly Drag and Drop Web Builder"... I got the title page done, and got my logo and slogan on there, with links to facebook and twitter and such. I have since thought that Wordpress is a better option. I have a wordpress account and got to the admin panel. I have the Wordpress installed to the correct domain but I'm confused.
1) I can't get Wordpress out of the blog sytle... I want a website, not a blog.
2) I can't edit anything using Wordpress... It just brings up the old website I made using Weebly.
I know very little about web design and have only made a few websites in the past, but never come accross problems like this. Thanks for reading; I would appreciate any help.

Answer:Cannot edit now?

There's a beginners tutorial on setting up a Wordpress site here.

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i went to change my startup page in IE away from this damn thing, (btw, i can't get rid of it with spybot, anyone have ideas?) and found that i somehow don't have administrative privelages on my own computer... i shrugged it off thinking it was some adware crap that got into my computer... but then installed xp on a freshly formatted computer, and went to get into ie options and got the same message... my computers are networked with a d-link router... i am the only user on both computers, neither are password protected... i did fill in the "domain" option in my d-link router, but later took that out. what is telling my computers that i don't have access to change my own IE setttings?


ok... i am checking the "users" section of my xp computer... i have an " machine A.." user added? it is limited and pasword protected... what is this????

Answer:can't edit IE options...

So.. lets catalogue your problems:

1) Spyware/adware has hijacked your browser
2) Can't access IE options
3) Don't have administrative access on computer
4) Problem has spread across network
5) Curious as to who this other user is
6) Connected another computer and the problem has spread to that one too (??? badly worded)
7) You're not sure what network protocol you're running
Mm... probably better off with a few different threads in appropiate sections rather than all lumped together incoherently here. Still, lets have a crack at it.

1) Try hijackthis. It's the most likely one to fix your browser problem. Find it yourself.

2) See above

3) If you're in the admin account already, or one with full admin privlidges... then you've got problems.

4) Ooh boy... it's not a virus is it? You do have AV installed everywhere... right?

5) .NET?

6) No idea.

7) TCP/IP isn't really too hard to work out. It's actually quite easy, especially given the vast amount of documentation out there- and on your computer.

Go Start -> Help and Support -? Networking and the Web

Read all the material relating to home networking- then there's even a wizard in there for you.

On a side note, one of the key points in recieiving useful answers on forums or Usenet is being able to use Occams Razor on your problem- distill it down to it's absolute essentials, post them, post your hardware/software then ask nicely for help with that one s... Read more

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How do I transfer a dvd+r to my pc to be able to edit it and make new dvd please?

Answer:dvd+r to pc to be able to edit/make new dvd

What type of content is on your DVD. Do you want to copy it or extract something from it.

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Hi Guys!

I have a tutorial in a CHM file format. I want to add some notes and highlight some stuff in the tutorial. Is it possible to edit a CHM file and if yes, how?


Answer:How To Edit A CHM File???

a quick search from google got these results. . for more...

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Question: edit registry

When I start XP, I get a message that it can't find E:CD/Setup.exe and it says I should delete it from my registry. I looked at the registry and it's gobbledigook to me. Any clues as to where I might find this notation, file or whatever it is?

Answer:edit registry

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What can I use to edit mpegs and other videos types?

Free is nice, or a trial version.

Nothing fancy, just bacis cut here, paste there, kinda thing.

Answer:What to edit vids with?

Windows Movie maker is nice and easy.

I made this with it:

download it here:

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Ok, here's the problem:
>I want to reference and post a Hyperlink or http address in a Forum for example.
>I copy and paste (right click>Copy Shortcut) the Hyperlink or address
>I right click>edit Hyperlink
>the Edit Hyperlink box comes up and I see the unedited link on the bottom but
>the box on top where I could enter the new, edited Hyperlink name is greyed out and disabled not allowing me to enter the edited name

It's been a while since I've done this and can't figure out what to do to allow me to edit a Hyperlink

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.
I have XP Home


Answer:How to....Edit a Hyperlink

I'm confused, why not just paste it and edit the link using your cursor and keys?
As in

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Hi All,

I am trying to figure out why I cannot edit a security entry in GPEDIT for passwords.

Basically I am trying to set a number of PCs to have a certain log in name and the password to be blank. But when you go ahead and create an account with a blank password you then get hit with the error that there are minimum requirements that windows XP has set.

So I go into the group policy program through gpedit.msc and get into windows settings->account policies -> password policies and here is where I ussually turn the value of minimum passworld length to 0.

But in this once PC I am seeing the option as blanked out. In other words it says 6 is the minimum length but I cannot change it. I checked to see if I was logged in as the admin and I was, and so I am wondering if you guys know anything I am missing.

Answer:Cannot Edit GPEDIT.msc

I did a search and found this article:,295199,sid63_gci973117,00.html

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Question: Edit MP3s

Does anybody know of a program/utility that I can use to edit out the dead air or noise at the end of some MP3 files?


Answer:Edit MP3s

Try checking out the various audio editors offered at the following Tucows site. I personally have not used one.

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Question: cool edit pro

i have cool edit pro 2.0, and im sure that it can do what i want it to do...but im not sure i wonder if anyone knew how to take a song and make the speed that it plays faster...thanks for anyone who can help

Answer:cool edit pro

Its been a while since i used the prog but i found that option in the help menu

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Hi, on a new computer with Windows 7 32-bit its not possible to run, when i run edit the cursor is blinking and nothing else happens. I can run on all other Windows 7 32-bit computers but on this new one its not possible. Is it the hardware
and is 16-bit programs to old to run on new hardware?

The PC is a ASUS VC65
CPU i5-6400T
Chipset intel H110
Windows 7 32-bit


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Hi Guys,
I created an incomplete dual boot situation when installing XP Pro. When I go to control panel- system-advanced-startup&recovery I find that the boot.ini file has two entries the only difference is the top entry has rdisk0 and the second entry has rdisk1. I believe if I edit out the second entry that has rdisk1 that my boot up will then go ahead without the delay that lists which boot I want to use.

But if I foul up and have selected the wrong entry I then will not be able to get into windows and therefore unable to re-edit boot.ini from the control panel-systems.

It's been forever since I tried to use Dos commands. I did create a floppy system disk to boot into Dos on start up via the floppy. I get the A:\ prompt but when I try to do the CD C:\ enter I get an error message and the A: prompt returns. I figure I i can get to C:\ I can access the boot.ini file that exists in the C:\root directory and there I can correct any errors I may have made in the boot.ini file. What do I need to do to get to C:?

I have two hdd installed and in windows one is C: and the other is D:

Thanks for your assistance.

Answer:Edit Boot.ini - How to?

If you uninstalled the second installation try this:

Go to Start => Run and type in msconfig
Click the BOOT.INI tab and click on the button 'Check all boot paths'.

For your info - if your partitions/drives are formatted with the NTFS file system you can't access them from DOS. You need to use the Recovery Console from your XP installation CD.

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