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Can I use Ghost or Acronis to back up my PATA drive and install it on a SATA drive

Question: Can I use Ghost or Acronis to back up my PATA drive and install it on a SATA drive

I am one of those people who like to gradually transfer over from one technology to another when the price is right. Well the price is right especially since SATA has been out for several years and PATA is an obsolete technology.

I have a PATA drive which is formatted for NTFS, not fat 32. I want to install it on a SATA 2 drive. I want to back it up with Ghost or Acronis and install it on the new sata2 drive.

Will this work? The drives aren't the same size either. Does it matter if it is Acronis or Ghost?


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Preferred Solution: Can I use Ghost or Acronis to back up my PATA drive and install it on a SATA drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Can I use Ghost or Acronis to back up my PATA drive and install it on a SATA drive

If you have the drivers for the SATA controller installed on your Windows installation then there's rarely any issue cloning the PATA drive to a SATA drive, and there's no issue with cloning to larger drive either, both Acronis and Ghost support going to a smaller or bigger drive. The file system doesn't matter.

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So then after I installed windows xp pro, I plugged in my 40g PATA IDE drive, and it would always select that as my master hard drive, as we know, my "should be master" drive is a 160g SATA drive. Any suggestions on how to have my 40g drive as slave, and my 160g drive as my master? My computer specs are listed in my signature. Thanks.

Answer:pata and sata drive, sata should be master, but pata is

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I'm trying to replace the OEM PATA CDR/DVD-ROM in my recently acquired S50, and can't seem to find a setup configuration which will allow it to boot with an LG SATA DVDR as a replacement. Cabling is not the issue--there's a SATA power connector right there at the drive cage, and the two SATA data connectors in the middle of the motherboard. With the DVDR connected, the system won't boot past the Windows logo screen. Disconnect it, and the system boots fine. I've searched the User Guide and Hardware Maintenance Guides for every SATA reference, and they only refer to a SATA hard drive as an alternative to the PATA hard drive. All references to the CDR/DVD-ROM assume it is PATA. Googling did not produce a definitive answer as to whether this is a permitted configuration (PATA/SATA mix). I'm hoping someone here can say either "No, not possible," or "Yes, I've done it--here's the setup parameters." Mike

Answer:Can S50 BIOS handle SATA DVD drive and PATA hard drive configuration?

Hi Mike "Yes, I've done it" Go to my inputs to this forum in late October for my trials and tribulations with the self same problem. My solution was to remove & refit the CMOS battery as described. I've retained my PATA hard drive & installed a SATA DVD rewriter plus I have access to Setup Utility ( ie BIOS access) whenever I need it. I hope it works for you. Call back if you need to.  Regards Kemar  

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I need to retrieve data from a SATA drive but can only achieve this if I can connect it as a slave drive to a machine with a master PATA drive. The motherboard will accept both devices. Is this possible? and if so how?

Answer:Master PATA drive Slave SATA drive-is it possible

Leave the pata as master, plug in the sata and reboot. OS will assign new drive letter to the sata and you should be able to see it.

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I am trying to image my 80gb 7200 rpm IDE ultra 133 drive to a brand spanking new 200gb seagate baracudda SATA drive. The first thing I tried was using Ghost to image it from partition to partition.. that didn't work. I booted with the windows cd and tried to do the fixmbr and fixboot.. The fixboot seemed to do the right drive, but the fixmbr kept wanting to write my old drive. I unplugged the old drive and tried to boot into windows setup once more and it gave me a blue screen of death. I am in the process of imaging it disk to disk in norton ghost. I hope this works. Any thoughts anyone who has gone through this?


Answer:imaging OS PATA Drive to SATA Drive

Seagate's own disk install utility will do the whole thing for you.

Ive done it many times. Just install the new sata disk, let seagate format/copy all the files over, etc. Works fine IDE->SATA and SATA->IDE.

Tough part comes with sata raid, then the utilities dont work. Each disk compnay has a version...basically the same program, diff name. If it wasnt on a disk with drive.... download from seagate.

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I am trying to replace the Matsu**bleep**a DVD that came with my r61. I thought there was 2 choicesATA and PATA.  I bought both and mine is neither one of those.  Anyone have any ideas on how I can make the PATA drive work.  Some kind of adapter??  or some name brands/models recommendations??  please don't say Matsu**bleep**a.                                                     Thank you..............J.C., Tampa Moderator note: Type added to subject line for clarity. Message Edited by Agotthelf on 28-05-2009 08:37 AM

Answer:R61: New DVD drive interface Sata or Pata?

The dvd drive on the R61i is an enhance ultrabay drive using PATA interface. The SATA interface version is only suitable for the R400, R500 version. 

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I would be grateful for any advice re replacing an internal DVD drive in my old (2001) desktop machine.

Am I right in thinking that a machine of this vintage would need a PATA drive, not a SATA drive?

Many thanks for any assistance!

Answer:PATA vs SATA DVD drive for 2001 vintage PC?

You are correct however the very best way to find out what is inside the case is to open the case and look.
Replacing a dvd drive is pretty easy. You will have a 40pin cable and a molex power connector each just pulls off. Remove the old drive and check the jumper setting. If it is the only drive on the ide cable, it should be the master device. Set the jumper on the new drive just like the old one was set. Now install your new drive. Connect the cables you removed and you are good to go. It really is that easy.

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I made the mistake of purchasing the wrong enclosure for my hard drive. I needed a 3.5 SATA and I ordered a rocket fish 3.5 PATA enclosure. I can not return it. I have read about converting but I am new to all of this hardware stuff
Is it possible to use the PATA enclosure with the SATA drive, and if so what converters do I need? Will there need to be file conversions as well?

Thanx in advance for your help!

Answer:Solved: SATA drive in PATA enclosure

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some people change ide to ahci in the bios then it worked.

some people put drive on master, hey then it worked
Second PATA hard drive not detected in the BIOS? - Yahoo Answers

some people put drive on cs, hey then it worked
SATA to IDE Adapter, Drive Not Detected in BIOS - Hard Drives - Storage

What do I do to make it work for me?
The yellow led lights up
the sata cable plugged into sata port and tried multiple ports.
Under sata configuration I tried AHCI which caused windows to BSOD
I switched that back to IDE

This Asus p5qc has a PATA DVD drive lugged into MB IDE port
And a sata drive plugged into sata port.
And a sata drive plugged into sata port.

Answer:sata to ide adapter do not see PATA hard drive in the bios?

Following this guide, i made it so windows boots ok with bios setting to AHCI
AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

Still the bios does not show drive with adapter connected.
I have tried 4 HD and a dvd drive.

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I just removed a disabled SATA Hard Drive from a Compaq Presario computer and am about to purchase a new hard drive to replace it. I happened to have an extra hard drive, but it seems to be a PATA hard drive. Is it possible to use this drive? Or do I have to get a SATA hard drive? Thanks. Maggie

Answer:Solved: Difference between SATA and PATA Hard Drive?

As long as your motherboard has an IDE (PATA) connector on it, and you have an IDE cable to connect it, you can use a PATA (IDE) hard drive. I haven't seen a motherboard without an IDE connector on it so you should be OK. However, SATA is a much improved interface for hard and CD/DVD drives. Highly recommend you stay with it.

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There are these kind of converters available. I don't understand how such a converter can fit into the hard drive space for instance T43? Is there any kind of converter which fit?

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This is my current configuration:


C drive has Win7 80GB
D has half Winxp and half storage. Total size of D is 160GB

I want to put both C and D onto a single SATA drive of 240GB and make that SATA a dual boot.

I am using Acronis 15. How do I do this?

Answer:How do I backup and recover separate PATA's w/OS's into one SATA drive

"I am using Acronis 15"
Acronis what? They make more than one product you know!
Is it Acronis True Image, Acronis Disk Director or Acronis Migrate Easy?
Official user guides & documentation are here:

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Hey guys im looking to get more hard drive space and was wondering if anyone could help me with the pros and cons of getting and internal drive or an external drive and also the differences between pata and sata drives? i use my pc for audio and video apps so i need something big around 300gb-400gb.I would use the drive for playing back and recording audio and video so it needs to be as fast as possible. ive been looking at the carillon ad-1 external as far as i can tell the only advantage of external is that it is transportable, but they all seem to be more expensive. Also my current drive is partitioned into system and audio, is it possible to unpartition them into one again without reformatting the drive? as i would use my old drive as system and the new drive for audio.would this be possible?can someone reccomenda drive for me?thanks for yout time.regards will

Answer:Deciding between external and internal drive pata versus sata?

could someone maybe suggest what t0o look for in a hard drive. cheers

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Ghost program is on PC1. I want to Ghost a drive from PC2 [Ghost not installed] over network back to PC1 [which has Ghost program]. Seems like you can only Ghost from PC1 [with Ghost program installed] to another computer [without Ghost program installed] over network. Please advise.


Answer:Want to Ghost drive from PC2 over network back to PC1, which has Ghost program.

No, you cannot clone a drive over a network to an arbitrary computer with no special software installed. You can clone a drive to an image file on a FTP server but that's it.For any network cloning you need to set up things on both hosts.

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Using Norton Ghost 9 and Acronis TrueImage 11 on Windows XP service pack 3. Disk cacheing is turned off on all drives and external Drive S is set optimized for quick removal.

There are multiple problems that I think have something to do with Windows XP using a 1.5-TB drive; but, I'm not sure.

Windows - Delayed Write Failed
Windows was unable to save all the data for the file S:\System Volume Information\tracking.log.tmp. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere.

System Restore is turned off on all drives.

When I attempt to write an image of 1.5-TB internal drive R onto external USB 1.5-TB drive S, Ghost hangs permanently at 2% with no error message.

Acronis Error on attempting to write image of 1.5-TB internal drive R onto 1.5-TB external USB drive S:
ERROR E00070021 Unable to create volume snapshot

I visited this web page, followed its instruction and there is no change in result.

For some reason I don't understand, I am able to make a backup of drive D (which is in the size range of about 400 Megs) onto 1.5-TB External USB drive S successfully with both Ghost or Acronis 11.

Answer:Cannot make drive images with either Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image 11

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I have one SATA drive in this system and two IDE drives. Acronis True Image 10 (build 4871) does not see the SATA drive.

I have searched the 'net and although I do see mentions of this problem in older versions of Acronis, I see nothing about it after version 8.

Additional Information:
I just restored an image from file to the SATA disk using Ghost 9 OEM.

System Specs:
Gigabyte Board GA-8IPE1000-G Revision 4
Pentium 4, socket-478 processor
with on-board PATA and SATA controllers
512 Megs of RAM
Windows 2000
System is known-clean, no viruses or malware.
Western Digital drive model WD1600AAJS
Windows and Ghost 9 see and use this drive just fine
Additional PATA drives are 40-Gig PATA and 300-Gig PATA
the 40-Gig drive is the boot/os drive
I don't think it matters; but, the drive's letter is K

Answer:Acronis True Image 10 doesn't see my SATA drive

this problem exists if you back up to ATA/IDE drives.
the only i can advise-try to go to Advance mode,it must see SATA drive.
please post back then.

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Can you run me through how to do this? I already have one set up and running inside the computer. It is a 20 gb drive. I want to add another, 40 GB one. they're both pata, ribbon cable style drives.

What configuration should the jumpers be in?

Thanks so much.


Answer:Solved: Install extra PATA IDE drive in dell GX240.

All brands are different. The jumper settings are either on the drive label, itself, or can be found on the manufacturer's web site.

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It appears that Acronis True Image 10 home doesn't support SATA hard drives. I tried searching their site for support information, but I couldn't find anything. I'm able to create a backup image from within Windows, but I can't restore anything because the boot disk doesn't detect the hard drive.

Is version 11 necessary for SATA drive support? I'm not thrilled to drop another $40 after less than a year.

Answer:Solved: Acronis True Image SATA Drive Support

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I am trying to Ghost from a SATA drive to an IDE drive local to the same computer. The source is the SATA on SATA1 and the destination drive is the primary master on IDE 1. There is only one IDE channel and 2 SATA. Ghost 2003 just hangs with the hour glass. Can Ghost coy from SATA to IDE?:confused

Answer:ghost 2003 copy ide to sata drive

Check the build of 2003, because I'm reading here
that you should have build .793 when working with SATA drives. There are links in the thread to download updates to get it to the proper build.

I'm still searching for anything about SATA to IDE.
found his

if you have SATA hard disk use ghost with -nfi switchClick to expand...

that is to put the image on an IDE drive.

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Hi,Does anyone know why my external drive shows up with a little red cross against it in my Acronis back up prog?I want to do my usual back up but I can't presumably because of what the red cross means.Thanks.J


I don't follow what you mean by "little red cross against it in my Acronis backup prog"When do you see this "red cross"?

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I have been backing up to an external hard drive, but it is formatted to Fat 32. If I format to NTFS, will I lose all the existing back ups, and is this really necessary?

Answer:Acronis back ups to external hard drive.

Formatting to NTFS alters the file system and nothing heremost arguments here are in favour of NTFS...

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I am attempting with zero success to Ghost an IDE drive to a new SATA i just got. My bootable CD that I use all the time to ghost ide to ide will NOT do the job for ide to sata. it opens GHOST from dos bootup and hangs on the ghost screen with an hourglass. i have spent a few hours perusin the web and tried to insert an -FNI switch that is supposed to take care of this issue to no avail.

anybody encountered this problem before? got a fix?

thnx, bo bo bolinski :cry

Answer:ghost 2003 copy ide to sata drive no workee

Am I understanding you correctly, you're trying to clone/restore to one of these drives across a network? If so, your boot media has to have the correct DOS drivers for it's network card. And trust me, it can be a chore finding the right one.

It's often much easier and faster to install a hard drive into a machine to clone. I did it today, myself. I used ghost32.exe (found in the ghost program file folder) right in Windows to image two drives, and then push an image of one onto the other. Once I was done, I just put the drives back in their respective machines.
Took me maybe two hours to do it all.

This saves hunting down drivers, and time since the data doesn't need to be sent across the network.

Is that a possibility for you at all?

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Hi Everyone!

Having a bit of a problem installing XP Pro.

I have a primary PATA drive (250GB) which has XP home on it. I am trying install XP pro but naturally because i have an earlier version of Pro it says "An earlier version is already installed" when i run the setup from Windows. So my plan was to just do a normal install as if the PC was new....i.e boot from CD etc.

Now the first problem with XP blue screening on install i have overcome (PCI-E probs...made bootable XP pro disc and integrated SP2..all good).

The problem i have now is installing the PATA/SATA drivers during the install..."F6 to install 3rd party drivers etc". The machine i am using is a Dell Dimension 9100 and doesn't come with a floppy drive. (overcome this problem before by buying a floppy drive...but don't really want to do that again as i have given my old pc away)

I'm thinking....(dangerous i know!!)...can i add the PATA/SATA drivers to the bootable XP Pro/SP2 disc i have made and will windows install them with the primary drivers when setup immediately begins etc? will this overcome it? I have a USB pen drive (is that an option?)

At the moment situation stands that the install will start but when i get to the disc management part of the setup no HDD's are detected because it has no drivers.

If adding the drivers to the bootable CD will work does anyone know which folder to put them in?

Any help gratefully accepted!

Dell Dim... Read more

Answer:XP Pro Install with PATA/SATA Drives

Hmmmm...bit of a development.

The part of my last post said that the upgrade option within Windows wouldn't work as it said i had an earlier version. That was before i added Sp2 to the boot CD. I've tried the disc again while i was searching for the primary driver folder...accidentally clicked Autoplay and it now gives the upgrade option. So resolving this isn't vital but would be interested to know a solution in case i'm not so lucky next time!


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Hi, Is this possible? I have tried numerous times on my PC to install Windows 7 onto my Sata Drive to no avail. Yet as soon as I plug in my IDE HD it installs fine.

I have unplugged all external peripherals USB and internal Card Reader. Set my Bios ok as it sees both the Hard Drive and DVD fine (Both in the bios and during selection of hard drive during windows 7 installation). Yet when I come to install it, it craps out at a random percentage saying cannot read from source or worse yet it crawls so slow through the percentages (I really don't think Windows 7 should take 6 hours to get to 15%!!) Yet both the hard drive and dvd are fine and the disc works great on my other PC without the sata drive in. I'm pulling my hair out here!!!

My motherboard is a Biostar G31-M7 TE with latest bios now what is odd is that I recently updated the BIOS to the latest one so does my problem come from here or was it always going to be a problem on this board? Also when I do have win7 installed on the IDE drive when I plug in ther sata drive inside the whole system goes belly up (from freezes when transferring large files to just not seeing the drive)


Answer:Install Windows 7 with Sata Hard Drive and IDE DVD ROM Drive

Have you checked out all of our Questions list ?

Questions to use for help with Installation Issues

One of my favorite tips is to pre-format the HD on another computer to the partitions that you want for the new install on the new computer. Sometimes SATA drivers are required during install either from Disc or USB flash drive containing the correct Sata drivers needed.
Also check your Bios setting for AHCI, SATA, IDE.

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There was a post on this earlier in the month, but it was about a laptop and the responders told others to make a new thread with their problems. So here's mine:

I bought a seagate sata drive, and I'm trying to install xp on it. I have an epox 9nda3j mobo. The computer already has a WD pata drive dual-booting XP and Vista on it. I've had absolutely no luck installing XP on the computer, getting the same disc read errors that others get. I tried using nlite to make a boot disc, but I'm not sure if I did it right or not. I tried using a USB floppy with the sata drivers from epox, but XP appears to have no intention of recognizing it. I briefly looked into seagate's disc wizard, but it didn't seem to be very helpful either. I saw some stuff about dynamic drive overlay being a problem in other searches I made, but the option to remove it from my drive was grayed out. So now I'm sitting here with a 400GB paper weight. Does anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong here, or what else I need to do to fix this?

Answer:fresh xp install on new sata drive w/o floppy drive

any ideas?

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Disconected PATA drives with XP SP3 on the C: drive, conected new formated SATA HD and installed XP fresh. Reinstalled a few programs, updated XP to SP3 again, then reconected old PATA drives.

Lost My Documents files and folders and Favorites and who knows what else on the PATA drives.

Are they gone or just hidden?


Answer:Solved: New XP install on SATA HD, lost files on PATA HD!

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OK--here's the situation. I am trying to copy and old drive onto a new computer--the new one has two SATA drives with one having the OS. I want to copy the person's old main drive (a PATA) to the new computer but no matter where I put it--the BIOS wants to recognize it as the master drive. I have tried it as a slave. I think the problem is the PATA IDE controllers are checked first and of course as soon as the drive is recognized, it wants to boot from it.

Answer:How do I stop Windows from Recognizing PATA drive as Boot Drive?

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I was doing some research and came across an old post where CRJDriver helped a guy out and was wondering if I wcould get some of the same assistance!

I've got a Gateway desktop with Windows Vista pre-installed, and my wife hates Vista, therefore I would like to dual-boot with XP.

I tried to install XP but I get an "no hard disk" error, which I believe is because the HD is a SATA drive, and becase I don't have a floppy drive, I can't load the drivers into the installation.

I tried to slipstream the drivers on the bootable XP installation CD using nLite, and trying to do it manually, but to no avail. With the CD created by using nLite I get the same "no hard disk" error, if I do it manually I get a "cannot find driver" error, despite the fact that the drivers are on the CD and that all necessary files point to the driver's location.

I might not have the correct drivers, so any help in finding the correct ones would be awesome. I am getting extremely frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help in advance.

FYI: My motherboard is a "Intel (Council Bluffs) 945G Viiv", which may help someone fine me the correct drivers.

My email is [email protected] if you need to send me anything. Thanks!

Answer:HELP: XP Install on SATA Drive w/o Floppy Drive

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I have an HPnx7300 laptop. I have a brand new SATA drive in it. Can anyone tell me how I can install Windows XP onto a SATA drive with no Floppy drive to put the XP driver on it?
Thank you,

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I ask because none of my 3 PCs have a floppy drive and all my PC owning friends have none either!However, I do have CD & DVD writers so, can I write the MaxBlast3 software (for a Maxtor 250GB SATA hard drive) to CD so I can boot from there instead?Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro21GB DDR333 PC2700 RAMCPU: Athlon XP 3000Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB graphics card2x Maxtor 120GB ATA/133 HDDWindows XP Pro SP1 (all updates as of 13/05/2004) Thanks for any help offered.

Answer:Can I install a SATA Drive without a floppy drive?

Also, does anyone know if the motherboard has the 137GB hard drives limitation? I want Windows XP Pro to see the full 250GB of my SATA hard drive!

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I've got a laptop with Windows Vista pre-installed, and as I hate Vista it needs to go.

I tried to install XP but I get an "no hard disk" error, because the laptop's HD is a SATA drive. As the laptop does not have a floppy drive, I can't load the drivers into the installation.

I tried to slipstream the drivers on the bootable XP installation CD using nLite, and trying to do it manually, but to no avail. With the CD created by using nLite I get the same "no hard disk" error, if I do it manually I get a "cannot find driver" error, despite the fact that the drivers are on the CD and that all necessary files point to the driver's location.

Any ideas, anyone?


Answer:XP install on SATA drive without floppy drive

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My pc died on me and due to a lack of spare cash I bought a cheap pc. It is a AMD Athlon 64X2 dual core 3600+ and it came with only 500mb ram. It also has vista pre-installed. The pc was so slow, I thought this was probably due to the lack of ram, so I bought another 2g ram (total 2.5g ram) but the machine still takes ages to do anything, if I am running a file convertor then I cannot surf etc. I have a legit copy of XP pro and would like to install it on this pc instead of vista. I am assuming from what I have read that it is not possible to simply put the xp disc into my pc once vista has loaded and simply 'upgrade' (or downgrade) to xp.  I have downloaded all the xp drivers for my current pc, however I am far from an expert at this.The problem is my pc uses sata drives and I have read that xp cannot install on a sata drive as it does not contain the drivers for sata. I do have a floppy disc that came with a raid card and the floppy contains sata drivers, but my pc does not have a floppy drive so I can't boot from the floppy to load the drivers first.I was wondering whether it would be possible to copy the drivers from the floppy to a memory card and load them by booting from the built in card reader prior to booting from the xp disc (is it possible to boot from a card reader?). Another option is that the pc has 2 hard drives, is there any way I could install xp on the second drive, load all the xp drivers and then use acronis to clone the drive onto the... Read more

Answer:Installing xp on sata drive, can I boot from card reader to install sata driver?

That is simply not true, you can install xp straight to any SATA drive.

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Having just bought a new PC i was left with a perfectly good SATA HDD which I intended for use in backups. The drive seemed to work ok until it cane to backing up! The drive was 320gb but when trying to back up it shows as only 47gb (not much good for a full backup). Anyone got any ideas on this would welcome.

Answer:Back up with SATa drive

Windows will not show the correct size of drive. Have tried several drives, SATA and ATA IDE but still the same problem. I have formated these drives but still the same. I can't find any solution anywhere so far.

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My Dell PC has a SATA drive and a CD drive. I added a PATA drive as slave(removed the small pin) to the CD drive. The hard disk is detected by windows but the PC boot order options setup screen does not. Moreover I get a message when I boot the PC that the drive(PATA 0) is not detected. I press F1 and I see the drive in windows explore. There is no problem after that. I have switched PATA 0 on in the boot options setup screen.

Now I have to boot the linux installer from the CD drive to install it on the new PATA drive. As I said the CD is shown as not present in the boot options screen and the installer does not boot.

What should I do to use my PATA drive normally and still boot from the CD drive ? Looking for help.


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Does anyone know if X31(5 year old 2672) supports PATA hard drive? Thanks, Yang

Answer:Can the drive of X31 support PATA hard drive?

The X31 use the PATA hdd drive. 

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Should I install Acronis TI on the harddrive in my computer or on the backup drive (internal) What if my computer crashed? Wouldnt I need the program to run to restore my drive image? Or does it copy the program along with the image to be able to get you back up and running?

Answer:Solved: Acronis True Image 9.0 Which drive should I install on?

You should create the bootable recovery CD for when the computer crashes. I just install the program on my system with all the other applications. If the system crashes, that's why you have the CD.

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I have Norton System Works Premier 05. The Ghost product will not install, saying that the installer detects a Drive Image which must be removed first.

Can't install Ghost even though I uninstalled all Power Quest products, removed all registry references to Power Quest and Drive Image, and removed and reinstalled all Norton products.

Norton Tech Support not able to help, it was at that their advice that I did all the uninstalls and registry editing (must wait > 1 hour to talk to them).

Apparently, the System Works installer is picking up on some reference to Drive Image that I haven't been able to remove. Thanks for any help.

Answer:Can't install Ghost because of Drive Image

Have you rebooted to ensure that the DI services are stopped?

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I recently ordered two 1T hard drives, a Seagate 7200.12 and a WD Caviar black.

I have an Asus P5VD2-MX motherboard which only has two Sata 1.5 connectors and 1 Jmicron connector.

I orginally canceled the order for the Seagate as I read some bad reviews which put me off, but the store sent it anyway so i'm now thinking of keeping it, which leaves me with 3 Hard Drives (including my original maxtor 200gb).

My question is considering I have two Sata 1.5 connectors and 1 Jmicron connector can I use all three hard drives?

What I want to do is set up raid 0 on the Seagate and WD Drives, and use the maxtor for backing up files (not part of the Raid).

Can I use the Jmicron connector as a normal Sata connector to attach my backup drive?

The only other option I have is to use the Jmicron connector for 1 drive, and the eSata connector for an external drive set up in Raid 0 which would allow the drives to run at the optimum 300gbs, but I don't want an external drive really.

Please help as I am new to all this but really want to get the best use out of my two new drives without having to buy a new motherboard. What's the best solution?

Answer:Setting Up Raid 0 with Back Up Drive on a Motherboard with 2 Sata Connectors

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I recently ordered two 1T hard drives, a Seagate 7200.12 and a WD Caviar black.

I have an Asus P5VD2-MX motherboard which only has two Sata 1.5 connectors and 1 Jmicron connector.

I orginally canceled the order for the Seagate as I read some bad reviews which put me off, but the store sent it anyway so i'm now thinking of keeping it, which leaves me with 3 Hard Drives (including my original maxtor 200gb).

My question is considering I have two Sata 1.5 connectors and 1 Jmicron connector can I use all three hard drives?

What I want to do is set up raid 0 on the Seagate and WD Drives, and use the maxtor for backing up files (not part of the Raid).

Can I use the Jmicron connector as a normal Sata connector to attach my backup drive?

The only other option I have is to use the Jmicron connector for 1 drive, and the eSata connector for an external drive set up in Raid 0 which would allow the drives to run at the optimum 300gbs, but I don't want an external drive really.

Please help as I am new to all this but really want to get the best use out of my two new drives without having to buy a new motherboard. What's the best solution?

Answer:Setting Up Raid 0 with Back Up Drive on a Motherboard with 2 Sata Connectors

Welcome, Clueless!

That gave me a headache reading that, but I think I understand what you are trying to say.

I never liked JMicron. I got myself a Controller card: - SYBA SD-SATA150R PCI SATA Controller Card - Controllers / RAID Cards

It worked fine for me.

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I have an Edge 14. Intel i3 M370 model.  I ordered a OBHC and installed a 160 Gb SATA drive, loaded with WIN 7.  In the main drive bay I have an Ubuntu OS setup.Trying to set up a dual boot configuration.  But, when I boot the drive and enter the BIOS set up, the drive in the caddy doesn't show.  If I let it boot from the main drive, Ubuntu starts up. If I put the Ubuntu drive in the caddy and nothing in the main bay, "NO OPERATING SYSTEM." When I look at the computer in Ubuntu, the OS7 drive is there.  All three partitions (Lenovo, OS and startup).  I can mount them, etc.  When I use Disk Utility in Ubuntu, the drive shows up listed under the SATA controller and is located at position 2 of the SATA bus.   I updated the BIOS and it is now 1.26. Still no sign of the HDD in the caddy.  Very odd.  When I power up the computer, the LED in the caddy does light up. When I run sudo update-grub in Ubuntu, the WIN 7 loader shows up in the list.  So a bootable OS is seen.  But if I select WIN 7 loader in the GRUB list at boot, I get a "no such drive" message, and am lead back the the GRUB list. In the BIOS, the config menu, the startup list only includes HDD0.   Is there some secret BIOS trick I need to play?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but there aren't any jumper settings, etc. on a SATA drive, right?  Nothing there to change. Any suggestions would be very much appreci... Read more

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Whan I am doing is trying to install Xp on a SATA drive. But I do not have a floppy drive to put SATA drivers on.

Any options?

Answer:How to install SATA drives for OS install at bootup without floppy drive?

Nlite should let you slipstream them in. It's a shame you didn't have an Intel chipset board, or else you wouldn't need drivers.

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The tech who came to fix my machine replaced the motherboard, which then necessitated a new hard drive. He walked away and left me hanging. Because ALL of my data is on the old drive. I can reload the programs, but some of that data was critical - like my user IDs and other things for work. Anyway, I was able to see (before he replaced the drive) the file structure on the old drive and go in and did see all my files. I have two parts to this question.
#1. Why did the system switch the letters? C: was my boot drive with 990 GB and all my data, and D: was 10GB for my recovery. After he replaced the motherboard, C: was empty and D: was 900GB with all my data, etc. I thought that was very odd and figured only he could have caused that.

#2. I need to get the data off my old drive. I purchased an Eagle external case for the old drive, popped it in and connected everything. My computer does not see it. I'm really frustrated, since this entire issue has already caused me to lose about 4 days of productivity - for two events happening on Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm about flipping out. Is there something else I can do to get the data off the drive and copy it over to my new drive?

Answer:Using Old WD Sata Drive after new SEA Sata install

When you say that the Tec ''REPLACED'' the Motherbord was it an Identical one as you had before?? My guess is not thats why he put another hard Drive in. If the NEW hard drive was installed I take it you have put an Operating System on it Win7/Xp ?? This will become your ''C'' drive replacing the 990 Gig as being another Motherboard your 990 will not be recognised on the new motherboard as Master. Your new drive ''C'' will become the ''Master'' and your 990 will become the slave. You say that after booting from the new ''C'' drive your 990 is not recognised, Have you been to Computer Management then Disk Management to see if it is listed there ?? Also have you been to the Bios and is it showing there ??? Can you not connect the 990 in the computer case thus aleviating any USB probs ???

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How to install or if I can repair Win XP on a SATA drive. I have this computer and it is boot looping. And can not start in Safe mode or any at all. So I thought I would reinstall Win XP. It seems quite the challenge. Did research And got more confused. Thank in advance.Redd

Answer:How to install XP on a SATA Drive

you need to find out the motherboard model and download the appropriate SATA driver to a floppy disk.When you boot up your XP install disk the first prompt is Press F6 to load drivers. This is what you must do.Another option is to create your own custom install disk (Slipstreamed) incorporating the SATA driver.' Fishin' (Some day)

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We Bought two sata drives , two sata 11/300 drives, a 300 and a 160 GB

We keep trying to do a clean install of XP on the new drive and windows XP wont recognize the drives.

He has an asus A8V/VM motherboard.
He is trying to set up both drives as seperate drives. Drives C and D.

In CMOS in advanced under southbridge configuration , Do I leave it set to RAID or the IDE setting?

Answer:Sata Drive Install help

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When I download my free version of Windows 10, I want to install it to my 128gb SATA drive which is now labeled Drive S, and keep my current installation of Win 7 Ultimate on drive C in case I want to revert back to Win 7.

How do I install Win 10 on my SATA drive, change it to become the bootable drive, and retain Win 7 on drive C? Also, if I decide to revert back to Win 7, what process do I go through to revert back to the old Drive C?

Thanks for your help.
Ed Wood

Answer:How do I install W10 to a SATA drive

Hi.. welcome to the fourms..

The procedure is going to be that you have to perform the upgrade over a qualifying OS(Win7 SP1/Win8.1) and then at some point MS will supply an ISO to perform a clean install(Not sure on how that will happen yet).

And making a backup copy of your current OS set up will be the best way to make sure you can roll back. IMO.


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I bought a new seagate 400GB SATA drive that I'm trying to install XP Pro onto, but nothing seems to be working. After xp installation restarts the first time I get an error that hal32.dll isn't found. It seems that the problme is that xp needs me to install sata drivers before I can continue with the installation, but I can't seem to do that. I have a USB floppy drive with the sata drivers from epox, but XP doesn't recognize it after I press F6 early on in the installation. I made an attempt to make a slipstreamed disc to install xp, but that didn't work either - I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't do it right. Any idea what's wrong here and what I can do to get XP installed? Thanks.

Answer:can't install xp on new sata drive

You MUST have the Sata Drivers installed before you can continue, what do you mean when you say that XP doesn't recognize the drivers? Do you get the opportunity to install them and XP doesn't find them?

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Ok I got this new Seagate 160gb SATA Drive. Now My question is how would I go about installing it without loading up the drivers to a floppy drive? Cause the thing is that I don't have a floppy drive. I hope someone could help me with this one...



Answer:How Do You Install A SATA Drive

the only way I know of doing that is making an unattended install disc and slipstreaming the drivers into the windows install ... and trust me that going to the store and buying a FDD is alot easier

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I'm trying to install a fresh OS (XP) on my new 160gig seagate SATA barracuda. I get the message 'Setup could not determine one or more storage devices installed in your system.'

Can anyone please help me with this? My motherboard is an MSI PM8M-V.

Thank you,

Answer:Can't install OS on SATA Drive

Are you certain that the SATA show up in the bios.

If it does, then try again. If it is still undetectable, then you may need the F6 floppy disk driver for the SATA.

If not, check the SATA's connection.

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My hard drive is failing, so I want to install a new drive. I was hoping to install a second drive, and use Ghost to copy the drive. On opening the case, I can't see where I have room for another drive. I have a Acer Aspire X3200. The inside looks like the attached picture. I have a new drive, but don't know how I can remove the old one. I've searched the internet, but don't see any set up like mine.


Answer:Install New Sata Drive

How do you know your drive is failing?

Often, machines like that are easier to deal with than they appear. Spend some time looking it over. They are designed in a way that allows techs to get in and repair things relatively easily. Sometimes there are clips or retainers that release drives and other components. Otherwise, it is often just a few aptly-chosen screws.

Check if the other side comes off, too.

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I bought a Western Digital 200GB SATA Drive to go with my WD Raptor Drive, cause I needed more space. I got it installed in the Box itself, now I do't know what to do next. Do I need to have the Windows XP Disk to get the the Format Screen so I can set this drive up? Or can I just use some sort of boot disk, and how would I make one for XP? Also, the back of the Drive didn't list any if the jumper settings for Master and Slave, is that even an issue with SATA?

Answer:2nd SATA Drive install

Well, I just put in the XP Disk, to try to get to the Format Menu, and now its telling me there are no hard drives, even though both hard drives are being detected on the boot screen.

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Hello everyone,

I have recently bought a new computer that came with windows vista as you may have guessed the experience mostly has not been a good one, with lots of compatibility issues. I want to dual boot Vista with XP but the problem is I have heard windows XP does not have the SATA drivers on the disc.

I understand that you just need to insert a floppy and push F6 I think but the problem is I don't have a floppy drive! Is there anyway I can slipstream the drivers into the install or something?

Thanks for your help

Answer:Install XP on SATA Drive


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On bare bones hardware consisting of CPU, Memory, PATA HD (for details see below).Installed XP (early version, OEM).Then installed SP2.All works fine.  Very pleased.I am attempting to install add a SATA HD, WDC 1600JS-60NCB1BIOS reports the SATA drive is there.Windows does not show it (not there in My Computer).I am (not yet, anyway) attempting to move XP to the SATA drive.I will appreciate any advice.System: Microsoft Windows XP, Home Edition, Version 2002 SP2 AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 3800+, 2.00 GHz 2 GB RAM PATA HD Seagate 340016A----Wordbug

Answer:Can't install SATA drive on XP SP2

I would recommend going into your Administrative Tools in control panel, then clicking on computer management, then Disc Management.See if the new drive shows up there, and see if looks ok.  You might need to create a logical drive on it.  It should look similar to your first drive, (which I'll assume is listed as Disk 0) only it'll need to be Disk 1, and also needs to be assigned a drive letter.  Windows probably sees it, but it doesn't know what to do with it at this point.

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My previous 500gb WD has started doing nothing but positng BSOD everytime I try to boot the computer. Bought a 1tb Samsung, BIOS recognises both it and my CD/DVD drive, but windows wont start up the boot/format process. Computer sits there with flashing _ Tried a different CD drive, and still same issue, and also different copies of XP.System specs are:Asus P5Q-SE2 ExpGATE, S775, P45, 4DDR2, FSB1600, PCIE2.0, GBLANIntel ATX E7600 CORE 2 DUO 3.06G 3MBCache 1066FSB LGA775G.Skill DDR2 4G (2G x 2) PC2-8500 1066 PI 5-5-5-15Asus EN9800GT 512M DDR3 PCIE2.0 2xDVI HDTV HDCP HDMIWestern Digital 500G SATAII 7200 rpm HDD(16Mb Cache) *This is the one that BSOD's*Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F3 SATA II 7200RPM 32M *currently TRYING to install XP on*Thanks,DA

Answer:Trying to install XP on a new Sata drive

XP install disk contains no native SATA drivers.When you first boot the CD you are prompted to press F6 to load drivers.At this point you need to do just that.Goin' Fishin' (Some day)

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Hi folks,I'm trying to install windows XP on a Asus A8V Delux motherboard. The motherboard picks up the Sata drive but XP instalation doesn't. I've been told that XP instalation will ask for the SATA drivers but I've tried and it doesn't. Do I have to extract the SATA drivers from the motherboard drivers disc to a floppy? How do I get XP instalation to ask for the drivers or get them installed so I can use my new SATA drive. Thanks for any help.

Answer:How do I install Win XP on new SATA drive

Yep load them on a floppy and when loading windows it gives you the option to load ten by pressing F6

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This seems to be such a frequent issue that it could/should be a FAQ but I haven't found my answer yet.

I am (currently) running Win7 64 ULT on my home PC. I purchased an Intel X25M 80GB SATA drive and connected it in order to benefit from the speed. The issue is that setup hangs during the "expanding files" on this drive. Looking back I have *never* been able to install windows (XP Vista or 7) on a SATA drive on my mobo.

In order to avoid confusions I did the following.

Removed the 2x400GB striped drives. Removed the old PATA-IDE drive, therefore only drives available were the Optiarc DVD and the new Intel SSD.

Booting into the DVD, the setup shows the Intel drive available (but it takes a very long time between clicking install windows and gettting the next screen). I created a partition in it, (Windows created another one @100MB). Clicking next got the copying windows files to 100% but then the expanding windows files goes *extremely* slowly and hangs at about 68%.

I tried with another Win7DVD same result. so I plugged my old PATA IDE drive back in and went back to that.

Any ideas?

Answer:Cannot install on SATA Drive

Set the bios first boot on DVD drive, and when you put your hard disc SATA drive, set the hard disc is master.
and try to install OS.

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I'm trying to make a boot disk integrating XP SP3 and the SATA driver for my laptop. I'm using N-Lite, and there are several step-by-step guides that I've followed. So far, I've got nothing but coasters.

When I try to boot the install disk, I quickly come to a screen telling me to insert the XP installation disk into drive A and press enter. Nothing happens, because there is no drive A.

I tried responding to the "press F6 to install a SCSI or something driver" that appeared just before that prompt. Nothing different happened.

It appears that the install disk knows that I want to load something, but can't find it. In assembling the disk with N-Lite, I selected one of the two .inf files that came up as options (the "how-to" blogs all say to choose either one) and then selected all the drivers that are in the downloaded package from Gateway. One of them apparently matches the driver for the motherboard I have; I tried installing only that one at first, and then installed all of them when the problem described above popped up.

Any suggestions would be appreciated..

Answer:XP install on SATA drive

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- foxconn mother board 945g7ma-8ks2h
- intel pentium d
- 4x 512mb DDR2 4200
- 160GB Hitachi SATA drive
- onboard VGA

1. When I try to install my Vista Ultimate the instalation fail in final stage. The computer stop responding.
2. I try to install OS on other computer using mainbord with same chipset i945g, after i try to start my computer with this drive it work fine but only in safe mode. When I try to start OS in normal mode the computer stop responding again. It wont finish the starting up.
3. I try to install OS on one old IDE drive. Same problems as with SATA drive but only until i dont disabe SATA controler in BIOS. When I install OS with SATA controler disabled all work fine. When I try later to enable SATA controler the OS stop working again.
Thank you for your help.

Answer:can not install on sata drive

are you installing the sata's drivers (if you have any) at the beginning of setup by pressing F6 (atleast thats how it is in winxp setup, and I think its same for vista). Also try going to your motherboard's website and check for a bios update.

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After quite a bit of searching and reading FAQs, I don't really know what else to do but ask you guys.

I put my XP disk in, change the boot order to my CD-Rom drive and it loads the setup screen. I press F6 and load the SATA driver that was given on my motherboard's CD. When it gets to the point of "Setup is starting Windows...", it takes about 20 seconds, then goes to a blue hardware error screen.

I've tried both the SATAII and SATAI slots. I've tried not using any SATAI/SATAII driver. I've tried pretty much every single option in the BIOS that I can think of. If I use an IDE drive, it loads into Windows Setup fine. If I put the new SATA drive into a different computer, I can install Windows on it and format it.

I put the computer together without a hitch, it just doesn't seem to want to load any SATA drives. It detects it in the BIOS, and I'm able to run FDisk on it if I put a bootdisk in the floppy drive. Pretty sure the drive itself is in fine shape, so I guess I'm missing some kind of driver or setting.

Motherboard: ASRock 939 DUAL-SATAII Model-1695
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3700 1MB L2 Cache
Case + Power: Antec Sonata II 450w PSU
RAM: Crucial Rendition 1GB PC3200 x 2
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 300GB 7200RPM 16MB Cache SATAII
GPU: Radeon 9600 XT AGP

Answer:XP won't install on my SATA drive.

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i have a new sata drive which i want to install windows xp Pro but i am having probs loading any help would be greatfulPeter

Answer:how do i install Win xp on sata drive

You will need a copy of the sata drivers for your motherboard on a floppy disc. click hereHope this helps.

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Question: Install SATA Drive

I run XP Professional on a Dell 8250. I installed a Seagate 160GB Serial ATA drive and a Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATALINK Controller card. I loaded Windows and the system will boot.

My problem is that it is not recognized as the primary drive. At boot-up time I get the message Primary hard disk 0 not found, Primary hard disk 1 not found, but it lists the SiI 3112 BIOS version 4.2.12.

When I enter Setup, it shows Primary Drive 0 and 1 as Unknown Device. Hard Drive Sequence shows 1.System Boot 2. ST3160827AS (my new SATA drive.)

Device manager shows SCSI an RAID Controllers as Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATALINK Controller with the message "This device is working Properly."

When I contacted Dell, they told me to go into Setup and identify the new drive as primary. When I go into BIOS Setup, it tells me that Primary Drive 0 is an Unknown
Device. When I press Enter, the Drive Type is set to Auto (the other option
is Off, which does not seem an appropriate choice in this case.)

They told me to change the settings in the BIOS. I don't know if that is the correct approach. I also don't know how to do that from what I have seen in the BIOS Setup.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Answer:Install SATA Drive

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Just hooked up my third sata drive and can't see the thing in My Computer. It's on BIOS and in Device Manager - where it says...

Type: Unknown
Status: Not Initilized

How do I get the drive working and online?

Answer:How to install another SATA drive?

Check if its all correctly connected. Make sure the power is connected also.

Make sure that in BIOS the sata port you have it connected to it enabled.

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I'm currently running a system with a Gigabyte GA-K8-NXP-SLI Mobo that has only one HD on it - an old Western Digital (Henceforth WD) 80Gb drive that is 60Gb full.

The machine is not nearly as noisy as it used because I replaced all the fans but my WD drive makes more noise than I'd like (because I use it a lot at 3am when my wife is sleeping).

Anyway, I've bought and have sitting right here on the desk one brand new Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 160Gb - more than enough storage for what I want but I figure this should last out it's 5 yr warranty that comes standard (I think only with the retail kit though).

Anyway, I would like to image the old WD drive smack-dab onto the new Seagate drive then replace the WD with the Seagate transparently and end up exactly where I am now but with a newer quieter faster bigger HD and a the WD HD sitting in a draw somewhere able to be plugged in if something happens with the Seagate

I want to copy everything from the WD drive exactly - Filing System, Boot Settings, absolutely everything so that I can plug the Seagate into a SATA port next to the WD Drive - Copy the data, settings, kit, kaboodle and all and then move the Seagate into the port where the WD was and boot straight from the new Seagate with no changes of any kind.

I don't want RAID (obviously) I just want a straight replacement.

What's the 1. easiest 2. most idiot proof 3. quickest way of doing this?

Is windows XP Home w/SP2 pe... Read more

Answer:Need to Replace old noisy SATA drive with new SATA drive - with same data

What's the 1. easiest 2. most idiot proof 3. quickest way of doing this?Click to expand...

Migrate Easy can solve all your problems just in minutes.

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i use a WD SATA Raptor for my system drive. However if i dont unpug my IDE HDDs durring the install they the ide drives take the c:\ drive name. and even afterwords it takes the first master hdd and thinks it is the master hdd and wont let me change the drive name or do some other things. is there a way to make it so in my unattended install i dont have to worry about this?

My SATA controller is by Promise and i couldnt find an otption in either the bios or the sata bios to have it boot first from sata, unless its is regarded as one of the boot order options. If this is the wrong forum please point me in the correct direction.

Answer:> SATA System drive on XP install.

Every board I've worked on or used scans the IDE drives first. As far as I know, if the XP install detects a formatted drive, it will give it the letter C before trying to setup unformatted drives.

I'm going to assume this is a home system, so I'm not sure why it's worth the trouble to hassle with an unattended install, when a quicker better option is available.

Unplug the IDE drives, and install XP to the Raptor. Once you have XP installed, plug the IDE drives back in. Once you get your drivers set up, get Norton Ghost, and ghost an image of the Raptor to the IDE drives. It will take 5 minutes, and you have a complete system backup.

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i got a new sata drive to replace my old crappy HD, so i plug it in with the cables, and go to install windows on it. I have downloaded the lastest drivers from A-bit(nf7-s mobo) for the floppy disk. So when windows install comes up i install the drivers off the floppy.. i wait and then it comes back up and asks where i want to install windows, but it doesnt show my Sata HD..

1. do i need a jumper on the sata drive?

The only time i see my computer recognizes the drive is when booting up it asks me if i want to go into a raid utility for samsung 160gb.. which is the SATA drive, although there is nothing i can do in this menu. I'm not setting up raid, just 1 hd.

can anyone help out?

Answer:been trying to install sata drive for 3 days.

check your bios settings. should be able to tell it that you are running a satas. does your bios recognize the sata drive?

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I am trying to install Windows XP Pro on a computer that only has one 250gig SATA hard drive. Bios recognizes the drive, but the Windows disc does not. I hear this is because I need to have a disc that already have service pack one on it to support installing the OS on a SATA hard drive. If anyone else has had this problem or knows of possible solutions, let me know!

Answer:cant install OS on my SATA hard drive

You need the SATA drivers for your motherboard on a floppy. You should be able to get them from the website of your mobo manufacturer. When Windows install starts up and it says press F6 if you need to install drivers, press F6 with the floppy with the drivers in your floppy drive. You should be able to load them. Good luck.


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I have purchased a new SATA drive so that I can install Windows 7 on a separate drive to my current XP installation. Should I format/partition the new drive using XP before trying to install Windows 7. If I do this I cannot choose C: as the drive letter as this is already allocated to the XP drive. Does this matter?Also I would like to install the 64 bit version, which my hardware is capable of running. Will there be any problems with dual booting between XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit?

Answer:Windows 7 install on new second SATA drive

I would format it first then install 7, though remember to use NTFS not Fat.I have had no problems duel booting XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit. Installing 7 could not have been easier, it took care of nearly everything without my help. When you boot into 7, whatever drive it is installed on becomes your C drive.

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I had another post about this, but my problem has changed.

I have an asus A8V delux motherboard and I'm trying to use a 250gig SATA drive with it. the drive is the only hard drive on the system. I extracted the data from the CD to the floppy containing the drivers for the drive. Then, when I booted the system, I hit F6, selected the Windows XP drivers for the motherboad, it seems to accept them, I hit continue, but it wouldn't let me install it because it doesn't find the hard drive.

This is my first time ever using a SATA drive, so it may be something extremely basic. The bios recognizes it in either SATA slot I stick it in (during boot it says SATA 0(or 1): XXXXXXXXXX ) (Xs are w/e it says about the device).

Answer:Using a SATA drive to install windows

can you identify the the SATA chipset on your motherboard?

ex. is it VIA? is it silicon image? is it Hightech Point? is it SIS? is it Intel? is it ALi?

if you can locate which company the chipset is from then go to their website and download a driver for the controller. they usually consist of

1. separate folder for floppy installation(these folders are usually told in readme.txt and normally does not exceed 1mb)
2. utility app(after windows installation is done which does not fit nor needed for initial windows installation)

also are you sure that your sata controllers are enabled in your bios? some motherboards have more than 1 sata controller on the motherboard and has separate options in bios.
ex: intel ich5r sata(not sure if i got the model name right) + silicon image sata.

how many sata connectors are there?
if you have 2 connectors then you have one sata controller. if you have 4 then you are likely to have 2 controllers(possibly diff company).

if all else fails

do you see the sata bios screen after the intial POST?
can you enter the sata bios?(usually TAB or some Fx or ctrl+x)

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I installed a new sata 320gig hard drive
i start windows up
and format the hard drive
it gets all the way and i get this message

"Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged.

Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. If the disk is a SCSI disk, make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated. Consult your computer manual or SCSI adapter documentation for more information.

You must select a different partition for Windows XP.
To continue, press ENTER."

fter clicking enter I see that it has created a new partition.
C: Partition 1 [New (Raw) ] 78521MB
Unpartitioned space 8MB

If I try to install on Partition 1 I get an error.

"An error occurred while Setup was updating partition information on:

78529 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]"

I have no idea what to do

i have only installed xp on IDE hard drives before

Answer:Can't install XP sata hard drive

Hello & Welcome to Tech Guy Forum.

Presumably your computer is a desktop & not a laptop. Correct or incorrect?

Which brand & model, if white box?

If custom, which motherboard, brand & model?

Is your SATA drive connected directly to the motherboard, or an SATA controller card? If a controller card, you may need to install the drivers for that card, during Windows setup.

Your motherboard probably can't recognize HDDs of that size. A fix might be available, by flashing the BiOS. Note: flashing the BiOS, if done incorrectly, or if bad luck is in the area, can render your computer unusable.

Best of success.


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AMD64 3400
MSI K8N Neo Platinum
2 x WD 80gb SATA drives in RAID 0
1 x WD 250gb

The 2 drives connect to SATA ports 1 & 2 formatted and working fine in RAID O format. The 2nd, to be data drive, is recognized by the BIOS but not by windows. One, I need to format it and two I needs windows to see it.

Attempted Solutions:
1) I tried using the WD Data Lifeguard from a bootable disk but it never boots up anything. Just sits there with the green light.

2) Tried move the connection from SATA 3 port to SATA 4 port.

3) Checked BIOS and drive is set to auto detect and is disabled for RAID.

4) Tried unpluging the SATA & power cable and reconnecting.

5) Jumping up and down red faced.

I know this has to be something simple and pointers? And yes, this is a new build.

Answer:2nd SATA Drive Install Problem

Assuming you are using Windows XP, go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management and you should be able to partition/format. This is assuming the drivers for the SATA chip are installed are the drive is working OK hardware wise.

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Is this possible? I have a machine that already has one SATA drive in it, that works fine - boots, runs, etc...

I have another SATA drive that I need to recover data from, but I can't shut down the machine that is already on.

Can I just connect the other SATA drive to the mobo and connect power to it, and not lose any data or cause a BSOD?

Answer:install SATA drive with machine still on?

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Hoy there...

I want to install a fresh copy of windows XP professional on a brand new laptop SATA hard drive after the original hard disk crashed. I get the (Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system) error, try to install the SATA drive which prompts for a floppy disk. I have the SATA controler driver from HP but the problem is that the laptop does not have a floppy drive! I have thoughts of formatting the hard disk on another computer using USB external enclosure or downloading the drivers to a CD instead of a floppy disk but not sure if this would help or needs specific setting. I did perform a successful (HDD self-test) and (Enabled the SATA Native Mode) in BIOS. Any help?


Answer:Format - Install XP on SATA drive

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I have an asus p5ne-sli board. ive had it a yr now w/ ide drives. I just got a 500gb western digital sata drive. the only way my mb will read any sata drives is if i turn off dma transfer access and prefetch. then i have to enable riad and reboot. after that media sheild stops the computer from booting windows. i turn the computer off and unplug the sata drives(i also have a dvd burner sata) and then boot it and disable the raid in bios. i turn off the comp and plug the sata drives back in. then i boot from cd to install windows on the sata. i use the f6 and select my raid driver. windows installs files from cd then reboots and then goes to the rest of the installation. after windows is completely installed it reboots and shows my the windows boot screen for a few passes and then ill get either the blue screen or hardware configuration is incorrect. ive tried to install about 5 times got the blue screen twice and then the hardware config and once windows config is incorrect. every time after i get the blue screen or incorrect config the mb no longer recognizes the sata drives and i have to go through all that bios crap again.
should i get another mb and use this one for and ide sys or can i get this one to boot sata.

Answer:Trying to install XP on a sata drive and no boot

You have to go into bios, disable raid, you also have to tell bios to treat
sata as ide. If bios sees it as sata it will by default set itself to raid.
Not sure about that board, but make sure the drive is plugged into the
sata slot, and not the raid slot, some boards have a separate slot for the
promise "raid" controller.

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Answer:how do install a second SATA hard drive

You have to format it.Start> right click my computer > manage > disk management > right click disk 1(your new drive)while disk 0 will be your window drive(leave it alone) & it will give you the format option.

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Will xp pro with sp3 install drivers for my sata drive?

I got windows 7 but it doesnt play well with my games, didnt need any drivers for that install, just wondering if i'll need a floppy drive to add drivers if i go to xp with sp3.??? (sata drive)


Answer:Will xp pro with sp3 install drivers for my sata drive?

I'd at least give it a try first. You'll know pretty quickly and won't risk wiping the system in the process since if it can't see the drive, it won't be able to reformat it...

If you need SATA drivers added, I'd use nLite to create a new OS install CD. nLite software is pretty good about walking you through the process... Good luck!

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I am trying to install Vista Home Premium onto 160GB Samsung HD160JJ SATA Drive.My Computer shows it as having 148GB free space and NTFS file system.When it gets to the point of installing drivers it shows an error message "Windows cannot be installed to this HD space. The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation"I have tried installing SATA drivers but cannot proceed further.Can anyone help please

Answer:Vista won't install onto SATA drive

Hi there, are you trying to do a complete fresh install or are you trying to just upgrade XP. If the version you have is the full copy (not upgrade) then make sure you have backed everything you want to keep onto a dvd or external hard drive then go into your bios and make your computer boot from the cd. Once it starts the install you should have the option to reformat your hard drive and then create a partition if needed. This should solve your problem!!! As for sata drivers windows vista has virtually all the drivers you need. Unless you are setting up a raid config then im afraid i cant help with that. Good Luck, Kev

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HI,  have a Dell OptiPlex 745, would like to install a second 500GB SATA; removed the cover and discovered there is only one data connector on the cable.  Can I buy a cable for t6his desktop computer that will connect two SATA drives?  Can someone help me figure out what cable to buy?  I have remove the cover. 

Answer:Like to install a second 500 GB SATA hard drive

HI,  have a Dell OptiPlex 745, would like to install a second 500GB SATA; removed the cover and discovered there is only one data connector on the cable.  Can I buy a cable for t6his desktop computer that will connect two SATA drives?  Can someone help me figure out what cable to buy?  I have remove the cover. 
Which version of the OptiPlex 745, do you have, the Mini Tower, Desktop, Small Form Factor, or the Ultra Small Form Factor?
No, a SATA cable only supports one SATA device, unlike the obsolete IDE/EIDE cables that can support two IDE devices.

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My old HP had a IDE drive that crashed. To put a SATA drive in, do I nedd to change the motherboard or the cables?

Answer:Can I install a SATA drive on and IDE cable

Both. If your board is not set up for SATA, you need to buy a PCI add-on card or new board.

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My son?s MESH (1 yr old) has given him intermittent problems of freezing which he has tried to resolve by reformatting via reinstalling XP-SP2 Home. As his single 160 Gb SATA HDD has been partitioned into 4, this results in 4 instances of XP installations (excluding MESH 5Gb?s factory-image reload partition I: which is at the very start of the HDD.)In an attempt to delete all partitions, lose all data and start afresh, I find that booting from the XP SP2 (with SATA drivers) CD does not follow the same sequence and only very occasionally goes into the screen that enables me to delete and create partitions.From boot-up, going into the BIOS the SATA drive is not listed but if boot-up is allowed to continue without hitting the ?DEL? key, it is listed with a RAID configuration facility?s option. Not my main query but how and where did this load from?After the XP CD runs, I get different sequences. When I get the delete/create partitions screen, I tried to delete just one partition at a time. But then I get ?A problem has been detected and Windows shut down to prevent damage to your computer.? ~ Run CHECKDSK /F etc.When I do cold-reboots (waiting for 1 or more hours), I get other error screens. At times when I do not get the delete/create partitions screen, the installation continues by itself but then ends with the same error message as above.On the occasions I manage to get the delete/create partitions screen, I would delete and create partitions again.A couple of t... Read more

Answer:XP SP2 install, SATA Drive faulty?

say where the problem lies but there obvioulsy is one. As it seems to be happening when accessing the disk it could be faulty drive or it could simply be a screwed partition - made a little trickier with the fact that it's SATA.I think the best option for you would be to find a way of completely formatting the drive - I would have thought that the MESH partition is firmwared into the HDD so there would be no danger of losing that. Can you put the hard drive inot another PC perhaps a friends and format it that way?

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Hello everyoneI have got a 2 PC setup where 1 PC is working fine (the 1 that I am writing this on), but I am going to replace the second drive next week (this was an IDE one connected as a slave), with a brand new SATA one.This PC has got an Intel Pentium 4 processor running at 2.4Ghz with 2GB of RAM. The motherboard is an ASUS P4PE with the last BIOS revision update 1007. (10/2003)Here is the kit I have purchased to fit the hard drive in this PC:-Hard drive:-click hereSATA PCI Card:-click herePower/hard drive cable:-click hereDoes anyone foresee any issues with this kit working OK alongside the existing IDE Western Digital 320GB hard drive which is now only the Master drive on its own cable on the primary channel?The SATA drive will be independent of course as it won't interfere with this drive as it will work on its own,and there will not be any jumpers to configure on the drive? (is this correct?)Is there anything else that I need to do, or be aware of before I fit this kit together in my PC? What about the BIOS boot order sequence? - does this matter, or will the add-on SATA PCI Card take care of this at boot-up time?Will be most grateful for everyones' comments, as well as any hints/tips will be most welcome/appreciated too.TIA.Regards Happy37

Answer:Install IDE and new SATA drive - 1 PC - comments?

Why the PCI card?Doesn't your board have 2 SATA connectors?Are you already using both?Check the power connectors from the PSU make sure you have the correct type or a molex adaptor for your drive.

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I cannot install Windows XP onto a SATA hard drive. I read that I need to install the drivers for the HD separately during the Windows installation but how do I do that.

Professor Falken

Answer:Cannot Install Windows XP onto SATA drive

Do you have a floppy drive in the computer that you're looking to install XP to?

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AMD 3500+
1GB (2x 512MB) DDR400
SATA Dvd-rom
nVidia 6200 AGP

So I got a new hard drive from MicroCenter, a Western Digital 500GB SATA and I tried to install XP on it. When it finished loading all the files and reached to the "Please wait for windows to be started" (Before any license agreements/formatting/installation), the computer restarts. I then tried to install vista and vista gets a blue screen after going to the splash screen after it loaded all the installation files (Before any license agreements/formatting/installation).

Attempted Soulutions I have tried:
Alternating sticks of ram, using just 1 stick, switching places, doesn't work.
Reseated everything, nope it did not work.
Tried installing with an IDE Dvd-rom, doesn't work still.
Changing SATA ports, doesn't work.
Updated the BIOS to the latest, still doesn't work.

Any help would be appreciated! :]

Answer:Can't install XP (or Vista) with new SATA drive


sounds like Windows isnt seeing the drive. You need to download the driver from the website and install it using the "hit F6" option when running the startup of the XP installation. Go to the SATA drive manufacturer's website and download the driver from there.

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Ok, i am trying to install sata cdrom and the first time i turned it back on it to "reboot and select proper boot device, so i went to the bios settings the next time i turned it on and it was using the floppy drive as the first boot thingy and my sata hard drive was not detected either, so being the expiermentor that i am i set the first boot device to disabled to see what would happen... Well it came up with a blue screen with intels logo on it and then it switch to displaying that error message again. It would not let me acces bios settings either. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks

Answer:Trying to install sata cdrom drive

You have not told us the brand and model of computer, or motherboard.
But you may find it easier to remove the CMOS battery on the motherboard to reset the system.
Leave it out for 30 minutes.
Then replace the battery, and reboot. You will have to restet the time and other software,
then go back to your boot order, and put your hard drive first and the optical drive second, unless you are going to reinstall your hard drive, in which case, you will need to change the SATA CDROM to first in the boot order.

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My old XP machine died from some registry back-up program so I bought a new machine in hopes of recovering the data from the old 60 Mb IDE hard drive. I didn't think to check that the new machine has a SATA hard drive so I guess I have a cable problem connecting the old as a slave. Can I put in the old IDE as an optical drive? If so, do I need anything special? Thanks.

Answer:Can I install IDE drive in SATA machine

It will connect just fine. You don't put it as an optical drive, you just connect it to the single ide channel, how you do that is up to you. The only thing to be careful of is the jumper settings.

If there is only 1 device on the channel that is master, if there are 2 one has to be master and the other slave. Cable Select is also an option, but I don't recommend it.

I guess the other thing to watch is that your BIOS is set to boot off your sata drive and not whatever is connected to the IDE channel.

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I returned my Rosewill RC209 SATA card and purchased an IDE to SATA Adapter. I am now trying to install Windows XP on my 1TB SATA Western Digital Hard Drive. I am aware that Windows XP cant format on a SATA Drive without SATA Drivers. The problem is my motherboard doesnt support SATA as standard (reason why I bout IDE to SATA Adapter). I have no way of getting drivers for hard drive. XP asks for a floppy diskette but I dont have a floppy drive and I dont know what drivers to get since my motherboard doesnt support SATA. Im stuck. How do I install Windows XP on a SATA Hard Drive thats running off an IDE to SATA Adapter. THANX!!!!!

Answer:How to install Windows XP on SATA Drive

I think that you need the floppy drive and drivers if you are instlling a RAID. I just formatted and installed XP on a SATA hard drive. It installed like it normally does. You should onl need the SATA drivers for install on an array of disks. Have you tried to install normally?

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I recently upgraded my PC and I now have a motherboard with onboard SATA (Epox 8KDA3J) and a 200 GB Seagate SATA drive. My goal was to have a single hard drive for my whole system instead of using the aging 40 GB and 80 GB hard drives I have for now. So for the time being, I have all three installed.

I've been having plenty of problems, though. First of all, I kept getting a message saying that it could not find the file "hal.dll" when it tried to start. I searched for the problem and found that it could happen when trying to boot with more than one OS installed. So I disconnected by old ATA drives and connected only the SATA drive to install Windows.

This is the procedure I have now followed every time for the past three or four tries:

Boot from the WinXP CD
Format the SATA drive
Install Windows Setup

At this point, a message will come up saying that it failed to find an operating system. I've tried partitioning the drive into a smaller piece so I could use FAT32, but that didn't help. I have messed with boot orders and so on. I made a driver floppy disk using the CD that came with my motherboard, and loaded it, but it didn't help. I can see the drive in the text-based Windows setup, and even in the Windows GUI if I have it hooked up while I boot from my primary IDE hard drive. So I don't think it's a hardware problem, though I guess it might be.

The only thing I haven't tried is doing a slow format rathe... Read more

Answer:XP refuses to install on SATA drive

In the bios make sure you have the 1st boot device set to CD and the 2nd set to SATA or other...

It may just be looking for ATA devices or the cdrom...

When the install tell you to restart take the CD out if it auto runs for some reason...that may help...


I'm tired...just tryin to help :]

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I am attempting to install a Windows 7 OEM x64 onto an older machine I have. MB is a Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS, CPU is AMD Athlon 64 x2, 4200+ 2.25 GHz, RAM 1GB. I installed a new OEM 500GB SATA hard drive unformatted.

Current OS is Windows XP Home SP2, I deleted SP3 since it was giving me some problems with auto login.

My DVD drive will not read the Windows 7 installation disk, similar to another post the drive just flashes, never spools up. It will read other CDs and DVDs.

I initialized the hard drive but have not partitioned or formatted the new SATA hard drive which is where I want to install the new OS. While the BIOS recognizes the drive, its not listed on Computer tree.

I have copied the Windows 7 OEM DVD contents onto a Folder that I created on a Toshiba External USB drive. Only had a 2GB USB Flash Drive so thought I would use the external drive and select the setup.exe in the Windows 7 files I copied into a folder without formatting a complete 250GB ext USB drive.

Question, can I partition and format the new SATA drive using the Windows XP Home Edition with an NTSF format and will this be recognized by Windows 7?

Question, can I install Windows 7 from the Toshiba Ext USB drive's folder onto the newly formatted SATA drive? Or does Windows 7 require a different formatting setup?

The BIOS and MB won't recognize a DVD drive it only allows a boot from CD. I removed the CD and DVD master/slave parallel cable and only installed the DVD as the master, but Windows ... Read more

Answer:Oem install fresh sata drive

You can actually buy a cheaper Upgrade and install it to bare metal, if you have any old XP or Vista laying around to qualify you. You're on the honor system here.

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I bought a samsung sata2 80 gig drive for my amd 64 3000+ machine. I have a 40gig wd drive and a 60 gig maxtor as slave. When I installed the sata2 drive (jumpered to sata) and booted the windows splash screen came on really faint and for maybe 40 secs later it will then brighten up and boot. At first I thought I had maybe moved the power to the vid card so checked that and it was still the same. So I diconnected the sata drive and everything was back to normal. I hooked it up outside the case and the same thing happens. When in windows everything is normal except for the slow boot. Why would it be doing this...I have a ocz 450watt ps on it so that you would think is enough. It is something that is just annoying, wondering what anyone thinks could make it do this..thanks sm

Answer:Problems with Sata drive install

I think I know what that is. I had a similar problem with a CD-ROM drive and it turned out to be the auto detect process was getting stuck. The default wait time for detecting a drive is 30-40 seconds I think. You may be able to change that in the BIOS.

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I have a problem when install the second sata hard disk
I bought a new one 500 GB and I installed windows xp sp3 on it
and it works proberly I connected it in the SATA 0 port
when i want to install second sata hard disk 320 GB on sata 1
and it has an important data, windows reboot itself and make
blue screen sometimes "NTFS.sys" Or "SCSIPORT.sys"
so someone help me what should i do or there are HOTFIX for this problem.

in the BIOS I regcognized the two hard drivers :
IDE pri master 500 GB
IDE pri slave 320 GB
IDE second master ----
IDE second slave ----
SATA PORT 0 ------
SATA PORT 1 ------

i plugged the cd-rom in the IDE 2

Device spesification:
windows xp sp3
motherboard gigabyte 848P
intel ICH5
intel 8I848p775-g
celeron D Socket 775

Answer:please help i cant install the second sata hard drive

NOTE: Please provide the following information for a more detailed response:

While waiting for a reply:

I suggest starting all troubleshooting with the following diagnostic tests (located at this link: Hardware Diagnostics ). They'll save you a lot of time and heartache if there is a hardware failure, and you'll have the disks on hand in case you need them in the future:


H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
Memory Diagnostics (read the details at the link)
Hard Drive Diagnostics (read the details at the link) - Test ALL of the hard drives.

Also, please run one of these free, independent online malware scans to ensure that your current protection hasn't been compromised: Free Online AntiMalware Resources (read the details at the link)
There are also free, bootable antivirus disks at this link: Free Online AntiMalware Resources - Bootable Disks

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I have a SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB SATA hard drive I'm trying to add to my Windows XP box. I currently have two IDE drives installed that are working properly. When I add the new 2TB drive via one of the 4 SATA ports, I get an error at startup that says "no RAID" and says I can hit <tab> to configure. When I hit tab it takes me to a RAID configurator, but I can only view the serial number of the new drive. I can't create or delete a RAID array. I can't find any settings in the BIOS to fix this either.My motherboard is an Asus K8N-VM.Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Install non-RAID 2TB SATA Drive

"no raid" is an informational message. ignore it. there is nothing can not create a raid array with a single drive.

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I have a win Xp sp 3 system with care 2 quad running from an IDE drive.
I have installed a Seagate SATA drive which was detected and appears in the Device manager.
However the system does not see it and I have no access to it.
How do I get windows ie explorer to see it.
Then perhaps it needs formatting or whatever?

Answer:[SOLVED] SATA drive install after IDE win xp

Is this a new, blank hard drive?
If so, click start, run and type diskmgmt.msc and press enter to start the Disk Management console.
Does the new disk appear in there, and is its space consistent with what you know about the drive?
Is the disk uninitialized?
If so, you my need to right click on it on the left and pick initialize disk.
Then right click on the unpartitioned space and create a partition.

If the disk had data on it, and for some reason it shows up as unpartitioned/unformatted, obviously don't do the above. Get back to us for more help.

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Have a Gateway laptop with a dead (SATA) hard drive. Replaced drive and tried to install XP Home from a retail disk. Install does not recognize the drive. Gateway support (don't get me started) says they don't have a restore disk and to use a retail XP install disk and their linked drivers. Their link is broken, but I got the appropriate drivers (iaahci & iastor) and tried to slipstream them into the XP install disk with nLite. No joy. XP Install still does not see the hard drive.

Let me say that I got the iastor and iaahci files by extracting them from a floppy image from the intel site using winimage, and I think I have the right files. I have the .inf and .cat files plus iastor.sys. I put them in a folder and told nLite to add them as drivers, which it appeared to do. I wrote an iso, which I then burned, but when I boot it, it doesn't see the hard drive. I don't have access to a USB floppy.

I need suggestions and detailed instructions on constructing a working boot/install CD.


Answer:How to install XP to SATA drive without floppy

as far as i know you either need an actual floppy drive or a usb floppy to get this to work. I'd love to hear otherwise.

Does BIOs see the hdd? I just want to make sure that it's actually a sata driver issue and not something else.

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