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Solved: Memory question DDR2 *not a comparing question*

Question: Solved: Memory question DDR2 *not a comparing question*


I have a MSI K9A2 CF V2.

It supports Up DDR2 1066 and up to 8GB.

I have 2 2GB sticks right now which I will be moving to another computer. I wish to buy 2 sets of 2 2GB 10666. The board support 4 sticks of ram. If I buy 2 separate of the same memory will I have an issue meaning 4 total sticks of the same ram. Meaning will the sticks do there little duel channel thing??


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Preferred Solution: Solved: Memory question DDR2 *not a comparing question*

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Memory question DDR2 *not a comparing question*

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I'm back with most of my parts for my new build.

I have the memory, but I didn't get the dual memory, they sent me just one, one gig memory card. Does this have to be dual memory where the two cards come together or can I order another one just like it and it work the same.


Answer:Solved: DDR2 Memory Question

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I am considering buying the new Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo that was announced a couple of days ago. One of the configurable options is to load it up with max DDR2 RAM of 3 GIG in 1x2Gig and 1x1Gig arrangement.

I heard about the dual channel memory benefit of accessing in full 128 bit mode when the RAM are installed in pairs.

So my question is if I upgrade to the above configuration, would that wipe out the benefit of 128 bit access?

Thanks very much.

Answer:Question on DDR2 Memory

Yes it would. Get 2GB in a 1GBx2 configuration i.e. one 1GB stick in each slot and it will enable u to use dual-channel mode for increased performance.

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Hi, I have just installed 2 512 mb sticks of DD2 PC4300 memory in my PC, which has 2 512 Mb sticks already installed. I went into setup and banks 3 and 4 showed as 1gb each ad the total memory was 3GB, in windows it shows as 2gb. Is there an issue, all the ram is DDR2 533Mhz CL4 and the system seems to be running fine. Can any one help me figure out this problem?CheersMike

Answer:DDR2 Memory Question

Does the BIOS need an update?

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look the pictures. why my ram have only 400Mhz. well i bought a 800Mhz. it's so confusing. Pic1 Pic2

Answer:Memory Question/DDR2

Individually, they are 400MHz. However as it's DDR2 (dual-channel), they add together to become 800MHz. Not the most technical way to put it but I hope you understand.

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I have a couple of DDR2-4200 modules that i would like to put in my dad's computer. The only problem is that his motherboard supports DDR2-3200 memory. i was just wondering if faster DDR2 memory is backwards compatible with the lower seed DDR2 stuff.

It seems logical to me that the motherboard would accept it and run my memory(DDR2-4200) at the lower DDR2-3200 speeds. Could someone verify this or correct me if i am wrong(wouldn't be the first time).

Thanks in advance

Answer:DDR2 Memory Question

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Apologising in advance if this is long. Sorry.

Ok, so I bought my computer 2 years ago and some extra memory for it to give me a total of 4.5 gig. When I upgraded to windows 7 64 bit, I had to take out 3 sticks, which left me with my 2 gig stick left in. I decided to get more memory and bought another 2 gig ddr2 with the specs of the sticks I took out, which was 533 Mhz. I found out when searching something else out in my bios, that my 2 gig stick that was inside was a 667 and not a 533. My question is....will having a 667 and a 533 sticks in my computer, with one slot in between them empty, hurt my computer or cause a bad enough slow down that I should stick with whichever is actually better? Or will it be good till I can buy more of whichever is better. And which IS better, while I'm at it?

Answer:Question about DDR2 Memory

Apparently, most DDR2 chips on the market support operation at CAS 3, 4, and 5. This means the slower rated 533MHz, CAS 4 stick should work fine alongside the 667MHz stick
533MHz: runs at 4-3-3-12
667MHz:runs at 5-4-4-15
DDR2-667 -if you install it along with DDR2-533, will run at DDR2-533 speed anyway. So if you install 533 , the system will run at 533 clock rate, ( this is probably about a single percentage slower).but the extra ram will give better overall performance.
Mixing different speeds of DDR could cause instability,- memory not getting read, system crashes, but generally because the bios will run it at the slowest speed, it will work o.k
Advice ? Use identical sticks of the same 667 , especially if running dual channel, as it will not get the benifit of dual channel performance.

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my motherboard is an asus m2ne-sli motherboard. It says ddr2 up to 800mhz. Would it run DDR2 1000 memory at its full speed?
Or would i be able to overclock the ddr2 800 to 1000?

Answer:1000mhz ddr2 memory question

You'd have to overclock to get the full 1000Mhz speed from the memory, and unless you overclock the CPU with the memory there is little gain in running faster memory.

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I have a Systemax SYX Venture VXC2 Tower PC, two years old, withIntel Core 2 Duo E7500Asus P5KPL-CM mATX Motherboard4GB DDR2 800MHz PC6400 MemoryWindows 7 Pro 64-bitSince my previous question was answered so successfully, I thought I would try one more. My PC (above) came with the spec for DDR2 memory of 4GB, but fitted for 3GB (one 2GB card and one 1GB card).  I purchased another 2GB card with similar capabilities (800MHZ PC6400), installed it, and the system is running fine at 4GB. Is it likely that with the purchase of two 4GB cards I could turn this into a 8GB machine, or would the motherboard and/or processor capabilities preclude this modification (it wasn't built to be 8GB)?

Answer:DDR2 Memory Expansion Question

Max supported according to ASUS is 4G so your outta lick...

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I have a Satellite Pro M70 (model PSM76E-00500KEN) with 512MB of RAM in one slot and would like to upgrade to 1GB or more. I'm considering putting a 1GB module in the spare slot, but have read that sometimes there is a performance advantage to be had from installing DDR2 modules in matched pairs. Can anyone tell me whether there is any performance advantage to be had from matching the modules in the two slots of the Satellite Pro M70? Or, in other words, is there any reason not to run 1GB in one slot and 512MB in the other?

Answer:Satellite Pro M70: DDR2 memory matching question


Dual channel DDR involves using 2 DDR memory modules to double the memory bandwidth. The DDR memory modules themselves are not any different. The only requirement is that the memory controller on the motherboard supports this dual channel interface.
Please check also this useful site:

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I'd like to buy A100-906 notebook. It has 1024Mb DDR2 533mGz memory but I want to rise DDR2 memory upto 2Gb. So my question is:
Are these 1024Mb the single DDR2 1024Mb plate in one DDR2 slot and the second DDR2 slot is empty or they are the couple of 512Mb DDR2 plates and both DDR2 slots are occupied?


Answer:Question about DDR2 memory on Satellite A100-906


In my knowledge the notebook was delivered only with one 1024MB module and the second bank is free.
So it should be no problem with a memory upgrade to 2048MB

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Hi There

I have run into an issue with excel that's a little beyond my amateur coding skills

I think this can be solved with some simple vbscript or nested excel formula

All i need to happen is to compare a list of names and one additional value to another list of names and add the missing value. Easier if i give an example of data

the columns are as follows

Column A Column B Column C Column D
Name Value Name Value
Bob, Test Full Bart, Test
Bill, Test Part Bob, Test
Ren, Test Non Bill, Test
Bart, Test Part Ren, Test

So in column A and B is the reference data, and you see Column C and D is where the data needs to be matched / copied to. The script / formula needs to in this case work its way down column C - look up the matching value in column A and then copy whats in column B next to the matching value to column D.

Example is with the above data it would first hit in column C - Bart, Test - it would then lookup cell A for Bart, Test - and copy whats in column B beside it which is "Part" to blank cell in column D

Then it would move on to Bob, Test in column C - it would then lookup cell A for Bob, Test - and copy whats in column B beside it which is "Full" to blank cell in column D

I have a massive list of 3800 names that gets emailed to in a jumbled order and may grow in cell numbers as well so i cant count on a simple A to Z sort to help out - with additional information that i need to marry up to my existing data. I need an easy ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Basic Excel Question - Comparing multiple values

This is what I think you need (See attached file) Look at the formulas in column D. The first formula can be copied down that column as many times as you require.


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A friend of mine is upgrading his computer. He has an XFX 680i lt sli motherboard. What is better in RAM: 2gb at 800mhz or 4gb at 667mhz? He has XP. Also, should he get ECC ram, buffered ram, or normal ram? He wants to play games such as WoW, DIablo II, and maybe Crysis.

Answer:Ram question: ddr2 4gb at 667mhz or ddr2 2gb at 800mhz?

Four. You definitely notice a 100% difference in amount over 25% in memory speed - which isn't really noticeable anyway.

That mainboard uses normal DDR2 memory.

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I have a 1GB stick of pc4200 (533mhz) ram in my comp at the moment, which is an AMD dual core w/ a 2000mhz MT FSB, in an AMD M2N4-SLI motherboard. Im wondering whether it would be better to start off by buying pc6400 (800mhz) RAM or sticking with what i have, the question is would 4 sticks of RAM running at 533mhz which adds up to 2132mhz total (533mhz x 4sticks) be the same as 4x sticks of pc6400 since the FSB would handle them running the same speed (3200mhz total, much greater than the fastest the FSB can run which is 2000) is having the more powerful ram better if i have so much that the FSB cant handle the speed? Im not really knowledgable in this field so i thought id ask the pros.

heres a link to the motherboard:

Answer:RAM tech question (2x DDR2 800 vs. 4x DDR2 533)

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Question: Question on DDR2

Can I use my PC6400 on this board Asus M4A77TD Pro AMD 770 (Socket AM3) PCI-Express DDR3 Motherboard [90-MIB9S0-G0EAY00Z] Motherboards AMD AM3

Answer:Question on DDR2

Fluffy, it looks like that board only supports DDR3. Your DDR2 would not work.

It's not backward compatible.

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Question: DDR2 RAM question

My Mainboard officially supports up to 8GB of RAM(2GBx4)

Will a 4GB module(4GBx1) such as this ever work in that motherbaord although not officially supported
I've heard that some x48 chipsets could accept 16GB of DDR2 RAM(4GBx4)

Answer:DDR2 RAM question

Probably not, since the module is 4GB and the only ones listed as compatible go upto 2GB. That said, the QVL list only details the memory modules and sizes that have been tested with the board. It is by no means exhaustive, and other modules/sizes may or may not work.

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Question: DDR2 Ram Question

Hi there and thanks in advance.My pc consists of 2 slots of DDR2 240 pin 533mhz memory, until yesterday I had 2 x 512mb to make 1gb total. I then brought an ebay single 2gb ram chip from 'Hong Kong', it works perfectly if I remove both the other chips, but will not work if I insert one of the 512mb chips into the 1 spare free slot. To ideally make a total of 2.5gb ram. Is it possible I have reached the maximum ram capacity for the motherboard (It was only purchased in September 07), if so it seems quite low (at 2gb), I would have expected probably 4gb max. All the chips I have are 533mhz pc 4200 chips so should be compatible, I wonder if the Hong Kong chip needs another Hong Kong chip to work and 'doesn't like my uk supplied existing modules'! I was hoping to insert another 2gb into the second bank in the near future. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Before anyone gives me the standard 'visit' I have tried this and it will not recognise my motherboard/configuration correctly.

Answer:DDR2 Ram Question

What motherboard have you and what cards are installed?You should remember that graphics card memory also counts toward the total supported by your motherboard.

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Question: DDR2 Question

Hey gurus,

Here is a quick question:

I currently own 8GB's of - OCZ NVIDIA SLI-Ready Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Desktop Memory. I am thinking about buying 4x2Gb of - OCZ Reaper HPC 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Desktop Memory. Is this a good move? Will I see much of a difference in performance from the 8Gb's that I currently own now?

Thanks guys

Answer:DDR2 Question

Hello Gudziel,

Sorry, but you will not see that much of an improvement from 800 Mhz to 1066 Mhz.


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Hi there,
I'm working on a computer for a client with CryptoWall.  I'm aware there's no hope at all for Brute Force decryption.  I may try Shadow Copy solutions and some others, but I was wondering if I could find an intact file that's "clean" and the same file encrypted, if there's a utility to compare and generate the key from that?  Or is this a waste of time also?
The virus itself is already gone, but the files are still locked of course.

Answer:Quick CryptoWall Question - Any Hope Comparing Files to Generate Key?

Hi there,The method that you proposed is not feasible to do this with CryptoWall since it uses RSA-2048 encryption, which can take millions of years to crack one single key. So if your client does not have clean backups then he's out of luck.

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I am not an avid computer guy but I always teach myself anything I can so here goes. I have a xps 410 with a Intel P965 Express Chipset. It has 4 slots for ddr2 memory on the motherboard. I currently have two pos kingston 512mb pieces. I recently ordered a geil 2gb stick ddr2 same series 5300 etc etc. I was doing some research today and I read somewhere that a slot will only take 1gb per time(max). I kno the max for a 32 bit windows OP is like 3gb or 3.5. So will I be able to maximize that geil 2gb stick or did I buy 2gb and will only get 1gb of use out of it? Thank you in advance.

Answer:quick xps 410 ddr2 question

Well, I have an asus motherboard and that says max of 512mb per slot when I put a 1gb in one of the slots it didn't even recognize it so I think it will be the same with the Dell as well.

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Hello everyone i got a quick question for you memory pro's .

I am currently running ddr2 800mhz but my board can support higher ,would it be wise to upgrade to the higher speed ram ?

Or should i stick with planing to buy a new board and new memory all together, meaning a board that supports DDR3.

Im wondering if it would benefit me anything since im having alot of bsod issues now that have a higher stock chip and my ram is at the lowest mhz the board offers and my card always crashes playing left for dead 2.

I have not tryed other games yet but im figuring i need to get higher ram to support the cpu better can someone give me a good opinion my specs are already listed .

I am prepared to do either or but im thinking picking up 8 gigs of higher ram would be better like 1066mhz

Answer:Question about DDR2 vs DDR3

also i would like to know would ddr2 1200 be better or 1066 would be better as terms of stability

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I've got two 512 DDR2 PC3200 cards and unfortunately one of my slots is fried, so I was wondering if I could upgrade to 2 gigs by putting a 1 gig card in with my two 512's.

Answer:Question about balancing DDR2 RAM

you should be able to fill the three remaining memory slots with any compatible ram
they all should be the same memory ie: ddr2 3200
the size of them isn't important ie :256, 512, 1 Gig

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My new Media Center is equipped with 1gb DDR2 PC 3200 RAM

According to HP and the computer specs - the MB will support DDR2 PC 4200.

My question is, will I notice any performance increase (non-gaming apps) if I upgrade to 1gb PC4200 RAM ?
Photoshop and Premiere used a lot.

Would 2gb be overkill ?

Answer:DDR2 PC3200 RAM upgrade question

You're more likely to see an improvement by increasing the total amount of RAM.

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Will the DDR2 1066 RAM work in a Mobo designed with DDR2 800 standard? I just didn't know whether 240-pin ram units are compatable across varying speeds. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Question about DDR2 1066 RAM Compatibility

There's no guarantee. Have you checked the manufacturer's website to see if they have a compatibility list of systems they've tested the memory in?

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Hello all. This is probably a very easy question to answer but I thought I'd ask just to make sure.

I am running Windows 7 (x86) on a desktop and have 2 gigs of Corsair DDR2 RAM (800mhz) installed. I also have a spare 2 gigs of cheaper DDR2 RAM running at only 667mhz. If I add the extra RAM am I right in thinking the faster RAM will run at 667mhz?

Is the performance boost of double RAM going to outweigh the loss in speed from 800mhz to 667mhz? Do you think it is worth adding the extra 2 gigs?

Many thanks.

Answer:DDR2 RAM 667mhz Vs 800mhz Question

You are correct that the memory will all run at the slowest speed of the bunch. You would barely notice a difference, outside of running benchmarks, with the slight drop in speed. If you can utilize the extra memory with the software you are running, then it is worth it.

However, there are two things to keep in mind. First, since you aren't running Windows 7 x64, you are likely only going to see about 3.25 GB in total. Second, anytime you mix and match memory, there is a chance they won't play nice together. The only way to know is to try them. As long as both sets are compatible with your board, you won't do any harm. If you start having random errors or lockups, then remove the slower sticks.

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Hi everyone morning!!im just upgrading my RAM from 3 gig to 6, ive got Three "1 gig" sticks & Two "2 Gig" sitcks totaling 7 gig but one stick is dead i think so il stick to 6 gig, anyway im running on Vista Ult 64 & my pc max's at 8 gig so im ok, the current voltage on my RAM is "1.850V" does anyone know what voltage i should take it too for 6 gig..?I can go upto 2.6VThankx

Answer:Upgrading DDR2 RAM quick question pls!!

Why do you need all that ram anyway?

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This motherboard has 4 DDR2 slots, dual channel. I have 2gb of memory split between 2x512mb and 1x1gb. My question is: what would be the best way to configure the RAM. Lets say that RAM slots A and C are channel one, and slots B and D are channel two. I was thinkin' that the 2 512's would go in channel 1 (slots A and C) and the single 1gb in channel 2.... any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?


Answer:Dual Channel DDR2 question

Not sure whether this will allow you to run in dual-channel mode, which is worthwhile, as it will improve your memory bandwidth greatly.

You can experiment, though. Any mobo I've seen will list whether the memory running in dual-channel or not during POST (right after the memory test).

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If a motherboard has 2 memory slots that are configured to run in dual channel mode, do both RAM sticks need to be the same to take advantage of the dual channels? Could you run a 2gb and a 1gb together and have 3gb running in dual channel mode? Or would it revert to 'normal mode'?

What if the motherboard has 4 memory slots; channel A and channel B. Assuming that dual channel requires identical sticks, what would be the best way to configure 3gb of RAM in a 4 slot dual channel mobo? Would you put a 1gb and 512mb stick in channel A and in channel B; or the two 1gb sticks in channel A and the 512mb sticks in channel B; or would it matter?


Answer:Question about dual channel DDR2

Hi dlb

Yes modules must be same dencity to take advantage of dual channel, but as you mentioned could add 2x1GB in Channel A and 2x512mb in Channel B, otherwise mixing reverts to single channel.

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Right now i am useing a DDR1 AGP slot video card, it just went by by, So i am upgradeing to a DDR2 Video card, I am looking at

ASUS AH4650/DI/1GD2 Radeon HD 4650 1GB 128-bit DDR2 AGP 8X HDCP Ready Video Card (Newegg)

But i heard that the max for DDR1 is 512 MB? Will i be able to use this card? or will it just cut the cards capabilitys basicly in 1/2? I am also useing Windows Xp, please if you can help me
Plz and ty

Answer:DDR1-DDR2 Video Card Question


There are no DDR graphics cards made anymore-not since about 2000-2001.
If your AGP slot is x4 or x8 you will be fine with the card if it's within your budget- the only compatibility problem you would run into is if your AGP slot is generation 1 ( i.e AGP 1x or AGP 2x) as these use 3.3volt signalling. Your computer would most likely have to be 1998 vintage for it to have that.
If you are in any doubt then post your system/motherboard maker and model/specification

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dont know the motherboard yet as i will not be getting the pc in the mail until friday, however my question is about Dual-Channel DDR2 RAM

my mobo will have 4 DIMMS capable of 1GB each for a total of 4GB
it will be stock with 2 512MB DUAL CHANNEL DDR2 PC5300 667MHZ sticks
can i add 2 more aftermarket 512MB DUAL CHANNEL DDR2 PC5300 667MHZ sticks and maintain DUAL CHANNEL performance, for a total of 2GB instead of 1GB?

if so do they have to be the same latency, if so how will i determine latency as this is a DELL XPS GEN 5 pre-assembled?

or would i be better off removing the 2 512MB original sticks, selling them on ebay, and putting 2 sets of brand new CORSAIR Memory 2 x 512 MB PC2-5300 DDR2 RAM DUAL CHANNEL MATCHED PAIRS???

Pentium D830 (3.0GHZ),DCT
48X CD-RW/ 16X DVD+/-RW

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Is It Better To Install Ddr2 Memory In Matched Pairs Or Can They Be Added One At A Time Mixed With Different Memory Of The Same Size,also Can You Recommend A Good Brand Of Memory.thanks In Advance.

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Just got a new memory stick today and installed it in the computer, but for some reason it doesnt read in the system properties but shows up fine in the system information, also the bios does not read that it is there. now my initial thought and assumptions are that it is bad. can some one with a little bit more knowledge about the memory comfirm my suspicions.

Answer:Solved: Memory Question

May not be bad but sounds like incompatible. You just don't go into a store and buy a speed and number of pins, that is not how to do it., and all have configurators where you can out in motherboard model or pc brand and they will give you compatible model numbers, then buy them wherever you like.

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Hi ,
I bought some memory the kind Kingston site said to use for my computer . I found out the hard way it didn't work. A tech guy told me I need to use pc 100 memory instead. I need to know if I jsut have to get pc 100 256 mb 32 x 64 or a different type of pc 100 memory .I apperciate the help.
Thank you

Answer:Solved: memory question

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Here is a partial printout of one of my PC's hardware from Everest:

[ BIOS ]

BIOS Properties:
Vendor Phoenix
Technologies Ltd.
Version HZ.01.09US
Release Date 11/23/99
Size 512 KB
Boot Devices Floppy Disk,
Capabilities Flash BIOS,
Shadow BIOS
Supported Standards DMI, APM, ACPI,
Expansion Capabilities ISA, PCI, AGP

[ System ]

System Properties:
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Product HP Vectra
Version VLi8
Serial Number US93502514
Wake-Up Type Power Switch

[ Motherboard ]

Motherboard Properties:
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Product HP Holmes
System Board
Version D4066-60001
Serial Number US93502514

[ Chassis ]

Chassis Properties:
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Version N/A
Serial Number N/A
Asset Tag N/A
Chassis Type Pizza Box
Chassis Lock Present

[ Memory Controller ]

Memory Controller Properties:
Error Detection Method None
Supported Memory Interleave 1-Way
Current Memory Interleave 1-Way
Supported Memory Types DIMM, SDRAM
Supported Memory Voltages 3.3V
Maximum Memory Module Size 256 MB
Memory Slots 2

[ Processors / Pentium(R) III ]
THe question I have is there are 2 slots for memory, does the listing mean that each slot can handle 256 of MB or that the 2 slots total can only handle 256 mb? Please let me know.


Answer:Solved: Memory question

i hope this can help you:
a product description took from

Product Description
High performance, fully manageable corporate PC at a competitive price, newly designed form factors with highly serviceable chassis, NLX standard motherboard with Intel 440BX class: 440ZX AGPset, the HP Vectra VLi 8 comes with Matrox G200 graphics with 8MB SDRAM, integrated 16-bit PCI audio, UltraATA Hard Disk Drive from 4.3GB to 13.5GB and 32 or 64MB 100MHz SDRAM expandable to 512MB. The HP Vectra VLi 8 comes with 450 to 500 MHz Intel Pentium III processor or 400MHz Intel Pentium II processor with 100MHz front-side bus and 512K L2 cache.


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I just purchased

As you can see, it includes a 512MB PC3200Mhz memory which is not a dual channel. I have a spare memory which is also 512MB PC3200Mhz. I was wondering if that will work out ok and if I purchased another memory (1GB PC3200Mhz prefered) will it be ok if I installed it all in this board?

Also, I was planning to buy a 2 1Gb PC3200 dual channel memory. I'm not sure if it will work in this board. I just want to know if it will be ok to just buy 2 gigs of dual channel mem and installed it on this board removing the 512mb mem that comes up in this board. It doesn't say that it doesn't support dual channel memory so I'm just curious coz dual channel mem is faster than single mem. Is that right?

I hope you can help me guy

Thanks a lot!!

Answer:Solved: Memory Question

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ok i have windows xp home sp3.

one thing i miss about windows 98 is that when you check to see how much free memory you have left it will show what amount of ram you have installed and also the amount you have left over .

in windows xp home sp3 you get too much info for a person to understand.

i have a 1 gig of ram installed,, i want to know in one simple answer how many MB i have left over .

how can i find out ?.

yes i know i can right click on the task bar and bring up task manager,,thats the problem,, too much info,,lol.

or is there a program i can install that is free, that will give me that one simple answer ?.

hope some one can help,,,thank u soo much ,,this is a great forum.

Answer:Solved: i have a memory question,,,,please help ,,thank u.

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i have 32bit windows vista premium. and i have 4GB of memory. but my PC only says i have 3.5GB. would i have to get the 64bit system so the PC will see the rest of the memory? and if so what would i have to do to get the 64bit? or would it be better to just wait and get windows 7?

Answer:Solved: memory question

Some memory is used in the BIOS for hardware resources and does not show in the system memory. Don't update to 64 bit Windows, while it does provide for considerable additional memory, there are still driver issues with many vendors.

However this discrepancy should have been resolved by a Service Pack update >>

On computers that have a 32-bit operating system, more than 3 GB of system memory, and with a version of Windows that is earlier than Windows Vista SP1, users will see a larger difference in how much memory is reported as available to the operating system compared to how much physical memory is installed. This is because some physical address space must be reserved as I/O regions for memory mapped peripherals. These I/O regions are allocated between the 3 GB physical address and the 4 GB upper physical address limit.

Physical memory addresses that are mapped to these I/O regions cannot be used to address physical system memory. These addresses also cannot be used to prevent the operating system from using some physical memory that would ordinarily be accessed between the 3GB physical address and the 4GB upper physical address limit. The size of these I/O regions varies from system to system because they determine the type and configuration of the system’s peripherals.
Click to expand...

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I saved 4 GBs of DDR2 memory form a computer that took a wrong turn and fatally crashed, Core 2 Duo as well,..........several parts.

A Core Duo E6600 2.4 LGA 755

4 gigabytes Kiingston memory stcks all 4 kvr800d2n5/1g

Roswell 550 Watt PS with some cables

double-layer dvd player=recorders (2 extra)

D-Link Adapter

2 usb2 adapter

Mitsumi Card Reader Anyway I am looking for a Motherboard
Thats what I have and i cant afford replacing most of these things as i'd like to do

Can I use this memory in DDR3 slots? I will only buy a board w/usb3....they all seem th=o use ddr3 memory. If not Its a major roadblock. Damn hospital bills.

Answer:Solved: Memory Question

nope, DDR3 slots will not support DDR2 memory. They perhaps have the same amount of pins (240 i believe), but the sizes are different and the position of the pins as well.

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I just ordered 2 2gig memory sticks for my PC. The PC currently has 4 slots, 2 are empty the other 2 have 1 gig memory sticks in each slot. Should I remove them and put in the new memory or leave them in?

Answer:Solved: memory question

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I need to know if I can use a single strip of
512MB PC-133 High or Low density , bufferd or unbufferd . SDRAM
I have a Gateway select 1000 . AMD Athlon 1GIG.
Motherboard is a
MicroStar MS-6330 2.1 (I think )
Memory now is 256+128+128 =512MB
Windows ME
I am getting conflicting information.
Gateway says I can use a single strip and the people I want to get the memory from says no.
After installing this memory I get 3 beeps and the computer will not boot.
I think this memory stick is bad. (according to the beeps)
People I got the memory from says the memory can't be bad because they test it.
The price is low , and I know everybody says go for a name brand but they all want over $120.00 . I got this other for $58.00
Someone knows for sure if I can use 512MB in each slot or I can only get 256MB . I also heard that Windows ME only supports 512MB

Answer:Solved: Memory question

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Hey, I was thinking about buying this motherboard and was wondering if my pc2700 memory would work on the motherboard.

Answer:Solved: Memory Question

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Well i plan to buy but im not sure if its same as my current memory i have which info is here >
Field Value
Memory Module Properties
Module Name Kingston 9905230-002.B03LF
Serial Number B537C442h (1120155573)
Manufacture Date Week 31 / 2007
Module Size 1 GB (2 ranks, 4 banks)
Module Type Unbuffered DIMM
Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM
Memory Speed DDR2-533 (266 MHz)
Module Width 64 bit
Module Voltage SSTL 1.8
Error Detection Method None
Refresh Rate Reduced (7.8 us), Self-Refresh

Memory Timings
@ 266 MHz 5-4-4-12 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 16-28-2-4-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 266 MHz 4-4-4-12 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 16-28-2-4-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)
@ 200 MHz 3-3-3-9 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) / 12-21-2-3-2-2 (RC-RFC-RRD-WR-WTR-RTP)

Memory Module Features
Analysis Probe Not Present
FET Switch External Disabled
Weak Driver Supported

Memory Module Manufacturer
Company Name Kingston Technology Company, Inc.
Product Information
Click to expand...

If this is not same one.. can you please tell how i should search for my RAM... or if this RAM that i plan to buy supports my pc ... ask me for information you need.

Answer:Solved: Memory(RAM) Question

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Just a quick question,I am buying an athlon 2800+ cpu 333fsb, until i get some pc 2700,333mhz ram,can i continue to use my current ram pc2100 266mhz., or would that be unwise.

thanks in advance,

Answer:Solved: Memory Question

As long as you run it at 266, yes, OK.

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I ordered 2 Gb's of DDR2- 800 (2x1Gb) on eBay.
I received GDDR2- 800 memory.
Will it work in my computer? Everything I can find refers to graphics cards (which I know nothing about). It looks the same but I don't want to cook my PC.
My question is simple, can I use it or should I throw it away. It's not worth the hassle of returning it. Is DDR2 and GDDR2 interchangeable?

Answer:Solved: Question about memory

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I've got an AMD 3000+ sys with Asus A8NE mobo with 1gb RAM (512x2).

I want to add 1gb more. Is it okay if I just got a 1gb stick or should I get 2 sticks of 512 gb?

Also, are there compatibility issues of any kind I should watch out for? timing, frequency etc.



Answer:Solved: A Question of Memory

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What, if any, is the difference between DDR2 and Dual Channel DDR2?

Answer:Solved: Memory Question

This may explain your question

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Hi, I'm about to but a new motherboard and the specs say it takes dual-channel DDR3 memory. Will it be backwards-compatible? I'm hoping to use DDR2 mem as these RAM appear quite a bit cheaper at the moment. Thanks all,

Answer:Solved: DDR2 memory in DDR motherboard ?

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hello i just want to make sure whether this model (s10-2) can support memory DDR2-667mhz or DDR2-800mhz and what is the maximum  ram memory can be upgrade ..?? 2GB or 4GB... by the way, can i find gaming/high performance notebook ram in the market...?? just like desktop what type gaming/high performance ram can support this model...


Go to Solution.

Answer:memory on s10-2 is it DDR2-667mhz or DDR2-800mhz

Yes you can use Corsair gaming memory which what I have installed on my S10-3t. If you live by a Best Buy some carry it in the store. I got mine last year for 49.99 on sale and use it on several other devices I have to test. Here is the link 2GB is the max you can upgrade the S10-3t

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As I was reading through the different threads... I seen someone as a question about upgrading their RAM
they were told to go to and do a scan
well out of curiosity I did the same to find that it says I have the max capacity 4GB RAM on my laptop
that I already have two 2GB DDR PC2-5300 installed
when I right click on my computer and select properties (this is how I usually check how much RAM etc. is on the computer) it says I have 2.68GB of RAM

which one is correct?

Answer:Solved: Quick memory question

They both could be right.

You could physically have 2 x 2Gb sticks installed but not all of it could be recognized by the system correctly and some of it will be used for video or not addressable by Windows. I looked up the specs for your laptop and it only officially supports 1GB per slot with a 2GB maximum for the combined two slots. If you have put in 2 x 2GB sticks then you are using an unsupported configuration. V6305NR

Largest module listed is 1024MB:

You have integrated graphics that is using some of the memory; up to 512MB once in Windows with the newest BIOS and video drivers I believe for that chipset . Also a 32bit version of Windows can only address a combined total of 4GB of all the memory in a system. You'll never have access tot he full 4GB of RAM with a 32 bit version of Windows.

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I currently have 12GB or ram and want to upgrade to 24GB (which I understand is the max my motherboard can handle) My system currently has an:

Asus Rampage III Formula LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard;

an Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06 GHz 4 x 256KB L2 Cache 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1366 130W Quad-core Processor BX80601950

My current Ram is:

Corsair XMS3 6GB (3x2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model CMX6GX3M3C1600C7.

My question is will one of these work or is there a better one:

2 of these: Corsair XMS3 12GB (3x4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 Desktop Memory Model CMX12GX3M3A1333C9 or

2 of these: Corsair XMS3 12GB (3x4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2000 (PC3 16000) Desktop Memory Model CMX12GX3M3A2000C9 or

6 of these: Corsair XMS3 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 Desktop Memory Model CMX4GX3M1A1600C9


Answer:Solved: Desktop memory question

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I have a gateway MX8711 laptop. My processor is 1.60GHz, 533MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache and im looking to upgrade my memory. Would adding 2 1gig PC2-5300 667MHz 200-pin SODIMM DDR2 memory work well with the computer even though it is 667MHz and the processor is only at 533MHz. The factory installed memory (2 512mb) is also at 533MHz which I would not use anymore. This is the link for the memory that I am looking at and this is the link for my system specs Crucial says that it is compatable but I just want to make sure.

Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Memory upgrade question

Faster memory will run fine at the lower speed.

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Here are my specs (my model number is HP ENVY Sleekbook 6-1129WM):
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-4555M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7642 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7600G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 278472 MB, Free - 118602 MB; D: Total - 25632 MB, Free - 3013 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 18DE
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

I can't access my computer bios, But that is not my main concern.

My main one is the fact that I installed an additional 4GB RAM on top of the already installed 4GB (8GB Total) and now I would like to increase my laptops graphics memory to 2GB.

I have AMD Overdrive installed, but i'm not sure how to increase the graphcis memory from there.

I need a detailed explanation on how to increase graphics memory for AMD Overdrive.

Much appreciated!

Answer:Solved: Laptop Memory Question!

I see you've marked your thread as Solved. What did the solution end up being? It may be helpful to post for other's with the same question.

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I currently have four, one gb sticks of ram in my PC. So, I have 4GB.

I also have four, two gb sticks sitting next to me. = 8gb

The 2gb sticks are 2Rx8 PC2-6400U-666-12. They are Dell SNPYG410C/2G.

My 1gb sticks are currently DDR2 Patriot 1066MHZ PDC22G8500ELK.

What combination should I do?

Answer:Solved: Memory Options Question

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How come when you buy any hardware such as flash drives, ipods, etc, the memory is always a little less then specified?

For instance, my 30gig ipod only holds 27.84 gigs? What the space that is missing?

Answer:Solved: Quick memory question...

its because it is formatted and the format takes up some space (if that makes sence)

and every storage drivce will never be as what they say they are ( or unless they invent a new format)

like for example my hard drive is 80.00GB but in windows it says 74.5 GB
because the format (mine is NFTS ) takes up 5.5GB.

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Being new to building my own system. Can you clear up something for me before I start buying hardware? There is something that I am not clear on. Which is more important to look for, memory latency, memory write or memory read when trying to find the best motherboard, CPU and memory combination? I ask because I ran Everest Home edition on my system to find out where I stand on other setups and it wasnt good, but I noticed that the top 5 spots had some pretty cheap hardware to get those great read/write and latency speeds. Are these memory benchmark test important and should they be considered when it comes to FPS when in all actuality is what Im looking for since I get ugly frame rates on EQ2 with my current setup. Any information would be really appreciated before I buy.

Answer:Solved: memory benchmark question

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Ok, I just bought new m/b and memory. The motherboard allows 800 Mhz memory. I bought 1066 memory PC8500. Since my memory is limited to running at 800 Mhz, will my memory stilll be pc8500 or will it revert to pc6400 or something like that?

ok, thanks, I can't return these things, so I guess i'll just have to deal with it. How much of a difference does pc8500 make over pc6400?
Also, if it is worth it, Is there some type of overclocking I could set up in my bios to run the memory at 1066?

Answer:Solved: Question about memory speeds.

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I'm considering replacing my current memory (Corsair) with 8gb of Corsair XMS series memory. I ran SIW and it shows that my current memory timing is 7-7-7-20 1.50v. The Corsair is listed at 9-9-9-24 1.65v. Will this timing be compatible with my Biostar TA890GXB HD motherboard? I do not overclock. Is there anything that I need to be aware of, alter or change? Would I possibly be able to add the 8gb to my current 4gb?
Thank you.

Answer:Solved: Memory timing question

hmmmmm, this must be a really tough question (smile)

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I wanted to know. with any computer, say you have two slots for memory. THe computer can accept up to 512. It has 128 in one slot and nothing in the other slot. You can take the 128 out and then just add 1 512 stick right?
Or do you have to stay equal? like if it has 128 in one slot do you have to ad 128 in the other slot or could you add a 256 in the second slot if it already has a 128 in the first slot? I guess what I am asking is, with any computer, do you have to balance the slots? like the one I am on has 512 so I can't add a 256 or a 128 I would have to add another 512 right? Or am I way off track here?

Answer:Solved: windows xp--A memory question

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I was told when installing memory chips that in order for them to work properly you needed to install equal amounts say: 128 and 128 to get 256! because on the computer i'm working on has 2 slots and there is a 128 chip already in dimm slot 1 , i was under the impression that it had to be another 128 and that would give you 256 but my friend here says thats not true you can put any other size next to it and you would recieve the total of the say 128 & 64 giving you a total of 192, but I heard when they r to different sizes like that you only get the amount of the larger chip ?????????? SURVEY SAYS???? : ) thanks ! trixxxy

Answer:Solved: Question on memory installation

Both Correct
Older machines did need to have the same size , most modern PC's are OK
Some need matched pairs to use a special feature which speeds up access
Goto these sites and enter make/model of PC or motherboard and it will tell you what is compatable

when replacing/upgrading

remember to take anti-static precautions - if you do not have an anti-static wrist strap etc then at the minimum
hold the case to make sure you are at the same potential as the PC - also MAKE SURE THE PC IS UNPLUGGED AT THE MAINS
these sites have further info on anti-static

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It's been quite a while since I've been here but, I've always found the help I need so here goes:

I have an HP - Compaq Pavilion dv2015nr Laptop/Notebook

It currently has two 256MB memory cards in it and I want to upgrade to 2GB. I went to Crucial and they recommend:

2GB kit (1GBx2), 200-pin SODIMM, DDR2 PC2-5300 memory module
Module Size: 2GB kit (1GBx2)
Package: 200-pin SODIMM
Feature: DDR2 PC2-5300
Specs: DDR2 PC2-5300 CL=5 Unbuffered NON-ECC DDR2-667 1.8V 128Meg x 64

They also say that my laptop does not support dual channel.

I found this at Newegg ....

Crucial 2GB (2 x 1GB) 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Dual Channel Kit Laptop Memory Model CT2KIT12864AC667 - Retail
Buffered/Registered: Unbuffered
Cas Latency: 5
Heat Spreader: No
Voltage: 1.8V
Model #: CT2KIT12864AC667
Item #: N82E16820148086
Here's my 'dilemma' ... The product at Crucial is $51.99 - the product at Newegg is $39.99 BUT it says "Dual Channel Kit". Does that mean it won't work in my notebook or does it simply mean that it's two sticks?

I feel silly but don't want to make any mistakes. Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Another laptop memory question

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I am trying to install more memory on a machine running Win XP. It has 3 slots with a total of 128 mb installed. Each slot can handle 256 mb, so I removed the modules from all 3slots and replaced the 1 and 2 slots with 256 each. When I turn on the machine and go to system (on control panel), it only shows 256 mb. Why? Is there something else that I need to do? I removed the module from the 1st slot, thinking that it was really the 3rd slot and put it in the empty slot and the machine only showed 128 mb, so it seems that either only 128 mb from each slot is recognized or only the first slot is recognized. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Answer:Solved: Installing more memory question

What type of RAM did you put in, what type does the Mobo take?

I have seen it where someone put in PC 133 in a PC100 board and had the exact problem, so lets start there.

Are all the sticks identical is my next question.

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i have 2 pcs one of them is an ancient p4 with 256 mb ram

My question is that the pagging file(pagefile.sys) used for virtual memory is set to be 348 mb would my pc perform better if i increased it to 2000 mb and i forget to tell you that it sometimes warns me that virtual memory is low so would this make my pc faster

Answer:Solved: virtual memory question ?

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I was not sure where exactly to post this, sorry if this is the incorrect forum. I am looking at purchasing a laptop w/Win 7 HP 64 bit, my question is this: It comes with 4 gb ddr3 ram, would I notice enough improvement to justify purchasing an extra 4gb stick? I do not game, and Open Office is probably the largest program I run. Here is the link to the system I am looking at purchasing.

HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT Notebook PC - Intel Core i3-2310M 2.10GHz, 4GB DDR3, 320GB HDD, DVDRW, 15.6 Display, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit at


Answer:[SOLVED] New system memory question

4GB is plenty for a general use system.

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I've been trying to upgrade my memory but i'm really having a hard time determining what is compatible or not with my comp with all the different timings and speeds and whatnot...any help in determining what is or not would be greatly appreciated! thanks

Answer:Solved: upgrading memory question

Do you know, or can you find out, what kind of motherboard you have? Also, what is your current RAM situation as far as how much you have?

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i going to add memory to an old compaq owned by a friend.
it has 192mb now, i want to increase to the max allowed of 256.

my question is, i've never had to remove any before to upgrade just add on.
there is only 2 slots for mem. so i have to change a 64mb with a 128mb.
when i remove the 64 am i gonna loose anything she has stored on her computer?

this may seem like a dumb question but i'm trying to make points with this girl i just wanna be sure

Answer:Solved: memory upgrade question


OK. Well, most likely nothing will happen to the HDD where all the software and data files are stored but you never know when fiddling inside a PC.

And you sound like you know just enough to be dangerous. Just kidding..

To be on the safe side, you should probably backup any important files she has to a CD or portable USB drive first.

Removing the ram stick is fairly easy. Just push the white tabs on either end down till the ram stick pops out. Then plug in the new one.

When you first boot up afterwards the BIOS may detect the change and require you to go into Setup to confirm the change.

Hopefully the new stick you're putting in will be compatible (you never really know til you try) with the old 128mb stick and everything will work out just fine.

Good luck!

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Hi there,

My harddrive is split into two partitions, does it matter on which partition I have my virtual memory file?

For instance, I have C:(OS) and D:(Data), does it make a difference on which drive the page file is?

Answer:[SOLVED] Virtual Memory Question

Since it's one physical drive, I don't think it matters. If it were two different drives, I'd be inclined to use the faster one.

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From window task manager

From resource monitor

What I'm trying to do is lower down the ram usage but
Is this normal for a window vista user which has a 2gb ram?​

Answer:Solved: Memory Usage [Question]

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I just got a new GTX 470. It is 1,280 mb, ddr5 ram.
My computer reads it has 3 gigs, why?
Also, I dont know much about this stuff, but its not sharing my regular memory is it?, idk, I just really want to know why it reads as 3 gb instead of 1280 mb, and if there is a way to get it to read as 1280 mb

DXdiag, is what's reading it as 3gb, also, did as well.

Answer:Solved: Question about GTX 470 video memory

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just got the A210-14S. All in all a fine notebook as I can say so far :)

Got three questions/issues with it though:

1. Even though it should support DDR2-667Mhz memory, the memory only runs at max. 600Mhz, even when settings are set to High Performance and running with the power supply...quite strange, BIOS fix needed?

2. The screen goes blank every once a while, and a message appears that the ATI driver had to reset itself. New ATI drivers needed? As far as I can tell the newest are the ones that come with the book...

3. When activating the Dualpad, it won't deactivate. Pushing the button, it stays in Dualmode :(

Suggestions, confirmation, or work in progress info would be highly appreciated.


Message was edited by: Landorian

Answer:Satellite A210-14S: Question about DDR2 speed, ATI driver, Touchpad Dualmode

Hi there,

I am trying to answer your questions, maybe my know how can help you..

1. How did you measured it? Maybe with memtest or with cpu-z? Would be interesting since these tools do not support the mobile chipsets very well. The other thing is that no matter which performance level you have, the frontsidebus is probably dynamically, but I am not an intel engineer, so I cannot give you an 100% answer.

2. Hm, would be nice to put some new drivers on your rig. I suggest you to try this site, works for me very well:
Just try it. :)

3. Err, you activate it and then deactivating. Please explain it a little bit more precisely because I unfortunately do not understand it. :)

So, I tried my best, I gave everything and I am really exhausted now. OK, it?s not like saving the planet but I hope you have some success... ;)


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Just had a new P4 motherboard installed: ECS P4M800PRO-M478 (V1.0) which replaced the original Celeron board that died suddenly. The new motherboard has 4 memory slots, 2 for DDR1 and 2 for DDR2. This board has a maximum 2GB capacity. The manual says you can't mix memory types. I read that to mean you can install up to 2GB in the DDR1 slots or up to 2 GB in the DDR2 slots but 2 slots will always be unused. Is this correct? The manual should make it clear but but to my mind it doesn't. Thanks for any clarification.

Answer:Solved: confusion re DDR1 and DDR2 memory


I read that to mean you can install up to 2GB in the DDR1 slots or up to 2 GB in the DDR2 slots but 2 slots will always be unused. Is this correct? Click to expand...

Yes . . that is correct . . while the board can use either types, it cannot use both.

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Hi Guys,

Acer T180 with 2 X 512Gb PC2-4300 CL4 sticks. CPUZ reports as running at 100.5Mhz?

I want to add more memory.

Can I add 2 matched sticks of PC2-5400 CL4 1GB each
or 2 sticks of DDR2-5300 CL5 1GB each.
Both of the above at 675Mhz.

I have 4 slots each max of 1Gb; 2 used as above, 2 free.

What are the rules and implications for matching memory?
Is it correct that whatever I put in will run at the slowest speed i.e. the original PC2-4300 above?
Does it matter which slot pairs are used for which sticks e.g should the 1GB sticks go in the first two slots rather than the last.

I also see specifications like 5-5-5-15 , does that matter.

Wow, sorry for all the questions!


Answer:Solved: Adding DDR2 Memory, what is compatible?

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Hello i have a MB with a Built in Video card the video card is a nVidia 6100

i noticed that my system is only dedicating 64mb of ram to my video..

the question is how do i adjust this?

i have 2gb of ram on my system so i can afford to give more to video i just dont know how

any ideas?

Answer:Solved: Video Card Memory Question..

Video cards usually have their own, on-board memory and do not share system memory. But some do share system memory and that amount is limited and needs to be set in BIOS.

And sometimes some system memory is set aside for textures, too. The amount can be set in BIOS setup as the machine boots. It is usually called "Aperture Size".

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Hello guys:

I work for a speech and hearing clinic, and we use our computers a lot with various programs. We work for a university, and recently, they upgraded all of our computers to Windows 2007. Since then, some of our computers have been running a lot slower, I understand due to not having enough memory to run the new OS as well as the programs on top of them.

We have gotten it approved to get more memory for at least one computer, but I would like to take a look at all the computers and get memory for them, if they need it, as well.

Can you tell me the minimum amount of memory I would need to run 2007, and how I might look for this information? Where woudl I go and what would I look for.

I can post on here how much is available per computer, and maybe you can help me see which computers we should upgrade, and which we shouldn't.

Answer:Solved: How do I know how much memory I need? Question regarding the clinic I work fo

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is it true that for better gaming, you should have a minimum pagefile of about half of your RAM (for example I have 1024MB of RAM so my min. pagefile would be 512) and no more than 2GB for the max.? And also, if you have 2 hard drives, shouldnt the pagefile be on the faster harddrive without the operating system?? Someone told me this, just wanted to see how right he Thanx


Answer:Solved: pagefile (Virtual Memory) question

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I know what Virtual memory is and what it does but I am not clear on some things:

How much can one person have on there PC ?

For example mine says: Initial size 500 and Max size 768

Is MAX size written in stone and can not be changed ?

Any advice you can give will be MOST helpful.

Thanks all

Answer:Solved: Newbie: Virtual Memory Question

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A great deal on memory, if you need and Buy.Com is a good company:

This is a subject that always seems to confuse me. My system is running 200MHz and the memory I would like to have is the Crucial PC3200 that the above link will open to. If I put a stick of this in with the [email protected], will this 400MHz be compatible with what I presently have? Please guide me folks. Of course, I suppose I could install these two sticks after removing the sticks now installed!! The MB can accommodate 3GB maximum.
The PC I am referring to is running XP Pro and the MB is the BIOSTAR AMD M7NCG 400.

Answer:Solved: Goog buys on memory--and a question

Use the configurator at and it will tell you what is compatible with your motherboard.

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I have set up an Admin account and then 4 other user accounts as suggested in another thread here

Only problem is it runs so slow, as in logging on and off and restarting

question is would this be because of memory alone?

I have 512mb in it atm, would another 512 solve the slowing down of it all?


Answer:Solved: multiple users and memory question

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I really used to be up on the latest and greatest thing in personal computers. Its easy to get behind. So I learned the hard way that DDR 184 pin memory wont work in a DDR2 240 pin slot. Oh it will fit into the slot with much persuasion but it wont work.

I have an HP Pavilion a1120n Media Center PC. It has 4 (2 banks of 2) memory slots. 2 blue slots and 2 black slots. My PC came with 2 256 MB PC-2 3200 DDR SDRAM memory (it says that on the label on the front of the machine). Apparently the PC-2 is what I ignored from the start. I think that was the clue that I missed, telling me that I should have ordered DDR2 memory, which has 240 pins. 120 pins on each side.

I ordered the suggested memory upgrade kit from The 184 pin DDR memory that they sent to me looked like the memory I had in my Pavilion. After some very sore thumbs the memory did go into the slot, but when I turned the computer on, it would not start up. After 4 calls to HP, I still did not understand what was going on. After searching the Web, I was thinking that maybe I did have DDR2 memory in my machine. At a loss, I turned my Pavilion off, grounded myself, pulled one of my DIMMs out and counted the pins on the front of my memory. Sure enough I counted 120 pins. Even on the phone with HP they kept suggesting the 184 pin memory. I did call them back and told them that I counted 120 pins on my memory and the technician did not know what that meant.

At any rate, Im glad my Media Center PC has... Read more

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Hi folks,

A simple question...Am wanting to up my XP system RAM to a gig by adding another 512mb (only two slots on the motherboard).
The module currently installed is a 512mb PC2700 (333MHZ).
If I added another 512mb stick of PC2100 @ 266MHz would I really notice a difference?

I realize the slower module would be my weakest link, but would I really notice the slow-down in apps like 3D games and photo editing progs?

Reason I ask is because I found a module on ebay that (for now) is a much better price than what's generally available.
(Spoken like a true cheapskate, no? )

Answer:Solved: Memory Upgrade (?) question...PC2700 to PC2100

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I have a Sony Vaio with a FAT32 15.9 GB and NTFS with 58.5GB. The FAT32 has 6% free space left and the NTFS has 54% free space left.
This is Windows XP -
Can I move my Microsoft Office Program from FAT32 to NTFS safely? Will it work? That program consumes so much memory. I have deleted and uninstalled and still I'm running out of space. Yet I have all this free space in the other partition.
The only thing I moved to NTFS is My documents and My pictures folders.

I don't remember who but someone said I cannot put programs on the NTFS system. Any help is grately appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Memory at 6% free space / partition question

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Hi, so I've been doing alot of information on Integrated Graphics Share Memory. From what I've seen, what it does is pretty much "borrow" whatever amount of ram you allocate from the BIOS.

Well my question is does the ram allocated, so if my IGSM was set to 2gb (which it is), will that count to my DEDICATED video card. Not the onboard video. I'm wondering if I'm just wasting ram allocating it.

My setup:
AMD A10-5800k
8 GB Ram
XFX Radeon 6850

So my 6850 is the card I'm using right now. As far as I know the integrated GPU (7660D I believe) is disabled. If anyoen can help me out it would be great. Thanks!

Answer:Solved: Integrated Graphics Share Memory Question

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Hi Gang;

I've set up a 2 GB logical drive in my extended partition which I have dedicated
to the Windows virtual memory swap file ("pagefile.sys"). I went into the
"Performance Options" panel, clicked "Change ... " within the "Virtual Memory"
section, then set the size of the swap file for the logical drive. I then tried
to set the size of the swap file on drive C: to zero, and I got the following
message box:
System Control Panel Applet

If the pagefile on volume C: has an initial size of less than 511 megabytes,
then the system may not be able to create a debugging information file
if a STOP error occurs. Continue anyway?

Yes No


Is there any way to get win 2k (SP4) to use the swap file within the logical drive first,
then go to the C: drive if it needs more?

Should I just ignore this message and set the swap file on C: to zero anyway?
Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Solved: Question on the Windows Virtual Memory Swap File

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Im throwing together a machine for my GF.. I have a processor but need to get a socket 478 mobo.. The one I was looking at uses DDR2-400 memory and I have some DDR2-800 memory sticks laying around..

Will it work ok to use the DDR2-800 sticks on a mobo that accepts DDR2-400 memory?

Answer:Ok to put DDR2-800 memory on a DDR2-400 mobo?

"Typically" you can run faster memory in a machine rated for slower memory - the memory simply runs ate the mobo spec. That said, memory issues are always subjective to the varying tolerances of the memory itself and the motherboard.

I just combined 333 and 266 rated memory in a laptop that's spec'd at 266 - it flies with no issues.

I think you'll have no problems.

Just make double-sure that all the other specs are identical such as voltage, both unbuffered, both unregistered, same latency/speed specs e.g. 2-5-5-5, hopefully both with or both without SPD (or maybe all memory come with an SPD these days?).

Try to run it with the memory, it won't cause any damage. If you start getting errors/crashes, you know it doesn't work.

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I haven't been on windows 98 or 98SE alot so I was wondeing, If you put a Cd-writer (burner) in a computer with windows 98 or 98se (which I just did) why when ;you go to my computer and right click on the E dirve is there not a recording tab and other tabs like in windows xp, I know the answer will probably be------because your not using XP----------But I was wondering. The one I put in had NERO with it and I like NERO anyway however I would like to know for future purposes.

Why when you go to mycomputer and right click on the E drive (the burner) don't you have the recording tab and the rest like XP. I like doing it that way in XP where you can move all files or copy files and then go to the burner and say write these files to cd.

Does windows 98 or 98SE have this and I am just missing it or is a burning program like NERO or another the only way to use the burning in 98 or 98SE?

Thanks for the help

Answer:Solved: Windows 98 and/or 98SE-question about burning CDs, is there a record tab etc-Question

lol, you answered your own question, windows 95,98,98se,and ME don't support cd burning, except with 3rd party software. When you purchase any of the NT systems (ie: xp, NT 4, Server 2003, 2000 PRO etc...) all have the NT kernel which if you look during your install say " Windows (whatever version) is built on NT technology" and "You now have built in CD burning" soon and perhaps with the upcoming service pack 2, it will start coming with DVD burning capability.

I believe the only windows kernel out that currently supports cd burning is the NT one

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Alright two questions for this post.

First one is I want to know if this CPU is compatible with this motherboard because the mother board does not support the CPU type ( Phenom II X4) or am I wrong?

next is if that motherboard has integrated graphics, can I still then put a video card on it?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: CPU Compatibility question & Intergrated Graphics question

FRom what i can see the cpu will work with that board, 2nd > yes you can install a video card. What wattage and make is the power supply?

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I'm using the 32 bit Vista home premium. I have 4 gigs of DDR2 800MHZ RAM. Since 32 bit can only use 3, i feel like im wasting one. Or does it actually use it and not say? if i upgrade to 64 bit, will i see a huge increase in performance? I havent gotten past 30% memory yet

Secondly, is there an easy way to just simply upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit? or do i have to wipe clean and start over? And im just wondering if all my drivers will work...

AMD 6000+, Geforce 8800GTS 640 MB

CPU Question.

I read somewhere that you need a BIOS update for vista to recognize the AMD processor.. my computer reads it as like.. ???processor??? or something..

Where is the link to this bios update? I cannot find it.... and.. do you think this is actually decreasing my performance?

Answer:Memory question/ CPU question

It doesnt use it. The video card and other devices need the address space, so windows has no way to access the ram that also is in that address space.

Its far more useful to be able to access your video card, than the extra ram

And until you start running out of memory, you wont notice any difference with being able to access 4gb.

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I have a computer I built and used since 2010 running well. It has two matched 4GB sticks of DDR3 for a total of 8GB. I have two remaining slots (empty) for ram on the motherboard to add more ram. Do I need to find the exact same memory as the ram I am currently using or does it matter?

Answer:Question regarding Dual Channel Memory- Mix or Match Memory

If you can get the same kit again it would be best but if you can get a kit with the same timings, speed, and voltage you should be okay. You should use cpu-z to find out your kit model and timings it supports. CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID At the moment your two current sticks should in the white slots.

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Memory Riser Question XW8600 Is the HP 449416-001 MEMORY RISER compatible with the XW8600? I am about to recieve 4 of these risers (free from my friend) and would like to know if anyone could tell me if they are compatible with the xw8600 (part# RV726AV)? xw8600 (part# RV726AV) -->URL: Thanks in advance--- J4.52

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Hi people! My question is a little out this place, but I can't find the right forum for this question. Maybe matadors will move this to the right place for me. I'm looking for a device, that can take a Video Tape and a DVD-R, and copy that tape to the DVD, so that I have it on the DVD, not on an old fashioned tape anymore! I have a large library of videos, and I would like to transfer them on to a DVD (consume some space for instance). I saw this kind of device at Target, maybe I can find it on internet for a cheaper price! Your help is very appreciated!

Answer:Solved: A question a little out of place question!

Either need a capture box to capture VHS audio/video to computer then burn your movie


get one of these.

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I just wanted to know if I could do the following with no problem or if you cannot do it this way.

There is a windows 98 computer upstairs (with DSL) There is a modem--then a router---the windows 98 computer, I think he has the windows 98 computer upstairs hooked into the router and then another line in the router running downstairs to a windows XP SP1 computer. they both work fine. Here is my question.

He wants to add a third computer downstairs,so can it be like
THe modem then router then the windows 98 computer upstairs hooked into the router. Now is it possible to then plug like a four port hub into the router and have the line running downstairs and then take the windows xp that is already down there and plug it into the hub and then the new computer plug it into the hub and they would all have the dsl just like the two of them do now,

I guess I am asking can you plug the one compute upstairs into the router and then run a cable downstairs into a hub and plug the other two computers into the hub and they will all get DSL?

or do you have to plug the upstairs computer into the router like now and then plug two morre lines into the router and run them both downstairs and run one to each computer?

And as long as everything is going throught the router no matter which way it is done do you have to run anything special to get the DSL on all? Some step by step instructions would be nice but I really want to know if the hub thing will work the way I am describing it. Thanks... Read more

Answer:Solved: Network Question if I can use a hub with it- Just a question

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is there any way to either make a partition to an already formatted drive (without losing any info). or is there a good way to back up large files using DVD's without somehow corrupting the files?

last time i tried putting music/video/game files on dvd's they somehow became corrupted.

Answer:Solved: Dumb question, but a question none-the-less

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