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my hard drive smart data shows 2 bad sectors, but drive health is good

Question: my hard drive smart data shows 2 bad sectors, but drive health is good

With my 2009 Seagate 500 GB sata hard drive, the re-allocated sectors count shows 2 bad sectors, in the Ubuntu 10.04 disk utility for the smart data. In this multi-boot desktop PC the XP with a drive monitor program called, Active Smart shows this drive health status as good, including that reallocated sectors count item, so is this not to worry about for now, or what. I do monitor the hard drive temperature, which does stay cool enough, in the seventies up to about 80* F.
Or can this be caused by mixed partitioning methods, since the new way is now align to MiB, and not align to cylinder as it was. I used the GParted tool to create and change partitions when it was set as default to align to cylinder, but then I recently used both my Vista Disk Manager, and the newer version of GParted to re-size some of the partitions, which both now use that align to MiB method by default, which often has near 1 MB gaps between partitions then.

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Preferred Solution: my hard drive smart data shows 2 bad sectors, but drive health is good

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Is anyone aware of software that can monitor the SMART features and health of external USB hard drives? Also, how can you run scandisk or something similar on a USB hard drive?



Answer:USB hard drive SMART or health software

I tend not to use 'SMART' myself, partly because it incurs a small performance hit, but mostly because it doesn't help in my experience. I 've had a couple of drives die on me unexpectedly (with SMART running) and received no prior warnings that anything was amiss - so I deliberately switch it off now

And you should be able to use most disk tools on an external drive, as you would for an internal one - it's just connected differently

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I've used HDDGuardian for years on Windows 7 with no problems. Since upgrading to Windows 10, I've noticed that the process exits itself after a certain period of time (when the screen saver comes on, or when the computer goes to sleep). In typical fashion (not exclusive to this software), the tray icon remains there but disappears as soon as you mouse over it (because the process has ended).

I reinstalled HDDGuardian (was running 0.62, the current version already), since Win10 was an upgrade, not a fresh install. The problem did not go away.

So I decided to switch to DiskCheckup, but the problem persists - the process exists after a certain period of time.

No other resident software (tray icon or not) has this issue.

Is there something about windows 10 that HD monitoring software makers haven't updated to enable compatibility/proper functioning?

Anyone here using one of the two pieces of SW above, or any other disk monitoring software, successfully?


Answer:Hard Drive Health & SMART Monitoring Utility

Hi, I don't leave one running, but Hard Disk Sentinel, HDDExpert & HDD Tune run ok..

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I've used HDDGuardian for years on Windows 7 with no problems. Since upgrading to Windows 10, I've noticed that the process exits itself after a certain period of time (when the screen saver comes on, or when the computer goes to sleep). In typical fashion (not exclusive to this software), the tray icon remains there but disappears as soon as you mouse over it (because the process has ended).

I reinstalled HDDGuardian (was running 0.62, the current version already), since Win10 was an upgrade, not a fresh install. The problem did not go away.

So I decided to switch to DiskCheckup, but the problem persists - the process exists after a certain period of time.

No other resident software (tray icon or not) has this issue.

Is there something about windows 10 that HD monitoring software makers haven't updated to enable compatibility/proper functioning?

Anyone here using one of the two pieces of SW above, or any other disk monitoring software, successfully?


Answer:Hard Drive Health & SMART Monitoring Utility

Hi, I don't leave one running, but Hard Disk Sentinel, HDDExpert & HDD Tune run ok..

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Hey Guys,
I had bad sectors problem in my hard drive and i asked about it HERE and yeah you guys helped me alot.
When i posted above thread on that day i had 160 KBs of bad sectors in my 1 partition and another 60 KBs of Bad Sectors in another partition.
Which partition had 160 KBs of bad sectors i checked that today now it has only 104 KBs of bad sectors so is that a good sign or what ?...

Answer:Hard Drive Bad Sectors are Discreasing is it a good sign or ???

I went through your other post. It would be helpful just to continue that one instead of starting a new one. Anyway, have you done what was suggested. Back up things and buy a new drive? The occurence of so many bad sectors is not good. Whether it is 100 or 150 doesn't matter.

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any one know of any ?? any info is appreciated...anything but chkdsk

Answer:Any one know a good program to check hard drive health ??

either search your hard drive manufacturer;s web site for a drive utility, or just google search for one. Or check a local area computer store. Here is a link at the PC World site;,cat,1503,sortIdx,1,pg,1,00.asp#

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I bought this hard drive (Hitachi travelstar 1tb 7200 rpm) in may of this year 2013. When I replaced it, I lost one of the screws that attaches to the mylar cover that goes into the hard drive securing the cover in place, but I replaced it with another screw from a different laptop hd enclosure. After installing and a couple weeks of usage, from 5-12-13 to 5-28-13 it went up to 20 reallocated data sectors, then 10-26-13 to 11-16-13 up to 22, and finally 11-16-13 to 11-24-13 up to 29 reallocated. I have no problems with the laptop at all, everything is normal. Should I be worried?

Answer:Hard drive only six months old, 29 data sectors reallocated

Hmm, does not look to good. Prudence would suggest that you make permanent backups of your data and images of your system to an external drive. Then you are prepared the day this drive goes belly up.

I have a portable Hitachi since many years. It gets a lot of beating because it is being lugged around all the time. But that thing is solid like a rock.

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Problem: Cannot boot into windows, I get a Recovery Page saying my PC needs to be repaired. The Operating system couldn't be loaded because the system registry file is missing or contains errors. Firle \\windows\systems32\config

So I have booted of my HirenBootCD and ran HD Sentinel which gave me results of weak sectors on the HD and the health is 63%. I tried to plug the HD into my other PC so can backup files and it hangs when I click on the drive to access the files. So have plugged the HD back into the laptop and running a chkdsk /r on the HD.

Is my HD in need of replacing? How do I backup my files off it?

Answer:HD Sentinel shows weak sectors and 63% health, replace HD?

SMART may not always be right about percentage of health or life expectancy left. Weak sectors are not so much of a concern as is bad / relocated sectors count. Did you check for bad sectors ? On that Hireen's boot disk you have several utilities for that, even from different HDD makers. Another utility you probably have on it is HDD Regenerator which can fix software caused bad sectors. Once/if it's fixed you should periodically check for bad sectors and if they keep showing up, only than it becomes critical. I have several HDDs with only 5 - 10% health rating and they do not have bad sectors and work just fine. There may have been problems with them in the past before I got them. SMART is actually just in the HDD's firmware and do not forget past problems even if they were fixed.

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I have lost smart on my hard drive and can not gt it to be located on my Pc's, I disable smart in Bios and it finds it but does not allow me to access this, is there any one out there who can advise on how to recover my files from this hard drive. Have tried to re install XP but hard drive not found.

Answer:recover data without smart on hard drive

Can you see the drive in the BIOS?

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I have external USB hard drive 'Seagate 500 Gb'
When I transfer data (say Video file) from my Laptop to External Hard drive, it starts coping but it stucks and cannot finish coping.

Check out the attachment for the detail of the error while coping.


Answer:Copying data to External hard drive shows error

Hi and welcome,

The I/O device error implies a problem with the USB device.

Run a chkdsk /R on the USB device, and then also run this program to check the health status of the drive:

CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World


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Ok, So I've got this
-300gig external maxtor Diamondmax 10
-model: 6L300R0
-300GB PATA133 HDD

Ok, so the problem is it used to have my entire schoolwork, business, music files, and so forth on it. It worked great and as soon as I got all of my information transfered onto it, it went kaput. Ever since then I've been unable to view any data on it. The way it works is it connects via USB and lights up, the icon usually (not always, but usually) appears in my computer. I can open it, but there is nothing there, it is just an empty window. So, even though all my data is there, I say whatever, I need the storage space, so I'll just reformat it. well, it allows me to right click and select reformat, but nothing ever loads or happens. I have tried copying and pasting files there and none of them actually pastes or transfers. I've searched the forums and tried bringing it up in computer management>disk management or removable storage but it doesn't show up there. Please help me to figure out a way to either A)get it working again with the data still intact or B)allow me to reformat it so that I can just use the darn thing for storage. Really, either option would be great, amazing, excellent. I just really could use some help and am willing to try whatever you can recomend, but I just need it to work. PLEASE HELP ME. I am ALL EARS. Thanks in advance for a quick reply, it means a lot to me. Than... Read more

Answer:external hard drive shows in my computer but won't hold data or allow reformat

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I have been looking for some good hard disk verification utilities that work in DOS, PC-DOS, DR-DOS.. etc..

I was wondering what you guys use. Scandisk and chkdsk are too slow and I know there are programs out there that work considerably faster and better.

I used to use spinrite, but I'm looking for something that can handle NTFS volumes now. Something that can "fix" disk problems would be nice.

Answer:What are some good disk drive diagnosis utilities? Bad sectors etc..

I know you are probably tired of hearing this but have you tried something like PowerMax from Maxtor. It can diagnose and correct bad sectors. I've used it to check NTFS volumes without problems. I haven't found anything so far that does a better job, though I'm sure there is something out there. After all, this utility is free and I'm sure there is probably something out there better that probably has a nice large price tag attached.

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Friends HP Vista laptop got infected so I pulled the drive updated my antivirus, put her drive in SATA dock and scanned it, found 8 games under ms games AVG said had heur??????(my machine is windows 7 starter), once done I put her drive back into her laptop (HP) Now it boots to recovery part., if I go to command prompt it has X: for recovery, then what should be C is now on F. bootrec /scanos shows 0 found, bootrec /fixboot and /fixmbr both say sucessful but boots to recovery with same issue, the correct part is marked as active if I look at it in disk management on my win7 box.?? Thanks for any help!

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Hi folks,

Steps taken:

I ran CHKDSK and it came up with 4KB in bad sectors.
Ran CHKDSK/R and it couldn't fix those sectors.
Downloaded WD Diagnostics tool (My hard drive is a Samsung but apparently this WD Diags tool can diagnose hard drives other than Western Digital)... Ran a full test. It claims it fixed the error.
Ran CHKDSK again and it still came up with the 4KB in bad sectors.
Ran a SMART test using DiskCheckup utility. All SMART tests passed.
Re-ran SMART in WD Diags. Passed.
Attempted to run diagnostics through BIOS. The BIOS diagnostics choked at a point giving me an error code and series of beeps which I can't recall at the moment.

Current sysconfig:

Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop
1.8 Ghz Intel Centrino processor (dualcore)
1.0 GB Ram
120 GB Samsung HJ120 (?) HDD.. I think it's SATA.
128MB ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 graphics card.

I read somewhere that having bad sectors on the drive will start breeding more bad sectors. Also, occasionally while the comp is running idle I'll hear a staccato grinding noise. The noise is sporadic and occurs rather infrequently.

Am I going to have to replace my HDD? And if I do have to replace it, do I have to get the exact same make/model HDD or can I just pop in another one as long as its a SATA drive?

Help's appreciated.


Answer:Hard drive bad sectors

Even though WD diagnostics "fixed" the bad block (remapped it more likely), Windows has no way of knowing that. It marked the block bad in the NTFS metadata and that's how it is going to be.

With Windows XP, the only thing you can do is to hack into NTFS and clear the bad sectors file manually (or, just reformat). In Vista, you can tell chkdsk to recheck all clusters marked as bad.

You should keep an eye on that disk and run full surface scans at least weekly for a couple of months.

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Today I had a laptop back from repair - a new dc socket fitted - and with it came a report which says that "I should be concerned about the Hard Drive which is showing signs of imminent failure".News to me! Every so often say 2 times out of 10 when I switch the laptop on I get the blue disk checking screen which I allow to run it's course then everything starts up OK.The drive is Fat32 by the way.On the back of the report I ran chdsk which tells me that I have 32kb in bad sectors so I ran Windows Error Checking utility asking it to "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors"When that had finished I re-ran chdsk which still shows the 32kb in bad sectors.Should I be concerned?

Answer:Hard Drive - Bad Sectors

Yes - bad sectors are normally an indication that there may be a problem on the drive which will worsen.It could go on working for a long time - but it could develop more bad sectors quickly. The safe answer is to backup and replace it.

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Hi folks
Have started a new thread as advised and as a step on from the folowing thread

Basically. I have 2 drives of 500gb
one had 7 errors and I was having regular bsod issues.
other was used for storage only.
Have duplicated the C drive on to the D so D is now C.

lap top is running fine now and its time to return the old C drive in the D slot which is now formatted.
Have used partition manager to create a 350 gb drive and 150gb hidden partition.
Surface test indicates 4 errors in the last 20% of the 350gb partition.

Are there steps to take now before putting the drive back in the laptop ?
AsI say, the drive will only be used for photo storage and backed up to an EHD monthly

Answer:Using A Hard Drive With Bad Sectors

You can format those partitions with Windows - do not use Quick Format. Those bad sectors will then be marked and not used.
Here's an informative article.

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I just recieved a notice last week that I had a bad sector on my hard drive. this is the second time this has happened in 2 years. Someone told me that viruses causes bad sectors. But I have a virus scanner running all the time and I use it and update it weekly. It tells me no viruses found. Is there other things that could cause this to happen??

Answer:hard drive and bad sectors??

Bad Sectors are also caused by turning off the computer to many times with out shutting down.

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Hi Everyone,
I have a 500GB Hard Drive and Few Partitions of it.
There are few KBs of Bad Sectors in 2 Partitions.
I read that there's no solution of bad sectors so what i do now ?
My Hard Drive isn't under warranty so i cant replace it.
So is there any good idea you can give ?
Please help

Answer:I have some Bad Sectors in my Hard Drive

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I've been having problems getting the Sims 3 to work, and EA's support told me to do a disk defrag. It reported that about three files (all relating to The Sims 3) could not be defragmented. EA pretty much told me this showed that my hard disk either had bad sectors or was just messed up. They recommended that I replace my hard drive. I mainly want to make sure that they are correct on this, since if we replace anything it'll just be to get a new computer at some point. Thanks.

Btw, I posted this here because it isn't really directly related to game help and it seemed like the best place to put it otherwise. Sorry if this isn't the right forum.

Answer:Hard Drive has bad sectors?

Hi .Well...bad sectors have nothing to do with defragging. Inability to defrag may be an indication of hard drive problems, but bad sectors is not the worst or only thing that can be described as a hard drive problem.Bad Sectors On Hard Drives - sector (Wikipedia) - And...bad sectors don't necessarily mean that users should throw the drive away. If that were true, then none of us would be using hard drives (if you read the links, you know what I mean).Windows defrag does not defrag every file or every type of file, it wasn't designed to do such.The Importance of Disk Defragmentation - Using Windows Defrag - See Additional Disk Defragmenter notes,<>I can only say...I find that it often happens...that human beings make up answers when they don't know the answer and they also know that the person they are addressing...has no clue. When there is a way to check the validity of such comments (just use Google), I suggest you try to do so.Your hard drive may indeed be "messed up" but the best way to check such...would be to download a diagnostic from the... Read more

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I hooked up an old hard drive to my present system, just to reformat the drive ready to sell on. Now my existing drive wont boot up without a warning that my drive may have bad sectors and needs to run scan disk.I left it running a complete scan over night only for message to come back when computer is switched back on.I can exit scandisk and the computer runs normal.any ideas anyone???

Answer:Hard drive "bad sectors"

Joe, this normally happens after an abnormal shut-down. What O/S, please?

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My hard drive has been giving me problems since some major electric surges. My computer was unplugged from electric when we were away - I did not disconnect cable connection.

When I go thru disk scan to correct errors, I can get as far as stage 5 checking free space. It only goes to about 50% and then reboots and starts the scan all over.
When I do disk defrag there is an area in the free space that just doesn't defrag. A group of files stays in the middle of the free space.
Defrag can't defrag complete disk.

I suspect that I may have a damaged hard drive. Can I recover the bad sectors or fix them?
Do I have to buy a new hard drive? this is the second one I'm using now?

Please advise

Answer:hard drive has bad sectors

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Hello there!I just did a check on a hdd  that i would like to install on my son's computer for additional storage and the diagnostic tool(ultimate build 4 win) says that i have two bad sectors on it.I am wondering if i can still use this drive and if so what do i have to do to it to make it reliable...the hdd is a 40gb maxtor and i will be adding it on a system that has windows xp on it.

Answer:hard drive with bad sectors

A new hard disk should have zero bad sectors on it. An older drive may "grow" a bad sector or two now and again, however in many cases this is a harbinger of impending disaster with the disk. Take it as the warning sign it is.In my opinion it would be foolish to assign as extra storage, a disk which you now know is becoming potentially unreliable.  Don't be a cheapskate. With the price of hard drives as they are these days, re-using it in your son's computer is a false economy.

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Hi,I have fixed a lot on HDD's and was wondering at what point you decide just to replace the HDD because it has to many bad sectors.For example: I am working on an what was an infected computer. The HDD took quite a pounding from forced stopping (what is the proper terminology for this?). Computer freezing, being unplugged before it was shut down etc.I have run chkdsk \r \f a couple of times but the HDD has been left with 2 bad sectors.My question: In general or in your experience how many bad sectors would determine that you throw the hard drive out, keeping in mind that the repercussions mean buying a new HDD and installing the OS along with email database, documents, etc., etc., etc.Thanks,vlogg5

Answer:Hard Drive with Bad Sectors

Modern hard drives (HD) normally have many spare sectors, so when one or more become physicly damaged 'bad sectors' they get marked and can use a spare instead.It depends on the HD to how many they have.You should expect new HDs to rarely have any bad sectors, but an old one might get one or two along it's lifetime.When you have a bad sector, recheck the HD ever now and then. If the bad sectors continue to grow and your getting new ones appearing, there is probably damage floating around inside creating more errors as it spins, therefore you shouldn't attempt to repair anymore but nibble 'recovery software' the data off onto a clean drive and get rid of the old one.If your got a few bad sectors from bad use or power failure, but they stay the same, then it's safe to continue using it.

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i recently tried to dual boot a computer Hp dm4-3099se but ended messing it up ......
now i cant boot the hard drive i says No Bootable Device -- insert boot disk and press any key. i dont know what to do then i tried to wipe the hard drive with dban and it says no fatal errors but had to stop because of it has bad sectors now i dont know what to do ?? please help

Answer:Hard Drive With BAD SECTORS HELP!

You need a new drive since theres no fix for bad sectors.

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After doing many test. It shows that the last 10% of my 2 terabyte hard drive is fill with bad sectors. While using Perfect Disk, Killdisk and Tuneup Docter it shows most of the blocks(files) are neaty packed at the front. All those files that are located at the front work perfectly. The newer stuff that now exist at the end of the hard drive are unreadable. The drive comes to a complete halt when it tries access anything from there.

Using the software I mentioned I had no luck of getting it fixed. Tried a low level format, after 20 hours it hangs on the moment it reaches the end of the drive. The only thing I was able to do was a quick format.

Now since I know the first 80-90% of the drive sectors work perfect, perhaps I can make a partition of only 1.4 terabyte and blank the rest.

Never really heard of this been done and just wondering is this worth doing it or it be a waste of time later down the road?

Answer:Hard Drive/ Bad sectors, Maybe a Fix?

Never really heard of this been doneClick to expand...

Many years ago, back in the olden days of Win98, I had a drive that had bad sectors about in its physical center. There were hundreds and it was out of warranty. I created three primary partitions, a large one at the beginning, a small one that encompassed the bad sectors in the center and another large on at the end. I then deleted the center one and used the ones at the beginning and end with the center being simply unallocated space.

I used it that way for a couple of years before I finally sold that computer. There was never a problem.

Mine was an unusual circumstance. Also, I never trusted that drive with anything mission critical.

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After about 6 months of having my new pc it suddenly started takin 30 mins to boot up after farmatting and reinstalling the problem went away it has since happened 4 times and i had to format and reinstall it is currently working ok but certain files if i try to acces them they slow my pc right down and it takes an age to quit them if my virus scan hits certain files it freeses and i have to ctrl alt delete to close it down which takes a long timecould this be a faulty hard drive as chkdsk came up with lots of errors any ideas? it is less than a year old

Answer:Hard drive bad sectors?

What is the drive's make and model, Stu1980, the manufacturer's website should have a free diagnostic programme that you can download to check out the drive?

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Hi there,We have just got a hard drive off ebay, suposedly workign fine when we bought it.However upon trying to install xp, the report stops and tells me there is 28bads clusters/ do i remedy this?

Answer:Bad sectors on hard drive

And get a refund if you trust the seller to give you a refund that is, in my experience secondhand hard drives arnt worth it or You could make a startup disc and boot with it then try scandisc from the floppy

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Hard disk sentinel and Crystal Disk info showing poor disk health due to large reallocated sectors.The extended test of the hard drive passed from HP UEFI Diagnostics utility. But from third part software like Hard Disk sentinel SMART test fails due to large reallocated sector count. I want to replace my hard drive before it fails. Will HP replace the hard drive?ine

Answer:Hard drive bad sectors

Is it under warranty?

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i have a new cpu and already encountered a lot of problems. first, i downloaded some torrent overnight and i woke up the windows already crashed, i shut it down many times without knowing it could cause bad sectors. second, the cpu fell into the floor 1 ft. so also it could cause bad sectors. now the cpu is with the technician and he's scanning the hard drive for bad sectors and trying to recover my files and the os. my hard drive is 750 gb and the last time i spoke with my technician he told me that there's 15 gb of bad sectors and still scanning. now im worried if the bad sectors will eat most of my new hd.

am i into a serious problem that would cost me to buy a new hard drive? it's such a waste if i have to replace my hd which is new and has 750 gb.

is bad sectors still repairable by software?

Answer:Hard drive bad sectors

Your computer fell to the floor? Was it on at the time? Nowadays CPU means Central Processing Unit, a chip on the motherboard, not the whole computer... case and all

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It seems that my 160gb SATA hdd contains some bad sectors. When I did a windows os format, it would stop at 72% and remain at 72%. I wanted to reformat this hard drive because it was giving me copy/paste errors and game errors.

Is there some program I can use to fix these bad sectors or make windows ignore them?

Answer:Bad sectors on hard drive

Scandisk from windows?

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I have just scan one of my hard drives and found that it has some bad sectors on it. I only use this hard drive to take images of my main windows drive (C: drive) using Norton Ghost. The drive has now been scanned and fixed! I did this using the windows tools. Now I?m worried that this may only be a temporary fix, so a couple of questions:Do you think I should now start looking for a new hard drive to store these images to?When a drive starts with these bad sectors, is it a sign your hard drive is on its way out.

Answer:Bad hard drive sectors help please

A couple of thoughts on this.A brand new HDD from the factory if run a full diagnostics test will show up bad's not neccessarily an indication of overall HDD health.If the drive itself is operating properly and has no issues it could be fine for 3 years or could fail in a month. This is the nature of HDD's and their finicky status.If you are using that drive only for Ghost images 2 things to consider:1) Don't defrag and/or run diagnostics too often or you risk screwing up your image files as they HATE that procedure...2) you really should be burning those images to CD/DVD after they've been verified as valid.

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i recently tried to dual boot a computer Hp dm4-3099se but ended messing it up ......
now i cant boot the hard drive i says No Bootable Device -- insert boot disk and press any key. i dont know what to do then i tried to wipe the hard drive with dban and it says no fatal errors but had to stop because of it has bad sectors now i dont know what to do ?? please help

Answer:Hard Drive With BAD SECTORS HELP!

Welcome to Seven Forums, ed123. I think the first thing would be to check the hard drive with the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic tool. Most of them have a bootable diagnostic tool and many have repair functions on them.

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The hard drive in my 3 year old Gateway 2000 200mhz (running Win95) seemed to go south yesterday. When I booted it up yesterday morning, I got a message that the C drive has bad sectors due to two programs trying to write to the same cluster. It tells me to run ScanDisk to fix the problem but ScanDisk will only run so far and then lock everything up. Is there anything I can do (short of a new hard drive) to repair this problem? I read the post about running ScanDisk in Safe Mode and also in DOS mode. I'll try that tonight. Any other suggestions?

Answer:Bad Sectors in Hard Drive

If it is a western digital drive (a lot of gateways use them) you can try this:

It will make a bootable floppy that will run some low level test on the drive for you.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech

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My computer at work is in trouble. It's a Dell desktop (? model) thats running XP and is only 4mo old. The hard drive is 30-40gig.

The only important thing that is unaccessable is the "My pictures" file. This contains 100-200 photos that are important to me. It has not been backed up since I got the new computer (I know I'm a moron - I should and do know better).

The IT guy here ran some program overnight to see if they could save anything from the bad sectors (as I understand it) but he wasn't optimistic. He said if this didn't work the drive could be sent somwhere for a few hundred dollars and there would be no guarantee whether or not they could retrieve anything.

Anyone know any more about this? Anything else I should try? What about sending the drive out? What does it really cost? Where should it go?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Bad hard drive sectors

It never occurred to me to check on the cost of this since I thought it was actually more than a few hundred dollars. Just do a search for "data recovery".

But if anything can restore those files, this free app is the most likely to do it. It restored an entire mp3 collection that was no longer even visible in Windows Explorer. It's a very simple and unimpressive interface, but don't be put off by that. Click the Other button at the top and "Scan All Sectors". There are some other specifics that you can specify, but it's worth a try. In the "All or Part of the file name" box you may specify a file type. If they were all jpg's, for example, put .jpg in that box.

HandyRecovery is good, too, but I've used it less and know it less well.

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Hello, I have a HD with bad sectors and need to recover some of the files. I have tried attaching it to my desktop with and external hd adapter but it is not recognized. When I try to backup the drive with Acronis it is constantly comes up with read errors which i try to bypass but it still ends up freezing. Any one have any suggestions?

Answer:Hard Drive With Bad Sectors

Use spinrite, worth every penny.

Use level 5

Connect the drive to the motherboard when using spinrite.

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Ok well here's my problem:
I got a 2 years old 40GB HardDrive. It probably has like 50 bad sectors.
Now i tried HDD Regenerator version 1.51 but it kept freezing when it reached 103 MB (212000 sectors).
So i guess there is a bad sector on the 212000 sectors.

Now how do i do so that whenever my HardDrive reads the 212000 sectors it just skips that sector so it becomes unreadable/unwritable/unusable.
I heard this can be done by modifiying the BIOS S.M.A.R.T to include the bad sectors.

Also if that's possible is there a program just to scan all the bad sectors without taking no actions?

thank you.

Answer:Solved: Bad Sectors on a Hard Drive

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hey, last year I bought a laptop and just recently the hard drive failed on me so I put it in my pc and attempted to get my data, but I couldn't so I formatted it and now Its all unallocated so I was wondering if there was any way I could use some of the space and just leave the bad sectors as unallocated?

Answer:how to format hard drive with bad sectors

It's probably not worth it if too many sectors have gone bad. The number of bad sectors will likely keep increasing as time goes on.

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Can bad sectors be repaired?

Answer:bad sectors hard drive repair

No only be replaced by good sectors that manufacturers put on one side when disc is made. Believe it or not new dives have bad sectors when made. Cheap drives will have more develop than dearer ones as they set the bad sector tolerance level lower when they check the new disc for faults i.e. they pass clusters that are not bad but near the boarder line, so that they may go bad in the short term quicker than a good drive that allows grater clearance

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Thats the BSOD i'm getting on an old server running Windows Small Business Server 2003 while running the Backup utility.

I know the main hard drive is screwed and has bad sectors.

I just would like to fix it once and for all so the operating system doesnt try to write on the borked part of the drive. How can i do this?

I have tried booting from cd media and running chkdsk /p /r but i get a message saying the hard drive is not recoverable or something like that...
The operating system currently boots ok and I have manual backups of the important data.

I would just love to be able to backup the operating system and restore it to a New Hard drive. But since the backup utility doesnt complete and always fail with the above mention blue screen, i'm screwed.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:SBS 2003: hard drive with bad sectors

tripex said:


does cloning of a hard drive that has bad sectors clone the baddies as well ?Click to expand...

Nope. Clone that drive to a new one ASAP.

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I am unable able to load into Windows 8. The automatic repair and chkdsk is taking 3 days and still hasn't fixed the issues.

I used Ubuntu live USB to backup all the data on my hard drive, however some files failed to be backed up. I did a SMART disk check in Ubuntu and it reported that my drive has bad sectors.

Is there anyway I can fix the bad sectors to backup the remaining files that failed to transfer?

Answer:Fixing Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

You could try chkdsk /r or spinrite

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I have a toshiba laptop that my friend let me borrow to fix because her computer was being extremely slow. I tried to reinstall windows on it many many many times and figured out that the hard drive was corrupt. I checked to see about how many bad sectors the hard drive had, and it told me that the threshold was 50, but the value was 1000 something.... Anyway, the question is, since I don't really know hard drives all that much, I was just wondering how hard drives even get bad sectors in the first place. Maybe it's because she dropped the laptop at times...? Also, it seems that Ubuntu will install on this HDD but Windows won't due to the HDD errors. Why is this...? Thanks in advance everybody!

Answer:How does a hard drive get 1000 bad sectors...?

All hard drives fail; it is only a question of when it will fail. Back long ago when drives were much much more expensive, they used to last a long time. I still have a 10meg [yes megabyte] hard drive here that would still work IF I had an IO card for it. As to why it has bad sectors, I would think physical damage to the disk. This can be caused by failing bearings, shock damage while running, etc, etc.

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I have an annoying problem. I took one disk from another computer and installed it on the one I use most. There, it had 37GB capacity, although the disk was identified as the 40GB disk by the manufacturer.

After installation, I removed partitions, created a new one and formated it. The partition was formatted in NTFS. I expected to use this disk for The disk storing miscellaneous data.

The Windows XP Pro, when I ran the CheckDisk on this second hard drive after some indexing issues that I could not understand, modified the available disk space from 37GB to 32GB. Now when I start up my computer, the BIOS set up also shows 32GB as the maximum space. So now I could not access the additional 5GB in this lost space from within the Windows.

The peculiar thing though is that I can see the space and even delete the files and directories stored in it when I run Norton Ghost 2003 and exit to DOS. I see files that should have been formated away a while back. I can manually delete these files and directories in DOS by using DEL and RD commands. Very tedious process of processing one directory at the time. However, my computer still does not see this lost space. I even tried Partition Regeneration software, but to no avail: the lost space is not visible.

What this though suggests to me that the bad sectors were just marked bad by the system, even though they are not bad at all.

Is there something that I can do to have my computer recognize the entire disk spa... Read more

Answer:Invisible Sectors on a Hard Drive

hum; you deleted the existing partition, created and formatted a new one
(assumed to be the full 37gb) and you see files in dos but not in xp?

repeat the partition delete;recreate;reformat to cleanup the new HD.

GHOST is a problem by itself as it copies raw sectors, good or bad.
run chkdsk /f on the original HD before you attempt to ghost it to the new HD.

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I had thought of checking out another person's computer with Hard Disk Sentinel to make sure the drive was healthy and all, to find out it was at like 20% health and has over 80 bad sectors. I plan on buying another one on eBay. what is the best, easiest way to switch hard drives? The OS and everything is on this main drive. I can reinstall the OS, but then there is drivers and syncing all the files back in and regaining all the programs. There is about 220GBs in total used on the drive (its a 500gb). I have a 500gb external hard drive I can use to back all the pictures and documents on, but can I somehow make it easier than this and just copy everything (programs, documents, pics, OS) onto the external and copy it over to the new hard drive and then plug it up to the desktop? I also have a SATA/IDE to USB adapter I could use with my laptop which would most likely me needed in the 2nd method.

Answer:Hard Drive has many bad sectors, how to replace?

I'd look at the HD bay and cabling inside to see how it's set up but you should be able to use most any 3.5" SATA HD. Keep in mind that the best upgrade you can give a PC these days is an SSD.

Files should already be backed up against failure. If you have no data loss yet then you can save a Win7 backup image to external to apply it to new drive to see how you like it. I recommend using Macrium - Image your system, making the boot disk to use on both ends.

Otherwise follow these same steps to get a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. Everything is covered there, compiling what works best in tens of thousands of installs we've helped with here.

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Howz it going- Was told by some young up and coming computer techs that my hard drive has a virus in some of the sectors- can anyone enlighten me as to what to do- thanx

Answer:Need Help re: Hard Drive virus in Sectors

Could it be that you mean a boot sector virus?

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I just came across some old hard drives that crashed and are no longer usable. Most likely due to bad sectors. I wanted to see if it is possible for me to restore them on my own. What tools would you recommend? I heard Acronis was pretty useful.

Answer:Repairing Hard Drive Sectors

Acronis is good. You can run your hdd's manufacturer software.

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Oct 25, 2012, bought a custom made hi end computer, Quad 4, 16Gig memory, Nvidia GF 650. (Edit Win 7 not XP altho' my XP computer is running fine!)

I ran chkdsks frequently with 0 or a few bad sectors reported. Now I have 39200316 bad sectors on my 1 TB seagate HD, which chkdsk just reports but doesn't fix. Every week the # of bad sectors has gone up. All my wininit reports in Event Viewer before Jan 20, 2013 have disappeared. That's when I installed Dragon speech 12 and the next day got a BSD. Then Dragon ran kind of wonky and other weird things started to happen (see attached excel file). IE8 & steam are getting balky. I uninstalled Dragon but my bad sectors keep going up.

I've searched for HD bad sector repair programs but most sound bogus or dicey.

I know my HD is probably failing. My custom computer maker is not available until Friday. Any suggestions? TIA

Answer:39200316 Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

Hmm, I don't see my Excel attachment. OneMug

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Question: Hard Drive Health?

Here is screenshots of HDD Health Software

Please tell me should I start thinking about purchasing new hard drive?

How can I improve my drive health?

Answer:Hard Drive Health?

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Question: Hard drive health


I have a hard drive on my computer which is kinda bit old

On some pcinfo softwares and stuff it has said that this hardrives health is bad

What does that mean?
One day soon that hard drive will die and i loose everything on it?
What should i be doing? Should i give a crap?

Answer:Hard drive health

You can get a utility from hd makers site to test hd in dos. Then you can decide to b/up data. Also worth running error-check and tick both boxes. It will check and fix on reboot.

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My laptop's battery just broke down a few weeks ago, and I haven't gotten around to replacing it, yet. Which leads me to rely on my wall charger. But that, too, is faulty now (I'm really lazy when it comes to replacing stuff.) Just a little movement, and my laptop dies. And my laptop has died a lot these past few weeks.

I hear this is bad for the hard drive, so I would like to know the current health of mine. I used Crystal Disk Info to see, but I couldn't understand the values that were there. I was hoping you guys could help me.

Thank you!

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I am trying to access files on a hard drive from a different computer which will no longer load the OS. I have connected the hard drive using a usb adapter. When I plug it in, I get a notice that the device is ready to use, but it does not show up in Computer.

It is visible in the disk manager. There is no drive letter assigned and the options to do so are grayed out. Most of the options in device manager are grayed out, except for 'delete volume' and 'help'.

Answer:hard drive w/ usb adapter- drive shows in disk manager, not computer

Welcome to the forum,

Can you post a maximized screenshot of your full disk management window.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I have a backup drive that we had used for for a while (WD 6000aak), previously in an external drive enclosure. I connected it today via USB to find that the computer has the driver installed, the drive appears in the Devices list, but it does not show in My Computer. In "Disk Management" the drive appears but is not assigned a drive letter. Also, all the options for the volumes are greyed out and cannot be selected - thus I cannot assign a drive letter.

I have tried this on multiple computers. I have also removed it from the enclosure and connected the drive via SATA... the result is identical. I checked the bios and the drive appears there.

The drive does spin when powering up. It is hot (even though it cannot really be accessed).

Any suggestions? Is this drive done?

Answer:Hard drive installed, shows in Drive Mngmnt, in Bios, but not in Comp.

Go to Disk Management, in the bottom part of the screen, right click the drive, select 'change drive letter or path', next window select add, next window select a drive letter from the drop down box. For an external drive it's best to use a letter lower in the alphabet. If disk management wants to initialize and format it, don't do it if there is data on it you don't want to lose. If no data or if you don't care, go ahead. It will show in computer when a drive letter is assigned.

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I had my busted laptop for awhile now and I'm just dying to get it working again without having to pay for extra parts or a whole new laptop. It's a Vista OS (i know horrible choice right?) and it fell off my bed and my computer started to freeze up every so often so i went into command prompt and typed /format C: without realizing that the recovery disc would've been a better idea to use because it wont leave bad sectors. When I formated the laptop and tried to load the OS it would freeze up at 17% and would just stay like that. When I saw that there was still KB left on the hard drive I was a bit worried that the format didn't work properly so i formated again and it got rid of some items but it didn't get rid of it all. I was just wondering if there might be a solution as to fix an already formated hard drive using the command prompt to fix the bad sectors. Any information can be helpful. Thanks in advanced. Also i was wondering if there might be some solution as to hook the laptop hard drive to a tower hard drive and fixing the laptop hard drive on a desk top computer if that is a possible solution please be generous and give all the information you can.

Answer:Bad Sectors on a Formated Laptop Hard Drive

First, I would check your RAM with Memtest86+

Secondly, use GParted, to cleanly sweep it. See my quoted text in my sig.

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Hey all, I have a Toshiba Satellite A135 with Windows Vista. A couple days ago it started acting up, freezing up and taking forever to do anything. I ran the error check feature, which located a lot of bad sectors. The computer ran while I was at work, locating the bad sectors. When I got home, I noticed that the computer was unsuccessfully attempting to boot from the network. I went into BIOS and learned that I have no hard drive listed in the main screen. The boot screen also does not have a hard drive listed.

I read in some other threads on this forum that the hard drive might be loose or have a bad connection. I located my hard drive, but I cannot figure out how to take it out and re seat it, and don't want to break it. Any suggestions?

To further complicate things, I lost my system restore disk that Toshiba provided with the new computer. If I were to purchase a new hard drive (or somehow formatted this one) and a new system restore disk, would I be able to reload all the original software and drivers from the system restore disk?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer:Fixed bad sectors, now can't find hard drive

spoon059 said:

To further complicate things, I lost my system restore disk that Toshiba provided with the new computer. If I were to purchase a new hard drive (or somehow formatted this one) and a new system restore disk, would I be able to reload all the original software and drivers from the system restore disk?Click to expand...

The Toshiba OEM Restore CD would do this. Any generic 'restore disk' would not have the proper drivers and none of the Toshiba Utilities

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I have been getting bad sector errors with my WD Elements external hard drive recently. The errors only occur with one program, otherwise everything's fine, but I've been told that this is it, this is the end, that bad sector errors are irreparable. I was recommended a program called spinrite, so I got it and when I tried to "Install SpinRite on drive" it told me my external was not a removable drive. And my hard drive is less than a year old. Any suggestions on what I should do next?

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

Answer:Bad sectors on hard drive + spinrite problem

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when this info is not listed on the hard drive itself. it is a 2.1 gig drive. Thanks

Answer:How do you figure out how many sectors, cyl. and heads of a hard drive

Hi ecpool,
Who is the manufacturer of the drive ?
If you go to the manufacturers web site it will have the specs.


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I had my busted laptop for awhile now and I'm just dying to get it working again without having to pay for extra parts or a whole new laptop. It's a Vista OS (i know horrible choice right?) and it fell off my bed and my computer started to freeze up every so often so i went into command prompt and typed /format C: without realizing that the recovery disc would've been a better idea to use because it wont leave bad sectors. When I formated the laptop and tried to load the OS it would freeze up at 17% and would just stay like that. When I saw that there was still KB left on the hard drive I was a bit worried that the format didn't work properly so i formated again and it got rid of some items but it didn't get rid of it all. I was just wondering if there might be a solution as to fix an already formated hard drive using the command prompt to fix the bad sectors. Any information can be helpful. Thanks in advanced. Also i was wondering if there might be some solution as to hook the laptop hard drive to a tower hard drive and fixing the laptop hard drive on a desk top computer if that is a possible solution please be generous and give all the information you can.

Answer:Bad Sectors on a Formated Laptop Hard Drive

Sounds like the hard drive maybe faulty......and yes can hook it up to a Desktop......if it is a newer laptop the data cable maybe Sata in which case if the other PC is a newer one the it will hook up OK.

The other solution is to get an Enclosure for the Hard drive with a USB connection like this

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I have a perfectly good image from a perfectly good hard drive. If I want to restore it onto a hard drive that has a couple bad blocks (either from physical damage or a manufacturing defect but is otherwise a perfectly working drive), will the image restore software (I'm using Macrium) avoid the bad sectors when performing the restore or does it simply do a sector by sector restore and will end up writing data to the unreadable sectors?

Answer:Restore an image onto a hard drive with bad sectors

If it is physical damaged disk, I don't think the software can do a successful recovery. You may try to check and repair the drive first.

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i used the western digital diagnostic software.

will reformatting fix it? i already got the RMA tags. is the drive bad? will i have to replace it?

Answer:Solved: too many bad sectors on my external hard drive

Nothing can fix bad sectors. If there are a lot of them, and you're having problems with the drive and it's still under warranty, return it for a replacement.

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I am having serious corruption problems with my hard drive. I have reinstalled windows a few times now, but it always ends up being unable to boot. At the moment, my computer cannot even boot up in normal or safe mode, all my restore points have been deleted, and startup repair cannot do anything.

After backing up my data and running a test with the Seagate SeaTools diagnostics in DOS, it was reported that there were bad sectors found on my Hard Disk. But I actually can't use this software to repair the bad sectors tough since it's a Western Digital drive. Is there any software that I could download to repair these bad sectors, or am I going to have to replace the whole drive? Thanks.

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
4Gb Ram
AMD Phenom X II @ 3.7Ghz
2 x ATI HD 6870 in crossfire
1 TB HDD at 7200rpm

Answer:Hard Drive diagnostics report bad sectors

If you have used SeaTools, and the drive cannot be repaired by it, you will need to purchase a new drive. If you need to get data from this drive, it is POSSIBLE to use Knoppix (free) to view data and copy it.

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My computer failed to boot a few weeks ago. I took out the C drive and put it in an external drive case on my other computer in order to retrieve outlook emails, bookmarks, etc. The drive is 250 gigs. It only shows an 'N' drive, 130 gigs worth of data, which must have been a partition. The C drive isn't there. Is it corrupted? Will be I be able to retrieve anything from the C drive?  If the drive is corrupted, why does one partition show up and not the other?

Answer:Hard drive doesn't show C drive, but shows the other partition

I had a similar situation. I was able to get data off the drive using a Ubuntu live cd. Burn the iso to cd, put the drive back in the computer and boot to the cd. If you can see the drive in Places then you should be able to get your data off. Please note the "if" and "should".Good luck.

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I'm working on this laptop, and I wanted to get a second opinion on the health of the hard drive.

It's a hitachi hard drive, 20gb, about 3-4 years old.

I've run the IBM hard drive test, which comes back with "Defective device" error code after finding corrupt sectors. The corrupt sector tool fails and goes back to the command prompt every time I run it. I've tried this on 2 pc's, with 2 different versions of the IBM tool. The maxtor tool won't even look at the drive (it sometimes does even if it's not a maxtor drive).

I've tried backing up the data, but it always fails at the exact same point that I get corrupt sectors (You can hear the drive making some odd access noises when this happens)

I have a strong feeling the drive is on its way out, but I wanted a second opinion.

Answer:Need second opinion of hard drive health.

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Hi, I'm curious about my hard drives' health and have some questions? I have information about my PC in 'My System Specs' below. My laptop PC is about 5 years old. It mostly stays put, but has traveled about 2-3 times in its lifetime. When I'm done using it, I always put it to sleep.
Rarely, I will wake my computer up from a room that got cold overnight. When this happens, i can hear the hard drive trying to wake up. I assume this is normal, but is this bad? Should i shut it off after this happens, or should i let the PC warm up first? The hard drive doesn't make any unusual noises when the room is warm. Because of where it is located in the house, the cold sometimes can't be helped.
If you use the cloud to sync files, and your hard drive starts to go bad, can any damage done to files also be synced? If so, what is the safest way to avoid a problem like this? I could use the 'Events' tab on the Dropbox website to check for any unauthorized changes, but depending on how rapid the hard drive decides to fail, using it to undo changes could become time consuming.
I need recommendations for a good hard drive diagnostic health tool i can use to check my hard drives' health? I haven't noticed any problems with it so far, but i just wanna check.
When i do need a new hard drive someday, how should i go about getting one? Can i get any brand? Can i get a storage capacity larger than the one it came with? Can i get an SSD? Can it be easily replaced yourself, or would this be too hard fo... Read more

Answer:Hard drive health questions?

Try one of these
Download the latest diagnostic software and utilities from the manufacturer of your hard drive(s).
In you case, Hitachi seems right
Downloads | HGST Storage

They are not hard to replace, but you have to be careful not to damage anything.

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Not sure if this is the right forum but my hard drive was failing and had a error message saying so yesterday.
I ran a disk check but during stage 5 but laptop had to be turned off because of circumstances. Today I turn my laptop on and everything seems fine. I decide to download HDD Health and it told me that the health was 55% and was falling to 39% and then suddenly few minutes later it's at 100%.

I'm rather confused about this. Can someone help me understand what is going on?

Also another question: Can I backup the windows os to a external hard drive without it erasing the contents on the hard drive? I just want the actual operating system and not any data as I have nothing on it that's important that I haven't already backed up.

Answer:Hard Drive health falling now at 100%?

You can use the inbuilt backup and restore function to take a system image of your drive which you could then clone to a new drive but this would take everything over including data
There is more reliable software out there for doing this such as macrium reflect or paragon its up to you but with sporadic health results I would backup everything you need asap you can always remove the data later if you need
Backup User and System Files
Restore Backup User and System Files
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

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This is a fairly new drive that i put in my server. My server keeps giving me drive needs to be repaired about once a month. When i run Crystal Disk Info on it I get the health status of Caution and two areas that are yellow are current pending sector count and uncorrectable sector count. both of them are at 100. The disk has only been powered on 7 times with 5722 hours why my other healthy drives are in the 40,000 hour range.

Do i need to worry about this disk failing?

Should I talk with the manufacturers for a exchange?


Answer:Hard drive Health Status

Keep monitoring it. Once a week is recommended. If it progresses on the sector count, replace.

Many hard drives have, or develop some bad sectors (which get isolated), and then stand pat for years with no additional trouble.

Case in point, there is one hd (used as storage) on one of my customers machines that has been at 79% health (Acronis Drive Monitor) for nine years.

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Is there any way for me to test the health of a hard drive?

Here is the situation. I originally had a very old 250 GB Seagate drive that served as my primary drive for a long time. Never had any issues with it. I wanted a little more space so I purchased a 1 TB Western Digital Drive and used Acronis to set it up as my primary drive and put the old Seagate in a case so I have a "backup". It seems like every 6 months or so something happens where I need to put my old drive back in and then reclone it to the 1TB drive. This past time I simply bumped the power cord on the tower when grabbing something and it turned off the computer. Turned it back on and it was super slow and had major performance issues. Did a sfc /scannow. Fixed a few things. Tried to do a disk defragment and then it said I had errors so I went and restarted and it said it fixed the issues, but then later it happened again. Finally got frustrated and put the old 250 GB one back in so I would have a functional computer. Didn't clone it to the 1TB drive yet since had no time, and I wanted to work on it to see if I could get it "fixed" as I had more stuff on that drive, but nothing life changing. Is there any way I could test the drive to see if there is something inherently wrong with the drive as opposed to "normal wear/tear my mistakes like bumping the power cord? I could get a new drive if there is something actually mechanically wrong with it.

Answer:Any way to test health of hard drive? 8.1

This is the Western Digital tool: Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics Download - Softpedia

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Recently my computer has been having blue screen and reported problems about missing bootmgrs and such, this was when windows was on my 150gb hard drive.

So i assumed the drive must be failing and have now installed windows 7 on my 1tb Seagate hard drive.

The blue screens have gone, but every now and again my computer freezes completely up and i have to restart

(The old 150gb hard drive is still connected but i only use that for random storage, nothing important runs off it, i have tried unplugging it and just using the 1tb with windows on, but it tells me to insert a bootable media when i startup)

Anyway i ran HDD sentinel, my 1tb drive has 100% health however my 150gb has 4%

There are 2367 bad sectors on the disk surface. The contents of these sectors were moved to the spare area.
The drive found 15079 bad sectors during its self test.
There are 15079 weak sectors found on the disk surface. They may be remapped any time in the later use of the disk.
3679 errors occured during data transfer. This may indicate problem of the device or with data/power cables. It is recommended to examine and replace the cables if possible.
At this point, warranty replacement of the disk is not yet possible, only if the health drops further.
It is recommended to examine the log of the disk regularly. All new problems found will be logged there.
It is recommended to backup immediately to prevent data loss.

Any ideas on how to stop this random freezing, and what course of action ... Read more

Answer:Hard drive 4% health on HDD sentinel

Since you can't boot unless the 150 GB drive is plugged in, I'd guess your boot files are on the 150 GB drive, rather than on the 1 TB drive.

I'd begin looking to replace the small drive and concentrate on moving boot files to the 1 TB Seagate so your PC can boot without the small drive.

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hi! im newbie here! i bought a new acer laptop and the laptop has preinstalled OS which is... i install windows xp Sp2 . . a prompt appear says there's a 2 partition . . the other one is fat 32 i think den the other one is named unknown . . i delete the partition named unknown and convert it to ntfs after that the windows xp successfully installed den when i check the capacity of my hard disk it shows only 35 GB while the true capacity of my hard disk is 80gb . . my problem now is where the other 45 GB now . . can i resize the the 35 gb to 80 gb? thanks

Edit: Please us proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

Answer:Hard drive shows 35gig, even though it`s an 80gig drive?

That other "unknown" partition would most likely be your ACER Recovery Partition where you can reinstall your OS in the event of a windows OS being corrupted..

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I've connected an external USB drive, but when I go to My Computer it shows it as a network drive. In addition, it gives it the same name as the mapped network drive that already exists there. When I change the name of the external drive there, it then changes the name of the mapped network drive, so again they both have the same name, although the drive letters are different. Any ideas how to make the external drive appear where it belongs in My Computer, under Hard Disk drives?

I'm also seeing some other odd behavior on this computer, and since it may be related I'll mention it. When I first opened my Computer, it showed the same networked drive repeatedly, with every letter from F thru Z. I deleted them all except one, but now every time I reboot, I get a logon connect dialog that asks to reconnect one of them. So with each reboot it is adding back one of the duplicate mapped networked drives that I had deleted. I expect it will eventually end up with all the alphabet letters like it was when I first sat down at this computer.

My main concern is to get the external hard drive to appear where it belongs.

Answer:External hard drive shows up as a network drive

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I have this drive for 18 months.
I worked really great and there are 300 gigs on this external hdd.

The drive it self is very slow It takes long minutes to appear in windows explorer and navigating in it is also very slow.

file transfer speeds are roughly 1mb/s if not worse.
I have this data:
(I never ran a test, this showed up the first time I opened it)

What Can I do ? Is there any way I can get my hard drive working again? and if not how can I save the information ?

Answer:External Hard Drive really slow, Problems with bad sectors

Reallocated sector count problems usually point to a failing drive, and you should consider replacing it.

In the interim, you can do the following which might provide some relief by performing a chkdsk on the drive as detailed here:
Disk Check

Longer term though, this drive will eventually fail, so replace it as soon as you can.

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I've been trying to install Windows 7 recently, on a computer that was running XP. I was prompted to install it by a series of BSODs, and general crashes, usually triggered by particularly system-heavy operations. This was usually followed by a restart - and when I attempted to restart the computer, it sometimes said that it couldn't find Disk 0, and that it couldn't boot. So, I tried to install Windows 7 with an installation disk that's been lying around for about six months - seeing as I couldn't boot XP. The boot screen from the disk showed up fine - the pulsating Windows logo, that is - and then it just got stuck there, for about two hours. I repeated this process, restarting the computer and turning it off, until I got to the install screen, and tried to install it. I selected the C: partition on the second install window (I have a single drive divided into two partitions) and proceeded to format it. This formatted both partitions, and therefore lost my backups which I had naively placed on the D: partition. So, I was left without backups. However, I kept on with the installation, hoping that it would work - and tried to install it on the (empty) C: partition. However, the progress bar became stuck at 0% for the next hour, at which point I restarted the computer and tried again. This time, there was only one partition - the C: partition, and it was full up. It was a 500gb drive, and it had 1024kb of space left - I then tried to use it, select it,... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 installation problem & bad sectors on hard drive

The hard drive is shot. Trying to install Windows on a failing hard drive is like painting a house that's on fire. It's pointless. There's nothing you can do to fix a failing drive.

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I am trying to determine which files are corrupt on my hard drive. After running a CHKDSK scan, I am receiving this line 5 different times in Stage 1: "Attribute record <128, ""> from file record segment XXXXX is corrupt"
(with various values for XXXXXX). How can I determine what the different values mean?

Is there another way to determine what sectors or files are corrupt? I do not want to just repair, but also determine where the error lies.


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Hi guys,I purchased a 1 TB WD external hard drive 3 months ago. I've noticed bad sector on it after I ran a hard disk test software. I was wondering if I could run a low level format to get rid off the bad sectors. If yes, what tool is recommended. Is this drive is going to keep making problems for me? Is it faulty and there is no hope for it?Please advise.Thanks in advance,Shaz

Answer:Western Digital External Hard Drive Bad Sectors

First, I would backup everything on that drive that is important to you.Then run Chkdsk.... Vista - then if problems persist return it for another under warranty

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I was using my Acer Aspire 5250-0639 to root my Android phone using unrEVOked and it required me to install some different drivers for my phone. It didn't work but I tried a couple different guides. A lot of guides recommended that I use Linux for rooting since you didn't need additional drivers, so I tried to burn a live DVD of Linux Mint 13 (Cinnamon) and when I right clicked Windows Explorer stopped responding. So using Task Manager I ended the process and tried to restart Explorer, but it didn't work. So I tried rebooting, but now it hangs on the Starting Windows screen for around 20 minutes, then when it finally gets to the Login Screen, my mouse and keyboard don't work. One thing that does work, though, is that the Fn key combination to change volume and screen brightness still work? I had a live disc of Cruchbang Linux and used that to launch gparted (A disk management tool). It claimed there were bad sectors. I have never had this problem with any of my computers before, so I looked it up on my phone and most people said to run a chkdsk /r from Startup Repair. However, when I do that, it says that it can't lock my disk. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Bad Sectors on Hard Drive, Can no longer boot Windows 7

Very likely you do have a bad disk. As few as one bad sector can prevent you from doing anything. You'll need a bootable CD with some diagnostic/repair software like hdd regenerator 2011, hdat, victoria or manufacturer specific software (ex: if drive shows up as Seagate use SeaTools) Yes, some hard disks can be repaired via software that marks bad sectors as unusable - provided the disk does not have mechanical failure that produces bad sectors continuously. Then after repair is complete it should boot in Windows just fine without reinstall, it will probably just run a checkdisk on first boot.

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I ran CrystalDiskInfo and found out that its health status is caution.
now, do you think that the bad sectors can be repaired? if yes, how?
if no, how can I set CrystalDiskInfo to alert me when the situation is worse?
thanks in advance.

Answer:Hard Drive Health Status (Caution)

When a drive starts getting bad blocks it remaps them to the engineering table so if you start to see bad block thatsall ready full. Bad blocks cant be repaired unless done in error. The test is to go to disk makers website and download their test as its specific to the their drive see what that says. The its time to backup data and get a new hd

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Hi All,

My hard drive is starting to show signs of age now and I think I'm going to have to replace it sooner rather than later. The point of my post is to find out the best way of handling the transfer to a new drive and keep my Windows 7 copy intact. I have all my personal stuff backed up on other drives etc so I don't really have much too lose here but I want to be able to install my Windows 7 copy on a new replacement drive without having to buy a new OS. My Acer laptop came with Windows 7 pre-installed and with no recovery disks.

Is there a way of backing up Windows 7 or creating recovery disks from my laptop now? I believe there may be a few sites online where I can download a Windows 7 iso then burn and install from that in the future, can anyone point me in the right direction here? Also, in any case can I use the product key on the label on the laptop to activate the new install of Windows 7 on the new drive? What's the best way of doing things in a situation like this?

Answer:Hard drive health declining, need to prepare

Quote: Originally Posted by kesman1

Hi All,
The point of my post is to find out the best way of handling the transfer to a new drive and keep my Windows 7 copy intact............. I want to be able to install my Windows 7 copy on a new replacement drive without having to buy a new OS. My Acer laptop came with Windows 7 pre-installed and with no recovery disks.

Is there a way of backing up Windows 7 or creating recovery disks from my laptop now? I believe there may be a few sites online where I can download a Windows 7 iso then burn and install from that in the future, can anyone point me in the right direction here? Also, in any case can I use the product key on the label on the laptop to activate the new install of Windows 7 on the new drive?

You could do any of the following:

1: download a legit ISO and do a clean install, activating with the product key on the laptop COA sticker

2: clone the existing installation to the new drive.

3: make an image of the existing installation and restore that image to the new drive.

Most would point you to the first choice unless you have a major aversion to taking the time to re-install and configure your applications.

The Windows ISOs are here:

Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River ? My Digital Life
Your Product Key is good for ONLY the version that was installed on the laptop at the Acer factory.

You just burn the ISO to a disk and install from the disk, deleting all partiti... Read more

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I'm not paranoid but....does anyone know of a way to check the 'health' of a USB external hard drive?I have loads of backups on mine and it suddenly crossed my mind that one day the drive may(will)die.The SMART monitor presumably only works with the internal IDE drive and so I will receive no prior warning of a disaster.The external drive is a Maxtor and I can find no documentation regarding my fear.Can any other manufacturers help me to sleep at night?Kev

Answer:Checking external hard drive 'health'

The only way I can think of is to plug it in then go to Admin Tools/Computer Management/Disc Management, and look for healthy. I am not sure this will answer your question. I don't know if you can run scandisk on an exterior drive. I will google.

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I need your advice!

I'm currently looking for a new external 3.5" hard drive to pair with external eSATA+USB enclosure, to use across Win 7, XP and Ubuntu. I borrowed from a friend and tested a new WD 1TB EARS green drive as single partition storage drive connected internally at Win 7 and XP, it is fast, cool and quite compare with my other 4 internal drives, performance seems on par with my 1 year old WD Black. However, I also saw bad comments about this new technology of advanced format 4k hard drive for XP and Ubuntu.

Now, I'm searching for a good external 3.5" eSATA+USB enclosure and very soon going to buy the WD EARS hard drive because I'm out of hard disk space for my data storage. I need at least another 1TB, but I'm afraid that I may have degraded performance for using across Win XP, Win 7 & Ubuntu.

All my current hard drives are WD, so far so good. WD is my choice for good warranty service.

Shall I get this EARS drive as external cross platform single partition storage? If I buy it, which partition tool to use to ensure that it will get optimum performance across all abovementioned platforms?

Answer:External Advanced Format 4k sectors Hard Drive for Win 7, XP, Ubuntu

Why not get the 1TB EADS without the advanced formatting and save yourself some headaches?

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i'm looking for a good free software that's reliable enough to check my hard drive's health and possible issues.
something good for old ide and the sata as well.thanks in advance.

Answer:free software to check hard drive health

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Hey Everyone,

I just got a Maxtor 120GB Hard drive, and I currently have a 30GB Maxtor in my computer at the moment. I know a lot about computers, but hard drive images are one of the few things I have little experience with.

I would like to keep my operating system, XP Home, and all of its programs, files, settings, etc all together. Basically, the currect exact state it is right now as if I'm on my 30GB. I've seen my school use images to put the same image on like 20 computers.

Trust me, I'v had to re-load program after program on my dads computer and I'm already sick of doing it, so I want to avoid that lol.

I'm pretty sure there is a way do to this, and if so, can you tell me how, or give me a link to something I can read so I can pull this off. Don't want to put a fresh install of XP and reload everything and re install programs and all that stuff.

David Waters

Answer:Move 30GB Hard Drive Data To New 120GB Hard Drive

Can I do this without CD's, because 15GB of data wont fit on a Cd...I wonder if there is a way I can like just move it over to the other drive or something. pls help.


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my macbook pro is currently our of commission due to a mishap with a cup of water. the person i spoke to on the phone at the apple store said to have the hard drive transferred to an external one in case they need to reformat it. is this even possible if my laptop won't turn on?

Answer:transfer data from laptop hard drive to external hard drive

Depends on the type of water damage has been done.
If your laptop has been a small puddle of water for a little bit of time, yes it will mess up your hdd's connectors and possibly damage it.
If the water spill was like a splash on the keyboard and quickly cleaned up, you have a good chance of the hdd working.
Just depends on what got damaged badly enough for something not to turn on for quite awhile.

Also get rid of that macbooks battery, I have a bad feeling it might not work with your macbook anymore.

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Let me start by saying that I know very little about editing hard drives, this may be simple, this may be not. I donít know, but hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction.

Background; I wish to upgrade the hard disk in my DVD recorder, in order to do this I need to edit some data on a hard disk, the text pasted below comes from somebody who has done this;

Before continue write down maximum number of sectors in HDD. Very often is written on top of disk drive. From this number subtract 8MB => 16384 sectors.
This number we will be call "NoS" (Number of Sectors) (for example my NoS=1953508784 [=1953525168-16384])
To 1st sector (sector No. 0), where is partition table,
to offset 1CA to 1CD write number NoS-4 (for me 1953508780) converted to HEX (for me 74702DAC) but write it backwards!!! (for me AC, 2D, 70, 74).

To 5th (sector No. 4)
to offset 024 to 027 write number NoS/4 (488377196) converted to HEX (1D1C0B6C) and write normaly (1D, 1C, 0B, 6C).

to offset 02C to 02F write number NoS/4 (1D1C0B6C HEX) subscracted by number written in offset 028-02B (00004000 HEX) and subscracted by number 0100 in HEX. (for my numbers: 1D1C0B6C-4000-100 = 1D1BCA6C) and write normaly (1D, 1B, CA, 6C)

to offset 04C to 04F write number NoS/4 (1D1C0B6C HEX) also subscracted by number written in offset 048-04B (00095100 HEX) and subscracted by number 0100 in HEX. (for my numbers: 1D1C0B6C-95100-100 = 1D12B96C) and write normaly (1D, 12, B9, 6C)
To 335,981th ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Hard Drive Sectors, Need to edit; Idiots guide needed!

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Have a Toshiba Laptop, Just had a new terabyte hard drive installed 2 months ago, when I defrag, it is all of a sudden saying ERROR "Reallocated Sectors Count" What does this mean and what needs to be done to correct? The drive was installed by a computer repair shop.

Answer:Hard drive questions -ERROR "Reallocated Sectors Count (JohnLM)

Hi John and welcome

Which Windows version and Service Pack are you using?
What software do you defrag with,thats giving you this message?
Any idea at all what the make and model of the HDD was?

Generally that message comes due to a bad block on the hard drive that's been re-mapped to a good block, normally you don't see this message unless some specific software is alerting you.

If you get allot of these errors and re-mapping of blocks, the HDD speed can be affected a little, most HDDs have even at manufacturing a few data block errors, I would keep an eye on it and its its worrying you return the drive as it will be under warranty still.
Give this app HERE a go and see what it says about the state of your HDD

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Dear all,

After SUMo , KCleaner and Zer0, i'm coming with a brand new free software called HDDExpert

HDDExpert give you a cristal-clear vision on your Hard Drive health and performance and translate S.M.A.R.T. attribute into readable indication. Recommends maintenance (fans upgrade, spare purchase, backups,...) depending on amount of failures detected on your hard drives.

Screenshot :
Web page :
Change Log / Bug report :

Download link :

Answer:HDDExpert : Hard Disk Drive health & performance made clear

HDDExpert - 1.1 (Released 2013-10-07)

- 0002176: [Refactoring] Min/Max temps shall only be displayed if relevant (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002180: [Bug] 0x80 attribute should be masked (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002188: [New Feature] Shall indicate cache size (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002178: [New Feature] 0xBD attribute : High fly writes (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002177: [New Feature] 0xBC attribute : Command Timeout (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002179: [Bug] Window resize is not correct (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002191: [Bug] Typo : Recommanded (Recommended) (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.Click to expand...


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I installed a new 500gb hard drive in my acer laptop.  Ran the system disc.  But it won't show my 4gb of ram or my 500gb hard drive.  Shows my old config.  What's up with that?

Answer:Installed new hard drive. Still shows old hard drive.

No idea what you are talking about. You need to explain IN DETAIL. What shows your old config? What does ram have to do with the hd? What are you talking about?

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I copied my hard drive's(internal drive) data to another computer using an external casing.I copied it back later and in a hurry I forgot to unmount and removed the drive from the USB interface and plugged it back to my laptop(internal drive). Now I can see the space as full but I cannot see the folders even.
Issues :
I have lost my collection of softwares? (I will be happy if it can be recovered)
I cannot reclaim my hard drive's space.


I do not have copies on the backup computer and also I have tried the above mentioned softwares on the backup computer.

Answer:Cannot see data while drive shows space as used

Hello and welcome kavish mate try this


Makea bootable Ubuntu disk

Setthe BIOS to boot from the optical when the machine boots it will show you ascreen with TRY or INSTALL > select TRY

Whenit is finished - it takes very little time you will get a screen like in thepic .

Openthe drive you want > User and dig down until you get to the data / settingsyou may be able to copy / paste the material you want to an external source orother installed drive doing this.

Iam not sure if it will but I have recovered tons of data etc using this methodboth on "dead" or just plain drives that you cannot get data fromusing Windows.
NB You can hook the drive to the machine direct or with a USB gadget.

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Hello, I'm fairly new to these forums but would like to request help for upgrading my laptop. I am thinking of adding a 120GB Msata and 1TB HDD to it (to replace 500GB). My question is how would I go about transferring my dat,a(Pictures, music, videos) to the new hard drive and setting the Msata as a boot drive(for OS and programs)? I would also like recommendations on which Msata/hdd to put in it? I have been considering these: : MyDigitalSSD 128GB (120GB) 50mm Bullet Proof 4 BP4 50mm mSATA Solid State Drive SSD SATA III 6G (120GB)(128GB) : Computer Internal Solid State Drives : Computers & Accessories Seagate 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive SATA 6Gbps 64MB Cache 2.5-Inch ST1000LM014: Computers & Accessories

but would like to know if there are better options available? Thanks in advance

Answer:How to migrate data to bigger hard drive and set Msata as boot drive?

I don't think you can use the Msata SSD as boot drive. It is configured in Raid with the spinner and serves solely as cache. It is just a fancy SSHD.

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i can't get my puter to read the data on an external hard drive. wants me to format it even though it recognizes the drive letter i gave it when i did format it. don't want to lose the 100+ gigs of data i have on this drive.

Answer:my computer recognizes the drive letter but not the data on external hard drive

Does the external drive work on another machine?

Also, while the drive is still connected, can you go into Device Manager (right-click My Computer, click on 'Manage...', click on 'Device Manager') to check for any yellow exclamation marks or red crosses next to anything in there?

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My master hard disk has failed and I have successfully replaced it with a
new one and reinstalled windows XP etc. Before the crash I had a second slave drive with some data I would like to keep on it. When I connect this drive, it shows up in disk management, but does not get assigned a drive letter. How can I get windows to assign a drive letter to the drive without formatting it and losing all of my data?
Both drives are IDE drives, the master is jumpered to cable select and is on
the master cable, the slave seems to have lost its jumper, or never had one,
but shows up in the bios as the secondary hard drive.

Answer:Get a drive letter for an old slave hard drive while keeping the existing data

In disk management did you first left click to highlight the drive then right click for assign or change a drive letter option?

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I had to uninstall Acronis True Image 2013 which seemed to be the issue with my Windows 10 64bit PC having many BSODs. Un-installing Acronis True Image 2013 meant that I lost the use of Acronis Extended Capacity Manager to make use of all of my Western Digital Black 4 TB hard drive. I lost my H drive with a lot of data there. Right now it shows up as almost 1700 GB of Unallocated space. I downloaded and installed Acronis True Image 2017 thinking that there would be a similar compatible Acronis Extended Capacity Manager, but there was not, nor a program like it from WD. I see in Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management and then under Action there is Create VHD and Attach VHD. Is either Create VHD or Attach VHD or both the answer to recreate my virtual disk that Acronis True Image 2013 Extended Capacity Manager gave me? I need a method that will not cause me to lose that saved data. I have found using Google a Seagate version of an Extended Capacity Manager. Will a Seagate version of an Extended Capacity Manager work on a WD hard drive? (No, it does not, I tried it and I got another BSOD) If there is a tutorial on this in this forum, then please point me towards that tutorial. I have looked but I have not found one. Thank You

Answer:Cannot view area/data of hard drive above 2 TB of 4 TB hard drive

You will need to convert your HDD to GPT from MBR. This cannot be done in Disk Management without deleting all partitions first. So unless there are third-party solutions you will have to re-install Windows 10 or restore from a back-up after the conversion.

MBR disks can only be a maximum of 2.2TB, GPT disks do not have this limitation. There might be a problem with using a GPT disk as your boot drive as GPT disks cannot be used with BIOS, only UEFI. If you are still using BIOS then a smaller disk (<2.2TB) could be used as the boot disk.

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Is there a program taht will allow for this, that is relatively cheap, or is there a way to do it without using a program?

Answer:Data transfer from hard drive to hard drive via USB cables

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