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Solved: Stop an external hard disk being bootable

Question: Solved: Stop an external hard disk being bootable

I have an external (was internal) hard disk, which did have a few Operating Systems on it. However, I no longer want it to be bootable, since I simply want it as external storage.

I have already completely zeroed it, but it still tries to boot from it.

Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Stop an external hard disk being bootable

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Solved: Stop an external hard disk being bootable

Have you reset the boot order in your bios so that it no longer looks to the external drive as the first boot option?


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A friend gave me an older Dell laptop, I installed Win 8.1 on it. This unit does not have a UEFI bios (that I can tell) however 8.1 runs great on it actually. The time came to back the unit up, I use Acronis True Image, and have an external WD Passport drive, and then acronis boots from a CD, and I connect the Passport via USB. Well, I had the idea to make the passport drive bootable, and boot the acronis disk, which is linux based. The older Dell will boot from USB, it boots from a flash drive just fine, but I can't get it to boot from the passport drive. I've tried several downloadable utilities to copy a .iso to a flash drive, and some of them only work if the .iso is a windows disc, some of them only work if it's a flash drive, and refuse to even see the passport disk. I finally found one that I thought would work, it said it was successful, but when I try to boot the older Dell from it, it says very quickly "no boot sector" or something like that.

So how can I make this external drive bootable?


Answer:External hard disk, bootable

I am not sure that I fully understand what you have or are trying to do, but windows will not boot from a removable drive. It's a msoft issue.

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Hi im having problem with me external hard disk 40gb space. its possible to make it Bootable
for windows 7 OS. i need to reformat my PC and my Dvd is not working properly.
Flash drive also been affected by a trojan virus a shortcut file i already try to delete it Using Cmd but its not working. can someone help me.

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I have a 1TB portable external hard drive that I want to partition and make a couple of bootable partition that would hold Acronis True image 2011 and Acronis disk director 2011. How do I create a boot menu so that I can choose what partition to boot from, I would also like to see if I could also add a Hiren Boot CD onto a third partition and boot from that as well. Is it possible

Answer:Bootable External Hard Disk

Waste of a good drive when they all boot from CD drive anyway.
1st BIOS must be able to boot from USB
2nd You can only boot from an active partition and only one active partition allowed per drive (I think)
3rd Difficult to make a bootable Ex HDD via USB, a USB stick can be done with the HP format utility, not sure if same can be done with a partition.
You can remove the drive from its case - connect internally, partition and format, make first partition active and install boot files on there, then fit back in the case and see if it boots

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Hi,I have an external USB Buffalo hard disk attached to my Lenovo E73 W7 Pro PC.If i boot with it connected then the PC won't boot through to Windows until i disconnect the Buffalo.I have been into the Bios and set the boot order to not only styart with the HD but also ignore USB and CD ROM.Interestingly before i changed the Bios it would stop the boot and when i disconnected the Buffalo i would get the option to go the bios; now that i have changed the bios although it still doesn't boot through to Windows, when i disconnect the Buffalo the Windows spalsh screen appears immediately. So..My thoughts are that the bios change has been a good thing and now there is a Windows option that needs to be changed to make it boot to Windows ignoring the Buffalo until it has started. Has anyone any advice please? Cheers,Simon  

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Due to problems with my operating system on a laptop with no cd-rom drive I decided to try an boot it up off an external drive. I bought myself a 160gb External hdd but it turned out not to be bootable, with a bit more caution this time i looked out for bootable external hard drives. I have a desktop system with a spare 3.5" hard drive, so an enclosure seems sensible i just needed to know if anyone is for sure about any cheap enclosures that are bootable, once i have the hdd in its enclosure im fine for sorting out my bios etc but i just need anyone with some knowledge on it to tell me for sure because i can only find one manafacturer that will say theres is bootable!

Theo Kirby - Toulouse

Answer:Solved: External USB 3.5 Inch Hard Drive Enclosure Bootable?

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I bought a Western digital elements portable harddisk previos week.When i connect to my computer it is not detected.But it detecting on ma friends computer.I tried all the system config is
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro with Media Center, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+, x64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2047 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: Seagate 500gb
Motherboard: MSI, MS-7309
plz help me

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I had my external hard disk connected to my laptop, and the wire accidentally came out for a second. But right away, it reconnected to my laptop. However, rather than working normally, my computer detected it as a new drive. And then I don't know what happened but it wouldn't be detected at all.
The light on the hard disk is on, so I know it's not an issue with the power. But I don't think it's being detected anywhere on my computer because no pop-up or anything appears to install a new hardware. Nor is the drive visible in My Computer.
I tried reinstalling but to no avail. I also tried disconnecting and reconnecting the hard disk a number of times. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Solved: External hard disk not detected

Actually I've got it to work. So kindly remove this thread.

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Have this problem for some time now and only getting around to fix it now.

I plugin an external hard disk on my desktop and nothing happens except lights flashing and nothing else nothing in device manager nothing in bottom right hand corner green arrow.

I plug it into my other pc and it works perfect. This is the case with all usb hard disks.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Thank you

Answer:Solved: external hard disk does not show up

Sounds like you need to install or reinstall your chipset drivers. Did you reinstall Windows on that computer before this problem started?

Go to the manufacturers website for your computer (HP/Compaq, Dell etc) and look for the chipset drivers specific to your computer. Let us know how this goes.

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I've installed a new unformatted Western Digital (80 Gig JB) in an external USB2 case (Chronos) to be used as a backup for my laptop. Connected everything. Device Manager tells me the computer sees both the USB box and the disk and they both operate properly. The disk "properties," however, is a blank page. I figured this could be because I haven't yet formatted the disk. But under "my computer" the new disk doesn't show, so I can't format it. I probably could connect it, as a slave, to a separate desk-top computer and format it, but this is a big hustle. Any idea? Is it really the formatting problem? Thanks.

Answer:[SOLVED] formatting external (usb) hard disk

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Okay so here goes,
I purchased a seagate freeagent 320 gig external. Its working well but I have a problem ejecting it. I right click on the remove hardware, I click on stop and then comes an error... cannot eject generic volume, please try again(something of that sort) (made sure no other hard drive or usb pen drive was connected), This happened several times, I also made sure no other program was making use of this disk... then i dirctly unplugged it out of frustration

Answer:Solved: Problem with my external hard disk

Did you try running a program to verify no files are being used by the drive when you try to remove it?

If not try OpenedFilesView:

"OpenedFilesView displays the list of all opened files on your system. For each opened file, additional information is displayed: handle value, read/write/delete access, file position, the process that opened the file, and more... "

You can click the column header of open files to alpha sort all them - which should make it easier to identify files on the drive in question since they will be sorted by drive letter.

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Hello everyone Lately im having a problem with my External disk.I connect my hard disk with my laptop and it regonizes the disk but it wont show me the disk into my computers.i tried formating it from disk management but still it doesnt show my disk i can see the disk works normal but a virus does not let him there any way to format my disk or remove the virus??????thnx for any answers

Answer:[SOLVED] External hard disk problem plz help!!

fixed it using ubuntu

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I have created a Bart PE bootable XP cd.
I can boot into windows using this CD
I would like to know how to copy the data in my hard disk to pen drive or flash drive.

Thank you.

Answer:How to copy data from hard disk to pen drive using Bart PE bootable disk?

When it comes to actually using the BartPE disc, you?ll need to first enter your BIOS and set the CDROM drive as your primary boot device, this is the default setting in most computers.Once BartPE is loading, when prompted for network support, click ?no? if you do not need it like in this case to save yourself some time.Click on Go , Programs, A43 File Management UtilityThis will open a similar program to windows explorer so you can copy your data before formatting. Locate the hard disk where your windows installation is on, select the folders you want to backup and copy them to the other partition or hard disk.If you have an external USB hard disk and want to copy your data on it, make sure you connect it to the computer before you boot with the BartPE disk.

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I have created a Bart PE bootable XP cd.
I can boot into windows using this CD
I would like to know how to copy the data in my hard disk to pen drive or flash drive.

Thank you.

Answer:How to copy data from hard disk to pen drive using Bart PE bootable disk?

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I just bought an external hard drive (Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk, 1.5TB) and have some difficulty setting it up using the Seagate DiscWizard software.

The reason I bought this drive is to clone my DELL Inspiron 6400 Laptop HD in case of disaster etc. The Laptop HD is 140GB and 70GB are taken for my files / programs. So I was able to clone the Laptop HD but when I reboot, after I changed the BIOS settings to boot from the USB, the Laptop starts and during the process of loading Vista it re boots by itself.

Looking on the explorer, I have the Main C:\ drive, and then I have the Recovery D:\ (that is where DELL put the recovery files), then I have E:\ which is the DVD drive and then are the new cloned drives F:\ Recovery and G:\ Main.

Now checking the properties of F:\ and G:\ they are both formatted as NTFS and the F:\ is 10 GB as my original and the G:\ is only 70GB as the original so the clone process made the external drive only 70GB.

I think the problem is that the G:\ should have been before the F:\ but not sure.

Any Ideas on how to go about it?

Answer:Solved: Seagate FreeAgent External Hard Disk

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i just recently bought a new external hard disk (storage) and it cant seem to work. there are drivers, and ive installed all of them but still nothing. the problem is that the new hard disk doesnt show up at the 'my computer'. its a usb external 40gb disk for laptops, ive got another one which i had bought years ago and it works still fine.

i could locate the hard disk at the "devices" area but it says that the driver and everything is installed. so, basically, the device exists, just that i cant see it.. which doesnt make sense. i cant roll back driver or anything cos, well, there wasnt an earlier version of the driver.

physically, the hard disk looks and well, sounds normal, as if its working. when i plug it in my usb slot, a bubble pops out at the bottom right and says that "this device can perform faster....." as if its being detected already.

please please please please help.
it will be very much appreciated!

Answer:Solved: external hard disk for notebook problem

A lot of USB hard disks have two USB plugs, you have to plug both of them in at once for it to work.

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hi all,

i would like to ask you a very basic question:

What is the difference between an external hard disk and an internal hard disk mounted on external enclosure?

Is using internal hard disk in external enclosure risky in terms of loosing the data?

Is using internal hard disk in external enclosure reliable to use?

kindly let me know as there is a vast difference in the price of these hard disks. The external hard disk is costing more and if i use internal hard disk in external enclosure price is very much reduced.

my only concern about using internal hard disk in external enclosure is the reliability.

thanks in advance,


Answer:External Hard Disk v/s Internal Hard Disk in External Enclosure

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My father is going to buy a new computer and doesn't know how to back up his e-mails in Microsoft Outlook 2007 to a USB drive or external medium so he can transfer them to the new computer afterwards. I myself use Thunderbird, and I don't want to fumble around with Outlook on his computer and end up deleting something by mistake.
So how are e-mails in Microsoft Outlook 2007 saved to a medium (whether internal or external)?
Thank you in advance for your help!

Answer:Solved: How do I save e-mails in Microsoft Outlook to the hard disk or an external me

I hope this M/soft guide is of some help?


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I have had the same Toshiba external hard drive for years and have never had any problems plugging and using from any machine, mac or pc. I recently had to reformat my hard drives and re-install windows 7, and ever since I have been unable to access my external from this machine. It still works fine on my laptop, and when I plug it in to my tower, it still recognizes that "External USB 3.0" has been plugged in and downloads the drivers. However, the drive appears neither under my computer nor disk management, nor diskpart -> list volume. It does show up in my device manager as USB mass storage but uninstalling the drivers and plugging it back in does nothing. Is there anything I can try before moving all my files off and formatting the drive, and will that even help? Thanks for reading.

Answer:Solved: External hard drive detected but not under my computer or disk management

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I'm going to try to make this as brief as possible.

History: My old computer stopped recognizing the hard drive (SATA). I bought a new hard drive, but the computer doesn't recognize it either.

I tried plugging the SATA cable into the second connector on the mobo, but no luck. I tried using a new SATA cable and tried connecting to each motherboard connector, no luck. My assumption is that the problem is with the motherboard.

My objective is to be able to use the computer and hard drive(s), but I want to spend VERY LITTLE money (as far under $100 as possible, preferably less than $50), since I recently purchased a new computer.

I see my options as these:

1. Replace the mobo.

Limitations: The current mobo is a decent socket A/462 with SATA connectors. It is hard to find these (particularly inexpensive ones) with SATA connectors and I refuse to take my chances on an "as is" board on ebay, etc.

2. Buy external enclosures and boot the drives that way, as needed. This would be my choice, if it isn't too complicated.

Limitations: I don't know if this is possible and how to do it. One hard drive already has Windows XP installed and all of my files in place. The other is a brand new drive with nothing installed on it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer:Bootable External Hard Drive

You should post all your PC's specs.
Include your PSU, this could be a PSU issue er even bad power cable/Molex connector.

Have you changed any BIOS settings or reset CMOS? could be Bios setting!

As for booting to external HDD that would be dependeant on your MOBO supporting this

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I run XP Pro. I am checking into adding an external hard drive with O/S 2000 just to be compliant with company imagining for email (they require 2000). This requires that I use a VPN that is not compatible with XP, just with 2000. Also I will also use 2000 for electronic time reports, but nothing else. Are there external hard drives from which I could connect to the internet via DSL or LAN to submit time reports to the company server and receive email in the external drive, which I will forward to my account in drive C which is XP?

Answer:bootable external hard drive?

I think attempting to do this with an external drive is the hard way. I'd use something like Partition Magic to split off a something like a 6 gig partition just for W2K and a couple of limited applications and use dual-boot. Partition Magic comes with Boot Magic, a decent boot manager that'll make the dual boot configuration pretty easy.

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I'm trying to make an external hard drive bootable without losing any data that's already stored on it, if possible and use it to install Windows 7 on my computer, I'm currently running XP. Thanks!

Answer:trying to make an external hard drive bootable

What, no one knows how?

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Just got a maxtor one touch 250gb hard drive,and its my first experience of an external drive.I`ve already noted that you can partition it,same as an internal drive,but after doing so,it it possible to make one of these partitions bootable??
I`ve got the drive for back ups,i`m planning on partitioning it 50 gig,os back up,and 200 gig data back up,it would be really handy if it was possible to copy over my current c drive onto the 50 gig partition[as this holds my operating system],and make this bootable,if the worst happens and my current set up goes tits up.I was planning on using Norton Ghost to make the backups,and the drive is both USB2 and firewire compliant,then if needed i could simply set the bios to boot from the external drive and all will not have been lost[seems like a good idea to me anyway!]
I`ve not asked anyone about this yet,and this seems to be the place to come for info on such a subject.
Many thanks in advance for any help,i`d really appreciate it!


Answer:Can you make an external hard drive bootable??

With that device, you may be able to clone your c drive using Maxtor's MaxBlast 3. If it did not come with the drive, you can download it from their site. I have a Maxtor one touch 300gb drive, and I believe that the one touch sofware itself will also let you make a clone of your bootable partition, but I'm not sure if you can actually boot from the one touch with that image.

Good Luck!

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So, I was wondering if I could make an external hard drive that I have into a bootable drive with Windows 7 that can be used on a Mac to play windows only games.

Answer:Bootable Windows 7 external hard drive.

To be blunt, it would be extremely slow and not really worth it if you got it to work.

Plus, Windows doesn't like play nice when trying to install to an external device, or run from one.

You'd be better off just setting up a dualboot.

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Windows XP Pro SP1.

I'm going to add a second hard disk to my PC, which I've done a few times before. However, this time, I want the new disk to be the bootable one, and the existing disk to become the secondary.

I know how to fit it etc, and set up drive letters/partitions, and I can quite easily copy all files from the existing drive to the new. But do I have to format the new disk first as a bootable disk so that it has a bootstrap program on it ? If so, how ?



Answer:Formatting a hard disk as bootable

There is no special formatting for bootability. The OS just needs to be installed on it.

If you connect your new disk as primary, for example, and leave your other disk as is except connected as secondary, and then install XP on the primary, you will simply have a dual-boot option at startup.

However, if you want your new disk to be "C:", you will need to install it without the other disk connected. Otherwise, it will be designated by a new, unused letter.

After installation, connect your second drive and change its drive letter. You will not have a dual boot system in this case since the setup of the OS on the new disk will not have detected the second OS during installation.

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was wondering if there is any software that can backup and make a bootable image of a partition of hard disk - everything - including OS / installed programs / folders.

Important part is making bootable image. So in case OS goes corrupt/ hdd fails - just running that bootable image can restore everything. Once you keep a secure copy. you do not have to worry anymore.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Answer:Bootable image of hard disk?

Quote: Originally Posted by Inspiron15


was wondering if there is any software that can backup and make a bootable image of a partition of hard disk - everything - including OS / installed programs / folders.

Important part is making bootable image. So in case OS goes corrupt/ hdd fails - just running that bootable image can restore everything. Once you keep a secure copy. you do not have to worry anymore.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Yes Inspiron15 you can create an image of your C drive completly. Most image creation programs also create a bootable cd/dvd that will then allow you to restore your saved image to your c drive.

There are a few free ones, I use acronis image backup and windows 7 comes with an image backup program that works.

All of the image creation programs require you to boot a cd/dvd that is created by the program to do a restore.

Most will clone a drive to an external one so that you can just replace your c drive with the clone and your back in business.


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Hi, I want to install XP in any PC through HARD DRIVE,, then plzz help me that hw can i make the HARD DRIVE bootable like a XP bootable cd..

Answer:how to make a hard disk bootable

Internal or External hard drive?Usually you go into BIOS and change the boot device to your hard drive. It usually says the name of the device.Hold F2, F10, F11 or Delete on startup to enter the BIOS menu.Make sure you have installed XP onto the HDD before setting it as the boot device.

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I hae a ACER laptop. Its around 5 years old. The CD drive doesn't work for it. Now my OS got corrupted and i messed with a lot to fix it. I have removed the hard drive from laptop and tried to copy the misisng files. But unfortunately i deleted teh complete OS. Now its a smple drive.So if i need to install fresh windows XP on it, i can't do that as there is no bootable device.How i can fix that. My laptop also doesn't support USB BOOT drive.

Answer:make bootable hard disk

Take the drive out and stick it in a computer that does. You need a bootable drive to do what you want. There is no other way because you have to boot some kind of OS otherwise the computer will do nothing.

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This time, I'd like to make this Satellite 1670 CDS booting on an external USB Hard Drive.

The BIOS setting "bootable add-in cards" in the 'Boot' section seems to indicate that it's possible to boot on PCI devices.

Then, I want to buy a PCI USB 2.0 controller to make it.
The motherboard is USB 1.0, so I don't know if a USB 2.0 controller would work, or if it will limit possibilities to USB 1.0.

It's quite disturbing : I don't remember if there's free PCI slots inside the laptop, and even if there are, there's no place to put the USB ports accesible from the external (humm sorry I don't have words to say it).
But I'm ready to cut the plastic box of the laptop to create a space where the USB ports could be accessible.

One of the goal of this is backing up data to another drive, if my inside-laptop's HDD crash.

Finally, did anyone already made this kind of thing ?
Do you really think this is possible ?

Let me know ;) I've got the saw in the left hand !

Answer:[S1670CDS] "Bootable add-in cards" : booting on an external hard-drive

Sorry I have to disappoint you!

A PCI card is only for desktops, it will not fit in the notebook!

You can buy a USB 2.0 PCMCIA Card for connecting the HDD, but you can't boot from it!

You wrote that your internal HDD crashes, the only way to run the notebook is to change the internal HDD and install an OS on it!

In my opinion is the best to change the internal HDD (a small is available at ebay), install the OS and for more HDD space you can use an external USB HDD!

Bye Rudi

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hi guys, i have been locked out of my bios for a while now. found a tool to unlock it but i need to boot into usb but i can't. someone suggested i create a dos bootable drive, replace my current hdd with so that i can boot into dos and use da tool from
there. so how do i install dos on a new hard drive or make it dos bootable?

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Hey guys Sorry for being no techinical. I am in bad state. This is what I did: - Cut paste all files from T410 thinkpad to an external hard disk- Used the same external hard disk for rescue and recovery such that the hard disk now has become a bootable drive Have I lost all my data?

Answer:How to recover data from Bootable Hard disk

>> Have I lost all my data? Unfortunately, yes. Lenovo's factory recovery media creation procedure expects either a bootable USB flash drive or a set of 1 CD (to be written as boot) + up to 3 DVD's (to be written as data). The factory recovery information is not written out as a file (that can co-exist with other files). Any external HDD that is used for backup personal files should be guarded with care. 

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What is the difference of 3.5 external hard disk (e.g. WD My Book) vs a 3.5 internal hard disk fixed into an enclosure to work like an external hard disk?

Are both good to be use as an external drive to store backup?

What 3.5 enclosure is good?


Answer:3.5 external hard disk vs 3.5 internal hard disk with enclosure?

What do you mean fixed into an enclosure to work like an external drive? Are you referring to a My Book 3.0 VIA USB 3.0.... vs.... an internal SATA III SSD or HDD? Be a little more specific.

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i have a 80gb internal hard disk since it was not sufficient i switched up to a 500gb hard disk so i want to know whether i can use my 80gb hard disk as an external hard disk
if so how please instruct me

Answer:how to change a internal hard disk to a external hard disk

Is the 80gb drive ide or sata?

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I am about to buy a new internal hard drive for my laptop, and want to do a clean install of Windows 7. My laptop came with XP, but I did an online upgrade to Windows 7 (student edition) Professional.

How can I create a bootable Windows 7 disk so when I put my new hard drive in my computer, it will setup Windows 7 for me? I also don't have any old XP disks because my laptop didn't come with any.

I looked on my C: Drive but couldnt find any .iso files or anything like that? Is there a tutorial on how to do this? I read the stickey at the top of this forum, but that didn't make sense to me.

Any guide for doing this for a noob?

Answer:Bootable Win7 Disk for Upgraded Hard Drive?

Hello T. Collins, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you still have the student download files, then this may be able to help create a boot disc with them.

Make bootable iso from student d/l

If you are able to create the ISO file, then you could use the tutorial below to burn it to a DVD.

Burn Disc Image - ISO or IMG file

Hope this helps,

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Hi everyone, I've a disk in a laptop (XP NTFS with 3 partitions) that is failing to boot so I've placed it in a caddy and attempted to access it on my Windows 7 PC.

When it's connected it prompts me to initialise device first (which I suspected it would do).

I've managed to access partitions to some degree using a diag mount utility but where the data is stored it won't let me change the permissions, reporting the device is write protected when I attempt to re-assign full permission or ownership.

Having had a good look around for some software to access it and allow permission/ownership changing, I've not got that far and don't want to end up installing this and that.

Has anyone some suggestions how to access or can anyone recommend a utility so I can change the permissions/owner to get the data off?


Answer:accessing non bootable NTFS partition/s on USB Hard Disk

You can try booting from a live linux cd and accessing the data from there.

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Last night I reinstalled xp, but did not have all info about the drives in this machine. The internet connection was not working so I went to dell and got what I thought I needed and installed. After that, internet connection was still not working. Now when I start the computer I get a "hard disk read failure no bootable devices" message.
Help please.
Thank you.

Answer:hard disk read failure no bootable devices

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Ok so i have bought a new hard drive for my netbook, which currently has windows 7 32 bit installed

I need to backup all my installed programs/system and re-install on the new hard drive.
Whats the easiest way to go about doing this without using 3rd party software.
Files/Librarys are of no concern

Everywhere i have looked i am told:

- Need to create a system image to recover from (check)
- need to make a bootable USB Drive (cant do because i dont have a windows 7 CD or a CD drive) to install windows 7 from

I have a recovery partition on my current HDD but i dont know how to go about doing this

p.s. I have an external hard drive i can use, aswell as an 8gb USB stick

Answer:New Hard Drive for a Netbook - System Image/Bootable USB disk

I know absolutely nothing about netbooks.

But if the procedure is the same as on a PC, you would:

1: Make an image file of your current hard drive using Windows Backup and store the image on your external hard drive
2: Install the new hard drive
3: Restore the image from the external hard drive to the new hard drive

No need for USB stick.

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Hi all,
I have a reliable older Dell Inspiron 4100 running Windows XP. A couple of weeks ago it refused to boot up and showed the following error message:

"Primary hard disk drive 0 not found. No bootable devices".

I was in panic as I thought my hard drive had died. However, I tried a trick and it worked - when I get the above error message, I press Ctrl-Alt-Del and it boots up! I have done this a dozen times and it works, which shows that the hard drive is not dead.

Do you have any ideas how I can fix this problem, so that I don't have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del every time in order for my laptop to start? Many thanks in advance

Answer:Primary hard disk drive 0 not found, no bootable devices

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Hi everyone...i didint c any other threads over the internet related to this...I NEED HELP
I Accidently formatted and my 500gb hard disk using power iso and made it bootable overwriting it using windows 10 OS ..( I MISPLACED this exterbal hard disk instead of the pendrive i had plugged in) is there anyway to recover those 400 gbs of data i lost ..

Answer:Lost all data in Hard disk accidently made it bootable

I would say NO.

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 USB.jpg   66.11KB
 USB1.jpg   94.2KB
 USB2.jpg   90.44KB
  0 downloadsDear all,
I will enclose here my complaint which I send to motherboard maker Gigabyte, regarding USB external hard disk problem. Please read it and if anybody knows how to solve this, thanks.
My computer has external hard drive connected to USB 2.0 port(s), which is extremely slow. Drive is Transcend StoreJet. No drivers exist for it. It works perfectly for other I/O operations like copy, paste, delete,etc. When I try to make hard disk image with any program, and store it on Transcend Store Jet, speed starts with 50MB/s but drops to nearly zero in few minutes. You can see example on attached picture. It is the same with any program. Disk image would take more than one day to complete, if it completes at all. Actually, I never managed to finish image with any disk imaging software. I tried all usual software for that: Paragon, Aomei, Acronis, EaseusToDo, Drive XML, etc. Are there any USB or other drivers which are responsible for this issue? Can Gigabyte be serious regarding its costumers and provide them solution in order to use USB ports for most important thing (backup)? In this case, making disk image is totally impossible. USB 2.0 ports have speed оf 480 Mbit/s, theoretical. This is far cry from situation here. So, ... Read more

Answer:Problem with slow (impossible) disk image making on USB 2.0 external hard disk

This could be any issue causing your problem , software , usb drive may have errors on it / or ?
Imaging your 150 Gig via Usb will take time { Mine are about 40-50 Gig } Operating System And Programs Only.
I personally partition my main Drive eg: c:\ and d:\ and so only the operating system is on C;\
Then use the D;\ to store your personal files. , this way your c:\ wont keep growing in size as you are storing everything there.
If you cant actually do anything with the computer because of warranties as you stated "just serviced" , ask them why you cant Image Drive.
1/ Try another hard drive to backup to.{ Usb will always be slower } than directly connected to Mobo.
2/ Use Mini Tool Partition Wizard [ Free } to create another partition -
3/ Remove all Temp Files / Restore Points / etc with Ccleaner { Free ] -
    this will reduce C:\ size to minimal size { defrag drive also }.
4/ Use any program to Image C:\ { I use Acronis }. to the D:\ Backup Folder.
5/ Then copy the image to any portable drive or external if need be.
6/ Use the D:\ for your personal files and folders as a backup also.
Sometimes you have to do things yourself - than rely on Service Centres and Costs.
If you run a Business then you claim all your costs incurred.
All this will take time but you will have backups and feel at ease.

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My friend's laptop (Acer Aspire One 722 - Windows 7 x64) has been shut down after opening an email and Windows never started up again. When you attempt to start up the windows, it stays the black screen and says "No bootable Device Found"!

1- I inserted Windows Live Disk and loaded it (Windows XP Mini - Golden Edition). When I went to "My Computer", it did not show any local drive. I went to "Disk Management" and in there, there was also no unallocated or allocated space.

2- I even removed the HDD and plugged it back in. No thing happened. Then I removed the RAM card and inserted it back. Again, nothing happened! By the way, HDD had movements when laptop was on (I had removed the beneath panel).

3- I inserted Windows 7 Disk to install a fresh Windows 7. But when you get to the part where it asks you to choose the partition to install the operating Sustem, it shows one unallocated drive with 0 (Zero) capacity! The options to Delete and format are disable. Only the option "New" is active and it gives you (0) bite to partition!

What has happened? What should I check/do next?

Answer:Hard Drive Disk is not detected in laptop - No bootable Device Found

Sounds like the hard drive is dead. Do you guys have a spare HDD to test with?

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Couple of hours ago my Windows 7 could not recognize my external USB hard disk (Maxtor Basic). It came up on Disk Management and Device Manager but not on My Computer. However I fixed it (by deleting its line off regedit in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices, plugging out the ext. HD and plugging back in). Windows automatically installed the drivers and I could access the drive.

But now Windows shows my Maxtor as a fixed disk drive, instead of "devices with removable storage". I still have the option to "Safely remove hardware and eject media" from taskbar, however I rather have Windows treating it as a Removable USB Storage so that the disk can sleep when not in use. I am pretty sure it has something to do with regedit, so any help would be appreciated.

Answer:USB external hard disk shows up as internal fixed disk

Welcome to Windows 7 Support Forums, Sactyr.
A word of caution! Its never a good idea to alter your register,
IMHO please review your device manager and check your devices for your disk drives, check for any warnings in the driver area.
I'm attaching my screenshot for comparison as I have a similar configuration.

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If I am saving a backup to internal hard disk vs USB 3.0/2.0 USB external hard disk

1. Backing up to an internal 3.5 hard disk vs backing up to an external 2.5 hard disk using USB 3.0, roughly how much extra time would the external backup need to complete the backup process?

2. Backing up to an internal 3.5 hard disk vs backing up to an external 2.5 hard disk using USB 2.0, roughly how much extra time would the external backup need to complete the backup process?


Answer:Speed of saving to internal hard disk vs USB 3.0/2.0 external disk?

There's no definitive answer, it would all depend on which internal drives you had (SSD/HDD, SATA 6GB, SATA 3GB) and which external drives you had and their relative transfer speeds. It's all just guesswork without that info.

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I have run into a problem that has been causing me quite a bit of headache as of late. A week ago, my WD Elements External Hard Disk is not displaying under hard disk drives, but does display under Devices and Printers. This is what it shows under computer management:

I have tried to initialize the disk using MBR and GPT options but failed receiving I/O Disk Error.

Please help, thank you.

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Hi, My Seagate 2TB external hard disk is not getting detected by my PC, doesn't show in 'Safely remove hardware' option.

However, based on one old thread, I installed Partition Recovery Wizard and this is how the scan looks. Please help.

Answer:External Hard Disk not detected, visible in Disk Manager

Please find the screenshot of disk management

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Hi, My Seagate 2TB external hard disk is not getting detected by my PC, doesn't show in 'Safely remove hardware' option.

However, based on one old thread, I installed Partition Recovery Wizard and this is how the scan looks. Please help.

Answer:External Hard Disk not detected, visible in Disk Manager

Please find the screenshot of disk management

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I have a problem regarding my external Toshiba hard disk 500 GB where it can?t be detected in my computer and also disk management. I have formatted the external HD since I was asked to format it when an error popped up.
So I formatted it and after the formatting completed, I tried to connect the hard disk to my Windows Win 7 laptop. When I connect it to the laptop, it can?t be detected and yet the hard disk is blinking with its white light like it used to when it is connected to the laptop. I tried the disk management thingy, but it can?t detect my hard disk. I tried in other laptops but the result is same
What can I do to make it better? Please help me.

Answer:External hard disk not detected in My Computer and in Disk Management

First off, how old is your Toshiba external HDD? Also, when it starts to spin up, do you hear any sort of clicking or whining noise?

If you hear any noises that sound off, it's possible your external HDD is failing.

When you formatted it, what file system did you use to do so? Because sometimes even if Windows can't detect it, I have had success with booting with a Ubuntu Live CD, and then connecting the external HDD in order to format it that way. It all has to do with how Windows formats HDD's and how Ubuntu and other Linux systems do.

If you can I recommend downloading Ubuntu onto a CD and boot to it on one of your computers, in the Live CD mode, so it doesn't install anything. Once its loaded, plug in the Toshiba and try to format it as NTFS (this is important, because Ubuntu doesn't use it as a native file system, so you need to make sure that NTFS is selected on the format window, not EXT4 or the other types of Linux OS File Systems)

If it doesn't work, post back here, and I will see if I can help you some more. Also feel free to PM me if you have any other issues.


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Ok guys.. I screwed up big time... I was about to create a bootable flash drive with a utility called HPflash and right the moment I pressed the start button I realized that the selected drive wasnt my flash drive.. but my external hard disk with 400 Gigs of Data! I dont know about you guys.. but I had tons of pictures and videos.. (my wedding video too!) And I am going nuts now.. can anyone please give me some hope and tell me I can recover all my files? Do I need to use one of the un-delete software out there? When I click on the hard disk it states that it needs to be formatted.. so apparently it hasnt.. so what happened to it? Can I undo what I did very quickly? thanks!

Answer:Solved: Recover external hard disk that "needs to be formatted"

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so i was told to buy a sata data and power combo cable and connect the hard drive to my desktop but i don't know what to do after that, is there a certain web site i go to to fix this problem or reformat it is a dell inspiron 1545 and i have windows vista please help

Answer:Dell laptop says internal hard disk drive not found and no bootable devices

Can you say what happened to your pc, does it boot into Windows?
What do you want to do with the SATA cable you have bought?

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Hi. My external hard-drive stopped working yesterday. This is what's happening:

I plug it in as usual, then it says "You need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?".
I'm thinking it's more than likely an issue of having pulled out the usb cable without clicking 'safely remove'.

Yesterday I actually got it working again briefly by typing "chkdsk F: /R" into command prompt. Now when I do that it doesn't work, it says "The type of the file system is NTFS. Unable to determine volume version and state. CHKDSK aborted." And when I double click on F: drive in my computer it says "F:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable".

Are there any other options besides using some sort of data recovery tool (I'd rather not do this just because it takes a long time)?

Answer:Solved: External hard-drive:...format the disk in drive F: before you can use it.

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I have an external hard disk which got corrupted. When i connect the disk through USB it shows as an unknown device in the disk management with no option to format.

In My computer the device is showing as H: drive but unable to access it. It asks if i want to format or not but when i go for format it does not do it. I want to erase the disk completely as of now. What should i do??

I tried to load it from linux but there it shows as Device Error. Disk Failure is Imminent.

Can something be done or is it a hardware failure.

Answer:External Hard disk showing as RAW in disk management

Sounds like the drive is failing or the circuitry in the enclosure is faulty.

I would first remove the drive from the enclosure and hook it up as a slave to a desktop PC. See if you can then access it. If you can, then post back for further instructions with the version of your OS.

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Is it possible to create the recovery media on an external hard disk instead of using USB flash drive or optical media?

I've been getting errors while creating the the recovery media on optical drive.


Answer:How do I create a recovery disk using external hard disk?


As far as I know it?s impossible to create an Toshiba image on the HDD?
You need to burn the image on the disk (DVD).


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My computer keeps refusing to start up. I have to re-install windows each time. Hard disk keeps making a "funny" noise. I have an 80gb hard drive and have used 40gb so far. I want to back up everything incase my hard drive fails. Could I backup to an external disk drive? would I need to install windows on the external drive. or is there a better way to save all my files, downloads, and software? When I bought the PC it came with software already installed and a recovery disk. But obviously I dont want restore to factory settings as I will loose everything. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Answer:backup from hard disk to external disk drive

You could use commercially available back up software like Ghost click here or Acronis click here

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hi there..

my name is Anis...i just bought external hard drive 500gb...but after I formatted's just about 400++ gb can be used..i would like to to use the extra/reserve space for my ext hard disk?by any means, i want to fully use my 500gb space for the external...please help me...thank you...

Answer:How to fully use the extra hard disk space for external hard drive?

It should have about 465GB, what are you seeing?

You will not have 500GB due to the conversion between binary and decimal for reporting sizes.

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I have emailed Paragon and am awaiting there reply, but you guys seem to know a lot more and try and solve the problem

Up to this point I have used either Acronis or Paragon for my backups, I prefer Paragon over Acronis, mainly because the restore by Paragon is far quicker.

I have both bootable CD's, but in this instance I would like to concentrate on Paragon.

I downloaded Paragon's Advanced Recovery CD. 2009 Build 6730. Put it in my rom and booted ....... looked at a black screen for 10 minutes. Removed it and rebooted, it got stuck at the loading of Vista, then I got another black screen no hard drive movement.

Rebooted again, this time with the regular Paragon bootable CD. It booted into the recovery console.

Now this is where things go from bad to worse. I tried finding my OS, after a lengthy period I received an error disk 2 i/o fault!!! ....... no operating system found.

Now disk 2 is my external hard drive where my backups are kept.

So I rebooted with the CD in, went into the recovery console and clicked on "safe restore", after playing the waiting game I get a message disk 2 i/o fault!!!.

Took out the Paragon CD, put in the Vista one, tried a repair, but there was no OS to repair .

So I installed Vista, and because I didn't want to have to reinstall all of my programs again (yer lazy I know, but that's what backup's are for).

Checked with the fresh install, that my two external hard drives, had there drivers and were present. They were ... Read more

Answer:Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite & USB External Hard Drive


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[Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes
The thread is rather long. Only read what you think important. Skip the rest!

We have a serious but mysterious problem. We have spent already one week but drawing a blank.
Two hard drives have been crashed and failed (unreadable). One computer has hung a few times unexpectedly and had one weird restart (no memory dump produced).
I suspect all the recent problems have to do with the new USB external hard disk (Buffalo MiniStation Lite: HD-PE250U2).

Formatting USB external hard disk
Originally I would like to use the program given by Buffalo to format the external drive once but we failed. We simply used Windows to reformat the drive into NTFS. I did not use the TurboSpeed advertised by Buffalo, or run its free program.

Case A: Multi-transfer causes system crashes?
The first time we met the problem.
We were trying to help a friend to backup data on an old drive, about a few years old. We plugged in the Buffalo USB portable hard drive and transferred a whole lot of files to the drive. Several cop/cut-and-paste operations were active at that time. The whole system completely froze up. It doesn't respond at all. Only a hard restart could help.
Restarted. Tranferred again. Several cop/cut-and-paste operations were active.
Hard drive crashed - the beginning of the nightmare!
Windows restarted. Chkdsk was running. Saw many lines of messages with:
&... Read more

Answer:[Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes

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I dont know what happened to it but when i plug the usb nothing happens. I tried listening but i heard bothing. I think it stopped spinning. What can i do to get it spinning again? Could i open the drive and put it into my laptop? IS there a way I can recover the data myself?

Answer:External Hard Drive Stop Spinning

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I have recently installed the Nero 8 program and have created a bootable disk prior to doing a complete backup.

I used a CD-RW for the bootable and it filled completely up. I'm not sure whether I got all the necessary files, even though it reported successful image completed. I don't know which files should have been put on the disk.

The program didn't specify the type of disk to use.

Can anyone help me wirh this?



Answer:Solved: Nero Bootable Restore Disk

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Right on startup, my hard drive light on my laptop ( using Vista Ultimate ) is constantly lit. I cannot easily bring up anything right now. I have run Spybot S&D and fixed all of the errors and run a Norton Scan. I ignorantly did a post of just the HT log in my first reply and posted it in the wrong Topic ( Windows vista instead of the Malware Removal subject ). However, after running RSIT (DDS does not work in Vista Ultimate and this was the suggested alternative, here are the results of the info.txt log and the log.txt log:<!-- log.txt --> Logfile of random's system information tool 1.06 (written by random/random)Run by test at 2009-08-05 13:08:47Microsoft? Windows Vista? Ultimate Service Pack 1System drive C: has 40 GB (28%) free of 145 GBTotal RAM: 2046 MB (43% free)Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 1:08:52 PM, on 8/5/2009Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18813)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\QuickPlay\QPService.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\QLBCTRL.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\WiFiMsg.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\HPWAMain.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.6.0\bin\jusched.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP Software Update\hpwu... Read more

Answer:Hard Disk LED Will Not Stop!!

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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I used ESET sysrescue live which creates a bootable OS of ESET in pendrive for effective scanning.I inserted the pendrive and strated the laptop. A warning popped up saying "the NTFS partion with label 'windows' is hibernated". I restarted my laptop and From then, It is showing a warning "no bootable device-- insert bootable disk and press any key". Please help to resolve the issue. 

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I used ESET sysrescue live which creates a bootable OS of ESET in pendrive for effective scanning.I inserted the pendrive and strated the laptop. A warning popped up saying "the NTFS partion with label 'windows' is hibernated". I restarted my laptop and From then, It is showing a warning "no bootable device-- insert bootable disk and press any key". Please help to resolve the issue. 

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Hi all

I have a a major problem happen I picked up a virus or something at an internet cafe when i was printing a document using a usb drive. I had problems with an old computer and replaced it.

A couple of weeks ago i was getting ready to install windows 7 and plugged this thumb drive in not being aware that it had a infection. I then went a brought an new external hard drive. when i got home i plugged it in. Then i discovered that i have a virus. I ran scans and it came up clean. I backed up my data on the drive.

I am now running 7 and i am infected with something. How do i clean the external hard drive so that i can keep the data.

my xp machine is also infected from months ago. Haven't used it again until last night



Answer:stop cross infection from external hard drive

I am now running 7 and i am infected with something. How do i clean the external hard drive so that i can keep the data.You need to clean the infected machine unless you plan on reformatting and doing a clean install. Without doing that you will only infect any external drives you plug into that machine.External storage media and flash (usb, pen, thumb, jump) drives are prone to infections which involve malware that modifies and loads an autorun.inf (text-based configuration) file into the root folder of all drives (internal, external, removable) along with a malicious executable. When removable media such as a CD/DVD is inserted (mounted), autorun looks for autorun.inf and automatically executes the malicious file to run silently on your computer. For flash drives and other USB storage, autorun.ini uses the Windows Explorer's right-click context menu so that the standard "Open" or "Explore" command starts the file. Malware modifies the context menu (adds a new default command) and redirects to executing the malicious file if the "Open" command is used or double-clicking on the drive icon. When a flash drive becomes infected, the Trojan will infect a system when the removable media is inserted if autorun has not been disabled.Keeping Autorun enabled on USB (pen, thumb, jump) and other removable drives has become a significant security risk due to the increasing number of malware variants that can infect them and transfer the infection to your... Read more

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Hey, i have a Trojan on my computer and i have only one way out that i "Know" about other then bring to some other tech at a staples and pay $250! This Trojan is messing up my whole system. anyways, i dont need any help on that part. what i need help on is on " How To Create A Bootable Vista Restore Disk"! i need this disk so i can re-boot my system, re-format my hard drive, then re-install Vista! The only problem is , i can't figure out how to do that! This is what i think i have to do, i just don't understand how!?!?! ( Thats Me ) Also i can't do it on my computer as if i do the Trojan will just copy itself onto the disk! the Trojan has done allot of damage in 2 days! I need this ASAP!!

This is what i have tried so far:

Creating The Bootable Disk:

I went to this link. i tried to Follow the Step By Step Instruction on how to create the bootable disk.

Burning ISO Images with ImgBurn - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

DOWNLOAD ImgBurn form here; Only Download from Mirror 7!!

The Official ImgBurn Website

Then i Download the Vista ISO File at:

Microsoft Windows Vista (DVD-ISO) Free Download and Reviews - Fileforum

The only problem is, when i restarted the my pc with the disk in it with all the files on it, it just booted up as normal!?!


Please if any one has any information on how to Create Bootable Vista Restore Disk so i can re-format my hard drive then re-install vista, it would be greatly appreci... Read more

Answer:[SOLVED] Help...Create Bootable Vista Restore Disk...HELP

So many possibilities within your post.
Without trying to give security advice.

If possible, do a full backup, inspite of any issues within your system.

First, have you tried to use the system restore, set to a point prior to the introduction of your problems? In many cases this will allow for a reversion to a point before the situation existed.

Do you happen to have a full Vista install disk, or must you use an OEM such as Dell?

Finally, after you created the disk from the ISO, did you set the cd drive so that it is scheduled to boot first, within the BIOS?

With this information, it may be possible to get you going in the right direction.

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I have this dell Optiplex GX520 that will give me the no bootable error unless I have the vista install disk in a external dvd drive . The Bios sees the Hard Drive but can't boot it up. With the DVD it just ask if you would like to boot from the CD/DVD and when that screen times out it goes right into Vista no problem. Secondly it wont see the internal DVD drive but the drive works in another computer. Any help would be nice. Oh and I updated the BIOS to see if that won't fix the problem no luck tho'.

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I've been trolling through forums for over a week now trying to figure out why
Nero (6, 7, 8, 9, & 10) hangs when I try to write a bootable CD or DVD.

I have installed a number of versions of XP with various levels of service packs and system drivers without success.

So - in desperation, I started XP (SP3) in SAFE MODE.
Yeah - safe mode....

And would you believe Nero works perfectly ??

So - I'm still no wiser as to the exact cause of this problem which I see is causing frustration for a large number of people (especially sysops), but this seems to point to a Windows driver issue.

The bottom line is, until Nero and\or Microsoft figure out the root cause for this problem, you CAN get around it by running Nero in safe mode.

* Now that we have Google no=one can say "I didn't know" *

Answer:SOLVED - Nero hangs when creating bootable disk

Thanks for the post. As XP & higher have cd-burning built in to the operating system, and since that capability requires Microsoft drivers to be loaded, it is probably a driver conflict issue.

Nero also loads it's own drivers, but not in Windows safe mode where all third-party drivers are ignored. That means the Nero drivers cannot conflict with the Microsoft drivers.

If you were to disable the built-in cd-burning service: IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service you may well find the problem resolved even with Windows running in Normal Mode. Just a hunch mind you - but it sounds logical to me.

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In the Power Manager, I want to set "Stop hard disk rotation" to "Never" for AC settings.  This works temporarily, but whenever the system wakes from sleep mode (or reboots), it gets reset to "After 3 minutes". I have a T61p, Product 6459CTO with BIOS 7LETC7WW (2.27)

Answer:Cannot set "Stop hard disk rotation" to "Never"

are you clicking on the apply botton before exiting pm

_______________________________Thinkpad R61 7733-1GUThinkpad X61T 7762-54UThinkpad X60T 6363-4GU_______________________________Did a member help you today? Thank them with a Kudo!If a post answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!Regards,GMAC

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Hello everyone,I have a T61 and everything works well except the hard disk which is constantly working. The result is a gentle noise on the bottom rightof laptop, always present. I used to have a T42 which when configured on XP to turn off hard disk (through power management), completly turned it off. I could then read or write long open files with a completly silent laptop (used tpfancontrol for controling fan, but this is not the problem here) until I save document or explcitly trigger the hdd (a completly silent laptop is a delight!). The noise of the present T61 is bearable, a kind of a whisper, but once it stops it gets really better for your ears. My problem is that the power manager (set to turn off disk after 3 minutes) works, but something is constantly accessing the hard disk, which prevents the power manager to turn the HDD off. So, sometimes it happens that after 3 minutes the HDD stops, and a hsort time latter, say 15 seconds, it turns on again because "something" used the hdd.The worse is that, most of the time, the hdd is triggered prior to the 3 minutes, so that it keeps always running!!I can see this as the hdd green light flashes.This is always the case, with or without internet, AC or DC.I tried to stop some services (including indexing), but I stopped looking because of the number of services to check!How do I know what service/program is being written on hdd at the specific time where I notice it, or makes it work, such that ... Read more

Answer:How to stop hard disk noise on T61

So far I have tried the following.msconfig--> switch off all services (only three are kep by windows) and startups.RebootWindows power manager-->Max performanceconfiguration ac dc off display never neveroff hard disk 5 mn 3mnstandby        25 mn 20 mnhybernate    2 hours 45 mn This does not work, there is still something accessing the hard disk which keeps it whispering all the time, and when thelight green pops up there is at the same time a slight increase in the noise.Since all services are off, I would be pleased to know what else I can do to check out what is accessing my hard drive, or why it keeps on almost all the time.cuMessage Edited by xtex on 09-03-2008 06:54 AM

T61, UZ2AQGE 2.5 Ghz, XP Pro SP3T400s, NSF20UK, 2.4 GHz, SSD 128 GB, Vista B

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what is the problem in my hard-disk sometime it's stop and start same time .

Answer:Sometime my hard-disk stop and start same time

That's very normal if one has 3rd party AV & AM & whatever else monitoring operations and security operations. How does tree-climbing via explorer [the file manager], copy and paste, etc., work in Safe Mode?

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Hello everyone,New to this forum, looking for help.My problem is if I leave my computer alone for awhile (30-45min.), not touching it, I get a Stop screen error with the following numbers.0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x804ECE73, 0xF78BEBBC, 0xF8BE8B8)I also checked my event viewer and under every time I got the error, there's multiple events stating "An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation."I have no idea what to do with this information or how to fix it at the moment so any help is appreciated.

Answer:Stop Screen Error - Hard Disk

Paging has to do, I believe, with what I think of as swapping, moving data from the disk drive to memory and back, in accordance with the needs of the system and the application(s) running.How long have you had the problem?  Was there some change to the system, i.e. new software installed, or anything to coincide with the problem?

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XP repeats hard disk error-checking on booting up. How do I stop it?

Answer:how to stop xp from repeating hard disk error

1. click Start / Run and type in regedit2. navigate to:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager\\BootExecute3. change the value of "BootExecute" from:autocheck autochk *to autocheck autochk *lsdelete4. click OK, close Regedit and restart your computerShould work for you.

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I am runing windows 8 but hard disk continuously writing .why is continuously writing how to stop.

Answer:hard disk continuously to wirting how to stop please help m

As long as the system is booted, there will be hard drive activity. That's completely normal.Are you having some sort of problem?

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Hello all. I have a technical background (hardware control systems), but am by no means a threat to any IT guy who actually understands DOS (Greek), or different OS platforms. In that regard, I will claim ignorance with a smidgen of knowledge---just so you know who you are dealing with and will correspondingly, dumb down your answers to my level (slightly smarter than a pile of rocks when it comes to absorbing this type of information).

I have a Dell GX630, 3.2 GHz computer with Windows XP Pro SP3 that is replacing my older 700MHz machine. I have painfully copied all programs, files, and added the peripheral hardware (printer, scanner, modems) to make this a duplicate replacement computer system with an addition monitor.

I have read all the posts for making a bootable flash drive (stick) and made both a Hirens bootable stick (three different sticks, Sandisk 4GB, Kingston 1 GB, and a generic 16GB) and a BartPE bootable CD disk?.my eyes bled, and the hammering base drum in my head has subsided. I?m Scotch/Irish/German with no desire to conquer the world, drink every Pub dry, and do it for little or no money, but I am stubborn, hard-headed, and tenacious to a fault.

My goal is to make a stand-a-lone Seagate FreeAgent USB (self powered) external drive, a working replacement "main drive (0)" for my computer with it?s own operating system
(XP Pro SP3). I used the Seagate software to clone the C SATA drive to this USB drive (NTFS). The reality is to have a cloned... Read more

Answer:Can you make an external USB hard drive, bootable and use as a Primary Drive


not sure what you are trying to acheive, from what ive read you cant get windows to boot from an exteranl usb hdd no matter what you do.

if its just for disaster recovery then do what i do.

you can ,make flash sticks bootable but i never could make a HDD bootable using windows, so i took the drive out of the enclosure and put it in my laptop, i booted from a win98 cd and fdisked and formatted the drive then sys'd it to make it bootable, i copied ghost onto it and wrote a small autoexec.bat file to set ghost running at boot up.

i then booted from it with it plugged into the laptop and ran a disk clone to a file onto the USB HDD.

when i want to restore it i just image the drive in from the USB HDD and im done.

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I've never gotten this error when installing any version of Windows on a clean hard disk and I hope there is a solution as, otherwise, it's a bad board. This system originally came as a Dell factory-downgraded Windows XP installation (from Vista).

Here's the system.

I've swapped the hard disk, memory, DVD drive, video card, power supply and even tried installing XP, Vista and 7, all resulting in the same 07B stop error. There are no add-in cards aside from the video.

Any suggestions?

Answer:STOP 0x0000007B on installing XP on Clean Hard Disk

From what i read about that error its caused by a hard drive problem of some sort or if you are going from say vista back to xp the setting in the BIOS has to be either ATA,SATA, IDE, or compatability to install and run xp. AHCI is for vista and windows 7.

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit installed on my computer and it has worked fine for the last 3 months or so. However, for the last 3 or 4 days though the system won't stop accessing the hard drive. It is so bad that every minute or two the computer will freeze for half a second or so (especially noticeable if I am playing music or watching a DVD). This happens whether I am running a bunch of programs or nothing at all. CPU and memory usage appears to be normal. If I open the Resource Monitor the System appears to be reading on average 6 - 8 mln b/sec and writing about 5 - 7 mln b/sec for a total of about 12 - 15 mln b/sec. Most of the files with the heaviest usage are in C:\System Volume Information. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? The only things that have changed on the computer recently are a Java update and a Windows update where the following was installed:Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB978601)Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB979309)Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB981332)Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64 - April 2010 (KB890830)Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB980232)Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB981432)Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB979683)Security Update for Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 (KB980469)That could be completely unrelated. I can't really pinpoint when the prob... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 won't stop reading/writing to hard disk

Can you post your system specs?

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I used to get Blue screen of death

and it said STOP 0x0000C1F5
and i couldn't acces to my computer

Q: is it a problem with the ram or hard disk

Answer:Bluescreen STOP 0x0000C1F5 (is it a problem with the ram or hard disk)

Stop error message when you start a Windows Vista-based computer: "0x0000C1F5"

If it happens again, follow these instructions
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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for some reason when i try to access my external hd, it wont open and says its not formatted. Unfortunately i have data on there that id like to keep. is there a way to recover/undo(the problem) my HD?

it was NTFS
i have tried partition find and mount and it didn't work.

Answer:external Hard Disk help

it was NTFS? I doubt running check disk would be of help, or accessing via a Linux Live CD. Sounds like you deleted the partition. (Been there, done that ;-( )You could try fixmbr command from the recovery console..., it is on xp installation disks and can be installed as a boot option. There are also many freeware utilities you could try here, probably the best first step.

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Question: External Hard disk

Could anyone please help me to make ma own external hard disk without external power supply.

Because its difficult to bring the power adapter always with the drive

Answer:External Hard disk

sorry, but hard disks need some sort of power. they are mechanical and have motors.

maybe use a usb flash/thumb drive instead?

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Help!!!there's a problem with my external hard disk (PREZMATE 2.5" 250GB (USB2.0)) when i switch it on and connect it to my laptop, both the "Device manager" and "safely remove hardware" can detect it and shows that it is working properly. however when i open "my Computer" i either cannot see the ext hard disk drive or the 'My Computer" window hangs ("Not Responding")In the past, this Ext HDD was working fine previously with the same laptop and computer...the Ext HDD has it's own power source....I've tried to troubleshoot (by updating the driver (states that the driver i'm using is most recent) disabling and enabling the device in the device manager, when try to uninstall device in device manager, it hang "Not Responding")I looked at the Computer management again, and this is what happen after a long time i see the ext harddisk at the bottom "Disk 1, Unknown, Unreadable"when i check the properties, everything looks fine except the "Volume" tabDisk: Disk1Type: UnknownStatus: UnreadablePartition Style: Not ApplicableCapacity: 0MBUnallovated space: 0MBReserved space: 0MBI looked up the status Unreadable in the Help, "A basic or dynamic disk's status is Unreadable.Cause: The basic or dynamic disk is not accessible and might have experienced hardware failure, corruption, or I/O errors. The disk's copy of the system's disk configuration database might be corr... Read more

Answer:External Hard Disk HELP!!! PLEASE??

Sounds like the disk has died. If you don't have any data on there, I would try formatting with Computer Management.Otherwise, I would try taking it apart, removing the disk and connecting it as a slave to a desktop machine. You'll need a 2.5" IDE to 3.5" IDE Convertor for this.

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well i am planning to buy an external hardisk but dunno which one to buy for....
well i must be very economical and must have value for money....
could u guys suggest some hard disk with space around 80-120gb or so.....
price factor not more than... 60-70$

well thats the cash i have for now.......

please answer to with ur best ability.......

Answer:which external hard disk to go for......?

Well i myself would buy a high capacity internal hard drive an then put it in a enclosure, external drives that have a decent storage space tend to get pricey. For instance &#163;45 for a 320gb drive an &#163;15 - &#163;20 for a enclosure makes a big difference in the price.

If you where just saving sage details on there or text files ect a smaller drive would be fine, but programs, ISO files, films ect take up a lot of space.

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Question: external hard disk

hello!my brother bought an 80Gb 2.5" external hard diskfor my pc. I transferred 74.Gb and have 37.9 Mb left. Butnext to total size it says 74.5Gb. Where has therest of the 5.5Gb gone??? Can someone explain?Thank you!!

Answer:external hard disk

It is because manufacturers use 1000 bytes for a KB when in fact it is 1024 bytes.So your 80GB was never 80GB80,000,000,000,000 /1024 /1024/ 1024 = 74.5 ish

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Im realy fed up .......
I have wd 500gb elements (external)...driver shows on device manager and even shows on disk management as disk 1 with a deffirent letter as F I changed it as it was G but no data and cant access and doesn't show on my computer it happened diuring transferring data from my computer to the external hard drive but a suddenly shut down due to high tempretur on wd windows diagnostic tool shows as failer, lights on its working and its fan data I tride many ways to fix by installing and uninstalling changed the cable and cleand registrey by ccleaner but......pls give any seliution not to lose data ....over 270gb data...............

Answer:wd external hard disk

Please post a screenshot of Disk Management with your Western Digital external HDD plugged in.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

Before taking the screenshot, please click on Show/Hide Console Tree, and Show/Hide Action Pane to hide those so that you get a full view.

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well, my external hard disk was working just fine then it started showing as "local disk E" and i couldn't open it. I searched online for a solution and did the "chkdsk" thing and it worked again. few hours later the problem game back.. this time what i did before didn't solve it. it only made the contents of the hard disk appear but i couldn't use it .. so i copied some of the small files i needed from my 300 gb of data on it. now it's back to the "local disk e" thing and i can't even use cmd while the hard is connected. is there a way to solve it or at least copy my files from it?
Edit: now i can't even use cmd or disk management or my computer when the disk is connected

Answer:how to fix my external hard disk

Back up your personal data while you canDownload CrystalDiskInfo.V6.2.0 and run to check if your HD is any good.Try to run: chkdsk X: /r /f ======> X is the external drive letter. Will take a while to completeIf happens again then replace your HD.

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Question: external hard disk


This is dheeraj kulal. i have a problem with external hard drive.

I copied all the data from my pc to an external hard drive(FAT 32). Then i formatted the PC hard disk and created 5 partition with 50GB each. Installed windows xp SP2.
External hard disk is of 500GB. Had nearly 250GB of data in it before copying data from my PC hard drive. After copying data from PC hard drive only 30GB of free space left in external hard disk.
Now the actual problem is the external hard not showing any of the files that i copied on to it. and few of the files already in it are missing too. But when check the property of external hard disk it shows only 30GB is free that means remaining are the data in it.

please help me,, files are very very very important for me... wt to do

Answer:external hard disk

Open Windows Explorer and go to Tools > Folder Options > View tab. Under 'Hidden files and folders', click 'Show hidden files...' and click OK.

See if tha helps

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how to know when was my external hard disk was used or plugged to pc or laptop?
i mean putting monitoring on external hard disk.

for PC's there is a event viewer, what about external harddisk's?

Answer:how to know when was my external hard disk was used?

Hello and welcome to the sevens forum.

First I don't think you can tell when your external hard drive was used, unless you have something on your system that would tell you if it was used or messed with your kind a out of luck so to speak.

You can always set up a password on your external hard drive to lock people out.

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Question: External Hard Disk

hey how are you guys doing? just have a quick question it the same as his problem and hope you guys can help me out. i got the found new hardware message but no appearance on my computer. i tried to do through disk and i still can't see it there either wha t do i do. i know wi have to format it an I know it will do it for me but, i dont see it in disk any suggestions?
i'll check in later on to see if u guys can help me
thanks alot

Answer:External Hard Disk

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread. Thanks for your cooperation.

Please post complete details on your environment and we'll be glad to help you out.

If it's just a formatting question, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Management, and you can partition and format the drive there.

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Question: External hard disk

Does anyone know of any external hard disk drives that run on linux?

Answer:External hard disk

New external hard drives use USB 2.0, Firewire, etc. These devices are immediately recognized by Windows XP and 2000 as soon as they're connected. Doesn't Linux support this? I thought it would since it uses the same kernel as XP and 2000. I don't use myself.

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hello guys,
first of all im using win 8,1 64 bit .
its been some time that i cant install the windows updates.
when i hit install and it says that is downloading the updates it freezes.
so without the new updates i see that i cant safely remove my hard disk(external)
so im removing my external hard drive just like that
and today my 2tb seagate external became raw(one of the two partitions)
i really need your help here to restore the disk to its normal status and find a solution with win updates cause i dont want this to happen again.
wating asap for your answer
thanks in advance

Answer:raw external hard disk

Firstly, I would not have the external drive attached when doing updates. 
That being said I would download Testdisk for Windows and unzip the file to a folder on your desktop. Run Testdisk and do a QuickSearch. After a QuickSearch does it detect both partitions on the external drive? Highlight the RAW partition and press the "P" key. Do you see your files on the RAW partition? 
Windows  This is the file to download
If doing a QuickSearch does not detect both partitions then do a deeper Search. 
Do you have enough space on your internal drive to copy the files from the RAW partition?
TestDisk step by step

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Just a thought.. please could you experts advise? Have a laptop and have been told the harddisk's broken (checkdisk revealed bad sectors and couldn't fix it;) If I got an external usb harddrive, would it work? Or would it not work, if the IDE controller's gone (and I don't know if it is) Please don't laugh if this sounds silly - I only know a little bit about computers and the rest I'm making up as I go along, but I just wondered...? I don't have the skills myself to do anything internally to the laptop and was quoted several hundred pounds for a new motherboard.

Answer:hard disk gone - will external do the job?

on whether the BIOS gives the option to boot from a USB device.It might be possible, but it's probably cumbersome if it is.Good luck,Regards,Simsy

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Question: External hard disk

Thanks to your help my PC is now usable and quick again. On your advice I downloaded CC Cleaner it really is FREE and fantastic! While I was looking for a fix I downloaded all my photos onto CDs. Now I'm thinking of buying an external hard disk. I have thousands of pictures and I reckon a 500GB portable disk would do it. Has anybody else done this and does it work ? Any advice please ? B.J.

Answer:External hard disk

An external drive is good for temporary but they are still volatile, meaning there is a possibility for errors i.e drive crashing, cant access data etc, a better long term solution is to burn your pics to DVD-Rs and store them safely away.

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Question: external hard disk

Dear Specialists,
Could you please instruct me how to transfer live TV programs directly to my
external hard disk?
Thank you and with kind regards,
Beni Even

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Question: external hard disk

Hi all,Ive got a external hard disk 320gb plug abd play I plug into my usb port and windows says this is a high speed unit. I plug it into my high speed usb2 port and the computer will not reconise it.I have looked through previous threads and one says that any thing above,I think, 120gb windows will not reconise it.The unit is from PC world and the make is a maxtorCan anybody help ???????????Thanks

Answer:external hard disk

Hi, is it formatted NTFS?

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