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adding Seagate SATA harddrive 1TB 32MB

Question: adding Seagate SATA harddrive 1TB 32MB

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: RADEON X300 SE 128MB HyperMemory, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 71468 MB, Free - 24974 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0YC523
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Before I purchase an SATA Interface Cable and power adaptor cable, is this project doable ? and will there be a SATA host adaptor when I open my PC up ?

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Preferred Solution: adding Seagate SATA harddrive 1TB 32MB

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: adding Seagate SATA harddrive 1TB 32MB

Open it up and check. I doubt it on a computer that old.

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i have three hard drives connected in my system, my seagate is basically where i store my audio, and video files, whenever i access a file or play a file i've recently noticed the harddrive is making alot of noise. is this normal , my other drive dont make any noise ?

Answer:My 120 gb seagate serial sata harddrive

That's not normal. Sounds like its dying.

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My current PC that has the GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard (see my computer spec) that I built in 2011, was later on in 2012 added a new harddrive 2TB internal and 2TB external (for duplicate copy), using this PCI Express 2.0 SATA III controller card.
Now I'm running out of harddrive space again (the joy of being a photographer). So I need to add more drive.

My question is, can I just change the current controller card, with one that has more ports like this one:

Can I use 4TB for my next drive or does my OS/Hardware limits me to only 2TB max?
I'm interested in using this one:

Answer:Adding more SATA III Harddrive (4TB possible?)

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I have a SATA HDD in situ at the moment and I want to add another Maxtor SATA HDD.Inserting the hard drive is no problem, but I want the windows installation to be on the new drive as it is of larger capacity and my existing one for running games and storage/backup.I have a windows recovery CDRom from the computer manufacturers, Mesh but I am at a loss how to achieve the above, so if anybody can guide me in the right direction, I would be most grateful.Many thanks

Answer:Adding another SATA Harddrive

On the Motherboard SATA1 Port is for the primary device, SATA2 port is for the secondary device etc.connect your new drive in port 2, use disk coping software to copy your first disk to the second, switch off and swap the drives over to the other port, switch on and see if it will boot into the copy of windows.If it won't just swap the drives back and you will have lost nothing.Free Maxblast4 software from the maxtor site click here should do the job.

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I have this WD My Passport external portable harddrive which I have used for a couple of years. I was writing something to the drive one day when the USB connection seems to be somewhat loose and the drive disconnected momentarily and reconnected itself but the file I was trying to write ended prematurely...

Now when I try to use the Seagate Harddrive test tool for windows and do a Short Generic test and the result failed.. I am fear it might have been caused by the disconnection and might eventually corrupt the entire drive... I try to run chkdsk but there aren't any errors detected it seems and files seems to be accessible as normal... Is there a way to fix the harddrive without losing data in the drive or confirm the drive is indeed failing?

Answer:Seagate Harddrive test tool fail but harddrive data seems intact

Run the most thorough and extensive test available with the WD hard drive utilities.

If it fails the thorough test, you may have a warranty claim.

Or the Seagate tool. Whatever you have. Your title is confusing.

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Question: Seagate Harddrive

Bought this 60 gig hd second hand and after detecting drives on boot screen i get the message that the NTLR is missing ,press cont/alt/delete to restart but then it just does the same again.Anyone know what this means.Also brother has keyboard which will not bring up the @ sign when shift or control is held down. Any help on either welcome.Cheers.

Answer:Seagate Harddrive

click here click here

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I'm considering a new harddrive, but until I ran across an attractive offer for the 1.5TB, I had been thinking of the 1TB instead. The larger drive has the following specs:

Formatted Capacity : 1.5TB
Interface Type: Serial ATA-300
Buffer Size: 32MB
Spindle Speed: (RPM) 5900 RPM
Average Latency: 4.16 ms
Data Transfer Rate: Buffer to Host Up to 300MBps
Sustained Throughput: Up to 115MBps
Ports and Connectors: 7-pin Serial ATA Connector
Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

The thing that stands out in my eye is that the spindle speed is slow compared to the 1TB, which is 7200 RPM, but I think the warranty is a bit longer.

I recall recently reading an article posted in the forums news board that said that the 1 TB was the fastest drive in it's class, but the sustained throughput of this drive is slightly faster...I think.

The extra 500GBs would definitely be a plus, but would it really perform as well as the 1TB? Is there any other aspect to consider?

Answer:Seagate 1.5TB Harddrive an odd RPM value for a HD

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Hi, I have a 500gb, harddrive wich doesn't start, it worked perfectly before, and now just suddenly it wont start at all. I'm not angry about it yet becuase I still have hope this can get fixed.

I pop the adapter in, nothing happens, plug the stuff to the computer, nothing happens. I got no clue what to do really. IF it can destroy the adapter if I put a ac adapter for a portable computer inte it while it was off, that can be it. OR if it got broken by safely lying in my bag. Just tell me how I can fix this, Please. I'm So thankful for anyone who can help me with this.

Seagate FreeAgent 500GB USB2.

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I noticed on these two drives they have a jumper pin on them
with jumper pin 1.5 g/sec
without jumper pin 3.0 g/sec

If my motherboard is compatible with the 3.0 g/sec transfer rate
can I pull the jumper out, or do the drives only operate at that speed in a raid configuration or is it even worth the hassle ?

Answer:Seagate 500 & 750 gig Harddrive queston

THat jumper is so that the faster Sata 2 (300Gb/s) drives will work on the older Sata (150Gb/s) sata controllers. If your controllers are Sata 2 then yo can remove the jumper and not worry about it.

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Hi guys,

I'm really in desperate need of help right now. My harddrive just died and all my essays and school stuff are in it and the due dates are within days.

So I turned on my pc this afternoon,did some stuff and turned it off,then i wanted to turn it on again but the harddrive is no longer detected by BIOS.The bios gives the typical message of no harddrive detected,plz insert boot media and press a key blah blah blah.i also noticed that the whole start up becomes incredibly slow,even for loading the bios setup. I bought this new pc during xmas and its just been a lil bit over 3 months.

seagate barracuda 7200.11 500Gbytes
motherboard is Asus P5QL Pro
4gig mem.
geforce 9800gt
intel 2.5Ghz

the machine's been perfectly normal for 3 months except very occassional blue screens,and now the hd is not dectected all of a sudden.

i did not install anything or remove anything in hardware/software,i tried a different sata cable for dvd-rw which is recognized by bios,plugging into a different sata plug on the motherboard,and nothing happens.

when i start the machine i can hear that there's a couple clicks in the harddrive,so obviously its still running,but after that its all silence and there's no activity at all thereafter.

does this indicate a dead harddrive that can only be replaced?is there any chance i can recover the data on the harddrive?

thx tons for any reply!!!

Answer:seagate harddrive problem

This happened like a day ago for me with the same drive. I fixed it by resetting the cmos, it was either that or the cable was loose (because i took it out and put it back in) so check the cables, if that does not do it, try a cmos flash.

EDIT: wait, the cmos flash fixed my 1tb drive, not the 7200.11, my bad.

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I have a seagate barracuda 500GB harddrive that I'm using as a secondary harddrive. My main boot drive with my os is a 150GB raptor. this drive works find, however I cannot detect my seagate. When I go into the BIOS, it looks like its detected there, but when I log into windows I can't see it. Thanks in advance for the help

Answer:problems with my seagate harddrive

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I was on newegg and found a nice seagate harddrive for 149.00 for a 400gb harddrive. My wife loves frys and told me to check out and i found a maxtor 500 gb for 129.00 and these are the specs it has!

Serial ATA/300
16MB Buffer
8.5ms Seek Time

i know ppl love the raptors and im hoping this is an okay cuz i always bought a seagate with every harddrive ive ever bought.

Do u think this is a good hard drive brand?

wait i think raptors r from WD :\

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Could a USB port be damaged when trying to attach the cable from a 1.5 T external harddrive. this harddrive was attached before I got this computer a few days ago.

Answer:Seagate external harddrive 1.5 T

Can't see why it would be?Which having said... if the drive demands more power than the pc - particularly a laptop - can deliver then possibly; but have never come across it.If the drive requires serious power i/p then use an external usb-power adapter to power it?Have you experienced this and this is why you're posting here now?

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A while back I bought a Seagate 1TB harddrive, but until recently it was just stored away and not used.
Recently I wanted to expand a XP system I have containing a M4A79XTD Evo mboard, so I just popped in the 1TB. But, to my surprise, the harddrive showed up as only 32MB. So I went into Ubuntu(dualboot with XP) and format the drive, then restart. Back in XP it finally showed up as 939GB. Then I turned off the computer. When I turned it back on later, the drive was back at showing 32MB.

The only thing that worked was when I used ext2 on Ubuntu to format the drive. I wanted to do a clean OS install on the 1TB, but no OS under the sun wants to install, because it jumps back to showing 32MB. I can only store files with Ubuntu under ext2.

I've tried the drive in other computers, with various cables, external enclosures, etc.

So now my question is, do I have a nice looking paperweight, or do I miss something important?

PS: Seagate ST31000528AS

Answer:Problem with Seagate 1TB harddrive

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I Have A Dell Laptop Inspiron 6000 With 150mb Space Left. I Backup All Files To My Seagate And Transfer My Itunes Folder. I Then Deleted My Itunes From My Laptop For More Space But Not I Have Lost My Itunes. When I Connect My Seagate It Shows My Music But Not In A Way To Connect My Ipod To Transfer The Music And The Seagate Dont Show Up To Give Me More Hard Drive.

Answer:300 Seagate External Harddrive

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Can anoyone please tell me if my new HDD is a SATA 1 or SATA II the new SATA as I am having problems with booting on my machine.Tanxz in advance

Answer:Seagate ST380817AS & SATA 1 or Sata 2 ?

Have you checked the Seagate website's product info?

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A couple weeks ago my USB External harddrive got unplugged and when i plugged it back in, it asked me to Format it. It game me a "2HC015KJ" Error code. Its 500GB but now appears as 2000GB. Ive tried to use Partiton Wizard 7, but when doing a quick scan for a couple days, it was only at 163608 sectors, and still at 0%.

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I have a problem with my Seagate external harddrive. It won't let my computer start. It stops at the BIOS screen and does nothing. I tried pressing the BIOS setup or System recovery but it doesn't work. I found out that my external harddrive was the problem after serveral tries. I took the plug out of my computer and restarted it. It worked fine. I plugged it back in again to the computer and it was detected in Device Manager but not detected on Windows. In Device Manager it said there was no problem at all. However when I clicked computer the external harddrive didn't show up. I also have to mention that I dropped my harddrive accidentally. It keeps making a beeping noise every other second. It was a regular beep, nothing out of the ordinary. I also tried diagnosticing my drive. However that was a problem too. It made another error. I also tried to plug the external harddrive to another computer and it also made the beeping noise and it didn't show up on the otehr computer. I'm starting to think that this is an external error with the parts inside than internal with software and other stuff. I don't think that I like recovering my data with experts because it costs a lot of cash. The ohter option is to replace my drive with another one from seagate. The warranty is still on and won't expire in a while. Oh yeah and I just recently discovered that on the other computer I tested the drive on it starts up when I plug it in before I start the computer.

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Good Morning Sirs
We got a Seagate USB Harddrive , which is not getting recognised as File System is RAW
Kindly advice how to fix this issue so that harddrive gets recognised in Desktop/Laptop with Windowsxp/Windows 7

Answer:Seagate USB Harddrive - File System RAW

Thanks a lot
I need to find out an Indian dealer so that the software can be bought because now we r only able to see the data and can not recover in trial version
Thanks again

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I have the following model Seagate Hardrive and was wondering if anyone knew of reliable resources to get a new circuit board for this item. I have been checking ebay, online sites, any additional assistane woul dbe helpful.
Model ST340823A
U Series 5
IDE drive
Seagate 40 GB
Firmware 3.07
I have seen a lot of models that are close - just not exact match. I'd toss the drive, but there is about a years worth of photos on there that I unfortunately did not have a backup for.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Seagate Harddrive PC Board Replacement

Could you explain what is wrong with the drive?

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I have a problem with my Seagate external harddrive. It won't let my computer start. It stops at the BIOS screen and does nothing. I tried pressing the BIOS setup or System recovery but it doesn't work. I found out that my external harddrive was the problem after serveral tries. I took the plug out of my computer and restarted it. It worked fine. I plugged it back in again to the computer and it was detected in Device Manager but not detected on Windows. In Device Manager it said there was no problem at all. However when I clicked computer the external harddrive didn't show up. I also have to mention that I dropped my harddrive accidentally. It keeps making a beeping noise every other second. It was a regular beep, nothing out of the ordinary. I also tried diagnosticing my drive. However that was a problem too. It made another error. I also tried to plug the external harddrive to another computer and it also made the beeping noise and it didn't show up on the otehr computer. I'm starting to think that this is an external error with the parts inside than internal with software and other stuff. I don't think that I like recovering my data with experts because it costs a lot of cash. The ohter option is to replace my drive with another one from seagate. The warranty is still on and won't expire in a while.

Answer:Seagate External Harddrive error

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As the title says, my new Seagate Expansion Portable Drive is not working in the 3.0 slots in the front of my computer. It only works when i plug it into one of my two 2.0 slots on the back of my computer, which are both occupied by my mouse and keyboard, both of them are not backwards compatible. When my Drive is plugged into a 3.0, absolutely nothing happens. i get a green light on the drive, but it does not show up in my bios or in "My Computer". Works perfectly fine in a 2.0 though.

My motherboard is made by gigabyte, and is only about 2 months old, and my drive is 5 months old.

Answer:External seagate 1tb harddrive not working with 3.0 usb slot.

Did you install the 3.0 drivers and enable it in the BIOS? All versions of USB are backwards compatible.

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Hi, and thanks in advance to any help. Today I noticed that my Seagate 250gb harddrive is not showing up under my computer as a disk. This happened after a reboot. It is the only usb device plugged into my computer and my taskbar recognizes it with the safely remove hardware icon. Under. It also shows up in disk management as unallocated with no partition. It has been fussy before but has worked fine for awhile now. Is there anything I can do or have I lost all of my data? Also it was pretty full with just 5% freespace on it before this happened. I know I probably should have backed up this data but now I am nervous because I have important stuff on there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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- My 500GB Seagate external harddrive can't be recognized in the computer (as if it wasn't there) when plugged via USB
- It makes a repeated beep when connected to a plug
- I called technical support and they charge $300 for data recovery

- If my external harddrive has failed, then what are some methods would Seagate use to recover the data?
- Can't I just open the casing and remove the SATA drive and plug it in with my SATA adapter (i know it voids warranty, but I'd rather have my data back at a cheaper price than to get a replacement harddrive)
- Isn't it possible that the casing might've broke, not the hard drive itself?
- What are your thoughts on this one?

A note from the Customer Service Representative:


Originally Posted by csr

Thank you for sending your Seagate E-mail inquiry.

It sounds like your drive has failed. Anytime a drive makes noise such as those, it means the read/write head is bouncing across the data platters.

You may wish to look into Data Recovery or to return the drive to us for an exchange

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

What does that mean?

Answer:Seagate External harddrive failed, back for $300?

There is the possibility that it could be the encloser that has died.
The only way find out is to purchase another enclosure. However you will void any change at warranty if you pop open seagate's enclosure.

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So I have a seagate External drive which had been working perfectly fine for me right upto yesterday.
My kids were watching a film via the drive connected to my ps4 and all worked well but when I went to connect it to my netbook to manage some files it was no longer visible.
I've done extensive google searches but not come across anything that would seem to fix my problem.
The drive is visible in drive management but not in disk management. I have tried or in all the uso ports but that makes no difference.
The drive now no longer shows up when I plug it into the ps4 which leafs me to suspect that it's had it and I've lost whatever was on it.
One other thing to note is that when I connect it to my netbook it makes a noise like the drive inside is spinning to try and come to life.
Having said this however it had just decided to show up on my netbook so I am copying the files off of it right now to make sure they're not lost. I'm going to say however that this is going to need replacing right?

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My external hard drive isn't being recognised by the laptop. It is just making beeping noises. Is there anything I can do to get it to work, and if not, who should I send it off to, and how much can I expect it to cost?

Answer:seagate external harddrive doesnt spin up

Could be any of several causes:
Harddrive dead
not enough power (try with laptop plugged into mains - not on battery power)
faulty cable
faulty usb port
Is it making the same noise as in this youtube vid?
read posts on seagate forum

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I bought a new Seagate 250GB EIDE HD 7200/8MB/ATA-100 and would like to replace my old drive with it in my Dell? Dimension? 4400 (Pent 4 1.80GHz, 768mb Ram, running Windows XP Home). I need some advice on how I should format this new drive and then clone and replace my old drive with the new Seagate drive using Norton Ghost 2003.

What is best way to format the harddrive to get it ready to clone - using (Control panel > Administrative tools > Computer management > Disk Management) or formating it via Windows XP CD or is there a better way/easier??? Thanks.

Answer:Formating and cloning to a new Seagate 250gb harddrive

You can use Seagates Disk Wizzard ( IMO the easiest & free)\
How to use Disk Wizzard

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I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and post that It was working fine without any issues. I have two external drive connected to it.

1. 1 TB Iomega powered drive. - now RAW
2. 2TB seagate external drive.

The 1tb drive suddenly became RAW and I wasn't able to access it. before it happened, I had removed some virus detected in the drive by the AVG antivirus. Post that once or twice it got disconnected and after that the drive became RAW. I understand the file system might have got corrupted since couple of times my system faced powercuts and before I could shut it down the system cut off from electricity as my UPS died on me.

I haven't formatted the disk at all, as I have all my important data in this HD as it was my backup drive for office and personal use.

Disk Management: shows the drive is RAW but a healthy Partition.

I opened the hard drive casing, tried connecting the drive directly to the internal sata cable but the same didn't read even then and still shows as RAW drive. I got a Storite USB to SATA adapter and tried that, the drive is now running fine(as it sounds) with intermittent kind of noise (clicking etc.,) for sometime and then disappears. After directly connecting the drive atleast the below softwares are able to read the data in the drive but unable to recover it.

I have tried recovering data using the below softwares.

1. EaseUS DAta recovery - took too much time to complete reading - 17% in more than 24 hours- stopped it.
2. M3 DAta recover... Read more

Answer:External 1TB harddrive(Iomega - seagate inside) RAW drive

My recommendation is to use [email protected] Recovery Pro. I had a similar situation (raw indication) on a drive a few months back and I tried several of the leading data recovery apps, and the one I recommended is the one that found the most stuff -- nearly everything. It took nearly a whole day to do an in-depth scan, but in the end, it was worth it. It's free to install and try out, but you need to buy a license to do any serious recovery work.

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I have Windows 7 Home premium 64bit as I recently got a new computer, and to my surprise my seagate external Harddisk did not work. If I go to the Devices section, it is listed as Desktop. I have tried many things such as, rebooting, trying different USB, Assigning A letter to the Expansion and a few others as you will see in my screenshots. Just before I forget my old PC 32bit Windows 7 Ultimate, automatically detected my 500gb Seagate 500gb External Harddisk so I cannot see a problem with the Harddrive or with my computer as it is brand new and fully functioning. Below are my screenshots.

As you can see from these images non of the fixes on the fourm, or on seagate work. If you have any fix please reply to this post as soon as you can, or on the other hand any questions. I will be very grateful.

Sorry about the thumbnail, Not sure what happened there.

Answer:Seagate 500gb External Harddrive, Windows 7 Will Not Read?

Cheers m8
SATA or PATA????

Have you tried to remove it from the ext case and installed it into the check if any of the electronics in the external case failed.
could be something with the usb drivers in the new machine... might try unstalling from the device manager the usb controllers, maybe the composite device then turn the machine off and let windows reinstall 'em again and see if the drive is picked up.
At this point I'd be asking just how important is the data on this HD... I'd even go so far as see if I could put the HD into a friends machine,(or old 'puter), to see if it could be picked up???? Be sure and copy the data off the HD while you continue to trouble shoot the drive.
From experience..... the only drive I've not been able to finally detect ended up as a dead drive, "bfh"
luk to you.....

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I have taken delivery of a Seagate FreeAgent pro 750.I have created a backup plan and put my pictures in to it.Every time I modify a file (JPG/.doc & .psd are the ones I have tried so far) it refuses to back it up and the log shows error 8. In fact I just downloaded some jpegs from my camera and they havbe been rejected as well.I cannot find the solution and there are limited help files.Can anyone help please?

Answer:Seagate external harddrive rejects amended files.

Autobackup.Maybe someone has used or is using this.I need to sort this out because the drive is useless to me if I cannot add extra files to the plan.It is meant to monitor changes and automatically write them to the drive.I think I might be missing something obvious but the manual/help is not very helpful.Please somebody point me in the right direction.

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Anyone use the Seagate Replica software that comes with the 2T External Hardrive? This is the GoFlex Desk series of external harddrives.

The software does an automatic backup of all your computers harddrives and logical drives and backs up any changes periodically to the external hardrive. It is suppose to allow full recovery (it includes a boot disk, linux based for restoring from the backed up 'image').

Anyone use it, and does it successfully restore the 'image' in case of a full crash?

Answer:Seagate Replica (2T External Harddrive) GoFlex Desk

Why bother using third-party disk-imaging (especially from Seagate) when Windows 7 has it built-in?
The built-in one works well, I've used it.

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I have just purchased the Lenovo IdeaCentre 510 Tower PC [i7]. It came with Windows 10 Home OS. Within the set up, it asked me whether I wanted to install updates to Windows 10 - i said 'yes'. It took a good couple of hours to complete the whole set up of the desktop, but according to the log, all Windows updates appear to have been successfully installed. (I mention this because I later found something on Lenovo's website about updating to Windows 10 when setting up your Lenovo for the first time - it mentioned trouble which may include the damaging or disabling of hardware? I can't seem to find this again, or else i would post a link. I think this may have been referring to upgrades to earlier windows versions rather than upgrades for Windows 10 applied to a machine which is sold with Windows 10 already installed.) My desktop seems to be up and running but I have just attempted to connect my Seagate Backup Plus portable drive using the USB port and it will not recognise it (I tried this on several ports).  I can feel the Seagate working but it does not show up under My Computer or anywhere else I can see.  I have tested the USB port by inserting a regular USB pen drive and it DOES recognise this. The Seagate previously worked on my Windows Surface Pro 3 with no trouble and I have all of my files backed up on it.  Hope somebody can help me figure out what is going wrong...  Many thanks!

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Im replacing my harddrive and these two seem to be the best so far

Also Im looking at the 500gb hardrives if there is another better one you guys can prefer

Answer:What is a better harddrive Seagate Momentus or Western Digital Scorpio Blue?

If I can ask, why are you choosing between low performance 5400rpm hard drives when you could have a higher performing 7200rpm hard drive. Just curious.

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Question: Seagate sata 3

Well do not waist your time with the sata 3! It does not appear faster or worth the money. I found one miss priced and decided to try it. HDtune did not impress me with the results.

Answer:Seagate sata 3

Does your computer support SATA III 6G? Only the very newest machines do?? Did you buy an new SATA III Card?

Your machine SPECs only show support for SATA II 3G. - ASUS P6T Deluxe LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard

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Question: sata seagate 320

hello bro, i replaced my hdd for more than 3times , some information i want to share with you regarding my hdd's health and please let me know suggestions.

HD Inspector
The report was generated by Hard Drive Inspector Professional v. 3.11 (Build # 207)
on Saturday, September 26, 2009 12:29:37 AM.
HDD Information Service v. 3.1 (Build # 349).

System information
Windows version : Windows Vista (Build 6002 : Service Pack 2)
Processor info :
Physical memory available to Windows : 4191824 KB (35% usage)
Video settings
Resolution : 1680 by 1050 pixels
Color depth : Highest 32 (bit)
Refresh rate : 60 Herz
Monitor name : ViewSonic VX2235wm
Adapter name : NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
IP Address :
Name : EP43-S3L
Manufacturer : Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Serial Number :
Version : x.x
Computer Name : sandy-desk
User Name : sandy de'royal

Drivers info
1) IDE\CDROMHL-DT-ST_DVDRAM_GH20NS10________________EL00____\5&2702D911&0&1.0.0

No driver information available for device.

2) IDE\DISKST3320613AS_____________________________CC2H____\5&24C44AB5&0&0.0.0
Name: ST3320613AS ATA Device

No driver information available for device... Read more

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I am using a HP XW8400 Windows 7 64 Pro and had no issues with hard drives/sata, 3TB until I elected to use this new Seagate 3TB Sata.
I needed a data hard drive to populate with company documents. I bought a 3TB WD hard drive partitioned it into two 1.4TB sections using GPT, and formatted NTFS. I then copied over from the smaller Sata drives the relevant data to this 3TB Sata hard drive. Now I have all my data on one large hard drive. However, I elected to buy another 3TB hard drive so that I could have a long term backup to store off site. I bought a Seagate. I Acornis Disk Wizard to create the GPT, and formatted it to NTFS. These are the same steps that I used on the first 3TB hard drive. I simply wanted a hard drive in use on the company computer and the second backup hard drive off site.
Here are the issues I ran into. I started with a USB Sata hard drive connected the computer. I started to copy from the first internal Sata to the new external usb Sata. What would happen is that the second Sata would disconnect. The drives letters would disappear. I ended up rebooting a few times before the second Sata again reconnected and reappeared. And then the drive would disconnect again, and again. So I finally gave up ? and put that second Sata into the computer. Now I had inserted along with the primary MBR hard drive the first 3TB GPT Sata, and the second 3TB Sata. Again as I attempted to copy from the first Sata to the second Sata I would experience those random disconn... Read more

Answer:Seagate Sata 3TB Issues

Your Seagate drive may have an electrical problem that is intermittent. Intermittent problems are very hard to spot. If possible, I would return/exchange the drive and try again. You may have a bad one.

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Hi, I am buidling my own computer, and have just bought a 80GB Seagate SATA HDD, im having troubles booting, I installed the 1st part of wndows XP, it asked me to press F6 to install any RAID or SCSI devices, so i did that and installed the VIA RAID drivers, it found my HDD, partioned it for me then installed Windows on it, it restarted and now comes up with "Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware config problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware."
Can anyone help me?

Answer:Seagate SATA HDD Problems

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I currently have a 160 GB Seagate Barracuda SATA 7200rpm 8MB cache HDD with NCQ which runs off my ASUS A8V-E Deluxe Motherboard. Its about 1 yr old.

I then purchased what i thought was the same one but found out its SATA 2. Is this going to be a problem for me? I wasnt looking to raid the drives or anything. Hopefully they will just run like 2 hard disks.

According to Seagate, I can jumper the sata 2 to make it the same as sata 1,(guessing thats the backwards compatibility). But in all honesty when i spoke to them they just confused me a bit. I was also considering doing a fresh install on the sata2 and using the sata 1 as my extra space/backup drive. Is this wise?

If anybody could clarify the sata1 sata2 saga, then it would be appreciated.

OS is XP pro SP2

thankyou in advance

das chimp

Answer:Seagate SATA compatibility

You're in the clear.

the SATA2 drive would run in SATA/300 mode only if the motherboard supported SATA2. Otherwise, it should run just fine in SATA/150 mode. If for some reason it's not recognized because of a lack of SATA2 compatiblity, the Jumper would do the trick-- but my assumption is you wont even need to limit it manually.

Plug her in and give it a try, should work no problems.

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Question: Seagate 500GB SATA

I purchased a new Seagate internal drive for my T60p to be used either as the boot drive or as the bay drive for data.  However, I can not get the machine to fully acknowledge it.  It will show in the boot list, but it will not boot or appear as an available drive.  I have updated the SATA AHCI Controller driver, but haven't been able to find an update to the UltraBay ATA Storage Controller. If I boot my XP Prof OS from the Bay Drive using the original 100GB drive, and have the new drive in the Drive 0 location, I can at least see it via the Computer Manager.  I was even able to format it, but it not accessible. This new drive has a 3GB transfer rate, and I have tried the jumper setting to reduce it back to a 1.5 GB rate.  No luck. Is this related to a 137GB limitation on the drive size?  If so, my Seagate 500GB USB drive works fine, but that may be the difference between USB and an internal drive. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Seagate 500GB SATA

Per the Microsoft Support site, I added an entry to the Registry of "EnableBigLba=1", and the drive was acknowledged as New Hardware during the boot process and shows up in the Computer Management.  However, the drive does not show in Windows Explorer.

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Hi there. I have a Seagate Sata HDD. 80gb model ST3800AS. The drive is now
running through a SIIG 2 channel PCI/SATA controller. I plan on getting a second HDD to match the one I have and a Raid controller. The Seagate
software for doing a low level format won't work through a controller card. I've already talked to a Seagate Tech. Do I need software to format this drive
or will Win XP Home do the job? My MOBO is an MSI 661 ML, CPU is P4 3.06
Ram is 512mb generic ( Not a great rig, but totally fathfull for 11months)

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Hi guys,

I just migrated my brand new PC from Vista to W7 RC.

The problem is my Seagate 1TB 3.6" SATA-II 7200rpm 32NB Cache NCQ HDD can't be seen in Windows Explorer at all! It was fine in Vista a few minutes ago so I know its definitely working because I could see it when I went to reformat my C drive in the windows 7 setup screen. I checked again just then to be sure I didnt accidently reformat the Seagate (Thank goodness). I went into device manager and I saw some really strange things. Please take a look at the screenshot below:

As you can notice on the far left, on the system restore page, that W7 is seeing my Hard drive, and giving it some really weird name, so its definitely there. Now in the middle what you can see is my Raptor C drive. Then on the right is the mysterious Seagate that has no drive letter assigned to it. Windows updates have been installed since W7 installation, failing to show any sign of my 'D' drive/ storage drive in windows explorer. Running on i7 with an ASUS mobo. Fresh installation of W7 on raptor.

Hopefully this issue can be resolved in a few hours or its Vista here I come!

Many Thanks in advance.

Answer:W7 Not recognising Seagate SATA

What you're seeing on the left is the "long name" that the operating system normally assigns to a device. Windows usually assigns an alias (i.e., drive d) and shows that to you instead to make things easier.

You didn't by any chance have some sort of disk encryption enabled in Vista?

Was the disk used as a storage destination by a backup utility?

For some reason, Windows 7 isn't recognizing the file system on the disk. There are a number of reasons why that can happen...none of them particularly desirable. If you have a backup of the data on the drive the easiest thing is to here is to use Disk Manager to wipe the partition(s) on the drive and create and format new one(s).

Otherwise, you'll have to take it back to the Vista where it was working (and make sure it still works). If any encryption was applied to any of the partitions on the disk, remove it. If the disk was not encrypted you can run CHKDSK (without the /f switch) against it and see if that reports any errors.

If CHKDSK reports any errors, run it again with the /f switch.

My guess is the partition table contains a value that doesn't bother Vista but for some reason is confusing Windows 7.

If the Vista installation where the disk used to work is still available you might also look at event viewer and see if there are any messages relevant to the disk subsystem.

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I recently installed a brand spankin new ST3250410AS 250 GB SATA 3.0 gb/s drive, replacing my old ide drive. Windows installed fine. I downloaded and installed all of my asus M2N-SLI chipset drivers as well as video drivers. Everything seems to work fine. However, in my device manager, a device is still listed as missing drivers, and my seagate drive appears to be viewed by windows as an external drive (the safely remove hardware option is shown in the taskbar). Whats the deal? I have installed sata drives before and have not needed any additional drivers other that what comes with the mobo unless running a raid configuration, which in this case i am not.

Additional Note: I like to use usbmrs (usb mouse rate switcher) to force my polling rate up for gaming. I replaced the usbport.sys with an older version and tried running the patch, and it responds with an "unexpected error." Not sure if this is related but this is something i would also like help with.

Any ideas fellas?

Answer:Help! New seagate sata drive malfunction

solved the polling rate issue. still need help with hdd

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Hello all,

I was running XP on my computer downloading stuff off utorrent and suddenly I got an error "Error: Torrent cannot continue due to I/O access error" and the HDD LED started blinking for long intervals (5 seconds bright red followed by 2 seconds of not glowing). Guessing something temporary, I rebooted my system and the windows on that HDD has not booted since. The LED glows for 5 secs with 2 secs off time. If I listen closely I can listen some sounds but cant say they're clunking noises.

My configuration is:
AMD Sempron 1.6 GHz
MSI K8M800 Mainboard
VIA 8237 Controller
1 GB Transcend DDR RAM, 400 MHz
HDD 1 : Seagate 236 GB SATA HDD 7200 RPM Barracuda

C: 36 GB containing Windows XP installation
D: 100 GB
E: 100 GB - Location for torrent downloads

(Please note that windows of this drive was active when error occurred)

Samsung 72 GB PATA HDD 7200 RPM

F: 6 GB containing Windows again... which I'm using as of now. Dual boot is not configured. I select which installation of windows to load by choosing the HDD boot priority.
G: 33 GB
H: 33 GB

I tried running SEATOOLS for DOS from a bootable CD on the Seagate drive.
Short Test : Failure occurred. Perform long test
Long Test : It displays some 48 billion LBAs and keeps finding errors as it scans. However, after running for 10-15 mins or so, barely finishing 100,000 LBAs (not even 1%) it displays the results mentioning the LBA number where errors were encountered and an option to repair them. Repair ... Read more

Answer:Seagate SATA Drive not booting

Your drive has failed. Seagate has a 5yr warranty so rma the drive back to them and they will send you a refurbished drive.

Can you recover data from the drive? Well it depends on how much money you want to spend. I would attempt to connect the drive to a working system and run data recovery software. If that fails, you can take the drive to a shop that does data recovery however that is NOT cheap. Where I live it starts @ $100 for a simple recovery with software and goes way up from there if they have to disassemble the drive.

As for backups, use acronis true image to image the drive and store the images on a server, external drive, etc.

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- to install WinXP Home on. Very confused on this one, I have ran Seagate tools to Erase the HDD and also ran Seagate Tools Diagnostic and it passed. O, then going to install WinXP using a Intel Celeron 2.6GHz CPU on a ASROCK P4i65G motherboard it formats then goes and ask's which partition you want to install winXP on then warns installing another version of XP over this partition is not recomended and can cause problems.So you see the big partition and a little 8MB partition. I know its the bigger partition to install XP on as the 8MB is the remaining unused bit that won't delete.The HDD was from a Dell and was fitted in a Raid array with another 160GB HDD. Any forum users got any suggestions to try and get the XP installed on or is the HDD Faulty after all ?

Answer:Problem formatting a Seagate SATA HDD

My WinXP Home with this machine is WinXP and no Service Pack. I need to install SP1 at the same time of WinXP Home er think its called Slip Stream or something.Never done it and no idea what to do. Help please.

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Hi all. This my first post here. Problem I am having is I recently bought a seagate 320gb sata 7200.10 and well its dead now.A chip on back of it burnt out.Now I own like 4 320gb and 1 500gb all seagate so this be my first hard drive to return to them. What I want to know is, will they honor my warranty? I dont want to waste $$ on shipping just to be told warranty void. Help anyone?

Answer:Seagate 320gb SATA Problem

I tend to think that once you are issued an rma# they will ship the new drive upon receiving your old one. I have never had to return a seagate drive, [WD and Maxtor yes] in every case with the rma# the new drive is shipped.

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Which is better? Is Seagate as reliable as Western Digital?

Answer:SATA: Which Should I Get: Seagate Or Western Digital

Seagates are pretty fast and quiet, I dont know about Western Digital though.

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Hey there,

I recently picked up a Seagate 250 GB SATA HDD (model number: ST3250824AS). When I installed it, I did as I was exactly told. I disconnected the power and turned of the system, plugged the SATA cable from the HDD to the motherboard (I have an ASUS P4P800 motherboard), hooked up the power cable from the power supply to the HDD and closed the case up. When I powered up the system, Windows (I'm using XP Professional) recognized the HDD and added it to the device manager... but the problem is; its there is no icon displayed in My Computer. I dont know what to make of it. Could it be something with Windows? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Seagate 250GB SATA HDD problem

Did you go into Disk Manager to initialize the drive, create a partition and format the drive?

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IBM SATA drives in xSeries and BladeCenter servers can become bricks due to a firmware fault. A fix is expected later this quarter.
The IBM SATA drive hang or drive note states: "After a power cycle, the SATA drive is no longer available and becomes unresponsive. Data may become inaccessible due to the drive not responding."
The following SATA drives with firmware level BB10 are affected:
These are Seagate Barracuda internal drives in 250, 500, 750 or 1,000GB capacity levels, 'High-capacity, business-critical Tier 2 enterprise drives' according to Seagate's website (pdf).
Seagate 1TB Barracuda drive (7200.11 ST31000340AS with firmware level SD15) users have been affected by drive bricking problems, with an initial firmware fix failing to resolve the problem - some 500GB Barracudas (ST3500320AS) stopped working.
In the previous Barracuda bricking problem, data loss was not generally recorded, only data unavailability. However, IBM's note states "IBM strongly recommends applying the firmware update to prevent data loss and a hard drive that is no longer accessible", suggesting that data loss might occur.
IBM customers are advised to use IBM ServeRAID Manager, MegaRAID storage Manager, the hard disk drive update utility, the BIOS utility of hard disk controllers, or the label on hard disk drives' to determine their drive model and firmware.
The note goes on to state: "This rare condition is caused by a ... Read more

Answer:IBM bricking Seagate SATA disks

Well.... Even though this is a "enterprise" level drive, I guess I will be avoiding Seagate for sometime...

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Hey, I just installed a SATA Seagate 160 GB hard drive (ST3160827AS). It originally was only showing 127 GB's of space but using partition magic i was able to get that to 149 GB. However there are still 11 GB unaccounted for. I've been researching this for a good portion of the day but haven't found a solution. Any input would be great. Also, is there any way to get rid of the icon in my taskbar that is asking me to remove the harddrive? It just clutters the corner of my screen. Thanks!

Answer:Seagate Sata 160 missing space

your OS also takes up space... it makes sense for it to be at 149GB. I have a Seagate 120GB which shows as 109GB

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Hi guys how are you?

I have a doubt about hardware and i think tha you can help me.

My motheboard is an Asus P8H67, like this link:

How you can see it have 2 SATA 6gb/s connectors

My hard disck is a Seagate Barracuda Green 2T 6GB/s, like this link:

The hard disk is connected in a Sata 3gb/s connector. Can i turn it on the 6GB/s connector?

This would increase the performance?

Thks for all who could help

Answer:HD Seagate Barracuda 2TB Green in sata 6GB

By all means connect a 6GB/s HDD to a 6GB/s header. you won't actually get that speed but will be better than 3GB/s header. At least it should. A 7500 RPM drive would be better in either case.

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I have a ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 motherboard, running Windows 7 home 64bit, With a WD sata drive as the boot drive. I installed a Seagate Barracuda 3TB SATA drive for backup/storage. The problem is that the large backup drive is not seen in "computer". It is seen in device manager as well as in disc management under admin. tools, but only as a partitioned drive between approx. 2 TB and 1TB unallocated. There is no drive letter assigned to this drive under Disc management. Two questions, one, how do I get the 3TB backup drive to be recognized from "computer"? and two, can I format the 3TB drive to only have the one 3TB partition? Thanks so much in advance for all you guys do to help numbnuts like me! Any response is well appreciated!

Answer:Solved: Seagate 3TB SATA drive not seen

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So I just bought Seagate 160 gb SATA drive. The problem is that I cant complete the format. I can create a partition in both disk management program in windows and in command prompt (boot from cd) but it just won't complete a format. Here is the error message I get

Everything is fine here:

When trying to format from cmd promt the system would just hang and I have to hit reset button.
I run Abit IS7-E mobo with latest bios. p4 2.8 and 9800pro. All stock speed. My system disk is also SATA Seagate but 2 years old. Just bought a Thermaltake Soprano and overheating is definitely not an issue.

Do you guys think its just a faulty hdd? Should I return it and ask for new one? Maybe its just a crappy 2 year old mobo with old chipset that is not compatible with newer hdds. I really dont know.

Any help regarding this problem would be appreaciated.

Answer:Unable to format new Seagate SATA hdd

what SATA drivers are you using?

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I am running a ECS KT600-A mobo with AMD AthlonXP 2600+ I
also have an 80gig Seagate SATA HDD. I have installed windows XP
onto the drive and the install went without a problem,
windows runs great until i go to shutdown. I do not have the
standby button avaliable and if i choose turn off i get a screen
displaying it is now safe to switch off your computer, even though
i have an ATX form case. I have flashed my bios with ver1.0e
15/12/2004. I have set the on chip SATA device in the bios to
enable but it still dosent help.

Can anyone help me its been driving me nuts for about 8 months.

Answer:Problems with seagate 80gig SATA HDD

I have just found out some new info i have been changing between my two HDDs one is IDE the other is SATA, in the device manager under the computer tab the IDE displays ACPI uniprocessor pc while the SATA one displays MPS uniprocessor pc.

Can anyone explain the difference of these two.

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I have a internal 500GB Seagate HDD Sata 3Gbps, if my hard disk won't boot up, bios did not detect to load the operating system OR my hard disk spoilt can i still recover my data inside the hard disk? How shall i transfer my HDD data out? Pls advise.....

Answer:internal Seagate HDD Sata 3Gbps

if you have a second computer you can plug it into its mb and just do a file transfer from one hard drive to the other.

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I just bought seagate ST9250827AS 250 GB hard disk with transcend
casing, on 7 th october 2008. (bangalore)
whenver I try to do some sort of heavy work, like copying large data,
disk check, external hard disk gets heated upto 52 degree celcious and
casing also gets heated too much.

noramlly 43-46 C

Is there any problem in hard disk? Is it intended to operate at this
much higher ranges??

waiting for you reply

Answer:seagate SATA overheat problem

I did not realize it was an external drive. I looked around on Seagate's website, but for some reason could not get the data sheet for your drive. I did see where 55C was an acceptable temperature in the knowledge base. Perhaps you can poke around in here: And find out the answer. My external drive gets pretty warm when transfering stuff, but I have never measured the temp.

If the temperature is unacceptable to you, there are external enclosures that come with a fan to cool the hard drive. :cool

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alright i have a s754 DFI LANPARTY mobo and antec 1080 case (with antec 430w psu).. i dont think anything else is relevant to my question so i need help with installing this hard drive.

i have it connected via the SATA cable and the power cable.. i believe this is all i need , but when i turn on my system, it doesnt post.

now i am quite sure the problem lies within the HDD since when i turn the computer on without the HDD hooked up, it posts

additional info: i have 2 lights on my mobo, 1 being Standby Power LED, and 1 being DRAM Power LED. im not sure if this contributes to my problem or not

Answer:help installing SEAGATE SATA 120GB HDD

Me Too

I?m a newb to all this too and have the same problems although I am running an Abit KV7 main board with an 3200 + AMD cpu and an 80gb Deskstar ide drive with a Seagate 120gb SATA drive.
My problem only stated a short while ago when my system would hang at the Windows stat-up screen if the SATA dive was attached but had been working previously ok without probs. All I use the SATA drive for is all my games and back ups. I am unable to run Seagates drive diagnostic facility, as I am unable to run windows with the SATA drive fitted any advise?

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Dear all,
I am going to describe a strange problem here,
Please take a look at the last reply of the following post.
it was a one year old thread, so i am spawning a new thread regarding the problem

My seagate sata 80gb hdd was working very strangely,
1> sometimes the transfer mode going back to pio, by uninstalling the ide driver i was able to fix it temporarily(going back to udma 5)
2> the hdd led always continuously blinks after a certain period(1 sec), even in safe mode(i am sure that nothing is going on in hdd, but the disk led blinks dimly).
3> i have a samsung pata optical drive; when i remove it and runs only with sata hdd, the hdd led always dimly lits.
4> sometimes at startup, the system fails to detect the hdd, or after a long time detects the hdd, and shows "disk read error at start up", after shutting down, restarting several times or changing the port may sometimes fix the problem
5> tested the disk with seatools(dos version), sometimes all tests are passed(long and short dst), sometimes results in a short dst failure with a long dst system hang(needed restart).
6> even when i reinstall windows(with boot cd), the install startup screen comes after several shutdown/poweroff/restarts, even it takes huge time for a quick format, and sometimes when the format waits for a long time, the disk led remains continuously blinking(i know this blink does not indicate any disk read).
7>... Read more

Answer:Seagate sata 80gb sometimes going to pio mode, sometimes not detecting

Double post

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Hello. This teckie wanna be is now having trouble trying to get xp loaded on a new build. I put in the harddrive and now get the NTLDR is not on here error.
d945gpm Intel board.. Anyone have a clue? thanks..

Answer:Seagate 250g Sata Drive Problem

Did you load the drivers for the SATA drive ?

Is the BIOS set to the SATA drive as first boot device ?

Do a google on missing NTLDR and read the results.


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I have a Dell 630i. I recieved in the mail a CD for a firmware fix for a Seagate Barracuda firmware fix for the 750mb harddrive. Has anyone done this? Has everything gone all right? It is my sons computer and we are not very tech savey. What is the correct method for doing this upgrade? Is there a danger of ruining the drive? If everything seems to be working OK should I ignore the fix? The CD is dated April 20, 2009. Is this the latest update or should I download from the Dell site? Thank you very much for any help to can give a "nervous" parent.

Answer:Solved: Seagate Barracuda SATA HD Firmware Fix

I resolved the issue by calling Dell and thier technician took control by remote connection and updated the frimware. All is good.

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Hello, I just brought this hard drive from in Markham, Ontario, Canada.
Hard Drive : Seagate Baccauda 7200.7 80013AS SATA 80.0gb 8meg

I have some problem with this hard drive.

When fresh install windows 98se the hard drive should span the entire drive. it should show 80.0 gb but it show 74.4gb where is 5.6gb go?? I used DiscWizard2003 (the S.M.A.R.T. work fine but after I format the hard drive again, the S.M.A.R.T. is not working in Norton SystemWorks 2003 Professional)

Second, few day later, my computer start to slow down while i open a explorer windows. It freeze for a moment then resume again. It really annoying me. I use the Windows 98se build X.XX.2222A include Internet Explorer 6 SP1 package with Win 98se patches.

Think you guys can help me?


Lucan (sorry about long post)

Answer:Seagate Baccauda 7200.7 SATA problem

The size difference between the "advertised" storage & the actual storage is due to the fact that HDD companies consider 1MB to be equel to 1000KB, 1GB to be equal to 1000MB, etc.

OSes & hard drive utilities will tend to count 1MB as 1024KB & there is where the size difference stems from.

Do a search on the forums as this topic has been discussed quite a lot already.

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Dear Community,
I have an Precision T5400 with Windows 8.1 and want to add a Seagate 3TB SATA HDD.Unfortunately the Windows recognize the drive as 746GB.
Bios detected: 3000GBRaid controller detected: 746GBWindows 8.1 detected: 746GBI already tried with SegateTools to set the drive to the maximum size, and also tried on many other way but without luck.Please pointing me to the right way how I can use this 3TB drive with my Dell Precision T5400.
Thank you

Answer:Dell Precision T5400 with Seagate 3TB SATA, how?

The raid controller DOES NOT support larger than 2TB.  The onboard SATA requires F6 Drivers and WIN7SP1 AND INTEL RST   this also requires DOTNET 3.5 which is not installed by default in windows 7 or 8 or 10.
You must have UEFI bios OR use a Host Bus Adapter if you want to BOOT from that drive.
Accepted solution is the Rocket 600 series card.
This is very clearly explained on the seagate site.

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Hello guys,

I have an issue regarding my internal hard drive while installing Windows XP professional SP1 (re-installation disk).

I have a new Seagate 250GB OEM SATA internal HDD and I want to use this drive for my SQL server using an HP a6110n desktop PC with a SATA HDD. Windows XP is my preferred OS since SQL server 2005 works better on non-vista OS.

Ok here is the problem, I installed Windows XP to my Seagate HDD and along the process of installation around the 34 minute mark, it hanged up, I tried 5 times (reinstalled, repartitioned) and still hanged up.

I tried to google if there's any solution and found similar issues in the net regarding the seagate drive and I think it has got to do with some HD SATA controller drivers or whatever.

Can you guys out there help me out? My last option is to return back the drive and probably buy a refurbished windows XP box for this purpose but I believe there's a solution to this issue. Hope you can help me out, thanks

Answer:XP hangs up while installing OS to a Seagate SATA drive


Dont you have to press F6 at the start of the install and load the SATA drivers for it.


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Firmware was sucessfully upgraded from 3.AAD to 3.AAE to fix a known bug with compatibilty issue with a Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro SLi Motherboard.This is a new build and a new HDD I from cold start of the pc get to the boot where the Strobe are in WinXP and it can stick there for ages like 2 or more minutes I only have WinXP, Nero, Power DVD v5, PCi Express with newest Nvidia Driver Motherboard Bios updated to F9 from F6.But this sticking problem when starting pc is worying. So I had a look in system events logs and found Error detected on device\Hardisk0\during a paging operationLooked at Microsoft site click here & click hereThis doesn't really help me to much. Have I got a problem with the HDD or Motherboard ? I am going to run a Full Seagate Diagnostic again now which was fine last time I ran it on Sunday.Help please.

Answer:Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 SATA II ST3160812AS

Have you got a jumper set incorrectly? you are are showing channel 0 SATA drives are set on channel 2.

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hello guys,

yesterday my brother gave me a desktop computer

Here is the SPEC:

HP Compaq dc7800

Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHZ

2 GB ram "Dual channel 1 GB each”

250 GB Seagate barracuda 7200 SATA

no graphics card yet “will buy one soon"


i tried to install windows 7 because there was no system on HD "New HD" even when i start-up the computer, it told me new device configuration "Seagate 250 GB"

Anyway, the installation stuck at expanding windows files 0 %

I tried to use USB instead of DVD but it stuck at first screen "windows is loading files"

Also tried to install XP but in installation it gives me blue screen and told me to do CHKDSK /F


When I do CHKDSK /F from windows 7 DVD repair ... it gives me error

This disk is write protected!!

i searched the internet looking for solution but no luck

Tried to use diskpart tutorial...

Change setting in bios... even updated the bios

Install HD on other computer... i can transfare files to the HD with no problems

But none works


Now I’m totally lost what should I do??
and if i may ask, does these Hard-Drives have jumper because mine don't

Answer:seagate 250 GB SATA write-protected problem

Hi, where did the drive come from?
As for jumpers, you answered your own question, no jumpers.

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what is this I/O error i see from my seagate 500gb sata harddisk?can i fix it?how can i acess data off this disk..tried hirens...seatools...erd commander...nothing works. is there a quick fix to get my data off this?disk is seen by the bios and windows...bios says 0mb size

Answer:I/O ERROR seagate sata 500gb disk

More details.If you bought this item new it is still under warranty.

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Answer:Sata 2 seagate dell inspirion 12205 all in one

The HDD has most likely failed & will have to be replaced. Hopefully you have backup copies of your important files, software, etc & you created the discs needed to reinstall Windows on a new replacement HDD.

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I installed a SATA Seagate Barracuda Hardrive onto my WXP Pro computer. I used Copy Commander to transfer all data over to the new drive from my Maxtor Diamond plus. Once all data was tranferred, including partitions, the system recognized, but wouldnt allow me to look on the new drive. Basically when I click on the new drives, they wont open. Also, I loaded the drivers for the SATA card, which is also recognized. I have a Silicon Image 3112a SATA raid controller. I use a MSI KT3Ultr 2 mohterboard, with the new 5.7 BIOS. I also have a XP Barton 2500. If I disconnect the Maxtor hardrive the system will not go past disk check, then it locks. What do I have to do to make the system recognize the new drive, on its own .

Answer:SATA card and Seagate wont boot.

Not too familiar with sata, but do you have to make the partition active or bootable. Did you format it before you did all of this.

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My hdd is not recognized by windows. There are no drivers for it. What can i do? IT IS A 7200.7 and I have a biostar 200n barebones.

Thanks ALOT!

Answer:Seagate 120 Gig Sata Barracuda Not Recognized By Windows 2k Or Xp!!!

does the bios recognize the drive?

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Just installed windows clean using the correct SATA NForce4 Drivers for my Gigabyte HDD and notice that near the System Tray.The HDD is showing as a "Safely Remove Hardware" item ! How can it be when its internal and fixed.This is a internal HDD can someone please tell me if this is ok to be showing as a removable device please.

Answer:Seagate SATA II & Safely Remove Hardware ?

It is normal for Via motherboards so I suspect it is also normal for nVidia boards.It appears that SATA was designed with "hot plugging and unplugging capability" in mind.

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please help, i have a HUGE issue at hand. i had recently installed norton goback, and after it not installing correctly, i uninstalled it with the removal utility. after boooting into windows xp (i have a pro and home version on two different drives, my ubuntu linux partition isnt working. im going to live cd it soon) my 1tb drive isnt showing in windows explorer.

in disk management console it is showing as there, with 100% free and no drive letter. all it says to do is format it and help. i cannot assign it a drive letter.

i had 300 gigs of data backed up onto this. all of this is either irreplaceable or will be extremely hard to get again. if anyone has any ideas, please help.


edit - live cd ubuntu 8.04 isnt showing it either. think trying a program to recover a lost partition would work?

edit2 - gonna try . wish me luck =/

Answer:1TB SATA seagate missing since goback uninstall

TestDisk worked thank god. Problem solved, 300 gigs of data recovered, topic able to be closed


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i have partitioned and tranfered all the files.setup to boot from my new drive primary partition.took out my old drive.installed the new drive in my sata 1 port.
boots to the windows screen where you have the choice of users then hangs there.
winxp sp2
sata is enabled in bios
hard drive boot order is set to the new drive.
nf7-s2 board
thanks all i have been tearing my hair out

Answer:installed a seagate sata drive>>hangs

did you install windows on the new drive or simply move the old drive's contents t the SATA drive?

If you did the latter, there is your problem.

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I got this new Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 Sata drive 250Gb drive as my storage drive (no OS install). Windows xp won't start with this drive pluged (after formatted), windows will start up fine if this drive is not plug or in safe mode or unformatted. It always stop right after the floppy drive light goes off then stop (normally the HD light will come on after the floopy drive light goes off and then windows desktop shows up) but the screen not freeze.

When the drive is not formatted windows xp can see it, i use disk manager to partition (more then 2 partition) and formatted it, but as soon as i reboot it, then windows won't start.

I tried disc wizard software from seagate to formatted as a whole drive (no partition & make this drive as boot drive) then windows start ok, but if i partition it into 2 or more partition then windows won't start. windows will see it in safe mode.

do i need to install sata driver at all ? when i don't need it?do i need to change setting for sata controller

if i reinstall windows xp on this drive do i need to prees F6 key to install scsi or raid driver? where can i get this driver from & how to make it if i need to make one?

My both ide channels are full. My primary master (boot drive) = hitachi deskstar +slave WDC 120 gb, 2nd master are asus cdrom + Slave plextor px-716a.
mobo ECS RS400-A, p4 630 3ghz, 1gb pc3200 (2 strips @512).

I tried other sata ports (on my mobo)= fail.
Bios setting: Onboard Sata ... Read more

Answer:Windows won't start with Seagate Sata drive

when computer is turn on, it went through P.o.s.t. page, then windows logo comes on (the page with windows logo & scanning bar below it), then the hd light comes on, a while later, next is floppy drive light comes on, as soon as the floppy light is off then windows stop (but the scanning bar still moving, i can move the mouse cursor) no error on screen at all, just windows logo. Ususally as soon as the floppy drive is off then the hd light will on & then windows desktop show up.

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Hello,The motherboard on my daughters PC has failed, but her boss has given her a spare one from work to see if it could help her out. I have fitted her old harddrives but I am having trouble when I boot the PC up. the first time the screen said Primary IDE found, but it could not seem to find the secondary IDE & said toclick F4. I did this but nothing changed. I then changed the order of the IDE connectors but now the PC cannot find any IDE. Can somone plese help me out by explaining all the steps I need to take to make them primary & slave. One of the Drives is 40 GB & the other is 160 GB. Thanks Mac

Answer:Adding second Harddrive

Go into the bios and select the primary IDE slave setting to auto. Press F10 to save and exit. See if it sees the drive now.It could be that the motherboard is old and it cannot see larger hard drives. i.e. the 160Gb drive. Do you know the make and model of the motherboard you have been given?

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Question: Adding a harddrive

Hi.I currently have a compaq presario 5000 model 5146ea running windows me. I have a compaq 0708h motherboard with a generic ide disk drive.I am currently rapidly running out of space on my computer, and want to add a second drive as a slave to my current one. I was thinking of buying a Barracuda 7200.7 80GB UDMA100 from click here.Are the two compatible? That is, for installation, would I just need to open up my case (after setting the jumper on the purchased drive to slave) and slot it into an available bay? Of course the computer should then automatically recognise it in BIOS and all I would have to do is use partition magic to format and partition the drive. Am I right in assuming this?Thanks in advance,Alien463

Answer:Adding a harddrive

you mayalready have one but you will need an 80 conductor cable for the new drive and in that case its better to set the jumpers to 'cable select' . the bios will make the drive on the end of the cable the master. you will be able to format the drive from within windows but use partition magic if you want. it would be a little more complicated but infinitely more sensible to make the new drive the master after transfering all your files to it and keep the older slower one as the slave but if you are not that confident then there is nothing wrong with your plan as is.

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Well, thanks to MP3s, my 80 gig Harddrive is full. I'm ready to add another one and realized I haev no idea how!

I've got a Dell Dim 8400 with a 3GHz P4 and 1 Gig of ram...oh, and Win XP home. The installed HD is an80GB 7200 RPM ULTRA ATA,43/8200,WD...whatever that means. I got lost after RPM.

Anyway, I have several questions:

1. What is the proper way to install a new drive? I know only a little about this...add the new drive to the available ribbon cable and extra power plug and set the ribbon cable to SL. Restart the machine and in the BIOS set the Hardrive menu to "auto". Then reboot and the drive should be there right? Partition it up with Partition Magic? Then format it from within Windows? Did I get that right?

2.Whats my best bet on drive brands? I've had Maxtors fail on me so I'm shy of them...

3. Whats the best way to find the best deal on the drive I want? Pricegrabber? Amazon? New Egg?

4. Lastly, do I want to match the new drive's specs to that of the old one? IE: 7200 RPm ATA blah blah blah?

Thank you very much!

Answer:Adding a Second Harddrive

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Question: adding a harddrive

I have a HP Pavilion6465, Intel Celeron2 433Mhz, I am upgrading my ram from
96Mb to 2- 128Mb SD Ram 66Mhz. My OS is Win98SE Fat32. I want to add an
additional harddrive. The current one is a 3.5 in. Form Factor 9.6GB. The one
I want to add is a Western Digital 40GB. The thing is the new drive came from
a PC with WinXP and is not formatted. Should I unplug the first drive and format the new drive, or add the second drive as the slave and go with a dual boot? Thanks

Answer:adding a harddrive

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I am trying to add a second harddrive to a Windows 98 system, but I am encountering problems. I believe that both the existing drive and the drive that I am trying to add are both SATA type drives (connected with the wide grey cable with the red stripe down the side and seperate power connector. The existing drive was connected with the top most connector on the ribbon cable leaving an extra connector open in the middle. The new drive was placed on top of the old drive and so I connected the existing drive using the middle connector and the new drive using the top most connector. When I start the computer, I hear the initial single beep after startup and then a few minutes later, an error screen appears stating that Windows was not properly shutdown. I have a list of options to choose from including starting in safe mode and starting normally. I was unable to make any selection, and after the countdown timer reached 0, nothing happened. I then connected only the new drive and started the computer -- again, nothing happened.

To verify that the computer was working properly, I connected only the existing drive and started the computer. I encountered problems with this procedure as well. Windows was complaining that a PS/2 serial mouse wasn't connected. I found a serial mouse and plugged it in. Upon doing so, I heard a beep and then lost video. I turned the computer off and then back on again. This time, windows seemed to think it found new hardware (a monitor) and was try... Read more

Answer:Need help adding a second harddrive

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Question: adding a harddrive

i want to add a second hard drive to my computer for extra space but i am not sure how to; i know i have all that i need to do this but im not sure of jumper setings and i want to make sure that when i boot up it will boot from c; and not the new harddrive; also do i have to put an operating system an the new one if i just use it for storage?

Answer:adding a harddrive

Installing a PC IDE/EIDE hard drive

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I've been working with Seagate tech support to try to get my 120GB SATA drive to work correctly. The drive is a Seagate ST3120026AS SATA drive connected to a Chaintech 9VJL5 mobo with onboard SATA controller.

The problem is that the drive is only detected when the system is booting from a hard power off. If you ctl-alt-del the system, hit the restet switch or reboot via Win-XP shutdown command the drive is not detected. As soon as you power off and power on the system the drive detects.

I'm starting to suspect a mobo problem since the PS/2 mouse port failed a couple of days after I installed the board and started using it.

I figure this has to be a problem at the hardware or BIOS level since the OS doesn't necessarily have to be invoked to see the problem at work.

I've tried tweaking every setting imaginable in the bios including disabling quick self testing, changing SATA mode from IDE to RAID and back, removing all other devices from the system except the SATA drive and video card, etc. I've been through all the BIOS settings that would apply to power cycling the machine, the SATA controller and the IDE controllers. I've checked Chaintechs website and loaded the latest BIOS (9/30/2003).

Seagate tech support seems very responsive but their advice has been time consuming and has not solved the problem. Chaintech's tech support has not responded (72 hours and counting) with so much as an automated reply. I've spent ... Read more

Answer:SATA Drive (Seagate ST3120026AS) not recogonized after reboot

Have you checked for bios updates for your mainboard?
It does sound like a mobo problem.

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I recently purchased a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 hard drive and a Sabrent USB 3.0 SATA Hard Drive flat docking station to connect via usb to my Dell XPS L702x laptop. Upon putting the hard drive in the external enclosure and connecting to my laptop via usb my computer is not recognizing this external hard drive in disk management. I can see it in device manager and it is listed as "Jmicron SCSI Disk Device". I can also see it in devices and printer listed as "Jmicron". However it is not recognized or listed in disk management and file explorer. I am a novice when it comes to hardware issues as I am more of a software guy but I have tried everything I can find on the net to no avail. ie uninstalling and installing the drivers, using seagate utilities (I cannot also see it in Seagates applications), disabling fast startup, windows devices and printers troubleshooting, etc. I suspect (maybe incorrectly) that this device is showing up as "Jmicron SCSI disk device" instead of a SATA drive but that is coming from someone who again does not know alot about the device/hardware side. I would like to make this external drive a full backup for my windows 10 laptop and any assistance that could be provided would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for any help you may be!

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I have a Seagate GoFlex Desk 2TB drive that was on our home network, simply quit being accessible. I have removed it from its outer enclosure and the base after purchasing a cable to connect to my USB port. SeaTools will not recognize the disk drive in order to troubleshoot and below are the screen shots from Disk Management as well as Partion Wizard as found in an earlier thread I tried. Disk Management wants me to intitialize the drive, I have always chosen cancel there in fear of loosing all the data that I need.

PW finds no partitions to recover. Whats my next steps?

I'm running Windows 8.1.

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Problem To Install Win 98/me In Seagate Sata Hard Disc :-
I Have A Seagate Sata Hard Disc ( 80 Gb ) .when I Install Windows '98 Or Windows Me , In The Middle Of Installation An Error Ocured.a Blue Screen Shows An This........
"your Multi Function Device (standard Dual Pci Ide Controler ) Has Some Child Devices Using 32 Bit Drivers And Others Using Compatibility Mode Drivers.this Configaration Is Not Supported , So Your Computer Has Been Halted To Prevent Corruption.
After You Restart Your Computer , Windows Will Use Compatibility Mode Drivers For Each Child Device Attached To This Multi-function Device. If You Want To Use 32 Bit Drivers You May Be Able To Obtain An Updater Driver For The Device That Caused The Problem By Contacting Your Hardware Manufracturer , Or Youcan Disable The Device.
Press Any Key To Continue………………….
System Halted…………. "
When Install Is Finished , I Found There Is No Cd Rom/ Cd Writer Drive In "my Computer " Page.but When I Install Windows Xp ,than All Problems Are Solved. Also In The Middle Of Installation No Message Is Shown.

If Any Friend Solve My Problem ???? So Please Solve My Problem.
I Am Waiting.

Answer:Problem To Install Win 98/me In Seagate Sata Hard Disc

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I recently purchased a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 hard drive and a Sabrent USB 3.0 SATA Hard Drive flat docking station to connect via usb to my Dell XPS L702x laptop. Upon putting the hard drive in the external enclosure and connecting to my laptop via usb my computer is not recognizing this external hard drive in disk management. I can see it in device manager and it is listed as "Jmicron SCSI Disk Device". I can also see it in devices and printer listed as "Jmicron". However it is not recognized or listed in disk management and file explorer. I am a novice when it comes to hardware issues as I am more of a software guy but I have tried everything I can find on the net to no avail. ie uninstalling and installing the drivers, using seagate utilities (I cannot also see it in Seagates applications), disabling fast startup, windows devices and printers troubleshooting, etc. I suspect (maybe incorrectly) that this device is showing up as "Jmicron SCSI disk device" instead of a SATA drive but that is coming from someone who again does not know alot about the device/hardware side. I would like to make this external drive a full backup for my windows 10 laptop and any assistance that could be provided would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for any help you may be!

Answer:USB 3.0 Seagate SATA External Hard Drive Not Recognized Win. 10

Most likely not enough power for the USB port. Get a Powered hub like the Orico 4 Port.

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I bought new and bigger SATA hard drive for Toshiba Portege M400. It is Seagate Momentus 5400.2 NCQ 120 GB SATA drive, but this drive is NOT working in M400. Notebook not recognize this HD - only message is HD error (after ca. 3 minutes) and BIOS and RAID part of BIOS also doesn't know this HD.

I don't know why, in my desktop this drive works perfectly. Can anybody help me with this drive in M400? Is it possible problem with NCQ function? (I don't know, how i must set off this NCQ function) Or something else?

Thank you!

Answer:Portege M400: SATA 120 GB HD Seagate Momentus is not recognized

In my opinion your notebook and the BIOS cannot recognize this HDD because of the big size.
As far as I know you can use 40GB, 60GB, 80GB and 100GB HDDs. I'm not sure about 120GB HDD size.
But if you want to be 100% sure about compatible and supported devices you can contact the Toshiba service partner in your country.
There you can also order this parts.

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Here's the deal:
Got 2 120gig Seagate SATAs installing to a clean motherboard (Asus a7n8x) and it won't recognize the HDs! Got on the seagate website and they say use the F6 function upon setup and load drivers on floppy. So here's my problem. I bought these SATAs OEM with no cables/drivers/etc. Does anyone know where I can get the drivers for these drives? (Seagate Barracuda ST3120026AS) If you happen to have one, would it be possible to send me this via email or http?
I really appreciate all your help..

Answer:HELP! Installing Dual Seagate SATA wont recognize!

You do not need drivers for the HDDs, you need the drivers for SATA controller on your board.

You can download them HERE.

Unzip them on a floppy & when you start the Windows install, hit F6 & it will look for drivers on the floppy drive. Once the drivers are loaded, the install process will be able to find the HDDs & offer to install Windows on the HDD of your choice.

Have fun.

PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:

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My system specs are below. My OS is Windows 2000 Pro, SP4. I'm trying to add a Seagate 200GB SATA drive to the system. It is to be a secondary drive, the IDE remains the boot drive for now.

My first problem is, I'm not sure which SATA connector to use. There's 4 - two are labelled Pri_SATA and Sec_SATA and use the Promise controller. The other two are SATA_1 and SATA_2 and use the Via southbridge controllers. I've tried PRI_SATA and SATA_1, currently it's on SATA_1:

I've installed Seagate's DiscWizard software. When I boot the computer, the BIOS does see the drive, but DiscWizard does not (doesn't show up in the list). However, I *can* see the drive in Windows Disk Management, but it has a "no" type icon (red with a white horizontal "minus") and the "Write Signature and Upgrade Disk Wizard" starts -something I've never seen before. I'm unable to do any management on the disc.

So, two questions: Why can Windows but not Seagate's software see the new drive, and should I go ahead and run the Wizard?

Any assistance appreciated. I badly need the drive to work, my "oh, it'll be big enough" 120GB HD is nearly full!

Answer:Solved: Problems installing Seagate SATA drive

I did a bit of research on the Wizard, decided to "take a chance" - only a chance because of my unfamiliarity, apparently - and was able to attach a signature (whatever that means) and format the disk. Currently moving data about, so my 120 can have room enuf to run. Oddly, Seagate DiscWizard *still* does not see it's drive, though it sees the IDE drive fine. Any idea why? I did get an appropriate manual after entering the model # of the drive, so I'm confused as to why it is so blind.

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Hello, I want to add a second internal hard drive to my ThinkPad r50e. How can I do it?Thank you:Gabor


Go to Solution.

Answer:Adding second harddrive to r50e

You will need to replace DVD-drive with Serial hard drive bay adapter (If you have SATA disk, all new disks are SATA) Here are codes for that product:FRU:26R9246P/N:26R9247  That adapter work on T41 machine. Make sure you check if that same adapter works on R50 im not sure about that.Message Edited by outouser on 01-23-2009 02:29 PM

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Years ago I owned a Compaq Presario (model forgotten) that had Windows 95 on it. When Windows 98 came out, I was told I could upgrade to it. Upon doing so, it ruined the entire computer. I got on the phone with a Compaq support member who said there was nothing I could do to get 95 back or put 98 into it.

Fast foward to 2004, I have a second Compaq Presario 7585 ("Presario Internet PC). I've had the computer since December 99', internal DSL-Modem and all, and it has the following Operating System:

- Windows 98 Second Edition
- Genuine Intel
- 63.0 MB RAM
- 10 Gig Harddrive

My question is twofold.

First, Can I upgrade the RAM content (500+), upgrade the Harddrive space (80gigs+), AND upgrade the version of Intel (2) all without upgrading Windows 98? If anyone knows how much that might cost me at say a Best Buy, please let me know of a rough estimate. I'd appreciate it very much.

Second, by doing all of that, is there any chance of the complete destruction of this 5 year old computer and it's harddrive? I'd like to keep this Compaq Presario because of the internal DSL Modem, but I do not want to ruin it like my previous PC.

Any help would be highly appreciated, Thanks

- mike

Answer:Adding more RAM/Harddrive space?

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I have a question about harddrives.
I'm currently using 2x Kingston 240GB Solid State Drives 2.5inch V300 Sata 3's
and 1 the same but 960gb..

What I'm trying to find out is am I able to connect a normal hard drive into my computer or does it have to be a similar ssd so it doesn't interfere with those ones?
Example: I'm looking to get a Seagate 3TB 3.5inch 7200RPM 64mb cache SATA3 hard drive

Answer:Adding an additional SSD/Harddrive

You can pretty much use anything you want. The real determining factor will be if you have an available SATA data port, an available power plug, and a physical space to place the drive. Having an SSD and a mechanical drive is a very usual setup these days.

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I am currently running Windows XP and there is a ton of junk on my computer that I just want to wipe out. I have done a formatting before but I can't remember exactly how to do it. I currently have only one harddrive which is c: and I wanna wipe that out and start fresh.

Also I have taken a harddrive from a old computer of mine and I would like to add that to this computer. It still have everything on it from the old computer. It has not been cleaned yet. And I have absolutly no clue how to add another harddrive to the computer.

Any help or advice would really be appreciated.

Thanks cruiser_eh

Answer:Reformatting harddrive and adding a new one

couple of tutorials above -
what else do you have on the PC.
add it as a slave

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