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New (to me) laptop, need to copy harddrive

Question: New (to me) laptop, need to copy harddrive

Bought a new to me (used) HP TouchSmart tm2 laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. However, after the first few uses upon start up I am getting messages telling me that hard drive failure is eminent. I did not get any back up or restore disks with the laptop so I would like to make an image or copy of the hard drive so I can install a new hard drive and copy the image on the new one.

What is the easiest, most economical way to go about this?

Thank you in advance and I apologize if this should be in another section!!


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Preferred Solution: New (to me) laptop, need to copy harddrive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: New (to me) laptop, need to copy harddrive

Immediately back up everything of value to a USB Flash Drive because your hard drive can crash at any second and recovery of info off of a crashed drive costs serious $.

Can you link us to this laptop? There are inexpensive ways to transfer/clone your hard drive.

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I'm not sure which forum to put this in - so I apologize if wrong.

I have a laptop that I'm running Vista Home Premium 32. I installed SP1 (believe me that is malware)

Now I can't get into Windows. When I try to repair, it just stalls.

I can't even get it to boot from the Vista CD.

I did a hard drive diagnostics tests in the bio and it said the hard drive was okay. And when I try to get into safe mode, it runs thru the files, but then stalls.

With desktops I have piggy backed the hard drives to copy. Is there a way to do that with laptop hard drives?

I have also tried the boot from network, and it recognizes the network but says there is no boot filename received. Is there something I can do from that?

Also, I am trying to boot from a USB with recovery files. When I go into the bios there are three USB options. USB harddrive , USB with key and USB (as I recall these are the three options) I put these as the first three options, tried to reboot, but it didn't recognize the "disk" (The usb was in.)

any suggestions?

Answer:Copy files from corrupted laptop harddrive?

USB is not bootable unless the boot files and boot image exist on the drive. You can make it bootable with the HP Drive Key Boot Utility.

There are adapters for connecting laptop drives to desktops.

Another recovery option is the bootable UBCD4Win CD.

To boot from the network, there needs to exist a bootable XP installation to boot from, usually set up on a network drive (NAS).

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I would like to know if I can copy my whole hard drive to a backup hard drive.
What I would like to do is buy a new hard drive for my laptop. Then move all and I do mean everything windows XP etc. to the new hard drive. So that I could the start using the new hard drive just like the old hard drive. I think my old hard drive is going bad.

Answer:Copy harddrive to new harddrive

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Son copied (illegally) files from someone willing to share a CD for sale. I tried to play it in my 2006 Mercedes and the screen said "CD error". What do I need to do in order to listen to the CD in the car? Copy to harddrive then copy back to CD?

Answer:Copy CD to Harddrive

A 2006 Mercedes should play any format. Are they MP3s, wav or something else? If you can't get it to work, buy a Kia.How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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What is the easiest way to copy from CD to harddrive on a Window Vista. Much appreciated. Thank You. MJ

Answer:how to copy from CD to harddrive.

Select all, copy, paste.

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I am trying to copy a cd from my computer to my hardrive. When I put the cd in to copy it does nothing, if I go to my dvd rw drive it show a cd I had copied before which I cannot get rid of. This is a dell computer and it is hard for me to figure out now how to copy a cd from this unit to my hard drive.
Not sure is this is enough information but I have had good advice from other questions I have posted.

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could any one tell me the command to copy the data from cd to deskop actually my cd drive is f and copy to d drive if anyone know tell me pls,.....

Answer:How do I copy CD To harddrive

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i have a small harddrive and im going to a bigger one is there a way to copy all my contents from one to another

Answer:how to copy one harddrive to another

If you have Nortons Ghost software, it will "Image" and copy the contents over as a fully working copy.

Otherwise visit the website of the new drive manufacturer. They usually have free software to copy over the contents, available to download.

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I own many dvd's and I would like to copy them to my hard drive (its of course legal because i own them)

i have

windows media player

real one

and power dvd

if these programs cannot copy it to my harddrive what can? and with a free license?

Answer:Copy DVD's to harddrive.

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Question: harddrive copy

hi there!
can anybody tell me please a good programm to copy my
entire first hd to my new second hd.(both hd are maxtors)
thanks for answer!

Answer:harddrive copy

The best free place is the HDD makers website.

Usually their free drive utility software (Maxblast?) will do what you want.

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Hi again. Can anyone tell me how to copy a 31/2 floppy ( a:\) tothe Harddrive (c:\) ? Thank you !....Izzy

Answer:how to copy a :\ to harddrive

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Question: copy harddrive

My old 10 gig hard drive is getting a little full so I bought a 40 gig drive. I would like to make an exact copy of the 10 gig on the 40 gig. So far I've tried the utility provided by the harddrive company (Maxtor) and for some reason it doesn't recognize my file structure on my source disk so can't copy it. I then tried "clonemaxx" and "HDClone 2.0" and they both successfully copied the files and everything but they also copied the partition. So I'm stuck with an almost full partition instead of an almost full harddrive, this doesn't really help me much. I want the to copy the whole thing from the 10 gig partition to a 40 gig partition so I have the extra space. How can I do this?


Answer:copy harddrive

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I just bought my first laptop, a Toshiba Satellite A-75-206(referbished) with WinXP. And, yes, I am waiting with baited breath for it to freeze up on me
A professional tech. set it up as part of a wireless router (D-link) network with another laptop and a desktop unit. I have not signed up with an ISP yet. I am leaning towards, not AOL. I plan to load Paintshop, Illustrator and a simple 3-d drafting program. Also all the Spybot,Ad-Aware, etc. that has been mentioned on this wonderful board!
Because I am a beginner, I am reading all the information that came with/on the computer. Now, my questions are.
1) should I make a copy of my hard drive at this case I do something that freaks it out..or do I wait untill I load all the programs
2) how would I make a copy of my hard drive
3) how much of this preloaded stuff -Napster, AOL,MSN,etc. do I really need on my laptop
4) what other questions should I be asking
Thanks and any help you'all can give me will be sincerely appreciated.

Answer:Can/should I copy my harddrive

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Hi, I remember reading a long time ago about some companys putting a copy of the operating system cd on the hardrive. I'm looking for reformat my computer and I don't have my orginal cds it came with. Could someone point me where at this is located? I think I remember it being named msc.exe? or something of that nature. Thanks.

Answer:Copy of XP on Harddrive?

System manufacturer and model?

Your owner's manual or the respective website of your system manufacturer...should contain the details for recovery/reinstallation of the system.

If such is on the hard drive, its intent is to return the system to the way it was when first purchased...installing all programs, O/S, etc.


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If I got a new (bigger) harddrive for my computer? Will XP still run if I just copy all the files over to the new one or will I have to reinstall the system? Any advice I'd be grateful for. Thank you!


Answer:Copy old harddrive to new one?

matos said:

If I got a new (bigger) harddrive for my computer? Will XP still run if I just copy all the files over to the new one or will I have to reinstall the system? Any advice I'd be grateful for. Thank you!

MatthewClick to expand...

You can clone one HD to the other , There are many free programs to do this . In the following link Elvandil list a bunch of programs

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I've got 271gb free space on my external hard drive but when I try and copy a 4.82gb .mdf file onto the hard drive it comes up with the message "Cannot Copy: There is not enough free disk space. Delete one or more files to free disk space, and then try again." And then it offers me Disk Cleanup... Any ideas how to sort this out?
Windows XP SP3 Home Edition
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz

External hard drive:

500 GB formatted capacity
7200 RPM rotational speed
16 MB buffer size
USB 2.0 interface

Answer:Cannot copy an .mdf to external harddrive..

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Is there any program that I can use to copy what is on my existing harddrive to a blank new harddrive? So that after the process I can just swap the harddrive and it will be the exact same thing on both but one would have a bigger partition because its bigger.

Answer:any program that will copy harddrive to another

You can search google for hard drive cloning software. A lot of different programs come up, you could look at them.

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my system (winxp SP2) has 3 harddrives:

- WD5000aaks-00yga
- wd2500ks-oomjbo
- st3250620as
all are SATA connected
all are NTFS formatted

I'm using HD tune to check the transfer rate. On a fresh startup the transfer rate of the 500gig drive is around 78 MB/sec. This stays that way until i start to copy files to anywhere from this drive. I start copying any big file or collection of files and windows starts by saying it needs about 3 minutes to finish. But after 1 minute the time starts going up to 45 minutes. If i then abort the copying and go back to hd tune, i check the transfer rate again and then it's 3.8MB/sec. This stays that way until i reboot.

I've tried several ways to solve this, all to no avail:

Off course, spyware and virus sweep: nothing
checked all cables :OK
checked defragmentation: OK
tried different connections on the Motherboard: nothing
used the devicemanager to remove the harddisks and let windows reinstall: nothing.
used the devicemanage to remove the sata controllers: nope
Tried to find another driver for the controllers:nope
Tried finding the same problem on google and forums: none found.
Tried finding any weird settings in the BIOS: seems ok

I also saw the same problem on my 250 gig drive (the WD). That would lead me to think it's not the drive itself that causes the problem. The 500gig drive is 2 months old.

Also, since the problem occurs some time into the copy operation, it kinda looks like a piec... Read more

Answer:Harddrive slowing down during copy

First, the Windows file copy estimate time is bollocks. Don't even look at it, ever.

The transfer speed dropping like that could be Windows switching the drive from DMA to PIO mode. This happens because of errors during data transfer, which can be caused by bad drivers, bad mobo, bad cable, bad drive..

I would start by going over all the SATA cables, making sure they are plugged in. Maybe swap the cable with the problematic drive and a good drive. Then run the manufacturer's diagnostics on the troublesome hard drive.

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hey, how,s it going, just have a quick question, how do i copy the entire contents from my harddrive to a cd. thanks alot.

Answer:how to copy information from harddrive to cd?

You should be able to use Windows Explorer to just drag and drop whatever files you want copied to the CD. I presume you're talking about data (documents, photos, etc.) since most executable programs copied this way wouldn't work if you tried to use the CD on another pc.

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Had a friend ask this. He's got some concert DVD's (The Eagles, etc.) that he'd like to copy to his computer to watch. How would you go about doing this? Software?
I only know how to burn them.

Answer:Copy movie to harddrive...?

There are two ways to do this:

Either make a perfect bit-for-bit ISO of the disc and put that on the hard drive; VLC can play movies directly from ISOs, and doing so would be perfectly legit because you're not dealing with cracking the CSS encryption on retail DVDs. This is the recommended method, actually - at least by me.

The second involves software that I'm not going to name anymore and not even hint at because the name itself lends to the very process of cracking the encryption and that's something we're not supposed to discuss around here. or would be the two primary places online to get more info about doing what your friend wants done. Personally I'd just say use the first method above: he'd have a perfect copy (including the encryption which never gets cracked) on the drive, and VLC will treat that ISO as if it were the physical DVD in the optical drive with all the bells and whistles too.

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I just installed a new harddrive onto my computer and i was wondering is there a way to move files without a copy leftover. Like i wanna move file a from harddrive one to harddrive two but whenever i do it just makes a copy of file a on harddrive two. I want it to just move the file without the copy. Is there a way to do this? I know i could just cut the file and move it but i wanted to just drag and drop.Thank in advance =]

Answer:Move files from one harddrive to another without copy

Open Windows Explorer twice, place them side by side and click and drag from one HD to the other.

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Answer:how do i copy from harddrive to floppy disk?

drag it to the floppy disk drive.......or right click on the folder you wish to will see a splash screen send to floppy disk.....

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turns out my sister owns a comp but her xbf needs the info off the drive..

it has a password on it(i can copy it but i cant get into the windows desktop because password (vids he wants no1 to see)..

so i was wondering how easy or hard this is?..

i got quite a few drives...

ill hook comp up beside me once some1 msgs thread its outside my door..

untill then, later..

Answer:Copy Harddrive INFO onto different drive!?

Hi, we wont be able to help you, because the PC isn't yours.

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i am facing some problem copying movie files to my portable hard disk.

it said. 'cannot copy:the request could not be performed because of I/O device error' or something like that

the files were .avi .mpeg .wmv
i cn only move(cut) the file to my externalhdd

why is this happening to my computer?

Answer:Can't Copy File To External Harddrive

How large are the movie files? If they're over 4GB and the external drive is FAT32 file system, you will be unable to transfer the files to the drive, as that's beyond the maximum size for a file on FAT32. If this is the situation, unless you are happy to split the files, you'd need to change to NTFS as the file system on the external drive.

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is there any easy method to copy recovery partition to new hard drive the earlier hard has to be change .....

so any one can help me in this


Answer:how to copy recovery partition to new harddrive

GParted -- Live CD/USB/PXE/HD

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i just finsh building a new pc for a business and they want me to copy the infromation from the old harddrive to the new one because there a program that they have on it and they cant find the disc for it. anyway was wondering if there is a program that i can use to make
a direct copy of the old hard drive to the new one. i need to copy the whole drive the OS, Apps, programs and the rest of the infromations. the OS is win200pro. thanks for any info.


Answer:copy harddrive information to new drive

This'll do it, it's not free though:

They also make a good imager:

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I have a bunch of files I cant copy or move to another external harddrive..I bought the computer used ..Could this be a adminnistration proplem?

Answer:cant copy or move files to another harddrive

Does it say access denied?

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I just purchased a Sony Walkman for my daughter and she wants to watch our movies on it. We have lots of DVD's that I would like to transfer to my laptop and then to her Walkman. I am looking for software that will rip or copy the movie to my laptop (preferably free) and will be able to copy purchased DVD's that have copy protection. Thanks for advice and help!!

Answer:copy dvd movie to harddrive to sony walkman

You may want to review this web site's rules section regarding regarding "Circumventing Copy Protection".

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Few years ago i stored some music/video files on blank discs.

Just recently i decided to copy the music files from those cds to my hard drive.

When i insert the cd into the computer, the procedure begins normally. some albums are copied to my desktop without a problem. The noise is normal when the cd drive goes to work.

But then a certain album might give problems. The cd drive will copy each track but then it will struggle to copy a certain file. The noise from the cd drive goes silent all of a sudden. Then there is no progress and applications might freeze if i try to use them. To cancel this i have to eject from the cd drive.

Anyone know whats going on here and how i can copy all the media files from the cds to my pc please?

The cds are not scratched. The files were saved to dvd+r discs.

Answer:certain files fail to copy from cd to desktop harddrive... help pls

I can only think of a dirty disk (finger prints?). Wash it with detergent and cotton cloth making movements from inside to the edge.

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Last night I was transferring files to my external hard drive I use for storage, when half way through copying a group of files an error popped up in a bubble in the bottom right of my screen saying that windows could not copy the file and data would be lost, I didn't write down exactly what it said, I wish I had. after this error happened my external drive is no longer detected in windows, I have tried using it in the external case, I've tried taking it out and hooking it up to the motherboard. I checked disk management and it's not even detected there. I've tried plugging it into a laptop with vista on it and I cannot figure out how to fix this problem, any help would be greatly appreciated

I am using win xp pro sp3, asus a8n-e motherboard, amd 64 x2 3800+, radeon x1550, 2gb patriot ram pc3200, 1gb corsair xms pc3200

The hard drive I'm having trouble with is a WD Caviar GP. WD10EACS

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Hello everyone,so it all started when i tried to download Windows 8.1 yesterday. For some reason Windows could not update some updates required BEFORE 8.1 would become available in the Windows Store. One solution to fix this problem is to refresh windows. So I'm trying this only to find out that I need a recovery drive. Hence, I create one. However, the checkbox "copy recovery partition to hard drive" was disabled. I went ahead an created a recovery drive without a copy of the partition. When I then tried to refresh Windows, it tells me that the recovery media does not work. Long story short: I would like to copy my recovery partition to an external recovery drive. I applied the hotfix for the repartitioning of the harddrive when it came out. So now I am thinking that it might be an issue with the hotfix that windows is now unable to locate the recovery partition (which is still there). Maybe the issue is a different one.In either case, help is much appreciated!!

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I have a computer with two physical drives, a 30G and a 160G. What I am attempting to do is to copy the Windows XP partition from the 30G drive to the 160G, make the 160G drive the bootdrive, then remove the 30G one. I am attempting to do this using Partition Magic 8.0 but so far I am having no luck. I copied the partition using Partition Magic, then swapped the drive letters of the two disks, made the new copy of the partition on the 160G HD Active, then rebooted and disabled the 30G drive in the BIOS. This did not work; the system hangs soon after the POST where it should begin showing the boot screen. I didn't really expect it do work, and I have since re-enabled the 30G in the BIOS and subsequently swapped the drive letters back to their original state. What I am wondering is, can you actually do what I am trying using Partition Magic 8? I only see the option to copy a partition. It makes no mention of creating a clone of an original drive so I am thinking that maybe i need a different piece of software to accomplish my goal? Thanks for any help in advance.

Answer:making a new bootable harddrive from an existing copy using Partition Magic 8

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Okay brand new HP Pavilion DV6t-7000, it has 7 home premium on it from the factory which i dont mind but i have a few copies of 7 pro, i am about to go into my junior year of college as a Information Systems Major, ive worked some on an IT helpdesk as well this is just a little background to say im not completly computer illiterate one reason id like to run pro is that many companies are currently running it and since im in the business school i just would like to be used to it! However id like to keep the premium version on the laptop to have for whatever i choose mainly to upgrade it to windows 8 (15 bucks when buying new laptop) when it comes out to play around with!

I have a 750gb hard drive which after HP messes with it its considerably less but on the partition that is my main it has somewhere around 640 id like to leave maybe 100gb or so on that copy just for when i get 8 so i have plenty of space if i decided to go to 8 full time at some point! but like ive read hp has 4 sections and thats the limit, how is my best way to go about this guys?

Thanks so much!

Answer:New HP laptop, want to add a copy of 7 pro while keeping stock copy?

When you are in the installation, just choose the upgrade option.

Upgrade Install with Windows 7

Apologize I read that wrong.

I do believe you can go into the disk management and create a new partition. Then format with NTFS. And install the windows 7 on there.


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My current laptop no longer turns on but I am receiving a replacement soon. However I need to transfer the contents of the hard drive from the current laptop into the new hard drive of the replacement. How can I do this when the old laptop no longer turns on? I know that I can just unscrew the hard drive and place it into the replacement laptop but is there any other way of doing this? Please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Help transfering harddrive contents on a non working laptop into the new laptop

im not sure about laptop hard drives, but are they the same size and form factor as a desktop hard drive? if so then you can just plug it in to a desktop and plug in another blank hard drive, and use hard drive cloning software to transfer the enitre hard drive to the other one. i dont know of any such software but im sure you know how to use google

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Just to say thanks for the answer to my previous question but here's a new one:

My Dell laptop just died. I am computer illiterate so all I know is how to get the harddrive out of my dead laptop. The reason I need it is that I did not backup my info so I need to transfer it to the new laptop. I am not sure if I am supposed to take out the harddrive on the new laptop and replace it with this old one so that I can back up the data and then switch the harddrives. Or hopefully if there is a way that I can back up my older harddrive externally without having to put it inside my laptop?

Answer:Dell laptop harddrive...can I use it externally to another laptop?

Since it won't boot in a different machine, putting in the other laptop won't do you any good. Look for an external case with a USB connection so you can use it is an external backup drive after you empty it.

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Question: laptop harddrive.

Have been given a laptop,a Toshiba satellite SP10-504 minus its harddrive,being a desktop man not really sure if any 2.5 harddrive will do for a laptop.Have been look around Ebay, are these suitable?click hereNot looking to spend to much so any advice welcome.cheers.

Answer:laptop harddrive.

Most laptops I've ever seen use a standard 2.5" driveBUT many of them need to drive to be mounted in some sort of holder, which differs from laptop to laptop - the last one I saw even had a connector to the drive in the holder to mate to a connector in the laptop.Without the appropriate mounting hardware you could be totally stymied. Or you may be OK (!)

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i have an old laptop which i would like to load win95 onto but it has no floppy or cdrom so i brought an adapter so i can fit the harddrive into my desktop pc .when i load 95 and put the harddrive back into the laptop it needs more files from 95 which i can`t load is there a way i can load all of the 95 cd onto the harddrive so the files will be on the laptop all the time .
i hope someone understands what i saying i`m new to this.
Thanks for any help Brian

Answer:help please with laptop harddrive

All you have to do is connect the laptop hd back to your desktop with the adapter and copy all the .cab files to the laptop hd. Or just copy the Win95 folder onto the hd. That way when you install something that requires windows files it, you can choose where the Win 95 files are.

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Hi, I have a presario c700 laptop. I bought a new harddrive for it and I wanted to put xp and ubuntu on it dual boot. But the hd says there is no hd when I tried to put xp but it took ubuntu software no prob. What am I doing wrong? Should I try vista and ubuntu? Thanks.

Answer:new laptop harddrive help

See the thread I started with title "How to install OS on an HDD which isn't currently formatted for Windows "

The Win XP install protests if the HDD isn't a totally blank disc, and currently doesn't have a Windows partition on it. Are you getting the same symptoms as me when you either press C to create partition, or D to delete existing partition?

From the sound of it, you've installed Ubuntu (?) first, so all you'll have on the disc is an Ubuntu partition.....?

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I ran McAfee virus scan on my laptop (Dell Inspirion 1100) and the next day it crashed.  The scan detected some infected files and removed them.  The next day I turned it booted up but there was no start menu or icons displaying.  I called Dell and we ran a check on my laptop, they suggested it needed a new hard drive which costs almost $200.  Can I purchase the harddrive some where else and install it myself.  I am kind of confused, can someone explain it to me and with any suggestions.Thanks,rosie

Answer:laptop needs new harddrive?

You could indeed buy your own HDD and fit it yourself, saving lots of moneyYou'd need to make sure it fits in your notebook and that it had the right connectorAlso, you'll need to open up your laptop, which isn't for the novice and will void your warranty

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Question: Laptop Harddrive

I have 2 harddrives in my laptop

one is a 160gb 7200RPM Drive
the other is a 250 5400RPM drive.

Everything was working fine until I reformatted because I wanted a clean install, wiped out all partitions on both harddrives and went to go install windows, I put windows on the 160GB drive and it installed fine but 75% of the time it would bot up it would just blue screen. So i reinstalled it again, and same thing. So I put windows Vista 64 Bit on my second harddrive, and it works fine, loaded up my 160gig drive with some data. restarted 160 gig drive was gone, shut off laptop unhooked drive then hooked back up drive was there next day drive was there when booted up, restarted Windows Vista and now its gone again? is my hard drive dying?

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Question: laptop harddrive

On a laptop hard drive with the label on the top, is pin #1 on the right or on the left?
Thank you

Answer:laptop harddrive

Holding the drive with the PCB down and the connector away from you, pin 1 is on the left of the connector.

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Well, unfortunately I just found the first bad sector ever on the harddrive of my laptop. I just noticed it also makes a gurgling noise whenever I start to play a DVD in it, doesn't seem to make the noise when I do anything else.

So I go on a search for a PCMCIA hard drive, and I find one, at e bay, and I can't seem to find any others.

So I figured I better ask before I go blowing any money on parts that might not be great, is a PCMCIA hard drive worth the effort to find, or am I better off getting an external hard drive of some sort?

I really really don't want to have to buy a new laptop. I love this one. Up until this point, it's been extremely reliable. Moreso than any other computer I've ever owned. Which probably explains why all my other computers are sitting under a couple inches of dust, and this one is suddenly starting to give up from all the wear and tear.


Answer:Need Laptop Harddrive Help

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Question: Laptop Harddrive

On laptop have tried to reformat C: drive, it completes 100% and then.... format cancelled unable to write to boot.

Answer:Laptop Harddrive

check in your bios, is boot virus protection enabled, if so, turn it off

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Could someone be so kind as to point me inthe direction of a good deal on a hard drive for my hubby's laptop computer. He needs lots of space for his truck driving programs...

Answer:Laptop harddrive ??

Laptops use 2.5" hard drives. The common size is 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80Gb. You can use any make and the best deal is the one giving you the most Gb/$. The speed also comes into play and so the faster rotating speed gives a quicker response. Think the current speeds are 5400 and 7200 rpm.

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Question: Laptop Harddrive

I was brought a laptop that has Windows Vista on it.  Thing is that it was able too boot into Vista at all.  The user wanted to remove the OS an put 7 on it.  Thing is that when I go to install it, it doesnt see the harddrive.  I was able to install a copy of 98 without any issues.  It seems like a SATA Standerad Drive.  Is it possible to connect it with regular SATA connectors to check the drive.  Acer - Model

Answer:Laptop Harddrive

Yes, SATA 2.5" and 3.5" are completely interchangeable. QuoteThing is that it was able too boot into Vista at all.You were or you weren't?

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My laptop recently broke and I got a new one but I need to try and get my files off the old one. I got the hard drive out but I don't know if this is the thing I need to connect it to my new computer so I can get the files or not.

My old laptop was an Acer Aspire 7551-7422 with windows 7.
My new laptop is an Acer Aspire E5-722-81MJ with windows 10.

Will the hard drive fit in this and connect to my new laptop? [Upgraded Version Support UASP] Sabrent Ultra Slim USB 3.0 to 2.5-Inch SATA External Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure [Black] (EC-UK30): Electronics

Thanks in advance

Answer:Is this what I need for my laptop harddrive?

Yes it will work.


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anyone have seen it?
i found one for certain dell models.
but im not sure if it will work on mine.
i have a dell inspiron 700m
trying to see what can i upgrade to make it do more stuff

after few hours of research i have found not what im looking for.

i found the adapter to connect a cdrom to IDE but havent found the opposite

to connect the ide to atapi-50(slim laptop cdrom plug)

in short i want to add more memory to this laptop besides the harddrive but dont know whats available

it has a pcmcia slot also

Answer:HardDrive in CD-ROM bay for laptop

I would either use an external hard drive enclosure via usb or get a larger internal drive and swap it out with your old one for more space.

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Question: Laptop harddrive

I want to change my hard drive in my laptop.Is there a easy way to transfer the data from my old hard drive to the new one. Thanks for any help.

Answer:Laptop harddrive

:wave Welcome to Major Geeks! :major

Is there a easy way to transfer the data from my old hard drive to the new one?Click to expand...

Absolutely. It really depends on what you want to transfer. If you want to just copy your personal stuff from My Documents, you can just drag-n-drop, copy-n-paste or use something like Unstoppable Copier If you want to copy the entire drive with Windows and all the system files and drivers, then you'll need a bootable imaging program, and if you plan on doing this on your laptop, you'll need one that supports external USB drives, mainly because there's no other way to hook up the new drive to the laptop. So, here's some links:
DriveImage XML
EaseUs Drive Copy
HD Clone Free Edition
Those are some free ones... there are others (and many $hareware programs) available in the Major Geeks "Back Up" section and "Drive Utilities" section (links below). I haven't necessarily used each of these programs; I just did some quick looking around for you, so I'm not sure if they all will work with USB drives (Digital Dolly does though) so you'll need to research them a bit further. Anyway, I hope this helps! If yo... Read more

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Hi. I'm trying to help a friend on an issue they're having with their laptop's hard drive. Their laptop does not detect the hard drive upon start up. I have a hard drive usb cable that I bought a while back for another issue I was having and I hooked it up to this drive and nothing is being detected by my computer. I hear the drive running and clicking constantly which I'm guessing isn't a good thing. Is there any way to salvage whats on there?

I've asked on the dell forum and so far one person replied and told me to either take it to a specialist or stick it in the freezer, so I figured I'd ask around for other opinions. Thanks

Answer:Laptop harddrive not detected

Do you have a SMART monitoring program installed on your PC, such as CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World ? If not, download and install it and see what it reports for the drive. Please include the report with your next reply so that we can give you better advice.

My guess is that it is going to be either a mechanical or electronic problem (or even both). Since you can hear the drive spinning and clicks emanating from it, it probably means that it is mechanically OK, although the head might have got stuck somehow or other. Try just gently giving the drive a few taps with your hand whilst it is running to see if there is any difference. Sticking it in the freezer (be sure to wrap it up so that it doesn't get damp) for a few hours and then allowing it to warm up to room temperature can sometimes free a stuck head assembly, but you do so entirely at your own risk.

The best thing to do at the moment is to see what its SMART status is and report back with the results.

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Im a total novice when it comes to laptops - if I format the hard drive is it just the same routine as with a standard PC? ie; will I need to find the drivers for everything ( especially the screen ) It's an old laptop GATEWAY SOLO with P2 266 processor + 4gig H Drive + 64mb memory + CD + floppy.Its got win 98 pre installed but I dont have the Disk but I do have Win ME, Would Win ME have all the drivers on it,?. Please help, and thankyou in advance.

Answer:Can I Format my laptop HARDDRIVE

I very much doubt it. You would need to run a System Information app to find out what your graphics card, sound card, modem card etc is beforehand in case you need to download the drivers. Does it really need re-formatting? Do you have a problem?

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I receieved this laptop, a couple years old for free.  He was going to throw it away and I said I would take it.  Well it has no harddrive.  So if I buy an external harddrive, I will need to buy windows also?  Is there any way to get windows discounted?  For example I know you get office discounted if you have a student.  Or what other alternatives are there?

Answer:Received a laptop with no harddrive

I doubt you can get a windows discount unless you get it second hand from someone else, thats all I can mention in this forum.

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Hi; I just joined. Where is the coffee machine?
I just bought a laptop without the hard-drive or battery. The machine is a 'dell pentium II cp m233xt'. Can I just get any hard-drive and put it in or do I have to be specific? Ditto for the battery?
Where's the sugar? Coffee is old.

Answer:need Info on laptop harddrive

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I have the Compaq Presario V6ooo. It has a 100GB SATA HD. I want to format the drive and put my Win XP Pro and other programs on it and get rid of the trial programs that are on the drive when I purchased it, including the OS that's on it. Everything on this drive are trial version programs and I want to install my Win XP full version OS. But when I try to do a clean installation with my windows it stops the installation and tells me it cannot find the HD. The laptop works reads and loads perfectly, but my Win won't complete the install because it can't find the hd. Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue? I don't hjave a floppy drive for this laptop, only a cd and dvd drive combo. Thanks.

Answer:Laptop SATA Harddrive

Edited due to me completely forgetting that some systems require sata drivers....thx


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I just got a laptop from my sister that she found. It's nothing special at all, but I'll use it to run Linux since my desktop can't (The distros I want have a problem with my GeForce 6800). The only problem is that the HDD is shot. I want to buy another one but I want to make sure that ATA-6 is what will work with it. I'm not familiar with laptops so I just want to make sure i don't buy an incompatible part. Not quite sure what standard the HDD I have now is, but the model is MK1016GAP and it's a Toshiba. The laptop itself is Toshiba Satellite Pro 4340 P650. Thanks in advance for your time.

Answer:Laptop Harddrive Compatibility


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Alright, heres the deal.. I have a Gateway laptop that I had to send in for repairs because the back light had burned out on the monitor. The email tech told me to take out my harddrive because I didn't want them to reformat my drive (I don't have my files backed up, I know thats my first mistake).

Now I've been told two contradicting statements regarding my IDE harddrive, by two people who are pretty good at computers, at least more capable than I am.

One says that there isn't a way to plug in my drive without it re-initializing itself, and when it does that it'll delete all my files. That the chip within my harddrive is designed to re initialize when its disconnected then re connected.

The other says that it won't be a problem, that the harddrive would only need to reformat if I have to reinstall my OS (which is Windows XP home edition). That just so long as Gateway returns my original laptop, without touching the CPU, then I should be able to pop in my harddrive and have it boot up no problem. Because he switches between two harddrives on his laptop all the time, no problem.

Now, I know that if you have a hot swappable drive you don't run into problems, but SATA is the only hot swappable drive correct? You cannot have an IDE drive that is hot swappable?

Any insight or suggestions is extremely helpful

Answer:re-installing a laptop IDE harddrive


Originally posted by Jamie851
One says that there isn't a way to plug in my drive without it re-initializing itself, and when it does that it'll delete all my files. That the chip within my harddrive is designed to re initialize when its disconnected then re connected.

thats ridicules, ive never heard of any hard drive that self erase itself after being reconnected


Originally posted by Jamie851
SATA is the only hot swappable drive correct?

IDE can be hot swappable too (if you put it in an external enclosure)

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Hi all new to this forum and hope you can help me.
I have a new laptop with vista and several scanners that vista drivers are not available. I understand I can dual boot but this seems to complicated for me.
I have a XP formated hard drive from my old laptop that has all the drivers I need. Can I put this in the new laptop and will it boot up? Would I need to reformat the old hard drive after it is installed in the laptop?
Thanks for the support

Answer:Xp Harddrive On Vista Laptop?

Hi Tracey, no you can not boot up with the old hard drive and the old drivers will not be compatible with Vista. What are the make and model you are trying to use in Vista?

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Laptop HD failed the other day, so i looked online.. found a 2.5" seagate 40gig IDE drive that was new. It was also advertised as a laptop HD.

When i received the drive and opened it, had in bold letter.

I tried to install it and see what would happen.

It detected the drive, formatted the drive, all ok
But wouldnt install a copy of WIN XP.

I looked online and found the seagate LD25.5 drive is made for game consoles and DVR players.

Can anyone tell me the difference between this drive and a normal drive.

Thanks Matt

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Hi, i want to clone my laptop harddrive, it is around 60GB.How long would this approx take?Also, I am planning on using Norton Ghost, any better apps out there that would not be as resource hungry and would make the process quicker?Would it be quicker to copy some of the data onto some dvds rather than use the cloning process?

Answer:laptop harddrive cloning

Acronis TrueImage is the other popular commercial disk cloning utility. It's a bit cheaper than Norton and (in my opinion) much better.Is the 60gb the amount of data on the hard drive or just the overall size of the drive?Both TrueImage and Ghost copy just the data and the speed depends on..1) how powerful the laptop is.2) what you're backing up to (i.e blank dvd, external hard drive etc).3) how much compression the backup is using.On an average modern system, TrueImage takes roughly 15mins to back up 10gb to another drive.As for manually copying to a dvd, I guess it depends on what you want the backup for. TrueImage/Ghost copies everything including all the operating system files. You won't be able to be so thorough with a manual backup.

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RPM/Buffer Size or Attribute 5400 RPM with 8 MB cache (Mobile)
Interface/Connector SATA 3 Gb/s with 22-pin SATA connector/SATA 1.5 Gb/s with 22-pin SATA connector (Mobile)
Interface IDE


500 GB, SATA 3 Gb/s
8 MB Cache; 5400 RPM

Answer:Need new Laptop Harddrive - will this work?

Yes it should work.

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Okay have this Compaq Presario 2100, and the original harddrive was having disk read errors, so i got a new seagate harddrive, popped it in, and tried to start a CD recovery, after a few minutes it has a problem extracting a file. So i tried again, but this time it would not boot from the CD, i checked the BIOS and the CD-ROM had the first boot priority, so i got an external CD-ROM thinkin maybe the CD-ROM was faulty, hooked it up via USB, no good, wouldnt go past the COMPAQ screen, so i installed Windows via another Laptop on the Seagate HD, and then tried to put in the Compaq, and all i would get is the Windows Could Start Due To A Hardware Change, so i select start Windows Normally, the little bar starts to fill, but once it gets to the end, nothing happens and then a little while after, the computer turns off...any suggestions...or is this computer a dud ?

Answer:Laptop Harddrive Issue

You cannot install Windows on one machine, then expect it to run on a different machine.

Try changing the IDE/SATA cable for your harddrive.

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I bought an old hp n3210 it booted up ok ran the hp diagnostic it said hd was failing. The old hd is a 4.8 gig hitachi I got a new seagate 60 gig and put in it now it sticks on the auto detecting ide devices. There is no jumper on the old drive so I didn't put one on the new one
Anyone have any ideas I don't have but a few dollars in the laptop just wanted to get it running for my Granddaughter for Christmas..

Answer:Solved: Laptop harddrive

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I have a 35GB laptop and 30GB is full. How can I get more memory without buying a new laptop. I dont want to delete any of the files I already have.Can I buy a separate bigger harddrive, and get someone to swap it with the current harddrive in the laptop?

Answer:Laptop Harddrive full :(

u could buy a external hard drive and cradle with a usb attachment and just plug it in then u would not lose anything on your hard driver

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i have a toshiba L655D-013 hard drive quit, put in a new seagate ST9500424AS . when i run recovery disc get to "recover to out of box state" then get error 08-064B-0000 partition creation failed. tried this in identical machine same thing. was running win 7 home premium. tried boot from usb same problem. any ideas??

Answer:Solved: laptop harddrive

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I have got a DELL inspiron 17 model which has got a 1TB Seagate SSHD Hard drive in it.. However I am looking to upgrade it, possibly to a 4TB one.. Can I get a normal laptop hard drive or does it have to be always the SSHD version?

Answer:I'm looking to Upgrade My Laptop Harddrive

You can install any 2.5" hard drive as long as the height is supported. I see there are 4GB SSD laptop hard drives out there, expensive but it should fit. You can also install regular laptop HDD if desired. Check if your laptop has two hard drive bays or M.2 slot for SSD.

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Is it possible to verify a defective harddrive is the cause of my problem? I would like to be sure before purchasing a new one. My laptop freezes up 2-3 minutes after booting up, i then have to do a power button shut-down. This happens after every attempt to re boot. It's a lenovo z570 win7 sp1

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I let my nephew use my laptop and he gave it back. When I turn it on it asks for "Enter SATA port 0 HDD User Password" I asked him for the password and he states he never put one on it. So how do I get rid of it or erase the password?

Answer:Laptop harddrive password

Please read and follow the rules when posting. We do not offer password support since the identity of an individual cannot be determined. Here is the relevant section of the rules.
Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.

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i bought a external enclosure for my laptop harddrive. when i first plugged it into my desktop that runs xp home it installed the drivers needed and all software but the computer wont recognize it in the my computer icon. i went into disk management and there it is seen but it says the drive is empty when i know ther is info on it. so i got a shop to get the info i wanted off then i started the proccess again, reinstalled the software and drivers then i formatted the drive with no problems and i went to using it on my desktop, it was even recognized in my computer. so i put all the info i wanted on it and when i was done i ejected the drive as i do to all my other removable drives. the next time i came to use it, i t will not see it in my computer, in disk management it is seen but again it is seen as empty, it gave me an option to initialize the drive, i just dont want to lose whats on the drive. so should o initilze it? or what should i do so i can use the drive and still keep my info, i dont wnat to pay again for data recovery.

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HiMy old dell inspiron laptop has given up the ghost, i considered selling it for spares, but unsure if it is worth do i go about destroying the HD? Is it just a case of ripping it out and get a good old hammer to it?thanks

Answer:How do i destroy Laptop harddrive


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My son tried to clean up his laptop and did a disk compression on it and now it will not come back on. He keeps getting the following error code: OCSMY is compressed, hit ctrl/alt/del to reboot. It gives the same code with each reboot. It is a toshiba running Windows 7.

Answer:laptop harddrive trouble

Are you sure that's the exact error message ? I ask because I can't find anything about it with Google.

What OS is on the laptop ? Do you have any disks for it ?

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I have a couple of hard drives from laptops that I took out before recycling. It's been so long ago that I can't remember if I wiped them prior to taking them out.

What's the best way to be sure that no one can access them so I can throw them in the garbage...or whatever?

I don't want to connect them to anything. Can I just smash them apart with a hammer (which could be really fun) or something?

Answer:Laptop Harddrive Disposal

Drill, hammer, or both. Protective clothing and eye wear needed, a vise might be useful, or some sacking to cover them/contain the fragments.

Apart from the safety aspect, concentrate on accessing and then destroying the internal platters.

Time lapse video of the action is optional.

Ooh, book a trip to a shooting range... ?

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So I found my fathers Panasonic laptop from 1996 when he passed away. Unfortunately the screen was cracked and I am unable to find replacement parts because the laptop is so old, but I would really like to connect the laptop to one of my machines so that I can see what he was typing at the end of his life. Is there a way to connect a laptop harddrive to a desktop? I noticed that its ide, so if there are any cables I can buy peoples post! Thank you for anyone's help in advance.

*I'm attaching couple pictures of it to help out.*

Answer:Solved: Old Laptop Harddrive

Get one of these. Just connect the IDE portion to the hard drive and the USB to your desktop or notebook.

Just make sure that the one you buy has the connections for a 2.5" drive. I think most of them have both a 2.5/3,5" IDE connections, I know mine does, but you will need to verify.

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hi, i have two laptops (i'm not showing off) one an ipc and the other a medion (see ) the IPC laptop has been overheating like crazy, it is out of warranty so i took the processor out and now i can't get the bugger back in it's a 370 pin push and slide/lever but the bugger won't shift; i think the contact's on the plastic inset where the chip sits are damaged.
anyway now i have taken the HDD out of the IPC and want to put it in the medion, but when i did this the winXP screen started to emerge then Wham blue screen with your computer is buggered it may be your HDD etc. and some numbers, now the HDD was fine when last used in the other Laptop, it is a 30Gb HDD whereas in the medion is a 10Gb.
so, does anyone know why this might be?

help on either prob would be appreciated.

Answer:changing harddrive in laptop

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Happy New Year to You All. I have a Dell Latitude XPI laptop. I had to reformat the harddrive. After Fdisking and formatting the C Drive, when I try to install Win98 from an original disk, I get the error message, (corrupt cab file in setup and can not continue). Although I can load the cab files via "The Ultimate Boot Disk", I still get the same message when trying install Windows in the C Directory. Has anyone ever encountered a similar problem and if so, what do you suggest as a solution. Oh, Dell, not much help, well, NO HELP AT ALL. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Answer:Reformatting Laptop harddrive

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Hi, i got a laptop on Ebay and it requires a password to access the harddrive itself. I heard that low level format may help?
I've read sth about security standards and It seem to me that the only
solution could be that pasword. or what else can i do? please help?

Answer:Laptop harddrive password

Are you talking about getting into the bios?

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my asus windows 8 laptop will not boot up. it says preparing to repair and sits there. I have no install disks for windows 8. I can not boot up the laptop. SO how can I tell if my hard drive is problem or windows? thanks

Answer:windows 8 laptop. how can I tell if my harddrive gone bad

Few solutions here.
You can ask Asus for a restoration disk.
Make a Windows 8 Boot disk on DVD or USB (one another computer) and initialize repair from there. An W8 ISO file has to be downloaded first.
Make a Linux live boot disk or USB and check HDD itself.

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Hi All,

I'm trying to find out if my thinkpad t61 laptop has a max capacity in terms of harddrive.

The lenovo site said it max is 160gb but im wondering if it just what they offer because I want to go up to 200-250gb in terms of harddrive space for my T61.

Also it said Serial ATA meaning SATA drives so im wondering if that means I Can use any SATA drives such as the Seagate Momentus 7200.2 200GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Notebook Hard Drive from newegg.


Answer:Max harddrive Capacity In My Laptop

If it supports a 160GB drive then it does 48 bit addressing in which case it should support any current capacity drive on the market thats SATA. And yes you can buy from a site such as Newegg instead of from Lenovo.

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Ok I'm considering buying a toshiba laptop but reviews on the net that the cons were that it had a slow harddrive (Sata 5400 rpm) I talked to toshiba customer support and the guy told me that sata although slower in rpm actually out preforms a 7200 ide because of something about it can transfer data at higher rates is this true?

Answer:Laptop Harddrive question

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My toshiba laptop seems to have died. Turned it on last night and video was black. When i went to internet via quick connect button I could see a faint image of home page.
Is there some way I can get the data off this hard drive to install on new laptop or desktop machine? Usb to another computer of removal of hard drive? I cannot click on any thing on laptop as it is for all purposes invisible.

Answer:getting data off harddrive laptop W/no video

First i would try connecting a monitor and see if its the screen or main video bad, [2] With an adapter you can hook up that hard drive to a desktop and recover your data. ed

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I got a harddrive enclosure, and plugged in into the computer I am going to put the files on, but it shows up on the computer as system reserved K: 70.3 MB free of 99.9MB
My hard drive is 500GB

Answer:Need help backing up harddrive from broken laptop

What you are seeing is the system partition and should not be edited at all. Everyone should have one if they have Windows 7.

Could you go to Start > Computer and show me the list of drives that you can see available? To attach a screenshot follow this tutorial - Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

After that could you also upload a screenshot of your disk management similar to my one. To do this follow this tutorial - Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

Many Thanks,

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Hi there, was wondering if I can upgrade my Sony laptop pcg-fxa32 harddrive. currently i have 15G. anyone know where i can find a bigger drive for my laptop. any specific manufacturers? thanks.

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My son purchased an Acer laptop with Win XP from a seller on ebay who only owned it for a short time. It keeps shutting down during certain processes like converting files and things that run on their own like virus scans and SpySearch and Destroy. We also cannot get his e-mail to receive. It did for a couple days, but now won't work and our broadn band tech support tried all suggestions and said something else is wrong. We figure at this point the best thing to do is reformat the harddrive. This will also get rid of some unwanted files that were already on the harddrive that we can't delete.

The issue: how do we do this. The only disk we have is the Acer recovery disks.

Appreciate any help.

Answer:reformat harddrive on ACER laptop w/XP

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Hi thereI was using some files on a partitioned harddrive through the USB. I accidentally pulled the USB out without safely removing it. This caused the computer to lock up and now when I turn it on I just get a black screen. If I press ESC I can't run it in safe mode as there is an error message. If I try to run it using the setting whch previously worked I get the blue windows screen which advised it's going to run a disk check in 10 seconds but the screen freezes after 5 seconds and nothing more happens. Please help as it's my boyfriend's laptop!!!!ThanksLucy

Answer:Partitioned harddrive has crashed my laptop

I've never heard of an external drive causing permanent damage to an XP installation - when you say you were 'using some files', what exactly were you doing? It sounds like there has been some damage to the windows installation - but you can't do that by just pulling out a USB connector, unless you were doing something that involves system files.What does the blue screen say? Is there an error message on it? does it mention specific files?What's this ESC to run safe mode - its F8 or F5?A repair reinstall might fix the problem (but you will need a windows xp disc that matches the version on the laptop exactly (eg, if its XP Home OEM version, XP Home retail version would be no good, as the key on the COA wouldn't work). Also best if at same service pack level as the installation (eg, probably SP3) - you can create a SP3 disc by slipstreaming the service pack into an earlier install disk & then creating new CD (google this if you need to). you might not need to something as time consuming - the blue screen detail might help.

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I think my laptop's harddrive has failed, however to replace it I would need the recovery "CD" which is on a partition on the failed hard drive

It's a Sony VGN-S560p with XP Pro
Whenever I boot it freezes while loading windows, flashes a blue screen of death for 1 second, and restarts.

I took a picture of the blue screen and it reads:
STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
or its log or alternate.
It is corrupt, absent, or not writable.​
If I boot in safe mode it gets up to windows\system32\drivers\Mup.sys, hangs there for 10 secs, shows the blue screen, and then restarts.

My questions are:
Where can I download a (free) recovery for this laptop? The manufacturer's website only has drivers available.

What would I need to buy so that I can read the contents of my stricken laptop harddrive using my desktop PC?


Answer:Problem with laptop harddrive boot

Hey 'oldskool, can you lend a copy of an XP install disc?

If not, does your lappy have a floppy drive?

If it does, go to the link below and DL the boot discs, and you will be able to get into the recovery console and fix this error -->

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My old laptop suffered a fall and unfortuantly will not work. I have been told that there is no problem with the hard drive just something else and it is terminal, my insurance company has provided me with a new laptop. The problem is it contains all my old files, pictures, music etc.How can I get the files off my old hard drive and put it onto my new laptop. Do I need to take either of the laptops apart?PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Answer:Data Transfer between old and new Laptop harddrive

If your old laptop is totally dead, you will need to get at the old HDD to rescue data. Unless you know what you are doing it might be best left to a professional.

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Hi can any of you helpful people help me out with this messI recently formated my dell laptop which was running windows 98, hoping just to reinstall everything back with no problems my laptop wont reconignise my external cd rom drive i have a usb cd rom and a pcmcia ide my specs are dell 400mhz processor 6 gig harddrive and i think its got 128 memory not surei have no floppy drive at all any ideas how to reinstall o.splease help!!!

Answer:dell laptop formated harddrive

any ideas why it wont recognise external usb cd rom

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My laptop has recently died (not sure of the cause) and I've taken out the hard drive and hooked it up to another machine to try and retrieve my files.

The files in My Documents (more specifically, my user directory \Documents and Settings\user_name\) are inaccessible.

Is there a way to retrieve these files?

Thanks for any help you can give

Answer:Accessing files of my laptop harddrive

Im not that good with laptops but i think you would have better luck hooking it up to a desktop as a slave, but you will need an adapter. ed

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easy all

having a bit of trouble with my laptop - the power socket has failed so i'm unable to either charge the battery or run it from the mains. it's still under warranty so fixing it isn't a problem, but there's some data on the laptop's hard drive that i need to recover ASAP! if anyone can give me any help on how to do this quickly and easily i would be very grateful indeed, the attempts i've made so far have been unsuccessful.

we're using one of these:

with one of the pins bent out of the way to allow the connection to be made. the laptop is a fujitsu siemens amilo d series, not sure about the desktop as it's at my friends' house!

is there any way of doing this without messing around with IDE cables and whatnot? someone mentioned to me that there may be some kind of USB cradle device that i could plug the hard drive into then connect via USB.

hope this is in the right forum, i'm new round these parts!



Answer:slaving a laptop harddrive to a desktop PC

Hi James

I've used one those adapters in the past serveral times (before USB 2.5in caddies became easily available!).

I know know about yours, but the ones I used to use never seemed to have pin 1 marked on one side so be careful connecting it up.

As far as connecting it to the desktop is concerned, I would advise you do the following :

Leave the desktops primary IDE channel alone (probably have just the main hard drive connected to it)

Disconnect any drives connected to the secondary controller - normally 1 or 2 CD or CDRW drives.

Connect the laptops hard drive to the secondary. This way you don't have to worry about configuring the drive to the correct master/slave setting. Make sure bios recognises it correctly.

Boot the desktop up in safe mode. This will allow you to transfer data from one drive to the other safely.

Don't understand though, what pin do you have to bend out of the way & why?

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I have a friend who has just brought a new laptop that has Vista on it. It isn't compatible with the software he uses so would now like to install XP. What I'd like to know is how does he reformat the HD so he can load XP (Vista won't let him use the standard setup routine).If you need to know techy details about the laptop please let me know asap so I can email him!Many thanks,TP

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click here Vista is popular; this is the second request in two days!

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I have earlier successfully used a SATA\IDE adapter with a 12v=2A/5 V=2A power source (don't know what the two values actually mean here) for saving some data from a harddrive in a broken PC. Can I use the same adapter for saving data from a laptop harddrive? The adapters seem to fit with the extensions I have, but the specs on the harddrive says 5V 700mA. Or will the output of the power source be "too strong" here?

Answer:Saving data from laptop harddrive

that should be OK -
you have an adapter - 5V 2A - so the max current is 2amps
and you only need to provide 700mA or 0.7amps

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I recently got a 500GB western digital hard drive. I had one before and all I had to do was connect it to my computer and it came up right away about formatting it. That one started clicking loudly so western digital said it was a problem with the hard drive. When I plug the new one in, nothing happens. I have tried searching for the hard drive everywhere and it isn't showing up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Laptop not finding external harddrive

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My wife's laptop has 105gb capacity but despite having very little in the way of files (music photos etc) on it only 11gb of free space is showing in the properties display. We have tried defragmenting the disc, used disc clean up, deleted programmes that we know will not harm the computer, deleted temporary internet files, cookies, and have also ran ccleaner but still this massive amount of used space prevails. Would very much appreciate any further advice on things to try or is it a case,as one person suggested it might need a new hard drive.
Note we are far from being PC experts. Thanks

Answer:Free space on laptop harddrive

Try using WinDirStat it'll show you what's taking up all the disk space.

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