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Problems with audio and video on a Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop

Question: Problems with audio and video on a Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop

This system is quite old. So I am just refurbishing it and selling it at cost to someone who needs it.

Here are the specs:

Win2k Pro SP4
Dell Inspiron 7500
512MB RAM (maxed out; 2 X 256)
433Mhz CPU
DirectX 7.0 ( [Not sure if this video card is compatible with 9.0c]
Video: 4MB ATI RAGE Mobility P/M AGP 2X(A21/2)
Flash Player 10 for the browser

Win2k had all of the drivers, so I didn't bother downloading any from Dell. At least not until I had it up and running and tested the video with YouTube. The video drivers are fine on the computer except on YouTube. Actually, I can't say that as I have not tried playing any other video on this system yet.

When I play any video on YouTube, it does one of the following:

1. Doesn't play (just see the thumbnail image)
2. Shows just a black screen
3. Shows the top half OK but the bottom half looks like all of the color was smudged
4. Shows the thumbnail image normally, but doesn't play the video. Then that image jumps in to the upper left corner of the video screen and becomes an even smaller image. Then it switches back to showing the thumbnail image normally again.

This system is clean, in case you're wondering about spyware or viruses.

It seems like it has something to do with either the video drivers, the video card (which is definitely lacking), the fact that there was no chipset drivers to install, or because it only has DirectX 7.0.

The other problem I'm having is that the audio drivers installed fine (again, they came Win2k SP4 slipstreamed), and they show up as installed in Device Manager, but nothing comes through the speakers nor does anything come out via the headsphones (plugged into the headphone jack). I checked all of the volumes (iTunes volume, system volume (all options), etc.), but to no avail.


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Preferred Solution: Problems with audio and video on a Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Problems with audio and video on a Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop

dell has a very easy site to navigate to find the drivers,
you can start HERE:
Technical Support
What is a Service Tag and How Do I Locate It?
then input the info here:
Search Dell

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this is a good one I could not find anything in earlier posts so here goes. I have been laid off and a friend gave me an inspiron 7500 laptop that he put xp pro on. However it is not supported by this laptop Ie no drivers for xp on this model. How on gods little green earth can I reformat the hard drive and put on either 2000 or windows me. I heard that you can boot with windows 98 and go into dos and I tried that but it does not boot into it even though I changed the boot order in bios. any help??
thanks all

Answer:Help I have a dell inspiron 7500 that has xp

The laptop is old enough to where XP SP2 should have all the drivers built-in. I just checked at the Dell web site, and all the devices should be picked up by XP. If you could post a list of the devices that aren't installed correctly (check the Device Manager for question marks ? and exclamation points !) and post those device in the DRIVER forum (start a new thread there) we can probably track down the correct drivers.

(BTW- Windows 2000 drivers usually work OK with XP; WinXP may "fight" a little, but the drivers should work if "forced"; download the Win2000 drivers from this link)

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i have a dell inspiron 7500 with windows 200 installed on it. i just tried to play a music cd and wmp said it "cannot play the file b/c there is a problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound device installed on your computer it may be in use by another program, or it may not be functioning properly". i ran diagnostics and it came back with no errors on the Audio port. i was able to hear all of the sound test w/o any issues. I have updated the drivers for windows 2000 on my laptop also. I checked for question marks or exclamation mark in Device Manager! Did not have any there? I also uninstalled and reinstalled drivers. when i go to properties for the sound drivers everything is grayed out! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Answer:Dell inspiron 7500 no sound

i can see the the speaker on my taskbar but nothing comes up when i click on it!

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I have an inspiron 7500 laptop. when you turn it on, the fan comes on for a couple of seconds and then nothing. The power light will stay on, and it will charge the battery. There is no display though. Also the floppy drive light comes on for a second and then goes off. I have replaced the dc to dc board and still the same.

It has no video from the monitor or from the monitor out. The cpu does get warm. I have ordered a video card off ebay but have not recieved it yet.

I don't have a hard drive for this unit either. Does it need to have a hard drive in to post.

I was considering getting a motherboard off ebay.

If anyone has any experience with this type of problem please let me know


Answer:Dell Inspiron 7500 no display

I would say its absolutely nothing to do with the video at this stage.

If the computer does not boot, then it will not even try to use the video. It cannot.

Plainly its not booting, but as long as it has RAM and a working motherboard and CPU, it should at least make POST (where it would give an error such as operating system not found, when no HDD is present). Only then would you get the BIOS and POST displays if the video is working. Any beeps? Should be one for a POST completion. (Power On Self Test)

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Hi Gang,

This might be a stupid question but does the cmos battery imbedded in the mobo of my Inspiron 7500 as stressed out by Dell Tech support?

I have stripped it down to pc card heat sink attached to mobo attached to bottom casing and I still couldn't find any exposed battery that I could pull out and replace.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Dell Inspiron 7500 cmos battery

many CMOS batteries in laptops are hard connected. You need it professionally replaced.

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I recently cracked the lcd display on my dell inspiron
7500, I don t have the money to replace it yet so I tried to
connect an external monitor. after the external monitor was
hooked up I turned on the computer and the external monitor
gets blue lines in the middle and nothing else.
How do I succesfully connect an external monitor? please help.

Answer:external monitor dell inspiron 7500

If all you get on the monitor is the 2 lines I would think the the laptop is screwed. The only thing you can try is taking the laptop apart and unplugging the display panel and see if it the external monitor works then. I assume that the monitor works fine everwhere else. You can check out and see if theres any known issues with external monitors and your laptop aswell.

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I've been using the ATI All In Wonder Radeon 7500 for a while now...worked perfectly.

Yesterday I installed a second cheap ATI display card to use for a second monitor. I got that set up easily and now have dual monitors working just fine.

Problem is, now when trying to watch TV on my PC all I get is a black comes through perfectly, but no video at all.

Anyone have any ideas? I can't imagine what happened. Obviously the cable is connected because the audio is fine...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Answer:ATI AIW 7500 No Video, but have audio

I don't know exactly how you ATI ALL-IN-WONDER works, but I think that you have only a small software problem. Most probable is, that you didn't specify the primary, or the "Full Screen" display on which the video should be displayed. Try to set the primary (or FULL SCREEN) display to the video card with the TV-TUNER on it. If it still doesn't work try to give more details so I can nail the problem

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I have this issue where sometimes when playing a game, whenever it's about to load a new audio asset, the game briefly freezes. Like for instance, I'm playing the Brutal Doom mod, and it will go fine for a little while but whenever I"m about to for example fire a new weapon, it will freeze itself for a second to seemingly load the new audio file for the gun being shot. There are other games that do this as well. Also, sometimes when watching a video on YouTube, I get audio stutter for a few seconds.

I've done scans with Avast!, Malware Bytes, and Spybot and so far nothing conclusive has come up. I ran the Intel Driver Update program and updated several drivers, but that hasn't fixed it. I also tried disabling Andrea ST but that didn't fix it neither. I've had this laptop for several years now, and it never did this until recently.

Here is a Speccy Link:

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I have been working on a Dell Inspiron 531S and am unable to get the video, and now audio, drivers loaded and working correctly. Here?s the deal:

According to the Dell tag# info online, this cpu uses either the onboard Nvidia nforce 6150SE n430 video card or an ATI 1300 Pro. There is no external video card so the Nvidia should be right. This is confirmed by programs like HWinfo32. However, someone did install ATI catalyst software at some earlier point.

At first, only the video card driver was not loaded properly and so Vista (Home Premium 32-bit) was in VGA-compatible mode. I tried to load NVIDIA Nforce 258.96 WHQL drivers for Vista 32-bit, which completed without errors. Upon rebooting, though, I could see in Device Manager that the drivers didn?t take. I have also tried Dell?s recommended R166208 (an executable that loads Nvidia?s MCP61 ver.A01 drivers) and no matter what I do, Device Manager says I now have an ?unknown device? or a VGA-compatible display adapter. Unloading and reinstalling did not help. I noticed SP2 was not loaded so tried installing it to see if that would help. It loaded no problem, but then I saw (as another update) a Realtek audio driver update. I let it load and now have no audio.

I have tried both Dell?s recommended Realtek driver (R180772, which is for the ALC888 HD audio device and loads Realtek?s R1.85 audio drivers) and a newer R2.51 version for Vista that I got from Realtek?s site. Both install ... Read more

Answer:Nvidia video and Realtek audio drivers not working on Dell Inspiron

Sounds like to me a fresh installment of Windows vista would help you out the most.

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Hi! I own a dell inspiron N4110 and for some odd reason the audio does not play out of any of the two tvs i own when i use the hdmi plug. Is it a driver issue? could it be the port itslef? its not the cable or the tvs. ive checked both. I could really use some direction on this one guys.

Answer:Audio Problems Dell Inspiron N4110


Originally Posted by z.rathier

Hi! I own a dell inspiron N4110 and for some odd reason the audio does not play out of any of the two tvs i own when i use the hdmi plug. Is it a driver issue? could it be the port itslef? its not the cable or the tvs. ive checked both. I could really use some direction on this one guys.

If you have tried it on 2 tv's already, it's more than likely your ports.
Try updating your sound card drivers and enable stereo mixer in the control panel to make sure.

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I recently installed all the necessary drivers (High Definition Audio Device) so my computer is certainly up to date. I know how to use this and have done this successfully before, well a friend did for me. I can't seem to find the right driver now or its corrupted, not sure. This problem re-occurred when I reinstalled Windows 7. Maybe someone here can help me, as I've never posted to any forum before. The audio plays just find through headphones, but the computer speakers don't work. This can't be a hardware issue, I'm almost certain it is an issue with the drivers. I found the driver at the Dell support site, and it still doesn't work. Please help!!!


Answer:Dell Inspiron 1420 Audio Problems

open your audio properties and set your speakers for default playback device...Welcome to seven forums....

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I am using Windows 10, and my sound from my audio jacks has stopped working for headphones and external speakers. My USB headphones work fine and can record sound, but they jacks allow nothing. The computer recognizes my speakers in the audio devices, and they hum when I turn them up, but again, the sound is not working. 
Thank you for any help you can provide.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 620 Audio Jack Problems

Thank you for writing to us.
I would ask you to check & advise how does the system respond in the following situation,
*Restart the system in safe mode with networking and confirm if the same issue seen with headphones & speakers.
*check if you have Conexant SMART AUDIO  listed in the device manager under audio devices if it is then uninstalling the Conexant SMART AUDIO software fixes the audio issue, restart the system once this is done.
Also do send the service tag of the system via private message so that I can check system specifications before assisting you further.

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There is no audio even thought my Conexant Smart audio is upto date

Answer:Why don't I have audio after downloading Windows 10 on my Dell Inspiron laptop?

While your audio driver may be showing up-to-date, it still may be the wrong version for Windows 10.
I would recommend uninstalling the driver completely, then reinstalling new drivers from the Dell website. Make sure Dell has drivers specifically for Windows 10 for your specific laptop.

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Over the last 2 days I have been having a problem as indicated in the title of this post. The fault has rectified itself 3 times, but again today, it is back to "battery plugged in, not charging." As I am running the laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium; 32 bit) on the adapter without problems, I assume that the adapter itself may not be faulty.
I also have a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop running Windows 7.  Can I safely use that adapter with the Vista laptop, without causing damage to the Vista ?  If it is safe to do so, and the battery on the Vista starts charging, then it would indicate that the Vista adapter/charger has some kind of fault.
Hoping someone can give me some guidance. Thanks.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. Battery plugged in not charging. Can I use adapter from a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop ?

If the adapter has the same plug and the same or higher power rating, you can swap them.
Check to see whether the 1545 recognizes the AC adapter or whether it shows unknown (F2 at powerup).  If it shows unknown with two different adapters, you have a bad power jack or a bad mainboard.

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Ive had a Dell Inspiron E1505 for about 4 years now.

-Windows XP Home SP3
-Genuine Intel CPU T2400 @ 1.83 ghz - x2 (Centrino Duo)
-1 GB of RAM

I've never had any problems with my cd drive until today when I was ripping a burnt cd. When the cd had 3 songs left to rip it stopped and wouldn't rip no more (the cd was pretty scratched), so I tried to rip just the last 3 songs ( 3 attempts, 1 for each song) with no luck. I ejected the disc and put in a different one (non burnt) and the audio was jumpy and skipping. I tried other cds since then and they all have jumpy and skipping audio, I tried a dvd and the audio was the same way (the video was affected a little if any at all).

Although, I have a video game already installed on my computer (which takes the game disc to play), and I put in the game disc and the audio was just fine, it loaded up and I played it for minute.
I CAN play audio from the harddrive and the internet and it sounds just fine.
I CAN still rip cds with windows media player, and when I play them back it sounds just fine.
I have nottried to burn anything yet.

ALSO, the light on my cd drive's door flashes (maybe insync with the skipping audio, kinda seems like it).

I read a similiar thread on here(but different!) and someone said to look in device manager under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers", then go to it's properties, then go to advanced tab and change it to DMA, bu... Read more

Answer:Audio skipping when I play a cd or dvd in my Dell Inspiron E1505 Laptop


any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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Hi, I have a problem with my front audio jack. The cause of this problem may or may not be the DAW reaper. I set my front headphone jack on my laptop as reapers input and the speakers on the laptop as its output. This did not work so I uninstalled the program. I tried to use my headphones but there is nothing. I uninstalled all the drivers for Realtek and reinstalled them. I have also tried system restores, 4 times. They keep failing regardless of whether Avast is off or not. The speakers work, and when the headphones get plugged in (they work on my phone and other PC's in the house perfectly fine), they are recognized by Dell Audio. The problem is, the only thing in the playback tab in sound (hidden or not) is speakers and a monitor I don't want to use. Can anyone help me diagnose the problem? I really want to use my headphones again.

Answer:Audio Jack Problems (Dell Inspiron 15 3537, Windows 8.1)

I set my front headphone jack on my laptop as reapers input and the speakers on the laptop as its output

I have 3 Dell Inspiron 15 Notebooks [1 bought new and 2 resurrected] and have only the one Headphone jack on them.
Maybe your device needs the Microphone jack for the input of audio instead of the Headphone/Speaker jack?

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Hello and first of all thank you for taking time to read my post and consider my problem.

I have a Dell Inspiron 600m and a few nights ago I dropped it. Now when I boot it up I get the Dell bios screen and the Windows XP load screen, when the screen changes to login the screen goes black as if it is turned off. I can start the computer in safe mode without any display problems and I can start it in VGA mode without any problems. I can also plug an external monitor into it without any problems, but I cannot get anything on the laptops display as if it isn't even attatched. I have tried replacing the ATI drivers and even resetting the system back to factory by hitting CTRL-F11 at the bios screen, non of which has been successful.

I feel that either A. a chip on the video card is damaged or B. something has come unplugged from it due to the drop. However I think that should it be either one of these the video card would not work at all. At this point is seems the video card cannot detect the laptop screen when using the ATI drivers but can detect it if using the generic Windows XP drivers.

I'm wondering if I should open it up and search for any unplugged wires, cables, or ribbons but since I am unfamiliar with the laptops hardware I am afraid of doing more harm than good. Thanks for any insight you can grant me.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) ... Read more

Answer:Solved: Dell Inspiron Video Problems

Problem solved, I removed the keyboard and disconnected the display cable connector. Upon reconnecting it and booting up the screen worked like normal with the ATI drivers. I guess the drop had just knocked it slightly lose.

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Got my new inspiron 7567 laptop yesterday and found out that i only heard sound through the left speaker everytime. Went through the audio test for left and right channel output on youtube and tried to windows test option in playback devices windows 10,still everytime even if the animation says it playing through left and right speakers separately i still get audio from the left speaker both times.Is there some setting i am missing out on or is it a hardware issue.please help 

Answer:Audio playing through left speaker only on dell inspiron 7567 laptop

sandy5837Is there some setting i am missing out on or is it a hardware issue.
Hello. This is the audio hardware test for the laptop's internal audio hardware. It works differently from the other tests. If no sound is heard through the laptop's right speaker during that test, then the cause is hardware failure. If it passes, then it's software.
If it is software, then download and install a fresh copy of the audio driver. Get it from your model's support page, or I can give you a link. Installing a fresh copy will re-set the audio settings, which would fix it if the cause is mis-configuration of the settings.

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I have been trying to look around for a solution however none of them work. On my playback section it says "no audio devices are installed" and i can't change the volume or even get access to the little bar you use to change it. If it helps my computer was recently fixed up and i was thinking that they may have forgotten to reconnect the speaker but that wouldn't explain why headphones don't play any audio either.
Any help is appreciated

Answer:My dell inspiron 7559 laptop will not play any audio through headphones or speakers

Check for  any settings in he Bios.  You might be able to turn audio and microphone on or off there.
If the audio is not listed in Device Manager, in some form, the boot may not be picking it up.  The Realtek audio or at least High Definition audio device should show up.  If you have a device which shows as unknown, that might be it but missing a driver.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop. My video card keeps getting hot. How can I fix the problem?

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I play games like Everquest and Battlefield Vietnam. I wanted to upgrade my videocard but I am not sure whether or not that is possible. I have a Dell Inspiron 5150 with an Nvidia GeForce 5200, and I would greatly like to upgrade it. I was thinking ATI radeon 700x or something? But again, I'm not sure if that is possible.

Answer:Laptop Video cards Dell Inspiron 5150

Most laptops do not have replaceable video cards (they use a version of on-board video).

Some Dell models do have a separate card, but its very proprietary, not anything like a standard card. You would need to check with Dell.

I suspect that your chance is about zero of upgrading a laptop video though.

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The problem still exists even after Dell repaired the laptop. It took two weeks to get the repaired laptop back from Dell.

The problem is:
When I plug or unplug the charger while playing music/video on laptop, the laptop is freezing with buzzing sound for 1-2 seconds when the laptop begins charging. Even after Dell repaired the laptop, the problem still exists.
Tried installing the updated drivers, the laptop works fine only for a short period and then after some time the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.
Also, if the laptop is restarted it works fine for a while and then the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.

Not satisfied with the Dell and Dell repair services.
Need help with this problem.

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Computer: Dell Inspiron 13 5000 series 2-in-1 laptop. Core i7 processor, windows 10. Let me know if you need more information.
I'll be playing some sort of media (eg: youtube video) and the volume will be just fine. Then, over a period of 10-20 seconds it will slowly fade out until you can't hear it. I'll need to close the media and reopen it to fix this problem. I have not experienced this when using headphones. 
I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers and that did not help.
Thank you for any advice.

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Hi, I hope somebody can shed some light on my problem, which is that I get a continuous beep after turning on the computer. The computer then appears to shut down. No messages are shown on screen as nothing starts up, so the computer doesn't get that far. Description of problemAlthough Windows XP has been updated to service pack 3. No drivers have ever been updated to my knowledge since the computer was bought. In an attempt to speed up the computer I decided to update some drivers from the Dell uk website on 12/Sep/08.The list of drivers downloaded is as follows;Dell Application - Driver reset tool 07/02/2005 1.02LDell Application - Crash analysis tool 16/05/2006 (EMT) A05Sonic Solutions Application - Record Now 7.0 (Dual Layer) 26/01/2006 4.98, BHLDS - Firmware GCC-4241N Slim 24/24/24x Combo Drive 28/01/2004 A101, A01.00Broadcom Driver 440x 10/100 integrated controller 19/05/2005 v.4.23-NDISNVIDIA - Bios Geforce FxGo5200 15/09/2004 A03NVIDIA - Driver Geforce FxGo5200 16/08/2005, A05All appeared to download correctly however, when it came to restart the computer. The computer would not restart. It appeared to an un-educated eye that at least one of the display drivers for the NVIDIA Geforce FxGo5200 did not load correctly. (bios?)When turning on the machine the power comes on, the three lights( num lock, caps lock & scroll lock ) come on together but then go out to be followed by a long continuous beep - more correctly a long burst of conti... Read more

Answer:Dell Inspiron 8600 start up problems - video bios?

Keep tapping F8 at start see if you can boot to safe mode.then delete the video driver.

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I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop this March vis MS online store.  It worked fine for the first three months then it began to have a couple of warning windows popped up at startup and shutdown.  I called Dell tech support and they took control of my computer twice but said they couldn't fix it.  They concluded it was some hardware problem and that I needed to ship out my computer for repair.  This sort of communication went back and forth and has been going on for almost 3 weeks but I am still waiting yet another call from Dell.
Someone suggested me posting my problems here for someone might be able to tell me what they were.  The power supply warning happens randomly at startup while the memory warning shows up, also randomly, at shutdown.  
Are those really hardware problems?  I  shipping the laptop out because I don't have a backup computer and I worry about having to reinstall everything.  I have very little knowledge in computers.  Please advice.n computers.  Please advice.

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I've got a problem suddenly the sound is decrease and the bass is vanished. Then I restart my laptop, and I check the sound. Only tweeter on, but no bass or sub woofer on.
I check the sound again and hear to the bottom of my laptop, only speakers available, but no sound in sub woofer. No bass, no loud.
I try to re-install the Realtek Dell Audion Maxx sound driver, but It seems no change to normal.

Answer:DELL Inspiron 7559 Audio Problems -- Unclear Sound and Internal Sub Woofer Suddenly Off

ibrahimlathini,CAUTION:VLC Player should not be used to increase the volume. This will result in crackling of the sound. VLC tweaks and amplifies the sound by increasing the +dB (decibel). VLC player in long run will affect the speakers. If VLC player is used, please refrain from increasing the volume beyond 90%.How to Change Audio settingsType Dell Audio from the Start Screen, and select Dell Audio utility.The Dell Audio utility is launched. You may change the desired settings from the different tabs available on the utility

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I have not been one to ask for help to get my PC out of trouble and I am new to this forum. I have built a handful or two of PC's over the years. I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop which started having random video issues such as (video traces and random pixel change) then I noticed random characters flickering or appearing on the text in my BIOS (even with my harddrive removed).

I am not completely familiar with character mapping and if this could be a VIDEO CARD issue, but I suspected it was a BIOS VIRUS. SInce I could not flash the BIOS without having Power connected AND a good battery in the unit, I shelled out 100.00 bucks to buy a new battery. I flashed the BIOS to the latest ver but I am still having the same problem. I have seen video failures before but not like this. I performed a bootscan with AVAST afterwords but no dice. As far as I know the only hardware "virus's can effect" are the HD and BIOS?
Once again while I am looking at a page in the BIOS, I see letters being replaced by other characters and the longer I am on that page it becomes unreadable. (Sounds like a Virus to me)
OR could it just be I need to replace the VIDEO card?

Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop
64 Mb ATI Mobility Radeon 9700
Windows XP and 7


Answer:Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop - video tracing - characters change at random

Welcome to TechSpot! Your thread is better suited to the Windows OS or Hardware forum, so I m going to ask the moderator to move it. I hope you subscribed to the thread because we don't email the reply.

If I had to give you a quick answer, I's suggest replacing the video card.

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Hican you help me please?- I have a dell inspiron 2200 - year 2005, i lost the BIOS password about a year ago. asked a friend to have a look at it, he thought by removing the bios battery the problem would be solved, but it didnt work with dell. he had the laptop in pieces and put it back together after not solving the prob. he broke one of the chips for the battery and is now held by a piece of paper.I have just found the bios pass in my old note pad book, i took the bios and admin pass off. after switching the bios pass off there was a note on screen saying that a part on system bay was not being recognised or needed to be placed/pushed into place correctly, kept saying the same thing everytime i turned pc on, so i took it apart and the only thing i could think of was the bios battery, so i modyfied the paper holding it and is now making contact on the side and bottom. put it back together, the message about system tray does not appear anymore but it now says - when the blue line on top appears( - 0 active partitions_when i click enter it goes blank then 0 active partitions appears againwhen i click enter again it says on screen:0 active partitionsno bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utilityif i click F1 it repeats the same thing abovewhen i click F2 setup utility screen comes upand if i hold power button on and off it boots but same thing has a PC RESTORE (format c) built in by SYMANTEC and its done when pc turns on - ctlr+F11. i... Read more

Answer:Laptop Dell Inspiron - Boot problems

QuoteIs there a way to sort this out? if there was damage to motherboard when it was open to pieces, can the motherboard be disconnected then connected again so it recognise it?can it be that the hard drive is damaged? Both of these scenarios are possible...this sounds like a trip to a service center where they can advise further...laptops aren't designed with user repair options taken into consideration.

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Hi ive had this laptop for a little over a year now
about 2~3 months ago my little brother was on this laptop when it suddenly stopped charging
i have no idea wats going on with it the only problem with the charger is tht its slightly frayed on the part hooking to the laptop
i have no idea if anyonee could help witht his situation id greatly appreciate it

Answer:Inspiron 1525 Dell Laptop Problems

Is the computer usable when you plug it in or has it been off for 2 - 3 months?
Have you removed the rechargeable battery and tried to use it on just electricity?

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Hey, I recently had to re-install Windows due to some issues stemming from the aftermath of a virus and the subsequent removal. I honestly don't know how it came about, but it's behind me now as I've installed my new Vista on my laptop.

I went through the normal installation of drivers and have had no problems except for two issues, my video drivers/display adapters.

When I check the Device Manager there's exclamation points next to the Display Adapter > Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and Other Devices > Video Controller.

I tried to install the ATI M92 Driver I need from Dell's driver site, installed it smoothly, and scanned for hardware changes. Windows picked up a new hardware and tried to install it, I obviously didnt have the CD so I directed it to where I installed the ATI M92 driver at, under Program Files > ATI. That didn't work and the hard drive installation failed.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? I need to know how to resolve the problems in both my Display Adapter > Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and Other Devices > Video Controller issues. Please help Sad , I'm trying to get my screen resolution past a 1024x768.

Thanks, Darrin.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1545 Video Controller and Display Adapter Problems (VISTA)

Generally the drivers from Dell will install themselves.
Just double click on the file that you downloaded and it will do the rest.

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I just reinstalled Windows + drivers on my dad's Inspiron 8600 laptop. It's showing that I am connected to my wireless connection, but can't access the internet. All the drivers installed except the PCI modem, which I disabled because my dad has broadband. I'm pulling my hair out trying to get online to run updates. Any thoughts?

Answer:Wireless problems on Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop

have you looked in device manager to see what the wireless network adapter shows ? does it have a yellow question mark or exclamation mark by it if it is at all listed? apparently you see the wireless utility showing its connected does the wirelss router have wep encryption and you still need to setup the connection with the wep key??? or do you have zonealarm firewall ? if so disable zonealarm?

post back with results

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Hello, I am trying to help a frend out with a problem on her laptop. Its a bit difficult to explain so I will totally understand if no one could help sort it.The Problem/s all seem to relate to display.The laptop runs Me, on the bottom tool bar the icons that usually show channels, Outlook, Ie little icons have pratically vanished apart from the Ie little icon that is ghosted and very faint/distorted icon.The menus starting from Start-Programmes etc, for each item in the menues the icons next to the lines which identify each thing in the list again has either vanaished or looking like a corrupt icon/faint/distorted.If your right click, and select properties things like background pics for the Me desktop pics are just white and blank in the preview box.The appearence box seems ok and I have set that to be windows defualt but no change.When viewing the internet pages the background colours are just white. eg, when you do a download you usually get a progress bar so this daft laptop shows the download as a outline box with no colour fill.imagine Freeserve home page the baground is maninly Blue, but this is white and just the text on a white background.Is this a totally goosed laptop, anyone know if its a simple setting. Help please, would be very greatfull.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 2500 Laptop and graphics problems

Seems no one has a more sensible suggestion, here's my thoughs...Go to the device manager and see what is listed for the video / display adaptor. It may be possible to remove it, reboot and see if it is picked up. Get the drivers from the Dell site, or from the CD if they are there.As WinME has system restore, see if it is possible to go back to an earlier date.

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Hi! I have a problem with my Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop. The keyboard is "out of mind". Some keys function correctly but some other do not.
E.g. when I type the "b" key, the dialog box for "Find and Replace" comes out.
When I type the spacebar is like I`ve typed the "b" key. But if I find an
"appropriate" moment to type the spacebar, it`s ok.
Also when I type the backspace is like I`ve typed "t" key and it doesn`t delete characters, but in another "approppriate" moment it is ok.
The same problem with some other keys
This problem occurs in all office applications, while in Notepad when I type "b" key it shows the time and date and puts it in the editor in the place of "b"
I have done all that I could, I have even formated the pc but it won`t be repaired.
Does anyone have any opinion how to solve this problem???

Answer:Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop keyboard problems

Try this

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Hi, I have a Dell 6400 Inspiron Laptop. It all of a sudden stopped holding a charge. I thought it was the charger. Got a new charger and it still doesn't work. I was told it is the motherboard? Could this be the problem? How do I what product to buy to try to replace it? Where to buy? Is it worth trying to replace it or buy a new laptop?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm a college student with little money and can't afford to spend lots to fix my computer. It is only 2 years old and of course, just ran out of warranty.

Answer:Dell 6400 Inspiron laptop motherboard problems

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Hi everyone
I bought a Dell XPS13 9343 two years ago. I've never had any significant problems. The only thing that bugged me was that sometimes videos behaved a bit difficult - they would move in slow-mo and without sound if i clicked fast forward or backward (way) too often.
Now I have serious problems with audio and video. It started a few days ago. Whenever I pause a video and do something else (even just for a few seconds), i can't restart the video i.e. press play again. The video then does the slow-mo and no-sound thing. I can only solve this by reloading the video, which is really annoying. 
The other problem I have is the sound. Whenever a sound comes on for the first time, it's incredibly loud, even though it's not supposed to be. This happens with or without headphones, sound muted or not. An example is when I start a video - bam, really loud. If I click the volume I already set, it goes down to that volume. 
I've already downloaded new drivers and the newest Windows 10 update is installed as well. The problems happen on web-based videos and .mp4-files saved on hard drive or flash drives. Flash player is integrated and activated in Edge.
Has anybody experienced the same problems? Any solutions, please? I'm kind of desperate, because I can't work like this.
Thank you so much.

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In early September 2016, I received my new Dell Laptop.  The computer has not worked properly for more than a couple of hous since I received it.  In an attempt to resolve the operating problems a Dell technician worked on it at least six times, by remote operation; rsetting the Windows 10 operating system.  Ialso reset the system four times on my own.  The computer would seem to be functioning properly for an hour or two, then the original problems would occurr again.  The Search function in the Start Menu does not operate.  The Edge program will not open; no programs appear in the Start Menu.  When I click on the email icon in the taskbar,  I only get a quick flash, and nothing else happens, so no email.  The Cortina function does not operate. When I attempt to open a picture from my file, I gat a error window message that reads "Invalid value for registry.  Has anyone else had this type of problem with a Dell computer?

Answer:Ongoing problems with Dell Inspiron Laptop Model 15-5548

In addition to the description of my laptop problem in my previous posting.  I also sent the computer back to Dell in Texas,  and they returned it with a message sheet stating that they did an operating system reinstall.  As with previous six operating system resets by a technician by remote operation, and four by me in person, the laptop seemed to operate properly for a couple of hours, then the original problems occurred again.

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Hello there. I've searched so much to find some solution, but i couldn't, so i'm post here asking for help, thanks in advance.
1st time I installed Win10 on my laptop drivers were fine, though can't remember if I installed drivers after or before upgrading. I had to format my laptop a week ago, installed all drivers on win7, then upgraded to 10, but i've a lot of problems and audio driver is one of them. Take a look at these pictures, they say everything:

Can You help me about this ?
I do also have graphics driver problems, check pls:


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I am constantly having this problem with my laptop. As I plug in and unplug my headphones throughout the day, I've noticed that after a couple times the bass gets really quiet and almost completely drops out. Since I have some pretty decent audiophile headphones with really great bass, it is super annoying and noticeable. 
One workaround I have discovered is to go to the audio settings (either in Windows or the Dell Audio app), and switch the Default Format (the thing with 24-bit, 48000Hz in it)  to something else, play some audio, then switch it back. 
A little word on my setup: I have the latest drivers from the Dell download page installed. I am running Windows 10 64-bit with all the updates. I have Waves Maxx audio "enhancements" disabled. My Default Format is usually set to 24-bit 48000Hz, but the problem eventually happens no matter what I set it to. The "headphone size" option is set to "Medium", but as far as I can tell this option does nothing if I do not have Waves Maxx enabled. Switching it also does not fix the problem.
If I play audio using WASAPI (this basically means that the music player takes over the sound card completely, and bypasses whatever audio processing Windows and the driver has) the problem does not happen. 
How do I fix this problem? It's incredibly annoying, and most likely has something to do with the audio driver, since this does not happen in Linux, and it did not happen when I was runn... Read more

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Problem started a little over a month ago on my HP laptop running Windows 7 64bit.

When I connect the laptop to my either of my TVs through an hdmi cord everything works fine. Videos run smoothly and the audio is in sync as if there's no problem.

If I try to watch a video on just the laptop though the problems start. If I try to play anything (songs/videos) in Windows Media Player then it says "Windows media player encountered a problem while playing this file".

When I play a video on YouTube the video runs smoothly but there isn't any audio to go with it.

If I go to control panel - sound - speakers and headphone properties and try to play a test sound it says 'failed to play test tone'

Attempted to update the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver but windows said it was up to date. Same thing with the Intel(R) Display Audio driver.

Thanks for any help

Answer:hp laptop audio and video problems (unless connected through hdmi)

Are you leaving the HDMI cable connected to the PC when you try to us the PC's sound (IDT)? Generally, when an HDMI cable is plugged in and detected the sound automatically switches from the "Speakers" (the IDT) to HDMI as the default audio playback device and thus no regular PC sound.

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trying to get audio/video connecting my laptop to my HDTV

I am using standard VGA cable to hook up to my TV.

For sound i'm using a 3.5mm Audio Y cable Male to Dual RCA.

They both work but on separate inputs. AUDIO works on Video 2 Input and visual only works on Video 7 Input. How can i get sound AND video on the same INPUT?

thanks, much appreciated!

Answer:Solved: Laptop to TV setup audio/video problems

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I have an Inspiron 7500 with windows 98, I would like to upgrade the OS, Vista, XP, or 7. Can any these work, if so how to.

Answer:Can I install xp onto inspiron 7500

What size hard drive and RAM.With a larger than standard hard drive it may run XP but not well. As for Vista or Windows 7, forget it.Stay with Windows 98. The computer doesn't have the resources for anything more modern.

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I am wondering if a single stick 16 GB RAM DDR3 would be OK for a Dell precision 7500 or 5500. These machines are without RISER. In page 4 of the service manual it states:
NOTE: If any DIMMs are >30mm tall (possible early 16GB DIMMs), they must be installed on the system board guide_en-us.pdf
has anyone tried with a single stick of 16GB memory? For example I found one here [1]

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This is inexcusable! I paid over a grand for my Dell. Does Dell care that I don't even make a living wage? Capitalists are freaking monsters. And you won't get me to change my mind about that no matter how many hospitals in Yemen you bomb or how much you rant about non existent Russian aggression. Cost cutting? I think neoliberal capitalism, and gangster Corporatocracy and mafia capitalism are all things we can't afford, ergo... I don't even earn a living wage while corporations cost cut, job cut. tax evade and push governments to sign evil "free trade" agreements giving them more power, at our expense. What's wrong with this picture?

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I have the Inspiron i7 7500 2 in 1 laptop. When I flip to tent position the screen display does not adjust itself. How do I get the screen display to adjust itself in tent mode?

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Didn't know whether to put this in here or other OS forum, but Windows XP is the current OS.

I recently acquired an old Dell Inspiron 7500. It has Windows XP installed on it currently and is super slow. So I decided to install Linux on the machine, but I have failed over and over. I have tried ubuntu, crunchbang, fedora, and mint. It is set in bios to boot from CD/DVD first. I also put in a Windows Server 2003 disk and it wouldn't boot to that either. I then tried to update the bios, but much to my chagrin I don't have nor know where to obtain floppy disks anymore. I did read somewhere that X has problems with this model due to display settings.
So my questions:

1) How can I install Linux?

2) If I cant install Linux how can I install Server 2003?

2) How can I update the bios?

I look forward to your answers
Thank you,

Answer:[SOLVED] Reviving an old Inspiron 7500

You would download and run this file from the Dell site to update the Bios (no floppy drive required)
What happens when you try to install Linux?
Boot the computer and press F12 choose CD rom drive as First Boot Device. Put your bootable OS install disc in and restart the computer. You should see the message Press Any Key to Boot From CD. If you do not see this message, either the disc is not bootable, or the CD drive isn't reading it. You can also boot into Setup (Bios) by pressing F2 go to Boot and change the first boot device to be CD rom drive. If this fails, try your boot disc on another computer. Does it boot? If not, then that disc is not bootable. If it does boot on another computer, then you need to replace the CD rom drive.

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Hi, I have a Inspiron 3650 with an i3 6100 and I am trying to upgrade to the i5 7500. I put the new processor in and when I hit the power button it turned on for half a second and turned off (the power light was an orange color). I thought maybe this was an issue where the BIOS needed to be updated so I went to the support site and updated the BIOS that way with no effect. In theory the 6th gen skylake should be compatible with the 7th gen kabylakes since they both use a 1151 socket. What can or should I do?

Answer:Inspiron 3650 i3 6100 to i5 7500

There is zero statements that skylake is compatible with kaby lake.  Having the same number of socket pins is irrelevant.  This is not supported and likely will never be supported.

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I have an Inspiron 15 computer and its audio fluctuates. When playing music especially on external speakers it gets louder when it's pure vocal  but goes low when the music is supposed to be loud, like when all instruments especially the bass are to be naturally cranked up on a particular song. My audio driver of course is Realtek HD which is the default among all Inspiron users I guess but I'm wondering if the problem is beyond drivers. Is there any solution to this?

Answer:Dell Inspiron Audio

Post the exact model Inspiron 15 and age of the computer and maybe someone familiar with that model can help. Try checking and changing the Audio settings.

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Hey, im having some issues. I have a DELL inspiron 5100 laptop and i just recently removed a virus that almost destroyed my hard drive, I got it to work fine but after a few days of use it started to freeze up on the DELL loading screen on the start up, i accidently pressed the F12 key and it took me to a screen with different ways to start up XP, like through the Hard drive or a disk.
i selected to run offthe hard drive and it froze up any help?


Answer:[SOLVED] Dell inspiron 1500 laptop freezes after DELL loading screen

hi, after you hit F12 did you see the diagnostics program at all? Ordinarily I would say It may be worthwhile running a scan on the hard drive if you can. But, I see you removed a virus, can you tell me if it was with the help of the antimalware section on this forum? or did you just remove it yourself? I need to know if you are absolutely sure you removed all traces of the virus - if you had the help of a forum they would have given you the "all clear". Have you tried starting in safe mode at all?

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I recently upgraded my Inspiron 7500 from 12 GB to 100 GB. I want to use the old 12 gb hard disk as a secondary hdd using the media bay adapter. Is that possible.

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has anyone the proceedure for removing or changing the password on inspiron 7500?
the service tag is MA2TC.
the express service code is 374-217-60.
it appears that nobody has done this model as it is listed on some sites as "not tested".
anyone else had this problem?
appreciate any comments.

Answer:inspiron 7500 master password reset


No there isnt a procedure for removing the tag for that model, you will need to read the site

for further help


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Is there a way to fix this issue I re installed it dell quick set, and the icon stays till I shut down the computer or restart it then its no more I want this to stay I did the msconfig already, and its not on there and how would I work around this to keep it staying on permanently? 

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop Dell Quick Set icon goes away after start up

Where are you placing this icon?
How are you creating the icon?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 laptop and have recently done updates from Dell but since then now when I turn the laptop on its running extremely slow and nothing seems to load up.  I'm on Windows 10
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U Processor,
Inspiron 15 5000 Series

Could anyone offer any advise?


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My home desktop is connected to a wireless router through AT&T U-verse and it's broadcasting just fine. I can see the name and everything when I try and connect on my laptop but there is always an error that brings me to a troubleshooting screen. I've made sure the password is correct by going to Start-Run, IPCONFIG and then typing my IP address into the address bar in my browser. I dont know what else I can do, I feel like I've tried everything! Help please.

Answer:Laptop (Win7 Dell Inspiron 1525) won't connect to desktop (XP Dell) wireless router

Sometimes, you need to replace the router.
Sometimes, you can call your service provider and ask them to take a look on line to see if the subscription needs to be refreshed.
But often, all that is needed (despite the fact that it is a lot of work) is to uninstall your existing system, then reboot, and reinstall everything.
You might also find success by looking at your device manager in Windows to see if you have any grey, red, or yellow flags by any related device. That may show you have a permanent hardware failure if you cannot restore it, then you are off to the store or your provider for a new cable modem or router.

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My laptop (Dell Inspiron 1564 - Windows 7 Home Premium) slowed down a few days ago and I decided to restore the system to Dell Factory Image. The process started but stopped more than halfway and gave the following message, "Failed to apply Image". I restarted the system but it would now not boot up, not even in safe mode! Perhaps, during the restore process few essential Windows files have been erased.

I want to restore the Dell Factory Image and cannot re-install Windows since I have lost the product key of my original Windows 7 installation DVD provided by Dell at the time of laptop purchase. Your help / advice is solicited and would be much appreciated.


P.S. System's Recovery Partition is intact and has factory.wim and other related directories / files intact.

Answer:Problems with Dell Factory Image Restore - Dell Inspiron 1564

The product key sticker on a Dell laptop is usually in the battery compartment.

Have you tried to run the Dell restore again? It won't boot because the restore started but failed so the "C" drive is corrupted.

If that does not work, suggest posting on the Dell forum where you can get help from those more familiar with Dell's.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop with Windows Vista OS. I have a Dell 926 printer interfaced to it via USB. Printer driver is installed and the printer does communicate at times with the computer and does a good job printing. However, intermittently when trying to print a document I'll get a message on the computer that says that communication has been lost and print job failed.

I've checked all connections to make sure they are solid and no debris that might cause this.
That has not corrected the problem.
The other thing that happens is that the document I want to print will stay in the print queue/spooler and if I shut the computer and printer down and restart both it will print the job. And it may continue to print jobs but it's just a matter of time.

Needless to say this is frustrating. I can print several jobs in a row with no problem and then I'll get this "communication has been lost between printer and computer". And I have to go thru the procedure above to get the last job printed.

My wife doesn't understand how this works and will try to print the same job several times with the commo problem and then complains when it won't print.....and then they all print when the above procedure is followed.

Any ideas what is going on??? Any fixes??

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I just found my old dell inspiron 2200 in my closet. I have installed windows 7 and activated but on the audio button it is muted and I cant unmute and it says detecting problems, then resolving. but it doesnt fix anything.
Please help!

Answer:dell inspiron 2200 audio?

Do you have speakers connected to it? If you do, and it is a driver issue, try running Windows Update to find drivers.

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So my laptop's audio is too low for me to enjoy videos. I have my speakers at 100% and I can barely hear what people are saying. What are my options to get louder audio? Is there some software I can use? I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 and I'm running Windows 7. It does have what I think is a pcmcia expresscard slot. so is there hardware I can buy? I'm not looking to spending much money, which is why I don't just buy a new laptop. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

I forgot to mention, I also don't want to just get speakers. I don't have the space for them.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 1545 audio

calbluejames said:

So my laptop's audio is too low for me to enjoy videos. I have my speakers at 100% and I can barely hear what people are saying. What are my options to get louder audio? Is there some software I can use? I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 and I'm running Windows 7. It does have what I think is a pcmcia expresscard slot. so is there hardware I can buy? I'm not looking to spending much money, which is why I don't just buy a new laptop. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

I forgot to mention, I also don't want to just get speakers. I don't have the space for them.Click to expand...

Whichever program you're using to watch your videos should have a volume control also. try boosting the volume control in the video playback software.

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Hello Dell support team,Jimco,
I am facing some problems with Audio in my Dell inspiron 5559 only after updating to Windows 10 AU. Audio is not working after turning ON pc. But It will work fine after restarting PC.So every day I have to restart my PC before doing any work in it.Drivers are up to date(Realtek) and installed Dell update utility too. I tried audio trouble shooter from control panel also but its just doing nothing.Could you please suggest me any  possible ways to rectify it.

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Hi everybody and very welcome to the techspot forums
Dell inspiron e1505 win xp home sp2 32 bits
I've been used dell original drivers, and got the messege device not detected.
I tried with vista hp 32 bits and win 7 hp 32 bits
when the system load the updates to xp sp3 or vista sp2 the sound stop working
Please help with this issue

Answer:Dell inspiron audio problem

Does Dell have sound drivers for Vista or Windows 7 listed on there driver support site for your model Dell computer?

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Since I reinstalled Windows on my dell, the sound stopped working somehow. Also the sound driver seems to be up-to-date for some reason. Could anyone point out the issue that I could potentially have?

Answer:No audio on Dell Inspiron 15 5567

Hi, here are some possibilities:
1. Check your Device Manager. Any yellow triangles?
2. What build of Windows were you using previously? Were you previously using the Creator's build or the Anniversary build? MS handles the drivers somewhat differently in the current Creator's build, it seems.
3. Can you try rt clicking the volume icon on the task bar, click Troubleshoot.... and post the result?
4. Try downloading the latest approved driver from your manufacturer and use that.
5. Perhaps note post #11 here for example (there are numerous threads here on no audio problems, not all will be directly relevant to you)
No Audio Output Device is installed Solved - Page 2 - Windows 10 Forums

For clarity, please post your current build.
(Windows key + R, winver).

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About 3 weeks ago the sound disapeared on my Dell Inspiron E1505; I am running Vista SP1.
I have tried just about everything with no success:
restored to an earlier date when the audio was working

downloaded the Sigmatel STAC92XX-C from Dell and tried to install it in safe mode and regular
mode but I keep getting the same error message: "device object not present restart the system
& run setup again"; after I reboot Windows tries to install it by I get the error message: "the I/O
operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request".

tried installing from the XP to Vista Upgrade CD provided by Dell but same result

I was using SRS Audio Sandbox (sound enhancer which is listed as the speakers and was working great)
but got the same resulted after I uninstalled it.
I contacted Dell support and the tech who worked on the problem couldn't fix it either and left me
"hanging" for over 30 minutes until I disconnected.

I would appreciate any suggestions; I work on videos and slide shows and I need the sound.

Answer:Dell Inspiron Audio Problem

Are you sure yours isn't the Soundblaster one?Installation instructions at the bottom of the page, click on the +;fileid=206071

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Upgraded hard drive and reinstalled xp on a dell Inspiron 6000.Didnt have driver disk but got all of them from dell website except audio driver.Everest shows it as Intel 82801FB-ICH6 AC97 audio controller.Dell shows someting all together different for this particular model.Been looking but cant seem to find it.Any help appreciated.

Answer:Need audio driver for Dell Inspiron

Hi Digger747

I would try the one from Dell. Its their motherboard.

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I've been getting no audio from my computer for about a month now.
I've checked over and over, the speakers are fine and work on other devices.
Whenever I plug in head phones through the jack I still get no audio.
I tried USB headphones they did not work either. (they weren't even detected)
This started after I'd had the Windows 10 update for awhile so I don't think that's the issue. I just woke up one morning and my computers audio didn't work. (However it was odd I had to turn on my computer the morning of even though I didn't turn it off the night before. Perhaps an audio driver update?)
My computer came with these 2 sound devices:
Conexant SmartAudio HD
Intel(R) Display Audio

Answer:Audio not working on Dell Inspiron 660

Download/install the Windows 10 Chipset drivers. Do them one at a time restarting the PC after each one.
Download/install the Windows 10 Conexant audio driver. Restart the PC when done. Then retest.

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hell guys, been having a serious problem. I have a dell inspiron 6000 , which i reformatted and installed windows xp service pack on it. However everything works except the audio, i even went to dell and downloaded the chipset and still no audio. when i go to control panel and sound and audio devices it is all greyed out and says no audio device. also when i try to install the drivers which i downloaded from the dell website it starts to install and then an ero comes up saying "C- Major audio device not present " and also to restart the computer and try reinstalling. I am new to this and can aynone please help, like i say its a dell inspiron 6000 laptop, and its motherboard chipset is Moblie Intel Alviso-G i 915M . Please can anyone help urgently?

Answer:no audio in my dell inspiron 6000

You need to download the Sigmatel audio driver from here:

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Just got my computer back from Dell tech support having sent it because of an issue with no audio output device installed and the red x on the toolbar. The computer is in the exact same state as before I sent it with nothing fixed. I've tried reinstalling the drivers multiple times, checked if audio services were running and all of that. Feels like a huge waste of money at this point and is especially disappointing because this computer was actually a gift for someone. Has anyone had this issue with this computer and have it resolved without resorting to an external usb sound driver?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 7559 No Audio

You can diagnose this by performing a system recovery (reset the laptop back to the original factory configuration.) If there is still no audio immediately after recovery, before getting on the internet, then the audio hardware has failed and Dell will have to fix it under the terms of the warranty. In other words they could not say it is a software issue and therefore not covered.
If the recovery does fix it, but the problems recurs after getting on the internet, then probably some Windows Updates-related issue.

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Just installed on my dell 6000 everything is fine accept the audio does not work. Anyone have any drivers. I have tried these AUD_allOS_x5511_v5511_PV_IDTGUI_v005 with no luck. Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 6000 audio drivers

Try Windows Update?

Also maybe these vista drivers will do the trick?
Download the Sigmatel STAC 9200 series audio driver 6.1 for Windows Vista


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I just recently bought this laptop and the audio worked just fine then. I don't know why the audio isn't working anymore. I updated my audio drivers and checked if my audio was muted. Still ends up not working. Any answers?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1 Audio

How long ago did this start happening, was any changes made to the system just prior to when the system lost sound?
If you haven't tried already connect external speakers or a earphones and see if you get sound then, try to find out if this is a absolutely no sound issue, or simply that the integrated speakers aren't working.
Check the playback devices and make sure that the correct one is set to default, right click on the speaker icon on the taskbar and choose playback devices; Windows may show a number of different playback devices, look for Realtek High Definition Audio, is it set to default and if not what is? Right click Realtek and choose default click on the test, do you hear sound now? If not, test the other playback devices in the same way and see if you get sound back.
Do a search for Dell Audio and if listed select the Dell Audio Utility and run it. Check here to see if the speakers are muted, click the advanced tab and if nothing else seems to help choose to restore defaults.
I will be sending a friendship request but please report back here with the results.

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So this is a very difficult issue to explain, but I have had multiple replacements for this laptop and this has been happening on all of them.
If I am listening to audio (ANY audio- Be it YouTube, Groove Music, Windows Media Player, VLC, some video on Facebook, etc.), and I pause it or I just started playing it (In other words, when I press Play), the sound is very loud.  I then press the Volume Down key, which immediately puts it back to the lower volume it was at before (The volume percentage was not any higher when it got louder).
I have no idea what causes this.  Actually, I had this problem on my original also and it stopped.  I believe I fixed that one by uninstalling MAXX Audio, but I'm not sure how to do that.  Would that make sense as a solution, and how do I uninstall it?  Only Realtex High Definition Audio Driver appears in Programs and Features.
I am on Windows 10, but it happened on Windows 8 and 8.1 as well.  This model has given me so many issues, it's amazing Dell didn't do a recall.


Answer:Dell Inspiron 15-5547 i7- Audio gets louder

Hi Rocketman16,
I would suggest you to update the BIOS and audio driver on the system for issue resolution. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, select the OS, then download the BIOS from BIOS section and audio driver from audio section onto the system and install it.
Please let me know if this helps.

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I purchased a new Dell inspiron 5567 few months back.
I updated all the drivers via windows update but i am unable to hear any audio from the speakers.
I checked the drivers via device manager but still unable to reach any solution.
When i plug in the headphone jack, i can listen to the audio via headphones only.
My OS is Win 10 64bit.
In addition, the dell dell support page shows quite a few drivers available even after updating the latest ones via windows update 
Looking for your suggestions.


Answer:dell inspiron 5567 no audio on the speakers, Help?

davidagbu21,Try right clicking the speaker icon located on the taskbar and choose Playback Devices. Select the speakers and choose the option to make them the Default Device. 

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Respected All, I buy Brand New Dell Inspiron 15 3521 Laptop 2 months ago. It was working awesome. A few days ago the "Windows Updates Installed". and then I face problem in my Audio. When I start my Laptop, within 5 minutes  the Sound Stop working without giving me any message. When I Disable Audio and Enable again from "Device Manager", it starts working, and then it works till the computer shut down again. When I Shut Down my Laptop and start it again. the same problem occurs. I re-install Audio driver but the problem persists. Please help me out in this regard. 

Answer:Problem with my Audio (DELL Inspiron 15 3521)

There has been a recent Windows update that is causing widespread havoc with audio. I suggest first trying the solutions for that before trying other things. Here are the 2 solutions that forum members have reported so far.  
1st POSSIBLE SOLUTIONForum member countiss wrote that it is due to Microsoft....
"Update KB2962407, which that states it fixes "Shortened battery life when an idle audio device is not turned off on a computer running Windows".You do not have to do a System Restore to get rid of the Updates; easier to go to Windows Update, View Update History. On the top of that screen, click on Installed Updates. Then just right-click the update you want to uninstall."
2ND POSSIBLE SOLUTIONForum member natakuc4 says that updating to Windows 8.1 will fix it. He wrote:
"If you are still on Windows 8.0. You should upgrade from Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1. See the instructions here: the audio and video drivers before the update. After the update uninstall the network and chipset drivers and get the Windows 8.1 (WB64A) drivers.."
You can get the drivers he mentions either from your model's support page after ... Read more

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I have a Dell Inspiron 3668 with Window 10 Home. 
In the latest Microsoft update: July 11, 2017—KB4025342 (OS Build 15063.483), and the previous one from June 13, 1017, my computer has an issue with the audio.
When I plug in my headphones/earbuds, the audio has an echo type effect to it; the sounds are extremely left or right (there is no balance in the middle). It is as if I am listening to the sound behind me, or in the distance. I have tested this audio with videos, music, and games, and compared the sound balance issue with other devices (laptop, phone, mp3) by testing the same audio files.
I have already reinstalled the Realtek HD Audio Diver and I have adjusted the audio enhancements in the WAVES MaxxAudioPro audio - the issue persists.
The spatial sound is turned off and all enhancements are disabled in the Sound options.
Also, under the “Sound, video, and game controllers” section in “Device Manager,” there are two devices: Intel® Display Audio and Realtek Audio. Is it normal to have both of these present? Is there a method to disable the updates from automatically adjusting the audio?
This computer is less than two months old. I don't want to return it. 
Please help me fix this audio problem.

Answer:Dell Inspiron 3668 Audio Problem

Hi GingerSnapz,Thanks for posting.If the driver is already up to date. This may be resolved by disabling realtek audio in device manager -> restart -> enable.If updating drivers doesn't work, the problem might not be caused by drivers. You can try to run Audio Troubleshooter and see if it helps. Refer steps below:1. Type "Troubleshoot" in Windows search.2. Click "Playing Audio" then follow the on-screen instructions.

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Hi, 1st post here, just ordered a Dell Inspiron 3250.
I'm wondering how to cable for 5.1 surround sound.
I've seen nothing in the manuals about it, maybe I'm blind, point me to it if it exists and sorry...
Can you configure the line in/line out/mic so that you get 6 channels (5.1) out of them?
My receiver is a little old and does not have a HDMI input, only optical and 6 RCA jacks.
Thanks a lot,

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I've had a constant issue with my touch screen laptop where, if unplugged, the screen changed contrast and the audio lags and crackles like static. I've checked all the drivers and all seems fine but im unsure what the problem is. It's very annoying and bothersome so if anyone has any suggestions to resolve this that would helpful.

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I am having problem with the audio of 5537 dell laptop. When I played music, there was no sound in speaker. When i plugged two different headsets, there was still no sound. But when i lowered the volume to 50%, there was sound with buffering, and with occasional noise. Then I lowered further to 10%, the sound was clear.  When i removed the headset, plugged into jack again, there was sound static frequency like ssssssss....... and at this time of posting, the clear audio is gone, now with lower volume there is creeping noise and distorted music. But not all was that. I performed EPSA, i listened to no sound over speakers (in the pre-boot test). That might seem speaker problem, but that would be okay, since the speakers can be replaced. The problem is why it produces sound to the lowest volume in headsets? I have updated, reinstalled, then performed twice this task, got nothing. It seems there is hardware problem. What guys do you suggest?

Answer:Dell Inspiron 5537 Audio Problem

Hello. Contact tech support to have it repaired if still under warranty.

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Hello ....

Answer:Dell inspiron 6000 audio driver

Go here
Drivers & Downloads
Download audio driver and do right click/properties/compatibility tab,select XP SP3 click apply and run it!

Hope it helps!

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Where can I get a windows xp audio driver for the dell inspiron 560? help!

Answer:Windows XP Audio Driver for Dell Inspiron 560

hi musicmogul welcome to tsf,

goto dell site and go to driver and downloads enter service tag and it will bring up the drivers for that machine.
edit: do not use the download manager just click on file and use ie for download

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Hi, to anyone whom it may concern,
I am using the Inspiron 7566 and I saw that this laptop has a front speakers and one at the bottom. However, I am only able to access to the speaker at the bottom but not the front,can I know is there a way to have the sound come out both way (bottom and front)?
Note: When I go into Playback devices setting,I can test out the front two speaker. And when I fully turn off the "Subwoffer", I am able to hear the front speaker,but soft sound.
Thank you.

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I had audio about a week ago. I downloaded a "Trial Version" of Microsoft Office 2010 and realized the next day that I did not have audio. I cannot hear the online news, YouTube music or my WAV files. I contacted Microsoft and they transferred me to a technical specialist who asked me if I had bought the product. I said no and he said he could not help me! I then removed the Microsoft Office 2010 hoping that my sound would return, but it did not. Please help! Franki at [email protected] I do not know what category this belongs in, so I chose "Software Problems"

Answer:No audio DELL INSPIRON 8000 Microsoft XP

No sound in Windows for Troubleshooting Sound Problems in Windows XP XP KB Articles About Working With Sound

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Hello Dell,
  I have a Dell Inspiron 3668 with Waves Maxx Audio Pro installed.  I have been trying to figure out how to get RID of the echo/reverb sound that spews forth from my speakers.  I've been reading everyone else's post about the same stuff and the only answer that seems to be given is to uninstall and then re-download the realtek drivers and I think reinstall Waves Maxx Pro.  My question is this: can we dispense with all the install and uninstalls and use something else?  I have no idea what else to use, but the last time I bought a Dell computer I used Turtle Beach soundcard and software, maybe this is an option.  I despise the sound that my speakers are making at this moment.  There has to be some other software that can be used since it appears that realtek and maxx audio pro are fighting each other.  Come on guys, most of us WANT a positive music experience with our computers and I am one of them. Figure something else out for us.....

Sign me Completely DISAPPOINTED....

Answer:HELP Us Out with These Dell Inspiron 3668 Audio Issues

All we can do is report the issues and wait for them to update the drivers and software. But, I would never use the integrated audio card. I would install a good discrete audio card that will provide a better sound. The Inspiron 3668 motherboard has two PCIe x1 slots (15 and 16 below) =

You could disable the onboard Realtek ALC3820 audio in the BIOS and install a discrete PCIe x1 sound card. Here is one from Creative for $37. Or check your local PC store for one.

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Hello fellow forum users, I have a problem on my hands I haven't been able to figure out myself in anyway. When I try to connect the bluetooth on my laptop (a Dell Inspiron 15 N5050) to my family room bluetooth sound system to play music through the system, it finds it in the "add device" section. However, as soon as it tries to connect to the system it always fails in some way. It's told me many things before. If it does add it it complains about no drivers? I've got all the correct drivers (I think I got them all at least) and yet it says something like no drivers found for the speaker system. This started to happen when I wiped the HDD for the laptop to help it's performance speed (helped a lot) and after reinstalling Windows 7 Ultimate x64, this is now the only problem I have. I'll attach a few pictures... Thanks in advance. Also the WiFi+Bluetooth card is a Dell Wireless 1701 Half size card. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance(again).

Answer:Dell Inspiron 15 N5050 No Bluetooth Audio Drivers?

That sounds like a problem with the Vizio (no drivers) rather than a driver problem in the PC.

Have you checked Vizio to see if they have any Windows drivers?

In case it is a PC driver issue, make sure you have all the drivers installed from Dell.
Product Support | Dell US

BTW, avoid Windows 10 on this model. Dell has a note that they do not support Win 10 for this model.

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New Dell Inspiron 3847. Braand new right out of the box and no audio output--never had this problem on my HP's or IBM Machines.
Is there a specific driver download link?

Answer:Brand new Dell Inspiron 3847 --No audio output

Mike and headphone jack is in the front under a pop-up panel--well hidden IMO! Manual is here--  
Also more audio ports on the back. Light green is speaker out. Look under Views in the manual

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My kids use a Dell Inspiron 11 3179 2-in-1, and the sound worked fine for the first two months. However, now there is no sound at all, and I cannot figure out why. The speakers are turned up to an appropriate volume. Please help!

Answer:Audio Stopped working - Dell Inspiron 11 3179

Hello. The first step would be to download and install the Realtek audio driver for the Inspiron 3179. Doing that will fix any problems that might have been caused by changes to the audio configuration. Please reply back if it still doesn't work after that.

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I am using Dell  Inspiron 3542-4627, and I am about to buy a new headset. Since my laptop has only one input jack for both microphone and headphones, and most headsets have separated microphone and headphones inputs, I really need to know which type of audio jack my laptop has. How can I know if my laptop has TRRS or TRS socket jack? I need to know this so I can get 2xTRS to TRRS or 2xTRS to TRS splitter?
Thank you in advance.

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So those of you who picked up a 7577 recently may have noticed that although its an awesome laptop,
holy moly, the audio drivers are a mess
So, here's how to make them a bit less of a mess

So if you do not use an external mic with your laptop, and get the audio freezing issue, I've found that uninstalling the realtek audio drivers that come with the laptop and installing the ones directly from realteks website solve this issue.
While this solves the problem, it makes it impossible to change how windows treats the mic/headphone combo jack, disabling the ability to use an external mic.
If you do use an external mic, then try installing Peter's Equalizer APO and then installing the Peace Extention for it. This takes control of the audio and removes both the freezing issue, and the odd impermissible echo that doesn't go away even when you disable all the "features" in Waves MaxxAudio Pro.
(Please dell make a way to completely disable all the effects from MaxxAudio Pro or remove it altogether and just use realteks drivers)

If anyone is reading this debating to buy the laptop or not, its still an awesome laptop, its just newer and still needs some software tweaks from Dell. Dont let this discourage you :)

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My dell inspiron 13 5378 when playing audio through the speakers it fades away to an almost inaudible sound. This occurs no matter what I am doing. EX. Playing a game, spotify, itunes youtube. I have tried reinstalling the audio driver, updating it. I have already gone to a Microsoft store and they fixed it but as soon as I got home it stopped working again. Please help me.

Answer:Audio fades away after a few seconds (DELL INSPIRON 13 5378)

Hello. Please check the Recent Issues FAQ. Look at the section for the Inspiron 5368, Issues 1 & 2

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Over the last few weeks, after booting the computer, the speaker icon would display with a red "X".  Sometimes the "X" would clear itself and sound could be heard, other times it didn't clear and rebooting was often helpful.  Now, the red "X"is there constantly and I cannot get any sound.
I have downloaded and installed the Realtek HD Audio Driver but that hasn't helped.  The sound icon displays, "No audio Device is Installed" message.  The Sound Control Panel shows no devices installed.
Where would I look to make sure the driver installed properly?
Open to any suggestions.

Windows 7 Sp1 Home.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 2600. Audio stopped working - received 'no sound card'
messages. I uninstalled the Audio Driver and tried to reinstall and now get a 'Error loading streamci. specified module could not be found. I tried to install in Safe Mode.......did not work. tried downloading and installing a Sigmatel Driver from Dell.....same message in regular and safe mode. Help! Mike

Answer:Dell Inspiron 2600 Audio Driver will not install


Not knowing if your driver is off a driver CD or a newly downloaded one from Dells support site, I would go with downloading the driver again off Dell and install the Intel Chipset driver first then the Sigmatel Audio driver

Also in device manager do you see any yellow ! marks? if so what are they by?

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every 20 minutes or so, my audio will just freeze for a quick second and generate a buzzing sound. Its quite annoying when i want to watch a movie. Ive tried changing the audio value from 1 to 0 but still nothing. ive also tried installing the generic audio driver but still no. 

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i upgraded windows from 8 to 10 and the audio speaker is not working, even when i uninstalled the driver and re-installed it, also i tried to upgrade it but nothing works 
headphone is working fine 
note : speakers are working on Ubuntu 

Answer:Dell inspiron 5558 audio problem with windows 10

Hello. Test the audio driver by switching between the Realtek driver and the Windows native audio driver.1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked [but SEE NOTE].7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, sometimes you have to restart, sometimes not.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]NOTE: if you have a 2-in-1 model and do not see a "High Definition Audio" option after step 6, then uncheck "Show compatible hardware". Then in step 7, if you see 2 "High Definition Audio" devices, select the 2nd one.If you only have the symptoms with the Realtek driver, then the other is at fault and you should try using the Windows 8 version that worked for you before you installed the new operating system.
If you have the same symptoms with both audio drivers, then it... Read more

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Whenever listening to audio, through speakers or headphones, there is a faint static sound. 

I recently had the speakers and motherboard replaced by Dell. Unfortunately, the problem is still present. I have also attempted to use both the Realtek drivers and the "High Definition Audio" drivers.

Any suggestions? I really don't want to send it in again. 

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I've got a dell inspiron1440, and I accidentally broke my headphone's plugin into the jack. And now I can't listen to my music and all.. :( anyways that I can just disable that audio connection and let the sound come outta my speakers?

Answer:Audio Jack Problem : Dell inspiron 1440

The jack is soldered to the mainboard, easiest solution is to purchase a USB Sound Card, something like this: is quicker than waiting for an answer....

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