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IBM T84H Monitor light blinking green & amber

Question: IBM T84H Monitor light blinking green & amber

When my IBM T84H is plugged in and the power button is pressed, regardless of whether it is plugged into a computer or not, the indicator LED on the front of the monitor blinks green over amber every second and no image displays. How can I fix this?

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Preferred Solution: IBM T84H Monitor light blinking green & amber

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: IBM T84H Monitor light blinking green & amber

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I turn on my computer and monitor light turns green for a second or two then turn to amber but computer stays on and beeps about every 15 seconds or this a a video card problem or RAM?  HELP, please?

Answer:monitor light green then amber and computer beeps every 15 secs or so

try to resocket the video card or remove the monitor from the video card then put it back on.

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I have a Dell XPS 13 that had the motherboard replaced a few months ago.  When attempting to boot the front led blinks amber twice, then white twice repeatedly. The device will start up but never boots to the dell logo or the Windows OS. This is with the AC plugged in and also with the internal battery plugged in.  After a few months, I had the same issue with the laptop yesterday.  Is there another issues other than the motherboard or could it be that the "refurbished motherboard" came from another defective Dell XPS 13 9350?

Answer:Dell XPS 13 won't boot up and has blinking amber light (twice) plus blinking white light (once) for the 2nd time

Does the screen gets stuck at Dell logo?
Are you able to boot to "advanced boot options? by pressing F8?
Also run the diagnostics by pressing the F12 during startup and let me know the results.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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The light on my samsung 793MB monitor keeps blinking and nother apears on the screen. I tried using a different monitor with this computer and it still dosnt work. I also tried a different video card and still light keeps blinking and nothing appears on the screen. I suspect it is ethier the cpu or the motherboard but I have no way of know unless i go to compusa/bestbuy ect, and pay them $100.
The computer was custom built by me last year and just stopped working. There were no recent hardware or software changes. Please help ive been trying to figure it out for over 2 months and almost forgot all the fans and lights and hard drive and drives are running.

Intel 3.4ghz
Samsung 793MB(17 inch)
Ati 700X graphics
D925XCV (motherboard)
Lite on Cd/Dvd write/rewrite
Enermax 470 watts power supply
2 gb of ram
80gb western digital hard drive(caviar edition)
and that all thats important

Answer:Green Light On Monitor Keeps Blinking

if you are getting no output onto monitors there are only two troubleshooting sources left:

1. you have a bad/loose cable

2. your video card is messed up.

Since you have isolated the monitor as not being a problem, the error is either in your cable or video card.

swap out with another video card to see if that is the problem

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I'm helping a friend fix their computer monitor and I'm a little stumped!

They've got a Samsung SyncMaster 930B monitor with constantly blinking green light and no images displaying, just a black screen. Pushing the power button on the monitor does nothing, not even turn it off. Unplugging and replugging it also does nothing to the blinking light. The screen will not turn on, not even during reboot. The hard drive fan seems to be running and computer seems to be processing during reboot. I even tried hooking the monitor up to a laptop to see if it would work, with no results.

The computer itself is a three year old HP Pavillion a1340n with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. It has Norton Antivirus. Unfortunately, I cannot get in to see if there is anything else wrong with it without lugging another monitor over from somewhere else and trying to hook it up.

Answer:Help! Blinking Green Light on Monitor

If, as you indicate, you've tried it on a known working system and it still doesn't work then the most likely culprit is the monitor itself. If you can find a reasonably priced repairer then get them to fix it. It usually works out a lot cheaper, tho', to buy a new one.

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HELP PLEASE!!I am trying to figure out what is wrong with a friends computer. The computer, which was purchased on HSN and says "Systemax Ascent" and runs windows ME, was running properly about 2 weeks ago and when he attempted to boot up again, it had no picture on the monitor, just a blank screen with the green power light blinking. I thought maybe it was the monitor so I brought it to my house and tried it on my monitor which works but it did the same thing. I also noticed that his CD Rom drive doesn't work either which he says was also working before. I took the CD drive out of mine and put it in his and it works fine. Does someone know what could have caused these 2 problems and what I can do to get them both working? Thank you so much for any help you can give me.Tina

Answer:Monitor is blank w green blinking light!!HELP

Does your friend have virus protection?[glb]Flame[/glb]

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Answer:Help!!!! All I Get Is A (stupid) Green Blinking Monitor Light

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Hello there i got this problem my computer started by indicating error(PRI Master Hard Disk:S.M.A.R.T Status Bad,Backup..) and not loading the OS Win 98 just a screen written Win 98.I then removed the hard disk(Fujitsu MPF 3102AT) and checked it on another computer i got the same result,when i placed back the hard disk so that i could upgrade the OS to Win XP,my monitor would not show anything.The power light would light up green but after a few seconds it start blinking green.The CPU is running on P111.Pliz help.

Answer:Monitor showing a blinking green light and screen is black.

Welcome to TechSpot, adad

adad said:

(PRI Master Hard Disk:S.M.A.R.T Status Bad,Backup..)Click to expand...

That says it all - your hard disk drive is failing (S.M.A.R.T. = Self-Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology).

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Dear sir/mam ,
When i try to restart my computer my monitor goes blank with green light blinking continuously, i have 1 GB Ram , core 2 duo processor E4600 ,Asus 31/33 bit motherboard , 250 GB Hard disc with around 20 GB space for C drive for windows installation. And LG 17 inch monitor , Now even i am not able to install windows 7 because when i try to install windows7 (press any key to boot from CD/DVD) monitor goes blank with green light blinking continuesly. Same problem occurred with winxp sp3 even though there is no such problem in winxp sp2 or lower versions of winxp. Plz help me as soon as possible.....

Answer:my monitor goes blank with green light blinking continuesly when i restart with win7

Try the monitor with another system.

What video card do you have? You mention XP SP2 & earlier XP versions work OK. How old is the video card?

- Reseat video card
- Make sure video cable is good
- Swap out video card; try another

Regards. . .



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My power button on my Dell is blinking ambur. I suspect when I dusted the tower yesterday (while it was on), I created static. I went in later to use the computer and it was blinking amber, no fans were running, it was quiet. I have unplugged the power source for 24 hours...nothing has improved. Does this sound like the motherboard is fried or worse? Can it be replaced? And how much do they generally run? I can't believe I did that!

Answer:Blinking Amber Light

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On pressing power button briefly, the fan will start but only for a second and then stops. The green LED on motherboard remains on constantly and the orange/amber led near the power switch flashes regularly but the green LED adjacent to it is off.
Can anyone advise where the fault lies?

This is a Dell Dimension 1100 desktop.

Answer:blinking amber light

That's a classic Dell symbol for a bad power supply, but you can check the four diagnostic lights on the back of the computer against the chart here...

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I have Dell optiplex 745 PC, it was working so nice. now when I try to switch the power on I have the amber blinking light. I tried to unplug every thing connected to the system board. The power supply works well, the RAMs work so fine. I tried to power on the PC with only the motherboard , I receive the same problem. The amazing thing is that sometimes the PC boots and reached the desktop of windows and works fine. with the same steps it doesn't work sometimes.Any advice??!!!

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I am experiencing some difficulty with my desktop computer. It is a Dell Vostro 220s, Windows XP SP3, 3GB ram, 250GB hard drive. A couple nights ago we had a power outage. I get up the next morning to find my desktop off (I usually leave it on). I go to turn it on and the power light comes on blue, like normal, and the fans kick on. However, after a second or two, it turns amber and begins blinking.

I googled what the potential problems could be and how to troubleshoot it. I'm assuming based on my search results that it is a power-based failure of some kind, typically either the power supply or the motherboard.

I came across this while I was searching: manual_en-us.pdf

excerpt from page 2:
If the power light is blinking amber, the computer is receiving electrical power, but an internal power problem may
Ensure that the voltage selection switch is set to match the AC power at your location, if applicable.
Ensure that the processor power cable is securely connected to the system board (see System Board
Components).Click to expand...

So I viewed the diagram linked there and started disconnecting one thing at a time. I took the two cables out of the hard drive, tried to boot, same problem. I took the cable out of what looks to me like the power connector (based on the diagram from pg 4; it is labeled #1. When I restarted, it finally did something different. When I pressed the power button with th... Read more

Answer:Blinking amber light

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I have a Dell Optiplex that runs a small CNC machine. The other day I started the computer and while it was booting up I turned the key board over and tapped it on the counter to remove some metal chips that were stuck in the keys. The computer quit working. I opened the back and saw a green blinking light on the mother board. I was told to replace the power supply. I did. Now I have the green blinking light on the mother board and a blinking amber light in the start button and nothing working on the computer. I don't know what to do next.

Answer:Blinking amber light

"I don't know what to do next"...

What's a small CNC machine, and where did the metal chips come from?

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So today I was just watching a YouTube video, not gaming, not doing anything too intensive. Suddenly my computer shuts off with the power button blinking green. No BSOD, just powered off and won't turn back on. I tried unplugging the power cable and holding down the power button for 30 secs with no luck. My computer is pretty hot idle at 60 degrees Celsius. But it's been this way for years with no problem. Could something overheating just by watching a YouTube video? When a CPU overheats it goes into blue screen right? So it can't be my CPU. I have a cooler master PSU. CM is a trusted brand. And I also have an MSI motherboard.

Answer:Computer randomly turns off with green blinking green light on power

Doesn't necessarily mean the screen will blue out because of heat problems mate run the BIOS and post back the readings for the CPU temp (seems a tad high to me for idle) and the CPU fan speed.

The other thing to do is check out the PSU as well via these
PSU - Jump Start

but try the BIOS first and if you do the PSU stuff DO NOT attempt to open the device itself you just need to measure the volts on the leads. However volts does not necssarity mean enough current (amps)

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Gday guys,

On Thursday it was the last day of school.
During the last lesson of the day, i was using the laptop to play games (Toshiba Sat Pro 6100, 1.6ghz) when the bell went. I tried shutting it down in time however running in battery mode, it went down to 1ghz and was fairly sluggish shutting the game so i immediately turned it off by holding down the button for a few secs.

I put it into my new belkin computer case which has thick foam padding and went home by bus. When i finally got home i plugged in the laptop and tried booting up. The screen did not work for some reason so i tried pressing the light button a number of times to no avail. Reset the computer a few times, still nothing. I wondered if it was the hard drive from not shutting it down properly earlier that day but i could still blindly log on to windows. It puzzled me as to why the screen was not turning on. I presumed a cable was loose so i took off the keyboard and checked the cables on the graphics card. They were in fine. Put the keyboard back on and attempted to start the laptop.

The blinking amber light shone in its ugly glory. Something was wrong. I left the laptop alone and got dad whos an electrical engineer to check over the laptop for any obvious things which could be causing this problem. Dad Couldnt see anything.

Before, i read a post about reseating the graphics card may work so i reseated the graphics card and tried booting up. Still nothing!!!

What the heck is going on?

I read... Read more

Answer:Sat Pro 6100: Blinking Amber Light

If the Amber light is shining on the AC adapter LED then you have a fault. It could either be with the adapter or the machine its self. If by removing the battery and adpater, leaving for 5-10 minutes and then plugging it all back and trying to restart the machine doesn't resolve the issue then it is definately faulty. I would suggest you speak to your reseller or a service agent, Toshiba certified and get them to have a look for you.

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I have an N22 chromebook that when plugged into a known good power adapter, the charging light blinks amber.  Nothing appears on the screen, so it appears to be dead.  Pressing power does nothing.  Can anyone recommend something for me to try to revive, or is this unit done for?  

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My XPS 700 was purchased in 2006.  The only thing I've replace in that time has been my CD drive. A couple of days ago when I turn on the computer all I got was blinking amber light.  Any suggestions as to what this means and how do I fix it?  Or, is the computer dead after 10 years.  I can hear the fan. I did not notice any beep at startup.  I get nothing but blinking amber light, so trying to get to safe mode isn't going to happen. 
Thanks in advance

Answer:xps 700 blinking amber light when powered on

My XPS 700 was purchased in 2006.  The only thing I've replace in that time has been my CD drive. A couple of days ago when I turn on the computer all I got was blinking amber light.  Any suggestions as to what this means and how do I fix it?  Or, is the computer dead after 10 years.  I can hear the fan. I did not notice any beep at startup.  I get nothing but blinking amber light, so trying to get to safe mode isn't going to happen. 
Thanks in advance
A blinking amber power light, usually indicates a power supply issue.
See page 14 Here:
What is the reading of the four Diagnostic lights, located on the front panel, or are they off?
See pages 15 and 61 of the owners manual.
The best method to check the power supply, is to replace it with a known working unit, to see if this makes a difference.
The power supply is a Dell proprietary unit, with a 24-pin and 20-pin motherboard power connectors, there are no compatible retail power supplies available.

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My C660 is around 15 months old now and has had no additions/software etc since purchase from Argos, and is mostly run from the mains.

However a few months ago I noticed that the front left (DC IN/Battery) LED light was flashing amber, and the right (green Power) LED had switched off completely - despite being plugged into the mains.

I corrected it by unplugging/plugging the mains lead back into the laptop, but the problem has persisted over the past few months. I can eventually get the battery to charge but sometimes it takes several attempts to do so, and the light even changes from solid orange to flashing orange mid-charge (which then involves another unplug/plug). However I don't get the "Plugged in, Not Charging" message.

When I get the amber flashing it simply lists the remaining power and continues to lose it, despite being plugged into the mains.

Could this possibly be a bad or ropey connection in the power supply cable? Probably the AC adaptor cord?

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Answer:Satellite C660 "Blinking Amber Light"?

> Could this possibly be a bad or ropey connection in the power supply cable? Probably the AC adaptor cord?

Yes, it could be possible that the connection between the AC adaptor and notebook power chord is loose or maybe the power cord on the motherboard malfunctions.
Its really difficult to say what could be exactly wrong.

I think in first step you should check if the AC adaptor is OK. The notebook should be tested with new good working AC adaptor. If the issue would still appears...well then the motherboard needs an check?

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I was given an Inspiron 620 tower that won't boot.  There's no light of any kind associated with the power button on the front of the case, but the amber light on the motherboard (near the SATA ports) blinks.  The power supply tests OK, so I'm wondering if  the problem is likely to be anything fixable besides it being a bad board.
Any ideas?

Answer:Inspiron 620 with blinking amber light on motherboard

It's just about 100% certainly a bad system board -- not much repairable about these.

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I have a new Dell XPS 13. When attempting to boot the front led blinks amber twice, then white twice repeatedly. The device never boots to the dell logo. This is with the AC plugged in and the battery test showing no issues.

Answer:Blinking white + amber light on front of XPS 13

Please list exactly your Dell model. Example: Dell XPS 13 9350
Secondly, I like to suggest you try the steps below
A) Disconnect all peripherals(printer, external drive, etc...) from computer
B) Power off computer
C) Unplug the AC adapter from computer and wall socket 
D) Press and hold in the "Power On" button for 15 seconds then release
E) Plug in the AC adapter into the wall socket, then the computer
F) Press the "Power On" button. Hopefully your computer run normally

If those steps didn't work then I like to suggest you run the Diagnostic tool on your computer to scan for hardware problems.
A) Power off computer
B) Power on computer, quickly tap the F12 key continuously. You should be in the Diagnostic screen. Please list any error codes.

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Hi there,

I have a Dell xps 9100 that's got issues.

At the moment, when I try and boot it up I get a flashing amber light with beeping. Two beeps every few seconds.

I have tried:
Removing and reseating RAM several times, removing video card and reseating, clearing cmos with jumper, unseating and reseating the cmos battery, unplugging dvd drive and checking the connections all to no avail.

I had this happen a couple of days ago, once. I powered off and powered back on and it just worked but today, not so much.

I noticed earlier today that my system was only showing 8gigs of ram when I have 12 installed. I'm on Windows 7 premium and the system can take up to 16. It came with 12 so i've never upgrated the RAM

Prior to all of this I've had "blue screen of death" issues but that seems to have resolved with some recent updates.

It's probably a long shot but anybody have any ideas that I can try? I'm hoping its not the motherboard but things are not looking good.


Answer:Amber blinking and beeping light, no boot-up

Two beeps generally does indicate a RAM issue.

If me, I would pull all but one stick of RAM and run like that for a bit and see what happens. If nothing (no problems), swap sticks and try again until you have tried each separately and [hopefully] identified the bad stick.

You can also test all your RAM at once using one of the following programs. Both require you to create and boot to a bootable floppy disk or CD to run the diagnostics. Allow the diagnostics to run for several passes or even overnight. You should have no reported errors.

Windows Memory Diagnostic - see the easy to follow instructions under Quick Start Information,
MemTest86+ (for more advanced users) - an excellent how-to guide is available here,
Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can use the built in Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool. Vista users can test with Vista's Memory Diagnostics. ​
HOWEVER, note that software based RAM diagnostic tools are good, but not conclusive. They are good at detecting obviously bad RAM, but they can report RAM is good but the RAM still refuses to work when installed, or may test good but refuse to work when paired with other sticks. So running with just a single RAM module/stick to see if it fails may still be the best test - short of replacing all the RAM.

Note for future reference, clearing the CMOS with the jumper and unseating and reseating the CMOS battery do the same thing - reset the BIOS. You only need do one or the other.

Do remember... Read more

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My Tecra A1 wont power on. Instead I just get a blinking amber power light.

Things I have tried:
1. Removing the AC adapeter
1a. The Pwr light still blinks : the comp wont turn on

2. Removing the AC adpter and the battery. Inserting the battery and hitting the power button
2a. When I remove the battery the blinking goes away, when the battery is replaced, the comp wont turn on

3. Removing power cord, and batttery : reattaching battery then power cord - hitting power button
3a. Right when I reattach the power cord, the power button starts blinking amber. Power button does nothing.

The light only blinks (or does anything for that mater) when the power cord is in.

In advance, thanks for the help.

Answer:Tecra A1 No power : Blinking Amber Light


Try to start your Tecra without battery just connected on power supply.

It is possible that here is some problem with battery. If the Power supply microcontroller detects an error the DC IN lamp sends a blinking code. Reading this code it is possible to know what the problem is.

If you think that battery is defect contact service partner.

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When I left home this morning, all was well with the Dell XPS400 was running smoothly, no indication of any problems. Came home this evening to find the PC basically lifeless, with only a blinking amber power light. No fans running, nothing. All attempts to revive failed. Disconnected power cord, cycled down, reconnected power.....nothing but that blinking amber power light.

Does anyone know what would cause this? Power supply? something else?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Dell XPS400 - blinking amber light

You may have had a power surge during the day that possibly damaged the XPS power supply. Did you try unplugging it from the wall and waiting 10 seconds or so. then plugging it back in? Is it connected through a surge protector? If so, try plugging the computer directly into the wall plug

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I'm a computer repair novice, so please be gentle with me.

I have an older Dell Dimension 8400 that won't power up. I came home a couple of days ago to find the power button blinking amber. When I push the power button nothing happens. If I press and hold it down, the blinking stops and the computer completely powers down. However, if I press the power button again, it just blinks amber and won't power up.

I have tried unplugging the computer and keeping it unplugged for several hours, both when the light is blinking and when the light is not blinking. Once I plug it back in and push the power button, the amber blinking starts again.

I read in a couple of forums that the problem could be the PSU, so I replaced the PSU with brand new one. This did nothing to solve the problem. When the light is blinking amber, there is solid green light on the motherboard.

Should I replace the motherboard or junk the computer and purchase a new one? Or is there another possible solution to my problem?

This problem happened once before a couple of weeks ago. After pressing the power button numerous times and tapping the keyboard in between, the computer did finally power up, and a message briefly appeared on the screen that read, preparing to hibernate, before it powered up. I did recently activate the hibernate options on the computer, and I realize now that I shouldn't have done so with a desktop.


Answer:Dell Desktop - Blinking Amber Light

Try running with bare essentials, PSU, Motherboard, GFX, one stick of RAM. Everything else, take off.

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System will not power on at all, and the power light displays the dreaded blinking amber light. It's getting no power at all, and the PSU has been ruled out because I tested the machine with another known working PSU. I have also reseated the RAM, video card, and CPU as well as reseating all power cables and still nothing. I'm trying to find another socket 775 P4 for testing, but haven't come up with one yet. Am I looking at a defective MOBO here, or does anyone have any other troubleshooting ideas?



Answer:Solved: Dell XPS 400 Blinking Amber Power LIght

We decided to just say forget it and build a new one, lol.

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Hi friends, I'm using Dell Studio 1558 and recently bought an original battery online and I dont know the authenticity of that battery. Also before changing the battery, I had a hard disk crash and changed a new hard disk.
Now at times, I'm getting amber and white light flashing. Its getting corrected if I restart the system.
Can anyone let me know the meaning of this flashing amber and white lighting?

Answer:Amber and White light blinking. What is the meaning of that signal?

" recently bought an original battery online and I dont know the authenticity of that battery "

It's a possibility the flashing amber/white light means battery is low and isn't being charge. I like to suggest you check the status of the battery and AC adapter in the BIOS.
1. Power off computer, and then make sure AC adapter is connected to computer well
2. Power on computer, quickly start tapping the F2 key continuously, you should be in the BIOS screen.

Under the main screen, look for the AC adapter type. If the adapter says None or Unknown then it's an issue with the adapter. Suggest you replace AC adapter.
Under the Advanced screen, look for Battery Health, it should say "This Battery Is Performing Normally". If there's any other message, it could mean that the battery is faulty and needs replacement.

Note: If you indeed need replacement, please get a new genuine Dell battery that comparable with your system.
Studio 1558 Setup Guide - Page 88

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My XPS 13 started to act out pretty strange today. It seems like it doesn't not use battery at all, thus I can only boot it up when it's plugged to the charger. The battery indicator shows that it's NOT charging the battery, and it's stuck at 48%. When I disconnect it from the charger while it's running, it turns off immediately, and the only way to boot it up is to plug it back again. Additionally, the light indicator below the touchpad is blinking rapidly (~3-4 blinks per second) with amber light, both when I'm in OS as well as already on Dell splash screen during boot.
Any ideas on what might be going on ? I have bios 1.3.3 which I updated around April.

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My mom gave me a Dell Dimension 4700 computer that was acting up. She said it would turn it's self off randomly and she thought it was a virus. When I brought the computer to my place, it powered on once, then I went to turn it on again and nothing. No lights, no power what so ever. So after doing some research I bought a new power supply for it. I just replaced the power supply and plugged the computer in and now there is a blinking amber light in the front and a solid green light on the motherboard but it won't turn on. I have checked all of the connections and they are properly seated. Any ideas what is causing the problem?

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The Dell in question will not boot up. The power light has a blinking amber light. I googled for information for troubleshooting lights on the power supply and it could be a power supply failure, bad motherboard, or bad hard drive. I turned it off, unplugged everything, then rebooted. Nothing. There are two lights by the ethernet port that are normally green and now one is red and the other is amber. I personally suspect it is the power supply because the fan does not come on.

The machine is a Dell Dimension 4700C, Intel Pentium 4, running Windows XP. Can anyone be more specific? The machine is no longer under warranty so we'd have to decide if getting the computer repaired is better than the purchase of a new one. Thank you!

Answer:Blinking amber light on Dell Demension 4700C

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Won't boot, caps lock blinking and F12 amber light on

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I have a Dell Dimension 5150 desktop that is 4 years old (kids computer).  Worked last week but now cannot even power it down by holding the power button.  The power button just keeps blinking an amber light.  I have unplugged everything then plugged back in, tested all the cords.  Any thoughts?Leah

Answer:Dell Dimension amber power light blinking

Right from Dell: System Lights:Blinking Amber:  A power supply or system board failure has occurred.Check the diagnostic lights to see if the specific problem is identified. Also, see "Power Problems" in your computer Owner's Manual.Scroll down a bit further to see Diagnostic Lights.

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Hello there,
I was on Word 2013 writing my college paper, when all of a sudden my screen went black and didn't want to respond to anything. I left my tablet alone like that for probably 20 minutes or more. I then hit the power button and left it alone for another 15-20 minutes. I then hit the power button to see if it would turn back on. Nothing. I've gone through all the troubleshooting on google for my tablet to see if it would turn on and now I notice this blinking orange/amber light flickering on the back of my tablet.
Please, I need my tablet for my college work. It's the only computer I've got. Can you help me??

Answer:Why is my surface pro 2 blinking an orange amber light in the back??

The internet suggests you should call Microsoft support and asks what it means. Sounds like a fault indicator.
Long press the power button for a minute. Then see if it powers on. If no difference, call Microsoft support.

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hi guys
as per one of my friend I could replace my memory (RAM) up to 32GB, so I've ordered a couple sticks of Kingston HyperX so I've took slot 1+2 and replaced 2 4GB Hynix RAM by 2 8GB HyperX...
Now I have a good old CPU that doesnt work plus it smell like burnt plastic with no apparent damage to the board or RAM... 
Startup: 2x BEEP (No BIOS)Motherboard Light: Solid AmberBootup Light: Flashing AmberPower Supply Light: Solid Green
I've tried booting from  a single RAM unit on slot one then slot two, and nothing has changed... anyone can help?
Motherboard: 0Y2MRG i7 2700Primary: SSD Kingston HyperX Savage 240 (added)Secondary: Seagate 1.5TB + 2TB (added) Barracuda (7200)New RAM: ts/HX316C10FK2/16 RAM: HMT351U6CFR8C-H9

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My buddys Dell Dimension 4700 Desktop amber light blinks continuously and Fan not working when power is turned on. I suspect that the problem is with the PSU and/or mother board so I replaced it with a working standard ATX PSU. Ah! to my surprise this working ATX PSU Fan did not work also but only the amber light blinks. to confirm my suspect, I took out memory module and unplugged CD ROM and Diskette. I tested them one by one and there was no sign of them working, the screen stays point blank. I am now sure of my suspicious that PSU and Motherboard are fried. The machine has been with my buddy for more than two years. Before i dumped it, please Is there any more advice or something else i did not do?

thanks in advance

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My refurbished dell optiplex GX280 worked fine until a month or so ago when I moved it to another room in my home. When I powered up, the power light was blinking amber. I tried all of the options that did not require buying new parts du to financial reasons, so it's sat since then.

I just decided to look at it again and powered it on. Everything seemed to start OK but no dispay. The diagnostic lights indicated faulty memory. I then located and removed the faulty DIMMM, and it started right up.

About ten minutes later the computer shut off by itself back to the blinking amber power light. :evil:

Any info would be appreciated Thank you. :grinthumb

Answer:Dell Optiplex GX280 blinking amber power light

The power supply has probably gone bad...

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My laptop is almost 12 months old.  2 weeks ago the power light (on front of case) started blinking -- 1 white, 4 amber, repeated continuously -- when A/C power cord plugged in and battery has a charge.  Same if I unplug A/C power cord and run only on battery. (Bios show battery is "Normal" and icon tray shows battery is fully charged.)  Power light is constant white when I remove battery and power only with A/C cord. I called Dell Tech Support and they told me that this is not a problem with battery and that my laptop is properly functioning.  Blinking light would seem to indicate otherwise.  I would appreciate any insights that anyone might have, in particular if you have encountered this same problem.  Thank you.

Answer:Inspiron 1545 Power Light Blinking White/Amber

Hello again
Thank you so much for replying. YES, when I disconnect the battery and only run on A/C power the light stays white.
So, I will have to get a new battery which is quite expensive as I am no longer under warranty. I hardly ever use it, only to move the laptop from one room to the other. I pretty much use it like a "desktop". I have been putting up with the annoying light for a couple of weeks now, sometimes I disconnect the battery just to get rid of the annoyance, but it has been windy/stormy weather here and we are known to have occasional power outages, so I rather keep it in.
Anyways, thank you so much for posting your issue and writing back. I appreciate it 

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Hi guys,

I have a Tecra M1 which starts up with a double beep which goes on for around a count of 28 or 30. Meanwhile light between the power and battery lights blinks at a rate of around 6 seconds on and 6 seconds off. Nothing else happens.

Where can I get information about the error codes as displayed by these symptoms?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Answer:Blinking amber light and double beep on start up - Tecra M1


Unfortunately there is no public document about those codes. What happen when you try to start your Tecra without battery and connected to AC power supply only?

What I know for sure is that when the microcontroller detects some defect in power supply the blinking code will be sent. You can not do anything alone. Contact service partner in your country and ask what the best solution is.

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I just turned my PC off last night and tried to boot up this morning, only to find the power light blinking amber! I've tried unplugging, holding the power button, testing in a known-good outlet, and all that. It still stays the same. I've not had a single issue with this computer until now. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance,-AaronMessage Edited by batman129 on 03-19-2008 11:44 AMMessage Edited by batman129 on 03-19-2008 11:46 AM

Answer:Dimension 5150/E510 not powering up (blinking amber light)

That generally indicates a PSU problem, but it can also be caused by the motherboard.  If you have a spare PSU, I would try that. Peter 

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My Dell Optiplex 790 doesn't turn on, and the power LED blinks amber. However, if I hold down the built in self test button, everything boots up fine and I can use the computer. Anyone know what I could try to fix this?

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I have an older dell dimension 4600 that was given to me. It seemed to be working good until while I was using it it suddenly went off and the screen went blank. The only sign of life is an amber blinking lite on front. I took it apart and looked inside. There is only a green lite on that connects to the pwr switch. I disconnected everything but the hard drive & RAM but nothing else happened. Where do I start with this??
Thanks for any suggestions.

Answer:Solved: sudden black screen & blinking amber light

Disconnect everything (including add in cards, drives) but the processor and 1 stick of ram, is the light still amber? Try the other stick of ram if it had more than 1. Still amber? If so you have either a bad power supply, bad motherboard or processor.


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I have a Dell Optiplex 780 and when I went to power it up the other night it did not power up.  I'm getting a solid amber light for the power button and lights 2,3, and 4 are blinking above it.  Any idea what this means?

Answer:Dell OptiPlex - Solid amber light, lights 2,3,4 blinking

According to the 780 Service Manual page 13,
Solid Amber Power Light = Second state of the light at power up. Indicates the POWER_GOOD signal is active and it is probable that the power supply is fine. Look at the diagnostic lights for further information.
Page 15 shows that 2/3/4 = A possible USB failure has occurred. Disconnect and reconnect every USB device, then try to power on.

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I have an optiplex 760 mini tower with the diagnostic lights 2 3 4 blinking and solid amber power light. Ive read that this could be a motherboard or bios failure and I might need a new board. Is there any way I can avoid buy ing a new motherboard?

Answer:Optiplex 760 diagnostic lights 2 3 4 blinking and solid amber power light

I think you just need to adjust your Hard Drive's Cables.I also had this problem once.

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Hello -
I hope Bev is still around as she has been so helpful to me in the past.  I have and 8400 that shut off while I was working.  I thought the power to the house went out...but it was just my computer.  Blinking amber light on the power button, no diagnostic lights in back.  Tried to start up, nothing.  Read posts here about it and tried removing CMOS for 10 minutes, removing PCI cards and disconnecting all power and connections from drives to MB (no change...still blinking light, nothing else), then did the jumping test from green to black (yes, I probably should have done that first...) and got nothing on that.  No fan, nothing.  
Can I definitely say it is the PSU?  If so, is the PSU from a 2400 interchangeable with this one?  If it isn't, are there particular brands I should look for or stay away from when purchasing a new PSU?

Thanks so much!

Answer:Dell 8400 blinking amber light won't start, no diagnostic lights

Blinking Amber means Bad Power Supply.
This particular model needs tin snips to cut a hole in the back for a regular power supply.  If you buy the startech model it will fit without requiring case modification.
Or you can buy one from an OEM vendor.
The 400 Watt ATX12V 2.01 Dell PC Power Supply is compatible with standard ATX style versions of following: Dimension Series Models: 1100 / 2200 / 2300 / 2350 / 2400 / 4300 / 4400 / 4500 / 4550 / 4600 / 8200 / 8250 / 8300 / 8400 / B100 Optiplex Series Models: 170L / GX60 / GX150 / GX240 / GX260 / GX270 Power Edge Series Models: 400SC / 600SC Precision Workstation Series Model: Model 340 / 350 Smart Step Series Models: 100D / 150D

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I have a Latitude 7350 with Win8.1 that has an official charger. Despite this, Windows says Battery 1 is charging but Battery 2 is "plugged in, not charging". Also, when I plug in my charger instead of the normal steady white light, I now get a blinking light that alternates between white and amber. This does not happen when I detach the tablet and charge the tablet. The tablet will then give a steady white light.
I have tried using Windows 10 and I tried doing a factory reset but to no avail.

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hello and thanks in advance,
i have a hp pavilion a307x with win.xp. my electric flickered off and on a couple times. i went to turn the computer on and it did not power up. i noticed the green light in back by the power cord was blinking. i unplugged the power cord and the green light blinked slower. i thought that the battery may be low so i put in another (that i knew was good) but no luck. any suggestions or ideas?
thanks, Greg

Answer:blinking green light


i noticed the green light in back by the power cord was blinking.

Do you have another PSU you can test with?

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I've had some trouble starting my computer recently and the problem seems to be pointing to the power supply box. Whenever I plug in the power supply cord, a green light begins blinking in the power supply box. Does anyone have any idea what this is or how it can be fixed?

Answer:Green light blinking

How does the PC work after you plug in cord? You are saying that you have to un plug & then plug the cord back in to get in going? explain

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I have an idea center, series K processor.  The green light on the top is always blinking and it sounds as if the processor is running at all times, even when I am not working on the machine.   This doesn't seem normal to me??  Since it's on top of my desk, it's a little annoying to listen to that all the time.

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Hi thereSo as soon as i plug in my HP L1908w monitor, it turns on the amber light and in less than a second it changes to green.The green light stays on for about 2 seconds and then it turns off.Half a second later the process is repeated in a continuous loop.While this happens, there is no backlight on the screen and no button is responsive i.e the power button inclusive.No recent updates or chages to the hardware were made in the past 2 months.Im stuck here

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Excuse my ignorance on this. My lan has been working ok for a month or so but suddenly the green light went from mostly always on to blinking on and then quickly off about every 2 or 3 seconds. Ocasionally the screen says the lan is connected for a second. My pc says that the hardware is working ok. I took my pc (laptop) to another pc that works ok to test the connection but I get the same symptoms. So the cable is ok, the hardware says it's ok, it just doesn't work. Any advice? TIA Jim

Answer:lan green light started blinking and no worky

1. Lan lights blink. They do this to indicate the transfer of data. Its blinking more slowly because less data is going through at that particular time.
2. We are not 5, your title "and no worky" might imply you were talking to a baby and could very well explain why no one has replied to this post; they think your an ******* (and i tend to agree).
3. As for your problem, i dont understand what you mean by "I took my pc (laptop) to another pc that works ok" and you haven't given even close to enough info. Do you have a switch or router? is your network wireless? how many other PC's do you have? did you install a firewall recently? Its like trying to fix a car and all you know is that the car is blue.

What you need to do is determine what is malfunctioning first. You would do this by changing out computer/cables/etc. to find out which isn't working. For example, take a cable off of a computer that is able to connect - that cable is good - try to use it with your laptop. If that doesn't work try to connect another computer to what your laptop is usually connected to, if it works your laptop is most likely the problem. Come back after u have some info, and use the spell check and try to catch mistakes like "worky".

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I am working on a frends desktop that recently might have been hit by lightning. After a big storm their desktop would no longer power on. Now, I am no stranger to computers. I unplugged the motherboard main connector and I get a solid green light when I plug the psu in. Plug the main connector back in and plug the psu in I get blinking light again. So either its the PSU or mainboard. Im thinking psu since usually that is what goes first, but at the same time I am leaning towards mainboard. what do you all think? On another note, Are these boards proprietary? I have a few standard ATX PSUs I could test my theory with but not if I have to rewire them.

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Problem: computer won't turn on when pressing the POWER ON button in the front of chassis.the color green light blinks continuously when i press the POWER ON button, with the interval of 2 seconds, there are no sounds coming from mobo, and the fans are not working also.processor:   intel core 2 duo e6850ram:   4gb ddr2 hard disk:   300gb + 500gb western digitalmobo:   intel dq35mppower supply:

Answer:Computer Won't Turn On (Green Light Blinking)

Swap the power supply with one of equal or greater wattage and see if that fixes it.

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Problem: computer won't turn on when pressing the POWER ON button in the front of chassis.

the color green light blinks continuously when i press the POWER ON button, with the interval of 2 seconds, there are no sounds coming from mobo, and the fans are not working also.

processor: intel core 2 duo e6850
ram: 4gb ddr2
hard disk: 300gb + 500gb western digital
mobo: intel dq35mp
power supply:


Answer:Computer Won't Turn On (Green Light Blinking)

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My Lenovo 11e Chromebook will not power on. The power light blinks orange and green over and over. I've tried all the resets and even put a new battery in it. What could be causing this? Thanks,

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    I have read many many articles about the problem I am having but none of them have helped me to solve my problem. (probably because I don't understand them) But anyways here is the story of what happened. I walked into my office and saw that my computer was frozen. So I turned it off and then turned it back on but when I did it beeped three times and wouldn't turn on. I had no idea what in the world was going on so my dad told me to unplug the power cord for a couple days. I did so but when I plugged it back in and pressed the power button it did nothing. I looked at the back of the tower and there was a green light blinking on the back of the computer. I took off the case and I saw a light on the motherboard also blinking. I have no idea whats going on. Please help me. Oh and P.S. I am only 14 and know nothing about computers so please try and simplify your responses.

Answer:Green light on back of computer blinking/ticking

The green eight is not related to your problem. That is from the network thing. When the computer is plugged in, a very small bit of power goes to some things.It is possible that part of the Power Supply has gone bad. Or maybe a drive has failed and shorted out the power. Or, it could be the power switch has come loose.

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I have a Toshiba M35 Satalite. There is a set of 3 LED lights just under the cover lock clasp. The one that has a power plug icon on it is blinking fast and the unit will not boot. I searched the manual but there is no mention of what this flashing light means. Could it be an exhaust or shorted out battery? I"ve had this unit torn down many times and have replaced the AC jack twice. Any help would be apreciated.

Answer:Toshiba laptop green blinking light problem.

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Just started happening yesterday. I shut my system down each night, and this morning, I fire my rig back up only to find that my monitor (an Acer AL2216W model) wouldn't display anything, but the green power LED on the monitor's power button kept flashing from green to amber, then back to green over and over again.I tried powering it off, then back on again, and nothing happened. I tried unplugging the monitor from power and back in again, but nothing happened. Then I unplugged the monitor from my video card, then back in, and after a few seconds, my display was back.

So now I'm wondering if it's the monitor itself that's going bad, or if my video card is bad. Since power on and off and unplugging from power didn't work, but unplugging/replugging the input did, I'd like to think it was my vid card (and it's under warranty so I can RMA it), but I wanted to find out what you guys thought about the problem.

Any advice is very much appreciated!

Answer:On computer startup, monitor led flashes green then amber but no display

Does the computer have more that one place to plug in a monitor?

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I just bought the P70 and see a green blinking light. I have searched and see its this one:Green:Data is being read from or written to the hard drive, the diskette drive, or the drive in the Ultrabay Slim device. When this indicator is on, do not put the computer into standby mode or turn off the computer Question:How can I turn this off? It's bliking all the time, even if i am not doing much and its really irritating

Answer:How to remove Green blinking irritating indicator light on screen

do you mean the hdd indicater on the bottom bezel ,if so you cant disable that it was re insalled by popular demand,i personaly like it there.

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The machine is a 4313-CTO, first generation i5 CPU, standard video, that suddenly died during a game of Spider Solitaire.Since the time was late I shut it down and unplugged for the night. In the morning I tried to restart. So did the computer, but it faltered and died. As I was about to unplug it I noticed the green cover light blinking about the speed of a calm heartbeat. Baffled by the new blink, I left it plugged in, but closed, and came back about a half hour later, hoping that by some miracle all was right again. Instead, I found the the cover warm, the keyboard very warm, the underneath hot enough that the Microsoft COA had started to detach, and underneath over by the W&D keys very, very hot. Right away I checked the battery, but it was relatively cool, so the heat was probably being generated by AC rather than DC. Now I am wondering where to go from here. I suspect some sort of catastrophic mobo, charging system, or CPU failure. If it is a mobo it will be the THIRD motherboard failure in ninteen months since new, which seems a bit excessive for a business-class computer. Does Lenovo offer a special price on a 6-pack of motherboards?  What would you do? By the way, the original mobo was replaced at four months by the repair depot in trying to fix a non-motherboard problem. The "dumpster-found" mobo they put in DID have a problem, because the computer would no longer start on battery. At eight months that mobo was replaced, also. Now I wonder if this... Read more

Answer:T510 sudden "death", followed by green cover light blinking and serious heating.

Kudos to you for a well written post.  Clever.
Agree that we shouldn't put 3 boards in a system - this seems abnormal & excessive.
Can you send me a PM with your contact information - name, address, best phone to reach you?  I'll also need the system model and serial # from the bottom of the unit.   Let's see what we can do.
Best regards,

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I am new to this excellent forum and wondered if anyone out there could possibly help......

I have a Dell Optiplex GX620 Desktop PC. Several weeks ago I had a slow flashing amber power light, indicating a PSU or switch fault. Firstly I replaced the switch - made no difference. Then I replaced the PSU - The slow flsahing amber light has now changed to a blinking (very fast) GREEN light on the power button.

All of my research so far has suggested that this suggests the PC is in standby mode! But the PC isn't even switched on - no fans running etc. In desperation I have even plugged a USB mouse in to see if I can "wake" it up! I have a amber AUX_PWR light on the Motherboard which is on.

Nothing happens when I press the power button - no matter for how long I press it in!

Has anyone got any ideas?

Many Thanks in advance

Answer:Dell Optiplex GX620 Blinking Green Power light & won't start!

Welcome to Tech-Forums, lardy2001!!

Do diagnostic lights display anything? It's those 4 lights I believe that's located at the back of the computer.

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kids knocked computer off desk fell on side. now it just blinks and wont start. i opened it up and everything s attached .please help me dont know if its hard drive or power

Answer:compaq windows xp blinking green light ,fans stop and start.

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ok - i built my new computer and everything was working fine-- all the case fans were spinning, the lights were all on, the cd drive worked, and the fans on the graphics and cpu are spinning

at first the light on the pc flashed green which meant nothing, so i got a new SDRAM which i believed was the problem, all seemed to be working, but when i hooked the monitor up, the light went from solid green to amber- if anyone can help- it is greatly appreciated-- could it be a wire isnt connected to the right spot? i really hope it isnt the graphics card because it was $300 alone--

thanks for any help!

Answer:HELP- monitor wont show- amber light on screen

If the Monitor light goes from green to amber then yes there is problem with the vid card not being able to dispaly anything, it could be that it isn't seated properly in whatever slot your using, What Vid card is it, it maybe that you need to connect it to power on the motherboard, it also could be that your power supply isn't powerful enough to run the card and everything else so what wattage is the power supply?

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Hi My F1904 monitor seems to have a fault. When I power it on the power switch flashes amber and I get no display. Any suggestions? There does not seem to be any mention of this in the documentation. Many Thanks 

Answer:F1904 Monitor flashing amber power light

amber usually means sleep mode. flashing can mean different things. Disconnect the video cable, turn it off, pull the power plug, wait 10 seconds, plug it in and turn it on. Press the OSD buttons to see if you can bring up the on screen display. If that comes, up try connecting it again. Hopefully the PC is not sending out a bad video signal. 

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Occasionally I have this problem occur once in a while but I usually fix this problem by unplugging
the power cord to and replugging it back in. I think the problem lies in the graphics slot or the graphics card itself. I have disabled my on board graphics card and added a PCI graphics card for 6-7 months now. Like I said it happens once in a while but now this solution isn't working for me. Any ideas?

Answer:Computer boots, but monitor is stuck on amber light

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I was on my computer one morning and we happened to have a power flash, quickly on and off. Afterwards i turn on my computer, everything comes normally, gives me the safe boot option, i start up windows 7 log in and it freezes, on a side note that is very unusal. I've had my setup for a month now and not 1 freeze. Afterwards anytime i attempt to turn on my computer the monitor stays amber and nothing shows, no bios nothing. I've tried tried multiple things such as replacing the power supply, running bare minimum (1 stick of ram, cpu, cpu fan and power supply without graphics card installed), Ironically im in a nerdrage rush to get it fixed by 11p.m. central time tonight, a new game i've been preparing for with new comp upgrades and such for months comes out on midnight and i very much so intend to be there for it.

my computer specs:
890GPA-UD3H Motherboard
3.3 dual core am3 socket processor
9800gt xlr8 nvidia graphics card
2 sticks of 2 gig 1333mhz ddr3 ram
600w Power supply
500 gig sata harddrive

im running windows 7 professional 64x

i was running a 480w power supply when the power flashed, i bought a 600w today.

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Hello. So my Dell dimension 4600 just lost mointor/video signal one day. All the fans, drives and CPU were still workin away. I figured ok great my video card is blown(in my case the MB). So I install a new MB. Still no video or monitor signal....I have checked the diagnostic lights on the back and none of them are lite. I have tested the power supply - seems fine. I have unplugged everything other than the CPU, main and second power to MB. I am getting no error beeps. I am so lost here!! I need some help please!! Thanx

Answer:Dell 4600 solid power amber light - no signal to!

I would have tried another monitor before buying another board.Try hooking up a different monitor to the computer.  If that doesn't work try another monitor cable.If you have no other monitor, try hooking up your current monitor to another computer.  If it works then it means there's something going on with your computer.  If not, then the problem is most likely that  your monitor is bad.

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From last few days my PC has developed a display problem. (which I believe it to be related to win xp rather than monitor)On switching on start button the monitor remains blank only. The power on indicator turns green and continuously blinking @ 3 secs. As usually I do when any problem encountered with my pc, searched for a solution in the net and found a discussion at one place one with similar symptom. It says to switch off the mains and keep the PC start button depress for few secs and then to go for normal start. I find that It works ok, but the problem is not solved for ever. Next time when I go for normal start same problem appears.

If any body has a better solution pl suggest. my PC is HP with LCD monitor, graphics on board. OS is XP Sp3.

Answer:Monitor blank, power led blinking green

So on a cold start up - if you just press the start button - monitor won't display anything. But, if you hold in the start button, you are able to get a display?

I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly.

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I'm new and not real computer savvy so bare with me my monitor went black but my light is blinking green constantly whether I unplug it and plug it back in still the same result I took another monitor with same power cord and same PC and plugged it all in and it works fine so I don't know what to do next help please accer 19" 2002 model 1706 A

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Hi guys,

Since the start of last week when using my PC desktop the monitor would turn off randomly. I would switch it back on and then five minutes later it would go off again. Now however when I switch the computer on the screen boots up with the user accounts then goes off instantly. I tested the monitor against my laptop and it seems fine. Would you be able to help? My computer knowledge is very limited.



Answer:Monitor light green to orange

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Monitor will not boot with computer

Just purchased a new system (w/o monitor) and I am in the process of setting it up. I'm using the old monitor from my previous system with no problems until recently. Now for some reason this monitor just won't go active (green light) when the system boots. The monitor just stays on standby (orange light). I reconnected all the cables, restarted the monitor and computer in different sequences, and all attempts have failed. The strange thing is that this same monitor still works just fine with my previous system. What gives??

Answer:Monitor won't go active (green light)

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i have this problem it just start like yesterday and when i turn on my computer it sounds like its booting up like normal except the monitor will just blink with a green light and i checked to make sure the cords and everything was good and it still dont work.

Answer:green flashing light on monitor

A light blinking at a rate of at least once every second often seems to be made to indicate there is a problem, as in the makers of the device that has the light did it to show that there is a problem, so at least the monitor "knows" there is a problem...So maybe you should read the manual or contact the manufacturer and see what the blinking light means.
First things I would try are to plug it into a different PC, trying a different data cable, a different power cord, and a different outlet. If all of the above fails (including reading the manual or contacting the mfr.), it is probably a part inside the monitor not working correctly. Make sure all connections are secure, and not crooked or anything, including the video card's (if there is one) connection the the motherboard's slot, any internal power cord to the video card, etc.

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I have a Sony VGC-RB42G computer. I recently moved my computer, cleaned off all the dust, and when I plugged everything back in, it won't power up. The light on the power supply blinks green, inside the motherboard also has a green light that blinks as well. It has a ticking sound too, but I am not sure if it is coming from the power supply or the motherboard. Any idea what could be wrong.

FYI, I have already unplugged everything from the power supply, pulled out the ram, checked the battery, and put everything back together and still no change. One thing I thought was strange was after I unplugged everything, I pulled the power into the power supply again and this time the green light came on but did not blink. It stayed solid.


Answer:No Power, Blinking green light on power supply and motherboard

Sounds like a Power Supply problem.

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I have two computers, win xp on one 2400 box and win 2000 on the other 600 box, both are patched together boxes with 15 inch monitors. I inherited a 17 inch monitor that requires a double male vga cord (not hardwired?) It will bootup and remain on for about a minute then the monitor will go black and the off on light will blink and make sort of a clicking noise about once per second continuously. I tried a new vga cord no change? What is the problem could it be compatibility or just an internal fuse of somesort? Works the same way on both boxes, go figure?

Answer:Monitor light blinking- no picture

Possibly your video card? If you have a video card in that computer try swapping it out with your other system and test it in there, and vice versa (if you have a card in your other computer put it in the one that isn't working and see if it works). If you get the same error when you insert that card into the other computer then that would be a good hint. Or if you have onboard video, well......try putting in a card from another computer and see what happens.

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the monitor light wont stay green

Answer:why the monitor light wont stay green

it won't stay green because its saying no video signal.make sure the cable is tightly screwed in at both may need to replace your video card.How to properly post a question:

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hi i am using LG monitor for 5 yrs without any problem. now whenever i start my computer i found my monitor doesnt get on immediately. the green light flickers for 2-3 min and then it stops flickering after that only my monitor gets on. this happens everytime i start my comp after some resting period. if immediately restarted, then monitor start normally. i have nt made any kind of change in its configuration or anything. plz help

Answer:monitor green light flickers then it start

Borrow another monitor to try, if that behaves the same, we then know it is in your computer.

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Alright, so my monitor is being weird, and I dont know what to do. I have made a video to show the problem, im not sure if its the cable or my computer, but at the moment it is working fine, just after a an hour or two of AFK, thats when its starts happening., or when i shut off the monitor, come back a while later, and try to turn it on.

thanks for the help

Answer:Monitor screen flashing on and off, but the green light is still on

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My uncle gave me a 19" LCD screen that is awesome except for one small problem... There is a green line, one pixel wide, all the way down the center of the screen from top to bottom.

Has anyone had this problem??
Can it be fixed yourself without to much hastle?
If it can't be fixed yourself, could bestbuy or a computer store fix this problem for a reasonable price?

PLEASE suggest any info you might have!


Answer:Light Green Line Down Monitor Screen??

Howdy! Welcome to TechSpot

Need to know what kind it is and what kind of system you are using it on.
Lcd's can be pricey to fix if no warranty. Nearest qualified repair to me
is 900+mi away.

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my on light don't stay green once you turn on the computer, the mointor light comes on and then it turns yellow

Answer:monitor on light (green) turns yellow

Sounds like it's not getting a signal from your video output on the PC. Are all connections snug? Have you made any recent changes to the machine?"Channeling the spirit of jboy..."

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This started about 10 days ago. When I shut down, a few seconds after the monitor goes dark, there's a small light in the center of the monitor. It only lasts a second or two. At first, it always was blue--like a flashlight beam off to one side. Then it was red, in the same shape. Today, it's red, shaped like an arc with a green tail.

I'm not having any problems with the computer. But there's one other change. Beginning yesterday, when I turn the computer on the desktop icons don't all pop up fully formed. Some begin as outlines, and then fill in.

Any explanations of these changes will be appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Light (blue, red, green!) on monitor after shut down

Look at your controls for your monitor. Look for one that says "degaus" or something like that. Press this with the computer on.

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I'm not sure if this is a new problem or not as side of monitor was not visible before - I just moved the pc to a new location so now I can see it. Anyway, it is a blinking light that sits right above the on/off button. I am not sure what the icon that accompanies the blinking light. it  is in the same location. The icon looks like a "can" - maybe it is something related to disk drive.Thanks for any thoughts.

Answer:Blinking light on side of monitor - Inspiron One.

ritkit03,The blinking light that looks like a "can"is the hardrive activity light.A hard drive activity light is a small LED light that illuminates whenever the hard drive or other built-in storage is being read from or written to.Knowing when your computer's hard drive is being accessed is helpful so you can avoid pulling the battery or unplugging the computer while the operating system is still accessing files on the drive, a mistake that can cause corruption of important files.A hard drive activity light is sometimes referred to as an HDD LED, a hard drive light,or a hard drive activity indicator.

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I used a compressor to blow my computer out, removed the CPU to blow out the the Heatsinks etc.. poped it back in place and now it doesnt work. Powers on fully but the monitor power light just blinks, i also get no mobo beeps. I checked to see if i had a bent pin on the CPU which i did i bent it back in place with a razor put it back in place correctly. same problem.. any ideas?

Answer:Powers on, no beeping blinking monitor light.

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This evening I decided to reboot my personal computer, which uses Vista. Up until this point it had worked fine, including earlier today. Every time I attempt to reboot it, it starts by bringing up its normal white screen about being a gigabyte motherboard. It then never shows any of the data involved with the reboot - instead, it goes straight to a completely black screen, and stays on it indefinitely. There is a blinking green light on the monitor. As the light blinks, there is a faint "clicking" or "flickering" sound.

I have attempted multiple computer restarts, adjusting the monitor cords. None of it has had any effect. There is no error message, at least not that I've had the ability to see. As I cannot see anything happening on the screen, I do not know if this is purely a graphics problem or if there is also a problem with the computer.

Thanks in advance for any advice...

Answer:On reboot, black monitor & blinking light

Is it posting first of all?
Have you re seated your graphics card?
What are your system specs?

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I am having quite a problem with my computer:
After a while of idling, or in the middle of a game, the screen will go black, but the light stays green, indicating there still is a signal.. i think. This is on my 21' CRT. So i tried another monitor, an LCD , while this is happening, and i get the message 'Mode not supported'. I tried installing an older nvidia driver thinking that could be the problem, but it didn't fix it. When this happens i see the video card fan is still going, and I'm really not sure what is wrong.
If you could help me out that would be most excellent, the computer i am on now has Intel Extreme Graphics 2 onboard video, and it is painful to play any decent game on it.

Thanks in advance!

Edit : I also remembered sometimes(rarely) when i shut the computer it wont react when i try to turn it back on with the power button, but a few mins later as if by magic it turns on.

Answer:Screen going black - Light on Monitor stays Green

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the monitor power light just blinks green

Answer:Monitor power light blinks green on boot

do you get any beeps when the machine starts?check the video cable is connected correctly to machine and monitor.try another video you see the post messages?check that your video card is correctly seated.i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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I am having quite a problem with my computer:

After a while of idling, or in the middle of a game, the screen will go black, but the light on the monitor stays green, indicating there still is a signal.. i think. This is on my 21' CRT. So i tried another monitor, an LCD , while this is happening (the green light no picture business), and i get the message 'Mode not supported'. I see the video card fan is still going, and I'm really not sure what is wrong.

Also, sometimes when i try to turn the computer on it won't react... but a few mins later as if by magic it turns on by itself.

If you could help me out that would be most excellent, the computer i am on now has Intel Extreme Graphics 2 onboard video, and it is painful to play any decent game on it.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Screen going black - Light on Monitor stays Green

Sounds like your video card is going out, or not getting enough power. Check your PSU, maybe try reinstalling the video card drivers.

I had a simular problem, my monitor would go blank on about the 3rd 3d Mark test, then several minutes later my score would pop up on the screen and I could see my desktop. Got a new GPU, everything is working fine.

Good luck, hopefully someone else will have some more infor for you.


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Hey all, really hoping somebody out there can help me out. I am having one hell of an issue.

First, my computer specs:

Processor: Intel Pentium D Processor 950 w/ Dual Core Technology 3.4GHz 800MHz FSB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2
Power Supply: Alienware 650 Watt ATX 2.0 Power Supply with Active PFC
Motherboard: Alienware NVidia nForce4 SLI X16 Motherboard
Graphics Processor: 256MB PCI-Express x16 NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT
Memory: 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz - 2 x 1024MB
System Drive: High Performance - 160GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s 7,200 RPM w/ NCQ & 8MB Cache
Storage Drive: High Performance - 160GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s 7,200 RPM w/ NCQ & 8MB Cache
Primary Display: Samsung SyncMaster 1100DF 21" CRT Display - Black

I built this computer as a gaming computer about a year ago and I have never had any issues. I have had maybe a total of 5 total lock-ups in Windows until recently.

Last night I went to play Rainbow Six: Vegas and after about 30 seconds my computer just Locked Up - no control whatsoever. I rebooted and here is where things started to get weird.

At the Windows XP logo there is some vertical blue bars that are about 2-3 inches long and about half a cm space in between each. There is roughly 10 of these bars that go across my whole screen. They look kind of like static, or what you would expect something "bad" that you would see upon booting a PC.

I tried the game again thinking oh... Read more

Answer:Monitor light keeps blinking before log-in screen, very strange pixels

May be an overheating issue. Are your internal fans clean and free of dust. Are they working properly?

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When I shutdown the vista PC the monitor power light stays green and a box saying, "self test feature check" floats all around the monitor. My XP machine after shutdown the power light turns amber with nothing being displayed.
Does anyone have any ideas? The monitor should hibernate when the PC is shutdown.

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My Dell Inspiron 5558 Battery light continuely blink Amber and then white light just 1 time for each and can't find what mean by that light code

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Hi I made a thread yesterday regarding a minor PC problem I had while trying to install windows XP on my uncles PC the problem was solved thankfully.

I now have an even bigger problem of my own with my PC.
I turned my PC on in the evening and the monitor screen was blank and displayed a blinking orange light, the fan does come on. I doubled checked the wires to see if any were loose but everything is inserted correctly.

What’s weird is the PC that I was installing windows on yesterday was doing the same thing but once you turn it off and turn it back on it would be fine and load windows.
But my one is not even doing that, there is nothing wrong with the monitor has I have brought it recently and I also checked the PC using my brother’s monitor and the same thing happens.

Once I finished installing windows on my uncles PC I turned my PC on and watched highlights of a soccer game so it actually was working last night. But I have no clue as to what has happened?
Can someone please help me?

Answer:Monitor Blinking Orange Light, Windows/PC wont start up

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I just purchased a used comp off ebay (probably a bad mistake) that was suppose to boot to c:. This is a AMD 1800 XP, 128 MB RADEON video card, 60 gig hardrive, CDRW, 52X CD. When I try to boot the computer the monitor light immediately goes from green to orange. The monitor works fine on my other computers. I also noticed that the video card was loose when I first got it out of the box, i secured it but then found out the problem. I have also used a video card out of another one of my comps, nVidia 32MB, and still got the same results. I can usually figure stuff like this out, but this MB is extremely complicated, and the power supply has more wires and cables than I have ever seen. I thought maybe the hardrive wasnt spinning and tried another one and still had the same result. My video card and processor fans are all running so there seems to be power. The CD drives have power. I also noticed that there is a light on the front of my case, dont know what it is, but it also turns orange. Any suggestions.

Answer:Monitor Flashes Green then Orange light, Comp wont boot.

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My computer is getting power but screen is black and amber light turns on for 3 seconds then nothing.  I tried draining the power but still no change

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