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Toshiba Satellite - Keyboard not working

Question: Toshiba Satellite - Keyboard not working


Some help required please.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L500 and recently the keyboard has stopped working - suddenly.

I have rebooted, removed the battery to reset and also dis-connected and re-connected the keyboard to ensure the connection was ok. All with no luck.

The system emits a dull click sound when a key is pressed but not character is processed on screen.

Anybody have any idea how I might troubleshoot or fix this issue?

Thanks in advance

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Preferred Solution: Toshiba Satellite - Keyboard not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Toshiba Satellite - Keyboard not working

Any ideas people?

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Okay, while searching for the internet, I noticed another individual had a similar issue; but I hope that with my information, you could somewhat point me in the right direction. When I registered, I put in all I could find to help aid anyone who might be able to help.

Anyways, onto the issue. A few months back I, unfortunately tripped over my power cord and spilled an entire glass of wine on my poor laptop. Luckily, my spouse was able to dry it out relatively well, and it booted up perfectly fine. The only exception was, my keyboard didn't really work, and my touchpad mouse doesn't work at all.

I bought a usb wireless keyboard and mouse and recently bought a new keyboard. She installed it, and lo and behold, a few keys still didn't work. Fast forward to today. Without thinking, I reached over and used a few buttons before realizing that a few that weren't working -were-.

Testing it out further, I realized that ALL the keys were functioning! HUZZAH!

Then I shift over further onto the sofa, and the it stopped working again. Annoyed, I had my spouse reopen the laptop to check it's connection, thinking that maybe it wasn't plugged in fully. Alas, it was.

So, I know the keyboard CAN work. I just want to know what might be the causes towards it switching on, so to speak, and switching off. The fact that my touch-pad won't work doesn't bother me, as I do have the wireless mouse (though a rough estimate would be appreciated towards the cost of getting... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite keyboard not working

Don't mean to be a bother about this, but is there any way that I could get an answer?

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Hey folks,

Not sure this is the right forum to post this. I'm trying to help out a very non-technically-savvy friend. She has a Toshiba Satellite e45t-a running Windows 8.1. It seems that the keyboard doesn't work at all. Because this device has the tabletty kinda thing going on, you can still use the system by using the Windows 8 "soft keyboard". However, the keyboard is totally non-responsive. The power button works, obviously.

I don't know a ton about laptops or hardware, but I know enough to troubleshoot with some guidance. So far I've figured out:
- keyboard works fine in the BIOS, just not in the OS
- Windows update is up to date, as are manufacturer updates
- When I look in device manager, the keyboard (PC/AT Enhanced PS/2 Keyboard (101/102 key) shows with a yellow exclamation point. In the properties it says "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged (Code 19).
- Tried uninstalling the driver and scanning for new hardware, and it immediately went back to the same state.
- Tried running various malware programs and ccleaner to look at the registry.
- Tried "Last known good configuration," but it doesn't appear to be available on this device. (I heard somewhere that this is disabled by default on Windows 8.1?)
- Tried looking for drivers on Toshiba's site. All they had on there was an Elan keyboard/device driver. I installed that, bu... Read more

Answer:Keyboard not working in Toshiba Satellite e45t-a

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Swapped motherboard in this laptop because the old one had died. After plugging everything in and double checking all of my connections, here are the symptoms I am having now:

When the machine boots to windows I have no keyboard or touch pad. I have keyboard function at post long enough for me to hit f2 and get to the CMOS settings, after that I lose keyboard, except for using the function key and f4 to change monitors,

On boot up I can turn number lock on and then nothing again. I have tried resetting the CMOS, o have tried pulling all the cards like wireless and modem, tried different sticks of ram and even pulling the hard drive. If you have any thoughts or have seen this before please clue me in,



Answer:Toshiba Satellite L505 keyboard and touchpad not working.

What prompted the mobo replacement?

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Trying to use laptop keyboard
Load Ubuntu from a usb flash drive and keyboard works fine
Keyboard arrow keys work fine for select boot drive in the bios setup
If I start safe mode keyboard does not work
Start reinstall of windows 7 with Microsoft install dvd disk and keyboard quits working shortly

Use usb keyboard and all is well - but it is a laptop and I do not want to lug an extra keyboard around


Answer:keyboard not working toshiba satellite a505 s6012 with windows 7 64bit

Have you scanned for Viruses or Malware?

Which Antivirus and Malware programs do you use?

Have you tried a Clean Boot?


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Hi. I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite Click 2 Pro and at the top, two of the keys increase/decrease the screen brightness (much like two of the keys at the top of a Mac do the same). Well, I discovered that if I press the key to decrease the screen brightness too quickly and bring it down all the way to the lowest brightness and keep clicking, it turns off the keyboard! As in, none of the keyboard keys will work anymore.
The only way I know of to fix it is to restart the keyboard. I'm wondering if there's a way to 1) disable the fact that it does this, and 2) find a way to turn the keyboard back on without restarting the computer, since it is, quite frankly, annoying when I have three word documents and about 10 browser tabs open. I can't figure out how to disable/stop this one key by using the keyboard settings/ toggling the hotkeys/etc.
Honestly, I'm not even sure if this is a Windows 8 issue or Toshiba issue. Has anyone else had this problem?

Answer:Keyboard shortcut locks up keyboard (Toshiba Satellite)

If under warranty, return this to the store ASAP for replacement/repair. There's not much we can recommend you do, hardware-wise, that you can do and not void the warranty.
I suspect the keyboard may be sticking,,, you can try another USB KB for troubleshooting though. Plug in the USB KB and see if that behavior is duplicated using that KB.
Let us know

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im hoping this is the best place to post this its about my Toshiba satellite c650d. its probably so simple but i cant figure how to access the keys with the red symbols. There is nothing in the manual about these keys. Its driving me crazy !!

Answer:Toshiba satellite keyboard

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I thought I post this here, maybe someone can help: Has anyone here replaced his Toshiba Satellite A100-998 and still has a well-working keyboard (or knows where to get one)?

I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-998 model PSAA9E 0PP044EN Serial no 96294827Q (still, after 8 yrs yes, but when you buy top in class it lasts "forever" ). Frankly, since yesterday's AVG PC Trial Tuneup the machine, again, runs like a rocket! Would be stupid (and environmental crime!) to replace it.

BUT: Also since that tune-up the "n" key stopped working (don't ask how I got the "n"s here), guess I had to click "no" too much/too hard... (had slighter problems for a while). Cleaned it all under the keys, and nothing visibly broken. Guess keyboard really just is too old now!

Hence my Question: Has anyone here replaced his Toshiba Satellite A100-998 and still has a well-working keyboard (or knows where I can get one)?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite - new keyboard?

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i have recently had a warranty motherboard replacement from toshiba on my satellite c870-156,
bearing in mind the laptop is only 6-7 months old from brand new.

since it was returned to me the keyboard is now faulty

basically the keyboard types the 'Q' by itself, the key is not sticky and is not stuck down, if i do not touch the keyboard or mouse for maybe a minute or 2 then once i touch either it will start typing the Q, it only does it when using internet browsers.

i sent it back to toshiba for this fault and they returned it with a note saying they could not find a fault.

what can i do myself? i took the keyboard off to make sure the connection was seated correctly and there was no debris

apart from replacing the keyboard what can i do??

Answer:fault on toshiba satellite keyboard fix

You can connect a usb keyboard and see if that works if it does could be a driver problem If all else fails i would get in touch with Toshiba again

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I have a problem with the keyboard on my toshiba A105 Satellite. I cannot type letters onto the screen. When I type the keys, I get dialog boxes that appear. Examples: type p = print dialog box, h = history, b = organize favorites, e = search, etc. Some of the keys do nothing at all. I have tried a usb keyboard, but the same problem exists. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I have a toshiba satellite a105-s4094. I recently installed the new keyboard, and now I'm in a world of hurt.

The mapping is now all screwy. Some keys work and some don't. Pressing some keys causes the keyboard to register multiple keys. I think it's a problem with the driver but I can't find an updated one to install. I can't even figure out how to install my old one over again. One other thing - the keys that don't work, when i press them the light on the power button blinks off.

Any ideas?!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite a105 new keyboard

Start -> Run -> devmgmt.msc -> OK

Expand the plus sign and remove the keyboard

You may also go to Add/Remove programs (in Control Panel) and remove any installed keyboard managers (Microsoft?)

Restart, and allow Windows to set up the newly found keyboard again.

Test (in Notepad usually)

Mind you, this could be a faulty keyboard

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The "s" key on my laptop acts as if I'm holding down the key. The only way I can this to stop is to hold down the s key while holding the backspace key. This disables the s key - the laptop is functional, all except the s key. I tried booting the laptop in SAFE mode, I reloaded XP, reload the BIOS, and finally tried installing a new keyboard. Nothing worked. Any suggestions?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A15 Wacky Keyboard

Hi alanbkahn and welcome to the TechSpot Forum :wave:

If a change of keyboard didnt do it then odds are the board is faulty in someway, thats assuming the keyboard you bought didnt have the same fault with it.

Can you plug in a PS2 keyboard and see if that works...

Would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

A message for all newcomers.

SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.


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hey! i realy need some help with this keyboard! the entire right bottom side of it is torn out!
like its been peeled off or something!
i bought it at a garage sale on monday and it works, but the keyboards just fu&%ed up.
how can i take it out? and replace it with a new one?
where can i get a new one?
how much?
very apppreciative for any help on this, cause frankly il probably end up in the hospital if i attempt it myself
thanks for any replys!

Answer:Replacing Toshiba Satellite Keyboard

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I have a toshiba satellite m45, model #psm4ou-073001. I had just finished sending an email with attachments and started to check a different account and found that several keys quit working . the keys are sdz,./gj[ ]q
is there a common connection between these keys? why would 11 keys quit at one time? I cleaned and dusted the keyboard with no results. any ideas? please help. thank you very much.

Answer:Toshiba satellite keyboard malfunction

Remove the keyboard, clean with canned air such as Dust Off, and replace, hoping it has been a bad connection. The Toshiba laptop keyboards are generally very reliable.

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Computer starts and start screen is there. To log into Microsoft Windows/Office I press enter which works. Then the keyboard is frozen. NADA.
I am an end user not a techie. This is maddening.

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I recently replaced a broken keyboard on my Toshiba Satellite M35x-S171ST laptop, keys are still not functioning, when I am typing there is no response? any idea? any setting need to be done in the BIOS or any step am I missing thanks in advance for your response and technical ideas.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite M35x-S171ST keyboard

Make sure the Ribbon Cable is in firmly.

There's a locking um, thingy on it that needs to be pulled out gently - it only moves 3 or 4 mm - the ribbon inserted, and the lock pushed back.

This page has some relevant pics...

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Hi everyone,

I bought this keyboard (for Toshiba A500) after being told that it was genuine Toshiba.

However it was different to the photo and it has the black ribbon cable which seems common on the cheaper keyboards.

Can anyone give me more info on it?

Model Number: MP-08H73US6356

Sorry I couldn't find a way to embed the images, thanks.

Answer:Is this keyboard for Satellite A500 genuine Toshiba?

I don't know where you have bought it and have you bought it by some authorized Toshiba dealer but if keyboard was not expensive works properly who cares about that.

Several times I bought keyboard for my Toshiba notebooks and I bought cheapest keyboards on ebay. No problems at all.

Unfortunately I don't have A500 and cannot check it for you.

One more thing: has your old and original keyboard illumination option or not?

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Windows starts fine but either the keys or the touch pad doesn't work. Tried to use external USB mouse and keyboard nothing happened. When tried to boot in safe mode still nothing. However they keys do function normally in Bios... unfortunately I can't even attempt to reinstall windows because the CD Drive won't read the Disk.

I have no idea what else I can do. Is there a way at least to try to update the drivers or force to boot from a flash? If so where can I get the applications?

Thank you in Advance for your help

Answer:Unable to use keyboard and touch pad - Toshiba Satellite Win XP

You most likely have to change the boot order so the optical drive is first. If you can't even use an external keyboard or mouse, except in BIOS, there is a problem with Windows.

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This question relates to a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-1UX Laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1.

Some of the onboard keys (E, T, U, I, O, A, B, N, together with the Enter key) fail to register. All of the other keys tested so far appear to register normally.

When connecting an external USB keyboard, all keys function properly. However, when using either the onboard keyboard or the external USB keyboard, it is necessary to hold down whatever key is selected for approx 2-3 seconds in order for its character to register. This makes typing incredibly slow and is understandably unacceptable.

I've checked device manager looking for errors, but am unable to find any. The driver for the keyboard is listed as installed and working properly, and driver update says that the latest version is in already in use.

I have also scanned for viruses using Malware Bytes and Spybot, and also with the laptops own pre-installed antivirus software. All of the full system scans return a no threat found message.

I have read that the keyboards on these machines are prone to failure, which could answer why only certain onboard keys function. The fact that all keys on the external USB keyboard work would seem to confirm this. However, the fact that both onboard and external keyboard is affected by the same slow keypress might also suggest a bios problem - but as this laptop is several years old and has been working perfectly, why would bios suddenly cause this problem.

I hav... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 - Keyboard Problems

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Hi guys could you help me.
I have a toshiba Satallite Pro P300 and i have glued two keys to the keyboard and have two more keys mssing on my laptop so i have bought another keyboard for the laptop and it was delivered this morning.
My problem is i havent got a clue to how to replace it and install it into my laptop.
Could any one give me a step by step walk through on how to take off my original and replace it with the new one i have had delivered this morning.

Answer:New keyboard install on Toshiba Satellite Pro P300

hello ,
the best thing is to follow the manufacture book , it's the most helpful thing in the world . you can also youTube it but it's impossible to write a step by step on here , and even if i do you will be confused .
check it toshiba website for documentation

PS: advice dont not do it unless your sure that you can handle it other wise you will be left with screws and plastic all over the place it happend to me

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My Toshiba Satellite laptop screens and keyboard freezes completely, forcing me to do hard shutdown and cold reboot to get back on the air.... No apparent reason! Just remove some malware (Yellow Moxie, Iminent) using OTL... That freezing problem appeared simultaneous with the infection, and was there before that fix also. Moxie et al are sown the digital toilet where they belong, but the freeze-problem is still there... Help?
McAfee is worthless with these problems - What do you guys think of them? I am up for renewal of their "protection" package, but I am thinking about going to Kaspersky next... Your opinion is very much valued...


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) II P520 Dual-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3834 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 293430 MB, Free - 226200 MB;
Motherboard: AMD Corp., Guam
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Screens + Keyboard Lockups

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A505 Laptop and I was doing college finals last night and spilled my Mike's Hard Lemonade onto the right half of my keyboard. Now, the number pad, right shift/enter key, and directional arrow keys are very sticky. I tried popping off the right shift key, and ended up busting a piece of plastic and now the shift key doesnt lock completely in place. it stays in but wobbles. I need to purchase a whole new keyboard. How expensive, and how easy is it to install a new laptop keyboard. Is it something I can do without taking it to a shop? Is it worth repairing?

Answer:Replacing Toshiba Satellite A505 keyboard

Looks like they run $16.67 w/free shipping on eBay.
Brand-new for Toshiba Satellite p305 series Keyboard black glossy replacement on eBay!

And here is a video on how to replace the keybord:

You're welcome.

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Hey everyone, I'm new here and I have this strange problem with my Toshiba Satellite laptop. When I try to type something, it will type something else completely. Ex: I try to type "Great" it types "fdjsreaut". After a few minutes of the keyboard malfunctioning like this, it will stop working completely. The only way for me to get the keyboard to work again is to shut it off, take out the battery, wait a few minutes, then turn it back on. Then, it will only work for a few minutes before beginning to malfunction again.
I have tried various spyware: nothing came up. I then did an entire factory reset of my computer, but the problem still remained. Thus it can't be a virus, it's probably a keyboard driver malfunction.
Does anyone know what I should do to try to fix this? A huge thanks goes to anyone who can help me fix this

Answer:Toshiba Satellite keyboard driver malfunction

I'm less inclined to think its a driver issue then perhaps the keyboard itself or other hardware. In any case, i'm really not sure about the cause of your problem but i once saw this keyboard test tool (free for 1st 30 days).

I never tried it myself but if you try it, let us know what you think of it please

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I have a Toshiba Satellite M45-S165 Laptop. I have noticed that when I hit the key stroke shift/a or shift/n combination I get an odd outcome. when i am in word, excell or any other programs on my laptop and go to capitalize a or n by using the above key strokes I get an enter or other reaction. Any suggestions???

shift A = enter in word and outlook
shift A = jumps up a cell in excell

Please help!!!!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite M45-S165 Keyboard Problem

You may want to check you have the correct keyboard type specified in the keyboard applet under the control panel.

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I've read through a lot of the threads here on keyboard issues. I'm wondering if anyone else has had symptoms similiar to mine: At random and variable intervals, my mapping will go screwy, the light below F10 will turn on, several keys become completely unresponsive, context sensitive menus pop open, etc. Here's the thing I haven't seen anyone else report: I can be sure one or more of those results will happen if I put pressure on or squeeze the area to the left or below the keyboard - including the black part where the media buttons are and the silver cover that is a natural palm rest. Based on that, I belive it to be hardware related. Anyone have something similar? Do you think replacing the control circuit thing as others have reported will work? Or am I looking at replacing the whole keyboard? Or something else entirely? Note that sometimes it happens even when I haven't touched or squeezed those areas, so what does that mean? Thanks!?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite keyboard issues - with a twist

this usually happens if the connector(s) are lose. eiter keyboard or touchpad.
I donno how this works on toshiba laptops but you could try to remove the keyboard and re-seat the connector to the motherboard.
it is also possible that the contacts underneath the buttons are dirty. this would be a bit more work. you also need to remove the keyboard clean it up carefully. there are cleaning fluids available for notebook keyboards. I think its mostly alcohol in it because it gets dry fast. not sure but I think it was more like a spray.

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i have a Toshiba A300 satellite laptop . it is only a year old ,the problems i
face r as follows nt
when i type ,the cursor moves to the starting point of the line automatically.
also when i hit backspace button the cursor moves to the start of the line .
also when i select file or folder in the desktop,the file being opened is always the 1st file (at left top corner ) in the desktop,it is same when files in folders r selected ..
also when i on my laptop ,before the os starts loading a loud beeping sound is produced and after a while the os resumes loading
i do also have some scrolling problems ,when i scroll down it doesn't work and sticks to the upper side.
what should i do ...?
i really cud use some help...?

Answer:Keyboard problems with Toshiba Satellite A300

Does an external Keyboard work properly?

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I have a freaky keyboard problem, best described by someone else on a different thread:

I think that other thread addressed a different problem, but I'm not sure.

"AVM" wrote:
My Toshiba M40 gives me similar keyboard problems. I get funny characters like
when I press the left Shift key and then the keyboard starts behaving abnormally:
1. it shifts to caps mode, to type lower letters, I have to actually use caps lock.
2. I cant use the shift key to type in the special characters above the numerals.
3. clicking on the menu bar gives me a different effect as if the shift key is already pressed while it is not.
4. I cant select one file or folder as several of them selected at one time.

and then I give up, shut down the computer (it doesnt restart at this time)
after some time, the computer starts normally but I am never sure when it will start misbehaving again.
I read on this board about he bios update, so got mine updated to the 1.7 version from toshiba website (this is the latest one they had for machines with ATI graphics). Dont tell me to take it to Toshiba because I did take it to their authorised service centre in Mumbai and they were of no use.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite M45-S355 Keyboard Problem

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Check that your numlock key isn`t activated.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hello, im dealing with a friends Toshiba Satellite laptop. The computers mousepad will not work. The keyboard will npt respond to 80% of the keys including the Enter or Arrow pad. At first I thought it might've been a corrupted windows installation but then accessing the Bios menu (F2 key worked) I was unable to input any other keyboard commands. I popped an Ubuntu CD and am having similar issues. I've came to the conclusion that components would have to be replaced.

any input would be appreciated!

Should I advise my friend that a replacement keyboard would have to be ordered? What steps should I approach next? Thank you in advance!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Mousepad & Keyboard malfunction

I think I would first try to go to the Toshiba website, look up the particular laptop and download updated drivers. It could be a driver issue and i would try that before spending money on new parts.

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Last week, the keyboard on my toshiba laptop was giving me some problems. Some of the keys don't work and some will do some funny stuff when i clicked on them. For example, when I type the letter d, it will have the function of an alt key... when I try to type the word spread, right when it reaches spr, the whole thing changed to aAa. It was so weird and I thought probably I got a virus. I did a virus scan and restarted the laptop. I set up a password to log into my laptop and as the keyboard is not working, I am not able to log into the system without keying in the correct password. Does anyone know how to disable a login? I was thinking of maybe installing a new regular keyboard but I will not be able to try that without first gettting in. Anyone can help pls??

Answer:Keyboard on Toshiba Satellite not functioning properly

Any Success ?

I am having major problem with my laptop's keyboard.
If I could disable it when XP is running, I would be ok.

Did you have any success ?


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Hi I have a toshiba Satelite L300 went to log on and the keyboard wont punch in any letters, went to restart it and now it wont even go into the start up screen, wont let me do F2, F12 or anything all it has it a black screen with the cursor dash in the right hand corner but not flashing....any advise?

Answer:Keyboard not working Toshiba


The following may be causes:

1. virus
2. You broke your keyboard (worse possibility)
3. Your keyboard setting got altered (best possibility)
4. driver doesn't work.

if it is number 2, your only option is to call the manufacture and ask them to fix it (if you have a warranty then this shouldn't be a problem) if it is #1,3, or 4 your best option would probably be to reinstall windows. (anti-virus programs sucks! It rarely successfully fixes the program and it usually slows down your computer more than a virus does). Hopefully, your computer came with a reinstall windows cd, if not, you have to buy a new one. (FYI, reinstalling windows may not work but it SHOULD work if your computer has a virus)

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so i have a toshiba-l450D-113 i live in the us and i cant find any solution because this computer is from this is the problem my windows 7 says its not genuine i just cant fix it, 2nd my cam stoped working yesterday i cant find the drivers. microphone dont work yes i looked everywere. this is getting me pissed because i cant find any help. PLEASE HELP ADVANCE TERMS ACCEPTED

Answer:Help with toshiba-satellite l450d-113 cam not working mic not working windows 7

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S2286 laptop many keys were pressed at one time accidentally I do not know in what order they were pressed the laptop started a rapid beeping it was shut down hot and restarted now the number keys 5 through = do not work and letter keys Q T Y U I O H do not work in upper or lower case please help if you can

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I would appreciate any help with my laptop. It recently suffered a dramatic and total failure from which I needed to return it to a factory re-set. Having done this I have a small but very irritating problem in that when I press the DEL button I get ....if I press the shift key at the same time it does then delete as intended. During the factory re-set process I would have pressed many keyboard combinations using the Function keys and the FN key and I suspect that I have unexpectedly created this reversal problem myself. If any one can help me correct this fault I would be most grateful.
Thank you.

Answer:Keyboard problem with Toshiba Satellite C855 laptop


goto device manager and uninstall the keyboard and reboot laptop see if anything changes.

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My Toshiba and I are BAAAAAACK....for some reason, my 1,q,a,z and left side ctrl, shift and tab keys are not working (I have an external keyboard plugged into my laptop right now, which is extremely inconvenient). For awhile, there was some intermittent usability, but now.....NOTHING. I have tried to find new drivers on the Toshiba site, but there aren't any available right now. I am out of warranty and it costs $35. just to call them to discuss a problem. I have removed all of the affected keys and cleaned them, but still no luck. All of the other keys work fine.

On another note, after being infected in August with the Sircam virus and dumping and recreating my whole system, the right click button on my keyboard mouse is no longer working.

Any ideas out there?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite 4080XCDT keyboard keys malfunction

If the external keyboard works fine, then the built-in keyboard is probably shot. Believe it or not, computer parts, especially laptop parts, do wear out. Don't waste your money on a support call or taking it in to a technician. The computer is too old and is not worth that type of repair. Time for a new one.

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Hi. I've been having a problem with the left arrow key on my laptop computer (see title for model), and this only started happening today. The key now requires a much greater amount of pressure than usual for it to do anything; I practically have to mash it. Just so you know, I protect my computer fiercely and make sure not to spill anything on it, but there is a certain amount of free-floating pet hair in the house. Also, my laptop is one that allows you to remove individual keys (to say nothing for the little rubber jobbies underneath them). I'm at my wit's end and would like to avoid buying a replacement internal keyboard on EBay or even a hulking external one. Is there any way I can fix this? I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out here.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite M45-S351 laptop keyboard issue

You can try removing and cleaning it, per Toshiba instructions, or blowing it out with compressed air. If the electrical contact is failing a replacement maybe the only option. Some laptops are easier to work on than others.

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About 10 days or so ago the keyboard on my Toshiba satellite laptop stopped responding. I managed to do a system restore which sorted it out. However, a week later ( last Thursday), the problem returned, but system restore wouldn't work the 2nd time. On researching, I find that it could be down to a recent Windows 8 update. I found the following link, but how do I get into the regedit option without the keyboard working?. Any help would be great! click here

Answer:Toshiba Laptop Keyboard not working

If the mouse still works, on the desktop, right click the Start icon bottom left in the task bar. Select device manager, and select the Action tab at the top. Select 'Scan for hardware changes'.

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Ok I'm having a hell of a time with my toshiba L505d-S6952. For some reason when ever I startup my computer no matter if I go in to the BIOS or try to go to windows my keyboard and mouse freeze after about 2 secs. I cant do anything but do a hard shut down and restart but still will freeze. One time I was able to get the computer up and running to the windows vista desktop and my mouse and keyboard were working. So I know it is not them that is bad. I am thinking that it is a BIO issue since even if I take my hard drive out and start up the computer all I am able to do is hit F2 and if Im fast enough F9 but I can not hit yes to load default before my keyboard is non responsive. I have updated my BIOS to 1.50 and get the BSOD stating "The Bios in this system is not fully ACPI compliant."

Answer:HELP!!! Toshiba keyboard and mouse pad not working

Hi and welcome to MG's,
I don't believe that this was a bios issue in the first place, i think it is/was one of your start up programs that was causing this issue, what you needed to do was to disable all of your start up programs ( check link on how to do this) and re-enable them one by one restarting your machine each time untill you find the problematic start up program that is causing the lock up. I would advise rolling back the bios flash that you did to the version it was at before, then try the startup fix !!

iain.t :major

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Toshiba Tecra A10 Win XP.
My second laptop problem of the day ! Child spilt Orange juice over keyboard of wife's laptop. Mopped up quickly but now no keys work at all. Laptop also continually beeps when turned on. All seems to work using a USB keyboard. Have removed laptop keyboard but can find no obvious area of damage/ liquid ingress. Wondered if one key was stuck through the spillage and tried to tap all of them multiple times...very occasionally could get a number to appear in notepad totally unrelated to the key pressed but normally zero response. Happy to try and fit a new keyboard (if available) but just wondered if I might be missing something. Thanks.

Answer:Toshiba laptop Keyboard not working

You could try washing the keyboard with distilled water, then leaving it in an airing cupboard. Personally, I'd bite the bullet and stick a new one in!

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I have a Toshiba C855D laptop that I am trying to reinstall Windows 7 from a CD on because I recently got I a CBT Blocker encrypt virus on it. All my files are backed up so I'm just trying to reinstall Windows 7 on it to start from scratch but I have a very peculiar problem. When I start up the computer my keyboard does not work so that I cannot even put in my password. But by experimenting I discovered something: I have a USB mouse hooked up to it and with the mouse I put the computer on hybernate and when I take it out of hybernate then the keyboard works fine (quick note here: when the keyboard is working the light on the "number lock" key is on and when the keyboard is not working the light is off). So here is my problem: when I restart the computer to reboot it from disc (by pressing F12 key) the menu comes up for me to reinstall Windows 7 but I cannot navigate the menu because the keyboard does not work (the light I mentioned before turns off on restart) and the USB mouse does not work either because apparently it is disabled for a Windows 7 reinstall from disk. Is it that I need a new keyboard but if so then why does it work fine when I bring it back from hybernate? Can someone please help me with this?

Answer:Toshiba C855D Keyboard not working

The quick solution might be a usb keyboard. otherwise...

When you initially boot up you should get a bios screen that says press F2 for setup. Do so, for two reasons: to find out if the kb is working in DOS mode, and then when you are in the bios go to the options tab and select ~load default options~. then Accept changes and let it reboot.

The usb mouse should have been working in WinRE.

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Hello allThe keyboard on my new Toshiba laptop stopped working recently, after just a couple of weeks' use. Just no reacting to anything. I bought it in uk, as no language barrier etc, but it is currently abroad and very difficult to return it to GB where I bought it, though I realise that that might be my only option. Thought I'd ask here first if anyone knows any steps I can take to resolve the keyboard problem. I have been using it with a new wireless keyboard, which is not satisfactory in the long-term, until I can find a permanent solution. Any replies gratefully received. I'd be very grateful if they could be in simple lay terms please as I know little to nothing of the internal workings of computers, although am quite an experienced user. Thanksgivern321

Answer:Toshiba laptop keyboard not working

Can you plug another keyboard in and try it. If it works then the keyboard on the laptop may have a fault or loose connection to the main board...

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I have Toshiba PC with wireless keyboard and mouse but mouse and keyboard has no contact with PC. Batteries are in, connector also is puted in PC. what should i do?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Toshiba keyboard and mouse pad not working

Hi my friend , welcome to MG's :major

You can unplug all devices from your computer , restarting it plug in them again , even do you check your mouse pad in another computer showing if it works ? :wave

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My Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5892 laptop is having a keyboard problem. The enter key doesn't work, the up arrow doesn't work, the a key turn on the caps lock, many other key don't work or display the wrong letter. My computer is off and it won't let me log in because i can't type my password. Any suggestions? thank you!

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hi I have a Toshiba laptop. the backlit keyboard has stopped working. is there an on off switch or does the light require replacement. Its less than a yr old.

Answer:backlit toshiba keyboard not working

It is still under warranty, take it back to the dealer.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A205-S4777 laptop. The keyboard is not working correctly. It is not registering every letter I type. It's almost as if I'm not actually pushing all the keys down everytime, but I am. I will have to stop mid-word and push the letter (or space) that I am trying to type a couple of times and it will finally register. I went to "Control Panel... Keyboard" but nothing in there seems to fix my situation. It makes it extremely difficult to type e-mails, Word documents, ANYTHING! It slows down the process because I am constantly having to backspace and fix whatever didn't register. I don't know what to do and any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Answer:Toshiba keyboard not working everytime

There are no specific keys that won't work. It's rather random. I will be typing and keys that I hit just won't register. I hear and feel them click... I know they are being hit, they just won't show up (including space bar too).

I really don't know anything about taking apart a laptop to get the keyboard out... I will have to see if a friend does.

Also... it's just random when it does it... for example, I haven't had one problem right now typing this reply, but earlier today, when I started the original thread it was so bad that I literally couldn't get two words typed without having to hit "backspace" and retype them.

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I dont know how to remove the back so i might get to the keyboard. I have a new keyboard. Removed all the screws i see that might be holding it , bit still something still holds it in the center. Can any one tell me how or direct me to a site that might help? Email me at <[email protected]>

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I bought this laptop for a great deal less than a month ago but the return policy was the first of January. On the 8th I spilled a water bottle by accident from doing some school work and not paying attention to how close it was. I know that it is a horrible choice to eat/drink around technology. I quickly turned it off, took out the battery, tipped it upside down to get some water out, then i took the keys off and dried it all underneath them, next i waited about 6 hours and was so worried i turned it back on and everything was working fine until I tried typing =( I knew i should wait longer so i turned it back off and waited 30 hours and it still wasn't typing right i.e press k kj90 comes up. Then I decided to just use a usb keyboard and do the rice thing to the actual keyboard. Now I am still using the usb one which can get annoying but I can live and it has been over 4 days since the accident occurred. Is it possible that it's still drying out some keys work but some of them type other letters that are close by it? Could I buy a similar model keyboard and replace this one? I called Toshiba and they said it wasn't covered and would cost $180 to get it replaced but I don't have that money. I have also checked online for the same keyboard replacement but I didn't find any but similar one's. Thanks

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Do I can use a keyboard for model PSSB0E-057012CE also in the model PSSB0E-05R00JGR?

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I have a Satellite U840-10M, Windows 7, 64bit

Earlier this week I had to boot in safemode due to some problems with McAfee. Since then, the drivers for the mousepad and the keyboard were messed up.
I have been able to find/download the drivers for the mousepad, so that works again as it should.

But i cannot find the driver for the keyboard. So at this time, the backlight doesn't work and the FN keys don't work.

In addition, Since then i can't use/access Toshiba Accessibility.

Please give the link to download Toshiba accessibility or the appropriate keyboard driver.


Answer:Satellite U840 - missing keyboard driver / Toshiba accessibility

In addition:

When I try to run Toshiba accessibility, i get an error saying:

This system, can not use "TOSHIBA Acccessibility".

Please advice..

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Not 100% sure that this is a hardware issue but that's my best guess after everything else that I've tried....

I am no longer able to type double letters/numbers or even use the backspace or arrow keys properly. If I try to type double letters (for example, the t's in letter), I have to either hit the space bar and then the backspace key to get the cursor back to the proper position after the first t to continue typing the next t or I have to arrow back to just before the first t that I typed so that it will allow me to type the second t then hit the END key to get the cursor back to the correct position to continue typing. (Hopefully that made sense!)

But the really strange, and frustrating, part about this is that this issue does not happen if I hold down the shift key while I type.

I have already tried the following in hopes of correcting this issue:
Adjust my key's typing delay speed - no change
Turn of my filter/sticky keys - no change
Clean out my keyboard - no change
Uninstall my keyboard driver and reboot - no change
Perform a system reset - no change

Anyone have additional ideas to solve this problem or what the issue may be?

Answer:Keyboard Issue on a Toshiba Satellite c55t-c5300 Laptop

try an external usb keyboard to narrow down whether its hardware or software

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On my laptop Satellite L20 not working keyboard and touchpad, but keyboard work in BIOS, USB-ports also not working (USB mouse).

Can i get update file for BIOS(traditional updating from boot CD, not OS!)

Sorry for my bad English.

Answer:Satellite L20 keyboard & touchpad not working but keyboard work in BIOS

If the traditional BIOS update is not available on the download page the only way to get it is to contact nearest authorized service provider. They have all versions.

But this keyboard and mouse issue is really strange. can you use it if you start operating system in ?safe mode??

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I managed to fix one of the hinges of the laptop screen and when I tightened all the screws back, started the computer and discovered that the keyboard stopped working. However, the mouse pad is working. I checked the keyboard from the control panel and it says "this device is working properly". I tried taking out the battery, rebooting, but nothing worked so far. What could be the problem?.

Answer:Toshiba Laptop keyboard stopped working

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Hi there,

I reinstalled Windows 7 (from a Windows 7 disk not the Toshiba recovery files).
And everything was working fine, but after restarting once after some updates the mouse and keyboard stopped working!
I found I could get the keyboard to work by pushing the power button to send it to sleep then waking it up, but then the mouse still didn't work.
I can push F2 on the keyboard to get into the BIOS, but can't navigate in it (but can with a USB keyboard.)
Mouse and keyboard don't work in safe mode even.
USB keyboards and mice work fine all the time.

The laptop is a
Satellite L500D PSLT0C-00F002

I really don't understand would could cause this all of a sudden!

Answer:Toshiba L500 Touchpad Keyboard not working (odd)

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The keys e i o u and t are not working. Its extremely irritating. I feel like a retard having to copy paste those keys or use the on screen keyboard all the time.
I already tried:

Removing the battery and holding down the power button Restarting in safe mode to see if the same keys wouldn't work Checking for any malware or viruses And tried uninstalling keyboard but the thing wont even uninstall so I could reinstall.
And I still get the same results. I am not tech savvy nor do I have a lot of money for a new computer right now.
Why the hell aren't these keys working? How do I get them to start working again?
Do I download software to get the keys to work or remap them?

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Have a toshiba laptop running vista - onboard keyboard and mouse will not work in windows (regular or safe mode) external usb mouse and keyboard work fine. System had infection cleaned with Avast and malwarebytes. Would rather not wipe and reload - system has no restore points - tried re-installing drivers - no results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Toshiba onboard keyboard and mouse not working

1.) Provide us with the make and model of your Toshiba laptop.2.) Start menu > Run > devmgmt.msc Look for your mouse and keyboard in the list. You'll obviously see the mouse and keyboard you plugged in, but try to find your laptop keyboard and trackpad in that list. If you can't find it, look for any device displaying any errors.3.) Make sure the onboard keyboard/trackpad haven't been disabled via one of the laptop's Fn (function keys)4.) Open Control Panel and find the third-party control panel applet for your laptop's trackpad. Is it reporting any issues?5.) Can you get your laptop's keyboard to produce any lights (eg. Caps Lock, Num Lock, etc.?)6.) Do you have the Malwarebytes logs/Avast quarantine (or removal logs) still available? If this problem occurred after the malware was removed then it may be helpful to look for any drivers/other files that may have been altered/removed as part of avast's/MBAM's activities.7.) Did you at any time have any Webroot software installed?

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Hello everyone!

After cleaning my laptop Toshiba C855 using wet wipes it started beeping (video below), touchpad doesn't work at all, only few letters work on the keyboard.
After disconnecting the keyboard and turning on the laptop nothing changes, it keeps beeping, touchpad not responseful.
It is two days after it started and the problem remains..
Any ideas guys?

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I just got a Satellite P50-A-144 with Windows 8.1.

The Keyboard has the typical F-Keys with Specialfunctions (Mute, Volume, WiFi,...). After unpacking and starting the Notebook all Function-Keys (F1-F12) worked. After installing the latest Drivers f?r Hard- and Software from the Toshiba-Site the Function-Keys don't work anymore. Only the Volume up and down Function still works, while pressing the FN-Key (normally it works without pressing the FN-Key).

I checked the Toshiba System Settings and the Keyboard-Settings didn't change. They are still set to "Specialfunctions" (so I normally don't have to press the FN-Button). Reinstalling several Drivers and installing the "Value added package" (Windows 7) didn't help. I don't know what to do and hope you can help me. The Functions are practical and it would be annoying, if they don't work anymore.

Please excuse my English. I'm from Germany and don't write in english very often.
Thank you

Answer:Satellite P50 - Hotkeys/Function-Keys - Toshiba System Settings/Keyboard

> After installing the latest Drivers for Hard- and Software from the Toshiba-Site the Function-Keys don't work anymore.
To be hones I don't understand why you have installed anything if your notebook was delivered with preinstalled 8.1 OS version and everything worked properly. Don't change anything if there is no reason for that.

My advice for you is: create recovery media and after doing this install original OS version again. You can do this using this created disc or HDD recovery option.

Check also

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L 75 running a boot leg Windows 10. My monitor is broken so I?m using my tv via hdmi cable. I let a repair program take my computer into safe mode to fix some issues without thinking I wouldn?t be able to see on the tv monitor and now I have nothing I don?t have a clue what to do. If I can just get it back to being able to see it on the tv again I?d be fine.

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ages ago a couple of keys stopped working on my toshiba laptop and just stuck to using on screen keyboard as subsititute for missing keys. Missing keys are:
y h n 6 and the left arrow key.
I have taken all keys off and gave a good check and could see no damage and liquids havent been spilt on it before that bad to damage it. im sure its a software problem
please help

Answer:some keys on toshiba laptop keyboard have stopped working

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ages ago a couple of keys stopped working on my toshiba laptop and just stuck to using on screen keyboard as subsititute for missing keys. Missing keys are:
y h n 6 and the left arrow key.
I have taken all keys off and gave a good check and could see no damage and liquids havent been spilt on it before that bad to damage it. im sure its a software problem
please help

Answer:some keys on toshiba laptop keyboard have stopped working

ok this should of been in hardware section sorry my bad but i did do a hijackthis report to see if there was any problems with it.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.3 (BETA)
Scan saved at 05:01:16, on 27/01/2010
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18882)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\NDSTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Toshiba Online Product Information\TOPI.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Power Saver\TPwrMain.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\SmoothView\SmoothView.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\FlashCards\TCrdMain.exe
C:\Program Files\Camera Assistant Software for Toshiba\traybar.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Mobile2\Application Launcher\Application Launcher.exe
C:\Program Files\Seagate\Basics\Basics Status\MaxMenuMgrBasics.exe
C:\Program Files\Toshiba TEMPRO\TemproTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Sony Ericsson PC Suite... Read more

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A friend was using a USB jump drive on my laptop. For some reason the monitor stopped working. We used the jump drive on a desktop and the same thing happened, but this time when we removed the jump drive the monitor started working again.

I can see the desktop when I start in safe mode, but I'm not sure what needs to be done.

Thanks for the help.

Answer:Toshiba satellite monitor not working

You said, "I can see the desktop when I start in safe mode, but I'm not sure what needs to be done."

I have to assume that you are talking about the Laptop here, since you say the Desktop healed itself after the Jump Drive was removed.

I suspect that 'somehow' the installed driver for the monitor got hosed. When use boot in Safe Mode default drivers are used....different than during a Windows normal boot in most cases...for just this reason.

Delete the monitor from the system via Device Mgr and reboot. Windows should reinstall it and its correct Driver. If the stored version of the driver is hosed, you may have to get a fresh one off of the manufacturer's website OR do a System Repair OR a System Restore back to a known good date/time. Try the Restore BEFORE the Repair, it's easier.

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What i will do to open or to use this laptop if i open i saw choose keyboard layout then continue rollback or use another operating system or troubleshoot or turn off your PC any suggestion or solution to this problem i dont reformat or software or upgrade

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No access to tray above stops access to factory reset facility via disc.have no idea how to activate recovery partition without disc.

Answer:Dvd/cd tray not working on toshiba Satellite lap top

For now you might try Booting from an External DVD Drive (USB DVD Drive). You would also have to make sure you setup the External Drive as a Boot Drive in your CMOS Setup. Then you will be able to use your Recovery Discs. Hope this helps. Typically when you are unable to simply Open a Drive Door, there is a mechanical issue with the Drive that software will not fix.

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I want to do HDD recovery from Windows 10, I have put all my files on other partitions, I hoped to see & do "Recover without changing the hard drive partitions" but when I turned my PC on while holding 0, It didn't open any TOSHIBA recovery software...
I don't have Startup Settings button on that screen... And system image recovery requests that I use windows installation DVD ....

BTW I have recovery partition in this computer:

Answer:Satellite L50-A: Toshiba HDD recovery not working


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Not working.(no duh) When i turn it on it says VMM32.vxc is required to run windows. Windows has stopped.(NAW YA THINK!)Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to resart Your computer. SO i put a windows 98 in the cd drive,it spins it like its reading but then notthing(did I spell that right?)grrrrrrrrrrrrr.......rrrrr.rr.r

Answer:Toshiba satellite pro labtop not working

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I have toshiba satellite CT 50T laptop win 7. It has a working BT 4.0 (as shown in property). i have enabled BT for discovery from other devices. Neither is this BT shown on other devices nor is it discovering any devices.
i have troubleshooted using bluetooth services option by deleting password in local services and also restarted device. it just does not work.
i have searched the net but got no working solution.
could someone help me make my bluetooth discoverable

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Toshiba Satellite A205
Windows Vista Home Premium

I just bought a Toshiba Satellite A205 from my friend's father. I've been using it for about a week now and today the DVD RW drive is not recognized by Windows. I've rebooted multiple times, and checked the Device Manager as well. I used the Toshiba PC Diagnosis Tool and that doesn't even recognize that there is a disc drive. I had been using the drive to watch a DVD just hours before this happened. The drive will not open and the light on the drive itself is blinking orange.

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To start off, I seen another thread about the TouchPad not working but this is a slightly different situation.. First off, it's a really new computer and I'm dual booting windows 10 and linux. Anyways, the TouchPad only works in windows but it randomly stops working every once in a while and I have to go into the mouse settings and re-enable it but what I thought was really weird is that when I go to the efi firmware settings, it doesn't work either.. The mouse cursor is stuck on the left side of the screen and i have to use the keyboard to navigate, even a Bluetooth mouse won't work there.. That tells me that is not a windows issue but that also tells me that is not a hardware issue either because it works in windows when i enable it in the settings.. I also have to use the bluetooth mouse for linux as it doesn't work at all.. I'm not a noob by no means, i fix pc's for a living and i usually have some kind of idea on how to fix issues but this one, i have no idea.. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Sent from my SGH-M919N using Tapatalk

Answer:Toshiba Satellite TouchPad not working

Did u try putting your USB mouse in another USB slot?
Does your mouse even turn on?

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my son has a toshiba satellite s2410-504 which runs on xp home edition. for no reason at all it shuts down and even though the power light comes on its like its completely dead, no fans working or anything. it did this recently and stayed that way for 4 weeks then out of the blue it powered up and worked again but yesterday it shut down and has gone back to doing nothing. i have removed batterey pressed power button with mains lead out for 30 seconds and replacing it all but still dead im at a loss as why it does this even though its an old laptop any ideas what i can do?

Answer:toshiba satellite shut down nothing working

It is more or less impossible to diagnose this sort of fault, without having the laptop and being able to run tests.
Clearly, as you have already established there is a serious issue either with the processor, motherboard or the power circuits.
The first thing to establish is - is the power supply good.
Also is the battery good.
When it was working was the fan running and was the laptop overheating - are the cooling vents
Overheat would cause the shutdown and whilst it may recover the first time, it does not mean it will do so a second time.
The same applies to a fried capacitor. When the capacitor goes open circuit the first time it may well recover when it cools down, but it will most surely go again and then will not recover.

You are I think, in a situation where this site is unlikely to be able to assist.
I would depending on the accessibility on that Toshiba, check the seating of the hard drive, the ram and have a look at the state of the cooling vents.

I would try a boot without the battery and with a known good Power supply

I would start with a close read of the manual - if you do not have it see this link.

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The CD/DVD Driver in my Satellite A50 Laptop (TEAC DV-W24E) won't read CDs or DVDs and doesn't appear on My Computer, when I checked the hardware, it says that Windows has properly loaded the driver but the hardware cannot be found (code 41). I don't really know what to do, should I consider uninstalling the driver?? thing is I don't know how to reinstall it, and even though I know plenty about PCs, this, for me, has been an issue and I don't know what to do. HELP!!!!

Uh... I guess no one wants to help me in here, or they're having a bad day, since I've seen really nice tips on the other threads. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A50 laptop CD/DVD not working

There is a regedit to fix your issue, frist go to start then run type regedit
click the plus sign next to HKey_local_machine, then click the plus sign next to current_control_set, then click the plus sign next to control, then click the plus sign next to class, then click on the number {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318, then on the right hand side delete the upper and the lower filters, if both are not there then delete waht ever is there, then restarte the computer and the issue will be fixed


Read more

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I have a Toshiba Satellite notebook computer, model # PSM60C-CD400E. I am not sure if my D: Drive is damaged. The computer does not recognize the d drive. When I go to "My Computer" the D: drive does not appear. Hence I cannot play any CD's or DVDs.
I took it to a repair technician and he examined the computer. He told me that he believes the problem is caused by a virus. He told me that my norton was outdated, ( a version from 2005) and that the computer would not peform a full virus scan. When he performed a virus scan, it would stop at file # 400 or something like that.
However I believe he is incorrect. I did full virus and system scan and Norton searched over 500,000 files and no virus was found. I am using Rogers High speed internet and they give you Norton antivirus with the package. I recently (about two months ago) reinstalled Norton on the computer.
I would like to wipe the computer using the recovery dvd/cd, however as my D drive is not recognized, i cant even do this.
Does anyone know what is causing this problem, or what i should do? I would like to wipe the computer, as this is what the technician recommended. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite D: Drive not working

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I was using my computer a few weeks ago to transfer music from some old CDs to my iTunes and all of a sudden my drive stopped working. It won't play CDs (burned or regular), or DVDs. There are NO error messages when I go into control panel, etc. I've tried everything short of replacing the drive. PLEASE HELP!!

Answer:Toshiba Satellite dvd/cd-rom drive not working

I think maybe replacing the drive might be the solution.

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Keyboard toshiba not working and right click of mouse activated automatically



I have a problem with my Toshiba Laptop keyboard.

It starts typing Z or / or \ by itself. Sometimes it is ZZZZZZ (tens of Z) of \\\\\\\ (tens of \). For example if I try to type "Hello" it will type as "Hezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzlzzzzzzzzzlzzzo".

Sometimes the up arrow or down arrow or pagedown is pressed continously.

I have Norton Antivirus. I have run 10-20 antivirus, spyware and Malware tools. They could not find anything.

In a forum they said that this might be a Keyboard hardware problem.

Can you please let me know what should be done?

Thanks for your help

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I have a problem with my Toshiba Laptop keyboard. Satellite A200-192

It starts typing Z or / or \ by itself. Sometimes it is ZZZZZZ (tens of Z) of \\\\\\\ (tens of \). For example if I try to type "Hello" it will type as "Hezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzlzzzzzzzzzlzzzo".

Sometimes the up arrow or down arrow or pagedown is pressed continously.

I have Norton Antivirus. I have run 10-20 antivirus, spyware and Malware tools. They could not find anything.

In a forum they said that this might be a Keyboard hardware problem. The KEYBOARD is NOW ultimately shutdow....Presently i am using a external keyboard, but now and then the right click of the mouse is activated....

Can you please let me know what should be done?

Answer:Keyboard toshiba not working and right click of mouse activated automatically

A worn out or damaged internal pointing device (mouse pad) could also be causing the keyboard problem. This can be easily fixed by most any laptop repair center

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i'm having a problem with my toshiba laptop keyboard. about a week ago i noticed i was no longer able to use the control key to copy and paste, but i rarely use that key for anything else, so i didn't think much of it except that i must've accidently changed some command. now, my shift key isn't working--as you can tell from the lack of capitalization in this. i think this is a different problem than what was addressed in earlier posts about shift key problems in toshiba laptops. in my case, the shift key worked only sporadically. currently, it's not working at all. first the right one stopped working, now the left one isn't working either. there doesn't seem to be any pattern to when they do/don't work, so it seems unlikely that these keys suddenly got stuck or something. i'm checking for viruses now. does anyone have any other ideas? (now it's working...that's so strange, and annoying).

Answer:help with toshiba satellite laptop keyboard problems; shift, cntrl keys aren't workin

Laptop keyboards don't last forever. It may be time for a replacement

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The webcam on our laptop has started giving us the error message "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer" but everytime we restart it says the same thing.
What do we need to do to fix it. Our system runs Windows Vista Home Premium service pack 1.


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this laptop has been awful and unreliable, suffering many crashes and moments where i have to go through the services and self troubleshoot what one is causing the problem. the main problem now is that the internet doesnt work.
i have tried in safe mode with networking, and the same problem. my wireless adapter shows up as the atheros ar9002wb-1ng

when i log in, i see an icon of a monitor with an excalamation mark next to it, which says no network acces when i click it. i'm sending this from my ipod, so its not a problem with my connection

when i tried to reinstall the wlan driver from the toshiba site (win 7 64 bit) it comes up with a message when i run the setup, saying that i cant copy a file to a destination. i tried changing the setup location and running as admin, neither worked.

please help me, as this happened so suddenly- it was fine last night and i woke up this morning and it didnt work.

Answer:Toshiba satellite l750 internet not working

i managed to reinstall the drivers and that did nothing... please help me its very urgent

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I'm new on this forum and I have a problem with my new Toshiba Satellite L50-A-14M. I did a factory reset recently and health monitor (which I think is a great program) does not work anymore...when I open it notify an error "can't get the isrt enable flag in registry" and does not activate.

I have windows 8.1 64bit; I tried to download more versions but do not work. How to do?
Sorry for my bad English.

Answer:Toshiba PC health monitor is not working on my Satellite L50-A


Try to remove preinstalled version and install latest version from Toshiba download page.
Latest version you can find

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Hi. I have a Toshiba Satellite L855 and when I was using my webcam on Skype it stopped suddenly and now it is showing only white and black lines( see attachment). I have tried a few things like updating the driver, uninstalling it and again installing and still it doesn't work. Can someone help, please?

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I have been using both the touchpad and usb mouse together successfully for many months then first the touchpad stopped responding then 30 minutes later the pad buttons quit working.

I have been in control panel and made sure the touchpad is turned on, tried it with the mouse unplugged, nada.

Any ideas?

Toshiba Satellite M-100 1111e


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I have a Toshiba Satellite L10-B with Windows 8.1, which I bought for my wife. The complementary telephone support period has expired, and I need help.

Ever since I bought the computer, I have been wondering how to check for Toshiba updates. I eventually found out there is a program called Toshiba Service Station that is supposed to check for updates automatically, but I had not even seen that program, or any notifications from it.

I went looking for it using the search feature, and now I know where to find it.

I just today tried to manually check for Toshiba updates using Toshiba Service Station, but it is coming up with an error message to the effect that the program could not initialize, and that I would have to reboot or re-install the program. I tried re-installing the program from the support website, and I'm still getting the same error message.

Where do I go to from here?

Answer:Satellite L10-B - Toshiba Service Station not working

I'm currently having a different problem but with my Toshiba Service Station on my Toshiba Satellite P70-A laptop 8.1 notebook/laptop.

I had when Windows 10 free upgrade became available. Had upgraded it to Windows 10. I've been having a couple of issues with my Toshiba since the upgrade. But I'll address them in another thread.

The problem I'm having is the Toshiba Service Station as well. I got a notification alert in Notification Center from Toshiba Service Station. That there was some new updates to download and install. I opened Toshiba Service Station. Clicked the Download button. Waiting for the Download Progress bar to progress across. But it wasn't downloading as the download progress bar wasn't even downloading a small file size update for one of Intel drivers. I'm like waiting and waiting for the progress bar to fill. But only see an inch of the bar filled. The update was only over 300mb to download. My internet speed is fast. So I'm not sure what's taking so long to download.

Please tell me what I should do?

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I recently purchased and updated my laptop to Windows 8 Pro. The touchpad works just fine but noticed gestures are not working. I did a Windows update, gestures still do not work. Weird how it's providing an older driver but I still tried it, doesn't work. I then went to Synaptics website and downloaded and installed the lastest Windows 8 driver. I'm still not getting any gestures. Under mouse settings in the control panel, my only options to configure buttons are left/right. No gesture settings. Please help as I really want gesture support for my Windows 8 laptop. If any other info is needed that I didn't already explain, please ask. Thanks! Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5518
Windows 8 Pro
See attached screenshot for more info.

Answer:toshiba satellite touch pad gestures not working :(

Wow, these forums are awesome. At least I get responses in other forums. :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

Delete my account moderators.

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I recently got a virus on my computer and resorted to reimaging the computer using the recovery discs that came with my machine. All went fine at first. I was able to use the DVD/CD drive to install several applications. Right after I installed software for my wireless-USB network, my DVD/CD drive disappeared from my drives screen. (I actually discovered this because I realized I installed the wireless-USB software by mistake, and I was trying to install the wireless-N software instead.) Now when I insert a CD, I can hear it turning, but then it stops and does nothing.

I have Windows Vista. Should I uninstall the wireless-USB network software since I don't need it? What else can I do without reimaging the computer again?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L355-S7812 DVD/CD not working

I should also mention that I am not getting any error messages on screen.

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No disply on my toshiba satellite L500,power supply led is getting on .

Answer:Toshiba satellite L500 not working, No disply

If you still get lights on the edge of the laptop & you can hear the fan spinning and harddisk clicking a bit but nothing at all is appearing on the display then it's either the screen or the power inverter that have gone. Either way it's not really something you can do yourself, take it to a technician to sort out. If you are not getting any lights, fan or clicking sound then it is a power issue - the LED doesn't necessarily mean that the power supply is ok. Again, not much you can do yourself, take it to an expert."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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hi, I have a toshiba a300 laptop and it has now stopped working. it powers on and then goes onto a screen stating its had problems and should i start normally or try to repair. if i select either of these options it loads windows (although the windows picture sign is not showing) and then goes onto a blank screen. Any help is much appreciated.

Answer:toshiba satellite a300 laptop not working

It worked properly before? Last time it appeared to function properly?

Can you boot into safe mode?

You have restore capability?

What was the last activity you conducted on the system...before the system stopped working properly?


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The wireless connection (beside the clock) isn't working on my laptop, although I have tried pressing FN + F8 (which is the wireless button) but it didn't work and I also tried some idea posted here which was to remove the battery and hold the power button to 30 seconds and power it back but it didn't work either

Are there any other fixes to solve the issue pls?


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Appreciate your help. I have a Toshiba Satellite p750 laptop. I have had it only 2 months and although it works perfectly plugged in my wireless connection will not work. I can see the hardware is all there with drivers but when l try to switch it on using my fn F8 it says not enabled but will not let me change it, also when l press the wireless on/off button on my laptop it beeps and the light turns off but it turns straight back on again yet again doing nothing. I have been getting messages such as turn on hardware Radio Switch.

I am running Windows 7 - 64 bit.

I have tried returning it to factory settings and updating the drivers but l still can not get it to work.

Any ideas??


Answer:Toshiba Satellite P750 Wireless not working

I assume it's still covered by Toshiba under warranty.

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Hi I have a Toshiba Satellite L350 Laptop with Windows XP Professional. I have no idea if I am in the right category but here is my issue. I can not activate any of my function keys. This is very problematic because the function key turns on the switch for the laptops WIFI, I can not connect to the internet through WIFI without it. According to the Toshiba forums it is a driver issue related to the TVAP (Toshiba Value Added Package). I have tried downloading the drivers from Toshiba's sight but none seem to open correctly. I think I need to delete the TVAP currently on my laptop but have no idea how to do this. Again my guesses above are summations from 4 hours of reading forums from other sights. I honestly have no idea what is wrong and inherited this laptop from a family member 2 days ago, in an attempt to allow me to work from home to help me with meeting a deadline for work. Anyone familiar with this issue your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Toshiba Satellite L650-12Q
Windows 7 64bit

I am attempting to re-install Windows using the Toshiba HDD Recovery software on my hard disc in order to restore the computer to factory settings.
I followed the procedure to do this in System Recovery Options, but received the following message:

"The recovery of the operating system is impossible!
Could not find HDD Recovery folder on second drive of the first hard disk. There is no valid HDD Recovery environment on this computer."

Further details:
Prior to doing the above, I backed up the system and files and folders using AOMEI Backupper. I then made the mistake of merging partitions C: D: and E:, E: contained the HDDR files.

After trying the above recovery and receiving the message above, I re-installed the system file I had backed up to an external hard disc, which resulted in a copy of C: drive and E: drive containing the HDDR files.
Unfortunately, when I tried to recover the OS, the same message appeared.

I then tried to use a System Restore disc I had created a few weeks ago, but found that for some reason that CD is blank.

The good news is that the computer still works - slowly - and the HDDR files appear to be still there but, for some reason, inaccessible.

What are my options? I want to go back to initial factory settings so that I can start afresh and re-install the programmes and files that I want. (I have backed up all my files and have installation discs for programmes.)

If... Read more

Answer:Satellite L650-12Q - Toshiba HDD Recovery not working

In your case the situation is clear: HDD recovery installation doesn't work?
If you want to have notebook with ?factory settings? you have one option only: for recovery image installation you must use recovery installation disc.

If I understand you right you don?t have it, right?
But you can order it on

If you have more questions feel free to ask.

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Earlier today, seemingly unprovoked, my left click function stopped working on my touchpad--both the actual left button and the touchpad-tap feature. I've tried rolling back drivers, updating drivers and uninstalling the device and allowing it to reinstall itself and nothing. I've plugged in a USB mouse which works fine so I am able to easily enough try different things. Any suggestions? Any help at all would be appreciated. I've tried all the options that I've stumbled across searching on Google and nothing.

PS I'm running 32-bit Vista.


Edit: I just tried a system restore (it looks like I had a couple of Windows updates today). Still no luck.

Answer:Left Click Not Working on Toshiba Satellite

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I was fiddling around with Task Manager trying to eliminate some unnecessary background processes. When I tried to end Windows Explorer I figured it would just close a few files I had open, but it made my taskbar/windows icon disappear, and my wallpaper is also just black now.

I can still alt-tab my current internet windows and use them, but if I were to close them I couldn't open a new window. The task bar is just a blank black stripe with no icons, and nothing happens when I right-click it. I've tried Googling answers, but most seem to involve using some Windows Key+x or +r command to access the Powershell, which isn't responding now.

I'm scared about what will happen if I try a hard reboot.

Answer:Taskbar not working - Toshiba Satellite laptop

If you still have Task Manager open, Click File / Run New Task / type explorer and click ok. If you've closed Task Manager then Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager.

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