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Hard Drive not showing in setup

Question: Hard Drive not showing in setup

I started up pc and a black screen came up telling me to hit f1 to retry or f2 for utility setup.
In setup hard drive is showing n/a. checked cables still wont register. any help would be appreciated.
dell dimension 4600
windows xp home

-maxtor 80gb ata/133 hdd

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Preferred Solution: Hard Drive not showing in setup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Hard Drive not showing in setup

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I was updating my graphics driver and had to restart the pc. When it started booting back up it took like 10 minutes to get to the windows login screen. Then I noticed that some of my program icons were missing. So when trying to figure out why I noticed my harddrive was missing in explorer. When I go to Disk Management this is what I see Disk 1 is a mechanical drive that was working fine before updating my graphics driver. Right Clicking on it gives me these options ( Convert To Basic Disk, Reactivate, Offline) I tried to reactivate but nothing happens.

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this error or repair the drive? I can't repair it with chkdsk cause the volume isn't showing up for it.

This is what the properties of the drive says if it helps

Answer:Hard Drive Showing Error And Not Showing Up In Explorer

Hi. For starters, that first partition (D) shouldn't have a letter at all. It's a system, boot partition and with a letter to it some programs or even you can mistakenly use it.
Disk 1 does have a problem but drivers are installed to C: partition and nowhere else (part of the system) so it's not probable that driver is the cause of it obliviously failing. If you know it's make and model you could download and use a program for it's manufacturer to check it: One from here: Download Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Tools Tools for Windows - MajorGeeks or from it's manufacturer's site. Until you know it's real physical shape you will not be able to troubleshoot it properly.

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I was updating my graphics driver and had to restart the pc. When it started booting back up it took like 10 minutes to get to the windows login screen. Then I noticed that some of my program icons were missing. So when trying to figure out why I noticed my harddrive was missing in explorer. When I go to Disk Management this is what I see Disk 1 is a mechanical drive that was working fine before updating my graphics driver. Right Clicking on it gives me these options ( Convert To Basic Disk, Reactivate, Offline) I tried to reactivate but nothing happens.

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this error or repair the drive? I can't repair it with chkdsk cause the volume isn't showing up for it.

This is what the properties of the drive says if it helps

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My primary HDD was failing so I backed it up and replaced it with a larger 1TB drive.  After reinstalling everything the new drive is displaying the same size as my old drive and the extra space available is unallocated.  I can allocate it as
a separate drive but I find that annoying and would prefer to just have my primary C: drive show up with all of the available space.  I formatted the extra space and made it available separately as drive G hoping that I could EXPAND drive C but that option
is not highlighted as selectable on drive C for some reason.  Should I just live with this extra space or is there a way to easily combine C and the new G space?

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I have a Samsung s2 1tb external hard drive.

Today when I hooked it up to my laptop it would not load. It will shows local F drive when it usually will say samsung Drive.

A pop up box will then appear stating "you need to format drive"

I know if I reformat it I will lose all my data which I will not do.

When I look in device manager it states that the external hard drive is installed.

I attempted to go through start menu and type cmd then F: and it states "The volume does not recognize this system file. Please make sure all required system drivers are loaded and the volume is not corrupted."


Answer:Samsung s2 external hard drive not loading showing local disk F drive

With the external drive connected, Go to Disk Management (Start > type: "computer" > click on Computer Management > click on Disk Management)

Determine which disk is the external drive.
If the external drive shows here as a healthy volume, Right click on the large box to the right of the "Disk 1" / "Disk 2" lable and choose: Change Drive Letter and Path.

If there is nothing but a grey box or "Unallocated Space" next to the disk number then Right click on the disk number (the box) and choose: Change Drive Letter and Path.

Change the drive letter to anything else > OK.

If you can't do any of the above post back. If you can post a screen shot of the Disk Management window that can help.
Do not initialize the disk or format it or you will lose your data.

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Hi all, I purchased a external drive to back up files on our desktop and laptops. I am looking for easy way to do this, do I do all files or do I have to go into all of them one at a time. I say this because one laptop is my daughters, can I just send all her pic and music files all at once. Our main computer(desktop)is windows vista, everyday it's getting louder and louder and each morning its shows a message says configuring and it's like counting down. This takes long time. I looked at the space left. It shows space available on (c) and on d it's full which is recovery so I don't have a clue how files got on there. My hubby doesn't know much about even getting on computer, but when he does it seems something goes wrong. I want to clean up and get rid of files so my son who's 11 can use it for games. It's so slow and I don't want to delete wrong things.  From reading here and just knowing not to delete recovery. How do I clear out space on D...I tried opening some files on it but they all seem to do with the windows system. What can I do with my desktop ?And is it possible to clear out all files from is about 5 yrs old...and she has alot of music and pics on there..just wondering if it's worth time to clean out the files. It takes forever to get online and when we do its so slow. Hope I'm not sounding to confusing.any suggestionstygreat site so far

Answer:need help with using external hard drive also my recovery drive(d)showing full?

Welcome!Computer Hope is the number one location for free computer help. The forum will help everyone with all computer questions. You have presented more that one issue. The forum will help you, but some detail is needed. What OS are you using?  What make and model of eternal drive do you use?The proper way to remove programs is in the con control  panel. But Music and pictures files can be copied to a CD-R or DVD-R and removed from the computer. The external drive can also be used to transport files from on PC to another. But using DVD-R or CD-R is preferable. The best use of an external drive is to make a backup of the operating system and programs.Avoid putting files on the recovery partition.

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i'm using windows 7, my external hard drive shows up in my devices and printers section but it won't show up as a drive, so i can't view any files in that external hard drive. if i put a memory card in, it shows up as a drive and a flag shows up for when i want to unplug that drive and it asks if i want to remove my external hard drive too.

normally when i turn on the external hard drive it autoplays but it doesn't do that anymore.

i don't understand why it shows up in my devices and printers but not as a drive when i open windows explorer.

i've looked into the external hard drives properties and it all says that the device is working properly.

Answer:problem with external hard drive not showing as a drive in windows 7

Go into Control Panel (classic view) ---> Administrative Tools ---> Computer Management ---> Disk Management.

In bottom-right pane, if you see a horizontal band representing a drive with no drive-letter assigned to it, that's the cause of your problem. You need to give it a drive-letter:

Right-click that horizontal band and choose "Change drive letter and paths".

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i have a freecom external hard drive. it was working fine until one day it decided to stop working.

this light on the drive lights up but i can't hear anything working inside it. and now it won't show up as a drive when i open windows explorer.

please help?

Answer:External hard drive not showing as a drive in windows 7

Hi have you tried it in another computer to see if it works there

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The R51 2887-W1F has a dead HDD.I start the laptop and WinXP Pro sits at the opening screen for 45 minutes.Nothing new installed, infact the Access button just freezes the laptop after a while too. I pulled the HDD out and ran a number of hardware tests, even MemTest86 for 4 hours and the laptop is in good shape.I put the HDD on an 2.5"-to-3.5" IDE adapter and tried to get 3 different PCs to see the HDD but I can't see the HDD and so I can't copy anything over to the PC.Any thoughts on how to do so? Since it appears to be a dead/dying 20GB HDD, I was going to replace it with a 80 GB HDD.I understand that's the biggest this R51 can use/see. I know the R51 had a special partition with some files, and IBM has a TON of special drivers too. So what problems can I expect with an outright replacement of HDD?Do I actually need the special partition & if so how do i install it? Moderator Note; please update your profile with your correct country location as per the forum rules. Products, options and services vary from market to market. Knowing your location helps us help youMessage Edited by andyP on 09-22-2008 06:43 PM

Answer:R51 2887 Hard drive is dead, how to replace the drive and setup.

You should be able to upgrade to any PATA size drive of 9.5 mm thickness that you wish, there is no limit in size. So you can get a 250 gig if you want, any harddrive brand. If you don't have the original recovery cd, then you will have to use off the shelf version of the XP pro cd and activate it using your own s/n on the bottom of the laptop. You can download most of the drivers off the support site.  

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I have a gateway computer running windows 7 ultimate and im trying to add another hard drive but its not showing up anywhere. My primary hard drive is a 3.5 sata 500gb and im trying to add a 3.5 IDE 200gb hard drive. I've looked in computer management and everything but the hdd is not showing anywhere. Can anyone explain what i should do?

Answer:2nd hard drive not showing up

You didn't fill out your specs completely so I don't know what kind of motherboard you have. Does it support IDE? If you could fill in your System Specs it would help. Could you also post a Snip of your expanded Disk Management so we can look at that.

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I have upgraded my comptuter with a new mother board.
I only have 2 PCI hard drives.
but this new motherboard takes SATA drives.
There is also one slot for a PCI drive.
Problem is, I need to plug my second PCI drive.
So I bought a PCI to serial ATA RAID & IDE Controller so i can connect my second hard drive.
This controller is connected on my mother board.
My second hard drive is connected to the controller with its big flat wire.
I booted Windows XP, the device manager seems to recognize it but my hard drive is not showing...
Can anyone help me with this.

Also I bought a nVidia graphic Card with 256 MRAM.
My motherboard is also using 256 MRAM because when I look at my nvidia card's properties, it shows 512 MRAM.
Should I disable the RAM from the mother board because it is using my RAM (i have 2 gigs)

Thanks guys!

Answer:PCI hard drive not showing

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I normally do a backup by cloning a second hard drive using Ghost. The backup drive is configured the secondary master and removed from the caddy after cloning.

This time the drive is not recognised in Windows XP although it is showing OK in the BIOS as the secondary master.

Any help please. Could it be about drive letters? The cloned disk is C drive as is the primary master disk.

Answer:second hard drive not showing in XP

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Ok I just tried to install an 80gb western digital hd as a slave. My main hd is a WD 40 gb and it works just fine but need more space now. I have the jumpers on each set to master/slave accordingly but the slave shows only 8gb of space.

I'm running XP home with SP2, my motherboard is an Asus A7V600 Bios is a current as it gets. I checked the BIOS and it seems to be in order. Is there something I've missed?

Answer:Hard drive only showing up as 8gb?

Did you particion and formated the drive, or you just intalled it making WinXP do it for you.....?????

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System - win98se on QDI Kinetiz 7b board. Duron 750 CPU. 512 mb 133 sdram. Master HDD 40gb WD, slave 20gb WD, CD-RW + DVD on secondary IDE. System was working fine until yesterday. I reformatted the master HD whilst trying to get my Duron 1300 working(see previous post). It didn't work, so I returned to the Duron750, reformatted again (Format c: /s). I then transferred the backed up system from slave drive using Drive Image 2002.(had to use the boot from A: drive route for some reason - kept getting "programme carried out illegal operation" when using the normal Disc Copy route). Everything seemed to be OK until I came to use the system today. "My computer" only shows one hard drive. BIOS sees 2, System Devices sees 2 but there is no drive number against the second and no option to assign a hard drive. I can boot from either by changing the BIOS boot order. When I look in Drive Image 2002 Disk 1 shows as Main Drive (C) 20 gb and Disk 2 shows as Main Drive(\\.\disk2part1 also 20gb). I've obviously done something to cause this but cannot see what. Any help would be appreciated. I'm stumped.

Answer:2nd hard drive not showing

I have exactly the same problem. I used partition magic to create another partition in FAT for Bootmagic and now it doesn't show my second hard drive. In 'My computer' it shows my main partition (XP) and Bootmagic partition.Drive Image 2002 still sees the second hard drive but like what BrianW said; in this format:\\.\disk2part1. Partition magic show the second hardd rive as hidden but it cannot unhide it.Can anyone offer advice to BrianW an me?Is there a manual way to show the second hard drive?

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my hd was showing and working in windows 7 x64, but now it doesnt show in win8 x64 but shows correctly in disk management. the drive is formatted and a seperate drive from windows.


Answer:hard drive not showing

No drive letter assigned -> hidden. Right click on Disk1 and assign a drive letter for it.

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I just plugged in another Hard drive to my PC... yes I set it as a slave and the main one as master and all that jazz.

When I Turned my comp on I got all the windows is installing your hardware meassages but I went into My computer and its not there. Only the Master is there.

I found it in the Bios at start up and it is set as master and I found it in device manager and it is "working properly".

I also tried adding new hardware and i just got the message at the end saying your horware is working correctly....

Any Ideas people?

Answer:Hard Drive not showing

Change the jumper on the slave to CS or take the jumper out completey and reboot

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confused Newbie question peeps
I have just had another 500gb HD installed on my PC. Problem is I cannot see the drive. What do I need to do so that the PC recognises it. My os is XP Home
Thanks in advance for any help

Answer:2nd hard drive not showing on PC

I have just had another 500gb HD installed on my PC.Click to expand...

Hi there kirky,

Who installed it and why did they not get it running for you? Is it under guarantee from a shop?

To enable us to help please post the following information.

Is the new drive internal or external
Is it SATA, or IDE
Is your Windows XP up to service pack 2?
Are you able to access the BIOS and what is its date.

If you need help with any of these questions, ask and we will gladly explain further.

Studio T

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So I just installed a nice shiny new Western Digital WD Caviar SE 300GB hard drive into our computer and it's listed as having no problems under the device manager, but it doesn't appear at all when I look at "my computer"

Answer:my hard drive isn't showing up

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I recently bought an extra internal hard drive for my computer - which runs windows vista. I installed it and put the power cable and SATA cable in and it shows up in Device Manager. But it doesn't show up in my computer as an additional hard drive. I believe I have to format it or something. How do I do that?

Answer:New hard drive not showing up!!!

Does your new drive have a letter assigned to it?
Device manager can create a new simple volume that formats it for you.
Just in case you are not familiar with it please follow:
Right click computer and select manage, select disk management
your new disk should show up if you go to full screen.
Then right click your new drive and select New Simple Volume.
"scubafanatic" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> I recently bought an extra internal hard drive for my computer - which
> runs windows vista. I installed it and put the power cable and SATA
> cable in and it shows up in Device Manager. But it doesn't show up in
> my computer as an additional hard drive. I believe I have to format it
> or something. How do I do that?
> --
> scubafanatic
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Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to answer this.

I just bought a WD 500 gig SATA Hard drive from newegg. I already have 2 drives in this system, but they are PATA drives. My Bios is not recognizing this drive from what I can tell. I've never put one of these in , but from what I understand they are supposed to be pretty plug and play.

On my boot up screen where it shows what the bios is doing and detecting, it does say "4th master : External Disk 0 RGL10364 Ultra DMA Mode-5, S.M.A.R.T. Capable and Status OK"

Then after the detection is done, it tells me 4th Master Hard Disk Error.

When I go into my Bios, I don't see the drive at all listed in my hard drive section. But on the main screen that fourth IDE master slot shows external Disk 0, and when I click on it it says the device is a Hard Disk, but that the size is 0MB. Its like it sees it, but not all of it.

I have tried disconnecting all drives except this one, changing cables, changing slots. The cables I'm using are the ones that came with my mobo and say serial ata on them, so I am assuming they should work. My power supply should be big enough and I'm using the power cable coming from it that is designed for sata.

I can't think of anything else to put on here, but if you need more info, I'll try and supply it.

I have RMA'd this to newegg, but I'm afraid I might be missing something, and don't won't to pay the 8 dollars shipping to get a new... Read more

Answer:New Hard Drive Not Showing up

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Hi have a new build pc withintel 2.4 core 2 due4gd ddr2 running win vistya premium. had sata drive intalled and then added second drive both show in bios only one shows when opening my computer can anyone help work this out thanks in advanceRaywis

Answer:second hard drive not showing up

raywis, read this post click here

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This is my sons laptop. It had vista and 7 installed on it. I am positive it had a virus before it tore up. It wont load windows but I got a disk and when I load it, it doesnt show my harddrive. It shows a drive letter x: This seems like windows is installed on it. I am not sure if it is tho. I downloaded easeus to recovery the drive and it has found the drive. So if the drive was shot, it wouldn't be able to find it would it? When I go into bios it says no ide device. It use to show it. I was going to do a clean install fo windows and went to partition the drive and I messed it up. If anyone could help that would be great!!

Answer:my hard drive is not showing up

First Drive X is the windows installation DVD, it is not the hard drive. I think the first thing to do would be to go to the hard drive manufacturers site and download their hard drive diagnostic test. That would at least give you a pretty good idea if it is a hard drive problem or not. Assuming it passes. I would follow this tutorial on How to Ready an SSD / HDD to Reinstall an Operating System. Is the hard drive making any unusual noises and can you hear it running? Sometimes when you turn the computer on you can hear it spin up.

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My hard drive won't show on my monitor. Please help.I can hear the drive is on...but the monitor is showing no signal

Answer:Hard drive not showing

Most likely a hardware fault of some sort. It might be the fan you are hearing. There should be a hard drive light somewhere - does it flash during boot up?Let us know the make and model number of your computer.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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My 2nd hard drive which I store all my media on is no longer accessible. About a week ago I started up my PC, which is attached to my TV, and my Avast antivirus popped up with warnings about a bunch of viruses. I posted in the Security/Malware forums for help, but have not received any yet. I also lost access to my 2nd hard drive where my media is stored, so I am unsure if they are related.

It was showing up in My Computer and my Device Manager, just not accessible. Every time I would try open it I would get an I/O device error message. Today is the first time it is not even showing up in My Computer or Device Manager.

I'm a computer noob and do not know how to approach this problem. I am good at following directions and Google, and is the only reason I was able to install the 2nd HDD on my own.

Where do I start? Is there anything that I can do? I would really like to salvage the data on the HDD if it is possible.

It is a Seagate Barracuda ST315005N4A1AS-RK SATA 3Gb/s 1.5TB 5900RPM 32MB Cache.

Here is my PC info:
Microsoft Windows XP, MCE, Ver. 2002, SP3
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.40GHz
ABIT AA8 DuraMAX motherboard

2.00GB of RAM, 4x Corsair Value Select 512MB PC2-2400 DDR2 SDRAM
Seagate Barracuda ST3120827AS SATA1.5Gb/s 120GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache
Seagate Barracuda ST315005N4A1AS-RK SATA 3Gb/s 1.5TB 5900RPM 32MB Cache
L&C LC-B450E 115/230V 450W 60/50Hz

Thanks for any help in advance!

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hi folks,
i have a win-98se pc, pentium II 400mhz. i recently installed a western digital 80 g hard drive on it using w-d's utility called datalifeguard. I installed this drive as d: drive. all worked ok. after a couple of weeks, my pc started freezing on boot up and during normal operation frequently. i copied all my data from c: drive onto this d: drive. i finally decided to reformat my c: drive and re-install win-98se. i did and after install, i couldn't get the d: drive to show up. everybody suggests to reformat the new d: drive and it should work ok. but i have data on it, and i can't do an fdisk. the drive shows up on bios, and even shows up on western digital's utility program on drive info. is there anyway i can get this drive to show up on explorer or on "mycomputer"? how can i get my data back? please help me.

Answer:hard drive not showing up.

hav eyou check your cabling or drive jumpers
I would make the D drive a slave on 2nd ide
it will change the drive letter
this utility you used may have cuased 98 not to read the drive now.
paragon partition manager may be able to remount the drive for you
there are other disk mangers out there also like acronis
these 2 I am familiar with
I think 98 has issues with drives larger than 32gb
may want to read up on that

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ok, ive been browsing through the site looking for the solution to my problem for 2 days, and while ive come apon quite a bit of usefull info, none of it was 2 helpful. so in any case heres my probelm:

i had an 120 GB western digital drive in my old computer, and figured id slap it on my new computer. its installed and the jumper setting is on slave, but it refuses to work.

it shows up in the device manager, but when i go to the drive manager its not there.

i dont know if this makes a differance but my master hardrive is on a serial ATA cable while the slave hard drive is on a parallel ATA cable.

Any one have any ideas?

Answer:2nd hard drive not showing up

Is there a master device on the ata cable too?
Have you tried setting it to cable select?
Does the new drive show up in bios?

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hERE is me issue.

I have 2 sticks of 512mb ram in my mother board and 2 hard drives. one is a 250 and one is 500gb. one of the sticks of the ram is not showing up in windows and the 500gb drive is not showing in windoes eather. how ever the bios is seeing them and the program cpuz is showing everything too.. so i am lost. i am running windows xp pro and sp3.


Answer:hard drive and ram not showing...

They must be showing in Windows if CPU-Z can see them, since it gets the info from Windows.

If you can't see a hard drive then go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management
Is the 500GB drive there?

As for the RAM, press press windows key+pause/break; how much RAM does it say you have?

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I have seen this problem posted before but I can't do a search at the moment, can somebody help me please. Thanks, Terry.

Answer:160 Hard drive only showing 127

What operating system do you have?If XP, you need at least SP1 to see more than 127GB

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I just bought a new Hard drive because my last one ended up not working. It's a 2 Terabyte Hard internal hard drive from Seagate. When I put it in my computer to install Windows 10, it said it had 0.0 space left. So I connect it to my laptop (with a sata cord I bought) to see what's the issue and I can't do anything to it. Can't format it (I think it needs to be initialized first cause currently, disk management has it labeled as unknown), can't initialize it (Says request failed due to fatal device hardware error) can't delete anything either. I'm so perplexed because this is a new hard drive, why is this happening?

Edit: In the first pic, the non-working drive is Drive 1. In the second pic its drive 2

Specs of my Laptop (Also using Windows 10)
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3700 @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 76 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3999 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 465 GB (377 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., X540SA
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

Answer:New Hard Drive Showing up with 0 Gb

Well, your first link shows the new HDD as RAW. So now you have to convert it from RAW format to NTFS.

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Well I've just bought a new Hard Drive, a Maxtor 160gb IDE drive. I've installed it(was my first time).

When I did everything that needed to be done(My Computer>Manager>Disk management>etc) and even before that, the drive was saying that it is a 31Gb hard drive, when it ain't. It shows up everywhere where you can see how much disk space it has and how much is left.

Have I done something thing wrong? Portioned wrong? Like I said, I'm new to it, I don't know what else to do, so this is my best resort.

Any help would be greatly accepted.

Answer:New Hard Drive, showing less than it is?

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A little bit of background:For the last week,  my computer has been giving me warnings that my hard drive was going to fail soon.  So yesterday, I finally got around to working on it.  I started, copy the image of the hard drive to another hard drive I had.  That way I could send the hard drive back to the manufacturer, and not experience any downtime.  When I went to do it (using acronis, by the way) it told me it had some bad sectors (or something of the sort), and that I need to do a chkdsk.  So I went into the recovery console, and ran chkdsk E: /r.  It was taking forever, so I decided to go to sleep for the night.  When I woke up, there were a bunch of errors telling me that I had run out of space on the hard drive for repairs (I had 200gb remaining...), and it exited with error code 50 and said that it couldn't save the log.  I tried to boot back up, and now, it won't even detect the disk half the time (the only reason I know it's detecting it is because it's giving me the "imminent failure on drive 0" message), and when it does, it won't detect it in the installation of windows I installed after the fact.  I've decided on giving up on the hard drive image.  I just want my files!  Is there any way I can get to them?

Answer:Hard drive not showing up...

The drive is obviously shot. You can try slaving it to another drive.

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I have a problem,

I was recently installing windows xp pro on my pc and got onto the partition screen, I accidently deleted the partition from the slave drive (all my files) and when i booted off the primary then the slave drive was missing.

I tried going to control panel>admin tools>computer management>disk management, and although this allows me to add a partition i can only access that partition and none of my old files.

Is there anyway i can get my old files back?



Answer:Hard Drive Not Showing

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Hello people. I'm new to the forum and the reason was a problem :

It all started when I had a Windows 8 PC. I did some customizations tweaks in the 'System32' folder which affected the explorer.exe. Then I tried to rescue it by booting Mint from a flash drive but due to some errors, I decided to change the OS to Ubuntu. Everything was fine but my father disliked it 'cause I erased each and every data while installing . Then he took it to the repair workshop and had Windows 7 installed (which I'm currently using). I had a hard drive of about 128gb. We bought a new hard drive of 500gb (Windows 7 ). But after install, the old HDD did not show up in the 'My computer'. But when I tried booting from a flash drive, it was there and all data was safe ( but not my dad's ). I knew it!.
Now, when I booted again in Windows, it disappeared again. Happens every time. What should I do?

If this was too 'story-ful', then sorry.

Answer:Hard Drive not showing up

Open Disk Management (computer - right click - manage - disk management) and see if it is listed there, and has a drive letter assigned to it.

Also, if it is Linux formatted Windows won't see it. Hence no drive letter. You can boot into Linux and copy paste the data to Windows disk. Linux can see NTFS (sometimes need to mount the drive)

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I have installed a new Excelstor 160 Gb drive in the primary slave IDE setting on my Asus A7A266E motherboard. The Drive is not displayed on "My Computer" screen. On checking the bios the drive nake is listed under primary slave and Auto is selected. Any ideas anyone?

Answer:Hard Drive not showing

is it showing under system info and you might like to check under computer management - it just may need reformatting

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I have installed a 160 gig Western Digital hard drive. It has been picked up in the BIOS and is ltsted in Device Manager and is "working properly"and there are "no better drivers available". Can anbody help.

Answer:New Hard Drive not Showing

Have you formatted the drive?

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hey i just added a new hard drive and its not showing up under my computer.. its only showing the c drive. i know my jumprer is set it slave. when i go under device manager i can see both hard drive and it says the new one is working properly but i cant see it when i go to my computer.. what do i do :S

Answer:hard drive not showing up

go [right click my computer>manage>disk management]
find your new drive there, then format it or partition it etc.

alternatively you can download an app from teh hdd manufacturer's website and use that to initialise your new hdd. Kits/ATA-SATA Family/Utilities&downloadID=57

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I'm troubleshooting a computer where it runs through the safe mode select screen over and over. Can't get to safe mode or anyplace else. Slaved drive to my computer and it doesn't show up. I've tried jumpers in every position but it's still a blank in my computer. Does this mean the hd crashed?

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Kinda new at this, but here goes. I have a Dell Dimension 4300 that's about 4 yrs old, running XP. Well, it was. Want to reload XP with total reformat, however when I turn on CPU I get message that reads "strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility. When I enter setup, no hard drive or cd rom shows as being installed. Where do I go from here?

Answer:CPU not showing cd rom or hard drive

What do you mean by turning on your cpu?, dont you mean turning on your computer. In the bios you need your first boot device set as cdrom then save changes. Put your xp disk in the cd drive and reboot, the xp disk will boot allowing you to patition and format the hard drive.

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I recently formated my computer due to it being well a stupid computer however last time i had this computer in the shop I had a 120 gig hard drive added to the 60 gig hard drive i already have... However the 120 gig drive wont show up. When it was in the shop right before I left i booted it up and it was doing the same thing, the guy there ran some program from startup to ... well what i think was some sort of partion thing to get the computer to recognise the drive as D. I need the computer to recgonise D because i put all my stuff such as music and games on the D drive. Now it wont show up and im in dire need of assistance. I dont really wana take it to the shop so they can run some simple program and charge me for it. someone please help me and i will be forever grateful!

Answer:please help , new hard drive not showing up

fixed it ....

i fixed it .. im an *****... just had to install the right driver

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I just purchased new parts to upgrade my system. I got a new cpu, mobo, and a 1 tb hard drive. I had install windows on the new drive because my new mobo only has Sata inputs and my old hard drive is not Sata. I installed Windows XP. This was an older version without SP1. I have since updated it to Sp3. I thought this would solve the problem but it has not. Please help. Thanks

Answer:My hard drive is only showing up as 137 GB

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I had an old (6 months old) internal hard drive that I had setup as an external drive go bad yesterday so I replaced it with a brand new internal drive that I am trying to connect using my esata connector. It is the same exact setup as I had for my old drive that did work for 6 months.
The new hard drive shows up in Device Manager, and in the Devices and Printer panel, but it does not show up in my Computer Panel under Hard Disk Drives.
Does anyone have any idea of what can be happening and where I should look to make this new hard drive visible as an accessible drive?

Answer:New hard drive not showing up as an accessable drive

You might need to assign Drive Letter. Go to Disk management see if you can find it there. If so right click on it and click on Assign Drive Letter.
Hope this helps,

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I had an old (6 months old) internal hard drive that I had setup as an external drive go bad yesterday so I replaced it with a brand new internal drive that I am trying to connect using my esata connector. It is the same exact setup as I had for my old drive that did work for 6 months.

The new hard drive shows up in Device Manager, and in the Devices and Printer panel, but it does not show up in my Computer Panel under Hard Disk Drives.

Does anyone have any idea of what can be happening and where I should look to make this new hard drive visible as an accessible drive?

Answer:New hard drive not showing up as an accessable drive


When you click Start & right-click 'Computer', select manage. See if it comes up under drive management and if so it may be showing as unallocated space.

Try...Partition or Volume - Create New and skip straight to Step 4


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Hard drive is: WD My Book Essential 2 TB

It was working fine the other day then I updated my computer. I looked and noticed there was an update titled: Western Digital Technologies - Other hardware - WD SES Device, released April, 2015. I don't know if it's the same as the external or what.

I did try uninstalling this but could not find it in the installed updates. I installed it 6/7/15 and before this it worked fine, now when plugged in, it shows up as CD Drive and when I double click it, it says application not found.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Answer:External hard drive showing as CD Drive

Was the update through Western Digital or Microsoft?

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Hello everyone. I recently purchased a few Point of Sale terminals off of ebay without operating system.

Both hard drives are Seagate 80gb. Normal ST380215A and a certified repaired ST380215A.

However, within bios, disk management, seatools, Acronis, MiniTool partition home, they all show up as 40gb.

Shouldn't they be showing up as higher 70's instead of 37-40gb? Where did all of that space go?

Am I just being paranoid thinking the people that sold it have a hidden partition somewhere that I can't see? These terminals will be using credit cards so I can't take that chance. Before I go out and buy new HDD, let me know if I am missing something.

Thanks everyone.

Answer:Hard Drive only showing half GB

I would pull them and look at the jumpers. Also you can use something like the Ubuntu LiveCD and look at the S.M.A.R.T. info. What happens if you pull the drives and place them in a external enclosure and plug that into a computer? What do they show up as for space wise?

Also see Also download and use Seatools

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Edit: Fixed It Now

Answer:Hard Drive Not Showing ? (Windows XP Pro)

Is it a new drive? Or a drive you've had?

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I have an asus gl752V it comes with a 1T HDD and 128gb SSD. I got the laptop last week and it comes without windows, only MSDOS installed on the SSD. So I have installed windows 10 on the SSD. Everything was perfect until I found out that the HDD isn't recognized. So I went to disk management and made "new simple volume" then format and then added a letter to the hard drive. Then it had shown up in "This PC". I wanted to change storage directory under System, but unfortunately the HDD doesn't appear in that screen. So I restarted the laptop thinking that changes apply after reboot, but then the HDD disappeared again from "This PC" and to make it show up again I had to do the above once again, but after I reboot it disapears again. Any idea what the problem might be?

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I have two hard drives. The slave drive I configured in Disk Management to use I: but it does not show up in My Computer. If I go to Start and Run "I:\" then the folder opens and is fully accessible, so it is not a missing driver problem. I have used this hard drive before as my master and just bought the other drive today. If I change the slave drive to use some other letter -- specifically some drive letter that comes before my CD-ROM letters -- then it shows up properly in My Computer. What do you think is wrong?

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Hi Folks,I have installed anew hard drive HITACHI Deskstar 3.5. On the Box it has PATA "MB Cache 7200 RPM 40GB.The guy at PC World told me yes it's an IDE Hard Drive.In IDE HDD Auto Detection it shows up as Primary Slave - Mode - On. It is also showing in Standard CMOS. However its not showing in My Computer. I have XP pro. When I restarted my computer after putting the new Hard Drive XP found a NEW HARDWARE. Ths Installation CD has no Drivers but Installation Instructions. My hard Drive with my Model number does not show There are others there.Can someone please HELP!!Solartopi

Answer:New Hard Drive Not Showing Up In My Computer

click here

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My Western Digital 320GB external hard drive is not showing up on my computer. The blue light on the hard drive lights up when I plug it into the computer. I tried removing all the old USB mass storage drivers and after I did that it started showing up under disk management as:
Disk 1
Not Initialized
so I tried to initialize it (I tried both MBR and GPT) and I got:
Incorrect Function
I have a Dell Inspiron 1440 laptop with Windows 7, it's only about a year and a half old. The hard drive was my sister's and it's a few years old. Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:WD Hard Drive not showing up in My Computer

You can try to partition and format with GParted Live CD. Just make sure you are formatting the external drive and not your internal system drive. You will have to burn the iso with something like ImgBurn. You probably want to delete any partitions that exist on the hard drive and then repartition as a primary partition and format NTFS. This will destroy any data on your hard drive. Do you want to retrieve the data on your external hard drive?

GParted partitioning software - Full tutorial

Pay special attention to Identifying the right device.

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How can I get Windows 10 to see second SATA hard drive?

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So I recently purchased and installed a new hard drive in my PS3. To do that I had to reformat my Western Digital 250 GB hard drive to FAT32 format. Ok, so that's all well and good but I then decided to take my PS3, 60 GB HD (the brand escapes me, but it's a big manufacturer of hard drives) and put it in an external hard drive enclosure. I figured that it's a perfectly good hard drive so there was no sense wasting it. Anyway, as technologically impaired as I might sound after this (which I'm really not) I feel compelled to divulge that I actually did not know that two external hard drives shouldn't be too close to each other. As soon as I put one on top of the other, the 60 GB hard drive beeped and a message popped up saying it needed reformatting. So after reformatting everything a second time, I plugged in the hard drives and the 60 GB one showed up but my 250 GB one did not. It's showing up everywhere else (disk management, device manager) but not in My Computer. So I have no access to it at all. Also, I did not need to reformat the 250 GB HD since my computer gave me no message indicating that I should. I'd rather only use reformatting as an absolute last resort since it takes HOURS but if it's necessary that I'll have to break down. Throw other options at me first though.

If I lost you in the midst of all that jumble, tell me, I'd be happy to explain further.

Answer:External hard drive not showing up


Have you tried assigning the drive a letter in Disk Management?

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I got given 2 IDE hard drives which I put into a computer of mine. After some BIOS issues I got it into windows where it only recognises one of the drives. I have the 2gb original C drive and E drive which is one of the new hard drives.
Only the two shown in my computer show in Disk Management.
ALl 3 show in device manage
All 3 show in HD Tune 2.53

Any ideas on how I can get to use it? Doesn't matter if a format is needed.

Answer:3rd Hard drive not showing in my computer

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I have an external hard drive that I have used regularly with a Windows 7 machine via esata
that does not show up when plugged into my Windows 10 notebook via USB.
I can see it under the disk management, but there is no drive letter assigned so I cannot access it.


Answer:External Hard Drive not showing up

If there's no letter assigned to it then it's hidden. Right click on it -> Change Drive Letter.... then assign a letter for it.

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I have just formatted my hard drive and re-installed windows 98. I have 2 hard drives, one c (the defult one that came with the pc)and another mainly for games and thing like that. But when i started my computer back up i can only see my c drive my not my other. This did not happen last time i added the same hard drive. I have tryed using a start up disk but all it came up with was a cd support but when i just tryed to follow it it didnt wokr and ened me in dos.

Answer:Extra hard drive not showing up

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So I have a hard drive that is pretty old and has been sitting there (HP 1000H 1TB hard drive). I wanted to start using it again so I plugged it in and nothing showed up. Absolutely nothing, anywhere. It's like if I never plugged it in. Anyway, I tried displaying all hidden files and folders, going through computer management, and running diskpart. Nothing worked. Is there any way to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Hard drive not showing up on computer

Greetings, Please refer to this Microsoft MSDN document for help. Cheers!

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I go into bios menu and the hard drive is showing in parentesis which means is disabled but there is no option to allow me to enable it. I also tried chkdsk on the Recovery console and it said that there were two unreparable error on my disk. So what should I do?Windows XP, 1GB RAM, 80GB HD. SATA.

Answer:hard drive is showing disabled

Download a drive fitness utility from the manufacturer of you brand drive and run it from the boot to find out the status of your hard drive.

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I have posted this message below on the 18th and have not gotten any reply. I am trying again. Additional information is that when I do "Map network drives" with the \\laptop\C I can see the C drive in "My Computer" and can access it from there but is still does not show up in My network Place. Please help.

I have posted this message on the 18th andMy Network Place shows all the shared files on my network properly. Except, recently, it stopped showing the laptop hard drive C. It shows all the shared files on Drive C and allow access to them. Previously it showed both "C on Maincomp" and "C on Laptop" and all the other shared files on both computers. Now, it shows everything except "C on Laptop" it is the same listing on both computers. If I map the network drives I have no problem to access \\laptop\C. I tried to unshare the C drive and to re-share it but to no avail. This problem really baffles me. Why can I see the C drive on the main computer and not on the Laptop. I did not do any changes to the security or the administration privileges. The only updates are the ones that are done automatically by Microsoft via the internet.

I really need to be able to access the C drive on the network directly. Many of the files on the laptop, the ones I don't use often, I access just by navigating from the C drive.

Answer:Help again. Hard drive not showing on the network.

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I have just installed an old Hitachi 1Tb hard drive via hot plug. Its showing in the bios, but not in Disk Management. I am running W10 with the Creators update installed. Would appreciate any suggestions.

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I have just bought a second hand PC .
It has sata connections on the Motherboard but when i installed a sata hard drive its not showing.
And i cannot find any setting in the bios that says sata its says ide.
Please HELP
Kind regards

Answer:sata hard drive not showing

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I have just bought a new 200GB Western Digital hard drive. I already have an internal hard drive as my master so I am setting it to the slave but for some reason I cannot get the driver to work. I am running on Windows XP and it does install the new hardware when it is first connected. When I go into MY Computer the new drive does not show up. I then go into Device Manager and it tells me that the drive is Not Initilized. I have no way of formatting the drive is it is not showing up anywhere I can see to be able to do this. Right now I am out of ideas. Both my father and I have tried various different ways. We have set both of them to Cable to see if that made any difference but alas it did not. If anyone can help me out her that would be great. I haven't got much hair left to pull out.

Answer:Internal hard drive not showing up

 Meilin .....Several things you could check ..1. check the manual for your new hard drive and see if it wants the jumpers set as slave or Cable select ..    Is this a IDE drive ? or something else ?2. Go into the bios and make sure that the bios is set to detect the slave drive ? 3 ..... go to control panel / Administrative tools /Computer management / Disk management ....... then look and see if there is any referance to it there .QuoteI cannot get the driver to work ...what do you mean by this ?dl65  

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Long story short ive had many problems with this ext hhh turned dock hd. This hd does have 4+tb of data on it.
It shows up in Device Manager and windows makes the sounds when connecting it but it never pops up in windows with the drives.
When i also open disk management it wants me to initialize the drive and im sure this will erase the data wont it?
Is there a way to by pass initializing it to be able to get windows to see the whole drive again?
I already have a drive on the way to copy it over and then will do a RMA for this drive but i need to be able to get back into the drive again.

Answer:Hard drive showing in DM but not in my computer sou DS like the boot files corrupted.....its possible could be repaired but unless you have third party software and equipment for data recovery I suggest you take it to a data re oceey expert at a local shop if the data is important to you

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I have a previously functional hard drive that is no longer recognized by the BIOS. Other drives are working fine. Just not this one. It has no scary clicking or grinding noises. It sounds lovely, in fact. Normal health read and spinning sounds. It even has the gyroscope feel if I pick it up.

Stuff I have tried unsuccessfully:
*Restart the computer
*Restart the computer again just in case
*Swap out cabling
*Use an external power source
*Use a SATA-to-USB adapter
*Use a different motherboard with a different BIOS and a different power supply
*Use a different motherboard with the USB adapter
*Swap out the controller board for a new one--same model and revision, but stole the flash memory chip off the old board so it had its calibration information right.

I'm thinking that the platters and read head and all are good. I seem to have ruled out the controller board as the culprit. Anybody have any ideas what might be the issue?

Answer:Hard drive not showing up in BIOS

You've pulled out all the stops. If the BIOS doesn't see the drive, there's not really anything more you can do. Drive has failed somehow. Send back to mfg. if still under warranty. Hope this helps!

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Hi guys, I'm having a problem with my external hard drive. It's not showing up under my computer, disk manager or device manager. I have been using it with no problem until hurricane wilma and my power was out for 5 days. When I booted up the computer it wasn't there. it only has a blinking green light usually the light is solid. I tried inserting the disk that came with the hard drive, unplugging the drive from the computer and replugging it neither has worked. I was not using the computer when I lost power. I'm running windows 2000 pro, and Que M3 external drive. Any ideas on what else I can do? Thanks, Danu

Answer:external hard drive now not showing up

I tried d/ling the tppinst.exe driver and rebooted computer, that is not working either. The green light is still blinking. All my cleanup utilities,firewall, antivirus, games, mp3's ect is on that E drive please help. Thanks, Danu

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I recently purchased a 9600xt. While I was installing it, I foolishly plugged in the Floppy Drives power supply into the hard drives jumper settings slot, plugged in the power supply of my samsung 80 GB HD, and turned on the PC's power. Fired something on the HD. Don't know what though (most likely the jumper pins). Is there any way to get my data from the HD? I have over 5 years of family photos and over 20 GB or songs (Have them on my mp3 player but the software that I got with the Gigabeat added a .SAT encryption and now it can't be removed). Being the lazy bum I am, I never printed them or took any backups. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: Here a couple of pictures.

Answer:Hard Drive not showing up in My Computer

Its not a at-home job, unless u can get hold of some software & hardware that can do it for u. But otherwise, u can only go to one of those disk-recovery companies and give it to them. They'll probably get it for ya, but it'll cost ya.....

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Just installed my new Seagate 200 Gb IDE hard drive into Pyzchob!tch. I needed to flash the motherboard BIOS to get it to detech the full size under the BIOS, but now i have the problem with Windows Xp Pro only Detecting 127Gb (or 137 394 356 224 bytes) of the hard drive.

I have created the partition with using Partition Magic 8.

According to my calculactions, I should be seeing about 195Gb (or there abouts).

Any one can help me gain more hard drive space on my 200 Gb Hard Drive?

Does any one know of any patches or unpgrade for Partition Magic 8 that might assist me in this?

Answer:200 Gb Hard Drive only showing 127Gb on Win Xp

Have you tried loading SP1 yet? That might help.

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I've just bought a new Western Digital Caviar Green 2tb Hard drive, plugged it all in, checked that it was in bios, it is recongized under slave(it is), but it's not showing up in My Computer.
It's in Device Manager as well.
anybody able to tell me how to get it visible in My Computer so i can use it?
thanks in advance,

Answer:Solved: New 2tb hard drive not showing up

just got help from a friend, had to format it. DUH

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i have a Hitachi HDS721010KLA330 1 terabyte hard drive. my problem is it is only showing 931 GB, even after compressing. is there any way i can increase the space to full capacity? i use a lot of programs so the extra space will come in handy. i used Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 to increase the space after i formatted and reinstalled Windows, at that time it was only showing 128 GB until i used it to increase it to the current size. any help is appreciated.

Answer:Solved: 1 TB hard drive only showing 931 GB

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Hi everybody. I have a problem My 3TB Western Digital Hard Drive is not showing up on any PC I connect it to. The light on the drive itself is on, but no where on the PC does it register.

I am pretty sure the disks aren't spinning either, but that is probably because the computer isn't picking it up, and no vice-versa. Any help with this?

Answer:External Hard Drive not showing up anywhere

Please fill in your specs.
Some motherboards require that you configure the BIOS to accept larger drives (2, 3Gb>).
If you're positive that the disks aren't spinning, then that's a red flag as to why the computer doesn't see the drive.

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Hi, I added a second hard drive for storage in my computer (Win XP Pro). I can see the drive in the device manager but it doesn't show up in My Computer. How do I fix that?

Answer:Hard drive not showing in My Computer

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The second hard drive is not showing in the my computer section.
It was there, I removed the two partitions and reformatted the drive, the drive is showing in device manager though.
Any help much apprecated.

Answer:hard drive not showing in my computer

Check Computer management / Disk management and you should see the drive, you may have to 'create' partitions or 'initialize', make sure you don't start deleting partitions off the c drive.

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i bought a new maxtor hard drive .when i tried to connect it thru USB it isn't there anything else i need to do apart from plugging in.

Answer:hard drive not showing up when connecting for

how exactly are you doing this? Using what?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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I recently added a 1.5GB WD Green drive to my system (after Win XP has already been installed). I went into disc management and I added and formated the drive. It now shows in My Computer and I can copy and paste stuff to it. But I tried to use two different cloning programs and both of them did not see that drive. The only thing I can think of is that that drive shows as a Dynamic type instead of Basic like the other ones.
Here is a screen shot to illustrate what I'm talking about. Drive P is the one in question. I'm trying to have the P drive be a duplicate of the D drive. I appreciate the help.

Answer:[SOLVED] Hard drive not showing up

You didn't say what tools you tried? Have you tried Easeus Disk Copy? FREE Copy & Clone Dynamic Volume to basic disk or convert dynamic disk to basic disk. Repartition/Resize Dynamic Disk under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 by using EaseUS Partition Master.

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Hi My name is jeremiah. I recently bought a western digital Caviar Blue hard drive for my pc. Its 320gb. My original hard drive is dead. So thats why i got a new one with nothing on it. I try to install windows and everything follow videos on how to clean install and format but My new hard drive doesnt even show up in Bios or the formatting screen. Ive had this problem for a couple of weeks now. Can it be a power issue or is my new hard drive Dead already? Thanks for your time. Oh and i already replaced my sata cables with new one and still no progress.

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I have a 1.5 TB Western Digital External harddrive that i purchased couple of months ago, still under warranty. Last night whilst browsing my files in the external it frooze so i did a restart. I noticed that it made a funny noise (not really grinding but not sure how to describe it) it powered on (blue light turned on) but then the hard drive didn't show up in windows explorer and windows 7 re-installed the driver software. I let it install still nothing, so i went to disk management and turns out that it's not intialised! so i went intialise then it went do you want to partition by MBR or GPT, i did MBR, i got an error saying incorrect function. I went into device manager and surely the WD was there. I plugged it in my PC and same issue. I put it on the laptop again and this time it didn't show up in disk management just device manager.

I am not sure what else to do? Please help me out

Answer:External Hard Drive not showing up!

Call WD, see if they have any tech bulletins on that model, does not sound good.

They had a bunch of problems with 1.5 tb drives when they first came out.

I hope you had your data in more than 1 place, it may be gone on that drive.


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i recently got a trojan virus. it took me a long time to remove it but i finaly have. after i realised when i went to 'my computer' my c: drive and d: drive was not shown.

i opened disk management and i saw my drives there, then i went to defragment to see if my drives were there, they were.
so i went on to explorer to see my drives, they still were not showing.

i can see my drives on programs but not on windows explorer, my computer. however, i can see them on my network devices.

can somebody help me try and solve this problem as ive tried all sorts of programs to fix, restore my hard drives and nothign is working.

please help. cblair91

Answer:Hard drive not showing on my computer

This one is meant for CD\DVD Drives missing (It might work, and it can't hurt trying)



Restart, once complete, and test again

Otherwise, have a look at:

Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions

Please put your System Specs information in your Profile

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I recently bought an internal hard drive (A Samsung HM320HJ) for my Toshiba Satellite A...300 I think? Anyway, I used Macrium reflect to clone my old drive to my new one. When I put the new hard drive in, everything works, but when I got to My Computer, it shows the drive as only having a 140gb capacity. I'm not sure what to go by, because in Macrium Reflect it still says that my new hard drive is 320gb. Why is my computer displaying it as a 140gb hard drive, and how do I fix it?

Answer:Hard Drive only showing 140 of 320gb.

what does diskmanagement show? right click my computer or computer, click on manage, click on disk managment. It should show the drive in the right column. Are there any other partitions

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Can anyone help please? My Windows 10 updated the other day and since the update my EHD isn't showing up on my PC but I know it's there as it is showing in Device Manager and when I right click on it and go to "Properties" it tells me it's working properly, but I can't use it because it's not showing up in my Devices and Drives! I'm going round and round in circles here trying to sort it out.

I tried to update the driver but it said I had the latest one.

I uninstalled the EHD, waited a while then plugged it back in, restarted my PC and it's showing up
again in Device Manager but it's still not showing up in Devices and Drives. :-(

I don't know what else to's there..but I can't' use it and the annoying thing is, many of my programs I use are on the EHD so I can't use them. :-( I use a very old graphics program which I can't get again so really need to get my EHD working.

Thanks in advance.


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics, AMD64 Family 22 Model 48 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3512 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 916 GB (849 GB Free); D: 13 GB (1 GB Free);
Motherboard: HP, 2B3B
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

I have AVG Antivirus which scans daily so don't know why it's not on the list.
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Answer:External Hard Drive Not Showing Up

Have you tried to go into Device Management and change the drive letter? That works sometimes. You may want to run the hardware troubleshooter by typing Troubleshooting in the search box then following the prompts.

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I put a second hard drive in a PII running window 98 SE.. drive is reconginzed in bios but not in wondows ... shows in device manager without a drive letter... if marked as a removalbe drive (it is not) windows will assign a drive letter... any idea's on how to correct this

Answer:Win98 not showing 2nd hard drive

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i was putting in a new floppy drive on my comp, i put it in, it works. and then when i turn it back on my 2nd harddrive isnt coming up, it only reads the C drive. i think the IDE came out a little and i pushed it back in during the floppy install but i dont see how that would mess it up. why would it just all of a sudden dissapear?

Answer:2nd hard drive all of a sudden not showing up

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I have had someone working on my computer and now I have just noticed that my 2nd hard drive is not showing in my computer I have looked in belarc and it shows there I have looked in bios my main drive shows but not my 2nd. I am thinking that something is not connected have I got to go inside and operate??

Answer:Solved: 2nd hard drive not showing

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when i start my pc i have got 2 hard drives they are showing up on the bios screen,but when windows starts up in my computer its only showing the master drive, the slave is not showing could anyone help please. os windows xp sp 2 slave drive is a seagate

Answer:hard drive not showing in my computer

Right click on My Computer/manage/disk management and you will see your slave drive there. Is it a new drive without any data on it? if so right click on the right-hand pane of the slave drive, choose partition, select the whole of the drive if that is the way you wish it to be then click on format. It will now show in My Computer and be ready for use.

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hard drive 1 keeps coming up on my comouter showing error

Answer:hard drive 1 keeps showing on my computer

@3Tulips Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! Telling us "showing error" is not really saying anything useful. We need to know the details, beginning with the specific error message you are seeing. And, what are you doing on the PC when this message shows?We can proceed when you provide the information.Thanks

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Help!!i have just installed xp home on a pc for a friend.this pc has 2 hard drives,a 20gb and a 40gb.xp home is installed on the 20gb drive but when i go to "my computer"it doesnt list the 2nd is recognised in the bios and in device manager.does anyone know how to get the 2nd drive to show?thanking you in advance for any help.

Answer:2nd hard drive not showing in "my computer"

davelambo,If you haven't created partitions or formatted the drive, it won't show.Go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management, click on Disk 1 and right-click in the space. Then format the disk and it will show up in My ComputerRegards,Felix

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have installed a second hard drive in my pc, in the bios is shows as primary slave, in the computer management it shows up with a black line at the top which means un allocated, also it says its online when you right click it has 2 options prop ties and help. in device manager it is also showing under hard disk drives and it says it is working. i am running xp home on this computer
many thanks

Answer:hard drive not showing up in my computer

The drive needs to be partitioned and given a drive letter before it will appear in "My Computer". It can then be formatted and used.
In Disk Management ("Start > Run", type diskmgmt.msc and click OK) there should be an option to create a partition in the Unallocated Space or there may be an option to initialise the disk which will partition it, give it a drive letter and format it.

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Hi, Just brought a HDD Reader from maplins, when i pluged it into my USB port i got the new hardware ready to use notification, also you can hear the hard drive spin, but when i go to My computer the hard drive is not shown, any ideas.

Answer:Hard drive not showing in "My computer"

Check the jumper on the HDD is set to MASTER.Is the drive formatted? Have a look in Control Panel Admin tools computer management storage and see if the drive is listed there.

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I just bought a new hard drive from best buy, its a western digital Blue 500gb hard drive, the old one was failing and causing windows to run slow so I bought this one to fix it. When I try to install the new OS into the blank hard disk it doesnt show up on the list, nothing does. Any tips?

Answer:New Hard drive Not showing up on HP laptop

Have you assigned a drive letter to the new hard drive ?

Go to diskmgmt.msc > right click at the drive > click Change drive letter and paths > then assign a drive letter > Add > OK

Does that work ?

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I've just installed a new hard drive into my computer that is not showing up in Windows 7.

It doesn't show in My Computer.

It doesn't show in Device Manager.

It doesn't show in Disk Management.

Does anyone know what the issue is and how to fix?

I seem to be having dreadful luck recently. I ordered a new drive because the present hard drive in my system the SMART system has given me a message of "PREDFAIL" so I need to clone it ASAP to a new replacement disk.

I ordered a replacement drive but unfortunately it arrived damaged. It was sent in just a plastic mailer with no protection and one of the corners were all the ports are for data and power at the back left of the drive was damage. I had to send that back and got a replacement yesterday. The replacement there is no visible physical damage to this disk and I'm pleased to say they sent it in more secure packaging this time.

However after installing, connecting SATA cable and power cable and powering on the system it simply isn't showing up anywhere.

Have I received a replacement drive that is DOA?

Or is there something I haven't done that I should have to get the drive to show? Is there a driver I need to install?

I'm suspecting DOA but I seriously hope not. I don't want to have to send back for the second time and go through the whole RMA process again.

Answer:New Hard Drive not showing up in Windows 7?

Hello john10001!

There is really not much to the installing process of a new hard drive.
You'd need to connect it to the SATA and power cables on your motherboard and PSU and start the PC, from where in Computer Management you should be able to Partition and Format it from there.
Right after you connect the cables for the first time, you should be able to see your new drive in the BIOS menu. Is it listed there?
If it's not, it's most probably DOA. The other case would be the cables or SATA port. If you've received the cables with the drive, they may too be DOA, so use some of your own, that you know are working and to a SATA port you've tried something else on and also know it's working.
If not, the drive is dead, and you'll probably be better off ordering from somewhere else.

Best of luck!


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Hey a VAIO with a 250gb hard-drive...put about 70gb of stuff on from my external drive (photos, videos, music, etc.)...about a week later, had to do a complete disk recovery or whatever it is where you enter the CD and start all over again...well, since it wiped the hard-drive, or so I thought, I re-loaded my 70gb of stuff a second time, yet when I open up "Computer," the C: shows 140gb of used space...I've done several searches to try to see if a duplicate copy of each file is hidden somewhere, to no avail...I mean I still have about 85-90gb of free space, but I'm thinking there is 70gb that is really at my disposal, but I just need someone a whole lot more savvy than I am to figure this out...any suggestions?

Answer:Hard Drive showing much less capacity than it really has...

Try using a bootable utility that runs independent of Windows. You can use a 'live' Linux CD like Knoppix (download from this link) or a PE disc like the UBCD4Win (download from this link; how-to build the CD info at this link). You can use either CD to browse the drive and see what's really going on. The UBCD4Win has numerous utilities that should be extremely helpful. You can also try the freeware program Scanner (direct download from this link) which scans your drive and displays drive usage in a pie graph (see screen shot). As you move the mouse pointer in to areas in the pie graph, the top line in the Scanner window displays the path to the corresponding files/folders and how much space is used; just look at the screen shot and you'll see what I'm talking about.
I hope this helps!

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Last night I shut my computer down, okay no problems there, I turn it on this morning and explorer is not showing my second drive. It is shown in the bios screen and also when it is booting up but once windows xp loads its not there or in the device manager

Can someone help me please? thanks in advance

Answer:2nd Hard Drive not showing in explorer

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Failed FUJI HDD. Powers up and spins. Not recognised in BIOS as slave or masteron primary or secondary IDE channels. Other hard drives working ok on same power and IDE cables as slave or master.Anyone any ideas?

Answer:Hard Drive Not Showing In BIOS

Put it into a freezer bag and into the freezer for the night - try in the morning and it may well work.

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bought a 320GB int. Drive to replace the 40GB internal i use in an enclosure.The 40GB is set to MASTER & i did the same to the 320GB i can hear the the system make that familar sound when you plug a USB device but don't see the drive.When i unplug the USB i could hear that sound again.This is a brand new HD strait out of the static free bag.Please help...



Answer:New external hard drive not showing

The new external drive needs to be formatted. With the external drive connected, Right-click on My Computer and select "manage" disk management, and right-click on the external drive in the list and select format

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