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Computer problems: display adapter

Question: Computer problems: display adapter

My pc is saying this when I turn it on and these are its exact words: At least one display adapter on the system has been disabled because it's driver is not compatible with the driver for the VGA adapter.

Please help me I really want to actually use my PC.

My pc is a XPS
Has no vga adapter just two white ones on the back
I check on device manager and it shows under display adapters 4 NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2

My monitor is an acer and has no HDMI cord
Please help me

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Preferred Solution: Computer problems: display adapter

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Computer problems: display adapter

Regardless of the error, is it working or not?

Update the video drivers. You can get the latest drivers from nvidia.

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I have an old 500Mhz PC that i dont use anymore, but would like to retrieve some files from it, but the only problem is that i can't see anything but a blank screeen. This came about when I decided to change the optimal settings in the BIOS menu from N to Y thinking i knew what i was doing, but since then i've been looking at a blank screen. The computer is still working in the background but if i need to do something it would be done in the blind. I know the problem is with the display adapter because i get a message mentioning it

Can someone please point me in the right direction to sort this problem out.

The PC has an onboard graphics card but i use a voodoo 5 series card and the BIOS setup utility is AMIBIOS HIFLEX - version 1.21.

However depite this problem I now have a new and much more powerful PC that i might be able to use to view these file but unfortunately I don't have a clue how to do this, so help there would be great also!



Answer:Display adapter problems

On the motherboard should be a BIOS jumper but its easier to just remove the power and remove the battery on the motherboard to reset the bios. Wait 5-10 mins before powering back up I have actually seen a few machines retain bios information that long.

If that fails take the hard drive out and buy a usb enclosure and put the drive in that.

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So I just got through totally cosmetically restoring my old Dell Inspiron 8000 which some members on here might be too familiar with... ¯\_(?)_/¯ Anyway, I installed Windows Millennium Edition so that I could install all of the drivers and programs for it, and I had a problem with the screen flickering on the right side, but I just guessed it was a Millennium Edition problem and disregarded it... then I upgraded to Windows XP, and guess what! The flickering issue was still there. The only things I can think of now are that my display adapter is going out, or I installed a driver that for whatever reason, is not agreeing with the display adapter. I downloaded the latest driver from Dell's website for the card rather than what has worked fine in the past for me, which would be installing the driver that I got on a CD straight from Dell meant to reinstall drivers on Inspiron 8000s, but that's an older driver than the one I got straight off of Dell's website so I don't know why that would be a problem. Tomorrow, I might swap out the card in there right now with another ATI Mobility M4 that I know works perfectly and that I have had stored in an anti-static bag to see if it's my display adapter or the driver that's being retarded. Of course, I've a video right here showing my display problem with some glorious onestop.mid in the background. Does anybody know what's up? Thanks in advance...


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I had a compaq cq61-313AX with windows 7, this machine packed it in. Bought an ( i assumed) identical computer with vista.
This is a cq61-210tu. I much prefer 7 and thought I could simply put my old harddrive in. Works fine except:

All my usb wont install properly - code 37 - driver cannot initialize

Two Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset Family display adapters keep installing, one says it works, the other is a code 12.
Tells me to uninstall one so it has resources. Hp website says I have a Nvidia geforce g103m.

Tried updating drivers, tried uninstalling, they just come back...
Not a complete noob but I'm stuck here. Help much appreciated as cannot use my computer for anything good until this is resolved.

Answer:USB And display adapter problems

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Hi I need some help pleae.

I have bought a P4 from a pawn shop and of course no software came with the box.

The cpu type is a amd athlon xp 1800 mhz.
The motherboard is a gigabyte ga-7vkml(-p)

I have loaded win89 se on the box.

The problem is that i can not get the display adapter right(yes i'm either to doff(stupid) cause when i delete the monittor and display adapter and try and find the right drivers i still get really krap display on the screen.

How do i get to load the right drivers or where can i go look to sort the problem out

Thank you very much


Answer:Display Adapter problems

see if you can see a manufacturers name in device manager or restart your comp and see what it says on the first line of type once your comp has restarted.

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Hi Guys,
Desperate need for help here. I recently build my desktop and my graphic card keep crashing whenever i play DOTA, watching movies on my desktop. Below are the necessary specs and log from my computer. Thks in advance.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1907626 MB, Free - 1054487 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P7P55D-E, Rev 1.xx, 107252740000832

Answer:Display Adapter Problems

(I thought I posted a reply but it doesn`t seem to have gone through .. sorry if this is duplicated.)
Make sure you`ve got the correct and up to date graphics driver installed for your particular system. It looks like it should be version 11.4 (link below).


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Hi everyone, Ill start by listing my specs:

Windows 98
pentium III proc.
64mb ram

Ok heres my problem- I somehow installed a new display driver and now my computer thinks I have a ATI Rage/Rage II PCI (ati_m64) video card. I know I have an ATI card but Im not sure which one. My question is, is there any way to find out what video card I actually have? And, (this would be easier) how do I get my computer reading my real video card and my display settings set back to normal. Because as it is right now, everytime I try to change my display settings like more than 16 colors or more pixels my computer restarts for the settings to take place but when it does it either doesnt come back on or an error pops up directing me to fix my display settings but the ones I just changed dont take affect. PLEASE I need to get this fixed so I can get back to playing wonderful computer games that Im currently paying to play and get some use out of the cable internet I'm paying for which its main purpose is playing games. Please any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance
A frustrated gamer

Answer:Display Adapter problems

Hello Smacky,

Right click on an empty spot on your desktop then select properties/Settings/Advanced/Adapter. Your display adapter type and info. should be shown there. Once you know the specifics either remove the adapter in Device Manager, reboot and reinstall the correct drivers when prompted (if you have the driver disk) or download the latest drivers for the card and install them. Hope this helps. KW1

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I have a HP Pavilion zd8000 w/WIN XP Media Center Edition and HP Dual TV Tuner and DVR. I'm trying to determine what is wrong with my display driver or motherboard video card w/ATI Mobility Radeon x600. I had a virus two weeks ago and my ATT virus program detected it and deleted it. After a few hours my lcd screen went blank(white). After every reboot the screen would go white or black after the Windows welcome screen. I could boot in safe mode to 640x480. I reloaded new drivers. SP33644.exe but the same thing happens. In device mgr. at display adapter properties it says the driver is working properly, but in display properties I have very few options. After I disabled the display driver I can boot up without safe mode and most everything works except I have very limited options in display properties, settings, advanced, monitor. It only shows the generic default monitor. I can't watch TV w/Media Center or have any option to watch a different monitor.
How can I tell if my graphics card on the motherboard is bad or if I need new or different video/display drivers?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:ATI display adapter or card problems

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 I have a problem with my compatability of my display adapter my laptop is HP Pavilion G4 with a product # QJ542EA#ABV . with windows 7 32bit OS . i have an Intel Graphics 3000 installed but its not compatible it keeps turning off whenever i turn my laptop on i have now currently disabled the display adapter any suggestions on what display adapter i should install ?

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I am having problems with display adapter...when i go to device manager there is a red x across the box and when i push it it says uninstall... i do not want to mess something up...I also have an action message wanting me to solve problem with ATT radeon
adapter but when I try to resolve it it says it cannot give me information

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I am having all kinds of blue sceen problems. I think I have narrowed it down to a bad video card, but how can I be sure other than to spend the money for a new one? If that turns out not to be the case is it just money wasted?

Answer:Video display adapter problems


Can you give me some specs:




Virus Protection?

Video Card

Any Recent Changes in Hardware or Software?

Hard Drive

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Hi Guys,
Desperate need for help here. I recently build my desktop and my graphic card keep crashing whenever i play DOTA, watching movies on my desktop. Below are the necessary specs and log from my computer.
2nd, as and when my internet would be disconnected for no reason. Im using a SMC router but my desktop is connected by cable not the wireless connection. Anyone have any idea what is the problem? Thks in advance.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1907626 MB, Free - 1054487 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P7P55D-E, Rev 1.xx, 107252740000832

Answer:Display Adapter and Internet Problems

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Had a wierd problem over night as when I switched on the TV this morning all had changed.

I've had my PC connected to HDMI 1 for years with UHD color active and had no problems whatsoever. Last night I was playing 'The Division' on the PC using the TV as my 2nd monitor, the in game video setting are 2560x1440 at 59hz and I've been playing like this for months. All I did last night when finished was to exit the game and put the TV in standby mode.

This morning when I started up the game my display settings on the PC was only showing 1 display, it would not recognise the TV. I tried the other HDMI ports and it would only work on HDMI 3, this is the only port that is greyed out in the UHD color settings. When I turn off the UHD on the other ports, HDMI 3 is still the only one that works. I've tried different HDMI cables all to reqiured hi standard but still no Luck. I have connected other devices to HDMI 1,2 and 4 and they work fine.

I can use it on HDMI 3 but the real problem occurs when I play the game @ 2560x1440 it will only run at 30hz. If I choose the 59hz setting in the game the display disappears. The wierd thing is, it will run at 3840x2160 @59hz

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One day when I started my computer (Dell Laptop) my display is stretched out and fuzzy. When I try to change the resolution it gives me an option for 1024 x 768 only, when I know that it had higher resolution previously. One time a restarted it and it was back to normal, however it has been a couple weeks now and it hasn't returned. I'm assuming it has something to do with this:

Answer:Having problems with Display (driver/adapter?)

The first thing to check is the device manager. Type device manager, in search.
In device manager look for any yellow warning markers.
Check your graphics driver. Update if necessary.

Just looked at the attachment, just as I thought. The yellow marker is there. Go to the website of the grapics card and update the driver. Its easy and you will be up and running.

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Puhleeeze, Hellpp!!

I have an older system which currently uses Wondows 98 SE. I was using Windows ME until 5 days ago, when I had a problem and called a fake technician to come in and fix it. Originally, the problem was that I received a blue screen telling me that my system halted while trying to access the "VKD" device. Later the "technician" told me that it meant "Virtual Keyboard Driver".

Okay, he comes in and at first attempts to install Windows 2000, but the Sasser Worm virus kept being detected, which wasn't present with WinME. Anyway, he ends up installing Windows 98 SE, and now I am getting messages that tell me that there's a problem with my display settings. Either my adapter type is incorrect, or my settings do not work with my hardware. I have tried setting the colors to HIGH-Bit and 256, but after I restart the comp., it won't take. i have gone to to see if I can download the drivers again, but I can't find anything. PUHLEEEEEEEZE, someone HELP!

Answer:Puhleeeze, Hellpp!! (Display Adapter Problems )

You need video drivers for your video card. So figure out what video card you have and go to the manufacturer's website (or just google for the card's drivers). If you have onboard video, go to the motherboard manufacturer's site (or again google it). Download and install drivers, reboot, right click on desktop, properties, settings tab, set it to what you want, done.

Also please try to use a more discriptive subject for your post next time, I have fixed this one for you.

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Hello all. I recently decided i was going to re-install XP. installed the beginning files, rebooted computer, and decided it was going to be more of a hastle than I thought. I started up windows regularly, and all was well.

then i noticed there was something up with the monitor display. seems the drivers had uninstalled. no worries, I check the device manager, and the two display adapters had a yellow exclamation point near them. No worries! I uninstalled both, and restarted. windows found them, they re-installed, i installed my monitor drivers, and all was well.


I restarted my computer the next day. and the same problem. the display adapters aren't staying 'found'. and i'm forced to uninstall them, restart, have the comp find them again, and then re-install the monitor drivers.

whats going on with my computer? :(

Answer:Display Adapter problems - they aren't staying installed!

Did you try installing a different (possibly newer) driver(s)? Do you know what model/make your graphics card is? If so, go to the manufacturers website and get the newest driver for it. Sometimes Windows automatically finding drivers for devices doesn't always work perfectly.

One other possibility---though its a stretch--is that you possibly also installed software which doesn't allow any alterations to the os and rolls the system back after each reboot. I have Online Armor installed on one of my systems and I have to allow for any changes made to my system. It's unlikely that this is what's going on, but not impossible.

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Haven't found other threads dealing with this, but I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to get my wireless display adapter working properly in Win10 (worked great with my Surface Pro 3 with Win 8.1 - I'm on Win 10 build 9926 at the moment).


I can Win+P to get to my projector options, and my Surface Pro 3 connects to the wireless display adapter. Video sort of goes through - I can see the mouse on the second screen, and sound comes out of my tv speakers, but within a few seconds it disconnects. Similarly, if I open VLC player (even on the main screen) the wireless display adapter connection is lost.

Any help?

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Windows 7 EnterpriseSystem does not see or react to external display when connectedNothing displays when connectedExternal display says nothing connectedTried multiple dongles - same results
Other system that include a VGA connector work just fine to same external display.

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Hey, I recently had to re-install Windows due to some issues stemming from the aftermath of a virus and the subsequent removal. I honestly don't know how it came about, but it's behind me now as I've installed my new Vista on my laptop.

I went through the normal installation of drivers and have had no problems except for two issues, my video drivers/display adapters.

When I check the Device Manager there's exclamation points next to the Display Adapter > Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and Other Devices > Video Controller.

I tried to install the ATI M92 Driver I need from Dell's driver site, installed it smoothly, and scanned for hardware changes. Windows picked up a new hardware and tried to install it, I obviously didnt have the CD so I directed it to where I installed the ATI M92 driver at, under Program Files > ATI. That didn't work and the hard drive installation failed.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? I need to know how to resolve the problems in both my Display Adapter > Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and Other Devices > Video Controller issues. Please help Sad , I'm trying to get my screen resolution past a 1024x768.

Thanks, Darrin.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1545 Video Controller and Display Adapter Problems (VISTA)

Generally the drivers from Dell will install themselves.
Just double click on the file that you downloaded and it will do the rest.

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Hi everyone,  I have bought a Lenovo T570 and a VGA to USB Type-C converter to had an external display on it. The problem is when I lock the computer I need to manually unplug and plug the converter to turn on the external display. Have you an isue like this and do you know how to avoid this ? Thank.

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Hi,Our 7040 minitower has two standard (not ++) DisplayPorts.  Our monitor is dvi-D (dual-link). Dell supplied the tower with a DisplayPort to dvi adapter.  The advice received was that this adapter wouldn't work because it was passive.However, hooked it up and the dvi-D (dual-link) monitor displayed perfectly.Would anyone know why this adapter succeeded (when apparently it shouldn't have)?

Answer:How did this passive display adapter do the job that should have needed an active adapter?

Its not a passive adapter.
HDMI is bi directional and passive.
Display port is not.

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Hi, I have all my logs posted here and the follow up post.

First, my computer is extremely slow. I especially notice it at startup but don't know what i can delete/disable. I like the spybot startup disable b/c it will mostly tell me what i am disabling.

Second, sometimes my MS Media Player stops playing sound. I can't remember what the error message says b/c since i followed steps 1-8 it now works fine.

Third, my display window on some programs will have the tool bar menu item background in gray boxes (i.e. File, Edit, View, etc). Then at times the task bar will blink between the standard blue and the gray.

Can you check out my logs and help clean some of this up? Thanks, you geeks are great!

Answer:Slow computer, MS Media Player problems, and display? problems

follow up logs

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I know there are several threads but they are with different cards and they didn't solve my issue...

I bought a new MEDION AKOYA P5334E and the system arrived installed normally with win7 home edition.

I've installed on the computer the win7 enterprise edition (x64) and many drivers could not be find. I've installed nost of them, except the display adapter.
It's stuck on "standard vga graphic adapter".
I have the AMD Radeon HD7570 card but no matter what I try is not working!!!
tried to uninstall the current driver, tried to download the driver from the AMD website (when executing it - it's running but does nothing).
when executed the auto detect from AMD website, I got the message "we were unable to find your product or OS"

Will be greatful for any help!!!
Thanks a lot!!!

Answer:display adapter is stuck on standard vga adapter

Welcome to the Sevem Forums, Oraz.

If you still have the DVD of Windows 7 home edition and if it is also 64-bit then you might find the graphics adapter driver there which might get installed. Otherwise try installing Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD7570 in Windows XP SP3 mode.

Another option is to try installing the Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD7570 that you have downloaded in the safe mode. In case the this driver gets loaded in the safe mode then it shall install too.

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Each time I start up settings in display properties resets to
Screen resolution 640 X 480
Color Quality low 8 - bit
I rest them to
1024 X 768
32 bit
apply and restart and they reset to the above.

The correct monitor and Adapter are selected.

I ran a update search for each and it says I have the latest driver version.

If I need to update the monitor and Adapter driver what version and where do I need to go?

Any Help would be appreciated.


I resently downloaded service pack 2 and added Microsoft USB reciver wireless keyboad and mouse.

Operating system Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
Processor 1.4 gig pent 4
Maxtor 96147H6 Hard Drive
Main Circuit Board Hewlett Packard HP WMTA systern board 123
Bios Phoenix Tech
Memory Modules 512 meg RIM non-ECC
NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 Display adapter
View Sonic A90f+ 17" Monitor
Firewall ver
Security center ver

Answer:Display Properties will not apply settingsNVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 Display adapter

get the latest driver from Nvidia themselfs for your GFX card .. go here and click Graphics Driver > Gforce & TNT2 > XP/2000 and click GO ... this will locate the correct driver for you.

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Hey everyone. I'm having some problems with my computer. Here's my situation.I turned on my computer, and upon loading up with the windows loading screen, my screen turned off and said 'No Signal'. I tried again thinking something must have happened. It did the same thing. After hours of trying all I could think of, I had no choice but to restart the whole system.I reloaded windows, and it all loaded up. So far, so good. All that was left was to install the video card. Half way through installing the video card driver, the screen went funny (flashing a couple of moments), then turned off and said 'No Signal'.I was now very confused. I tried again, but to no anvil. I know what you're thinking: 'Ah, must be the video card then.' Alas, I went and bought a new video card. I put it in and reinstalled windows. Half way through installing the driver, the screen went funny, turned off and said 'No Signal'. Help, someone, help! I don't know what's happened.EDIT: Everything was working fine (as it has been for the last year) until yesterday.

Answer:Display/Computer Problems.

Did you try to put video card in another slot?

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Ok let me go over the basics and then the steps that I have taken so far. Any help is appreciated, thank you

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processor
1.00 GB of Ram
Socket 754 Abit K8n Mobo
E-Gforce 7600Gs Video Card

Insignia 19' Monitor

The video card is brand new, I recently had a Radeon 9600 in the machine and it was doing the same thing, hence the reason why I bought a new video card.

The display looks slightly blurry to me and is causing eye strain. This has happened twice before in the last year since I originally built the computer.

The last two times I fixed it somehow but usually by fluke. I have already formatted the computer several times, installed different video drivers, used drive cleaner pro each time.

This started when I opened up my computer last week and used some canned air to clean the inside out. Since then the display has been slightly blurry, just enough to make my head hurt.

The display im using is 1280x1024 with a refresh rate of 85hz

The monitor, cpu, mobo, ram and many of the other items are less than a year old.

Please god to anyone that can help me with this, maybe whos had a similar problem.

Any questions please post and Ill try to get back asap.


Answer:Display problems with computer

Try this, go to start/control panel/display/settings/advanced/monitor, and change your refresh rate until you find one that is comfortable to you. ed

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I had to reinstall windows 7 on my acer aspire 5560g laptop, I installed the drivers on the Acer site. I found the legacy updates for my cards and installed them. And I am still having problems.

The monitor is not showing the native resolution of 1366 x 768, it's topping out at 1024 x 768, it's refusing to let me use the built in screen savers. It's supposed to be a duel graphics system and the device manager lists two under the display drivers. Both are listed as standard vga display. One with the little yellow exclamation mark. It's driving me nutty. Can someone help me?

On a side note, the slider for screen brightness has also gone missing, and the fn brightness control doesn't work either.

Answer:Display adapter now listed as standard vga display

You are missing the graphics drivers. To save you some time here I gave you a link:

Acer Aspire 5560G Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP

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A few months ago, the built in keyboards on both my laptops died. This forced me to order a usb keyboard by mail, an Amazon basics keyboard. One laptop has windows 7 and the other vista. At first all went well until the last few weeks. Menus started opening by themselves, letters typed by themselves and today the screen display started shutting off repeatedly, interfering with my work.

All signs point to malware or a virus, yet when I scan with anti virus or anti malware it shows no infection found. Also when I unplug the keyboard the problem stops, when I plug it in the problems begin. I never dropped the usb keyboard or spilled liquid on it so I don't see how it could be hardware related. I've tried many things but nothing works. I don't want to reformat unless I know it is a virus or malware rather than the keyboard.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2370 @ 1.73GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2037 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 448 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 140898 MB, Free - 9467 MB; D: Total - 11727 MB, Free - 1126 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 30D9
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Computer Display Shutting Off by Itself With Other Problems.

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The monitor has a almost fluro look about and the print is blotchy and unclear. Tried the FIX IT gadget but says it does not work on a 24 pixcel moniter. Connected another new monitor and same message appeared. This was a second hand purchase and the seller said he installed windows 7 on it himself. The computer is an older style.
Any ideas please??

Answer:display problems after reconnecting computer.

Do you have a button marked "Auto" on your monitor - this sets it to it's default setting.
Have you had a look at your screen resolution/colour settings.?
Have you tried to adjust clear type text? Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and click on Personalize. On the bottom left click on Display and then on the left you will see Adjust Clear Type Text.
You will also see in the same panel adjust resolution and calibrate colour.

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I have an HP Pavilion laptop. Recently I got a Samsung LED TV. I am using an hdmi cable to connect the two and watch computer content on the tv. It works fine but when I unplug my computer display is messed up. There are gaps on top and bottom and it doesnt look right. I am not smart enough to figure out what the problem is. Can anyone help? thanks

Answer:Computer display problems from hdmi

So, it is fine, when it is plugged in, but, when you unplug it doesn't look good on the monitor (tv screen) I assume that powering off and on, fixes the monitor issue? Or is it the laptop that has the problem?

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I am having a problem with my Win2K server where the "windows explorer" and "my computer" will not show me ANYTHING! At first I thought it to be the problem w/ the right side pane not showing the files so i tried the "Ctrl and Plus key (number pad)" trick to no avail! Then i went to my computer and nothing there either.....same in control panel - it will show me the icons in control panel, but nothing deeper! I discovered this after getting a "system log full" error and trying to go in and emptying out the event viewer, but i cant even get there! When opening any of the aforementioned dialog boxes i did notice a little dot in the upper left corner of the active window and the dot has a little fine box around it......almost like when you highlight something and then unselect it and it leaves behind an outline around the object that was selected.......if that makes any sense! Can anyone shed any light???

Answer:My Computer / Explorer display problems

This is a bit of a longshot, but trying reinstalling wscript 5.6 for Win2k; sometimes problems like that are due to a damaged scripting engine:

Also if you go to Start > Run and enter:

control appwiz.cpl

does Add/Remove programs open, and is it fully populated?

Can you find Microsoft Internet Explorer there? Try running Remove > Repair.

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I just got my dell inspiron 6000 in the mail today, and everthing seems to be going alright except with the display... everything looks fine, but certain applications get really messed up in regards to color. For example, the AIM startup screen is purple in background with all sorts of colors everywhere. I've tried changing resolution and color quality, which is at 32 bit. I have the ATI Mobility Radeon X300. This is really damn annoying and I hope I canget this taken care of tonight... thanks!

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I was playing a game that I had downloaded off of the internet when something happened and it just closed out. Well afterwards my desktop and ever screen I open looks like my computer is in safe mode. The desktop Icons are huge and all the lettering and internet boxes when they open are a lot larger than normal. I have tired restarting my computer but it doesnt help anything. I would greatly appreciate any help on this matter. I am currently running windows xp home with service pack 2. thanks again!!!

Answer:[RESOLVED] Computer Display Problems.

Open the Display Properties/ Settings tab and try to change your screen resolution. Also make sure the color quality is set to Highest(32bit)

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I have Windows Media edition on a HP laptop and had to run a restore from scratch. Now when I right click to select a background on the desktop display, it shows my selection, but it will not save it even after I click apply. Why will it not save my selection?

Answer:computer Background display problems

Are you hitting both Apply and OK?

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My fairly new (2007) laptop has started having recurring problems- running slow, Internet Explorer crashing all the time and loading pages very slowly, weird display problem (font on webpages out of place or the wrong size, icons not displaying normally). I have run AVG, Windows Defender, and Trend Housecall, but haven't found anything. My CPU seems to be running a lot even when I'm not doing anything on the computer. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Below is my HJT log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:34:49 AM, on 16/05/2009
Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16830)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\NDSTray.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Utilities\KeNotify.exe
C:\Program Files\Camera Assistant Software for Toshiba\traybar.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint2K\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Power Saver\TPwrMain.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\SmoothView\SmoothView.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\FlashCards\TCrdMain.exe
C:\Program Files\ltmoh\ltmoh.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\PIF\{B8E1DD85... Read more

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I am currently encountering problems with my internet connection because of a problem to my computer's Network Adapter which; Realtek RT Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0) additionally, I cannot watch movies with my computers Media Player because there is also a problem to the; Standard VGA Graphic Adapter.

I have tried updating in Systems but says the driver software for the device is up to date. I even tried disabling it but the problem still persist. Even scanning it incase of hardware change, but still a problem.

Is there any advice on how I can configure the problem.

Answer:Network Adapter and VGA Graphic Adapter problems

Originally Posted by ausred

I am currently encountering problems with my internet connection because of a problem to my computer's Network Adapter which; Realtek RT Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0) additionally, I cannot watch movies with my computers Media Player because there is also a problem to the; Standard VGA Graphic Adapter.

I have tried updating in Systems but says the driver software for the device is up to date. I even tried disabling it but the problem still persist. Even scanning it incase of hardware change, but still a problem.

Is there any advice on how I can configure the problem.

Hello ausred, and welcome to Windows Vista Forums.

First, can you describe the "problems" you are having with your Ethernet card?

Can you post a screen shot of the Ethernet card entry in your "Device Manager"?

It would look like this:


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Hi everyone I am new to and I know my way around a computer fairly well, but I need some help if anybody's willing!  I have been having some trouble playing certin games after I install them, saying the display driver is not working properly, or that I do not have the right video card installed.I have never had this problem before, because I have played the same games on this computer a while back. I just recently installed them again. I went to my device manager and under the display adapter tab there is an error when I click on the display adapter (Intel (R) 82945G Express Chipset Family) it says:This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.I think this is why my games are not working. I have reinstalled the driver, checked for updates, but it still doesnt work. Hopefuly someone can help me!THANKS

Answer:Help with display adapter

can we have more info? cpu ram ect...

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hi i upgraded to sp2 and nvidia gforce mx440 card is now not shown in device manager. have tried downloading new files from site but they dont work and i am having trouble viewing please as pc on its way out of window.....

Answer:xp sp2 and display adapter???

you may have read my posts yesterday,i was having all sorts of trouble using the same card as you "nvidia gforce4 mx400", iwent to the nvidia site and downloaded the latest driver,and everything is fine now,its quite easy to find the driver, just make sure you close down your antvirus and as much other stuff as you can before installing the driver good luck

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Question: display adapter

Help.... i accidentally turned of my display adapter and now i can't see to re enable it what can i do to solve this???

Answer:display adapter

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Question: display adapter

the problem of my  laptop is that they can not low the brightness always the brig htness is full and i can not fix this problem i do not know how to fix this problem any one who can show me how to fix it.

Answer:display adapter

Hi, Did you downgrade/upgrade your machine ? Please try Regards.

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Question: Display adapter

I have a Toshiba Tecra laptop wiyh a nvidia fx go5200 display adapter.This display adapter seems to have gone bad,device manager says the adapter is not working or has a problem,I have tried to update the driver but that does not help.The screen is very blury and the mouse pointer seems to leave trails.I can barely read most text and some not at all,the computer seems to work fine other than that I can use all functions as long as I can see the things I need to click on and such.If the display adapter is bad ,is this something easily replaced if opened up,and is there any other possibilities or solutions.    roughneck.

Answer:Display adapter

try reinstalling the drivers look here and make shure you select the correct video card series and operating system

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Question: Display Adapter

I was updating my display drivers on my new Vista rig.

But the display adapter change from NVidea GeForce to a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.

Is there a way to change the Adapter back to what it suppost to be? Am having some gaming issues when launching some games. Saying that the display adapter isnt compatible with directx.

Appreciate any constructive input/feedback. Thanks in advance!

Answer:Display Adapter

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I was trying to install Minecraft and run it but it didn't load in and it said i need a new Display adapter and my current display adapter is a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and every time i install a new one i need to restart my computer but when i'm logging in instead of going to the normal what user to log in as it goes to a screen saying frequency out of range lower resolution and i do lower my resolution and try to log back in the same screen comes up again and any help is good help thanks


OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name USER-PC
System Manufacturer Gateway
System Model SX2855
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G460 @ 1.80GHz, 1800 Mhz, 1 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. P01-B2, 8/16/2011
SMBIOS Version 2.7
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume2
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514"
User Name User-PC\Administrator
Time Zone Central Standard Time
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 2.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 1.95 GB
Available Physical Memory 1.03 GB
Total Virtual Memory 4.18 GB
Available Virtual Memory 2.85 GB
Page File Space 2.24 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

Answer:Display Adapter HELP!!!

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Question: Display adapter

I reformatted my hard drive and now when when it is trying to find new hardware,it continues for a long time. I shut it down and went into safe mode and I look into device manager and at one time there were over a 100 display adapters listed (all the same) I have pulled my video adapter out and it is an S3 Trio64
9524 B35311.2
Where can I find that driver.
I have deleted all the repeated adapters and rebooted and it does it again. Can anyone help?

Answer:Display adapter


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hey guys,
I checked device manager on my g50-80 device and I noticed there are 2 dipslay adapters 
AMD Radeon R5 M330
intel(r) HD graphics 5500
now I wonder which one is working on my system?
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


Go to Solution.

Answer:G50-80 - display adapter?

 Hi NSR , 
By default the pc would complete POST (power on self test) on intel(r) HD graphics 5500 then boot into Windows. 
It would work as an automatic switch similar to what is set on the BIOS configuration even on basic windows usage.
In any event that an application or any demand would require better display performance, AMD Radeon R5 M330 would take over the presentation as needed,
AMD can also be switched to any particular application manually.
Hope this answered your query. 

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Question: Display Adapter

I have a problem with my display adapter (NVIDIA Vanta LT) It says it is not configured properly when I try to start my computer.
Then when I try to restart my computer I get an error message-
File Name: NVCORE(01) + 0000BC71 Error: OE : 0028 : C15520A1

I reinstalled all the drivers for it and still doesn't work.

Do you think I need to get a new display adapter?

Answer:Display Adapter

restart the machine, just after the memory count and before windows loading message start tapping the F8 key, from the startup menu choose safemode.
Once in windows Click the Start button and select Find, and then Files and Folders...
Make sure the Find applet is set to search your C:\ drive and do a search for "nv*.*" - without
the quotes
Look for any files found in the C:\Windows\System and C:\Windows\Inf and C:\Windows\Help
Select these files and delete them (do NOT empty them from the Recycle Bin until you know
your upgrade has been a success)
Exit the Find applet .

Now reinstall your video card drivers and reboot. I would suggest downloading updated drivers as your drivers could be corrupt. You can get the newest at

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Question: Display adapter

I just built a computer and when I boot up win ME I get an error - 'Display adapter is not configured properly....'. Then it
goes through the add Softwared Wizard, but finds none.
My Display settings are as follows:

Unknown Monitor on Unknown Device

and only lets me choose 16 colors

Is this because my video card is not good or
my monitor drivers are not installed or something


Answer:Display adapter

This is because the AGP slot (assuming you have an AGP video card) is not recognized by Windows. Try installing from the drivers of your video card: search in the drivers CD of it, the folder Win98 or WinME, and run the program Setup. In this way it should work. Good luck.

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Question: display adapter

Can anyone help me. I have reinstalled win98 and now I only get 2 and 16bit in my colors. All I see on the computer is grey's and blue's. I have a s3trio3d(365/366) video card.So if anyone knows where I can get a new card to download it would be great.Thank-you

Answer:display adapter

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You will need to install the drivers for your graphics card.

If you do a google search for your model of graphics card you shouldn`t have any trouble finding them. Just make sure you download the correct drivers for your os.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Question: No Display Adapter

So I was givin this Vaio VGC-RB30 from a coworker. It had Windows XP Home Edition on it, and it was running horribly so I decided to use a Windows XP Pro disk on the computer. I reformatted to NSFS and loaded up pro.

Everything runs normally but I play this game (Maple Story) and when I try starting it I get an error message. From talking with their support team I came to find that I don't have the option Display Adapter in the Device Manager. Thu further research and help from them it seems I don't have a driver for my display card or monitor. I have tried to download both of these with no success. Says I don't meet the requirements or some other error. Also I haven't been able to download Itunes or a few other little things. With a bit of research on the tower I learned this model never came with XP Pro. Only HE and ME.

So I'm not to sure what to do about my situation apart from putting a new OS on here. I was leaning towards HE because that's what the computer came with stock.

Also an extra piece of info that may be helpful is that my graphics card is a Intel GMA 900. And my monitor is an HP vs17e

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope someone can help, I've been dealing with this all day and all my research hasn't seemed to solve this problem.

Answer:No Display Adapter

You can download the original video driver from the Sony website:

You can get the latest driver from the Intel website:

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I want display adapter driver for D945 inter's motherboard because I have older version or other type of driver which is not supported by many latest I am not able to play these games. so which drivers are sutable for me?Plese inform me.Thanx

Answer:for getting display adapter

Go here: Google is your friend!Home Page

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Question: Display adapter

Hey everyone!I got my new notebook and installed a windows 8.1 on it and now i cant use the dedicated card only the intel graphics one.Its definetly in BIOS settings but i cant unlock the advanced option in this beauty...... so i could use some help     (insydeh20 F.25 ) (...and yes i tried setting it in nvidia control panel but no banana) Thanks in advance.

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Question: Display Adapter

Please Help....Display Adeapters doesn't show in my device manager. This happen after I try to installed ATI Radeon 9550 video card. Previosly I had a NVidia card. I deleted the drivers for this card and after that "Display Adapter" disapear from Device Manager.Thanks,Jesus

Answer:Display Adapter

So load he drivers from the CD that came with the card.

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Question: Display Adapter

I recently formatted my hard drive and foolishly forgot to backup my drivers, now I have no idea what Display Adapter Driver to download. Here are my computer details:Computer Operating System Microsoft Windows MEOS Service Pack NoneInternet Explorer 5.50.4134.0100 (IE 5.5 - Windows Me)Motherboard CPU Type AMD Athlon-PECM, 1211 MHz (6 x 202)Motherboard Name Asus A7VL-VM (3 PCI, 2 DIMM, Video)Motherboard Chipset VIA VT8364 Apollo KL133System Memory 112 MB (PC133 SDRAM)BIOS Type Award Medallion (03/22/01)Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)Communication Port Communications Port (COM2)Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)Display Video Adapter Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)3D Accelerator S3 Savage4Monitor Proview 17-inch 775/776/778Multimedia Audio Adapter VIA AC'97 Audio ControllerStorage Floppy Drive GENERIC NEC FLOPPY DISKDisk Drive GENERIC IDE DISK TYPE47Network Primary IP Address MAC Address 00-00-00-00-00-00Network Adapter PPP Adapter.Can someone please help?Cheers

Answer:Display Adapter

click herefor mobo driversclick here and have a here

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First of all I'm not an experienced computer programmer My brother did a format C a few days ago and when I try to install the ATI display driver, then an error pops up: the display driver is not compatible with the display adapter(s) installed in your system.So can anyone guide me step-by-step how to install it then. I know that I have to install a proper display adapter for ATI, but where and how:)

Answer:about display adapter

There are 2 things you need to know to get the correct video drivers.1) The display adaptor. (Use Everest Ultimate trial edition to find this out)2) Your Operating System.

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Question: display adapter

bought second hand laptop. was working fine. now when it boots up the screen size is the size of a postcard rather than the full size.

have tried to change settings, but doesn't let me increase screen size.

apparently it's something to do with the display adapter but don't know what to do to fix it

any thoughts?

Answer:display adapter

update the driver

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well this all started along time ago when i got an invalid page error that wouldn't let me access much of anything on my computer. nothing worked. but i found a way to get on the internet through my version of rpg toolkit and i found out how to delete everything on my hard drive and start over. i did that. and installed windows 98. but now the color is stuck at 16 colors and the resolution is stuck at the lowest one. and i can't change the adapter from Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA). everytime i try to change it. i get a message saying to restart my computer which i do then when i comes back it says that the one i chose wont work and that i should set it back to the VGA one. but before i did the hard drive wipe and installing of windows the resoluion and color were fine and i could select true color and get the reolution up to the 1000 one. what should i do?

Answer:help with display adapter

u need the latest drivers for your graphics card.
What graphics card do u have?

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I have a MS Wireless Display Adapter for my TV set.
It works with my SURFACE, but will not work with my Desktop PC!

I purchased a Bluetooth dongle & installed it on me Desktop Win 10.
The Bluetooth was purchased from Maplin in Dublin Ireland.
I used the CD install disk & the dongle shows up in the DEVICE MANAGER as working!
But it does not work with my Desktop PC!

My question is:

Will my MS Wireless Display Adapter work with a Bluetooth USB adapter on a Desktop PC?
If SO, how do I set it up!
If NOT, what do I have to do to get it to display on my TV?

It works using my Surface Tablet!
What does the Surface Tablet have that my Desktop PC Doesn't have?
It is a ASUS Motherboard in my Desktop PC.

Any help is appreciated as this is intended to be used in a retirement home to teach
the "OLD FOLKS" about computers. I am one of them (87) but I am very computer literate!


The oldest member of Win 10 Forum

Answer:MS Wireless Display Adapter

Hi, Tully. "Bluetooth" and "Wireless" ( "WiFi") are two separate and distinct radio frequencies. You would need a WiFi dongle for this job unless the wireless display adapter already hooked to your TV has a Bluetooth option built-in/switchable.

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I can't change colors higher than 16, nor resolution higher than 640x480. I've got the monitor adapter (Philips 150S) and the display adapter is shown as Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)- as recommended by Windows. I've run Belarc to try and find the graphics card but it came back with 'Standard PCI Graphics Adapter VGA'. ?

Answer:Display adapter - only 16 colors

You'll get more information from this; click here

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I recently formatted my hard drive and foolishly forgot to backup my drivers, now I have no idea what Display Adapter Driver to download. Here are my computer details:
Operating System Microsoft Windows ME
OS Service Pack None
Internet Explorer 5.50.4134.0100 (IE 5.5 - Windows Me)
CPU Type AMD Athlon-PECM, 1211 MHz (6 x 202)
Motherboard Name Asus A7VL-VM (3 PCI, 2 DIMM, Video)
Motherboard Chipset VIA VT8364 Apollo KL133
System Memory 112 MB (PC133 SDRAM)
BIOS Type Award Medallion (03/22/01)
Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
Communication Port Communications Port (COM2)
Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

Video Adapter Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)
3D Accelerator S3 Savage4
Monitor Proview 17-inch 775/776/778

Audio Adapter VIA AC'97 Audio Controller


Primary IP Address
Primary MAC Address 00-00-00-00-00-00
Network Adapter PPP Adapter.

Can someone please help?


Answer:Display Adapter Driver

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I have had Vista Ultimate for about 3 months and I've had this problem for a while but have been to lazy to try resolve it..

My PC Specs are...

Intel Pentium 4 (2.8ghz)
1gb ram
80gb Hard Drive
Geforce 5200 GX

When I start the computer and it goes past the Windows loading screen instead of the desktop coming up just one window pops up with the rest of screen being a black background(see image below)
It comes up as My Documents instead of Control Panel though..

Numerous messages have popped up like..

"At least one display adapter on the system has been disabled because its driver is not compatible with the driver for the VGA adapter"

"Incompatible display adapter has been disabled"

I see that the problem is explorer.exe isn't coming up on start up but this can be resolved by starting a new task or opening it through the address bar.

How can I fix this annoying problem?


Answer:Incompatible display adapter

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Man... have I stepped in it this time. Hope someone out there can help.

I offered to help a friend clean up his malware-infested E-Machine etower 466id desktop running Windows 98 (original, not SE). AGP 2x video output.

Brought the tower home. No wonder it's infested - no Windows updates had ever been downloaded / applied, no antivirus software installed.

Removed all the spyware, started downloading / applying Windows updates. Had to go to work before I'd finished, so I brought the machine with me to the office in the hopes of finishing the project there.

My mistake... plugging in a LCD flatscreen monitor instead of the standard CRT. The Celeron 466 processor takes its time booting up, of course, but I get the following message:

"If you can read this message, Windows has successfully initialized this display adapter. To use this adapter as part of your Windows desktop, open the Display option in the Control Panel and adjust the settings on the Settings tab."

It then stops, dead in its tracks. I took it back home, thinking I'd just plug it back into the CRT I'd used initially. No dice. No display. Wonderful.

I looked through a couple of MS Knowledge Base articles - I think I unwittingly activated multiple display support?

Can't seem to find much information on how to reverse my mistake. Thought I'd try accessing the BIOS and resetting everything to factory defaults, but I can't seem to access the BIOS, either.

Any suggestio... Read more

Answer:Display Adapter Nightmare...

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Hi, on my y40-80 i ant to know how to change display adapter,by default windows is using the Intel adater instead of the AMD radeon. Thanks

Answer:Y40-80 change Display adapter

Dear Alviteri
Welcome in lenovo community
You just need  to go to the BIOS and make sure Graphic mode is set to Discrete . The system will detect the strongest graphic card according to the application's specification requirements .
Let me know

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Hi there:

I bought a used system on Ebay for a friend (who couldn't afford a new system). Here are the specs:

Pentium II 350
6.4 GB HD
128 RAM
S3 Trio 3D on board video

I am having problems with the display adapter. The system kept freezing on her and at various times when she'd boot it would be in B/W. So I assumed the drivers needed updated on the video. I hit the site and downloaded the drivers. When I got to update them - the system automatically detects a standard graphics VGA card. ?? I've gone into Safe Mode to try to change to the S3 and it keeps telling me the drivers were not meant for this device.

My question is - if I were to purchase a PCI video card (new inexpensive) do I first need to REMOVE from the Device Manager all other Display Adapters, power off, then insert new card and reboot and let Windows find it? I don't want to mess up the system any more than it is!


Answer:Display adapter question

Disabling the onboard video can sometimes be problematic. If there is a choice in the BIOS it is the best bet. The choice is usually AGP to PCI, but your board might not be new enough to have AGP. Grub around the BIOS.

Some MBs have jumpers to disable the onboard video. If you can find out what the MB is you might find some reference to the jumpers on the maker’s site.

Some people have success just disabling the video in device manager by selecting “disable in this hardware profile”, shutting down and installing the new card.

Make sure you can return the card if you can’t get it installed.

Look for something in the driver you downloaded to expand it – like an .exe file. Sometimes pointing the driver install to the folder doesn’t work – you have to get it to the right file. Is there more than one file in the download?

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I was trying out this cheap game off Steam (Brothers: A tale of two sons), where in the game you control two characters (the sons) and was pressing I believe R-CTRL, Arrow Left, and possibly either ALT or the menu key can't remember. All of the sudden my screen goes black, and I'm like "Alright then".

So I try to press the keys again, nothing. Turn off the PC, turn it back on, and nothing, my keyboard / mouse don't even light up (When I press keys the back lights behind the indicators for the "SCROLL LOCK", "CAPS LOCK", "NUM LOCK" look like they're TRYING to turn on, but don't).

Try turning it off then on a few times, still nothing.

So I switch out my graphics card, boots up like normal, run a BIOS diagnosis, comes back clean so I think sweet, it's fixed. Well I try the other card (One that wasn't working) and same thing happens.

Now I'm thinking MAYBE it's a driver issue (I know, doesn't make sense considering Windows doesn't even boot up, but I'm guessing anything), so I plug in the second card again, and now it doesn't work. I try my onboard, nothing.

I've tried another monitor as well and get the same issue, and no, I can't try the cards in another system, this is my only desktop.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Hi. I have reinstalled windows me (from scratch) and the resolution is stuck at 640 x 490 and 16 colours. It is also using the standard PCI graphics adapter driver, as it presumably couldn't detect the built in graphics card so is using a standard one. I would like to somehow get my original drivers back (I have a backup by the way).
If this helps the comp is a Packard Bell Club 40 from 1998!
I have some Master CDs which I got with it, but I can't find any display drivers, only modem ones, and I have gone to sytem properties and searched the CD for "updated" drivers.
There is something mentioned about SiS 5597\5598
Thanks very much

Answer:Drivers for display adapter

Sis drivers here
You will need to use the win98 version as no winme are available, should work fine

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Hi I was in my control panel went to display adapters and saw I had 2 of them I accidentally disabled one called intel (R) Hd 530 and now my pc won't load up what do I do ?

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This game I play requires me to chose a display adapter. However, it does not allow me to select one. A few weeks ago the game worked fine but, now I am beginning to have problems with it and I cannot open the game. Or any others for that matter. The display adapter I previously used was Radeon 9700 Pro. I do not have that option or any others. It will allow me to use OpenGL which also previously worked for this game. But, that as well no longer works. I need to know how to be able to get Radeon 9700 to work again. I have Windows XP professional by the way! I have included pictures so you can see my problem.

This is OpenGL this is what it should look like for the other with Radeon 9700 Pro:

My Radeon 9700 Adapters don't show up anymore as well:


Answer:Cannot select a display adapter

Something has happened to the video card drivers.
First thing would be to download and install current drivers fro your Radeon 9700 >>> AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver

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I purchased the above & am having trouble get it to work! I mean REAL trouble!

I am running it on Win 8.1 64 Pro. I have also tried it on my Win 10 Review Desktop.

I have been trying to get it to work for almost a week
MS Technical or ANY MS SUPPORT is of no use!

It is receiving very bad publicity on the MS Help Pages.
I am a veteran Windows user. I plugged the adapter into my TV & the screen comes up WITH

Microsoft Display Adapter-00
Ready to connect
For additional settings, download Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app from Windows Store.

So I know that the TV part works.

I download app & it shows up on the monitor by it is completely dead! Can't enter anything in spaces shown!

I should be able to enter 00 for the adapter to connect.

I have been on every MS Support sit & they don't even have a clue what it is.

I am having less & less pertinence with MS!


"That Grouchy 86 year old fart"

"Into computers before there were computers"

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I Disabled The Display Adapter In Windows Xp, Now I Don't Have Any Display When Windows Loads, Is There Any Way To Enable The Adapter Before Windows Loads Via Bios Or Dos. i tried rebooting in safe mode but nothing happens, i installed a new graphics card and the drivers were never installed.

Answer:I Have Disabled My Display Adapter

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I have had Vista Ultimate for 2 weeks and just this morning the first sign of a problem came along.

My PC Specs are...

Intel Pentium 4 (2.8ghz)
1gb ram
80gb Hard Drive
Geforce 5200 GX

Numerous messages have popped up like..

"At least one display adapter on the system has been disabled because its driver is not compatible with the driver for the VGA adapter"

"Incompatible display adapter has been disabled"

This comes up just after the welcome screen on boot up.. Once it boots up it shows a plain black screen with just one window open... Although the black screen can be resolved with reopening the explorer I don't know why it does it in the first place...

I've searched the forum but couldn't find any specific solutions, would anyone know what the problem is with the Incompatible adapter and so on...


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After installing video drivers laptop stop responding on window start up logo i did a windows fix it took driver out then it loads  i went into device manager 1 of the 2 video adaptors is in sonlict i have tryed every suggistions that i can find with out fixing the problem so i cant run my laptop with out video drivers please help . Ian Sabido

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Since there is no app for the adapter for windows phone how do you make adjustments such as screen size? How do you do firmware updates?

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I was told by a tech several weeks ago on SevenForums to remove the Display Adapter under the Device Manager from the Control Panel so as to download an all new graphics driver. He had even given me the site for Dell with the page link for various downloads as well as giving me the nVidia site.

HOWEVER, no matter what I do (since I had already uninstalled the adapter), all attempts to download a new graphics adapter have been futile with my getting error messages every time I try - from the Dell site - from the nVidia site and any other site (?????). Can't for the life of me figure this one out!

If anyone could lend some helpful expertise, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so very much. I'm using a Dell Optiplex 760 with Windows 7 Pro OS. And, I certainly wouldn't mind a tech to navigate my PC remotely to troubleshoot the problem. My e-mail is techyboy7 at gmail dot com. Please see error msg screenshots (3) attached here.

Answer:Display Adapter - Can't Download

What error message are you receiving? you can also do this: Device Manager - Finding Unknown Devices

Heres the Dell driver site. Download, if possible, and SAVE it to your desktop. Install it from there.

Drivers for OptiPlex 760

Have you tried a system restore to a point before you uninstalled the driver? If so and everything else didn't work you could do a repair install to get the basic drivers and then update the one. Thats a little drastic for now, so try the others first.

Repair Install

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Toshiba Tecra does not go to standby mode when closed.when reopened I get the message nvidia ge force fx (display adapter) will not allow computer to go to standby mode.Also when scrolling, pages seem to move in waves rather than smoothly. please help

Answer:Display adapter problem

Try to update/reinstall video driver.

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how do i make sure my NVidia discrete display adapter is the working one instead of the Intel integrated adapter?

Answer:picking my display adapter

Hi, System will handle it to you but if you wish, you can switch using Nvidia Control Panel. Please right click a blank space on desktop and select Nvidia CP, you can play around from 3D setup option. Regards.

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For some reason or another, my display driver all of a sudden just stopped working. I believe that I messed with it a few months ago when I tried to update it. I was playing a computer game and wanted to improve my graphics so I could play the game smoother. Needless to say, I must have messed with my computer because now I really can't play any computer games.

But lately, something odd has happened. While I can connect to the Internet just fine, my computer seems to be slower than normal. And it's not the speed of the computer, but the whole idea of scrolling and moving windows. It seems like the computer needs an extra second to catch up to me while before it didn't need any extra time.

What should I do? Thanks in advance!

Answer:Display Adapter Not Working?

the best remedy might be to start over regarding the display drivers, if you aren't very careful updating ati or nvidia drivers, the old ones stay around and cause conflicts, which seems to be the case for you

make sure your agp or motherboard inf for pci-e is up to date and then run a driver cleaner program for your video chipset,
reboot after every step, use control panel/add and remove programs for anything that relates to video

windows will try to reinstall old drivers if you let it, it's more of an art than a science to making this work, very hit or miss I am afraid

you will know when you did it right and get a clean install of the right driver, that's when I don't touch it again

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Hey, I have been looking around and cant find a solution to this problem.

Just this morning I turned my laptop on and realised the resolution was at its lowest and when I went into the device manager of my computer the display adapter had gone realising the computer had no graphics driver. I went on to the Nvidia website and downloaded the latest driver for my graphics card the Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT, and as I was installing it, an error came up saying 'the nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware'.

I think its using my integrated graphics cards but I don't no how to get the other one to work again.

Hope someone can help, thanks.

Answer:Display adapter disappeared

Welcome to Seven Forums Your post is a little bit confusing at least to me. You say that the laptop display adapter is missing in device manager a 8600m gt.
Then you say you think it's using your integrated graphics card(S) but don't know how to get the other one to work again.
Please provide your laptop manufacturer and model number so we can look up the specs and drivers, also which version of Seven your using 32 or 64 bit.
As far as I know your laptop unless it is running in SLI or Xfire you only have the one graphic card the 8400m Gt which is a integrated card.
Maybe it's me but your post is very confusing. Fabe

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The last few months I have been receiveing the error message: "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered". I have also been getting a number of "freezes" where I must manualy shut off the machine to reboot. I have run numerous scans with McAfee, Ccleaner, PC Matic, and Glary Utilities. I have also updated all my drivers. All the fans are working inside the case too. The machine works fine other than this problem. I'm wondering if I need a new graphins card and/or power supply. Computer info is below. Computer is a Dell XPS 8100. Thanks.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8151 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5450, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 942685 MB, Free - 809068 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0G3HR7
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Display adapter not repsponding ??

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Just turned on the computer and got a surprise message:

Incompatible Display Adapter:

At least one display adapter on the system has been disabled
because it's driver is not compatible with the driver for the VGA adapter.

Now, earlier to-day, about an hour ago my wife was using the computer...She finished with it, turned it off..It was working OK.....Until I turned it back on and got the above message.....

Can't figure out what in the world changed....I can't understand how anything was disabled..The computer, An Acer Aspire X1200 is about three months old and no problems at all, up until this surprise development.

The print on the screen is massive.

Any help on how to enable the disabled part would be much appreciated....Thanks....

The only thing different is the fact my grandson hooked up an Xbox 360 to the monitor...

Answer:Incompatible display adapter

Got it fixed. Thanks.

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Hi, I just bought a brand new Dell Studio XPS 9000 with an ATI Radeon HD 5880 video card and whenever I try to play games i.e. BFBC2, WoW, Alien Versus Predator, and really just about everything the video card will stop responding and then quickly reboot. I've had the computer for a day now and I've been constantly looking up solutions and have not found one. I'm having the Kernel-Power Event ID 41 issue but I'm not sure how to update my BIOS (I'm very unfamiliar with Windows 7) and I'm also not even sure if that's the entire problem. If anyone can offer any help it'd be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Display Adapter Not Responding

I have that same PC, it's listed in my profile as a 435T/9000 because it was the 435T then they rebadged it but still the same. Here is what is always the first rule with any PC you got via the post, UPS or any other carrier. Pull the power cord while the machine is off. Remove the screws holding the cover then remove the cover, ground yourself with one hand on the power supply, it's the large silver cube where your power cable was plugged to. With your other hand push down on any video card, sound card or any card taking up a slot, a long block on the motherboard. Pull back the tabs to release the RAM chips and reseat them, then push every cable going to the drives to ensure they are tight then follow them to the motherboard and do the same thing, those that go to the power supply need only to be taken care of on the board or drives. Put the cover back and the screws, the power plug and start the PC. Let us know how it goes from there, take your time and don't rush, if you are nervous maybe a friend, family member or co-worker can assist you, welcome to Seven Forums.

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I am running Win 98SE. Since changing my video card to an ATI All in Wonder 128 it doesn't seem to recognize my no name plug + play monitor's full potential. If I go into device manager and click on the monitor and then click refresh, it fixes it. Any suggestions on making it bootup that way?

Answer:{RESOLVED} Display adapter

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Why do I have two display adapters on my w541. One is the Intel HD Graphics 4600 and the other is Nvidia Quadro K2100M. Both are "working properly" according to the Device Manager.


Go to Solution.

Answer:W541 Display Adapter

Hello and welcome,
You have Optimus (nVidia + Intel) graphics.  From
Automatically switch to your discrete graphics card only when it's needed. Get extended battery life without sacrificing high-performance graphics for applications, high-def videos, 3D views, and more.

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hope I am in the right forum - my first posting!

I have replaced a hard disk and re-installed Windows XP home (NL version) on a friends PC. Windows has not recognised the video card and I am stuck with basic video modes. I tried to install a video card driver but in Device Manager there is not even a "Display Adapters" section, nor is there a "Monitors" section!

Any advice please?


Answer:Display adapter problem

Usually if you go the vid card manufactures web site you should be able to downlod the driver. If it dosen't come in an install file, then just run the add new hardware wizard and when it asked where to search for the approprate driver, just point to the location of where you downloaded the driver.

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i have recently reinstalled win95 on my compaq deskpro PIII 500mhz but i can only get 16 colours, i have the drivers for the adapter and monitor but there is a conflict in resources with

Memory Range 41000000 - 41FFFFFF used by:
PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge
Memory Range 40000000 - 40000FFF used by:
PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge
Input/Output Range 1000 - 10FF used by:
PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge

the display adapter is an ATI VGA wonder pro. any help most grateful

Answer:display adapter conflict

Delete it and reboot. It may switch to a different location and eleminate the conflict.

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I have 2 TVs currently serving as my screens. I've lately been helping family and friends fix small issues on their computers. I've come across a few PCs that have only a VGA Display Port, while both of my screens only have HDMI ports.
I asked someone at a local parts store, if a wire that is VGA male one side and HDMI male the other, would do the job. He told me in long detail why that would never work, that I needed a signal converter to change the display signal.
Basically he said when adapting a VGA screen to a HDMI port was possible, and the reverse (HDMI screen to VGA port in pc) is not.

My question is, if I bought the cord linked below, would I have to do anything else other than just plugging it in? Or do I indeed need this converter I was told about?

Thanks in advance

Answer:VGA to HDMI Display Adapter

You will need a signal converter of some type. A simple wire cable with different connectors on each end will not work. A VGA output has three analog video signals. An HDMI input expects all digital signals.

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I have-
AMD 2500+ CPU 1.4 GHz.
704 MB RAM and 64 MB Onboard VGA share memory.
MSI VIA K8M800 mainboard and VT8237R Chipset.
Few days ago I have shifted from Win-XP to
Vista-32 Bit Home Basic.All the drivers are automatically loded except the display driver.

The erlier display driver was VIA/S3G Unicrome Pro IGP. I have downloded and installed the letest driver from vendors website. But few programs like 'movie maker' and few screensavers doesn't run saing that, my video card is not compatable with Direct3D and required hardware acceleration is not available.
Please anybody help me what is the actual problem?
Could I solve the matter by installing appropriate driver or I have to increase the VGA memory?
Plz Help me and forgive me for my english.


Answer:Display Adapter Problem

Have you run the Vista Upgrade Advisor? suspect (since I wasn't able to find any Vista drivers for this video chipset) that it's not Vista compatible.

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Dual Boot: Windows 98SE/Windows XP are installed on separate physical hard drives.
Windows XP working correctly.
Win98 error on bootup (See bold type)

SYSTEM: Windows 98 SE
BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS V1.10A12 (updated)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.66 GHz
Display: NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440 with APG8X
Monitor: Viewsonic A91F
DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
Your display adapter conflicts with another device in your computer. To correct this problem click OK to view the properties for this device
NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440 with APPX Properties WINDOW with 3 Tabs: General ? Driver- Resource
Device Type: NVIDIA
Hardware Version: 162
This device cannot find any free Input/Output Range (I/O) resources to use (Code 12).
If you want to use this device you must disable another device that is using the resource this device needs. To do this, click HARDWARE TROUBLESHOOTER and follow the instructions in the wizard.
Device Usage: Exists in all hardware profile windows (this is checked)

Provider: NVIDIA
Date: 12-10-2005
DRIVER FILES: C:\Windows\System\NVDISP.drv*
C:\Windows\system\vmm32.vxd (vdd vxd)**

*Provider: NVIDIA Corp /File Version: Corporation

** Provider/File Version/... Read more

Answer:Display adapter conflict

Go into the BIOS and look for a setting called "P-n-P Operating System" or "Plug-and-Play OS" or something very similar to that (different BIOSes word it differently). The available settings will "Yes" and "No". Change it. If it is set for 'Yes', select 'No'. If it's set for 'No', select 'Yes'. Different BIOSes put this setting in different places, but it is typically in the Advanced Settings, or in the PCI/PNP settings. If you can't find it, post the make and model of your motherboard and I'll do what I can. It might also help to use the 'Optimized Defaults' setting in your BIOS and/or make sure all the IRQs are set for Auto. If you manually enter values for IRQs be sure to note what the values were before changing, or be prepared to use the CLR CMOS jumper on the motherboard.....

I hope this helps!

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I have an HP 8860 pav. I cannot get anything on my display. The display works with other computers. I know the box is working because I hear it, however, I can't see anything to even do a recovery. Any Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Did hear one short and 2 long beeps upon booting up.

Answer:Display Adapter Problem

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While downloading the intel beta graphics driver which is supported with my laptop i got this error message Error: A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel® Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel® driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver can cause technical issues. Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer. The hp site always provides me with the old driver please help me download the beta driver.

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