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gaming desktop: lenovo or ibuypower ?

Question: gaming desktop: lenovo or ibuypower ?

deciding between fry's lenovo k330-77275su and best buy's ibuypower bb9371 ? maybe ibuypower 3rd gen. i7 bb982p; i'm worried about ibuypower using 'micro' motherboards; these 2 ibuypower computers both have 1 free pci slot, the lenovo has 2, i think; i might want to upgrade ram to 16gb , and upgrade video card at some future point, i would onlly use this machine for gaming: should i worry about the 'micro' motherboard issue ? lenovo is $950, ibuypower's are $840 and $1000, respectively; thanks i might have to upgrade power supply if i upgraded the video card at some future date; thanks would i be able to make these 3 upgrades to the ibuypower desktops ? thanks

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Preferred Solution: gaming desktop: lenovo or ibuypower ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: gaming desktop: lenovo or ibuypower ?

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I found a really decent laptop from, but I have a concern about it.

When I google search P170EM, I find that it's made by "CLEVO". And that it's listed a LOT cheaper at other places. I'm willing to spend $1700 on a laptop with no questions asked. But if I can get it cheaper, and more options, then I'll go that route. So what gives? I also find that Sager NP9170 is extremely familiar to the one at

Either way, what are some good websites that offer gaming laptops? I've been messing with iBuyPower, SagerLaptops.. I'd REALLY like to have a AsUS laptop but I can't configure them :'( Gaming Laptop


Originally Posted by mack

I found a really decent laptop from, but I have a concern about it.

When I google search P170EM, I find that it's made by "CLEVO". And that it's listed a LOT cheaper at other places. I'm willing to spend $1700 on a laptop with no questions asked. But if I can get it cheaper, and more options, then I'll go that route. So what gives? I also find that Sager NP9170 is extremely familiar to the one at

Either way, what are some good websites that offer gaming laptops? I've been messing with iBuyPower, SagerLaptops.. I'd REALLY like to have a AsUS laptop but I can't configure them :'( has Asus/msi/sager laptops you can customize

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Simple, built-in Mixer streaming provides low-latency, interactive moments for viewers and streamers to watch or interact with other gamers?no extra hardware or software required, while Xbox Play Anywhere enables you to buy a game once and play it on both your Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Stay connected with your gaming community through the Xbox app and the power of Xbox Live.

Let?s take a closer look at the gaming PCs announced this week:

iBUYPOWER Case Builder

Built with creativity in mind, the Case Builder project allows you to configure the look and structure of your computer case upon purchase. Paint your canvas and fuel your imagination with the Snowblind Element, featuring a transparent LCD monitor display embedded into the PC case.

Designed and engineered by iBUYPOWER, the RGB Cable Combs serves as the final piece of the RGB puzzle, illuminating your exceptional cable management.

MSI launched three brand-new gaming products at CES: the new Optix gaming monitor line-up, new gaming desktops, a motherboard, a graphics card, and the new GT75VR Titan Pro with Killer Wireless-AC 1550.

MSI introduces the new Optix MPG Series

MSI is proudly expanding its Optix gaming monitor line-up with the MPG curved gaming monitors. The new Optix MPG series will consist of two 27-inch monitors, the Optix MPG27C and Optix MPG27CQ. These mark the next level in MSI gaming monitors with a curved VA panel with an 1800R curve. Both models feature a 144Hz refresh rate and 1... Read more

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Hello, I have a mesage that pops up every now and again about cleaning the dust filters on my Y900 gaming desktop. I can do the one at the back of the box at the bottom no worries but how do I get access to the one inside the front panel at the frobnt of the box ? I can open and get inside the side of the box by using that lever and panel to push down at the top of the back of the box, but how do I open up and get inside the front of the box to clean outt hat dust filter.Any help is appreciated. Cheers, Chris

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Relevance 57.4%, to say this posting is frustrating is an understatement...For the nopw second time in less than 4 months, the brand new Lenovo Y900 Gaming Desktop has started to run high fan RPm and switch off at different times especially when just having general computer usage surfing the NET. The above link is to the first thread I started aboutt his problem a few motnhs ago.When it was happening the first time, I could be playing a game or just general PC use and the montior would switch off and the computer shutdown and then the fans insdie the box run at an extremely high RPM. This happened over a period of weeks sometimes several times a day. I finally bit the bullet and took it back to the store who shipped it off the Lenovo repair centre in Sydney. Despite conslusive video footage time and date stamped, lenovo repair centre reckon they couldn't find much wrong (LOL) however did say that the reasonfor the constant shutdowns would be a heatsink related issue. I was advised by Lenovo Repairs that what they did in the end was completely replace, re-seat and re-position a brand new heatsink with all new thermal paste and sent the machine back.The PC ran smoothly no isues for 6 weeks then all of a sudden 3 days ago then same thing as the first time started happenign all over again. Here I am paying $4K for a brand new gaming PC and it has now broken down twice inside 4 months. I ha... Read more

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Hi Everyone, I did start another thread about this but thought I would be a bit more specific this time around so I do apologise for my previous effort but this is so frustrating coming from someone who is a noob at this sort of stuff.I recently at the direction of Lenovo support, had to update my BIOS/Firmware on a less than 2 months old machine as there was an issue coming from inside my box where the fan would just randomly start runnng fast and loud when I was in the middle of a game (Watch Dogs 2, WOW or Prepar3d).I was initially directed to go to Nvidia as I have a GE Force 1080 card as there were some issues with those and fans running fast. I downloaded latest drivers and all went well for several days but then the noise was back but it sounded different. When I messaged Lenovo that`s when they directed me to downlaod latest BIOS/Firmware update as this may solve my issue. I did this BIOS/Firmware update, system update, you name it I updated what needed to be updated.I did this and from between the time I downloaded and updated what needed to be updated and today, I have not been into the Lenovo Nerve Centre. I go in there today and the first thing that I got come up in a big dialogue box in the midle of the nerve centre was that this PC is not compatible with overclocking and to please contact the supplier etc... etc...When I clicked past this option I then noticed that the "Turbo Boost" section had disappered where you can not only go in and overclock the syste... Read more

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When trying to use my Lenovo Y Gaming Headset with my Laptop which is a Lenovo G50-30 it makes a buzzing noise. Sometimes I adjust the position of the headphone cord in the dock and that stops the buzzing on my end. When talking to people through Skype or Teamspeak. They are able to hear a buzzing noise. Is there a solution to stop this? Thanks.

Answer:Lenovo Y Gaming Headset not working wth Lenovo G50-30 Laptop

If you have any USB devices plugged in near the jack, try moving them to USB port further away.     Also check to be sure you have a properly grounded outlet, as it could be what is referred to as a ground loop..    You can also get what is called a ground loop isolator such as the one below to plug between your headphone and the jack, and that might help too. Mpow Ground Loop Noise Isolator Good Luck

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basically heres what I got24" LED monitorDesktop Gaming computer hooked via HDMIa table the monitor is on with a chair at the table.a sofa behind the chaira wireless receiver to hook up my xbox 360 controller wirelessly to my gaming desktop.but when im on the couch the monitor feels too small and too high (but the couch is only like 4.5ft from the monitor.but if i put the monitor on a stand, then I cant use the mouse and keyboard sitting at the table, unless I got like a coffee table and wireless mouse and keyboard, but then it feels too far away and too small.when I do browsing or play MMO games I want to sit at table and use mouse + keyboard, but some of my video games that are good with controller I want to sit on couch and play. so what would be the best solution here? im completely stuck.heres a pic of the room and my setup - so what would you recommend thats cheap but will accomplish what i need?

Answer:how to arrange my desktop to be a desktop computer AND couch gaming system?

Suggestion I have is not cheap, but the best suggestion....Larger Display is needed, such as if you have a 52" tv with HDMI, and video card with HDMI, plug system into that and use that.I have a similar setup with a 36" flatscreen TV and wireless keyboard and mouse that I use with a spare system of mine to play world of warcraft from the comfort of my recliner. Prior to this I had an old 27" CRT TV with S-Video which was far worse.The 36" is ok and works, BUT the text of what people are saying is very tiny to read. So its best to have voice chat going on in games with headset etc.One of my friends has a setup with a Ergotron VESA display arm and so he is able to sit at his recliner and move the display off to the side and then move it in front of him so he has sit at recliner and have his display suspended about 2ft from his face in the ultimate game recliner. Ergotron arms are not cheap, but is the best option if you cant afford a huge flatscreen TV.Here is what he used... you can also buy segments to add to make the arm reach further from the mount point.

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Well the time has come, i have my moolah and im ready to make a purchase . I was just wondering if anyone on these forums has boughten a system from IBP? Any buyers that are canadian? This is where is primarily want to buy my rig from so any input is greatly needed. I really like the AMD sli packages , and i love that fact that they ship to canada, AND i love the customizable everything.if you're gonna suggest a site, if it doesnt ship dont post it, plz. again so if you have any input on, im in need of you're input.LOL that sounded kinda corny

Don't buy from them, build your own and save money. Most their comps come dead when you get them.

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has anyone heard good/bad things about this site?

I'm someone who lacks the ability to build their own PC and i've seen quite a few people recommend this site for building gaming rigs, so i was wondering if this is a good place to buy a PC from...

my desktop is an ibuypower computer which i think is pretty good but their tech support is really sh*tty and on top of that say if u purchase 2GB of ram and your motherboard will only support 1gb they will only give u the 1gb and they wont even tell that ur mobo aint compatiable with it. if u want to build a ocmputer there like i did i searches the stuff i was getting and made sure it would work with each other. but if u can get it built and it performs well its a kick ass computer like mine

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How R the computers at this site?

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Question: ?

How come they're so cheap? And If I get a new PC from there, do I built it myself? ?

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Where should I buy my compy from? I'm looking for something in the $600 range. Which would be better?

Answer:Ibuypower or eMachines?


I have never heard of an Ibuypower, but I do have an Emachine. I am still using an Emachine 333id model. I would say an Emachine. Go with what I know LOL.

I am on my 3rd machine (4th if you want to be technical). Built the third time. Build the machine if you can afford it. If you check my past post you can see just how fustrating it can be, but normally not that hard.

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These prices look too good to be true...are they?

Answer:IBuyPower & CyberPower PC

I should clarify -- is there an increased risk of getting a broken machine, and if that happens, how is the support? has some mixed opinions.

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I'm in the process of configuring a new system on IBuyPower and unfortunately they don't tell you which brand HD they use on the customization page. does anyone have any experience with them? I'm hoping it's WD just cos I seem to have the best luck with them. Size capacity I chose was 500GB.

Any input would be much appreciated !

Answer:Anyone know what kind of HD uses?

Maxtor, Hitachi, and Samsung.

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Having issues with BSOD and i can't find out why or how it happens. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
thank you. I've never used a forum before, and have no idea what else to do in my position. I uploaded the files that you will need to solve this if you can, thanks again. Also my temps read around 40-60 because i play mmos, and my rear fan runs hard core alot even with case open, and idk if its just the fact that its a gaming pc or if it is telling me of a soon to come heat problem.

Answer:BSOD like many others. New iBuyPower....


Uninstall Avast then use the removal tool. Set Windows Firewall and Windows Defender to Automatic and start them too, using services.msc.

Update Realtek HD Audio codec driver from their website:

RTKVHD64 RTKVHD64.sys Fri Mar 29 09:40:06 2013 (515599B6)

Update motherboard bios to newest version.

Likely that the memory is not configured well, mismatched, or defective.

Please attach a screenshot of CPU-Z first tab, one of memory tab and one each for each stick of RAM of SPD tab - along with newest crash dumps - if necessary after completing the above. (Or perhaps Avast removal is the trick instead.)

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I want to build a Laptop computer for ~ $2000. Ibuypower seems to be the only site where I can find a laptop that is high performance, good price, and 15in. Everywhere else (that I can find) only has laptops that are either less good spec's, or good spec's and 17in.

Answer:Are there disadvantages of

Are there any advantages?

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Should i buy an Ibuypower pc or just get the parts and build one?

I am looking for a pc with the specs below
OS: Windows XP
Video Card: GeForce 8800GT
CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9600
PSU: 600 Watt
Hard Drive: 500GB

Answer:Buy an Ibuypower pc or just get the parts and build one?

personally I would build it myself.That way you would be saving a few bucks and you can load os to your liking without the fear of bloated software being installed. and of course what brand of ram and what motherboard you want

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Hey all, new to the forums and in pretty serious need of some help. I bought an IBUYPOWER prebuilt gaming rig last... April I think, and its been working great for me. Recently however ( the last month or so), the sound keeps going out. It went out for about a week before randomly coming back (nothing I did), and now its been gone for about 2-3 weeks. The sound icon down by the clock shows a red x and says that no speakers are plugged in. I've tried a bunch of things to try and get my audio back on, but no luck. I'm not sure what I would need to provide here for anybody to help me, or what I SHOULDNT post for security reasons, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some important notes
*I have Windows 7
*I have two jacks for my speakers, one in the back where you would typically expect to find one, but also an additional one in the front panel. Neither one apparently works, leading me to believe its a driver issue.
*Gosh idk what else to put down! any help would be greatly appreciated, I used to think I was capable with computers but this seems to be beyond me

Answer:Sound Issues on my IBUYPOWER PC

nothing? anyone?

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Does anyone out there know if the iBuypower computers or other computer out there on like Tigerdirect or the ZT brands from Costo are any good? I've never heard of them but keep seeing them popping up everywhere....

I've only ever had a Dell, HP or Gateway machine.

Answer:iBuypower and other non-namebrand computers

They're most often made from quite much better quality parts than Dell, etc as they don't get exclusively extra cheap motherboards and other parts like the big brand companies. They do sometimes use lower quality power supplies though, quite a feat considering what the factory built boxes have. I wouldn't recommend getting any of them without modifying it yourself and selecting a quality power supply for it, or replacing it yourself to save a few dozen dollars, as well as getting a longer warranty for the PSU.

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Hi everyone...I'm in the process of getting a new computer and I'm currently looking at this online place called ... basically that site lets you choose the components and they'll put it together for you. I searched the parts on NewEgg and the price actually came out higher hahah

Anyway, what's troubling me is that a look at their ratings at is "great"

So my question is has anyone here had experiences with that company along with suggestions, etc. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Buying Comp From

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This was an "Opened and resealed" deal from I knew the unit wouldn't last for too long as-is but I did at least expect it to work on arrival. Out of the box it would turn on for about half a second and then it would die. After I got it opened, I reseated RAM and GPU and all of the other motherboard connections and then it would start.When I connect it to a monitor, though, the monitor  just sits there in a dormant state. BIOS doesn't even try to run. Neither the motherboard's connection nor the graphic card's will work. I know the motherboard is at least partially functional because the CPU and GPU fans are running.The tech told me it was either the motherboard or the PSU, but given that the stock PSU that they use on Amazon is only $25, I'm betting that it's the PSU, but I'm not an expert. I had the tech trace the serial number and it turns out that this website nobetterdeal bought the unit from amazon. com after a customer returned it. I have about 24 days to decide on getting a refund or keeping the parts. What do you think? Does it sound like the PSU? Or is it more likely the motherboard?Thanks!Specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte Ultra Durable GA-78LMT-USB3PSU: ALLIED ATX12V Model #:  SL-8320BTXOther Specs:     AMD FX-4130 (3.8GHz)    8GB DDR3, Power Supply: 300 WATT    1000 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive    AMD Radeon 6670 1GB    Windows 8

Answer:iBuyPower Dead On Arrival

Update: I've tried starting the computer with 1 stick of RAM installed and no RAM installed. Didn't make a difference. I've also tried starting it without the graphics card. \Also, the CD-ROM drive will not open. I've confirmed that it's connected to the PSU and the motherboard, but no love. I'm not really sure what that implies.If it sounds like the PSU I think I'll take the plunge and buy another one for $25. If it might be the motherboard too..idk.

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Does anybody own an ibuypower or cyberpower laptop??

Any experiences with these?
Are they good or bad?

The price for these seem right for a decent gaming laptop....or would I be better of with a Dell inspiration or vostro for around the same price.

Check this out...below

Xplorer X64-6000 Notebook

The Dell Online Store: Build Your System

Answer:Ibuypower Or Cyberpower Laptops?

Ummm , the styling looks a little old, like the " C " series Dell. It is also AMD. More then likely it is a good notebook. awahat you have to think about is worst case scenario, this probably will not happen, what if you have a major failure. How good are they with warranty. Will they send you the part like Dell does or will you need to send the whole notebook in. I see a lot of Dells which also means if a few years down the road you crack the LCD, you more then likely can buy one on ebay instead of paying double or triple from the OEM. Also site support like drivers. support email. How much do you have to spend ? Have you looked at alienware notebooks ( they are owned by dell)

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Hey all. So I want to build a "gaming desktop", mainly to play final fanatsy 14. As far as desktop building goes, I've never built one, but I've always wanted to. I've been using this website to help me out with my research. Basically what I'm doing at this point is trying to get an understanding of the different parts I should purchase in order to build this. I'm currently looking at an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition for the CPU. I'm a little confused on which motherboard to get though. I've read to stay away from motherboards with integrated video cards. I would like to buy seperate video cards that I can install myself for better performance....does that mean I should stay away from this combo on newegg? I have a zillion other questions but right now Im trying to focus on choosing a cpu and a motherboard.....any thoughts? advice? comments on anything I've said? Please HELP!!!!!!!!!

If I put this question in the wrong forum, I do apologize....I'm new to the forums. If anything just point me in the right direction and I'll re-post there. Thanks all.

Answer:Building a Desktop Computer (Gaming Desktop)

No reason to avoid integrated graphics. You don't have to use it.

Take a look at barebones kits at places like You may find something to your liking and they give you a big head-start, include the processor usually, and are much cheaper than individual parts.

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What seems to be wrong us that the UEFI can't seem to detect the harddrives when determining boot order? That's my best guess. I really have no idea. If I load Bootable media, such as my installation drive, it detects it just fine and all my components are fine and I'm able to format and install as I please.
However, I'm unable to access the UEFI configuration, as the pc just stops.
Twice in the past few days it's been able to work itself out and boot as normal, so I know it's not a harddrive issue, but it's extremely rare.
I formatted and installed a fresh windows on a secondary drive to see if that would help to both avail.
I have a video showing what happens, but I can't upload it

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I am having difficulties with my mouse because it seams to stop working correctly after a few minutes of my pc turning on. My pc is brand new and we have tried using different mouses, changing the driver, uninstalling all programs we though would have affected it, scanned for viruses and defected programs, and more. I have an IBUYPOWER computer and I do not know what is wrong, does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I am very frustrated since I just got a new pc and this has been doing his for quite a while

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thinking of using their customize website to purchase a gaming system. seems in my price range but reviews i have read are mixed but some of the bad reviews were from 2005-2006.

has anyone used them recently that be willing to let me know how they are? thanks!

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Back in December 2009 I bought a computer from iBuypower. I have just recently noticed how slow the install is because I got a new copy of Windows 7 for my 13inch MacBook Pro(2.66 Core2, 4GB RAM) and it seems to run games faster and be more stable. Could it just be a early version of 7 that is causing the problem? or is it hardware?

iBuyPower Specs:
Core i7 OCed 3.2GHz
12GB RAM at 1600Mhz
ATI 5850 1GB

Answer:Slow Windows 7(iBuypower Disc)

Your over clock maybe causing it to slow down.

Heat can cause issues with Hardware, and can you post pictures of the insides of your case.

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I'm just going to make a long story short and say this: I bought an ibuypower laptop (Battalion HEL80) a while and I had to format. Unfortunately I don't have the driver disk for my network card (wired and wireless) and I don't know what the exact model or who the manufacturer is. Does anyone know what kind of card this laptop would have or know of some way I could get the model number?

Answer:Can't Find Network Drivers For Ibuypower Laptop

Hi Jage_B. Try an application like Everest. It should be able to tell you who the manufacturer is of all of the hardware components in the system. Whether or not drivers are available is another question lol.Here's a link for Everest:

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I'm just going to make a long story short and say this: I bought an ibuypower laptop (Battalion HEL80) a while back and I had to format. Unfortunately I don't have the driver disk for my network card (wired and wireless) and I don't know what the exact model or who the manufacturer is. Does anyone know what kind of card this laptop would have or know of some way I could get the model number?

Answer:Can't find network drivers for ibuypower laptop

I believe it uses an Intel 945PM chipset.

If so it probably uses an Intel NIC. You can download the chipset drivers from here:*%20XP%20Home%20Edition&lang=eng
And the NIC drivers from here:* XP Home Edition&lang=eng

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Hey everyone,
I have a 2 year old laptop and two weeks ago it stopped charging. So I took it to a repair shop that fixed it and then this week it stops charging. My wife and I noticed a funny smell the past few days. I am short on cash so we i opened my laptop up and took my motherboard out. It is dark brown all around the dc jack and there are melted parts that dripped down.
Can anyone tell me what should be my next step? Can I fix this? Or is it not possible?
I have some pics attached.

Answer:Ibuypower i-series 801 burnt motherboard from dc jack

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Today my boss got her new laptop from IBUYPOWER (Gaming Computers and Gaming Notebooks - Buy a new Gaming PC - iBUYPOWER). When I checked the package contents it included a slip of paper that has the Microsoft labeling with Windows 7/Windows Vista product key on it. When me and her chose the laptop we opted for the $25 dollar mail-in-rebate for the upgrade. I don't know about you guys but I was VERY surprised and am a little hesitant to perform an upgrade with the RTM ISO and type in the key...

What do you guys think?


Answer:IBUYPOWER gave out my boss' Win7 Upgrade Key today

I don't see that it wouldn't work, as long as you use the proper version that they key was provided for.

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Hello, Ive had this PC for about a year, now its getting a little bit slow to load apps, thing like firefox or games, Id like to improve it, when I run the windows tool for improvement, it gives me a low score because of my harddrive, im thinking about replacing it my self, ive never done anythings like that, any simple Doityouself guide / video tutorial you can recommand me, and what type for harddrive should I look for ... ?

Ive run tools like auslogics boot speed, several defrag, I use about 1/3 of the harddrive maybe. I try thing to run it smooth, any other ideas ? increase memory also ?

Also ** I want to change the fan, since I bought it its the only down I can say about this PC, its really noisy , any idea what I can replace to make it run quietly, the sound is similar to a vaccum sometimes lol..


iBUYPOWER Gamer Power 564D3 Gaming PC - AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0GHz, 4GB DDR3, 1TB HDD, DVDRW, ATI Radeon HD 5570, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Answer:Solved: Tweaking needed iBUYPOWER Gamer Power 564D3

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Lenovo is known for good build quality and high standards, especially in the business segment, but I would like Lenovo to focus more on the gaming segment. My suggestion is a total makeover of the Y series, with emphasis on design and portability. One would think that the gaming segment is a niche, rather than a big market, but that is not true. Build a quality laptop for gamers, and you will sell well. The Razer Blade laptops made by Razer sell like hotcakes, even though they are expensive. They are light, stylish and rather powerful. I want Lenovo to take a similar approach, but maintain some of the characteristic lenovo design and quality. Since so many other brands have started to focus on the 17'' gaming laptops, please make a 15'' instead. The regular Lenovo logo needs to go. It looks dull and out of place on a high-end gaming machine. Have a stylistic "L" on the lid and drop a bezel logo. An extremely rough sketch of a possible logo:  Bezel logos take away from the overall design, as well as the focus the screen deserves. It looks tacky, like Verizon phones with huge logos.If Lenovo does not accept this, a subtle, black bezel logo could be considered okay. It does not take away the focus, nor aesthetics, like... Read more

Answer:A new era for Lenovo Gaming

I agree, except I hate black laptops. I'd love Lenovo to do as you said, but with the silver/ black color scheme of the u430p series. Also, a gtx 765m, i7, and 128 gb ssd +hdd in a 14" or 15" would be awesome. Especially with the dual cooling solution like asus, gigabyte, razer, etc. 6 hrs. battery life would be great. All aluminum build as well, no ,more glossy plastic parts. Try to keep it under 5 lbs. and make sure it COOLS well!

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i am finding good rts games for my s20-30 netbook. can starcraft 2: lagacy of the void run smoothly on its lowest settings on my netbook? or can you give me a list of games that my netbook can run 

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Hi all, first post  Ok - I've just purchased a T60 Core Duo 1.83, 2GB DDR2, ATI X1300, 14.1" 1400x1050 etc etc. This 2nd hand purchase is actually an upgrade for me, as previously I was using a netbook for my 'on the go' computing.  I know that the X1300 is the weak link and I'm not expecting CoD MW2, Crysis or any other 'newly released' game to be playable or even install. But it would be great to know what games people are able to play on these lappies. I'm thinking it'll handle stuff like UT2004, C&C Generals, etc - basically any game that was released till 2005 (albiet on low detail/resolution). With that all in mind:  What games are people playing on this PC with 'playable' frames? 

Answer:Gaming on a Lenovo T60

C&C General and Age of Empire 3 can be played on medium setting.
If you want more GPU power, you could try to get a Vidock (just google it) or DIY vidock.

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I upgraded my Lenovo H430-2558-1ZU from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro via the Windows Upgrade Offer.  I want the Exclusive Lenovo Tools listed on the EE 8: Discover tab of this page. The Lenovo apps like Lenovo Companion and Lenovo Support. Is there a place I could download them. I have a Lenovo PC running Windows 8 so I should get these apps.

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For Christmas I ask for money to pay for a "super" gaming desktop. I got for christmas... ::drum roll:: GAMES!!! and not games i can play on this PIII. Oh, no, but the newer games such as Gears of War, Oblivion, and F.E.A.R. And i have a list of older games that i cant play since My older brother went to college and took his desktop with him.
So this means now that I have around $650 at most, but in time doing odd jobs, I can get about $700 to buy myself a desktop to play these games. I Found several parts I liked on and they are as follows:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Windsor 2.0GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2 Processor
ASUS M2N Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 430 MCP ATX AMD Motherboard
Video Card
I was thinking a Radeon x1650. But there are so many choices, I dont know what brand to go with.
Ive been looking around for 1 gig dual channel to fit in as well. Give me suggestions
Hard Drive
Im not too picky on size. The box im on has twin 20gb So anything 80gb and up id be fine with. Sata of course
Here again, im not picky, looks dont matter much to me. Black, atleast two 80mm fans, mid or full tower.
No idea. I've never built a computer but in my dads basement with cases that came with good power supplies. So everything today about rails, amps, beards is all new to me.

I have everything else I believe. Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor (though i do plan on replacing someday soon. but the one i have will work), cheap speaker (dads ge... Read more

Answer:Gaming Desktop for under $700

found this

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Hey guys, new to the forum. I came here through a Google search for the above title and found this great thread:

Unfortunately, it has since expired and I am unable to post but I'd like to continue it a bit. Before I go any further please excuse my computer literacy- I am not well versed in components by any means.

The link to the system BG-0 posted looks great, and am very much interested in the two upgrades that Tanis recommended, however I too am looking to keep this as close to $800 as possible, and I was wondering if this includes a wireless card? Also, with Windows 7 costing around $100 (I'm hoping to get it at a student rate once my gf starts grad school in Sept) is there any way to lower the price?

Before I stumbled into this forum I was/am strongly considering this Dell right out of the box.

Now I am concerned that the Best Buy system isn't great for WoW. WIll the power supply be an issue? If I don't have an upgraded heat sink/cooling system will playing WoW for 2-3 hours at a clip cause physical or irreversible damage to the hardware or in ay way slow the system down over time? Finally, and I apologize for this wall of text, can anyone speak to the value of the two systems? It seems that I get a lot of computer through Dell (cheaper than iBUY and also includes Windows 7, wifi with 2x the... Read more

Answer:Best OEM Gaming Desktop for $800

If you already have a monitor, you can build one (or if you know someone to build it for you) for $600 or less.

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currently i'm planning to get a new set if desktop for gaming. Here's the spec i came out as below:

Core i5 2500K
Asus P8p67- LE
Kingston PC1333 D3 4G (4X4G to 16G)
1TB W.D. GREEN 64M 7200 RPM
750W GX ( A/80+ )
Cooler Master USP100

I'm very particular on graphic card, anyone please advice if i've missed out anything.


Answer:New desktop for gaming

Other than that video card it looks good. If you're really going to be gaming on this machine I'd get something a little beefier on the video card side. You'll be seriously bottlenecked there if not unless you're playing at a really tiny resolution.

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Hi all. I'm fed up with my old computer. I'm not what you would say technologically inclined. I love to play WoW, but it's hard for me to raid because in 25 man's I usually average around 2 and 3fps and I can barely function with that. I'm looking for the best gaming desktop I can get for under $800. Before making an investment like this I like to have all the expert advice I can get. I have been looking at this one here , but I'm keeping my options open. I don't want to make a bad decision.

Answer:Best gaming desktop I can get for under $800?

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Question: Gaming Desktop

Hello all. I hope this is the correct place to post something such as this.Well, I've now saved up a nice budget for a top range games pc - £1000. I was originally after a PC from vantagepc's but it seems they've closed down.I've done Computing Studies for A level so I thought this should be fairly easy to design my own PC. I was planning on buying the pieces seperate from misco/microdirect, or even all together from pcspecialist. I was mistaken about how easy i thought it would be for me to decide on pieces for a PC. Motherboards, Video Cards, RAM, Cooling, etc.So, I decided to post here. Ask the experts. I was hoping someone/some of you could help me design a awesome gaming machine with a budget of £1000. Not too bothered whether it's AMD or Intel, although I have heard opinions on Intel now being a lot better.Any help would be greatly apreciated!Regards,Lucas

Answer:Gaming Desktop

click here some great deals here, and the service is first class.

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Hello there,

I am trying to decide which tower to buy. I am mainly going to be using this for gaming and such. But also Photoshop, Dreamweaver and etc. My main game is Starcraft 2, if that helps at all.

Here are my 3 options I have narrowed it down to:
I hope someone will be able to relate to me and be able to help me. Thank you so much, I appreciate it a lot for all responses.

~ Rewired ~

Answer:Best gaming desktop of these 3?

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Hello I hope this is the right place to post.I am looking to buy a gaming desktop. I do not know alot about computer specs so I thought I would post here to help. I have been looking at the alienware alpha R2. I have heard that it is overpriced. I have a budget of about $1000 but I would pay a few extra hundred if it really improved performance. I do not need a massive rig just a decently fast desktop to play a few of my favourite games on steam, and use league of legends and discord at the same time.Any help and advice would be appreciated. I am from Australia that seems to limit the options a bit I think.Thanks.

Answer:Looking to buy gaming desktop

Do you want to build a system completely, or buy a system and add a video card, or buy a gaming system from manufacturer as a gaming system?

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Question: New Gaming Desktop

Looking to build a new computer with the maximum price of $2,000
I need:

Run any game smoothly
Windows 8+ compatibility
nvidia graphics
Thanks for any recommendations.

Answer:New Gaming Desktop

I made this:

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Hello everyone!
I really really want to buy a gaming computer to buy for my son's bithday and since they have great graphics but I need some help in finding one!
If anybody knows any great computer and what website to find it with at least 2.0 mhz , 1 or 2 GB Ram and a good graphics card that cost at least $599.00 or less.
Thank you!

Answer:Desktop Gaming PC HELP!!

a gaming PC at that price would be hard to find if it was by a common retailer, 2.0 Ghz is rather low, so im guessing you are looking for dual core, try Dell ive heard they have if you can call them that, personally i would build it... cheap quality parts... go to a local computer store and see if they can make anything decent for you post, what computer they suggest here before buying (and price)

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I am looking to buy my first gaming desktop. I want to be able to play games like Skyrim, Age of Empires,LOTR:online,Guild Wars 2 and the like. I am wondering what "off the shelf" pcs would be a good start or even where I should begin if I wanted to build my own pc. Thanks.

Answer:First gaming desktop

There are a lot of custom PC builders out there , you dont say how much you would like to spend tho . I would`nt recommend a gaming PC as your first build . I personally had mine built by Scan , did a great job , good price and warranty . Let me know what yopur budget is going to be

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Hello I hope this is the right place to post.I am looking to buy a gaming desktop. I do not know alot about computer specs so I thought I would post here to help. I have been looking at the alienware alpha R2. I have heard that it is overpriced. I have a budget of about $1000 but I would pay a few extra hundred if it really improved performance. I do not need a massive rig just a decently fast desktop to play a few of my favourite games on steam, and use league of legends and discord at the same time.Any help and advice would be appreciated. I am from Australia that seems to limit the options a bit I think.Thanks.

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I've been looking around for ages now for a decent desktop gaming PC. But because I'm such a n00b :) I don't know what components would be best.
I want it to be able to run games like Metro 2033, at the moment, my laptop just about handles it and it has... AMD Phenom II N620 Dual-Core Processor 2.80 GHz and AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 and RAM is 4GB
So something like these for a Gaming PC?
Many thanks in advance :D

Answer:First Gaming Desktop PC - HELP!


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Question: Gaming Desktop


I want to build a gaming desktop and I also would like some oppinions about what I am looking at the moment. I have an idea, because I made my search and found some cool stuff here, but I want to discuss it with you guys to have some oppinions about what it would be my gaming rid.
I mainly use the computer for gaming: Battlefield 3, League of Legends, Diablo 3, FIFA 13. I also like to watch movies in Full HD (1080p).
I hope you guys can help me, cuz I want to build a PC in 2 weeks.


CPU ______ Intel Core i5-3570 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor
Motherboard ______ ASRock Z77 Extreme6 ATX LGA1155
Memory ______ C48 4GB DDR3 1600MHz (2x)
Storage ______ SanDisk 2,5'' 128GB SATA3 SSD - Hitachi Deskstar 500GB SATA 3,5'' 7200RPM
Video Card ______ Asus GTX660-DC2-2GD5 VGA
Case ______ Antec VSK-3000 EU
Power Supply ______ Antec HCG 620 M-EC

Thankyou very much

Answer:Gaming Desktop

What is your budget?

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Any idea of some good desktops for under £400? Id like to play some games, but mainly for internet use.This looks good valueclick here

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Hi everybody, I am kind of new to buying a good gaming desktop, and have no ideas what to look for. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and I am looking to spend under $1000 if possible. As of now, I have 2 in mind, but, as said before, don't know what I am looking for. The computers are
1. CybertronPC Kombat-X Gaming PC (Red) $939.99

Processor: AMD FX 6100 3.30GHz Six-Core; Motherboard: AMD 970 Chipset; Memory: 16GB DDR3 Ballistix SDRAM (expandable to 32GB); Hard Drive: 1TB (7200 RPM); Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Graphics: 2 x AMD Radeon HD6670 1GB Video Cards in CrossFireX Configuration; Optical Drive: 24X DVD±RW Dual-Layer Drive with LightScribe; Audio: High Definition 2/4/5.1/7.1 Channel; Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN
Expansions: Bays Total (Free) - 3 ( 1 ) External 5.25"; 1 ( 1 ) External 3.5"; 5 ( 4 ) Internal 3.5"/2.5"; Slots Total (Free) - 2 ( 2 ) PCI; 3 ( 3 ) PCI Express x1; 2 ( 0 ) PCI Express x16; 4 ( 0 ) DIMM 240-Pin
Connectivity: 1 x PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Combo; 2 x USB 3.0; 10 x USB 2.0 [2 front, 8 rear]; 1 x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T; Audio; 2 x HDMI; 2 x DVI; 2 x D-Sub VGA
Chassis: In-Win BUC 101 Mid-Tower Gaming Case with 600 Watt Power Supply; Accessories: Keyboard and Optical Mouse with Scroll; Service & Support Details: 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty; Free Lifetime Tech Support

2. CybertronPC GM2242F Assassin Gaming PC (Red) $899.99
·Processor: AMD FX 4170 4.20GHz Q... Read more

Answer:Gaming desktop, looking to keep it under $1,000

Are you willing to build one yourself? I suggest that you go that route as you'll be buying better components.

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Hey I have an old '01-'02 Dell desktop with an "RU Blueford E139765" mother bord, Seagate Barracuda ATA V hard drive, Maxtor Diamondmax 21 drive, and an Intel '02 Celeron CPU. my goal is to turn this deskptop into a gaming PC but I know that I'm going to have to get new stuff. if anyone good give me some input into what to do and what I'm going to need that'd be great I'm trying to avoid buying all new pieces and do this cheaply.

Answer:Old PC to Gaming Desktop

Hello!  I took a look at some pictures of the board, and  because the motherboard is so old and standards have changed several times since it was new, your going to have to replace the motherboard, processor, RAM, and hard drives.  Once you throw in a dedicated graphics card your best bet is to buy something new.   Depending on what games you wish to play, something like this would probably work.  

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Any good ideas for current deals that have been spotted recently, dont need monitor just base unit required?. Thanks

Answer:Best gaming desktop for £700.

This is a different project from the other thread I posted yesterday.

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Relevance 42.64% Been wanting a gaming rig for years and years. Now I'm finally going to build my own. I found this link and wanted some thoughts on whether or not it's a good build for the price/performance. Any thoughts?

Answer:New Desktop Gaming Rig

Hey there. That looks like a nice setup. There is one small change that I would make and that it to use a higher wattage PSU. Just to be on the safe side and in case of future upgrades that require more power. I would suggest one around 550-650w to be sure and also power supply's run at their most efficient at around 50% load.

This would be a nice high quality power supply to go for -


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can i just ask if my lenovo ideapad 310 run nba 2k18? appreciate those who would answer

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i own a lenovo y50. is it wise to put laptop on charge while gaming? will it affect the battery life? if so how can i prevent the battery from getting affected? is there a conservation mode play a role in it?

Answer:lenovo gaming battery?

The battery charges as required by the system. If you have a conservation mode in the profile as I do it limits the charge as indicated to about 60%. Either way charging or not has no affect on what you can use it for nor limits what you can run. If it did then there is a design probem and/or the power brick is too small.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB

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Hi everyone!I have a big problem. I bought my laptop  half a year ago. Firstly it worked perfectly, but now it is overheating while I'm gaming and my laptop is charging. I checked my CPU's temperature and it is between 60-65 degrees, while I'm playing games, but when it reaches the 65 degrees, my laptop simply shutting down and I can't turn it off until I take the battery out and back. I have tried these at the moment:- BIOS updating- Cleaning (there was not so many dust)- Lower game graphic- Checked every hardvers and drivers (and updated them)But it's always shutting down.... So I don't know what should i do...I have read many forums and they said, I should change the CPU's maximum temperature (where the laptop turn off automatically) in BIOS. Well, in my BIOS there isn't this option. I can't change it, but I think it could solve my problem.So my question is, what should I do? Where can I change the temperature? Should I buy a laptop cooler? Many Thanks for the replies!! 

Answer:Lenovo G50-45 is overheating while gaming

Hi Zodak,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
CPU is running very hot. Applications like tp fan control can tell you the temperature of the CPU and GPU temps above 80C under load are high, and above 90C suggest that the fan or heatsink could be clogged.

If you open up your task manager, do you see any processes that are consuming high percentages of CPU?

 2.Also run virus scan with the latest virus definitions and check for no viruses or malware. 
3.You should also install a temp monitoring program and post what your temps are.
4.Enable Active Cooling

The menu option for enabling active cooling varies from notebook to notebook, but in some cases, the option will actually say "active cooling" and in others the option will say "maximum performance" as opposed to "maximum battery life."

 5.Enable all power saving options for the CPU, graphics, wireless card, etc.
 6.Unplug Your Notebook
 7.Put the notebook on a table or desk
Good luck!
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Hello all, I purchased my Lenovo Y50 about 6 months ago.  Initially I had no issues with the machine, but after about 2 months I began to experience random shutdowns while playing a lower-end game (The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth).  After playing for some time, I would lose control of my character for about 5 seconds and the machine would shut off with a popping sound.  No error messages were ever displayed.  I was able to restart the machine immediately, only it took slightly longer to boot up.  The shutdowns only occurred while gaming, never while doing other tasks.   After reading about other users having similar problems, I did a clean install of Windows 10, reinstalled all the necessary drivers, chipsets, and BIOS updates and had no issues for a while.  Just recently the problem arose again.  The machine crashed after short sessions of the Binding of Isaac.  I also purchased Fallout 4 a few days ago and experienced crashes after 30 minutes of playing.  I reinstalled all the chipsets, updated the BIOS, updated all my graphics drivers, and had no issues for about 24 hours.  However, today the machine crashed after just 15 minutes of playing.  I turned it back on, started the game again, and experienced a crash after 7 minutes.   I read that overheating could be the cause of the issue, but I always use my laptop with the Targus Lap Chill Mat and SpeedFan shows that my temperatu... Read more

Answer:Lenovo Y50 Crashes While Gaming

I'm having this problem now, did you find a solution?

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I have been having this problem for a couple of weeks now. It's when i play overwatch, i sometimes get huge fps drops/stutters. I go from 120 fps to 30 fps. I got to look at my Cpu under taskmaster, and when this happens, it seems like my Cpu drops down and locks at 0.78 gHz, i have been looking on the internet and can't find a solution. Hopefully you guys have seen this before and can help me out.

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I just recently bought Lenovo Y50-70 but having problem playing command & conquer generals, command & conquer zero hour as the laptop just wont play the game. whenever i click the launch icon of the game it shows the opening, but will not proceed in game loading and just automatically close the game. Anyone knows the solution for my problem o encounter this issue? Thank you in advance


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Answer:Lenovo Y50-70 gaming issue

Those are pretty old games, Correct?
Have you checked if they are compatible with your OS? Which OS do you have?

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My z51-70 starts to lag after 3-5 minutes into the game.Any game which i play, there is a sudden drop in frames and it comes back to normal and after 2 minutes again it lags.Plays at 60+ fps and suddenly it drops to 2-4 fps.Tried resetting the laptop, Installed windows 10, Installed windows 7, tried every solution in this forum and none of it worked.

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Hello,I bought lenovo z51 laptop 4 months ago. It has i5 5200u 2.2 GHz processor, amd radeon r9 m375 gpu with 4 gegas as memory nd 8 gegas of ram and windows 10 pro 64 bit.I used to pay total war medieval 2 and it works fine with maximum details. When I started to play total war attila - which requires specs much less than my machine- the laptop starts to heat as soon as I open the game. It gets really very hot. Can you tell me wwhy and how to fix that?Thanks

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Hi Do any one now when will come new y series gaming laptops with GTX 9xx series GPU?

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I bought a Lenovo Y50-70 two weeks ago.So every time I play a game on this laptop, it lags, no matter what game it is. Actually, it's not internet lag or fps lag, it's just that the fps counter gets to 5 fps for like 1 second from time to time. (lag spikes). GTA 5 works at 40 fps on high settings, but every 30 seconds I get a lag spike. The same goes for Trove, and even CLICKER HEROES!! (Yes, clicker heroes). Path of Exile is completely unplayable, with lag spikes every 5 seconds. (but I don't know if it's because of my laptop because it was unplayable on my desktop PC too). Is there any way to fix this? I installed Advanced System Care 8 but it's the same.Am I using a deficient product?

Answer:Lenovo Y50-70 - Terrible Gaming Lag

i was also facing the fps drop problem in game. my fps generally fall after 0.30-1hr of game play and my y50-70 used to become super hot. so what i did i brought good cooling pad that doesnot allow my gpu temp to shoot more than 69 C(earlier +85C) and the problem was solved and i  hv never faced the problem again since than.

lenovo Y50-70 win 10 home sl

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Hi,I recently got the Lenovo Y50. It has a GTX 960M and an Intel Core I7 processor. When trying to play one of my favorite games, (League of Legends), i realized that even on the lower settings, the Y50 only runs the games at around 45 fps. The specs of this laptop should easlisy be able to run the game at a much higher fps, even on the higher graphics settings... Does anyone know a soultion to this? Yes i have been playing with my charging cable in and i made sure that the game is being run with the Nvidia graphics card... Help?Thanks in advance


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Answer:Lenovo Y50 Problems with gaming

Have you tried to update the driver ?

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I heard from my friend that intel is not good for gaming, and it will break faster.Is it true? He said AMD is better.

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Are games like maplestory and dragon nest(ESPECIALLY) playable on u160? sooooooooooooooo would want to download it in the com but heard from salesman said that cant play like warcraft game on it (but ya i didnt ask bout dragon nest cause i didnt even know it existed then.)  Dont want my com to crash><. HELP ME PLZ THX XDDDDD!!!

Answer:Gaming on lenovo U160~!!!

i suggest you to check the software requirements to play the games.( it may change by games ) if your computer is good enough, i can't see any reason not to play games with it.

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So I purchased a y50 - y50 saturday. So did a buddy. Oddly enough we have the same problem with games freezing for 1 to 3 seconds. After trying everything including lenovo over the phone. Power set to perform hdd set to never turn off playing on stupid low settings etc etc etc. So I see tons of threads about this hard drive prolly being the issue. Why has this not been resolved? Do you expect us to buy a new hard drive to fix a KNOWN LENOVO ISSUE?

Answer:Lenovo Y50-70 freezes during Gaming

if you do ctrl alt del and see what the hdd disk is doing, i have a yoga 2 and the disk is at 100% which slows everything else do, causes programs to open slow or have hick ups, i found out it was something to do with google chome. but thats as far as i have go hope it helps you

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i am finding good rts games for my s20-30 netbook.
can starcraft 2: lagacy of the void run smoothly on its lowest settings on my netbook?
or can you give me a list of games that my netbook can run
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

Answer:Lenovo s20-30 gaming questions

can i run starcraft 2 in my netbook on the lowest graphical setting?
if so, how much fps would it probably would be?
can you give game titles or a list of games that my netbook can run so i dont have to be anoying and ask questions like this.
it would be a kudos if you helped me
Mod's Edit: Merged this post with previous question on same topic and edit Subject line to reflect merge.

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I know the specs haven't been announced yet, but I'm wanting to upgrade my gaming desktop in preparation for the Fallout 4 launch.

I'm also looking for better performance out of modded Skyrim.

Here's what I'm working with:

Type: Cyber Power PC
OS: Windows 8.1
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-HD3
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.50GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
Power Supply: Xtremegear 800w ATX Power Supply
RAM: 16.0
System Type: 64 bit

I'm looking at the GeForce GTX 980 Ti from Gigabyte here. I'm also looking to replace the power supply, as it came with the PC and I've read some nasty reviews online.

Looking for feedback. Thanks!

Answer:Looking to Upgrade Gaming Desktop!

if it were me i would go for a corsair RM850 for power, i've got a similar one AX850, its worth getting a decent psu if your spending a lot on a new gpu.
also SSD's are a good investment.

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I have question on processors.

Which processor is better for a gaming desktop? An AMD 64 or A Pentium 4? Why are pentiums more expensive than AMD?

Answer:Which processor is better for a gaming desktop?

Either, or, depends on who you talk to

I'd say the fx-51, but thats $700, so on a budget probably the 3.2ghz P4 for only $280

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i have around £1200 for a desktop for gaming,i have heard mesh and cube are good anyone got any ideas? thanks rick

Answer:what gaming desktop for around £1200?

I suggest you do a search on the Forum for threads on Mesh and Cube. You might get a shock if you think they are good.

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Hello Tech Support Guy community! I am highly considering attempting to build a new gaming pc for myself for the first time. I've read a few guides on picking parts, cooling, and such on this site but im definitely going to need a lot of advice, suggestions, and tips. I plan to use this PC i plan to build for heavy gaming, video editing and creating (i have a camcorder which requires a FireWire port), software applications like Jasc paintshop pro and Microsoft Office, and of course managing music. The spec i have posted below is something i just put together with, but if you would like to suggest your own spec, please do or modify the one i have created so it will be capable of handling the tasks i have mentioned. Keep in mind i wish to be able to play games like Bioshock and Oblivion with their highest quality graphic settings without any lag. My budget is about $1300-$1500 though id like to keep it as cheap as possible of course ;P. Note: i did not include a power supply because im not sure how much power im going to need.

Case: Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
Motherboard: Intel BOXD975XBX2KR LGA 775 Intel 975X ATX Intel Motherboard
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar SE WD2500JS 250GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
Video Card: XFX PVT86SWAQG GeForce 8400GS 512MB (256MB on Board) 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16
Memory: Kingston HyperX 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel

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I'm in need of help,I'm not very well up on Computers,What i am looking for is a DeskTop PC that is fast moving between things,it's not for Gaming,what i want it for is to be able to watch Videos (like on YouTube or Facebook)and to store,and Download my Music on,What should i be looking for when choosing a Computer.

Answer:Fast Desktop PC,But not for Gaming

What you want to do isn't too demanding of today's computers. I'd suggest you stick with a known make and buy the best you can afford.

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Inno3D 8600GT 512ddr2 dvi 128bit
Intel E8400 (3.0G) 6mb 1333FSB C2D
Transcend 1GB 800 ddr2
Transcend 1GB 800 ddr2
Gigabyte GAG31M-S2L G31 Vpcie/S/GL
19" Hanns-G HW191 wide 1440x900

Just want to know what you think about it? So that I can make changes

Answer:Is this a good gaming desktop?

Good for running most games on medium-high settings. Not suited to hardcore gaming IMO. You should get the E7200 instead of your current CPU and invest more money in a better GPU, like the HD 4850, since that will affect game performance far more than the CPU.

Can you post the links to the parts, if applicable?

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This is a gaming desktop that I want to buy and build, but I don't know if it is even any good. I want to be able to play at least PlanetSide 2 on medium graphic settings (or higher), but I also don't have a very large budget. I want to keep it at or below $500. Any advice?

Answer:First Gaming Desktop Idea


The link above is wrong. Here are the links to the parts:

Case -
Power -
HD -
MB -

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Hi Guys,

I've recently been looking into buying a new PC (Probably from MESH) but I wanted some advise on a few things.

Basically I am not sure whether to go for an £800 model or a £1300 model because I'm not sure whether the upgrades will make all that much difference for my needs.

Here are the 3 systems I am looking at:
System 1 XGS PII 945 Price: £836.99
AMD Phenom? II X4 945 Quad Core Processor AM3 (3.0GHz, 8MB Cache)
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium pre-installed
XGS Gaming Chassis - Midi Tower Black / Black Mesh + 550W PSU
ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 TurboV EVO Mainboard - AMD 890GX CrossFireX- AM3, DDR3 - ATX
8GB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM - ( 4x2GB )
1TB Serial ATA 2 Hard Drive with 32MB Buffer [upg £ 11.07]
22x Dual Layer DVD Writer Super Format +R/-R/RW/RAM
1GB ATI Radeon HD5750 Graphics Accelerator
7.1 High Definition onboard sound card - for 8 Channel Cinema sound
Free Microsoft® Works 9
Free Cyberlink Video Editing Utility Suite - 7 titles (oem)
BullGuard Internet Security ver. 9 - 90 Day Trial - AntiVirus/Firewall/Backup/Spamfilter
Supports up to 12 USB 2.0 ports (6 ports at mid-board, 6 ports at back panel) - M4A79XTD
2 x 1394a ports (one at mid-board; one at back panel) - ASUS P6T / M4A79XTD
System 2: XGS PII 965BE Price: £ 1093.96
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Black Edition Processor - (2.8-3.3GHz,6xTurbo Core,9MB Cache) [upg £ 25.53]
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium pre-installed
XGS Gaming Chassis - Midi Tower Black / Black Mesh +... Read more

Answer:Buying a new gaming desktop

Out of the above 3 choices, the second one seems the best bet. Although you could save a few bucks and get the Phenom II X4 965 BE instead of the PII X6 1055T. The HD 5850 is definitely theway to go.

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I dont know much about assembling one but im pretty sure that buying parts will save me money. and I only have $800 budget for it. can anyone give me a list? (im making one from scratch)

Thanks. I really appreciate your help.

Answer:Assembling a gaming desktop pc

For 800 bucks, let me see what I can do:

Im assuming America, and do you need a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
Also what about OS?

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ready to upgrade an old desktop but don't know what to buy

folks say to "build your own" but that's not me - I want something already done but upgradable (video card, memory, etc.)

we play City of Heroes all the time and a few other games, too

use it for general home use:
-videos and editing
-miscrosoft office applications
-email and web browsing

can anyone recommend any at good (under $2K) price point?

thanks much

Answer:Buying a New Gaming Desktop

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Im trying to decide which should I buy and which is more beneficial in the long run: a gaming desktop or a console like an Xbox One.

A gaming desktop will cost me $995. An Xbox One will cost $300 and a cheap notebook will cost $350 for a total of $650. Don't you think its cheaper and more beneficial to buy an Xbox One with a cheap notebook than a gaming desktop?

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Alright so this is the first time im building my own computer and i have some computer knowledge but not a ton. what im looking for is any tips during installation, compatibility problems within my choices, better choices for hardware etc., anything else i should know. Also what is the difference between retail and oem for the things that are listed as oem (below). any help is extremely appreciated.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3.0GHz LGA 775 95W Quad-Core Processor Model BX80569Q9650 - Retail

Disk Drive: LG Black Blu-ray/HD DVD-ROM & 16X DVD±R DVD Burner SATA Model GGC-H20L - Retail

Fan: Thermaltake CL-P0401 110mm Full-Range Fan CPU Cooler - Retail

HDD 1: Western Digital VelociRaptor WD1500HLFS 150GB 10000 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive (bare drive) - OEM

HDD 2: Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM

MOBO:EVGA 132-YW-E178-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI FTW ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

RAM: CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWIN2X4096-6400C5 - Retail X2 (8GB total)

PSU: CORSAIR CMPSU-1000HX 1000W ATX12V 2.2 / EPS12V 2.91 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply - Retail

Case: Thermaltake ArmorPlus(Armor+) VH6000BWS Black Aluminum / Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail

Sound Card (idc if i should bother with one): Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Card - Retail

GPU: EVGA ... Read more

Answer:Gaming Desktop Help Needed

oh... also have a d-link DWA-160 (wireless n usb adapter)

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Hey guys,

So I had a friend help order me parts to build a gaming desktop to play SWTOR and other games. He gave me a list of compatible parts and I just received them all today. I am new to building computers and unfortunately my friend lives far away. He also said that the only things missing are the DVD drive and a heat sink. He said everything else is included.

Here are the parts:

Here are my questions:

1.What would be a good heat sink that is compatible with these parts?

2. And, is there anything else he forgot that I need to run the desktop?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate any help or suggestions you guys can give me.


Answer:Building Gaming Desktop

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Im trying to decide which should I buy and which is more beneficial in the long run: a gaming desktop or a console like an Xbox One.

A gaming desktop will cost me $995. An Xbox One will cost $300 and a cheap notebook will cost $350 for a total of $650. Don't you think its cheaper and more beneficial to buy an Xbox One with a cheap notebook than a gaming desktop?

Answer:Which is Better? A Gaming Desktop or Xbox One?

Honestly, it is a personal decision. For me, no it is not worth it, others may, and probably will, disagree. I am coming from the perspective of someone who has never been a console gamer. The only advantage I can see is the cheap notebook would be portable and the desktop would not. In my opinion, a desktop would be more powerful, more versatile and can do more than the Xbox and notebook. I think your gaming experience would be better and the desktop is upgradable, if needed or wanted. I am sure some of the console gamers will offer their opinions, but for me there would be no decision. Personally, I will be interested in the opinions who use both Desktop and Xbox for gaming and other work as well.

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I'm trying to use Remote Desktop to play games =] But when I try to run the games remotely they give me an error about hardware acceleration or some junk. Can someone tell me if they know a way to make remote desktop gaming work well? I used to know someone who played World of Warcraft over Remote Desktop, so i know it can be done.

Answer:Remote Desktop Gaming

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ready to upgrade and old desktop but don't know what to buy

folks say to "build your own" but that's not me - I want something already done but upgradable (video card, memory, etc.)

we play City of Heroes all the time and a few other games, too

use it for general home use

videos and editing
miscrosoft office applications
email and web browsing

can anyone recommend any at good (under $2K) price point?

thanks much

Answer:Buying a New Gaming Desktop

we only need one post in the forum
and the best one is the hardware

so closing this post

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SO i can get any computer off of the office depot website since i have about 800 in credit there. Just curious what would be the best one for gaming. Also i can upgrade the graphics card no problem just not sure what to get... please help.. These are the gaming computers on there site which one is the best bang for the buck? And i have no problem upgrading the graphics card. So i guess a good processor that will alst will be nice.

Answer:Help!!! choosing gaming desktop!!!

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