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Solved: Help Setting up Wireless Laser Printer

Question: Solved: Help Setting up Wireless Laser Printer

Ok I am at my wit's end. Please can someone help me set up my printer! I have a Samsung ML-2525W wireless laser printer and I'm trying to set it up so that I can print wirelessly from multiple computers at home. I've spent over 2 hours so far without any luck, all the stuff I'm getting from Samsung is no help at all. Please help walk me through this setup! thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Help Setting up Wireless Laser Printer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have an HP Officejet 6200 usb printer. It is cable connected to my main pc and works fine. My question is: I have 2 other pc's using wireless internet connection though a G router. Is there a way to make the other 2 computers print with this printer and still leave it working on my pc as well. The router has only ethernet cable connections and no usb ports. Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Setting up my printer for wireless

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I have an Epson Acculaser C900 laser printer. I'd like to make this wireless either WLAN or Bluetooth, is this possible and what would I need and where can I get it?

Answer:Wireless an Epson Laser Printer?

Not easy unless it is wireless enabled from manufacture.

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Let me begin by stating that I have only a basic understanding of how networks work. I have setup small home/office networks that used linksys routers and adapters that hooked up to DSL and also one that was strictly for file and printer sharing - but other than that, I am a please be extremely specific in your answers - I greatly appreciate your help and expertise!

The questions is: What is the best way (and HOW) do I setup the following request...

Here is the situation:
I was asked by a coworker to setup a printer in his office that he could access with several laptops wirelessly. The printer does not have built-in wifi, but all of the laptops already have network adapter cards (we bought a netgear WGR614 wireless router to use as an access point {?} to accomplish this). Our office internet is primarily wireless, but there is one internet port in the wall in his office if needed. I am wanting to hook the printer up to the existing wireless network so that he can be on the internet and print at the same time. How can I accomplish this easily?

As for the existing network, here is how it is setup - It appears as though it is Verizon DSL. Connected to the wall is the modem, which is a regular small looking plastic modem that I've seen come with cheap residential plans. Connected to that appears to be some type of relay, or hub. Then that is connected to what looked like a Linksys WRT54G wireless router.

Will any of this work:

1) Without using the extra... Read more

Answer:Solved: Setting up an Access Point (to connect to a printer) on a Wireless Network

If the printer is a network printer, and that wired connection in the office is connected to the same router as the wireless machines, you just need to plug it into that RJ45 jack and configure it.

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Hi all,

Looking for the above at the best price possible (with consideration towards the toner costs too), colour would be nice but isn't essential as I'll probably buy a dedicated photo printer for these - would be REALLY handy if the recommendations included wireless options too...

I've spent what feels like days reading up on these on the Internet, and am even more confused that I was when I began

Thanks for any help

Answer:Recommendations for a Wireless Laser printer with Duplexing


Since nobody has any suggestions, what about one that isn't wireless - would that help?

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Hello. I have a Samsung M2070FW that supports a wireless connection. This worked when I had Midco internet. I have since disconnected my internet service and use either my phone or my laptop at the library with free internet.

Since discontinuing my internet service I have a router which I use so my local devices such as my server, media center, laptop, desktop and Epson printer. These all work.

I have tried to connect the Samsung wirelessly to this "local" network (the router) but it either fails when trying the WPS or it fails when just trying to connect. The IP address seems to always be defaulting back to the one provided by Samsung no matter how I try to update it. I thought maybe it wasn't connecting because of that.

I've read an article on the web that mentions a setting to turn off, but that setting is only updateable via the web interface to the printer. I connected the printer to my laptop with a network cable and can see the printer on the network. I can http to it, but can't get the control panel page. It is acting like it needs to access the internet to download something to do this.

Does anyone know of any way to get to this setup web page locally when you don't have internet service?


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I set up the printer (HL-2270DW) following all instructions. It is listed under Devices and Printers with my other printers, but not under Printers. I cannot set it as default printer in Devices and Printers.

When I go to printers -> add new printer -> wireless printer it is found, but it says installation failed when I try to install it. I got no errors following brother's instructions, can connect to the printer settings wirelessly but cannot print.

Any ideas?

Answer:Brother Wireless Laser Printer - Installed, connected but cannot print

Interestingly, I just found that my windows 8 tablet can see and print from it fine. I configured it from my windows 7 desktop though, and this is where the problems are happening.

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ERROR message on my Brother 2270-DW wireless laser printer. Previous actions included uninstall of driver with reinstall and configuration to my network.. Printer then functioned wirelessly, but again getting ERROR message. Any suggestions??

Answer:ERROR state on Brother 2270-DW Wireless Laser Printer

Printer dialog for this device merely says 'ERROR'. No code given. An email to Brother's solution center advised the action I previously took. Thought it was fixed but problem recurred.

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I am getting a color multifunction wireless laser printer primarily for a soon-to-be university student, although I am told submitted coursework is now paperless. I am not sure. Still, I might need one for resumes and job applications.
One that is the most economical on consumables, that is, toner: spend more on the printer, less on the consumables, right?
Color: I can do the screen-to-paper color calibration, if necessary
Multifunction: only really need the scanner, not so much the copier (which can be done by scanning and printing, right?) or the fax (21st century and all....maybe I should get JUST the printer, and buy a cheap scanner separately?
wireless: and it's probably not convenient to connect a Cat 5 UTP cable to a wireless router
if I am going to have the scanner, ought to have the document's really convenient
small footprint and not needing a crane to lift it would be nice too
doesn't need its own display...after all, it can be controlled through the desktop/laptop
speed not a factor

Answer:Buying Recommendation for Color Multifunction Wireless Laser Printer

Replying to my own post:

I found a Consumer Reports 2013 Buying Guide, and in the section on printers, they said to stay away from color lasers...that they were not ready for prime time.

So I went with a color inkjet.

Stay intellectually curious, my friends.

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Hi. I'm a production assistant at a small film company. We just moved locations and it was my job to reset all the tech. One of the most important things was to get a non-wireless network-enabled laser printer (HP LaserJet 1022n) onto the wireless network. I was having trouble with that, when sure enough, something else happened. I'm now getting a paper jam error even though there is no visible paper anywhere in the printer. I cleaned all reachable parts, I dusted the hell out of it with canned air, and I even took some of it apart just to get a better look - nothing. I had just been printing test papers last week, too.

We really don't have enough money to buy another networkable laser printer, so does anyone have any more ideas before we call someone to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

cliffnotes: HP LaserJet 1022n has constant paper jam error.

Answer:Solved: Laser Printer Hell

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Hi Folks,

I’ve temporarily lost use of my printer. Yesterday morning I accidentally clicked where I shouldn’t have and sent a command to the printer to begin printing a 400+ page document. When I realized my mistake, I started franticly searching for a way to stop it but in a near-panic I ultimately had to resort to pulling the power plug to the printer. The problem is that it has that print command in its memory and I can’t seem to find a way to clear it. If I plug it back in while my computer is on, it begins printing that 400+ page document again. If I plug it back in while my computer is turned off, it begins printing endless pages of font types in different sizes and other meaningless babble. In either case it will not stop. It has already spewed out 200 pages of wasted paper. The manual for the Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 1100 does not offer a clue on this problem. It says to mash the “Go” button and it should issue forth a one-page text message. Well, it doesn’t. So the question is: how do you clear the printer’s memory so you can start over again?



Answer:Solved: HP Laser Jet 1100 Printer Problem

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Does anyone knows how to use those shiny A4 foil sheets for printing onto paper using a Laser Printer? Please help

Answer:Solved: Foil Printing with Laser Printer

Hi Shirley, and welcome to TSG.

Do you have any kind of manufacture's or product name for the sheets?

Many years ago I used a product where you first used a laser printer to print in black the areas you wanted to have the shiny metallic finish. You used supplied high temperature tape dots to hold a piece of the film over the printed area. Running the printed sheet through the laser printer a second time without printing anything fused the film to the existing toner areas on the sheet. Not sure if you are talking about the same thing or not.

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I want to buy a multifunction mono laser printer but need some advice I'll be using it for home use any one know a cheap to run machine I know the toner is expensive but I don't do much printing so the toner should last me a year or two

Answer:Solved: Multifunction mono laser printer

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its a brand new printer CLP-510N

only prints with faded black ink - and its meant to be a color printer

any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Brand New Samsung Laser Printer has faded print

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Can you and if so how can I make a printer not hooked to a PC a wireless printer? I want to have my laptops be able to print without plugging the printer into them.

Would anyone know how I could do this?


Answer:Setting up a printer as a stand alone wireless printer.

Look at this:
Bluetooth and WiFi ....printer servers.

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Hi Folks. My Epson Scanner 3170 stopped working. Won't start at all. Service dealer wants $$$ just to open it. I would like to open it and try to fix it myself (nothing to lose), but need guidance from someone who knows scanners.

Also, my Dell Laser Printer 1700 claims it has a paper jam. I've worked on it about a zillion times, but there's just nothing in there jamming it. Still gives me the error message. Any suggestions? Could it be that it's 'error message' feature is the thing that's stuck?

Would welcome any suggestions. Many thanks. Maggie
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6132 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, 320 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 600439 MB, Free - 436372 MB; D: Total - 9999 MB, Free - 4787 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0FM586
Antivirus: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6.0, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Solved: Epson Scanner 3170 and Dell Laser Printer 1700

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I have 3 computers (XP, Vista 32 bit, and a W7 64 bit). All have a Microsoft Wireless Laser 5000 Mouse and all work great.

Recently I purchased 2 new Laser 5000's through Amazon. One for a gift and one spare. When I tried installing the gift mouse on an XP machine, it didn't work. The light on the adapter was on but the mouse cursor didn't move. It's like no software is installed. I brought it back home and tried it on one of my computers that has a Laser 5000 already on it and still nothing. Then I opened the new spare mouse and it has the same problem.

I've uninstalled and installed the software several times. My old original Laser 5000 still works. I've tried drivers from the CD that came with it and also from the Microsoft Web site. I checked the batteries and they're good. I've pushed the reset buttons. Device Manager says the devices are working. My old original mouse will not work with either of the new adapters and neither of the new mice will work with my old original working adapter.

The new mice were manufactured 3 months apart so I find it highly unlikely that it's a bad batch and 2 new mice with exactly the same problem is also highly unusual.

I'm open to any suggestions. I've installed a lot of wireless mice and had no problems, but now, two at the same time makes me think I must be overlooking something.

Answer:Solved: Two new MS Wireless Laser Mice with the same problem?

Are they on the right channels? Press the button on the receiver, than the reset button on the mouse so it can detect the receiver's channel.

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I have one of these and every so often it the mouse pointer sticks for several seconds which is annoying when gaming etc. I've only had it a few months of which its been for the last 2 to 3.

I haven't got the software installed as I see no reason why it would prevent it sticking + sucks up system resources.

It does it both on my desk which is a plastic surface with a bubbly effect and a mouse mat, both clean.

Is there anything else which could be causing this or is it just due to wireless-ness?


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Need help setting up my new wireless printer. The model is a Canon image CLASS MF217w. I am almost at the point of calling Geek Squad over to set up but I don't want to give up that easily. Please advise step by step.

Answer:Setting up wireless printer

I would set up the printer manually onto your wireless network

what have you tried so far
Is this a new printer

make and model of the router you have

while i lookup the user manual
Page 7 - setup manually
have you followed this procedure ?
does the printer find your wireless signal ?
what happens once you add the SSID wireless signal and enter the wireless password ?

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My brother wants to set up a way for his wife, who is partially sighted, to be able to print from her laptop via a wireless connection. At the moment she has to unplug the printer cable from the desktop PC and plug it into her laptop which she finds difficult due to her sight problems. Both he and I have no idea what any of this involves so if anyone can shed some light on this problem I would be most grateful. The OS they use is Windows 2000 Pro.




Answer:Setting Up a Wireless Printer

Never heard of such a thing!

What kind of connection does the printer use? Parallel or USB?

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Hi all i'm having problems setting up my lemark Z2490 printer however i need my WEP key in order to go wireless. I've read several posts on here regarding this topic but doesn't seem to apply to me. I use Orange mobile broadband on my laptop and i can't find anything regarding my WEP. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. p.s i'm on vista if that makes any difference? Thanks Mike

Answer:Setting up wireless printer

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setting up a wireless printer (HP color Laserjet CM1312MFP) on my wireless network, PC running XP, and laptop running Vista, the laptop works the printer wirelessly fine, however cannot get the PC to work, have downloaded the recommended drivers from HP The printer asks for a password when I go to system setup, which I do not have, and didn't need for laptop setup
Out of ideas, any suggestions on what might be my problem
Thanks for any help

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Hi all, not up on wireless stuff, have just got a Canon MG 5250 printer and I wish to set it to print wirelessly from my PC via my bluetooth phone. I have a Netgear wireless router/modem but I'm not sure what else I need to connect and where. I am using Vista Home Premium. Any help would be appreciated. P.

Answer:Setting up wireless printer

I gather that your printer isn't bluetooth?
I think you may have to get an app to enable printer sharing in this case - try this

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Had an XP desktop and XP laptop with a wireless network. File sharing and printing no problem. Bought a new desktop (HP a6500F) with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Now I have problems. Both printers (HP Laserjet 1320 and HP Inkjet 6122) are pre-Vista, had to download drivers for them to work (no driver so had to use HP 990 driver for 6122). Set up wireless network. File sharing is working fine. I set the 6122 printer up (via "Add a printer" "Add network printer") on the lap top and it prints fine. Having trouble setting the 1320 printer up (funny since this is the one that had the Vista driver to download). When I am setting it up I can an error that the computer can't find the correct driver. I downloaded the XP driver and Vista 64bit driver from HP onto my laptop. Neither worked. Any suggestions?

Instead of plugging the printer into my Vista 64 desktop, can I just plug it into my router (simple router, Netgear 802.11g, with 4 LAN) and print to it from my desktop and laptop, that way the laptop doesn't have to go through Vista 64bit? FYI: I have cable so my cable comes into the router, then to my cable modem (all in one internet, phone modem) then to the desktop.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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hello, im not sure that this is the correct forum for this so if it's not please move it for me.

anyway, my question is, i have one laptop and a netgear 54g wireless router, i'd like to have add a wireless printer.
but i have no idea what i need or how to hook it up.

here is what i found on the 1st few links from google:

and these below are really interesting but i don't have blue tooth on this laptop, and will this mess with the wireless link to the router?

any info will be appreciated

Answer:need help setting up a wireless printer

I would go with the wireless print server. The one on amazon is interesting, im not sure how it would work.

Gotta love this line in in the description........

This wireless printer kit from AmbiCom is designed to turn your printer into a wireless device, eliminating the need for inconvenient and dangerous networking cables.

Darn those dangerous networking cables

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I'm having problem trying to set up a wireless printer to a Orange livebox router, the router cannot see the printer I have tried all sorts of code and passwords is still connecting, the printer is a Lexmark and I'm using Windows Vista.

Answer:Setting up a wireless printer

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Components involved in network
Dell Dimension 3000 Tower OS Win XP SP 2
Dynex Wireless G Router
HP Laserjet 4050 TN
What I'm trying to do.

Get the wireless router to recognize the Laserjet and assign it an IP address though DCHP.
The laser jet was originally configured on a physical Net Gear Route, thus it has RJ45 ehternet connection. When I connect the laser jet, Dell PC and the Dynex Wireless Router. The wireless network works fine as far as a laptop accessing the network, BUT the router does not recognize the laserjet and does not assign it an ip address. The laser jet had an static address with its old configuration. How do I get the router's DHCP to recognize the laserjet and assigne it an IP address? Any ideas or ways to configure the Laserjet to accept an IP assignment or lease?

Answer:Solved: HP Laser Jet 4050 configuration with Dynex wireless G Router

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I tried googling for this solution but came up empty. I also tried this network magic program but it turned out to be a pain in the ass to set up. So i'm coming to you guys to hopefully set this up.

I have a d-link wireless router wbr-2310.

The computer that has the printer is connected to the d-link router via ethernet cable. This computer also has windows 2000 on it. The printer is a HP Officejet Pro K550.

The computers that I want to be able to use this printer are laptops that have windows Vista. These laptops can access the internet just fine though the router.

So what are the steps I need to do be able to print from the Vista laptops? If there's a good website that can help me out i'll settle for that too. Thanks.

Answer:Need help setting up a printer on a wireless network

Make sure they are in the same workgroup

On the vista machine use add printer wizard for local printer and find your printer or one similar to it using vistas built in drivers, unless you can find the vista driver for the printer then use that, add it as a local printer and create a "local port", name the port using the windows2000 computers name and printer share name

for example


you name the printer when you enable sharing on it default is usually Printer or Printer1

Just like that and vista should connect over the network to it using the driver you specified, if you do it any other way you may get access denied since vista may try to grab the driver off the 2k machine which wont work.

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hello my sister gave me her Dell computer and hp deskjet 2543 and I am trying to get it all set up and not sure if I am doing it right. Help

Answer:help setting up computer and wireless printer.

Hi, and welcome to TSG.

How can we tell if you are doing it right if you don't tell us how your are trying to connect to the printer (USB or WiFi) and what you have done so far?

Here is a link to PDF file of the printer user manual. It has instructions on how to set up your computer to use the printer.

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I recently picked up a old HP psc 2510 photosmart all-in-one printer at a yard sale for 10 bucks in great condition. Problem is, it was missing all documentation and driver CD. Fortunately, HP included "in-OS" drivers for Win 7, so I was able to set it up over USB very easily. But now I'm trying to get it up and running with wireless printing, which it supports on XP, but isn't perfectly ported to 7.

Following the advice from the 4th comment on Re: HP PSC 2510 Photostmart drivers for WIndows 7 - Page 4 - HP Support Forum, I was able to connect to it via my wifi network when I plug an Ethernet cable into the printer.

Now, this works, but being a huge nerd, I think it'd be even better if I could set the printer up to be completely wireless. I'm not much of an expert on the finer workings of wireless connections, but I think it's possible to do this with an ad hoc netwrok. But I can't find any instructions for doing this on 7. Closest thing I found was this page with instructionsfor XP, which I was unable to follow on 7.

Since the printer has an on-screen option to enable or disable the "wireless radio" which can only be turned on when the ethernet cable is unplugged, I assume this functionality is to broadcast the "hpsetup" ad hoc network from the printer without it being connected to a router (since I don't think it can connect to an actual wifi network wirelessly; but if it can, it'd be great to know how to do that too!). But even when I do... Read more

Answer:Options for setting up a wireless printer

Instructions for creating an ad hoc network in Windows 7 can be found here:
Windows 7: How to Create an Ad Hoc Network |

I also wonder if maybe it has anything to do with encryption?
It seems that with the linkout you have provided with instructions
for setting this up in XP describes setting up WEP encryption connection
through the HP setup page. Wondering if the device you are making the
ethernet connection to is handing the printer an IP by checking that option in
the setup through Win7 (Automatically obtain IP address therefore it should) but check if the router is also using
WEP encyption which whilst reading the documentation seemed to be required for the printer.

Is that making sense! I'd start with that first

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We are a small company who is now struggling to set up 4 lap tops to wireless network + one wireless printer. Internet is provided for whole building with dedicated internet line, we plug in wireless router to network and we get internet, problem is that we can?t set up password for wireless network for some reason + we can?t make printer to work on same one.This may need reinstallation to printer software + configuration to wireless network etc, for 4 PC , which I just can?t do and as we need to do work I need to find someone who will be happy to come to our office in Lnd in sw11 for a day and sort this things, now we don?t have big budget so if anyone know someone who will be able to do this for us for reasonable price please come back to us. Thanks!Mario

Answer:Help with setting up wireless network/printer

Suggest you try for someone local!

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I may be naive here, but I've just bought a Panasonic KX-MB2000E printer , installed the software provided and set it up to work with my laptop via a cable. However, I want it to work wirelessly as well (I have a wireless router at home through which the computers connect to the internet)
I followed the instructions in the manual, and entered the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway (that I got from doing a search on "ipconfig/all"), and I thought that would be enough to make it work wirelessly.. But it still doesn't work. It tells me that there it still doesn't detect a printer or scanner when I try to print and scan without the cable inserted. What am I missing (I hope it is something simple.....)

Answer:problem setting up wireless printer

I believe that this model is a network printer and does not have wireless capability. The operating manual seems to indicate this.
Do you have the facility on your router to attach your printer by ethernet cable to that - this would then be a printer server and all of your pc's can use it remotely.

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Ok so i just bought a samsung clx 3175 fw printer and i wanna add it to my network

I have a router and a "Main Computer" and then i have 3 laptops.
All computers have the printer drivers installed.
Currently i can wirelessly print everything from my laptops and the way my printer is setup currently is that it is connected to the router via ethernet cable. Therefore it is connected in infrastructure wireless mode if im not wrong. The thing is that i wanna connect the printer to the router wirelessly because of the fact that ill move my printer to another room in the future.

To clarify, 2 laptops have windows 7 and the other laptop and computer have xp.
Please don't ask tell me to set up using Ad Hoc because then i have to switch between networks just to print which seems stupid to me.

So far i have tried because its just so hard to get a printer connected wirelessly.
so please help accordingly, thanks

Answer:Need help setting up wireless printer on network

ad-hoc is NOT the approach so you are find :wave:

WiFi printers can be difficult - - you need the manual to do the setup.

From one of your EXISTING WiFi connections, you can get the SSID, Channel, and passphrase.

Typically, I've seen this done entirely from the printer end and the controls it offers

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I may be naive here, but I've just bought a Panasonic KX-MB2000E printer , installed the software provided and set it up to work with my laptop via a cable. However, I want it to work wirelessly as well (I have a wireless router at home through which the computers connect to the internet)

I followed the instructions in the manual, and entered the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway (that I got from doing a search on "ipconfig/all"), and I thought that would be enough to make it work wirelessly.. But it still doesn't work. It tells me that there it still doesn't detect a printer or scanner when I try to print and scan without the cable inserted. What am I missing (I hope it is something simple.....)

Answer:Problem setting up wireless printer

I can't find any specs for that printer that indicates it has wireless capability. If it does, you certainly have to tell it to what wireless network it is supposed to connect regardless of whether you assign a static IP configuration.

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I added a Linksys WPS11 wireless print server to my wireless network. Not a problem using it from my Windows machines, but can't seem to figure out how to get my wife's iBook, running OSX, to be able to access it. The Linksys and Apple support sites didn't help and I have to admit that I am pretty clueless when it comes to Macs.

The print server's configuration page has a section for Advanced Properties that allows you to tell it the AppleTalk zone being used, but I looked on the iBook and no AppleTalk zone was listed.

Can anyone give me guidance how to configure the iBook to print wirelessly with this setup?

(all machines are accessing the network through a Linksys WAP with WEP turned off, if that helps...)


Answer:Help setting up wireless printer server

You probably have to install on the MAC the Linksys drivers of the devices.

Unless this guy is right:


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Currently trying to set up a wireless printer without an internet connection. The goal is to buy a printer that can essentially create its own "local" network which can connect to laptops nearby. I am wondering if this is possible to do without any internet and how it would be done.

Answer:Setting up a wireless printer without an internet connection

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I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I have set up a wirless network for a friend who has a doctor's clinic. He is running a desktop with Windows XP Professional. Physically attached is a HP All In One Printer. I've set the office to run wirelessly and he has a Dell Inspiron Laptop with Windows 7. I HAVE been able to set his Inspiron to print wirelessly. Now he also has a Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows XP home. the printer is recognized and set up to share but it just won't share the printer. I installed the printer drivers for XP on the laptop running XP but this just didn't fix the problem.

To further confuse things I previously set up a wireless network at his home. He is running Windows XP home edition on his desktop which is connected to a DIFFERENT printer. The XP Laptop performs perfectly in printing wirelessly at his home.

On the XP laptop I have tried to set the default printer to the HP printer he is running at the office (I did this to see if by setting the default to the printer on his xp laptop he would be able to print wirelessly at the offrice!!) Now he is unable to print on his network at home.

Is it possible to set up one laptop that can be used both at home and at work to run print wirelessly on two different networks on two different printers.

I sure hope someone can help untangle this problem. Thanks inadvance for any and all help.

Answer:Setting Up Wireless Printer Sharing Question

Have you gone over...How to Share Printer in Windows XP - Share Your Printer Over a Home Network Using Windows XP - Step By Step Share a Printer on Your Home Network - Louis

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I've A brother HL-22580DW Wireless Printer, and two HP desktops (Both running Win7).

Desktop 1- via cable modem and router (Belkin),
Desktop 2- feeding off the routers broadcast,

I've gone through the documentation and a whole bunch of loops trying to figure out how to set it up. I experience great difficulty.

PC 1-There's a wireless setup wizard on the printer itself, that scans for SSIDs. The printer sees the router,
and instructs me to push the 'WPC' button on the router, which I do. I head back over to the printer, confirm (ok)
it attempts to connect, but it always says " Connection Failed ", prints out an error sheet stating
that there is no wireless access point or router with "WPC" enabled.

i was informed to "ad hoc" and enable the "WLAN" option on the printer, then denoting its own settings, giving it a name,
( for testing purposes no password). This was a success.

PC 2- with the wireless adapter, it "sees" the printer, but when i connect to it the wireless bars
are never stabilized ( bars appear, blue circle revolves) and while that occurs, I'm able to print from this computer
but i'm forced to disconnect from the routers broadcast, leaving that computer netless, and still the connection never
appears to be "stabilized".

When messing with computer one,
The printer never "sees" the Belkin router though it recognizes the SSID prior. with the second printer, I can p... Read more

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Does anyone know how to do this.  The printer is a Canon MX850 with ethernet port but canon tell me that the print has no IP address assigned to it. So hopw do you go about to do this assign a IP address. Would like to connect it to a network of two computers through a wireless router.

Answer:Setting up a Canon printer on anetwork with a wireless router

Have you read the documentation that come with the printer?

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I just bought a Brother HL-2070N and this is my first time networking a printer. I have my desktop and 2 laptops that I want to use wirelessly with the printer. During setup, I am asked whether I want to make it a Peer-to-Peer Network Printer or a Network Shared Printer and I am not sure which one to pick. Can anyone help me out?

Answer:Quick question about setting up wireless network printer

Peer to Peer printer means..each PC prints directly to it..usually via IP. It's usually preferred because each PC prints independently to it, and doesn't affect other PCs. Must run the setup on each PC. For small peer to peer networks..not a big deal, on big networks..labor intensive.

Network attaches to the PC you set it up on..and it's shared as a printer share from that other PCs attach to that PC..and print through it. So if that PC is turned worky. Or..if you're working on that PC doing something...and someone sends a big print job...your PC slows down quite a bit since it's busy with its print spooler service. For peer to peer networks..not desirable. If you're in a business network environment..and this PC is your honking file and print's preferred..since it's a dedicated server..and hey..that's its job..and it's easier to setup across the network to all the other PCs...easier to manage.

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AT&T put in a new (WPS) modem. How do I now get my Canon MX 450 series printer back to printing wireless using the USB connection method. It will print as long as the USB cord remains connected but will not print wireless. I'm on a Windows desk PC.

Answer:Setting up Cannon Mx452 printer for wireless printing a look at this from Canon.

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My computer is working fine - but I recently purchased a new Samsung ML2570 laser printer that just died when the starter cartridge ran out of toner (or actually when the printer counter hit its predetermined set no. - probably 1000). At least I think that's what happened. The starter cartridges come without fuses. Replacement cartridges or toner refill kits come with fuses that are supposed to reset the counters, so when I refilled the starter cartridge and inserted the fuse that came with the kit, the printer still didn't work. I tried again with two more fuses, with no luck. I don't have a printer jam and all the doors are well-latched before I turn it on. Does anyone have any idea what I should do next to get my printer working again? My email is [email protected]

Regards, and thanks for any help,


Answer:New Samsung Laser Printer Starter Cartridge Won't Reset Printer When Toner Refilled


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Does anyone know how to get a driver taht will work with this perfectly good printer which doesn't seem to be supported by Windows 7

Answer:Windows7 printer drivers for a 10 year old samsung mono laser printer

Which model?

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Hi Wayne here.

Have recently bought a Brother DCP770 CW wireless printer. Think the printer is great except I'm having problems sorting out the wireless connection.

I have a Livebox router from orange which has a 26 charactor WEP encryption key.

Have loaded the Brother driver from the CD supplied and followed the directions. Have entered the WEP key ,and from the printer report it appears to be recieving a signal and has identified my Livebox router.

However when I go to complete the installation my computer is telling me it cannot find any local wireless devices.

At this point it asks that you input the IP address or the node name for the device.

Have done both and even disabled the firewall on the computer.

As you may have guessed have still not been ble to sort the problem out. Even contacted the Brother tech line and completed the process with them.

They have stated that the IP address that is allocated the printer appears to be wrong, have suggested that there maybe a problem with the WEP kep ( Or maybe I took it down wrong....I have double checked).

Has anyone got any suggestions, one of the main reasons I bought the printer was for the wireless function, so it's abit annoying that I cannot use it.....

Please Help

Answer:Problems with setting up Wireless Brother Printer to Livebox router

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I have a HP 2510 all in one printer and am having a nightmare connecting it wirelessly. I keep installing the software and everytime I get to the point of inputting WPA and Network Security Key i get the message 'Error while saving the settings to the device'. I know the codes are correct. I have tried uninstalling and installing again with no joy. Please can anyone help?

Answer:'Error whilst saving setting to device' on HP 2510 all in one printer wireless

Hello & welcome to the forum,

First I need to understand where you are entering the codes, is it into the printer screens or the PC software?

What I think you need to do is configure the printer to the network. Then install the software onto the PC (Software & drivers etc.). OK?

Look here for some instructions on how to & configuration: -

Microsoft Windows HP PSC 2510 Photosmart All-in-One Printer - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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Hi, is this printer a good printer. i.e. I heard that after your toner runs out on some of these new laser printers, U have to replace more than juat a toner.


Answer:HP 1020 Laser printer.. good printer??

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I have a printer (with wireless capability) wired to desktop (Windows XP) and a wireless laptop (Windows 7). My question is, can the printer be connected wirelessly to the laptop as well as wired to the desktop, or does everything have to be wireless?
Another question: If I want to share files between the two computers, do they both have to be the same operating system? (one is Windows XP and the other is Windows 7)

Answer:Solved: Wireless Laptop/Wireless Desktop (via wireless adapter)/ printer

I would guess that the printer can be connected by ethernet and wireless, but I've never had one with both capabilities so I don't really know.

I once had a printer that worked OK connected to a network plus connected to another computer by USB. Even so, that may depend on the particular printer.

There may be two operating systems that cannot file share with each other but I don't know which ones that might be. Windows XP and 7 are fine sharing with each other (but not claiming that nobody has had any problems).

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I am trying to figure out how to create a network for my laptop and desktop. I want to have the DSL gateway connected to the desktop, and use the integrated wireless on the laptop. Then I want to throw the printer in there, and then make sure both comps are secure from lurkers and such. I'm having no luck finding a comprehensive breakdown of how to do this, maybe you guys can help.

I have Verizon dsl with the Westell 327 Versalink Gateway

My Toshiba laptop has integrated wireless LAN and 10/100 ethernet LAN.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Solved: Setting up a desktop & laptop network with DSL and a printer?

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Question: Laser Printer

couldn't find exactly what i wanted when i searched so i posted here...
does any one know of a good quality laser printer?
not all in one...
does not have to be networked.

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Question: laser printer

I have a problem. At work, there is a dot matrix printer that prints invoices on carbon paper, which are three layers thick, and then are signed by a client. Recently, the dot matrix printer has died, and we need a solution. My boss asked me to investigate.

He wants to know if there are any ways of printing invoices from a laser printer, but not have to print 3 seperate copies, sort of like carbon paper for a laser.

Any ideas??

Answer:laser printer

doubtful seeing as how a laser printer works. unless there is some kind of medium that transfers to a cc by heat, and be able to differentiate small incremental differences in the paper and make something legible. Think of it this way, your laser printer works by charging the paper as its fed. It then charges the drum via laser to the desired image and then the toner is added. The paper and drum are opposingly charged so when it passes through the drum the image is transfered to the charged paper and then passed through the fusing rollers and melts the toner onto the page (thats why they're somewhat warm). For carbon copies, its transfered through the old fashioned way, by impact. Thats why daisy wheel and dot matrix printers are used because of impact blows transfering the ink to the carbon copy.

Only way I could see it is by printing multiple copies.

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Question: Laser Jet Printer?

I am fed up with my bubble jet, it keeps getting ink blockages.I mainly print docs and maps etc rather than photos.Could you please recommend a reasonable colour quality (durable)and easy to maintain laser jet suitable for XP and the likely cost. Are replacement colour toner carts expensive?Any useful info based on your experience of them would be much appreciated.Thanks folksDavid

Answer:Laser Jet Printer?

Get a wireless one. Less than £40??Inkjet.Always print in Grayscale, unless you want colour.Fill up with supermarket kit.Google How to refill MyPrinter (insert whatever model you buy)See Argos/Amazon.Make sure W7 compatible. You will have to upgrade sometime.

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The laser printer works fine most of the time, but sometimes the print out is blotchy. What is wrong with it?

Answer:The laser printer...

What is the make and model of the printer?

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I have had a Canon Pixma MP500 all in one for several years, and it is a great printer. BUT, I am really, really tired of paying for the ink. Even though I buy my ink for much less over the internet, an ink jet printer is cheap to buy, but expensive to use.

Are their any reasonably priced all in one color laser printers on the horizon that would be of good quality? For this type machine, I'm thinking under $500 would be reasonably priced, and I would seriously consider it.

Answer:laser all-in-one printer?

Check the cost of color laser consumables, it's not unusual to find a complete set of toners get close to the printer price.

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Question: Laser Printer help

Hi there,I have a Dell 5130cdn at work and it recently started to ghost.  In addition there is a patchy band of random colors that shows up down the middle of the page as a thick line.  The magenta drum inside of the printer is very dirty (pink all over the place!).  I plan on replacing it but do I have to replace all the other drums as well?  How do I know if the others are having issues too?Thanks!

Answer:Laser Printer help

Is this what you are talking about/ Here is a site that seems to deal with the "drum" issue on your printer see if it gives you what you want.

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Question: laser printer

Just got a HP laser 4000 series printer which only has a parallel connection.Got a usb to parallel cable but laptop doesnt seem to connect to it even though I have installed the printer, twice.Tried deleting the printers to start again but they are still there.

Answer:laser printer

If you have a free PCI slot why not fit a PCI parallel slot card like this click here

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Question: Laser Printer help

Hi ive just been given a old HPlaser lllp printer,thing is i dont know where the ink cartridge is. .lol. any help please.

Answer:Laser Printer help

Laser printers do not have ink cartridges, they have toner here

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i have hp laser jet 5si printer and i want to upgrwde it software for win vista

Answer:i have hp laser jet 5si printer and i want tg

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Question: Laser Printer

I just got a Lexmark Optra R+. When printing it will print good but it has lines going across the page. What could be causing this? Old toner? Thanks

Answer:Laser Printer

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I have an old hp laser printer III. It does not pick the paper correctly from the tray. Somebody told me to change the rollers.
I have a few questions?
Where can I buy these parts?
How to change the input rollers?
Where can I buy toner for this printers?

Thank you.

Answer:laser jet printer hp III

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Question: Laser Printer

I need a decent laser printer...about time I upgraded from inkjet. Does not have to be color, but it must have copier/scanner thing. Under $170 please.

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Question: Wot Laser Printer

Hi all,I am thinking of replacing my trusty Minolta 1300w (mono) printer with a Minolta 2500/2530 (Colour) one.Have been dead chuffed with the mono machine (& got Brother 3820 replaced by Bro' 5840,,, so am not expecting it to last too long !!)It's purely for home use,,,, & I'd be interested in your pro's & con's for these machines,,,, or similar priced items.many thanks

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Looking to buy a laser printer but not sure what to go for.
Looking for something that is at least - Print Resolution (dpi) Up to 600 x 2400 dpi and color.
Dont want to spend more that £150 if posiable but dont want to buy something thats not going to last,,,, and rather spend a little more on the printer if i going to save on the price of ink.
Also would like something thats not to big and doest make a lot of noise
Thanks for your time

Answer:Help to buy laser printer

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Yesterday I bought a Wireless Internet Keyboard And Wireless Laser Mouse from the Brand:Micro Innovations and I did everything it said but when im about to install the software I leave the non wireless mouse that I used to have plugged in to install the software... so I install it and the wireless keyboard works great but the wireless laser mouse doesnt work... any suggestions....PLEASE HELP

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I had to replace my keyboard after 3 1/2 yrs since the keys were sticking and the letters worn off. I bought the Microsoft Wireless Laser 6000 Mouse with the wireless keyboard. It works great with one problem. If I enable "allow this device to bring computer out of Standby" for either the mouse or the keyboard, the computer never goes into a full standby. The fan is always running and so are some other parts of the computer. If I dont configure the mouse or keyboard that way, the computer will go into regular and complete standby but will need to be turned on with the power button to bring it out of standby. The Receiver is USB so Im thinking the reason the computer doesnt completly power down is due to the receiver needing to be active. Is there a work around or do I just stick with using the power button?

Answer:Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse and Wireless Comfort Keyboard

I'd stick with using the power button

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I have a dlink router model DIR 628, computerr windows vista and a Samsung CLX 3160FN multifunction laser printer/scanner /fax machine. I am trying to set up an email account for the printer so I can scan and e-mail documents. Samsung helped me install the "syncthru" web service but when i enter the IP address that appears on the settings from the printer it does not work. Samsung said to get DLinks to set the router to DHCP which will give us the correct IP address to enter in the web browser. When I access the dlink wet up at I think it says DHCP enabled. Not sure what to do now. How do I find the correct ip address to set up the printer?

Answer:Solved: Dlink router and setting up e-mail for multifunction printer

is this still a problem

Do you need a fixed IP for the printer or will it use DHCP

You should be able to see the DHCP range in the router settings

Samsung said to get DLinks to set the router to DHCP which will give us the correct IP address to enter in the web browser.Click to expand...

Do you know if thats the IP address that have been given to the printer by the DHCP service

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I am thinking of buying an A3 Colour Printer for photo printing.I?ve noticed a inkjet with ten inks around £550, there is also a laser printer with 3 inksWhich one would be the best but cost £600

Answer:Inkjet or Laser Printer

your self which is faster! laser or inkjet

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I have a newsletter created in inDesign then printed to Adobe pdf. From there I am printing to my hp5550dtn color laser printer. I have been doing this monthly, no problem. But this month, the graphics look pixelated, the pictures are not the right color and the gradients all look solid. I can print this on smaller paper to my CP2025 and it is perfect.

Any ideas? I have calibrated the other machine, cleaned it. Still the same. UUUUUGH.

Answer:Laser Printer issues

What paper size do you have defined in both in "inDesign" and the PDF file?

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I've had to install my o/s, win 2k about 4 times. Its running fine now. Out of those four times my laser printer has installed twice. This being the fourth, no such luck.

i keep getting the error "cannot connect with the mita 560 status monitor. The current job was deleted".

I've downloaded the 2k, 2k pro drivers from different boards, looked for different rasdd.dll files to compensate for the windows 2k problem with this file. Still no luck.

Any suggestions, thanks....

Athlon 500 Mhz
6167 MSI MB
256 SDram pc 133
20 gig HD Quantum
Mita dp-560 laser printer (GDI)
Win 2k Pro

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I have an Epson Photo 870 Inkjet and it's driving me up the wall.
Admittedly I've had it years and it's done a lot of printing, but now it's getting a bit long in the tooth. Every time I print I have to clean the heads. The kids complain all the time because the quality it not consistent. I have used genuine cost a fortune Epson cartidges and also compatibles, but I think it's past its best.

My Mums old B&W Brother goes on and on, never needs cleaning, looking at and never paper jams.

So, I was thinking of investing in a colour laser printer and thought you lot out there might be able to recommend a good bit of kit.

I'm not too worried about speed.
Something with separate colour cartridges would save cash, not just 1 black 1 colour.
A good quality print, maybe even up to photo standard.
Not too pricey on cartridges and maybe something I can get compatible cartridges for.

I'm sure there are some of you out there with some advice.

Answer:Which colour laser printer

Maybe a nice HP like this? On sale too.

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Had toner cartridge reloaded; now only prints total black.
Printer was ok before. Is it the cartridge? Reloader says no! Hopefully yours, Harry

Answer:Lexmark Laser Printer

Hi hmsteven

Only way to tell for sure is to try a new cartridge or take yours to a different printer. I have seen lots of remanufactured cartridges fail in many ways.

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Hello. I have a crashed Dell CPU and a HP laser printer with a damaged memory. What is the proper way to dispose of these? I'd like to do something that is environmentally sound. Is there a use/market for the parts?


Answer:cpu and laser printer disposal

Depending on how remote you are there should be an outlet that will take these items. There are new directives coming into force in the UK (WEEE Directive) that puts a restriction on the disposal of unwanted (primarily commercial) electrical goods. As a result small companies are cropping up who specialise in unwanted electrical goods, particularly computers.

Some charities have learned how to cannabalise computer parts and turn them into servicable systems, there may be one near you. Alternatively, contact your local authority who should give you advice of where to dispose of your parts in an environmentally friendly manner.

Good luck !


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I have tried to install 3 different HP laser jet printers 1300 - 1505n and 1010 one I gave avay as I thought it not compatible with my new
Vista Home Premium x64 bit - but the other two also give me the same problem - first delayed printout - app. 1 minute - ant eventually no print at all - as the printer have not installed properly.

anybody have a solution - I read about the Canon printers which also had similar problems otherwise I was thinking of changing over to Canon.

Please help!!


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Hey All,

Love the printer for the speed and multi-functionality. The only problem is the pictures come out a little too dark, although sharp. I don't want to switch to Economy Mode. is there an easier way to brighten the pictures?


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I have no idea of how laser printer works in Toner cartridge, fuser assembly, mirror drum, laser, toner, transfer corona and high voltage power supply.

Answer:I don't know what function of laser printer does

Me neither.

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HELP!!!I have this printer on a 2 pc and 1 laptop network, the network works fine, the printer prints from one pc (win XP) which it is connected to via parallel, but even though I have the latest drivers and have installed it on other machines as a network printer they can't print to it. If I try to print it gets sent to the print manager on the XP machine but never actually prints. The print manager says Printing but unless I restart the XP machine it won't print it, for some reason this is the only time the printer will print the item.

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Hi,My last resort before I give Samsung an angry call!Got a Samsung CLP-300 at Xmas time, been a delightful wee machine for a couple of months and now for the last month got some problems with it.Whenever I print, the black is coming out all weird. It will print ok in one section but then there will be a couple of lines vertically down the page as if the rollers are scrubbing off the toner.Colour is absolutely fine. I've tried fitting a brand new black toner with no improvement. I've had the imaging unit out and given it a clean also with no improvement.The imaging unit is supposed to have a duty lifecycle of 10000pages - so far it has done 2755Images over 1010 pages.The black toner is reading 57% remaining.Any ideas or is it off to Samsung to complain?Many thanks,

Answer:Laser Printer Probem

From Samsung's FAQ's for the CLP-300:"Vertical black streaks appearing on print outs are likely due to the photosensitive drum in the toner cartridge having been scratched. You should install a new toner cartridge."Interestingly I could not get to read this FAQ using Firefox and had to use IE7.

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Our office laser printer is stamping and smudging print down the page repeatedly from what appears from one of the center guide wheels. I've cleaned the printer wheels a couple times and the problem persists. Has anyone had this issue and solved it?

Answer:HP 4250 Laser Printer

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I've looked in the archives for help but to no avail. I have an HP 1020 Laserjet printer which used to work just fine until early this summer. Then I began to notice 'dirty' patches on the paper which I thought was just that. Later I noticed that some of the 'dirty' areas were actually faint text and now I find that on an A4 print there is a 'ghost' as well as the main print. The ghost appears about half way down the page and is readable albeit fainter than the main text. I have run the HP cleaning utility without improvement.I tried downloading a driver from HP but that wiped everything from the printers folder and I had to revert to an earlier Restore Point. Perhaps I should have uninstalled the original driver first?Suggestions please? I couldn't find anything relevant on the HP website.

Answer:HP 1020 Laser Printer

It may seem that the drum has reached its duty life and needs replacing. As the HP1020 has a combined toner/drum, you will need to get a new toner.May work out cheaper getting a new laser printer than replacing the toner/drum

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I have got laserjet4 plus HP printer....i can't able to print anything from the net directly and sometimes from wordpad or start giving the error PC load documet.....also how will u come to know in this printer that how much ink is left...or how long tonner will work?thank u for ur help

Answer:laser jet printer problem?

What OS are you using?I have one which I just connected to the parallel port and started Win2k - it was recognised and installed correctly and works fine. So I am wondering if you have installed any special software from the HP site or install disk?Try going to the printers applet and remove this one and install again.As for how much toner is left, I don't know how to tell - it has run off thousands of pages of text and so far the quality is as high as ever.

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Inexpensive laser printer?

Suggestions on inexpensive laser printer?

Costco has Brother, OKI, HP. Don't know anything about the first two.

Answer:Inexpensive laser printer?

Start Checking around places like Staples, I got a brand new Canon MF3110 for $49.00 off the Clearance rack. They had it as a Holiday display and never even opened the toner cartridge box. only thing was the box was opened. Clearance Racks are my friend!

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I want to buy a colour laser printer for home use. It will be used mainly for word documents with the occasional photograph thrown in.

Don't tell me to buy an inkjet because that is not what I want. What I want is a recommendation for a laser printer capable of 1200dpi in A4 format. Preferably something that you have had personal experience with.

This printer will not get a lot of use, but I do not want to wish that I had bought something better as soon as I get it home.

You help in making the right choice is appreciated.
Regards from Graeme Marion.

Answer:Which colour laser printer to buy?

A few questions.
What is your budget range? Are we talking something sub $1000? When you say 1200 DPI, do you mean 1200x1200 or 1200x600? 1200x1200 is usually on higher end printers in the $1500-$2000 range.
Do you prefer the output of a specific engine technology? Or does the print engine (LED,Toner,Wax) not matter to you?
Also, what kind of performance do you want in the printer, must it be single pass color machine? Or do you want the high-speed color capabilites of the single pass printers?

Those questions being asked I dug up a few different printers in varying price ranges.

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I have used a refill kit on my Samsung laser printer before and I have been given an unopened refill bottle of toner for a HP Laserjet. If I refill my Samsung with this toner, is it still likely to work and/or, what damage is it likely to do?

Answer:Laser printer toner

Hi BG,

Since you are not getting any help I'll stick my 2 cents in. I'm not really up on toner but taught and did Tech Support on such machines many years ago. The only thing my guys really got burned by was that some toner was Positive and some was Negative. Had to fit the process voltages in the machine. If wrong it just did not print. May all be the same today. Someone here should have some more modern info.

Good Luck,

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I am setting up printer sharing on a small network. There is a heavy duty laser printer currently working on the LPT port of one of the workstations. It is desirable that all workstations would share this laser printer as it is convenient to all. Can anyone give me a detailed list of the steps I should take to complete this task.

Answer:Laser printer network

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I am running windows 7, and Vista and XP on my home network. I am looking for a laser printer that will print from all 3 system. I am looking for a B & W laser printer. I am tired of the expensive ink jet ink that get 100 pages if that much.
anyone have ideas on a fairly descent Laser printer

Answer:Need of laser printer Info

This question would make more sense if you specified a price range, if you needed duplexing, etc.

Having said all that...

Lexmark E260d 34S0100 Personal - LEXMARK E260d 34S0100 Personal Up to 35 ppm Monochrome Laser Printer

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My Samsung CLX 2160 laser printer was giving poor outputs in that the black text was faint. I replaced all the toner cartridges, but still get the same problem. The waste toner container was also replaced later. I have spoken to Samsung who were no real help. I've cleaned the nozzles and generally cleaned accessible bits of the printer. The test page shows colours that are reasonably good, but the black is faint. A manufacturer's repair will cost as much as a new machine.

Answer:Samsung Laser Printer

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Why laser printer expensive?What makes it so expensive if we compare it to inkjet printer?

Answer:Why laser printer expensive?

There are alot of differences that make each unique, mostley the fact that ink-jet are primarily for home/small office. Wheras the laser is geared toward large office, speed, quality and uses toner ink instead of is more specific info:

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I have a Konica Minolta Magicolor 330 colour laser printer set up to run from my laptop, running XP3 Home.Has worked well for the last 6 months, but over the New Year it has gone totally colourblind !It will print black in text or graphics perfectly, but will not print any colour, from photos, mixed graphics or mixed colour text.If I convert a colour file to greyscale, it will print the greyscale OK.If I change the print setting to print B/W, it converts the colours to greyscale and prints OK.I reinstalled the printer and the latest drivers, but no change.I changed the software to an earlier version but no change.I changed the laptop to a desktop I have running 98SE, with exactly the same result - prints the black content of a file and ignores the colour content.It seems to me that the fault lies in the printer itself, although no error codes or messages are displayed.I'm familiar with the way laser printers work, but cannot think of what fault would produce this effect, so complete, for three toners not to print, but the black to do so.Most grateful for any ideas, even those not linked directly to this particular printer, but only to colour lasers in general.John

Answer:Colourblind laser printer

Any ideas ?I'm looking for generic advice, not necessarily to do with this specific printer !John

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Hi all,

I am after either an A3 or A4 laser printer that can print on heavier papers and the thickest card stock. I will mainly be using it for foiling, hence the reason for it needing to be a laser printer. Obviously it will make more sense if it has a straight path to avoid jamming and curling. I will mainly be using black toner only rather than colour, so maybe a printer that has larger mono cartridges available would be beneficial. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks - M

Answer:Laser Printer Advice

You are highly recommended to download the software for your printer device in order to ensure that you carry the latest software. Make sure that you are going to download the software which is meant for your PC and printer model. Also ensure that the same network is running your printer machine or the PC on which you have installed the printer software.

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Hi All .I want a printer/scanner that allows copying of an old slides and can print on my own CD's and I just can't wade through all the ads. not really knowing which is the best, I would be spending up to £150/£200 but not with the company "PC Globe" or something similar. Any advice is greatly received.Regards saab9002

Answer:Which Inkjet or laser printer?

click hereThe only one I spotted that prints on CDs is the Epson, which is beyond your budget, but this short list is not too much to wade through.

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Will a laser printer (HP Laserjet Mii20)be compatible with Vista 32 or 64 bit OS?

Answer:laser printer compatibility

If you mean the M1120 then a quick check on the HP site gives the answer click here

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In June I posted this click here and today I refilled my toner cartridge using product from here:click here homeAlthough it was not quite a straight forward as I would have liked, that was down to me and the fact that of course it was my first get everything,from gloves and a mask to replacement chip and a heating element to melt a hole.Replaced cartridge and printed a couple of sheets.Perfect and at £25 a good price.


Been using that site foe the past 3years,Good aint it?.

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